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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 18, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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frantically looking to rejigger the tax. i stress, not eliminating the tax. maybe focus on the rich. take 20% of their dough. hard to say. this much is not. it is going to happen. because the government needs the dough. if they still want to get european union dough. it gets weird and complicated. desperate to stay in the euro club. does this ring a bell? it should. no one is taxing the bank holdings, thanks to obamacare, they are going after the other assets. 3.7% on investment sales larger than 100,000 grand. the next time you try to sell your house, trust me. you will hit the roof. think about that. tax not on your income, earned or unearned but your assets. what you have, what you own. your tangible assets. home here, bank account there.
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is there difference? no. no difference between american government taxing you for medical devices and what it deems as a medical insurance plan. taxing you not on what you make but what you have. the stuff you attain through life of work no, matter when you work or how much you made when you work. stuff you got now. to government, it sees that you have it now and it wants it now and wants you to pay up now. feel for the cri produce citizens who can't get access to their mup and have to wait until friday for a crack at getting their money. more time i suspect for the government to sort out how it's going to steal their money. all something that cyprus residents never saw coming. until it did. just like we in this country try to reassure ourselves, oh, can't happen here.
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until it does. because it could very well happen in this country. we are going to be exploring it in detail tonight. 8:00 p.m. on fox business network. you don't get it -- >> demand it. your money depends on it. see you then. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling, kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." >> eric: if you missed dr. ben carson's speech at cpac earned him more cred among conservatives. watch. >> when did we reach a point you to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin? when did that happen. a reporter once asked me why i didn't talk a lot about race. i said because i'm a neurosurgeon.
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they thought that was strange. i said you see when i take them to the operating room and cut the scalp and take off the bone slab, i'm operating on the thing that makes that person who they are. the cover doesn't make them who they are. when are we going to understand that? >> eric: dr. carson is a smart fan. conservative, loves capitalism, hates social. it and thinks president obama is ruining america. as you can see, he is black. it could care less about the color of his skin, but that is not how some see it on the left. take dean freeland at american university who tweeted i don't think i realized beep carson was conservative until last month. he is becoming the right wing go to black token. race baiting may be going on there. the left wants you to believe the conservatives are racists and maybe they should peek in the mirror. if you attack someone for being a certain color, the professor clearly did, who is really race-baiting.
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you were cutting out opening intro. >> dana: quite a weekend. >> andrea: apparently. bob and i have become one. >> kimberly: everybody knows it. >> eric: what about the left and shot at dr. carson in they're the big tenet, right? >> kimberly: don't want to upset you in the first few minutes of the show, but they look like the ones race baiting and diminishing his accomplishment, value, core ideology. individual well educated. he fought to get to the position he is. in raised by a single mom. and his brother is a rocket scientist. this is an accomplished famil family. nobody handed anything to him. these are principles. to call him a token is something i find offensive to someone a accomplished. >> eric: it doesn't surprise you that we hear it from the left? >> greg: left wing professors are the most narrow minded people since the kkk. i'm not surprised they call
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him uncle tom on twitter or token. he is carrier to them then kim jung un, with a finger on the button. this is not about pigment on the skin. it's about thickness. you have to have a thick skin because people will try to destroy you. in the sense the left is saying to blacks, we own you. it's no surprise they are or were the party of slavely. >> eric: it feels like the left is trying to be divisive. if they could put groups and make groups and say we the liberals are for your group, but the republicans aren't, that is what the plan is and what the goal is. blacks, women, gays, doesn't matter. they have to the people. >> dana: -- have to divide the people. >> dana: they say about dr. carson they're opportunists. like it's a bad thing to have your individualism exposed and step up and say after a wonderful career in the private sector, medicine in this case to think about
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public service. it's noble. if he were to come out and say -- if he were to go to the dnc convention and say i've been a surgeon all my life and i want to run for office and be a democrat, i don't think you would have seen republican or conservative say the same about him that the left is saying about him now. >> eric: seems like dr. carson a true believer in liberty. >> bob: i would be careful about indicting the entire left on this from a tweet. i made a mistake one day of the show calling the senator from south carolina a token. it was a mistake on my part. a terrible thing to say. it doesn't affect the entire left. we may not agree with carson, but he is a smart guy obviously and he worked himself in the future of the republican party. my guidance here, if you want any at all is not indict the entire left wing of the
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population saying they feel that way. >> greg: you made a point friday that republicans should get out more and talk to people. what happens is when they go out and talk to people, they are treated so badly. like romney went to philadelphia and got heckleed. when you look at the twitter feed, how badly was he? you have professors that are incompetent and that is the only thing you can do. this goes back to what dennis prager said, the right thinks the left is wrong, but the left thinks the right is evil. that excuses the dehumanizing behavior. the behavior that allows you to denigrate a surgeon. by the way, why are all surgeons conservatives? what is it about that? do they understand, you know, logic -- >> dana: logic and fact. >> greg: rapid paul, ophthalmologist, not a surgeon. ophthalmologists performs surgery. >> dana: they could. >> greg: case closed. >> eric: move to future of the g.o.p. >> kimberly: let's do it.
