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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 20, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ >> dana: our friend senate majority leader harry reid is taking well-deserved heat after tying the tragic accident that killed marines in his home state to the sequester. >> it's important we continue training our military. one thing in sequester we cut back in training and maintenance. it's just not appropriate,
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mr. president, that the military can't train and do the things that are necessary. the men and women of marine were trained. with the sequester it will cut this stuff back. >> dana: today, names and pictures of three of the seven marines killed were released. josh martino. roger bushnick and josh taylor. the names of the other will be released tonight after military does what it needs to do to inform the families. andrea, i want to go to you first. imagine being reid's spokesperson so say the sound bite did not happen. to say he was trying to tie the tragic don't the sequeste sequester. >> andrea: he said crazy things in the past.
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he said there wasn't a jobs bill then men would stay at hope and drink beer and beat their wives. it wonder if based on his comments are we supposed to deduce because he refused to bring a senate bill to the floor that would cut back on the military cuts and he refused to adopt house replacement bills to decipher the cuts and because obama and the democrats arrange the cuts to affect the military in the most severe ways that harry reid caused the murders? >> dana: andrea, andrea, andrea, that is just too logical and make sense to be true. and allen west thinks it's not good enough for the read office to say that it was absurd and unsubstantiateed. he thinks apology is needed. this is despicable. it's time that the american people demand more and have
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reid held accountable for the statement he made. to impugn the training of the marine corps to make the point is horrific. >> a marine official told fox news i don't how they link the accident to budget cuts because it wouldn't cause marines to operate in unsafe positions. >> he opponented out it was preplanned, prior to sequestration. anything that goes wrong in the economy, accident, tragic accident like this, paint it like sequestration. for some reason, it's the republicans' fault, somehow, trying to make the link. look to the usda, e-mails or the national park, this is cheap political props. on the back of marines pretty ticked off.
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>> dana: i was going to ask a media angle of this. harry reid says stuff in the past. when you say this on the floor, the media ignores it and brushes it off. whereas if it's a republican it would be -- >> greg: the definition of insanity is expecting sanity from harry reid. it's your own fault. to expect anything commonsensical from him. can we talk about how he sounds? he has the voice of horse lubery can't. can't -- lubricant. >> dana: how do you know? >> greg: it's metaphor. it spent time on the farm. doesn't he realize, he is insane. that he realizes that he is shooting in his own tent. obama owns the sequestion ration. he has become the attack dog so rabid his handlers aren't safe.
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we give you the job of defending harry reid. >> greg: toughest job in world. >> bob: top official at the pentagon came out and said reid did not mean to suggest that there was something about sequestions ration that caused this particular death. having said that, the timing could haven't been worse. he finds a way to get in these situations and then spend two or three news cycles to get out. sequestions ration is beginning to impact on places around the country. with focus on this, and this exacerbates it. democrats make hey out of it. there are people laid off jobs, airports being shut down. things that are going on. reid i think probably should have, particularly given that this is his home state, probably should have separated the two out by some distance. >> dana: he might be the loneliest start. we talk about the democrat majority leader harry reid told dianne feinstein her
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assault weapons bill won't make it to the floor. part of the comprehensive bill. michael moore has had something to say. listen. >> if a man with an assault weapon goes in the school where harry reid's grandchildren go to school and his grandchildren, would he stand in front of that microphone at 5:00 and say, "i know how diane had to witness the mayor getting murdered. miff grandchildren just got killed today, but, you know, we can't get it passed because we don't have the votes." >> dana: do you find it delicious, intrafighting. >> greg: michael moore on with piers morgan the least appealing couple since udai and kusai. michael moore was on larry king ages ago and said he doesn't need a gun because he has security. think about that. i don't need a gun because i'm
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surrounded by people with guns but you can't have one either. i don't drive, i don't think you should drive. but i have a chauffeur. in this case, he is an idiot that it's hard to believe. >> dana: i found something hard to believe as well. >> greg: unicorns. >> dana: today, the chief of staff for the white house, dennis mcdonough was on another program, cnn, where he said the white house, we still expect a vote on the assault weapons bill. we want it to pass. is this possible that they didn't have this all worked out with harry reid to stop the bleeding? harry reid says to save the democrats from themselves. to me, i felt like the obama white house would have at least been in on it. dianne feinstein doesn't think so. >> andrea: i think the white house knew from the get-go this did not have the muster to pass the senate. if i could comment on mighter
