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tv   America Live  FOX News  March 22, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> all right. check it out. because punxsutawney phil is a wanted animal. an ohio prosecutor is not happy with the famed groundhog's prediction of an early spring. like much of the northwest and mideast it's frigid in the buckeye state and the prosecutor says he wants the ultimate, the death penalty. >> it's definitely not spring, it's a snowstorm and temperatures in the teens and when i came to work in the wind and the cold, i said to myself something's wrong with phil, you know? punxsutawney has some answers he has to give. i'm going to indict phil and
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taking the death penalty because let's face it phil is already behind bars with a life sentence. what else is left? >> before you write to complain, the prosecutor admits he has fun and the story has legs. here is a copy of the official indictment. >> poor punxsutawney, can't get a break. >> and the powerball jackpot 320 million. >> i've got my ticket. >> "america live" starts right now. >> have a good day. >> this is a fox news alert, breaking news out of amman, jordan where president obama arrived just a short time ago re with the waiting a news president and jordan's king abdullah that is scheduled to start any second now. of course, we'll bring that to you as soon as we get it. i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. and the president leaving israel after a three-day visit and here is the king welcoming him to ahman. the king's government is on shaky ground as jordan tries
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an arab spring style revolution. and refugees flooded into the country as syria's war steps out of control. when the president steps up to the podium, we'll take you there live for the breaking coverage. we are also tracking breaking news from texas and colorado where we could get new details about that hunt for the gunman who killed the head of colorado's prison system. police say 58-year-old tom clements was fatally shot while answering the door at his home on tuesday night. now, investigators are looking into whether evan spencer eibell is linked to this murder, a parolo from the colorado prison system. he was shot by police last night after a high speed chase north of dal.las. let's listen into the press conference. >> to give you an idea what we're going to discuss briefly here today in advance of what
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we've done the last 24 hours, if you would hold all of your questions until we're through and i'll answer the questions that we possibly can and defer some to the other guys with me. the most important, ask paul cunningham, the sheriff cunningham to come up and give an update on the deputy injured in the shooting yesterday. thank you, sheriff walker. and like the sheriff said my name is paul cunningham, i am the sheriff in montague county. our officer injured yesterday in the traffic stop is doing great. i talked to his mom and dad this morning, he was sitting up in bed and talking, so that's a great thing. >> i know most of the media outlets have shown a picture of the suspect from yesterday
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and from our standpoint here we will release his name and say that evan spencer ebel, e-b-e-l, i believe most of you have that is our confirmed suspect and there was talk yesterday he was on life support, he's been pronounced deceased and that is our suspect. we will release through email shortly a photo if you don't have that, you can request it from our office, i believe most of you probably already have that. within the last 24 hours after identifying the-- identifying the suspect positively was the county medical examiner's office and did that through fingerprint investigation, with the rangers, fbi and others. we had the el paso county sheriff's office in colorado make official notification to the family and at the present time the colorado authorities,
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along with the sheriff's office investigators are at the county medical examiner's office. we do not have results from the autopsy, probably for several days. that's an update on the suspect. as the investigation continues we want to make very clear that everyone realizes that this is an ongoing investigation. there will be a lot of information that we gather that we at the present time do not want to release from texas, nor colorado, but we will release some information and we'll release more as the case continues. texas department of public safety crime team out of garland, texas is here working with the texas rangers and working with our crime scene investigator corey harris and others, processing the vehicle, the suspect vehicle and i will also reiterate yesterday we mentioned the black cadillac that is the
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black-- is a black cadillac with colorado plates. and that is at the present time, that's our only connection to colorado. we did make calls yesterday to the colorado authorities, obviously, and they came down to, for an inquiry to see what we had in our texas. right now we will continue with the-- >> all right, we've been listening to the press conference from texas and we want to bring in alicia acuna and she's in denver and sound like they've got a positive i.d. on this guy? >> yes, and the denver police department actually has given us new information because we have new information that's coming to them from some forensic testing they've been doing and those results are in and they are saying the denver police department is saying that those results have left them confident that they now have a connection between colorado and texas. you heard the authorities there say that they don't have a direct link yet, however,
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denver p.d. has actually been looking for a suspect in a separate shooting that happened here in colorado on sunday. nathan leon, this is a pizza delivery guy shot here in sunday, called to make a delivery in the denver area and when he got there, he was shot multiple times. denver police are now saying that the results of the forensic testing that was done by them, they're not saying exactly what that evidence was, now leads them to believe that the suspect in the shooting of the pizza deliveryman, nathan leon is the same man who just died in texas, evan ebel. so they're saying there's no connection to tom clements the director who was shot at his home and denver police are saying -- you have multiple agencies involved and right now we have that connection and we're awaiting word from the el paso county sheriff's
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department where clements live and they said they'll step to the microphones for a news conference as soon as they're trying to put the pieces together. >> that's good information. when they clarify and say they got a positive i.d. from a fingerprint, authorities are not saying that fingerprint was from the crime scene of tom clements murder? >> right, they're not specific in the evidence. all denver p.d. says they're using the results of forensic testing and they will not go any further into what evidence that they're talking about, but they say that they're confident that the suspect, that they were looking for nathan leon murder is the same man who now is in texas, who is deceased in texas and who got into the shootout according to authorities yesterday. and has now died as a result of that shootout. >> do we know any more about a possible motive for the colorado prison chief's murder? >> i talked to the el paso
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county sheriff's department about that today and they said that because they can't say with any sort of definity there's a connection between what's happened in texas and what happened here, they don't know of a motive at this time. all they know is that authorities right now from colorado have traveled to texas to see if they can connect the dots between what happened here in colorado with regard to tom clement, the director of the department of corrections when he opened his door on tuesday evening and then was shot to death and what happened tuesday with the car chase, the gun fight and ultimately the death of evan e ebel. >> got it. it sounds like they're trying to connect the dots. thank you for the update. >> reporter: sure. >> here is more of the press conference there that's still going on in texas and we're monitoring to see if we can find out anything more
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definitive particularly about the murder of the colorado state prison chief. we will bring you that as soon as we get it. while the president's health care overhaul is facing a significant new challenge months before it's supposed to be implemented. as the senate strips out a critical part of funding. a bipartisan group of senators voting to get rid of the medical device test. this is supposed to provide the cash for a huge part of obamacare. and chris stirewalt is the host of power play on live. hi, chris. >> hi, ali. >> this seemed to be a rare bipartisan agreement from lawmakers that they don't like for the most part, this medical device task. what don't they like? >> well, they don't like that it will, would, raise costs on medical devices, that includes things like pacemakers or braces children get on their
