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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: finally tonight, if you have not yet filled out your ncaa tournament brackets, you better get board of education busy. president obama made his march madness picks today. is he going with a final four of louisvilleville, florida, ohio state, an eventual champion indiana. >> republicans were not amused by this. the rnc put out an ad. louisiana congressman remarked his final four picks are are now late but his budget is late by 45
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days. i think that shows the priorities. his final four picks actually made it on time. since the demands on our time are not nearly as important, the panel and i have come up with our own final four picks. all right, mara, who do you have? >> i wanted to give steve my proxy on this since i don't follow college basketball. i did ask around at work and came up coincidently with the exact same for the president picked. i cannot defend them or describe how we did this in any way, shape are or form. diver to my better here. >> i have louisville, wisconsin, michigan and indiana. three of the four teams are big ten teams. best conference in basketball. indiana beating wisconsin in the final. >> bret: okay. charles? >> marah echoing obama again. [ laughter ] that was just a joke that was totally gratuitous. the ravens by three. i farmed this out to my assistant. michigan state, gonzaga,
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indiana, georgetown. georgetown winner. >> bret: here is mine, louisville, ohio state, illinois, georgetown for the win. fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, a gunman pulls a woman off a bus in broad daylight. shoots her and snatches her young son. tonight, the latest on the standoff. plus, president obama responds to syrian chemical weapons claims on his first state trip to israel. >> our alliance is eternal. it is forever. >> it's a region surrounded by threats and instability. in iran, in egypt. in syria. we have been clear that the use of chemical weapons against the syrian people would be a serious and tragic mistake. >> tonight, talk of red line, deadline and how to
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handle some nasty neighbors. colorado's prison. murdered in his home. >> it was a 911 call that came from the residence from the family member. >> shepard: this t. comes as the governor signs tough new gun control laws. tonight, a killing and a controversy. >> shepard: but first from fox this wednesday night, the president comes during tense times in a region that offensive dances on the brink of war. and it comes as iran works towards a nuclear weapon. and as we try to determine whether the government of syria has already deployed chemical weapons against its own people. because, in the words of our president, that would be a game changer. >> we have to make sure that we know exactly what happened, what was the nature of the incident, that what can we document? what can we prove. i have instructed my teams
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to work closely with all of the countries in the region and international organizations and institutions. to find out precisely whether or not this red line was crossed. >> shepard: talk of syria dominated much of the president's news conference in jerusalem this afternoon. he spoke alongside benjamin netanyahu. just a day after both the syrian regime and the syrian rebels accused each other of deploying chemical weapons. now, so far u.s. officials say they have no evidence that those accusations are true on either side. but president obama says he is deeply skeptical that of any claim that the opposition rebels used chemical weapons at all. he did not say the same of the syrian regime. we have team fox cor-j tonight. first our chief white house correspondent ed henry who is traveling with the president in israel. it was notable today that the president seemed to walk right up to the line of threatening military action. >> shep, he certainly did,
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because the stakes are enormous tonight. all the way there in new york where you are. the u.n. security council tonight behind closed doors, ambassadors from around the world, went behind closed doors to discuss the syrian chemical weapons situation. as you noted, it also dominated here in jerusalem. the press conference the president had with the israeli prime minister. he made very clear while this is still being investigated, they plan to hold the syrian regime accountable. take a listen. >> when you start seeing weapons that can cause potential devastation and mass casualties, and you let that genie out of the bottle. then you are looking potentially at even more horrific scenes than we have already seen in syria. and the international community has to act on that additional information. >> the international community has to act. that is the suggestion about action, at least down the road. i spoke a few moments ago to an israeli official here
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who says their fear in the israeli government is just not about the syrian regime using chemical weapons in the days ahead whether they did or not in recent days. also their chemical weapons stockpile perhaps as the country fragments following in the hands of al qaeda, maybe hezbollah and being used against israel in jerusalem and all around this country, shep. >> shepard: ed, it still seems unclear whether either side used chemical weapons. >> that's right. now, the israeli intelligence minister today said he believes that chemical weaponsy were, in fact, used. the republican house intelligence chairman mike rogers back in washington went on cbs news and said he also believes that chemical weapons have been used inside syria in recent days. he added an important caveat. take a listen. >> there is a high probability that a chemical agent was used in aleppo. now, again, i'm an old fbi guy. i like to see forensic evidence. >> now, on top of all of this, there was testimony
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today in a house committee where the u.s. ambassador to syria basically said that he believes that the syrian regime has now lost control of the border with turkey and iraq and in jordan tonight which the president by the way will be visiting on friday. there is fears about a refugee crisis. refugee spilling out of syria into jordan and also the potential of this civil war in syria spreading across the border into jordan. this is a tinderbox tonight, shep. >> shepard: ed henry tonight in jerusalem. thanks. in iran the two leaders worked to present a united front. that was clear. the prime minister netanyahu said that that country's nuclear program is a grave threat to israel and to the world. president obama reiterated that while there is still time for diplomacy, time is running short. >> the united states will continue to consult closely is. and i will repeat all options are on the table. we will do what is is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons.
