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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 22, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us on this friday. >> it is friday, yes. >> good morning, i'm heather nauert and heather childers. it is march 22nd. thanks for watching "fox & friends first." time for your five at five. top five stories making news for you at this hour. we start with a fox news alert and some brand new video for you this morning. a standoff ending just a short time ago at the marine corps base in quantico, virginia. three marines are dead,
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including the suspected shooter. the gunman shot and killed two marines, then took his own life while barricading himself in a barracks and the gunman is believed to be a staff member at the base. no word on a motive or the identities of those who were killed. >> house speaker john boehner is promising a coordinated house and senate investigation into the benghazi terror attack. boehner joined by many other lawmakers say that the inquiry will focus on three questions still unanswered. >> on what happened prior to september 11th, who actually happened on september 11th. and why it was described four weeks after something that it wasn't when the people were watching this knew it was a terror attack. >> ambassador susan rice went on five sunday talk shows and blamed
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anti-islamic video for the deadly attack. >> it would have balanced the budget in 10 years the democratic controlled senate rejected paul ryan's budget plan on a 59-40 vote. ryan says it would have put his countrien othe right path. >> we owe the country a balanced budget. it's a reasonable plan. grows the economy. balancing the budget is not just a sta stats tis particular call exercise. creates nor jobs. helps people keep more of their hard earned money when the other side is offering even more spending increases and tax increases. more borrowing. we are worlds apart. >> democratic proposals do not balance the budget. the fbi is investigating how on earth a man was able to pose as a pilot and gain access airways flight in philadelphia. police say the man had on an air france uniform and also an i.d. then he ended up in the jump seat right behind the airlines captain. he was caught when he failed to show his real
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credentials. the airline says that no passengers were ever in danger. >> that was a bizarre story. >> um-huh. >> the lie breafer congress has added 25 new songs, including this 1960's hit. ♪ come on, baby, ♪ let's do the twist. ♪ come on, baby ♪ let's do the twist. >> they said it became the excitement and energy. dick clark chubby checkers to record a new version of the song. it is more than two dozen sounds of the 20th century being added to the national recording registry. they are forever being recorded for cultural importance. that's your five at five. >> great stuff. president obama just arriving a short time ago at the museum. day three of his trip to
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israel. and that is the state's official memorial to victims of the holocaust. elizabeth prann is live for us in washington with more on what's happening today. hi there, elizabeth. >> good morning, heather. president obama's trip continues on his final day in israel and what the president did was just as important as his message. he visited the famous holocaust memorial just as you said as well as a number of other symbolic spots such as the grave site of rabin a prime minister known as a symbol of the peace pro-prospects. he took the his time to pay his respects. >> the president reiterated to prime minister benjamin netanyahu the importance of peace and the vision of two states. he said washington doesn't consider it a continued settlement activity to be constructive. he said visiting this week is to listen and reinforce support. he also continues to keep a tough stance on iran. he repeated the u.s. position saying, quote:
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all options are on the table stopping iran from requiring nuclear weapons. he does, however, want to address the issue diplomatically. >> iran must know this time is not unlimited. i have made the position of the united states of america clear. iran must not get a nuclear weapon. this is not a danger that can be contained. [ applause ] and as president i have said all options are on the table for achieving our objectives. america will do what we must to prevent a nuclear-armed iran. >> today the president will be flying to jordan. he he will meet with the king there we expect him to discuss the civil war in nearby syria. heather? >> all right. elizabeth, thank you so much. we will talk to you again. >> look who is talking this morning? we are hearing from rudy giuliani and he is sure fired up. >> absolutely. he is the former new york city mayor slamming president obama over this image. now, take a look at this closely. that is president obama speaking yesterday with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. take a look at the image
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above the president. yes. he is standing under a banner showing yasser arafat. >> so giuliani is furious over the fact that the president still stood there, despite a history of arafat against the united states. and here is his take on sean hannity last night. >> when i was u.s. attorney i investigated him. specifically for the murder of leon clinghoffer he ordered that murder of a jewish man who was in a wheelchair who was thrown into the mediterranean. i'm sorry, that was only one of 26 americans that he murdered. i'm not telling you this from the top of my head. i spent two, three years investigating him as a u.s. attorney. had papers issued so that if he came to the united states, we could pick him up. that kept him out of the united states for a long administration. reagan >> to me, when the president of the united states stands there with this guy's picture in back of him, it says to me, does this man have any sense of history? does he know what the heck
