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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 23, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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the legacy of mistrust. to tell holocaust descendants there is no healthy reason for skepticism is embarrassing and wrong. >> sean: ryan. >> let me give you an idea how little the current administration knows about the muslim brotherhood. they are celebrating the fact that the syrian rebels chose as the interim prime minister as an american, but this guy is tied to the u.s. muslim brotherhood. and u.s. ambassador for syria and the syrian brotherhood backed this individual and they said i don't know what his political affiliations are but i'm sure he is more texans. >> sean: thank you our distinguished group of guests.
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>> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, march 23rd. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us early. happy birthday obama in a care. the a foddable care act. remember if you liked your insurance you could keep your insurance. but will your doctor still be around? we'll explain. >> forget gutting our military. the real sequester pain felt on capitol hill. >> we have to come together and promote initiatives that improve the quality of life in the house of representatives. >> really? more outrageous comments from debbie wasserman
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schultz. >> hopeless romantic sending police on a wild chase for a mugger that didn't exist. should cops throw the book at him? we will examine that video. "fox & friends" begins right now >> good morning, everybody. look who snuck in here. >> wow. >> i didn't believe they let me in this place. >> security. security. >> jesse watters here for tuck iter. fellow philly boy. you are surrounded by philadelphia pride right here. [boos] >> there is two filly guys on the set. it's either going to be a show or we are going to rumble. >> alisyn: i have filly roots myself so it's all good. >> can we get bill up at
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this hour? >> peter: i would like to you see you get bill out of bed at this hour. >> he will never come on our show this early. he will get on the phone this hour. >> bill: lazy, lazy lazy. >> you can tell he is in bed doing the interview right now. >> alisyn: i don't want to imagine that. >> peter: sorry, alisyn. >> alisyn: top story today. obama care turns three years old and today some doctors are wondering is this a birthday party or a retirement party there is a new study out that suggests that doctors are bowing out of the profession. there is a lot to digest. big number in new survey is 6 in 10 doctors say they are likely to retire early over the next three years. they didn't pin it all specifically on the affordable care act. a number of factors are in play. falling income. eroding a ton my. where they used to be able to pick and choose the types of services they could provide.
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they don't have as much predom to do that anymore. that's one of the areas. they say their overall future in medicine. they are worried about the industry at large moving forward. >> peter: they front loaded all the goodies in this bill. preexisting conditions. you get to stay in your parent's healthcare plan. the pain comes. this year and next year, premiums go up. long lines. it's going to be a real train wreck people are predicting. >> alisyn: for doctors, it's worrisome because they believe, at least according to this study med page new study for physicians. 48% of them believe that their income will drop. their income has been dropping with, i guess, legs medicare or medicaid reimbursements. they believe their income will drop as a direct result of the affordable care act. some are considering getting out of the business all together. they also believe their best years are behind them. they have a real case of
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pessimism. >> clayton: young people i don't hear them talking about medical field. computer development. they see the best and brightest the young folks are not seeking a career in medicine like they once did because of all of these restrictions. >> peter: you could go into plastic surgery and make a ton of dough there no one is doing the internist and that i understand could of surgery. the money is not there anymore. take out a $500,000 loan to get through medical school when you get out there obama care is regulating the bejesus out of you. >> clayton: who wants to go to school for 10 years. i didn't want to be in it at all. >> alisyn: that's not the glamorous one. dermatology and things like that where people are going. in we need primary care physicians. internists. you never hear kids say i want to be a doctor. all of it is all of the government involvement that thee they feel. >> clayton: insurance exchanges we have been hearing so much about.
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these need to be in place. they are not yet set up. obama care rolling out over the last few years. not all of its arms have yet taken hold. insurance exexchange a key component of the affordable care act which would basically give you the idea, you know, eligible folks could then get government subsidies in return for some of these services. henry chow has come out this week basically saying all of these set up, all of the web site stuff that we were working on to build this thing has not come together yet. he says the time for debating about the size of the text on the screen or the color or is any world class user experience, that's what we used to talk about when we were talking about this. he says two years ago. now let's just make sure it's not a third world experience. >> so basically they are saying let's do better than sim back zimbabwe. is that the experience we are trying to exceed? >> clayton: this is what is amazing to me.
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i have friends in the tech world class database in a week. >> alisyn: screw them call henry chow? >> clayton: three years to build a web site and now they are realizing that in fact it may not be ready for all 50 states when this rolls out in the fall. >> peter: does this surprise anybody? this is the federal government trying to regulate health care each state has another exchange. they are opting in, opting out o. >> alisyn: meantime, let's talk about the sequester. there are more evidence. >> clayton: do you need a tissue for this one? >> alisyn: more evidence of places being cut. debbie was sermon schultz has her own pet project that she doesn't want to be cut i should say pet interest. the menu and food inside for the house of representatives. she worries that her staff, it will be too expensive for them to be able to buy meals like lunch and by the the quality of the food she is not happy with either.
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expensive grool is what they are getting in this cafeteria. listen to her complaints. >> we have to come together and promote initiatives that improve the quality of life in the house of representatives. we already have employees who are making a sacrifice to engage in public service as a career choice. being priced out of being able to actually eat a high quality meal should not be one of the challenges that they face. >> clayton: we're all really concerned about the congressional staff being priced out of a good meal. >> peter: let me get this straight. cutting the military and white house tours. people returning from iraq and afghanistan they can't get the insurance they need or the subsidies they need to get educated. she is trying to gain sympathies here for rich preppy white house staffers that need to pay $7 for a nice meal in the cafeteria in d.c. and now they want to raise it to $10. is that what i'm getting from her? >> clayton: she says the quality of the food. if you look at the quality of the food, even lowering
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it it's still better than the school lunches most of our kids get to eat across this country. >> alisyn: you mean mystery meat? [yuck] >> peter: what was that pink slime they had coming out of tube. >> clayton: we used to have cheese dream take hamburger bumps the enriched flour ones break it in half and drizzle cheese ton and melt it and that was lunch. >> alisyn: that sounds delicious. the food i had in my cafeteria completely indefinable. it was just a sort of. >> clayton: jell-o. >> alisyn: gentlemen -- gelatinous. i think it was a kung pow chicken thing. let us know what the most heart breaking sequester cut you have heard is find us on twitter.
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are you on twitter? the neys are 49. without objection. >> the senate has passed a budget. >> senators had to pull an all nighter voting on dozens of amendments just about an hour ago. the democratic plan calls for 1 trillion in tax increases over the next decade. elizabeth plan will break it down at the bottom of the hour. president obama wrapping up four day tour in the middle east. before leaving israel the president managed to broker a an apology from netanyahu to the british prime minister over commando raid
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turkish ship that killed 8. he admitted mistakes were made in 2010 as forces were nato embargo. >> can i tell you about this meteor? >> i love that i was up up all night tracking this. this was the meteor they were talking about if you live along the east coast. it's all anybody is talking about. video of reportedly a meteor over a home in maryland from north carolina all the way up to maine. hundreds of people reported official across the sky. claims to captured the security video too. nasa experts says the space rock was probably the size of a softball or volleyball. they are not sure what size ball it was. perhaps a basketball. it burned up in the atmosphere though. >> alisyn: thank goodness. thank you for monitoring that. please call me immediately if you see it heading towards your house. >> clayton: i called you and your husband said she is asleep. >> alisyn: actually, stop
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calling me. rick reichmuth for weather across the country. >> rick: it's cold. we had snow. this week a big snowy one. cold air in place. 21 in denver. five inches of snow overnight. more snow on the way. there is severe weather later on today across areas of the south. already getting the rain. we are going to see tornadoes later on this afternoon and some flooding along with this as well. out across the west. you are finding the southwest it's this storm that you have there that's just really getting going to denver to parts east and southwestern areas of nebraska and kansas. get ready because a big swath is going to see around 6 to 8 inches of snow that stretches right kind of between i-80 and i-70 across nebraska and kansas. tomorrow it moves a little bit farther off towards the east. parts of indiana, ohio. we're going to be talking about 6 plus inches of snow. we are still solidly here into spring but feeling like winter for almost everybody, unfortunately. temperaturewise today, take a look at this. denver only getting to 23. cool all around parts of the great lakes and the northern areas. take a look at that though,
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the only real warm air is across texas where we are above average. in fact, we will see some 90's there. tomorrow that goes away. warm up a little bit in parts across florida. >> this wasn't supposed to happen. >> whoa. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> stand back, stand back. >> a great white shark gets inside a diver's cage. wait until you see what happens next. that is nerve wracking. >> you already pay their salaries. guess what, you are paying their taxes too. employees dodging the irs. should they be fired? he road.
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>> jessie: you pay their salaries all while they are not paying their taxes. federal employees 100,000 of them with serious tax liens. >> clayton: texas congressman blake is on the house committee for oversight and government reform where the bill advanced last week. he here to give us update. nice to see you. welcome to the show. >> good morning, guys. >> this bill advanced and exactly what does this bill attempt to do and do you think it has a chance at passing? it holds federal employees for paying their taxes. 100,000 owing over a billion dollars in beings as it and we can't even fire the worse of the worse dead beats. >> jessie: congressman, is the goal here to fire these guys to punish them or do we just want to collect their taxes? what's the point here?
3:19 am
we don't have any real incentives with federal employees to force them to pay their taxes. this was designed to go after the worse of the worse. people who refused to even work with the irs. the irs before you're subject to being fired as a federal employee for not paying taxes, you have to have a tax lien filed against you and save yourself by the chopping block just by araising with the irs to come up with a payment plan. we are only after the people who aren't each trying to pay their taxes. that's really annoying to those of us who actually do pay our taxes that we have got free loaders who are not paying anything or even trying to pay anything. not even $5 a paycheck. federal employees end up making more than their public counterparts. making more. they seem to not be held accountable by the government. which you think would have more access to their records. fox has probably has more access to my records than
3:20 am
another company out there. they probably know more about me. they can probably get it on their computer screen to say that joe is not paying his taxes. how does this even happen? >> there are a lot of protections for federal employees in the private sector the irs can levy your paycheck it's much more difficult to under the contract the federal employee unions have made with the government. >> jessie: consumption, congressman your democrats says he doesn't want to demonize tax delinquents. heaven forbid we demonize people who break the law. do you think democrats are going to come on board here or protect these people that aren't paying their fair share? you know, there are some concerns. obviously the argument on the other side is well if you fire them they are not going to have a job to pay their taxes at all. -understand that part of the argue: do you want people working for the federal government sometimes in sensitive
3:21 am
positions. people who have access to personal information about you that don't have the personal responsibility even to pay their own taxes? that's what's troubling to me. whether you can get bipartisan support or not, i think we can. >> clayton: it's despicable that our tax dollars are paying their salary and they are not paying taxes. it's an outrage absolutely. >> thanks for joining us bright and early. >> any time. >> let us know what you think about this at home. use the hash tag ff weekend. >> jessie: faked an attack to look like a hero on first date. and the plan back fired. should he be sent to the slammer or should we feel bad for the guy. >> clayton: author aidala. the f.a.a. cutting 149 control towers. feel safe in the skies now? >> this is a crazy story a man in arkansas confessed that he had a friend pretend to attack him during a date so he could
3:22 am
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>> jessie: now quick headlines. under pressure to slash $600 million from its budget the f.a.a. is closing 149 air traffic control towers at small airports across the country. move is necessary. critics say it will jeopardize air safety. alleged al qaeda terrorist is a no show to his first court date. ibrahim is attacked with attacking forces in afghanistan and plotting to
3:26 am
bomb forces in nigeria. he was supposed to appear in federal court yesterday but his lawyer said he was just too sick. ali. >> alisyn: thanks so much, jesse. how far would you go to protect your date? one man may have taken things too far when he had a friend fake a knife attack so he could play hero. the jonesboro police department two hours searching for the fake assailant. should the -- arthur aidala >> death penalty. >> alisyn: this guy was trying to impress this first date so he had his buddy pretend to be a knife assailant. he value lently fought him off and spent two hours scanning the would see
3:27 am
should he be charged with a crime. >> absolutely. do you remember the name jennifer wilbanks who was a runaway bride? she staged her own kidnapping and rape certainly and called the police and say i have been kidnapped and raped. this is absolutely no different. what a buffoon. his date went running away and called the police. that's when the police resources got wasted for hours and hours. please lock the guy up. come on, arthur. >> there but for the grace of god go i. if i was going out with joanna. hypothetically speaking. going out for a date. stefanie in makeup just called mr. potato head. not going to be going out with mr. potato head without my showing migrateness. is he a jerk? absolutely. i don't know the crime. >> the wasting of police resources. >> give him a fine. let him pay a thousand bucks. >> making a false police report. >> he didn't file the
3:28 am
police report. the girlfriend ran and called the cops. he didn't file the police report. >> in a statement he said yeah, i didn't know. then he changed his story. and i cut myself and i just wanted to impress her. >> bottle of wine for crying out loud. that's all you have got to do. >> wait a minute. it's a fox news alert. it's that simple. a little wine and jona you are having a good time. >> it was stupid thing to do if we start hauling everyone off in handcuffs the jails will be too full for real criminals. >> >> i agree it was wrong and should have fallen on his sword. >> alisyn: figuratively. arthur makes a great point if we start looking up all sort of male ridiculousness the jails would be way overcrowded. >> then you would have nobody to date. you can't waste police time like that. >> somebody could have actually gotten hurt. you don't want somebody jumping around with a knife. punched him in a face one
3:29 am
time. >> alisyn: i'm glad we have resolved all of this. arthur aidala. jonah, i think we have learned that there could be a love connection here guys. go to the green room. >> i like red. >> alisyn: heater stopping close encounter. whoa! >> oh my god. oh my god. [bleep] stand back, stand back. >> that gray white shark got inside that diver's cage. wait until you hear what happens next. while you were sleeping the senate passed a budget. it only took them four years. what else did they accomplish overnight? live in washington with the very latest. ♪
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buy one get four free for your business. >> shocked after pulling a three inch knife blade from the back of a 32-year-old man. the knife had been in there for three years. the guy had a knife in his back for three years. he must have worked at nbc too.
