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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 21, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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ssed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you. >> and welcome back to "hannity." now, as we have exposed on this very program, the liberal advocacy group, organization for action, is not only helping to push through the
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administration's radical left agenda. they're selling access to obama, $500,000 donation the high rolling donors to a quarterly heating with the chief. and including his campaign manager jim messina. and jason mattera confronted the obama henchman how he and his old boss attack fox news and rush limbaugh. >> and jason mattera, wanted to ask you a quick question. do you think it's becoming of the president to be constantlily attacking fox news and rush limbaugh? >> i don't think that's what he's doing. >> no? >> no, don't you read his interviews? he whines about fox news and rush, and don't you think it's childish to be going after a news network and a radio host. >> i'm sorry, this is an event-- >> i don't think that's what he's doing. >> you don't think he's
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attacking fox news. >> he's answering the question he was asked. >> sean: why is the people's house closed? that'sight. you have to donate $500,000, pretty unbelievable and he said it with a straight face. that's all the time. a special programming note tomorrow night on "hannity," live studio audience edition, a great show for you tomorrow might. thanks for being with us. greta is next, we'll see you tomorrow. >> greta: tonight, congressman paul ryan is here fresh off a partyline budget victory in the house of representatives. >> every family in america must balance their budget and balance the budget in the next ten years. we still have no budget from the president. >> and the president's brackets are always on time. >> i'm going with ohio state. i don't want people thinking that i'm only big ten all the time. >> and crazy four months after
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the election and still needs florida and ohio to win. >> and with the house approving congressman paul ryan a budget. >> this budget more than just balanced. >> can we reduce our deficit and debt and still help those who are neediest in america. can we have a safety net that survives and still reduce the deficit? paul ryan says no. >> at least budgets are passing around here for a change. the government's going to have to learn to do more with less, it's not the government's money, it's the people's money. >> the senate democrats are considering a number of balances ever-- >> and house committee chair paul ryan telling us republicans and democrats are still world's apart. well, that is an understatement. we saw that just an hour ago. the democratic-led senate defeating the ryan house budget 40-59. so is there any hope left? here is congressman paul ryan. >> great to see you. >> great it to see you again. >> greta: i want to talk about the budget that passed today, i imagine you're happy. >> we're very happy.
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we passed a balanced budget and it's important we owe the country a reasonable plan and grows the economy. balancing the budget is not just a statistical exercise it's the necessary means to a healthier economy, it creates more jobs and helps people keep more of hard earned money and a contrast to the other budgets that are passing. at least budgets are passing here for a change, but all the other budgets have trillion dollar plus tax increases and have net spending increases and when he you have a trillion dollar deficit, we need to work on our spending and when the other side is offering even more spending increases and even more tax increases, more borrowing, we're still kind of worlds apart. >> greta: i went through the budget and it's very complicated, at least i think it's complicated. and i want to go to different provisions i understand. let me start with medicare. under your program it doesn't affect anyone over age 55. >> if you're born in 1958 or earlier, it doesn't affect you. meaning you stay in the current medicare program just as it's designed now. in addition we get rid of the
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obamacare independent payment advisor board. the board of 15 bureaucrats next year in charge of cutting medicare in ways that medicare will lead to denied access to current seniors so we don't think we should change medicare for current seniors, which is what obamacare does, we propose a new system for younger people that works like what we have in congress. >> greta: and as i understand it, there are two choices under your provision, if you're under 55. you can either have medicare as-is or a federal subsidy so you can go out and buy your own. >> in a medicare exchange. you have guaranteed coverage options within medicare. just like the prescription drug plan works today or federal employees buy their insurance. it's guaranteed, you can't be denied. you get to pick among these plans, they have to meet at least medicare's criteria and then you get to choose among the benefits or if you want the traditional program you can do that. >> greta: how is that a savings? because either it's a savings because you're getting less services, if you're under 55, or it's--
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or there's less money being put into it by the federal government. so which is it? >> so we give people the average amount that medicare gives you today, but with a couple of changes. number one if you're wealthy he we don't give you nearly as much. if you're poor you get additional subsidy. >> or stay in medicare as-is. >> you get a finite amount of money to go into medicare and so we adjust it based on sickness, based on wealth, means test, more for the poor, less for the wealthy and saves money, but the choice in competition drives down the cost increases. like medicare part d, that's a program that came in 49% below the original cost estimates because seniors got a choice of plans. if they don't like the plan this year they can fire it and go to a new one next year and those compete against each other and that drives down costs and increases quality and it's bipartisan and we want to apply that for the rest of the younger generation. what this shows, you can make
