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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. >> all right. it was a showdown on capitol hill when south carolina congressman gowdy slammed the ice director for the release of thousands of immigrants after the obama administration eagerly blamed the release of detainees included aggravated felons and repeat dui offenders on the sequester apocalypse, it's about time someone had the courage to question the recklessness, the stupidity of this decision. watch this. >> the release of aggravated felons does not rise to the level of something that the secretary of the department of homeland security should know about, what does rise to the level? if you release thousands of people every day? >> we release thousands of
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people every month. we operate in the system that we had 4 hundred and-- >> you don't blame it on sequestration? dui would be a misdemeanor, right. dui first offense? how about second offense. >> depends on state law. >> how about the states where you relle? did you release any recidivist drunk drivers? >> yes. >> how many? >> i don't have the exact number, but we have released many individuals who had dui offenses. >> repeat offender dui. >> repeat defender dui. >> and request reschedule to move moan around. the nation that you didn't want to rob peter to pay paul. you could have done that. you could have found $600 so they're not released. >> sean: amen. that's what we need, more people standing town the administration and holding
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them accountable for the dangerous, idiotic. asinine, dumb, and that's all the time we have, let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren is standing by to go on the record. greta, take it away. >> greta: tonight, presidential priorities, basketball or budget? >> i bet you he spends more time filling out his march madness brackets than he does writing a budget. >> i think we can do better. >> and it'd be nice to see it on march the 4th only a month late. >> and this is a tough one. >> we're still waiting on a budget from the president, though i suspect we'll see a march madness bracket from him before we see a budget. >> syracuse, good match, but i like syracuse, biden told me if i didn't pick them he wouldn't talk to me.
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>> the president will be putting forward a budget in the next several weeks. >> when. >> probably the week of april 8th. >> it is beyond tardy. >> somebody's going to come through. >> the president's got more time to do his final four picks and yet still hasn't made the deadline, 45 days late, to submit his budget. >> i'm going back to the big ten. i think it's indiana this year. >> the president being late on his budget is kind of like issuing your final four pick about april. >> greta: here is a question for you. how does president obama manage to get the basketball brackets done on time every year, but miss the budget deadline by law? and joining us senator. >> i think his basketball picks are good news stories and his budget is is a lousy news story for him and so he's trying to do a good news story. >> if he can find time to do the brackets on the basketball. >> it's good pr to show i'm a real human being. do you realize he's never received one vote for the previous budgets.
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if he can pick one winner right in the brackets, he's trumped and what he's able to do on his own budget. why he's doing this? it's a good soft news story. his budget is going to be met with no support for democrats and republicans. >> greta: he said things come up and that's why he missed the february 4th deadline and the march deadline and the things come up, also come up for the the house and senate. both the house and senate managed to come up with a budget. >> the president of the united states has never seen one vote in the congress for the budget. and if i'm the president, i'd say why can't we got one vote? and that's how serious he's taking it from the budget point of view. how disappointed would you be if you produced a budget and couldn't get one vote for it. and senator coburn with the white house tours, and bring them back. >> it's probably going to file 13, clearly they're trying to
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exaggerate the sequestration, but on the military it's real. there are games being played to make it harder than it is, but from a military point of view it's devastating. >> greta: we'll have more on senator lindsey graham, but first, what do you think about president obama getting his brackets done, but not his budget for us. are you outraged or it's not a big deal? go to greta wear and tell us. we're joined by former mayor rudy guiliani. mayor, do you think that the president has his parties mixed up. we know who the president thinks will win the basketball tournament, but we're waiting for the guidance on the budget. what do you think. >> i have he no problem with the president doing the brackets, he's entitled to have fun. but usually look at it, you have fun after you do your work. he hasn't done it in years. he hasn't done a budget that's serious. and as lindsey pointed out, couldn't get a democrat to vote for one of his budgets.