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>> shepard: and tonight questions remain about exactly how much time there is before it is just too late to keep iran from building a bomb. james rosen with the news from washington tonight. james? >> shep, good evening. complicating the two leaders' efforts to project unity was president obama's interview on israeli television last week. in which mr. obama said iran has over a year or so to go before it can claim an operational nuclear weapon if it's even made a decision to build one that raised questions about the differing time lines. the white house and jerusalem have on issue that. differences that the president today acid usely played down. -- unpress -- unprecedented. there is not a lot of daylight between our country are's assessments in terms of where iran is
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right now. >> with almost everything president obama said about the islamic regime netanyahu agreed but then insisted the issue isn't just iran's final attainment of the bomb but rather weather before that happens the regime's technological advancement make a point of no return strip the western powersability ability to interview screen. >> i think there is a misunderstanding about time. to make a weapon you need two things. you need enriched uranium of a critical amount and then you need a weapon. iran gets to an immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process. in our view. >> in our view, he said. now, netanyahu also said israel can never cede its right to defend itself even to the greatest of friends. shep? >> shepard: james rosen live tonight. thanks. did you hear what president obama said to the israeli prime minister netanyahu today?
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you have to listen closely. here it comes. we also subtitled it for you. >> it's good to get away from congress. meantime here at home congress is trying to prevent a government showdown or shutdown in this case. we will see how that's going. plus, police say a man took a 3-year-old boy hostage after pulling a woman off of a bus and killing her. we'll find out how the standoff ended next from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report, the first day of spring. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is theursuit of perfection.
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at a nearby school bus stop. the standoff stretched on for hours. but by late afternoon, police said a sniper had finally shot the suspect dead and that the child is now safe we reported earlier in the newscast that the boy was her son. now it's not clear if that 3-year-old is related to the gunman or to the woman he shot. the manhunt is on for whoever shot and killed the head of the colorado department of corrections when the victim answered the front door of his home and the shooting came just hours before the state's governor signed a new tough gun control law. it happened in an upscale neighborhood as it's described to us in the town of monument which is between denver and colorado springs. the suspect reportedly shot tom clements right in the chest. a family member then called 11. when the cops got there, they searched the nearby woods with dogs. but the evidence suggests to them that the gunman may have jumped in a car after the shooting. and as for a suspect's description or motive, investigators say they really don't have much.
