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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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ri o', you get a free mug. and i'm spending my spring break from defiance college working with compassion international down here, way to go, robert, what a nice thing to do. and mary, birmingham, alabama, bill, you and charles missed a big point tonight. many americans under the the age 35 are now watching the news on the net. we are well aware of that, mary. but let the buyer beware. if you just watch clips on the net, you often miss the context of what is actually being said. it's best to watch the factor in its entirety so you know what's going on. to really distort the news by clips, and they do it all the time on the internet. i see it every day. all right. finally tonight the factor tip of the day, because i cannot cook, today i screwed up toast, i swear to god i screwed tuit up. i couldn't get the toast out
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o' name and town if you wish to opine. make sure your letter is not p prolix. i'm bill o'reilly, remember, the spin stops here and we're definitely looking out for you. you. >> . >> welcome to "hannity" tonight. tonight, tensions around the world are running high as questions linger about the alleged chemical attack in syria. and in korea, the north a cyber attack against the south and iran is closer to obtaining a nuclear bomb than ever before. with all of this mind, i think it's safe to say president barack obama would pose the following question he may answer it slightly different today. >> what have you accomplished? >> well, a couple of key things, i think that we've
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restored america's standing in the world. that's confirmed by polls. >> sean: the president may want to check the polls again, in the three plus years that have passed since he made that statement, america' standing has diminished. why? because he's been interested in playing golf with tiger, palling around with jay-z and beyonce and now four years of his presidency we're able to report for the first time our commander-in-chief has finally stepped foot in israel. welcome, mr. president. earlier today the president met face-to-face with both israeli president shimone peres and benjamin bb netanyahu and took questions from his friends in the lame stream media and did not have an explanation why he's done nothing to promote peace in the middle east. >> meeting none of these challenges will be easy, ultimately it's a hard problem. it is a hard to work through
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all of these issues, 'cause it's hard. precisely because it's hard. >> sean: there you have it. your nobel peace prize winner in action. wow, what amazing stuff. also tonight, stunning images of civil unrest in the west bank are making the rounds. these protests were staged in anticipation of the anointed one's arrival, the burning of american flags and burning of images of obama himself. more evidence that the anointed one has failed to make good on his promise that he would restore america's standing in the world. joining me tonight with analysis, former florida congressman colonel allen west along with radio talk show host and be fox news contributor, leslie marshall welcome back to the program. and leslie, suck up america's arrogant apology tour, it blows up in his face. things have gotten dramatically worse. the world doesn't have respect for us. he has screwed over israel again and again and leaves bb in the white house, says we'll
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go back to 67 borders. his conversation with sarkozy, i've got to deal with this guy all the time. how would you like to deal with him every week? and he has failed in foreign policy. what's the point of this whole thing? what's the point of this exercise? 'cause we know his real feelings. >> well, i certainly don't. look it, the president or foreign policy or our position with regard to the world and the way the world views us in the same way you do, sean, that's not going to be a big surprise, first of all, the palestinian-- >> suck up to the muslim world work? and he's-- >> i don't feel he did, i don't feel he did. >> sean: oh, stop, please. >> and i feel those were highlights that were distracting and we' are trivializing these issues. every president had problems besides bill clinton because israel does not want to establish a two-state solution and that's the--
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>> and he said he was going to fix this and he wasn't able to. saying america was arrogant in cairo didn't work, did it, colonel west? >> well, sean, let's start with andrea mitchell over at msnbc, said this is the worst relationship she's seen and she's been covering since ronald reagan. and the first interview was al-arabi al-arabiya. and in cairo talked about a new beginning between the united states and muslim world. i think we've seen pan out a muslim brotherhood government in control and we misread the arab spring and the muslim brotherhood said they wouldn't run someone for president and they did. we've seen hamas stronger as well as hezbollah, islamic jihad. and we've seen incredibly unstable situation in syria. when i was there on a congressional visit and we sat