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we're in a serious problem. we spend a lot more money than we have every year, less than a trillion dollars this year, trillion dollars more last year, and as far as the eye can see we're going to be spending almost a trillion dollars more than we have. this is a disaster for our children. and someone has to speak up for them. they're going to have to pay these bills as this president's-- as this president tells us we don't have a deficit problem. >> greta: i don't get in. the pr, look, he's not going to sit down every night and do the budget himself, he outsources to his staff, but you've got the house and the senate had the same hurdles he did, whether it's a continuing resolution or sequestration, the same problems and they've now gotten their two budgets in and you think that he would crack the whip on his own staff and say, get this in so we can move forward. >> i have to tell you, greta, when i was the mayor of new york i did my budget. i spent hours, stayed up until, 3, 4, 5 in the morning at times going through the budget because i believed that i understand it as the chief executive. i had to understand the budget because the only way you really can make an impact on
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government is by understanding the budget. and for this president to be in office for five years, not be able to get a budget done on time, really tells us that he has no interest in our economy, he has no real interest in straightening out our budget problems. i don't know what his priorities are, but they certainly aren't straightening out the tremendous debt that we've accumulated under his presidency. >> greta: and the senate should note that other presidents should know that other presidents have been late, but this is the first time the president didn't get the budget before the house and senate and we waited and supposed to get it early april, but maybe. mayor, listen to this the national debt we all owe stands at more than 16 trillion dollars, so are president obama and speaker of the house, john boehner, both in denial or are they drinking the same stuff? >> i think it's important to recognize is that we've already cut 2.5, 2.7 trillion dollars out of the deficit.
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if the sequester stays in you've got over 3 1/2 trillion dollars of deficit reduction already so we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact for the next ten years it's in sustainable place. >> we do not have an immediate debt crisis, but we all know we have one looming. >> greta: turns out a majority of americans disagree with the president and the speaker of the house. a new poll showing, a fox poll, that 68% of americans describe the national debt as an immediate problem. only 27% say the debt can be handled in the future. mayor, what do you think? the speaker and the president don't think it's an immediate problem? >> i think the american people are far better economists than the people in washington. the reality we do have a serious debt problem. it's been accumulating now for four or five years. under obama it's been accumulating at massive amounts and there's no serious plan about cutting it. the numbers he was talking about, the cuts, many of which really aren't cuts at all, actually, he hasn't cut
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anything. he's reduced to some extent the rate of increase, but he hasn't cut. so this is a problem that's getting bigger and bigger. you don't have to believe me. listen to the rating agencies. the rating agenties have said they're ready to because nobody is dealing with this. >> greta: and the number, the 68%, the elected leaders of both parties don't think it's a big deal. where is the disconnect, the republican speaker and the democratic president. >> the disconnect because they can't seem to reach an agreement, once again kind of setting us up for kicking the can down the road and part of what's created this problem. we've kicked the can down the road so often we've got this tremendous debt. when he came into office, 7, 8 trillion dollars. it's now 16 trillion.
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i think it was 9 trillion to 16 trillion almost double in five years. we've never had an increase like that except maybe the second world war because we were building up for a massive worldwide war. >> greta: do you think that washington would get the message, another part of the poll that says 85% of the american people think that the government should be forced to balance its budget. 85%. >> of course, it should be forced to balance its budget. every city, every state in this country has to balance its budget. every business has to balance its budget or pretty soon going to be in bankruptcy and people are going to get thrown out. of course it should balance its budget, they are so far from doing that that basically a trillion dollars off from balancing their budget on a year to year basis. and they can't-- and the democratic senate hasn't had a budget in four years and the president hasn't submitted a budget that's gotten a vote, even democratic vote i guess since he's been president which is absurd, it means's not submit ago serious budget. he's submitting something that's a talking point not a
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budget. >> greta: and i guess the american people have to wait until the mid terms, the next general election if they want to throw the two parties out or any candidates. >> well, maybe some shocks like a risk of downgrade might wake him up. some of the rating agencies are talking about that and they are unfortunately creating that kind of atmosphere and i'd hate to see that happen because it really hurts all of us. >> greta: well, it's going to be interesting to see what happens. and we await the president's budget. mayor, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: now an update on a scandalous story we first brought you last week, we reported that federal workers, you know the ones whose salaries you pay, owe 3.5 billion dollars in unpaid taxes and employees skipped out. and help may be on the way. and house committee jason chaffetz, a member of that committee is here. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: what's on the way? we pay the salaries of the federal employees, but looks
