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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 22, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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budget committee chairman paul ryan's budget plan. it would have balanced the budget in ten years. authorities from colorado headed to texas in connection with the murder of a colorado prison chief. this after a potential person of interest was arrested after he led police on a 100-mile per hour chase. the jackpot for tomorrow's powerball is $320 million. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. a little terrier mix literally serving side by side as a blind husky-seeing eye dog. >> they tend to want to walk together and stay close together all the time. if there is any separation between isaac the husky and isabella, isabella gets very concerned. >> the shelter is now trying to find a home for
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the special pair. the bad. a town in new jersey fining business owners for leaving sign lights on past 11 p.m. businesses in paramus can be fined over 200 bucks and have to pay 33 dollars in court costs. over 40 businesses have gotten fines so far this year. finally the ugly. a new law in south korea bans mini skirts. the short skirts fall under the country's controversial new overexposure law. violators face a $45 fine. >> what do you think of that? >> pretty silly. >> time for your brew on your question of the day responses. we showed you viral videos that were getting a lot of attention this week. we've got the persistent puppy, the deer that jumped out of the trunk of a car or the deadly school of sharks in australia. we asked which one was your favorite and here are some of your responses. >> kevin said my favorite is the deer in the trunk. i'm from michigan and that
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sounds like someone from kalamazoo. >> i enjoyed watching the dog keep trying to climb up that slide. >> butter glove tweets i dearly hope that knockout video jumps out of the trunk and takes the win. the winner with 52 votes, the dog got 41, the shark got 7. thanks to everyone who responded. >> have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> 6:00 on the dot. great to be with you on fox first at ten. i'm anna kooiman. it is friday. three united states marines dead after a shootout at one of the largest military bases in our country. live near that base with the latest. >>steve: he's known as the father of modern terrorism, so why is the leader of the free world giving a speech underneath yasser arafat's photo?
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the presidential's banner blunder today. >>brian: pop quiz. why is the united states a target of terrorism? the question showing up on a fifth grade test and jeff foxworthy is not hosting. wait until you hear what they call the correct answer. it might outrage you. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: it's the first friday in spring. >>anna: it doesn't feel like it, doesn't it? did you hear punxsutawney phil is probably headed to court for prognosticating this early spring? >>brian: they shut down every field in our town. it is too dangerous to practice in the spring. what's happening? after st. patrick's day -- it's too dangerous to play. we have turf.
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we should be allowed to play. more later. this is a shocking story. >>anna: we need to begin with the headlines. three u.s. marines are dead after a shooting at quantico in virginia. the suspected shooter one of those marines. the gunfire starting last night near the barracks setting off a standoff that lasted for hours. the base put on lockdown before that shooter apparently turned the gun on himself. we are still waiting for details on the other victims' identities and a possible motive in the case. we are expecting a press conference within the next hour. authorities from colorado are headed to texas this morning to investigate the murder of a colorado prison chief. 28-year-old evan ebell was caught after leading texas police on a 100-mile-an-hour chase before crashing and being shot. he was driving a cadillac that matched the description of the car seen leaving the neighborhood where a man was murdered in cold blood on his doorstep.
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investigators are trying to figure out if ebell is linked to the murder of a pizza delivery driver 000 on sunday. >> house speaker john boehner promising a coordinated house and senate investigation into the benghazi attacks. boehner saying the inquiry will focus on three unanswered questions. >> on what happened prior to september 11, what actually happened on september 11 and then why it was described for weeks after something that it wasn't, when the people who were watching this knew it was a terrorist attack. >>anna: u.n. ambassador susan rice blamed the deadly attack on a video. the f.b.i. investigating how a man was able to pose as a pilot and gain ablg ses to the -- access to a u.s. airways cockpit flight in philadelphia. the man had on an air france uniform and i.d. and
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ended up in the jump seat behind the captain. he was caught when he failed to show real credentials. the airlines says no passengers were ever in danger. those are your headlines this friday morning. >>steve: meanwhile president obama on his way now to bethlehem. he visited israel's memorial to the holocaust victims a short time ago during the third day of his first presidential trip to israel. >>brian: we're live in jerusalem following the trip. hey, leland. >> good morning, brian. the issue from the president is not so much what he's saying. he's saying the same thing in terms of the substantive issues about iran and about a palestinian state. but more about how he is saying it. he's going out of his way to show great empathy towards the israeli people and boy is it working. front page of both daily newspapers here, you say president obama here and also on their version of the "new york times," here he says demand peace from your leaders.
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this is an attempt by the president yesterday in his major address not only to the israeli student population but also to the entire country that was televised to say this is my vision for what the middle east should look like. and while it may not jive exactly with benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister here, this is what you need to demand as a population. it was meant as a way to counter feelings in israel that perhaps president obama is anti-israeli. analysts say he accomplished that feat of being able to sway public opinion here by this massive charm offensive which was very well choreographed. today a little bit more of the ceremonial types of things. laying a wreath at mount hertzel ceremony where famous leaders are buried. he visited the holocaust memorial and then he has lunch with prime minister netanyahu. this is their third or fourth one on one meeting of this trip as they try to get down to the nitty-gritty issues.
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obviously the israelis want to talk most about iran, iran, iran and president obama wants to talk a little bit about the palestinians. that is where he's headed next, over to bethlehem to try to talk to them. however, the charm offensive he had over there, the warm and fuzzy feelings he's getting in israel hasn't worked so far with the palestinians. >>brian: was there any backlash of the president talking beyond their elected leader, benjamin netanyahu, right to the people, essentially saying tell him to do the right thing? >> i think probably if there was any backlash, the only argument would be turn around, is fair play. benjamin netanyahu talked to a joint session of congress. this is a version of president obama coming here and saying you want to come to the united states and talk to me and tell the americans what you think about israel, i'm going to speak directly to your people and tell you what i think needs to be done. >>steve: yesterday during our program we showed you a
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live shot of the president of the united states and president of the palestinian authority. we didn't see when you pulled out, look who's over the president of the united states. yasser arafat, also known as the father of modern terrorism peering down over the president. >>anna: this man, throughout history being responsible for hundreds of hijackings, bombings and assassinations. how on earth 2k-9 president not -- how on earth did the president not realize this? did he not bone up on his history? how did his staffer not recognize this? >>brian: take off the yasser arafat pose above my head. in 1972 he was part of the massacre that killed israeli athletes. the hijacking in the abg
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abg abg -- in the hijacking of a cruise ship. he wasn't allowed to land in new york city when rudy giuliani was mayor. here was rudy giuliani last night. >> i threw yasser arafat out of the u.n. symphony at avery fisher hall. he was specifically not invited. we didn't want to invite terrorists to this country. >> to me when the president of the united states stands there with this guy's picture in back of him, it says to me does this man have any sense of history? does he know what the heck he's dealing with? >> this is a man that murdered at least 27 americans. >> that's what i can count. he's one of the people that invented modern islamic extremist terrorism. >>steve: it seems like a gigantic gaffe on the part of the advance team or the people in the white house. remember when the president of the united states went to georgetown university,
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catholic university and the white house asked at catholic university can you cross out that -- can you kroefr up that cross? -- cover up that cross and cover up that symbol that stands for jesus christ? they did that at catholic university. yet they go yesterday in israel. do they ask them to cover up a picture of the father of modern terrorism? no. they left it. seems curious. >>brian: let's go to texas. there was a fifth grade test. oftentimes you can imagine you gets a test, you look at the grade. you don't look at the questions. that wasn't the case with this mom. >> a woman whose child is in the flower bluff school district was reviewing her kid's work plan and a test that came back and was astounded at one of the questions. here's the back story. they show a video to the kids first. they watch the video and then they answer the test. here's the test they gave the kids: why might the united states be a target
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for terrorism in the wake of 9/11. >>anna: a, other people don't like americans. b, decisions made in the united states have had negative effects, c, terrorists hate everyone. or d, none of the above. >>steve: which was the correct answer, folks at home? according to the school, the correct any was b, decisions made in the united states have had negative effects on people elsewhere. >>anna: this mother is furious and can't believe any educator would try to justify any terrorist attacks against the united states that killed 3,000 innocent americans. it's not just this one question. she also says that the test had some other issues as well that talked about whether food and medicine and shelter were rights or responsibilities. her son got that one wrong as well saying it was a responsibility. that it's not the government that should be in your lives making sure there is shelter over your
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head, making sure you have food on the table, medicine to keep you well and health care essentially. she says this is the american dream that i believe in. that's what i've been trying to teach my kids and this test is going against it. >>brian: it was on facebook and now has become a huge story. an update on that fox news alert. a shooting in quantico, virginia, where a suspected shooter killed two marines and then killed himself. sherry ly joins us live with the details. when did this happen? >> this happened at 11:00 last night at the officer candidate school. we're told that the gunman and the two victims were all active-duty marines. it started at that officer candidate school. one person was shot dead. according to a base spokesman at quantico, the gunman headed to a barracks, barricaded himself inside.