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down with president netanyahu, one thing he asked, he was concerned about iran and the dominance and occurred and we have the iranian guard in syria. and their march toward having the nuclear device so they can have dominance. >> sean: that's all true and it's gotten worse, leslie, after the suck up to the world apology tour. and king be abdullah, jordan, says it's naive, that the muslim brotherhood are wolves in sheep's clothing, risky for him. and this president is giving 1.5 billion dollars, and f-16 jets and tanks it a guy that views the israelis as the descendents of apes and pigs. do you think that's a good foreign policy, leslie marshall? >> i don't think it's a good foreign policy to pretty much
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be-- is that a good policy. >> i'm answering, as to how we establish borders and whether we have further settlements in the west bank. >> sean: leslie, leslie, stop with the spin. i don't want to hear it. >> sean, i'm not giving you the spin. >> sean: i want an answer, is it a good policy. and wait a minute. is it good policy-- >> medical supplies and food, do you want them medical supplies and food for-- >> leslie you've got to answer my question. >> i am. >> sean: is it a good policy to give 1.5 billion taxpayers dollars to give f-16 jets, tanks, to the muslim brotherhood, whose press views israelis as descendent of apes and pigs. >> i don't think that we can look at what one person's prejudicial opinion of the masses are. when we want them to be free and freely elect and we're not happy--
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>> and so we're going to give them-- >> we're not happy with the palestinian's decision to elect hamas, but we want those people to have freedom and them to decide. >> we're giving terrorists money. colonel west, why would we give terrorists money? >> well, i don't think we should be giving terrorists money. i think that that is going back to a chamberlain type of foreign policy appeasement. and originally whsecretary of state kerry went to egypt, wanted to meet with him and he refused to and it was not covered, you had protests in the united states of america, in egypt for supporting terrorists and the same in the west bank, leslie referred to, they're defacing pictures of president obama, throwing shoes at it and believe that the supposed to be quote, unquote insinuated in cairo have been turned back again.
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and when you talk about a two-state solution, you have to have a willing peace partner on the other side and not just that there's not really a two-state. you're talking potentially three-state solution because hamas and gaza strip are totally different than fatah and the west bank. >> sean: and leslie, let me ask you a question, why should the israelis, why should they trust barack obama, who snubbed just beyond the pale snubbed bb netanyahu in the white house, that claimed they should go back to '67 border, we promised israel we would never ask them to do that. obama did it and then on top of that, sarkozy says that bb is a liar and oh, i've got to deal with him every week. why would bb netanyahu ever trust this man, the israelis, because i wouldn't if i were them. >> it's not about trust, it's about business. a, if you want to keep the checks flowing.
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b, you're an ally, and sarkozy was not elected in-- >> what does that have to do with something. >> they agree that iran will not have a nuclear bomb for at least another year. >> sean: and if they want the check flowing and-- >> remember the camp david accord and apologize for saying that israelis are descendents of apes and pigs, that would be a good start, right. >> the egyptians say they don't want the money. >> sean: they do-- by the american taxpayers, we can't afford to keep the white house open, but we're funding the terrorist terrorist, the former head of the muslim brotherhood. beam me up, scotty. >> and most of the people in the white house are volunteers. >> sean: there's no intelligent life in the white house, period, end of sentence. >> right, right, right. >> sean: there isn't, that's stupid to give them money is idiotic. all right, got to go. good to see you. and also coming up tonight-- >> it's just not appropriate,
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mr. president to have to have our military camp train and-- >> a shameless disflay on the floor of the state. dirty harry reid blames the death of seven marines who were killed during a training exercise during what, the sequester, and comments after the break. and this facebook photo caused new jersey state authorities to raid the home of a law abiding, gun owning citizens and you'll hear directly from the father of this child, they threatened to take this child out of the home. he's not happy and neither is mich