3:34 am
>> you have heard about this alleged feud that i'm having with nbc? well, i think it's going to be okay. this is real. i had dinner last night with a bunch of nbc executives. and to make up to me. listen to this. to make it up to me what they did is sending my wife and i on an all expenses paid carnival crews. how about that? wow. how about that? >> alisyn: this is jlo's -- this is jay leno's best material in years. >> clayton: maybe he wouldn't have gotten fired if he were this funny. he is funnier like now jay leno untapped. >> alisyn: unplugged. >> clayton: unbridled right now. anyway, more on that coming up. now the news this morning jimmy fallon they may be moving "the tonight show" to new york. comedians in new york are super excited about it it's hard for them to get out to the west coast for "the tonight show." you could have all these comedians getting work
3:35 am
again. >> alisyn: i think i know what you are pulling for. unusual lesson that happened at florida atlantic university. a professor there decided that to teach the children about symbols. what i would -- what he would have them do write in big letters the name jesus, then have them all stand up, put the jesus paper on the floor deandre pool is the professor, put the jesus paper on the floor and stomp on it. >> stomp on jesus. >> stomp on jesus. >> it's a great lesson plan. what i want know is is. if they stomped on a picture of muhammad, i mean, that would be outrage across the world. you would have people lighting things on fire. you would have president obama getting involved. >> clayton: you would have death threats. >> jessie: stomping on jesus and only one student in the class made a peep. he was punished for it, i think, right? >> alisyn: he was a mormon student. he said he couldn't in good conscience get up and stomp on jesus. he went to the
3:36 am
authorities -- well the college officials and got suspended from class. >> clayton: here is a student reacting to this. this is what unfolded in that classroom. listen. >> if you were to stomp on the word jesus, it says that the word has no value. >> i'm not going to be sitting in a class having my religious rights desecrated. >> jessie: we do know a little bit about this professor is he a democratic party initial palm beach party. this is not a random guy. democratic party official. sanctioned by the democratic party. you know, where does he come up with this. i don't even understand what the lesson plan was supposed to represent? >> it's based on a textbook. the university first came out and defended this because they said it was in a lesson plan textbook on intracultural communication a contextual approach. what context are we ever standing and stomping on the ground of religious symbols? i don't know what context they are referring to.
3:37 am
stood by it now they have come out and aapologized forever it. >> alisyn: here is what the textbook said first and see if you can understand this lesson plan when you ask stomp on jesus most will hesitate. ask them why they can't stomp on the paper and discuss the importance of symbols in our culture? >> most will hesitate and then force them to do it. >> clayton: idiot. >> jessie: did everybody have to stomp? if you don't stomp are you expelled? is that what that is? >> clayton: i guess. the university now walked this back and has since apologized. here is their apology. we sincerely apologize for any of florida atlanta university. respects all religions and welcomes people of all faiths, background and beliefs. let us know what you think about this. you can weigh in on twitter. we are ff weekend and start using hash tag ff weekend so we can follow the conversation there this is how we follow it like this.
3:38 am
>> alisyn: i understand. that makes perfect sense to me. meanwhile we have this fox news alert for you. because for the first time in four years. the u.s. senate has passed a budget. that's amazing. >> jessie: good job guys. >> the yeas are 50. the nays are 49. >> all nighter. voted on dozens of amendments in ending the passing with a judgment. elizabeth plan is live in washington with more. have you gotten any sleep? when you there watching the vote orama as they everywhere calling it? >> did i get a little bit of sleep it did take all night. with t. was a slow process. it is done. the senate approved the budget first time in four years. 3.7 trillion-dollar blueprint plan. the resolution raises nearly a trillion dollars in new taxes. it does so by closing some tax breaks for the wealthy.
3:39 am
the government would still be in a deficit in 10 years the argument however is that the senate budget creates jobs and economic growth from the middle out. now, that's according to the author. senator pattie murray. for the democrats the vote is a really big accomplishment. >> first of all, over the last two decades the average budget resolution considered 78 amendments. we have done 101. the average vote arama 70 amendments. twice as many. doing this has been a her could herculessen feet. senator murray and senator sessions. >> during the vote senators were facing more than 500 amendments which were filed but 70 were voted on. of course when you do take a 13 hour six minute vote there has to be a little bit of humor. >> it is good to say that
3:40 am
as -- as of this time, 5:00 a.m., there has not been a day without a budget being passed in the united states senate. >> and some interesting observations from the vote. all democrats voted yeah with the exception of for up for re-election 2014. unfriendly to democrats. mark beg gich from alaska. baucus from montana. pryor from arc. hagan from north carolina. recently passed the ryan budget plan that one outlines $4.6 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade and does balance the budget. remember, these are resolutions. these are not bills. so most likely they will now just be used for argumentative talking points and of course the long running debate over spending which is good news for us because we get to talk about it back to you guys. >> get up extra early and
3:41 am
stay up all night. thanks elizabeth. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> get to the other headlines right now because we have another fox news alert for you. sorry. this one is an exclusive. a syrian national with ties to 9/11 who is living freely in new jersey and likely will not ever be detorted or prosecuted. fox news has learned that received a political asylum for a third time last november. the reason? a series of brewer craft particular slip ups. there is much more to this story. please tune in when catherine herridge hosts a special fox news investigation called is he here to stay in the u.s.a. tomorrow night at 9:00. in a dramatic 911 call of an oklahoma man confronting intruder in his home. >> here he is. >> has he gotten in. sir, has he he gotten in? >> yeah.
3:42 am
>> alisyn: the intruder was alive rushed to the hospital. police say it's up to the hospital whether to charge the homeowner. that sounds like strong evidence against charging the homeowner. a man wanted to swim with a shark. instead he almost got eaten by one. check out this dramatic video. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> stand pack. this happened off the coast of south africa. the great white completely ignored the bait with jaws out tried to force its way into the cage. the diver who just got
3:43 am
married the day before we're told he was able to duck out of the way just in the nick of time. i'm going to need more of an explanation. note to writer. i don't like the duck out of the way. i'm going to need to know how this diver survived. >> you you are planning your trip in a few weeks where you are going to be inside a shark tank. >> alisyn: i wish i were going so place tropical. >> rick, we call her chum. [ laughter ] >> rick: stand up, alisyn. let's get an idea of that. all right, guys. you need to go some place tropical we all do. this just isn't changing. take a quick look at video out there. this is from colorado where they're getting big snow again. good skiing going on. very great spring skiing. how about a soccer game looking like this here. this is in colorado. they have 5 inches of snow overnight. they have got about another 3 to 5 inches that they are going to see today. that's denver in typical denver fashion. back up in the 70s within a few days and then it will
3:44 am
all melt. check that out. it looks like a good game to watch for sure. take a look now at the weather maps. here is what we have going on. the jet stream. take a look what happens over the next couple of days. it does retreat northward a little bit so. through the this week a warm-up across parts of the central plains in across areas of the manhattan and ohio ohio -- mid-atlantic and the northern plains. winter like unfortunately and it goes past this saturday as well or next saturday. it goes maybe to about the following saturday. so, we're stuck in this pattern. quickly looking at today. the northeast we have a little bit of lake-effect snow. nothing that's going to amount to too much. there has been a lot this week that over 50 inches of snow in the plateau a little bit more to be had. down to the southeast. this is where we are going to have severe weather today. could be a few tornadoes as well especially in the deep south. stormy and rainy and the central plains. this is where we have got
3:45 am
your snow. much of nebraska and kansas. white out for the day today. back to you inside. >> thanks so much, rick. rick has been wondering how i managed to hack his iphone. coming up a step-by step guide how to hack into your iphone discovered online simple web page. see if you are at risk and what apple is doing about it. >> airline industry flying highly with news that it is set to make record profits this year. how you can save cash in and save on your next trip. do we have a mower? no. a trimmer? no. we got nothing. we just bought our first house, we're on a budget. we're not ready for spring. well let's get you ready. very nice. you see these various colors. we got workshops every saturday.
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>> jessie: airline profit
3:49 am
gain altitude with net profit of nearly $11 billion. that's up 40% from last year. >> so why isn't the boost in business good news for fliers? mark murphy is the travel expert and ceo of travel alliance media. nice to see you. >> thanks, ali. >> their profits rupp. billions of dollars up 40%. why aren't they passing that along to passengers. >> they lost $10 billion in the downturn. so it's very difficult to profit margins for airlines are 2.6% right now which which is about half the profit margin it was a few years ago. they are getting squeezed. they are squeezing us a little bit when they get the opportunity to do that. >> now, we like guys making profits. we want them to be successful. but the point is if they're hosting the fliers. we don't want that. >> i don't know about hosing. they are trying to squeeze the customer. and well, hide fees that's the thing. >> what can we do about that. on the challenge on the internet everything. sort from lowest to
3:50 am
highest. you show up first if you are u.s. air. the challenge with that in that pressure to show the lowest fare they have back ended a lot of fees. charge you for special seat selection. meals on board. literally everything under the sun. baggage. you think you are going to pay 1200 bucks up baggage and meals up to 1400 bucks. >> true. >> alisyn: how can we trick them? >> realize you are going to london 60% of the airline tickets. 70% are booked by traditional travel agents which most people forget. many of those airline tickets can be booked through a package a tour operator. they negotiate with the airline and negotiate with the hotel. car rental. they package it together. they pass the savings on to you. >> alisyn: where do you find those packages. >> many are wholesale. only available through traditional travel. american express. affiliated shop. a.a.a. for example. that's my best tip. book with a travel agent. get a package.
3:51 am
that package deal with pass the savings on to you. >> is there a good time to fly? bad time to fly? some good carriers? some bad carriers? what would you recommend. >> a lot of time with the carriers get there at the cheapest possible price. people view its a commodity. in terms of timing. go shoulder go now. skip the summer if you want to keep your budget in check. travel in september and october. any time you are traveling outside that mainstream. great time to travel to the caribbean right after the start of the year. people go for christmas break then the resorts clear out. right? go to a place like mexico. people see all the negative news on mexico. 20 million americans mexico great deal today going to mexico. >> mexico great place to go. great food and fun. great. you are with travel alliance media we appreciate the great tips. >> thank you. >> jessie: fertilizer found in bombs that kill american troops in afghanistan. now this pakistani company wants a tax break to come to the u.s. wait until you hear this
3:52 am
one. >> alisyn: then, would you know what to do if someone near you stopped breathing? we're about to train you and us to be heros. life saving lessons you you don't want to miss, next.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
>> clayton: welcome back. if you are ever caught in a life saving. would you know how to save someone's life. critical steps to give a healthy hand. joining us now to teach is
3:56 am
to perform hands on cpr is american red cross spokeswoman. >> thanks so much for having me. >> how important is it for folks to learn this and get refreshed on their skills every few years. >> accidents can happen any time anywhere. you never know who is going to need your help. each year in the united states. 300,000 adults suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. it's easy and important to learn. easy to learn. >> you never know when it can happen in an office place walking down the street. >> in school. i used to be a lifeguard. i know standards have changed. you have five steps to take us through. if you have maybe taken cpr years ago it's changed and been updated. >> it's gotten easier. we are talking about hands only cpr. you don't need to take a class to do it. step one, check the scene, make sure it's safe to be there. if it's not run fast in the opposite direction and get help. step 2 check your person. make sure they need cpr. are you okay? can you hear me? hello? f. they don't respond. that's a problem. send someone else to call
3:57 am
911. >> that's a key point. send one someone else to call 911. make sure they come back to you so you know they made the call. hand on forehead two fingers on the chin. put your cheek over the nose and mouth. look and listen feel for breath on your cheek. ideally for 10 seconds. if he they are not breathing one hand in the center of the chest. right between the armpit line. right? other hand on top. place your fingers together. shift your weight forward so your shoulders are directly over. >> you don't want to be pushing at an angle you could be cracking ribs. >> straight down on the heart itself. beautiful. you want to compress at least two inches deep about 100 compressions pernute. continuously. that's it. if you press down, you hear that click. that's about two inches. okay? for an adult at least two inches so sometimes it might be more. >> this is how my wife got me up for work this morning. >> effective. right? [ laughter ] >> it really is effective.
3:58 am
how are you supposed to remember what 100 compressions is? >> clayton: what about the mouth-to-mouth portion. >> that's called full cpr. if you take a full cpr class you would learn how to give breath. think staying alive in your head to get the come preparations perfect pace. put something in their mouth. give two breaths and go right back to compressions. >> clayton: people at home want to learn more about this where can can they go to your web site. >> to web site red search for the class near you. several times a week all over the country and no matter where you take it, it's going to be the same class. >> clayton: my mom recently just took a course she said it was so good to get a refresher and do it again. go to the american red cross web site and check it out. >> please do. >> thank you for showing us. >> thank you for having me here. >> ashley judd rumored to be running for the senate. wait until you hear who she just got advice from. here is a hint. it's a former president.
