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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> shannon: finally tonight, while the president has been meeting with key leaders across the middle east. another middle east dignitary lending his voice to europe. things may not have gone as planned. >> a former bay watch actor took his star watch power to berlin to it take a protest to developers who want to take down a big chunk of the berlin law. the police helped hasselhoff in dispersing the angry crowd ♪ identify been looking for
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freedom ♪ i've been looking for love ♪ i've been looking for freedom [ laughter ] >> it looks like it worked. charles wants to know where pamela anderson was. we will check on that. that's special for tonight. i'm shannon bremen. good night from washington. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, arrests in the search for a gunman accused of trying to rob a mother, then shooting her baby in the face. now that child is dead. and two teenagers are charged with murder. plus, an apparent murder/suicide in the marine corps. >> the three marines involved in this incident were all permanent personnel assigned to officers' candidate school. >> shepard: investigators say one marine shot two others and then himself. tonight, what we now know
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about the killing at quantico. shooting at a chinese restaurant. and when the gunman can't force his way inside, he just starts firing through the door. plus, can't get the airplane seat you want? just pretend to be a pilot. investigators say that's what this guy did. and he made it all the way to the cockpit. tonight, what happened when the real pilot showed up and started asking questions. but first from fox this friday night, please don't kill my baby. that was one mother's desperate plea as a teenager took aim at her baby's stroller and shot her young son right in the head. that boy barely more than 1-year-old. tonight, two teenagers are charged with first degree murder. the youngest of the two, 14 years old. happened in broad daylight. 9:00 in the morning today in the quiet historic district of brunswick, georgia about 80 miles south of savanah the mother
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here says the teens ambushed her while she walked with her stroller. she said they pulled a gun and demanded money. money sheep she didn't have. the grieving mom could barely explain what happened next. >> then he said i'm going to kill you if you don't give me your money. i said i swear i don't have any. he says well, i'm going to kill your baby. and i said please, don't kill my baby. >> shepard: they ignored the mother's plea in all firing four shots, one grazing the mother's ear. she says she didn't even feel it didn't believe the gun was even real until she saw her young son in his stroller dead. john roberts is on fox top story live in our georgia newsroom. john? >> shep. i talked to the mayor of brunswick just a short time ago. he told me this tragedy is shocking and jarring that nothing like this has ever happened in his town. two suspects under arrest tonight including 17-year-old demarqis elkins and that 14-year-old police
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are not releasing his name because is he a 14-year-old. both of them charged with first degree murder. this happened at 9:15. sharon west was out walking her 13 month old son antonio in a neighborhood that police describe as middle class, a low crime area. very nice houses in that area. when the two teenagers came up to her demanding money she swore up and down at least twice that she didn't have any. when they started shooting, first at the ground and then one bullet that grazed her ear she thought well this really couldn't be happening. that's probably a cap gun. when the gunman put a bullet in her thigh, that's when she realized that this was all too terrifyingly real. that's when the gunman took aim at antonio who was sleeping in his stroller. >> i'm like, oh my god. what if this is a real gun. what if he kills my baby? and put my arms over my baby and he shoved me and then he shot my baby right in the head.