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like a pass when it comes to taxes? >> look, if you don't pay your federal taxes, you should be fired. that's what the bill does. if you're trying to make whole on this and going through restitution, great, you're fine, but we have 107,000 current federal employees on the know, being paid by the taxpayers that have serious delinquent tax debt and we have to fire those people if they refuse to pay their taxes. >> greta: when you're talking about what kinds of numbers. 3.5 billion is the total. and your bill omits members of the military. >> military, we have a different situation, they deal with hardship, some of retirees. but you have 688 people working on capitol hill in the house and senate and you have 40 people working-- >> and now their names. >> we know how many, we know how many. because there's a tax lien there's public record and the report and guys like me read this report and we have to solve the problem. years ago, the irs, about 4% of their employees were paying taxes and they had a new rule,
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we're going to fire you and now they have the best compliance now we want to do that at the department. ag, department of interior and the other agencies. >> greta: we had a little, i should say tongue in cheek with fun with the numbers and find out if the backs taxes were collected how many years-- or how much we could do in terms of the white house toursen we have a graphic if we collected the money, the taxes, this is of the non-military the ones you want to do. 260 years of white house tours that we could pay for. if anyone bothered to go after the back taxes. >> and probably roll some easter eggs. it's fundamentally wrong. >> greta: how did it happen? look, if i didn't it pay my taxes i'd get a notice from the irs and then the lien. i mean, how do people, i mean, what's the hint for not paying your taxes and getting away with it? >> well, liao beiook, the irs w continue to go after the people. seven years ago 599 million in uncollected taxes and now it's
10:14 pm
over a billion dollars that the current 2.9 million federal employees, it's fundamentally and morally wrong. when barack obama was senator obama he responsponsored a billt said if you're a federal contractor and haven't paid taxes you shouldn't get the contract. he's right on that and i sponsored that bill and, but that's the rule and principle for contractors, it should be the same thing for federal employees. >> greta: co-sponsor? >> yeah, a couple. >> greta: any democrats? >> a few and far between. >> greta: i mean, is there anyone either side of the aisle i know you're a rbt. >> on the contractor one, i do, a number of democrats. >> greta: what about the staffer on capitol hill and government employees, are there members of congress who you know on either side of the aisle who won't go along with let's do something about getting their-- getting them to pay up? >> we're going to put it up for a he vote. it passed out of committee on the voice vote and i hope to bring it to the floor in april, but there are 688 people working in the house
10:15 pm
and the senate that have serious delinquent tax debt and if they aren't going to pay taxes they should be fired. there are too many honest decent hard working people that would get in there and pay taxes. it's a scandal. >> greta: deplorable. congressman, good luck with your bill. and this will make you ask what are they thinking in washington? after warning that the sequester ax is going to slash funding, department of education creating and filling a new job and pays six figures. and washington correspondent byron york joins us and the reason is, this is probably after the sequestration. >> it is, it's the white house initiative on educational excellence for african-americans, it was created by executive order. >> greta: the president did it. >> he created it himself, by the president last year. it was placed in the education department, pay is about $124,000 a year and it's just been filled. >> greta: after march 1st?
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>> after march 1st and sequestration takes effect. what you have when you have the czars or coordinators or whatever you want to call them, it's an admission that the federal government has a lot of programs that are spending a lot of money that aren't well-coordinated and aren't working together well and the president feels he needs to appoint somebody to do that. right there it's kind of an admission the whole system is a little bloated. >> greta: after everything else is cut march 1st and when he created by executive order we knew sequestration was likely to happen within six or seven months. and i'm curious, was the person named to this job unemployed, a person in need of a job? >> he was actually working on capitol hill, an advisor and worked for charles rangel, the powerful democratic congressman from new york for quite a while. here again with the sequestration stuff we have been hearing about cuts in education and budget hawks have found an enormous amount of waste and duplication
10:17 pm
