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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 20, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> welcome, mr. president. on your way back to washington on friday, what will you consider a successful visit. visiting the israeli leaders that they can rely on you, on the iranian issue and learned there are differences between the united states and israel, concerni concerning-- or concerning israelis and palestinians to revive the floundering negotiations the peace process, the floundering peace process? >> you know, my main goal on this trip has been to have an opportunity to speak directly to the israeli people at a time when, obviously, what was already a pretty tough neighborhood had gotten tougher and let them know that they've got a friend in the united states, that we have your backs, that we consider
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israel security of extraordinary importance to us. not just because of the bonds between our peoples, but also because of our own national security interests. in that context, what i have also sought to achieve here is further consultations, building on what we've already discussed, as bb has just formed a new government as i am entering my second term, that you know, we continue to have close consultation around some of the shared interests that we've already discussed. iran being, obviously, a prominent shared concern. i want to make sure that the israel people and israeli government make sure how i'm approaching problem. and i want to make sure how the israeli government and
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prime minister is approaching these problems to make sure there are no misunderstandings there. with respect to the peace process as i've said, i'll have more to say about this tomorrow. but i think you're absolutely right over the last year, year and a half, two years, two and a half years, we haven't gone forward. we haven't seen the progress that we would like to see. there's some elements of good news. i mean, the fact of the matter is even with all that's been happening in the region, the palestinian authority has worked effectively in cooperation with the international community in part because of some of the training that we, the united states, provided to do its part in maintaining security in the west bank.
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we have seen some progress when it comes to economic development and opportunity for the palestinian people. but the truth of the matter is, trying to bring this to some sort of clear settlement, a solution that would allow israelis to feel as if they've broken out of the current isolation that they're in in this region, that would allow the incredible economic growth taking place inside this country to be a model for trade and commerce and development throughout the region at a time when all of these other countries need technology and commerce and jobs for their young people. for palestinians to feel a sense
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that they, too, are masters of their own fate for israel to feel that the possibilities of rockets raining down on their families has diminished, that kind of solution we have not yet seen. and so what i want to do is listen, hear from prime minister netanyahu. tomorrow i'll have a chance to appear from abu mazan to get a sense from them thousand they see this process moving forward. what are the possibilities and constraints and how can the united states be helpful. i purposely did not want to come here and make some big announcement that might not match up with what the realities and possibilities on the ground are. i wanted to spend time listening before i talked, which my mother
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always taught me was a good idea. and so hopefully i'll consider this a success if, when i go back friday, i'm able to say to myself i have a better understanding of what the constraints are, the interests of the parties are and how the united states is play a constructive are role in bringing about a lasting peace and two states living side-by-side in peace and security. thank you. >> chuck todd from nbc. >> thank you, mr. president, mr. prime minister. mr. president i want to follow up on the peace process. you began your first term, big fanfare, cairo speech to talk to the muslim world. decision to have a middle east envoy. you said you wouldn't let it slip to the second term. we're in the second term with the middle east peace process. why are we further away from a two state solution?
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you want to talk about this tomorrow but what do you believe went wrong? did you push israel too hard? what do you wish you would have done differently? and mr. prime minister, i want to help my colleague on the follow-up which had to do with you accept the president's understanding that iran is a year away when it comes to nuclear weapons and then another question for you, why do you -- check, how many do you got? do you do this in the israeli press? one question and then -- >> i'm helping him. >> you see how the young lady from channel 1 had one question? >> i have one for you. >> these are commuter questions. >> i thought i had four questions. >> reiterations. >> that starts in a couple days. >> look, this is not a kosher question, but don't hog it. >> i guess my question to you was going to be why do you
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believe the israeli people have not embraced president obama the same way they embraced our last two u.s. presidents? >> so you had to get a polling question in there at the end, huh? chuck, you're encouragable. well, look, the opening premises to your question was that having failed to achieve peace in the middle east in my first term that i must have screwed up somehow. and i will tell you, i hope i'm a better president now than when i first came into office, but my commitment was not to achieve a peace deal in my first year, second year, third year. that would have been nice. what i said was i was not going to wait to start on the issue until my second term because i thought it was too important. that's exactly what i did.
