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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 21, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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nlove. as americanswe believeold we can'tin freedom.pern we that's what i fought for as a marine, and that's what we believe in as republicans. freedom means freedom for everyone. i didn't use to understand the importance of same-sex marriage, but after learning my brother was gay i wanted the same rights for him. he was the best man at my wedding and i want to be the best man at his. it's only fair that calvin should have the freedom to marry the person he loves, too. it's time for marriage. >> a nice moment a short while ago in israel. should moan perez gave the president's medal to our president, barack obama. edthe medal was given to mr. oba
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for his unique contribution to israel security. mr. perez received the u.s. president's medal of freeman dom last year. thanks for watching. "studio b" starts now. >> have a great afternoon. today the president made a direct appeal to the israeli people, to make peace with the palestines and try to look at things from their perspective. that appeal came hours after militants fired rockets into israel. it's the jurors in the jodi arias trial are now questioning the psychologist who said she suffered from ptsd. your cable bill could start shrinking, thanks to the growing number of people who watch tv on
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the go. >> first, a suicide bomber reportedly blew himself up in a mosque in the syrian capital of damascus and killed several people, including a top proregime cleric. we have no way to confirm. and according accord rot -- reus it came from an expose. the united nations reports it's trying to figure out whether anybody carried out what would amount to a crime against humanity. the secretary general of the united nations. ban ki-moon, says the u.s. investigation will be wider than the one the syrian government requests. the rebels were accused of using chemical weapons. the rebels say that's a lie and the syrian forces used the weapons. ed, president obama said he is
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deeply skin tack cal of the claims and says the united states and our allies are trying to figure out whether the syrian regime crossed what he calls the redline. how significant is this step by the general secretary? >> it's significant in the sense it has the potential to be the first formal and independent investigation of the claims that chemical weapons have been used in the syrian civil war. on the other hand, it should be remembered that this is an investigation requested by the syrian government as a member state of the united nations, and they have only requested investigation of the alleged incident that occurred on tuesday outside the northwestern syrian city, not any other allegations of the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government themselves. ban ki-moon, was quick to make that clear today. >> i'm, of course, aware that
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there are other allegations of similar cases involving the reported use of chemical weapons. in discharging its mandate of an investigation mission, full cooperation from all parties will be essential. i stress that this includes unfettered access. reporter: unfetters access. a key phrase, we know too well how the security force have treated u.n. personnel on the ground it's a difficult question whether they will get that necessary unfettered access. >> shepard: are you concerned with the war spreading with fighting close to golan heights? >> the golan heights has been a
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bone of convention and now we're hearing reports of fighting close to what israel considers its border on the golan heights, that disputed territory. that's significant as well because as far as we are aware, from all the intelligence report wes have seen, the syrian rebels fighting in that area are less committed to the democratic government and the overthrow of president assad and more likely they're members of some of she islamic extremist groups who are fighting in syria. that, of course, is of great concern to israel when it's so close to their territory. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. put yourself in their shoes. those words from president obama to the israelis, talking about the treatment of palestinians who live in the west bank. on day two of the president's first trip to israel as president. he said that nation needs to make peas with the palestinians in order to ensure israel's
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survival and called for a two-state solution, one that gives the palestinians a land of their own. the president's comments come after he met with the palestinian leader, abass. he said israel has true partners in the leaders of the palestinian authority, but in a graphic reminder, the palestinian soldiered fired rockets on a city just hours before the president's visit to the west bank. >> children the same age is a my own daughters, who went to bed at night
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>> sat down with the israeli pratt and the talked of possible war with iran. >> that's right. perez was saying -- i was in the same garden with him today at his official residence, that the walked with president obama yesterday, and he said based on the talks today and yesterday, president obama did about having israel's back with a potential military strike, to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. president perez told me he believes this is not just talk and that president obama is willing to launch a military strike if necessary. >> america is really looking for