inside the education department. look at what tom coburn, the senator found, just a year ago, teacher quality. everybody wants teacher qualities. he found 82 different programs across the government. 64 of them, all separately administered, inside the education department. i mean, there's a lot that-- >> and here is what is particularly annoying to me. last night, rick klein from abc news and covered a story about the awards and grants to children of people who had died in iraq and afghanistan and the consequence of sequestration, apparently, these grants are being reduced 37.8% which is because there aren't really many people involved, about $62,000 a year, about half of what the new job, the new created job after sequestration is going to pay. so, as a consequence, these kids don't get grants for schools and the president's created this new job and hired someone who worked on capitol hill who didn't even need a job when his salary would pay for two years of the sequestration cuts. >> and this is a question that
10:18 pm
budget hawks have been asking. before you furlough this person, before you cut this grant, why doesn't you look at all of this waste and duplication that's going on in the government? the fact is, the administration had simply not prepared for sequestration, they didn't think it was going to happen. >> greta: wait a minute, you need to fill it after march 1st, even if he's foolish enough to create the job last summer, a job we probably didn't need, the guy had a job and it's going to be expensive and disable us from doing other things post sequestration, is that you know, he didn't have to do it. he didn't have to fill it on march 7th or 8th? >> you'll have to ask the president, he did this by himself. >> greta: is there any suggestion of cronyism or extra pal stuff involved in this at all or just a merit appointment? >> well, i think the question is, is this position actually needed? the government devotes substantial resources trying to improve minority educational performance. s. that's not an issue. the question is this job
10:19 pm
needed and this particular person hired or something the administration needs to do in the first place. >> a private organization says they're going to pick up the tab to help the kids go to school. that's good news, that's good news. byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: and straight ahead a top official gunned down in his home and a massive manhunt for the killer. and plus, it's not easy to improve a mother-in-law, even if you are the governor of new jersey. how did governor chris christie try it win over his wife's mother and did it work? wife's mother and did it work? you'll see for yourself.
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>> this is a fox news alert. a killer is on the loose and a manhunt is underway right now in colorado. the state's top prison official was shot to death at the front door of his own home. now police are trying to track down the killer. for the latest, jeff cramer from the el paso county sheriff's office joins us. >> good evening, how are you. >> greta: i'm well. i know you have a big task at hand and do you have a person of interest who you're looking for? >> well, we don't. unfortunately there's no known suspect in this case at this time. our investigators remain very busy at this hour to continue to gather information and go through information and try to determine what the strongest
10:24 pm
lead might be in this case, but at this point there's no suspect that's been identified, but obviously that's something that we hope to accomplish relatively soon in this investigation. >> greta: take me back to 8:30 last night as best you know. someone came to the door at 8:30. is that correct, sir? >> around that time. our first 911 call from the residence was about 8:47 in the evening or so. that phone call came from a family member who was at the home and was reporting that a shooting had occurred. when our deputies arrived on the scene we determined there was a deceased male since identified and tom clements and our response was large given the circumstances and conducted initial search efforts around that particular area. this is a somewhat wooded environment. the homes sit on slightly larger lots during the hours of darkness it can be a challenging location and we did utilize canines in the
10:25 pm
initial search which didn't yield anything. as we fast forward today obviously our investigators remained busy with the crime scene investigation, and took raigting advantage of the daylight. and we hope something will be revealed and we have a vehicle of interest that information surfaced today and we're still looking for that vehicle of interest and hoping that anybody with information on that would give us a call so we could further solidify that lead. >> greta: and i take it he's a colorado top prison official and you're also looking into anything that might be related to his work? >> we certainly are. we've been very sensitive to that dynamic in this investigation from the onset and we immediately upon learning the identity of the victim in this case, certainly made the colorado department of corrections aware of what was going on, but not only for the purpose of proper notifications, but even to the extent of having them provide
10:26 pm
us some insight on anything that may be going on that might be helpful in this investigation. we certainly recognize there could be any number of people for any number of reasons that may want to target mr. clements for a crime such as this. >> greta: lieutenant, thank you. of course if anyone knows anything, saw anything or might have information call 911 or the call the el paso sheriff's office with any information. thank you, sir. >> all right, thank you, you're welcome. >> greta: and of course we are going to update you on any new information breaking out of colorado on this investigation. so stay with us on fox news. and coming up, a meeting of world leaders, or an episode of friends. what is president obama's real mission in israel? ambassador john bolton is here to talk about that next. and also, governor chris christie is telling family secrets. will his wife be mad? and worse, what in the world is his mother-in-law going to think? you'll hear from governo ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice.