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i'm absolutely sure that there are a host of things i could have done that would have been more deft and created better optics. but ultimately, this is a really hard problem. it's been lingering for over six decades. and the parties involved have some profound interests that you can't spin, you can't smooth over, and it is a hard slog to work through all of these issues. i will add that both parties also have politics, just like we do back home. there are a bunch of things i would like to do in the united states that i didn't get done in my first term. i'm sure i could have before
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more deft there as well, but some of it is just because it's hard and people disagree, and it takes i think a confluence of both good diplomatic work but also timing, serendipity, things falling into place at the right time, the right players feeling this is the moment to seize it. and my goal here is just to make sure that the united states is a positive force in trying to create those opportunities as frequently as possible and to be as clear as possible as to why we think that this is a important priority. not only because of some polly anish views of can't we get
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along, but i believe israel's security will be enhanced with a resolution to this issue. i believe that palestinians will prosper and can channel their extraordinary energies and entrepreneurship in positive ways. the entire region will be healthier with a resolution, so i'm going to keep on making that argument. and i will admit that frankly sometimes it would be easier not to make the argument and to avoid the question precisely because it's hard. that's not the approach that i've tried to take, and there probably have been times what i've made statements about what i think needs to happen, the war press, it may be interpreted in
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ways that get israelis nervous just like there are folks back home who sometimes get nervous about areas they aren't sure where i stand on things. that's why i like the opportunity to talk directly 0 to you guys, hopefully you'll show the live film as opposed to the edited investigation. you have four questions. >> i think there's a misunderstanding about time. if iran decides to go for a nuclear weapon, to actually manufacture the weapon, then it probably -- then it will take them about a year. i think that's correct. they could defer that a long time but still get through the enrichment process. to make it weapon, you need two things, you need enriched
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uranium of a critical amount, then you need a weapon. you can't have the weapon without the enriched uranium but you can have the uranium without the weapon. iran is enriching uranium. is hasn't yet reached the red line that i described in my speech at the un. they're getting closer, though. and the question of manufacturing the weapon is a different thing. the president said correctly that we have on these issues that are a little arcane and detailed but on they say issues we share information and we have a common assessment. we have a common assessment. in any case, iran gets to an immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process in our view. and whatever time is left, there's not a lot of time.
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every day that passes diminishes it. but we do have a common assessment on the schedules, on intelligence. we share that intelligence and we don't have any argument about it. i think it's important to state that clearly. i think that people should get to know president obama the way i've gotten to know him. i think you've just heard something that is very meaningful. it may have escaped you but it hasn't escaped me. that is the president announced that in addition to all the aide that his administration's provided, including iron dome, including defense funding for israel during difficult times, he announced we're going to begin talks on another ten-year process, arrangements, to ensure
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american military assistance to israel. i think this is very significant and i want to express my thanks for everything that you have done, and i want to thank you, also, for that statement you just made. i think it's very, very important. so i think israelis will judge this by the unfolding events and by what is happening, what is taking place. and for this, you know, there's a simple answer to your question, the gentleman from nbc. you see a second term as president and third term at prime minister, that really fixes things. >> all right. thank you very much, everybody. [ applause ] >> shepard: president obama and prime minister netanyahu wrapping up their first news conference of this kind from jerusalem. live with us here in the united
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states this evening in israel. matters of news of the day first, and that applies specifically to syria. there were reports yesterday that the syrians, the syrians were accusing the syrians rebels and the rebels accusing the regime of using chemical weapons in the civil war. the president of the united states said it would be a red are line game-changer in the policy and what it would do in response. today the president said the united states is investigating whether syria did use chemical weapons and if so, that would cross a red line. the president said he's deeply skeptical that the opposition rebels used chemical weapons. he went on to give us details that what he means by chemical weapons because the video we've seen that the rebels claim was use of chemical weapons yesterday doesn't fit our definition. we're talking mustard gas or
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something that spreads mass casualty. not chlorine, which is one of the possibilities. the president said weapons that can cause can potential devastation and mass casualties. when you use those you let the jeanie out of the bottle. is chlorine gas that? we'll get into that in just a moment. first, praise for and thanks to president obama from the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, for continued support. president said there's time for diplomacy in talks with iran over nuclear weapons. the president says he'll do anything necessary to keep iran from getting the bomb then prime minister netanyahu says he's convince president obama is determined to keep iran from getting the bomb, no daylight between the two of them on that. president obama says there's, quote, not a lot of daylight between the united states and israel on their assessments of