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is he dealing with? this is a man who has murdered at least 27 americans. those are the ones. >> tip of the iceberg. >> those are the ones can i count. he invented modern islamic extremist terrorism. >> arafat died in 2004 but is regarded as one of the most prominent leaders of palestinians opposition to israel. >> and the president has a whole host of staff over there. >> he is going to have to comment on that. >> somebody might haves have noticed. >> now it's time for your fox news alert weather update with maria molina. >> snow in one part of the country but it's spring. >> we have a lot of snow to talk about especially off othe great lakes. have you been dealing with that lake-effect snow for days now and still expecting several more accumulation off of lake erie and ontario throughout the day today. please be careful out there. westbound a brand new storm system we are tracking and this storm is tracking snow as far as south as parts of
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arkansas, parts of tennessee, missouri, already early this morning on the back side of this system we also have some snow across portions of the north central and believe it or not we will see another impulse contributing to all of the snow coming up for the start ever the weekend tomorrow and even as early as tonight in parts of colorado. winter storm watch that has been issued across parts of the plains in eenkt as we head into tonight and tomorrow. 6 to 10 inches of snow possible out here. we also expect wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour. on the southern side of the storm system, severe weather will be possible later on this afternoon into the evening, including parts of louisiana, parts of mississippi, city of jackson, you are included. we could be looking at tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and fortunately also hail. heather and he had they we are looking at chilly temperatures it feels like 14 right now. >> good grief.
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two airlines that will benefit passengers but will cost you. >> joining us from fox network lauren simonetti. american airlines they will let passengers who don't carry a carry-on get on the plane first. >> yes. so it sounds like a good idea. it might be for some people but americans are probably going to make money with it. >> rolled out a new test that allows passengers without carry ons to board first. purse and a laptop bag not considered carry on. in airports where this program is is being tested first class board first obviously those flying without the carry on get to board. in the end there is less congestion. you are not vying for overhead bin space and american makes more money since carry ons, those people with the carry ons likely check them and pay to check them so then they can board first. >> i have to admit i always
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check my bag. >> me here. >> i cannot stand the line inside the plane everyone trying to hustle for a spot. >> knowing you have miles on certain airlines you can check for free anyway. >> jetblue is going to offer premium seats. >> yes. better seats coming to jetblue. it's experimenting with premium seating option. because it's losing passengers on those cross-country flights because they want first class or business class on competitors, united delta and american. jetblue will start selling next year. no word on the cost. i know i thought that was interesting as well. so they are also adding wi-fi to most of their flights. that's better. people can be connected. >> i like that. can you watch fox news on jetblue. >> yes. i always get messages from friends. we saw you on the airplane. >>? happy friday, everybody. >> you too. >> that's best part of it watching fox news. it is the best time to brew on this. this is friday. here is a recap for you of
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this week's viral videos. which one do you like best? first up if at first you don't succeed try, try again, right? remember this pup who couldn't figure out how the slide works? but he gave it a good try anyway. having a lot of fun. cops in michigan shocked as a live deer jumps out of the trunk of a car. check that out right there. the driver apparently hit it. thought the deer was dead so he loaded it into his trunk. the police say it was probably just knocked out. good thing he woke up before he got to the butcher. that's for sure. huge school of deadly sharks off a beach in australia. wharms -- whalers shutting down the beach. which one is your favorite. send over your comments. tweet them to us at fox friends first or email. also you can vote in our poll at "fox & friends first".com. is that enough for threw? it is 12 minutes after the hour. coming up.
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>> good morning to you. it's a quarter past the hour. this is what you missed while you were sleeping. more than 50 chicago schools will now close as a plan to reduce the
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district's 1 billion-dollar budget deficit. officials say that many of those schools are half empty and that this move will save hundreds of millions of dollars. a louisiana judge is ruling that a new law that bars felons from owning guns violates that state's constitution. residents passing an amendment in november of last year, that challenged law now heads to the supreme court. now for a segment that we like to call what the hill? and you will understand why in just a second it was supposed to be money for the future but 15 years later it's just money down the drain. $24 million in federal funding was spent on a four building complex named after democratic congressman james clyburn. the problem just one building has been built and another 80 million is needed to finish it. that plan to end mail delivery on saturdays just return to served sender.