3:59 am
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4:03 am
is watching you. like london, isn't it? "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> the sun is not even up. and it must be time for fox and friends. where is my coffee? >> clayton: my sentiments exactly. welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. thank you so much for waking up with us. eye clayton morris. alisyn camerota. here this morning tore ticker is jesse watters from the o'reilly show. >> bill o'reilly gave me some tips handling you guys. >> did he? >> he said watch out for clayton, don't step on his his toes. water, try to be charming. i know that's a stretch for you. >> that's right. o'reilly must know me very well. i'm a cut throw kind of guy. >> yeah, you are. he often chimes in on our show and gives us little, i don't know, things to keep us going through the day do we have one. >> bill: bologna. >> describe you as lazy.
4:04 am
>> bill: lazy, lazy, lazy. >> jessie: i'm having flashbacks now. >> alisyn: great job. thanks so much for being here. let's get to the top story. president obama tour in jordan. play tourist and visit the ancient city of petra. ramp up criticism of syrian president bashar assad. >> ed henry is live this morning in amman jordan with the very latest. good morning, ed. >> good toe sue i goose, interesting. because as you know you have got syria on jordan's northern border. and there are hundreds of thousands of refugees spilled out because of that ongoing civil war. all that strife. the violence, president assad killing his own people. they are winding up here in jordan. many of them and there is a lot of pressure building. damaging his economy big time pressure on president obama at home all around the world to intervene in
4:05 am
some way. carl levin saying saying there should be some kind of surgical air strike. maybe the president should help set up a no-fly zone around syria to pressure assad. the bottom line is the president at a news conference here yesterday said he feels like it's a situation where is he damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. take a listen. >> your question may be suggesting is why haven't we simply gone in militarily? and, you know, i think it's fair to say that the united states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in militarily, then it's criticized for going in militarily. if it doesn't go in militarily, then people say why aren't you doing something militarily? >> now, there is also the situation i mentioned with the syrian refugees spilling into jordan here. the bottom line is that king abdullah noted that it is now so bad that there is one refugee camp here in jordan that is so large, it
4:06 am
is now the fifth largest city in jordan. and he said that given everything that's happened in the arab spring over the last couple of years. is he looking for brighter days ahead. take a listen. >> what we are saying that the odds being behind us. we enjoy looking now at the arab summer for us all. which means that we all have to roll up our sleeves. it's going to be a bumpy and difficult road. i'm very encouraged with the process. i'm very excited about the future. >> one of the questions is what king abdullah will do to try to help solve this crisis. he has refused any foreign military intervention to stop assad, number one, and number two, when he was pressed yesterday about a previous offer the king had made to offer political asylum to assad and maybe that would solve it. get him out of syria. get him out of power. he yesterday hedged on all of that and said is a decision like that is above his pay grade which is pretty shocking since is he a very wealthy monarch if it's above the king's pay
4:07 am
grade if it's even above jesse watters pay grade. that is a big, big monumental decision. >> i didn't know you knew my salary, ed henry. when did that go public? >> i have got sources all over the world my friend. >> jessie: behave yourself. >> clayton: the queen was the one that could make that decision. >> alisyn: that would be wise. meanwhile, get to your headlines and tell what you is happening including this terrible accident at birmingham airport in alabama. where a massive sign came crashing down killing a 10-year-old boy. boy and family were checking in for a flight when the arrival departure sign fell. trapping a mother and her three children underneath. >> the family was crushed. little kids crushed underneath the sign. and everybody was scattering to lift it up. i helped lift it up and helped pull people out. >> the sign weighed 300, 400 pounds. it took as many as 10 people to lift it off the
4:08 am
family. 10-year-old luke died while his mother and two brothers are still in the hospital. the airport just reopened that concourse area last week after finishing renovations. >> all right. can you tell us about this iphone flaw? >> yeah, this has been making headlines over the past few days. people concerned about the security flaw found. tech web site discovered that the company had a web site called i forgot that's what apple's web site was which would let you get your password reset. step-by-step tutorial apple id. that told how to hack your account. apple took the web site down last night fixed it it, updated last night without that security flaw. >> very good. i'm glad i slept through that. ashley judd getting political advice from former president bill clinton. urging judd to run for senate in kentucky and promised he would help her out. judd is reportedly considering a run against mitch mcconnell.
4:09 am
those are your headlines. >> i'm shocked that bill clinton that would be the president that would call on her. >> really? why? >> alisyn: she has a lot of political promise. >> let people make their own judgments. >> clayton: check with. >> jessie: whose voice was that? >> alisyn: hillary. >> rick: she is quick. hand othe speed dial "fox & friends." don't blame her. temperatures waking up this morning. cold still. across parts of the central plains and down to the south it's going to be severe weather later on today. could include a few tornadoes. we have barely had any tornadoes in march. well below average that might start to change in the next couple of days. this is the storm right here. it's in the denver area. overnight seen around 5 inches of snow. might see another 3 to 5-inch of snow. winter storm warnings posted all across areas of southern nebraska. northern areas of kansas. in towards kansas city. tonight into tomorrow. this storm pulls out here across parts ever the ohio valley. areas of illinois and indiana and get ready these
4:10 am
will turn into winter storm warnings across this area. probably later on today they will convert those from watches to warnings. we will be seeing some pretty good snow. we need it. this year across parts of the high plains needs moisture. another 6 to 8 inches. good news for the farmers. kansas city you are seeing snow. st. louis you will probably see 5 to 6 inches of snow. indianapolis. good late season very wet snowing for a lot of the people here. however, you may not be wanting that. you might be wanting nicer temps. down to texas central gulf and areas of florida today and tomorrow. your temps looking really, really nice. really nice. we should all go. >> clayton: get out of this cold. thanks, rick. >> you better. >> it's hard to believe and we are already celebrating a birthday. can you believe today obama care is three years old. most of it not even fully implemented yet. but the birthday is in full effect. a new survey out this morning though shows we may not want to be celebrating it as a birthday.
4:11 am
even perhaps a retirement party. according to a new doctor's survey where it shows a shocking number of doctors say that in the coming years, they are likely to retire earlies a result, 6 in 10 because of affordable care act. and other parts of the medical industrial that are changing. not entirely the affordable care act but in part. >> part of the problem is that doctors say they have seen their salaries go down. their take home pay over the past few years. that's been happening. and they believe 4 in 10 say their income has dropped. 48% say they believe their income will continue to drop next year because of the affordable care act. they have decided to bough out. those ready for retirement they and their colleagues are deciding to bow out early. >> we knew this was going to be trouble when they passed the law. we knew all the good things were coming before obama's election. now that he doesn't have to face re-election again. pain is coming. longer lines, bigger premiums.
4:12 am
problem for the democrats, these senate democrats are going to have to run in 2014 in this atmosphere total chaos. stack of regulations this big. there is lines and no one can understand it. so i think they are going to be in some trouble. >> clayton: there is alarming statistics for young people. we talk to young people all the time. i don't know i have ever heard or recent years talked to ewing person i'm going into medicine. the best and brightest aren't even going into medicine anymore. $500,000 in debt they have to carry. 10 years in school or longer. they are going to computer programming. going into areas where they have more control of their own destiny and they don't have to be beholden to these regulations that's alarming number out of this. >> alisyn: absolutely. next angle is is a little wonky. stick with us there is a poor guy named henry chow and he is tasked with figuring out the technology for the state insurance
4:13 am
exchanges. you will remember that was a big part of the affordable care act that it was going to apparently help competition. that states were going to have these insurance exchanges. well, he was promised he would be able to lock on if you were eligible and fill out a quick form and figure out if you could get the same advantage. it's not quite that easy appears it turns out. >> clayton: go to it a very simple web site. how easy it would be to go to the web site and sign up for insurance exchange. if you qualify you get a government subsidy to go and take care of these premiums. now, he is freaking out because they don't have much time left and they don't have the databases built. this is a quote from henry chal: >> jessie: better than mexico.
4:14 am
i think that's what is he getting at. a lot of people feared this was going to happen. they say it was going to be such a disaster that they were just going to have to scrap obama care and go single pair. and people were r. are fearful now one step away. >> alisyn: it smacks of the dmv when you say third world bureaucratic experience you know when you go to the dmv take the day off to work. >> i don't go there to get lung surgery that's not what you want to do. >> clayton: you being get it there if you are there long enough stand standing in that line. state and local government taxes are due. we went on the web site and it was mind blowing. my wife is a tech woman. i said you can figure this out? she said i don't know, we got to call somebody. this is what they everywhere not trying to do. i have a friend who can build a web site in two weeks. why does it take you years. >> what can ken width
4:15 am
soonchts 626 -- >> [ laughter ] >> we need somebody like that to get on it. >> clayton: let us know your thoughts about that use the hash tag ff weekend that way we can track it and have your communication on the show on twitter. >> now gitmo is about to get 150 mile-per-hour makeover all on your dime. >> alisyn: epic standoff. gator vs. cop. who wins this one? there is is only one cop after this. [ laughter ]
4:16 am
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4:18 am
the sequester forging the department of defense several cut backs why is
4:19 am
the southern command millions of dollars we tired navy commander and former pentagon spokesman. how are you doing? >> i'm doing good, thanks. it was good chatting you pentagon bill o'reilly visits. glad to reconnect you with on gitmo. >> jessie: how was that o'reilly visit? did he rough anybody up down there. >> is he a rock star. everybody loves bill o'reilly. thanks for sending him down. >> jessie: any time. we are saying we don't have enough money for white house tours for school kids but they want $150 million to renovate guantanamo bay? looking at furloughing 800,000 civilians this year. cut 200,000 ground troops next decade. about 20% of our ships and aircraft. yet we are seeing this
4:20 am
dr. from the u.s. southern command down in miami $150 million in upgrades or more for gitmo over the next year or so. that's hard to justify at this point in time. they are terrorists living in caves in afghanistan. in mud huts, basically. now we are saying guantanamo bay, a federal facility in the caribbean is not good enough for these guys? how bad is it down there, really? >> well, basically guantanamo was never meant to be permanent. a lot of the buildings they are trying to replace with known are expeditionary, old. some are falling apart. there definitely is need for improvements at guantanamo. how much and how nice do they have to be. soccer built for detainees over $700,000. the question i have right? is how nice do these buildings have to to be. why are contractors charging so much money for them. one good story i remember from 2007 when i was at the penel. we had to build this thing called expeditionary legal complex to host military
4:21 am
commission. the price tag that gitmo commanders wanted plus $125 million. the press screamed bloody murder about it too costly for something that could be temporary. secretary gates new to the pentagon at the time said look, we are not going to build the taj mahal down there. 12-million-dollar tent city. the press who complained the most about the cost of the 125 million. now stay tents for weeks at a time over the years and complain the most about the tents. be careful what you ask because you just might get it. >> jessie: instead of a soccer field. they should just build boxing rings and let these guys beat the heck out of each other. thank you very much. he is one of the most powerful forces in modern day media our boss roger ailes. in-depth look at the new book highlighting his life and achievements is next. then, talk about out-of-this world. the irs using your tax dollars to make a star trek booth? we're not kidding beings
4:22 am
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time for look at news by the numbers. 25% how much more we paid to fly the friendly skies last year. most expensive month to take a flight? june. next, zero. that's the price for a nook simple touch ereader from barnes & noble. zero. the bookstore chain is giving them away for free next week with its purchase much one of its nuke hd tablets. >> they are trying everything. >> clayton is chuckling. finally 1 million. that's how much money three friends will split from a winning power ball ticket.
4:26 am
the trio made a childhood pack to share the money if they ever won. that's fantastic. >> clayton: would we do that. >> alisyn: yes we would. >> clayton: ask this guy. one of the most powerful forces in the media launch of this very network back in 1996. vets jess new book taking a closer look at our boss fox news chief roger ailes. >> alisyn: joining us is the author of roger ailes off camera. great job with the book. >> thank you. >> alisyn: you had a very interesting and provocative subject matter which is roger ailes. roger, of course, i mean has a reputation for being sort of tough and bruff he is also wickedly funny. did you get a taste for that following him around for this past year? >> yeah. i found him funny pretty often. sometimes at my expense. [ laughter ] he will do that. i find it interesting. you probably when you are coming in to write a book like this.
