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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 22, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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a high school senior made a unique video asking sports illustrated cover girl kate upton to his prom. >> hi, jake here, i'm inviting you to my prom. we can ride around all night long.
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until 11:00. that's my curfew. but really, it would mean the world to me if you came, and i'd do anything to make sure you get here. >> so, kate, will you go to prom with me? >> this has more than million views, and miss upton called jake telling him she'd love to go but would have to check her schedule. studio be starts right now. >> of she makes that happen, he'll have a heart attack. just like everyone in bucky badger land is now. there was a very good basketball game on. >> thanks. >> shepard: news begins anew on studio b. senate about to start a weird procedure lawmakers called a vote-o-rama. they're starting the process of passing the first budget in four years. plus three active duty united states marines are dead after an
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apparent murder-suicide at the marine corps base in quantico, virginia. and the rebels upset the wisconsin badgers. more, and the harvard crimson, it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> first, the police in texas say the man who led them on wild police chase that end up in a fiery crash and a shootout, today died of his injuries. the county sheriff in northwest texas officially identified the man at evan ebel. a colorado parolee with a lock criminal record who was also a maybe of a white supremacist prison gang. cops in ten very say they're confident he was involved in another colorado case, the shooting death of a pizza delivery man. they're also trying to figure out whether ebel's black cadillac was the same car a
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witness saw outside of the home of a colorado springs prison official, tom clements, somebody shot and killed that man tuesday night on this front doorstep. an 18 wheeler smash ebel's black cadillac in texas, ending the car chase. the cops say ebel then stepped out of the wreckage and exchanged gunfire with the cops. >> at this point texas authorities are still trying to figure out if he has an actual connection 0 to the state or just passing through. what they do want to do is talk to the deputy two tried to pull ebel over and ended up with a gunshot wound. he is in the hospital, recovering. authorities did say this was drug stop, and of course the mystery hanging over all of this, is there a connection between ebel and tom clements, the director of the colorado department of corrections who was killed at his home.
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colorado law enforcement traveled to texas to try to put it all together. >> i'm not even going to name the suspect. what we're saying there was a similar deal here. we had a box vehicle that was described initially in our investigation, made reference to possibly a lincoln or cadillac. >> it was that vehicle description, plus the colorado plates that got colorado cops on a plane. >> shepard: but the cops say he is a suspect in the denver area pizza man delivery murder, right? >> that came out today. denver police through twitter said after some forensic testing they're confident that ebel is the suspect they were looking for in the:though pizza delivery man. he was called for a delivery and later found shot to death. two nights later, law enforcement officials say someone rang to do door bell at tom clements' house and when he
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lanced the door he was shot in the chest. officials are not going to give anymore information until they can connect the dots. >> shepard: the u.s. senate is about to vote on dozens of amendments by democrats and run runs to the proposed process, something they're calling a vote-a-rama. we haven't seen that since -- well, that would have been a cool thing to say. since they pieced together the healthcare law. the senate has not passed a budget in four years so this marks the first time many of the newest senators go on the record voting for or against spending or higher taxes. the budget would be nonbinding so would act as guidelines for the u.s. government. but at the heart of the debate, how do you reduce the government's massive budget debt, and changes in taxes and
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spending. today the top democrat and the republican had their say. >> both sighs favor closing took loopholes that favor the wealthiest americans, and the senate thinks shouldsome revenue should be idea to tackle the deficit and invest in the middle class, not just simply cut tax rates for the rich. >> usually you can tax more and spend more and borrow more and that will somehow create growth and prosperity. i believe we have had four years of that experiment, which i fundamentally doubted and opposed from the beginning. and it hasn't worked. >> shepard: regardless of whether it's worked or hasn't, the insiders say the democratic budget will likely pass. mike emanuel is in washington. how has the vote been going and what's it like in there so far?