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>> tonight it looks like president obama's so-called charm offensive with congress is over. cameras were rolling when the president landed in israel and made this comment to prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> (inaudible) oops, well, we hope congress did not hear that. is president obama turning the charm offensive in another direction towards israel? >> they've got a friend in the
10:31 pm
united states. we have our backs. >> we extend our hands in peace and friendship. israel has no better friend than the united states of america. >> greta: sounds friendly, but everybody noted that president obama waited until his second term to visit israel. what is this? real friendship or political ambassador john bolton. and i don't think what he said about congress having fun, but your thoughts on the trip to israel. >> you overheard the comments he made to french president nicolas sarkozy and obama said you think you've got it bad i have to deal with mimm every day. look, i think that both president obama and prime minister netanyahu has a symbolism to show he that the relationship is good. netanyahu formed a new government and obama wants the political benefit from
10:32 pm
israel's many supporters in the united states who he's retorically in support of israel's security needs, but the private meetings here where the real substance will be talked about are going to be radically different. obama has very difficult messages for netanyahu, don't go after the iranian nuclear weapons program. make more concessions to the palestinians. and if they got out and were the subject of public conversation with take president obama's 10% approval rating in israel and drive it even lower. >> greta: i notice that you wrote an op-ed in the jerusalem post today and you said that president obama, that in all the presidents since 1948 that you called him the most hostile to israel? >> yeah, i think that's clear from his record. look, he's not going to say it, he's going to say i've got israel's back. we support you. we want-- we don't want iran to get nuclear weapons, really, what could go wrong. but the fact is that on issue after issue, the president has
10:33 pm
left israel's security at risk and left america's security at risk, too, from the iranian nuclear weapons program and from forcing israel to accept potentially boundaries that are not safe and secure. >> greta: i was surprised that maybe i shouldn't have been, that there were protests upon his arrival. >> well, you know, israel's a democratic society. these things happen. i think the israelis really don't want to make too public a deal of it. the president will give a speech tomorrow. he could well be heckled. i would advise against that, but people have strong feelings when you face, in the case of iran, the potential of a regime of religious fanatics dedicated to eliminating your state from the map of the world with nuclear weapons. it's enough to get attention. >> greta: what do you think that prime minister netanyahu's goal is with this visit and will he achieve it? >> well, i think he wants to make it very clear he's going to make steps about israel's self-defense especially with respect to the iranian nuclear program.
10:34 pm
he's not going to ask for permission from the united states first. i think the two countries remain very far apart how they judge what iran is up to. i believe that the president believes that diplomacy can succeed and i think he's so desperate for a diplomatic outcome he's made proposals that would legitimize the iranian program, which is the worst of all. and publicly beneficial for both sides, nobody should think this really represents a solution of the fundamental disagreements about how to approach security issues in the middle east. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: and today, president obama saying the u.s. is investigating whether chemical weapons have been used in syria. we asked senator lindsey graham whether the u.s. should do anything else in syria. >> in syria, you think it's time? >> the day after assad leaves, the biggest fear is where do the chemical weapons go?
10:35 pm
remember what happened in libya? all of these weapons are in the middle east. when assad falls we need an international coalition and we'll be part of it to secure the ten or 12 weapons sites that have the weapons. if we don't control those chemical weapons we'll be in real trouble down the road. >> the countries, many have war fatigue. >> yes. >> when you raise the thoughts of boots on the ground in syria, most people chills go up their spine. >> i totally get it. here is what i hope we're not tired of, defending ourselves against weapons of mass destruction. and the question for the american people at large, who gets the weapons when assad falls, radical islamists or control them so we make sure they're not in the bad guy's in general. i'm sorry the war is going on so long and the i want the people at large to say we're war weary, but trust me if we
10:36 pm
let the weapons get into the iran or islamist hands. it has to be a footprints-- >> and what about what's going on in syria. >> i think the president, what makes you believe the iranians believes we're serious about stopping the nuclear program when syria has killed its own people. i think they did use chemical weapons. >> greta: in the recent discussion? >> i really believe the facts are going to be born out that a chemical attack was committed by the assad regime and president obama says don't go down that road. what do we do about it if they did? the president's policies in the middle east from benghazi, to syria, to iraq, now iran, are failing. the region is on fire, if i were israel i'd want to trust, but verify when it came to barack obama. >> greta: you raise benghazi. >> right.
