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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 21, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here is what's happening. president obama landing in ramallah moments ago. he's meeting with president mahmoud abbas one day after arriving in israel. starting today the defense department will be handing out furlough notices, a move that it blames on sequester cuts. employees have seven days to appeal. don't forget march madness starts today. there are 16 total games. of course carolina will win it all. >> of course, heather. maybe now. it is two minutes before the to which the hour. let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the
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ugly. first the good. he was a villain in the ring but former w.w.e. superstar christmas terse is a bona fide hero. he rescued his mother from her burning home. he tore a tree out of the ground and then he tossed it through the window in order to rescue her. >> next the bad. nearly 100 sharks are spotted off the coast of a popular beach in australia. the sharks were spotted feeding on a group of fish and it caused the beach to shut down for a few hours. fortunately no one was hurt. finally the ugly, octomom is under investigation for welfare fraud. if it's true, she could end up going to prison. tmz is reporting someone filed a complaint saying she's getting food stamps even though she made nearly $200,000 last year. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses earlier in the show we told you how cbs is
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making its workers -- c.v.s. is making its workers report its weight to them, we wanted to know would you reveal this information. bill writes they are paying for my insurance. they have the right to know what they're paying for. >> edward said private-industry employers need to stay out of their employees' personal business. thanks to everyone who responded. have a great day. >> "fox & friends" starts now. goodbye. >> good morning. today is thursday, march 2 1. i'm alison camerota. rockets fired into israel as the president visits the country. we're live at the scene of the attack. >>steve: you already pay their salaries and now you're paying their taxes as well. we're talking about the thousands of government federal employees dodging the i.r.s. should they be fired? we've got an update on that this morning.
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>>brian: you think a woman's cheating husband would get the message. after she uses a billboard for revenge. but the best part is how she paid for it. look at that. "fox & friends" starts right gnaw. >>steve: welcome to march madness live here on the "fox & friends" set. >>alisyn: good to be with you all. >>steve: the president is out of the country, 50-hour sprint in israel. we have a situation where a lot of you are saying it is so cold here, i can't wait for vacation. we have a great segment in about 20 minutes. we have the founders and c.e.o. of 14 sandals, three beaches. wouldn't they like to see alisoe just as a token. we might have a beaches bureau. >>alisyn: let's do it. i volunteer. let's talk about the middle
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east. the president is making his first trip to israel since becoming president and there's a lot of tension, including this attack with rockets fired across the border. >>steve: indeed. somewhere in gaza somebody was trying to make a statement. as you can see, luckily we don't believe anybody was seriously injured in the attack. nonetheless, it does send a message, hey, mr. president. we're the palestinians. we want you to pressure israel to help us out. we want our own state. it looks like in the last day or so you're on israel's side, even though in the past, going back to cairo in 2009, you looked like you were on our side but you did nothing. >>brian: working against the palestinians i think is the fact that they have not stopped the rocket attacks and have not figured out how to get a representative government that doesn't have hamas as its head. there has not been a legitimate effort on the palestinian side of late.
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many people are saying how do you expect to have peace? how do you expect to have a two-state solution if you have refused the option of talks for -- for the palestinians' perspective, they say can you stop building settlements and can we have at least half of jerusalem? israel goes no. >>alisyn: this has gone on for millenia. >>brian: it was covered in "the bible" series. >>alisyn: the president -- what's interesting about president obama is that neither side thinks he's on their side. and they have reason to believe that he has sort of vacillated between trying to figure out allegiances. here's what john sununu had to say about all of that on sean hannity. >> bill clinton went about trying to deal with the middle east question in a way that really began to make some progress. there was a balanced perspective. this president is clumsy. he says one thing on monday, changes his mind on
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tuesday and says a different thing on wednesday. and he doesn't understand that what that does is create a lack of trust. in foreign policy, the one thing i learned working with george herbert walker bush is that the most important thing in the world is for people to trust america and to have a feeling that america will be there in dealing with the national security issues. on both counts, this president obama has lost. >>steve: it is curious, because if you're just watching -- if you saw the president with netanyahu yesterday, you would think they're getting along great. in the past, for all intents and purposes, it seemed like they hated each other. the fact that b.b. netanyahu used to go to school with mitt romney, that didn't help things. but there is a quote today that apparently a senior israeli official said there was -- quote -- "a tacit agreement apparently between both leaders, if not coordination, to engage in a very intense public display of affection."
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>>alisyn: good. fantastic. if president obama's visit to israel helps them smooth over the tensions they had in the past and forge some sort of friendship, fantastic. even if they're faking it, sometimes that works. >>brian: would you be talking to alisyn if she wasn't on television? >>alisyn: exactly. >>steve: you were talking about having a beaches brew pwao*u row and i was -- a beaches pwaou roerbgs and i was thinking i'm going to talk to her. >>alisyn: let's get to your headlines to tell you what else is making news at this hour. there are two brand-new developments to help police catch the person who murdered the head of colorado's prison system. 58-year-old tom clemens answered his door at his home and he was shot in cold blood. here's the first clue. witnesses noticed a suspicious car parked one street away from his home
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before the shooting. the second clue? a woman was seen exercising in the area at the time and police hope she maybe saw something and that she will come forward. >> she's been described as wearing light pants, a dark wind breaker and also a hat. again, this is not a person of interest concerning the crime but rather someone we think may have made observations that could be valuable to us. >>alisyn: the car which we're told had dash board lights on while parked is described as a two-door 1990's model similar to a lincoln. >> private first class joshua martino of pennsylvania, lance corporal david fenn, lance corporate roger muchini,
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lance corporal joshua taylor, lance corporal aaron riperda, lance corporal william wild. lance corps wall william wild's father said it was his dream to serve his country. >> we said we support you 100%. there's always a little bit of fear. absolutely. when he went to afghanistan, where we scared? absolutely. that's what he wanted to do. that was his dream and he chased it. >>alisyn: use of the mortars and the tubes have been suspended while authorities investigate what went wrong. south korea's broadcasters and banks brought down by hackers. this morning new information that the attack originated from an i.p. address in china. it erases the likelihood that it came from north korea.
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>> the fed has been buying $85 billion worth of government and mortgage-backed securities to help bring down long-term investment rates. many economists believe that has helped prop up the housing market and to create jobs. those are your headlines. >>steve: without that, we probably wouldn't be in such good shape currently on the stock market. did you realize this? there are over 100,000 federal employees who are delinquent in their federal taxes to the tune of $1 billion-plus? and jason chavis, the republican from utah, says if you don't pay your taxes as a federal employee, you shouldn't be working for us. >> if you don't pay your federal tabulations, you should be fired. that's what the bill does. it says if you're trying to make whole on this, you're going through restitution, great, you're fine. but we have 107,000 current
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federal employees being paid by the taxpayers that have serious delinquent tax debt, and we have to fire those people if they refuse to pay their taxes. >>brian: right now we know the congressman put together a piece of legislation that should be passing -- should get through the house -- i imagine through committee and through the house, maybe up to the senate that says under the threat of being fired, you have to pay your taxes. this is an unbelievably embarrassing number of $1 billion and 100,000-plus federal employees. i expected there would not be much turbulence in the house. >>alisyn: you're right, brian, that it's hard to say, no, i support people not paying their taxes. so it should sail through. >>steve: apparently elijah cummings, the democrat from maryland, says this bill demonizes federal employees. we shouldn't do that. then he says it is hard to collect taxes from unemployed people. well, kind of.
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>>brian: is he filibustering? what does that mean? >>steve: he is from maryland and there are a lot of federal employees there. he says this will increase the cost to the taxpayers. he's coming down against the bill that would have the delinquent tax chief from the federal government pay their bill. >>alisyn: he makes a good point. it is hard to collect money from people who are unemployed. they should garnish their wages. they should keep them working and garnish their wages if they don't like this bill. >>brian: camerota not giving an inch. in theory, if these people do in fact exist, it is a problematic relationship, would you think? there is a wife, and there's a husband and there seems to be an angry wife and a cheating husband. >>alisyn: in greensboro, north carolina, apparently a wife named jennifer has taken out this billboard here. michael, g.p.s. tracker, $250. nigh -- nikon camera with
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zoom lens, $1600. catching my lying husband and buying this billboard with our investment account, priceless. p.s., tell jessica you're moving in. >>brian: a lot of people are saying this is fantastic. i wish i thought of that. by the way, is there really a michael? is there really a jessica? is there really a jennifer? >>steve: this ad was placed in greensboro on battle ground avenue. there are some, like me, who are thinking this is a marking ploy. if it is, i don't know what they're selling except maybe -- the only thing highlighted there is lying husbands. maybe this is the first in a series of things. maybe there is some jennifer who hooked up with a michael, who hooked up with a jessica, and this is all true. >>alisyn: one theory is that it's actually just a
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publicity stunt of the billboard sign company called outdoor signage to try to get more attention for their business. and if so, brilliant. >>brian: why don't we have jessica, being she's got to get ready because michael's moving in, call us or e-mail us and tell us how it's going. >>steve: apparently a fellow who works for the billboard company when asked for comment said can't comment on it right now. we asked the sponsor for a statement. if it's jennifer, it sounds like -- >>brian: i watched colombo in the 1970's, murder she wrote in the 1980's and nypd blue. >>alisyn: don't forget
3:15 am
scooby doo. >>brian: i was able to put those clues together. sponsor? >>steve: what do you think? do you think this is the real ad from a real woman who has been scorned or just a publicity campaign? it has us talking at 12 minutes after 6 in the morning eastern time. >>brian: 15 of the september 11 hijackers came from saudi arabia. so why is our government about to make it easier for the saudis to enter the united states? >>alisyn: no honor for you. a school cancels its honor roll ceremony because it hurts the other kids' feelings. a parent of one of those honor roll students joins us live. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta,
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>>steve: saudi arabia gave us 15 of the 19 hijackers on september 11, and soon that country -- saudi arabia -- will get the coveted trusted traveler blessing from our department of homeland security, giving people quicker access to the united states, just zooming through customs. do they deserve a privilege we don't even give our closest allies? joining us is joe connor, whose cousin was killed in the september 11 attacks. good morning to you, joe. what do you think about this? this currently global entry includes canada and mexico, which kind of makes sense. south korea, the netherlands. but some of our closest allies like germany and france not included and we're going to extend it to saudi arabia? >> to me, this is another example of us being in a pre-9/11 mentality where we're jeopardizing the safety of our people for some political gain. >>steve: what do you think it is? >> you have to think about
3:20 am
it. it's saudi arabia. nobody does any -- >>steve: the oil? >> you think the oil first. saudi arabia is the biggest exporter of oil and also the biggest exporter of terrorism, islam. so you look at why people make decisions. it seems to me that we're making decisions that's going to benefit us somehow politically or economically. and either way, it's very dangerous decision because it puts the american people at risk. >>steve: this is not theoretical to you because not only did you have your cousin killed on 9/11, your father was killed back in the day by faln terrorists? >> that's right. when my father was killed in 1975 by the faln, they arrested those guys and put them in jail for up to 70 years. in 1979 the clintons with eric holder as deputy attorney general released those terrorists when hillary was going to be running for senate from new york. it was to get traction with
3:21 am
the new york voters. we saw at that time the, our government officials putting political agenda ahead of the safety of the american people. that's why i testified against eric holder's confirmation hearing. we put politics ahead of our safety. the other situation i think about is oil. if we have to fend on the saudis -- if we have to depend on the saudis to the extent we're putting our people at risk, our energy policy is out of whack and our energy is more a national security issue than even an economic issue. >>steve: so true. with fracking, we're sitting on so many natural resources, it is just crazy. joe connor, thank you for talking about how the saudis could be part of the trusted traveler program. >> just crazy. >>steve: it is indeed. thank you. what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile, step on the scale or pay a fine. one of america's most
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>>brian: in this time of economic uncertainty, who knew one of the most successful companies would be in the resort business. sandals is so successful it's promising to hire 1,000 more employees and buy up more properties, and they just did in fact. how does sandals swim where others sink? joining us is the founder
3:26 am
and chairman of sandals resort international. and his son is here, the c.e.o. of sandals resort international. welcome, guys. first off, how did you do it, butch? how did you survive through the downturn in 2008 when the world says we've got to cut back and vacations are the first to go? >> brian, we give more than people expect to get. and we accelerate that nonstop. people know us. they know us, they can rely on us. and they know in a downturn period, we're going to do hopefully the things they want. we have had our share of restructure which lasted no time at all. and everything was done to make sure that service is improved. >>brian: did you get nervous, adam, pa people were going to start cutting back because you also appeal to the middle class
3:27 am
who wants to get away like everyone else? >> we were so privileged because over half of our customer base are repeat clients. they know who we are, know who we offer. some have the philosophy of keep investing more in the resorts. we're a private company. we keep investing in the properties and our customers stay with us. >>brian: your philosophy is we can do better, your unofficial motto from day one. why are you expanding when the rest of the world is wondering where the money is going and are the banks going to fail? >> there's tremendous opportunity out this right now. there have been a lot of receiverships, resort receiverships. the moments are right. we take opportunity of the real estate, put money in, modernize it, sandallize it. we did that in 2009 right after the crash. we bought, there was a four seasons that had gone into receivership, beautiful, four years old.