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military police as well as law enforcement were called in. a special reaction team went into the barracks where they found the gunman dead from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound as well as the victim. the base had been put on lockdown. that lockdown has been lifted. we're told the gunman was a staff member at the officer candidate school. we're expecting a briefing at 7:00 this morning to give more details about just what happened. the identification of the gunman and the two victims at this point have not been released. they are still in the process of tphoeufg families. it was a very tense situation at kwopbt co. a lot -- it was a very tense situation at quantico. now investigators are telling us this was an isolated incident. they are now back to normal business. back to you. >>steve: thank you very
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much. terrible story. >>anna: can your kid do this? >> what did nixon say? what does george h. bush say? >> read my lips: no new taxes. >>anna: adorable. this pint-sized impersonator taking the internet by storm. >>brian: more people than ever are relying on food stamps. is our government getting the blame or the credit? the blame or the credit? a closer look next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake
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is this a small look at our country's future of fend is i or is this looking -- of dependency? >> you asked the question, is this a picture of the future? the answer is yes if the economy doesn't improve, if president obama's policies continue to fail to create enormous numbers of new jobs. yes, that is the picture of the future. remember, we're still signing up 3,500 people every single day on to the food stamp program. it has doubled in four years to a cost of $78 billion a year. now zero in on rhode island. six years ago 73,000 people on food stamps in that state. now 180,000 in that state. this is the way of the future, and it's very difficult to reform it, trim it or rein it in. >>steve: on your program on fox business, you talk to the mayor of woonsocket, rhode island, which extraordinarily a third of the people in that entire city -- a third -- are on food stamps. what happened now is the
3:20 am
cycle of dependency, first the people were relying on food stamps and now the businesses rely on the people with the food stamps. without the food stamps, the businesses would go belly up. >> on the first of every month the snap card are loaded up with money. the people with food stamps go straight to the stores and in 24 hours the stores they do a third of the business for the entire month. they staff up with extra people. that means the entire town is dependent on the food stamp program. one-third of the inhabitants on food stamps. the whole town relies on food stamps. >>brian: new england wasn't inordinately hit by the recession and it's not necessarily been slower than the reyes of the nation with the recovery. what is the problem with rhode island? >> 9.8% unemployment, highest in the nation,
3:21 am
along with california. rhode island has the problem of government-state finances. essentially, without putting too fine a point on it, rhode island is bankrupt. they are insolvent. they have to cut back at the local state level dramatically and there is no new industry going in there. you've got a high unemployment rate and this dependency on food stamps. >>steve: rhode island is a very liberal state. we've talked about that before. they want to celebrate kphras but don't want to have christmas trees in the governor's mansion. when they apply for a snap card, what do they do? >> the mayor of woonsocket held up the food stamp application forms and said this is what you you apply for food stamps. then he turned to the back of a packet of papers, there is a voter registration application. you sign up for food stamps and you are encouraged to vote for the party, vote
3:22 am
for the politician that encourages the food stamp program. >>brian: stuart, see you at nine-whatever it is. >>steve: three hours from now. it's a date. >>brian: all right mr. stuart, ahead, ahmadinejad nearly shot dead by the secret service. we will tell you what went down. >>steve: monster energy drinks will no longer be required to tell the feds about the number of people getting sick from it. we want to know why. is there something we don't know? dr. marc siegel next. first jay leno. >> heard about this new coffee on the market. it has 200 times more caffeine than regular coffee. 200 times. we have some of it here. it's called tweaker's it's called tweaker's choice.
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>>brian: new york state under fire for quietly opening an illegal gun hot line. it pays people 500 box to report illegal weapons. the news comes as new york gets one of the nation's most stringent gun control measures in the country. a stunning revelation from the government. the secret service nearly shot iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad back in 2006. the agent accidentally discharged his shotgun as ahmadinejad was loading his motorcade. he apparently just turned his head, got in his car and then left. that would have been a nice international incident. >>anna: 24 minutes after
3:27 am
the hour. many younger americans consider energy drinks a must-have for their busy lifestyles but those drinks might not be the best idea. we learned this past week at least one manufacturer no longer has to report the health risks associated with its product. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel is here to give us insight on a potentially hazardous drink. what is the reason you think monster will be changing their labeling so they no longer have to talk to the feds? >> first of all, the idea that supplements and beverages are the same thing is fiction. the reason it's fiction is because that energy drink you just mentioned is now saying we're going to record it as a beverage. here's the difference. with beverages you have to put on the label what your ingredients are, so you put the amount of caffeine you might have. you might say there is 160 milligrams per drink. you don't have as much f.d.a. regulation if you're a beverage and you don't
3:28 am
have to report deaths that may be associated with the drink. that's where the controversy comes from. when people died, it gets a lot of media attention and the energy drink people are saying we're not responsible for that so they would rather it be listed as a beverage. supplements are higher regulated and you have to report the deaths. >>anna: there has been more scrutiny over these drinks these days? >> it's not just the caffeine, but the sugar. people don't realize what they're getting with this. with the second one i would say out of the hospitalizations that are caused by this, 200,000 per year, 200,000 hospitalizations per year have been associated with energy drinks. that's a fact and that's scary when you consider that the manufacturers are targeting teens and youth. it's not the same as with coffee. you and i drink a lot of coffee or i drink a lot of
3:29 am
coffee when i'm coming on in the morning. i know what i'm getting. with the energy drinks they target teens that may not understand the amount of caffeine involved. >>anna: fact or fiction: coffee and energy drinks, are they one and the same? >> not the same. energy drinks have sugar in them. they are labeled differently. coffee, my view is coffee is totally different than energy drinks. you know why? over the past few years we found a lot of medicinal value with coffee. coffee has antioxidants in it, been associated with a decreased risk of heart failure, diabetes, decreased risk of certain kinds of cancer including prostate or colon cancer. >>anna: there are so many chemicals in these energy drinks that we don't know how to pronounce the words on the back of the label. >> coffee is more natural. coffee has antioxidants in it. i am more of a believer of coffee being good for you. energy drinks with the sugar and chemicals is very
3:30 am
bad four. if you're getting up this morning, have a cup of coffee, don't have a monster or red bull. stick to coffee and exercise. oil spill oil spill 6:27 -- >>anna: 6:27 kofplgt -- coming up on "fox & friends," can your child do this? >> what does george h. bush say? >> read my lips. no new taxes. >>anna: that toddler next. why are police dogs being retrained not to smell pot? a big happy birthday to reece witherspoon. she is 37 years old. she is 37 years old. happy birthday, reece.ul? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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it's life. and in that time i've found that's the difference between leaders and everyone else. >>brian: how many times have you heard this generation doesn't know american history? doesn't care about our past? can't appreciate the presidents that served our nation? >>steve: sure. >>brian: is that your transition? >>steve: i think you're absolutely right. so many people say kids don't know about the past, but the past is prologue. here is a two-year-old boy by the name of jayce we believe, who at the prompting of his mother knows a lot about presidential history. >> what does george
3:35 am
washington say? >> i cannot tell a hraoeufplt >> what does abraham lincoln say? >> four scores and seven years ago -- >> what does nixon say? >> i'm not a crook. >> what does truman say? >> the buck stops here. >> what does ronald reagan say? >> mr. gorbachev, tear that wall down. >> what does bill clinton say? >> i did not have relations with that woman. >> very good. what does john f. kennedy say? >> ask not what you can do for your country -- ask not what you can do for your country. >> pretty good. >> but -- >> okay. what does george w. bush -- >> but ask what your country can do for you. >> okay. what does george w. bush
3:36 am
say? >> [inaudible] >> what does george h. bush say? >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> what does our main man, barack obama, say? >> yes, we can! yes, we can! yes, we can! yes, we can! >> very good. >>brian: ladies and gentlemen, a two-year-old. that's incredible. >>anna: we've got to get this kid on the show. >>steve: he got a little hung up on what john f. kennedy said but he knew exactly what bill clinton said. >>brian: unbelievable. i don't know if he know what bill clinton said. >>steve: he knew the line. >>brian: he even knew how to count. incredible. >>anna: 6:34. to your news headline. senate majority leader harry reid con conceding
3:37 am
duet on the democrats -- con seethe defeat on the democrats plan on assault weapons. many lawmakers and gun rights advocates plan to fight those regulations claiming provisions violate their constitutional right to bear arms. >>brian: he spent 23 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. this holocaust survivor and rabbi walking out of a prison -- walking out of prison in new york yesterday after a judge overturned his 1990 conviction for a botched robbery. it turns out there was no physical evidence against him. just flawed witness testimony. >> i said in the beginning i have nothing to do with this case. if he's interested, there will be so much paper work as you'd like to read on this case and make your own decision. >>brian: unfortunately prosecutors say justice may never be served.
3:38 am
the only other suspect in the case is dead. >>steve: soon drug-sniffing dogs won't be able to smell marijuana due to the recent legalization of recreational pot, many state police dogs in colorado, for instance, will no longer be trained to sniff out pot. cops say dogs can't be trained to differentiate between recreational and criminal use so this will make it harder to get search warrants because dogs were often relied on to find hidden pot. >>anna: remember when we showed you this billboard posted by a north carolina woman to get back at her cheating husband? it may actually be a marketing ploy by a local company. a similar message popped up on the same billboard saying jessica meet me at yo daddy's at 7 p.m. for wine therapy. jennifer. we're now learning the owner of yo daddy's also has the billboard running
3:39 am
that ad. >>brian: there is no michael and no jessica? the ncaa tournament is underway. the biggest upset of the day, ivy league school harvard -- i believe that is a four-year institution. with the upset of the day they knocked off number three seed new mexico, 68-62 for their first ncaa tournament win ever. in a light night game syracuse against montana. the orange took the grizzlies down 81-34. some games today. north carolina taking on villanova, notre dame and iowa state and ucla against minnesota. coming up on kilmeade and friends later on today we're going to be skwroepbd by ed henry. -- we'll be joined by ed henry as well as ed rollins as well as anna kooiman makes her debut and crystal all between nine and noon.
3:40 am
kilmeade and friends. >>steve: you've got a full house. >>brian: after thursday you've got nothing to look forward to because that is your appearance. >>steve: that means as soon as this show is done, i can have myself a -- umm. meanwhile, an extreme weather alert on this friday morning. a possible tornado in washington state. the apparent twister tearing through a barn in brush prairie. the owner says it hit in an instant. >> i heard this terrible boom, and then as you see, i looked out here and half my barn was gone. >>steve: for the very latest on the weather across the country, let's go to maria molina. >> good morning. good to see you. good morning everyone. that very same storm that produced that possible tornado out west is headed east over the next several days and will produce another risk for more severe weather today across parts of the south. first a look at your high temperatures for today because it will be another cold day across the midwest into the northeast.
3:41 am
in the 30's for minneapolis, chicago, cleveland. that is as warm as it will be getting today. more lake-effect snow off lake ontario and lake erie. a couple more inches of accumulation possible out there. moisture across portions of the plains. heavy rain across portions of arkansas. it is a slow go for you this morning. new winter storm watches issued out across the plains because of that storm we mentioned out west. six to ten inches of snow possible coming out tonight into your saturday across the plains. severe weather risk in louisiana, parts of mississippi. on saturday storm forecasts for parts of the south. >>steve: maria, thank you. >>anna: 39 minutes after the hour. we've been telling you about a product called bungee that lets people text you to return what they found. we stuck these decals on things and took it across the country to test the honesty of america.
3:42 am
it all ends today but not before we stop in our nation's capital. >> bungee "fox & friends" team landed in washington, d.c. as we continue our search for honesty in america. we're here at the lincoln memorial to see if honest dave has influence. first up i lose an ipod next to the reflection pool at constitution garden. this family of five stumbled upon my misplaced music maker. it takes them a bit to figure out the bungee system but the text comes through. >> we just got the text. what does it say? >> your property has been found by this phone number. >> what goes through your mind when you see an ipod on the ground here? >> i know how upset i would be if i lost mine. >> do you think if people are given the opportunity
3:43 am
to be honest, that's what they would do? >> i'd like to think so. >> our search starts out strong but not for long. folks in d.c. seem too busy to care about my lost valuables. noticing the goodies but going on their way. this lady cares for a second. asked a couple if it's theirs and then puts it on a bench. the same could be said for this guy. he picks it up and then puts it back on the bench. we're at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. let's see how honest folks are as they tour around the white house. let the dropping begin. these folks find my camera, bring it to a police officer. he tells them to put it back where they found it. our next pickup, it appears this guy is a runner. but once again, the bungee comes through. you appeared to be in a had hurry but you stopped, which is a nice thing to do. how come washington, d.c. gets a bad rap?