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>> she screamed after that happened. the boys ran away because she had frightened them off. she took antonio wheeled him in a neighbor's yard. tried cpr but realized he was already dead. they were able to make arrest so quickly because of all the tips that flooded in the past 24 hours. people that might not ordinarily come forward did because they were so shocked by. this part of the investigation was to canvas local schools to find out which students were absent yesterday. the local school board according to the mayor provided names, addresses and photographs. within a matter of hours and it didn't take too long to put things together because they did have very good descriptions from sherri west. but while the police do have two teens in custody. they do not yet have a weapon. they are in the midst of executing three search warrants, looking for mother evidence. we -- looking for more evidence. this is not the first time tragedy has touched sherri west. her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death up in new jersey after she complained to a fellow neighbor about
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smoking crack in her apartment.mayor brian thompsono told me as a result of everything that's happened, a local funeral home has donated funeral services for antonio and the city is donating a plot in which to bury him. shep? >> shepard: murder has rocked the united states marine corps. right now we are trying to figure out the motive. investigators say an active duty marine killed two of his colleagues and then shot himself dead last night. it happened at the marine corps base at quantico in northern virginia. >> at 10:30 p.m. a 911 call was received by the provost sheriff's office. within five minutes of notification, authorities were on the scene. >> they say they found the bodies, all right there in the barracks. the marine corps hasn't released the identities of the victims or the shooter. officials say all three were staffers at the officer candidate school. this was the second big blow for the marine corps this week. on monday, seven marines died. 8 other service members
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hurt when a mortar exploded in its tube during a training exercise in nevada. that appears to have been a an accident. investigators say the killings at quantico were murder. elizabeth plan with the news triangle, virginia tonight not far from the base. elizabeth, what more do we know about what what happened there? >> well, we know that there was two crime scenes inside one of the barracks here on the base. that police initially entered the barracks and they found a male marine was shot death. northeastern location they found another male marine with a female. that male marine had a self-inflicted gun wound. all three of those marines were staff members at the officer candidate school which is a video that you are looking at right now. it's nearby the barracks. after the initial call the base was on lockdown for four hours detectives deemed it to be safe. shep? >> shepard: any word on a possible motive. >> no word right now. police are still notifying next of kin. they haven't released any details about that. we are hearing from a pentagon spokesperson this evening. and we heard on behalf of
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the defense secretary chuck hagel. he was saddened by the event. he said his heart and prayers are with them and their families. he went on to say he believes the legendary strength of the united states marine corps. and i believe he speaks on behalf of all of us, shep? >> shepard: elizabeth plan live tonight near quantico. president obama says he is worried now about syria becoming a refuge for extremist. the president spoke during a news conference king abdullah. hundreds of thousands of refugees have poured in trying to escape the country's bloody civil war. president obama is warning even after bashar assad eventually leaves there is a risk extremists will take over. >> they thrive in failed states. they thrive in power vacuums. they don't have much to offer when it comes to actually building things but they are very good about exploiting situations that, you know, are no
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longer functioning. >> shepard: and no matter how this unfolds, the president says the outcome in syria is not going to be ideal our chief white house correspondent traveling with live in amman jordan. the president is getting more pressure to use military in syria. >> he he is the president wept out and vowed that he would rid asyria of all the extremist still left there a sign that he is ready to kill more people. is he digging in even deeper president obama is getting pressure no-fly zone. come up with surgical air strikes. something to stop the killing. but the president today said at a news conference you have to be very careful with u.s. power. >> what your question may be suggesting is why haven't we simply gone in militarily. and, you know, i think it's fair to say that the united
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states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in militarily if it goes in militarily. if it doesn't go in militarily, people say why aren't you doing something militarily. >> president also noted that the u.s. has provided the most aid to syrian refugees yet. and he pledged $200 million more today, shep. >> shepard: ed henry ammon jordan tonight. thanks. how bad is the refugee crisis before i let you go. is it getting even worse? >> it is. king abdullah in jordan is the one dealing with most of it. he says he he has dealt with 500 refugees from syria coming across the northern border of jordan where i am right now. and to give you an idea of how big that is, the king basically said that one refugee camp alone here in jordan is now the fifth largest city in jordan in terms of population, a refugee camp. and today he said he is hoping for better days. take a listen. >> what we are saying that the odds being behind us.