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medicare solvent and sustainable and don't change it for current seniors and gave it for the next generations and doing the next reforms. >> hypothetically if everyone stayed as-is there wouldn't be any change in cost, right? >> but the competition, you have to understand, medicare plans, traditional medicare, the humana plan, the blue cross plan, using an example, they have to compete against each other for a senior citizen's fitness. >> greta: that's under the subsidized one. >> under the new plan i'm talking about. >> greta: what if you're taking medicare as-is that's one of the options. if everyone went to medicare as-is it theoretically shouldn't change the medicare program. >> medicare has to compete with other plans and bids based upon what it costs to the services. >> greta: you think that drivers down the price. >> if a monopoly is going to bid for your business, it sets the price how they want to. if you have other businesses, they'll compete and forcing
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insurancers and government to compete for your business has proven to bring down costs and increase quality. >> greta: medicaid, under your budget there will be block grants to states and states would administer it. would the federal government be giving less money in block grants than it's currently spending on medicaid. >> it would, but in exchange there are more flexibility. medicaid spending would grow at inflation plus the growth of each population, so we've heard from a number of governors who said, look, i can deal with less cost increases, less payment increases if you give me flexibility it to customize my medicaid program to meet the needs of our state's population. >> greta: because the states would be more efficient with the money, and government do whatever they want, that the federal government would give less money, but get more for your dollar. >> it will grow, but just won't grow as fast. >> greta: that's where the decrease in cost is. >> that's right. >> greta: the monster bite in spending. do you have a strict formula, everything being cut across the board or have you chosen
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different programs and actually decide what you think should be cut? >> that's right. so he we have all of these different reforms, we have welfare reforms just like we put in 1996, the requirements and time limits and flexibility for the states to get people off welfare and back to work and apply those to the safety net welfare programs, we think it's a better way of fighting poverty. i mentioned state flexibility and medicaid and choice in competition for medicare, we mentioned a lot of other areas and we put the spending caps and government agency's budgets which makes them prioritize their spending and appropriations committee ultimately decides every little program within the government agency budget and putting the caps on spending. at the end of the day we're takingn dollars out of the budget that would otherwise be spent. what does it mean in real annual terms. under our budget spending will still increase on average 3.4% a year, each year, and instead of the current which is 5% a year. that difference gets us to a balanced budget. that difference gets us to a
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balanced budget without raising taxes and we think it's extremely reasonable to balance our budget. families have to balance their budgets. local governments and businesses have to balance their budgets, we should get the government to restrain the growth of spending in order to balance the budget so we can get the threat off of our economy. these big deficits and debt not only hurts today's economy it destroys it for the next generation and we think it's necessary to do that. >> greta: somebody's got to get hurt when there's a spending cut. >> government. >> greta: government. but theoretically government gives services, entitlements or jobs to people and someone is going to feel the pain. >> we spend 115 billion dollars each and every year according to the generally accountability office to people who aren't supposed to get the money. >> greta: and i was going to get to waste and fraud. >> 49 different job training programs spread across nine different government agencies. government's going to have to learn to do more with less and how to be more efficient. it's not government's money, it's the people's money and
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our children's money because we're borrowing from the next generation to pay for this. >> greta: i was going to ask you about waste and fraud, i don't know if you know it on capitol hill, a number of staffers who owe taxes. >> staffers and people from the irs and other-- >> and what effort is being made? i know some bills have been introduced to do something about the tremendous amount of waste in government, whether it's empty buildings, people getting payments who shouldn't, people getting unemployment who are in jail. the numbers are sort of staggering, so much fat in the government. >> what you said there, the empty buildings, we have a process in the budget let's expose of all of this excess property and lands and buildings we don't need and saves money. we call it program integrity. we've got to go after waste, fraud and abuse occurring in the government agencies. those are components of the budget. we're not trying to take a meat ax, some formula a sequester across the board.