4:27 am
as a biographer. you probably come with maybe some pre -- you know, preconceived biases we all have inherent biases. >> you do, i don't. >> you are above that you probably have some idea of your subject. you are going in ahead of time. were their things that you went in thinking about this man that were later refuted and you thought that's a huge surprise? i didn't see that coming. >> one of the things, a lot of things surprise me about roger ailes. one of them was when i went up to his house and i went into his study and i saw on the wall the pictures that he -- of the people he he admyers. one of them is fdr. i wasn't expecting to see franklin delano roosevelt hanging on roger ailes wall. that was kind of a surprise. it broughtenned out over the course of the research. i found out that rogers got a lot of friends on the liberal side of the equation that you -- i wouldn't have expected. i didn't know, for example, he was such close friends with the kennedy family. i didn't know that, you
4:28 am
know, jesse jackson was his good pal. and on ward and on ward. i was surprised by that. >> he was these adversaries, too. what you learn in the book is that these adversaries also like him. >> a lot of them do. some of them hate him. you know, but tom jons who was johnson considers himself a close friend. rick caplin who ran cnn and msnbc told me how much he admires roger. laughing when cnn was running by caplin clinton news network because he was buddies with clinton. caplin complained to rogers and my mother is upset about. this my mother in chicago and rogers said give me her phone number i will call her up and tell her it's a joke. one of the things a lot of people may not know about mr. ailes he advised ronald
4:29 am
reagan when he was running for president and george h.w. bush. what kind of impact did he have on those two men? >> they both won so i guess it was a positive impact. they brought roger in as a debate coach for reagan. that's a cool thing to be the debate coach for the great communicator. it's like being mohammed ali's body guard. >> all of rogers competitors want to know how he does it how he was able to create this channel in particular such a short time to become the cable news leader. did you get a sense of what drives him and what is his success story? >> rorntion is a very competitive guy. he was competitive when he was running the mike douglas tv show when he was in his mid 20's. he was competitive as a political consultant and he wants to win. i think shep smith said to me the only thing he wants to do more to beat cnn is
4:30 am
for cnn to lose to him. >> clayton: i think he has done that if you look at their ratings. the book is "roger ailes off camera. "grab it on kendall and make it number one this morning on amazon. see if we can do that there is a challenge i will throw down the gauntlet. >> if you can do that i will come back tomorrow. >> clayton: challenge son. make it number one. see he will be back tomorrow. go it amazon and download it. >> alisyn: done and one. >> jessie: next on the run down hate big brother michael bloomberg says you better buckle up because the eye in the sky is watching you. >> alisyn: we love made in america stuff how the friend is going straight to the dogs. ♪ how much is that doggy in the window i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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4:34 am
>> get this. a company in north carolina is selling $60 iq test that people can give their dogs. if you spend $60 on a dog iq test maybe you should take that iq test. [ laughter ] >> clayton: wouldn't you like to have that information? >> alisyn: no. >> clayton: it would be the
4:35 am
talk of the neighborhood. trump the neighbor's dog. welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. there has been a lot of question actually, interestingly about these drones that are being used right now over afghanistan, pakistan. yemen, other pars of the world. what happens if the war on terror ends? what happens if we need to bring these drones home? are they going to sit dusty in some sort of warehouse somewhere? huh-uh. because mayor bloomberg this week on his radio show talked about perhaps using drones right here in the united states right over new york city itself to keep an eye on you. listen. >> it just going into a different world uncharted and like it or not, what people can do or governments can do is different. you can to some extent control but you can't keep the open tides coming in. more visibility and less privacy. i don't see how you stop that. in five years the technology is getting better. there will be cameras every place. get used to it it when
4:36 am
there is a murder, a shooting or a robbery or something, the first thing the police do is go to every single building in the neighborhood and let us see your security camera tape because everybody has got them. this craziness that oh it's big brother. get used to it. >> alisyn: that's one theory is that it was or wellian big brother and you used to get used to it other options of course like what the seattle mayor is doing saying actually i said we were going to have a drone program over the city to look for criminals and on toward things happening. i'm actually not going to do that there was outcry because the invasion of privacy. the government could spy on you getting dressed in your own home. the seattle governor said not so fast. i'm going to slow it down. obviously mayor bloomberg feels like its inevitable. it's going to hatch get used to it. >> i don't mind the drones watching what i do because i usually behave myself. for other people what i worry about is the government is going to abuse this intel that they
4:37 am
had. cameras all over new york city. what's going to stop these political appointees getting a peek at what some of their enemies are doing or some the business enemies that they have. they said when we were going to the airport security screeners they weren't going to look at our nude photos. then everybody looked at the nude pictures. i don't trust these guys. >> we found thought an expose they are laughing about the nude photos. >> just your photo. >> just mine. >> that's embarrassing. this sort of reminds me if you go to london, right? cameras everywhere. the entire city is covered in cameras and people manning those cameras all the time. out of the sunway they sigh you. go down they see you. see you in stores and all over public streets. is this the future? is he right? is mayor bloomberg right in this? >> how is a drone different from a police car being raised. you have people. a drone up this the sky.
4:38 am
what's to stop a police car from stopping and looking in your wind doe. >> the future is now not necessarily state but private business cameras. much by the way for law enforcement it has proved invaluable it has solved crime. there is an upside and downside. he is basically saying it's a brave new world right now. >> somethin' tells me bloomberg is invested in the drone business. i just have a hunch he is going to make some cash off this drone thing. >> cynicism. >> we shall see. more on that coming up. get to your headlines and see what else is happening. knew criminals were smuggling guns in mexico and they apparently did nothing to stop it that's the claim on operation fast and furious. did not report the illegal gun activity outside of arizona. atf told border agents not to arrest people they caught smuggling weapons. brian terry was killed by
4:39 am
weapons smuggled in operation fast and furious. >> there is a lot of kill u.s. troops and now a pakistani company wants your help for them to open a fertilizer factory in america. the group produces fertilizer containing chemicals used in 80% of the fatal roadside bombs in afghanistan like these you are seeing here. they are asking congress though for taxpayer subsidies to open plant in indiana sparked outrage and is on hold pending congressional review of the company. take a look at this. a florida police officer and mother of two take down a 7-foot alligator looking outside a school. deputy jessica mcgrader used to wrestle alligators for fun growing up. that's a handy skill. now i see the advantage of that. >> never know when you are going to need it. >> when she heard the call about the gator she knew just what to do. >> i lassoed around the
4:40 am
neck. got him open and expel energy so he wasn't as active on me so i had a little better chance. to me it's all a day's work. we had a problem. a let to the kids and we got rid of it. >> all right. i'm taking notes. the first thing. >> tire out a gator first. you didn't know that? >> once the gator was subdued. mcgregor sat on it tied it up and waited for wildlife officers to take it away. give that appear award please. your favorite story of the day, please. >> alisyn this is my favorite. what is the irs doing with your tax dollars. apparently. this. >> sir, they are even exchanging the coin currency for paper bills. >> you don't mean. >> that's right, sir. pennies on the dollar. [gasp] >> this star trek spoof made back in 2010 cost a whopping 60,000 the your taxpayer dollars to make. the video was shown along with a gilligan's island parody that they also made
4:41 am
at a training conference. the video just released yesterday after congress requested it the irs apologizing saying they misused taxpayer money. they had like a multiple camera shoot to do a fake star trek show? >> 60 ground. >> beam me up, scotty. >> thank you, dave. let's check in with rick reichmuth. beamed him outside into the cold. >> that's true probably more than it cost to make the original star trek. >> i believe it. >> rick: buy story going on today. another winter dining room out in the complaint. in address the northeast lake-effect snow. seen over 50 inches of snow last week more today. illustrate areas looking fine but cool. down to the southeast, this is where we are going to see some severe weather. including a few tornadoes are. certainly some hail and some strong damaging winds. be careful across areas of the south. look at that 97 in lore red doe and 9 a in orlando.
4:42 am
some warm air. is where we have the snow. very heavy across northeastern colorado. we need the snow there take anything we can get. a lot of folks right here. out across areas of the west. you are looking pretty good. in fact, the sun is shining down across much of the southwest. southern california into arizona. looking at 81 today. veil more snow and 15 degrees a cold day on the slopes. send it back to you inside. >> thank you so much. >> alisyn: what's coming up, jesse? >> made in america is a label many consumers seek out when they are shopping. and today pet lifestyle expert brought in some of the top pet products and services that are u.s.-made and a few of her four legged friends. hey. >> good morning, how are you? >> going great. a lot of people think a lot of this stuff is going to be made in china. you have great products. protect your bubble? >> this is protect your bubble. pet health insurance
4:43 am
companies. so pet health insurance is very popular right now. based in atlanta, georgia. 92% of all pets will experience an accident or emergency in their lifetime. so it's really important to ensure your pet but great way to do that made in america services and products. that's what i love about all of these products. >> all made. top about the super collar. >> absolutely. this is matilda. up for adoption with the humane society of new york. the super collar is what i consider one of the most innovative pet products. a dog collar with a built-in beach. dog is always on lead and always carrying their own lead. retracts back into the collar itself. inventor of super collar i will let matilda go there extra year in production to let in chicago. they are passionate about that. >> jessie: scout and joe zoey's treats. made in the midwest. we know of all the chicken
4:44 am
jerry can i recalls. but these are made in america. they don't have any antibiotics. they are all natural. look at same. >> like organic turkey. >> you don't have to worry. i don't think it's meant for humans to eat it. >> jessie: did you try to throw me under the bus rite there? >> dheech antlers made for chew toys as well. >> dog toys often made in china. >> these are great. this is planet dog. not only are they made in america. but they are also a of the leftover goods used to make new toys bird version looking look at that underbite. can you support your local economy.
4:45 am
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>> alisyn: listen to this story, parents. she was an average high school student withed me okay kerr test scores growing up in a poor household. even with all of those odds stacked against her. christina ellis pursued a very expensive college education. and she still managed to graduate debt-free. how did she do it? >> she is revealing her formula for success in the new book "concessions of a scholarship winner." the secrets that helped me win $500,000 in free money for college. >> alisyn: wow, this is good stuff. welcome. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> jessie: you won half a million dollars in scholarships. where did you find these scholarships and how do other people do that? >> there are all sorts of ways to find scholarships. one of the best ways to find scholarships is through scholarship databases. there are web sites like and fast and students can actually go to those databases and enter in a profile and they match them with scholarships that are absolutely unique to them. so, that's a fantastic way
4:50 am
and books like the ultimate scholarship book. they have over 1.5 million separate awards listed. >> your story is fascinating because i think that the common perception is that you have to be the valedictorian to get a scholarship or star athlete. you admit charmingly that you are mediocre but you were very good at getting scholarships. anybody can do that? >> absolutely. i overcame all sorts of obstacles. my dad passed away when i was 7 from brain cancer. my family slipped below the poverty level. i reached a spot where i just thought that there was no way i had hope of going to college. it looked like everything was stacked against me. one day, i just made a decision to go for it. i decided to start thinking positively, invest in my future and not let anything hold me back. so i wrote this book so that if any other students are out there. and they feel like, you know what? i just can't do this. there are too many obstacles stacked my way. college is too expensive. i just -- i feel hopeless.
4:51 am
i want them to read my book and realize there is hope. i'm walking proof that anybody can get scholarships. >> jessie: minute get scholarships even people who love to vacuum. that's one of the scholarships. what is that all about? >> there are some incredibly bizarre scholarships. scholarships like you said for people who like to vacuum. >> jessie: who would give you a scholarship if you love to vacuum? who is providing that money. >> people who like to have fun. also scholarship for people who have the best zombie apocalypse escape plan. >> alisyn: clayton, you are going to school. >> you can get a scholarship for making a duct tape prom dress. for being exceptionally tall or short. >> isn't the tall one a basketball scholarship? isn't that the same thing. >> they have basketball scholarships but there is actually a scholarship just for being tall. >> alisyn: i want one for being short. i wish i had known.
4:52 am
>> jessie: you could have had a free ride. alisyn. you found all of these incredible ones. it's a gold mine that's going untapped. your book confessions of a scholarship winner help everybody out there figure out how to get that extra cash. >> i was on the show yesterday we had such incredible release ebook a month in advance. kids out there ready to get on those scholarships and ready to start moving forward they can download the book right now. >> jessie: thank you very much. christinena. how do you know that that bowl collecting dust is is a trash or treasure worth mlsz? simple tips for spot ago gold mine next. ♪ if i had a million dollars, i would buy your love. what's droid-smart ?
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>> clayton: imagine the old bowl or vase might be worth millions of dollars. recently learned a bowl they bought at a large sale for three bucks was actually worth how do you recognize you say you need to look for certain features, hall marks certain things on these items that give it away, right? >> while you have your items at home you should inspect them. look for any hall marks, indications of a year, a brand. >> clayton: these necklaces may be a sign you have something valuable. >> right here we have a piece that indicates what it is on the back so you
4:57 am
can look for anything such as a brand name 1725 means it's sterling silver. >> clayton: this collection over here does acid test so you say you also wanted to find out what an item is made of as well. can you use something like this. what is this? >> this is at home metal testing kit important to know what gold contents you have if you don't want to do it yourself and worried it may be inaccurate and work with reputable. >> exactly, you should come to easy. we he have a number of locations in manhattan. you want to work with established business. we have been in business since 1996. >> what about the perceived value of something. this is probably something you can pick up at target.
4:58 am
in the attic not worth much. how do you know what the perceived value is also look to see if something gold content on it. this is 18 karat gold worth more than when it was purchased. >> clayton: gold around the top. 1940s it wasn't worth much now it is worth a lot. >> what about this phone? >> this phone is something you wouldn't expect to be worth a lot of money it was purchased at a flea market for $50. now it's retailing and worth well over $600. >> what about this camera, this one down here at the end i found fascinating. i love cameras, what is this? >> this is a vintage camera. not much to it. simple. also found also at a flea market. purchased for $10 worth over $50. >> might be in your attic. you don't know. hidden gems. reach out to her easy pawn corps or buy gold thanks for the information. >> thank you.
4:59 am
>> clayton: stomp on jesus. that's one college professor's idea of a good lenk. are these the type of people teaching your kids? hike huckabee is here next hour with that jay leno's feud with nbc heating up. could leno get the last laugh? he has actually been funny lately. shocking. 56. doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50. not everyone peaks in their twenties. throughout their lives. passion keeps them realizing possibilities. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and support at
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone it's saturday march 23rd. i'm sal sin -- alisyn camerota. president obama wrapping up trip since becoming president. how did he do? has he he helped our hurt our allies. governor mike huckabee was standing by with his reaction ahead. >> then his bosses told him to keep quiet and stop making fun of the network's lousy ratings. but jay leno is getting the last laugh. what he said last night and a new report that nbc may be getting a taxpayer funded handout. >> clayton: low ratings they may need it. this professor's plan
5:03 am
required students stomp on the name of jesus christ. literally. what was the point of this lesson plan. how does stuff like this get into our kid's schools in the first place. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> hi this is caesar millan and you are watching "fox & friends" and i can train. >> we need anchor whisperer quick on the set. >> clayton: jesse watters is here from the o'reilly show. thanks for being here. >> jessie: thanks for having me. >> clayton: that is alisyn camerota, i'm clayton morris. we have a lot to get into. headlines. there has been a horrible accident in birmingham airport in alabama. it didn't involve a plane. it involved a sign. massive sign came crashing down and killed a 10-year-old. boy and his family were checking in for a flight when the arrival detar temperature sign fell trapping the mom and three kids underneath.