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we and jordan are looking now at the summer for us all. which means we all have to roll up our sleeves. it's going to be a bumpy and difficult road. i'm very encouraged with the process. and i am very excited about the future. >> now, previously the king had suggested he might take assad in terms -- take him in with political asylum as a solution to end all this today. he sort of hedged about all of that, showing there is no easy way out of this crisis, shep. >> shepard: that's for sure. ed, thank you. word of a connection now between a pizza delivery guy killed on the job, a prison director murdered in his home. and a wild high speed chase that began with bullets and ended in a crumpled cadillac. tonight, reports about the man who may it be to blame about all of it and his dark history behind bars. plus video shows a man walking through an airport before he got on the elevator. minutes later he was dead at the bottom of that elevator shaft. the airport mystery coming up from the journalists of fox news this friday fox
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>> shepard: the police tell us they now have evidence that links the man who led cops on a chase that ended in a crash in a shootout in texas. to the killings of a pizza delivery guy and the top prison official in the state of colorado. his name is even ebil. is he a colorado parolee with a long criminal record who is also a member of a white supremacist prison gang. cops in denver say he is a suspect in the killing of a pizza delivery man nay on this leon. police in texas say they have a link to that shooting and the murder of the prison official tom clements tuesday night right on his front doorstep. 18-wheeler smashed his black cadillac in texas, ending a chase that reached speeds they tell us up to 100 miles per hour. he then stepped out of the exchanged gunfire with the cops. he later died from the
4:17 pm
injuries. alicia acuna is live for us from denver. what is the evidence they are speaking of? >> it's what a texas ranger says he found in and around evan ebel's crashed cars. the shell casings are shown to be the same caliber of the home tom clements was killed. in the car trunk a domino's pizza bag jacket or shirt. they believe he killed pizza delivery man nathan lee days before the prison director was murdered. the colorado governor hickenlooper is now saying that he is a close friend of ebel's father. >> shepard: wow. what are we hearing out of colorado? >> well, the el paso county sheriff's department is saying it cannot comment yet there is a possible link going on right now investigating. could have been sent by a white supremacist gang to carry out a hit. colorado authorities are in wise county, texas,
4:18 pm
investigating right now where the sheriff says it was a violent end to the chase. there is really only one deputy was injured. possibly two had been hit. our lt. our vehicle was struck on the drivers side window. lodged here. inches of his head so he is very lucky. >> the funeral for tom clements is sunday. >> some incredible video now. happened in philly. we can see the three men using their feet to try to hold that door without getting shot. and then the man eventually stepped back, fired right through the glass. all three people hurt. but we're told they will recover. hopes that somebody will recognize the gunman. is he still on the loose tonight. most voters say they do support many of the gun control proposals under
4:19 pm
consideration in washington. background checks by a mile. that's according to new fox news poll. they show 85% of registered voters favor universal background checks. 72 support mental health checks. 51% favor an outright ban on assault weapons. but when poll takers ask what would most likely reduce gun violence. most voters chose better parenting over stricter gun laws. well, newly released evidence -- i should say surveillance video shows the moments before a man's deadly plunge down an elevator shaft. it happened last week at tampa international airport. he was the man walking through this terminal with the black hat there. can you see him taking a swig from a bottle. police say he was quite intoxicated at the time. and here you can see him on the left side of the screen. climbing on to a potted plant before stumbling around. and then he eventually walks into that elevator. investigators say he did get off at the 7th floor. part of the parking garage.
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what happened after that is really a mystery because there were no cameras on that floor. some 10 hours later maintenance crews discovered his body at the bottom of the elevator shaft. then there is the passenger who claimed he was a pilot and made his way right into the cockpit. some members of the flight crew actually bought it for a while. that, plus federal aviation officials announcing they will close nearly 150 air traffic control towers across this nation. its fallout over that. and it's coming as fox reports live tonight. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. can make any old day a special occasion. so she makes her new mini cream pies with real cream filling
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>> shepard: there is more fallout as fox reports tonight from those spending cuts they call the sequester. federal aviation officials today announce they will be cutting costs and closing 149 air traffic control towers across the country. it will happen next month.