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peace, but if somebody threatens peace, america is not a chicken. >> america is not a chicken, he says, interesting because it came, those comments, on he same day where iran supreme leader came out and said if israel launches attack or allies launch an attack to try to prevent the nuclear program from going forward, they're going to retaliate and named hifa and tel aviv that the iran supreme leader said would be wiped o so the rhetoric getting very hot. >> shepard: ed henry, thanks. what if anything does the president mean to the stalled peace talks? less bring. >> p.j. crowley. good to see you. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: i don't know if i ever remember things being as difficult and the situation as tenuous as it is across the region. how important a moment was this
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for the president and did he rise to it? >> well, certainly the president's trip comes off of an israely election where israeli and palestinian negotiations were not a major factor. so particularly in his conversation with college students, bringing this back into the sphere, reminding people that notwithstanding the urgency of syria and the incredible complexity of the situation with iran, that this has to be part of the agenda for the prime minister and the president, but realistically you heard positions where president abass continued to insist there has to be a settle. moratorium before negotiations begin. this is their position for the last two or three years, not a position that a weaker israeli government is going to be able to accomplish. >> shepard: on iran, the president said yes there's not a lot of day light between his position and the position of benjamin netanyahu and then
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netanyahu explained where the daylight is. is he telegraphing that israel may go it alone? >> as the president insisted, israel has its open right to self-defense. obviously it looks -- understandably looks at iran from being in the neighborhood with a greater sense of urgency than we might -- i think they have the same strategic objective, and the president has been clear, and the prime minister has noted that, that the united states will prevent iran from gaining an actual nuclear weapon. i thought the prime minister showed a little bit more flexibility than perhaps he did a year ago. he accepted the fact that if iran makes a decision to build a weapon -- they haven't done that yet -- it would still take time for that to happen, and time for either israel or the united states or both to respond. so, i actually think that from this trip, there's a greater convergence not only of interests but rhetoric, that we have seen, say in the past year.
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>> shepard: the rhetoric from iran to wipe tel aviv off the mop in the event of a strike. at it specific, direct, and inflammatory. >> it is an escalation from what they said before. there's been an understand that should military action be necessary, it would absolutely be a response from iran. that would be expected. either directed at israel or other u.s. interests around the world. so i'm not surprised at that. now, we have coming up in the next couple of weeks, one or two meetings between technical experts and diplomats to see if there's any further movement on the negotiating front, but clearly if this rhetoric continues to escalate, once the iranian election is done in june, you'll be approaching this kind of make or break point where if diplomacy does not yield a clear result, other
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options will be shifted to. >> shepard: thank you. someone murdered the head of colorado's correction department right at his open front door. but from what we've seen so far, clues are very scarce. the latest on the manhunt is next. you heard about the financial crisis in cyprus and how it is affecting the markets here and around the world. it may be happening partly because european leaders don't want to bail out a bunch of russian mobsters? what do we know about these russian mobsters? [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ]
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and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >> shepard: looks like lawmakers succeeded in avoiding another self-destroying shutdown. we could go through the same process all over again in september. the senate approved the bill yesterday which now goes to president obama's desk and he is
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expected to sign it. that means the defense department will delay a decision to cut work hours and play for 800,000 pentagon employees. officials were set to deliver furlough notices as soon as as today, but today it's announced the officials will delay the furlough notices for two weeks while they analyze the new spending bill. cops and colorado were trying to figure out who shot and killed the state's top corrections officer, right on his own front door step. it happened tuesday night, hours before the state's good signed some tough new gun control laws. happened in upscale neighborhood in the town of monument, between denver and colorado springs. the suspect, reportedly shot tom clements in the chest. a family member called 9-1-1, and when the cops got there they searched the nearby woods with dogs. we're learning the gunman may have jumped in a car after she shooting. claude you, nothing on a suspect yet, right?
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reporter: no word on that yet. but during his long career as a corrections chief here in colorado and missouri plenty of opportunities to make enemies. he called for chemicals to carry out the execution of nathan dunlap. and one week ago he denied a prison transfer for a saudi national serving time for holding a housekeeper as a sex slave. at one point he sold recordings mayne made bay known terrorist leader who was killed by the united states. due to all the media attention he has been moved into an isolation cell. prison officials say, coal, he was not being punished but removed for his own safety. and a new development reported in denver that police are looking into whether the gunman may have been responding to a craig's list ad for a high-end mountain back.