5:04 am
>> the family was crushed. little kids crushed underneath the sign. and everybody was scattering to lift it up. i helped lift it up and helped pull people out. >> the sign weighed 300 to 400 pounds and took as many as 10 people to lift it off the family. 10-year-old luke burrset died while mother and brothers in the hospital. new fallout from that police video shooting in texas. [siren] >> alisyn: a man heading to lunch witnessed this whole thing. he says that the suspect evan ebil flew right past him and crashed. next thing he knew police were everywhere and shots were being fired. >> i heard the first shots. but i don't know who fired. i'm assuming he fired first. it real little sounded like a machine gun. i'm assuming every cop that was there i know every cop that was out had a gun drawn. will. >> alisyn: police now say shell casings found at the
5:05 am
scene do match those used in the murder of the colorado prison chief. evan ebil's motive is not known. more sequester coming into play. the f.a.a. says it's closing 149 air traffic control towers at small airports across the country. the f.a.a. says the move is necessary to cut more than $600 million from their budget. republican texas senator jerry more ran says the plan puts lives in danger. is he pushing to use $50 million in untapped money to keep those towers running. clayton, tell us about the late night wars, will you? >> i love it. it appears that jay leno is finally getting the last laugh in his very public fight with his bosses at nbc. enjoy. this. >> you have heard about this alleged feud that i'm having with nbc? well, i think it's going to be okay. i had dinner last night with a bunch of nbc executives and to make it up to me, listen to this, what they did is sending my wife and i on an all
5:06 am
expenses paid carnival cruise. how about that? wow, how about that? >> and the rumor mill is heating up. what would happen if nbc does let leno go and replace him with jimmy fallon. snl seth myers is reportedly the topic now the rumblings that the tonight show host could be coming to fox. >> oh-oh. >> he is looking for you. >> we want comedy at that hour. 11:00 show. here is the thing. if they bring it to new york. comedians are excited because they may be moving "the tonight show" back to new york city for the first time since carson took it out to burbank and that could get comedians more work. >> jay leno has been funny during all of these late night wars. let's go to rick reichmuth always fun. >> maybe can he carry it over into fox. that will be his thing. >> clayton: he is unchained now. funnier now. >> rick: which is true. fox would let him unchain.
5:07 am
if you feel like it's been like winter you are right. across the rockies, you will be about 30 degrees below where you typically would be this time of year. all of the country 10 degrees below your averages now excepted for parts of south texas and florida where you are 5 degrees above average. we certainly are definitely in this cold pattern. we have some severe weather today. we have a big storm that's brewing across areas of the central plains. this is going to be a big one for us. a lot of this area needs snow. we have exceptional drought going on in this northeastern area. western kansas. winter storm warnings in effect. 5 to 8 inches of snow for a lot of people certainly help with the agriculture here as we move forward in planning season. the same storm down across the south is going to bring us severe weather. we are going to be talking about certainly hail and winds. this area of highlighted here across the central gulf, get ready that's where we could be seeing tornadoes later on in the day. have to get ready and watch out for that unwith. guys back to you. >> thanks, rick. president obama wrapping up
5:08 am
his tour of the middle east with a visit to jordan. and this morning he took some time to sightsee but the president also used a visit to ramp up criticism of syrian president bashar al assad. >> ed henry is live in amman jordan with the latest. hi, ed. >> good to he he so you alisyn. some of that sightseeing is at the ancient city of pet trap. one of the seven would be ders of the -- wonders of the world. this is ancient city basically carved into the shear rock face of the nearby mountains the beauty of that in stark contrast of the horrors. that of course is along the northern border of jordan here. the president is focusing on that in his talks here with king abdullah of jordan. the bottom line is as you know the president has been getting a lot of pressure back in the states but also around the world to do more, take more aggressive action to deal with this civil war in syria. he has resisted calls for
5:09 am
him to get the u.s. involved militarily. the president yesterday saying the u.s. has to be smart about how it uses its power. though he did admit that this situation is so horrific that it is basically keeping him up at night. take a listen. >> it's tragic, it's heart-breaking. the sight of children and women being slaughtered that he we have seen so much, i think has to compel all of us to say what more can we do? that's a question i'm asking as president every single day. amid the budget fight in washington. the president yesterday pledged another $1,200,000,000 u.s.a. to jordan right here to deal with hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees who have come across that northern border. a huge problem for king abdullah. it's disseminating his economy right now. is he trying to figure out a solution. he was back pedaling yesterday on something he had promised earlier that maybe he would provide syrian president assad some political asylum in jordan.
5:10 am
the king back pedaled on that. take a listen. a question slightly beyond my pay grade at this stage. something i sure if ever came up we would discuss at the level of international -- >> when it's above the pay grade of a wealthy monarch you know it's a big decision. if it's above the pay grade of governor mike huckabee. >> alisyn: that joke still works. >> it still works. got it keep changing it. >> jessie: are you wrapping up a big expense account? what are you having fordinner? >> you know, i have mostly been working. you got me out of bed early just to do "fox & friends" every hour. i'm here for you. my expense account is really small. >> clayton: not even beck fast or lunch or anything. >> alisyn: doing a great job, ed. let's bring in the butt of that joke. >> unfortunately the butt of many jokes.
5:11 am
i'm getting joked about in the middle east these days. >> alisyn: so glad to see you on this topic have you been to israel 20-something times. >> i lost track. >> alisyn: what do you make of the president's visit there. >> if you just listen to what he said to the israelis it was lovely. then if you listen to what he said to the palestinians you are disturbed because he said almost opposite things. saying whatever his audience wanted to hear. the disturbing part for me was as he really tried to say, you know, the palestinians have been pushed out of their homes. have a right to be wherever they want to. he seems to forget that the jews were pushed out of their homes, 10,000 of them in gaza by the israeli military. and the result was gaza went to pot and hamas took over. you know, i just think that people need to understand the history of the quote, palestinians really originated when yasser arafat co-opted the name. if you would have asked somebody who is is was a palestinian in 1960 who lives there mostly jews. if you go up to 1962, yasser arafat decided that
5:12 am
the palestinians were a people. there has never been a palestinian country ever. how the press misses that, i don't know. >> jessie: governor, did he accomplish anything concrete when he went over there? it looks like he he gave jordan $200 million. then he got netanyahu and prime minister of turkey to call each other on the phone. the press is saying that's a big accomplishment. what do you see his accomplishment as? >> i'm hoping that what we saw this sort of maybe thawing of the frosty relationship between he and netanyahu is genuine. let's hope so. i don't think it resulted in any diplomatic big accomplishment. but a personal relationship that is closer is certainly much better for the world. >> we know that when the president campaign -- goes on the campaign trail, of course, it's vetted. right? they know how the stage is going to look? >> obviously not. >> remember when he went to that detroit center and it was an empty crowd? they are never going to let that hand again. you know there are point people that are going to set up the stage and make
5:13 am
sure president stand look appropriate. when you were mentioning yasser arafat. right above his head. a lot of people call him the father of modern terrorism. >> because he is. >> what did you think when you saw this? >> i thought it was ironic. i guess the real photo here is two nobel peace prize winners. one who is a renowned international extraordinary terrorist who is responsible for some horrible moments. other one nobel peace prize on the hopes of what he would do. winds up how many people do you need to kill. all the drone attacks, wars, i'm not trying to be disrespectful there was a bit of irony. the ridiculous thing is that anyone let that happen. whoever did the logistical planning on this trip from the broken down limo, what a sight that is. you see the beast going down on a tow truck, you know all the way to marine one getting in a sandstorm and not being able to make it that's not anybody's
5:14 am
logistical fault. there were clearly some bungled moments in, you know, in the trip. >> alisyn: just the fact that the relationship now appears to be more chummy, less chilly, do you think there is a hope that some sort of peace will be moving forward? >> no. there is is not going to be an immediate middle east peace. we need to quit kidding ourselves. this goes back to isaac and ishmael. no president is going to walk in there and three days and say everybody loves each other now. >> alisyn: sure. >> the palestinians are going to have to acknowledge israel's right to exist before anything is going to start. they have to domestic indicate the terrorism. they have to calm it down. stop it. you can't have katyusha rockets firing. >> clayton: the governor is is going to stick around. talk about outrageous, stomp on jesus. that's the college professor, that's this guy on your screen, that's his idea of a good lesson plan. are these the type of people that should be teaching your kids at
5:15 am
university. we will talk about that. >> jessie: every couch potato's dream. the excuse? i'm allergic to exercise. this one woman's reality. >> alisyn: i will tell my story coming up. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> a student in florida atlanta university says he was suspended from class because he would not stomp on jesus. a professor had told the class to -- here is the professor to write the word jesus on a piece of paper. put it on the floor and stomp on it the ryan refused. the university has now apologized for the incident. why was this an assignment in the first place? let's bring in governor mike huckabee. i know you love assignments like this. >> what a bone head thing to do.
5:19 am
i'm so proud of ryan, the kids, for saying he he wouldn't do it. what i wish he would have done is taken a page put that on the floor and stomped all over it that would have been priceless they will give him a raise. >> they will reward that type of behavior. >> what's wrong with higher education today? this is what is wrong with it. >> why is this okay at the university. the then the university comes out with statement they say we sincerely apologize for any offense that this has caused florida atlantic university. respects all religions and welcomes people of all faiths background and beliefs. >> obviously not. >> obviously not. it seems this would have caused outrage if it was the other way around. if it was anyone other than jesus was written down on that paper, we would have all kinds of outrage across the world as a result of that, right? >> i heard jesse earlier today say if you had written mohammed and stomped on it they would be
5:20 am
having riots in the streets and going into embassies and consulates. >> death threats for the cartoon drawings done in scandinavia. death threats against those individuals, it's amazing. >> it is absurd and one of those things i love it when the university apologizes. it's almost like for any offense like if i have ongegded you, clearly you have offended me. just say this was stupid and the kid is back in school and the teacher is going to be walking the plank. >> alisyn: by the way a little bit more context on deandre poole. he is the vice chair of the palm beach democratic party. he says there he was just trying to show that this was a lesson about symbols and culture and how we're all very sensitive to symbols and culture. it's possible that, you know, he he comes in with a particular agenda or bias. >> if you stomp on a flag or a cross or if you stomp on, you know, any particular sensitivity, it's one thing to say i don't believe in that.
5:21 am
i don't respect it. but it stomp on it is an act of aggressive behavior towards something and it shows an utter lack of sensitivity. it would be one thing to say look, jesus is just another person, i think that's ridiculous position to take but people have the right to take it stomping on somebody's holy object or name is a little different. >> who is coming up on your show tonight? >> i have no idea. >> alisyn: mystery guest. >> jessie: as long as you are there people will watch it. >> jessie: musical guest king and country who are just outstanding. we have francis chan ohio think is going to be a remarkable guest talking about how he gave up virtually everything that you have ever seen in your life to live very, very simply, deciding that as a christian he did not want to be filled with all the trappings of the world. it's a remarkable story. we have quite a good line up tonight. you have to watch to find out the rest of it. so will i will al we like those mystery guests.
5:22 am
>> thanks. >> clayton: coming up on the show. this wasn't supposed to happen. >> whoa! >> oh my gosh. >> whoa. >> oh my god. >> great white shark gets into inside a diver's cage. wait until you see what happens next. >> children of our fallen heros. all thanks to the sequester. our next guest is taking a stand and doing the job our government will not. what's droid-endurance ?
