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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 21, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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"jurassic park" style cloning of extinct species so there is hope for nbc. it could turn around. >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. go to good night from washington. epor" right now it's bill's turn. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> on easter morning peter was off again only now he was the easter bunny. >> bill: a bunch of school districts across the country banning the word easter. that's right, easter. easter bunny, easter eggs all not acceptable. but why? we have a special report and laura ingraham will weigh in. >> i am offended for the people of my district at the university of tennessee having sex week. >> bill: big controversy in the volunteer state over the university paying for student sex week.
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we will take you to the campus for a debate. >> -- you can have the car and everything that goes along with it it. >> bill: what about the devil? on the heels of the satan bible mini series controversy. what are judeo theologies now teaching about the prince of darkness. >> we make mistakes we call it evil. when god makes mistakes they call it nature. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more evidence that judeo-christian tradition sunday attack in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you watched the factor, you know that we won the war on christmas battle. a few years ago some
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measure companies ordered their employees not to say merry christmas. remember that? we presented the facts to you, you told the stores you wouldn't buy there the crazy edict was quickly rescinded. power to the people. but the war on judeo-christian tradition continues on in some public school distribution. in 10 days it will be easter sunday.ols you are not allowed to say the word easter. on long island, the east meadow school district holding a spring egg hunt not easter heck eggs. spring eggs. same thing in prospect heights, illinois. manhattan beach. flat rock elementary school and a school district in new cumberland, pennsylvania. no easter. they are having spring egg events. moderated by a spring bunny, at least in san diego. i know it's stupid. you know it's stupid. but it's happening and there is a reason why it's happening. secular progressives are
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running wild with president obama and the white house. they feel unchained, liberated and they are trying to diminish any form of religion. the goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs. for example, in canada, in china, a woman can have an abortion for any reason at any time. secular progressives want that here. but traditional forces in america are in opposition. therefore, in this country, you can't terminate a baby without to be born without a damn good reason. if you do abort a latham late term baby you can be charged with murder. sp's hate that in scandinavia there are laws that say you cannot criticize minorities and if you do, you could be arrested. secular progressives want laws like that here. also, of the legalization of drugs well underway in many places. and that is the secular cause. so, if the far left can marginalize santa and the easter bunny. if they can tell the children those symbols are
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obsolete and unnecessary, they then set the stage for a totally secular society in the future. and that's what you have in scandinavia. and that's why the easter bunny is on the run here in america. and that's the memo. now for top story tonight joining us from washington fox news am list laura ingraham. one of the reasons these crazy public school districts get away with the spring egg business is that traditional opposition is largely evaporating. or am i wrong, laura? >> i don't know if it's evaporated, bill. i think you are on to something. people who are traditionally faithful, that could be traditional jews, traditional christians, i think they understand society has become more secular. a lot of them, i think, are fearful. i think there is a lot of demonization by the secular progressives of christians. i think they feel what ostracized. maybe bill they think there is a new era of persecution
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that we have never seen in this country before toward traditional faith. ever seen it before that we're beginning to see now. it's coming in different forms. >> bill: they should be outraged then. let me give you my point of view and then you can tell me how wrong i am. east meadow long island, that's where i grew up. that's part of lovitt town that nexus out there. >> sure, i know it well. >> bill: 50 years ago that could have never happened in east meadow. never in a million years. to this deist meadow remains a christian community with a jewish population as well but largely christian. all right? now, the east meadow school district flat out insults every christian that lives there. every christian. you can't see easter. you can't say it. >> of course not. >> bill: 50 years ago there would have been marches on that school there would have been signs and town meetings. nothing now. nothing. >> whose fault is this? >> it's our fault and here is why. >> they are afraid. traditional people are
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afraid. >> that's what i said. >> see people like me, like you, all right? other traditional commentators get attacked viciously, violently in the worst possible ways. >> attacked, sued. they will try to run you out much business. they will try to boycott your businesses as we saw with hobby lobby. steve greene who has that chain of craft stores employs tens of thousands of people they might shut that chain of stores down because of what they are dealing with. >> bill: the chicken thing? >> they are doing okay. look, i think the better way of looking at this maybe, bill, is we were never promised a rose garden. if you are a traditional just catholic even a traditional muslim. your holly book does not tell you that you are going to have an easy time of it being a faithful person. we are all flawed. as christians we believe we are all sinners, we fall down every day and try to get ourselves back up. we do believe there is san ideal. even though sometimes we can't live up to it it's up