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dat or artificial lens, things like that. it's not necessarily a politically popular thing to tax those kinds of items and so there was broad bipartisan support. and 30 billion dollars worth of tax revenue for funding the president's new health insurance entitlement for lower middle class households. >> right, so then now, if that goes away, if the device tax goes away, what happens and where do we get that 30 billion dollars? >> well, you could get it from the bank of china or ben bernanke. you could get it from a new tax, and you could get it by cutting something else, but the message here is that three years, where tomorrow is the third birthday of the president's new health care entitlement, health insurance entitlement, and nobody is covered by it. and they're supposed to be starting to be covered by it next year, but as we get closer and closer to implementation, things start to look a little less certain and implementation looks like
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it's going to be delayed, and like it's not going to occur as expected, and as we get closer and closer you're going to see more democrats like the ones last night who voted against the key provision in the the president's law feeling politically anxious about it. >> you will remember the white house's rational for the medical device tax was it would help the companies because with obamacare, it would increase hospital demand for these devices, there by increasing these company's profits and this was a way for them to give back a little bit. is that argument no longer valid? >> well, it's certainly in doubt as the implementation of the law falls further into debt. that was the same argument that the president made when he did the deal. he cut a deal with health insurance providers that said, look, you're going to give something up front as your profits go down a bit, but we're going to force with the mandate, compel people by law to buy your product so you're going to make so much in the long run you shouldn't kick up too much fuss and got a deal with them. the problem with the medical
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device people, they're not nearly as big an industry as the health insurance industry. they can't necessarily afford to take the kind of hit. at 3, almost 4% tax, i think, on medical devices on a prosthetic limb or something like that, whether they make a profit or not. so it does not work for them in the same way it did for the president's partners in the insurance industry. >> very well. thanks, chris. >> you bet. >> as they debate the big gun bill in washington next week, we'll show you a new round of local lawsuits and trying to roll back some of the toughest restrictions and those recently passed in new york and colorado, that's next. and the muscle bound wrestler moved the earth to save his mom, she was taken hostage by a derained neighborhood. we'll show you the incredible feat of strength that seems straight out of superman comics, and the american legion calls on cbs to
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apologize for the episode of the amazing race. a highly decorated vietnam vet that spent years as prisoner of war joins us to weigh in on what's called quote, a slapping of the face of hundreds of thousands of vietnam veterans. >> the idea they would put something like that on and go to a memorial where the americans died. why didn't they stop in the hanoi hilton where americans why prisoners. someone owes the 800,000 american veterans an apology. [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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>> all right. fox news alert for you now, because you're looking live in amman, jordan. the president is about to hold a news conference with king abdullah ii and the minute that happens we'll bring you there live. well, there's controversy over a new york state tip line that allows people to report illegal gun owners to police in exchange for money $500. it's been in play for about a
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year, long before governor andrew cuomo signed a tough new gun control law. tips are supposed to be turned over to local law enforcement and we understand some have never gotten a tip and others say they didn't know the hot line existed. and the state plans to run public service announcements to get the word out. well, this comes as the state's new gun control law is getting growing pushback from second amendment supporters. the national rifle association brought a lawsuit brought by gun owners and rifle association and argue at that key provisions of the law, like a lower limit on magazine capacity actually put law abiding citizens to a grave disadvantage to criminals. supporters say the laws like communities safer. joining me now, hi, lars. >> hi, alisyn, how are you. >> alisyn: i'm well. this is obviously a very sticky, heated topic. so there's a lawsuit now against what andrew cuomo signed into law and the stat
10:20 am
states-- the country's most stringent gun control. new york was ranked as having already the most restrictive gun laws and it's going further. let's see if there's one place that both sides can agree on. background checks, should there be more rigid background checks between private sales? >> on private sales outside of a gun store? >> yes. >> i don't think it's necessary and i think it's an intrusion. if you wanted to sell a pistol you owned in new york state, if you lived in new york state, alisyn, to your brother, should you have to drag your brother to a gun store and go through a background check? u should hav to. if you were to pass on and leave the guns to the rest of your family, i don't think that's necessary. and think of this like medicine. if the doctor tells you to take a pill to cure the
10:21 am
disease and ask will the medicine cure the disease, and the doctor says no, but it will make the doctor feel better, that's the effect of these laws. background checks do not appear to be doing much good and keep the guns out of hands of criminals who try to buy them at gun shows, but the private sales have been the source of the guns used by criminals-- most of the guns used by criminals in the top headlines have been stolen by the criminals or purchased by somebody legally at the time able to purchase them. so having additional background checks isn't going to do any good. if you're talking about expanding the definition of mental health care where you see a counselor for domestic issues or something like that, and the counselor says, oh, i don't trust alisyn. so he calls the state and says, don't let alisyn buy a gun. how far are we going to broaden that, veterans with mild ptsd from iraq or
10:22 am
afghanistan? that's where it gets truly scary. i don't think the background checks are going to do much good to solve the problem. the problem is criminals. >> look, but i thought that-- the problem is also mentally unhinged people. i mean, look at what happened in newtown, he didn't have a criminal background, but the psychiatrists or mental health officials did know lanza before he went on the newtown shooting spree. so, what, lars, do you think is the answer to prevent the devastation like we saw in newtown. i think the answer is to effectively enforce the laws on the books right now. and alisyn, a great example. a decade ago rebecca schaeffer, an actress in hollywood was shot to death by a crazy fan. how did the crazy fan get a gun? he couldn't buy it on his own so he had his brother buy it for him. that's what's called a strawman purchase and thoroughly illegal under the law and what that the obama
10:23 am
administration bought the strawman and sent the guns into mexico. and the brother wasn't prosecuted even though he committed a straw man purchase, i believe it's a federal felony. and if they enforced the law, the existing laws, we'd have a lot more impact on criminal behavior. if you tell me that anybody who is seeing a psychiatrist now, anybody whose h's talking prozac or xanax should be banned from buying a gun, we're talking an awful lot of americans. >> alisyn: it's a tough one. we'll see how the senate handle it and individual states tackle this as well. thanks for your perspective. >> the good news, the senate dropped the so-called assault weapons ban. thanks, alisyn. >> alisyn: thank you. one classroom controversy in texas and a mother finds out her child is taught that the
10:24 am
u.s. may have itself to blame for being the target of repeated terrorist attacks. and that's only the first problem she found. a professional wrestler turns real life super hero as his mother was held hostage in her own home. how he literally moved the earth to make sure she got out alive.
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>> fox news alert now. because that news conference is just getting underway in amman, jordan, where president obama is going to answer questions along with the king. the king's government as we mentioned is on shaky ground as jordan tries to prevent an arab spring style revolution there and on top of that more than 4,000 syrian refugees have flooded into the country as syria's civil war spins out of control.