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moore. i -- michael moore. it hate to diagnose liberal logic but isn't he saying if your relative was killed bay car, you should want all cars banned, i guess? are we supposed to ban cars? it doesn't make much sense. assault weapons ban was done for political reason and it makes harry reid look like this moderate and gets all the democrats didn't want it cover. they can look like they are voting against it now. on an amendment. separately for it. it's basically a two-fer but in a political way for them. to answer your question, it took me a while, but i think that they had this -- >> dana: i was surprised. >> bob: this is pure and simple harry reid projecting his majority. harry reid will do anything necessary to keep his job. he has six democratic senators out for re-election from very difficult states weapons bans an the clips. assault weapons been a
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gives -- assault weapon ban gives everyone a chance to vote on. it but the clips i bet they pass. >> dana: for those who support the second amendment and don't want to see the rights eroded because of a ill, mentally disturbed person who committed murder. the background check bill is bad. what are you hearing? >> eric: for that portion of gun control the other part is let's crack down on illegal traffics in place. i don't think either one of the clips and the assault weapons ban will pass. i predicted harry reid wouldn't get it on a bill on the senate floor. he has to raise his hand and he is last person to vote on
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that. there are 11 senators that don't want to jeopardize that. he would lose. he would lose either one of those. >> bob: he would lose on clips. >> it'd make a wager that both amendment fail. >> greg: i hate to use the phrase bigger story, because i banned that. this is what happens when you create law based on crisis rather than reason. the progress is crazy people. that's displace by the left stereotypes. they made it about rednecks instead of irrationals. that's where we ended up. they were convinced that -- white guy in south with guns. that is what they are going after. it's me tally ill. >> bob: if you read the bill on background checks it focuses on people with mental
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problems. that is a place to amend it. we know it will pass. who is against background checks? >> dana: i read today charles cook went line by linep through the schumer background check bill. even for me, i thought it was going a step too far for gun owners. >> andrea: this is interesting how the ideology stops when politics comes to play. scared to lose their job. >> dana: i don't think this is on easter break. the media is focused on trip in the middle east. >> eric: if either of the amendment pass come and shoot with me at the shooting range? >> bob: yes. >> greg: i'm for a ban but
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self-imposed prohibition that media enact that influence other rare tragedies. norway influencing sandy hook. fastest way to mortality is do something horrible. self-imposed. >> dana: we'll have a grand day out. one of the two. >> dana: coming up -- i'm going to tease. there is a stunning admission from the director of immigration and custom enforcement of the release of more than 2,000 illegal immigrants over the sequester. many of them, guess what? repeat felons. reckless politically motivated decision? we'll discussion. ♪ ♪ [ engine revving ]
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>> andrea: the obama administration released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants from custody blaming the sequester. many think politics is to blame not to force the budget
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cut. many have records and they grilled them about it yesterday on the hill. >> did you release recidivist drunk drivers? >> we have released many individuals who had dui offenses. >> congress has not provided that a d.u.i. is a ground of removal. most misdemeanors are not ground of removal. i can't order you removed for committing a d.u.i. >> you can request progress mattic rescheduling to move money around. you could have found $600 to keep the level one violators being released. don't act like you could not have. >> andrea: thousands released and many criminals. now forced to explain the decision. but we know that they have
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released them. tell the world what you said before the commercial break. it's politically tone deaf. >> this has been going on a long time. most, vast majority of the people are not people with criminal records. the decisions were made at the bureaucratic level. but this is under their watch. this is what they take the heat. this gets back to the implication of the sequestration are felt in serious places. there are serious implication we shouldn't gloss over. >> andrea: this isn't because of the sequestion ration. they have changed the eckcuse. it's budget reason or policy. own up. if the policy is let them go, they need to say we are letting them go because it's a new policy. not because of the budget. they have $100 million in
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unincumbered fund. >> we didn't make this up. this isn't come up poof out of thin air. the illegal immigrants were let go, the day of or the day prior to sequestion trace. it was janet napolitano that mentioned it in one of the discussions about the effects of sequestions ration. she mentioned it. it's not like we made it up. it may have been going on for a while. they tie the illegals they let go to sequestration. randy forbes is on that committee also and he and trey gazzi did a great job to drill the director they didn't need to release them. >> bob: i.c.e. is subject to millions of sequestions ration. >> andrea: i.c.e. was given more money for detention than requested. they had plenty of money.