5:23 am
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5:26 am
>> jessie: for kick headlines. weeks before the photo scandal broke anthony weiner asked donald trump for his financial support to run for new york city mayor. but the real estate mogul says he never liked the guy and told him no. and did you see the media last -- meteor last night. people from north carolina to maine reported seeing a bright official flash across the sky. this video is from maryland. the space rock was probably the size of a volleyball and burned up in the atmosphere. ali, clayton? >> alisyn: thanks so much, jesse. >> clayton: their parents lost their lives fighting for our freedom. instead of supporting the children of iraq and afghanistan cutting college aid and blaming it on the sequester now. the education department slasheding two what he can
5:27 am
to help the kids out. >> alisyn: former fighter pilot. and with him is former army officer wesley bagas she lost her husband in afghanistan in 2007 and her children have received scholarships from honor. great to have you with us. >> great american on fox as it always is. right? >> you are doing something incredible. you see a hole. it's not even a partisan issue. it's governor failing to do what they should be doing to protect our veterans who come home. what has folds of honor done to fill that void? >> it's a great point, clayton, it's not a red issue. it's not a blue issue. it's a red, white and blue issue. we go to combat where the spirit is a former f-16 pilot to never leave a fellow soldier behind on the field of battle. unfortunately right now our government, our country are leaving families behind on the field of battle. we have almost a million dependents that have had somebody killed and disabled in iraq and afghanistan. i know that group amazing. 87% don't get federal
5:28 am
education assistance. the 13% that do now have had this 40% cut due to sequestration. very important as americans that we step up and fill this void and make sure we take care of these families paid incredible for our freedoms. >> how they do it. >> provide to the families and children somebody killed in action or disabled primarily in iraq and afghanistan. and we have an american hero here wesley bogas with us. prime example of what why do. >> talk to your husband. an incredible american and hero who was tragically killed. your children have received scholarships from folds of honor. tell us about your family and what this has meant to you. >> larry was an amazing man. he was a beautiful blend of warrior and gentlemen. he was a strong christian. he wasn't afraid to share his faith. and he was an amazing leader. and we live without him
5:29 am
every day. it is very, very hard. the greatest gift you can give to a family like mine is to remember our soldier. the folds of honor foundation does that and they not only remember him, but they honor his sacrifice by educating his legacy. i see his legacy every day when i look into the eyes of our daughters ryan and he willy. they have his eyes, they have his spirit. they are developing his sense of spirit the folds will be the impetus for reaching potential. children like him who have lost a parent on battle fields have been through such a a loss. they are resilient and strong and they are our future leaders. the folds of honor foundation is going to see to it that my girls and thousands of others will
5:30 am
get the opportunity to go to college and reach their potential. >> alisyn: so beautiful. >> as a military widow and single widow with the full weight of my family on my soldiers, knowing that that's one less thing i need to worry about is priceless. >> it's interesting, you hear what leslie is saying. this is the future of our country. we have soldiers who are killed on the battlefield to protect our future now and then this is the young generation. they are going to build the future of america going forward. without them having the ability to get the proper education. i mean, in many ways is just an equal tragedy. there is no doubt. wind down from iraq did my three tours. eventually out of afghanistan. the average dependent is between 6 and 8 years of age. this loss is generational. 99% of us wake up free as americans to that 1% that put the uniform on each and
5:31 am
every day to defend us. american issue. it is one that we all have the opportunity to stand up and give back to. proud to be a vehicle thank you to families like wesley and literally the hundreds of thousands of others that have been impacted by these conflicts. >> people out there that need help where should they go? >> folds of honor dot order. freedom reigns there 365 days a year 24/7. it's unfortunate that our government is in a place right now it's in a holding pattern. i'm confident with leadership will work through that but folds of honor is moving on ward in defense of families like wesley's. >> thanks so much for coming in and sharing your personal story. it's powerful. thanks to folds of honor for doing all of this. we're delightful to be able to educate our viewers about that. >> thanks so. >> thanks for being great
5:32 am
americans and freedom reigns on fox news. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: we will tweet out a link to folds of that is the web site. we want you all to go and visit this morning thank you, guys. >> meanwhile he has ties to the 9/11 hijackers. why is this guy living free right here in the u.s. without a chance of deportation? we will have the answer and it could shock you. >> then this little chef's creation was just crowned most creative sandwich in america. so what is his secret and how can jesse one up him? we will find out next. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin.
5:33 am
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5:35 am
5:36 am
>> after months of waiting and thousands of online votes for tallies. the nationwide contest for the most creative sandwich has a winner. >> alisyn: i like you bringing the drama, jesse. his name is jay crawford and he he is here to put us to the test today to make some great sandwiches. hey, jake. >> clayton: welcome. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: the sandwich you made. i wouldn't think you could put all of this into the sandwich. this was the winning prize. >> it's not put together yet. >> alisyn: how do you make
5:37 am
your prize winning sandwich. >> like the sauce and everything? >> alisyn: yeah. >> it has minuted garlic and onions. >> alisyn: good start. >> chocolate hazel nut spread. >> alisyn: which we have right now. chocolate hazel nut spread which we have right here. >> it's got lime juice. tomato soup. cilantro and could cumin. >> sophisticated menu. is this what you pack in your school lunch? do you get robbed for your school lunch every single day? [ laughter ] >> alisyn: you got a $25,000 scholarship to college. do you have any idea what you want to be when you grow up? >> i don't want to be a lawyer or. >> no he said i either want to be. >> i thought he said i don't want to be. >> a lawyer or have a career in basketball. >> basketball. really? what about a chef? you might have a future as a chef.
5:38 am
>> i'm not going to cook at my house when i'm older. >> clayton: you came up with the world's most famous sandwich. jiff gave you the scholarship. he we will try to create our own sandwiches. would you vote on the best ones? okay. >> alisyn: okay. go. >> i will grab some slices. >> i know exactly the hazel nut is the key to success. >> clayton is stealing my recipe. okay? taking a peek. pass me avocado. have you ever seen such beauty in a sandwich before. >> i don't even think mine has peanut butter in it. >> can i have another peace of bread. >> clayton: jesse i'm done. >> jessie: it's not a race. >> clayton: yes it is. will you hold this? i call it the reverse peanut butter sandwich. hold it right.
5:39 am
hold it right. >> definitely not winning. isn't that a great sandwich? >> do i win by default after he just pulled that stunt? >> what's happening here? >> jake, now, look, it's basically between ali and i. take a bite of this. avocado, bacon, chocolate and peanut butter. see, look. >> one in each hand. >> alisyn: mine is strawberry and chocolate. avocado. want the after >> raise your hand for the winner. >> who is it jesse or alisyn? >> i don't really like avocados. >> i think we have a winner. >> come on, jake. rick, come on in. i just made you some breakfast. >> congratulations on your scholarship. >> jake, 100 bucks, you get 25,000 plus 100 if you take that sandwich and smash it in clayton's face. no. >> rick: 200 bucks. all right? there you go. all right. so, are you sick of winter
5:40 am
in take a look. very smart place. sue saint marie. take a look at this video. up of michigan. this has been the tradition going on there at lake superior state university. they have been doing this since 1971. they burn a paper evidence give the snow monster to kind of get rid of winter. they did this yesterday. and about -- couple hundred students from the university and faculty and community members go out and do. this take a look at this huge snowman and look at huge snow drifts that are out there. so, good luck, man. we still have more winter to be had. not winter down across areas of the south. take a look at the weather maps. you can see lake pleasant arizona picture coming in here. picture north of the phoenix area and desert wild flowers are blooming. they have had amazing weather the last week or so. that's a brittle bush i believe blooming across lake pleasant. 59 degrees as you are wake up. phoenix area getting to 81 and pure sunshine. keep sending me your pictures. rick reichmuth on twitter. we will see more leaskt
5:41 am
snow today. breezy and cool day like the last couple of days. down to the southeast this is where we have the threat for severe weather. see damaging winds maybe a tornado or two. certainly a lot of rain and localized flooding and then the snow today is going to be across parts of colorado and nebraska and kansas by tonight and tomorrow that pulls out across iowa, get ready big snow storm on tap. out across the west just that sunshine across areas of the southwest. all right. send it back to you, clayton. i hope have you cleaned your face. >> he is working on it get to your headlines right now and tell you what else is happening at this hour. $25,000 reward is being offered for information about a missing north carolina soldier. 23-year-old private first class kelly bordeaux disappeared after leaving a bar near fort brag. a man who worked at the bar told police he drove her home. she has not been seen or heard from since. do you believe a syrian national with 9/11
5:42 am
hijackers living free in new jersey likely will not be ever dehe ported or prosecuted. fox news has learned that he received a political asylum for a third time last november. the reason, a series of bureaucratic slip ups and there is much more to this story. tune in when catherine herridge hosts a special fox news investigation. he is here to stay in the u.s.a. that's tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. sometimes use this as an excuse. for a british woman it's a reality. she is allergic to exercise. finally i know my problem. when her heart beats too fast it trigger as potentially deadly reaction causing her eyes and throat to swell shut. she even breaks out in hives. she has it worse than me. the woman did not have her first attack until her early 20's. now on a powerful antihistamine she is able to walk to the park. she isn't able to do anything that can work up a sweat. >> you would get scwety when -- sweaty when you would work
5:43 am
out. >> i'm getting moist. >> alisyn: quit doing that. >> clayton: coming up on the show. striking teachers lashing out at their substitutes. [shouting] >> clayton: is this really the kind of example they should be setting? >> bombarded with all kinds of products for our homes. which ones are really the hits? and which ones should you skip? >> alisyn: let's check in with eric bolling what's coming up on cashing in at 11:30. >> eric: hey, guys liberals are throwing birthday party's for the president's healthcare law. don't celebrate just yet. we are crashing the party and unwrapping more costs. that seems to keep on thinking for all of us. don't miss the fun starting this morning 11:30 a.m.
5:44 am
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5:47 am
[shouting] >> clayton: teacher's union strike in stongsville, ohio has turned ugly. now in its third week teachers picketing outside the school can be heard screaming scab, go home. substitute teachers who have crossed the picket lines to work. >> jessie: the union wants 10% increase in salary in exchange for cuts to their pension. our next guest says the tactics of intimidation have gone too far. paul, the organizer of counter protest to the strike. how are you doing, paul? >> good, how are you today? >> jessie: i want to get this out of the way. we love teachers, they do a great job especially the ones that want to teach. what's going on here sounds insane. what are the children's reaction to all of this chaos outside their classroom? >> well, it's completely nuts. it's out of control. and that's kind of the reason that we have stepped up to say enough is enough.
5:48 am
i mean, this has branched out outside of the community at this point with what's going on. i mean, we have teachers that are screaming at substitutes. there is picketing of private residences that are going on. the scab letters. we even have things like these wanted posters being put up on telephone poles by people. we don't know who. the situation really just got out of control. >> clayton: well, on the union side of this. the union says, look, the city is trying it prolong this. they are trying to keep substitute teachers in there for a longer period than is necessary for this strike in order because it's cheaper. it's cheaper than using the regular teachers so bringing in these substitutes they are pro longing it. that's what's leading to this, i don't know, this protest, this outrage but then of course all the yelling and screaming at the same time. what do you say to that? >> it's really simple. the board of education has put out there, best and final offer. and they simply don't have the money to give into what the demands of the union are and they are about
5:49 am
$2 million short on being able to do that that's what a best and final offer is. that's why there is no back and forth negotiation going on here in terms of that. what we have tried to do is encourage these teachers to cross the picket line, come back and accept, you know, the fair contract that's on the table because the community and the students do miss them and want them back in the classrooms. but we're not going to tolerate as a community this sort of bullying and intimidation that's going on because it's embarrassment to our community and honestly an embarrassment to their profession. >> jessie: they make about $64,000 a year. summers off. very nice benefits in pension and dental and headlights care. the day is over around 3:00. what they are asking for just over the line compared to how the private sector is compensated? >> well, this is the thing that i brought up at this point. we are coming out of a recession. everyone is tight anyoning their belts.
5:50 am
honestly the teachers need too do that as well. they are very well compensated. they are some of the highest paid teachers in the state of ohio. we are completely pro-teacher. our organization is representing the community. not pro-school board or anti-school board or prounion or antiunion. we are pro-community and pro-student. but, yes, they have a very good benefits package that they have going for them right now. and in this time when everyone is tightening their belts, they need to do the same thing as well. >> clayton: outrage just kids have to walk through that to. can't be good for the kids. paul we know you are holding another counter protest tonight where you are expecting 400 people to show up. good luck with that paul. >> thanks. >> jessie: coming up, forget getting our military the real sequester pain being held on capitol hill. >> we have to come together and promote initiatives that improve the quality of life in the house of representatives.
5:51 am
>> jessie: really? more outrageous comments from debbie wasserman shoults are coming your way. >> clayton: the government wants you to go green buy the solar powered lights. are they really worth it or is it a waste of your money. must haves and must notes for your home when we come back. ♪ what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k)
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to hidden fees. thankfully e-trade has low cost investments and no hidden fees. but, you know, if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there's a couple of ways you could do it. ♪ ♪ or just go to e-trade and save it. boom. ♪
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5:54 am
>> welcome back, 52 minutes now past the hour. quick headlines for you, a diver nearly becomes shark bait. watch this individual heio. >> no, no. whoa. >> whether you cannily the
5:55 am
man and newly head ducked out of the way in time. march madness living up to its name for the third time in the last two tournaments. the number 15 seed has beaten a number two seed. florida gulf coast knocking off georgetown 78 to 68. really wasn't even close by the way. 14th seed lasalle shocking kansas state 63 to 61. kansas state could no overcome an 18 point halftime deficit. show of hands. how many brackets are ruined in here this morning. yeah. a lot of people. ali? jesse? >> all right. clayton. if you are looking to do a little home improvement. you want to spend your money on products that work. luckily for us. already done the testing. lifestyle expert has some household musts and must not. >> alisyn: right. >> megyn's must have. tell us what you need. >> start talking. >> alisyn: with the
5:56 am
upholstery tag. >> freshen up your decor organize and pay attention to the gashed. here is what i want you to invest in and what i don't want to you invest in. these are upholstery tacks. a little spike on the end. go around your house. i bet you have a piece of furniture that look as little trap. guess what, all do you is pop these babies in right along the seam. >> you don't need any equipment? >> i'm putting these in with my hands. this is a piece of foam furniture. add a little piece of glue to secure it into the foam. if you can put a push pin. if it's a wood piece of furniture you are going to use the hammer and cover the end with tape so you don't damage the tach. are you following along? >> you are scaring me with that hammer. >> buy a plastic protecter. putting a piece of wood furniture wooden arm you would use the hammer. this is a total must. you don't go to a fancy furniture store and spend the money. stud this thing up.
5:57 am
>> alisyn: fantastic. let's move on to this very cool looking not sure if it's effective shoe pod to. >> comes in a full wheel. goit this a couple years ago so cool and stylish looking. big on form even if sometimes function doesn't work 00 i'm not sure it is functional. this is supposed to be space saving. if you have 12 pairs of shoes and that's it. this would work for you you can try. this i couldn't assemble it the first time i got it i'm handy. i could not put this thing together. i got it a second time for this egg isment the half pod this time. a little easier to put together. however, look at my expensive boots. they don't fit. i don't think this is good for my leather shoes. this isn't a quick in and out. it does hold men's shoe size. that's why i'm married to sasquatch. that would be husband's shoe. this is a must not for me. i don't think you are going to get in and out of this
5:58 am
easily. it looks cool. it's not that functional. >> alisyn: got it talk about the solar powered fuzz light they stay green. >> they don't stay inside the house indoor plants. they go outside if you want to line up driveway beautiful elm tree and shine up on the branches. that's what they are for. this panel here is supposed to face the sun all day at night when it gets dark, your flood light is supposed to go on and illuminate things. >> does al gore have these at his house? >> i haven't been invited. you have? >> no, definitely not. here is the problem though. weak. it's about like a weak flashlight about the illumination you get. maybe as a gentleman back there said he tried them. maybe light up the back step that you trip over a lot. but not the elm tree. must not. >> alisyn: action albert rugs. >> indoor, outdoor rugs great way to save money. cheaper. out door rugs use indoors. great colors. chevron. $45 to start. they don't get that expensive as they go up higher in price. these are great, entry way,
5:59 am
hallway. it's a must. >> jessie: within my budget that's a good thing. >> alisyn: very nice. check out megyn's must to learn more about this stuff. great to see you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in just two minutes.