3:44 am
>> it can be a little bit tough at times. >> and there's a few good men like you? >> i think most people are fundamentally good. >> i think most people are fundamentally good. i love to hear him say that. coming up in our 8:00 hour, we're going to be taking a look back at our cross-country trip with the folks from bungee. and along with publishers clearinghouse will be announcing an honest american who will win $5,000. >>brian: by the end of the show we'll get rid of the question marks and write somebody's name on th-fplt going to be exciting. >> in washington if everyone is giving stuff back, why don't we get some tax money back? straight ahead, the video launching a u.n. investigation, did syria use chemical weapons on innocent people? syria denies doing that. next, the man who knows the real story because he was involved in chemical weapons firsthand. general tom mckernernee
3:45 am
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3:49 am
mcinerny. what do you think? you saw the same survivors we saw. do they look like they're victims of the chemical attack? >> you can't tell initially. initially when i looked at all these pictures, and i studied them very closely, you could tell by now, particularly if it's mustard. they have four different types. the last three are nerve agents. mustard is a blister agent. a blister, you can't tell with mustard immediately. but by now you could. anyone who goes into those hospitals will be able to tell if it was chemical. and that's why i'm quite skeptical about it right now. >>brian: what's the worst scenario? that assad is using it as the government in charge or that the rebels have it? and we know inside the rebel organization, if you can call it that, are muslim extremists? >> absolutely.
3:50 am
they're both bad because once one uses it, the other side will use it. the real danger is hezbollah gets it and would use it on israel. that's the great fear that i have. >>brian: general, how do you know all this stuff about agents? was that a focus of yours? >> i used to be in command of a unit that used to have that mission before we signed the chemical weapons treaty. i'm intimately familiar with using them, storing them, putting them on airplanes. this is with fighters we had them. and that is a very difficult area to work on. and i had a great deal of experience with that. of course we no longer use them and it's no longer in our inventory. >>brian: we know the president said that's a red line. we think we know where this stuff is housed. can we go with an airstrike, blow it up and not poison the surrounding population? >> no. i think you'd have secondary fallout and it would go -- i think you've got to seize it on the
3:51 am
ground. you could do that. you'd have to hit it very extensively and try to pulverize it but there would be greater risk on that. >>brian: what are the chances of the return address on these chemicals being iraq? >> i think there is a high probability of that but that is conjecture. we know prior to iraqi freedom there was a lot of vehicles crossing the border into syria and there was a great deal of conjecture. the iraqi major general swore by it. he said he delivered it. so i think that it would be a very high probability if we could get into those bunkers that they would have iraqi signatures on them. >>brian: what do you think out there? you can tweet me at kilmeade. general, always good to talk to you. the next chapter will be a definitive chapter with syria. the world red line is chemical and biological weapons and somebody crossed it. thanks so much.
3:52 am
the postal service planned on cutting delivery on saturday to save some cash. now congress says that is not an option. so what do we do now? how can an average student land a half million dollars in college scholarships? completely free money. the secret locked in this young lady's book. she is here live to tell us how your kids can go to how your kids can go to school for free. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. with three of your daily vegetable servings great first gig! let's go! party!
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3:55 am
>> she was an average student with okay grades, but she still managed to score more than half a million dollars in college
3:56 am
scholarships. what's her secret? christina ellis is the author of a book called "confessions of a scholarship winner." she joins us live. good morning to you. you've got quite a story. your father practically died at age 7. your family, your mother, your family went below the poverty level. your first day of high school, your mom told you what? >> basically i love you. i believe in you, but there is no way i can support you financially after you graduate. and so you're going to need to start finding a way to pay for your education. even though that was really hard to hear, i'm so thankful she told me that because that allowed me to have the time to start thinking about scholarships and what i was going to do with my future. >>steve: we should point out that while your family was broke, you did not have terrific grades. you did not have great s.a.t.'s, but you developed a plan to look at all the available scholarships out there -- and there are a lot of them, aren't there? >> there are so many.
3:57 am
there are over $3 billion in scholarships given away every year. over a million scholarships. even if you aren't the perfect student and you're not a valedictorian, you can still get scholarships. >>steve: there are scholarships out there for being tall or short, loving to vacuum, if you're an organ donor. all sorts of stuff out there. you need to know the plan. you're saying one of the first things you should do, believe in your potential? >> absolutely. everybody has something that can help them stand out to scholarship committees. but you have to believe in your own potential before you can convince somebody else of your potential. the thing is getting scholarships can be work. but if you believe in your own potential, you're going to be willing to invest that time and effort. >>steve: sure. you also say start early? >> absolutely. if you can start your freshman year, that is absolutely perfect. like you said, my mom told me my freshman year, hey, you're on your own.
3:58 am
that was such a blessing to me because i started doing my research and doing my homework. and i was able to create a plan that helped me stand out. now i'm so passionate about helping that plan. >>steve: what scholarships were you able to get? >> i was able to get a ton of scholarships. i got the bill and me linda gates scholarship which is incredible. it paid for my education all the way through a ph.d. i got the coke-cola scholarship which is a huge merit-based scholarship. lots of dean scholarships. all sorts. >>steve: we know there are a lot of families right now and they think we have limited resources right now, at this point. money is available based on need, based on merit, all sorts of stuff. >> absolutely. there are so many families that are just thinking right now there is no way i can afford a college education. i just want to let them know that you can overcome those obstacles you're facing, and i want to help you do that. >>steve: next up, she is going to vanderbilt to get her ph.d.
3:59 am
congratulations. check out her book, "confessions of a scholarship winner." good luck. you're fantastic. >> thank you. >>steve: have you heard about this story? a family escapes germany for the united states because the government there is threatening to take the kids away. the reason? they're home schooling them. now the obama administration is turning its back on them as well. we'll be right back. understand our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice.
4:00 am
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for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. >> anna: 7:00 o'clock on the east coast. good morning to you. i'm anna kooiman filling in for gretchen carlson. it's friday, march 22. a fox news alert, a stand-off overnight at one of the largest military bases in our nation. three united states marines are dead, the developing details straight ahead. >> brian: i'm brian kilmeade. i'll be playing myself the whole hour. this is the story i like to tell you about. he's known as, quote, the father of modern terrorism. why is the leader of the free world giving a speech below his huge photo? >> steve: i'm steve doocy, thank you for joining us. how did this man get access to an airplane's cockpit?
4:03 am
well, he did not dress like me or brian on anna. he dressed like a pilot. and they let him sit in the cockpit. how the heck does that happen? he looks like gary busey. sorry. it's an interior dialogue i'm having. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. >> anna: wouldn't be surprised if he's going through airport security and gets caught with shampoo or conditioner that's a little too -- >> brian: right. but he's allowed to get in the cockpit. >> steve: right. drive the plane. >> brian: he didn't have a seat. just a jump seat. >> anna: one minute after the hour. this is your fox news alert. press conference is beginning right now on a killing spree at the quantico marine base in virginia. these are live pictures near the scene where three marines were killed overnight.
4:04 am
the suspected shooter, one of the marines. we're learning the shooter shot and killed a male and female marine near the barracks before turning the gun on himself. the base was put on lockdallas cowboy overnight and we are still waiting on details of a potential motive. investigators from colorado are rushing to texas. the reason? to figure out if this man who was candlelight wounded by texas police after a harrowing 100 miles per hour car chase is linked to the murder of colorado's prison chief. 28-year-old evan spencer was driving a cadillac that matched the description of the car seen leaving the neighborhood where tom clements was murdered in cold blood on his own doorstep. he's hooked up to life support so his orrins can be harvested. the f.b.i. is investigating how a man was able to pose as a pilot and gain access to the cockpit of a united states airways flight in philadelphia. police say the man from france had on an air france uniform and i.d he ended up in the jump seat
4:05 am
behind the captain. he was caught when he failed to show real credentials. the airline says no passengers were ever in danger. the library of congress has added 25 brand-new songs to the national recording registry, including a 1960s hit. ♪ come on baby ♪ let's do the twist ♪ come on baby ♪ let's do the twist >> anna: i bet even if you're in bed your toes are tapping. the library said "the twist" became a symbol of the excitement of the early '60s after american bandstand host dick clark chose chubby check force record a new version of that song. >> brian: i didn't realize that. with the twist, there is not much foot movement. >> steve: less is more, brian. >> brian: i did not know that. we got to go over that in the break. meanwhile, it's the third and final day of the president's first trip to israel since
4:06 am
becoming president of the united states. >> steve: our own leeland vittert has the wrap-up and the latest. >> steve, good morning. my grandmother always said it's not what you say, but how you say it. what president obama is saying about iran, about the palestinian issues, about israel has changed, but how he's saying it has changed greatly. there is more empathy on what he's saying toward israel, a lot more explanation. he's doing it inside israel, boy, is the charm offensive working. front page of the newspapers, giving his speech yesterday and also here him giving a speech. this is the headline. i'll translate, demand peace from your leaders. this is essentially president obama coming here and trying to lay out his vision for the middle east, his vision for the israeli-palestinian conflict, and why despite what a lot of people say he does indeed still support israel fully and his idea is to try and say, all
4:07 am
right. i'm going to push prime minister netanyahu on a couple of issues and i want the people of israel to hear why. that was the purpose of his speech yesterday. by all accounts, at least the analysis this morning is showing that that really worked. most people say now that the polling will change greatly. before his trip his polls were only 10% likeability. that is expected to greatly increase. there was a lot of pomp and circumstance about this trip, much more about the imagery than the deliverables. today he went to lay a wreath where a number of the major leaders are buried. and then he also went to the holocaust memorial. right now he's enroute to bethlehem, to the palestinian side. he was there yesterday, not nearly as warm of a reception, not the warm, fuzzy warm feelings from the palestinians toward president obama, or really vice-versa. president abbas, the palestinian authority, almost went as far as lecturing president obama. they're going to meet again today. the question going forward is will these trips' good words turn into good deeds? to that end, secretary of state
4:08 am
john kerry is scheduled to come back here tomorrow and begin actually the really hard work of diplomacy to see if he can get the israelis and palestinians to negotiate about maybe negotiating about a peace deal. still a long way off and despite all the applause and accolades of this trip, i don't think there is any real optimism it will make a huge difference on the ground, at least not immediately. back to you. >> brian: i know the president says it's time for both sides to drop preconditions and just go and talk. so if they could agree to agree to talk eventually, that would be progress. >> anna: that would be progress. but there have been a lot of harsh critics stepping forward. newt gingrich being one, saying this is something that western leaders typically do sometimes to make themselves feel good, that so much of the arab world, you know, speaking candidly, mind you, but that something that they're just doing to make themselves feel a bit better. >> steve: leend la vittert, we u.s. very much and good job. he quoted his grandmother. >> brian: always a great way to start. >> steve: let's talk about this.