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no, let's use a scalpel to go after wasteful washington spending to make sure to reform the programs going bankrupt so they fulfill their promises and let's have a leaner federal government that respects state's rights. every community is different. he we shouldn't cram one size fits all in all of our communities and that's how we're going to fight poverty and other programs in the america. we want to respect constitutionalism, federalism, and limit the size of federal government so we can keep economic freedom going. the debt is crushing our economy and slowing us down and guaranteeing the next generation has a diminished future and we believe we have a moral obligation to balance this budget to get a healthier economy and create jobs. >> greta: what i don't understand, i mean, i know your mother's-- you talked about medicare with your mother during the campaign and i think it was senator stabenow today who said that the ryan budget eliminates medicare. i mean, good people are saying like, you know, how do we know who to believe? and senator stabenow is a good
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working senator. does that explain the system-- >> why don't you talk about your fellow democrats and supporting this. and the head of the administration budget office who worked with me on cracking these reforms. i think they can get political advantage by scaring seniors into supporting their program. the dirty little secret about this, greta, obamacare changes medicare as we know it. obamacare is the law that puts a board of 15 bureaucrats that leads to denied access to current seniors. get rid of this board and make sure the savings for medicare goes to medicare solvency not to pay for another program by raiding it and by the way, people are on medicare, they organize their lives around this program and before a debt crisis, the moment we're in right now we can put reforms in to guarantee programs don't change for those in and near retirement and reform it for our generation and young her people and the promise. if we keep kicking the can
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down the road and borrowing and spending like we are, we will have a debt crisis and everybody gets cut in real-time and that's happening-- >> so the senate has a budget now, the house has a budget, the president doesn't have his budget, but the whole idea is the two budgets will somehow have to be reconciled. if you have different sides of the aisle saying things about each other, whether they're not true, political advantage or mistaken, whatever, how in the world do we get the two sides in conference to work and take your budget, the senate's budget and figure out a solution. >> he that's the question of the hour. look, we had to threaten withholding member's pay for not budgeting to get the senate to do a budget. whatever it took, i'm glad we've got the senate doing a budget. we're world's apart and what people are they're stuck in the campaign rhetoric and this horrible plan ends medicare as we know to try and scare seniors because that's what of they're been saying for four years even though it strengthens and saves medicare. we talk about obamacare.
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>> greta: you talk about getting rid of it. >> here is what i see, i see a process going like the law requires. the house passes a budget, the senate is passing a budget. first time we've seen that in four years, that's a good thing. the question now is can we start looking for common ground? can we start advancing toward a compromise? and the way we look at this as house republicans, we understand that our budget probably won't become law in every great detail, but hopefully we can get a down payment on this problem. a down payment on the deficit and debt to try to buy the country time and prevent a debt crisis. >> greta: so there's some compromise built in your budget. we cut 4.6 trillion dollars so somewhere between 0 and 4.6 trillion dollars in savings i'd like to think there's a compromise. what makes it a little different, the democrats actually increase spending, net increase spending at a time when we have record deficits and they want another trillion dollar tax increase on top of the 1.6 trillion dollar tax increase now already occurred in law so that's why we have a big difference of opinion.
7:16 pm
>> greta: and the biggest trick in the book, negotiating, and the democrats say they want a gazillion tax increase and you want a gazillion cut in spending and the more likely to give when you get to the table? >> we'll find out. and people are tired of paying more taxes, we shouldn't be paying more taxes to fuel spending this washington. we should be cutting spending, for every $2 we bring in we spend 3, you can't keep doing that. >> greta: is there a role for the president in this process? >> normally you would think that the commander-in-chief would lead by examine and put a plan on the table and say this is how i would fix america's fiscal problems. and hasn't done that. and the budget was due the first monday in february and has yet to deliver it. cynical observation is he's playing politics. he'll wait for the republicans and do something later. whatever the motivations for delaying his budget are, i hope he begins to engage.