4:24 pm
it's actually fewer towers than officials had first proposed closing. they say they will keep open two dozen towers that they planned to close. shutting them down would have, quote, a negative impact on the national interest, unquote. all the airports involved reportedly will remain open but with no towers, pilots will have to coordinate takeoffs and landings themselves over a shared radio frequency. they have the training to do that still, republican senator jerry more ran said the move was like removing stop lights and stop signs from our roads. he also claims the f.a.a. could save the towers by tapping into the millions of dollars in unspent research money. the national air traffic controllers association blasted the move in a statement it reads: the closure of these air traffic control towers will reduce the overall margin of safety of our entire aviation system. meantime the fbi is now investigating how a guy posing ago -- as a pilot got inside the cockpit apparently because he
4:25 pm
wasn't intent to ride back in coach it happened in philadelphia at the international airport there. cops say this french citizen had a coach ticket on a u.s. airways flight. he asked a gate agent if he could ride up front in first. the agent said. no and police say he argued with the agent. telling her that he hatesicans. and once he got on the plane, he didn't take his seat back in coach. police say he claimed to be a pilot and asked to ride in the cockpit's jump seat. he reportedly looked the part at the time. air france shirt and an air france bag. even an apparent airline i.d. card. but the police say the captain knew something wasn't right almost as soon as the imposture entered the cockpit. trace gallagher picks up the story there what tipped off the captain. >> this guy said he could fly a 747, shep. for some reason he could not open the jump seat despite the fact the captain was suspicious, he still apparently allowed this guy to sit down. but when the gate agent who had the initial conflict with the phony pilot came in to give the crew their final passenger list, she
4:26 pm
recognized the man, called authorities, and they hauled him away. the big concern here was that his fake i.d. was apparently a terrible fake. and that no standard operating procedures were followed. the captain is normally notified prior to anybody trying to get in the jump seat anyway. the agent gate agent would say you have got a jump seat person today. they have may not know who it is. but they know some of that is coming. none of that apparently happened. so again why they just let this person come in and sit down is beyond me. >> now, u.s. airways says no door was ever closed. the passengers were never in any danger. the suspect is now facing five different charges. shep? >> shepard: something similar happened the end of last year, didn't it, trace? >> yeah, it was italian man who claimed he was a pilot who snuck aboard another european airline and into the cockpit. this time he flew from italy to germany before the
4:27 pm
authorities caught up to him. they think he did it at least two, maybe three times before that but nothing compares to this guy. his name is frak be a bin gail. the phony pilot who flew some 250 flights for panam back in the 1950s. and before the feds ever caught up to him, he had logged more than a million miles. he, of course, was the subject of leonardo decap preio's role in the movie catch me if you can. shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live tonight. thanks. you generally don't expect to see cessna in your rear view mirror. one went rolling down the freeway in southern, keisel after the pilot had to make an emergency landing right there on the road. he reported he lost engine power. nobody got hurt. as you can see here a pickup truck had to tow it out of there. get ready for the vote aroma. the senate trying to do something it hasn't done in nearly 40 years. actually pass a budget. it won't be easy and it won't be quick. why this party is set to go all night with vote after
4:28 pm
vote after vote. and it's spring for most of us it certainly doesn't feel like it. look at these temperatures. most of the country 10 degrees below average, at least. and one prosecutor says he knows who is to blame. the groundhog. he is indicting punxsutawney phil and asking him for the maximum penalty. plus, the wrestler who uprooted a tree to save his mom from a fire. could he do that? what he says as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. when did you know that grandma was the one?