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to us as christians to spread the good word. to neighbors, to friends, to be as faithful as we can. >> bill: that's a nice theory. it ain't happening. >> not a theory we are not doing that to the extent we need to so the society is becoming more secular. >> bill: there is no national leader in this country. billy graham is in his 90's. he is off the stage. all right? there is nobody who can really galvanize the traditional forces and say let's go down to -- >> -- jesus is the one who galvanize. >> tell these people to to knock off insulting easter. that's what it is, ladies and gentlemen. it's an insult to you. if you believe in easter. if you know that that holiday is designed to plootion please children in a secular. the east are bunny does not have any association to the resurrection of jesus. >> bill, i would say there is a real cautionary tale here. as we have seen christianity especially erode from europe. europe has become poorer
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and europe has become much less powerful. and it will happen over time. there will be ebbs and flows. but i think in this country as we become more secular and perhaps more progressive, but especially more secular. if the traditional people feel like it's always a war against them. if they are the evil doers. if he they're the haters, they are going to receive from public life, maybe from civic life, maybe they are not going to signed up to be in the military as much. maybe they are just going to -- we are going to take care of our families. keep our heads down and read our bible. read our holly books and that's going to work. >> bill: i think it's happened already. so outrageous what's gone on here. >> for america that's sad. america as a result will become poorer and weaker and less influential in the world. it happened in the former soviet union. >> you know what i would do if i were president, i would say i would name the districts we just named here and i would say knock it off. respect easter. easter is a good thing. you don't have to believe in jesus. the kids like it.
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it's not a spring egg. it's an east err egg. >> when you said a spring egg. i thought there literally was a spring on an egg. i didn't know what you was talking about. >> bill: item on chinese menu. >> we need good judges, bill. we need judges that don't make up stuff that's not in the constitution. >> bill: we need leaders in this country. leaders who respect the tradition of the country. >> spread the good word. that has to be done by christians. exactly. >> bill: next on the run down, big controversy in tennessee where state-funded university, the university of tennessee was going to spend money, tax money on student sex week. all hell is breaking loose. and then, talking about hell, what about satan? he is in the news because of the obama bible mini series controversy. we will talk with two theologians about the theologians about the devivivivivi look, if you have copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. big controversy at the university of tennessee beginning on april 5th. there will be a sex week for students there the university had committed about $11,000 in taxpayer funds to that exposition. some lawmakers in nashville heard about that. they threatened to cut off all funding for the university of tennessee, knoxville. so the university backed down, saying it will now spend only $6,700 in student funds for sex week. joining us from knoxville, two co-chairs of sex week. jacob clark a jr. and briana raider also a junior of the university of ms. raider do you understand some ten tennessees don't want their tax money going for that. >> i understand. we have a firm stance this is an important educational event. the decision maybe made. it's out of our hands now. we have to move forward. >> bill: all right. so your your educational
8:16 pm
8:17 pm
sex week stuff about how to protect yourself, about responsibility. ou >> bill: maybe what the right and wrong of it is as far as we're americans and this is how we should treat each other, i think that is fine but how to stuff, i think i would have changed charged admission for that a couple of bucks and not had any private money going to that. any public money going to that. just do that privately on the side. so, if people want to see that kind of stuff, they pay for it. would that have been unreasonable? >> yes. that would have been unreasonable. i disagree because we submitted a survey that many over 500 of our students filled out. and we provided programming based on their survey. and we're providing student fees. >> >> bill: you are telling me that the taxpayers of american should be beholden to college kids to pay for what they want. if that were the case, at marist college, the taxpayers of new york would have been buying kegs all day long. come on. kids are kids. they want what they want. we don't have to pay for it
8:18 pm
wait, ms. raider. i want to stay on it it come on. >> the how-to section that we are doing is being paid by student programming fees. they would rather have their money going for something else. charge college students pay for it on their own. you wouldn't have any controversy at all. >> we have a lot of events that other students don't want to go to every week. that don't -- that never charge admission. every student group who follows the procedure of the university has the same chance to get fees to pay for certain events as every other. we didn't -- it didn't follow precedent. it didn't follow any sort of traditional way of putting events of this type on to charge admission. >> bill: all right. i know what you are doing now because you got cut back, you are raising private money for this thing. right? that's what you are doing now? people are just giving you donations and all of that?
