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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 18, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> and tonight we close the show with a shocking video out of the wilmington, delaware. here is what happened. a 67-year-old catholic grandmother was outside a planned parenthood clinic. she saw an ambulance pull up. and she attempted to document how often abortions result in emergency trips to the hospital. moments later an angry woman came out of the building began attacking her and pushing her down. watch this. >> 2013, march 13th, right? this is we're at 625 shipley street in wilmington, delaware at the planned parenthood of delaware facility. stretcher and ambulance pulled up from st. francis hospital. two emt's, i guess, carried in a stretcher into the front of played parenthood of delaware
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at wilmington and this is the same location where two ambulances left in february. we're calling 911 right now because we've just been threatened by a young woman. pretty unbelievable, now, earlier today we reached out to the wilmington planned parenthood office and they said they had no comment on the issue, the woman who assaulted the 63-year-old grandmother remains at large. now two questions here, why hasn't she been arrested and number two, maybe it's time for planned parenthood to explain why they need the ambulances in the first place or give back the taxpayer dollars, after all, if we have
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to prioritize we can't afford to open the white house to children. should planned parenthood have that money? that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, let not your heart be troubled and toss it to greta van susteren to go on the record. greta, take it away. >> greta: tonight, oh, my, caught in a web of lie. accused killer jodi arias fighting for her life, but her lies keep coming back to haunt her. >> why, there's no reason i would ever want to hurt him. >> of i would never hurt travis. >> i'm innocent and you can mark your words on that, no jury will ever convict me. >> very compelling, but none of it proves i committed a murder. >> there's no way anyone else could have-- >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008.
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>> yes, i did. >> this is not a case of whodun whodunit. >> i thought would stop him. if someone were point ago gun at me, i would stop. >> the evidence that does exist does suggest that people are involved in talking to one another, tcan suffer from ptsd i have no memory. >> do you remember dragging him across the floor. >> no. >> once you broke away from him, what do you remember? >> almost nothing for a long time. there are some things that have come back over here. >> and some memories can be retained and formed anew, but they may not be clear. this is not at all uncommon. >> what factors influenced your having a memory problem. >> usually when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me, or someone like travis, the same.
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>> and miss arias had to overcome the fact that she was in acute state of denial not able to deal with the reality of what had happened. [singing] >> and tonight, under fierce cross examination by the prosecutor, the defense expert admitting he made mistakes in how he tested accused killer jodi arias for ptsd. but it's all because she lied on the test. >> what you're telling me is that the validity or the -- this test really is only as good as the person who is filling it out, right? >> that's true. >> so if they're lying, then the test is not very good. >> that's correct. >> and in this case, we do have a circumstance where you know the defendant's lying and she lied on the test, right? >> well, their answers reflect what we ultimately discovered. >> right, so she lied, right?