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reporter: we expect starting any moment they'll vote on a series of amendments between now and late night tonight. 25 to 40. summon hot-button issues including abortion, school choice, and bailouts. there are also arguments on budgetary matters. >> anyone wants to be taxed more than is necessary on either side of the aisle, but this enormous, enormous hubbub from the other side that says it's got a spending problem but refuses to look at the other side of the balance sheet, as a business guy, i find that troubling. >> shepard: the senate rejected the paul ryan house republican budget plan. we expect they will vote late tonight on patty murray murray's democratic senate and it should have enough votes to pass. >> shepard: isn't most of this about getting people on the record so that politicians can use that for people and against
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people come the 2014 mid-term? reporter: no question about that. familiar topics, the president's healthcare law, about turn three years old, texas senator ted cruz propose egg an amendment to repeal the law. failed 54-45 but forced some lawmakers to weigh in on an up popular law. cruz says it hasn't lived up to expectations. >> when obama care was being proposed the president told americans the average american family would see our premiums drop by $2,500. instead, today, the average american family has seen our premiums rise by $3,000. that's a $5,500 difference between what was promised and what has been delivered. so, for democrats on the 2014 ballot, such as mary lan drew of louisiana, mark pryor of arkansas, they had to vote in favor of the president's
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healthcare law in what may be considered largely red republican states. so, you can bet there will be ads running over the next two years saying, when senator so and so had a repeal obamacare, he or she voted in favor of it. >> shepard: mike, thanks a lot. let's bring in chris wallace. how is this thing shaping up? >> well, you put your finger on it. this is largely for show. we know that the budget, the democratic budget, is going to pass and the democratic controlled senate and will not pass in the republican-controlled house. but this vote-a-rama that mike is talking about, those are largely -- either people wanting to get on the record showing they're for something or to get on the record trying to put one of their opponents as being against something. and offer use in the 2014 election. having said that, the significance of this is that for the first time in four years you're going to have a budget passed by the senate, a budget
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passed by the house. they go to regular order, go to a conference committee. this is when we had civics class, we learn about it. if they can make a deal -- there's tremendous differences but if they can make a deal, they can settle what the spending plan for the country would be and the tax plan for the country would be for the next decade. that would be a grand bargain. hasn't worked with the leaders. maybe the rank-and-file in conference can work it out. >> shepard: two entirely different philosophies where we are. one side thinks you have a work on the deficit and the other side thinks you have to spend, the government, while the private sector is not. >> they're two different plans and philosophy and that's what paralyzed washington for two or three years. the republican plan, 4-1/2 trillion, all spending cuts. the democratic plan, $2 trillion, and half of it is spending cuts and then half of it is actually tax increases and
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some of the tax increases goes not to reduce the deficit, but as we just heard patty murray say, for more spending, short-term' spending, thankfully another stimulus plan. two utterly different plans. the only way to get together is democrats agreed to serious entitlement reforms and republicans agreed to serious tax increases. so far no deal. >> shepard: is nobody pointing to europe? by no assessment have their tries worked. >> that's a concern and people look at europe and say we don't want to get in the situation of greece or cyprus, where the austerity would be infinitely more difficult than what we have here. the debt is something about 70% of gdp. we don't want to turn into another europe.
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>> shepard: all right. congratulations -- >> i just want to welcome you to the next round of the ncaa. harvard has been there for a little while. now ole miss. welcome. >> i watched with great joy as the criminal son did something that no harvard team has done and we have highlights for you. we're not exactly sports center. this is harvard doing something -- they were hitting their shots and it was whole night of this. they have never won a game in the history of the school. and harvard, criminal son, -- harvard crimson, the cinderella. >> the school has only been around since 1600, so we give -- give us a little time. >> shepard: i'm for you until we play you. the rebels beat wisconsin, which was supposed to have a great defense but wisconsin played poorly and we played poorly and won the game.
