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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 19, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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accordance with your will to live and reign forever and ever. the lord be with you always, and with your spirit. let us offer each other the sign of peace. now that wonderful moment where in churches all over the country and around the world we offer each other peace as a non catholic a part of the church experience which everybody seems to really love and understand. >> peace is such a gift from god and it means peace in the world of course. it also means peace of soul peace in our mind and in our spirit and the peace of christ is precisely that fruit of the love for mankind. he gave his life for us and the
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peace he gives us is the peace that man cannot give it is the peace of god, the peace of our souls and of our lives. >> now the agnus dei. ♪
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: >> behold the lamb of god. behold who takes away the sins of the world. ♪
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(singing foreign language)
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(singing in foreign language) >> good morning from fox news, just two minutes past 6:00 on the east coast, past 11:00 a.m. in vatican city. i'm shepherd smith. if you're just waking unfor "fox & friends," they'll be with you shortly. but first a celebration from vatican city and around the world. the inauguration of pope francis. if you are just waking up, it has been, lest i repeat phao*eurbgs an absolutely -- repeat myself, a beautiful morning
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in the vatican city. we witnessed the homily from pope francis. during this mass, the holy communion. our religion correspondent lauren green in rome for us this morning. lauren, people of the faith are very well familiar with this process. >> absolutely. i want to clarify something, that pope francis is not offering communion to the masses but only to the deacons there. estimates say that about 150,000 people in st. peter's square, that column-lined street leading to the vatican. there are priests going to the crowd that will venture communion to the people, to anybody who wants it. nobody will be turned away. those yellow and white umbrellas, those are indications to the people in the crowd that communion is being served and they
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should head to one of those umbrellas if they want to be served. we're not quite sure how long the communion will last. but everybody will be served. and everybody who wants to partake of the meal can. >> father murray, father gerald murray from holy family church in new york with us this morning as well. the body of christ, the bread of heaven and catholics believe that there's a transformation that happens here. >> yes. it's called transsubstantiation where the substance of the bread and wine no longer are present once the pope says this is my body, this is my blood, we believe this to be the true presence of christ. when we receive holy communion, we don't receive merely a symbol of christ. we receive christ hymn. this is one of the key doctrines of our faith and the culmination of our act of worship at mass to participating both in the consecration and if we're able to, to receive holy
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communion, which unites to the eucharistic savior. >> father jonathan morris, a fox news contributor, also with us in rome this morning. for those just waking up, father, the message of the morning from pope francis has been we are to protect each other. we are to love each other. we are to serve each other. we are to protect our children. and when our children grow up, they are to protect their parents. and in the end, as he has from the moment he emerged on the world stage, pope francis asked us all with humility to pray for him. >> shepp, i think that's a great summary, his message delivered not only in the homily but also in the simplicity of the eucharistic celebration we're witnessing right now. to add a couple of things to that, pope francis mentioned power is meant
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for servants. he said the power too of the pope, of the papacy, he recognizes that present at this inaugural mass are people who recognize that he has great authority, including representatives from many delegations, state delegations as well as leaders of faiths from all around the world representing so many people who are not catholic. he's saying my power is meant for service. as you said so well, we have to take care of creation. and when he says creation, he mentioned very specifically that creation is not only the environment -- although he did use the word environment -- but it's also us. it's you and me, our brothers and sisters, it's moms and dads. that's part of our mission in life, to be of service to others.
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♪ ♪
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>> we tried to get out of the way of the music from time to time. it's mid 50's in rome this morning and pretty steady wind at 15 to 20 miles an hour. you can see making for a beautiful sight with the flags there. the music is not one choir but two. lauren green with some details on those. one of them sang at the pap
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al mass. >> this is the sistine chapel choir along with the sacred music choir. both of them are vatican choirs. interesting enough, the last time i heard the sistine chapel choir was in november when they premiered a work by monsignor raptsinger, the brother of pope benedict xvi. they are an incredible choir. you saw one of the members, sopranos singing earlier as part of the mass. they are an incredible choir. they have sung all over the world and they are known all over the world, and they sing in many sacred music festivals. they are mainstays of the vatican of st. peter's basilica as well. >> think of these tens of thousands of people in this eternal place with the most gorgeous architecture
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you've ever seen. the fountains flowing, the organs playing, the choir singing, the clouds rolling in, enormous jumbotron stadium-style monitors so that all can seekers and this incredible music wafting through the corridors of the streets around vatican city. and people have come from far and wide, from all over europe and all over the world to celebrate on this day, the inauguration of pope francis. ♪
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>> communion is being offered. before the -- the mass will end soon and before we turn things over to "fox & friends" on this tuesday morning, let's turn to father jonathan morris, a fox news contributor, for his thoughts on this morning. father? >> thank you, shepherd. good morning to everyone from rome. what we've seen here is classic pope francis, whom we're just getting to know, but it seems we know a lot more about him than perhaps previous popes just a few days into his pontiff cat. he's giving the message of power should be service. he's giving the message of love, goodness and tenderness. he's giving the message of if we want to imitate christ, we imitate him on the cross, meaning not in
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high-power positions meant to glorify ourselves. he made a very specific indication that they informed everyone, all these delegations that lauren green will talk about as well, they informed everyone of what's happening but they didn't invite anybody. and that's very interesting because the vatican is pwaeug we're not endorse -- is saying we're not endorsing all these people's views coming to this event, even politicians from the united states who may call themselves catholic but are in contradiction to the catholic church's teaching. he says you're all -- it's happening, but we don't invite anyone. >> thank you. a look on the right-hand side of the screen, pictures from earlier, the video from earlier, as the
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pope, a sight unfamiliar to us over the last two pontifficate. pope francis among the faithful and walking about with security there and his handlers there, in a moment we remember from this morning, as he came to kiss those on the side and wave to all and flags from all countries waving. and the message of love and hope, charity, peace, and a reminder to all of us that we are here to protect each other. in the spirit of christ. an absolutely beautiful very early morning in rome it was. father gerald murray with us. your thoughts on this morning. >> one of the titles we call the pope is "holy father. "i think this mass has shown to us he is the father. he considers himself to be responsible for this great
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family of god and he does it with that tenderness of the father. he picked up a child earlier. he kissed a sick person. he referred in his homily to st. joseph, the model of christian fathers. fatherhood is important in our world. we need men who lead us to god. i think that is what we'll take away from this mass. he looks upon us as his spiritual children and calls us to be like christ, brothers and sisters, one to the other. ♪
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>> this spirit of all of us together, the pope for the people and the people for the pope, really began on the world stage the first time we saw him as pope. remember these images, as pope francis came to the balcony? he asked that the people pray for him, as he did again this morning in st. peter's square. and as he did, he bowed to receive their prayer from the people. it was a touching moment for catholics and probably people of all faiths as he stood so quietly, his faith at such ease as the flashes went off in st. peter's square in what had been a very rainy day. it had rained nonstop for days on end, and the skies opened and cleared, and the people came out, and the pope bowed to receive the
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prayers and blessings of the people. now the prayer after the communion happening live, and the pope saying "defend with unfailing protection, oh lord we pray, the family you have nourished with food from this altar as they rejoice at the solemnity of st. joseph and graciously keep your gifts among them. through christ our lord," said the pope. (speaking in a foreign language)
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♪ >> go forward. the mass has ended. thanks be to god.
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. ♪
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>> a him of praise used on days of grand celebration, like the inauguration of a pope. this morning in his homily, pope francis reminded us all that it is our job to serve and to protect. he said be tender and caring, rendering to the protection of others. we must serve the poor and the weak and the hungry and the thirsty, he reminds us. he closed by saying i
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employ the intercession of the virgin mary, peter and paul and st. francis that the holy spirit may accompany my ministry. and the pope said i ask all of you to pray for phaoefplt -- pray for me. for all of us at fox news, thanks for being with us this morning. "fox & friends" continues. >> you sure are looking good. thanks for joining us at fox first at ten. it is tuesday, march 19. i'm anna kooiman. the administration may not want to tell us what happened in benghazi, but they may have no choice. hillary clinton's e-mails have been hacked and the hacker sending them straight to congress. the latest on this development. >>steve: mayor michael bloomberg's latest health push. take away the cigarettes and put them so nobody can see them. we'll give you details. >>brian: it will take a ski buddy to tame the
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tiger. tiger woods going public about his relationship with lindsey vonn. wait until you see what else the couple is revealing. >>steve: hillary's e-mail? >>brian: "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: great job, shepherd smith. beautiful. i hope you've been watching over the last couple of hours, the fox news coverage of the installation of the pope has been fantastic. >> i feel like i've been to mass this morning. an historic day for the billions of catholics and the world. the new pontiff installation mass just ended moments ago in a packed st. peter's square. >>steve: fox news contributor jonathan morris joins us live from rome. >>brian: does this remind you of pope benedict? >> yes and no.