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>> yes. >> during that story change, one of the things that-- what the defendant told you was that this story about the strangers was fiction, correct? >> correct. >> and that in fact, she had been the one to actually kill mr. alexander. >> yes. >> and you didn't administer another pt test. >> and brian is live from phoenix with the latest. tell me this witness, many people thought did a reasonably good job under direct examination and the defense lawyer. what happened when the prosecution got his hands on him? >> well, you said it there, greta. it really wasn't so much what he testified about, but what he didn't testify about and when it came to cross examination that became clear. you had that correct sound bite there with basically him admitting the test he conducted to initially diagnose her with ptsd and he knew she answered some of the
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questions wrong and acknowledged maybe i should have readministered the test. and that doesn't bode well for the dense defense and what the prosecutor hit them with being inaccurate. >> greta: some things sort of goes by and nobody pays much attention. but when it was established that the expert had reached his opinion based on a mountain of lies. was it that sort of like a stink bomb had been set off in the courtroom and there was a hush? what was it like? >> well, you know, there's been little reaction in this courtroom throughout. mr. alexander's family sits in the front row, obviously, nodding their head and nodding their eyes throughout a lot of the testimony that's going on, so, it wasn't an audible reaction, really. many of us reporters were kind of looking at each other like, wow, aside from the instance that you just mentioned there, other discrepancies. she said before the incident
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of sex, she had her hands tied to the bed and the doctor's noted that she had her hands and wrists tied to the bed and which is right? said i don't remember what jodi told me and i don't know what i wrote down. >> greta: any other, in cross examination, the prosecutor in any way to diminish or make less of the testimony so that the jury may find it incredible? >> he worked on his credibility. in fact, the psychologist had admitted to having been reprimanded in new jersey back in the '90s, in a child custody case where he sort of blurred the lines between an objective evaluator and a therapist. in this case it was found that he actually sent jodi a self-help book while she was in jail because she was depressed, while he's supposed to be an objectiserver and did same thing you did in new jersey and he did not agree
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to. >> greta: was there anything in the cross examination, her third defense is that she acted in self-defense, yet, the psychologist is suffering from ptsd and can't remember and also she testified on the witness stand she can't remember what happened. so she can't remember. how is it that she's able to determine there was self-defense? >> look, that's just it and you bring up a really good point and the psychologist testimony over two days, what we've heard is she suffered from ptsd. dissociative amnesia and we don't know what the area the state of mind is. whether this was indeed premeditated or self-defense. it's unclear what they're trying to get out of this other than explaining away why she can't remember things and explain why she's not lying about that that she sufferis
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from memory loss. >> greta: anyone testify that she had self-defense wounds, in the hours and days after the murder? >> that's a good point, too, greta and the prosecutor brought that up. correct myself, i believe it was a juror question that basically asked jodi directly, isn't it unusual that you're in this fight for your life and look what happens to travis, some 30 stab wounds, slit throat, shot in the head and you walked away unscathed and they asked her that, and she said i can't explain it, i don't remember. >> greta: brian always nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: and the defense says that she suffers from a form of amnesia and why arias can't remember much from the day of the murder. >> amnesia is not necessarily a fake or made-up kind of experience. it occurs fairly commonly in the population, a small
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percentage, but the fact of the matter is it's regularly reported, so it's not as if amnesia could only be made up to cover up something. >> and joining us legal panel in san francisco, former prosecutor michael cardoza and here bernie grimm and ted with his green tie tonight. michael, first to you, do you have any issue about whether or not there might be some sort of inconsistency? the defense is self-defense yet she can't remember anything. >> i do see an inconsistency in that. as i was watching it today, i am telling you, i saw poof, there went the expert on the stand. as brian explained, when he said, oh, gosh, maybe i should have given her another test after i knew she lied, there went his entire credibility and then he got into the problems that he had back in new jersey, i'm telling you, the jury is not going to believe a word this guy says.
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i can sum him up in two words, when he testified, so what? >> bernie, the idea that you have an expert on the stand and he reaches his expert opinion based on a test he administers, which is a series of questions, then it turns out on cross examination that the-- that there were lies to all of those questions. what in the world, how does the defense lawyer recover from that and what do you think the jury thinks? >> you and i, expert goes great on direct examination and something comes out on cross examination that annihilates him. >> greta: that should have been known. that's not like oops, i never saw that one coming. i mean, that really, the lawyers are really stupid about that. >> and one coming a mile down the road and martinez had it and overworked as much as the other guy. jodi arias has post traumatic stress disorder, one of the common symptoms is amnesia.