3:28 am
we sandalized it, had two restaurants, put in big pools. >>brian: here's the biggest question, adam. if you work at a sandals, and you have 14 of them, 3 beaches twaorbgs -- beaches, two grand pineapple resorts. where do you go on vacation? >> every day we're on vacation. running around the caribbean. our lives are not here running around new york. >>brian: butch and adam stewart, thanks so much. you came in new york for a meeting and you got up early for us. mean wheel, straight ahead -- meanwhile, no honor for you, a school cancels its honor roll ceremony because it hurts the other kids' feelings. energy drinks are changing their labels.
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that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. at but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money.stor. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >>alisyn: fox news alert for you. president obama went to ramallah a short time ago
3:33 am
to meet with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. we're there live. >> good morning. never a dull moment here in the middle east. just as the president was waking up, there were rocket sirens in southern israel. hamas, largely left out of the president's visit -- he controls the gaza strip, and they have launched four rockets into southern israel. one hit at least a house, although no injuries reported. it does show you how much israel is under fire at all times. this is some of the rocket aftermath from near the gaza strip. president obama ignored hamas and spoken only to president mahmoud abbas. they control the west bank. that's where the president arrived a couple of minutes ago here into the town of ramallah, flew in and is expected to -- quote -- "listen more than he's going to talk to president abbas." during president obama's first term, he talked a lot about the palestinian peace process and tried to put a lot of effort into it, didn't yield much in the way of results.
3:34 am
was unskwefl in trying to -- unsuccessful in trying to get a settlement freeze. this is really the purpose of these meetings now, right now with prime minister fayed of the palestinian authority and president abbas to try to get the palestinians to come back to the negotiating table. in return palestinians are pushing president obama very, very hard to lean on the israelis very hard, whether or not president obama is willing to do that is yet to be seen. this trip is continuing to be heavy on the imagery. we're seeing a lot of pomp, ao lot of circumstance and a lot of good words. the big question going forward is can the united states' weight in the world move those good words into good deeds? that is something yet to be seen. in new york there is not a lot of optimism here on the ground or in the west bank that that is going to happen. >>steve: thank you very much. we're showing the twin podiums, the president of the united states and mahmoud abbas going to be
3:35 am
giving a press conference. we're probably going to take that in 10 or 12 minutes. president shimon peres, israel gave his reaction to the rocket attacks in gaza. he said -- quote -- "those rockets remind us there is a reality beyond the vision of peace. terrorism lacks reason and lacks purpose as well." >>brian: either there is going to be a big push from the president to pressure the israelis to stop their settlements but i think there is a big problem when mahmoud abbas gets up today. he's only speaking for half the palestinian people at best. >>alisyn: we will bring it to you when the president speaks from ramallah. the president will be speaking on his trip to israel. we will listen to all those messages. >>brian: the president comes in with a 10% approval rating inside israel. sao -- see if he can change that today. >>steve: the pentagon considering giving gitmo a $150 million makeover to
3:36 am
improve the dining hall, barracks and prison hospital. officials say the upgrades will make troops' jobs easier among growing unrest among detainees. this move comes on the day the defense department will start furloughing people due to the sequester. as you know, president obama promised to close gitmo four years ago. still open and now getting a new dining hall. >>brian: i think 20 of them are on a hunger strike. >>steve: they wouldn't need the dining hall. >>brian: true. the energy drink makeover is reclassifying it as a beverage rather than a dietary supplemental. how dare you? it won't change the taste or the amount of caffeine. it means potential deaths or injuries won't have to be reported to federal regulators. the drink has been criticized for having too much caffeine. a 16 ounce can has up to 160 milligrams compared to a cup of starbucks coffee
3:37 am
which has 330 milligrams of caffeine. that's a lot. >>alisyn: split second lightning strikes around an erupting volcano. the incredible images of japan's volcano taken last month by a german photographer. after hours of silence, the 20-second storm exploded throwing molten lava bombs everywhere. he was able to snap the images and then make a quick get-away. that is dramatic. biblical looking. >>steve: a pennsylvania high school telling its students ax the spray. students in bethlehem banning the cologne after a teenager suffered severe allergic reaction sending him to the hospital. >> this kid came out of the cafeteria. i just felt the blast of it hit me. i started feeling like my
3:38 am
throat might close up and hives breaking out on my arm. >>steve: we are told brandon is okay today but has not yet returned to class. >>alisyn: maybe that's why i'm feeling sniffley on the set. are you wearing axe? >>brian: joe namath and i wear brute. it was a request of yours. let me tell you about sports. nfl owners wrapping up annual meetings in arizona but not before voting on a rule change. the league making it a 15 yard penalty for any player to initiate contact with the crown of his helmet pwer known as a head. the rule says if the player is outside the tackle box or more than three yards down field and outside the tackle box for the jets it is called on the field, they will no longer be allowed to lower their head. while aimed to increase safety it will limit a
3:39 am
player's advance to run a ball. it looks like there will soon be another fan cheering for giants quarterback ally manning. manning and his wife -- his wife named abbey, they are expecting their second child. the baby due in june. no word on if it is a boy or girl. if it is a boy they'll probably draft in the first round. no quicker way to upset your significant other than refusing to share. look at this guy making sure his girlfriend doesn't get his spoon into his cone. he must be enjoying that mint chip a little too much. she is not happy. finally the guy gives in but doesn't look at her as she takes a taste of the highly coveted snack. we have play-by-play of ice cream and allergic reactions this morning coming up on kilmeade between 9 and noon.
3:40 am
>>alisyn: not sharing ice cream? that's grounds for a break-up. >>brian: you are big into sugary drinks and sugary fot ice cream. >>steve: maria molina is outside our world headquarters where it is not good weather for ice cream because it is freezing. >> that's right. no ice cream here. if you have any you will probably leave it freezing out here. it's not going to do melting where temperatures are going to be below freezing for many of you. look at these current wind chill temperatures. this is what it actually feels like when you head out the door. you combine the temperature with the actual wind and it feels like 4 degrees. in the city of chicago it feels like 7. in international falls, it feels like 7 degrees below zero. below freezing for
3:41 am
minneapolis. 80's for el paso, san antonio. in new york city, 39 degrees for your high temperature. cold enough for snow across parts of the northeast. we have lake-effect snow warnings with several inches of snow expected. here in new york city don't be surprised if you see a flurry or snow shower throughout the day today. back inside. >>steve: thank you. >>alisyn: anna kooiman's thirst for honesty in america takes her to south carolina. >> we toured the country with a system called bungee tags. they are decals with a security code you place on all your valuables. it is linked to your cell phone and e-mail address. if somebody finds your valuable item you can get matched up with them. let's look at how honest charleston, south carolina, is.
3:42 am
the bungee team landed in the lovely charleston, california, as we continue our search for honesty in america. let the dropping begin. i dropped an ipod next to a bike. this young girl eyes it. after snagging it, we trail her about ten minutes walking into a coffee shop and back out again. when you saw that and saw you could return it to the owner by texting this number, i see your cell phone right here and i saw you texting. how come you didn't text that? it takes two seconds. >> i was waiting for someone to meet me here and was preoccupied. >> this gentleman in blue spotted my wallet and turned it into a nearby burger joint. ten minutes later i get a buzz. >> your wallet is at five guys. >> i found a card in there. i've never seen anything
3:43 am
like that. i said this is kind of cool to see if it works, i texted the number. >> we see this guy, he's walking, picks up the wallet and starts walking at a pretty good pace. he's a runner but he bunged us and told us he was trying to make it to the bank before it closed and he said we can meet him at this famous steak house. >> when you saw the wallet what was going through your mind? this family is at first perplexed when finding my misplaced camera. but they do some quick homework and make the text. >> bungee came through. we found your camera at the corner of church and broad. let's go check them out. hey guys, you found my camera? we are doing a story about finding honesty in america. we want to khepbd you for doing the right thing.
3:44 am
it took you a second. >> i checked out the web page to see if this is a legitimate product. we are at first suspicious. >> it was refreshing to see if you give folks the opportunity to be honest, very often they will be. after doing our cross-country trip this weekend, we are going to be announcing tomorrow the winner of $5,000 publishers clearinghouse will be giving to them and look at all our honesty in america stories go to the money goes to the most honest person. >>alisyn: it is heartening to see person trying to return the wallet. >> even in cities like las vegas, even in cities like washington, d.c. as you'll see tomorrow. >>brian: billy joel sang about it. honesty is the hardest word. >>steve: he sang about a lot of stuff. >>brian: thank you, anna. >>alisyn: no honor for you. a school cancels its honor roll ceremony because it
3:45 am
hurts the other kids' feelings. the parents of one of those honor students will join us next. >>steve: maybe billy joel was singing about honor-sty. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. (announcer) make mornings special, mornings are delicious protein rich entrees with gden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings. the best ingredient is love.