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yes because it is the same faith, yes because it is the same teaching. pope francis has a simple way about him. he's like a simple parish priest. although he's speaking to, i believe the vatican estimated 150,000 people this morning in the square, his message was so simple just like on sunday when he gave his first message. my nephew was there. after 15 minutes of his message, i said to him, what did you get out of this? 13 years old. he said god never gets tired of forgiving us. it's just that sometimes we get tired of asking for forgiveness. if that was a simple message on sunday, today's simple message was if you have power like i do, he said as pope, that's a service. i think that's also a message to the politicians. if you have power, it is about service to the common good. then he said take care of each other. he said twice -- and this is not something a speech writer would come up with. he said don't be afraid of goodness or even
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tenderness. a very simple message. >>steve: it was a simple message. he made it clear, father jonathan, that he was there to serve the poorest, the weakest. he does stand in stark contrast to benedict who was more formal and more reserved. i saw some things i hadn't seen in a while. he was riding around in an open vehicle, stopped and kissed a baby, kissed somebody else who was suffering on the sidelines. he's become a real man of the people just in the last couple of days. >> you're absolutely right, steve. one thing that i think exemplified that, he chose on a sunday, instead of having mass in a papal apartment to go to santa ana and he was there for the people and he walked outside of the church and just greeted people like any parish priest was. it kind of was a call to me, you better make sure when you get back home,
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father jonathan, that you say hello to everyone. it is a very simple, simple thing he's doing and he's doing it out of love. >>brian: i do worry about his security. can he possibly continue to be a man of the people in today's world? >> i think he just decided he's going to do it and see what happens. of course when he travels abroad -- for example, when he goes to the united states, then the security of that nation takes over because they don't want to have anything happen under their watch. but he has a lot of leeway, especially here in which he says this is what i'm going to do. he's 76 years old. he's got one lung. and he knows his mandate is to make some very significant changes within the curia, with the dysfunction in the central management. and he's choosing to do that based on not so much words, but by actions. his action is hey, guys, forget the clerical careerism. let's get down to the
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nitty-gritty of service, love, kindness and tenderness. >>steve: today it starts. he has officially been installed and now he's our pope. father jonathan morris, great having you over the last two weeks or so guiding you through this process. >>brian: even prior to that. >> thanks, brian. thank you. >>steve: we should also point out that security-wise, everybody who was there in the square had been swept. >> it was interesting he was not in a bullet-proof automobile as in the past and going out there to meet his flock. you notice how simply he was dressed. he just had the wooden cross on. some of the cardinals dressed a lot more ornately this morning. we need to get to the rest of your headlines on this tuesday morning. an arrest in the death of a wall street reporter daniel pearl. they have arrested former militant leader abdul hagi.
3:38 am
our state department not confirming the rest and it is not clear what his role was in perle's death in 2002. major bailout backlash in cyprus. >> protest erupgt -- erupting over the euro zone bailout offer. the government of cyprus's central bank saying there should not be changes -- charges, rather, on accounts up to $129,000. they expect 10% of all deposits to be taken out when banks reopen on thursday. a russian energy company is looking to cash in on the gas problem is offering to bail out cyprus in exchange for the rights to explore for natural gas there. >> a stunning new report on mammograms this morning.
3:39 am
researchers saying 60% of abnormal mammograms turn out not to be cancer and false positives can lead to unnecessary biopsies or even surgery. this is taking a serious mental toll on some patients. women who received a false positive report anxiety and depression three years after learning they're cancer-free. don't even look at this. one week after mayor bloomberg lost his fight to ban big sodas, now he wants to ban the display of all tobacco products in stores. business owners would have to keep cigarettes under the counter or behind a curtain. this would make new york city the only city in this nation to do so. >> those are your headlines. >>steve: keep them in a brown paper wrapper. now we've got a story for you about a real political hacker. he's referred to -- or she is referred to as goose-ifer and has hacked into the friends accounts
3:40 am
of the bush family and now an equal-opportunity hacker, now he has hacked into the personal account of sidney blumenthal, a longtime bill clinton and hillary clinton confidante who got his aol account compromised going back to 2005. what he's done now is he has distributed to people on capitol hill and journalists four memos that were sent to hillary rodham clinton concerning benghazi, among other things. pwroeupl i'm -- >>brian: i'm a little torn by this. if you're going to take this information and run with it, should we publish what happened on the bush personal e-mails? should we get those e-mails that were let out by that hacker in iraq that let everybody's e-mails out from the state department? but it could reveal the situation in that the cables never reached hillary clinton's desk could have actually reached her desk if she was somehow
3:41 am
interacting and made it clear in this exchange. i think it is a precedent. you start looking at hacked e-mails among these congressmen, when they get hacked, is it open season? >> you wonder how the chips are going to continue to fall here. there is an elaborate scheme by this hacker who has been using screen grabs and copying and pasting rather than downloading attachments. it's not just colin powell. the bush family we mentioned. also a top united nations official. are there going to be more people we're going to be hearing from? are we going to start to see more information come from hillary clinton's e-mail? >>steve: it would be great if the obama administration simply released the information and told us what was actually happening. that would be great. but so far they have not been very forthcoming. and with a compliant mainstream media, people aren't asking a lot of
3:42 am
questions. while the smoking gun is actually reporting the story about how blumenthal's e-mail account had been hacked and how the four e-mails that had been sent to hillary have now been distributed to members of congress and members of the media, they haven't revealed what's in the memo. >>brian: there is no information that's inside. you could say it would be great for the obama administration to come forward. but nobody thinks that personal interaction should be public. when you e-mail your personal friend and attorney, you don't want that to be published. >>steve: remember what happened with wikileaks and julian as sang and the guys at wikileaks, as soon as they got their hands on the stuff at the bush white house, let's put it out there for everybody to see. it's interesting to see what the people in the press, the restraint they're using. >>brian: they used restraint with the bush family. >>steve: that was
3:43 am
published. >>brian: i didn't see a lot of information about it. >>steve: it will be interesting to see if this will come out of the four. one was labeled confidential and the time stamp was the day after the incident in benghazi. last night after the briefing jay carney was asked whether or not the president of the united states met with any of the benghazi survivors and he said, i don't know, which was weird. >> do you know if president obama had a chance to meet with or speak with the survivors of benghazi? >> we don't talk about specifics in terms of the president's visits to walter reed or elsewhere. i don't have an answer to that question. >> we've been hearing a lot from senator lindsay graham of south carolina making his statements, how does it make sense that we find out every single detail about the raid on bin laden's
3:44 am
compound that makes president obama look good but not when something goes bad. >>brian: nearly 40 million people facing three major snowstorms around this country. maria molina is outsidetracking the storms with her government-issued outer wear. >> i wish it was. good morning. good to see you. good morning everyone. it's a little breezy here in new york city. definitely on the chilly side as well. we had a storm system that produced a lot of snow across places in the northeast and actually severe weather. we had a confirmed tornado in humphreys county in tennessee, maximum sustained wind at about 10 miles an hour. incredible -- at about 105 miles an hour. in millford, connecticut, snow accumulated during the overnight hours and slick roads and snow in altoona, pennsylvania, a lot of snowfall, accumulation of several inches. today we could be seeing up to a foot of snow across
3:45 am
maine, parts of new hampshire, upstate new york. a lot of snow to talk about today. the wind is going to be another concern. coastal areas should be seeing rain mixing in so that should limit snowfall amounts, similar to what we saw across new york city last night. back inside. >>steve: maria molina tracking the lousy weather a day or so before spring starts. >>brian: right after voters in colorado and washington approved making pot legal, the president said he wouldn't prosecute pot heads in those states -- if i could use a slang term in those states. >>steve: we wanted to know if he'll do the same thing when it comes to gun rights. judge napolitano is here and we're going to weigh in next. >> it is official, tiger woods is dating lindsey vonn. can the ski bunny tame the tiger? e-mail your comments to "fox & friends." >>brian: he's playing >>brian: he's playing better already. what's droid-endurance ?
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droid-powerful. >>steve: when it comes down to cracking down on marijuana in states they legalized pot use, president obama has said the federal government has bigger fish to fry. >> it does not make sense from a prioritization point of view for us to focus on recreational drug users in a state that has already said that under state law that's legal. >>steve: okay. so now that some states are eyeing ways to block upcoming federal gun control laws, has president obama set the precedent? joining us now, fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> very clever. president, precedent. >>steve: this is interesting. the president says when it comes to pot, we've got bigger fish to fry. when it comes to gun laws, what say you? >> there's a very practical reason why the president is going to back off on
3:50 am
enforcing federal laws against the recreational use or any use, for that matter, of colorado and washington. that's because in those states it is now illegal for employees of the state -- that would be not just administrators and bureaucrats, but police -- to help the feds enforce federal law. and what most people might be surprised to know is the federal government does not have the person power and resources to enforce all federal laws on its own. it needs the assistance of state and local police as well. they don't have that in colorado and washington because marijuana is lawful there. so it might be impractical and be too costly for the feds to enforce it. that's one of the reasons he's backing off. will he do the same on guns? i don't think so. i think that he and his dim are ideologically wedded to what in my opinion is an unconstitutional and absurd view that the government can limit our right to self-defense.
3:51 am
so the federal government with guns in a state, will it need the assistance of state police to enforce those regulations? yes. that's where we are on that. >>steve: and the reason a number of states are trying to come up with this new gun legislation is because they see washington, d.c. and they're worried about a gun grab? >> correct. the states -- our home state of new jersey could not, for example, use the police to frustrate federal law enforcement but it could say to state and local place you will not cooperate. that will make federal stphoerplt of tighter -- make federal enforcement of tighter federal gun laws nearly impossible. >>steve: we'll find out what they do do because of course the federal government has bigger fish to fry. >> where did kilmeade go? >>steve: i don't know. straight ahead on this tuesday morning.