2:19 am
congress has just passed legislation that requires saturday delivery. the postal service planned to stop saturday service lower cost after it lost $16 billion last year. the fbi is trying to figure out how a guy posing as a pilot got past several security checkpoints. and then into the cockpit of a u.s. airways jet in philadelphia. how about that? well, chris o'connell from our fox affiliate in philly has our story. >> police say 61-year-old french national felipe jonard posed as an pilot. he is not a pilot at all. weighs wearing air france shirt. he carried air france bag. and he had some identification that looked like he was a crew member from air france. >> after being denied a seat in business class. police say jonard got upset, even telling the flight crew he hated
2:20 am
americans. but eventually ended up in the cockpit sitting in the jump seat right behind the captain. >> he portrayed himself as a pilot. he gained access to the cockpit. a few minutes after that that they learned that he was not a pilot and police were called. >> airline passengers were shocked to hear of the breach security, especially passengers flying on that same u.s. airways flight a day later. >> not even a licensed pilot? that's more than uncomfortable. i would not say that's going to look good for the airport or the airline that let him on. >> all the security we do, what is actually happening? they didn't catch anything when they got him to the airport. >> nor passengers were in danger and the flight took off on time. they had no idea why he wanted to gain access to the cockpit. >> it's concerning because we don't know what his designs. were anything from just
2:21 am
wanting to take a look at the cockpit to some other criminal designs. >> only fox 29 was there when brought him in source says jonard has given a full statement about what happened. >> all right. a little scary there, isn't it? >> it's time now is 18 after the top of the hour. coming up next on the rundown, you may not think that situation in cyprus will effect you, but it may. how your money could be contacted if the country doesn't reach a deal by monday. call it a case of animal outrage. we will tell you about this. -- partly cloudy skies partly cloudy skies pox tawney phil could be headed to court. look what mommy is having.
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>> well back, it is 22 after the top of the hour. here are are today's headlines. an arizona woman thought she got a teddy bear in the mail, but when she opened the box there was a bring of marijuana inside. the post office couldn't deliver the package, so it returned to sender. turns out someone used the woman's address and fake name to try to mail the drugs. $320 million that's how much the power ball lottery is right now the drawing not until tomorrow. the number is expected to go up. currently the sixth largest pot in history. heather? >> let's go get one after the show. you and me. okay. you may not think the story coming out of cyprus could impact you. you want to think again about this. that nation has until monday to agree to a bailout deal to avoid a economic clae that could end up effecting us. lawmakers there already rejecting a plan that we told you about earlier this
2:26 am
week that would directly tax people's bank accounts. there is no sign of another deal yet. so, this financial crisis could effect your money. here to explain financial expert vera givens. >> go out and play the lottery. >> a lot of european union countries made a lot of bad bets. they spent too much money. but this is not the situation necessarily. >> there the situation in a nutshell, i mean it expanded this year. the system got too big. a lot of money was coming in. billionaires were dumping money in there. tons of money went in. they made bad bets and now they are in a debt crisis and they need the bailout and the clock is ticking. they need a couple days to get it together. >> how does this effect us. >> the confidence has taken much dow down a bit yesterday. uncertainty on air. walking around on egg shells a little bit in the last couple days in particular. confidence is down a little bit. waiting for the other show to drop. >> this is a tiny country. >> tiny but potentially complit
2:27 am
reverberates around the country. say it totally goes bell up. big problems here. a serious situation. >> but no talk of a u.s. participating in any kind of a bailout? >> not to this point, no. >> we certainly hope not. you have say we are due for a market correction. >> we are due for one anyway. the market has been running too high too fast there has been talk about a money situation. this cyprus situation could be the straw that breaks the rally's rally if you will. investors are waiting for that to happen. particularly now given the situation there, this could be sort of -- >> what do we do. >> nobody is doing anything right now. >> hang tight? >> in the bank situation here, people are worried. you mentioned 10% tax. up to 10% that they were looking against consumers to potentially pay for the bailout. i think that has people worried about their bank accounts. the thing here is that you are fdic insured you should be fine.