7:17 pm
i think the charm offensive is helpful. the question is, is it real and will it last? if it is real and if it does last then i think we've got a chance of getting a down payment on the problem fixed. >> greta: let me ask you the final dopey media question i always ask. what are your plans for 2016. >> my plans are to work on this problem here. >> greta: i know, but have you thought at all about the presidential race? is it in the cards? >> it's in the cards and i'll look at it seriously later. the way i look at this i should not be clouding my judgment in doing my job now. i'm the head of the budget committee and represent wisconsin first district and should not be putting into my mind some kind of political consideration three and a half years down from now because i think that will cloud my judgment. what i need to do is look at the moment we have right now, we're on the cusp of a debt crisis. we have a fiscal problem, an economic problem and i need to focus on that and make the right decisions for the right reasons on dealing with this issue and then when we've dealt with that i'll give
7:18 pm
serious consideration to other things. i shouldn't be focused on anything down the road when i have an important job to do right now. >> greta: safe to say goo badgers, right. >> go badgers and packers, i'm excited about the big ten this year. and don't forget marquette. >> greta: that's right. >> and they're a three seed. >> greta: nice to see you, thanks, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: here is your chance to speak up. five years and we do not have a budget. so does the national budget matter? do we need one? go to and vote. and straight ahead, house minority speaker nancy pelosi calling congressman ryan's budget a hoax, yes, a hoax. what does she mean by that? you're about to find out and former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here to talk about that and a popular reality show setting off an amazing, but not so good controversy. where in the world did the amazing race send its contestants? that's now sending viewers and even one of my colleagues into an uproar. that's coming up.
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>> and nancy pelosi calling
7:23 pm
congressman paul ryan's budget a hoax. >> it's-- it takes the savings that we have in the bill, uses it to sustain their tax breaks for unnecessary and not job creating for special interests. so it's sort of a hoax that he would take the money and repeal the bill so no benefit. >> greta: how are democrats and republicans ever going to agree on it. former house speaker newt gingrich. i'm sure others have called it-- how is this ever going to be resolved? >> it may not be in the short-run. i think you have to give paul ryan a lot of credit for an enormous amount of work. so much work that he actually got the senate democrats to
7:24 pm
bring up a budget for the first time in almost four years, but i think you're in a period where you can tell from the president's failure to send a budget that he's figured out this is not a winning issue. this is not part of what he's going to focus on right now. because it won't get him anywhere and he'll just make-- he'll make the country irritated and his allies mad because to write a budget you'd have to have too much pain in it and i think what minority leader pelosi said is standard politics. it would be interesting to have, it particularly with republicans in the house, with their ability to do things and the senate doesn't, to find something the senate is for. and interesting to say to the democrats are there three things in the ryan budget you like. any three, just to start. and it's so totally negative on both sides and they have such a habit. negativity you almost have to
7:25 pm
figure out how can you start coaxing people to be a little positive. >> greta: but if you believe that the national debt is an issue of national security and many people do, and if you've ever had a credit card that's gotten a little away from you, you know what happens when you owe too much and gets beyond you and start paying interest payments that you can't make and not paying anything down on principal, it's almost a moral responsibility for them to sit down and stop sending the insults back and forth. i realize there are different ideologies and stuff, but the gamesmanship is so appalling and such a critical issue to so many americans who are trying to put food on the table and get their kids to bed and up to school and stuff and it's a question of immorality here. >> i think the question is what the practical impact is going to be if interest rates go up. our national debt is so big, the amount we will pay for interest will presently pass the amount we pay for medicare
7:26 pm
and young people in particular ought to be in a rage because they're going to spend their entire working lifetime paying interest on the debt that their parents and grandparents, it's almost like you should say, thank you to your children for buying you a ferrari. >> greta: i go through the news room sometimes at night and see the young people, thanks for paying my social security because they're toiling in the news room and i'll probably be eligible for social security and probably still going to be around for me, but you know, and they all groan. >> it's more than that, the politicians now have spent 16 trillion dollars more than they've gotten in revenue. so, the national debt is now 16 trillion dollars times the current interest rate. right now the interest rate's very low, but if the interest rates go back to being its normal, 2 or 3 or 4% for federal bonds, the amount you're going to end up-- the young people in this country are going to spend the equivalent of buying a house just on interest. >> greta: senator dan cook, he tweeted tonight voted to acquire a senate democrats to balance the budget.