4:09 am
yesterday about 24 hours ago we showed you the president of the united states and the president of the palestinian authority right there, a live news event. we had a close-up shot. we didn't realize when the camera pulled out, look who is peering over his shoulder. yasser arafat, the father of modern terrorism that. is what we would call a messaging problem. that's an optics problem. that is a big mistake. >> brian: the same guy that gassed up the beast with diesel gasoline. also the one who signed off on the banner for the president. come on, you can't do this. this is not even fair to the president. if he walks out and sees that, we're supposed to go, okay. take it down or i'm not going out there? >> anna: it would seem he would have noticed or a staffer would have noticed. but yasser arafat, the history behind him, responsible for hundreds of assassinations and bombings and hijackings and to
4:10 am
have this man be right above the president of the united states as he's giving a joint press conference with abbas doesn't make any sense. rudy guiliani even mentioning the evil spirit of his legacy. take a listen. >> 18 years ago i threw yasser arafat out of the u.n. concert, beethoven's 9th symphony that would be performed. he was specifically not invited. we didn't want to invite dictators, terrorists and murderers to this concert. to me, when the president of the united states stands there with this guy's picture in back of him, it says to me that this man has any sense of history? does he know what the heck he's dealing with? this is a man who murdered at least 27 americans. those are the ones -- that's what i can count. he is one of the people who invented modern islamic extremist terrorism. >> brian: the '67 war, he fought with the muslim brotherhood. the other thing that's interesting is he's stolen
4:11 am
billions from the palestinian people. why would they want his picture up behind him? >> steve: it is so odd that the white house or one of the advance team members wouldn't say, we're not so sure about that. earlier i mentioned how in 2009 when the president went to give a speech in georgetown university, a catholic university, the white house advance team said, can you cover up that cross and also that symbol for jesus christ? and the school did, which is kind of crazy. although -- >> brian: it's a bit of a surprise to go to a catholic university and see a cross there. >> steve: the next time the president goes o afghanistan, is he going to stand under a great big picture of osama bin laden? >> anna: i hope not. >> steve: same thing. >> brian: let's talk about the post office. something we can all agree on. it needs to be closed on saturdays. they lost $16 billion and if they close on saturdays, they'd save $2 billion a year. they should do it. >> steve: you're clearly not a u.s. senator or member of the house.
4:12 am
they just voted to continue the saturday delivery. extraordinarily, the post office loses $25 million every day. the post office said look, this is the best way that we can survive. this is a step because we've got these gigantic liabilities, let's close down on saturday. no! we're going to stay open. >> anna: it doesn't make sense when there have been several polls that have been done and the major of the public wants the five-day rather than the six-day service. so the post office wants it. the public wants it. but politicians apparently don't want it. that's who is holding them up. by 2017, they're going to need a $47 billion taxpayer bailout. that's your money, folks. >> brian: listen, it is too cheap right now to mail a letter. the business model doesn't work. the men and women aren't getting paid a for student the buildings aren't exactly nice. they got the wanted photos for additional revenue. so i don't understand. something is wrong with this
4:13 am
model. i think it's funny on saturday they won't do junk mail or first class. they're approaching this half assed to begin with. >> anna: also the retirement benefits that a lot of them get. >> that's the gigantic thing at thend of the tunnel with that great big light that's facing them. all right. 7:11 in new york city. >> brian: you mean retirement. >> steve: no. that's the great big payment. >> brian: okay. payment. you said the light at thend of the opportunity is a symbolism of death. >> steve: you're right. or something good. >> brian: sorry about that, people. >> steve: next up, this family escaped the united states because the government of german would not let them home school their children there. but now they're here and the obama administration wants to send them back. it's true. >> anna: i'll talk to them next. then pop quiz. why is the united states a
4:14 am
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>> anna: you sure are looking good this friday morning. quarter past the hour. i'm anna kooiman. the obama administration recently released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants from detention centers, blaming cuts from the sequester. what might be even more disturbing is the cases they aren't letting go. one in particular we want to talk about this morning, a family from germany that could be deported over home schooling their children. you heard it right. joining us now is michael ferris, chairman of the home school legal defense association who is representing that family. good morning to you. thanks for being with us here. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> anna: first, tell us a little bit about the story for folks at
4:18 am
home who aren't familiar with the case. the family from germany wanted to home school their children. why did they even want to home school their kids in the first place? >> they believe that home schooling is the best education to be able to give the religious and philosophical and academic combination that they wanted for their kids. in germany, that's illegal. all home schooling is banned. but the family pursued it anyway and thought they would stand up for their human rights, religious freedom and parental rights and the german government prosecuted them. there were heavy fines imposed. ultimately the police came in vans, armed police, to take the children away, take them to the public schools. after a series of those kinds of events, the flame fled. came to this country, applied for political asylum in 2008. >> anna: they're evangelical christians. they have six kids, they have a beautiful baby that has just arrived. what's the latest with all of this right now?
4:19 am
their mind has got to be reeling when they're trying to just stay where they are. >> you would think a they would have expected the united states to follow its traditions. after all, the pilgrims came to this country for protection of religious liberty and their children. they left holland because they were concerned about that society's influence on their children. i'm just glad the obama administration wasn't sitting here fort pilgrims to turn them back. i believe that the religious freedom claims this family is making for political asylum in this country should be granted, but the obama administration's view is that individual liberty is not a valid basis for political asylum claim for home schooling. >> anna: they're trying to do it the right way, right? >> they are. >> anna: they're trying to go about this, go through the legal hoops and go through all the red tape and all of that. but they're running into some issues. you do have a hearing coming up a month and a at this a-- and
4:20 am
day away. how are you preparing for that? >> like any argument, you practice a lot. i argued a lot of amel late cases. -- appellate cases. i think we have a pretty good chance. the first judge ruled for the family. he said this was a case of religious persecution. the obama administration appealed. they won the second round. we're appealing on the third round. >> anna: who is it that you blame for this? >> it's really the attorney general of the united states that's responsible. it's done in his name. he makes the final decision in this. and i can't figure out any good reason why in the midst of of the controversy over 11 million illegal immigrants and the release of the prisoners that you talked about at the top of the story, i don't get why they want to deport this one german family. it just doesn't make sense. i do a pretty good job at legal analysis. psychoanalysis, not so much. >> anna: what's the family making of all this?
4:21 am
how are they chewing on this? >> ultimately their belief is grounded in god. so their hope is in god and i think that they're hoping the court system will get it right and i share that hope with them. i think we have a good case. i think we have a good chance before the 6th circuit. so we're going forward with faith believing that it's going to turn out okay. >> anna: michael, we wish you well and the family as well. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> anna: 19 minutes after the hour on your friday morning. coming up on "fox & friends," get a checkup or you'll have to pay up at work? does that make sense? can companies like cvs really force you to go see the doctor? a fair and balanced debate is coming up. and call it a case of outrage. why punxsutawney phil could be heading to court. could it have anything to do with this cold weather, all this snow on the ground [ male announcer ] trail...
4:22 am
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4:25 am
>> steve: now it's time for news by the numbers. first, $24 million. that's how much in federal funding was spent on a complex in south carolina state university named after democrat congressman james cliburn. 15 years later, 80 million more dollars are needed to finish it. okay. meanwhile, 54. that's how many chicago schools will be closed because a $1 billion budget deficit. it's not clear how many teachers are lose their jobs, but they will close a bunch of schools.
4:26 am
43,000. that's how many jobs have been lost since j.c. penney -- at j.c. penney since ron johnson became ceo. a new report shows he let the company pay for at least nine executives to get work by two jets, which cost $41 million apiece. nice work if you can get it. mr. kilmeade? >> brian: or if you had it. it's one of the most outrageous stories of the week. one of the most popular pharmacies telling their employees to step on the scale or pay a penalty. cvs wants employees to report their weight, fat and glucose levels to health insurance bosses and if they don't, they get fined $600 a year. it might be legal, but is it fair? steven mitchell is an employment attorney and author of a book, "the employee rights handbook." and john is a professor at a law school. does this sound right to you? >> it's an outrage n my opinion.
4:27 am
they're trying to help people's health, but when you impose a penalty on people, that's when the law gets involved. >> brian: you think it's an outrage, but in a way, isn't this forcing people, john, to take personal responsibility for their health if they're not in good shape, it will cost the plan a lot of money. >> indeed, brian. that's the whole idea. you should be in favor of personal responsibility. smoking, according to one decision i was involved in, cost the employer about 2500 bucks for every nonsmoking employee. so increasingly, employers are saying, personal responsibility, you engage in an unhealthy lifestyle, you pay for it. dentist it off on others. as abc admitted, there is a big article saying this is not only legal, it's growing trend. for the last 20 years, i've gotten rulings saying it's legal. i've gotten rulings saying that companies can indeed refuse to hire smokers -- >> brian, i got to disagree. number one, when you take a penalty like this, it could be an illegal wage deduction which
4:28 am
is not allowed under various states. number two, when you ask questions about a person's weight, let's say, and their blood pressure, these are highly confidential privileged information that if number one, if it gets out, that's violation of hippa regulations. , two, you're dealing with people who may have disabilities. people that are grossly overweight are forgetted under the americans with disabilities act. making them give this information i think is paramount to getting the company liable for discrimination. >> come on, let's be realistic. first of all, i teach in this area. most of what you said is wrong. this plan, before it was announced by this very, very large corporation, was carefully vetted by dozens of law firms, top experts. they've held it legal. our second highest court held it legal. more than 60% of the major corporations -- >> with all due respect, let's say some of these people are union members. okay? they need to have a collective
4:29 am
bargaining agreement in order to get that done. you're basically talking about -- what happens if they don't give the information, they refuse to and they get fired? you know what? if they're union members, they can get arbitration, so i don't agree with you on that. >> i battled this out in the court. you just write books. >> i'm an employees lawyer, i'm a practicing lawyer. i changed the law in new york. >> you got a lot of sound bites. >> brian: i'm used to you attacking me, so don't attack each other because you're both fine and accomplished individuals. just a quick question. does it bother you at all that people who are overweight, who have high glucose or might have high blood pressure might not get a job or insurance? >> does it bother me? no. >> of course not. >> they are imposing $2,500 or more cost on their employer. many people have to get extra education, they have to move across the country, they have o do a lot of things to get a job
4:30 am
and this job market, here we're saying you can get the job. but if you impose costs on us, you pay for the costs. >> bottom line, it's an intrusion on people's personal information and i think it's illegal. >> brian: an interesting debate and nice personal attacks. steven and john i that so much. -- thanks so much. up next, a stunning revelation, ahmadinejab near lea shot dead -- nearly shot dead by our secret service. we'll tell what you went wrong and almost went right. and why is the united states a target for terrorism? this question showing up on a fifth grade test. wait until you hear what the correct answer was. it will outrage you ot what you .