2:28 am
>> the concern is among americans that if a government can go in and take money out of your bank account, that that could end up happening here some day. >> in some ways, heather, you could argue it's already happening here. we don't use the word tax. we don't use the word levy here. >> we don't use the word compensation. maybe we should. >> not getting anything and your costs rupp. low interest rates and inflation. >> keep an eye on this. thank you so much. vera givens great having you. a teenager hiding from burglars inside her own home not able to speak while she calls for help. listen to. this you can tell me you but not open the door? >> we will tell you how this lady saved herself and her family. a mother is furious after discovering her son is learning propaganda about the 9/11 terror attacks. wait until you hear hot teacher is blaming. plus, first on this day in history back in 1986,
2:29 am
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>> good morning, you are watching "fox & friends." i'm heather childers, i'm heather nauert. it is now half past the hour. top five stories making news at this hour. we start with a fox news alert. there has been a deadly shooting at a marine corps
2:33 am
base quantico in virginia. now, this is brand new video outside the base, a standoff ending just a short time ago at the marine corps base in quantico. three marines are dead, including the suspected shooter, the gunman shot and killed two marines and then took his own life while barricading himself in a barracks. the gunman is believed to be a staff member at the base. no word on the motive or identities of those who were killed. >> authorities from the state of colorado headed to texas this morning as a parolee lies in a hospital bed on life support. they believe that 24-year-old -- excuse me 28-year-old evan ebil may be linked to the thursday night murder of the colorado prison chief who was shot at his home. he was caught after leading police on a 100 mile-per-hour chase before crashing and then being shot by deputies. he was driving a cadillac that matched the description of the vehicle that seen leaving the neighborhood where tom clements were shot.
2:34 am
investigators are trying to figure out if is he linked to the murder of a pizza delivery driver in denver sound. his alleged motive is not yet known. >> that story continues to unravel. >> a texas mom is outraged that her son's school is teaching students that the u.s. is partly to blame for the september 11th terrorist attacks. a terrorist sands posted a picture of the test that her fifth grade son had to take that went with the video that the class had to watch. the most disturbing question why might the u.s. be a target for terrorism. the correct answer according to the school. decisions we made in the u.s. have had negative effects on people elsewhere. the school district defends the curriculum. >> a 9 is 1 tape captures the terrifying moments when burglars broke into a home with a teenage girl inside that house. the 15-year-old telling police that they knocked on the door and then just jumped through an open window. she hid in the closet and then called 911. listen to this.
2:35 am
>> don't talk can you tell me you understand but do not open the door? >> you could hear the bad guys at the top of that tape right there. this entire call lasting for 30 minutes. police surrounding that home and then arresting the suspects as they tried to leave the house. how frightening. >> well, you probably knew already, but this story just proving, heather what we know is is true about the united states. we're of course, the greatest nation on earth. new gallup poll shows more people want to leave their country and come here than anywhere else. 138 million people said they would come to the u.s. before another country. the united kingdom was second. followed by canada, france and saudi arabia. chinese people made up the largest number of those looking to live in america. and that is you're 5 at 5:30. >> you can't blame them, right? >> nope. >> it is day three of president obama's first trip to israel since he has become president.
2:36 am
he visited official memorial for holocaust victims just a short time ago. doug is following everything. he is live for us in washington with more. hi there, doug. >> good morning. the white house has gone to great lengths to lower expectations for this trip. the president did make news on iran and new push for middle east peace. earlier this morning the president placed a stone at the grave of former israeli prime minister rabin. this has been a trip steeped in symbolism emphasizing u.s. support for israel and offering tough talk about iran's nuclear ambitions. >> as a president i said all options are on the table for achieving our objectives. america will do what we must to prevent a nuclear armed iran. president's stop in israel protest and anger over failure to achieve a middle east peace agreement. the president did call on both israeli and
2:37 am
palestinian leaders to return to the negotiating table without preconditions. including that thorny issue of israeli settlements. >> i absolutely believe that it is still possible but i think it is very difficult. if we can get direct negotiations started again i believe that the shape of a potential deal is there. >> saying to the palestinians the ball is in your court. no preconditions. you can start right now and you should. that is a major change in position. at president heads to jordan. shift war in syria. crossing the border into jordan flee to violence there heather. >> doug in washington. thank you so much. now it's time to take a look at who is talking this morning. and bill o'reilly is sounding off. he he is taking issue with what he says is the attack
2:38 am
on judeo-christian traditions in america. >> yeah. this really all stems from talking about easter. if you listened to his program you heard that o'reilly has been talking about the war on christmas. but now easter is coming under attack in certain parts of the country. so o'reilly takes a look at that he says this is is part of a larger scale problem in the u.s. listen to this. >> the war on judeo ochristian tradition continues on in some public school districts. in 10 days it will be easter sunday. in some schools you are not allowed to say the word easter. on long island the east meadow school district holding a spring egg hunt, not easter eggs, spring eggs. same thing in prospect highs, illinois. flat rock elementary school in south carolina and a school district in new cumberland, pennsylvania. no easter. they are having spring egg events moderated by a spring bunny. at least in san diego. i know it's stupid. you know it's stupid. but it's happening.