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>> all right. if you thought it was only president barack obama who mastered the art of sequester scare tactics and apocalypse, i've got news for you, he's not alone. somehow senator majority leader harry reid taken it to a new low level. a shameful display on the floor of the u.s. senate when the top democrat on capitol hill took it upon himself to imply the tragic accident that took the lives of seven marines in nevada on monday happened because of the sequester. if case you missed senator reid's incredibly insensitive, stupid, idiotic state. well, here it is. >> mr. president, late last night seven of our marines were called in hawthorne and
9:17 pm
many others were injured in that explosion during a training exercise here the ammunition depot. it's important we keep training our military. but one of the things of the sequester is we cut back in training and maintenance that's the way the sequester was written, it's just not appropriate, mr. president that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary. these men and women, our marines were tra hawthorne and with the sequester, it's going to cut the stuff back. >> sean: all right. almost immediately following reid's ridiculous comments reaction began to pour in, including from top marine corps officials who accused the senior nevada senator of political posturing on the backs of dead marines, as issue when a democrat caught saying something dumb and stupid they accuse everyone of taking them out of context and
9:18 pm
that's pretty much more or less what a spokesman for harry reid said yesterday afternoon. said, quote, the idea that senator reid thinks the hawthorne tragedy has anything to do with the sequester is absurd and unsubstantiated. and the marines would not be able to operate under conditions because of budget cuts. he's implying that maintenance was not done because of the sequester, oh, really? john sununu, i'm fed up with slander, and this is a guy, part of the campaign, a source told me mitt romney has not paid taxes for ten years, he's got a record of this slander and these lies. >> happy wednesday, sean. look, this is a majority leader in the senate that's gotten caught lying many times and when the marine corps says that what he is saying is
9:19 pm
unsubstantiated, they're saying he's lying again. harry reid has made a habit of being dishonest on the floor of the senate and what he is trying to do is just cover the president's butt on sequester. the president himself started to cover his own butt by playing such silly games as shutting the white house tours down. this is just another version of that. remember, donald trump offered to pay for all those white house tours. >> sean: whoa, whoa, whoa. >> and the president didn't take him up on it. >> sean: and wait a minute, i offered to pay for a week after eric biology golling got start started. by the way, it's off the table, i pay enough in taxes. >> you and bill maher. >> sean: yeah, he's even sick of paying taxes and california democrats are losing him. gee, time to wake up, bill. but here is my point: these democrats get away with
9:20 pm
this slander, this nonstop libel, this constant demonization. where is the president's civilian now. the president lectures civility only when it benefits. >> the press lets him get away with him. but the worst thing that he does that they let the president get away with is the lack of leadership. there is no leadership on the main issues facing america today in terms of the economy, coming out of the white house, because leadership on tough issues requires the president to take political risk, and he won't do it. and this is a guy who will say anything that is appropriate to the group in the room. and that's exactly what he's doing in israel today. he's saying what's appropriate to the group in the room. >> i know bb netanyahu pretty well. he blurbed by first back in
9:21 pm
2002. he's he a strong leader and thank god at least there was one adult in the room and one adult that understands the nature of the battle, the conflict between good and evil in our time. bb, there's no way he does not see through this president's bs. do you agree with me? he knows where obama's coming from. i think he knows full well he can't trust him. >> look, sometimes -- sometimes folks we don't completely agree with at least go about things in a constructive way. bill clinton went about trying to deal with the middle east question in a way that really began to make some progress, that was a balanced perspective. it was something that began -- that certainly looked like he understood the nuances that were important to both sides. this president is clumsy. he says one thing on monday, changes his mind on tuesday, and says a different things on
9:22 pm
wednesday. and he doesn't understand that what that does is create a lack of trust. in foreign policies, the one thing i learned working with george herbert walker bush is it's one thing for people to trust america and have a feeling that america will be there in dealing with the national security issues. on both counts, this president obama has lost. people do not trust president obama and they are not sure that america will be there on national security. >> sean: listen, i'll be honest, i don't trust him. he's so dishonest in the way he plays politics, he's he a demagogue, he lies with abandon and the media couldn't call him out on it. i don't trust him, i don't believe what he says. i think he's phony. >> and picky, picky, picky. >> sean: i know. happy wednesday back at you. >> you're right, nobody trusts this man. >> sean: i don't trust him. i mean, if i'm bb, no way would i trust him. you go through the -- you go