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because of the fact that he seerved in the position that he did as the executive director of the colorado department of corrections, we are sensitive to the fact that there could be any number of people who may have a motive for wanting to target him for a crime such as. this. >> shepard: of course, gun violence has been a issue since the deadly attack in sandy hook elementary newtown, connecticut and movie theater massacre in colorado. today governor hickenlooper signed bills which ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds and require background checks for private i can't understand online gun sales. every republican in the state's house and senate voted against those background checks. trace gallagher live with more and on the investigation, trace, this car in the neighborhood. what more do we know about that? we know 150 minutes before the call came in saying he had been shot. a neighbor walked outside and saw a black sedan eve either a lincoln or
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cadillac and it was parked over one street over from tom clement's house it was running but vacant. five or six neighbors later the neighbor came out and saw the car drive away. he did not get a license plate number. he he is not the only one who saw it here is police. we did receive three or four additional phone calls from local residents who confirmed also seeing that vehicle brand age to provide some of the information regarding their sightings as well in this same area with the very similar description for that vehicle. that piece of information tips to be very interesting to us. something that we hope to learn more about. >> at the same time, police are looking for a woman who was actually walking through that neighborhood about the very same time. they would like to talk to her, shep, about what she might have seen in that neighborhood. >> >> shepard: trace, what's this on a possible saudi arabia connection? >> there is a saudi national who lives in colorado that back in 2006 he was convicted of
4:17 pm
sexually assaulting his housekeeper. essentially of keeping her as a sex slave for years. he was sentenced to 28 years to life. the sentence was then lowered to 8 years. but saudi officials were irate that he was convicted at all. in fact, colorado's attorney general actually had to meet at one time with king abdullah to calm tensions down. now, the saudi national then requested to serve the remainder of his sentence in saudi arabia and last week tom clements denied that request. police are not saying these are connected at all, but they are saying that right now everything is on the table. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live. trace, thank you. the new york yankees and the boston red sox set to honor the victims of the newtown shooting massacre before the teams play each other on opening day at yankee stadium in the bronx on the first of april. 20 children and six adults died when a gunman stormed sandy hook elementary back in december. a joint honor guard of newtown police and firefighters will appear at the pregame ceremony. >> there will also be a
4:18 pm
moment of silence, we're told. and each team is to wear a special ribbon on their uniforms. well, we're learning more about the two of the marines killed in a mortar explosion in nevada. we're learning from their grandfathers. lance corporal josh taylor of ohio was 21 years old. he joined the military three years ago right after graduating from high school. he was about to get married this coming may. roger muchneck of connecticut was 23 and served in afghanistan already. this is a school photo. he was younger here clearly. later tonight, we expect to learn the names of the five other marines who also died. 8 others hurt in the blast at the hawthorne army ammunition depot. officials say they are try to figure out why the shell exploded while it was still in a firing tube during a training exercise on monday. the pentagon reports it has stopped using those more tars across the military in the meantime. first, south korea's banking system came to a grinding halt. then skulls popped up on bank's computers.
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>> shepard: well, a widespread hack attack is bringing life to south korea to a stand still today. or it did. major banks and television stations crashing in the middle of the afternoon. images of skulls reportedly popping up on the computer screens and folks weren't even able to use their debit or credit cards for hours. the security experts say the supposed attack paralyzed the banks and their commerce for most of the day. and most systems are reportedly back up tonight. they say it did not effect government agencies or power plants or other similar targets. no official word on what
4:23 pm
caused the outages. but all of this comes just days after the north koreans accused south korea and the united states for that matter of staging a cyber attack against them. north korea, of course, just tore up its 60-year-old cease-fire with the south. threatened to use nuclear power against washington. and warned its troops to prepare for all-out war. it also happens to be the same day lawmakers here in the united states held a hearing on the threat of foreign hackers. with that as a background, molly henneberg is in d.c. any mention of north korea during this hearing? >> well, that hearing was focused on cyber threats from china, russia and iran. but, yes, there was a mention of north korea. pennsylvania republican congressman patrick meehan suggested that north korea may have taken down some of south korea's computer systems as an act of defiance against new, united nations sanctions. >> another escalation in the tension between those two but a scene by many and i may be interested in the testimony of this distinguished panel to be
4:24 pm
in response to actions by the united nations and other civilized countries to reign in the iranian -- i mean the north korean nuclear capability. >> north korea has been threatening south korea's media for many months. in part because of south korea news reports criticizing the north for using children in festivals as political props. shep? >> shepard: any word at all from north korea on any of this? >> no. but north korea has stayed quiet in previous instances when south korea has come under cyber attack and blamed the north. but one south korean computer expert says all signs point north. lynn joan yin said it's got to be a hacking attack. such simultaneous shutdowns cannot be caused by technique k58 glitches. hacking attacks come from north korea. claim its computer systems were hacked days ago. its web sites went down and blamed the u.s. and south korea. south korea denied it and the u.s. military didn't