10:28 am
that's their top priority. let's listen. >> due to the influx and further strained the economy that is already under considerable external pressures with an unstable region, the ghoebl economy recovering. but having said that as i already alluded to, we are so grateful to the u.s. assistance in solving this enormous responsibility and together continue to appeal to international community for more help to face this calamity. i had the opportunity, obviously, to talk about the peace process and we're very delighted by the vision and depth of wisdom the president showed over the past several days with israelis and palestinians. and obviously reiterate jordan's commitment to the peace process and the crucial importance of the u.s. leadership in resuming the palestinian-israeli negotiations based on the two-state solution. there is simply no other
10:29 am
formula, no other -- two-state solution is the only way to go and if you compare that also with the radicalization of syria, together with the peace process, this is going to be a serious threat to an already volatile region. i believe there is a window of opportunity to make a serious push for resuming negotiations on the issues. but the window, i believe, is fast closing, primarily due to increasing settlement activities and so there is no time to waste. and lastly, i have the opportunity with the prime minister to share details with jordan's home grown model and supporting a road map. we believe that we have a model that has a clear end-goal, a government with milestones and requisites built on a strong democratic institutions that guarantees
10:30 am
checks and balances of proper democracy, and parliament and constitutional accord. and we also have a new independent elections commission and we are looking at jordan as a model that is evolutionary and essential and peaceful and ensures openness, tolerance, moderation and unity. and equally as important, the level playing field. this will ensure safeguards of civil liberties and political rights and obviously encourage political participation. today, we're looking forward to our prime minister form forming his government in the next couple of weeks, based on his consultations with parliament, which is an extension of the same consultation process that led to his designation and receiving the highest number of nominations. so i'm very proud of the progress so far. the hard work is definitely ahead of us and this is the
10:31 am
moment we're saying is the third way in the middle east. what we are saying that the arab spring is behind us and we're looking at the arab summer for us all which means we all have to roll up our sleeves, it's going to be a bumpy and difficult road, but i'm very encouraged by the process and very excited about the future. so again, mr. president, very welcome to jordan, i wish you all the success in what you've been able to achieve in the past several days and i hope the success will continue. >> thank you very much. well, it's a great pleasure to be back in juniordajordan. thank you for his kind words and thank you to the juniourdarn people and the hospitality i remember from my first visit as a senator. the thing i mainly remember when i came here was that his majesty was kind enough to
10:32 am
personally drive he me to the airport. i won't tell you how fast he was going, but the secret service couldn't keep up. nevertheless, we're very much appreciative for you welcoming me and my delegation. the reason i'm here is simple, jordan is an invaluable ally. it is a great friend. we've been working together since the early years of the kingdom under his majesty's great grandfather who gave his life in the development of peace. and department of education, health, science, technology improved the lives of our peoples, our close security cooperation helps keep your citizens and ours safe from terrorism. your military and police help train other security forces from the palestinian authority to yemen, and i'm especially grateful to his majesty who, like his father, memoriallized by the mosque i saw when i
10:33 am
arrived, is a force for peace, in word and in deed, invested deeply and personally in strengthening the ties between our countries and that's why you were the first arab leader i welcomed to the oval office when i first became president and the work that we've done on a broad range of challenges and i've come to jordan for strong foundation and deepen what is already strong cooperation. his majesty mentioned it's a chance for me to hear about necessary political reforms and i want to congratulate the people on a positive step toward a transparent, and inclusive political process. i appreciated hearing his majesty's plans for a parliamentary government that responds to the aspirations of the jordanian people and welcome his commitment to active citizenship where citizens play a larger role in the future this haof this regio
10:34 am
i think his majesty we crecognis the reform, stronger political parties and governance and transparency that makes government more effective and make sure that the people feel a connection to their government. your majesty, you've been a driving force for these he efforts and you can assure that the united states will continue to work with you and the prime minister as you build on the progress. we discussed the economic progress that has to come with political progress. the jordanian government is working hard to manage its current budget challenges. i think his majesty outlined the enormous pressures that jordan is experiencing often the not because of any factors internal, but because of a range of external factors as well. i recognize while the economic reforms are difficult, they
10:35 am
are essential over the long-term to creating the kind of growth and opportunity and dynamism in the economy that will help the jordanian people achieve their dreams. we want you to succeed so my administration is therefore working with congress to provide loan guarantees to jordan this year. together i believe we can help deliver the results that the jordanians deserve to see their schools better, their roads improved, health care, clean water all enhanced. the training that i know a lot of jordanians seek, particularly young people, to get a job or to turn entrepreneurial skills into a business that creates even more jobs. i was proud to welcome some young jordanians to the entrepreneurship and some that i hosted back in washington and we're going to continue to focus on creating economic-- the people here, the opportunities as people everywhere. we spent a good deal of time--
10:36 am
as i said in my speech yesterday, i believe there are steps that both sides can take to build confidence and trust and move a serious negotiation forward. and we're not there yet, but i'm confident that it can happen. in part because it must happen. it will be good for the israelis and it will be good for the palestinians. i'm very grateful for his majesty's efforts, as has been true in the past, his majesty and jordan will be critical to making progress towards a just and lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. and we spent a significant amount of time consulting on syria. i want to commend his majesty for his leadership and i want to commend the jordanian people for their compassion during this extraordinarily difficult time for their neighbors. his majesty was the first arab leader to call on assad to step down because of the horrific violence that was
10:37 am
being inflicted on the syrian people and jordan has played a leading role and trying to begin a political transition towards a new government and we're working to strength and credible syrian opposition. we share jordan's concerns about violence spilling across the border so i want to take this opportunity to make it clear the united states is committed to the security of jordan which is backed by our strong alliance. as has been mentioned during this crisis, the jordanian people have displayed extraordinary generosity, but the strains of so many refugees inevitably is showing. every day-- the neighbors far from home, this is a heavy burden, and the international community needs to step up to make sure that they're helping to shoulder this burden. the united states will certainly do our part. we are already the single--
10:38 am
>>. >> we've been listening to president obama with king abdullah and they've been talking about the allegiance to each other, or alliance i should say. and the syrian conflict and refugees pouring over the border. you can continue to like this, the remarks and question and answer session will follow all be streaming on fox news live and point out that the president traveled from israel to jordan and then home tomorrow, and we saw a column earlier today from a senior member of the american foreign policy council and he's suggesting that the u.s. is less popular in the middle east now than it was at the end of president george w. bush's administration. let's debate that, bring in alan colmes, the host of the alan colmes show and ben ferguson, the most of the ben ferguson show. >> hi. >> alisyn: alan, what do you think of that premise.
10:39 am
did candidate obama said he would help to elevate our status internationally after what he believed president bush had done and that our stature was no longer as high. do you think president obama has accomplished that? >> i do and i spent time looking at the polls and our standing worldwide and particularly in the muslim world is a little higher than at the end of the bush administration. one of the problems we have is the anti-islamic video that came out about a year ago and hurt us in pakistan and hurt us in many parts of the middle east and we also were hurt in pakistan by doing something which most of us applauded, going in and getting bin laden. so there are certain things that work it our advantage that in fact may have hurt us and certain things like the anti-islamic video which unfortunately should never have taken place. >> alisyn: okay. >> hurt our standing as well. >> alisyn: ben, do you think that our standing is hurt because, mainly because of the
10:40 am
anti-islam video? >> no, absolutely not. i think it's embarrassing to imply that. i think it boils down to actual foreign policy by this president. when he went over in '09 when he was elected and basically said to palestinians, i'm going to basically flex my muscle and show the israelis who's boss in the world and i'm not going to be friendly to them and not let them have their settlement the way they want it and i'm on your team and he picked sides and it didn't work very well. >> i didn't hear that. >> now he's done a 180 and back to the bush policy now and said to the israelis, you can do your things and we also saw yesterday, palestinians are not fans of barack obama now because anyone who greets or shakes hands with the leadership in israel is automatically an enemy of many of the palestinians and that's why they were shooting rockets yesterday, yet again showing that there is not a consensus on peace and i think barack obama learned the real middle east which is you can't just go over there and think that you can be kumbayah and people
10:41 am
are going to follow you and that's why it's been a total failure. >> i don't know what transcripts of president obama you've been listening to, he never said any of the things that you-- >> i didn't read them,4 when pr
10:42 am
alienated so many countries and supposed to be a coalition in iraq and i heard conservatives say we don't care what the rest of the world says, we're the united states and we don't care what they have to say. >> alan. >> now all of a sudden it's a big issue. >> alisyn: go ahead, ben. >> first of all, i didn't mention mubarak, you did. but i'll say that the foreign policy that the republicans are behind, conservatives are behind, the foreign policy where we have a strong standing with israel and we have a strong standing against terrorism, and if that means that people don't like us, we're okay with that. and we don't need to be loved, we want to be respected. and the problem was in 2009, and the reason why now you have this failure and a 180 by the president, he wanted to be loved by everyone and try to make everyone just, you know, do kind of what he wanted to do, which is also not realistic, so now you have a problem. >> all right, and complaining that we're the not liked enough in the world. >> alisyn: quickly, ben, quickly, tie it up. >> i let you finish. >> now you have a president
10:43 am
who is not respected and on top of that a bad foreign policy. >> not true, he was elected on that. >> alisyn: alan, the first word, ben the last, and ben ferguson, alan colmes, appreciate the debate. >> thanks for having us. >> alisyn: another military base with tragedy after a u.s. marines opens fire on two colleagues. what is is the possible motive. and growing outrage over cbs' decision to use a war-time memorial as a prop and what it shows. we'll ask what he thinks of the network decision coming up. >> i'm so outraged by this, cbs is idiotic and stupid. don't blame it on young produce her producers. it had to go through executives. to go to a memorial where americans have died you ought to get off the network and take that show and shove it. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers.
