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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 21, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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issue, give them credit, it goes for the blood and gut stuff, simply nowhere is the issues. for example, parroting the line that paul ryan is killing grandma, or falling for the nonsense that sequestration is going to lead to bedlam at the airport. or eventually mr. ed on the dinner plate. this is scary stuff but it's wrong. remember what is really going on here, my friends. if we only use a little map here and we in the media did our jobs here. no one is cutting anything. this still leads us with criminals more in debt a decade from now. it's true. the government is still growing no, matter what we do now. you don't hear that, of course, because it's not flashy or exciting or bloody. it doesn't sound exciting that paul ryan is slowing the pace
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of government. but paul ryan forcing millions to go on food stamps or pushing granny off a cliff -- i just heard this one. he is actually killing thousands of seniors. that is wrong. so i know. that the club. there is nothing wrong with having a point of view but everything wrong not bringing up all the point of view. it takes two parties to tango. so you can't just blame one. or one side is stubborn or jeopardizes a deal but the other is not when it jeopardizes the same deal because it opposes spending cuts. i know i keep pounding this, again and again. a lot of you seem to think it gets old. the only reason i do so, day in and day out is to remind everyone that it is through the prism of the media that we get a sense of what is going
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on. my fear is what is not going on. what is reported poorly. we have ware of the media that gloms on to the line "we don't have a problem." at that moment, take it from the scoping at this picnic, something stinks. when the media is in cahoots with the folks who say no problem. big problem. good night. >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: "tonight" show host jay leno is winning the war but he may have heard the reports that he is out on the "tonight show." he is taking shots tonight. >> you know the legend of st. patrick, right? he drove all the saints out of ireland and they came to the
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united states and became nbc executives. fascinating story. to say they are -- signists say they are getting closer to do "jurassic park" style cloning of extinct species. ones that were once thought extinct could be brought back for the dead. there is hope for nbc. it could turn around. >> kimberly: well, nbc confirmed a new studio for fallen in new york but didn't say if it will move to the "tonight show" to the big apple. fallon joked about the rumor last night. >> before we get started i have to talk about the rumors today that says i'll be moving up to 11:30 or as my parents call it "yeah, it's still too late." the rumors are true. nbc is turning "tonight show" to a diving competition. >> kimberly: okay. are you a jimmy fallon lover? >> eric: did you hear the sarcasm in the show? did you get the joke? as my parents would say it's still too late. he is trying to say he has a younger demographic or going
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after the younger demographic. jay is great. people love jay leno. but jimmy fallon is fantastic as well as jimmy kimmel. the interesting thing, the three late night -- the three guys on late night now, the three shows will compete. they are almost identically rated now. they all have about 7800,000 in the -- 700,000 in the key demo, advertising demo and $3 million each in total viewers each night. >> kimberly: what is the motivate factor? his ratings are good and consistently performing for network. some think perhaps he is too vanilla or too conservative. bring in fallon more beloved by hollywood liberals. >> dana: you know how people say you never really know what goes on inside a marriage? that could be the case here. >> greg: leno and fallon are married? i had no idea. i'm totally for that. it's beautiful. >> dana: no, i meant between jay leno and the executives is what i was talking about.
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i'm a big fan of jay leno. i had a chance to meet him when we did the book tour after the presidency, mrs. bush and president bush went there. it was the most fun, he is -- i think the reason jay leno has done so well over so many years, decades, is that the whole family can enjoy it. >> kimberly: sure. >> dana: not to say they won't enjoy jimmy fallon. i like craig ferguson. he is funny. good clean fun. >> kimberly: greg, what do you got for me? >> greg: i did research in to the feud with jay leno and producers and look up may 12, he made an obama joke and then he made another one, another obama joke on september 6. that is two obama jokes. clearly he pushed it too far. networks will send him to reeducation camp for required therapy. you know what is funny? talking about a tv schedule, like appointment schedule, it's like talking about a dead relative. it seems as relevant as the bicycles with the giant and
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the little wheels. nobody watches tv at the time it's on anymore. you watch "justify" two days later. i watch "homeland" in bed with martinis. we're adjusting the content. >> kimberly: is that the same? >> greg: very funny. wedy interest content differently. we're oh long -- i'm saying we are no longer passively watching late night television. people watch "red eye" and they tweet throughout the whole thing. that is the future. melding of the web and television. soon, basically our eyes will be the universal remote, you know? >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: i haven't seen the late show since johnny carson. >> kimberly: perfect. >> bob: i'm a little out of this. i do listen to the few things i hear about leno. i think his jokes are funny. is it true that the guys all had jokesters to meet with them every day and come up with stuff? >> eric: 30 writers. >> bob: they do? >> eric: sure.