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3:56 am
photos of them together on their facebook pages. as you can imagine, reaction is pouring in. mike on prompter can't believe it. others say don't have much faith in the tiger woods-lindsey vonn relationship, but at least she's used to things going downhill quickly. that's nice and optimistic. anna, build on that. >>anna: six minutes before the seven is the time. the unemployment rate for our veterans has gone down in the past months but still nearly two points higher than the national average. our next guest is trying to change that. kevin o'brien is managing partner of veteran recruiting service. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you for coming on "fox & friends." you've got a virtual career fair. hire a veteran day is tomorrow. 20,000 veterans have signed up. >> 20,000-plus. 50-plus employers, 80,000
3:57 am
jobs available. >>anna: why are you encouraging companies to come forward and join your effort here? >> most employers we work with want to hire veterans. the challenge is understanding where they fit in, translating the skills. so through programs like our virtual career fairs it lets them understand there is a lot more to what they might see on the resume. they participate live and ultimately hire them. >>anna: they are loyal, they have to stick to a schedule. they are reliable employees, aren't they? >> extremely loyal, reliable, patriotic, everything you want in an employee, veterans bring to the table. >>anna: how to people sign up? >> >>anna: it is kicking off
3:58 am
tomorrow but you're encouraging folks to get involved in this forever. >> we launched vet friendly, a military-friendly, employer index by industry. it allows employers to list their company at no charge to show we want to hire veterans. >>anna: if it's physical labor, you can sign up for construction or something like that. if it's finance, you can sign up. there's all those sorts of careers? >> there's 14 industries now. we're going to continue to add to that. we're working with an organization called hire patriots. we're encouraging small businesses to hire a veteran for a day. >>anna: kevin, thank you so much. in our next hour. cheryl caseone will be here with companies hiring veterans today. kevin, thank you so much for your time. 6:56 on a tuesday morning. they got $2 million in stimulus money to create green batteries. one problem: they haven't stimulated a thing. so where did all that money go? and lawyers for gitmo detainees not happy. it is about to cost them
3:59 am
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for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. >> ainsley: get up, get going. thanks for being with us. i'm anna kooiman. i'm filling in for gretchen carlson. whether the white house likes it or not, we could soon learn more about what really happened in benghazi because hillary clinton's e-mail has been hacked. >> brian: it's taxes versus entitlements on capitol hill today. republicans and democrats present their budget plans. but which one is better for your wallet? if you like a light wallet, one might be better. if you want within filled with money, one might be better. >> steve: i want the george castanza wallet. tv anchors are supposed to be ready, aren't they? >> we have breaking news to report to you. fox 54 has just learned that a
4:03 am
huntsville news anchor is being proposed on live -- right now. (scream). >> brian: that is great. >> steve: oh, man. meet the anchor who got the surprise of her life on live television. >> brian: that is awesome. >> steve: it is. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. that's why you got to be really careful. we're very trusting of the people behind the scenes who put things in the teleprompter. >> what's funny is it took her a second, you know, fox anchor is being proposed -- oh it came out and then she realized. that's what happens with breaking news. >> brian: you see the guys leave like thank goodness this isn't me. i am out of here! >> how do you know they didn't have wedding rings on? >> steve: clearly the whole
4:04 am
station was in on it except her because her co-anchors got out of the way. the producers had to know. somebody to put it in the teleprompter. we'll tell you her story, it's a good one. >> big day for her and big day fort billions of catholics around the world. you're looking live at pope francis greeting the faithful as we speak. officially beginning his ministry this morning. the inauguration mass held earlier today in a packed saint peter's square. >> brian: father jonathan morris joins us live from rome. what's the mood now? i understand it's at least nicer out today weather wise. >> it is a beautiful day. there are 150 to 200,000 people estimated by the vatican to be in the square for this inauguration mass of pope francis. as we've come to know him over the last few days, this ceremony itself was simpler than ceremonies in the past, but also his message was super simple. it was this, power is for
4:05 am
service. secondly, don't be afraid of goodness and even tenderness, he said. then he remitted that again. don't be afraid of goodness and even tenderness, saying take care of each other. that's what the christian message is about. it's not about clerical careerism or about selfishness or about any of that. it's about serving others and about loving god. >> steve: what's interesting about him, and he is a simple man, as we have learned over the last week or so, but he's a man who lives the gospel. for so many catholics around the world, this is the guy who they can look to right now. >> you're absolutely right, steve. who is a surprise candidate, no doubt. he was older than what the assumptions were saying that the candidate must be and he's also -- he also was in the lead, the runner-up so to speak, in the last conclave, according to well-founded rumors. so he was not expected by most analysts to web. yet he's come onto the scene and
4:06 am
blown people away, gog a local parish church within the vatican on sunday and doing mass and then coming out and greeting everybody as they walked out. freaking out the security and he's telling us, actions more than words, this is what it's all about. it's not about the trappings. it's about service. >> steve: sure. are people already talking about changes he might make? >> they are. one of the reasons he was elected based on the assumptions of very well-informed analysts, is really to clean up the dysfunction within the roman curia. more than anything, that that is his mandate. and he's doing that beginning by just saying guys, if you think is all about you, it's not. if you think it's all about me, it's not. it's about service of the people. so people within the vatican curia know that there is going to be changes and we'll see those changes beginning with who is selected by him to be secretary of state, like chief
4:07 am
of staff and head of the diplomatic court. so there will be some big changes. >> steve: they're coming. father jonathan morris live in the eternal city, thank you very much. great coverage today. >> brian: if they make you an offer, we will match it. okay? >> you're not going anywhere. >> i'm going back to new york. i promise you. >> brian: good. >> safe travels. five minutes after the hour. we'll get to the rest of your tuesday morning headlines. developing overnight, we need to tell but an arrest in the death of wall street reporter daniel pearl. according to pakistani officials, they arrested a former militant leader. our state department not confirming the arrest at this time. it's unclear what his role was in pearl's death in 2002. khalid sheikh mohammed claimed responsibility for the murder and british foreign militant sheik was sentenced to death for killing pearl. classes are back in session today at the university of central florida after a massacre there was averted. police say james oliver seevakumanan was planning to use
4:08 am
an arsenal of home made bombs in and a rifle in a disturbing attack on fellow students. the first part of his plot, to pull the fire alarm, which he did. the second part, attack his classmates as they gathered outside the dorm rooms. but his roommate alerted the police and when cops closed in, seevakumanan took his own life. >> really chaotic. he had a gun. it was scary. >> we knew something was wrong because we saw policemen with a big rifle and everything. we're like okay something is going on here. >> seevakumanan was in the process of being kicked out of his dormitory. university police say he had written out a time line and an elaborate plan for how to hurt the greatest number of people. six minutes after the hour. major bailout backlash in cyprus. protesting over the bailout offer of $13 billion in exchange
4:09 am
for bank account taxes. the governor of cyprus' central bank saying there should not be charges on accounts up to $129,000. he expects 10% of all the deposits to be taken out when banks reopen thursday. in a russian energy company is looking to cash in on all the mess. they're offering a to bail out cyprus in exchange for the rights to explore for natural gas. is this shocking? a historian revealing the wright brothers were actually second in flight. he says whitehead, a german, who emigrated to connecticut, made the first powered and controlled flight two years earlier. historians at the smith sonnian say not so fast. they believe the original photo of the event is way too blurry. those are your husband headlines. i'm from north carolina, so i'm claiming first if state. >> brian: all right. 7 minutes after the top of the hour. let's talk about the benghazi andity latest. we find out president of the
4:10 am
united states did not find out, did not make an effort to talk to the survivors that we know of of the benefiting massacre that day. we do know that very few people outside the secretary of state have talked to them and senator lindsey graham among the people over the weekend who say he has learned they are intimidated not to come forward. now we find out after hillary clinton's testimony six weeks ago that when she said the cables that came in for me never got up to me, well, we might find out thanks to a hacker, that hillary clinton did or did not find out about the attack on 9-11 and the dangers on 9-11-13 because her personal e-mail has been leaked because it's a mailbox is out. five are out. >> steve: that's right. the hacker has somehow got into sydney blumenthal's aol account, i believe it was last thursday, and friday morning, sydney tried to get into it, it was locked. he called aol and they said,
4:11 am
you've been compromised. he reset it. what's interesting is the hacker went in to his e-mail and looked for things that had attachments, found four of them or five of them, regarding hillary clinton. they were word documents. he copied them, put them on a new document and sent screen grabs out to a bunch of journalists and politicians. the memos sent out are to hillary regarding libya and benghazi. we may find out what she knew, even though she has not been forth coming. >> sydney blumenthal a former white house aide during the clinton administration and a friend apparently of hillary clinton as well, this same hacker has apparently also been involved in a scandal involving colin powell, relatives of the bush family, and even top united nations official. >> steve: if anybody has any juicy hillary clinton e-mails, it would be sydney blumenthal. >> brian: i still think it should go forward. it's one of these things that's
4:12 am
got to stop. we got to stop the cyber attacks. if you start building off that, i think you'll start a whole retaliation then for political gain. meanwhile, let's talk about what's happening on capitol hill with the budget because it is the number one story as we try to get a continuing resolution to fund the government through at least september. the budgets have gone out. paul ryan said here is mine. take a look. i balance it in ten years. chris van hollen on the democratic side said i have a better idea. in the house, we like to have our version and it will be $1.2 trillion in new taxes, 200 billion in stimulus. now, ladies and gentlemen, if you want a democratic house in 2014, that's what your country is going to look like. >> steve: later today the house of representatives is going to consider paul ryan's budget, plus they're going to consider five alternative budgets. one, patty murr i wouldn't he -- murray, the democrat senator from her state. the congressional black caucus', progressive caucus' budget, the republican study committee
4:13 am