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>> eric: you mentioned political benefit in the first block. there is one now for president obama as well. there could be pain, even if it's prepain about the sequester. >> dana: a large constituency of the order who want them to stop deportation after the latter half of the bush administration. they were coming down for him. to let them go, it releasedleasd the pressure from that. in some ways the white house is willing to tais the heat. >> andrea: weird they would take the heat when they push for immigration reform. this thing doesn't help the case at all. >> greg: obama's governing reason is petulance. he like a sulking kid that won't come out because mom and dad took away the ipod.
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tall sequestions ration consequences are all in places that actually -- sequestration consequences hurt us and they don't have. we read about the programs. there is a program sponsoring duck mating habits. i won't get into it because it's graphic. but so much money and it's happening in places that the criminal criminals were investigated for human trafficking. maybe this is a new trade agreement between you and the mexico. fast and furious. >> bob: every 24 hours, 1400 illegals are exported back to their country. more than any other administration. >> andrea: bob, when you have a good fact like that, which you said repeatedly, doesn't it negate the positive action they take when releasing illegals? >> bob: i told you it was politically tone deaf. is it. but it covers up a very important point. which is they are doing their
2:24 pm
maximum that budget allows them to send back every single day 1400. >> dana: they use the stat that bob used. when the election was over, they walked it back. >> bob: they didn't walk it back. 1400 still go -- >> dana: they stop talking about it. >> eric: i tell you what will happen. with the rhetoric on the right, the senators who want to run for president or allegedly want to run for president now offering ideas for immigration reform and pathway to citizenship you have influx of illegals coming to the country. they will take a five-year back. let's send them back. >> bob: you will have an immigration bill for sure. >> i hope we do. >> i hope it doesn't include pathway to citizenship. pathway to legalization not to
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citizenship. >> andrea: we are getting in the second topic. the position on immigration will be tough, because hispanics will not migrate to the republican party. we debated that yesterday. up next on "the five," eric has breath-taking new developments in jodie arias murder trial and details how hollywood is hoping to cash in on it. later, a lot of men would like to spend the night with kate upton. a brave teenager may get the chance. the lucky guy and the proposal that caught her attention up next. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> eric: listen up, are you wannabe actress and head-tur head-turning and well aware of the effect you have on men? they are looking to cast you in "dirty little secret" the jodie arias story. look at the prosecutor juan martinez dismantling her expert witness last night. watch. >> you don't know that, do you? >> speculating. >> you use used the word speculating, didn't you? >> i used the word. >> speculating means that
2:31 pm
could be made up, right? >> eric: that is live feed inside the courtroom where the testimony continues. i love the courtroom camera. your thoughts? >> bob: you know, i don't. the reason i don't, it leads to stuff like this. this started with o.j. simpson and it makes for networks to get ratings. we know one of those in competition with us, getting ratings out of it to go to zero after it's over. to make this in to profit-making operation, i find distasteful. would it happen without tv? i don't think so. >> suffering from the ptsd. but when they're grilled you
2:32 pm
get a feeling it may not go in the favor. >> andrea: i think they were helping to make the case stronger. i disagree with the jury trials on tv. this verdict is on behalf of the community and the process should be taken seriously. this is educational. i love to watch this stuff. what happens tv shows like "judge judy" she deliberates in seconds and it is turned in to a game. >> eric: do you like the courtroom camera? >> greg: it's hypnotic. er you don't want the lifetime movie about you. you are a killer, or dead. i find it ironic it's called lifetime and every show is
2:33 pm
ending one. >> andrea: i call it the victim's channel. >> andrea: you didn't like "not without my daughter" or quot troph"trophy wife"? >> greg: it's all about me. >> dana: i agree with bob. watching it is like "b" rated actors. it doesn't feel like real life. i am for people learning about the trials but people should read about them. several times, talk a this, i like cartoonists. the courtroom artists. >> bob: this t community is not learning about the proces process. >> andrea: court is not a glamorous place. there are not sexy people with the "law and order" cross examination. >> eric: the black community -- >> bob: everybody believed that o.j. simpson was guilty.