7:27 pm
sad day for americans when even that is considered too extreme by the senate. and just the idea of balancing according to dan cook republican from indiana, is considered extreme. >> well, if you look at some of the votes they're casting, they're bizarre. there was a vote in the last couple of days, i think it was senator coburn who offered it, to end a program in the department of defense where they are buying biofuel at some extraordinary $35 a gallon. here is a place you can save money and pointed today, that the u.s. foreign aid program had created, i think a 27 million dollar program in morocco to teach moroccans how to do pottery. they've been in pottery 5,000 years. couldn't we go through, as paul ryan said, couldn't we go through and agree to cut out the dumb stuff? tuff there's ideology. for instance, taxes, speaker boehner says no more tax
7:28 pm
increase after the 600 billion tax increase the president at the end of the year got. he said absolutely no. are the republicans going to have to give on the taxes? >> well, i think it depends on what happens. i personally don't believe that we are undertaxed. i mean, you look at this economy right now, between regulation and taxes, this economy is a mess. and you compare this economy to exactly the same cycle of reagan's presidency getting 5, 6, 7, 8% growth a quarter. i mean-- >> so are you saying that the republicans, that should be a line in the sand for republicans, no tax increase. >> i think they should be more aggressively future oriented. what do we need to do to fix the regulations and the health system. obamacare, government-run bureaucratic health is going to collapse. every time you turn around, someone in this country, amazing, one program in the department of health and human services they think that 65% of the money loaning will be
7:29 pm
gone, never repaid. this is like solyndra on steroids except in the health field. every time you turn around there's another layer of bureaucracy and another mistake and as paul ryan said the panel that's supposed to come in next year is basically a rationing panel. what is it that senior citizens shouldn't get? and that's what they're going to be about and i think that that's a really bad idea. >> greta: mr. speaker, if you stay with us, we have much more. coming up, rush limbaugh also blasting president obama. why does rush limbaugh say that the president has been less than charming to the israelis. he's coming up and also one of the hosts of "the five" on fox news channel is angry. we have it on camera, and here is a tease. and is cbs unamerican? coming up. dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪
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financial services. >> president obama urging israelis and palestinians to return to the negotiation table and today the president telling israel it must reverse what he calls an undertow of isolation and rush limbaugh says that's not way for president obama to win over the israeli people. >> my initial, i mean, i have to call it a knee jerk until i have a chance to study this, sounded to me like obama was ripping israel to shreds and blaming them for everything going wrong and i may have misheard it it, but i know that obama has taken his
7:34 pm
offensive charm -- sorry, charm offensive to israel, where depending on what you read, it seems to be bombing. >> greta: we're back with former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, your thoughts about the president's trip to israel? >> well, i think this is a president who has made shallowness an art form. he drifts across the land, pleasant, nothing changes, and he leaves. he couldn't even contain himself long enough to get out of israel. the fact is that there is no undertow of isolation. there's a long-term systemic effort to isolate israel. there's a deep historic tradition of anti-semitism in much of europe. much of the arab world is deeply committed to the destruction of israel. this president and secretary of state cannot even get the new egyptian president to say he's committed to the camp david accords.
7:35 pm
so, i think that to blame the israelis for being isolated at a time when they have missiles at them from gaza. they have chemical weapons in syria. they have hezbollah in their north. they have iran trying to build a nuclear weapon to eliminate them. the muslim brotherhood president of egypt. that strikes me as attacking the victim. >> greta: let me talk about the bigger picture issue. is this impossible for an american president? so many tried it, so many secretary of state's tried it and we manage the crisis from time to time, but the peace seems to be so elusive. >> i sometimes have trouble about being too candid about this. there is no peace process. this is nonsense. this is stuff western politicians do to feel good about themselves. hamas is dedicated to the destruction of israel. iran is dedicated to the destruction of israel. there are factions in syria dedicated to the destruction of israel. hezbollah is dedicated to the
7:36 pm
destruction of israel. muslim brotherhood want to destroy israel and elected the president. >> why did he go now in the second term? didn't seem to give much attention in the first term. why now? >> i have no idea. i think his polling numbers have gone badly because of the continuous campaigning and attacking republicans and his advisors said to him you better be nice. and a charm offensive at the jefferson hotel with republican senators and now a charm offensive in israel with bb netanyahu. and this is apparently the new happier, more pleasant barack obama, but i think the mask slipped a little today and the underlying real thing, to somehow come back to blaming israel, even when other people are firing rockets at israel. >> greta: and so he walks away from this trip with what? >> i'm not saying turning around bad press. >> greta: bad press in the-- >> from the whole notion of
7:37 pm
blaming israel. you know, if you land and go see their rocket defense system and gee, why do the israelis have to spend this much on a rocket defense system, oh, it's because even from gaza there are rockets fired regularly from israel. >> greta: they had rockets the morning he was there. >> how can you talk about a peace process? >> mr. speaker, always nice to see you, sir. if you don't do your job, you don't get paid. right? why doesn't that simple rule apply to the white house? one republican senator is trying to make sure it does. he's here to tell us about it. and rush versus beyonce. he's here to tell you coming up. clping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn. ( crowd chatters and groans )
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according to air force fitness his waist exceeded 39 inches. it's the only fitness test he failed. colonel bush says he's not a little guy and always been physically able to do his job. and colonel bush has been on active duty with the air force for 25 years and took command of the base in grand forks, north dakota in 2011. since he passes the fitness test and not the waistline test should he be relieved of his command? a rule is a rule tell us, we're back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everythi.