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something is wrong with phil. you know, punxsutawney has some answers that he needs to give and i think i'm just going to have to indict him. >> shepard: the prosecutor says is he seeking the death penalty. punxsutawney's phil's representative in pennsylvania says the row debt will fight any attempt at extradition. it is cold. the professional wrestler ripped a tree from the ground with his bare hands to save his mother who was trapped inside her burning home. it all started when a neighbor reportedly locked himself and christmas teres mom inside a room and barricaded the door. masters had gotten a call about the incident. so he rushed to the scene and phoned the police. and when they got there,
4:33 pm
the neighbor set fire to the place. masters couldn't get inside because a tree was blocking the window. that's when he tookd matters into his own hands quite literally. today he spoke with abc good morning america about the rescue. >> basically took this whole tree and bear hugged it all the way down to the floor. that's when i started targeting screen down and broke the windows. probably the craziest day of my life. scariest things i have been through. >> mom is fine. police arrested the suspect. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama says he is concerned about a potential power vacuum in syria. the president wrapped up his middle east trip today in the key u.s. ally of jordan. saying that the syrian president bashar assad must go. but that if he does extremists could very well exploit a potentially chaotic situation. meanwhile, the man who has been murdering his own
4:34 pm
people to two years now vowed to wipe out what he called forces of darkness. jonathan hunt is in our newsroom tonight. threatening words from the syrian president yet again. >> yeah, for two years his actions have been speaking volumes, shep. now president assad has put it in writing in the wake of the killing of a pro-government cleric in that mosque attack. mr. assad released a statement, essentially addressing his long-time supporter. the cleric saying, quote: i swear to the syrian people that your blood and that of your grandson and all the march tars of the homeland will not be spilled in vain because we will be faithful to your ideas by destroying their extremism and ignorance until we have cleanse the country. that will send shivers through anyone who
4:35 pm
remembers the ethnic cleansing of the bosnian war. >> shepard: the blame game they are at that again. >> president assad blaming the rebels for this attack on the mosque. the rebels saying not so. they wouldn't do that they would never hit a mosque. now, frankly, on this occasion, there is a more compelling case for saying that the rebels were behind. this simply because the cleric was such a stead fast supporter of assad that it would not seem to make sense for pro-government forces to kill that particular cleric. and officials at the state department would not speculate on who was behind this today. but once again, they did admit that extremists have infiltrated the opposition. listen. >> we have been working hard in our contacts with the syrian opposition. whether it's on the political side or the military side to be extremely vigilant about efforts to hijack their movement by extremists. >> and, of course, this remains a major concern for
4:36 pm
the u.s., shep. the flood of extremists and their weapons into syria. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live for us in the newsroom tonight. jonathan, thank you. the u.s. senate sen gauged in what it is called voterorama series of amendments to democrats' proposed budget. we haven't seen one of these since 2010 when the senate made its final adjustments to the final healthcare overhaul. here is a live look at the senate floor where the voting is expected to continue for hours. potentially keeping lawmakers up past midnight. oh. today's votes are mostly for show though. they are especially important for 32 lawmakers who have joined the senate since the last time they passed a budget. that was 2009. now many of those senators are going on the record for the first time. voting for or against changes in spending and tax hikes. mime immanuel is live on capitol hill. these votes, a lot more rapid fire than we are used to seeing out of that senate. >> that's right, shep. voting on anywhere from 25 to 30 amendments. the senate democrats' budget among the tough
4:37 pm
topics. abortion, taxes, and bailouts. so democrats on the 2014 ballot including mary ahead expeditiously. >> the senate will come to order. >> so i would just let all senators know you leave at your own peril. >> and senator murray's budget is expected to come up for a vote late night tonight with 55 democrats in the senate. it is expected to have enough support, shep. >> shepard: some surprising amendments to this thing here? >> that's right. there was something called the marketplace fairness act that just got 75 votes. supporters say it is designed to level the playing field for traditional merchants trying to compete with
4:38 pm
those on the internet in terms of taxes and it did earn bipartisan support. >> i have a very conservative friend over here on the republican side who said to me i hate taxes but the one thing i hate worse is people who owe taxes who don't pay them. that's what this is about. after tonight's late night voting frenzy the senate will take a two week recess. shep? >> shepard: good for them. mike emanuel on capitol hill. gitmo not closing down getting a face lift and expensive one. requested $49 million for a brand new prison at guantanamo bay. the new digs would reportedly replace the building that houses high valued detainees, including the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. that's apparently not the only thing on the military's renovation list. catherine herridge live tonight with more from washington what are they
4:39 pm