4:25 pm
comment. shep? >> shepard: molly henneberg in d.c. the number of kids diagnosed with autism has jumped and a lot. that's according to the government survey which found one in 50 school children has the disorder. that's up from a previous estimate of 1 in 88. federal health officials say the new number does not mean that autism is occurring more frequently but that doctors are apparently diagnosing it more often or somewhere in the middle. especially in kids with milder forms of the disorder. also worth noting here the new statistics comes from a phone survey. those surveys are not always as accurate as others. if this one is, it would mean that at least 1 million children have some form of you autism. such numbers do influence how officials spend limited public health dollars. privacy advocates are crying foul tonight after one of the nation's biggest pharmacies announced that all of its workers on company healthcare must tell what they weigh. or pay a penalty. the policy from cvs care chargy
4:26 pm
don't report the weight, fat, glucose levels and other data. patient rights or patient privacy rights tells the boston herald newspaper that the plan is incredibly coercive and invasive. in a statement,cvs claimed the health information from its workers would remain private, adding we want' to help our employees to be as healthy as they can be. wall street jumped again today after word from the federal reserve about interest rates. in the country that floated the idea of reaching into people's bank accounts and just taxing their savings now has a new plan. the details are ahead. plus, the lawmakers who pulled no punches and yanched-yanked on each other's hair. a man pops his trunk for the cops and a deer makes a run for it. it easier
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♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> shepard: it's bad here but not this bad. a brawal broke out. the country is deeply divided between the russian-speaking east and ukrainian speaking west. things got heated when a lawmaker with a ruling party gave a speech in russian are. afterwards, members of the opposition approached. there was pushing and shoving and then fists started flying. one politician even pulled another's hair. the chairman of parliament
4:31 pm
suspended the session for a day. three years ago a chair-throwing brawl sent six ukrainian lawmakers to the hospital. dramatic video as a man saves 2-year-old cpr in a supermarket. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. australia, the mother ran to a checkout line asking for help for her daughter who had stopped breathing. you can see a customer grab the girl. first he turned her upside down and tried the heimlich maneuver. when that failed the guy put the toddler on the counter and began mouth to mouth. the girl began breathing again after 90 seconds. she spent a night in the hospital with a fever. >> china. a tornado ripped through a southwest province killing several people and hurting more than 50 others. some 2,000 rescuers dug through debris for survivors. officials have evacuated villagers to shelters. brazil. a massive elephant seal
4:32 pm
wandered into a crosswalk and held up traffic near a beach resort in the south. the 10-foot long animal weighs more than half a ton. not much less than that car behind it. police and firefighters splashed the seal with water until it waddled back into the ocean. spain, a spokesman at a wax museum in the capital city of madrid said it could be the world's first bus of pope francis. it will become a wax work of the new pontiff in about 40 days. the sculpture previously made models of pope john paul the ii and benedict the xvith. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: so now we know a waddling seal can be a problem in traffic. now there is incredible video of a deer sticking it to a driver. that driver told safety officer in michigan that he struck the animal with his car and thought it was dead. so he planned to take it
4:33 pm
home for his family to eat. watch what happens when the officer opens the trunk. the deer busts out of there, landing backwards on the pavement before taking off into the woods. clearly that deer was not a dead deer. law enforcement in southern michigan say the deer was probably just stunned after the crash and who wouldn't be? i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and stay the course. that's the message from the fed chairman ben bernanke today. he says our economy is improving but it still needs help. so the fed will keep interest rates at record low levels and will keep buying $85 billion in bonds each month. stocks like that, the dow up 56 points. briefly hitting a new record. the nasdaq up 25. the s&p up 10. of course, investors the world over are still watching the tiny island nation of cyprus as it nears possible bankruptcy. banks there are closed for the rest of the week now. and lawmakers are working
4:34 pm
on a plan b after parliament rejected a proposal to tax people's savings accounts. the fox business network peter barnes is live in the newsroom in washington. how concerned is the fed about cyprus? >> well, shep, he said the feted is paying attention to it, monitoring cyprus carefully. he said that so far its problems don't appear to be spreading to the u.s. or other countries. and that's the big concern here that this could become a contagion and trigger another financial crisis. but, bernanke suggested cyprus is unique, that its banking system is unusually large, compared to the size of its economy, one of the smallest in europe. and he suggested investors don't appear too nervous as stocks closed higher today, shep. >> shepard: stocks on a roll, did bernanke comment on that at all? >> well, actually, i asked him about the recent bull run at his quarterly press conference today. given some of the head winds out there. >> i don't think it's all that surprising that stock market would rise.