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>> somebody at cbs was old enough to have been around during the the vietnam war. the idea that they would put something like that on, and the go to a memorial where americans died. why didn't they stop at the hanoi hilton where they were put in prison. someone host 800,000 plus american veterans an apology and ought to get on the air and say it it in prime time and ought to apologize for it or they ought to get out of the business. >> alisyn: well, that was "the five"'s co-host bob beckel fired up over the cbs reality tv show called "the amazing race." we first told you about this yesterday. they not only learned a song, but went to the memorial for the next clue. that was the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down.
10:48 am
of the six crew members, four bailed out and were p.o.w.'s and the remaining were mia and assumed killed. and watch how it played out on the show. >> they must now make their way to the b-52 memorial site of the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down during the the vietnam war and where they'll find their next clue. >> here? wait, wait, wait. >> oh, there's the-- >> this is a double u-turn. >> alisyn: now the head of the american legion is demanding an apology from cbs writing to the cbs president, quote, as national commander of the 2.4 million american legion as a vietnam war veteran i would like to register my disappointment at the disgraceful slap in the face to american war heroes during your show the amazing race. another vietnam veteran joins us, he was shot down over
10:49 am
enemy territory and become a prisoner of war in vietnam and he is the author of "leading with honor." colonel, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you, alisyn, good to be with you and i have to say this is one time i have some feelings similar to bob. >> alisyn: and strange bed fellows. >> that's right. >> alisyn: but colonel, just to reiterate and know, you were shot down and held as prisoner of war, you received two silver stars, bronze star with valor, purple heart and p.o.w. medal for service in vietnam. what do you think-- and here are pictures of you during that time in vietnam. what do you think about this stunt that cbs staged? >> well, first of all, i think it shows a real lack of judgment and professionalism. it just-- it violates the normal thing
10:50 am
that we would think of to the professional would have for the data, sensitive to the families who lost loved ones in vietnam and people who served in vietnam and the propaganda promoting the communist party and they're the party of truth and love and bright way to the future and that sort of thing. that cbs would participate in that really concerns me, that they would have no screening of judgment, no more wisdom than to do that just really doesn't make sense. >> alisyn: what you're talking about in terms of the propaganda is this communist anthem that the contestants were taught to sing. let's listen to a little piece of that on the show. >> this roadblock requires each to listen to the patriotic vietnamese song. ♪
10:51 am
>> it's like one direction. >> alisyn: okay, so there they are singing and dancing to that communist anthem. you know, this is called a reality show, but as we know about these shows, they are well produced. they are edited. executives screen these things before they air. so what message do you think that the cbs executives were trying to send with this? >> i think it really was that they set the wrong boundaries and kind of disregard what normal americans would think would be appropriate and inappropriate, or sensitive and insensitive. as well as patriotic for our own country. >> alisyn: what do you think cbs should do now? >> well, i think they ought to sit down and have a little skull session on it it, as we say, a mortar board and realize they had a mistake and apologize for it and be sincere about it. americans are good forgiving people and overlooking things
10:52 am
and we'll see their true colors when we give them an opportunity to apologize. >> alisyn: and fox has contacted them for a statement, but has not gotten back to them. the memorial b-52, you likened it to dancing on someone's grave? >> either that or if your next-door neighbor had just come back from the cemetery burying one of their loved ones and family member, and you had a big beer party on your lawn and disregarded what they were going through, it would be just the height of insensitivity and i think that's what we have here, it's not being sensitive to the realities of what americans have gone through in that war, the loss of lives, the service of our americans and then also highlighting communism, which was responsible for the murder of millions of people in vietnam, as well as in other countries around the world. >> alisyn: well, colonel lee elliss, thank you so much for your service. thank you for sharing your thoughts on all of this and hopefully cbs executives are listening and we'll see what they have to say in the coming
10:53 am
days. thanks so much, sir. >> thank you, alisyn, good seeing you. >> alisyn: you too. we'll be right back. yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. live the regular life. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money.stor. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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10:56 am
>> listen to this story. a hostage situation takes a bizarre turn when the victim's pro wrestler's son take matters into his own hands to save his mother. trace gallagher is live with what happened here. what happened. >> reporter: the wrestler's real name is chris boredebtski. in the ring, the master. he's a punisher. he gets a call from a neighbor, something weird is going on inside his mom's house. and when he and the police get there, she's held by a man
10:57 am
threatening to blow up the house. sure enough smoke comes out, but the man inside the house has barricaded all the doors. the master had to act quick. listen. >> you feel so helpless. you hear your mom is in there and the guy won't let you in you don't know. i can't find a way to get into the house and i started tearing the screens down and break the windows and i told them break those freakin' windows, she's in that room, break those freakin' windows. >> the room he was talking about, was her bedroom and there was a tree. >> some say a bush or a ficus tree. and he pulled it down. listen to how he did it. >> then i basically took this whole tree and bear hugged it down to the floor and this is just me saving my mom's life and probably the crazyiest day of my life. and you know, one of the
10:58 am
scareiest things i have he' ever been through. >> police went in and rescued his mom. she's okay. and he clearly is very happy to have saved his mom's life and when you see him pull the tree down. do you like the interspersed clipping of him dragging down the guy on the mat? this guy is the real deal in the wrestling ring and went to great lengths to save his mom and a couple of police officers were injured during that fire, and he kind of hurt his arm, but mom is just fine, and the other guy who held her hostage is in jail. >> alisyn: that makes sense and the master piece has popeye arms. >> the master piece is milt a lot the like me. >> alisyn: i'm going to be calling you trace "the master". >> yeah, right, exactly. >> alisyn: thank you, trace. >> reporter: sure. >> alisyn: see you in a few. lawmakers from the house and senate are now joining force ins a new push for answers on the benghazi terror attack that killed four americans. up next, we'll look how
10:59 am
they're hoping to do that and plus, how do you a man faking to be a pilot get into the cockpit? details on the elaborate schemes. and we're live in cyprus and the government has a rescue plan and could change the rules for what is considered private money. ♪ [ male announcer ] we all have something neatly tucked away in the back of our mind. a secret hope.