9:23 pm
through whatever the motions you have to go through. it would be better if he had a strong ally, especially if they're going to have to take out iran's nukes within a year. they need a team, if not, israel will have to go alone sadly. >> the president has to understand he has to build trust at home, he has to lead, he has to build trust around the world. he has to take some political risk instead of just political demagoguery. >> sean: he's incapable of it. he's rigid, radical all the time. never stops. governor good to see you, thank you. >> well, he has a strange agenda that pretty soon even his own friends are going to begin to understand is designed around an obama legacy, not preventing problems for america and the world. >> sean: let's see what the senate democrats up for reelection in 2014 in these red states, let's see how long they stay by his side. appreciate you being with us. >> it's an interesting election cycle as democrats looking for support from the white house discover that the
9:24 pm
white house is only concerned about the man in the white house. >> sean: john sununu, thanks for being with us. coming up next, police, child services in the state of new jersey raid the home of a law abiding gun owner after he posted this photo on facebook, now, they even threatened to take the kid out of the home. the father is fired up and you'll hear from him and instant analysis, michelle malkin is here tonight. and we'll examine the d.c. wasteland, and despite the sequester, mountains of your tax dollars misused. a hint, did you know you're paying a study how to prevent conflict between human beings and elephants? and you're paying a lot for that. that. dana l l l l l what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant...
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>> the assault on law abiding gun owners has now come to the state of of new jersey. this after police in the garden state and officials from the child welfare knock on the door of shawn moore and all because of this photo of his 11-year-old son, who by the way has a hunting license and posted on facebook. earlier today they went on fox and friend and recounted what happened when authorities showed up at their front door. watch this. >> and they wanted to go through the house and make sure guns were not available to kids and once they went
9:29 pm
through the house they wanted to get into my safe and they want today run the serial numbers on my firearms and make sure they were all registered to me. and catalog them. >> what did you think of that plan? >> i think it's totally in illegal. in new jersey you don't have to register your firearms. i didn't commit a crime and they admitted it was a false claim and no reason to go into the safe for my firearms. >> and the child services threatened to take my kids if we didn't do that and asking me if i had anything to hide. if i didn't why wouldn't i open the safe and they kept telling me they were going to come back with a warrant and i told them go ahead, and after about probably about an hour of them arguing with me they eventually packed up their stuff and left. >> sean: pretty unbelievable. fox news reached out to the department of children and families and they would not respond to the story. and michelle malkin is back with us, does the word illegal
9:30 pm
search and seizure come into play here? somebody reports them? i guess we have what, people telling on each other they see a picture on facebook, they go in aggressively demand entry, aggressively demand access to somebody's private property? your reaction? >> yeah, it's chilling. i grew up in new jersey and i'm not surprised to see this kind of zealous jack-boot overreach by child welfare officials. and remember that in this case, the blame doesn't go to the police officers who were merely responding the way that they had to. it is the department of the children and family formerly known as difus has to be under scrutiny and basically questions why there are no sanctions or punishment for people who call in anonymously and then falsely accuse people of child abuse. the problem with so many of these kinds of child welfare departments all across the country, and you can hear stories, horror stories from families across the country,
9:31 pm
is that these government officials who spend millions and millions and billions of dollars in the name of protecting and saving children and family, manufacture child abuse when it doesn't exist and that failed to do anything about it and stop it when it's blindingly right in front of their faces. >> if i was them, i would sue the state of new jersey. i'd absolutely. they had no right to threaten to take that boy away. and the kid has a hunting license. that was a .22 caliber weapon, you know, just a couple of grades up from a high powered pellet rifle, for crying out loud. >> yes. >> sean: they did not respect the constitutional rights of this family, period. they were out of bounds. >> that's right, and there's a context, post newtown hysteria going on here. last week, there was a story broken by harriet baldwin of the examiner about another mom in new jersey who had her guns