2:39 am
and there is a reason why it's happening. secular progressives are running wild with president obama in the white house. they feel unchained, liberated and they are trying to diminish any form of religion. the goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs. >> well, o'reilly went on to say that they can tell children that those symbols are obsolete and unnecessary then that sets the stage for a totally secular society in the future. what the heck is a spring egg anyway? >> i don't know. you call the spring bunny little candy bunny the spring bunny and peeps. >> easter. >> anyway. okay. although easter is right around the corner. it sure doesn't feel like it. that is landing america's favorite groundhog in some hot water this morning. punxsutawney phil may be heading to court for predicting an early spring. it's true. phil the groundhog has been indicted in ohio for the misrepresentation of early spring. an ohio prosecutor says that phil was calculating
2:40 am
and predicting spring despite snow and record cold temperatures that followed. >> i think need more to do that? >> okay. well, let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> good morning. eye have a question are they going to start indicting meteorologists. >> you are are a law-abiding citizen though, right? >> i'm a little concerned. here are your cold temperatures for today allegedly. well below average across parts of the midwest, the great lakes. 33 degrees is going to be your high temperature in the city of minneapolis. factor in the breeze and it's going to be feeling even colder than that yet again today, it's friday, enjoy it you do need to bundle up as you head out the door morning. otherwise in san antonio the warm spot 87 degrees high temperature. you could be seeing 90's out across parts of texas throughout the afternoon today. we do have more effect snow across parts of lake erie and lake ontario. you are talking several more inches of snow accumulation possible
2:41 am
today. that's in addition to the several inches you have already been picking up over the last couple days out here across parts of the anterior northeast. a brand new storm system developing across parts of the plains. we are seeing that snow already this morning in parts of nebraska, south dakota, north dakota and even as far south as missouri and arkansas. we have a new storm that's developing out west that's going to help increase the snow out here. so there is a winter storm watch in effect across parts of the plains. 6 to 10 inches of snow possible. heather and heather on the southern side of this system, severe weather possible in eastern texas, louisiana, and mississippi. >> marie a thank you so much. >> thanks. >> have a great day now. >> now it's time to entertain this. it's down to the top 8 of season 12 of "american idol." >> so the judges get one say per season and it has to be unanimous. on behalf of the judges, randy, one save for paul
2:42 am
jolley tonight? >> unfortunately ryan, it's not than mus. no good luck. >> crooner paul jolley second male in a row to be eliminated. three males and five females left to take the title. call it the jimmy fallon tax credit. the state of new york has reportedly put a provision in the budget that would help move the tenth show back -- "the tonight show" back east. rumors are running rampant that nbc is going to replace jay leno with jimmy fallon. sitcom hot in cleveland moore and valerie harper are joining betty white and georgia ingle on the tv land comedy series. filming takes place next month. it is set to air later this summer that will be fun. >> time for your starting lineup. a look at all your top sports stories. the ncaa tournament is now
2:43 am
underway. and already the drama setting in. ivy league school harvard with the upsouthwest the day. knocking off number three seed new mexico 68 to 62 for the first ncaa tournament win ever. games to look forward to today. north carolina taking on villain nova. ucla squaring off against minnesota. here is something you don't see every day. a goalies scoring a goal. makes a routine safe. and then carolina hurricanes try to pass the puck and it goes into their own net. last to touch the puck. gets the goal. something going on with sports here. >> it didn't count for carolina. >> while the focus of the basketball world is in miami. the miami heat winning streak. the denver nuggets are on their own run. denver hit three free throws late to beat the philadelphia 76ers last night. 14th straight win. watch out, miami.