12:20 pm
clements posted the craigslist ad on the day he was called. >> shepard: the cops are looking for specific car? reporter: right. they're looking to a lincoln or cadillac that was seen parked near clements' home, unattend but with the engine running on the night of the murder, and they're also looking for a woman who may have seen that car while she was out speedwalking in the area. the mystery says the mystery woman may have even seen the suspect. they're asking for the public's health in pursuing both leads but a no one has come forward yesterday. >> shepard: the jurors in the jodi arias case are getting a chance to bypass the lawyers and ask their own questions. today they wanted to hear from the defense psychologist who said that arias didn't remember stabbing her ex-boyfriend 27 times. we'll hear his answer next. [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased.
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>> shepard: after all the lies jodi hairas has told is it possible to accurately analyze the woman on trial for brutally murdering her boyfriend. that is one of the big questions the jurors ask the defense psychologist. the prosecutor says jodi arias stabbed her boyfriend 27 times, shot hill and slit his throat. she said she couldn't remember, but remember she gave different stories in the past. initially denying she knew anything about their ex-boyfriend's death, then blaming it on masked intruders. the psychologist admitted that arias did lie during his test but he stands by his conclusion that she has a form of amnesia,
12:25 pm
and the jurors got to question the witness and how precise his diagnosis could be given all the lies. >> the diagnosis of ptsd is a function of a evaluation based upon in my case, 35 years of experience and working with individuals with ptsd and i can say within all reasonable criteria she meets the criteria. >> shepard: arizona is a amendful of state -- handful of states in which jurors could ask question. jodi arias took questions herself. many of them asking, why should be believe you now? adam housely, seems like the jurors are asking tougher questions than the prosecutor did. reporter: the prosecutor tore
12:26 pm
apart this witness, and today the jurors got our chance. by our count moan 70 questions and they're hard-hitting. very skeptical of the doctor, the store, the setup by the defense team who tried to rain the doctor. take a listen to a question from a juror. >> you said transgent global am meese ya can be cause bed sexual intercourse, eme generals in hot or cold water and other things. is yoursly all issue inclusive or trauma from getting a bad eric. >> i say that is unlikely. the problems that cause this are typically physiologically connected. >> some questions a little sarcastic, and we have told from a tweet from the court, the jurors have added more questions to the basket.
12:27 pm
>> shepard: like the trial that won't end. what is next and is there a sense for when the jury will get to decide? reporter: you're right. jodi arias on the stand for 18 days. the jury questions continue and then the prosecutor and defense get chance to requestion him, then another main bit and more witnesses witnesses and closing arguments. we were told by a court observer, if a good situation happens, the jurors won't get this case until the middle of april. so they may not get this for another month. >> shepard: evangeline gomez is here with us now. i guess he needed to build up this witness because he took a beating. >> yes, he did take a serious beating. the problem with the beating he took is, listen, you have some jurors who don't believe jodi arias. she has given numerous stories as to what occurred. so the jurors who are there and
12:28 pm
say, okay, want to be objective about this. show me what you got. they listened to the psychological expert, and basically he didn't run a test on her after she told this lie about the intruder. so that was a big hole the prosecution was able point out. >> nobody has been able to explain the screaming that neighbors were hearing prior to this intruder coming in. it's been testified that there was a fight. i don't know how you get past that? >> well, again, there were efforts to try to rehabilitate as you and everyone else in america saw on television, but there are some serious credibility questions with this expert. second, there was the that the prosecution brought up, was it ethical of you give a gift of a book to miss arias, you were supposed to be providing an objective test.