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and a man has it, they say oh, yeah, and, but a woman-- ted if you're going to do my holiday, do it on the right day. >> i don't know what water he's drunk tonight, but jodi arias has selective amnesia, a lying manipulative as far as i'm concerned. the sad commentary, travis is not here to speak for himself. she tried to make him out as being a pedophile, a sexual fiend, give me a break. >> the defense lawyers, why would you put a defense witness on, and the tests and admission of lie and you've done your client a huge disservice because you tried to put a fast one on the jury. do you agree or disagree? >> i agree. she commits the first degree
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murder, willful, deliberate, with malice aforethought and then says she has ptsd. who wouldn't after committing a murder this horrendous. shooting him in the head and stabbing him 30 times approximately and cutting his head almost off. anybody would have ptsd and that's why i sum the doctor's testimony up into so what, doctor, so she had pstd. and we believe it, and she-- >> let me make sure we're clear here. i don't care about this expert. >> sure. >> the fact about it is the jury does not believe jodi arias which i don't believe they do, then they're not going to believe the expert. >> greta: yeah, yeah, but it makes it more-- if you think that jodi arias is trying to pull a fast one with her testimony and they doesn't believe her, then the defense puts on a witness even more unbelievable because he makes admission in his testimony.
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>> and 27 stab wounds he had, that's up, close, personal and to me it's manslaughter. you said second degree murder, it's not first degree murder. >> it's going to be-- first degree murder, it's called not guilty. >> you watch. >> greta: you know why first degree murder, the lawyers weren't smart enough to try it down and that's where the disservice is. >> it's going to be first. >> greta: and-- >> this is a rage killing. 27, 30 times. >> greta: but you really think the lawyers are going to effectively argue that for her before the jury when they're not smart enough to put on an expert that doesn't base his test on lies? >> stuck on stupid. >> michael? >> they weren't prepared. they weren't prepared. they didn't prepare this guy properly because, as you said, greta, you could see this fastball coming right down the middle. prepare him for those questions. >> prepare him? and the lawyers should be-- >> first degree murder. >> they're-- it looks like they're pulling
7:15 pm
a fast one. i'm scandalized that the lawyers this time. >> and michael is right and greta is right. the jury retaliates and the client suffers not the expert. >> and a hired gun and they'll bring it out. the fact is she murdered this guy and admitted she murdered him and lied. >> and convicted with first degree murder with a death penalty or second degree murder, but when you bludgeon someone with 27 stab wounds and do it in a jealous rage, and that's murder in the second degree and not first degree, but instead the defense and prosecutors are trying it like a first degree murder. >> don't forget she brought that gun to the party. and stolen from her grandparents, it was a .25 caliber, there are not many .25 calibers. >> greta: i can see that's not a good fact for her, if you're asking me, not a good fact. >> no bruises about her body, that's not good. >> greta: anyway, gentlemen, thanks as always. >> first degree. >> greta: and this is to our viewers.
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which member of the esteemed panel do you agree with most tonight. bernie grimm, ted williams or michael cardoza. go to greta wire and vote in the poll and we'll check it out to see who won. in the development in the case of an american woman murdered in turkey. you may recall in january sarai sierra vanished while vacationing alone in turkey. her body was found near istanbul's wall and bludgeoned to death. a homeless man was caught. and there's a question whether the syrian rebels helped the police or not. the suspect admit today attacking her after sniffing point thinner. and almost two months ago arthur shermer was convicted in the murder of his second wave, her name was betty and he staged a car accident to
7:17 pm
cover up the 2008 crime. today he was sentenced to life without parole. he's waiting the second trial for the 1999 murder for his second wife jewel. she was found in a pool of blood at the bottom of a staircase. he claims he's innocent and didn't murder either wife number one or wife number two. and republicans have a plan for 2016, first step, get rid of the perception it's a party of old stuffy men. and rnc chairman is here to tell you next. president obama has a new problem tonight. it's senator vitter. and tiger woods with one of the sex scandal, and cheating on his wife with dozens of women and porn stars. and you'd think it would make him hard to get a date. but the new date will set the switter world on fire. wait until you see who thinks
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>> rnc chairman reince priebus. he joins us, nice to see you, sir.