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>> dana: so bright you have to wear shades. >> eric: me and a lot of conservatives scratching our head as they talk about rebanding the party, because it's perceived as "stufffy old men" and needs to change its ways. we had thoughts on the g.o.p. rush limbaugh. listen. >> the republicans are totally bamboozled and lacking in confidence. which is what happens to every political party after an election in which they think they got shellacked. the republican party lost because it's not conservative. it didn't get the base out. in the 2019 election. >> eric: your thoughts? >> greg: it's hard to take a rebranding suggestion from someone named reince priebus. it sounds like a disorder you get from a shampoo. it's true! the party doesn't need a
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makeover. they need a makeunder. the party has been victimized by the media who smeared them as uncool. no way to be a republican and be cool. it's associated also to being old. if you look at mccain, most people thought he was a cranky old guy, when he was a war hero who spent five-and-a-half years in a prison camp. most people didn't know that. they saw a cranky guy trying to beat a young black man for the office of the presidency. they need to simplify and say -- who do you want to be? you want to be an individual. you don't want to be part of the government. strive for achievement. how cool is that? that is what you get out to young people today. ref ject government influence. how simple is that? >> eric: is it smart for the g.o.p. and reince priebus is a say we have an autopsy report about what went wrong in the election? >> dana: i think so. there is a lot in the report, 219 recommendations. i don't know why they couldn't have made it, come up with one
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more. maybe 220. but 219 may be more catchy. i agree on the point every party goes through this. what rush was saying, i remember talking to president bush 41 to ask him is he worried about the future of the republican party. he said look in 1992 after he lost, it took a while for republicans to get their footing but they did after two or three years. they come back in 1994, win big time. same thing in 2010. unshaky. clinton wins again in '96. come back and the republicans have the white house for eight years. there is something in this report that is interesting and bears a discussion on both sides, repeal of the mccain-feinstei-feingold law. it's intention of good but it hurts both to not spend money in the state. >> eric: bob, you must love that. the far right shooting to the center right and center right at the far right all weekend long. >> bob: i don't think
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priebus came up with off the top of his head. this is based on polling data. there is some truth to what some of the criticisms are. all you have to do is thereon cpac and you could not miss tuitions taking place in the conservative party. not the least of which is for years, national security has been the underpipping of the conservative republican -- underpinning of the con seventive republican movement. now you have ron paul and others like him and others who feel that way that it's not necessarily isolationism, but pulling back from around the world. versus the neokahns still powerful in the republican party and still want to protect american power overse overseas. that is a policy difference. >> eric: one of the things, the issues hit on over the weekend, in reince priebus' autopsy report, reform. this is big for the republican party. they have to figure out where
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they are. is a full blown immigration reform/amnesty good or bad for the party? >> kimberly: that is why there is a division. but rubio's people have him spot on, on it. he is showing leadership, ideas, courage to move forward on the issue. if they do not, they will be left behind again. it will be another brutal bloodbath in 2016. >> eric: i don't think if they go for full immigration reform, they have to embrace the values of the hispanic community. >> kimberly: they have to bring them in, eric. >> eric: a lot more democrat votes in the system going forward. >> kimberly: but if they don't start to make serious inroads -- they at no time really ever act like they were trying to get out to the minority vote. dealing with the hardwork that needs to take place that the democrats have done over the year to show that constituency. we care about you, we are listening and we value your vote. >> dana: one of the outcomes of the autopsy report is a
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$10 million outreach to hispanic community. that comes in a lot of ways, with the younger people. >> eric: [ inaudible ] >> dana: sure, why not? >> eric: it feels like ron portman saying he's for gay marriage after realizing his son is gay. after the fact. instead of saying here is what we're all about going forward. not here is how we screwed up before. >> dana: i don't understand the link between the immigration reform piece and rob portman unless your idea could evolve. i think it was a personal decision by rob portman and one that a lot of people over the last few years have come to. including like -- there is a lot of people. >> kimberly: they might have believed -- >> dana: charles murray, trashed his speech and gave one contemporaneous and gave thoughts and beliefs on why he should be for gay marriage as a conservative. there is a lot of good in
2:14 pm
report. outreach a good thing. you can't just be talking to yourself. that's what a lot of people on the fringe of both parties do. talk most themselves to convince themselves they're right. >> bob: can i suggest that the republicans long-term reform and immigration is not only good policy and good politics for the republicans. the assumption that more democrats come in if you allow the hispanics in aligns that there is a lot of republicans. if you took away immigration, george bush proved this point in texas and ran for president. 40% something -- >> eric: unless you're president -- >> bob: no, no, no. eric, the angst in the hispanic community goes back down to the republicans' refusal to deal with immigration. when you have people, bush or others who see the light on this stuff, their policies are in match with awful lot of hispanics. >> eric: let me do this. before we go, run out of time. show you something and give you props here.