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for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. >>steve: time for quick headlines. the bare foot banner making friends in high places. colton moore went on a stealing spree and crashed an airplane in the bahamas. he is now being tutored by a boeing project manager. and john started visiting the bandit in jail last spring to teach him aviation. the project manager says he was given a second chance
3:49 am
after busted with drugs while in the navy. says harris moore will have to pay the favor forward. rick springfield will reprise his role as dr. drake on general hospital for several episodes next month as part of the show's 50th anniversary. ali? >>alisyn: fantastic. parents at an ipswich massachusetts school are not happy with a decision to cancel honor roll night. officials say it makes others feel bad. joining us is a father of one of the honor roll students. hi, david. >> good morning, alisyn. how are you? >>alisyn: doing well. what did you think when you heard of the principal's decision to cancel traditional honor roll night? and what did your kids think? >> after we received the e-mail, my wife susan and i spoke with numerous other
3:50 am
parents. we were actually quite disappointed because we've been a part of honor night in the past with my son who is now a freshman. it's just a great community event where all the parents come together along with students and celebrate some great accomplishments from our children that have worked so hard to achieve good grades. >>alisyn: let me read to you what the principal sent in this e-mail you received. the honors night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients' families, can also be devastating to a child who worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who despite growth has not been able to maintain a high grade point average, that is from the david fabrizio, the principal of the middle school. what do you say to that rationale? >> i can see his point of view. i can see validity as well. what i'd also like to mention is that my son, who
3:51 am
is now a freshman, in sixth grade he was not invited to go to honors night because he received a c. and that was actually a motivation for him to work harder, to study harder, to make sure he did his homework diligently and then go ahead and made honors night both in seventh and eighth grade. i think -- i'm not sure if it would be devastating to some students but i think it would also be a good motivator to students who would also like to be part of the that celebration. >>alisyn: you never know how a child's ego will respond to that. it could make them work harder. now because of the outcry from parents, the principal changed his tune somewhat. he said we changed our honors night from an exclusive ceremony at night to an all inclusive ceremony during the day with the buyer school
3:52 am
present -- with the entire school present. is that the right solution to make it all inclusive? >> all inclusive, at least it's something our children can celebrate. however, there is other -- there's other things that are special, such as sports night. we also have a music night. and we, you know, there might be some other things out there such as someone is good in drama or in the theater. and so the issue that i have with that is that it's going to be -- we haven't gotten clarification if the parents are going to be involved. as a parent, that's something i'd love to be a part of. if we could be a part of it, i know there's space problems with inviting all the parents and the entire student body. but i would love to be a part of that to see my daughter walk across stage. >>alisyn: of course you would. we will monitor what happens at ipswich middle school. thanks for coming in and sharing your family story with us. coming up, the 4th of july
3:53 am
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>>steve: a new health insurance policy is stirring things up at one of america's most famous pharmacies. >>alisyn: c.v.s. pharmacy is telling its employees to report their weight, fat and glucose levels to the health insurance bosses. if they don't, it's a $600 fine each year. >>brian: that legal? fox's legal analyst judge napolitano is here. judge, can we arrest them? >> we can't arrest them. i wish we could arrest obamacare because that's
3:57 am
the impetus for this. >>brian: it might turn itself in. >> i don't expect it would. c.v.s. has taken a position, because the government has put this burden on us, we are now authorized to find out who are the healthiest among us since it will save us a lot of money, our shareholders a lot of money, our customers a lot of money if we can pay less for health insurance because our employees are healthy. can they do this? answer: yes. they can't target women or men or a racial group or a religious group because civil rights laws govern them. but the privacy laws permit them to make reasonable inquiry of their employees if the answer to the inquiry will help the business of the employer operate more efficiently. >>steve: this is scary because this means any company can do it. where do you draw the line? first they want to know how much you weigh, what your glow kos levels are. next they want to know are you a smoker?
3:58 am
next do you drink coffee? >> i don't know how far this is going to go because this is the brave new world of obamacare kicking in. this is an unintended consequence or unrevealed consequence. >>alisyn: let me tell you what c.v.s. says their motivation is for doing this. a wellness review said colleagues know their key health metrics in order to take action to improve their numbers if necessary. is morethe wave of the personal responsibility in having to stop things like smoking and eating poorly if it's up to you. >> i don't think this is the wave of more personal responsibility. i think this is more corporate intrusion because the corporation has an interest in how healthy its employees are because when they're not healthy, the corporation ends up paying higher premiums because of the new heavy regulation of the health care industry by obamacare. >>brian: i'm pretty sure
3:59 am
you just reprimanded her, but we'll talk about that. no more meat balls from -- >>alisyn: bite your tongue. >>brian: straight ahead, a dad put this picture on facebook. this morning we'll know if he'll be charged with a crime. back in a movement it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. [ female announcer ] hey ladies, you love it, you gotta have it. cinnamon toast crunch. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. [ slurps ]
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starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, march 21. i'm alisyn camerota. we grin with a fox news alert. rockets have been fired into israel as the president visits the country. we are at the scene of the attack. the president is fine. we are awaiting a press conference from the president all live this hour. >> brian: then what spending problem? the president says it does not exist. too bad america where we live disagrees. the proof in the numbers. enough said. >> steve: it was. move over, solyndra. another tax-backed green disaster is looming. millions of taxpayer dollars about to go down the proverbial
4:03 am
drain. didn't we learn our lesson from those other failed programs? apparently not. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday commences immediately. >> alisyn: fox news alert. you're looking at live pictures from ramallah. president obama and palestinian president abbas about to hold a news conference together. many waiting to see if abbas will respond to the rocket attacks on israel during the president's trip. conner powell is live with the latest. hi, conner. >> last summer and last fall thousands of rockets were fired into southern israel, particularly landing in this area. rockets seemed to land with a great regularity. it has been quiet for four months since the cease fire signed on thanksgiving. during that time, but that cease
4:04 am
fire was broken, the calm was destroyed this morning when four rockets landed here. you can see there is not a whole lot of damage from the rocket. but this is the second time this house has been hit and the third time the homeowners have been hit here. there was a lot of concern about these ongoing rocket attacks that hamas and other islamic groups and others have been firing into israel. it's a real problem in terms of building the peace for the long-term. now, president obama is in ramallah meeting with the palestinian authority, president abbas, who has condemned the attack and says the p.a. and he condemn attacks that target civilians. this attack really was to signal to the united states, israel and the palestinian authority that hamas has to be remembered as part of this equation in terms of a long-term peace deal. but hamas now is not at the negotiating table. they're not meeting with president obama. they're not meeting with israelis or even part of the palestinian sort of group in the west bank. this was hamas and the islamic
4:05 am
jihad and other groups in gaza saying remember us. we're part of the equation here. do not forget about us. the right now president obama and others are meeting in the west bank trying to work on some type of long-term solution. with these rocket attacks, it will be tough to come to an agreement long-term. >> alisyn: conner powell, thank you so much for that update. we'll keep an eye on the press conference and bring it to you when it happens. >> steve: of course, the white house is trying to lower expectations that are going look, right now we got bigger fish to fry, even though we've been going after peace in the middle east. we got syria, maybe they got chemical weapons. and that ticking time bomb next door called iran, you got to worry about that, too. now it looks like peace in the middle east is number three on the list? >> alisyn: you can't blame them for trying to lower expectations. it would be very unlikely if everybody comes out in a kumbaya moment. >> brian: we try to lower expectations every day. >> alisyn: and we succeed. let's get to your headlines head tell you what's happening. new developments could help police catch the person who murdered the head of colorado's
4:06 am
murder system. he answered his door at his home and he was shot in cold blood. here is the first clue. witnesses noticed a suspicious car parked just one street away from his home right before the shooting. the second clue police say is a woman was seen exercising in the area at the time. police hope that she may have seen something and will come forward. >> she's been described as wearing white pants, dark wind breaker and also a hat. again, this is not a person of interest concerning the crime, but rather someone we think may have made some observations that could be valuable to us. >> alisyn: the car which reportedly had its green dashboard lights on while parked, is described as a two door dark colored 1990s model, similar to a lincoln. call your authorities if you have seen that. the seven marines killed when a mortar exploded during a training exercise in nevada have been identified. private first class joshua martino, the youngest at 19.
4:07 am
corporal david fen of florida. one from connecticut. lance corporal joshua taylor of ohio. lance corporal nathan wanderwork of north carolina. corporal from maryland and one from madison, illinois. wells' father says it was his son's dream to serve america. >> we said, okay. we support you 100%. it's always a little bit of fear? absolutely. when he weapon inspector to afghanistan when we were scared? suitly. that was his dream and he chased it. >> alisyn: use of those mortars and tubes have been suspended world wide while authorities investigate what went wrong in this tragedy. they're guilty as charged, five former elected officials of the california city of bell convicted on multiple charges, including paying themselves huge salaries while raising taxes on
4:08 am
residents. they paid themselves inflated salaries of up to $100,000 a year in the city of 36,000 people where one in four people live below the poverty line. forgot the fourth of july. the air force academy is canceling its annual celebration of the military officials are blaming the sequester. it's usually in colorado, featuring games, music and fireworks. a director from the academy says they have to look for ways to save money because of the budget. >> brian: they're going to roll footage of last year's fireworks. >> steve: that would work. but i bet before something is done, some outside donor says here is the money. continue with the tradition. >> alisyn: great point. >> steve: let's talk about this, while we have heard the president of the united states and even john boehner extraordinarily, say that the country does not have an immediate debt problem, according to a brand-new fox news poll that just came out the last 12 hours, nearly seven voters in every ten say those two guys are dead wrong.