asking for. >> the total request about $100 million two barracks, a mess hall and communications network book of that money for new prison housing. high value detainees gitmo code for the al qaeda suspects once held by the cia. >> all of these temporary buildings for the most part are falling apart. weave really do need to serious about taking care of our troops that are down there as well as improving the security. >> the soccer field built at a cost of $744,000 is another sign that camps are not shutting down any time soon. with specially built tunnels that allow detainees 24 access to the field. contact between guards and detainees is limited and that's designed to reduce assaults. when fox first broke news of the soccer field in february of last year. critics pointing out the money is being spent at the same time soldiers are being asked to take cuts in their medical insurance, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge on those campaign promises to the wind. catherine, thanks so much. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: good news for your 401(k). stocks finished strong
4:40 pm
today. the dow up 1 on the session. nasdaq up 22 and s&p up 11. nervous eyes on the island nation of cyprus as it tries to stave off financial ruin. there are new signs tonight that they're moving away ahead for hugely controversial plan for taxing the money that folks already have in the bank. come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ] ♪
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4:44 pm
experts call cyprus the cayman islands of the mediterranean for its low tax rate and very lax oversight. and european leaders reportedly don't want to bail out a bunch of russian mob centers and who would. greg palkot with the news live in cyprus. i should say in the capitol of cyprus. what's the latest there, greg? >> hey, shep. it is a small island nation making some big waves. protesters were very busy outside of parliament while a plan b for a bailout was prepared. lawmakers voting to break up one troubled bank. mortgage off church assets on the island. yes, they would look again at that controversial idea to seize money help pay for it all. even some from some small depositors who thought they were insured. this as it got even harder for everyone to get their we saw it firsthand. people we spoke with were desperate. the banks are supposed to
4:45 pm
reopen here on tuesday. they are already preparing for and expecting a run on the banks. when that happens, shep. it could be a stampede. felt and heard around the world. back to you. bill. >> shepard: greg palkot live in cyprus tonight. plenty of homeland security snipers knew about the fast and furious gun sting. they did nothing to stop it. fast and furious was meant to follow guns from the u.s. to mexican drug cartels. the feds did not track some of those weapons. and bandits left two of them at the scene of a shootout where u.s. border patrol agent brian terry died. he is live in our west coast newsroom with more. hello, william. >> shepard, according to the inspector general, senior homeland security officials in arizona treated fast and furious as a case of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. even though their field agents repeatedly told them about the case and that it was, quote: a train wreck. they knew that because fast and furious was a joint
4:46 pm
task force operation involving atf, dea and customs enforcement or ice. a full time ice agent knew all about the operation from intel and surveillance to tracking guns. and according to this ig report, he knew that fast and furious violated policy and he reported that. but his supervisors, including the agent in charge, quote: never read his reports. and never told washington. one agent wrote that he, quote: was especially concerned about the investigation because it had allowed 41 high caliber weapons to be transported to his area of responsibility and smuggled other the border. he said that volume of weapons being investigated was scary and only worsened over time. the report sights multiple incidents where ice and border patrol agents stopped cars smuggling weapons. but they were told by the atf to back off. the report concludes that neither john morton, head of ice or homeland security secretary janet napolitano
4:47 pm
knew about fast and furious until border agent brian terry died. terry's family said today they're disappointed that the investigation did not name names or describe responsibility nor chastise the agent in charge for failing to shut down the operation. shepard? >> shepard: wism la jeunesse in los angeles. william, thanks. rescuer are searching for survivors amid the rebel after a building collapses and kills three people. it's our top story around the world in 80 seconds. china. state media report construction crews in the eastern city were finishing the fourth floor when it suddenly came crashing down. burying 14 workers under piles of heavy steel and debris. firefighters pulled several men to safety. no word on what caused the collapse. australia. a tornado tore apart several homes and trailer parks during a violent hailstorm in the southeast. >> the hail stones were golf size. and you could actually seat funnel and hear it through
4:48 pm
the trees and the roar of it was horrendous. >> winds reportedly topped 150 miles per hour. pulling roofs off houses and wrapping them around trees. emergency officials air lifted more than a dozen people to hospitals. france. [bells toll] >> shepard: a preview of the notre dame threeldz new bells in paris ahead of tomorrow's official sounding to kick off holy week. the new set replaces the 160-year-old bells that had been removed more than a year ago. it's all part of celebrations for the cathedral's 850th an anniversary. spain. a baby asian elephant now on display at the madrid zoo. visitors can vote on a name for the little pachyderm. zoo officials say they will announce the results next month. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> it's one giant step for
4:49 pm
a new york city auction house. a new law is letting astronauts sell stuff from their space mission. that's never been allowed before. when you hear the details on these pieces of history, you will know why you better bring a fat wallet. that's ahead. first, the author of a ground breaking work of modern african literature. things fell apart has died. his name: chenawa. began writing career. his novel "things fall apart ♪ told the story of man in his village snapped unable to adjust to colonial rule. that novel helped change africa forever by helping share experiences natives to worldwide audience. he moved to the united states where he continued writing and teaching. his agents say the writer died yesterday in boston after a brief illness.