12:29 pm
the defense then said, this is not a gift. it was simply a book. of de minimis pal view, and as to the prosecution0s allegations he liked her or wasn't amorred of her. he didn't send her flours or jewelry or candy. it was a book because he thought perhaps she needed it because she was state showing was suicidal. >> shepard: how does a jury handle a trial that is this long and all this detail. >> you would think there would be jury fatigue. and that's what pundits say. but look at the questions. 100 questions, and there are mow questions being proposed. so they're engaged, whichles -- if you taking the defense side, it makes you think, they haven't made a conclusion yet. they may not absolutely find her guilty. that's why they have questions. remember, reasonable doubt. they want to make sure their decision, there is no doubt. >> shepard: you think if you already said other, i'm sure
12:30 pm
already, you went ask more questions. >> exactly. that hasn't happened here. >> shepard: no it hasn't. thank you. >> well, a rocket attack in israel in the middle of the president's visit, and the militants who claimed responsibility for the attack had a special message for president obama. we're live in jerusalem with that. surveillance video appears to show people punching punching ag and sitting on a group of seals at a beach. now the mayor is making that prime stretch of beach off limits for people once the sun goes down. what is going on here? kicking the seal around? what is wrong with these people. as we approach the bottom of the hour, the top of the news. [ male announcer ] trail...
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>> shepard: it's the bottom of the hour. time for the cop of the news. as islamist militants called out president obama during his trip to israel, they claimed responsibility for new rocket attacks. only about 50 miles from the presidents ordinarying to police, militants fired two rockets from gaza into a town in southern israel just across the border in 2008, then candidate obama visited that same town and one day before his latest -- this latest attack, the president talked about that visit, saying, i saw again how israeli security can be measured in mere miles and minutes. conor powell is live with us. what more do we know about the
12:35 pm
timing of the launch? reporter: there's no doubt that the rockets fired from gaza into southern israel were tied to president obama's trip to the holy land. this is a message from. those in the gaza strip-remember us. the rockets did little physical damage. no one was injured or killed but the symbolic damage was significant. the rockets broke the very fragle cease fire that has been in place for four or five months since the november war, but most importantly reminds the world israel faces to different challenges in the path to peace. one in with the palestinian authority, and ham mass -- hamas that refuses to recognize israel's right to exist. >> shepard: part of the credit is given to this iron dome system that the u.s. helped with. is it getting credit for this
12:36 pm
one? reporter: well, the iron dome antimissile system doesn't appear to be in southern israel so they didn't intercept any rockets from gaza. there wasn't much in the way of damage but yesterday president obama got a first-hand look at one the iron dome systems that was brought for his visit. the dome was the real star of the war in november, destroying most of hamas rockets during the war. reportedly israel officials have moved some of those iron domes to the north because they're fearful of the unstable deb instability in syria. >> shepard: the european union today gave the tiny island nation of cyprus just four days to raise the billions of dollars it needs to secure an international bailout or face financial ruin. that could spark a bigger disaster economic-wise in europe and beyond. europe's central bank warned it
12:37 pm
will pull the plug on the country's troubled banks by next week if lawmaked in cyprus cannot approve a bailout pack online. the lawsuitmakers just rejected the plan to tax people's savings account. cyprus is the cayman island odd the mediterranean and is the place to bank for the russian mob. christian whiten joins us. a d.c. international advicer and former state department official. and live in our new york studio. i didn't realize the russian mob connection and cyprus banks until this came along. what is this? >> it goes back some time. cyprus has been a haven not just for russian mobsters and russian officials. during kgb days, cyprus was a haven for russian money, and they doubled down in the 900s with a president thatees to moscow and a decision to become
12:38 pm
a haven for russian tycoons, who are not boy scouts, andles russian officials. >> shepard: they're laundering money or hiding it. >> that's right. this is something you think vladimir putin would be upset with. but he is more sun set that cyprus has been tampering with the accounts. >> shepard: which tells us a lot of things we already knew. here's what don't get. wonder why they didn't just tax people over 100,000 euro and that would be the russian mob. i don't understand it. >> that's right. there's a lot of wonder where this idea came from. just goes beyond simple keynesianism. and even though this plan to take money directly out of the accounts has been turned off, come monday there's going to be a bank run in cyprus, and this could lead to a broader crisis. really brought the european cries back to the fore.