4:09 am
>> brian: john boehner said not today, but by a year from now we'll have a problem, which was an odd reaction. >> steve: he said we don't have an immediate debt problem. >> brian: the president said flat out we don't. so we went on with another poll and this one here, should government be forced to balance its budget like american families? 85% say yes. here is my follow-up. if they have to take away a family that that person might be benefitting from, are they willing to sacrifice? 'cause the answer is always no. everyone always wants the government to sack fires but when it comes down to their program, their fireworks, then it's wait a second. you can't do that. >> alisyn: therein lies the problem. here is the next question. is reducing the federal deficit a worthy goal in and of itself? and 85% say yes. 11% say no. it's not just john boehner who said it's not an immediate problem. paul ryan, the face of fiscal responsibility himself this past
4:10 am
weekend on one of the sunday shows said not an immediate problem. so americans have gotten the message that it is a problem and that we should be tackling it right now, even though our lawmakers feel it can be down the road a year, five years, whatever we tackle it. >> brian: our next guest has nothing to at to this subject. so i'll move on. >> steve: he does. he's going to -- >> brian: he's coming out of his chair. solar companies were supposed to boost our economy. now evidence they might be tanking our economy. you remember solyndra that cost american taxpayers more than $500 million. turns out it may have a successor. >> steve: months after opening, the oregon based solar panel company, solo power, is facing layoffs, putting 250 million of our taxpayer dollars in jeopardy. apparently stuart varney, we learned nothing from solyndra. >> no, we have learned absolutely nothing. the president is now doubling down again on green energy
4:11 am
projects. he still believes the government can pick winners in green energy and he still thinks that maybe we'll get the technology right to get green power in the future. wrong on all counts. we're so far failed with these green energy products. i think we've got a list of all the green energy project which is have really gotten into deep trouble, either bankrupt, laid people off, they've lost a ton of money. it's one after another. it's very, very long list. >> steve: what do you think it was about this particular solo power thing that the government said oh, we got to give them a bunch of dough? >> the government committed $197 million worth of loans to this company, which is not dipped into yet. they committed the money to them. this was back in the day when it seemed like solar panels would be the big sellers and the salvation of the solar industry. >> steve: that's why china makes them so cheaply. >> yes. however, the market has crashed. they're going for virtually nothing these solar panels. there is a glut on the market.
4:12 am
the price has fallen through the floor. companies like solo power, and by the way, sun tech, which has just gone into bankruptcy court in china, bankrupt. that's what's happened here. green energy, despite a generation of subsidies, has not arrived on the scene properly and we're paying for it. >> alisyn: here is what the former portland mayor has to say about the company. solo power survives by down scaling and being responsible with the resources they have by reducing costs and being able to wait out hopefully until congress passes new energy tax credits. >> wait and maybe we'll get some more money from the taxpayer? that's how we'll keep going. what kind of a project is that? >> brian: looking at our energy situation, stewart, you would think all signs would point to natural gas. that's where we're heading. that's where we're clear. that's where america could be the saudi arabia of natural gas. >> isn't it obvious? we have a ton of natural gas.
4:13 am
we can go and get it. it's much more environmentally friendly than coal or oil. we refuse to go and get it. look, we're getting some of it. but we've not gone gung ho and said look, this is where we should be putting our money. this is what we should be doing now. think of the jobs you could create. >> steve: sure. >> brian: start with trucks. >> the beginning of this year action the president doubled down on green energy and gave them another $12 billion worth of subsidies for this year alone. that's extraordinary. >> steve: i think he likes that idea. >> did i get fired up enough. >> alisyn: yes. >> steve: we're hoping he calms down in time for his show at 9:20. >> alisyn: you're emitting your own energy right now. >> steve: it's like a furnace! >> i'm burning a lot of carbon right now. >> brian: you're heating these solar panels yourself. >> indeed i am. >> alisyn: you already pay their salaries. now you're paying their taxes, too? we're talking about the thousands of government employees who are dodging the irs. can they be fired? there is a major update to this
4:14 am
story. >> brian: and if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. we promise this video of a puppy learning to catch is the cuteest thing you will see all day. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. all the things we love about sunday meals into each of her pot pies. like tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a golden flaky crust that's made from scratch. marie callender's pot pies. it's time to savor.
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4:17 am
>> president obama is now in israel. it is his first trip to israel as president. he did not bring along joe biden. i guess he figured the jews suffered enough. you don't want to put them through that. >> brian: did you see the story -- >> steve: first we got a fox news alert. very shortly, the president of the united states and also the president of the palestinian national authority, mahmoud abbas, will be having a live
4:18 am
press availability, mr. amazing will speak first, followed by the president of the united states, then each will take a question. we will bring you the president of the united states in just a moment, as soon as it happens. it was supposed to happen 54 seconds ago. >> brian: it should being and because the palestinians feel they were ignored. there was protects yesterday. rockets this morning. this could be a relatively less scripted press conference, especially when they start getting the question and answer segment. >> steve: apparently protesters filed a request that president obama be arrested during his stay in ramallah because of u.s. army's responsibility they say in the death of a palestinian journalist back in iraq in 2003. apparently u.s. army troops thought he was a terrorist. he was not. now the palestinians, a couple of them, want the president arrested. that's not going to happen. >> alisyn: this hasn't been the warmest essential for the president -- reception for the president. it was very chummy, chummy in
4:19 am
israel and they seem to be making some headway on a less chilly relationship. but he has his work cut out for him with the palestinians as well. we'll see what happens in the speech. >> brian: moving on but keeping it in the middle east. not long ago we know the 9-11 attacks in 2001 took place. we know 15 of the 19 hijackers called saudi arabia their place of birth. osama bin laden born in saudi arabia. bin ladens are all over saudi arabia. having said that, the government friendly, but a lot of times their curriculum is not, anti-americanism much part of it. yet, this was a shocking announcement in january, a program dealt with by janet napolitano and prince naaf, a handshake agreement they have moved up in status. >> steve: apparently department of homeland security is about to give saudi arabia trusted traveler status. what that means is currently the global entry program includes canada and mexico and south korea and the netherlands. now to that list they're going to add saudi arabia so that if you are a saudi arabian
4:20 am
traveler, you will be able to go through the global entry process and essentially bypass customs. you can go through really, really fast. but given the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers are from saudi arabia, a lot of people are going, wait a minute. you got to be kidding. >> alisyn: of course. not only that, there hasn't been much progress since september 11. it's not as though they've made all sorts of reforms and that they now seem more western and seem to love america. nothing has changed. so why would they hatch just between the two of them, napolitano and the prince, hatch this plan for saudi arabia? it feels political instead of actual progress. >> brian: right. absolutely does. >> steve: instead of logical. >> brian: it's not that the saudis have not been helping us on the war on terror. they haven't. it's not that of all the countries in the region of the last five years they haven't been most cooperative than most. that's true. it doesn't mean we can trust their citizens. it doesn't mean logic would tell you they deserve more of a
4:21 am
pat-down than anybody else simply because of their history and a lot has to do with the fact they have not reformed their curriculum in their country and it does not make me feel too secure. >> steve: they are still screened. it's just an expedited process. this on the heels of the crazy talk that they're now going to allow knives, little knives on airplanes. >> brian: steve, you have outlined this wonderfully. alisyn is adding great commentary. now it's up to the people to respond. our web site, or tweet us right now and tell us, are you okay to upgrade their travel status? >> steve: good question. meanwhile, we will take you to ramallah with the president as soon as it happens. >> alisyn: you already pay their salaries. now you're paying their taxes. thousands of government employees dodging the irs. so should they be fired? we have a big update on that. >> brian: then forget about the $50 wrinkle cream. did you know you can get the same stuff for 20 bucks?
4:22 am
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4:23 am
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4:25 am
>> steve: we got quick headlines. a startling new figure shows that at least a million children in the united states are autistic. but do grandfathers play a role in that? according to new swedish studies, the answer is yes. researchers found the older a man was when he fathered children, the more likely those children were to have kids with autism. possible reason? men are more prone to gene mutation the older we get.
4:26 am
and the accused fort hood shooter will face a jury this summer with testimony set to begin july 1. military judge also rejected major nidal malik hasan's request to plead guilty to lesser charges. he is charged with killing 13 people during that massacre in 2009 at fort hood. ali, over to you. >> alisyn: your money, so what's the best way to look great without breaking the bank? the editor at large for shape magazine shopped to find some of the newest products that you should add to your shopping list. thanks for coming back. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: so you think that drugstore cosmetics are really as good as the really expensive stuff? >> there is some great stuff out there and you just need to know what to look for. i found some great products that really do deliver results. >> alisyn: let's look at the first one. facial moisturizer. neutro gina rapid wrinkle
4:27 am
repair. >> this is a great product. first i'm going to let you guess how much you think this is. >> alisyn: if you go to a dermatologist, obviously it could be $60, something like that. but i'm going to go with 24.99 is how much i think it should be. >> close. it's actually just 21.99. >> alisyn: that's better. >> great price because what this product does is it has receipt receipt -- retinol in it. it helps with wrinkles and discoloration and has spf 30 and so that will forget you in the daytime. a great bargain. you'll see results in seven days with this product. >> alisyn: tune in next week and look how young i look. >> exactly. >> alisyn: meanwhile, the eye cream obviously women are very interested in keeping the crews feet away -- crow's feet away. tell us about this. >> you're seeing the first signs of aging in the eye area, so you really need to address it. this is from olay regeneris.
4:28 am
it's a duo. >> alisyn: the most expensive one i have left is this one. so i think these are expensive. >> actually it's 24.99. this is the most expensive thing on the table because you're getting two products. something for your lashes to condition your lashes and then that eye serum, which will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and the crow's feet. >> alisyn: tell us what you like about the revlon foundation. >> nearly naked make-up. a lot of times foundation feels heavy and cakes. this is a great way to get rid of any blemishes and blends really, really well. 9.99 is the price for that from revlon. >> alisyn: everybody has been whitening their teeth d. this really work? >> it does. very expensive to get your teeth whitened at the dentist. for the price i'm going to let you guess, you can get your teeth a couple shades brighter. perfect. that's going to remove stains up to 80% of the stains and it
4:29 am
cleans your teeth as well. >> alisyn: i am confounded by going to the moisturizer aisle because there are 500 choices. what do you like about this? >> what's great about this, it's an innovative product that sprays on. when was the last time you used a sprayon houston moisturizer? >> alisyn: never. >> 7.99 is the price. spray it on in the morning, rub it in and go. >> alisyn: what do you like about this mascara? >> matches your eye color. blue, green, brown. it will really help your eye color pop out. >> alisyn: 7.99 for the hazel. i'm voting for it. >> you got it. >> alisyn: thanks so much for coming in. these are all great suggestions. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: coming up, you saw it here, police raided a dad's home for posting this photo you're about to see of his son on facebook. this morning we will know if he will be charged. and if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. why this puppy has got to go back to catching school
4:30 am
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records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
4:33 am
>> you man in the u.k. is making news for getting his car to run ton coffee. that's a good idea, as if gas prices aren't high enough, let's add starbucks to the equation. that makes perfect sense.
4:34 am
>> steve: four bucks, which is about the price of a gallon of gas. >> brian: you know what the president did? the president had his car filled up with diesel instead of gas. that destroyed the beast! >> steve: that was the early story. it was some sort of mechanical thing. >> brian: really? i don't believe it. because i did the same thing when i was in france. i thought i'm going to go in the shorter line. i did not know there was a word for diesel in french and it was not the word i should be using nor should the fuel i should have had. so i destroyed my rental car and had to be tow to do a small french village and it took me eight hours. >> steve: what did that cost you? >> brian: i don't know what, do the french use? rubles? >> alisyn: wow. >> brian: all i'm going to tell you is i totally understand, mr. president, what you went through because i made the same mistake. >> alisyn: after a bottle of red story.d a wheel of brie, brian thank you.