4:50 pm
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>> shepard: some art facts from space about to hit the auction block here on earth and the space history sale at new york city. it's the first major auction of its kind since congress passed a law that allows astronauts to sell mission souvenirs. the collection includes pretty awesome stuff like part of neil armstrong's part of log. and smition 197 a document that ended the u.s. russian space race which when astronauts from both nations signed it in orbit. it's all up for grabs starting next week if you have enough cash. david lee miller on new york city newsroom. some pricey items, david lee. >> indeed, shepard. that so-called space magna carta that could fetch
4:54 pm
$100,000. also expected to bring in big bucks is handwritten notes. apollo. safe return to earth after 1970 mission to the moon had to be aborted. actor tom hanks recreated the scene in a movie. the single page of notes is expected to fetch at least $60,000. the auction houses prices of space memorabilia from taken off in the last few years. >> it's really a very limited quantity of this material from the 1960s and 1970s. increasing number of people interested. it's really pushing prices up. >> and you don't have to attend the auction to bid. you can call it in or you can go online. shepard? >> shepard: who is selling all this stuff, david lee? >> most of the items up for sale are coming from other collectors. a small a the items though are coming directly from the astronauts themselves and it's possible we could see more space memorabilia that could have been made available. congress has passed the law permitting astronauts to sell art facts collected. one thing you are not going
4:55 pm
to see auctioned off, however, moon rocks although collected by the astronauts, they remain the property of uncle sam. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller in new york tonight. "the tonight show" could get a big tax break if it does move here to new york. of course, jay leno currently hosts the show out in california. the "new york times" reported this week a source says jimmy fallon could take over next year and that the program would come back where it begin in the 1950s in manhattan with steve allen. new state bill expected to be signed into law would give a 30% tax credit for relocated television production. the measure lists several other qualifications. all of which seem to describe the history of "the tonight show." how convenient. new jersey devil's legend martan brotherhood. i don't watch hockey. third career goal. he didn't shoot the puck. the other team messed up a pass. the puck bounced off the boards and right into the other net. see there?
4:56 pm
the net minder was last player to touch it. so he gets the goal. the month of march has gone mad with upsets. they ended last night with a stunner for harvard and started back up today with a hottie tottie for the ages. my rebels and the rest coming up. [ mom ] a new game? that'll save the day. so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less, with bounty select-a-size.
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[ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. call me! seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business. >> bill: hottie tottie march madness living up it its billing and a bunch of bracket busted today. 12 seeded ole miss upseeded wisconsin this afternoon after an ice cold start my rebels and marshall hernandez got red hot in the second half. first tourney win in 12 years. up next for ole miss lasalle that small catholic school from philly dropped kansas state hours ago in huge upset. one of five double digit seeds to advance so far. a pair of 12's.


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