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7:43 pm
vietnam. many called it-- and glorifying the vietnam communist party and that's not all. >> roadblock requires that each to watch the performance of the patriotic vietnamese song. and then they'll reveal the words. ♪ >> one direction. >> . >> greta: and they must now make their way to the b-52 memorial site of the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down during the vietnam war and where they'll find their next clue. >> greta: that's right, the show uses the wreckage of an american plane, a b-52 shot down during the vietnam war as part of the game. now many viewers are demanding apology from cbs and the "the
7:44 pm
five" co-host bob beckel is leading the charge. >> four americans went down with the plane and two died, four in prison and 850,000 american veterans alive today and you owe them an amazing big apology. the idea that you would somehow bring to the american screen that kind stuff is outrageous, i don't know what my co-hosts have to say, but i tell you this from cbs you guys better apologize. you say you have no, you've got no comment. how do you have no comment on something as outrageous as that. and i tell you one thing, cbs, which was a great network, you don't want to become known as the communist bastard sympathizers, you guys were anti-american and deserve to apologize to veterans. i can't, for the life of me, understand why there are smart people over there. somebody had to look at this and somebody should have said, this is wrong. you didn't do it, you deserve to do it and you better do it because i'm not getting off of this thing. i may have a small perch, but i'm going after you every day
7:45 pm
i can. >> greta: now we want to know what you think. was the amazing race episode in vietnam, offensive, even unamerican? go to and tell us. and no budget? no pay. well, that's the idea behind a new bill designed to get the white house to finish its budget. president obama has missed his budget deadline four out of the last five years, and the new bill would prevent some white house staffers from getting paid until the president submits his budget. senator john cornyn presented the bill. how would the plan work? >> under the law the president is required to submit his budget the first monday in february, that was february the 4th. he didn't do it and now he tells us we'll get it in april. in the meantime, the house and senate will have already acted so the president's rendered himself irrelevant and the american people really don't know what his position is and his leadership position in terms of what our fiscal priorities should be. so, this would dock the pay of the people responsible for preparing it. this is really a shot across
7:46 pm
the bow, but one to try to get his attention and their attention to try to get them to do what the law requires. >> i would think the opposing party wn not have him involved in the process. if he wants to exempt himself out of the process not meeting the deadline. by the way an earlier deadline in march he didn't make and that's why it moved to april. he's exempted himself in terms of setting priorities, and obviously, you don't want a voice in the process? >> well, last year when he did submit a budget, late, but we put it to a vote and received zero votes, no democrats, no republicans voted for it. i think perhaps that had some influence on his desire to not submit a budget this time. >> greta: why do you think he hasn't done it? on the outside it's like, look, i meet all of my responsibilities. i'm supposed to be here at ten o'clock every night on the set and do i that. if the law says he's supposed to, and i know many presidents missed a deadline, but he's the one after 90-some years, lapped by the house and
7:47 pm
senate. why ignore the deadlines? >> i think because he thinks the rules don't apply to him and no one to enforce it, particularly since eric holder works for him and there's no mechanism. other than public opinion and trying to use the things like this to influence the decision makers to do what they should be doing anyway, there's really no way to make him do it. >> greta: i still don't get it. you know, i'd be embarrassed. frankly i'd be embarrassed constantly asking for postponement or a callus disregard and say this is my job to submit a budget and not only am i going to blow off the deadlines and ignore them, you know what? i'm going to take a pass. >> i can think a number of things where this president thought the rules don't apply to me. if it had been another president, george w. bush or even bill clinton it would have been handled differently by the media, not by you, but by the mainstream media. and so it really does appear to be kind of a double
7:48 pm