budget, which balances the budget in five years, not in ten years like paul ryan's. and chris van hollen's budget as well. meanwhile, the haggling continues in washington. the charm offensive of the president, he was being honest, wasn't he? he really was trying to charm the republicans. yet, brit hume was on last night with bret baier on his former program and said whether it worked, probably not. here is brit. >> it was a remarkably sudden conversion by the president from an attitude of, you know, up yours, i don't need you, to i want to get together and talk with all of you. of course, the republican leaders in congress who are smart enough not to act skeptical and felt this was fine and good and the more the better. but i think in the end, you have to ask yourself this question, brett, and it is simply this: is it politely president obama will make any major concessions
4:14 am
on the entitlement programs without more new taxes? and is it -- the other side of that is, will republicans be willing to go along with more new taxes to get reforms in the entitlement programs? i think, unless you can answer yes to one of those questions or both of them, the chances of a deal in the end seem to be a little remote despite all of the atmospherics we're seeing now. >> with a could that even mean for the economy, balancing it by 2023 would be great. but i read a piece this morning, mentioning that it would be great 'cause it would ease fears of future tax, so more companies would begin investing a bit more and consumers potentially would start consuming more as well. >> brian: by the way, senator warner and senator dick durbin cote say we need entitlement reform. before the charm offensive, you never got that. >> steve: but it's got to be significant. not just around the edges. that's where the fight comes in. meanwhile, 12 minutes after the top of the moment with the way,
4:15 am
paul ryan will be joining us live coming up at 8:30 eastern time on your channel for news. >> straight strait from the horse's mouth. >> brian: good job. tick him off, good move. coming up straight ahead. >> steve: we are cutting our defense budget, but increasing our humanitarian missions in third world countries. where are the nation's priorities added? >> and he got $2 million of stimulus money to create green batteries. one problem, they haven't stimulated a thing. where did all that cash go [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
4:16 am
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4:18 am
stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. >> brian: today marks ten years since the u.s. invasion of iraq. while many have debated the
4:19 am
merits of the war, no one can debate where our military stands now. look at the massive budget cuts. but our next guest says we're cutting humanitarian missions and that's going into the pentagon budget and delusional to think we'll have the same fighting force. mallory is the author of this book. what's in the defense budget that you think will upset some people? >> bench budget is loaded with all sorts of stuff. nation building, disaster relief, humanitarian aid. >> brian: hasn't it always been there? >> it's gotten bigger and bigger. we ask our defense department to do all sorts -- our men and women under arms, they'll do whatever we ask them to do. but we ask them to do things that are not really war fighting. our war fighting capabilities are only part of the defense budget. and more and more all these other items, like ferries around executives and legislative branch members along with their
4:20 am
minyons is all stuck in our defense budget. >> brian: nation building, that's what happens. after saddam is you kind of help build a nation, setting up systems for reconnecting the electricity, getting the water flowing. afghanistan as well. don't you think that belongs in the budget? >> absolutely not. war fighting is what our defense budget should be for. it should be for protecting our nation against bad guys and bad countries. we're more and more we're leading it up with all sorts of other stuff. >> brian: who do you think should be doing this then if our country decides humanitarian missions are worth our time, if we want to transport our officials? >> we should set up separate areas of our government to do that. remember, a lot of what our defense budget is is foreign policy now. it's not defense. it's not war fighting. we're not using our men and women under arms to really protect us. look at our defense budget as a
4:21 am
policy against bad guys. we're taking a lot of that insurance money and using it for other things, other things which are not going to help us if these bad guys come after us. >> brian: if the pentagon has their chance to cut, this is the type of stuff they will cut. >> they're not allowed to do that. this administration, with all their transparencies, not going to let us know where the money and how the money is being spent. >> brian: his book is called " shadow boxes." >> why to see you. >> brian: tv anchors are supposed to be ready for anything. but how do you get ready for this? >> we have break news to report. fox 54 has just learned a huntsville news anchor is being proposed on live -- right now. >> brian: wow. meet the anchor who got the surprise of her life on live television. on a serious note, the sequester is putting the usda workers on
4:22 am
furlough. but we're still paying to those in mexico. and stuart varney is angry, he's got an attitude. there is steve. he's afraid to approach him what are you doing?
4:23 am
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one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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4:26 am
meat inspectors. the sequester has hit. furloughs are going to happen. the usda is promoting food stamps in mexico. stuart varney, are you outraged? >> yes. a little disappointed, shall we say, to tone it down a notch or two. here is the story, the usda, they hold meetings, conferences, health fairs, all kinds of meetings to make mexicans in mexico aware of america's food stamp program. >> steve: what a good reason to come to the united states. they get food stamps.
4:27 am
>> we're basically cutting some of the very vital services of the agriculture department, but we're keeping going this outreach of the food stamp program. >> anna: the usda is stressing this is not meant for illegal immigrants, but take a look at the numbers. >> so so what? it was 425,000 legal immigrants, legal, okay, on the food stamp program in 2001. it's now 1.23 million. these are legal immigrants. i'm an immigrant. should we really be offering a food stamps to immigrant as soon as is that what immigrants come here for? why can't we have some kind of cut or reduction in that program, especially the outreach in mexico when we're cutting meat inspections and threatened with e.coli outbreaks and salmonella? >> steve: it's all about priorities. speaking of meat inspections, let's talk about egging inspections. there is a possibility that after many, many decades of having the white house easter egg roll, now it sounds like the
4:28 am
white house is trying to scare people, we might have to cut the egg roll short, too. >> the white house has sent out a memo to the ticket holders for the easter egg roll on april 1 saying it may be canceled because of budget cuts. here is another example of targeted pain. the president said his hands are tied. he's got to make these cuts 'cause they're across the board so we get cuts maybe in the easter egg roll and the white house tours. >> brian: we saw ed henry asking tough questions. he got tough questions from the press corps said why are you canceling this? how much does it cost for the president to go campaign and on vacation and golf? they're having a hard time with these symbolic cuts. >> but the president has dug himself into a hole. he's threatened armageddon. he said pain is going to hurt. and look -- can he retreat? can he say, maybe i can spread the money around a little bit so we don't have to cut the easter egg roll.
4:29 am
that would be a huge retreat. >> steve: it would be a bad yoke if they don't have the egg roll. >> that was as bad as i've ever heard. >> anna: i had one for the last story. trim the fat and not the muscle. you like that one? >> that was awful. >> anna: equally bad. >> steve: always egg citing when stewart joins us. >> that was the worst pro mow my show has ever -- promo my show has ever seen. >> brian: the worst one would be don't watch. >> no, coming from steve that, would be brilliant. >> brian: coming up, an alarming number of women going under the knife for breast cancer and it's not necessary. the mammograms are wrong. >> anna: what would do you if you found a gadget? would you return it? i'm keeping them honest in the great state of texas. see what happens next [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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4:34 am
this site in texas. dynamite races across a seven-year-old bridge in marble falls and reduce it is to rubble in just seconds. people cheer. >> steve: dandy. >> brian: i assume they're gog build a new one. >> steve: somebody has to pick up that one now. >> brian: right. i guess so. maybe there is a net. >> anna: 32 minutes after the hour. it's a final day of the famous festival celebrating the feast of st. joseph. alicia acuna live in valencia with more. good morning. >> hi, good morning, guys. this is the finale, this is when 300-plus structures will begin getting torched, all of these monuments will start burning tonight and into the wee hours of the morning. if you look at this video here, you can see how close some of these fallas are. this one in particular is close to the buildings that surround it. we talked to the fire chief. he says they are ready for this inferno. this one in particular requires
4:35 am
special treatment of the building with tarps and water. now, these folks aren't worried about that at all. they've been concentrating on their traditional paella contest with this dish that comes from here. any person from valencia will tell you paellea is a work of art. it takes survival skill to step into someone's creation and anyone with hopes of winning should also know it requires a bit of nuance. >> it takes great paellea and also takes social skills. >> it's political. >> yes. yes. politics here. >> another incredible visual, besides fire in the streets and squares, are the fireworks. our crew had a front row seat early this morning for one of the final shows at 1 a.m
4:36 am
you can physically feel the force of the booms. our fox news producer swore her ear drums were going to blow off. more than 6,000 pounds of gun powder was used and the pyro technician is famous all over the world. there are probable will he quite a few americans who have seen his shows. the big show will be tonight when they light these on fire and one of the best lines i've heard was a fire chief when he said yes, some of the window panes light on fire and some of the cars do as well. yeah. he said that. now back to you. >> steve: alicia acuna with absolutely the best assignment at the fox news world. >> anna: enjoy the paellea. >> thank you. >> brian: senior festival. now to your other headlines. >> steve: former college football star, one of the victims killed in a jet crash in indiana. steve davis led the university of oklahoma to back to back national championships back in the 1970s. remember? he and his friend died when their private jet crashed into a
4:37 am
house on sunday. two other passengers and a woman on the ground were hurt but are expected to be okay. the pilot reported an electrical problem just before the plane went down. >> brian: tuition suspended for men and women in the military because of sequester. but millions of dollars going to pakistan. republican congressman ted poe outraged. >> it's time, mr. speaker, to sequester pakistan. why are we cutting the aid for our military and educate the people in pakistan? the administration has the power and ability to make it right. but this program is not reinstated, i'm going to introduce legislation to withhold nondefense foreign aid from pakistan until this wonderful program for our troops is fully funded. >> brian: he will introduce the bill in a few hours. we gave pakistan $12.7 million for education last year, a quarter of the tuition help needed for the marines.
4:38 am
>> anna: in a stunning new report on mammograms, researchers saying 60% of abnormal mammograms turn out not to be cancer and they can lead to unnecessary surgery or biopsy. this is taking a serious mental toll on some patients. women who received a false positive report that they have anxiety and depression three years after learning that they're cancer free. >> steve: meanwhile, here is a story you'll be talk being all day. tv anchors are supposed to be ready for anything that they read on the teleprompter, right? >> and we do have some breaking news to report to you. fox 54 has just learned that a huntsville news anchor is being proposed on live tv right now. >> hi, my dear. >> hi. >> brian: will you marry me? >> yes. >> steve: hi, my dear. he had her at hello.
