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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 23, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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patrol in a very dramatic rescue. rescue. >> come on. come on, open your eyes. >> can you imagine? unbelievable video. the lost hiker was spotted in an area in tucson that could not be reached on foot. waste tak-- he was taken to a hospital for observation, one
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day after his wedding a man jumped in with the sharks. the shark ignored the bait dangling nearby and went inside for the dafr in the cage. quick thinking by the newlywed, gout out of the way as the shark pushed into the cage with jaws open. i don't think this was the honeymoon that he and his wife had in mind. and we've been asking you, the question, president obama said he wanted to change the mind of skeptics during the trip. do you think he did that. >> joe writes, obama talks a lot. he seems to say what people want and makes him look good. >> he's not successful, and even as rockets land from gaza. and lots of responses on this one, and thanks to everybody for sharing your thoughts.
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that's going to do it for me here in washington. gregg jarrett and jamie kocolby from here. we leave you with a sweetdeo in national puppy appreciation day. make it a great day, everybody. aren't they cute? ♪ >> fox news alert, everyone, breaking developments on capitol hill. the u.s. senate this morning approves a budget proposal that calls for almost a trillion dollars in tax hikes. and that's the very latest. hello, everyone, i'm jamie colby, and this is a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm gregg jarrett, glad you're with us. this nonbinding plan was approved just before dawn this morning after nearly 13 hours of nonstop voting. >> yeas are 53, nays are 46.
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the amendment is adopted and now there are -- there are adoptions that concur resolution is met. >> it's the first senate budget proposals in four long years and basis for future negotiations between congress and the white house. elizabeth prann is in our d.c. bureau with more. >> reporter: it may have taken almost all night for the first time passing. and a plan raising nearly a trillion dollars in new taxes and the government would still be in a deficit ten years from now. senator patty murray, however, argues it creates jobs and economic growth for the democrats, the vote is a big accomplishment. >> first of all, over the last two decades the average budget
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resolution considered 78 amendments. we've done 101. average, we've done 70, twice as many. to doing this has been a herculean feat. >> hundreds of amendments were filed, but 70 were voted on. senators approved a sales tax for online retail sales and voted to approve tkeystone pipeline and to big to fail for big banks. and these are mostly symbolic gestures and show where the senators stand on issues and of course, when you take a 13 hour 6 minute vote there does have to be a little bit of humor. >> it is good to say that as of this time, 5 a.m., there has not been a day without a budget being passed in the united states senate. (laughter) . >> reporter: all democrats voted yea with exception four who are up for reelection in
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2014 and states which can be unfriendly to democrats and white house secretary responding to today's news and saying the president's plan will also cut, quote, wasteful spending while eliminating special tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthiest americans, gregg, back to you. >> kelly: all right. elizabeth prann thanks very much. and under orders to trim hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal budget. the federal aviation administration plans to close 149 facilities in smaller airports. and pilots coordinate takeoffs and landings among themselves on a shared frequency. the f.a.a. has to trim for the rest of the fiscal year. >> well, there's new information on a tragic accident in alabama. a flight status sign falling at birmingham's airport and killed a ten-year-old boy, injuring four family members,
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too, including a mother who's in critical condition. the nearly 400 pound sign trapped the family underneath and witnesses are saying it took a crowd of folks to lift it off. >> family was crushed, the little kids crushed underneath the sign, and everybody was gathering to lift it up. and i helped lift it up and helped pull people out. >> we don't know the implications, but birmingham's airport did just go-- underwent, actually a major renovation and its concourse just reopened last week. >> and we are awaiting the arrival of air force one at ramstein air force base in germany. president obama is on his way home from his landmark visit to the middle east. he wrapped up the trip today with a visit to the ancient city of pjetra in jordan and this trip included stops at the west bank and first visit to israel as president. what did president obama actually accomplish on this trip if anything.