7:22 pm
>> thank you, greta. >> greta: i should say happy birthday. >> it's nice to celebrate my birthday with you tonight and i had fun with my kids and wai wife sally. >> greta: this report was not prepared by you, right? >> it was five co-chairs that traveled around the country and we talked to -- and i participate in all the listening sessions around the country. we talked to over 50,000 people about the election, things they perceived went well. what the other side went well and things we didn't do that people wished we did. it was a full-blown analysis from everything to mechanics to campaign finance laws. >> greta: one of the questions, the perception according to you, is that the republican party-- >> according to polling. >> greta: a party of rich-- yeah, polling. party of rich, narrow, stuffy, out of touch people and you want to reach the minority, female and young. >> greta: how do you convince you have anything for them if
7:23 pm
you're part of the rich, stuffy-- >> and obviously that's perception. part of is if you're not showing up in the community, the perception and narrative becomes reality. when we announced yesterday and today is that the national party -- in 2013, mind you, after a presidential election, that's never been done, is just going to spend just on the political oranges itself 10 million dollars which will include hundreds, a few people down the hallway, but hundreds of people in communities across the country advocating for our party in asian, hispanic, african-american communities making their presence known, going to community events, swearing in ceremonies, everything. >> greta: one of the complaints i've had all along both parties, no party goes to the inner city and the expectation with democratic party we got that vote. republicans think the democrats got it so we're not going there. are you going to the inner city. going to downtown detroit, for instance? >> absolutely. >> greta: so what's the message you deliver to
7:24 pm
downtown detroit that is going to make downtown detroit vote for you. >> first of all, let me back up, even without a candidate we're talking about going to places like in south florida and in places like detroit, places in milwaukee, with people advocating what our party stands for. when is the last time you saw any flyer from any-- now, this is ancient history that said i'm a republican because. you don't see that anymore. what about school of choice, what about charter schools, what about the issues championed by our party in wisconsin, by the way, bringing back wisconsin back on the table, that i think brings a common denominator that we have in cities like milwaukee. in cities like detroit and we don't talk about. >> greta: and people only campaign in a certain number of states anyway and others are largely ignored. >> we have a red state-blue state analysis that i think is killing us. if you look at the 1988 electoral map, do that.
7:25 pm
there you have red states, california, colorado, illinois, michigan, pennsylvania. almost the entire northeast, vermont, new hampshire, delaware, maryland, new jersey was all red and now what have we got? we've got a presidential election in eight states where the carnival game is, you have to hit all eight states in the bulls eye otherwise you lose. it's going to change the way we're working in this party. that's the truth. >> greta: i think one of the issues in the report that's going to generate some trouble for you is that, it calls for fewer primary debates within your party which is going to-- for instance, some of the tea party members will be upset because it helps an establishment candidate that's out there and people know them to have fewer debates and the newer person to the party wants lots of debates to be free and known advertising. and the recommendation by the committee and they're sort of conventional part of the committee. you don't have tea party members in your committee. >> even with the tea party and i come from a state that
7:26 pm
elected ron johnson, paul ryan, scott walker. i don't think anybody believes that having 23 debates makes a lot of sense. >> greta: do you think that-- you don't think the rand pauls or some the tea party candidates want more debates? >> i think that there can be a reasonable amount, greta, to get this right. i think if you have half that amount, if you have 12 debates. >> greta: that's enough. >> in 1980 there were six debates. in 1984 there were seven debates. now we have 22 debates of candidates slicing and dicing each other, in front of, in many cases, media personalities that are not in the business of promoting our candidates or the issues, they're in the business of creating news at the expense of our candidates. we need to be involved in who is doing the debates. who the moderators are. how many there are and i'm not talking about going down to two debates. i'm talking about a dozen debates. that's a lot of debates. >> greta: what about you and
7:27 pm
former rnc chair, steele? >> there is no exchange of words. i've not addressed it and i'm not going to. we're going to rebuild our party. >> greta: your credit cards shut down when you became chairman. >> they were suspended before i walked in. that doesn't matter, it's ancient history and we've rebuilt the party. we have a party that's the only party in washington that's debt-free. we have money in the bank and we're going to fix our party and we're not supporting actors anymore in a presidential campaign. it's time to lead. and i want to be big and bold. i don't want to waste my time. i don't want to waste the time of your viewers and everyone in the party. i want to lead this party so that we have a better future, that means permanent campaigns on the ground in a big way. >> greta: this calls for a yes or no answer. now that you're 41 are you part of the old republican party or the-- >> 41 is young. >> greta: i'm asking. >> we've got a young party and i'm part of it. >> greta: nice to see you.