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>> kimberly: imagine how funny we'd be if we had that. greg has it. >> bob: i don't -- if it's no big difference in ratings, why -- i know he got mad before. he was taken off for conan o'brien and moved to 10:00. so there was obviously a rub there. does anybody have any idea what the have you been here now with nbc now? >> eric: they are looking five and ten years down the road, right? leno is 15 -- how long has he been? >> kimberly: but why put him out now? he's funny. i get his jokes. >> eric: tv is tough. entertainment is cut-throat business and looking down the road. >> kimberly: listen to this clip of leno. he has something to say about president obama. >> president obama is now in israel. it is his first trip to israel as president. he did not bring along joe biden. the president trip to israel is called a high profile trip. not as high profile as playing
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golf with tiger woods but still high profile. it's not that great. >> kimberly: all right. too conservative? what that is what some suggest. >> eric: someone tweeted maybe he's pulled off because he is focusing his comedy toward the center part of the country, rather than the two coasts which are more liberal. i don't know. maybe. johnny carson, every single late night host goes after the president. i don't know why we are calling him out for going after obama. >> greg: it's a disgrace that none of the jokes involve sarah palin. habit he read the script? that -- hasn't he read the script? that's what you. do make fun of sarah palin, someone not a president, exgovernor of alaska. that is the person you go after. not after obama. i have to go back to this. i don't care who is at late night. i have a feeling that most young america don't either. nobody is taking this -- nobody is watching these shows the way we watched it when we were young. people aren't going and -- these numbers are a lot lower than they were 20 years ago.
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people are on the laptops and they are watching the stuff on the plane. they are notdy guesting it same way -- notdy guesting i no. >> dana: i used to set my alarm in case i fell asleep before arseno hall. i had a tv in my room. >> eric: but the game is high-stake poker for these guys. >> bob: one thing, abc developing an app -- is that what you call it? app? you can put it and you can follow all of their shows on your ipad or phone. literally to me that is a big step, revolutionary step. >> greg: i am telling you, if you are going to watch tv at the time the show is on is the equivalent of a land line. >> kimberly: behind the game. >> dana: "jeopardy" and "wheel of fortune." >> greg: you accommodate it. watch "the five" at 5:00, great.
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but some people work so they watch at 7:00. it's greater freedom to do what you want. so late night is less and less rel vent, except for "red eye" at 3:00 a.m. >> kimberly: you brought up something, tweet transition a few minutes ago about tina fey, sarah palin. they had tina fey on and listen to this thought. >> you know, jimmy, i believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores. >> same-sex marriage. what is your view on that? >> well, the bible says it's gross. >> marriage, is meant for people, who wear different kind of swimsuits. >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: it's greet see east and west coast elitists making fun of other people because they're different. imagine if they made fun of other people who were different, and what it would be like?