6:00 am
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6:02 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday. march 23rd, i'm alisyn camerota. happy birthday obamacare. the today the affordable care act turns it three years old. we're about to crash the party because the side effects that the president never saw coming and how they could cost all of us. >> forget gutting the military and cutting to our troops, on capitol hill-- >> we have to come together and promote the improvement of life. >> really? more outrageous comments from debbie wasserman schultz
6:03 am
commenting your way. >> clayton: and michael bloomberg says you better buckle up. the eye in the sky camera, "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ >> and good morning, even, given, thanks so much for joining us. you have what you have need there. >> clayton: there's peanut butter all over the place. >> is that an apron? >> my apologies to jake, i covered him in peanut butter. >> he was crying. >> alisyn: covered a ten-year-old in peanut butter. >> he got a $25,000 scholarship. >> there's a silver lining to this. >> clayton: jesninics watters i here from the o'reilly show.
6:04 am
>> we'll get some-- >> i'm going to get some roast pork. >> alisyn: roast beef. >> clayton: no, we'll get them in here for. >> alisyn: i'll hold you to that. what happened while were you sleeping. it almost took four years, the senate has now passed a budget and things are-- >> the senate has passed a budg budget. >> alisyn: and voting on dozens of amendments and ending with the budget vote. the budget has no chance of becoming a law, but it more of a document outlining the democrats' priorities. and president obama wrapping up his four-day tour of the middle east in jordan and opens broker an apology from prime minister of bengjamin
6:05 am
netanyahu to the usualish that happened in 2010. our ed henry will join us at the bottom of the hour with the latest on the president's trip and we want to bring now a live look at castle gandolfo outside of r huge crowds are gathered for a us precedented meeting. newly elected pope francis is meeting with pope benedict xvi. and pope francis shocked a newspaper stand owner in argentina this week when he personally called to cancel his subscription. the owner thought it was a prank until the new pope said, seriously, it's jorge bergoglio, i'm calling you from rome. (laughter) all right. and also you were seeing-- >> tracking it all night on twitter, fired up about the meteor that struck along the east coast, people from north
6:06 am
carolina all the way up to maine reported seeing this meteor. this was video from down there in maryland. they caught this on security camera video outside of a car security camera video. pretty incredible. watch it, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes. there it is. there it is. there's the fireball. people all over the country are waiting to see these meteors, we saw california, we saw one out over russia. they're coming for us, i'm telling you. they think they could be the size of a volleyball in the sky. >> alisyn: you're keeping your eye on it and alerting us. >> clayton: i'm on meteor watch 24/7 and rick is tracking it as well. any meteors? >> that doesn't shoe up on the weather radar. you can tell you're city folk where you rarely see the sky, know what i mean? >> we have so much light pollution. >> rick: you go out west you
6:07 am
see it all the time. your temperature outlook, it's looking good. the outlook for temperatures and this is what it's looking like, above average, better than 50% chance to have above average temperatures where you see the area of orange up across the parts of the northeast and it it looks like it potentially gets better. and if you could throw up the monitor, severe weather, it's looking good across the central plains that things are looking problematic. and winter storm warnings, nebraska, colorado and kansas and missouri and then it's winter storm watches farther to the east and parts of illinois and indiana and later on this afternoon, they will up these to warnings and we could see a pretty good snowfall out of this. denver around omaha and kansas city, looking at four to eight inches of snow and they might hit a foot of snow illinois
6:08 am
and indiana and across the i-70 corridor and driving there tomorrow is going to be very, very rough and towards the day on monday, it moves towards the northeast, coastal areas, mostly rain although i think we might see a little snow in new york, and inland over towards worcester and the poconos and the catskills, and on monday, it's still winter. >> alisyn: i could have told you that, thanks. >> clayton: get out your hanky, i'm going to pause for a moment and you all can grab a box of tissue, i'm sure you'll will make you upset. we have been talking about the sequester, perhaps an area you weren't ready for that was going to get hit hard, capitol hill, the house of representatives, the staff members are not going to be able to eat as well as they have been able to eat the past couple of months. >> i hear now at the cafeteria, charging $7 for a cheeseburger instead of $4 and this is after the aircraft
6:09 am
carrier was pulled back from the suez deployment because we couldn't afford it because of the sequester and she wants us to feel sorry for the staff. maybe she should treat them to lunch. >> alisyn: this is debbie wasserman schultz, took to the committee microphone to explain how sequester has hit home for her and staffers there on capitol hill in terms of the cafeteria. >> we have to come together and promote initiatives that improve the quality of life in the house of representatives. we already have employees who are making a sacrifice to engage in public service as a career choice. being priced out of being able to actually eat a high quality meal should not be one of the challenges they says. >> clayton: let's get this right, federal employees who make more than their public sector. >> alisyn: not all. she's talking about her staffers who obviously don't make a whole lot of money. >> clayton: but if you think about the school lunches most
6:10 am
of the kids across the country ever getting. and whatever they're served on capitol hill. it's probably still, even if they lowered the standard on capitol hill, the standards. still probably better than the school lunches. >> alisyn: isn't this exhibit a how everyone on capitol hill as their own pet project that they want to protect? this is why it's so hard to cut anything on capitol hill because everybody takes to the microphone and has some sort of, you know, exercising shrimp or bridge to nowhere or cafeteria food. >> clayton: wait a minute, a solution, why don't they eat the exercising shrimp. >> that's right. >> alisyn: wow. genius. >> clayton: i shoveled it. >> i think you've got it. where are her priorities? she's not going to get sympathy there, it's so he misplaced. debbie forecast over some dough on buy these kids some sushi or something. >> alisyn: and particularly we had the segment on where we have the honor, and beneficiaries of our fallen soldiers and our heroes and
6:11 am
their children can't get tuition help and scholarship funds. so, clearly, her example was not the most heart breaking example of what sequester has done to our country. >> clayton: meanwhile, let's turn our attention to the skies this morning, because if you're in new york city in the could manying years, in addition to everything else we've heard from michael bloomberg in the past, sugary drink ban and all of that stuff. now, get ready to have cameras everywhere he says it's just a matter of time. he took to the radio to talk about sign of the time and we may have drones in our skies over new york city to keep an eye on what you are doing. listen. >> it's just we're going into a different world, uncharted and like it or not, what people can do or governments can do is different you can to some extent control, but can't keep the tides from coming in. we're going to have more visibility and less privacy. i don't see how you stop that. this idea the technology is
6:12 am
better and cameras every place, get use today it. when there's a murder, a shooting, robbery, the police go to every single building and let's see the security camera tapes. everybody's got them. it's a craziness, oh, it's big brother, get used to it. >> i think i've figured this out, he wants the drones because he wants to do a surgical strike if he sees someone doing a big gulp. >> clayton: take them out. >> take them right out. >> alisyn: and meld two of the policy initiatives together. >> what's the difference? >> to the mayor's point,are we there? a brave new world where there are cameras monitoring up at all times and we think we have privacy, but we're wrong. >> some of the other things that mayor bloomberg mentioned, the sugary drinks inside of buildings and outside of buildings and public parks, calorie counts, baby formulas and parents ask for it, salt, alcohol?
6:13 am
>> wait a minute, alcohol ban? >> wait a second you broke the last the last segment, i saw boozing it up. >> alisyn: that's our little secret. >> and how is it different? the other side of this is, how is this different if you've got a drone in the sky patrolling a neighborhood, how is it any different than police officers on the ground? or could you perhaps employ less police officers, save some money because you wouldn't have police officers patrolling neighborhoods, you'd have drones up in the sky. >> there may be a fourth amendment, privacy, constitutional issue, i think we'll have to have some legal check on this. >> to his point, there are already cameras on every street corner, probably the not every, but many in new york, looking to see if you're speeding, if you're jaywalking, pretrespassing. >> you're on camera every time you go to las vegas. >> alisyn: oh. >> clayton: and london the same thing, so they can pinpoint exactly where you are at all time. try to run, but you can't. >> alisyn: let us know what
6:14 am
you think about lack of privacy or is this important for law enforcement tools. >> clayton: coming up on the show, talk about out of this world, the irs, oh, my gosh, is using your taxpayer dollars to make this "star trek" spoof video. i wish i were kidding. it's five painful minutes of your life you'll never get back. >> and obamacare turns three today. happy birthday, you shouldn't be celebrating because we're about to break down the nasty side effects and how they're going to cost you. ♪ [ male announcer ] marie callender's believes a little dessert can make any old day a special occasion. so she makes her new mini cream pies with real cream filling and milk chocolate on a cookie-crumb crust. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> happy birthday obamacare!
6:18 am
three years ago today president obama signed the affordable health care act into law and since then, the law shortfalls have become apparent. but not to nancy pelosi. she praised it just yesterday. >> it's about wellness, it's about prevention, it's about quality of care. no denial of coverage for preexisting conditions. no lifetime limits on care. >> what are some of the biggest problems associated with obamacare? let's ask betsy mccoy, author of needing obamacare and joins us with her version of now law in her lap. it's massive u when you fly you have to get that thing its own seat. >> and i read this so you don't have to. >> it's troubling right now as we start to see what's unfolding and take us through some of the problems that we are now facing. number one, higher premiums. >> higher premiums, you're going to see premiums go up for people in their 20's and 30's, double.
6:19 am
the reasons are three-fold. first, when insurance companies are required to cover more, it means you the consumers are required to pay more. it's like passing a law that the only car you can buy is a fully loaded cadillac, no more hondas. same thing, you can't buy an inexpensive plan anymore, secondly, 100 billion dollars new taxes on insurers, and for any company that gets taxed more it passes it on to the consumer. and thirdly as you heard nancy pelosi say, insurers have to cover people no matter how sick they are when they buy the policy and the cost of the very sick person has to be spread on everybody else. >> and higher premiums, they said it's not going to happen and it seems to be happening all over the country. can you explain that. >> for the three reasons that i just pointed out, but secondly, many people are losing their on the job coverage. that's where most americans get coverage, on their jobs and spouse's jobs and called
6:20 am
into the boss's office and told we're dropping your coverage next january and pushing you down to part-time status and the reason is that this law says employers with 50 or more full-time workers have to provide coverage, but not just any coverage, it has to be the government-designed essential benefit package which costs twice as much as what many employers currently offer. they're dropping the coverage and paying the penalty. >> clayton: perhaps most troubling, the impact on patient care. when you go to the hospital viewers wonder what happens. when i go to the hospital under this law. >> you're going to get less care, unfortunately, because half of this law is paid for with cuts to medicare, including taking 247 billion dollars out of what they would get under medicare for patients. hospitals have to make do with less money and they're laying off nurses and when you push that button and need help or pain relief, you'll wait longer whether you're 16 or 65 and i'm urging people who know
6:21 am
they're going to the hospital to try to cobble together enough money to hire a private duty nurse at least for the first night. >> jesse: are you okay? it looks like that binder is wearing you down. how heavy is that? >> the prospects are weighing me down. people think that they have private insurance, aetna, blue cross and pay for it totally themselves they're going to avoid the repercussions, but the fact is even if you have private insurance, the federal government is still going to be in charge of your doctor and the decisions your doctor makes. >> clayton: let's get into that, that's your fourth point. losing your medical privacy. we think we have the right to privacy go to aetna and private insurance, but now access to your records and be able to look through them? >>nator, now, we all confide things in our doctor and trust they'll never go further, but now your doctor is legally required to enter your medical history and treatments into an electronic data base part of a national data system. if you're worried about that,
6:22 am
losing your privacy talk with your doctor keeping two sets of books. you won't offend your doctor, the hippocratic oath. they value medical privacy and now how important it is. and some. things i've discussed in keeping obamacare to avoid the land mines in the next months. >> jesse: happy birthday, i'm not sure it's a happy birthday. >> yeah. >> jesse: but you can blow out candles later. >> clayton: thanks. >> jesse: next on the rundown, an accused terrorist, no-show for court, why? because he's too sick? do you feel bad? >> stomach flu perhaps? and spring breakers marketed to 12 year olds. the fight to stop that is next. ♪ what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows
6:23 am
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♪ >> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. right now, more potential dangerous effects of the sequester under pressure to slash 600 million dollars from its budget. the f.a.a. is closing 149 air traffic control towers at small airports across the country. f.a.a. claims the move is necessary and critics say it will jeopardize air safety and you heard from a number on twitter and they are not happy about it. and an alleged al-qaeda terrorist, a snno-show. plotting to bomb americans in nigeria, he was supposed to appear in court yesterday, but his lawyer said he was just too sick.