standard and he gets a pass and so i guess after a while you just get used to it, and think why should i bother? >> a lot of criticism of him when he was running for president in 2008 and illinois senate voting present and not sort of wanting to be part of the process and putting his name on the line for some things and somehow does reflect it, but i think you're lucky if your political opponent doesn't want to participate you don't have to worry about getting noise or any of his positions or any of his views, something else you might not want. >> well, this is not optional, this is legally required and to me, the president, like all of us, take an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of the united states and you don't get to pick and choose. so, whether you want to or not, whether it's advantageous or not, i think he's obligated to do it and he hadn't done it. >> greta: one of the things i heard early on with the first deadline in march. a lot of things happened, like the end of the year budget he
7:49 pm
we didn't know what the story was going to be, taxes, continuing resolution and sequestration, things that were hurdles that would make it difficult for him to sort of formulate his budget. the problem is in spite of the same hurdles that the house and senate had, you guys the house and senate had budgets whether you like them or not. you have them, and you have a staff and he has a staff and so that's why it's difficult to understand. >> well, i don't-- i think he should have anticipated. i mean, the budget control act was signed on august the 2nd he, , 2011. it's hard for the president to say a year and a half later i didn't think the sequester would kick in. >> we knew in november when the supercommittee didn't come up with anything. >> and these are things that you're paid to do. you should do as the leader the of the united states government and somebody that has to provide the leadership that gets either people encouragement or cover to do the things you need to do. >> greta: i take it you don't have any democrats co-sponsoring?
7:50 pm
>> not yet, but hope springs he eternal. you don't think you will? >> i don't. it's mainly to send a message. and no budget no pay, but this is signed to encourage the president and white house to do what they're obligated to do and we'll see how it goes. >> greta: and fundamentally underlining this, i must add that the house, senate and president have no budget and we're operating on continuing resolution. >> no budget in the last four years under democratic control and i think that's one reason we're 16 1/2 trillion dollars in debt. $53,000 for every man, woman and child in america while medicare and social security are on an unsustainable path. there's no-- it shouldn't be a surprise that our spending is out of control and our priorities are wrong when we don't have a budget. >> greta: senator, thank you, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you very much.
7:51 pm
>> greta: straight ahead, move over simon cowell there's a new music critic in town, rush limbaugh. and you have to hear what rush has to say about beyonce's latest song. that's next. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. so i guess my wife was right. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid.
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7:54 pm
>> okay, everyone, it's time to hash it up.
7:55 pm
tonight rush limbaugh is hashing it up with beyonce. and rush limbaugh for a bow down song and says she pulled a 180, here is rush. >> beyonce used to be the lead for a, it was a three-girl group called destiny's child and their songs were attempts to inspire young women, not to take any grief from men. she's done a 180. she's going to call herself mrs. carter on the bow down (bleep) tour and that song, that's the title of the single that's fronting the tour and the advice is that go ahead and put up with it, put up with it now bow down (bleep) because why? she got married. she married the rich guy. she now understands. she now understands it's worth it to bow down. >> greta: so far no response from beyonce. and file this one under getting even big time. my fox 8 tweets a wife's
7:56 pm
billboard revenge on battle ground avenue. and take a look at north carolina billboard, it appears she caught her husband cheating and posted this billboard, michael gps tracker $250, nikon camera zoom lens 1600. catching my lying husband and buying this billboard with our investment account priceless. jennifer, it's wicked and some are questioning whether it's just a marketing ploy. and if you've ever been stuck on a plane, delta employee had pizza delivered to passengers stranded on the plane, stranded for three hours and a delta worker ordered 60 pizzas for the hungry passengers and delivered by police escort. one problem, no beer to go with the pizza. and finally, happy birthday twitter, yes, today is twitter's 7th birthday. to celebrate let's look at celebrities very first tweets and notice many had typos. jack dorsey tweeted setting up my twitter.
7:57 pm
and oprah's first tweet. hi, twitters thank you for warm welcome feeling 21st century. and barbara walters tweeted, this is the first day on twitter. all excited. getting ready to do the view, must get my hair done. and follow me on twitter: @greta wire. what is going on in late night tv. hear from jimmy fallon and jay leno next. . with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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