4:35 am
>> brian: they didn't fly me in another car. >> steve: i hope hertz isn't watching this. >> brian: it was avis. >> alisyn: federal workers who don't pay taxes could soon get pink slips. new legislation passed by a house committee would fire any federal employee that owes the irs back taxes. it would also require anyone applying for federal employment to prove they do not owe the government. >> look, if you don't pay your federal taxes, you should be fired. we have 107,000 current federal employees on the federal -- being paid by the taxpayers that have serious delinquent tax debt and we have to fire those people if they refuse to pay their taxes. >> alisyn: legislation still has to pass the senate. well, steve, tell us about an update for facebook. >> steve: okay, sure. an update on that proud father you met yesterday on this program who posted this picture of his ten-year-old son holding a hunting rifle on facebook. the father will not face any
4:36 am
charges. cops raided sean moore's new jersey home demanding to see the guns in his safe. even threatened to take away his kids, all because the gun looked like a military style rifle. here is what the father told us yesterday. >> i didn't commit any crime. i wasn't charged with anything and they admitted it was a false claim. so they had no reason to go in my safe. >> steve: the police chive says in the wake of recent school shooting, they take all the tips serious will he and they sure did in new jersey. >> brian: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. even dogs. >> one, two, three. catch. >> brian: meet pacino. he's a bit of an actor. unfortunately, it will be some time before we can call him a great catcher. as you can see, in his first catch attempt, this little guy not only dropped the ball, he dropped out of sight. >> steve: not even close! >> alisyn: that's what i do,
4:37 am
when i'm involved in any sort of athletic pursuit, i take a nap. try for a second and then take a nap. >> brian: he's acting there. how apt is he named? he's named pacino. he became that character. >> steve: scent of a milk bone. >> brian: which he missed. >> steve: maria molina is outside with a preview of the day ahead. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. today we're talking cold temperatures. well below average across parts of the northeast, great lakes and midwest. it's not feeling like spring yet across these areas. in minneapolis, your high temperature today, this is as warm as it's going to be, 25 degrees. 30 in cleveland. only 40 degrees for your high temperature in new york city. nothing like texas where you're talking temperatures into the 80s today in el paso and san antonio. and some of you in texas by tomorrow could actual will he be in the 90s. if you're thinking weekend already, we're expecting the cold temperatures to continue into the weekend across the great lakes and into the northeast. new york city, saturday and sunday, you're going to remain
4:38 am
in the middle 40s and in burlington, vermont, you won't make it out of the 30s. we do have temperatures cold enough for even some snow. that's what we're looking at across parts of the dor. no accumulation there. we have lake effect snow warnings in effect out here. a brand-new storm that we're tracking out across parts of the plains. you can already start to see a little snow popping up across southwestern parts of the state of missouri, eventually we do expect to see some accumulating snow out here across the missouri-arkansas borrowedder and also gusty winds. so there is a winter storm warning in effect, as well as winter weather advisories. on the backside of the system, severe weather will be possible. tornadoes, large hail, damaging wind gusts for a very small area, but it does include dallas and also up into parts of the texas-oklahoma border. now let's head back inside. >> steve: all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: you're welcome. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. new movie a frightening plot.
4:39 am
terrorists take control of the white house and kidnap the president. >> we're talking about the safety of the president of the united states. >> we're talk about a hell of a lot more than that, sir. >> just opened the gates of hell. >> the united states of america doesn't negotiate with terrorist s. >> who said anything about negotiating? >> brian: that was the scene from "olympus has fallen," a film getting a lot of attention. counterterrorism expert rickey jones had a huge role in making that movie look real and joins us live this morning. rickey, so you saw this movie. how authentic does it look to you, because you worked at the white house. >> well, actually i didn't work at the white house. i was a counter terrorist specialist in the field. it was very real. i was sitting on the edge of my
4:40 am
seat. the director is incredible. he really pulled this movie together to give an authenticity that was pretty amazing. >> brian: so that the plot of the movie essentially, i know you don't want to give it away, is north korea plots to take overt country and the white house. you in particular helped in consulting with the secret service agent gone bad. correct? >> yes. i did. and worked with jerard butler, aaron erhart on who designed the taping of the white house with an associate of mine. and it was pretty amazing what they portrayed in the film. >> brian: and i'm seeing to the right, the most authentic thing i have seen is independence day. can you do me a favor? hold on a second because right now the president is hold ago press conference. >> happened since my last visit, but also to bear witness to the enduring challenges to peace and security that so many
4:41 am
palestinians seek. i've returned to the west bank because the united states is deeply committed to the creation of an independent and sovereign state of palestine. the palestinian people deserve an end to occupation and the daily indignities that come with it. palestinians deserve to move and travel freely and to feel secure in their communities. like people everywhere, palestinians deserve a future of hope, that their rights will be respected, that tomorrow will be better than today, and that they can give their children a life of dignity and opportunity. put simply, palestinians deserve a state of their own. i want to commend president abbas and his prime minister for the progress they've made in building the institutions of a palestinian state. the united states is a proud
4:42 am
partner in these efforts, as the single largest donor of assistance that improves the lives of palestinians, both in the west bank and gaza. as your partner we salute your achievements and mourn your losses. we offer con dellences in -- condolences, especially in the losses of the tragic accident in jordan. ramallah is a very different city than the one i visited five years ago. there is new construction, there is no businesses, new start-ups, including many high-tech companies connecting palestinians to the global economy. the palestinian authority is more efficient and more transparent. there are new efforts to combat corruption so entrepreneurs and development can expand. palestinian security forces are stronger and more professional, serving communities like bethlehem where president abbas and i will visit the church
4:43 am
tomorrow. moreover, this progress has been achieved under some extremely challenging circumstances. so i want to pay tribute to president abbas and prime minister for their courage, for their tenacity, and for their commitment to building the institutions upon which a lasting peace and security will depend. i would point out that all this stands in stark contrast to the misery and repression that so many palestinians continue to confront in gaza. because hamas refuses to renounce violence, because hamas cares more about enforcing its own rigid dogmas than allowing palestinians to live freely, because too often it focuses on tearing israel down rather than building palestine up. we saw the continuing threat from gaza again overnight with rockets that targeted this area. we condemn this violation of the important cease fire that
4:44 am
protects israelis and palestinians, a violation that hamas has a responsibility to prevent. here in the west bank i realize that this continues to be a difficult time for the palestinian authority financially. so i'm pleased that in recent weeks the united states has been able to provide additional assistance to help the palestinian authority bolster its finances. projects through usa id will help strengthen governance, rule of law, economic development, education, and health. we consider these to be investments in a future palestinian state. investments in peace, which is in all of our interests. more broadly, in our discussions today i reaffirmed to president apass that the united states remains committed to realizing the vision of two states, which is in the interest of the palestinian people and also in the national security interest of israel, the united states and the world. we seek an independent, viable
4:45 am
and contiguous palestinian state as the home land of the palestinian people, alongside the jewish state of israel, two nations enjoying self-determination, security, and peace. as i've said many times, the only way to achieve that goal is through direct negotiations between israelis and palestinians themselves. there is no short cut to a sustainable solution. in our discussion with president abbas, i heard him speak out about the difficult issues that cannot be ignored. among them, problems caused by continued settlement activity, the plight of palestinian prisoners, and access to holy sites in jerusalem. i understand that the status quo is really a status quo because the situation on the ground continues to evolve in a direction that makes us harder to reach a two-state solution. and i know that the palestinian
4:46 am
people are deeply frustrated. so one of my main messages today, the same message i'm conveying in israel, is that we can not give up. we can not give up on the search for peace, no matter how hard it is. as i said with prime minister netanyahu yesterday, we will continue to look for steps that both israelis and palestinians can take to build the trust and the confidence upon which lasting peace will depend. i very much appreciate hearing president abbas' ideas on what those steps could be. i want both sides to know that as difficult as the current situation is, my administration is committed to doing our part. and i know that secretary of state john kerry intends to spend significant time, effort and energy in trying to bring about a closing of the gap between the parties. we can not give up on the search
4:47 am
for peace. too much is at stake. and if we're gonna succeed, part of what we're going to have to do is to get out of some of the formulas and habits that have blocked progress for so long. both sides are going to have to think anew. those of us in the united states are going to have to think anew. but i'm confident that we can arrive at our destination to advance the vision of two nations, two neighbors, at peace, israel and palestine. if given the chance, one thing that i'm very certain of is that the palestinians have the talent, the drive, and the courage to succeed in their own state. i think of the villages that hold peaceful protests because they understand the moral force of nonviolence. i think of the importance that palestinian families place on
4:48 am
education. i think of the entrepreneurs determined to create something new, like the young palestinian woman i met at the entrepreneurship summit that i hosted who wants to build recreation centers for palestinian youth. i think of the aspirations that so many young palestinians have for their future which is why i'm looking forward to visiting with some of them right after we conclude this press conference. that's why we can't give up, because of young palestinians and young israelis who deserve a better future than one that is continually defined by conflict. whenever i meet these young people, whether they're palestinian or israeli, i'm reminded of my own daughters and i know what hopes and aspirations i have for them. and those of us in the united states understand that change takes time, but it is also
4:49 am
possible because there was a time when my daughters could not expect to have the same opportunities in their own country as somebody else's daughters. what's true in the united states can be true here as well. we can make those changes, but we're going to have to be determined, we're going to have to have courage. we're going to have to be willing to break out of the old habits, the old arguments to reach for that new place, that new world. and i want all the people here and throughout the region to know that you will have the president of the united states and an administration that is committed to achieving that goal. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> steve: we've been listening to the president of the united states, as you can see right there, with the president of the palestinian national authority, mahmoud abbas, joint press availability, the president of the united states says palestinians deserve a state of their own and reminded folks
4:50 am
israel has not been helpful to the palestinians in the past. >> brian: why ramallah is a lot different than gaza and ramallah is a place that has promise and gaza is a place where terror rules and that's called hamas. all right. let's go back to the movie world and the semi real world. so authentic, we understand, that it makes it seem as though it could happen. we're rejoined by counterterrorism expert, rickey jones. he played a huge role in make the movie look real and we're talk being the movie that's out now called "olympus has fallen." rickey, in it, they had to what? the producer high school to reconstruct the oval office, the white house in a way and washington in a way that made us think as though if the north koreans wanted to take it, they could? >> actually it's a cell group from korea. once you watch the movie, it's not the government itself. a man was hired to actually build the white house. so they built it to scale, the
4:51 am
oval office, the hallways, everything. he was also the set designer for george w. and he really did a great job on this. >> brian: i know you worked with bush 41. also in this, the whole premise of the movie, i mean, i remember watching "independence day" and thinking, my goodness, this looks so authentic. is this something we should really worry about? >> no. the wonderful thing about this, the secret service is one of the greatest protective details in the world, if inspect the greatest. if there ever is an attack on the white house, they're going to meet with the greatest force to protect the president and the white house. we all have ownership in the white house. we all have ownership in the president. he is our president. the white house is ours. every american citizen. we vote who we put this there and we have a lot of interest in it. this really, what we croated for the film, was just for the film.