4:39 am
jillian's boyfriend convinced producers at fox 54 in alabama to type the script of a proposal into the teleprompter. he also let the other two anchors in on the plan as well and we understand she said yes. >> brian: pretty good. >> steve: yeah. >> brian: i imagine that segment went into the edition of "eling" which aired after that. >> steve: brian, let's see what's in your teleprompter if there are any surprises. >> brian: who knows? first of all, that's good. let me tell you what's happening in the world of sports. hasselbeck gets the boot. not elizabeth. matt. matt needs a new job. he was released by the titans. he led the seahawks to a super bowl in 2005. the first time in franchise history. i look for him to get picked up. it's official what, a relief. tiger woods has got himself a girlfriend. it's lindsey vonn. they are confirming their relationship. they say they were friends for
4:40 am
some time, but over the last few months, they became very close and are dating. she's in a cast. not related to tiger. she fell. that's not all. the two posted cutesy photos of the two of them. reaction is pouring in. like, for example, this quote on twitter, tiger woods updates his facebook currently. cheating on lindsey vonn. why is that necessary? >> steve: 'cause it's funny. >> brian: he learned from his mistakes. he's playing better golf. i look for this relationship, 20, 30 years. >> steve: okay, good. best to them. meanwhile, we got extreme weather. three major winter storms dropping snow all over the place. while the south suffers from powerful storms. maria molina is in her yellow coat where it has been windy and rainy and snowy all day. >> yes, it has been. we actually saw some snow in the overnight hours, about three inches fell in central park. that's what we saw in the new york city area.
4:41 am
that was pretty much the story for many people across new jersey, parts of pennsylvania, and also the higher elevations of the state of west virginia. on the southern side of this system, we saw some severe weather, over 300 reports of severe weather, including large hail, damaging wind gusts and even two confirmed tornadoes. alabama, one area hit hard by the severe weather. you can see all of this damage. we didn't have reported tornadoes in alabama. they were actual lea in tennessee for an ef-0 and ef-1 were confirmed out here. you can see, unfortunately, some damage out here. they are very dangerous here with the severe weather. but our winter storm today isn't really expected to produce severe weather in the form of tornadoes or damaging wind gusts like we saw yesterday in the south. more in the form of snow. we could be looking at significant snowfall accumulations, up to a foot of snow. locally higher amounts possible in states like maine and new hampshire, parts of vermont and upstate new york. that's northern sections of upstate new york overall. south of that you're looking at lighter accumulations across massachusetts, maybe about six
4:42 am
inches or even lighter amounts. coastal areas should be seeing rain mixing in with that. otherwise a quick shot of your temperatures. warm, san antonio. 84 degrees. yesterday you actually made it into the 90s out there. parts of the midwest, very cold today. 24 degrees for your high temperature in minneapolis. you factor in the wind and it feels colder than that. >> thank you very much. >> anna: so we're continuing our honesty in america. we went to five cities in five days and were gauging honesty by using this new virtual lost and found system called bungee tags. what it does is it has a personal security code here. >> steve: those are stickers you take off. >> anna: you take these decals. >> steve: you put them on your camera, phone. >> anna: anything. and so we decided to go to these cities and drop them anonymously and see what would happen if people would actual low get them, pick them up, text this number on smear it would link to our e-mail or our cell phone
4:43 am
number. let's continue our search in good old texas. ♪ . >> anna: ye, ha, we have landed in dallas. as our search for honesty in america continues. let the dropping begin. beef, it's what's for dinner. several people spot the valuables and keep trekking by without turning them into a nearby business, public safety officer, or using the bungee virtual lost and found system. but we are finding a few good
4:44 am
texans. >> just got the camera. the eagle has landed. okay, so he's five minutes away. purple dress, blond hair. he said, okay, i'll be right there. great. hi, how are you. thank you for doing the right thing. how long did it take for to you see the decal on the camera? >> as soon as i got back on my apartment, i was looking at it and i read the decal and it was remarkably simple. >> anna: we're in downtown dallas, about to drop a wallet and we'll see if honest abe keeps them honest. not a single runner. even this couple did the right thing, making them late to their concert. >> we found it there, we texted it and posted it on facebook said, doing the right thing. i said, there is need one of these cards. this will help. >> anna: how honest do you think people are? >> honestly, not that honest. you're lucky you found us 'cause
4:45 am
we're honest people. >> anna: i guess we got lucky all day because we shot in multiple dallas locations. you know how spread out dallas is, for four to five hours w. didn't find a single thief the whole time we were there. >> steve: unlike your trip yesterday to las vegas, where one guy -- >> anna: we found a couple there. we didn't have enough air time to show all the thieves that we found in vegas. but this is an exciting thing. let's see if i can reach over and get this. so somebody is going to be getting $5,000 on our cross-country trip in one of the five cities. vote on for who you think is the most honest. we'll be announcing somebody. >> brian: the most honest are the people who returned your stuff? >> anna: right. >> brian: what's tomorrow? >> anna: tomorrow is miami. >> brian: all right. maybe you'll see brit hume. next up, 11-year-old so proud to be an american that he's written a book about it and he knows firsthand why this country is so great, because his family wasn't always here. >> steve: and nanny mayor
4:46 am
bloomberg strikes again. mayor mike's latest health push, take away all those cigarettes and hide them where nobody can see them.
4:47 am
4:48 am
4:49 am
>> brian: our next guest is showing readers his true patriotism and telling them what makes america great and he is only 11 years old. >> steve: joining us from atlanta is the author, 11-year-old abe, and his co-author who just so happens to be his father, b.k., good morning to both you have guys. >> good morning. >> good morning, thank you so much for having us. >> steve: it's great to have you. abe, why did you want to write a book about america? >> my parents are immigrants and they tell me that i'm very
4:50 am
fortunate to be born in america and i wanted to show my love and appreciation for america and show all the great things that t has done for us. definitely i wanted to inspire others and show children that this is the greatest country and that they're so blows blessed to be -- blessed to be born here and should feel proud. >> brian: how did you get that across to him how much better our country is than the one left in pakistan? >> well, he had been to, you know, several countries. he had been to countries in africa. he has been to europe. he has traveled to canada and pakistan and other countries. so he had firsthand experience as to draw a comparison. so that was very helpful. plus social studies is one of his favorite subjects and u.s. military is like on top of his list. so he is very much interested in
4:51 am
our history and our military, so he himself, you know, picked up this thing that, you know what? when you're a grateful person and you're a proud person of your country, of your parents and everything, it just makes you a better person. >> steve: all right. hey, i tell you what, abe, there are people watching this program right now around the world. tell them why america is the best country on earth. >> not only has america done great things for our people, but for countless people all around the world. for example, we are always the first to respond to natural disasters in other countries. like in haiti, we were the first to respond to the earthquake. in the kashmir province, in japan, the tsunami, we were the first to respond. and we donate millions of dollars to help with education and help cure diseases in other countries. >> steve: very, very nice. you got to check out his book. it's cute and inspiring called "the greatest country."
4:52 am
abe and also his father, b.k., we thank you both for joining us live from atlanta. good luck to you. >> our pleasure. >> thank you so much for having us. >> brian: you have our permission to take the rest of the day off. steve will write you a note. >> steve: that was great. terrific. >> brian: he's a general use. >> steve: yeah. if you're a veteran looking for work or know somebody who is, stick around, cheryl casone is here to tell us the country hiring heros. >> brian: first on this day in 1991, "one more try" by timmy t was the number one song. let's just listen and imagine our own lives in that situation. ♪ living all these lonely nights without you ♪ ♪ told me you will be given one more try ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful?
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4:55 am
hi hi ♪(whistling tune) ♪("don't worry be happy")
4:56 am
>> anna: 7:54 the time now. we told you last hour about how tomorrow is national hire a veteran day. our cheryl casone has the top five companies hiring veterans right now. the first up, you have lowe's for us? >> good morning. this is lowe's. i know kevin was on in the last hour, but you've created a profile on the web site. this is tomorrow, 1 to 4 eastern time and then you put your resume up there and you can visit a different booth. there is a different company, five featured today. the first lowe's. we talked about them a month ago. they have seasonal opportunities right now burks 6,000 jobs available. so 45,000 seasonal jobs, 6,000 jobs, one of the top 50 military friendly. and it was founded by a veteran. >> anna: then united rental? >> this is interesting now. this is rental equipment. but what i like about this company, they've got a military skills translator, one of the
4:57 am
biggest challenges that vets have is figuring out what skills they use on the battlefield and how they can take them to corporate america. this is what this company does. i think a lot of companies should be doing this. go in, you say what your current job is. it connects you to the right job within that company. 500 jobs, one of the top 100 military friendly companies. they've been rated and located across the country. this job can be anywhere. >> anna: you mentioned the skills they have, they're loyal and they have a regimented personality. usaa also hiring. >> this is an insurance company. they do insurance, banking, investment services, financial analysis, and they've got 3500 jobs over the next three years. so there is some time on this one. but they're looking for one in four to hire for the military community. looking for analysts and claims adjustors and looking for spouses, all of this is for spouses as well. very important. >> anna: military families. and 400 openings at direct tv? >> 400 jobs, satellite installation, field supervisors, logistic, project management.
4:58 am
they're a member of the 100,000 jobs mission member of the white house group that joe biden's wife had actually championed along with the first lady. and ihd intercontinental hotels group. crown plaza holiday inn, 1300 jobs world wide. hotel management, food and beverage, sales, i.t., and again, they are a big supporter of military veterans looking for military folks to hire. part of the career fair which is tomorrow. be sure, if you're looking, log on to this web site. >> i'm impressed. you got all that in. >> i don't know how i did it. >> anna: 7:56 is the time. will the ratings for "the bible" mini series divine. what's all the buzz about? executive producers mark burnett and roma downey here next hour. also, laura ingraham, republican senator ron johnson who just met
4:59 am
with the president twice. congressman paul ryan with his plan to balance our budget. we'll be right back. you're watching "fox & friends". zap technology. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. [ female announcer ] hey ladies, you love it, you gotta have it. cinnamon toast crunch. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. [ slurps ] [ chuckles ] everybody craves those crazy squares.