10:37 pm
>> greta: and you've been pushing that issue for quite some time. tell me, what is your next step? >> we're finally getting people to come forward and talk. they're afraid to come forward, a lot of them work for the government. i want the families to know what happened that night and american people know what happened on the ground. and look at pushing susan rice's story, this was by a hateful event crumbled. who did they ask from, why was snow help provided. >> greta: you think you can ask the survivors to the extent you get to know them and that's an issue to get their names. but the house of representatives, your party is in the majority and for whatever reason hasn't issued subpoenas for that information. you know, they could issue subpoenas and demand people come forward. >> i believe the attitude of the house leadership is changing when it comes to benghazi, they're going to be more aggressive. you make a good point u i've written cia director brennan, secretary of state john kerry
10:38 pm
provide the names to the congress and interview them and see what happened. the story told by the white house after the attack doesn't hold water. >> greta: everyone writes letter. letters never get answered unless you're in the majority party. >> my democrats in congress show me interest in getting to the bottom of benghazi. and the one thing republicans can do is use the leverage they have in the house to subpoena these survivors so we'll find out what happened that night. i guarantee there are people wanting to talk, but are afraid to talk and a subpoena would make a difference. >> are you going to do anything, encourage the house to do that? >> i'm going to meet with the house leadership tomorrow, hoping they will take up the benghazi cause. look how far we've come from what the story was told by susan rice. look what we found out by pushing on this show and other shows, cbs and mainly fox, the whole scenario told by the president and susan rice
10:39 pm
absolutely collapsed. >> why hasn't the house leadership-- >> i have no idea. >> greta: why the republican house leadership hasn't been-- >> to my house colleagues, please, for god's sake step up your game. you have tools i don't because i'm in the the minority party in the senate. and harry reid to push the administration look what we did on iraq and interrogation techniques gone back to the bush administration. the democrats senators have given the president a pass. the house cannot give him a pass. are you going to push for speaker boehner for subpoenas. >> i think that speaker boehner, i will urge him for the power of the house, not to chase rabbits, but to get to the bottom line. we have not heard from the people who went through this debacle on the ground. if this had been a good news story we would have heard from them the next day. the fact we haven't heard from them for six months should
10:40 pm
make every american worried about what this administration is covering up. >> coming up, do you have a savings account in the bank? is there any chance the government will skim some of your savings? should you be worried? that's next and in two minutes, a mother of a girl scout gets in trouble for selling cookies. what's the cookie controversy? that's two minutes away. all r problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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oh, i don't have a cat. now you can save up to 50% during priceline's spring hotel sale use promo code spring for additional savings on all express deals, including pet friendly hotels. express deals. priceline savings without the bidding. >> okay. it's happened to all of us. one of our co-workers sells us giferl scout cookies at the office. no big deal, right? it's led to trouble for one girl scout's mother. she got fired. that's right. tracy lureis got fired from her job on american university campus for selling the cookies at the convenience store. >> it's crazy because i can't profit from selling girl scout cookies. i'm a cookie mom. i am just trying to help my daughter earn her badges and trips and stuff like that. >> in her termination later, the
10:43 pm
company accuseds of lewis of operating a personal cash business, which violates company policy. the troop leader is afraid it will scare off other cookie moms. what do you think? should the cookie mom be fired or should her employer lighten up? go to and tell us. we are back in two. us. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past.