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former ambassador to the united nations john bolton will be with us to weigh in on that. >> jamie: and we're looking forward to that. meanwhile, president obama's health care reform law is turning three today. and the political battles over it continue. two elections later, one supreme court decision, and this week, a rare show of bipartisanship to repeal an unpopular tax in that law. molly henneberg taking a look at that for us, live from washington. hi, molly. >> hi, jamie, that was the medical device tax on everything from latex gloves to wheelchairs to dental instruments and republicans and democrats on capitol hill voted to repeal it, but health insurance industry advocates warned more taxes from this law are coming down the pike. >> the reform law includes a new 100 billion dollar tax on health insurance that starts next year. 2014, 8 billion dollars, average individual will pay $100 more on the premium, and
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small businesses will pay over $350 for each family they provide coverage for. >> reporter: president obama said in a statement today that obamacare is already saving seniors money on prescription drugs and is slowing the growth of health care costs. and the president also contends there will be more health insurance options for americans, starting later this year. he said in a statement, quote, beginning in october, you'll be able to sign up for new private health care plans through a new health insurance marketplace where private plans will compete to save middle class families money. but, because many states say these exchanges, these marketplaces are too unwieldy and expensive for them to set up on a local level, and now falls to the federal government to set them up. and it's not clear where the money to do that is going to come from. >> i don't think anyone anticipated there would be so many states who just declined. now, the federal government takes responsibility for running an exchange and creating an exchange and
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almost after half the state. no money for the federal government was budgeted to do that and congress seems unwilling to give money for the administration to do that. we're looking at a very messy situation. >> reporter: house republican speaker john boehner said in a statement today on obamacare, that three years into obamacare, health insurance premiums have quote, spiked and the price tag for the law has close to nearly doubled. jamie. >> jamie: that's very interesting. thank you so much. gregg has more on that. gregg? >> that's right, the affordable care act is considered president obama's most significant legislative achievement, but what's it going to take to get all of america to love it or well, even like it, sort of. take a look at this, a new fox news poll finds 30% of registered voters want to repeal it it entirely. 25% want parts of it repealed and 20% say expand it or leave it as it is. let's bring in our political panel, angela mcglowan, fox
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news political analyst. and doug is a former congressional campaign spokesman and democratic strategist. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> it's been three years and obamacare is as unpopular and divisive as ever. it's not our fault alone, the kaiser family foundation poll found more americans oppose obamacare than approve it. is this thing destined to be a public opinion failure? >> i don't think so, gregg. i actually think if you look at the individual parts of obamacare and the kaiser poll looked at those 11 core pieces and they have actually strong support even among republicans. the overall bran, it not surprising for the last four years, it's been a mixed bag with the public. but if you look at exit polling in the last election, 75% of people who said that health care was their number one issue, voted for barack obama and right now, the
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president has about a 16% advantage over republicans on who people trust on health care issues. >> you know, angela, doug is right about that 11 figure he mentioned because the polls he show it's the individual mandate that the public opposes, but the public does favor ten of the 11 key provisions of obamacare, we'll put them up on the screen and here they are, people are familiar with these. but look, by that measure, they like ten of the 11 parts of it, isn't that the core of obamacare, isn't that what people really want? >> well, the bottom line is this, gregg. the obamacare theory, noble in purpose, everybody wants everyone to have access to health care. everyone wants people to be able to get health care with pre-existing conditions. but having said that, obama said that when we have obamacare, you'll still be able to use your health insurance. you won't have to change your health insurance provider.
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also, it would not cost anything to have obamacare. the bottom line is this, after three years we still have not gotten the devastating effect we're going to get regarding this legislation. >> and doug, what about that. >> i agree with that. >> insurance carriers are already warning, you know, people who are individual customers as well as employers and brokers that their premiums are going up because of obamacare. the opposite of what the president said. in fact, i looked this up today, united health care says, it could go up a whopping 116% for some people. and the president also said, say, if you like your insurance coverage you get to keep it and mckinsey report says, that's wrong. one third of going to lose their coverage. so come on. the president's promises turned out to be false, didn't they, doug? >> i really like angela and agree none of the devastating effects of obamacare that
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people predicted have happened yet. between 2000-2006, gregg, health care premiums doubled so that the idea that this is some new phenomenon is actually not true. health care spending-- >> doug. >> no, health care spending is actually at a 50-year low right now and the overall plan of obamacare, of providing health care, access i believe health care to 30 million americans is going in about a year and a half. >> the bottom line, you have people who have full-time positions and they're going to go to part-time positions because companies can't afford obamacare. >> that's not true because small businesses who saw health care spending increase 126% between 2000 and 2006 are getting health care tax credits right now and insurance companies have a lot of-- >> and the credits-- >> i want to give you a fair shake on this thing. with 34 million americans suddenly forced on to medical coverage, there aren't enough doctors to handle all of that.