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>> congratulations and we'll meet in the elite eight. we should get together and smoke cigars and drinker into watch the game. >> shepard: that's fine. we'll have vote-a-rama. not only can they get nothing done, but -- get some new terms up there are they 80 years old all of system. >> you want an answer that question? >> shepard: good grief. chris, have a great weekend. >> thank you. same to you. >> shepard: i would be watching that normal limit i'll dvr it but i have to good to kansas city. chris wallace will to fox newss, among this guests rand paul. and the gay marriage debate with former white house communications director nicole wallace, and the president of american values organization. >> more tragedy this week for
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the u.s. marine corps. three u.s. marines are dead after an apparent suicide on the base. a wild shootout caught on camera, and now police say they need your help hunting for the suspect whopped fire into a chinese takeout place. that's coming up. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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>> shepard: more fallout from the spending cuts known as the sequester. federal aviation officials will close nearly 150 air traffic control towers, a cost-cutting move set take effect next month. fewer closed towers than officials first proposed. they will not close two dozen onlily said to be cut because it would have a negative impact on national interest. look at this. the california highway patrol reports a small plane made an emergency langdon the south bay
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freeway, 125, around 11:00 this morning pacific time. no injuries here. single engine cessna 150c, registered to an opener in veal center, and now they have a pickup truck towing the things, and you can see it's quite a task they have ahead. thankfully it's not too wide so they won't clip any phone poles. the plane is okay and the people who were in it are fine. dramatic surveillance video shows a gunman firing into a store front and wounding three people. the guy in the afraid hoodie walks up to the chinese takeout place in philly, pulled out the gun, fired ten shots right through the glass door. inside the store, several people are ducking down the. they race towards the door to keep it closed. the three victims are expected to survive put investigators still looking for the shooter, so they're asking if you know
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anything in philly there to give them a shout. >> tough week for the u.s. marine corps. military officials say three active duty marines are dead after a shooting last night, and the gunman himself a marine, apparently killed himself. it happened at the officer candidate school in quantico, virginia, just outside d.c. at itles comes three days after a mortar shell exploded during a training exercise in nevada killing seven ma screens wounding eight others. a pentagon spokesman says defense secretary change hagel was saddened. adding he believes the strength of the united states marine corps will ensure they're always remembered. elizabeth is at quantico. no word on anybody else involved? reporter: nobody else involved. police tell us the three who are deceased are the ones who were involved. it was an isolated incident. the first male marine victim who was found was actually at a different crime scene than the
12:21 pm
shooter and a female victim, although all enclosed within taylor hall, barrack here on base there was a time lag for vectors to gauge the situation after they found the first crime scene. they were all dead on arrival. the police won't disdisclose whether or not there was a friendship or relationship between any of the people involved. in fact, it could be some time before we even know their identities. there's a 24-hour grace period for families families and friene notified of their death. but we know these are active duty marines, staff members here at the base, colleagues, police reiterated that's wasn't a random shooting. it was an isolated attack, which is why they were comfortable opening up the campus at 2:00 this morning. the community is rocked. counselors were made available to those affected today. >> unit chaplains are providing counseling support along with the marines of officer candidate school to ensure we're taking
12:22 pm
care of the well-being of the marines and families aboard quantico who have been affected by this tragedy. we take care of our marines and their families that are dealing with this tragedy, i also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community, and their thoughts and prayers as well. reporter: thoughts and prayers bass the marines are -- they lost seven of their own during a training mission nevada and now three last night. >> shepard: elizabeth, thanks. a maintenance under arrest, accused of boarding a passenger plane, walking into the cockpit and pretending he this pilot. and wait until you hear why the investigator says this man did it. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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>> shepard: one u.s. airport passenger did not want to fly in the back of the plane so the feds say he posed at a pilot to try to score a seat inside the cockpit. happened on a flight about to leave fillfilly. police say this guy, a french citizen, had a ticket to fly in coach but asked for a seat up front. he said, no room. and according to the police report he got furious, told the agent he hates americans, and rather than taking his seat in the back, cops say he told the flight crew, i'm a pilot, and that way he got sit in the cockpit jump seat. they say he looked like the real deal. an air france shirt and air france bag and an airline i.d., but officials say his story started falling apart when he couldn't figure out how to open the jump seat. trace has more on this. how did they catch this guy? >> well, after he couldn't figure out how to open the jump
12:27 pm
seat the captain got suspicious but still allowed this phony pilot to sit down but then gate agent came in to give the crew the final passenger list, noticed the passenger was sitting right there in the jump seat. she notified the captain. the captain notified authorities and they came on and hauled this guy away. the big concern in all of this is that apparently his air france i.d. was a terrible fake i.d. here's former commercial pilot rob marks. >> it doesn't matter where the gate agent did something or didn't do something or the flight attendant did or didn't do something. the captain ultimately bears the responsibility for everything that goes on in that airplane. reporter: the suspect now facing multiple charges. usairways say the door was always open and the passengers were never in danger. >> shepard: didn't the same thing happen a couple months
12:28 pm
ago? >> in september an italian guy was posing as a lufthansa pilot. this guy actually flew from italy to germany in the comepot, and authorities say the might have done this at least twice before, but nothing compares to frank -- remember him? he flew as a panam pilot in the 1950s as a had any flying experience, 250 flights, more than a million miles. he was the subject of leo decapriow0s character in the movie, catch me if you can. great story, movie was okay. >> shepard: let's bring this to a lawyer. joining us know defense attorney, rebeca rose woodland. what do you do with this? >> this is a problem. people think he just didn't want to sit in coach. the reality ills the feds are looking at this seriously. what if he did sit in the front? what if he was having an intention to hurt the people on
12:29 pm
the plane? usairways sale the door was open because they caught it. what if they didn't? >> shepard: i bet they got the shampoo. >> he is facing state charges, false i.d. he had nothing to do with air france. air france issued a estimate this man that nothing to do with them. so we have state charges, facing five to 20 years on some of the charges. the feds are saying, hey, maybe this a patriot act violation. you don't have to necessarily intend to murder people, but when you enact a -- act in a manner that scares people or puts people at risk, that's a patriot act violation. that's why we have this to prevent people from doing this. it's a very dangerous situation. a man sitting in the cockpit? come on. >> shepard: he hates americans now. we're about to turn up the hate faucet.