2:34 pm
if you followed the law they thought he would get off. what did it do for the community? caused a race riot. >> andrea: you are citing one case. the reason we left england we didn't want a judge to determine outcomes. we want a trial by the peers. >> greg: i see bobbee point on that. if you think about that with trayvon mar tip stuff. >> eric: don't you want to see what is going on? >> greg: i don't have time to watch it. >> andrea: they do make the most salacious cases are the ones we heard about. >> eric: what is the -- [ inaudible ] is this a bad idea? >> bob: this is a terrible idea. this sounds like a casting call for -- >> greg: one of your dates.
2:35 pm
>> bob: exactly. for hustler tv. i find this unbelievable. i guess it sells. >> greg: we are talking about it. >> eric: you couldn't script it better. he was lineed up and the witness was just fumbling around. you're right. so compelling. >> bob: all reality tv is ridiculous. >> dana: i heard you were going to try out for that, that sky diving thing -- not the -- the splash thing in the pool. >> greg: you should. >> bob: i should. >> greg: by the way, you swim every day. >> bob: yes. >> greg: you should do "splash." >> dana: go on a high dive and do like a trick on the way down. >> andrea: sticking by my original decision. millionaire match-maker. we have a bachelor who needs a
2:36 pm
date. >> eric: leave it there. just ahead, did cbs cross the line taking amazing race andto vietnam and forcing the contestants to chant communist propaganda. was it disrespectful to americans who lost their lives in vietnam? that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is threat of mass destruction in the middle east. tonight, on "special report," focus of the president's trip to israel is the danger imposedpy iran and syria. president obama promises to do whatever is necessary to keep iran from developing weapons. there are reports if chemical
2:41 pm
weapons are being used in syria and it means. are you rights threatened by the use of drones in the u.s.? the chairman of the federal reserve says there will be no changechanges in fed policy. we look at the state of the u.s. economy. our series on the anniversary of invasion of iraq catches up with one of the men at the tip of the spear. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: ho chi min. the show, not albanians had the contestants travel to hanoi, vietnam. they were made to mem mize a communist song, done by a kid in front of a large portrait of the north vietnamese murder
2:42 pm
dictate or ho chi minh. >> this requires them to watch the performance of the patriotic vietnamese. at the end, they will reveal the words of a celebrated quote. ♪ ♪ >> greg: in the song a contestant said it's like one direction. yes, if it was the massacre of millions of vietnamese. they had to match lyrics to the propaganda posters and then visit b-52 memorial, which was wreckage of shot-down american bomber. >> they make their way to the b-52 memorial. site of the wreckage of a bomber shot down in vietnam war.
2:43 pm
>> greg: all in all a great tribute to the troops. nicely done, cbs. you can't blame the players how did it not cross the producers' mind it could offend those who died there? what is next, jaunt through killing fields? note to producer, premier rouge was not cot metic. maybe the producers are young and think vietnam is where spring rolls come from. it's a beautiful country waking up from a gruesome past. they find recommend innocent of communism every bit as repugnant and maybe cbs shoul should, too. >> eric: you nailed it. you summed it up. you are right. my experience with the
2:44 pm
producers is when they are young, they look for what is best shot? look for a camera lens and go wow! b-5 # wreckage. cbs failed. >> greg: bob, you are shaking your head. >> bob: i am so outraged by this. cbs is idiotic and stupid. this had to go through somebody at the executive branch at cbs. if they can't do better than that, to have people go to memorial where americans died, you ought to get off the network. take the show and shove it. >> greg: jeez. i didn't except that. >> andrea: how do i follow that? everything i say will look like i'm not outraged at all. >> greg: should they address this on the next show? >> andrea: the executives
2:45 pm
should address this with a statement. maybe on the next show. this is a highly rated show. they could do themselves a good service admitting this. i think they are not mutually exclusive. producers not the ones in the control room or any producer in this building, by the way, that is a disclaimer can be young at times. younger generations haven't studied it, the schools don't teach it and they are not asking the grandparents to go through it. executives who know the difference from right and wrong -- wrong -- >> bob: from director knew about it. >> andrea: the executives don't see anything wrong with it. >> bob: so they're idiots. >> andrea: producer goes this isn't so bad. we believe what jane fonda believe. >> bob: stop talking about jane fonda. that is un-american piece you put on tv as i have seen. >> dana: i have the comment about stupidity of a double u-turn. isn't that a circumstance? >> eric: oval.