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i don't mind tina fey. the other guy interviewing her. james lipton. he asked her to do it. so he is the turd in this punch bowl. i feel bad for tina fey. like harry reams, the porn star that died yesterday and will be forever known as a porn star. no matter what tina faye does she will be known as the sarah palin impersonator. she will never be known for anything else and she is talented. >> bob: she set herself up for a lot of this. >> greg: she is not the leader of the free world. >> dana: but there is a reason they do it. see the laughter? it's why they do the things, shows to get ratings about certain topics that you might think other people wouldn't be interested in. the thing that drives people crazy about sarah palin, she put herself out there and willing to take a punch. she was able to take a punch and she could punch back in a way not too aggressive. so that is why she has been able to survive. if you put yourself out there
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and you can't take a shred of criticism, you are basically not going to have a career in politics or anywhere else. >> eric: she is taking more punchs than anyone deserves to take. as far as tina fey, actor studio was very funny. she is extremely talented. she did that impromptu, improve off the top of her head. she is talented. >> kimberly: i did that for geraldo show. he had me dress up as sarah palin. halloween. >> greg: it was at his apartment. that was really weird. >> kimberly: getting weirder by the minute. let's talk about celebrities dand they get preferential treatment? bob is expert on this being a big-time celebrity in new york. >> bob: celebrity, yeah, a big-time rehab celebrity. >> kimberly: talk to us about lindsay lohan. >> bob: once again, she has been sent to a lackdown rehab. big deal. 90 days. she has been caught again drinking. i have said this for a long time. this woman is going to kill herself or she will kill
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somebody else. you have to hit bottom to ever get well. bottom to her ought to be sent to jail, solitaire and put there for a year. she has broken enough of the deals with the judges that -- >> dana: that is quite a punishment. we can't waterboard a terrorist with imminent intel but solitair solitary confinemea year? >> greg: remember what celebrity means? it means celebrating something. you don't, we can't celebrate the people. the only people that celebrate them are the bah lives working overtime on the cases. i have no sympathy for the people. i don't even feel bad when they die. it worry about little old ladies with illnesses. that are sick. my mother. people that actually deserve compassion, people who do not bring the pain and suffering on themselves. >> bob: greg, she hasn't hit bottom. here is the problem. she is always bailed out. that is what happens with celebrities. what is his name?
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brown. >> kimberly: bobby brown. >> bob: sentenced to 90 days for the third dui. gets out in nine hours. he is the guy when you get three dwis, you have a bad drinking problem. he ought to be at least put in a rehab for 28 days. >> kimberly: what about the little girl? >> dana: why doesn't he have a driver? >> eric: this is planned. lindsay lohan was scheduled to go to court, i think she had a 9:00 court appearance. she showed up, landed at 8:30 in morning knowing she wouldn't make the court date. they are doing this to stay relevant in the news. they are only relevant in the news because they are not relevant in the acting community. >> bob: the judges are not supposed to be relevant in the news. they ought to sentence her to -- how many times have they said if you come back one more time, you are going to jail? it doesn't happen. >> bob: look at bobby brown -- >> kimberly: he spent more time in the step items or less express checkout than if you are a celebrity. >> greg: dana perino minute mentoring. why don't you offer to mentor lindsay lohan?
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>> dana: yeah. i'm sure she would love my advice. >> greg: i think she would. >> kimberly: we are all about outreach at "the five." coming up next -- >> dana: a handwritten note. >> kimberly: directly ahead, dr. ben carson made a splash at cpac last weekend. now a lot of conservatives want him to run for the white house in 2016. he is not ruling it out. we take a closer look at the man everyone is talking about. later, another man everyone is talking about. you got him. mr. bob beckel. he is not happy about cbs airing communist propaganda from the reality show "the amazing race." >> bob: i am so outraged by this i can't believe it. cbs is idiotic, stupid. if they can't do better than that to have people go to a memorial where americans died you ought to get off the network. take that show and shove it! >> kimberly: you heard it here. he is is not stopping until we get answers from cbs. you will hear more from bob coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. dr. benjamin carson, conservative sort of and potential 2016 g.o.p. player. is the good doctor ready for the big stage? some think so. here is rush's assessment. >> i think dr. benjamin carson probably got nerve the democrat party scared to death. it's going to be really hard to demonize this guy. really, really hard. partially because of his race. but not just because he is african-american. >> eric: kimberly, bring it around the table. start here and work our way around. >> kimberly: i really like him. he is a compelling figure. he is authentic and it resonates with people. when you listen to him speak, he is not on message. he is telling you exactly what he thinks about any subject matter, any topic. he is honest. not trying to play it to one side or the other. that i think is really
2:21 pm
important. especially when the other people are tired and fed up with the manufacturer political figures that come in, that are just about winning instead of trying to do the right thing about it. >> eric: r.b., respond. democrat is nervous about this guy? >> bob: shaking in your boots and up all night long. every cycle; particularly, the republicans bring in somebody who is an outsider, because they're an outsider and they say it like it is and the rest of it. donald trump, down the list, they all get knocked out. >> kimberly: joe the plumber. >> bob: who? >> greg: joe the plumber. >> bob: carson may be engaged guy but in end he won't stand up to rigors of presidential politics. presidential politics is the toughest business you can go through. as tough as -- >> kimberly: not good under pressure. >> dana: i agree with bob. i don't think the left is worried at all. they have something in hillary clinton and in the buildup of the clinton machine and then the obama machine.