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iran's nuclear progress. they're about a year from getting a bomb if they want it. the prime minister echoed those statements, agreeing with that. so of all of this talk of division between the two and problems behind the scenes, none of that evident today. very little daylight. ed henry is traveling with the president and is live in jerusalem. a lot of talk about the reports of chemical weapons being used in syria and the definition of chemical weapons varies between ours here and there's over there. >> it does. the president was on defense because a reporter from israel questioned and suggested the president, the u.s. has 0 done nothing to stop the salute nowhere syria. the president pushed back and said while it hasn't been arms support there were other support. he was skeptical about reports
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the syrian rebels were using chemical weapons. the president was careful not to get drawn into the allegations and stressed the u.s. is investigating whether or not the regime offal sad, we have to investigate whether or not chemical weapons were used but said if chemical weapons were used by the regime. listen to what will happen. >> when you start seeing weapons that can cause potential devastation and mass casualties, and you let that jeanie out of the bottle, then you are looking potentially at even more horrific scenes than we've seen in syria and the international community has to act on that
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additional information. >> reporter: the international community would have to act. that was the key part there in what the president said. he is facing pressure from israel and others. another stop on the trip will be jordan where they're worried about refugees from syria and the civil war crossing into jordan. in israel there's concern from prime minister netanyahu and his government that in fact these chemical weapons not only could be used by the regime in syria but handed off to al-qaeda, hezbollah and used by terrorists against israeli citizens. >> there was a report on another network last night that suggested there was a high probability that chemical weapons had been used. there were suggestions if so the president would have been briefed on the plane. they would have gone through a drill. there were concerns about whether a cornered al assad
12:20 pm
might hit jerusalem or israel. it was dramatic and it made me wonder if we missed something. i wonder what you're sense of where we are on this matter today is. >> reporter: well, it still is confusing. there are reports all over the map. prime minister netanyahu's intelligence minister today telling army radio that there are suggestions to him that chemical weapons in fact were used by the syrian government. but there was a hearing on capitol hill where in fact there were lawmakers kicking it around and the u.s. embassador to syria said we don't know this as a fact yet. it needs to be investigated. the embassador echoed what president obama said. another key republican, mike rogers, the house intelligence chairman, was on cbs news this morning and said he thinks, it
12:21 pm
appears to him, chemical weapons were used but he's a former fbi official who wants to see forensic evidence. that's important for a republican lawmaker to underline saying we need evidence before we say chemical weapons were used. >> ed henry on a historic day in jerusalem. we look forward to your report tonight. more about israeli u.s. relation from the director of center for strategic and middle east programs. man, people talk about these two men at adversaries and today they say there's not much daylight on iranian, the thanks and accolades and friendship and we're the best friends, it doesn't sound as if there's a problem. >> the optics are good. everybody wants this trip to be
12:22 pm
successful. there's a lot at stake for the president. a lot at stake for the israeli prime minister and they talked about no daylight between the u.s. and israel on iran but there's a difference in the language they're speaking behind the scenes away from the cameras. the israelis are talking about stopping iran's capability to build a nuclear weapon where the president is talking about stopping iranian from acquiring a nuclear weapon. a difference in capabilities divides them. >> it seemed at the end of the news conference in the last question, the prime minister tried to make that distinction. >> reporter: he did. and it's a distinction he's been trying make for the last several years. and that's why there's a difference in the time frame. the president talks about a year for iran to acquire and assemble a nuclear weapon and the prime minister acknowledged that but has said it's about acquiring the capability. all of the components to build that unusually weapon that the
12:23 pm
israelis are concerned about. >> short on time because of the news conference but what's the biggest hope? what would be the best win out of this trip for the two sides? >> reporter: the win for president obama is to convince israelis to give his strategy of sanctions and diplomacy more time. that's what he's trying to do. he reached out to the israel public and wants to connect. he's reinforced the importance of the u.s.-israel relationship and is trying to urge the prime minister to be cautious and go along with the president's strategy. >> as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> you may have heard there was a cyberattack in south korea. it was big and devastating and very important. somebody brought banks and media outlets to a standstill. who did it? was it north korea and what happened in the united states? that's next. a lot of green on the big board. we'll look at what is pushing
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>> shepard: it seems things are getting worse all over the world. today north korea and south korea. the south korean military is on heightened alert after what appears to be a north korean attack. this is in south korea. it appears the hackers have old school style. the infected computers displayed nothing but skulls. it paralyzed bank after bank.