12:39 pm
>> shepard: i doubt the russian mobsters are going to make a run or the little people? >> they're the ones that can't move money. you can bet more sophisticated investors are doing that even though the banks are closed. >> shepard: i wonder what the effect is if there's a run on the banks. there's a fear it might spread to pain or italy. >> a lot of people didn't realize this was a possibility, and cyprus being part of the ever u., other weak eurozone states, countries like italy and sane you have investors worrying, and people here in the united states. this is a small country with unique problems that ran up a huge credit card bill that is coming due. these are effects we'll feel. >> shepard: are any of the russian mobsters going to come under more scrutiny? >> it may be. one man found a great deal of
12:40 pm
embezzlement of state funds in officials. he was thrown in a moscow jail. indicated a lot of the funds ended up in cyprus. he was in jail a year. no charge. died under very suspicious s circumstances. this got for cyprus or moscow. >> shepard: this is just the beginning. >> i think so. may lead to the first country to be thrown out of the eurozone and have to go back to its own currency too. be a first and would also lead people to wonder if italy is not far behind, and grease. could lead to a stronger euro in northern europe but you could see big disruptions in the international economy just at a time when things were starting to look better. >> shepard: some disturbing video out of san diego. cameras caught people kicking and punching and sitting on top of mother seals and their pups. look at this. happened on a stretch of beach where seals come to give birth. cameras caught these two women
12:41 pm
abusing. the. the san diego mayor has now closed the stretch of beach in the nighttime hours the decision is not setting well with beach-goers, arguing the actions of a few should not close the beach for everybody. supporters the closure say it's a small stretch, and if people are going to kick these defenseless animals you have to do something. >> it's 150 feet, and groups argue that stretch of beach is a key shelter for more than 200 harbor seals and their pups-especially during breeding season, which is from january to the end of may. they say the cove guess for the seals, the environment, and tourism, and the abuse, they've say it happens all the times. >> our immediate response was we were appalled. we've seen the abuse that goes on, on a regular basis, but this was particularly flagrant. most of the time they're not actually kicking the seals and
12:42 pm
sitting on them. reporter: the seal cam is posted on the city's web site so everybody around the world can actually view them in this habitat. they have not yet caught the people you saw on the surveillance camera actually abusing the seals. '. >> shepard: people upset about the beach closing argue this beach was made for kids, not seals. >> and it's called children's beach, because back in the 1930s they put a 150-foot sea wall in front of there to actually protect the kids from the rough surf, and now the argument is, hey, the kids are out and the seals are in, and you can't even swim nearby because the seal waste has pushed the bacteria levels up to very unhealthy levels. they also claim this is a very popular place to walk around out night, right down the street from la jolla, and they say the mayor has overstepped his authority. lisp. >> i'm here to exercise our rights to access this beach that
12:43 pm
is exposed to be legally open for the people, the children in the commute. it's been illegally closed. the mayor has gotten an emergency permit using paperwork that is seven years old and declaring it an emergency. reporter: right now the beach is shut done for two months. we called the mayor's office a number of times to get a response. they have not yet called us back. >> shepard: thanks, trace. do you ever us some flip the tv negotiation channel to channel and forks i don't ever watch any of these channels. why aim paying for them? pretty soon you may not have to that's next.
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
>> shepard: there's a knew sign that pay television could soon cost us all a little less. the reason is a top media research firm reports up to 46,000 new customers signed up for pay tv last year. a tiny rate of growth when you consider folks bought more than
12:47 pm
360,000 new homes in 2012. analysts say it's an indication more folks are going online to watch their favorite shows. duh, and now we're learning cable providers could be taking new steps to add customers, which could many a potentially smaller monthly bill. what changes are we talking about. not à la carte? >> no. it's all about bundling, which is when viacom sells sells you d also chev you vh2 and vh3 and classic. fox news. i'm on fox business. so people are watching the five and goes to commercial, maybe they come over to money with mel lace and watch that. that's what bundling is. but a result is people now have a thousand channels and research shows they only watch five or team. so people are saying i'm paying
12:48 pm
for a thousand channels. and it all goes into the human -- huge bill and cable providers trying to be more responsive because their fleeing in droves, going to netflix, but they want to bundle things together. >> you mentioned apple and netflix. shows like howard of cards -- >> i was watching it last night. i have my apple tv. >> 795 a month i'd pay just for that. >> absolute limp that how more people are watching twit, à la carte. they're going to -- both something like roku or apple tv, going through netflix, and they're streaming television and that's what cable and satellite are battling. they're trying to stop people from fleeing. it's tough. there are 27.5 million subscribers to netflix. that number is rising.