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11:02 am
>> this is a fox news alert the. we're getting new information about a killing spree at the marine base in quantico, virginia. it's a brand new hour of "america live." i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly today. three are dead. the gunman shot a male and female marine and turned the gun on himself. and elizabeth prann is live. >> reporter: you're right the shooting happened late last night and the first calls came
11:03 am
in right around 10:30. quantico is only about an hour south of washington d.c. so word got out very, very quickly that the entire base was on lockdown by 11 p.m. base police tell us they discovered one of the male victims shortly before 11 and a short time later it they found two more. the shooter and one female found dead on scene. the lockdown was then lifted around 2:30 this morning because nobody else was injured. there was no standoff, no barricades, police say it certainly wasn't a random incident. it was a very isolated shooting. it sent shock waves throughout the community, not just here, but throughout the country. and along with their identities or relationship or friendship is withheld by authorities. we do know that these were active duty marines, at quantico, staff members at the officer candidate school. in fact, we heard from colonel david maxwell earlier, the
11:04 am
base commander. we spoke with him and he was emotional about the fact that this happened not only with the men and women on base, but as i mentioned across the country. >> it's been a long night as we have begun to deal with the tremendous loss that happened last night. the shooter, an active duty marine, was pronounced dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound by law enforcement at the scene. two other victims, a male and female, both active duty marines, were pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: now, i told you, it's going to be some time before we learn about the identities. the next of kin need to be notified and that's when we know who the victims are and the families notified. that's when we also expect to hopefully hear the motive in this case. alisyn, back to you. >> alisyn: so tragic. thanks for the update. elizabeth prann. the shooting at quantico is one of a string of attacks at
11:05 am
military bases. and one at a museum, and two on separate occasions and the pentagon was another of his military targets and last year a soldier opened fire at fort bragg during a safety exercise and one was killed, two wounded and the shooter turned the gun on himself and the worse was at fort hood in 2009 when the major nadal hassan killed 13 team and wounded more than two dozen others. we are also tracking a developing story about a man accused of impersonating a pilot and making it into the cockpit of a u.s. airways flight. the french nationalen into custody at philadelphia international airport and police say he was literally at the jump seat behind the captain before he was removed and now there are questions how he was able to get as far as he did. trace gallagher is live in our west coast bureau. how did that happen, trace?
11:06 am
>> the thing here, ali, the phony passenger, pilot was ticketed for coach and asked the ticket agent if there was room in first class. and he threw a fit and saying he hated americans and yet got on board the plane and didn't get into coach. with a fake air france uniform, a fake air france bag and fake i.d. went into the cockpit and told the pilot he was a 747 pilot. the captain kind of became suspicion when the fake pilot couldn't figure out how to open up the jump seat. and then the gate agent, who had the beef with this phony pilot at the gate came in. noticed he was in the jump seat and she called authorities when they asked for his i.d. he they turned out fake. they pulled him in. he's now charged with a bunch of things, but the cops are very concerned because the uniform was a bad fake and so was the i.d. listen to police. >> well, it's concerning because we don't to what his he designs were. i mean, he could be anything
11:07 am
from just wanting to take a look at the cockpit to some other criminal designs. >> reporter: and the plane was just about to take off. remember, this happened last year, an italian man snuck on board a european flight saying he was a phony pilot and that time got up in the air. and remember this guy. frank abb ebeabbengale guy, he 250 flights on pan am in the 1950's, millions of miles before they figured out that he also was phony pilot. fbi is investigating this regent incident, ali, he they want to find out what the guy's ultimate motive was. >> alisyn: i'm glad we're still frisking grandmas and toddlers, that's all i can say. trace. >> all right. >> alisyn: there's a stark new warning from top health insurance companies about the cost of the nation's health care. some companies are predicting that the premiums for many individuals and small businesses can sharply increase by next year and by
11:08 am
sharply, we mean they could double. melissa francis host of money on the fox business network joins me now. hi, melissa. >> hi. >> alisyn: how is it possible that they could double? >> i mean, it's amazing. first of all, i mean, this isn't one of those studies that's predicting what could happen to prices in the future. this is what is actually going to happen. these insurance companies are regulated. when he they raise prices they have to tell the regulator that they're going up. these are also brokers going out into communities and warning individuals and warning their customers, by the way, here are your prices for next year. so, this is real, it's coming and it's terrifying and look at groups like united health care, some of the biggest groups out there. they're saying for individuals, your plan could go up as much as 116% or more, that's precise, right? 116%, it's incredible. for small businesses, 25 to 50%, aetna it could go up 55%, blue cross/blue shield 20 to 40%. and these are some of the biggest names out there and warning their customers, this
11:09 am
is what's coming as a result of obamacare. >> alisyn: now, remember, this was not supposed to happen. you'll remember that the obama administration's rationale for obamacare, here was their stated rationale, to quote, make it for affordable and accessible. make health care more affordable and accessible. what went wrong? >> we all did interviews and the congressional budget office came out with the forecast and white house came out with the forecast and say prices would not go up. you would say how is that possible? if we're going to cover more people and welcome them into the system, you can't charge people with preexisting conditions more money and can't charge people more based on age, then, wait a second, the costs are going up. who is going to pay for that. all of the premiums go up. they with say, no, there's going to be cost savings, remember that phrase? going to come from cost savings because there's leverage with more people in there, we can get better prices, preventive care and control the cost of the actual things so everyone's costs will go down.