4:35 pm
given that there has been increased optimism about the economy and the share of income going to profits has been very high. >> but, bernanke noted that adjusted for inflation and growth in the economy since the dow's previous highs back in 2007, stocks have actually not hit new all-time highs, shep. >> shepard: all right. peter barnes in washington. thank you. americans are apparently feeling a bit better about the country's finances as our leaders in washington battle over budget plans. that's according to a brand new fox news poll. 65% of registered voters say they are nervous about the economy. that's down from 70% in september of 2010. 28% say they are confident. that's up from 24%. nearly half of registered voters say those automatic spending cuts the white house and congress failed to prevent are a good thing. 37% say they don't like them. now it looks like lawmakers will manage to prevent a government shutdown next
4:36 pm
week. mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight. the senate passed a bill to keep the lights on for, what, a few more months? >> shep, that's correct. they voted 73 to 26 to keep the government up and running for march 27th through the end of september. certainly not the end of the fiscal fight here in washington. avoid the government shutdown a week from today. ahead of the final vote, the senate majority leader offered this final pitch. >> i commend speaker boehner for giving this bill to us at a time where we could do some constructive work on it. the house did their work on time. and we're going to do our work on time. >> now, the house passed the bill first. the senate made a few changes. it goes back to the house for final approval, but the house appropriations chair says all systems go for tomorrow, shep. >> shepard: all right. over in the house, a lot of budget votes over there. >> well, that's right. one more conservative than the one we have been talking about. several more liberals. they all failed. tomorrow, the house is due to vote on the paul ryan budget. that's gotten a whole lot of buzz. he made his final pitch
4:37 pm
tonight. >> we need to balance the budget. balancing the budget is necessary for a healthy economy, for creating jobs. for giving our kids a debt-free nation. that's why we do this. their budget, despite what they say, never ever balances. >> now, to be clear, the paul ryan budget nor the senate democrat budget will become the law of the land. they will both pass very different budgets, and it will be up to a conference committee to work out the differences, shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. the war in iraq began 10 years ago this week. we have been catching up with some the marines who led the ground invasion. just a few days later, they were fighting in the middle of a sandstorm outside baghdad. a couple of weeks after that they had toppled saddam hussein. and, well, we got some pictures. they were hanging out in one of the bombed out palaces. it would be more than 8 years before the final u.s. troops left iraq for good.
4:38 pm
as many wondered why we were there in the first place in a war that killed almost 47 american horses. wounded more than 30,000 others and officials estimate at very minimum 100,000 iraqis died. tonight, a front group group for al qaeda in iraq is claiming responsibility for more than a dozen attacks across the country that killed 65 people yesterday alone. 10 years to the day after former president george w. bush announced the invasion had begun. rick leventhal was along with the u.s. marines who fired the first shot a decade ago. he is live in our new york city newsroom. rick? >> shep, most of our time with the marines early on was in the back of an armored vehicle rolling through the desert sharing the cramped space with sergeant michael timmons. >> i have concord the world. >> timmons captured that flag from iraqi guard post a good natured kid who slept on the floor so we could have the bench seats of the vehicle. he dug fighting holes in the desert and taught us the art of mre's when he wasn't kicking in the door
4:39 pm
with m 16. he settled in texas where he worked as corrections officer with no special plans to mark this particular anniversary. >> do you look back? do you think about iraq? >> not so much anymore. i kind of look at it just as, you know, just as a part of my past. try not to dwell ton or think about anything. i just live my life as if, you know, it never really even happened. >> timmons says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder but still serves in the army national guard and choked up why i asked why he he has been in the military since high school? >> i joined because, you know, i felt a lot of pride in my country. and i felt that by join, i could give back, you know. to a country that's provided me so much, you know, the freedoms that i have and everything else. >> you still feel that pride? >> yeah.