12:28 pm
no card transaction, no atm withdrawals. it's unclear what happened. of course north korea's leader, kim jung un has the perfect alibi. he was out with his buddies testing new drones and looking at things through binoculars. with us, jamey barnett, also a former chief of the fcc homeland security bureau. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: how serious is this? >> the north koreans continue to spend a lot of money on various military things and the fact of the matter is cyberwarfare is a major part of modern warfare. it's not unlikely they've developed this capability and are using it because they've
12:29 pm
been upset at the south koreans and americans. >> first they nullify the arm we korean war and it appears at least that the north koreans hack attacked the south koreans. you wonder where the tipping point is and how far we are from it. >> i would like to think that cool heads will prevail but anytime someone makes these attacks, you have to be cautious. i understand why the south koreans put folks on alert. the united states and south korea have been doing regularly scheduled exercises, full eagle, which lasts for two months this spring and it makes north koreans anxious. the north koreans accused the south koreans and united states of launching cyberattacks and they experienced outages last week. >> one of the matters that gets left out is history tells us
12:30 pm
every time south korea gets a new president, the north koreans meddle with something to test the waters. we have a lot of things that have come together. i wonder if you feel like we know enough about this north korean leader, kim the younger, to have an idea if he's going to follow the his predecessor or if he's, forgive me, crazier. >> i don't know how crazy crazy is but he's following the same patterns. one of the upsetting things or concerning things about the cyberattacks is they ratcheted up the speech but it may have taken longer to prepare the attacks, so that leaves one crucial question, was something already inside these broadcasters and banks that they simply activated. that has serious implications. all of them had good firewalls,
12:31 pm
antivirus yet somebody was able to get through. >> shepard: that would be quite something. jamie barnett, good of you. thank you. >> thank you. >> the use of chemical weapons in syria would be a game-changer, from the president in the last half hour, even as he said he's skeptical the rebels used the weapons. subtract the rebels and you're left with the syrian regime. the latest reaction coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from "studio b" with shepard smith.
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>> shepard: 32 minutes past the hour. the president said he's skeptical of claims from the syrian government that the rebels were trying to overthrow the government with a chemical weapon attack. the president reaffirmed use of those weapons in syria would be a game-changer. the rebel coalition called the attack a reprehensible crime and the syrian embassador called on the world body to investigate saying, quote, the syrian government, if it has such weapons, will never use it against its own population. other top u.s. officials say they have no evidence anybody unleashed chemical weapons on anybody. james rosen, any clarity?
12:36 pm
>> 0 not on that issue but the overstate, yes. al-assad continues to believe he can prevail with weapons, foreign fighters and and political support. that's the word from robert ford whose embassy was shut down due to intense fighting. ford said the syrian regime lost control of the capital and the border. the embassador added the fighting reached to close to assad's residence it would have been rattling his windows. >> we think he's going to go sooner or later. collapse of the state institution, we do not want to see the syrian government disappear. the institution of the state,
12:37 pm
the judiciary, a police force that is able to maintain law and order, banks, financial systems, et cetera. >> reporter: ford's boss, secretary of state john kerry met with the russian foreign minister to press the kremlin to cease delivery of weapons systems but the ongoing conversation has not led moscow to change. the option of the u.s. arming syrian rebels remains under discussion. one other interesting note, influential republican congresswoman, layton, of florida says we can't guarantee the weapons wouldn't fall into the hand of extremists. >> on wall street, our 401(k)'s are having a nice time. we're up 57 on the session thus far.