7:28 pm
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>> president obama's new
7:32 pm
headache tonight. just hours ago. the president named the head of the justice department civil rights division thomas perez to be the president's next secretary of labor. moments later republican secretary david vitter said he would block that nomination. he joins us. >> good to be with you. >> greta: why do you want to block tom perez from being the secretary of labor. >> and civil rights, i think he's completely politicized that office and running it like an extension of the national democratic party or even an extension of obama's reelection campaign and i'm very concerned about that. >> greta: what makes you say that? >> because they've sued louisiana and it's off base. >> greta: they've won. >> no, they haven't. >> greta: i thought they won in-- >> it's an ongoing litigation. >> greta: in january, didn't the judge have the trial in october and rule in january? >> no. >> greta: that the state of louisiana violated the federal law failing to offer an opportunity to vote for all applicants, that's wrong. >> it's ongoing, that part is
7:33 pm
under appeal, but it's a major, major effort to really intimidate louisiana, its offices to get personal information, personal voter i.d. information which is supposed to be confidential under state and federal law. louisiana ranks fourth in terms of percentage of registered voters, 84% of all folks who could register are registered in louisiana. we voted about 69% in the last election, 9 points, almost 10 points above the national average. so this suit is really an effort to get confidential information and that's-- what the justice department has been doing is bringing these lawsuits and really trying to force states, just because it's so expensive to fight, to put up this confidential voter information. >> greta: all right, i thought your argument would not be on that, i think you lost that round. it would be that you've sent a letter and you've got the
7:34 pm
ongoing questions that he had to respond to. and that's number one. and number two that the ig the at the department of justice, horowitz, was unhappy, my word, with some of his testimony before the commission on the new black panther party. i didn't say he lied, he said we did not find the president intentionally misled the commission. and before the commission we believe they should have brought forth more details. i thought that's why you didn't like him-- not like him, but be labor secretary. >> he was asked point blank did political appointees help make this decision. he said no. in fact exactly the contrary is true and the judge in his opinion pointed that out. so i think the judge may not want to use the word lie. i think that's very, he very striking and serious. >> greta: is there anything he can do that you would change your mind about blocking his appointment? >> let me be clear, i said today that i would block consideration of the nomination until at least i get an answer, a straight
7:35 pm
forward full answer to the basic questions i've posed. i posed them in a letter november 15th, 2011. >> greta: what makes you think you're going to get them now. he hasn't-- >> and that's why i think that-- >> go back to the correspondent and say, oops, i forgot to answer? >> that's usually what happens when they need a vote. but we don't need an answer we need a truthful straight forward answer. again, i'm concerned about the pattern of activity in this louisiana case that have been doing it in several dates r states and what's at stake is people, my neighbors, my friends, other louisiana citizens, personal information that is not supposed to be public, being disclosed. >> greta: and do you have the ability, as u.s. senator, to block this? i mean-- >> no, i have the ability to slow it down enormously. i have the ability to demand 60 votes. >> greta: and if you get 60, if you demand the 60 votes, any prediction? >> it's way too early, but
7:36 pm
there's going to be significant pushback for this nomination, he's radical on a number of fronts. his record at civil rights division and haven't talked about his position on amnesty. >> greta: nice to see you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: and congress tries to force a vote on president obama's 2014 budget. oh, wait, there is no 2014 president obama budget. the president missed a deadline set by law to submit the plan. but g.o.p. wanted to set up a vote on a blank piece of paper. the congressman joins us, what happened? >> we'll find out later tonight. we offered 34 pages of question marks and you can't offer a blank piece of paper. but in order for an amendment, you have 35 pages and numbers filled in. you look at paul ryan's, the numbers are filled in. we didn't have numbers so we put question marks. >> greta: i find it appalling
7:37 pm