10:44 pm
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>> cyprus is in a financial freefall and its government was threatening to raid its citizens bank accounts. that didn't go over well in cyprus. could it happen here? a u.s. congressman is trying to make sure it doesn't happen. >> good to see you, greta, thanks for having me on. >> greta: what's your bill. >> it's a resolution to raise awareness so that that can't happen here so that congress won't think about passing legislation that would tax people's savings and retirement accounts that they have in their bank, penalizing
10:46 pm
the bank customers for the banks. because the bank needs to be bailed out. so, that's what we're doing is trying to raise awareness. >> greta: what happened in cyprus went over like a lead balloon. and people who have savings it will be skimmed from their savings. >> at one plan 15% so you've got your money in the bank for your kid's education, make your car payments, and one day you wake up, the government decides to tax it and we put the resolution on the floor so it doesn't happen here. >> greta: in the old days, they encourage you to save. and would they come after mine? >> think what a run on the wank and get their money out of the bank. if you're going to tax me 10% i'll take my money out. trust me. >> greta: most think that will never happen here, we don't need to feel like that, but
10:47 pm
you know, in these very sort of perilous financial times, anything is possible, i suppose. >> in this day and age, you know it is. and when people get their backs against the wall, i ran against the bailouts and now they didn't work the first time and now they need them in europe and you know, saying, we're going to take people's money and go in and tax 10 to 15% of your hard earned money and that's why we brought the resolution to the floor and i asked 30 people yesterday to co-sign it. first 23 signed and seven said send me the information. >> who are the three that need more information. do you out them? >> no, i think the-- i probably would have been one, normally if somebody asks me to sign something on the floor, send it to my staff and let me read it. >> is it bipartisan, any democrats. >> not yet, but i've talked to a few democrats, but i walked down the republican side of the people that i know and i've asked a couple of democrats and i did send the information to democrats and i expect to have a lot of bipartisan support before it's
10:48 pm
over. i dropped it yesterday afternoon late. >> greta: when you sat down and said how long have you been in congress for the first time and what did you do before that? share it with the viewers. what was your job before congress. >> auctioneers and real estate broker for 30 years. >> greta: are you the first auctioneer. >> no conrad burns, senator burns was an auctioneer. >> he was? >> and jim duncan, my class, second year, is an auctioneer's voice. >> greta: can you say something quick. >> betty bought some butter, but said the butt ser bitter butt it in the batter and make the batter bitter and bought the bitter butter and made the batter better and bought the r and repeat after me and you, too, could be an auctioneer. >> greta: thankfully the segment is over. i got lucky. >> congressman nice to see ufrjts and straight ahead it's not easy telling with in-laws. not easy telling with in-laws. chris christie, why is he what's droid-endurance ?
10:49 pm
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>> okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. and it's not easy to impress a mother-in-law even if you are the governor of new jersey. just ask governor chris christie. >> when we first got married
10:53 pm
we lived in a studio apartment over a liquor store in summit. and years later, years later, my father-in-law at christmas one year dragged me over, chris, remember we came up for dinner right after your honeymoon, you remember that? yeah, yeah, dad, i remember that. your mother-in-law cried after the way home and i can't believe what a dump he has our daughter in. so, about 20 years later we are at the governor's mansion, on the day of my inauguration and i see my mother-in-law looking around the place and whisper to it say, hey, mom, better than the first apartment in summit, huh? and she turned around and looked at me, sure is, chris, took you long enough. >> greta: sounds like governor chris christie met his match. so we asked you what advice you would give governor christie to help him impress his mother-in-law. trina responds, make her daughter happy.
10:54 pm
larry, don't need to impress your mother-in-law, be yourself, all anyone can expect. and good advice. and he is seen as cold and cruel, but the x-factor judge, and the emotional posts. makes you realize your friends and family are most important. sorry to cram this in. i'm happy, healthy and enjoying life. what i've realized there will be bumps in your life, but the fun is fixing them. if it was always easy life would be boring. i was a little deep tonight, but it's one of those nights you realize you have a lot to be thankful for. so what's up. is simon sensitive or something in his water? and is there about to be a late night shake-up and the tonight show is expected to return to new york with fallon and rumors flying that nbc
10:55 pm
taking steps to replace jay leno with fallon and move from california back to new york city and nbc confirming it's creating a new studio for fallon in new york and will not comment will it will be home to a new fallon tonight show. and now tonight, royal baby news. sky news tweeting kate middleton gets baby visit. and visiting the historic london train station and celebrating the 150th anniversary of the subway system, but the subway workers seemed to be more excited about the royal baby and gave kate a baby on board badge. that badge is a polite way of asking subway riders to give up seats for pregnant women in case kate ever needs to ride the tube again. and finally, the new york observer tweets, man who got porn site logos tattooed to his face somehow regrets that decision.
10:56 pm
you remember billy gibby rose to internet fame paid to have porn website logos tattooed to his face and now regret, it's not cheap to get tattoos removed. he has a new plan and selling ad space on the rest of his body to it make money to remove the facial tattoos. and it's your turn to hash it out. and don't forget to follow me on twitter: @greta wire. and coming up, what you need to see before you go to sleep. to see before you go to sleep. a high schooler asks a hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5.
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