12:38 pm
above 14,500. traders reacting to the word the federal reserve will take more steps to boost the economy through the program of buying up $85 billion in treasury and mortgage bonds. but the trouble in cyprus could threaten markets. officials are trying to find a new way to keep their own economy afloat after the parliament rejected a bailout that would have taxed its own citizens' bank accounts. the banks are closed the rest of the week. where are we with this situation? >> in a standstill when it comes to cyprus. the parliament is betting the european union and central bank will not cut them off for -- not going through with the plan to tax deposits. they have almost a week to negotiate. next tuesday is when the banks open up. in the back channels with russia
12:39 pm
on financial support, so it seems they're hoping they can find a stopgap. >> shepard: what i didn't understand was the real problem with this situation in spy russ is the russians, who have been laundering money, have stashed so much money in the banks, the banks are bigger than the economy in the country. so they could have taxed it at 13%. they have, like our federal deposit insurance company, they have guarantees up to 100,000 euros. why not tax problem kids and not every day folks. >> it could come to that. the vote that failed was above 20,000 euros. >> then you violate -- >> it gets the percentage a little bit high if you only restrict it to 100,000. there's not enough revenue in the economy outside the banking
12:40 pm
system to do what needs to be done to maintain bailout support. that's the point here. the question is, the european bailout masters, are they going to say we're going to take a hard line and let cyprus be the fist first to exits? >> at home, the fed moves, i guess as expected. >> very much at expected, maintaining their policy of buying $85 billion worth of assets, downgrading the outlook a little bit. not too much. it's been a apparent -- pattern. they're leery it will fall off, especially because of the quest transportation and government -- sequestration and the government being a headwind. >> that appears it's going to be a headwind, then the government by crisis continues. it's a wonderful new world we live in. government by crisis next is the government shutdown fight. >> it looks like it. all of a sudden it's become low
12:41 pm
drama out of washington and the markets have felt i don't have to worry about that. obviously it could change. that or the debt ceiling deadline coming up in the spring. we don't know if we'll get a reprieve turned into a pardon. >> thank you, sir. the governor of colorado today signed new laws that regulate the sales of guns. hours earlier somebody gunned down one of his state's top law enforcement officials. the man who heads the bureau of prisons, opens the door and he's shot dead. connection? the latest from both ends of this important story coming up. max and penny keptur bookstore
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12:45 pm
called 911. it's not clear whether he or she witnessed the killing. the shooting was in an upscale part of monument between denver and colorado springs. search dogs fanned out looking for the shooter but they don't have many leads. >> we don't know if the shooting was random. we're early in the investigation. we have no suspect at this point. because we have no suspect, we can't identify a motive. >> the shooting hours before colorado's democratic governor, john hickenlooper, signed who landmark gun control bills banning ammunition magazine of over 15 rounds and require background checks. every single republican in the statehouse and the senate voted against those background checks. trace gal letter anger is -- gallagher is live with us. >> no witnesses and no
12:46 pm
surveillance cameras. the reason they sent the police dogs into the woods is you can see it's at the end of a long driveway and there are winding roads around the area. the woods police say would be the quickest escape. then a neighbor came forward saying he saw a car, it was vacant, a white lincoln continental parked a street away and it was still running. he came back and the car was gone. this was just minutes before the shooting. he did not get a license place number but clearly that is the biggest lead police have to date. >> shepard: they say they're keeping an open mind but, trace, this appears to be a targeted shooting, right? >> that really is the working for a couple reasons. he works for the department of corrections and, two, because you look at the crime scene, there's no sign of a home invasion or robbery. they're saying the killer rang
12:47 pm