8:19 pm
should have done that for the whole thing. take it out of the public arena. have your sex week deal. dean going to give you some place to do it raise it it privately. that seems to be the fair way to do it. if the 500 dopey kids want to see something. let them pay for it that is just life. he we appreciate you guys coming on to debate it many of you wouldn't have done that and we appreciate it thank you very much. directly ahead, off to satan bible mini series controversy. discussion will the real devil. do theologians think he actually exists in the hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's...
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8:23 pm
deny that but the likeness is undeniable. we wanted to update the status of lucifer the prince of darkness. what is the current wisdom regarding him? joining us now from philadelphia rabbi, the author of the book "push back reclaiming the american judeo-christian spirit" and doctor who teaches theology. dr. rudy, and the rabbi writes about. this the bible is fairly clear that god and the devil set up the classic good vs. evil free-will decisions that people have to make on earth. that's why we have both god and the devil. god representing good. the devil representing evil. do you believe, doctor, first of all on the god front that there is an act of god who does exist and actually influences what happens here on earth? >> definitely. that there is an active god and also that there is an active evil principle that we might call the devil an angel that was created good but fell through his own
8:24 pm
free will and is presence of evil in the world. >> these are spirits that actively have effects on human beings. that's your belief, dr. rudddy. how about you do you see this the same way. >> we don't believe in the actual devil. during the time of creation, god allowed at least a force of evil. even within people there is the constant struggle between our good inclinations and some of our unsavory inclinations. it's not an actual being but they are forces outside of us and there are sentiments within us. >> bill: yoneld the -- i don't understand the word for force though. is that a spirit? is that an instinct within people? what is a force? >> within man it's an instinct. there are instincts towards good and instincts towards evil. outside oof man. >> bill: these written harnt in every human being who is born on earth there
8:25 pm
are instincts to go either way. there is a pull and a push between god. i know you believe in god, rabbi and what you call the other force. but you say you don't believe in the devil? >> i don't believe in the devil per se. now, in the bible, there is mention of in job of satan coming which is more of an allegorical character. a figure to represent evil that's found in the world. part of our dual inclinations. evil spirit if you will or something that injects himself for a better pronoun. certainly a sense that we can be tempted by this evil press presence, this evil power but yet we are free as human beings to resist that or to reject it. it's not a case of god and satan being equal partners.
8:26 pm
>> bill: so the professor of theology the catholic u sees some force as you said, rabbi. a spirit that is actively, all right. pulling people to do wrong. you don't see it that way. you see it as everybody is born with both the inclination to do good and evil and then the person has to decide which way they want to go. then, rabbi, how do you explain the people who choose evil. how do you explain those people? and what happens to them after they die? ie adolf hitler, people like that? >> i do believe that people who have a life where they choose tremendous evil and harm people disproportionately, they do end up in hell. do i believe that there is a heaven and a hell and there is a judgment. no question. people sometimes choose evil because they are lazy. they haven't worked on themselves and sometimes it's simply because they have ambitions. lusts and they don't bow to the authority of the almighty to great authorities and they allow the evil to overtake them. they almost lose their
8:27 pm
capacity for freedom of will. >> it's always a free decision unless you are mentally ill and incapacitated. >> always. >> do you see it that way as well, doctor? do you see it that you are going to be judged after you die? there is going to be a reward or punishment? >> definitely. there is accountability that we will be judged on what we have done or not. in that sense we are free to resist evil. to succumb to it in and that sense we're responsible they know it when do you something bad, it is something inside you. you know, this isn't right. the people who are slaughtering other people. and maiming other people. betraying other people and stealing. they know what they are doing is wrong. bill because they succumb to the immediate grawsks of what they-gratification of what they want.