2:22 pm
when those two things come together in 2016, the republicans have a really tough job. there is a reason that there has been nobody from the complete outside come in and run for president for either party. you to have a network and an organization. one of the best things i think that dr. ben carson can do, if he is seriously considering this, is to enjoy a little bit of spotlight now. not every tv show right now. find some people that can advise you and go out to the cabin in the woods for three months and think. get four stages deep in the question. the problem with the republicans is they fall in and out of love with people in if hours. nobody can have any staying power. now we don't like rand paul because he his policy on immigration is bad. they get all thrown up in the air. >> eric: greg? >> greg: yeah. okay. i want to go through the -- these are all the recent targets, by what i call the
2:23 pm
new white racist, gawker and daily coast and whatever. ben carson, herman cain, allen west, clarence thomas. who do they have in common other than black and conservative? surgeon, ceo, west is a war hero, and thomas is supreme court. what do they have in common? incredibly successful. the success is proof that their values work. that is the scariest thing for a mod earn, white, left wingrace. they prefer their blacks to be chained to government dependency. all the guys have to find that. it makes them sick. >> eric: can i throw something in here? one of the issues here with dr. carson for me, as a conservative, he is not as conservative as the real conservatives out there would like him to be. issues on the second amendment will be problem mattic if he wants to run for president. end of story. his immigration issues may be a problem as well. he has a tough road. the big question, can the
2:24 pm
g.o.p. win from the moderate part of the spectrum? >> bob: let me make a point about rand paul. he is now going to iowa, always the first step. he has also hired some very good and interesting consultants, presidential level consultants. it take it to me he is getting serious. >> dana: oh, no. not consultants! i thought they were you know what under the sun. >> bob: some of them are good. this is interesting to me. >> eric: listen to dr. carson at cpac. talk about racism and race. a very refreshing take on this. listen. >> you know, reporter once asked me why i didn't talk a lot about race. i said because i'm a neurosurgeon. [ laughter ] they thought that was pretty strange. i said you see when i take someone to the operating room and i cut the scalp and take off the bone flap, i am operating on the thing that makes that person who they
2:25 pm
are. the cover doesn't make them who they are. when are we going to understand that? >> bob: hold on. >> eric: that was the point i was trying to make the other day when i said conservatives, i think it's wrong go to the cpac or get up on the podium and say i'm black, i'm conservative and i'm black. >> kimberly: i like what he said. i thought the speech was great. he is not worried about trying to move the polls or please people. like him, love him, leave him, whatever. he is not going to change who he is. if he wants to be serious about running he has to eventually man up and get consultants. >> dana: there is one thing they can't do to him they did to sarah palin. there is not an actor who will make fun of dr. ben carson. >> bob: good point. >> greg: but what a great name for tv doctor. dr. ben carson. >> dana: paging dr. ben carson. >> greg: save the free enterprise. >> bob: there was a guy, dr. ben wasn't there? >> greg: ben casey. >> eric: coming up, did cbs disrespect vietnam vets by
2:26 pm
sending reality show con zesttants to hanoi? bob was furious about it. >> bob: don't blame that on young producers. it had to go through somebody at the executive branch of cbs, communist show put on by a network that ought to know better. >> eric: he has more to say about that. but first, #birthday. twitter turned seven and how the social media site changed the world and how it changed our lives right here on "the five." ♪ ♪ it's not what you think.