12:30 pm
>> that's something else. you don't say those things when you're at an airport now and you're trying too nye and you're trying to get the safely. u.s. airways has to take every passenger on the plane safely to the next destination. he can't be threatening, alarming the flight crew. this is inappropriate. so the feds are looking into this seriously. >> shepard: good. get 'em. >> that's right. that what i say. >> shepard: i just need a ticket to kansas city and they're hard to find. >> just get there safely. >> shepard: i need to get there might have to walk. nice to see you. presidentpresident obama's t trip has now taken him to jordan, key u.s. allies but is facing growing unarrest among its people. president obama has had some very tough words about the future in syria where the president issued no threats to kill his people.
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>> shepard: it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. syria is broken anding rid of its president will not do enough to fix it. that's the word from president obama himself, speaking from jordan. the president says he is confident the syrian president's days are numbered but he is worried what will happen in the country of the deadly assad
12:35 pm
regime is out. president obama's comments came of the president assad pledged to wipe out forces of darkness from his country, following the reports of a suicide has' last night at a damascus mosque, including a cleric who supported the syrian regime. this is the first time in thesive war that a suicide bomber has struck inside a house of worship, and the sunni cleric who was injured -- or killed, reportedly the most senior religious figure killed in the entirety of the conflict. president assad vowed revenge. we will destroy their extremism until we have cleansed the country. little doubt the syrian leader is referring to the rebel
12:36 pm
fighters. the opposition denying anything to do with the attack. ed henry is with the president. ed, president obama is under a lot of pressure to take some military action in syria. >> that's right, including from some fellow democrats, who like carl levin, if not boots on the ground, at least a no-fly zone. senator levin and joining senator john mccain there could be surgical astrikes. the president acknowledged emotionally and frankly that it eats at him, the fact he is struggling with the decision about what to do when, as he put it so many women and children are being slate erred. he also said when it comes to u.s. military intervention, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. >> you question may be suggestings why haven't we simply gone in militarily. and i think it's fair to say
12:37 pm
that the united states often finds itself in a situation where, if it goes going n militarily. it's cries size it. and if it doesn't do something militarily, people say what why aren't you doing something militarily? >> the president brokered a phone call between the israeli prime minister and the turkish prime minister to patch things up. turkey is another pivotal u.s. ally in the region in trying to find some resolution to the crisis in syria. >> shepard: jordan has its own problems and the king of jordan is under a lot of pressure pause of the syrian refugees. >> absolutely. in fact, some estimating it's up to 500,000 refugees spilled over from syria. the king warning it could cost him occupy a billion dollars a year to deal with this. he said that right now there's one refugee camp here in jordan.
12:38 pm
so many syrian refugees it's the fifth largest city here in jordan, and the king basically said he is looking for the next phase in all this. listen. >> what we are saying that the thing is behind us. we in jordan now look at the arab summer for us a up, which means we'll have to roll up ore sleeves, going to be a bumpy and difficult road but i'm encouraged be the process and excited about the future. >> another option is that maybe assad could get political asylum right here in jordan. the king appeared to wince at that suggestion today and told reporters that decision was above his pay grade, coming from a very wealthy monarch, makes it sound like it's a pretty big decision. >> shepard: thanks. that flood of sir yap refugees one of jordan's problems. that country has long become a military partner of the country.