2:44 am
it is now 42 minutes after the hour. coming up, the government could be reading your emails without your permission. but they say it is all to protect you. we'll explain that next. >> plus, thanks but no thanks. one state telling a nanny lawmakers to keep their hands off their big sodas and cigarettes. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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>> 5:45. look for head lines. it's being called the anti-bloomberg bill. mississippi governor phil bryant signing into law legislation that prohibits local governments from banning large sodas. he says it's not the job of the government to overregulate's people's lives. a new york judge blocking bloomberg's soda ban hours before that went into effect. pepsi changing the shape of 20-ounce bottle for the first time in nearly two decades. the new bottle has a bottom half that apparently is easier to grip and the label is smaller. the bottle should be in stores next month.
2:48 am
be careful what you put in an email due to growing fears of cyber attacks. the u.s. government is expanding security program that will allow more private sector employees to have their emails scanned. here with more on this is adam shapiro from the fox business network. good morning, adam. >> good morning to you, he heather. this is something legitimate. big brother is watching. big brother will be watching what we write in private emails. president obama issued executive order on cyber security which allows the government to scan internet traffic flowing between banks and utilities and companies that are identified as nation's infrastructure. last week the heads of the national security agency and other intelligence agencies said cyber attacks now pose a greater threat to the united states than terrorism. the department of homeland security can now gather secret data from telecommunications companies and hopes to have
2:49 am
the email spy program set up by the end of the year. the administration is seeking legislation to require internet service providers to inform the government about malicious software. as well as the ip address that that software comes from. there is a push to allow utilities, banks and railroads to purchase better cyber security services from companies that provide those services. now, data collected from those partnerships would be shared with u.s. intelligence agencies. and, heather, i keep going but i'm reading your emails right now so i have got to let you go. >> oh, no. nothing bad in my emails. nothing at all. >> you want to bet. >> thank you, adam: it's 47 minutes after the hour. still ahead. listen to this one. one government is telling women what they will can and can't wear even in their own homes. we will tell you where this is taking place. >> one kind of a popular tea sending one woman to the hospital. those details straight ahead. but, first, let's check in with steve doocy who hopefully didn't have any of that tea this morning. see what's coming up.
2:50 am
>> i had plenty of coffee though. >> okay. >> i'm working on my third cup. speaking of beverages. we're going to talk about energy drinks. by. marc siegel is dropping things you need to know about monster has been in the news. also, did you realize a third the people in rhode island are on food stamps? supposed to help them now it seems to be a way of life. we're going to be talking about that phil specter's wife has got a problem with that hbo movie that's coming out about her husband's life. and geraldo rivera rolls into the studio about 8:00 eastern. we get started 12 minutes from right now. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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51 minutes after the hour. listen to this one. heavy tea consumption may be bad for a woman's health. according to a report in
2:54 am
the "new england journal of medicine," brewed tea had one of the highest levels of flouride n. one case flouride in t he a created a bone disease. friends could overlook flaws and matthew mccon hey overlooked a big flaw in his bud lance armstrong, the actor telling "details magazine" that armstrong told a lie but he's not a liar. matthew admits he was surprised when armstrong confessed to doping. >> there has been a deadly shooting at the u.s. marine base in quantico, virginia. we're hearing the suspected shooter killed two marines before turning the gun on himself. >> what we're being told is the shooting started at the officer candidate school on marine corps base quantico.
2:55 am
one person was shot dead there. this happened around 11:00 last night. the gunman then went over to a barack where he barricaded himself inside. military police were spotted. they also called in reenforcements from local police. they went in with a special reaction team. and when they went in, were told they found the suspect dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound as well as a second victim. no motive yet for this we're told that the gunman is believed to be a staff member at the officer candidate school. candidate school. he was an active-duty marine. the two victims were also active duty marines and the base was put on lockdown at the time of the shooting. the lockdown has been lifted. the identification of the gunman and two victims have not been released at this point. the military -- the marines here at quantico are saying this is an isolated incident.
2:56 am
it has wrapped up now. the base has been lifted from that lockdown. they are on a code green, back to normal operation. we're expecting a briefing at 7:00 this morning for more details. >> we'll wait for that. thank you. the time now is 53 after the top of the hour. about eight minutes till the top of the hour. it is lights out for one town. why the city wants to start fining small business owners. >> it's your last chance to vote on our viral video of the week. is it the persistent puppy dog? the deer daring trunk escape? you can send your e-mail, send your tweets and we'll reveal the winner. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es.
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>> two minutes before the hour. here's a look at your headlines before you leave the hous


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