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> a lot of rumors going around about adele and her boyfriend are planning to get married soon. supposed to be a great essential. i heard adele is working on the sad version of the chicken dance. ♪ ♪ nananana. thank you, thank you.
4:35 am
>> steve: kind of her reputation. >> brian: jimmy fallon might be keeping the tonight show here, getting it in 2014, while jay leno could be out of a job, coming to fox. >> steve: it's a big story in the tabloids in new york city today about how it sounds like nbc and jimmy fallon show are getting a big tax break to bring the program to new york. >> anna: not to mention all the spit fire that's going on between leno and nbc. they've been quietly trying to get him to go for a while now and he is definitely not going quietly. he's been saying a lot of nasty things about the nbc executives. >> steve: it's going to come back to haunt him. let's tell but cara sands, she's a mom in the flower bluff, texas school district. she reviewed her fifth grader's school work at the end of the day and she was horrified when she saw this was a question that her child had to answer. how would you -- >> brian: i don't know what's worse. the right answer or the fact your kid got it right. >> steve: their right answer, i think is the wrong answer.
4:36 am
>> anna: here is the quiz. why might the united states be a target for terrorism? the answer is a, other people don't like americans. b, decisions made in the united states have had negative effects on people elsewhere. c, terrorists hate everyone or d, none of the above. the answer was b, decisions made in the united states. how about negative effects on people -- this was after watching the 9-11 video inside the classroom. of course, making her feel like this was just ridiculous, that part of their 9-11 curriculum was justifying the 3,000 innocent americans who lost their lives at the hands of terrorists. >> steve: according to this particular curriculum, the answer is to blame america for what happened. i think the correct answer could be other people just don't like americans, terrorists hate everybody. it's very complicated. >> brian: you would have got a 95 in corpus christi and jeff foxworthy would in the have liked that. mom published this thing on facebook.
4:37 am
it's taken on a life of its own. we'll have the mom and son on. >> steve: are you speaking to me or our book unit? >> brian: you do most of the booking, don't you? >> steve: i do. anything else i can do for you. >> brian: that's it. corpus christi. >> steve: all right. >> brian: meanwhile, that's my cue. stunning admission by the u.s. government. secret service agent nearly killed ahmadinejab. it hatched while he was here -- happened while he was here in 2006. the agent who worked for president bush accidentally discharged a shotgun. ahmadinejab was loading his motorcade at the intercontinental hotel right by us. the agent tried to apologize, but he couldn't be heard overt gun fire. ahmadinejab just turned his head and got into the car. can you imagine if we accidentally killed him? >> steve: that would be bad. >> brian: for him. >> steve: or both sides, believe me. meanwhile, drug sniffing dogs not allowed to sniff out pot. that's right. police dogs in states like colorado, which now has legal marijuana use, will no longer be trained, dogs won't be trained
4:38 am
to sniff out marijuana. >> brian: they're going to focus on tug of war. >> steve: it does look like some training exercises. cops say dogs cannot be taught to differentiate between recreational, criminal, and medicinal pot. this is going to make it harder to get search warrants because dogs were often relied upon to find hidden drugs. now they're going to just scratch pot off the list of things to look for. dog wise. >> anna: 37 minutes after the hour. 9-11 tape captures the terrifying moments when burglars broke into a california home with a teenage girl inside. a 15-year-old told police they knocked on the door, then jumped through an open window. she hid in the closet and called police. >> bring the bucket over here. >> okay, don't talk. can you tell me -- >> anna: the entire call lasting for 30 seconds. police surround the home and arrested the suspect as they
4:39 am
tried to leave. >> steve: spring may officially be here bay couple of days, but it doesn't feel like it outside. and that is landing america's favorite groundhog in hot water. we're talking about punxsutawney phil. the groundhog has been indicted in ohio for misrepresentation of an early spring. ohio prosecutor says phil was calculating in predicting spring despite snow and record cold temperatures that followed. in other words, phil is being held accountable for an incorrect weather forecast. >> brian: about time. >> steve: maria molina has gone underground. >> brian: you see her, grab her. >> steve: okay. >> brian: already the drama has set in, ivy league school harvard with the big upset. they had planned on taking their quizzes this morning. they're stuck in the tournament! they knocked off the number three seed in new mexico, 68-62. their first ncaa tournament win ever. i'm talking about ever.
4:40 am
oregon and california, may have pulled off the upset. virginia commonwealth didn't let that happen to them. rams handled their business against akron. games to look forward to today, north carolina taking on villanova. notre dame and iowa state. friends can overlook flaws. matthew mcconaghey overlooking a flaw with his best buddy, lance armstrong. he says armstrong, quote, told a lie, but he's not a liar. mcconaughey admits he was surprised when armstrong confessed to doping. so what do you do if you're friends with a guy who you think is a multiple champion, but turns out he didn't tell the truth? if you do lie, are you a liar? is that too deep a question? >> steve: no, you're a liar. if you're lying, you're a liar. >> brian: not according to matthew mcconaghey. >> anna: he's standing by his man. >> steve: maria molina, that story about punxsutawney phil, that must send a shiver down your spine, doesn't it? >> yes, i came out from hiding
4:41 am
to give your forecast. i'll tell what you i'm not lying about is very cold temperatures in place across the northeast, great lakes, and even into the midwest yet again today. so another day that you have to bundle up with temperatures well below average. let's look at san antonio. yet again, another warm day for you. 87 degrees. for those of that you are actually hoping for warmer days ahead, noah's climate prediction center issued their april, may, june outlook. looks like many of you will begin to see above average temperatures coming up very soon. so there is some good news ahead. more snow for you if you live off of lake ontario and lake erie. we have a new storm system that is developing well ahead of it, seeing snow across the dakotas, nebraska, and as far south in parts of arkansas. we have a number of winter weather advisories, winter storm watches and winter storm warnings as well in effect. back inside. >> steve: allall right. we thank you very much. >> anna: 7:39 is the time now. it's been another week filled with laughs on and off the curvy
4:42 am
couch. >> steve: gretchen was off this week. but if you missed a minute with ainsley, alisyn and anna filling in, you definitely missed a lot. >> brian: they're always there in case of emergency. here is a look back at a week that was on "fox & friends". >> steve: welcome to march madness live here on the "fox & friends" set. >> welcome to my space. >> steve: come on! come on, maria! you don't need wrinkle cream. >> aren't you wonderful? and you need your prescription. >> steve: wait a minute. >> you're doing multiple body parts. >> brian: that's your sides, right? >> right. you're raising the roof and
4:43 am
you're toning and squeezing and toning. there is another move. you're squatting. you're up core is tight. you're reaching. >> what's happening over there, brian? >> brian: i need muscle milk. >> you are carrying a little of that. >> brian: i have worked out already. >> look, i've got a budget i'm bringing to the floor. >> steve: come on, brian! defense! defense! >> this helps food allergies? >> very audrey hepburn! >> brian: does anyone remember if the art hog saw its shadow. >> steve: you mean a groundhog? now we're going to talk about another carson, dr. ben carson, who has kept -- >> brian: oh, my goodness. i'd go home now.
4:44 am
>> steve: you miss a little, you miss a lot. another good week. >> brian: great job editing. that's a lot of three hours a day, five days a week, a lot to go through. >> steve: it is. but it's all at that level. [ laughter ] not a clunker in the bunch. >> brian: the sad thing is, they can't use clips from this show. >> steve: the real sad stuff, we got to do it again next week. >> brian: that's unbelievable. i think it will be fun. coming up, iconic drink shaking up its bottle. why its new look will benefit customers. >> anna: then the u.s. paying out billions of dollars in farm subsidies to women and hispanics because they missed out years ago. now feel discriminated against. why now? is it a political play to gain votes? we report. you decide. >> brian: a lot of corn. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough.