2:46 pm
>> greg: we should do the "amazing race." the little people. are you as angry as bob? bob is exploding over there. >> dana: i don't do outrage that well. he does it very well. inside, i was sick. i can't manual, too, the vietnamese they are trying to do reforms. the lack of the press freedoms there is really, really bad. in addition, you have a major problem of -- well, they are competent. i'm sure. the tourism bureau probably raised their hand and said any reality show in america want to come here? the bachelor went to thailand. they were selling it. imagine what the press is like in vietnam today? control the press, how wonder it is.
2:47 pm
the miles per hour miles per amr the truth. >> bob: this was a communist show put on by a network that should know better. >> greg: coming up, a story so amazing you might freak out. geek i can team asking out kate upton. >> you like sports. i like sports. it would mean the world to me if you came. kate, will you go to prom with me? did he get the girl? find out next. bob is still fuming. ♪ ♪ the patient, presented with
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>> bob: jake a senior has a prom coming up. fortunately it's not in vietnam but the 17-year-old doesn't have a date. he thought why don't i ask two-time "sports illustrated"
2:52 pm
cover girl kate upton. maybe she would like to go. >> kate, jake davidson here in sunny, los angeles, inviting you to may senior prom on may 23, 2013. you had me at hello. you are the ying to my yang. you are on the cover of "sports illustrated." i read "sports illustrated." we can ride around all night long. until 11:00. that's my curfew. it would mean the world to me if you came. i'd do anything to get you here. will you go to prom with me? >> bob: he got the shock of his life when dream date called the morning show. with a possible answer. >> good morning. >> good morning. how are you guys? >> hi, kate. >> how do you feel? i can't believe you're on a show and everything now. it's amazing. >> this just got so much better now that you are on the phone. >> definitely have to check my
2:53 pm
schedule. you seem like so much fun. and if everything works out, i would love to go with you. i know we would have a blast. >> i know we would. >> bob: okay. >> bob: what dream date if you took to the prom? >> dana: i didn't know this person until recently later in life but if i did it over again, bill schultz. [ laughter ] star of "red eye." it would be fun. >> greg: do you understand what would happen? you don't get it. that is not a good idea. >> bob: drive around all night, all right. >> andrea: i misunderstood the assignment. i thought who i wanted to go when i was in high school. >> bob: that's the idea. >> andrea: marky mark. i narrowed it down. marky mark. funky bunch. like to dance. >> eric: this is a land mine
2:54 pm
welcome to happen. pick someone you want to go to prom with. who else would i pick? my lovely wife. if i had it to do all over again, i'd ask her to go to prom again. >> greg: would she be wearing that? [ laughter ] my perfect date is a giant robot holding a cat. the cat would be holding a small error bot. that is impossible. i pick lindsay lohan. i know nothing i could do could embarrass her. it could throw up 18 times all over myself. she would go ah. did that last night. that is her latest mugshot. >> bob: she didn't go to jail. sent her to another rehab. ridiculous. my dream date would be, kid, you and i are going to be at i'm for kate upton. we will match things up if we can. meet me some place, we'll work it out. i will tell you for a cash, might go with somebody else. she is going with me. one more thing is up next. ♪
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>> bob: president obama was met by benjamin netanyahu and the israeli government.
2:59 pm
they made it clear to iran that there are diplomatic options left and military options. >> greg: the white house threatened to cancel easter egg hunt. it stepped in with greg roll. but zoning ordinances say grown men can't host children. even if they're under 18 or 19. i wrote a check for $25. the easter stuff. i think it goes to beer. i'm going have it somewhere. >> dana: surprise, try to get it turbi


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