4:52 am
in real life, september 11 proved a lot of things that we don't know exactly what's on the terrorists' mind r they'll strike. we know that the white house will always be a target. >> brian: right. >> as well as some other government and special places in america that we hold dear. >> brian: yes. so thanks so much. i look forward to seeing the movie. thank you for coming on and talk about your contribution and the plot and premise. rickey jones, talk being "olympus has fallen." thanks. >> yes, sir, thank you. >> brian: ten minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead, the government thinks unpaid internships are exploiting american students. what does john stossel think? i get up every day thinking about that. don't miss his answer. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings
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4:56 am
>> brian: freedom, frat parties and working for free. >> you got us the job in google? >> it's an interview for an internship that could lead to a job. this might be the last chance we got. >> alisyn: that's from the soon to be leased film "the internship." our next guest says unpaid interns have helped him do some of his best work. >> steve: but the government has order an end to that, saying unpaid interns are exploited. joining us to explain is the host of "stossel," john stossel. who bellies up to the curvy couch today. john, the federal government now says if you're an intern, we all interned someplace back in the day. none of us got paid. now they have to get paid. >> or it's exploitation.
4:57 am
there is this rule that one that's most interesting is it's okay to have an unpaid intern, if they're not helpful for impede your work. i asked -- i had a couple interns like that. this is why we shouldn't have a labor department. it's a private contract. no one is forced to become an intern. if you feel exploited, you can quit. but it's a great thing. i at my first tv job wanted more research help. the company said, we're not going to pay for it. i asked colleges they need students and some might want to do that. they were eager. and the students who worked for me said, oh, my goodness, i learned more who and i didn't have to pay tuition than in college. win-win. >> alisyn: it's a launch pad for your career. to be an intern and then you make contacts. >> many of my interns went on to take journalism jobs. others found okay, i don't like this. i'll do something else. >> brian: like anything else. something totally different. >> one became a belly dancer.
4:58 am
>> steve: congratulations. >> brian: but john, you get school credit for this. there is a give back. it's school credit. >> right. >> steve: if you're unpaid. >> or if you are paid. you still get school credit. but the government says you have to get school credit and you must be paid or you must impede the work. it's just one more intrusion in the name of protecting workers that takes away your freedom and is not good for the student. >> brian: are you going to be talk being that tonight? >> we do. we meet with a group of international students, talk about internships and whether they should be going to college in the first place 'cause a lot of kids get deep into debt. some certainly no. >> alisyn: not for everyone. >> steve: brain surgeon, yes. tv people, maybe not. >> peter jennings never went. >> steve: john stossel, we thank you very much for joining us. >> alisyn: thanks. coming up, someone call triple a. the president's multi million dollar indestructible limo just
4:59 am
broke down. >> steve: you think this woman's cheating husband will get the message? she used that billboard for readvantage and the best part, how she paid for it what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, march 21. i'm alisyn camerota. a fox news alert. the president just wrapped up a press conference in ramallah hours after rockets were fired into israel. we are live on the ground there with the very latest development. >> steve: then maybe the $750,000 soccer field wasn't enough. now gitmo is about to get a $150 million makeover on our dime. this as they cancel the tours to the white house. >> brian: they're on a hunger strike. then someone call triple a. the president's indestructible limo just broke down. >> steve: that's a burden for
5:03 am
the beast. >> brian: yes, it is. it will never be your beast of burden. >> alisyn: thank you, mick jagger. >> brian: could i start the show now? >> steve: action. >> brian: "fox & friends". >> brian: the story is they put diesel -- >> steve: that was the first story. >> brian: you think it changed? >> steve: apparently it was not a gas problem. we're going to have details in a minute. but apparently it was mechanical. >> alisyn: we will get to the bottom of that. let's get to your headlines. we have two new developments that could help police catch the person who murdered the head of colorado's prison system. 68-year-old tom clemens answered his door at his home and he was shot in cold blood. the first clue, witnesses noticed a suspicious car parked one street away from his home right before the shooting. and the second clue apparently a woman was seen exercising in the area at the time. police now hope she may have seen something and she'll come
5:04 am
forward. >> she's been described as wearing white pants, a dark wind breaker, and also a hat. again, this is not a person of interest concerning the crime, but rather someone we think may have made some observations that could be valuable to us. >> alisyn: we're also told the car had its green dashboard lights on while parked. it's described as a two-door, dark colored 1990s model similar to a lincoln. please call the authorities if you know anything. the seven marines killed when a mortar exploded during a training exercise in nevada have been identified. private first class joshua martino of pennsylvania. he was the youngest at just 19 years old. also corporal david fin of florida. roger muchnick of connecticut. joshua taylor of ho h. sanderwork of north carolina. lance corporal william wild of maryland. corporal aaron repairda of
5:05 am
madison, illinois. lance corporal wild's father says it was his son's dream to serve america. >> we said, okay. we support you 100%. it's always a little bit of fear? absolutely. when he we want to afghanistan, were we scared? absolutely. but that's what he wanted to do. that was his dream and he chased it. >> alisyn: use of the mortars and tubes have been suspended world wide while authorities investigate what went wrong. an update to a story we told you about yesterday. south korea's broadcasters and banks brought down by hackers. this morning, new information that it came from a i.p. address in china. the previous attack on a south korean newspaper traced back to north korea also used a chinese i.p. address. a not so smooth start to his trip in israel. the president's indestructible
5:06 am
limo called the beast, breaks down. well, the specially designed armored cadillac had to be towed away after one report said it was filled with diesel fuel by mistake. the president was not in the country when it happened. a second limo was later brought in to transport him when he arrived. >> brian: that other limo was in jordan and they flew it back. >> steve: i saw a story this morning about the tow truck driver who said it was really cool and an honor to tow the president's car. he said, i'm not going to give the president a free ride, but then again, he said i'm not going to give him a discount either. >> brian: okay. fine. we can handle it. the taxpayers are paying for it. meanwhile, that didn't stop him from making his press conference this morning with palestinian president abbas. they're just wrapping up an event in ramallah. lynd la vittert is live with more >> good morning, guys.
5:07 am
the president actually flew here on marine one, so he didn't have to worry about his limo. when he arrived and began the meeting with prime minister abbas, it was all smiles and then the press conference began where at one point it almost seemed like president abbas of the palestinian authority was lecturing president obama very clearly and making some serious demands about what he wanted for a state of palestine going forward. as you know, president abbas controls the west bank. hamas controls the gaza strip. president abbas negotiates for roughly half of the number of palestinians who exist here in part of any kind of final status agreement that you would be going for. down in gaza, hamas launched out a number of rockets which certainly compounded the issues here and showed israel is continuously under the line of fire here in terms of what's going on in the region and continuing it being a worst region. that's something that president obama spoke to when he said that he was committed to creating a palestinian state, but stopped short of saying how much he was
5:08 am
going to pressure the israelis in terms of making any kind of concessions. one thing they talk about here a lot is a settlement freeze, meaning the stopping of israelis building inside the lands of palestinians. a lot of people thought the president would publicly try to persuade the israelis to do that. so far we did not hear any of that. the one tone that you really took away from the meeting here, especially the one in ramallah and the press conference was that president obama did not sound optimistic in terms of restarting these. the palestinians sounded desperate and sounded frustrated as they warned that things were continuing to get worse. that's the big concern here, is that as things continue to get worse, the situation deteriorates, you could end up with something like a third popular uprising by the palestinians against the israelis as the peace process has been stalled for a number of years. president obama tried hard in his first term to get it restarted and now promises renewed efforts in his second term with secretary of state kerry beginning to shuttle diplomacy. nobody here, when you are listening to their words or for
5:09 am
that matter, the tone of their voice, seem they have a lot of good deeds to follow the good words that we're hearing. back to you. >> steve: all right. leend la vittert, thank you. >> brian: there will be a round table with palestinian students in about a half hour. that should be interesting. >> steve: meanwhile, let's bring in michelle malkin who joins us from colorado. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you think is going on there? yesterday we saw the president and b.b. netanyahu, they looked like best friends. then this morning moments ago, we heard -- there he is, he's got his arm around the prime minister. then this morning attention we heard as he had the joint appear ance with the palestinians, yeah, the israelis, they got to stop with the prisoners, they got a lot of problems. >> yeah. i think the white house photo album will reflect that this entire trip was one of faux friendship photo ops on both sides of the border.
5:10 am
yesterday, of course, i think the unspoken words at the end of obama's declaration that he supported an unbreakable alliance between israel and america was the phrase, despite my best efforts to break it. then, of course, today, i think one of the most remarkable statements that came out was his comparison of israeli and palestinian relations to u.s. and canada relations, which had a lot of jaws dropping on twitter this morning because i can't recall that dan has been lobbing missiles into the united states over the last half century. >> alisyn: so michelle, if this is just a photo op, what would you have preferred to see president obama do in these couple of days there? >> he shouldn't have gone in the first place, i think. i think it's clear -- >> steve: took long enough. >> yeah. that's right. that our nobel prize winner in
5:11 am
chief has been pretty happy with the status quo that he is now sank moaniously condemning on this trip. >> brian: i think the most important part of the trip is going to be when goes to jordan. we have learned i hope from the arab spring that is a friendly king. he's got to stay king. we don't have mubarak anymore because we thought it would be a good move to let him go because maybe he the most benevolent ruler. but that jordan king has to stay in power. >> yes. we've alienated every last one of our major allies around the world. i have diminished hope, i suppose, managed expectations about obama's ability to uphold that relationship. but i guess i'll cross my fingers, brian. >> brian: we'll see. we'll find out. meanwhile, senator diane feinstein is going after assault weapons, but she's not going to get what she wants. as harry reid said, i'm looking
5:12 am
at the reality of the thing. assault weapons ban will not pass. i will not bring it up. your thoughts? >> well, political reality has smacked even harry reid across the face here and it's going to be rather difficult, but i imagine that diane feinstein will find some way of partisan yoga to blame republicans for this instead of her senate majority leader. but she has doubled and tripled down now and she's talking about introducing the very kind of ammunition magazine ban that was just passed here in colorado. so they're not giving up. she hasn't over the last several decades. i think a what we're going to see is an even more hysterical campaign by the gun grabbers, by the michael bloombergs of the world, and the sarah brady campaign to demonize not harry reid. they're not going to be protesting at his office, but to
5:13 am
marginalize the nra and second amendment supporters in this battle. >> steve: you're out in colorado and a couple of days ago we heard from a colorado sheriff who said, you know, any upcoming gun law, new gun laws in colorado, i'm not going to enforce them. now there is a new colorado sheriff by the name of john cook, he's pledging not to enforce any new -- this new law that was signed into law by your governor hickenlooper. >> yes, governor hickenbloomberger. there are a number of staunch second amendment supporters in law enforcement and they were very vocal before these laws were passed by the state legislature, that these would pose more of a danger not only to them, but to the law-abiding sinry here and john cook is just one who has stood up. at the same time that these sheriffs now are making these public declarations and i think
5:14 am
daring to be prosecuted for them and i think that every law-abiding citizen here should be grateful for that. but there are a number of efforts to try and roll back this radical gun grab that is going to do more harm than good. we've got recall petitions, efforts to repeal. we've got state initiatives that are now going to be launched and a couple of lawsuits that are under consideration, one by the independence institute, which is a pro-liberty think tank here in the state. so we're not going to take it lying down and i'm not planning on moving out any time soon. i'm going to stay here and fight. >> alisyn: let's switch our attention to gitmo. there are reports that gitmo is going to be undergoing another overhaul because of growing prisoner unrest. so in other words, federal dollars being spent to somehow boost the conditions at gitmo. >> steve: 150 million new dollars. >> right. and i think the context here, of course, is the warped sequester
5:15 am
priorities 'cause at the same time that the white house is going ahead and doing this, there are a number of other cuts that are being made that many people are complaining about at the dod and dhs and everywhere else that are endangering security. i think the bigger picture here with regard to gitmo is that place is a mess and not under control and that there are a number of these enemy combatants over the years who have been able to orchestrate suicide stunts and who have exploited the freedoms they've been given and the communication they're able to have with these transnationallist lawyers to spread propaganda about their cases. >> brian: exactly. they're on a hunger strike right now and they are making their own food. they're in a communal setting. this is like a dorm for them. >> steve: how handy. michelle malkin, always a pleasure. thank you very much for joining us today from colorado springs. >> you bet. >> alisyn: every week he helps homeowners all across the
5:16 am
country. but today bob massi has some invaluable advice for renters. that's next. >> brian: then think your woman is cheating or you have a cheating husband? she gets a billboard to get revenge. you'll see the ultimate revenge taken so everyone can see. hi, jennifer. hi,[ michael.