11:10 am
that hasn't happened. and it it doesn't look like it's going to. no one is forecasting that any longer. they are admitting now, that your prices are going to go up because we're just adding so much more to this system. >> alisyn: wasn't one of the other things that was going to keep prices down competition? wasn't there supposed to be something about exchanges or subsidies that were going to keep the prices depressed? >> no one knows what's going to happen with those exchanges. they are not set up. the deadline is on its way. and it's not going to be ready in time, but even that no longer do people think even when those exchanges go up, are in effect, that it's going to cut costs. i mean, the cutting cost is all predicated on this idea that we're going to control the growth in the cost of health care. and that's not happening. >> alisyn: now what is also interesting. part of the way the obama administration sold this, our health care costs are spiraling out of control and we must do something and that's legit. our health care consists were spiraling out of control, but
11:11 am
what was interesting, is that in these private meetings that these big insurance companies are holding that you were talking about, united health care and blue cross, they say that this is because of obamacare. >> it is because of obamacare and because you're adding more volume to the system. look, i'm a numbers gal, i care about economics, not politics and when you look at adding more people to a system, giving more people more health care, and telling people who cost more to the system, because you have a pre-existing condition, or because you're older, because you use more health care, that they aren't going to be charged more. it's just logical. there's more costs in there and someone has to pay for it and that's the healthy people so that's where we're headed. it's math, it's math. it's logical. >> alisyn: it's not magic. >> it's clear it was going to turn out this way and we're seeing for the first time that it for sure is by next year. >> alisyn: well, you crunch number, but it wasn't clear to lawmakers. is there any way to stop this? >> no. (laughter)
11:12 am
not that i can see. i mean, the horse is out of the barn. i think, unless they repeal obamacare, which we have seen paul ryan talk about, but we've heard again and again has no hope of happening. we have to do that or readjust the idea that people consume more have to pay for it. well, we all pay for it, one way or the other someone pays for it, no way out of it. >> alisyn: that math thing. >> i hate math. >> alisyn: you love math. >> well. >> alisyn: melissa francis, thanks for coming in to explain it. you can catch melissa on the fox business network every night. money with melissa francis airs-- >> make math easy. >> alisyn: i'll be turning in. the clock is ticking on a financial time bomb. you may want to stay tuned for this. cyprus saving a bank from a complete clams. one island in the mediterranean causing a headache for the economy. back on the front burner after lawmakers in the house and
11:13 am
senate coordinate for a push for answers into the murder of four americans. >> on what happened prior to september 11th, what actually happened on september 11th, and then why it was described four weeks after something that it wasn't when the people were watching this knew it was a terrorist attack.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> there were some members who wanted to have a conversation and kind of compare notes on what we know and what we don't know. and frankly, there is a lot that we still don't know. and so, it was a -- it was a friendly exchange of information and some decisions about the way forward. >> alisyn: all right, that was house speaker john boehner talking yesterday about a new effort to get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi, libya. more than six months after the
11:17 am
terror attacks left our ambassador and three other americans dead and frustration is growing on capitol hill. as republicans accuse the white house of keeping the information under wraps and calls for access to the survivors are met by silence. kt mcfarland joins us via skype. >> hi, ali. >> alisyn: john boehner calls the disparity group of lawmakers into a room and what questions do they need answered? >> you have more and more questions every day the story goes on. we all know that somebody messed up big time before the benghazi attack, and we still don't have any answers as to why the requests for additional security were deni denied. and we don't know requests while the attack was on going. who was available, why did they not make it available to them. we didn't know how long the attack would go on.
11:18 am
this doesn't work. at the beginning of the attack usually all hands on deck, everyone should try to do whatever they can to help the people who are under attack. but i think that the thing that really sets us off again, we know there were survivors. nobody's been allowed to talk to the survivors and in fact, the survivors a gag order. why have not they not been allowed to come forward, tell their story. is it something they're covering up, is there something the white house wants you to the know know what happened during the attack or why the contractors were in benghazi. what were they doing there? they were not doing a passport control operation. were they there to get weapons, gaddafi's weapons, there to deal with al-qaeda in eastern libya. were they he potentially taking the weapons they were collecting from the gaddafi arsenal and passing them on to somebody else, syrian rebels? and that's are questions that
11:19 am
come up and the more time goes on the more questions we have. >> alisyn: well, senator lindsey graham says he spoke to some of the survivors and some information came out there were 37 u.s. personnel in benghazi on september 11th and that some of them, maybe even the majority of them, were with the cia. so, given that, would we ever hear from them? does that explain why they haven't been more public? >> no, i think what it is, some of them may have been with the cia, but others, in fact i've talked to one person who was very close to the people who were on the ground at benghazi, were state department contractors, in other words, these are people who used to be in the cia and special forces and hired by the state department to go do something. we're not sure what that something is. so, the question then becomes, why do they not come forward? they're not protected in the same way that the cia employee would be, and if there's an issue, it's not like the administration said well, we can't have people in public because there was a highly
11:20 am
classified operation, fine, ways to do that, do it in closed session before congress and only people in the session are people with high security clearance,s, none of that happened. you have to wonder why are they trying so hard to cover everything up. is there something there? maybe there's nothing there. but the american people, and certainly through their members of congress certainly have a right to know. >> one interesting thing what john boehner did this week, he brought all of the different committee heads together and so, normally, you know how washington works, people generally try to carve out their fiefdom and they want the credit for cracking something or controlling intel, but john boehner brought all of the different committee heads together so they could pool their information and share their information and what congressman mike rogers told fox news. when they cross-referenced all of their different committee information they find out there are anomalies. i wonder what that means? >> what that means, for example, the armed services committee maybe told one
11:21 am
thing, intelligence committee maybe finding something out something and homeland security something else indeed. i think what will happen. when i was in the white house during watergate, in the pentagon during iran-contra hearing, often what will happen, congress will set up a special select committee, draw some members from our services, from homeland security, from the intel committee, and put them together in a special committee that then looks into just this subject and i think that's the direction they're going in and it would probably have to be out of the house because that's where republicans hold subpoena power and hold a majority and it would have to be something republicans in the house would do. i don't think anyone in the senate wants to touch it. >> alisyn: we'll look and see if the select committee is the next step here. kt mcfarland, always great to get your information. >> thanks, ali. >> alisyn: there's pressure for lawmakers in cyprus to make a deal and avoid a
11:22 am
crisis. time is running out. and a judge issued a warning to the veteran administration some of our vets are kept waiting a year or more for critical disability or health insurance claims. what one judge decided to do about a bag log of more than 800,000 cases. the g.o.p. is already attacking democrats after the senate last night rejected the budget plan from congressman paul ryan, did it pass in the house? we'll look at claims that the the democrats may have just missed a good opportunity. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative.
11:23 am
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>> getting some new reports on what some are calling a jimmy fallon tax credit. the new york state's tentative budget includes a provision that would help nbc move the tonight show back to new york by making state tax credits available to the producers of a show, it sounds, well, exactly like that one. and while the program is not named in the documents, reports are circulating that nbc is preparing to replace host jay leno with current late night host jimmy fallon and move the tonight show back to new york city which it left way back in 1972. all right, fox news alert now on reports that lawmakers in cyprus could be close to a new plan to head off a growing financial crisis that could spread. banks remain closed there at least until tuesday, and citizens growing increasingly angry over reports about how officials may literally grab money out of private bank accounts to come up with these
11:27 am
billions needed to secure new loans. fox's greg palkot the just arrived in the country and streaming live for us, hi, greg. >> reporter: hey, alisyn, we're standing in front of what this story is all about. i'll have my cameraman zoom beyond me and give a close-up look. it's, yes, an atm machine, it's not working and we've been watching people walk up to it all night not getting any money out of it. they have desperate, these banks are closed. a few blocks from where we are, politicians are deciding on a new bailout approach to set aside european demand and for this near bankrupt country. and shutting down one bank and separating out good deposits and selling off one of the bad ones. as for the rest of the money, there's a question, there was talk nationalizing state pension funds and basically dipping into retirement funds and that didn't go over too
11:28 am
well and now there's more talk about something else that was looked at earlier this week that caused a lot of trouble and that's something that you mentioned dipping into private bank accounts. in this case, they'd be larger, about $130,000 or more, but they still will probably cause a lot of problems for the people here. we were over in front of the parliament and watching the protests tonight and the folks were telling me that they feel they're being experimented upon, that this is not the way it should go. they're worried about their money, worried about their jobs, they're worried about how this is going to all play out. parliament here should be voting tonight. european union will look at what they're looking at as well, alisyn, but as of monday, if there is plan here, the plug is pulled. back to you. >> oh, boy. just getting more and more intense and interesting there, thanks, greg palkot. well, g.o.p. is already attacking democrats after the senate rejected congressman paul ryan's plan that would have purportedly balanced the
11:29 am
budget. and the democrats may have missed an opportunity. and the controversy that the veterans administration is making some of our vets wait to a year or more for critical disability for health insurance claims, we'll show you what one judge decided to do about that. plus, a tribute to america's fallen troops now the center of a controversy after a separation of church and state good news, suggests the cross on the memorial there is unconstitutional. we'll have that story straight ahead. >> well, it's not unconstitutional. it's not. hey, our salads.