12:39 pm
president obama called it an invaluable ally, but challenging times, still growing anger at the jordan king by his own people. jordan is a critical ally and there have been some serious problems with the people. >> president obama has a huge interest in propping up the king. the king may not be under any immediate threat but he has obvious and current concerns. most especially about the rise of the muslim brotherhood in jordan in a fascinating interview in the latest edition of "the atlantic" maybe, king abdullah saud the brotherhood were masonic clothe and wolfs in sheeps clothing and don't believe in the constitution of jordan, they won't swear on the constitution, they will only swear on the constitution of the muslim brotherhood.
12:40 pm
clearly the king is looking at what has happened in egypt. also looking at what is happening next door in syria, and has very serious concerns about problems at home, shep. >> shepard: sounds like king abdul la does not believe the administration is it taking the serious inform of the muslim brotherhood. >> king abdullah said when you go to the state department and talk about this, they're like, this is just the liberals talking. this is the monarch saying the muslim brotherhood is deep rooted and sinister, and king abdullah has seen violence in his country before. you might remember the bombings in 2005, three hotels attacked by what the government described as islamic terrorists, 60 people killed. one other related note from the region today, shep. we just heard that the prime minister of lebanon has resigned.
12:41 pm
that's not necessarily an uncommon occurrence there, but once again, it is a country that is being badly affected by the conflict in syria, and it shows the entire region remains on a knife edge and no one yet knows whether it's going to tip toward democracy and freedom or to more out tookcracy and more violence. >> shepard: now with is it the former un been boors, the director of foreign policy at the brookings. the president going around the government and right to the young people of israel. >> it was an amazing speech he game yesterday in jerusalem, in which he spoke to 2,000 young israelis about the importance of israel to the united states, and made a very clear statement that israel would never be -- he
12:42 pm
explained his commitment to israeli security but went on to make an impassioned play for peacemaking and around the leadership in israel to say to the young people, it's time for you to push your leadership to take risks. >> this is a man with a 10% approval rating, which i'm guessing just went up. but at the same time, these israelis are dealing with harsh realities of walls on every border, an impossible long-term situation, and a realizeways that without peace, long term, not good. >> that's exactly the argument. then he went on to do something today which was somewhat of a breakthrough in terms of relations between turkey and israel. he managed to broker an apology from prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the prime minister of turkey and that was accepted, which was a question mark as to how they would deal with it. now he have a chance to see the
12:43 pm
normalization of turkish-israeli relationship because the turmoil in syria is right between turkey and israel. turkey and israel border jordan, and if turkey and israel can work better together on a common interest, maybe that will help. >> shepard: it has the refugee problem jordan is dialing with, maybe in larger numbers. >> exactly. >> shepard: what is your sense -- are we in a much better place today than two days ago? beg picture? >> the middle east, one step forward, two steps back. we saw that today in terms of what is happening in syria. it's only occasionally some good things happen. but i think the president has done good. first of all by convincing the israelis' public that he is in their corner. for four years they got a different message from him and that complicated the relationship. it works much better when the united states and israel-working
12:44 pm
together rather than against each other, and that's what we're going to see coming out of the visit. clearly obama and netanyahu have found a way to work together on this turkish problem. i hope they can fine a way to work together on he palestine janish a way that will move that forward. that's not going to solve the regions' problems but going to make it easier for the united states and israel to deal with the problems. >> shepard: thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: a little island causing big problems for the global economy, and now lawmakers in cyprus are racing against the clock to fix their own problems. the bunks are still closed. there's talk of government taking money from people's bank accounts. don't know where the russian mob is but they're the problem. any attempts to fix things seems to be making matters worse. we'll get a live report from cyprus. a woman in georgia, as in atlanta, georgia, says a
12:45 pm
teenager tried to rob her, and when she said she had no money, he shot her baby dead. now police say they're about to make a very big announcement and we'll have that next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> shepard: just in. police say they're about to make a big announce independent a case that has rocked a small town in georgia. it happened 80 miles south of savannah. a mother there says two young boys pulled a gun on her, tried to rob her as she walked her baby in the stroller. she says when she told them she didn't have any money, which she didn't, one of them shot the baby in the head. according to the mom the killers could be one of them as young as ten years old. the other thought to be 13-14. police have been canvassing the neighborhood and now we're learning, if this is true, it's not the first child that the mother has lost to violence.