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that's pretty obvious. a shortage of nearly 63,000 doctors. >> thank you. >> by 2015, 140,000 by 2025, there's a new report that shows more doctors plan to retire early because of obamacare, so it's only going to get worse. i mean, doesn't that mean poor access, poor quality of care for everybody down the road? >> you've said it, gregg. and also, you're going to have health care facilities close and when you do that, that means that people will lose their jobs. so, again, obamacare, the theory, noble in purpose, this is a prime example where you have macavelian politicians and put policy and legacy before the preservation of our nation and we're feeling the effect now, but we haven't felt the devastation yet. >> and the cbo, i checked, says we're still going to have 20 million americans uninsured so so much for the idea of universal health care
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coverage. got to leave it at that, come back and we'll talk about it more. >> thank you. >> jamie: some new details on a murder investigation of that colorado prison chief. coming up, there's a new clue in that case and police say it may point to his killer. >> and new and potentially dangerous storm is now on the horizon. we're going to tell you where it's headed and who is at risk. >> jamie: i thought it was spring, gregg. >> that's right. >> jamie: change the clock. and president obama did wrap up or in moments wrapping up his particular trip to the middle east and coming up former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton will tell us how did he do? >> the united states of america stands with israel because it is in our fundamental national security interest to stand with israel. it makes us both stronger. it makes us both more prosperous. and it makes the world a better place.
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>> extreme weather is baring down on a huge chunk of the northwest. and winter storm warnings ahead of a potentially dangerous system. and denver, colorado seeing heavy snowfall this hour. the massive storm might also
10:20 am
affect the mid atlantic and gulf coast states as it moves eastward. meteorologist janice dean is live from the fox extreme weather center. so much for springtime, huh? >> i'm waiting for the e-mails from you, asking if your wife is going to have to shovel in the northeast. >> gregg: it's forth coming. >> it's possible, if some of the computer models come through we could be dealing with 6 to 12 inchesnow from philly to d.c., new york up to boston so this is a certainly stay tuned type of situation. let's take a look at the satellite imagery. as gregg mentioned we're looking at the snow, denver, eight inches around the denver area and potential of severe weather and the warm side of the snow, hail, damaging winds and isolating tornados. severe thunderstorm watch for parts of north florida into georgia and a severe thunderstorm warning west of jacksonville and watch this area carefully through the evening and into the overnight and satellite showing the
10:21 am
snow. the blueish tinge here, through kansas, up toward nebraska, push into missouri, illinois and ohio. the winter storm advisory and in the pink we could easily get 5 to 8 inches of snow and winter advisories or watches in the blues stretching across the ohio river valley, within the next six to 12 hours you'll see them expand across ohio, virginia, west virginia, pennsylvania and the northeast and we think this has the potential to be a late winter storm for all the of the big industries across the i-95 corridor. rain is in the mid atlantic and northeast sunday into monday and potentially heavy snow and then coastal flooding, unfortunately, for all of those coastal areas from new jersey up toward the delmarva peninsula into massachusetts and coastal maine. so, this is going to be a big deal, not only today, but through the next 48 hours, and
10:22 am
we're dealing with anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow across these areas and across the northeast, this is going to be sunday night into monday event, all of the big cities need to be paying very close attention. gregg, jamie, back to you. >> gregg: oops, that's going to be a problem for folks travelling during the holidays. >> this might takes folks off guard so we need to pay attention to your local forecasts. >> gregg: janice dean. >> jamie: president obama is headed back home after a middle east tour and he met with prime minister netanyahu, the two reaffirming the extraordinary bonds as they called it between the nations and he also addressed the threat from iran. >> the united states will continue to consult closely with israel on next steps and i will repeat, all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons.