12:49 pm
comcast, the biggest cable provider, they have 22 million subscribers, so they have less. netflix is growing, and the cable provides have to keep the bill lower. >> shepard: you don't want to lose out of new channel. >> you want to watch fox business. >> shepard: we watch it -- >> perfect. >> shepard: 5:eastern, 4:00, with melissa francis. >> like. they of you have a green home, green certified home you're 32% less likely to default on that. that's a new study. and they're saying because you save so much money on your michigan bill, you can pay you're mortgage. i don't know. i if you're both a more energy efficient home, you're paying less money. we have more debate on fox business. >> shepard: a big company has created a new rule for its
12:50 pm
employees. get a health screening that includes a weighin or pay more for your health insurance. our journal analyst weighs in on it. the engines that helped put men on the moon were once thought lost to history at the bottom of the deep blue sea. now there's a mission to raise the american artifacts from miles beneath the ocean surface.
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>> shepard: the drug store chain cs is telling employees to weigh in or pay up. it's a voluntary wellness review. including height, weight, body fat and blood pressure. workers who don't participate have to pay a fine.
12:54 pm
$600 a year. cvs spokesman says the company is only looking out for the health of it employees. experts say you can expect more employers to do this now. can they do that? >> yes, they can do it because, though they may say they're looking out for the health of the employees and there's healthed a troops be aware of your height and weight and body fat mass and glucose level, they're also looking out for the health or their bank book, which they're entitled to do as an entity engaged in commercial activity. they know that it will cost them more to buy insurance policies for people who are more likely to use the services afforded under the policy. now, they have known this for a long time out in under the affordable healthcare act which kicks in january of '14, they'll be required to offer these policies as mandated by the federal government to anybody
12:55 pm
who works for them even if the person is not capable of receiving a service afforded under the policy. they have. choice except to hire the healthy. they're not saying that but the consequence of this, shep, is that people will have to choose, do i want to pay the 600 bucks, $50 a month, and stay here, or go somewhere else where they're not going to put this burden on me? if i do leave i'm likely to be row placed by somebody who doesn't have to pay the 50 a month because they're in the range of height to weight. >> shepard: begs the next question is, twill there come a time where if you smoke, drink to excess, eat a bunch of fatty foods good, to the cap dimachine, don't exercise you pay more for insurance than those who don't. >> i have to guess on that. i can see where this is going. >> shepard: can you do it? >> yes. right now with the cvs scenario. what's is obese? who will decide.
12:56 pm
a federal judge. is five pounds too heavy for your height? and how much smoking ties much smoke? how much alcohol is too much alcohol? congress may jump in and make these determinations itself, but if it doesn't or can't, then federal judges will make the determination, an area where they lack expertise. so the affordable healthcare act continues to have unintended consequences. >> shepard: i don't know if it was unintended. >> this wasn't anticipated that people would be fined if they cost their employer too much and the employer would have the right to do so. >> shepard: the way to get healthcare costs down is for us to be better at taking care of our bodies. if you don't service your car properly, your warranty is null and void in many cases. makes sense in a way. >> that's very interesting. >> i don't like it but it makes sense. >> i don't know if that's going to come. if you have the proper relationship of height to weight, you're going to lose your coverage. out gore going to pay more.
12:57 pm
>> shepard: investigators in south korea say they traitsed the cyberattack to a computer address but still suspect north korea is behind the whole thing. that's because hackers can manipulate internet addresses. as of now, only one of the targets reports its fully back online. there are reports that hackers deleted pictures from other web sites. there have been threats over economic punishment. salvage crews pulled up pieces of american history. the very engines that blasted man to the moon. those rusted engines have been signature three miles beneath the surface of the ocean, hundreds of miles off the coast of florida. the ceo of led the mission to find them and pull them back to earth -- at least to the ground.
12:58 pm
those engines were designed to separate from the apollo rocket which nasa launched in the 60s and 70s. they fell into the atlantic where they have been sense. the serial numbers were too worn ware to say which apoll -- apollo mention they month to. >> you know spring is here cherry blossoms bloovment to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. [ female announcer ] from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless.
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