9:32 pm
confiscated from her simply standing up at a tax forum and expressi expressing her political views. the bigotry and witch hunt against gun owners and particularly gun owners who are parents is something happening across the country. it's it's very chilling. now what, sean, the mockery of activists across the country, by the left, by hollywood, the white house, the democrats, those people fearing confiscation in the wake of all of these gun control schemes really is telling because at the same time that they're laughing at them, they are squashing their parental and second amendment rights. >> sean: and there was some good news yesterday and that is harry reid announced that dianne feinstein's bill to this gun grab of hers is not going to go forward in the u.s. senate. very angry dianne feinstein reacting. let's roll the tape. >> this is very important to me and i'm not going to lay,
9:33 pm
lay down and play dead. i think the american people have said in every single public poll that they support this kind of legislation and they aim to protect children, to protect schools and it's aimed to dry up the supply of these over time and it came out on a 10-8 vote of the judiciary committee. not to give me a vote on this would be a major betrayal of trust. >> sean: dry up over time is the key word, which by the way, michelle, is very different. if dianne feinstein needs protection, high mighty elitist senator, listen to thfrj this. >> i know the sense of helplessness that people feel. i know the urge to arm yourself because that's what i did. waist trained in firearms, i'd walk to the hospital when my
9:34 pm
husband was sick, i carried a concealed weapon. i made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, i was going to take them with me. >> sean: oh, a little different tone. of course, the elites they deserve the right to keep and bear arms, but not we, the people. we get to eat cake and stuck with a steak knife to defend ourselves. >> right, or in colorado, women who fear rape are advised to of course, just use a whistle or rely on broken call boxes or bodily fluids, assault body fluids. look, for dianne feinstein and elites like her, arms for we, but not for thee and now she's whining about the fact that even harry reid understands political realities when it comes to overreaching on these gun grabs, progressive, ineffective schemes. >> sean: michelle malkin, always good to see you, thank
9:35 pm
you. >> you bet. >> sean: coming up next, a "hannity" shootout and special investigation into the d.c. wasteland. we're going to layout some of the insane ways your representatives are wasting your hard earned money including the study on the private parts of ducks. i don't make this up and the architect karl rove says why the president found time to fill out the ncaa bracket, but missed the budget he was supposed to do for the fourth time in five years. you can join our companion site site on twitter it's today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? w's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site.
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advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> all right. so while the obama administration and liberal allies continue to pretend they're losing sleep over the apocalyptic sequester that's
9:40 pm
going to ruin your life ap the country. the federal government continues to waste your hard earned tax dollars every day on outrageous and completely unnecessary programs. according to cns news the government has spent 3.8 million tax dollars in 2011, 2012 on a study aiming to decrease elephant-human conflict. and the study about the genitalia of ducks, i didn't make that up. and the list goes on. according to senator tom coburn's office more than $600,000 federal dollars on a wine tasting trip, and another $700,000 on music trails in north carolina, and $300,000 on elvis presley music cruise along the augusta canal, and more than $600,000 to ukrainian easter egg workshop, whatever the hell that is. they can't open the white house for children, but they can justify all of this
9:41 pm
garbage? and joining me dana lash is with us. and democratic strategist penny lee is here as well. penny lee, he said we can't open the white house, the president says we can't afford to pay for it, i'd love to play golf with tiger woods, $180,000 an hour, air force one, but we're paying for this crap? help me out. >> as they say, the old saying goes, all politics is local. this is what you're seeing is exactly what happens often times when the congressmen write these bills. all of them need to put their little thing here, little dollar there and dollar there and you're right after that it adds up to millions of dollars wasted on such crazy projects as the ones that you just highlighted. so, you saw it on the floor last week, or earlier this week with jerry moran. everybody talks a big game wanting to cut, cut, cut. but then when it becomes local and affects people in their own districts, jerry moran, republican senator from kansas held up the continuing