10:23 am
>> jamie: and topped the agenda when the president traveled to the west bank and met with palestinian authority mahmoud abbas. >> i absolutely believe that it is still possible, but i think it is very difficult. but if we can get direct negotiations started again, i believe that the shape of a potential deal is there. >> jamie: well, today, the president's trip wraps up in jordan, a key mideast ally king abdullah and what is going on in syria. what's going done? and former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. >> good to be with you. >> jamie: are we at status quo with the trip or was anything accomplished? >> well, i think at a political level, president obama's main objective was to try to make up some of the
10:24 am
political damage he suffered in his first term for a very visible, frosty relationship with israel and especially with prime minister netanyahu and i think he accomplished that the minute he walked off of air force one. but there were other objectives here, too, and those were much harder, much tougher measures for israel, on iran, don't think of using military force against its nuclear weapons program. and number two, be prepared to make more concessions for the palestinians in the negotiations the president hopes will start in the near future. >> jamie: so, given the fact that they have not established any timetable for actual talks, how do israelis feel after this visit and after the president getting together with both sides? and how do palestinians feel, do you think? >> well, i think there is a long way to go and i think why the president put zero of his prestige on the line getting these things started. one interesting point, where he pressed the palestinians to
10:25 am
give up the pre-condition to direct negotiations with the israelis, that the israelis had to stop all settlement construction on the west bank of the jordan river. many american commenttators read that as moving away from the palestinian position and moving towards the israeli position. honestly, that's not what it is. the palestinian pre-condition of stopping all settlements has simply meant no direct negotiations for several years while the israelis continue to build settlements. so, if there's any chance for the palestinians to stop the settlement construction, it can only come after negotiations resume. so the president made a tactical shift, but i think his view is much closer to the palestinian view on that issue. >> jamie: interesting. i want to ask you about iran, but one more question on this. so, when do you think talks could take place, and where, and would the president participate? >> well, i wouldn't hold my breath on timing, but he did say at several points that
10:26 am
secretary of state john kerry will be devoting his time and attention to trying to get the talks started again. so, i think it's a very careful political judgment by president obama, let john kerry spend his time seeing if he can get things going and if he can, and if the parade looks like it's moving ahead, then i think you'll see president obama become more visibly involved. >> jamie: well, be ambassador, secretary now kerry, will be making the trip. so what do you think we'll see in the next few weeks? >> well, i think the palestinians have got to be more realistic and accept the advice they've given freely to give up this pre-condition. whether they're in a position is anybody's guest and doesn't get anywhere close to the substance here, where the palestinian authority can only speak for part of the palestinian people. i really don't see any prospect in the near future of progress. not for lack of pressure by the administration on israel, but just because of the
10:27 am
objective reality on the ground, on the west bank. >> jamie: the great and very complex risk of iran. what exactly did you read into what the president said about what we would be willing to do and what israel may do on its own? >> well, again, a lot of commentators looked at things he said, israel has the right to its own self-defense as if it was some revelation. i listened carefully, i don't think the president said anything new or different from what he said before and i think in private, the conversations remained very far apart in terms of israel and the united states' assessment of what iran is up to and what it would take to stop iran. israel's timetable is much shorter than the united states and i think fundamentally, neither israel nor iran really believe the president's assertions that all options are on the table. i think as far as iran goes we end the trip pretty much where
10:28 am
we began. the spotlight remains on israel and the complicated decision they face, whether to stop or force iran's program. >> jamie: thank you so much and we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: gregg? >> brand new details on the horrific shooting at a marine pace. what police are now saying about the three people killed. >> jamie: there's a possible break in the murder of a colorado prison director. >> and we're hurt across the country in law enforcement and e.m.s. as well. it does become, it's somebody you see every day and obviously, their hearts are tore up as everybody's is. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats.
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>> well, this is a meeting
10:33 am
that has not been possible for more than 600 years. pope francis travelling to the hill side town of castle gandolfo to meet with his predecessor emeritus pope benedict xvi. they met together and retreated to a private dining room for a discussion and lunch. benedict has been living at the lakeside castle since he became the very first pope in 600 years to resign the papacy. >> jamie: some news on the murder of a prison director chief. director tom clements, the incident happening 700 miles from where clements was killed tuesday night. shot in the chest as he answered the door of his home. dominic di-natale live with the the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: the possible motivations of the suspect are
10:34 am
emerging, and ebel had a long criminal record and he was a member of a white supremist prison gang and suspected that t that it was a revenge attack by the gang. and it's considered one of the most vicious white supremacist groups akin to the aryan nation. and only in colorado could have as many as a thousand members, jamie. >> jamie: all right, dominic, thank you very much. if there's more on that story, please join us again. we are waiting an update on a deadly shooting at the marine base in quantico, virginia. military officials say they will release the identities of the three marines killed including a suspected gunman who police say died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. occurred days after a live fire exercise at a base in nevada that killed seven marines.