2:15 pm
roll that. >> bob: the other thing i would say is you look at the winner of the straw poll already. i would be willing to wageer you any amount of money that rand paul would win that. >> eric: good call, my man. it's yours. >> bob: thank you. >> eric: he won by the way. >> bob: i think rubio came in second. it's not surprising in rand paul in that room, a lot of people who share his views, which are not just isolationism -- >> dana: cpac is not ra t republican group. they're independent group. not the full group. >> bob: good point. >> eric: panic overseas as the government of cyprus tries to loots private bank account of people to keep the financial system from collapsing. racing to draw the money before the c leptocrats grab it. greg gutfeld has why we should
2:16 pm
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♪ ♪ >> greg: cyprus is mulling attack bank deposits in the country. the breakdown below $100,000 euros will be taxed at 6.57%. above that, taxed at 9-point #%. above 500,000 euros, taxed at 15%. the wholesale robbery has caused the citizen to rush to get the money out. the response, the banks close. how can a government assume it can get away with this? because they assume they can get away with it. they can own guns but it's a bear to get them. the government wonders of the populist, what are they going to do? shoot us? in america, yes, we will shoot you.
2:21 pm
gun control advocates have fun order to believe they protect us from the government tyranny. what if the government here tried to take over your bank account? war. it would be on. cyprus proved that joe biden's notion all you need is a shotgun is deeply flawed. sadly, though, the steal from the rich mentality is alive and well in america. remember occupy wall street? how different is the solution from the ret take demands your wealth is spread around? the defense against the toxic ideology isn't only reason but almost with a rifle. so it will never happen here. you have the good sense of the founding fathers to thank for it. what is the odds of this happening? how are they taking to the street and waving -- >> they will. this vote is happening tonight or tomorrow. cypriats will probably go and
2:22 pm
do what they are all doing. russia has offered maybe to help them out. international banks. the reason that cri produce is doing this because they are out of money. they can't print currency. we can print our own money. i can't happen here. like california saying screw you, we'll do the california currency, but you can't because the fed insure the deposits can't happen here but i like the analogy of government taking your stuff. just like if they came to take your house. better shoot them. >> kimberly: and your food. >> greg: especially your food. russia is going to bail them out in exchange for gas exploration rights? >> dana: unbelievable. this is the thing that the europeans need to figure out. the e.u., european union saying this is what you need to do, to do a bail-out, bail-in program for you.