8:28 pm
>> bill: don't this think there is a payday down the road for that? >> they should. if they had the right teaching ultimately we will be accountable in the fairness god created the world of accountability. >> bill: secular atheists that say once you are dead you are dead. giving you the last word, doctor. more people are choosing to do evil today than ever before in the history of this planet. >> i disagree. this is a constant human temptation. we seek what is outright evil. more often we seek what we think is good for us but which is actually evil in the end. >> bill: you really think that? i'm seeing every day so many other things done to terrible people around this world it's just staggering. that's my job. i have to deal with it every day. that was a fascinating discussion you guys. i really appreciate you coming on. plenty for that ahead as the factor moves along this evening. vicious brawl in upstate, new york. >> i'm not fighting [bleep] >> fighting me. >> yes! [bleep] [bleep] >> bill: that screaming mother urging her daughter to fight has been arrested.
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>> bill: in the are we crazy seeing tonight. crazy situation in new york. amy has been arrested for encouraging 15-year-old daughter to do this. >> you want to get it. >> i'm not fighting you [bleep] >> why won't you fight me?
8:33 pm
>> i'm not fighting. >> you fight me. >> yes. yes. >> get her [bleep] don't you ever look in my windows again [bleep] [shouting] >> get her. [my windows again ever] >> bill: the voice you heard was the mother cursing and encouraging her daughter to inflict violence on the other. she says it was because her daughter has been bull idea. she sunday arrest. joining us from los angeles wendy walsh and dr. bonnie forester. there have always been bad parents, everybody knows that in your opinion, has there been a change in that kind of extreme behavior? i know parents who use drugs in front of their children. who swear in front of their children. who take their children to terrible movies. who have no boundaries at all. is this rare? or is now that becoming
8:34 pm
more common? >> i think this extreme is rare, bill but overall you are absolutely right. parents are stressed so they resort to strategies in the moment to try to fix the situation instead of thinking about the long term that you have to have a good relationship with your child and that's not going to model the behavior that we want them to have in the long term. so, it's the easy fix. suppresse're too stressed. we have got two jobs. we don't know how to take the larger strategies or that will take more time. and allow us to help us develop the skills like social skills and reasoning and problem solving. those take time to develop, bill. and we don't have that time. so, as a result of our stress, i think we resort to spanking and hitting and doing these horrible things that -- >> bill: you say you don't have the time. you can make the time. you don't have to work two jobs. you won't live as well or whatever. it's a decision. but,. >> i agree with you. >> bill: the problem that we are seeing now is i
8:35 pm
think many parents try to buy cooperation and affection of their children. they are trying to buy it okay? because, you know, rather than say to the kid, listen, here is the boundary and here is what you do. and the kid starts to mouth off and don't like them, they say i really don't want to deal with that i will give them what they want. in fact, i will give them more so they like me. i think that's what's going on. >> yeah, because i think parents are are -- have a lot of guilt. either they are both stressing and working full time because they think they need two cars and three bathrooms or they are a single parent or divorced dad who only sees his kid once every week or every other week so he feels guilty. as a result there is a lot of jelly fish parenting going around. really loose, loose boundaries. at the other end, there are some parents that tend to be kind of what i call bring wall parents where it's very very strict. another thing that's happened, bill, we have come to this realization that corporal punishment doesn't work and is, perhaps, quite bad for children.