when people can't meet deadlines. he missed february 4th deadline. he said late march and that's not happening and now april. and totally to me it's such disregard with the law when the law said that. he's not the first one. many presidents before him have blown off this deadline, nonetheless-- >> actually the first president ever. >> greta: to be last, to be last. >> to go after the house or the senate. >> greta: not the first to ignore the deadline. i'm curious, you don't need the president's budget to go forward. you can say president obama go ahead, don't do your job, we'll do ours. >> in theory you'd like to have it. the budget is two things, part of the budget is spending for next year, then it's sort of a vision for the next ten years and paul ryan talks about the budget as a vision document. >> greta: if he doesn't do it, why do you include him in the process. he's decided not to be a part of the process and you don't
7:38 pm
need him. >> i think that people deserve to know when the president is not following the law. >> and if this were a republican president, it's redwing that the president doesn't follow the law. the house and senate, hasn't passed a budget for three years and if you don't pass your budget you don't get paid. >> right. >> and we forgot to include the president with that. never occurred to us, that the president would not offer a budget. because the president always have done. none of them have waited until after the house-- >> i find it appalling with the deadline. we've had unexpected things, we've he had the quest and the-- >> the problem is still the house and the senate sequester and the house and senate have a budget and he doesn't. >> it's clearly done for political reasons, it can't be, he's waived this opportunity to be heard on this. let the house and senate do the budget and forget him on it. >> why do you even wait? that's another, you know, three weeks the american people, and just move on. you don't need his budget. >> that's why we're doing this
7:39 pm
to draw attention to the fact that the president who says he wants to participate, he wants to reach out and you know, reach across the aisle, completely stone calling us on the budget. >> in the meantime, i think you all-- you in the senate ought to get moving on it because he may change his mind by the time april 8th rolls around. >> doing it this week. >> all right, congressman nice to see you, sir. >> thanks. >> an american pastor held in a brutal iranian prison. are president obama and the state department doing everything possible or anything to free him? his wife is pleading for their help and she's here next. and in two minutes, setting off instant controversy, why are the owners calling the games too racy? you'll have to see this to believe it. that's two minutes away. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function.
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>> clever or crude? lottery officials in maine coming up with a new name for the instant lottery tickets. they want to call them quickies. you heard right. if the state gets its way
7:42 pm
people will be able to go into a convenient store and ask for a quickie. the store owners and workers are not particularly happy. the one clerk says it would make his female clerk uncomfortable. and another says she doesn't like customers to make sexual remarks to her. the officials say they're quick, and fun. the quickie name won't be used for a month if at all. they'll seek out the public's opinion. what do you think of the name for instant lottery games, good marketing or highly inappropriate. go to greta wire and tell us. we're back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] need he keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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7:45 pm
she's disappointed president obama and the state department aren't doing more to free her husband. she gave emotional testimony on capitol hill. >> july 28th he was taken off a bus by the revolutionary guard and put under house arrest and our kids would continually be able to hear his voice and see him on skype. and the day he was taken and didn't know where he was for a week and kept saying mommy can we see daddy and hear his voice, no, we can't. i couldn't explain that he was physically taken to prison and finally they kept saying, does daddy not love us anymore? does daddy not want to hear our voice anymore? and i had to tell them, daddy was in prison because he loved jesus. >> greta: no one from the state department even attended
7:46 pm
that hearing, naghmeh be abedini joins us along with jaye sekulow. >> we have a few items to report that we have not released anyone until tonight, greta. first, there has been a report from the u.n. mission, iran's u.n. ambassadors basically to the human rights council, that they've asked for a review of the case and retrial, maybe look at the facts. and good news in light of the information that we've confirmed this afternoon, saeed was able to get doctors today to do a review of his internal bleeding. we've been concerned about. his health has been bad and got the review by doctors today and told he'll be moved to a hospital outside evan prison. now, it's our turn to pressure iran with this information to make sure that we try as much as possible to hold them to their word. >> greta: naghmeh, i imagine