11:30 am
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>> the bills. she wants that new bike so bad and i can't figure out how to pay for it. it will just have to wait. >> families make tough decisions to balance their budget. why can't washington? congressman joe garcia just voted against balancing washington'sdget. >> alisyn: the g.o.p. running that ad after the senate rejected the budget balancing plan from republican congressman paul ryan. that plan had already passed in the the house and congressman ryan appeared on the record last night with greta, suggesting that democrats may have just missed a good opportunity to get the nation's fiscal house back on
11:34 am
track. here is some of that. >> the debt is crushing our economy, slowing us down and guaranteeing the next generation have a diminished future and we believe we have a moral obligation to balance this budget to get a healthy economy and jobs. if we keep kicking the can down the road and borrowing and spending like we are, we will have a debt crisis and everybody gets cut in real-time. >> alisyn: to debate this, kevin is the radio host of the kevin mcculla show and jessica is a strategist. >> hi, alisyn. >> alisyn: jessica, let's start with you. paul ryan says basically the democrats are kicking the can down the road again. it's time to get the nation's fiscal house in order. what's your response? >> well, i think we can all agree that it's definitely time to get the nation's house in fiscal house in in order. and that means fiscal responsibility. what we saw from the
11:35 am
republicans is the repetition of the sale of policies they tried to implement and we saw the american people from the last election, a resolute no. and we need to focus on the future and future generations as he said, but that doesn't mean have an uneducated unskilled work force because we've cut back on pell grants and head start programs and we have an aging population that's more and more dependent on medicare which no longer exists and we've got more emphasis and hurt put on the american family because we've decimated them and decimated the middle class by continuing the policies that hurt working families and small businesses. we need to be focused on raising revenue and having a strong budget that will bring a brighter tomorrow for us. >> alisyn: so, kevin, do you agree with jessica, that the reelection of president obama was basically a no vote on the ryan budget? >> not necessarily. because there were 9 million fewer people that even voted for him than the other time around. let me just say this, about this budget that mr. ryan put forward, a couple of things. one, someone has to give us an
11:36 am
honest picture of how bad the economic situation is in america, and at least make a serious attempt to begin the conversation. the president missed his deadline he's required to submit a budget by congress and congress is kind of left to do his work for him. having said that and one thing, i appreciate the analysis of ryan's plan, it is very, it can be perceived to be quite harsh boy people who have a mindset that the government is supposed to take care of them. if you don't believe that the government is suppose today take care of you, if you believe you should be providing for your family, as i am, i'm a working middle class dad trying to provide for my wife and kids daily, if you believe you have that responsibility, this type of budget doesn't look all that unreasonable because we would go to jail if we tried to do the same kind of accounting for our own personal economies as what washington gets away with every day. >> alisyn: in fact, jessica, that's exactly the same note that that new g.o.p. ad was trying to strike with the
11:37 am
commercial that we just showed, which is americans understand that they have a budget. they understand that they have to live within it, they don't always achieve that, but everybody knows that's the golden rule. yet, congress can't seem to do that and even you were just talking about we need new revenue somehow, but is there, i mean, can democrats agree that we also need to tighten the spending belt? >> oh, absolutely. and i think, you know, there's two issues here, one, we've got to come up with policy. it's got to come out of the house. obviously, the senate has rehe je rehe-- rejected this on bipartisan issue. it doesn't close tax loopholes and cut waste. these are the areas we need to see going on. that's how you balance a budget and don't put that burden further on to the backs of the working class and the only way this economy is strong is by having a strong middle class and making sure we're supporting our small businesses, where is the help for them in the budget.
11:38 am
going forward. >> some could say where has the help been for the small businesses for the last five years. we've had a hostile government for small businesses like myself. and the nitty-gritty of ryan's plan doesn't take into account the economic growth. jessica may call it revenue, but you're not going to get there in you're increasingly diminish the pool of what people are earning. we continually say to small business owners we need to get behind and champion and be successful and right now we're out of money. everybody is out of money and we need a pro jobs agenda going forward and serious look and serious surgery on what we're spending. >> alisyn: what are we to make of democratic senator patty murray's democratic plan. some call it a wishless.
11:39 am
some think it's a mirror of simpson-bowles? is this the way forward? >> definitely it's a start in the right direction. simpson-bowles was the first time we had a bipartisan coalition of politicians coming together to really address our long-term fiscal policy and that's where we need to start the discussion and then you go forward from there. unfortunately, what we're seeing in the the house right now is more of the same, the do-nothing congress that we had the last two years and it's simply not what these representatives were sent to washington to do. they were sent there to do the people's work and unfortunately it's not happening and i think we can all agree on a bipartisan level, yes, we need to get there and help small businesses, and we need to help working families, this is what kevin and i are talking about, it's the same thing, so, why is the house continuing to put forth these failed policies knowing full well that united states on a bipartisan level, with conservative and moderate republicans saying they would vote against the bill and why
11:40 am
are they putting it forth again. why is there no new thinking and discussion going on? >>. >> alisyn: kevin? >> we're not talking about the same thing at all. we're talking about an administration on a hostile offensive against small business from obamacare and waivers that it gives, and doesn't give to small businesses across the country and tax increases that affect every small business and employee in america starting in january and not talking about the same thing at all. i like jessica, she's a nice lady, we're not on the same page here. >> we're actually talking about the ryan budget. >> right, but-- >> and the ryan budget does nothing to do help for anyone including working families except to put more and more burden on them while letting millionaires and billionaires get away with-- >>. >> alisyn: finish the thought. >> the same thing over and over. >> hold on. >> what patty murray's version says it's lack of revenues and she's for taxing the highest producers more. we're at a place where that's mathematically not consequence
11:41 am
anymore. you can take every single penny of revenue from the top 2 or 3% of america and wouldn't come close to the obligations we have. this is a fundamental-- >> where are we --. >> alisyn: we're going to have to leave it there and kevin, and jessica, you may not be saying the same details, but we appreciate you coming in and both trying to talk about the budget and our situation. thanks so much, guys. >> thank you, ladies. >> thanks. >> alisyn: a judge is issuing a big warning to the va after claims that some of our veterans are waiting a year or more for the critical health care plans. why not one, but two major veterans groups went to d.c. over a backlog of more than 800,000 claims and what one judge decided to do about that. ake as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> a group of burglars were no match for a brave teenager in california. 15-year-old girl was home alone when she heard intruders
11:45 am
sneaking in. grabbed a phone and ducked into the closet and dialed 911. >> he's inside the house. >> he's inside? >> yes. >> at what point you could hear the thieves as they ransacked the home. and came within inches of where she was hiding but she stayed quiet. >> that's scary stuff and a minutes later the trio of robbers walked into the hands of the police. and officers say they may be behind a slew of other burglaries in the neighborhood as well. and there are new developments in the fight to protect the rights of thousands of american veterans. a federal appeals court