12:49 pm
she said somebody killed her 18-year-old son in 2008. we're expecting that update from police coming up minutes from now. a full update tonight on fox report. cyprus may be close to a deal to keep the government afloat and help prevent a larger economic crisis that could rock the rest of the world, including the united states. that's what top cypriot lawmakers are aknownsing but one finances minister said attacks of bank deposits is clearly on the table. the nation's parliament rejected a bailout offer which included that tax. but the clock is ticking for the small island nation. europe's central bank has sed a monday deadline for cyprus to come up with a plan to save itself. otherwise, emergency funding gets cut off entirely. that could force cyprus to ditch the eurozone, and investors say change like that could trigger a broader market panic.
12:50 pm
greg is live for us. greg? reporter: we're standing in front of what is really a symbol of the problems here, an atm machine. i'll ask my cameraman to zoom in on it. this started working in the past hour. we talked to people who have been to 20-30 atms, have not found any cash. they're desperate. a few blocks from where we are the parliament is meeting, trying to come up with a new approach to the bailout plan, and also getting rid of a troubled bank and what is off the tables the nationalization of pension funds. that was even said to be too tough by german officials but the proposal to tap into bigger accounts over $130,000, but that has got to be stirring people up. we were with them outside the parliament, protesting.
12:51 pm
they're worried about their jobs, worried where they'll find money, worrying about businesses that are grinding down to a halt, and the eu says if you don't have a plan on monday, we're going to pull the plug and that could be very bad for the cyprus and the european union. >> shepard: well, those 12 rebels just went on a game, ending 27-10 tear to show the wisconsin badgers how to dance. marshal henderson did what he does best, scoring 19 points in the ncaa first round victory. more on march madness and a game that is just coming down to the wire now. come on, pratt! [ birds chirping ] i'm your hot water heater. you hardly know i exist. that's too bad. 'cuz if my pressure relief valve gets stuck... [ booooooom! ]
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>> shepard: march madness living up to the hype. the biggest upset the harvard crimson. what a win, and my ole miss rebels just showed the badge officers wisconsin that upsets can happen. henderson had back-to-back threes, helping lead the rebels over the badgers. final score, sec 47, big ten 46. jimmy gray is with us now. so proud of andy kennedy and the harvard team. who are you picking? >> in the tournament, shep? >> shepard: i mean the whole thing. >> i'm picking the anymore home. number 25 tonight against detroit. the best team in the land. in the ncaa, any one of 20 teams can make it. i won't be able to pick it the day after the tournament. the ap came out, of the 100 million brackets filled out, the chance of any one being right is one in 9.2 quintilon.
12:56 pm
that's 19 digits. i dent know what that is. perhaps those dealing with the budget. our deficit isn't up to that. >> shepard: what do you make of the parity this year? last year there were a few teams. this year i don't have a clue. >> that's the thing. that's why it's so interesting this year. last year there was a rabbit, kentucky in years past, duke, north carolina. this year there's no one to chase. gonzaga had the toughest time of any number one seed in 16 years last night when they just won by six points. it's really, really tough. every team that has ascended to number one has fallen off, gotten knocked off. so it's really just a wide-open thing here this year, and really 20 teams have a legitimate chance of this. >> shepard: 20. incredible. i wonder what your sense is for what makes a difference. i always thought an older, experienced back court that handles the ball well is what you need in the tournament. but there's more to it than
12:57 pm
that, of course. >> it's changed so much. used to be these guys would stick together four years. now it's one and done, so it's usually the best player who has the best chance. the problem here this year is the best player got hurt earlier in the season, with kentucky, so who is the best player? who is the guy who stands out, who is in the tournament? we don't know that yet. perhaps he will ascend to that during the tournament. but the years of when you had teams that could collectively play together for so long, it's long gone. and it's wide open. >> shepard: do we need a rule change? >> yes. we do. they need to stay in college longer. it's hurting the collegiate game, obviously. this one and done is just a bad situation. it's bad for the nba because most of these guys ready to play, so they end up paying these guys millions of dollars to sit on the bench and learn the fundamentals and learn the
12:58 pm
game and it's not helping basketball on any en, professional or college. it would help if the kids mature, get to know the game better, be so much better for college basketball and so much better for pro basketball, but we have a lot of people who are in circumstances they need to earn a leaving and it's hard to stop somebody earning that living. we know a place where tossing and turning have
12:59 pm
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