8:36 pm
it just teaches kids how to be bullies themselves. as patients take away the spanking, they have no other tools, no other parenting skills. they don't know about positive parenting. about logical consequences. how to remove the technology when it's time. that's part of it. we need some more parenting skills. >> bill: this woman who we saw in the brawl dr. forest is ignorant. anybody do that not only her child or any other child if you have got a bullying problem take it to the authorities. you don't have your daughter out in the street assaulting another girl no matter what the situation is this is insane. so, -- >> -- i think if you look on her facebook page she was, bill, i want to sort of validate she was trying to defend her kid. she did it in the wrong way. >> bill: you don't defend your child in this way. that's not the way to do it. we are not the to theres here. you know pillaging villages. there is a structure. it's frustrating but you have got to operate within it. look, the lesson taught to
8:37 pm
this 15-year-old this is how you resolve it you assault somebody else and here is my mom telling me it's a good thing. that's just horrible. >> bill, i agree with you. it's absolutely horrible. i wouldn't excuse it here is the issue. i think you are seeing a lot of parents feeling pressed against the wall. okay? she didn't know what else to do. >> bill: i didn't believe that for a second. i believe that this woman was taking her frustrations out. wanted to hurt the kid herself and using her daughter as a surrogate. >> i think it's intergenerational. violence was probably used against the mother when she was young. >> i don't want to speculate like that. we see what the women -- the woman did. i don't want to speculate whether she had a bad childhood or not. there comes a point if you are going to have a child you have to it be a parent that looked out for the kid. sometimes that means being tough with the kid. you always have to be fair. that kind of exposition she deserves to be arrested and she deserves to be prosecuted. i will give you the last word, dr. walsh, go. >> i think that so many parents want to be friends with their kids these days
8:38 pm
too. they are facebook friends. this all started by the way bill with the baby boom generation who didn't want to be called mrs. walsh or mr. o'reilly because it felt old in some ways. so now we are all on a first name basis with kids and they think they can mouth back to us. it's our own fault. i think we created it. >> bill: you made one mistake you said we are all on that. right here we are not on that program. >> we are not there. >> bill: we never will be. megyn kelly on president obama's choice for secretary of labor. he may be a racial activist. and then the best of dennis miller. the d man running wild this evening upcoming. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ]
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what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. president obama wants the assistant attorney general for the justice department's civil rights division, thomas perez to be the next secretary of labor. mr. perez is seen by some to be a racial activist. here now to explain attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. you are actually covering this on your show. >> yeah. >> bill: that's high brow. >> we do some news on the news show. >> bill: nobody cares about the secretary of labor. most people don't care and i don't blame them. i don't care either. however, however, this appointment that president obama wants to make, this could be very telling about president obama. >> yeah. >> bill: tell me about perez. >> president obama's
8:43 pm
critics have been saying this sun necessarily divisive this choice. it would be hard to get somebody farther to the left than mr. perez and already some senators are threatening to try to block his confirmation because they believe he has been as one critic put it as quote a radical's radical. the deal with -- look, perez he went to harvard law school. he has experience in labor at the department of labor from maryland. now he is heading up a major important section of the doj which is the civil rights division. so they protect people's civil rights. he has been the controversial head of the civil rights division because not just the new black panther case but other cases. >> bill: the new black panther case was the guy standing out in front of the polling place in philadelphia with the trench and he wouldn't bright them. >> he came n october of 2009 after this case had fully gotten ripe and been dismissed. but he gave testimony in the case before to the commission that was investigating why was this dropped? he testified that there
8:44 pm
were no political appointees at the doj who influenced this decision. and the inspector general of the doj came out with a report saying you mislead the investigators. now, we don't think you did it intentionally, but you mislead. because there were political appointees who influenced. >> bill: he never explained why he wouldn't prosecute these guys. >> yes, he has. he has explained it. the inspector general has backed him up on that. >> bill: what did he say? >> they say there were reasons not to go after the defendants who they dismissed because it's so long and involved, bill, but on their web site they had posted some things that suggested they didn't have a motivation. they couldn't produce an actual voter who was harassed as opposed to a poll worker who was harassed. but perez is controversial for a couple of other reasons. the "wall street journal" just did a report talking about how in the city of saint paul, minnesota, they had this big case that was going to go up to the supreme court. the supreme court had taken the case. and it was going to test. it was going to put to the test this theory of racial discrimination that is not
8:45 pm
on rock solid footing. and perez did not want that case to go up to the supreme court. >> bill: what was it about? >> he was worried he might lose. it was about desperate impact racial discrimination cases where you argue the statistics in your housing development suggest that you are discriminated. >> bill: in one firehouse you have got 80% white so you have got to be discriminated against. >> they look at the numbers as opposed to the intent. >> he he went to saint paul and said pull your case out of supreme court. don't let that go. and in exchange, we, the doj, this is according to the "wall street journal" reporting, will not get involved in the citizen lawsuits against you, saint paul, alleging that saint paul had defrauded for 200 million there was dodge internal memorandum according to the journal saying i am very uncomfortable with this. it appears to have been done. one of the things they will ask about. >> bill: why does president obama want this guy to head up the labor department. >> he has been a champion of workers rights.