9:42 pm
resolution bill because he want today make sure that. >> sean: baloney, baloney. >> air traffic contollers-- >> it's not happening, they're not doing it and if you look at the latest estimates of the senate democratic budget, dana, is going to add 50 grand in debt to every household in this country and we're giving 3.8 million dollars for the african elephant conservation grant. help me out. >> yes, to teach humans something about decreasing human and elephant conflict. here is an idea, just move, get out of the way. now, i completely agree with you, as far as the congressmen adding that pork into pieces of legislation that they've proposed, this is something that's interesting and no one in the media outside of this network actually discussed is that the house was discussing a proposal to give the president the power of the purse, so to speak, and that he could decide where he wanted to cut, if he really did want to avoid his plan of sequestration, which he came up with a couple of years ago and the democrats supported and passed, if he really wanted to avoid the sequestration cuts decide what
9:43 pm
you want to keep and what you don't want to keep. what do you want to spend money on and think is wasteful. he said he'd veto it. i don't understand, democrats when they win, they feel like they lose. and-- >> what happened, penny, i'm going line by line over the budget. >> and the president, he does not have that power. he does not have the veto power, that was not a-- >> wait a minute, for all the capital using saying we're social darwinists on the right that wand to stab granny, beat her, shoot her in the head and throw her over the cliff maybe he can spend less political capital and say hey, we're not going to give hundreds of thousands to yale for the study of the sexual conflict, social behavior and evolution of water fowl genitalia. hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> there are two equality bodies-- this is a president who wanted to ban earmarks, the same kind of pork that you're talking
9:44 pm
about. >> obamacare is one big earmark. >> and the congressmen put these things in there. >> sean: dana. >> this is not the president. >> sean: go ahead, dana. >> obamacare is one big giant earmark so i don't believe that he didn't want earmarks. it's earmarks that got obamacare passed. >> he threaten to veto any attempt. november 21st, 2011 i will veto any attempt to reduce the spending cuts. this is what they wanted. they got what they wanted. and republicans were even going to get the white house and congressional democrats the opportunity to decide what they wanted to cut and what they wanted to save and sean, even then they refused. >> sean: this is a good point, dana, i -- i don't know the barber shops, we've got to subsidize the senate getting their hair cut and do we have
9:45 pm
to know about the duck again taila? >> no, this is what we want to get rid of. >> sean: there are so many billions that are poured down the sewer just like the 787 billion dollar stimulus debacle. >> it's at the margins until we deal with entitlement reforms, let's be honest. >> sean: how about we get a new president and a new senate. that would be a start. dana lash, i got it down pat. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: and coming up next, president obama took time out of his busy schedule to fill out march madness brackets. he continues to break the law, he has yet to submit his >> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ for your first day? yeah. ♪
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>> all right. the misplaced priorities of our celebrity president were on full display yet again, even though the obama administration for the fourth time in five years, they missed the deadline for submitting a budget. our commander-in-chief somehow managed to get, well, this done in time. watch this. >> who gets to the title game? >> i'm going louisville. i know it's not a surprise pick, and i'm going with indiana. these are the two best teams right now and for the championship i'm going back to
9:50 pm
the big ten, i think it's indiana this year. >> sean: wow, everybody is picking louisville and indiana and sorry, louisville would win that. and joining me the architect, karl rove. >> and i think that indiana is going to win, i'm a friend of the coach of indiana and got to speak to the squad this fall. >> sean: with your inspiration how could they possibly lose. >> exactly, robert gibbs and i spoke to them together. >> sean: robert gibbs, my good friend. all right, senate democratic budget is going to add 50 grand in debt to every american family, karl, that's not a budget. >> no, no, well, it's a budget, but it's a budget of the democrats. in fact, sean, this might be really illuminating. if you take a look at the senate democrat budget, this year they want to spend 184 billion dollars more than the republicans proposed. next year, 348 billion dollars more than the republicans.