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>> steve: attention, all cars. are you a woman or woman who plant add garden between 1981 and 2000? did you dream of asking for a loan to grow your garden but you didn't get a loan to grow a garden? if so, you could be a victim of discrimination and entitled to $50,000. that sounds crazy, right? it's not. people will actually wind up with money. here to explain is radio talk show host and fox news contributor rick sanchez. good morning to you, rick. >> good morning to you. >> steve: so it looks as if the federal government is going to award $1.3 billion to women and hispanics because somehow, they were discriminated against when it came to farming back in 1981 to 2000. what? >> yeah. turns out that most of the people who got those loans, which essentially are subsidy, which is the government's way of sticking its hand in your pocket or my pocket and giving it to somebody else so that they can have an unfair advantage in
4:49 am
their business practices. that's essentially what subsidies are. apparently most of the people who received those subsidies during those years you described happened to be white males. to even the playing field, now they'll be able to give these same subsidies to people who say hey, i want to farm, too. so they raise their hands and if they happen to be hispanics or women, then they will receive $50,000 in subsidies, which let me say once again, is the government's way of sticking its money in steve's pocket and giving it to somebody else so they can have an advantage. it's the government picking who wins and who loses. thereby znmbifying all of us. >> steve: rick, so the deadline is coming up. that's why this is a big story. why are they doing it? i just don't quite get it. >> well, i'll tell what you it does, and i think that may even be more important. you know, this is real important to me as a latino, as an immigrant, somebody who came to
4:50 am
this country from someplace else. as an hispanic and you could say what you want about us as a group of people or as a subset of people who happen to live in the united states, just like you could say anything about anybody, but the fact of the matter is, hispanics in general can be said, since they've been coming to this country, worked really hard to establish themselves and the key there is work really hard to take care of their families. they tend to try and kind of do things for themselves. this is part of the government's plan to try and make them dependent on a nanny state. something that's happened already to too many citizens of this great country. and it's bad. it's bad for the country. it's bad for this particular group of people who basically wants to stand on their own two feet and say, look. just leave me alone. i don't need this. if i have to work three jobs, i'll work three jobs. >> steve: we've got a quotation from the ag secretary, tom vilsack, he says, quote, hispanic and women farmers who believe they have faced
4:51 am
discriminatory practices in the past from the u.s. department of agriculture file a claim in order to have a chance to receive a cash payment or loan forgiveness. one of the things you got to worry about is there is a possibility that people who think, okay. i see a paycheck there, they might go ahead because the documentation needed to get the money is so lax, there could be some fraud involved and people say yeah, i thought about becoming a farmer. so i need to get paid. >> it's already happening! you're right on. it's already happening. they've actually had lawyers already looking at this and saying, wait a minute. you don't really have to prove that you've ever even farmed. after all, what's wrong with -- then you would be discriminating against people who may have thought about farming but didn't, but they didn't because they didn't know that the money was available. so they're actually stretching it this far. look, the fact is, it's not based on the government to decide who gets money so that they can run their business. it should be up to the market to
4:52 am
determine who wins and who loses. it doesn't matter if you're a transvestite from honduras or whether you're a white guy from iowa. the fact of the matter is, it's not the government's place to be giving my money, which they took out of my pocket, to somebody else, whether it's an oil driller or a farmer in topeka or a hispanic or a woman. that's the message that i think people should take out of this story because once you decide, steve -- today it's women and hispanics. tomorrow it's going to be asians and then it's going to be this and then it's going to be that and pretty soon, look, we don't have enough money as there is. that's the problem. that's the overriding message that we're talking about. >> steve: rick sanchez joining us from miami. he was wick pedia page. where is my check? >> i hope i didn't lose any of your peeps. oh, my goodness. >> steve: thank you very much. good to have you here on the fox family. >> all right.
4:53 am
it's a pleasure. >> steve: all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us. coming up, a look at what's opening this weekend at the box office. kevin mccarthy here to tell us the movies worth seeing. on this day in 1976, "december, 1963", oh, what a night, by the four seasons. everybody sing. in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. (announcer) make mornings special, mornings are delicious protein rich entrees with gden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings. the best ingredient is love. dad: you excited for day? ♪
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>> anna: get up, get going. 54 minutes after the hour now. >> brian: what if people just wanted to relax? you're telling them forget about kicking back is this. >> anna: forget about it. it's friday. >> brian: get your to do list going. >> steve: dollar lot of people who want to watch movies this weekend. kevin mccarthy joins us. first up "the crudes." >> great to be here. this is the movie that's about
4:57 am
the world's first family in prehistoric times. their cave is destroyed. they have o basically go out and live in the world and deal with evolution. it's a fun movie. 3 d is worth seeing. amazing, amazing 3d. fun for the whole family. very funny, very witty. i really enjoyed it. i gave it a 4 1/2 out of five. my favorite of the week. one of my favorite actors of all time is nicholas cage. this is pretty funny. check this out. >> i've been collecting movie ticket stubs since i was eight. >> how cool is that? >> the rock in con air ruined my collection. >> that is awesome. >> do you want to keep one? >> no, no, i want to you have them. they're important that you have them. that is the golden age of my career right there. >> steve: you're a pack rat. >> brian: is he as laid back in real life as he is on camera? >> he's awesome. we were dominican republicking out about faceoff. it was so fun. >> steve: tell us about "olympus
4:58 am
has fallen" now. it's very realistic looking. >> it's very intense. it deals with a terrorist attack on washington, d.c the president and the vice president are taken hostage and gerard butler has to save their lives t. starts off as a horrifyingly realistic intent movie. it feels so real, especially if you live in d.c then it becomes a fun action movie. i was doing back flips and cart wheels in my seat. i was cheering at the end. i had nerve tears. it was a fun action movie. if you're a big fan of action, that is right up your alley. gerard butler's best movie. i gave it a four out of five. this is rated r. this is not for kids. it's one of the most violent movie i've seen in a long time. check it out. >> brian: your prediction on the number one movie after the weekend is done would be? >> it will be "the crude." it's going towards 40 million. it will be huge as the 3d ticket
4:59 am
price. >> steve: kevin, by the way, out in l.a thank you. >> anna: happy birthday! >> thank you so much! thank you so much! >> steve: all right. coming up, they're giving gitmo a face lift to make it more comfortable for the people down there. details coming up.ea >> brian: great of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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5:03 am
>> steve: yes, sir. >> brian: we're running out of funny music. let me continue to read. can your two-year-old do this? >> what does george washington say? >> i cannot tell a lie. >> what does abraham lincoln say? >> four score and seven years ago. >> what does nixon say? >> i'm not a crook. >> what does truman say? >> the buck stops here. >> what does ronald reagan say? >> brian: question cut him -- we cut him off before van buren. he's taking the internet by storm and hopefully your dinner table tonight. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: i wonder what goes on around their kitchen table that
5:04 am
the kid picks that up at age two. >> brian: he's got an aptitude for social security. i heard math. but that's incredible. you know what parents are thinking, what's wrong with my kid? instead of enjoying that, they're saying why can't my kid do that. >> steve: coming up, not only will you hear his sound bite in its entirety, you will be amazed that he is able to effectively quote bill clinton. >> anna: that's exactly what i was about to say. you can imagine exactly what he said. little jake, they have over 225,000 hits, i believe, on youtube. we begin with a fox news alert for your headlines. this morning, brand-new details revealed about the deadly shooting at quantico. police just wrapped up a press conference there. a u.s. marine accused of killing two other marines. a male and a female. the shooter then turned the gun on himself. they were all officers in the training school. the base was put on lockdown. but it was returned to active duty. officials say the gunman did not barricade himself in a barracks
5:05 am
and there was no stand-off despite previous reports. no word yet on a motive. investigators from colorado are rushing to texas this morning. the reason? to figure out if this man who was critically wounded by texas police after a harrowing 100 miles an hour car chase, is linked to the murder of colorado's prison chief, 28-year-old evan spencer was driving a cadillac that matched the description of the car seen leaving the neighborhood where tom clements was murdered in cold blood on his own doorstep. he's not expected to survive. he's hooked up to life support so his organs can be harvested. the f.b.i. investigating how a man was able to pose as a pilot and gain access to the cockpit of a u.s. airways flight in philadelphia. police say the man from france had on an air france uniform and i.d the ended up in the jump seat behind the captain. but he failed to produce real cree consciences, then was questioned further. and that's when he got could you tell. >> it's concerning because we don't know what his designs
5:06 am
were. he could be anything from just wanting to take a look at the cockpit, to some other criminal designs. >> anna: the airline says no passengers were ever in danger. those are your friday morning headlines. >> steve: they got to tighten that up. meanwhile, you're looking at live pictures from that little town of bethlehem. there it is right there. president obama arrived there moments ago as part of his trip to the middle east. >> brian: leeland vittert is live as the president gets set to jet over to jordan. right? >> exactly, brian. the charm owe financessive continues. you might say jordan part of this has the most immediate results that might be forth coming, meeting with king abdullah is key. the jordanian contingency is cooperating for what to do with syria. you can bet a lot of the topic will be about security, defense, what to do about syria and their chemical weapons there with the king. that's going to happen in a couple hours. meanwhile, here in israel, everyone is digesting these two
5:07 am
days of charm offensive by president obama and by all accounts, it's worked pretty well. these are the major daily newspapers here from israel. you can see the president here. that's gone over very well. the president again in his speech here and saying that president obama said demand peace from your leaders and this speech by president obama was an attempt to take his message directly to the israeli people and bypass netanyahu here. of course, for a long time, president obama's likeability here in israel hasn't been that high. only 10% in a recent poll. this speech was designed to really change that and at least according to local press and analysts here, he has certainly done a lot to soften his image. it's not so much what he said, it's how he said it. he said the same things about iran and the need for a palestinian state, but did so within the narrative of israel and the need for empathy here to the israeli people. now he is over in the palestinian territories, in bethlehem and there he will tour the church of the nativity with president abbas, the palestinian
5:08 am
authority. his meeting yesterday with president abbas didn't go so well. you could see that in the body language of the two men afterwards whether or not today's meeting is going to go any better or this will just be a quick tour and photo op is yet to be seen. after that he heads to jordan and will meet to king abdullah and fly to petra and visit that site where he filmed the indiana jones movie and then flies back to the united states, landing on saturday. not many people here, at least in israel, think this trip is going to have a lot of deliverables in terms of some major diplomatic breakthrough between the israelis and palestinians. this was more about rebuilding image. this was more about the pomp and circumstance. and then see if we can't build on that going into president obama's second term. back to you. >> steve: all right. leend la vittert, thank you very much. >> brian: let's bring in geraldo rivera now. i met him in person. what is he like on satellite? the same charming man we remember. hey, welcome back.