8:46 pm
he believes in these discrimination lawsuits. these can be controversial. >> bill: he was this guy if he gets in there he could start to sue a whole bunch of people for discrimination? >> he will pursue an agenda that's consistent with the president's world view. there are certain discrimination cases that need to be brought on more often. certain discrimination cases that maybe don't need to be. that's the philosophy he has pursued that i think he will bring to labor. >> bill: it will be interesting to see if he gets. in update on law in new jersey. >> looking good in jersey. the assembly in jersey passed a law that it's jessica's law. a little bit. it's a little watered down. >> bill: reconcile the two bills. >> it will happen in may or june. >> bill: by summer we have jessica's law in jersey. that's big. not an easy state. in new york, what's going on? >> focus. >> bill: nobody has even introduced it? >> 2006 they did and it now they're trying again. only in the assembly. not in the senate. >> bill: we have got to start somewhere. is there action in the assembly?
8:47 pm
>> there is a push to renew the 2006 ban that failed. >> bill: all right. so new york is going to be like hawaii and colorado. >> new york is looking good. yeah, new york has not shown -- to do it. >> bill: i might have to go up to your hometown, new albany. i might have to gond slap some of these pinheads around. they are frightening to you. >> new albany? those are my people. >> bill: i think we should send kelly up to albany for a couple of days. >> i will meet you at lombardos. >> all right. best of miller on deck. talk about frightening. we put together a segment that will offend just about everyone. miller is next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
8:48 pm
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8:50 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. as you may know the miller
8:51 pm
time segment is usually on wednesday nights. we have a lot of stuff you may want to see again. if you don't want to see it again. the swamp guys are on another cable channel right now. but if do you want to see them again, we begin with propaganda from north korea. ♪ we are the world] >> bill: and you say? >> these people just got we are the world this week for god's sake? listen, if there weren't some -- hang on, billy. it's drone season out here. [mosquito] >> bill: i don't know -- i should have gotten the translation. >> why don't we send some of these domestic drones over there and smoke that belister the next time is he doing a gangnam style. >> gangnam style. >> i think what the korean on the screen said was we're giving you topics for
8:52 pm
dennis miller. i think that's what it said right there. >> listen, i appreciate korea setting he up. [mosquito] >> bill: this is drones? is that what is going on there? >> so many domestic drones. like i said, let's send some over there, start smoking the bad guys instead of hovering them over the countryside in the middle of america. >> bill: all right, miller, everybody is talking about president obama golfing with tiger woods and you say? [sweeper] >> the guys on tv here -- sorry, bill, dick morris with the leaf blower outside. i can hardly hear you. [ laughter ] >> tiger woods, president obama, go. >> sorry. i was just dreaming about going through europe with john kerry. they must feel like they're bringing stonehenge to them. [ laughter ] it's just nice to see obama actually hook a ball behind
8:53 pm
some shrubbery and blame an actual bush for once. that's what i'm happy about. i don't mind if he goes golfing. i wish he would stay golfing. it's when he is done golfing that i have trouble. tiger said he was a good putter. that surprises me because in real life it seems to me he is always asking for gym mys. i guess some days you are out there on the course, billy. the hole just looks as big as the area whereby deb's brain is supposed to be. some days you can't just miss. >> so you don't have any problem with the president recreating with mr. woods who dubious resume. you don't see any problem there? >> what business is it of obama's? he he doesn't care. >> bill: if the litmus test is a president can't hang around with anybody with personal problems he is going to be real lonely in washington. [ laughter ] >> seal yourself in carbon night like hons solo. ♪