6:27 am
>> alisyn: listen up to this. some former disney darlings are on the scream spring machine breakers, it's rated r, but promoted in magazines geared towards girls as young as 12 years old. our next guest wants to put a stop to this. former model nicole clark, part of the "for every girl" campaign to promote healthy images in the media for young girls. good morning, nicole. >> good morning, alisyn, thank you. >> alisyn: so tell me what your brother is with magazines like "17 magazine" advertising the new movie "spring breaker" well, the issue with 17 promoting the film through their article and having the star on the front cover, is that their readers are 12, 13, 14, all the way to 18 and the film is r, 17 and older. and i've heard people say yes, they'll hear it advertised elsewhere and why not the teen
6:28 am
magazine. the twisted logic, well, why not market cigarettes, because they'll see them at the pharmacy and supermarket, why not cigarettes and that sort of logic is twisted. and so, when advertisers and companies have an audience of young girls, 12 to 18, you have a responsibility to them and to what you're going to show them and put value on. >> alisyn: here is what "17 magazine" says about this controversy. 17 in no way promotes or endorses the behavior portrayed in the movie spring breakers. and in our interview, she says that's a role to play, not who she is. 23-year-old ashley benson, a disney darling which caters obviously to tweens, much younger girls. do they have a point at that readers should distinguish between playing a role and who this actress is? >> no, kids don't have that ability to make the
6:29 am
distinguish, the tweens reality versus fiction. they'll see this girl as getting a role by being this character and claims in her article that she's excited for everybody to see her film. and you know, i wouldn't want to be marketing an r-rated film to 12-year-old. and young audiences and these companies that market to young audiences, they have to understand that young girls are learning who they are, they're they're impressionable and doesn't make it okay. we're adults and know we can filter these things and young children don't, they copy and saying, don't do as we say-- or do as we say not as we do. and they're copycats and they learn from society and what examples are set before them and so, it's not -- it's important and one of my goals is to help advertisers and companies and organizations to have young audiences and girls as their consumers. >> alisyn: yeah. >> come from a heart-centered
6:30 am
marketing strategy instead of this old medieval style of prey on the young and insecure and vulnerable minds. >> alisyn: sure. you make a great point and also say that with our pocket books not buy magazines when you see exploittation as you think it is. nicole, thank you for your perspective, very interesting. >> my pleasure, thanks, alisyn. >> alisyn: talk about out of this world. the irs using your tax dolls to make this movie. and if you're in the market for a pet, great tips how to find the right one for your family. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪
6:31 am
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>> hey, here is your shot of the morning. you want to treat your pup with a box of goodyies. national puppy day and you can do that. >> and the ceo and founder joins me now. what do we have here? >> we have a bark box, once a month to spoil their dogs. we send them to dog parents and people and crazily obsessed with their dogs to spoil them with high qualities
6:35 am
toys and treats. >> jesse: a steak there. >> a steak that squeaks and the dogs love the squeaky toys. look at this and a lot of surf and turf of for my dog. >> jesse: mouhow much does it cost? >> the whole package $18 a months and free shipping. >> alisyn: with that if you buy this from bark box, 10% of the proceeds go to dogs in need? >> yeah, to shelters and rescue and mostly local shelters and rescues, and looking to make high impact and have mormonkeys get adopted. >> alisyn: and monkey was adopted and determined there's cake on there. i was going to offer jesse a piece of this. >> jesse: and she was trying to get me to eat this, i think it's beef jerky. >> alisyn: what's in that
6:36 am
cake? >> i know there's liver and appealing and appetizing to dogs and go right for it. >> alisyn: lucky likes it. >> we recommend not for humans. >> alisyn: and everybody can go-- bark box? >> very simple to mind. >> alisyn: fantastic, great stuff and monkey likes it. and more special guests with rick and clayton. >> clayton: we've got cuties out here and not just referring to rick. if this is national puppy day, we've arranged a puppy play date on the plaza. >> rick: and here with kent bow-wow adorable slim. >> slim. >> the cutest thing ever. >> a baby here with his mommy rig datoni. >> there is rigatoni. >> this looks like a baby lab
6:37 am
or something, but the mom over there is a tiny chihuahua. >> he is a baby chihuahua. >> clayton: if you're going to adopt a puppy, by a show of hands how many are going to adopt a puppy. yea!. >> clayton: if you're going to pick a breed for your family, there are considerations. >> it's important to look into it. and there's lots of resources to find different characteristics, specific to each breed and the smaller chihuahuas may be great for more sedentary families. if they're not a young dog you want to consider the life span. you're going to have for ten or 15 years, or adoesn't an older dog, three, four, five years, may be more appropriate for your family. energy level, duke is a great example of a high energy dog. he is a fun-loving guy that would do great with day care, socialization and-- (laughter) >> and this is a dog that wants to go to a family with
6:38 am
lots of energy, lots of ability to run him around and play him. we offer pet sitting, home pet sitting and dog walkers are a great option. duke. >> rick: if you want a dog a little more sedentary than the active duke, what kind of dog, do you go for? >> maybe even, if we have mi millisent would be the perfect girl who would love to sit and love somebody and go for a leisurely walk. >> clayton: she's watching duke run around. >> rick: a dog like millicent likes to watch. >> a beagle is wonderful for a family that likes to walk, beagles have a lot of energy, like long walks and love to play again, love socialization and it's very, it's a great bonding exercise, take your dogs out for walks and--
6:39 am
>> where can people go to adopt the dogs right now? >> if you go to our website, link specifically. these puppies are brought to us from bobby strays and you can find a location on our camp site. >> rick: you've got to have a dog for the snow and we'll transition and talk about snow. this is a live shot from denver this morning, we've got serious snow falling there, might see a foot by the time it's said and done and people off the roads there. seven inches downtown and eight inches out at the airport in denver. and quickly, want to show you your forecast for the day today. got some big things going on. there's a big storm across parts of the plains and winter storm warnings for areas of colorado, nebraska, stretching over to areas of missouri and throughout the ohio valley.
6:40 am
and on the southern side, the tornado threat on the map, that's the best chance for tornados today and we will also see some other severe weather. all right, back here, dr. gray, might think about taking slim. >> for the new york apartment. >> fits into my hand bag. >> alisyn: like paris hilton. thanks so much, guys. >> jesse: so we've had peanut butter, dogs and now ed henry. >> alisyn: natural. >> jesse: out in the middle east. what's going on, ed henry. >> reporter: jesse, you're trying to get back to me after the comment about your salary, i get it and the national puppy day thing, and i get it. and you're doing a great job today, i should note that, as is everyone and the president is wrapping four days in the mideast. and sightseeing before he heads back, air force one is headed to washington and he went to the city of pjetra,
6:41 am
magnificent pictures and what is one of the seven wonders of the world, the ancient city carved into the sheer rock face of the mountains, about three and a half hour drive from oman and the center of the country. the beautiful pictures, a nice way to end the trip, but it's a trip that's focused the at least on this stop on the horrific situation just on the northern border of jordan and syria, the civil war, the violence, tens of thousands killed. now a refugee crisis that's developing as well and there's about a half a million refugees that have come from syria here into jordan and it's straining the economy here. president obama under pressure back home to maybe intervene militarily. he pushe yesterday at a news conference and pointed out that the u.s. is the leading donor of aid to this situation and pledged 200 million dollars more, take a listen. >> since the start of the situation in syria, we have
6:42 am
stepped up as not just a super power, as you phrased it, but also because of basic humanity, to say that assad needed to go. we haven't just led with words, but we've also head with deeds. >> reporter: assad must go he said. but what's going to happen in a post assad syria, there's a lot of fear, whether al-qaeda, other terrorists, extremists and move the chemical weapons and spread them to jordan or other countries and here in the middle east, you have the issue whether or not an islamist government would come in post assad. a lot of big issues and one reason the president is headed back to washington and leaving his secretary of state john kerry behind to work on what is a massive global issue. >> alisyn: ed henry from oman, thanks so much.
6:43 am
>> jesse: and this family fled to the united states because the german couldn't wouldn't let them school their kids. and now they may be sent back. >> alisyn: stick around, meet a man who won the lottery 23 times. he has a system and he's about it share it with all of you. >> jesse: first, let's check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom, business block. >> hey, guys, good morning. you've heard of the terrible two's. try the tantrum threes. president's health care law is three and guys say it's when the pain will it come in. and a new gas taxes before we do that, is anyone asking where all of that coal money has been going? and the debt bomb's ticking on student loans. how one college is standing up and making kids work their
6:44 am
tuition off instead. a smart lesson plan, the cost of freedom at the top of the hour. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
6:45 am
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6:47 am
if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> all right. a fox news alert. new video just into our news room of pope francis and pope emeritus benedict xvi embracing at the first meeting. they met at the papal residence at castle gandolfo outside of rome and they prayed together calling each other brothers. all right, meanwhile, so what is the irs with your tax dollars? case you wondered? this "star trek" spoof in 2010 cost a whooping $60,000 to make this, along with a gilligan's island parody, and
6:48 am
it was released after congress requested it, the irs apologizing saying they misused the money. >> clayton: and they screwed something else up, they have next generation uniforms in an original "star trek" set. come on. >> alisyn: let's go over to the guys. >> clayton: well, the obama administration recently released more than 2000 illegal immigrants from detention centers blaming cuts from the sequester, but what might be more disturbing is the cases that they aren't letting go. one in particular, a family from germany that could be deported over home schooling their children. >> jesse: joining us now is michael ferris chairman of the home school association who is representing that family. okay, mr. ferris, who do you blame for this mix-up? it seems we're letting illegal aliens go with dui convictions and the people we should be letting stay here we're trying to deport, it doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't make sense. eric holder, the attorney
6:49 am
general is responsible for this policy and this particular decision. and if you do the legal analysis, it just is wrong. religious freedom is supposed to be a basis for granting political asylum, when that's denied by germany for any other country and that's what the first immigration judge held. but eric holder, somehow, either he hates home schoolers, hates religious liberty or something going on germany. there's something amiss. >> clayton: tell us about the family from germany, a background on exactly what the family did so wrong to now have to be deported. >> look, the family home schooled in germany, which is illegal. germany bans home schooling, even though that's a violation of their human rights, germany takes that position. they were fined and very heavy fines about six months of the father's salary was the ultimate fine. the family had their kids taken away by the police would
6:50 am
show up at the house with armed guards and vans and haul the kids off to the public schools and threatened with loss of custody and finally the family says, enough is enough, we're going to the united states where you're free to home school and applied for political asylum and the first judge ruled in their favor and the obama administration appealed and they won the second round and we appealed to the 6th circuit. >> clayton: they're going through the property channels of immigration, and fill out the proper paper work and want to be u.s. citizens presumably down the line and want to offer something back for schooling them and this is the thanks they get. >> exactly. the united states was founded originally by the pilgrims who came on the mayflower. it was the influence of holland on their children that caused them to leave from
6:51 am
there and come to plymouth rock. this family is doing the exactly the same thing as the earliest american families. they came to this country for religious freedom and ability to protect their children and i'm glad that in 1600's the obama administration wasn't standing there to turn people back and say, no, we don't want your find here. >> mr. ferris, it doesn't make a lot of send. you can come here and do a lot of things, but do it the right way, and we'll follow the family and keep an eye on what's going on. >> thank you. >> who wants to be a millionaire and win tonight's 320 million dollars powerball drawing, a rhetorical question. a man who won the later 23 times, he's got a system he's going to share with us when we come back. ♪
6:52 am
♪ >> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪
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>> hi, everyone, listen up. we're about to tell you how to win the lottery. the jackpot for tonight's powerball drawing, astonishing, 320 million dollars largest in history. do you want to win? our next guest is about to tell house. >> richard has hit the jackpot seven times and learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery. nice to have you back on the show. >> thanks for having me on again. >> clayton: let's walk through
6:56 am
some tips, because you know, for a lot of us, we think, this is luck, you're in an office pool and you get lucky, but you've done some things and you can actually increase your odds of winning, are we right? >> absolutely, in fact, i hate that word luck, 'cause luck has nothing to do with this, people who rely on luck are fooling themselves. . >> but, just in give you a little more history. richard, you say you've won 23 times. including one florida mega money, that, i guess, is your biggest jackpot. but, the odds in winning are one in 176 million tonight. so, how can you say you haven't been lucky? >> because i have a proven method that all of my-- i've won 7 lottery games grand prizes, i have been to the florida lottery offices 23 times to redeem a winning ticket too large for the local merchants. >> jesse: let's get specific
6:57 am
for the audience. the number one tip for winning the later, what is it? >> set a budget. >> jesse: set a budget? ? . >> don't let the whole big jackpot send you down the path of lottery fever. don't spend rent money or grocery money, anything out what you can afford to spend. >> jesse: and what is tip number two for winning the lottery. >> tip number two, people are lazy and tend to take the lazy way out. and buy what's called quick pick and for those watching, who don't know, you hand them a couple of dollars, give me a couple of tickets for tonight's drawing and the computer generates a set of numbers for you for your ticket. every time you get a quick pick, you are buying a ticket at the worst possible odds. like you said 1 in 176 million. that's ridiculous odds. don't buy quick picks and i know people say what do you mean, i always buy quick
6:58 am
picks, have you won yet? what you do is. >> alisyn: go ahead, what do you do instead? >> what do you do you pick your own numbers, you play those same numbers. never change any of those numbers and always play them for every single draw in that game. if that game is twice a week, you play those numbers twice a week. if it's seven days a week, play it all seven days of the week. >> jesse: and how do you know which numbers to pick? is it your mother's birthday, is it random? what's the secret? >> there's no secret and that's where everybody's misled and brain washed. everybody thinks that there's some sort of a magical way to pick your numbers. there is not. it doesn't matter how you pick your numbers. what matters, what you do with those numbers after you pick them. what you do is you have now picked your set of numbers. in my book, i teach you, i teach you how to do the research that you can determine if that's a good set of numbers. >> alisyn: perfect.
6:59 am
>> clayton: we're out of time. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.


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