2:23 pm
so one of the things they have not done is dealt with their own energy independence. they could have done pipeline. they could have done their own exploration and instead they threat russians do it. the russians are the problem in the first place, so all these people put money in the banks there from russia, to the cypriate banks and the assets are too big and they don't pay for the services. no wonder it's going broke. >> kimberly: russians are smart. they're trying to take advantage of the situation. they will do something for you and you do something for us. like trump said, we'll help the other countries and troops there lose american lives. give us oil. what do we get back? business transaction. i don't admire it but i understand it. best thing about this weekend i got a cartoon thing with a leprechaun and had a pot, but no gold in it. what happened to your pot of gold? obama redistributed it. >> dana: i thought you'd say william devaney came to get
2:24 pm
it. >> greg: there is always a gun control argument in the american media that says gun advocates always talk about government tyranny. that is some kind of paranoid leftovers. we're in a civilized society now. this could never happen. but don't we -- can't we look over at cri produce an cyprus ay are stealing from the people? >> bob: the russians are the largest controller of natural gas in europe. they are shown to use it for the political purposes, they shut off gas to georgians when they need to do it. give them a foothold of the natural gas, you ask for that much more trouble. remember that cyprus went through in the '70s, a zi civil war. there were a lot of guns there. they have the eighth largest per capita owner of guns. yet, a lot of guns were taken away. i suspect that there will not
2:25 pm
be armed warfare over this. it will get bailed out. could it happen here? i'm not sure, as eric pointed out we can always print money. i have a real question whether citizens can take up guns and take over the country. >> eric: can i point something out? i asked the depositors and cypriates would they rather give the money to the government or want the russians to buy the infrastructure and then they're made hole. >> kimberly: like the russians better that their government. >> dana: which is what the russians want. >> eric: let them have it. democrat's what they want. they're the winner. all of a sudden they take 6.75 off the top. >> kimberly: mattress time people. >> greg: i have been waiting for you to say that all day. >> bob: go to the mattresss? >> kimberly: perfect. freddie sorry about that. i couldn't resist it.
2:26 pm
ahead on "the five," mark this day on the calendar because hell might have just frozen over. >> i want to say liberals, you could lose me. >> greg: i guess bill maher is now dating a right-winger. that's next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight.
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lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as $15 at there's a land of restful sleep, we can help you go there, on the wings of lunesta. ♪ ♪ >> dana: national debt approaching $17 trillion. thanks to our good friends in washington. using hard-earned tax dollars to create videos like these. microwave safety ads for college students.
2:31 pm
you won't believe it. watch. >> welcome to safe challenge. in this round, tepes must follow the packing and cooking instructions to know your microwave wattage. find the watt knowledge the owner's man wall on the label or -- manual on the label or contacting the manufacturer. each team has been given a frozen entree to safely prepare. >> sorry, team two. you get a red card for not following the cooking instruction or knowing the wattage. >> dana: bob, i'm going to you first because i'm inclined to defend the usda, because congress tells them they need to do these things. they have this money and have to spend it somehow. do you think people around the country see ads like that and they can't find anything to cut in washington? >> bob: i think it's one of those things that you look at and say are you kidding me? a number of people are hurt and some killed by microwaves
2:32 pm
every year. if you are dumb enough to get killed by a microwave, you are. these are the easy things for us to pick out in the budget. which are outrageous. the defense department spent $1.5 million on type that cost $85 if you bought it at home depot. it's all over the place. egregious and it's not just in the places like the usda. >> eric: did you make that up? >> dana: no, it's true. >> eric: $1.5 million? >> dana: that was back in the day. >> kimberly: the real deal. >> dana: there is another bit of spending going on in the u.s. senate. did you know they have a barbershop there? you can go and beat hair cut there. but they are running deficits of $350,000 a year. time to privatize? >> kimberly: time to supercuts. >> dana: speaking of that, we did a google search. if you let the senators know it would not be the end of the world if you had to give up the senate barbershop.
2:33 pm
look on the map. there are seven places in walking distance from the capitol to get your hair cut. >> kimberly: now give them coupons to go over there. and give it to the barber and start it up. c'mon, i pay less to get my hair done. >> dana: time to privatize the senate barbershop? >> greg: i don't know. look at the success the barbershops have had. good job, guys. >> eric: you got your hair cut? >> greg: they fell asleep at the wheel. i use the great acres analogy. obama's democrats are like the sexy zaza that could expense every vehicle they have. eddie arnold is the guy that always has to play the bills. we have zsa zsa gabor in the white house. it's great because in a sense they're our mother so they tell us thousand use the microwave. might be at night they give us a bedtime story and we get allowance from them through food stamps apt up employment.
2:34 pm
>> dana: the other thing they spend money on, you think it's easy to privatize the post office. maybe we don't need the usda to make the ads for us. college students are learning how to use a microwave. manual not being able to actually close saturday delivery for the post office, that that is what happened. >> eric: they are going on trips. >> dana: a huge conference. there is conference where there is golf. >> eric: $200 million here, somewhere. spend $2 million -- >> dana: $2 million, $220,000 to be spent on exhibit space. remember aig had a bail-out and there was a conference where they had spa pedicures for everybody and then the gsa example where they had the big conference and they did the video and everything.