9:51 pm
and this year, they want to raise taxes by 20 billion dollars through the republican budget, doesn't raise taxes. next year they want to raise the taxes by 40 billion dollars, again, the republican budget doesn't raise taxes and then on the deficit this year, the democrat deficit would be 164 billion dollars bigger than the republican deficit. and next year, 308 billion dollars, just to give you a sense of it, by 2015 the republican deficit would be down to 125 billion and the democrat deficit 433 billion. there's a big indication of the difference between the parties when you look at the budgets of the budget blueprints of the republicans in the house and the democrats in senate and republicans want to restrain spending and democrats want to continue to blow up the budget and eventually, over the decade add 1 trillion dollars of new taxes. >> sean: yeah, so 1 trillion in new taxes over ten years, a trillion dollars, this is like they know no other way, all right? that's point one, but yet, they still will give us almost trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see
9:52 pm
throughout the entire ten-year period. here is the big issue though, i want to see obamacare repealed, but it's not going to happen through paul ryan's budget plan. the republicans, if they want that to happen, to get ryan's plan through, they're going to have to during one of the cr's or debt ceiling debates, they are going to have to shut the government down. we still take in 2.7 trillion, will pay for medicare, social security, will pay off our debt, the full faith and credit of the united states, but isn't that the only way that ryan's budget gets done? >> no, no, not at all. ryan's budget, you know, we're going to have a series of sequential battles. what's going to happen is the democrats in the senate are going to ultimately pass some kind of a budget resolution. i doubt it's going to be like this one. republicans in the the house are going to pass the budget committee resolution and these set levels for all of the appropriations committee
9:53 pm
allowing for protection and that is to say you can have expedited consideration of appropriations bills that fall under that level. the republicans are going to pass bills that have spending lower than the democrats. the democrats are going to have bills, they're higher than the republicans and then we're going to fight it out bill by bill by bill by bill through the balance of the year and see a clear difference between republicans and democrats with republicans saying no tax increases, less spending, restrained government and democrats saying oh, let's keep spending like there's no tomorrow. >> sean: but the ryan budget is predicated on repealing obamacare. >> not necessarily immediately because remember, right now we're not spending a lot of money. we start to spend money next year and the year after. >> sean: 2014. >> and 2014 and 2016 is when we begin to spend money. but of the 1 trillion, 55 billion dollar cost to the bill. we spend over 85% of it, probably closer to 90% of it 2016, 17, 18, 19, i think by that time it's going to be such a disaster, there's going
9:54 pm
to be great enthusiasm for that ing obamacare. suggested that 45% of the american people wanted to repeal obamacare, 34% thereabouts wanted to implement it as written and the rest were up in the air and that's not a good place to be for a domestic issue. >> sean: i didn't get that out of the ryan budget as i read over it and interviewed him now twice about it and as i understood it, his budget to balance ten years was predicated on the repeal of obamacare. he didn't say in 2016. i assumed it's now pass the bill. >> it's predicated upon repeal, but again, most, i don't know whether it's 2013, 2014, 2015, but it's predicated on repealing it before we blow all of this money out which we'll do in 2016. >> sean: it seems to me. i think it's a winnable argument and maybe i'm alone in my thinking or maybe out there. you can tell me where i'm wrong. but i think the country, especially as they get more
9:55 pm
into obamacare and hospitals and insurance policies, everything now is going up. we're beginning to see the consequences before our eyes. and what would be so bad republicans saying, no, we're not going to fund it. if you want to shut the government down, we'll have 2.7 trillion to pay social security, medicare, essential services, the military and our debt service. why not? >> yeah, well, look, i believe that we ought to continue to fight against obamacare and put democrats on record as supporting it and republicans on record as wanting to he repeal it and replace it. we need to flesh out what we would do to replace it. but, look, we've got to be careful looking like we just want to shut down the government because we control the house of representatives, but not the senate and not the white house, but we want to have our way. you know, this is not necessarily going to put us in the best light, but i am for continuing to fight it and i'm for cutting off funding wherever we can find it. look on things like the independent payment advisory
9:56 pm
board we may have a bipartisan majority in the senate that's willing to cut off that, the same with the tax increase on medical devices. >> sean: we've got to go. >> sean: we've got to go. when we all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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