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it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit >> anna: we hope you're doing well. it is 8:00 o'clock on the dot. today is tuesday, march 19. i'm anna kooiman. the white house on damage control after hillary clinton gets hacked. her e-mails on benghazi headed to congress. the latest on this development straight ahead. >> steve: meanwhile, it's taxes versus entitlements on capitol hill today. which one is better for your wallet? congressman paul ryan, the budget guy, will be here live to explain his vision for america's future. >> brian: he's the budget guy. the main stream media is shocked. they can't believe that tv show about "the bible" could have a divine following. what's all the buzz about this bible thing?
5:03 am
the executive producers mark burnett, roma downey, married to each other, producing that series here live again. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: welcome to our tuesday telecast. we've had a very busy morning already. the pope was installed earlier. hope you saw it live. and on this very busy day, gretchen is out and anna is in. >> anna: good morning to you. and we do have a fox news alert to get to this morning. an explosion robbing an army depot in nevada during a training exercise. there are some initial reports coming in, several people may be dead at this hour. it happened late last night at the hawthorne army depot near leno. it receives and disposes ammunition, we're told. >> brian: brand-new video into the news room from vatican city. vice president joe biden shaking hands with pope francis at the
5:04 am
first official day of his ministry. biden attending the new pontiff's inauguration mass early this morning at saint peter's square. fox news contributor gives us the play by play. father jonathan, you have an american president at an international event. >> that's right. the vatican did something very interesting this time around. they said, we are letting everyone know that it's the heads of states and all of these delegations here, we're letting them know what's happening. they are all welcome. but we're not inviting anyone. what they wanted to avoid is the misunderstanding of hey, the pope is endorsing everyone, every one of these leaders' policies. so they're saying all are welcome, but nobody is invited. very interesting. >> steve: robert mugabi, a strong man, guy a lot of people don't like around the world, he showed up, right? >> he does. he does show up at these things. he likes showing up at the vatican. the message of pope francis to all of these leaders and to all
5:05 am
of us was very simple today. that is power. power of politics and the power of the papacy should be all about service. power should be all about service. service to the common good. and then service to our individual neighbor, our brothers and sisters. a very simple and strong message. also to some of these characters that you mentioned. >> anna: simplity seemed to be the tone of the morning all the way from the way pope francis was dressed with his simple wooden cross that some of the cardinals were dressed more nicely than him. he comes in, he's on an open air jeep. he's not in a bullet proof automobile or anything like that. talk a little bit about being able to watch these moments unfold as he's kissing babies and blessing people in wheelchairs. >> right. he's made a conscious decision, i'm going to be who i am. how would i be in argentina? how was i in argentina? i'm going to be like that as pope. he's referring to himself very
5:06 am
often as not only pope u about a bishop of rome. he's saying, if i greeted people outside of my church in argentina, i'm going to do that in the vatican. did he that. he came out of this little church and he allowed all the people who were attending mass to come and greet him. and then he walked over to the people who were just showing up. it freaks out the vatican security, no doubt, but he's giving a very simple message and that is power is about service. i know i can learn a lot from that and i think whether you're part of the clergy or not, my goodness, our relationships, if they're all about service, all about love, and as he said today, do not be afraid of goodness! do not be afraid of tenderness. a very simple message that awful us can understand. >> steve: a simple man, a humble man who now has a really big job. father jonathan, thank you very much for joining us over the last week or so. >> thanks. see you soon. >> anna: four minutes after the hour now.
5:07 am
a developing story overnight, an arrest in the death of wall street reporter daniel pearl. according to pakinstani officials, they have arrested former militant leader abdul hai. our state department not confirming the arrest at this time. it's unclear what his role was in pearl's death in 2002. khalid sheikh mohammed claimed responsibility for the murder. british born militant was sentenced to death for killing pearl. a massacre averted in florida. james oliver seevakumanan was planning to use an arsenal of home made bombs and a rifle in a disturbing plot to kill fellow students. he had written out a time line and an elaborate plan to hurt the greatest number of people. the first part, to pull the fire alarm, which he did. the second part, attack his classmates as they gathered outside their dormitories. and his roommate alerted the cops. when police closed in,
5:08 am
seevakumanan took his own life. >> really chaotic. he had a gun. it was pretty scary. >> we knew something was wrong because we saw policemen with big rifles and everything. so we're like, something is going on here. >> anna: seevakumanan, 30, was in the process of being kicked out of his dorm. major bailout backlash in cyprus. protests erupting over the euro zone's bailout offer of $13 billion in exchange for bank account taxes. the governor of cyprus' central bank saying there should not be charges on accounts up to $129,000. he expects 10% of all deposits to be taken out when banks reopen thursday. in a russian energy company is looking to cash in on all the mess. they're offering to bail out cyprus in exchange for the rights to explore for natural gas there. >> brian: ton of natural gas down there. >> anna: don't even look at them.
5:09 am
one week after mayor bloomberg lost his fight to ban big soda, now he wants to ban the display tobacco products in stores. business owners who have to keep tobacco products under the counter. this would make new york city the only city in the nation. >> brian: i think people would know when they walk into a store and know if they smoke or not. how many walk in and say, i think i'll start smoking today. >> anna: at the same time, the convenience of having it there, sometimes i don't think i really need gum or a candy bar and if it's right there, it's an impulse buy. >> steve: we're lucky laura ingraham joins us right now from our nation's capitol. how are you? >> when you go into a 7-11 and you're getting a big gulp and say would you like a carton of marlboro with that, does it really work? happy feast of st. joseph to all of you. great to see you. >> steve: thank you very much. we just told people the last
5:10 am
hour out to valencia where they were celebrating it in grand style. >> big day. >> steve: it is indeed. big day for hillary clinton, i'm sure she's sweating because apparently sydney blumenthal, a long-time clinton cavitiant. -- confidante. northbound has hacked his aol company and he has distribute to do members of the press and to capitol hill as well. memo sent to hillary regarding libya and benghazi. >> the hacking controversy is interesting because it's hillary, of course, and the congress has been trying to get as much information as possible about what happened on that horrible night, of course, at our diplomatic compound in benghazi. it's a federal crime to hack an individual's e-mail account. i find this whole hacking thing to be so disturbing, the federal government, of course, is scrambling to try to find the identity of gusafer. looked like some were coming from a russian domain. but that doesn't mean anything
5:11 am
because they can reroute traffic, internet traffic to dummy addresses. but the larger question of benghazi, i know you played the exchange with james rosen yesterday with jay carney. again, asking has the president met with any of the benghazi survivors? the question was i believe raised with hillary clinton before she left office. these are real questions. so the hacking is terrible, federal crime, it should be prosecuted. but the information, not classified information, shouldn't be given to the public. but information about really what happened that night, we deserve to know that. >> steve: absolutely. >> the dead deserve to know that. so wholey apart from this and we'll see where the investigation goes, this information not classified has to come out. >> brian: jay carney is bobbing and weaving over the country. has the president ever talked to anyone? has the president talked to any survivors. here is what he said. >> to your knowledge, has president obama made any effort
5:12 am
to meet with or speak with any of the benghazi survivors himself? >> you know, we don't talk about specifics in terms of the president's visits to walter reed. >> or elsewhere? >> i don't have anything for you onow the answer to that question. >> anna: you would think that would be one of the first things the president would do following the incident that happened on september 11 is meet with these folks, especially since we're told there were requests for additional security that appears to not have come to fruition for them. >> exactly. we actually don't even know what the president was doing that night on 9-11. i guess he was in the white house. he had a half hour conversation about benghazi, never spoke again with the defense secretary, did not speak directly with hillary clinton, we were told. all of this is very strange. the hacking element is just one more bizarre turn on a story that i hope the press doesn't give up on and major kudos to james rosen for continuing to press this. so many fox viewers and people across this country really want
5:13 am
answers. >> steve: absolutely. we want answers, how exactly is the sequester thing going to impact us? they've sawed off an enormous 2% from the amount of money that the u.s. government spends. now the very latest is -- we heard this from the government. the food inspectors, meat inspectors, we're probably going to -- won't do as many inspections as they have. yet at the same time, we apparently are going to keep a food stamp promotion program that we've got with mexico intact. >> well, are we surprised? the only thing i'm not surprised about is that maybe michelle couldn't have addressed the food deserts in mexico, so let's move to mexico. bring it to the united states and continue the tour. again, this is just one more example of the federal government missing the common sense here. and again, giving carrots to
5:14 am
people to come here legally or be part of the country where the original understanding of immigration was, we welcome immigrants. but you must be self-sufficient. we didn't want to bring in more wards of the state in our immigration policy. that was always at the core of our policy. it's not just president obama. george bush is the one who really got this program going. the meetings started in 2008. they were most frequent in 2008, frankly. and now moving forward during this scare quester where we're having to worry about tsa and medical issues and the elderly getting care, the veterans getting care. this is lunacy. it shouldn't be happening. >> brian: i tell you what, if you look at three major poll, the president is down between 45 and 47% approval rating. since the whole sequester came down. now the easter egg hunt, which is lunacy, we can't afford the easter egg hunt now. totally -- this is one of his biggest misplays. >> i always like see you.