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♪ your finances can't manage themselves, but that doesn't mean they won't try.
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bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can, a certified financial planner professional. cfp -- let's make a plan. ♪ ♪ >> dana: you know, it's twitter's birthday and it's my sister's birthday. what a coincidence!
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>> greg: who do you like more? >> dana: i'll tweet her, too. i'm talking about the social network that transformed the way that the world communicates. it turns seven today. i was a late comer to twitter. it wasn't until february 20610 i said okay, fine. i'll try it. >> kimberly: you dominated twitter. >> dana: i don't know if i dominate. i get almost all of my news from there. it feel like i'm much more well-rounded news consumer because of it. it follow a lot of different people. if they tweet a link for the article i'll print it out or i'll e-mail it to myself. i'm very organized. do you love it? >> kimberly: i enjoy it. i was skeptical. another facebook thing. but i know people like facebook, too. but a lot to keep up with. twitter i find to be helpful because of the news content. you really are able to get instantaneous updates with the global hot spots or world countries, conflicts around the world. places where they try to sensor information. it's almost impossible for the places to prevent, the media
2:32 pm
transmitted across the world. that i like. >> dana: i want to ask bob about that. given your state department and presidential experience, can you imagine if that technology was available at the time? because as the arab spring was unfolding in tahrir square in egypt in particular, all that twitter stuff was happening. also, during the green revolution in iran. can you imagine having to be the guy to explain to mahmoud ahmadinejad what a tweet was and how it was going to bring down the whole regime? >> bob: i think about if this was available when the chinese almost were brought to their knees, which they should have been. if the organized groups and that country had been able to tweet one another, they would have been able to have a much better organized response to the chinese government. i don't use twitter much. i was introduced to it by you. how do you get news off of it?
2:33 pm
>> dana: i'll show you. let me ask eric, you are an active tweeter. consumer of twitter. but also, something about the company. it's amazing, 11 twitter accounts are created every second. >> eric: 400 tweets i guess per day. 400 million. >> greg: no, just 400. >> eric: let me tell you something about jack dorsey, the founder of twitter. he is an interesting guy. he grew up in, i believe, san francisco. he used to watch the railyards. he would watch how the trains work. he hacked in to the san francisco train system and said i have a better way of doing that. they hired him. while he was there, he developed different ways of looking at things, social media, different way of how traffic works. he is such an interesting guy. you know what his next project is? he wants to become mayor of new york city. he thinks new york city, the whole mass transit system is messed up. he can fix it. >> dana: will he let us drink big sodas? i'm for that. >> kimberly: greg, you have a love/hate relationship with
2:34 pm
twitter. >> greg: it's like our relationship. on one hand it serves a valuable service to give 280,000 lost souls to focus on, picture and tweet of your dog. it's conflict between putting out and taking in. if you want to go public with your thoughts you allow influx in your life you didn't have before. you find yourself looking at it when you should probably be talking to your wife. doing something with humanity. you also realize attention is a narcotic. you can sit there and refresh and refresh and refresh. not even notice you're doing it. that is freaky. >> dana: people can be so mean on twitter. >> greg: shut up. >> eric: my wife says i have a facebook and twitter addiction. >> kimberly: you do. >> eric: you want to know something? i'm like this all the time. refreshing, responding. retweeting. >> dana: sometimes you have to hide you're laughing. if somebody says something funny on twitter an you're
2:35 pm
supposed to enjoy a dinner, oh, well, somebody -- >> bob: you know people get in trouble on it. for example, most of your tweets. >> dana: anthony weiner. remember he took a picture of his you know what. >> bob: it's 140 -- is it 140? >> dana: 140 characters. i love that part about it. it makes you think about how you could condense it. i'm terrible about this. sometimes you have a grammatical error or a misspelling. iphone always corrects you and it's not meant to be corrected. i want the show you -- you mentioned jasper. twitter, we got in touch with them today to talk about their birthday. they spent the most retweeted jasper picture is that one there. the vice presidential debate. jasper and all of his friends. >> greg: i can't see his junk. >> dana: we can fix that. i want to show you the twitter war. it was about a year ago. good friday last year. that is greg gutfeld. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> dana: good friday last year when he started twitter
2:36 pm
war against me. he lost the twitter war against me. he still hasn't paid up. >> greg: that is one of the greatest twitters of -- greatest sweaters of all time. >> bob: you look like arafat's grandson. >> dana: one last thing. full screen of all the addresses for the hosts of "the five." us all on twitter. the only one that is hard is robertg.beckel and "the juan williams." >> greg: people are tweeting bob beckel. you are lucky you dept get the tweets. they are horrible. >> bob: most are horrible. >> kimberly: i see them and i think i hope he doesn't see them. >> greg: they forget that it's robert g. beckel. people assume it's your twitter handle. >> dana: we'll explain. happy birthday twitter. the next thing we talk about is a school that nixed the annual honors night because it
2:37 pm
made some students who were not getting honored feel bad. that decision coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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is your cholesterol at goal? ask your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪ ♪ i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today. change in tone from the president on israeli settlement. firm tone from him on iran's nuclear program. more troubling news about syria. tonight on "special report," the president on his trip to israel tiptoed through the issue of settlements while meeting with palestinians today. firm words again for iran. prompted a response from tehran. plus ed henry with israeli president perez.