4:40 pm
it's something that's not going to go away. >> he he says he doesn't regret going to iraq but, as you heard, he also says he lives his life like it never really happened. shep? >> shepard: rick leventhal in new york tonight. well, just a few weeks left to file your taxes or get an extension and the feds are warning folks to watch out for scams. they say scams are on the rise in a big way. plus, a defense expert's take on the woman who lied to everybody about killing her ex-boyfriend. everybody including him. and what jodi arias herself did in court today that suggests she has had enough. max and penny keptur bookstore
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4:44 pm
more than a million cases of tax i.d. fraud just last year. totaling billions of dollars. they say older residents are more vulnerable and that things are really bad in florida. officials report miami alone has 46 times more the rest of the country. the u.s. attorney for south florida calls it a tsunami of fraud. and the epicenter of a national trend. phil keating with more live from our south florida newsroom. why there? >> the government with fake returns just happens to be the fraud deyour down here made easier when they will pay it back on prepaid debit cards which are sold pretty much at any drugstore. the two miami cops are the latest fraudsters caught up in this crime accused of accessing government or healthcare data to mine for personal info. it is now the number one fraud in florida and number three fraud nationwide. >> what it shows you is that greed has no end. anyone who has ability to
4:45 pm
access anyone's personal identification number. anyone who has access to a laptop. that's all you need. it's very easy. >> once the irs deposits that money into one of these prepaid debit cards, thanks to efiling no paper trail which makes it difficult to catch these crooks. >> shepard: what are they doing about it, phil. >> arrests are up thanks to the treasury department task force. detecting bogus refund claims before the money is actually shelled out. for victims bike paul brightman burden of proving your return is the real one and not getting refund for many more months. best advice file your taxes early before the crooks do under your name. >> shepard: phil keating in south florida tonight. in order to analyze jodi arias the woman on trial for killing ex-boyfriend. defense psychologist first had to sort through all of her lies. that expert witness
4:46 pm
testified he diagnosed arias with amnesia and post-traumatic stress disorder. ptsd. that may explain why she can't remember parts of the killing. jody diarias says she shout her exguy boy friend. stabbing him 27 times and soliciting his throat. that's the part that somehow she just can't remember. under cross-examination the psychologist admitted this week that jody -- jodi hair yas -- arias. the prosecutor didn't buy that. >> it's possible that the trauma she was referring to was actually due to the killing. but because of the story she constructed she had to attribute it, rather, to this made-up story. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no, i don't. i'm speculating. >> right. made it up right now. speculating. >> no. >> objection. made up. >> overruled. >> clinical judgment.
4:47 pm
>> >> sir, you just used the word speck a little. didn't you? >> >> okay, i used the word. >> sure. >> sure did. she had her fill of the grilling. look at her she rolled her eyes right in front of the jury. today the defense had another chance to make its case that even though jodi arias did shoot her ex, she is not guilty of murder. adam housley is in our newsroom this afternoon. psychologists is still trying to stand by his claims of post-traumatic stress disorder. >> they are trying to do what they can to repatch his story basically. the prosecutor really made serious holes in his story over the course of the couple days on the stand. today the defense did their best to patch those. including at one point where he admitted she lied to him of course during his tests but he believes she could have elm bell lished even more meaning his test was still valid. take a listen. >> now, if somebody wanted to make things seem worse for themselves like they
4:48 pm
have had bad things happen to them in the past, could somebody on this particular test answer yes to any one of these questions? >> yes, they could, and their scores would go up accordingly. >> a much easier day on the stand for dr. samuel today shepard as he was with the defense team for most of the day. shep? >> shepard: what's the thinking on whether he is actually helping this defense team? >> you know, we're going to have a good idea tomorrow that's because when the jurors will get the questions again. you remember that a couple days and a trial ago when the jodi arias was questioned by the jury. same thing with this defense witness. he will be questioned by the jury tomorrow. both attorneys will have a chance to try to patch up their story and their side of this case. it's going to be really interesting to see if the jury buys his story. because the prosecutor as we have seen had made some serious headway poking holes through the his test and through the his testimony, shepard. >> shepard: in a case that's set to last until next month. thanks very much, adam housley in l.a. >> absolutely. >> shepard: we are learning one government agency could