5:09 am
>> thanks. i had a tomato patch in the '80s. where do i sign up for that hispanic subsidy? >> steve: usda has money waiting for geraldo rivera. >> i'm there. >> steve: we know that you once upon a time knew yasser arafat. he is regarded as the father of modern terrorism and don't you think it was a gigantic error on the part of the white house advance team, there is yasser arafat right there. yesterday when the president of the united states was there with president abbas, for him, the president of our united states, to be underneath the giant picture of arafat? >> you know, steve, i don't necessarily agree that assessment. i did know arafat from 1982 until 2002. i interviewed him many times over that long stretch. he's a very complex man, yes. i think it is fair to say he's the father of modern terrorism. but i hasten to note that begin, one of the founding ministers, also had the same label back in
5:10 am
1946 when he blew up the king david -- >> steve: didn't put his picture up over the president. >> let me get to arafat. arafat is generally regarded as the george washington of the palestinian -- >> brian: did george washington steal from the american colonies? this guy stole billions of dollars from his own people and then died! >> i haven't heard anyone mention this morning that arafat did in 1993, win the nobel peace prize. i mean, we forget how close they came with those oslo peace accords. he is a man who is a mixed legacy, clearly. some consider him, as you point out, a crook. others consider him a murderer of innocents. but there are many, many people, the vast majority of the palestinians and you remember, you were in palestinian territory there, who consider him their founding father. without him, there wouldn't be even that palestinian identity. >> brian: but that's true, but the question is, the president of the united states can pick who stands underneath and this guy did kill people and did steal from people and there is
5:11 am
no doubt about it that nobel peace prize should never to himn said the biggest mistake of his presidency was banking on him to bring peace 'cause he was never sincere. >> well, you know, that may all be true. but you have to take it -- these are palestinians and palestinian territory, that is their hero and i think that for you to try to make him, you know, something that -- from a point of view of an american president or the american people is unfair. this is their turf. the president went there. the message that he delivered was a bitter pill to the palestinians. >> steve: if the president of the united states, by your logic, goes to afghanistan where bin laden was a hero and is a hero, should they have -- >> bin laden is not part of the afghanistan government. you know that. >> steve: he's a hero to them. >> karzai's brother is a better example. he was a dope dealer and there were plenty of pictures and he was held in high regard by the
5:12 am
afghan people. you know, we can't impose -- i just think that -- i want to stress that to just emphasize the one aspect of the man is one of the reasons we haven't been a i believe to make peace. you make peace with your enemies. >> brian: he had no interest in peace. you know that. >> i spoke to him at great length in 2002. he told me the biggest mistake of his life was not taking bill clinton's 2000 peace plan. he told me that out of his own mouth. i think that he was a mixed bag. history will come to regard him as such. but remember the palestinian people and that's who we're talking about here, do regard him as a hero. >> anna: you did know him and the culture is very different. but being responsible for hundreds of bombings, hijackings and assassinations makes a lot of people raise their eyebrows. >> there is a lot of bloodshed on both sides. look what happened in gaza. many more palestinians died, far more than israelis. i'm just saying, the president of the united states tried very hard yesterday to get past all of this fog, speak directly to
5:13 am
israeli young people, and if you heard those people responding to president obama last night, you would be very hopeful. every time he said, we need peace. we need to move with two states. we need two independent sovereign nations living side by side in peace, they were roaring with their applause. i think that really is the headline. not the silly staging of this press conference. >> steve: on that count, on the arafat thing, we clearly disagree. all right. let's talk about -- >> i still love you. >> anna: the department of defense is going to be handing out pink slips, but at the same time, gitmo could be getting another overhaul because of growing prisoner unrest. this doesn't really make any sense, does it, when per prisoner, we're spending a million dollars? >> well, i am confident that steve and brian and anna will come to my point of view at guantanamo bay is a shyster's hustle. it shouldn't exist. we are spending more than $1 million per year, per
5:14 am
prisoner there in gitmo. you mentioned the unrest. 25 of them are on hunger strikes. seven of them are in serious condition. why do we have that place? now they want to refurbish it. not only the 177 million we pay annually to keep the place open, and the 900 military personnel we use as guards, but now they want to spend 150 million to renovate the place to make it even fancier so it's more, you know, conducive -- >> steve: friendlier. >> brian: i think one by one, they were supposed to be on trial. now that we have these new rules and -- >> i think we have plenty of prisons in the united states to put them on trial in federal court. just like this knuckle head on trial right now in federal court. convict them, send them six stories underground in a colorado super max prison. close guantanamo bay, save the 177 million and stop the hunger strikes and all the rest. >> steve: you could be the attorney general of the united
5:15 am
states with that line of presentation. >> is that another insult? >> steve: no, no, no. >> anna: i wish we could hug you through the screen. >> thank you. >> steve: have a great weekend and thank you very much for joining us from dc. >> brian: we'll watch you over the weekend. >> steve: we will. we love you. coming up, can your eight-year-old do this? >> what does nixon say? >> i'm not a crook. >> what does george h. bush say? >> read my lips! no new taxes! >> anna: that's a very small eight-year-old. >> steve: it is. he's an 82-year-old, according to the teleprompter. he's a two-year-old and he's a pint sized presidential impersonator. >> anna: it is a federal program that was supposed to be a last resort. but now more people than ever are relying on government food stamps. what's going on in one of the most entitled states? we'll talk about it when we come
5:16 am
back look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. with three of your daily vegetable servings some people will do anything to help eliminatlitter box odor. ♪ discover tidy cats pure nature. clping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn.
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advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep. >> brian: another step towards becoming a food stamp nation, rhode island is the home to the national highest unemployment rate with 17% of its citizens on food stamps. a rate that's more than doubled over the last six years. is this a small look at our country's future of dependency or an aberration? joining us right now, rhode island state representative. why is rhode island suffering so much? >> good morning. how are you? >> brian: good. >> i think rhode island is suffering so much because we don't have any jobs here because
5:20 am
there is no business friendly legislation that has been put in up competent state house. we have businesses that are moving in droves out of the state and we've lost several thousand residents last year. we also just lost 250 more jobs that are going to the carolinas thanks to the governor of carolina for inviting our businesses into his state. i owe him one for that. and right now the legislation just passed is making calamari the state of rhode island. >> brian: the food stamps, the number of people on them continue to go up. do people recognize this is a problem or are you the lone ranger in this? >> no. i don't think people up at the state house this is an issue. they just want to keep giving out and giving out and giving out. brian, i brought numbers with me. they're really puzzling. six years ago, we had about -- we were spending $73 million on
5:21 am
food stamps alone. today in the state of rhode island, over 180,000 residents are now on the system. we have a million people in our tiny little state. i was talking with the mayor last night. just in woonsocket, rhode island, a tiny area, there is a little less than 14,000 families on the state assistance, whether it be food stamps, medicaid. we just can't afford it anymore. i see nothing coming down the pike that is going to help these people. >> brian: if you're trying to help these people, do you feel as though these people are trying to help themselves? >> that's a good question. i think part of the problem is it's a generational effect, where generations of dependency and this is what the families are. this is what the families only know. i've helped many families. i've actually found a few constituents. i found them work. there are people that need the system, brian, that need the help. there are some that are just
5:22 am
abusing it. we just had a major, major report that the governor's office released last week. unfortunately, he didn't give us exact numbers. just in the prison system right now in the state of rhode island, there is 60 minute mates that are receiving food stamps. there is dead people that are receiving benefits. the system is flawed. we have to fix it. millions of dollars of that is in waste and fraud. there is a lot of work to be done. >> brian: let's stay on top of it and crack down on your governor. that's his job. state representative, thanks so much. >> thank you so much. >> brian: straight ahead, it was the trial that rocked hollywood. music icon phil specter convicted of killing a model. everyone thinks he's guilty except his wife. what does rachel specter know that america does not? that story is next. then, get a checkup or you'll have to pay up at work? can companies like cvs force you to go to the doctor? tell us what you think.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>> anna: time to get ready for the weekend. i'm anna kooiman. new york state under fire for quietly opening an illegal gun hot line. it pays people 500 bucks to report illegal weapons. the news comes as new york gets one of the nation's most stringent gun control measures in the country. pack lightly if you want to get on your next flight early. american airlines is testing out a new policy that let's passengers with small carry-on on bags board first. the airline hopes it limits plane congestion and speeds up the boarding process. steve?
5:27 am
>> steve: thanks. a new hbo film takes viewers inside the murder trial of music legend phil specter. >> i act the same with everyone. >> nobody does. you didn't act the same around your band or around the beatles like did you with an autograph seeker. you can control your behavior. why is this important? 'cause if you tonight, you're going to jail for the rest of your life. >> steve: and he is in jail right now. and the movie is creating a whole lot of controversy. joining us now is phil specter's wife, rachel. she joins us from los angeles. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: i understand, hbo wanted to meet with phil in prison and you never heard back from them and initially, you were outraged at what hbo was doing with the story, right? >> absolutely. i had the original script and had a second rewrite of it and i mean, it was just completely different reading it on paper than actually seeing it on the big screen, which i did have an opportunity to do so last
5:28 am
thursday. i went to a screening here in los angeles and what the movie did get right and focused more so on was the forensic scientific evidence that surrounded the case that really, you know, the court system didn't focus on and the fact that la in, a clarkson was load on vicodin and tequila, was in a depressed mental state and died by her own hand and not my husband's. and they even backed that up with forensic scientific demonstrations on what somebody would have looked like if they were in arm's length of an intraoral gunshot wound. not to mention my husband was wearing white that evening as well. >> steve: you now support the hbo movie because it presents your husband as being innocent and she took her own life? >> that is correct. yes. it's 5,000 pounds per square inch of pressure with an
5:29 am
intraoral gunshot wound, that's the equivalent of running a semi truck into your mouth. so you would be covered in blood and tissue and spatter and particles. i mean, it would be all over you and my husband had none on him whatsoever. >> steve: so you completely believe your husband had nothins found guilty. he's sitting in jail right now, 19 years to life for shooting her. >> that is true. the jury did say they couldn't put the gun in his hand. i mean, one, the gun wasn't registered to my husband. they swabbed it in seven different places, bloodied and nonbloody. his dna was nowhere on the weapon. his fingerprints were not on the weapon. anybody that's familiar with firearms knows that when a gun is fired, there is a huge cloud of gunshot residue. he had none of that on him either. >> steve: right. but the jury heard that. they didn't believe that. they put your husband behind bars. what would you like to see happen coming up with phil?
5:30 am
>> well, right now we're in the federal level of appeal, which is called habeas corpus. and our main appealable issue is the fact that our own presiding judge became a witness for the prosecution and testified on behalf of major blood splatter evidence. and this is the first time in the whole jurisprudence of the justice system that a presiding judge has done this. this is huge because if the appeal is not overturned, this sets the precedent for every case moving forward across the nation. so any judge in any case would be able to do the same thing. >> steve: the movie comes out shortly and you would like to see your husband come out of prison shortly thereafter on appeal. we thank you very much for joining us live today from the city of april gels. >> thank you very much for having me. >> steve: 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, can your two-year-old do this? >> what does nixon say? >> i'm not a crook!
5:31 am
>> what does george h bush say? >> read my lips! no new taxes! >> steve: meet the pint sized presidential impersonator who is taking the internet by storm. and they're trained to sniff out drugs. so why are the dogs being trained to not look for pot? details straight ahead i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side.
5:32 am
an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a lile girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me.
5:33 am
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to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors.