5:17 am
5:18 am
5:19 am
>> steve: many americans want to own their own home. sometimes renting is the better option. so how can you make sure you're protected as a tenant against things like damage or foreclosure? fox news legal analyst and real estate expert bob massi is here with answers and joins us from vegas, baby. good morning to you. >> hey, steve. >> steve: first one, i've had this problem and maybe you can answer it. if you are a tenant, bob, and you signed a lease, what do you do to forget yourself as it relates to the condition of the house? the reason i mentioned it, i had this problem when i had a place on the upper east side of new york city. when i left, the guy who owned the place said, i'm not going to give you any of your money back,
5:20 am
the security deposit, because the couch was dirty. boohoo. he had to clean the couch. but i didn't get any money. >> always when you become a tenant, the first thing you need to do is do a walk through and a punch list of the condition of the premises and in addition to that, take pictures so that you know where you're going when you go in and leaving. they always keep up that security deposit. one thing real quick, steve, always ask as a tenant if you're renting a home, was this a primary residence and is it a primary residence of the owner? the reason why, steve, if it's a primary residence that was vacated, you, the tenant, have to ask yourself, is this home in foreclosure, because so many times the home is in foreclosure, not disclosed, and soon to be out. ask that question. you're allowed to ask. >> steve: so this is a question. is there anything a tenant can do to protect themselves if they worry about a foreclosure?
5:21 am
in other words, they're living in a place. they don't know if it's about to be foreclosed. >> there is a form called request for notice. you can get it at office supply store. request for notice is a document that you sign, has name and address information and you can go record that at the recorder's office. what that means, steve, is that any interested party who is a subject of foreclosure, they must be given notice. so if you're a tenant and you're going to take possession, you get that form, record it in the recorder's office. if a lender forecloses, they are supposed to send you notice 'cause it's a matter of public record. that's something that every tenant could do and should do. >> steve: what's it called? >> request for notice. >> steve: allall right. very good. how do you make sure the person who gets the rent is getting the rent? >> here is the deal, look, the problem is if you're paying your rent directly to the homeowner, you don't know if that money is
5:22 am
being sent to make the mortgage payment. >> steve: that's right. >> if there is a management company involved, steve, you can make it as part of the contract, say, listen, i have no problem sending you the money. but i want to make sure that cash is going to the lender. so you have something in your management agreement saying look, we want verification that it's going sent to the lender 'cause we don't want to get thrown out in six months. that's what you need to do. do those type of protections. at least it creates dialogue and they know you know what you're talking about as a tenant. >> steve: you gave us lots of good information. next time i have a problem with a landlord and a couch, you and i are going to rent a stanley steamer, bob massi and go fix it. >> very good. >> steve: all right. if you got questions for bob, e-mail them to us and we'll ask him on tv. thank you. have a great week. >> thank you. >> steve: coming up, did you know the stimulus is working? yeah, that's right. so the feds are apparently going to continue printing money. we got details straight ahead. then, she's the co-host of "dancing with the stars." a fitness guru and a cancer survivor and mom of four.
5:23 am
brook burke is here to tell us how she does it all [ male announcer ] extreme power. ultimate savings. get both now at your polaris dealer during the xp sales event. rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% on the world's best powersports li-up. incredible deals on hard-working rangers, smooth-riding sportsmen, and razor-sharp rzrs. hurry to your local polaris dealer for rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% during the polaris xp sales event. [ female announcer ] hey ladies, you love it, you gotta have it. cinnamon toast crunch.
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5:26 am
>> brian: quick headlines. accused fort hood shooter will face a jury this summer. a military judge rejecting major nidal malik hasan's request to plead guilty to lesser charges for the 2009 killing spree that he went on. testimony begins july 1. finally. this gentleman have a joe so strong it might kill you. death wish coffee roasted in upstate new york and claims to have 200% more caffeine than the average cup. one pound bag costs $20. >> steve: kind of makes you want to try a little of it.
5:27 am
whoa! look at this graphic. >> alisyn: wow. our next guest is a real inspiration not only is she the co-host of "dancing with the stars," she's a fitness guru, mother of four, and now a cancer survivor. >> steve: that's right. brook burke charvet, long time friend of the program was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and is now back with "dancing with the stars." she's joining us to talk about that and so much more. >> great to see you. i'm feeling great. i'm done, i'm cancer free. i had my surgery in december. >> steve: you found out by? >> a regular routine physical. so preventive health, super important. >> brian: does it run in your family? >> no actually. i had no symptoms and i was one of the lucky ones and i was a good patient and did everything i was supposed to do. so i got a tiny scar and back at work. >> brian: you eat right, work out, have a balanced life and still it happens to you. >> then you they're and go, me? really? cancer? >> steve: we showed a picture of your beautiful family. >> thank you. >> steve: your kids were a little worried when they heard. >> they were really worried bum
5:28 am
they're doing great and i'm in the safe zone right now. >> alisyn: that's great. you're going to give us a lot of tips for fitness and for health. you're going to show us how to look like this. you're going to look exactly like this when you're done. >> steve: brian was in the green room wearing his lululemon pants. >> everybody thinks you look so great, you have to be in front of this national audience every week. what are the three moves that you can't live without that make you look great? >> i wish there were just three moves. i actually work out probably harder than than i ever have in my life. i have a whole dvd series, it's 30-day slim down. i do a lot of burning and toning and soliciting and sweating. i always say push yourself hard enough that you can break a sweat. >> steve: people don't want to do that. >> alisyn: some of your favorite ones you're going to show us are first how to tar get your abs. what do you do? >> yes. am i in this alone or doing it together? i do a lot of oblique twists.
5:29 am
it looks like this. it's a twist. don't just watch me, guys. you got to join in. my whole workout is dynamic enough that you're doing multiple body parts. >> brian: your obliques are your sides, right? >> yeah. i designed this to use multiple body parts. >> alisyn: how do you get these legs? >> here is another one. it's a squat, old school squat. it's a squat. you reach up and here is the tricky part. it's balance and it's tapping. dynamics, you're you're up up, core is tight. >> alisyn: i don't know what's happening over there, brian? >> alisyn: come on! >> brian: why are you judging me? >> alisyn: then the butt blaster. >> booty burn is my favorite. which is really more for you than these guys. but it looks like this. >> steve: i would be offended if
5:30 am
i were you. >> you're raising and toning and squeezing and toning. there is another move. let's see how you guys are chickening out. our leg squeeze. >> alisyn: it's a whole series. it's great, but still works. totally works. >> you don't need weights. >> steve: you got a dvd that shows folks how to do that. tell us about the claritin challenge. >> it's a really fun video at this with my kids. i have allergies big time. this time of year, spring, i can't go to work and do live television with watery, itchy eyes. it's a disaster. can you imagine being on tv and sneezing? so it's really simple. you take one 24-hour nondrowsy claritin when the allergies start and as long as the symptoms are active, you can take one every day. then i feel like a million bucks. >> brian: you take every day? >> i take it every day during my season, now. i'm in season, the pollen is in season. it's blowing through the wind in malibu. and i can't afford to be suffering. >> alisyn: yeah.
5:31 am
you can't sniffle either. that's great. thanks for showing us all this. >> absolutely. >> steve: the butt blast? >> yeah. >> steve: booty burn. >> alisyn: good luck on "dancing with the stars" this season. it will be great. we'll be watching. >> nice to see you guys. >> brian: next up, in cyprus, the country on the verge of collapse. what the heck happened? nicole petallides, who is of greek heritage, her parents born there, she has insight. there she is with some coffee. >> steve: the stuff that is safe. then think this woman's cheating husband will get the message? she buy has billboard for revenge. but the real zinger, how she paid for it. >> brian: this whole thing is a zinger. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ]
5:32 am
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5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ >> alisyn: we're back with a fox business alert. now new weekly jobless numbers have been released. and nicole petallides is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. how are the numbers? >> good morning. we got in our weekly jobless claims numbers. they came in a little better than expected. 336,000. the estimates were for 342,000. so we did see our u.s. stock index futures where equity market also open. they spiked a little bit, pulling back a little bit. just another good sign that our
5:36 am
economic news is trending in the right direction. that's really what we've been seeing. a lot of people want more. they have a lot of ideas, but you can't deny that the economy is improving slowly. >> steve: that's good. especially with housing, we need the housing to recover. so the whole economy does. over the last couple of days, more and more of us have learned where the country of cyprus is located because the economy there is -- looks like there is problems there because the e.u. is trying to bail them out, but they're talking about cutting people's accounts in the banks by 10%. i know your parents were born there. what can you tell us about the very latest on the collapse in cyprus? >> okay. so now we have the ecb giving an ultimatum to cyprus, selling them they must come up with a plan by monday. the banks are closed until tuesday. i can hear the sounds from the video that you're playing, obviously there is outrage, people are frightened there. the beautiful island of cyprus
5:37 am
is very small. it's about .2% of europe's gdp. but it has become a lead story because originally the government was going to go in there and basically confiscate people's money, but they deposit -- that they deposited in the banks that they thought was safe. and they were going to issue taxes. now cyprus is working closely with russia in particular. russia has about 20% of all the deposits in cyprus. they're russian based, whether russian businesses or people there. so they're work closely with russia. there was natural gas found off the shore of cyprus, so that may be a way. but cyprus is trying to come up with other plans. a lot of people were pretty happy they voted down, no, they were not going to take the money out of the bank. imagine if that happened here in the united states. if we all have our money in the bank, we think we have x amount of dollars and all of a sudden, they just tell us, you know what? we're going to take 10% of your money. >> brian: in our case, it would be going into our overdrafts already. we're at zero now.