10:35 am
and local law enforcement agencies across our country are facing a shortage of ammunition, as concerned gun owners are stocking up on firearms and bullets. the shortage is coupled with an increase in prices as many gun owners head to the stores in anticipation of new gun control laws. states like colorado and new york already approving legislation, while democrats move toward bringing a bill to the senate floor. gregg? >> growing concerns over higher education in the united states as new numbers suggest the level of student loan debt is reaching crisis proportions. according to the federal reserve bank of new york, americans now hold a total of nearly a trillion dollars in student loan debt, as an average of $23,000 per person and that could take an advantage person roughly tn years to pay off, maybe more. joining us now the reverend jesse jackson, founder and
10:36 am
president of the rainbow push coalition. i know you're deeply concerned about this, in part because i read your recent column on the problem. how do we solve it. >> well, it's more about a trillion dollars, more than credit card debt, so many youth who have able minds will not apply and those in school cannot stay in. and in black colleges about 15,000 fewer this year and some, the money without necessarily the grade. and some grades can't because of the money and that undermines our future capacity to compete. >> gregg: part of the problem is that the price of a four-year college education has really skyrocketed. i looked it up today, since 1981 it has gone up 500%. now, you know, over the course of 30 years, that may seem reasonable until you look at the consumer prices. they rose 140%.
10:37 am
so, 500% increase since 1981 is unacceptable, isn't it? >> well, the education has not increased 100%. guaranteed jobs-- that must be stimulus, loan debt forgive neness. and many graduates live at home and don't have a be job. so the cost rising is a deterrent in the first place. think about global, we have without access to jobs. and it's just too much money. >> gregg: isn't the federal government largely to blame for this? and here is why i say it. since 1986, the amount of federal subsidies for loans and grants for college education has increased
10:38 am
3,247%. back in 1986 a billion in student loans and grants and now it's 120 billion dollars and a recent study by the department of education found the reason colleges and universities are charging more and more tuition and room and board is because students have all of this money available to them. so, in the end, isn't the federal government to blame for that? >> i'm uninclined to think that. i think college tuition are rising ly. i was reading out in oklahoma higher default rate in the country. and many are getting a pell grant or some grant to su subsidize the eating and living. and poverty is a factor. putting america back to work because i am convinced that the 2 trillion dollars spent
10:39 am
on the iraq war and trillion dollars given to americans, and paying for that price with a war we did not choose to fight, and in the first place. 3 trillion dollars. >> gregg: the other thing that the recent study found, three-year study department of education, it was a commission, the universities amass these enormous endowments and they're from tax-free gifts and tax-free investment income and they only spend a tiny fraction of that to benefit the students. what if we, as a federal government, were to say, you know what? we're going to take away your tax-free status unless you use some of that endowment to either reduce your tuition and room and board costs for your students, or help them directly with those costs. what about that, reverend? >> it is schools like harvard and yale, once you get in,
10:40 am
many schools take their endowment for the investment portfolio and the purpose for having a bigger endowment is to keep college tuition low and i think that those were certain limits should have to pay more for taxes or invest in students to have more money for more investments and building is is a factor. i think that president obama we went-- exploiting students in this way would lose federal moneys and that's the way it should be. >> gregg: you showed me a moment ago your report and i'll show you mine. center for college activity and productivity. he found that universities, for example, like harvard could actually eliminate all tuition, all room and board for all of their students without ever dissipating their endowment. which is pretty remarkable. and harvard isn't the only one. a lot of the top elite schools and even some in the second
10:41 am
tier, could do the same thing. shouldn't they do that? and how could we encourage them to do that. >> well, those who have more much invest more. and schools like harvard and yale have far more scholarship aid, but the poorest do not have endowment who cannot afford, they are now paying the big price and our government need more pell grants. and the student loan, debt forgiveness plan, work your way out of debt, a way of productivity and reducing unemployment and put america back to work. >> gregg: you forgive that debt and somebody's got to bear the burden of lost dollars, don't they, financial institutions would be on the hook for that. won't they pass it along to the consumers, in terms of higher prices for all kinds of things. >> banks are a big factor in this and sometimes the universities themselves. we're losing a generation of
10:42 am
students who can't afford to go to college and many have the best minds can't afford to go and sometimes the most money can go, does not give us the best product. >> gregg: all right, reverend jesse jackson, always nice to have you with us. enjoyed talking to you. thank you for being here. >> thank you, sir. >> jamie: mysterious lights in the sky near the nation's capital. did the east coast have a close encounter with a meteor. there it is, gregg. >> gregg: is that a meteor? it's a bird, it's a plane. >> jamie: we'll find out. wall street keeping a close eye on the banking crisis in cyprus, how a deal there, a deal could impact markets here in the u.s. we'll go live.