11:46 am
threatening sanctions against the department of veterans affairs, and a judge says yesterday, that the va is not living up to its word. by failing to help thousands of veterans challenge denials of benefits they say they need. and live in new york city news room with more, hi, doug. >> hey, alisyn, nearly 20,000 u.s. veterans died last year waiting for the department of veterans affairs to decide on their benefits. now, a circuit court judge is taking the federal agency to task for making it more difficult for veterans to receive their benefits. judge jay claguer of the u.s. court of appeals issued an order blasting the va for failing to live up to its commitment. the judge called the actions troubling and threatened sanctions against the va officials. it seems that sanctions may be needed to motivate the va. the judge wrote in a 13-page
11:47 am
order that eviscerated the agency. david hoff is from the group at that brought the federal lawsuit that prompted the opinion. >> the judge came out and ruled in our favor, saying that va cannot proceed in this fashion, that they were circumventing the rights to veterans. >> in a statement the va did not go into details about the order, but says it's working with the justice department to form a response. fox news has been covering the story of the va backlog for months speaking with veterans and advocates all calling the benefits backlog a disgrace. >> we see claims sent in by veterans every day where va makes very simple mistakes. there's no need for the department of the to be makie-- government to be making these errors and forcing people to appeal their claims and
11:48 am
waiting years and years for va to fix something that never should have been a problem in the first place. >> veterans advocates across the country are hoping yesterday's court order will spur the va to help vets rather than fight them, alisyn. that's it from here. back to you. >> alisyn: all right. thanks so much for that explanation. and joining us now to talk about all of this is the ceo of concerned veterans for america. hi, pete. >> hi, alisyn. >> alisyn: okay, 900,000 backlogged benefits claims right now and they estimate that by the end of this month, we could be up to a million. you heard douglas kennedy's piece and his research into this. is it just because the va is making some simple, silly mistakes? >> it's a bureaucratic nightmare. it is a classic example of a dysfunctional bureaucracy not capable of delivering what it says it's going to do. it's not an issue of funding. the va's got 25 billion dollars more worth of funding during this administration yet it went from a backlog that
11:49 am
was 300,000 pending claims, 300,000 to what would be projected to be a million waiting in line for the claims to be processed and takes on average, 270 days for a climb to be processed. if you're in l.a., that's 619 days and if you're in new york city, you're probably waiting two years to hear back on a successful completion. it's dysfunctional bureaucracy, stuck, not able to deliver to the needs of the 21st century veterans and generations. >> alisyn: it's really shocking. this is the very organization that's supposed to be helping and protecting our returning veterans. so, why isn't this a more streamlined process? >> well, i tell you, we use the phrase sometimes in the military everywhere, and it's like a self-licking ice cream cone. it's very good at feeding itself and meeting its own needs and throw conferences and process lots of paper work, but not necessarily quickly, but it doesn't know how to meet the needs of veterans in a timely manner.
11:50 am
they're still asking for, like i said hard paper work through fax machines. my goodness, when is the last time i used a fax machine or anyone coming from afghanistan, nothing is digital. and it's a process you can't understand from the outside and you have to sit and wait and call once a week and hope somebody picks up the phone and hope the file doesn't get lost. the and there was a floor in the va the literal weight of the paper work was so great it made it structurally unfound. this is bureaucracy, whether it's tips from the private sector to streamline, transform the va bureaucracy to make it response to need. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh, this is exhibit a of red tape. >> yes. >> alisyn: it seems like there is now a groundswell of people trying to turn it around. there was a meeting in the white house to address the big problem with the backlog. it has bipartisan support, one of the few issues, as you
11:51 am
know, to have bipartisan support and there's now a petition of 36,000 signatures that are trying to get the attention of someone in washington. who could turn this intractable problem around? >> it's going to take political courage and it's got to start at the top. this president had said from day one, he was going to attack and address this problem and it's done nothing, but go in the other direction. despite a lot of rhetoric and a lot of speeches and saying a lot of promises about what he's going to do for military families, but there's been no accountability. none. one of the chairs of the vets committee called for the woman in charge of this backlog to resign and that hasn't happened. in the military if you're given a task and you don't get it done, you're fired, you're gone. for some reason in the the va, if you don't need the needs we should give you more time. because you know, i know you've got great intentions, good intentions are not good enough. it's got to be results and we've got to call on the president to be bold in hiss to. >> in fact, one veteran. here is how one veteran
11:52 am
phrased it. said that this backlog is absolutely, quote, a stain on the national soul. these heroes end up fighting against their own government for benefits when they come back home. pete, thank you for talking to us about this. let's hope it gets attention. >> absolutely, thanks, alisyn. >> alisyn: a tribute to america's fallen troops now the center of a controversy that seems to be spreading nationwide. the cross featured on this memorial, now the target of a lawsuit by a separation of church and state lawsuit group. of course, sparking a backlash, calling this unconstitutional. >> well, it is not unconstitutional. it is not. god is in our constitution the cross, if the citi wants to put it up in a park, i think they should be allowed to do that. and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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>> a tribute to honor our fallen troops now the subject of a lawsuit. a separation of church and state group says this cross on a memorial in oregon violates the constitution and now they're going to court to have it taken down. that's become the latest focus of a controversy that's spreading nationwide. fox's trace gallagher is live in our west coast bureau. what do we know about this one, trace. >> trace: just like a lot of crosses targeted around the country, this vietnam veterans memorial has been in oregon for decades, donated by a business and volunteer group back in 1972. the group, freedom from religion, is protesting the memorial and several others, not because of the memorial itself, but they say because there's a cross on the memorial and that, they say, violates the separation of church and state and saying, i'm quoting here, our objection is to the message of endorsement of christianity over other religions and over
11:57 am
non-religions. the christian-only memorial sends a message that the government only cares about the deaths of christian soldiers, not jewish, other non-christian and non-religious soldiers. coos bay says this. >> we passed it on to our city attorney to review that and relevant case law. and obviously these cases are happening around the nation. >> trace: again, it becomes a legal fight and the legal fights have been kind of split decisions. remember the cross of mount soledad? that had to be taken down. the mojave memorial was donated to a veterans group, but the supreme court ruled that that did not violate the establishment clause and they allowed that cross to stay. so somebody stole it a couple
11:58 am
of years ago, so now it's gone. but legally, it was allowed to stay. >> alisyn: hard to predict what will happen with this one in oregon. thanks, trace. >> trace: okay. >> alisyn: a celebrity prom invitation goes viral. a high school senior asked supermodel kate upton to be his date in a unique way. we'll show how he got her attention and miss upton's response. ♪ e cream off these oreo cookies. that's stupid. you're wasting the best part. shuh, says the man without a helicopter. wait, don't go! [ male announcer ] choose your side at our largest selection of lobster erees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilledobster and lobster tacos.
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