4:49 pm
soon get out of the business of droning terrorist suspects abroad. it comes as lawmakers took a very close look at the future of drones right here in the united states. wait until you see this. plus, big changes could be on the way for a late night legend. you have heard the report that tonight show could leave california for good and that guy may be gone. and jay leno, don't mess with the boss, jay. hang on. the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got . that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. all the things we love
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4:52 pm
>> the pentagon could soon take over the droning of most terrorist suspects overseas. that's what officials are telling fox news now. right now both the defense department and the cia have drone program but the experts say the transfer could mean tougher standards for missile strikes because the two agencies operate under
4:53 pm
different guidelines. the white house has ruled out droning american terrorist suspects in his country but there are lots of unarmed spy planes there that are keeping tabs on us. some of them are tiny. catherine herridge in d.c. little bitty things. >> well, they are, shep. privacy advocates say the mini drones will be eclipsed over the use of drones smaller than your finger tip and government research projects to harness what are called microdrones reported to be like flying spies for the u.s. military. >> drones now the size of a humming bird being developed and drones even smaller the technology sin creasing at an exponentially rapid rate. >> and the next chapter may bring the convergence of web facial recognition data from drones. >> what possible misuse could this be put to. >> you can keep a full picture of what happens to an individual throughout the day not only in their public life but on their
4:54 pm
online transactions. can you connect those kind of two separate worlds once you start deploying facial recognition information. >> in today's take aways is that the law nowhere on the issue. the case everyone sites is from the supreme court in 1986 whether california cops could use plane surveillance to spy on a guy's pot plants in his backyard, shep. >> shepard: got to keep an eye on those. some say these mini drones come in kind of handy though. >> the benefits range from tracking forest fires to reconstructing crime scenes and finding missing children for as low as 25 bucks an hour. >> as opposed to the manned $250 to thousands of dollars an hour. actually just cost 1 cent to charge the battery that we use inside our system. >> lawmakers are also told the f.a.a. now bans the commercial use of drones and with that ban set to be relaxed in 2015, drone advocates say the time the technology should be embraced. >> i think this technology is deeply transformative and i think that the -- i
4:55 pm
think basically flying smart phones. >> the f.a.a. is now projecting more than 10,000 licensed drone operating systems. noncommercial systems by 2017, shep. >> shepard: all right. catherine herridge in d.c. catherine, thanks. the former south carolina governor mark sanford is a step closer to a political come back. four years ago he admitted he -- well, he flew off to see his mistress in argentina after claiming he he was hiking the appalachian trail. he was married at the time. he is now engaged to the woman he calls his soul mate. last night he won the republican primary in south korea -- south carolina for special election in open seat in the house. he didn't break the 50% mark so he faces a runoff next month. the winner of that contest will face off in may against the winner of the democratic primary elizabeth colbert bush. she pronounces it colbert which her very famous brother used to before he went by stephen colbert and, by the way, governor
4:56 pm
sanford was of course at one point after gun governor and before all of this brief lay fox news contributes tore. a plan is in the works it appears to bring nbc tonight show back to new york city. and leno is apparently out. jimmie fallon is to be the host. that's according to the reporting of the "new york times." the newspaper reports that a source says jimmie fallon could take over next year when the current host, jay leno's contract is up. of course, leno hosts the show in california where johnny carson moved it back in 1972. the program originally started here in new york city in 1954 with steve allen hosting. three years ago a big tonight show shakeup caused a nightmare when jay leno and conan o'brien took over. and leno eventually took back the job. you remember all of that. in his recent monologues leno has been bashing nbc weak prime time ratings. network executives have reportedly asked him to tone it down. a lot of talk lately about red lines over syria and iran. today, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
4:57 pm
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