7:47 pm
you're-- happy is not quite the word, but relieved he's going to be moved to a hospital maybe. do you have any sense of confidence that that will really happen or do you think that may just be the iranians saying this passing for one day? >> as he mentionedo continue to put pressure to hold them to their word. they've made many promises they haven't followed through with. i'm hoping that they will follow through with this and he will be admitted to the hospital and we'll continue to put pressure, and he'll be treated for the internal bleeding. >> naghmeh, what has the state department, secretary of state, john kerry and the president, have they done what is needed or do you want more from them? >> as we discussed in the hearing, the congressional hearing, it's always been a reactive, any statements, anything done have been more answer to a question and we're expecting more of a proactive effort on their part and the
7:48 pm
statements coming from them in regard to saeed being released and his violation of religious freedom and the way he's being treated. >> we hear reports that he's being tortured and beaten while in prison. i'm curious in the secretary of state did make another-- during the confirmation hearing did make a statement. what is the difference? iran is not impressed with us in any fashion anyway. having the secretary say something else. >> the more commentary, the media, interviews we've done and leaders spoken out the better treatment he's received. now he was moved to a better ward at one point. now he's saying he's got doctors at least reviewing his problems and told he can go to a hospital. the eu spoke out at the u.n., and the united states was there at the human rights council and said nothingment . we've got nothing in the international tribunals, only
7:49 pm
answers to reporters statements. >> i think i should point out he was charged with being a christian? >> charged with being a threat to national security because of his work with house churches from 2000 to 2005, an old charge as well. >> greta: thank you both and i hope that putting the spotlight on it helps in any possible way, thank you both. and straight ahead, tiger woods is lighting up facebook and twitter and not everyone is happy about it. you'll see yourself. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average.
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>> okay. everyone, it's time to hash it out. it's official, golf star tiger woods and ski champ lindsey vonn are dating. the celebrity couple confirming rumors and posting pictures on facebook pages. and they started out as friends and now it's on fire. because he's a cheating admitting to cheating with dozens of women, including porn stars and here is a sample what our viewers have to say about the woods-vonn romance. >> did lindsey watch the news, maybe she likes living
7:54 pm
dangerously. and keep her heart in a locks box. >> i wonder what kind of a damage a ski can do to an escalade. ouch. referring to the 2009 incident that alerted the word to the scandal. his angry ex-wife smash the s.u.v. escalade with a golf club. and huffington post reports the unbelievable cost of march madness revealed. american stand to lose 134 million dollars in the days of the tournament. workers spend time watching the games and many call in sick. and a wedding freakout caught on camera, but it's not the bride. america's funniest home videos tweeting flower girl, seeing is believing. [crying] >> now, that is a memorable wedding video. and big news from former ap
7:55 pm
politics, hillary clinton announces support for gay marriage and joins possible candidates in that position. here is part of the announcement. >> i supported personally and as a matter of policy and law embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for lgbt americans and all americans. >> greta: that message putting secretary clinton in line with other potential democratic candidates for 2016. and check out this headline from the huffington post weird news. the weirdest cocktail party ever included fried cockroaches and scorpions and one of the courses tarantulas. no that's not chicken, it's ostrich. and waiters passed around fried cockroaches. and why the weird menu? the explorers club says it's adventure.
7:56 pm
and a news anchor making her breaking news. >> and lurnd that a huntsville news anchor is being proposed to on live tv right now. >> after overcoming her shock the anchor tweeting did i just really get proposed to live on air? yes, i think i did. and holy cow, that's a proposal. congrats to the happy couple and now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use hashtag greta, and don't forget to follow me on greta wire. coming up justin timberlake and jimmy fallon have done it again? have they outdone themselves this time? you will see and you be the judge. that's next. what's droid-endurance ? the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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