5:15 am
you do great things with spoons, by the way. i love how you direct the wooden eggs across -- >> brian: i stick them up my nose. >> i was wondering with justin bieber is coming this year. it always used to be eggs. i'm old, so i worked in the reagan administration right out of college. in 1987, '88, the easter egg roll was a big deal. but it wasn't hollywood comes to washington. there were a few, i guess, celebrity types, but it is basically "american idol" now at the white house. so maybe the easter egg roll should be bring some kids, underprivileged kids to the white house, let them push the eggs around, read some stories and then it doesn't have to be a star-studded event that cost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. >> anna: bieber fever this morning. >> yeah. >> steve: laura, thank you very much. she's going to do her radio show in 45 minutes from right now all across the country. >> thank you. >> brian: what's really happening behind closed doors of the obama administration's charm offensive? up next, a republican senator who attended two of those closed
5:16 am
door meetings. >> anna: and what is so dangerous about cupcakes and hugs at school? you're about to find out. >> steve: you don't know? if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid.
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5:19 am
>> brian: glad you're up. president obama has spent the last few weeks sit down with congressional republican senatial republicans and talking about maybe getting some type of grand bargain. it's called the charm offensive by some. he claims to be looking for a bipartisan solution to the many budget problems we've been facing for the last four years. joining us now, a man straight from the business world to the senate seat, senator ron johnson. you were at both of those meetings. we heard about substance and directness. you believe the president knows exactly what he needs to do with entitlements. he's just not saying it. correct? >> good morning, brian. yeah. he laid out very accurately really the priority of the problems, health care spending,
5:20 am
medicare. it was interesting because he made the point that part of the problem in reforming medicare is that americans pay one dollar in, but they're going to get $3 out in benefits and he went on it say but americans don't understand that, so my input back to him was, mr. president, you have the bully pull bit. if you start informing the american people, start preparing them by twining the problem, letting americans know how deep these problems are, how severe they are, that's the first step in really starting to solve them. so i'm certainly going to know the president is serious when we hear president obama and democrats start properly defining the problem. >> brian: listen, how much of these meetings was personal where he said, i don't like the way you guys talk about me and you said you don't like the way he talks about you? >> not a whole lot. it was a pretty frank discussion. also very accurately laid out the politics. the difficulty he has in his caucus, the difficulty we have. so we have to shift par dimes here -- paradigms. we should scrap the tax code. start over.
5:21 am
do a paradigm shift in terms of tax reforms. but each problem is enormous. handle them separately. social security, medicare, other mandatory spending. if you start talk being a grand bargain y think that's possible. >> brian: this is where i see hope. when i saw dick durbin on sunday, when i saw senator mark warner, democrat, a few days prior say entitlement reform is where it really has to start, i see a shift from those old, he said, he said, type attitudes. >> brian, there is an awful lot of discussion after this election. you had 2010, we won. 2012, he won. the elections are over. now it's time to govern. these are enormous problems. i'm sensing the democrats that they may be getting serious about trying to work with us to start solving these problems. that would be a good thing. >> brian: but you will not agree to a rate increase in taxes, i understand? >> listen, he's already got his tax increase. each one of these problems should be handled separately. we shouldn't talk about tax reform when talking about how do you save medicare and social
5:22 am
security. they're totally separate issues. that's the only way to move forward successfully. >> brian: after easter, he'll give his deadline and maybe we'll find out if tale eel take that private discussion public like you want. senator johnson, always great to talk to you. >> have a great day. >> brian: straight ahead, the ratings for "the bible" mini series are through the roof. they're divine. what's all the buzz about? executive producers, married couple mark burnett, row in a downey here next. and who spends more to get ready for date night? men or women? the answer might surprise you ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong
5:23 am
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5:26 am
>> brian: especially with "celebrity apprentice."
5:27 am
with 13.1 million people watching the premiere, the history channel mini series is breaking all sorts of records. it's already knocked "american idol" off the top spot. >> this is not written, my house shall be called a house of prayer! >> it is something unusual about him. >> there is nothing unusual about his ability to cause havoc. >> the disturbances took place today. there will be no passover. i will crush any rebellion. do i make myself absolutely clear? >> brian: here to talk about the show's success, they're back to review it for us, executive producer mark burnett of "survivor" and "celebrity apprentice," and his wife, roma downey, who is also co-producing the series. were you expecting this type of success? >> yes. >> yes. >> brian: you really were? >> yes. it's the bible.
5:28 am
this nation, 160 million people go to church on sundays. it's enormous amount of people who care about the bible and there is some bible stories into people's minds. people have never heard of these stories. we're adding something. >> people are talking about it all over the country. it's conversation at water coolers, in schools, around the kitchen table. it was trending number one on twitter. it's very exciting. >> steve: hollywood can't figure it out. hollywood, wait a minute, everyone knows those stories. how can it be number one by a mile? >> brian: without huge name actors, right? >> that was the important part. we didn't want the actors to get in the way. there is only one known actor, it's roma, who plays mary and she's on this sunday when jesus returns to nazareth and sees his mother. it's a huge scene. he's been gone for years on his mission and finally sees his mom again. >> anna: it's a five-part series, two hours. each installment, ending on
5:29 am
easter, which is interesting timing. i got to talk to you about how it deepened your relationship. i see you holding hands, it's so sweet for all of us. this is really the first project you've collaborated on. >> we worked on it together for four years, shoulder to shoulder, back to back. he's the most reliable guy i know. it has deepened our friendship, our marriage, our faith. >> roma says, and we're still speaking to each other. >> brian: and part of the reason is, it came in under budget. you guys came in cheap! >> i'm good at that. >> steve: you're also good at telling stories. tell us a couple of stories, for instance, we understand some unusual things happened on the set. tell us about the mighty desert wind. >> there was a scene when nicodemus comes down to see what jesus is all about. he's curious. somewhere during that scripture, jesus explains to nicodemus like the holy spirit is like the wind. you don't know where it comes from or goes to. at that moment in a still night, a desert wind began, like a 747
5:30 am
taking off. >> it was a still night. it has to be mentioned, it was so calm. so when this wind blew, it was as if we just turned on the fans or the wind machines. it was like a supernatural wind blew across the desert. >> everybody knew it. everybody that night, a few hundred people looked at each other like, whoa, that's the holy spirit. >> the spirit blows like the wind. >> steve: what about the missing >> oh, yeah. we had a large reservoir that was standing in for the sea of galilee. a costume went missing and we just assumed it was gone forever. and some local found it miles down river and brought it back to us. we were so grateful to get it. >> and not knowing why she returned. and also there were snakes. >> brian: there was a couple? >> the snakes, symbolic of satan throughout the bible. we prayed that the crucifixion scene would be safe for
5:31 am
everybody involved, as snake man came in and cleared 48 snakes from the foot of the cross that morning. >> vipers. >> great spiritual clearing. >> steve: the snake guy. >> the snake man. that was his job. >> steve: it's a good thing you hired him. >> snakes and scorpions. we knew we weren't in kansas anymore. >> brian: i'm up to moses. don't tell me what happens next. all right. [ laughter ] i dvred all of it. >> steve: maw very much for joining us. by the way, "the bible" airs sunday now through easter on the history channel. the dvd comes out april 3. you're going to want to check it out. >> in spanish, too. >> steve: fantastic. >> anna: thank you. >> brian: i'll see you on radio. >> yes. >> anna: 29 minutes after the hour on your tuesday morning. coming up, critics say paul ryan's budget plan is bad for seniors. is it? we'll ask him when he joins us next. >> steve: a scary message coming to schools. graphic stories of wars and bombings and guns for third graders.
5:32 am
a mother, teacher and 9-11 victim joins us with her reaction ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies, you love it, you gotta have it. cinnamon toast crunch. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. [ slurps ] [ chuckles ] everybody craves those crazy squares. ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses.
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5:36 am
he's on on the job, but presidet obama still knows how to kick back. this official white house photo. what were they talking about? this is late february. i guess two weeks ago. what could have been so funny? might have been getting warmed up to meeting chairman ryan and in the awful office for lunch? >> steve: what a coincidence. joining us via satellite from our nation's capitol is the house budget committee chairman, congressman paul ryan of the great state of wisconsin. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, brian, and anna, nice to be with you. >> steve: it's great to have you. so you're going to kick off today. patty murray, the senator from great state of washington, has sent over the democrats' proposal. i understand later today you're going to officially start working on the budget and you're also going to consider five alternative budgets as well. what's interesting is there is one out there by the republican study committee that actually balances the budget in four
5:37 am
years rather than ten years like yours does. do you like that idea? >> sure, i do. one problem with the baseline is it brings the deficit later on of the we looked at the budget and realized we could probably balance in five years. the problem is with the way the numbers work is it brings you back out of balance soon thereafter. what we wanted to do is have a credible plan that got us to balancing, got us into surplus. that's what our budget does. there is something unique in the baseline where deficits go down to the mid part of the next ten years and then go right back up. what we want to do is get them on a downward path and keep them down. we not only balance the budget, we go into surpluses and pay off the debt. >> brian: here is chris van hollen. he seems to disagree with everything you say. here is an example. >> i'm used to that. >> let me focus first on what our budget focuses on, which is not just economic growth in jobs
5:38 am
in the future, but jobs in economic growth now and in the future. this republican budget is not balanced in ten years. >> brian: is he right? is it not in balance? >> no, it does balance in ten years. they're throwing new meaning to the word balance. they say they're taking a balanced approach. the problem is their balanced approach never, ever balances the budget. from what murray and van hollen's standpoint, a balanced approach is another tax increase, only followed up with more spending increases. they think that's the balanced approach. we actually balance the budget by cutting spending and not raising taxes. spending grows 3.4% a year instead of 5%. it balances because of that. so if you look at the four different budgets we're look at, the murray and value locallen and other two democratic budget, they have one thing in common, massive new tax increases, big deep cuts to national security, only surpassed by net spending increases. all the democratic budgets have one thing, more taxes, higher
5:39 am
spending, never balancing the budget. we think that's irresponsible. we think it's going to hurt the economy. we're balancing the budget to get a health year economy and create more jobs. we want to give our kids a debt free nation and get government to live within its means. that's what really balanced means. not raising taxes and spending. >> brian: you think you can get something done in conference from what you've seen of patty murray's -- what she's submitting? it doesn't seem like you can. i don't see how you can do this. >> you would not conclude that by looking at these two different approaches. we're cutting spending. we're getting reforming government. we're opening up energy exploration, we're reforming the tax code. we're not raising taxes. we repeal obamacare. yes, we still do not like this law. we think it will be a terrible outcome of this law. it hasn't been fully implemented yet. it's got two years to go. we think we should repeal it and replace it. we haven't changed our opinion on that. if you look at these two
5:40 am
budgets, we're two worlds apart. we're on different planets. but at least they're passing a budget in the senate. at least for the first time in four years, they're passing something. that gives me hope that the vehicle, the process of bringing a budget through is still there so that if we ever do find consensus, consensus on debt reduction, deficit reduction, we at least have the process through which we can drive that consensus, we're a long ways to go to get there. >> anna: we sure hope it happens quickly so we can get our economy going in the right direction as soon as possible. congressman, i want to talk about the cpac over the weekend, a few standouts, at the time cruz, rand paul winning the straw poll. what do you think the future of the rnc needs to be to improve? >> steve: in particular because yesterday reince previn came out with the autopsy of what happened in 2012. what do you think? >> well, i do remember the election. i haven't read the autopsy of the rnc.