5:38 am
they say at this moment in cyprus could be the turning point for all of europe who are tired of these bailout rules, tired of their government cutting these deals without coming to them first. >> that's so true because what's happening now is you are having some political boiling happening. russia is very upset with the eu saying they're like a bull in a china shop. off run on the banks because you don't have the trust. they're monitoring how much money can go over the border. there is so much happening. they started the ball rolling of this uncertainty and frustration and outrage. so that's what we're seeing. i have to tell you, it is a gorgeous island. the beaches are magnificent, the night life. i moon, you're going to love it. as far as today, we had a market where we hit an all-time high yesterday. we're going to watch oracle and hewlett packard pays its dividends. >> alisyn: thanks so much. great to see you.
5:39 am
>> steve: her parents are from cyprus and i think i will in the next commercial, update her wick pedia page. >> brian: do you know why i knew she was wrapping up? she stopped walking. i studied body language. >> steve: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. we've got other stories making headlines. the stimulus is working. that according to the fed head, bennett cunningham better than. so -- ben bernanke. he voted to keep pumping money in the economy. the fed has been buying all that money's worth of money to bring down long-term interest rates. economists believe that helped prop up the housing market and create jobs and it certainly has led to a robust stock market. >> brian: federal workers who don't pay taxes could get pink slips. yep. they could get fired. the house passed new legislation to fire any federal employee that owes back taxes. it will require anyone applying for federal employment to prove they don't owe uncle sam any
5:40 am
money. >> if you don't pay your federal taxes, you should be fired. we have 107,000 current federal employees on the federal -- being paid by the federal government that have a tax debt and we have to fire those people. >> brian: the legislation still has to pass the senate. >> alisyn: ceremony to high lie honor students was canceled so the other kids at the school wouldn't feel bad. parents at the school in massachusetts were outraged after the principal ended this tradition. one of those parents joined us earlier on "fox & friends." >> it's just a great community event where all the parents come together along with students and celebrate some great accomplishments from our children that have worked so hard to achieve good grades. >> alisyn: the principal says he will include the honors ceremony at an all inclusive assembly instead of the special honor roll night. >> steve: meanwhile, a man's lying, cheating ways getting put out there for the whole world to
5:41 am
see. take a look at this billboard. a woman in north carolina named jennifer supposedly using it as revenge. it reads, michael, gps tracker, $250. nigh con camera with zoom lens, $1,600. catching my lying husband and buying his billboard with our investment account, priceless. >> alisyn: you're scaring me. >> steve: sorry. she got a dig at michael's girlfriend, too saying, quote, tell jessica you're moving in. billboard not only slowing down drivers, but picture of it going viral. your wife -- >> brian: i'm going to check the billboards on the way home just in case she did it on the sly. i gave geraldo rivera own account. meanwhile, new news, football leaders got together and changed the rules. the league making it a 15-yard penalty for initiating contact with the crown of a player's
5:42 am
helmet. the rules say if a player does that more than three yards down field, they can not lower their head. for example, here is "fox & friends" model, keith, who played boston college. tell me the wrong way now if you're a runningback. show me like this. that would be a penalty. all right. now show me the right way you'll have to run with the ball. keith! [ applause ] good job. good to see you. congratulations. for more on these rule changes, let's go out to maria molina. wait a second. weather. why don't do you the weather. >> i don't know anything about that. not my area of expertise. i will tell what you is my area of expertise, that's the weather. it is going to be a cold day out today across the northeast. very chilly. this is what it feels like across the areas. it feels like 4 degrees in new york city -- 24 degrees in new york city. international falls, right now your current wind chill temperature is 5 below 0. and the temperatures are going to remain chilly through the
5:43 am
weekend. don't really expect to see too many changes. we also have temperatures -- these temperatures are cold enough to see snow across the northeast. if you live right off of the great lakes, expect to see accumulating snow out there and possibly even a snow shower right here in new york city and here is a quick shot of your temperatures and other areas. texas looking at temperatures into the 80s. those are some warmer spots. back inside. >> alisyn: thanks so much. >> brian: it cannot snow because it's spring. sorry, maria, you're wrong. >> alisyn: a college refusing to let kids apply who need financial aid or want to take out a loan. that decision is creating a lot of controversy and the president of that mo in school is here -- missouri school is here next. >> steve: we sent anna on the road to test out honesty in america. >> brian: who will return her lost stuff? we'll find out.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> steve: quick headlines for you. call it a monster makeover. the energy drink's maker is now reclassifying monster as a beverage rather than a dietary supplement. it won't change the taste, the amount of caffeine in the monster drink. it means potential deaths or injuries won't have to be reported to federal authorities. in stunning photos showing the split second lightning struck an erupting volcano. in japan, the volcano, taken by a german photographer. after hours of silence, the 20 second storm exploded, tossing molten lava bombs every place. there it is, caught on camera. >> alisyn: anna kooiman has been searching for honesty in america
5:48 am
and that trip has taken her down south. she headed to south carolina. she's here to tell us what she found out. hey, anna. >> good morning to everybody at home. we toured the entire country essentially and our next stop is charleston, south carolina. we went with the creators of a brand-new virtual lost and found system called bungee tag. you essentially put the decals on all your valuable items, wallet, sunglasses, keys, camera, what have you. and there is a personal security code on there that's linked to your e-mail address and your cell phone number so you can easily and nonnews mustily safely get linked up with the person who found your valuables. let's check out charleston. the bungee team landed in the lovely charleston, south carolina, as we continue our search for honesty in america. let the dropping begin. i dropped an ipod next to a bike and this young girl eyes
5:49 am
it. after snagging it, we tail her about ten minutes, walking into a coffee shop and back out again. when you saw that and you saw that you could return it to the owner by texting this number, i see your cell upon right here and i saw you texting, how come you didn't text that? it takes two seconds? >> i was waiting for someone to meet me here and i was preoccupied. >> this gentleman in blue spots my lost wallet and immediately turns it into a nearby burger joint. moments later i get a buzz. >> it's bungee, baby. your wallet is at five guys. >> i found the card in there. i never seen anything like it. i thought it was cool. and texted the number. >> initially we see this guy walking, picks up the wallet. and starts walking at a pretty quick pace. it appears he's a thief, he's a runner. but he just bungeed us and told us he was trying to make it to the bank before it closes and we can meet him at a famous steak house. let's check it out. when you saw the wallet sitting on the ground, what's going
5:50 am
through your mind? >> the poor guy that probably is on vacation smear lost his wallet. whoa! >> this family is at first perplexed when find anything misplaced camera. but they do some quick homework and make the text. the bungee came through. we found your camera at the corner of church and broad. let's go check them out. hey, guys. you found my camera? >> yeah. >> we are doing a story about finding honesty in america and we wanted to commend you for doing the right thing. took you a second. you were on your phone for a while. >> i checked out the web page to see if this is a legitimate product because we were first suspicious. >> you can check out our web site for information about bungee tags and see more about the news stories we have done. tomorrow we'll do washington,
5:51 am
d.c tomorrow we'll vote for the person to receive $5,000 from the publishers clearinghouse. >> alisyn: were you comforted that honesty is alive and well in america? >> it was so uplifting, even when we had a wallet and they would take the bait and pick it up and look through it and even if they happened to put it back down or give it to public safety officer, nobody took the cash either. >> brian: the way i lose everything i've owned at least once, i'm getting that. i should have come up with it. give me that. by the way, this just in, honesty is the hardest word. >> steve: thank you, billy. >> alisyn: thanks so much. coming up, one college wants to teach american students a lesson in budgeting. they're not accepting anyone who needs a student loan. the college president here to defend that plan next. >> steve: first, let's check in with the always honest martha mccallum with a preview of what happens in ten minutes. >> i did drop my wallet somewhere in this building and i want to see if you find it and bring it back.
5:52 am
>> alisyn: we'll look for it. >> good morning, everybody. rand paul is with us here this morning. why his dinner plans next month are raising some eyebrows. lots more to get his take on this morning as well. a father of two gunned down in the doorway of his own home. the latest on the colorado manhunt and one big american company wants their workers to reveal their weight and bmi or face a fine. what's that about? bill and i will tell you coming up top of the hour ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. ♪
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>> alisyn: millions of students struggle with student loan debt every year. one college in missouri thinks it has a solution. it's making its students work for their education. in fact, they say if any student wants to borrow from a bank, they won't let them go to this school. joining us now is jerry davis,
5:56 am
the president of the college of the ozarks in missouri. mr. davis, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: why won't you let any student take out a loan to go to your school? >> well, basically we think debt is a bad idea. we figured that out. apparently those in washington have not. we just don't want to be a part of the economic cancer that's sweeping the land. we think debt is a problem and the college is a work college. we're look for kids that are willing to work and not have to pay for their tuition or their room and board. >> alisyn: listen to this stunning statistic about debt. according to fine, two-thirds of undergraduates right now, or four-year colleges in the united states do take out loans. the average debt that they graduate with is almost $23,000. >> yeah, that's pretty heavy debt load.
5:57 am
it's like throwing someone a brick to swim with as the debt goes up. we don't want to be part of the problem. we want to be part of the solution and the college of the ozarks is different in the students don't pay tuition. they work. they get a grade for their work. we think they should work in the summer, too, if they can't pay their room and board. so we're not going to cooperate with private loans. we dropped federal loans a long time ago. we were making a statement that work is better than debt. i think students will be better off with that type of operating philosophy. >> alisyn: in fact, your college is nicknamed hard work u. how can you afford this business model? how can you afford the business model of not having any kids have to pay tuition? >> we're not a tuition generated college. we depend on donations from all over the united states. the college itself has no debt. so we're a good example unlike
5:58 am
what we see in washington. we're not asking people or students to do something that we don't do ourselves. and the college operates frugally. we operate a lodge and a restaurant and a dairy and a hog farm. students make jellies and fruitcakes and stained glass. they run the fire station, the water company. students are working everywhere. so it's not necessary for us to write a lot of loans to cover our expenses. we can balance the budget and we can do that without balancing the budget on the back of people that don't have the money to pay to start with. >> alisyn: that sounds inspirational. that sounds like a great place to go to school. i may just have to look at the college of the ozarks for my graduate degree. jerry davis, you're the president there, thanks so much for coming in and explaining it to us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me on. >> alisyn: our pleasure. more "fox & friends" just three minutes the armful? by the barrelful? e carful?
5:59 am
how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. campbell's. some people will do anything to help eliminatlitter box odor. ♪ discover tidy cats pure nature. clping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn.


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