the front doorbell. police are not aware of any threats at all to the corrections department. you mentioned the governor signed new begun laws in colorado today and at the signing ceremony, he indicated tom clemens supported the bill. >> tom clements w about carrying -- one of the first things his wife said was the reforms he was doing, make sure you continue those. he would have expected us to sign these bills and go forward today. that's the kind of man he was. >> no link between the bills and the shooting but colorado is the first western state to sign new gun laws in the wake of the newtown shootings. >> thank you. it seems the c.i.a. is getting out of the business of droning terror suspects overseas. a u.s. official says the intelligence agency will turn over the program to the
12:48 pm
pentagon, the bulk of it. a huge shift that could mean big changes for the controversial policy. what are you hearing? >> a senior u.s. officials says the administration wants to shift it to the defense department and not offering a explanation beyond gathering human intelligence. the timing suggests john brennan's rough confirmation hearing played into the decision to make the shift to the drone campaign out of the agency to defense and questions raised by rand paul as to whether or not the administration believes it has legal authority to interrogate. first reported by the detail beast and confirmed by fox, the white house is poised to sign off on the shift but it may be a trial balloon to see where people fall on the side. proposed change. >> shepard: there's talk of
12:49 pm
drones inside the united states today. >> testifying today privacy advocates saying handwringing over unarmed drones in the united states may be' clipsed by microdrones developed by the u.s. air force and others. >> there are drones the size of a hummingbird being developed and microdrones and smaller so, technology is increasing as a rapid rate. >> the next chapter may converge web user data with facial recognition data from drones. >> what possible misuse could this be put it to? >> you can keep a full picture of what happens to an individual through the day not only in their public life, but on their on line transactions. you can connect those kind of two separate worlds, once you deploy facial recognition information. >> advocates liken the
12:50 pm
technology to flying smartphones and says the benefits are clear because of financial savings. you can track forest fires, reconstruct crime scenes and track missing children. they cost $25 and hour versus 250 for helicopters and aircraft but the converges of data is the wild west in the digital age and the picture that it can create of an individual is truly frightening. >> shepard: wow. catherine herridge in washington, here we go. the dow keeps soaring and the statute of liberty, we have a timeline on when she'll reopen so you can have a visit if you like. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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>> shepard: statute of little bit set to reopen to the public. it's to open the statute on or before the nation's 237th 237th birthday this 4th of july and eight months after superstorm sandy. lady little bit was unharmed in the -- liberty was unharmed in the storm but 75% of the island was under water and the salt in the water destroyed much of the infrastructure. the power, the lighting, the ferry docks, walkways. it was a mess. david lee miller is in lower manhattan across from new york harbor -- on new york harbor. in decision to the damage there's a security snag i understand? >> unfortunately there is. there's disagreement over how to best come up with security measures to protect visitors to liberty island. to the right you can see a white
12:55 pm
large building. this was the facility used to screen passengers for years before they boarded the ferry that took them to liberty island to see the statue and this is where the police department wants screenings to continue to take place once liberty island is opened. the park service wants people to board the ferries without being screened and once the ferry stops at ellis island, which remains closed, at that point they would be screened for weapons and contraband. so there's a deadlock. we expect next week the national park service will announce which plan is going to be accepted and how to proceed. >> shepard: david lee miller live just across from lady liberty. coming up on april 1, we'll have special reports on how the region recovered from superstorm
12:56 pm
sandy and folks in the beach communities are getting ready for the all-important summer season that's make or break. that is april fools day, first of april. "studio b" and fox report. the manhattan upper east side, a subway worker was stuck in mud up to his chest for hours last night when temperatures plunged into the 30s. the "new york times" reports that worker lost his footing at the site of the subway line under construction. crews say they had to use small hand tools to free the guy from the muck before they pulled him to street level, it took about four hours. we have the rescue worker here on the left with the black helmet. doctors treated him for hypothermia and he's okay. a teenager in kentucky under arrest. yelling out bingo when he did not have bingo. it's a miracle they didn't drone him.
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