5:41 am
i've been involved in lots of different discussions about what went right, what went wrong. what i get out of this is we have to be honest with ourselves, what happens, what went wrong what, do we have to do to improve things? what i'm excited about is we got a deep bench of young talent coming to the surface, showing the country that we really have ideas and solutions and a vision. that's what matters here is that we're actually offering a solutions that improve people's lives and we're going to be able to broaden our appeal to the country by showing these innovative solutions that make things better in this country. we really believe that this nation is in a pivotal stage, we're in a major chapter of writing the 21st century for america and we owe it to our fellow men and women in this nation to give them solutions based on our founding principles. that's what we're doing. the autopsy basically is a diagnostic test to figure out how do we make sure we communicate, broaden our appeal, get these principles into the minds of americans who see that we're offering something better than more borrowing, more spending, bigger government, less freedom? that's the difference between
5:42 am
our two parties at this time. >> brian: one thing is certain, you'll come up and you'll have the answers when we ask the questions. you had it worked out already. right? >> look, i've got a budget i'm bringing to the floor. it's the third time we will have passed a budget. we'll put our cards up. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. >> anna: thank you. >> steve: it will be a long affair. >> anna: 20 minutes before the hour now. the rest of your headlines. fox news alert. an explosion rocking an army depot in nevada during a training exercise. brand-new reports now saying there are several marine casualties. it happened late last night at the hawthorne army depot about 140 miles southeast of reno. the depot disposes of ammunition and we're told the tragedy is not related to the ammunition site itself. >> brian: tuition suspended because of the sequester. but money still going to pakistan? republican congressman ted poe
5:43 am
outraged. >> it's time, mr. speaker, to sequester pakistan. why are we cutting the aid for our military and educate the people in pakistan? administration has the power and ability to make it right. if this program is not reinstated, i'm going to introduce legislation to withhold nondefense foreign aid from pakistan until this wonderful program for our troops is fully funded. >> brian: he will introduce the bill in a few hours. we gave pakistan $12.7 million for education last year. a quarter of the tuition help needed for the marines. >> steve: priorities. sorry, kids, no hugs or cupcakes allowed here. elementary schools in saint mary's county, maryland, looking to ban parents from bringing home made sweets or offering a hugs to anybody but their own kids. school board says it will review final recommendations for the new safety policy and vote on it before the end of the school year. >> anna: no more smiling,
5:44 am
either. >> steve: that will change everything. >> brian: let's go outside, extreme weather. three major winter storms, i understand, maria, right? >> yeah. we have a few storms that we will be tracking not just today, but over the next several days because we could be seeing another round of snow for many people across sections of the plains and even into the east coast coming up over the they could several days. first, our storm right now, which is producing pretty windy conditions here in new york city, we'll be seeing wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour at times out here in new york city and even into areas further off toward the north. that snow, also snow coming across maine, parts of upstate new york and vermont and new hampshire. we have upstated snow total -- updated snow totals, up to ten inches of snow in wakefield, massachusetts. 9.8 inches, greenville, new hampshire. you picked up so far 8 inches of snow. that snow still coming down. winter storm warnings in effect because of the snow and also the wind. totals should exceed a foot across sections of maine, new hampshire, and also into parts of upstate new york.
5:45 am
otherwise current temperatures, or high temperatures for today, 224 will be your high temperature -- 24 will be the high. to kind of think about warm weather, san antonio saw high temperature yesterday at 95 degrees. set a record. >> steve: of course, tomorrow, first day of spring. >> yes. hopefully we'll see warmer temperatures soon here in new york city. >> steve: no kidding. you're outside, you want warmer temperatures. we all do. thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, what would you do if you found a pricey gadget? would you return it? anna is keeping them honest in the great state of texas. see what happens. >> anna: where is the beef? a factory chain offering a burgers without meat? explain that one. we'll try after the break. ♪
5:46 am
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>> steve: time for quick headlines on this tuesday morning. where is the beef? burger king is offering a turkey burgers. the chain is rolling out the new sandwich this week for a limited time only. burger king says it wants to appeal to its health conscious diners. and when it comes to getting ready for a date, it turns out that men are the big spenders. >> you can rebuild your entire wardrobe. >> steve: a new survey finds men spend about $70 on new clothes, hair cuts, even beauty treatments, guys do, before a first date compared to women who spend $63. men say it makes them feel more confident and pretty. >> anna: where are they finding these men? i don't buy it. >> brian: i remember before dating, how many times did you scream out, where is my rouge. >> anna: everybody doesn't wear
5:50 am
man make-up. >> steve: thank you. >> anna: all right. 8:47 now. what would you do if you found a pricey gadget? would you return it. a new device let's people text you anonymously to return what they found of yours. so we stuck it on things like cam remarks phones and wallets. took it to five different states looking for honest americans. next stop, dallas, texas. ♪ . >> anna: yeeha, rangers. we have landed in dallas, as our search for honesty in america continues. let the dropping begin. ♪ .
5:51 am
>> anna: beef, it's what's for dinner. several people spot the valuables and keep trekking by without turning them in to a nearby business, public safety officer, or using the bungee virtual lost and found system. but we are finding a few good texans. >> just got the camera. the eagle has landed. so he's five minutes away. purple dress, blond hair. he said he's on his way. hi, how are you. thank you for doing the right thing. how long did it take for to you see the decal on the camera? >> as soon as i got back to my apartment. i looked at it and i was hoping if there was anything on it, if there was photos. and i saw the decal. >> anna: we're in downtown dallas and about to drop the wallet and see if honest abe can keep them honest. >> not a single runner. even this couple did the right thing, making them late to their
5:52 am
concert. >> we texted it and posted it on facebook said, doing the right thing. i need one of these cards 'cause i'm a forgetful person. >> anna: how honest do you think people are? >> honestly, not honest. you're lucky you found us 'cause we're honest people. >> anna: four or five hours of filming, we didn't find a single thief. for folks at home to vote on the most honest person, go to >> steve: all right. straight ahead, coming to a third grade classroom near you, tales of wars, bombs and abductions. is this appropriate for third graders? our next guest has a unique perspective on this. >> brian: first let's check in with martha mccallum and find out what's on her show. >> i'm one of the most honest people in new jersey. >> steve: yes, you are. >> lovely. thanks. coming up this morning, we do have a story to report to you that is very upsetting. we're getting reports that there are marine fatalities in a
5:53 am
training exercise in nevada. we'll go to jennifer griffin and find out what happened there. also virginia governor bob mcdonald on the future of the republican party. he was left out of cpac. does he agree with reince previn's prescription? all of that when bill and i see you at the top of the hour protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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>> steve: talk about trouble with our schools, many parents in new york are now up in arms this morning over a plan to teach third graders about war. school leaders have approved curriculum from a scary new book that illustrates graphic bombings, abductions, guys with guns, and other things that aren't meant for children, many feel, especially if they are as young as third grade. maureen is a former new york city public school teacher. she's written two books about the 9-11 attacks after her son
5:57 am
christopher, lost his life that day. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you think about these new books that are going to come out? they sound pretty scary. >> they are scary. and i think there is an age appropriateness to these books and third to fifth grade is not the age appropriate time. you need to prepare children to know about the horrors of life and of war and you can't just interject these books without doing a background. >> steve: yeah. one of them is the librarian of basra. they show, among the books, they show fighter planes dropping bombs on people, somebody saying who among us will die? i want your take on this. the school chancellor says this is stuff kids see anyway. he says, we want our children to be able to talk and read about complex things that impact on their real lives. television, the internet, our
5:58 am
children see things now on a regular basis and as a school system, we have a responsibility to make sure that they have an opportunity to discuss these things, according to chancellor wallcot. >> i think that if you're talking about in junior high school or high school, they absolutely, you know, have the ability and they have seen things. but in a third grade or fourth grade or fifth grade, children are still under supervision of their parents. and they don't necessarily always have the opportunity to witness all these things on tv because their parents protect them. >> steve: absolutely. if you introduce scary things too early to a kid, they're going to be worried, is that going to happen to me? maureen, we thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. >> steve: thank you. we're going to take a quick time out. "fox & friends" rolls on live from new yorke city, couple of minutes how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
5:59 am
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