2:42 pm
we will ask mike rogers about allegation of chemical weapons used in syria. also today, explosion in damascus mosque killed at least 42 people. republican lawmakers met today to discuss the benghazi terror attack. where is this investigation now? we'll press mcmorris rogers on that as well -- we'll press rogers on that as well. we'll show you what happens when going home proves to be its own battle. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and five five. five -- and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: massachusetts principal nixed the school's honors night because it might upset kids who didn't make the grade. dave wrote parents to ips witch school. this can also be de stating to a child who worked extremely hard in a difficult class but
2:43 pm
despite growth has not been able to maintain a high grade point average. so they will be celebrated as a school assembly. yea. as for angry parents the prescription pal said he knew there would be pushback. >> we knew there would be pus pushback. what is best for children? we believe this is based on research and we believe all children celebrate at a schoo school. >> greg: based on research and everything else. what, your horoscope? he backtracked and claim he had no intention to bring down american education. earlier, though, he wrote grades often are impingement to the learning process that earned him an "a" for asinine. a principal appan donning principles because they're too principled. this is an tro butte that made america the greatest nation ever. why?
2:44 pm
the values hurt feelings and feelings are much more important these days than thinking. achievement linked to despicable behaviors. if only we could feel our way to better grades. the future would be learning to say "do you want fries with that coke" in mandarin. our producer talked to prince pal and he said they moved it to daytime so they could hear the other speeches. i don't buy it. it doesn't jive with the other quotes he made. you were a terrible student, dana, so this has no relevance you? >> dana: how many comments did you use in the letter to parents -- commas in the letter to parents? annoying. this is a way to set up kids for failure. bitter disappointment when they don't get a promotion. what are they going to cry? group meeting?
2:45 pm
the office cafeteria? >> greg: it's kind of fun to set your kids up for failure. it makes you feel better. i can't wait to have kids. >> kimberly: you need major counseling. >> greg: this is a mall story in a way. a -- small story in a way. school in ipswich but it has big meaning because it is a part of a puzzle of anti-judgmentallism. >> eric: no winners or losers. everybody gets a trophy. girls play on the boys' team. at first he said it was unfair to the underachievers, don't make them feel bad. then maybe it's good for underachievers to see the overachievers. he is has done is evolved. >> greg: he was for it before he was against it and for it again. is this insulting to kids because they say you can't handle, i don't know a grade? it might hurt your feelings? >> bob: i thank him. now i know that grades don't reflect anything.