2:35 pm
>> eric: after the gsa they said if you do a conference it those be approved or something. i don't remember the exact law. this is proof there is waste. barbershop for the senate? really? >> bob: but this has been around since 1950. look at the haircuts of the people lousy barbershop. >> dana: you could pay them a hefty book advance, though, the barbers there. they're good guys. it's not their fault necessarily. but manual the book they -- imagine the book they could write. >> bob: but the other perks is unbelievable. they get all kind of free stuff and they wonder why they are at 19% at the poll. >> kimberly: they cashing in on the taxpayers' expence. >> thank you for the promo. there are books called -- i can't remember the name of the books, but the house and senate puts them out there. >> greg: "hardy boys."
2:36 pm
>> eric: no. >> greg: "nancy drew." >> eric: they make $700,000, free haircuts and free parking and they expense their water bottles. that is how ridiculous it is. they are bleeding us -- [over talk ] did you know every congressperson and senator has $2 million per year office expense allowance? >> bob: yeah, sure. >> dana: i can understand that, because if you're from texas and you are a senator you have to have several offices around the state and that could add up quickly. >> bob: this is symbolism now, and symbol i is perception and perception is what happens. they better look at themselves and do without haircuts particularly, these haircuts. >> dana: take a hair cut. >> kimberly: have a republican cut a democrat's hair. >> dana: crisis communication with bob beckel 101. ahead on "the five," here is when you know the taxes in america really got out of control? when people like bill maher
2:37 pm
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today the plan by a european country to tax individual savings accounts. tonight on "special report," cyprus wants to take a percentage of all deposits to raise enough revenue to qualify for $13 billion bail-out. unprecedented step in europe's debt crisis. they have investors speculating could it happen here? president obama has nominated assistant attorney general perez to be the next labor secretary. but a justice department report suggest that perez was
2:42 pm
less than forthcoming in a case involving the black panther party. we'll explain. the president pick to epa is gena mccarthy but her name is blacked out or withheld from her predecessor use of non-governmental accounts to conduct official business. new details about the benghazi survivors. "special report" at 6:00. now back to "the five." >> kimberly: the west coast reeling after a premier propaganda, bill maher sounded like a conservative on his show. start with california taxes. >> i'm sure you would agree we this, they do pay their freight. it saw the statistics. it's something like 70%. here in california, i just want to say liberal, you could
2:43 pm
lose me. it's outrageous what we're paying. over 50%. i'm willing to pay my share, but yeah, it's ridiculous. >> kimberly: the mea culpa didn't end there. his confession on iraq. >> i also must say i got to admit, is it a country that is standing. i thought it wouldn't be. it's doing better than i thought it would be. is it a great country? no. does vit a lot of problems? yes. but there actually is a country standing there. >> kimberly: okay, who poiseped bill maher. what is happening here? >> dana: opposite day. >> greg: they must have started taxing prostitutes. >> kimberly: oh, no. glad we opened with that. >> eric: what an idiot? after all the vi vitriol and trashing of conservatives over the years, he has been taking indiscriminate shot at the right. then he goes taxes are too high in california and the iraq war worked. >> kimberly: is he being
2:44 pm
genuine? has he seen the light? >> dana: he seemed sincere to me. that was more real than his broadside against people. >> deep down he is a conservative? >> dana: no, maybe not but he is realistic. maybe you got a pay stub hand's like what? >> kimberly: like most americans. >> dana: what are we paying for it? what are we getting for it? freddie he hates conservatives but he hates liberals. he hates everybody. >> kimberly: can you relate? >> greg: yes. >> bob: you said in the first part of that, liberals, you are going to lose me and i'd say good riddance. secondly, on the money thing, maybe you understand that. little trying a makeover here. on iraq, i find that to be the most outrageous turn-around i have seen. 5,000 dead americans, 30,000 wounded. al-awlaki becoming a dictator. how maher can say that is beyond me. >> greg: do you think part of it could be as you had a
2:45 pm
big win for n the re-election. the left keep's moving left. every year they try to move further left. so you start losing older lefties if that happens, i guess. maybe this is what happens. you lose bill maher maybe is saying something about how far you have gone. >> kimberly: being honest i appreciate his honesty. that he is realizing what is going on. he changed his opinion, fine. but i mean -- >> greg: i think it may be because he's bored. >> kimberly: i am thirsty for a nice big soda. so is bill maher. listen to this. >> again, what makes liberals look bad. they never met a regulation they didn't like. of course we should do something about this problem, but what if i want to have just that one big gulp once a week? you should haven't to clear what you eat with the municipal government. >> eric: that was rachel