8:54 pm
♪ o say does that star-spangled banner. >> bill: i do want to know what miller thinks about this lip synching bill. >> i think if an individual wants to lip synch, i have no trouble with that. >> bill: all right. miller vanilly, there he is. >> billy? [ laughter ] >> now you are back. >> here is my question. biden was like three inches away. the vice president and, you know, i mean he would have known, right? there he is you can see half his face there. >> listen. >> bill: he had to know it was faked. >> biden has no clue. his mind is on one thing. it's like a dog on a bone. [growling] >> he is thinking about four years from now. he was slobbering so much thinking of himself getting sworn in they had to pass out water wings to people on the podium. listen, the president barely pays lip service to the constitution.
8:55 pm
i don't mind beyonce she looked great. i'm just glad her old man didn't jump in there the interrupter. >> the country is so lost now that i loved it when the president in the middle of his speech said ask not and he just stopped there because he doesn't want to hear any questions about anything. ask not. that's where it stopped. >> at the inauguration there was some -- take a look at justice scalia on the supreme court had an interesting shapot. i thought he was a cardinal in the catholic church. >> what's with that stunned look he just had a novocain shot during dental work. i don't think that's a hat on his head. that was like a souffle and it just fell in on him. all i know he is absolutely stunned at the events that are happening right now. >> bill: if he just had some round things on the side of it, he would have been a mouseketeer. >> a-n-t-o-n.
8:56 pm
>> m-o-u-s-e ♪ >> bill: the good old days. just a reminder we are announcing two brand new bolder fresher shows they are in portland oregon july 19th and spokane washington following evening saturday july 20th. we hope everybody in the northwest mobilizes details on bill o' all of the rest of the shows are sell-outs we have put premium tickets where you get to meet miller and me west bury, long island and kansas city. factor tip of the day. how to get what you want. tip 60 seconds away. [ male announcer ] marie callender's finally found a way to get her oven baked taste straight from the microwave. like her oven roasted chicken baked in a rich, creamy alfredo sauce. she calls them her new comfort bakes. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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>> factor tip of the day, how to get what you want in just a moment. and read some mail. michele bachmann had a right to say what she said about
8:58 pm
president obama he's the only one that could bring up the king's life style. first of all, i don't criticize presidents on small matters. second the congresswoman had a perfect right to bring up the president's life style and we offered her a segment on "the factor" in which to do so, but she declined. saying, houston, texas, pointing out incongruity, a man who hectors on that shared sacrifice. that nailed it. and woodlands, texas, and beckel was right, reid was talking about future cutbacks, and as i pointed out the word future was not used by reid. and beckel's blatant misinterpretation of reid's comments was shocking.
8:59 pm
>> echo segment with kirsten powers last week over the meaning of specific spending cuts. it illustrates difficulty of debating any issue with the left and put that in with colmes. and brooklyn, new york, as a greek american i can tell you why greece does not like the usa, it's a nanny state and looking for american aid while hanging out at coffee m shops al day. it's interesting because there are a lot of greek americans in new york city, spiro, as you know, and generally very hard workers, and when you go to greece everybody is sitting around a little-- i don't know. >> dearborn heights, michigan, bill, a kick of the day drink water with lemon before ordering in a restaurant. did bloomberg put you up to that? you're no fun. i always say it, mary, i am a boring guy. everybody knows that. peter, west babylon, new york. as a water i


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