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>> anna: 32 minutes after the hour. we begin with a fox news alert. brand-new details this morning just leased about the deadly shooting at quantico that left three marines dead. one of the marines accused of shooting the other two, then turning the gun on himself. >> brian: joining us live from quantico where police just held a press conference with the latest, elizabeth prann. any new news? >> yeah. details are still emerging. we know three active duty marines, permanent staff members here at the officer candidate school are dead and the shooter dying from an apparent self inflicted gun wound. the call coming in at 10:30 at taylor hall. an incident at that location. they went on immediate lockdown. police discovered one of the victims and pulled back to
5:36 am
assess before they found the two other bodies. all in all, two family, one female. they remained on lockdown. it was lifted at 2:30 this morning. nobody else was involved or injured. although they haven't released any details on a possible motive, they tell us that it wasn't random, that it was an isolated incident. we heard from colonel david maxwell. he's the base commander here. very emotional when he spoke with us this morning. >> during crises in situations like these, the safety of our marines, their families, civilian marines aboard quantico is always a priority and paramount in what we do. >> could be some time before we learn the identityies after 24 hours. the investigation is ongoing. they need to contact the next of kin before we learn more. keep in mind, this has been a devastating week for marines across the country. not only in nevada, but here at
5:37 am
quantico. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much live at quantico. more throughout the day. we got other friday morning headlines. senate majority leader harry reid conceding defeat on the democrats' effort to ban assault weapons. but he still is planning to push ahead with new gun control legislation. the latest bill includes mandatory background checks before purchasing firearms, and provisions about school safety and gun trafficking. many lawmakers and gun rights advocates plan to fight the regulations, claiming the provisions violate their constitutional right to bear arms. >> brian: he spent 23 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. now he's out. he walked out after a judge overturned his 1990 conviction for a botched robbery that claimed the life of a holocaust survivor and rabbi. turns out there was no physical evidence against him. just flawed witness testimony and now he's been in prison for
5:38 am
no reason. >> i said from the beginning i had nothing to do with this case. if he's interested, there will be as much paperwork as you like to read on this case and make your own decisions. >> brian: wow. both his parents are now dead. he was able to go to one of their funerals in chains. prosecutors say justice may never be served. the only other suspect in the case is dead. >> anna: here is one that will have you scratching your head. drug sniffing dogs not allowed to sniff out weed. states like colorado which has legal marijuana use will no longer be trained to sniff for marijuana. the reason? police say dogs can't be taught to differentiate between recreational criminal and medicinal use. this will make it harder to get search warrants because dogs were often relied on to find hidden drugs. >> steve: are you smarter than a two-year-old? this video showing a toddler named jasc reciting famous presidential quotes gone viral.
5:39 am
>> what does george washington say? >> i cannot tell a lie. >> what does abraham lincoln stay? >> four score and seven years ago. >> what does nixon say? >> i am not a crook! >> what does truman say? >> the buck stops here. >> what does ronald reagan say? >> mr. gorbachev, tear down the wall. >> steve: he can even repeat bill clinton's line about monica lewinsky, we doubt he understands what it means, we hope. the video was first posted in 2009 on youtube, but has become an internet sensation in the last couple of days. >> brian: he's a sensation. >> steve: now three years old. >> brian: can he do james kpolk? no. the answer is no. >> steve: what is polk famous
5:40 am
for saying? >> brian: i don't have time. the drama has set in. ivy league school harvard evidently is tough to get into, with the upset of the day. they knocked off the number three team in the nation, in the bracket, new mexico. for their first ncaa tournament win ever. this just in, maria's bracket is ruined because of this, more on that later. syracuse against montana. 81-34. wow. some games to look forward to, north carolina, villanova, notre dame. minnesota. great matchups. the early games are often the best. for more on maria's mess of a bracket, let's go out to maria's correspondent for maria, maria. >> hey, brian. new mexico and my final four. so that's over with now. indiana, louisville and kansas are my other three choices. we'll see on that. the weather. it is a cold day out here across new york city. you're still looking at temperatures that are below average. as far as as warm as it's going to get today in new york city,
5:41 am
only 43 degrees. 30s in cleveland, chicago and minneapolis. 80s across parts of san antonio. so southern texas looking a lot warmer than us. 80 degrees for your high temperature in the city of el paso. climate prediction center issued a three-month outlook for april, may and june, predicting above average temperatures for many of you so that is good news. you will be looking at a shift in the weather pattern. otherwise very quickly, lingering lake effect snow off lake erie. two to four inches forecast. otherwise a mess across parts of the plains and mid south. heavy rain coming down now across the state of mississippi. we do have new winter weather watches that have been issued across the plains. now back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. your bracket may be busted. i didn't fill one out this time. i'm going to say kansas is going to win. >> brian: as you do every year. could you settle a debate for us? the body on your hair is really outstanding today more than usual. i believe it's because of conditioner. anna believes it's the excessive
5:42 am
teasing -- not excessive. teasing -- >> let's go with the conditioner. i have to say, i did try something new. thanks for noticing. >> steve: very nicely done. >> lena did not do it. it was carol. >> steve: way to go, carol. >> brian: everybody is winner. >> steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. ahmadinejab was nearly shot dead by the united states government. wait 'til you hear about an accident that almost happened. >> anna: and then five cities in five states in search of honesty in america this morning. we have a winner for the huge cash prize of 5 grand. the big reveal is next. >> steve: hey, clay. >> good morning. you guys going to wake up on the weekend and watch our show? >> steve: of course. >> we start at 6 a.m starting with this, the government has chopped scholarships for kids of our fallen soldiers. but the folds of honor foundation, big friends of the show, they are not going to leave a family on the
5:43 am
battlefield. their mission to do what the government cannot. they will be here to tell us about that. then some former disney stars steaming up the screen in a racy new movie called "spring breakers." should this girls gone wild type film be marketed towards teen-agers? we'll hear from a form model who wants to put a stop to it. she'll be here with us this weekend. plus, this expensive china bowl, this unassuming bowl bought for a couple of bucks fetches millions at auction. how do you know if you're sitting on a hidden treasure in your house? we're going to tell you how you can separate the junk from the gems. that and much more this weekend starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time right here on "fox & friends." i think we're going to go through brian's attic [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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[ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. quick headlines now. stunning revelation by the u.s. government. secret service agent nearly killed iranian president
5:47 am
ahmadinejab back in 2006. it happened during the u.n. general assembly. the agent says he fired a shot accidentally. he almost hit him. and cvs pharmacy taking heat from employees. is it fair? we debated it earlier. >> smoking, according to one decision i was involved in, cost the employer about 2500 bucks for every nonsmoking employee, soy, employers are saying, personal responsible, you engage in an unhealthy lifestyle, you pay for it. >> it's an outrage, in my opinion. it may sound humanistic, they're trying to help people's health, but when you impose a penalties on people, that's when the law gets involved. >> brian: all right. a penalty is $600. that's significant. steve? >> steve: thank you, brian. yes, indeed. anna kooiman here has been searching for honesty all across america this week.
5:48 am
>> brian: dropping her stuff off and dropping it on the ground to see if anyone would return them. >> anna: and return them, yes, for sure, by using these little bungee tags. we made it a little easier for folks to find me. it's had new device called the bungee tags that links your personal items to a special code so the good samaritan can find you. >> steve: take a look outside. that is publishers clearing did you say house. they've been watching anna all week and they're ready to give $5,000 to the most honest american anna found. >> anna: but before we announce the winner, here is a recap. yeeha, rangers! , giddy-up, cowboys. got the camera. the eagle has landed. hi, how are you? thank you for doing the right thing. how long did it take for to you see the decal on the camera? >> as soon as i got back in my apartment.
5:49 am
>> anna: even this couple did the right thing, making them late for their concert. >> we found it there, we ted it and posted on facebook. when i called them, i said i need one of these cards. >> anna: the bungee team has landed in the lovely charleston, south carolina. saw you texting. how come you didn't text that? >> i was waiting for someone to meet me here and i was preoccupied. >> anna: picks up the wallet and starts walking at a pretty quick pace. it appears he's a thiefment but he just bungeed us and told us he was trying to make it to the bank before it closed. when you saw the wallet, what's going through your mind? >> the poor guy, probably on vacation and lost his wallet. >> anna: this family is at first perplexed. but they do quick homework and make the text. you find my camera? >> anna: bungee "fox & friends" team landed in washington, d.c first up, i lose an ipod next
5:50 am
to the reflection pool at constitution garden. what went through your mind when you see an ipod? >> i know how upset i would be if i lost one. >> anna: they seem to tao busy to care that i lost it. seeing it, but going on their way. these folks find it, bring it to a police officer. he tells them to put it back where they found it! our next pick up, it appears this guy is a runner. but once again, the bungee comes through. you appeared to be in a hurry, but you stopped. >> yeah. it's what we do, right? >> anna: very cool. i always wanted to do that. we're joined by danielle with the publisher's clearinghouse prize patrol with the lucky family to announce the winner. can we get a drum roll, please. sorry, boys. >> we are so excited to announce that the kennel family has won $5,000 from publishers clearing did you say house for being the most honest people in america! >> steve: what we're going to do
5:51 am
now, let's dial them up on the phone. you have a phone there, steve? >> steve: we do. >> anna: are you there? >> brian: i think she picked up already. >> yes. >> anna: you think you're on the phone with all of the finalists. but the real true winner is actually you. so a big congratulations. >> oh, thank you! this is so exciting. >> anna: we met you in charleston, south carolina. you were with your husband and your two kids. and just doing a little bit of touring, i remember, and also look at your family history. this is definitely going to be something you're going to be telling your grandkids one day, huh? >> definitely. we will include this in our story, yes. it's so exciting. >> steve: it pays to be honest, doesn't it? >> yes! it does. yes. we weren't looking for that. we were just doing the right thing. >> brian: now you're getting $5,000 for doing the right thing. we just got to find an envelope big enough and steve has to
5:52 am
agree to lick it. >> anna: then it will be in the mail for you to do whatever you wish. >> brian: thanks publishers clearinghouse. >> and congratulations to the kennel family. $5,000, not too bad. >> steve: thank you very much and great job this week. >> thank you, "fox & friends." >> and the flowers. >> steve: ladies, thank you very much. in a couple of hours, he will be performing for some of the country's bravest. the medal of honor recipients. first he sings for us, steve aimerson joins us live. >> brian: now a guy with a great singing voice. bill hemmer. >> have you heard me do happy birthday? >> steve: sadly, yeah. >> it is a stunning, tune. good morning all of you guys. >> brian: back to you. >> right on. breaking news on these three dead marines shot and killed in a major marine base. we'll talk to those on base now. obamacare turns three. how does that law look now? the white house closed to the public. but guess who is welcome to tour? new information on the allegations of chemical weapons in syria.
5:53 am
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>> steve: he is known as america's tenor and tonight he is sharing his talent with the medal of honor recipients. here is steve aimerson. ♪ he can walk into the valley with a storm clutched in his hand ♪ ♪ he was only a boy but he knew someone must take a stand ♪ ♪ there will always be a battle ♪ ♪ always mountains one must
5:57 am
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