2:46 pm
therefore my "d"s don't matter. having been in front of assembly for honors. except for athletics. i won one for english and i couldn't believe that. to take it away from the kids that deserve honors and they have an assembly so their family can't be there. give credit to the kid -- sorry. go ahead. >> kimberly: finish your thought. >> bob: i was going to say -- >> kimberly: i was looking at greg. >> bob: go ahead. >> kimberly: i was going to say i like to get the candies, the awards, the plaques. >> greg: you were a grade "a" student. >> kimberly: 4.0 student. >> greg: did nip ever not give you a bad grade? >> kimberly: i worked very hard. what did he nay >> dana: what did you imply? apologize now before you get to next block. >> bob: you got straight "a" s? >> dana: i did. >> kimberly: nice to have
2:47 pm
goals. and work hard. >> greg: i got straight "a"s. then i discovered beer, it went down to "d"s. >> kimberly: i like school. >> bob: kay. here we go. who is out of here? >> greg: me. >> kimberly: not you. >> bob: do you want to finish your thought? i don't because i forgot it. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: straight to the head of the class. >> greg: there you go. all right. still to come on "the five" michigan monologue yesterday in -- my monologue yesterday on the "amazing race" touched a nerve with bob. he's not done talking about it. is dreamy athlete ryan gosling -- we lived together in the mid-'80s -- really going to quick acting? kimberly breaks that down. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: follow up on important story greg brought to our attention last night. cbs has a reality show called "the amazing race" where they
2:52 pm
fly contestants from country to country to compete. the last episode they went to vietnam and the contestants had to memorize pro-communist song and look for wreckage of american b-52 bomber that is shot down. i got outraged yesterday and more outrage today. we reached out to cbs and got no comment from the producer of the show, jerry brukeheiemr. and from les mundez no comment from him. do you realize cbs that four americans went down with the plane? two died, four imprezed, 850,000 vietnam veterans alive today and you owe them an amazing big apology. let me tell you one thing else. i used to work for cbs. i have a great deal of respect for network. i also was opposed to the war in vietnam. i was never in favor of the mass murder and never in favor of idea -- i was against the policy, because it was not going work. that's why i was against it.
2:53 pm
but the idea that you would somehow bring to the american screen that kind of stuff is outrageous. now i don't know if my co-hosts have to say about this but i'll tell you from cbs. you better apologize. you say you have no comment. how do you have no comment on something as outrageous as that? i'll tell you one thing, cbs a great network if you don't want to become known as the communist bastard sympathizers. anyone else have something to say? >> eric: summed it up well. >> dana: took the word out of our collective mouth. >> eric: well said. >> bob: if you want to get ahold of cbs, please do. i don't know how you get them. cbs new york or tweet them or blitz them or do whatever you need to do. they deserve to apologize and now. don't duck behind moon an bruke herbiemr or put it off on the producers. you were anti-american and you deserve to apologize to veterans. >> greg: i bet you brukeheimer has no idea but
2:54 pm
once he finds out he should do something about this. >> bob: if they don't do something -- how could you not do something about that? how could you not do something? >> dana: of all the things people apologize for today, you would think this would be obvious one they would want to get in front of. being stubborn, i guess. >> bob: that is called -- >> greg: this is the fox news syndrome. fox news is covering it and nobody else is. >> kimberly: bob, i applaud your courage and i enjoyed what you said last night and tonight about it. spot on. ultimately, so disrespectful the people of the butchering vietnam and the americans that served there faithfully. it's unacceptable. >> eric: think about this. if you wonder why the outrage, think if they had done this segment at, you know, one of the hitler concentration camps or the death camps. the outrage would be obvious. what is the difference? >> bob: listen, i tell you, i can't for the life of me understand why there are smart
2:55 pm
people over there. somebody those look at this. somebody should have said this is wrong. you didn't do it, you deserve to do it and you better do it. i'm not getting off of this thing. i may have a small personnel butly go after you every day i can. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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from td ameritrade. >> kimberly: all right. time for one more thing. let's talk about somebody gorgeous, ryan gosling. ladies love him and big star. in "notebook." everybody loves it. the news is you have to bust out the dvds because ryan is over himself. he is taking a break from acting. he said to figure this all out. he has been acting since he was 8 years of age, he is 32 now. he is going to reassess and go in a cabin -- >> bob: they are excited about him? >> kimberly: he kept asking hey, who is ryan gosling. >> greg: his abs have a abs. i am going to talk to him at dinner tonight and we'll work it out. banned phrase. my


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