2:46 pm
maddow. >> bob: on the big gulp, he agrees with us. my hope is big gulp has -- let me put it this way, a lot of laxatives in it. >> kimberly: what? >> dana: the thing is what drivers me crazy about the debate, big gulp wasn't affected. they were carved out. 7-eleven was carved out and everyone is using it as a prop. you couldn't get to this shot and get 17-ounce soda but you could go to 7-lieb to ge-elevent one. >> kimberly: the judge said it was arbitrary and capricious because it didn't make sense you could get it here and you can't get it there. hmm. time to fig out those brackets. marcmarch madness has arrived. the bracket breakdown is next. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's
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>> bob: all right. march madness is underway. one of my favorite times of the year. louisville earned the top overall seed from the ncaa yesterday. kansas, indiana and gonzaga claimed the other number one spots. we here on "the five" are going to get in the gim to predict our final four pick and the national champion. another point, $134 million will be lost in business because people spend time filling out brackets. all right. we'll start with you. what is your bracket? >> kimberly: check these brackets out. i feel a big win coming on. michigan state, gonzaga, kansas, indiana. big winner is going to be indiana right there in the center. >> dana: do you really watch it? >> kimberly: let me know if you like my picks on twitter. >> bob: well, i guess i'm next. my time four are louisville, ohio state, miami, georgetown
2:52 pm
and georgetown to win it all. >> kimberly: your picture is awesome. >> bob: explain why? why i think they'll win? i got the straw poll right. i pick georgetown because they're two miles from my house. >> kimberly: good reason. geography. bolling clearly -- >> eric: i picked them up. louisville, there is no one that will beat them. playing fantastic basketball. ohio state takes out the number one seed gonzaga. i think georgetown, rock chalk jayhawks going down to georgetown in the indiana. louisville takes the whole tournament. >> kimberly: really? that's interesting. >> bob: dana. >> dana: my theory is the rock paper scissors mascot. take a mascot to decide which would win in a final fight. so it comes down to tigers of michigan, panthers pittsburgh, tar heels of north carolina and golden eagles of marquette.
2:53 pm
i got to go with the golden eagle because i think an eagle could beat them all. >> eric: why? >> dana: they could soar and then they can poop in your eye. blind you, so you can't shoot a basket. >> bob: i bet we have all been waiting for this. for those who are handicappers get out the pens now. >> greg: here are my seeds. i have seeds, black seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds. i got to go with the pumpkinseeds because they're the tastiest. >> dana: are they roasted? >> dana: that's hen. >> dana: homemade pum pumpkinseeds are the best. >> bob: andrea put her bid in. >> kimberly: she did. has good ones. she knows good people in sports to talk to. these are her picks. she has got down here, we have louisville, which is a strong contender both you and eric picked that. kansas state, university
2:54 pm
kansas and syracuse with the big winner the center being kansas. university. >> bob: i don't know who her connections are in sports, but man -- >> dana: you have too many obvious picks. >> bob: syracuse ain't obvious. they don't stand a chance. neither does kansas state. one more thing is up next. >> kimberly: thank you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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just a click away with the geico mobile app. >> eric: time for one more thing. i'll kick it off. remember the kids, sixth grader from st. paul lutheran school in iowa? they made it to washington, d.c. remember they were going to go there and get a tour of the white house. take a look at the pictures they posted op facebook. they didn't get in the white house. don't laugh at them. >> greg: go somewhere else. >> eric: this is serious! do you see the house in the background? that is our house. it's the white house. not the obama's house. they're guest of the american taxpayers. open the house. jay carney, the press sec. get him to open our white house. how about no more the royal food taster. we heard about that. how about no more senate
2:59 pm
barbershop. >> greg: make the kids be the food taster. >> eric: so evil. you're up, greg. >> greg: banned phrase. "back in the day" and someone says it to imply how different it was back then and how they were in the center of the activity back then. >> dana: we use it to get bob in the conversation. >> greg: most people say "back in day" weren't involved. like in the '90s, back in day, i was on a couch. >> eric: there is no way you haven't banned that phrase yet. >> greg: i haven't. >> dana: i say it a lot. greg someone tested me and said pumpkinseeds are great for scraping parasites out of your body. >> dana: please forgive me. it's the memphis tigers, not michigan. i looked down and saw a big "m." >> kimberly: i wondered about that. >> dana: here is my one more thing. do you hate to see signs


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