10:43 am
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>> whole lot of buzz today over a possible meteor spotted over the east coast last night. take a look, security cameras caught the bright fireball
10:47 am
flash across the sky and you're looking at video from a delaware car dealership. you can he see tsee the meteor, can see from north carolina all the way up to maine and nasa says the space rock was probably the size of a softball or maybe a volleyball and then it burned up in the atmosphere. assuming that's. >> jamie: no way, across going straight across it should have gone down a bit. this is for sure, wall street bracing for what could be a rocky road ahead. traders waiting for board from the cyprus. and it had a ripple around the world. yes, they do. a bailout deal that would have taken money straight from the accounts of anyone who banks in cyprus failed last week, probably because of the massive protests. and banks are closed right now and not expect today reopen until at least tuesday. greg palkot is in cyprus
10:48 am
monitoring it all. >> reporter: that's right, folks here in cyprus are clearly worried, perhaps we should be as well. banks remain closed and atm's are running dry and cash is in short supply. and today, they have additional reason to be concerned. officials here are scrambling to come up with their portion of a bailout package to try and keep this place from going bankrupt. they're now looking in a controversial approach to seize assets from private bank accounts to help pay off maybe as much as 25% from big accounts, and imagine if that was happening to your bank account. and also, a smaller bite, perhaps, from smaller depositors. to give you an idea of what it is like to live here in cyprus right now, take a listen to a chat i had earlier with a fellow at the atm's we're standing at. take a listen. >> no money, i have my card. >> you have your card. is it worth anything? >> and have you been able to
10:49 am
get any money? have you been able to get any money today? >> i have been around 20 now i have to go home because i waste my petrol. >> reporter: by the way, petrol here means gas and that is running out as well. and now, if the folks here settle on a plan it will be presented to the european union tomorrow. remember, monday is a deadline for them to decide if they'll cough up their portion of the money. what happens here is very important for europe. if tiny cyprus were to go down, other european countries could be threatened, as well as a euro currency itself and remember, europe is the united states' biggest trading partner. what happens bad in europe could happen bad in the united states as well. that's why we will be watching this cash machine over the next couple of days, and u.s. perhaps watching as well. >> jamie: thank you so much. good to see you, gregg.
10:50 am
>> gregg: a shocking new study now linking sugary drinks with hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide. come on. can the sweet stuff really kill you? and how much is too much? doctor somati is here with what you need to know. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms.
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>> welcome back, everybody. i am so glad it's not valentine's day because dr. david somati is here to tell us about new research about sugar. this research suggests that sugary drinks, thanks our chocolate is safe, and contributing to deaths in the u.s. the study linking sweet beverages to major health issues like type ii diabetes and dr. somati a-teamer, and chief of robotics at mount sinai. you can have as big a soda as you want, but you don't want us to. >> we've talked about this many times on sunday house call and the fact that sugary drinks mean weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. nothing is new, everybody knows that.
10:55 am
this particular study was interesting, and presented in american heart association in new orleans, coming from harvard school of public health. what they did, they looked at over 115 countries with a survey to see exactly what the sugary drinks are doing and it's resulting to about 180,000 deaths all over the world. now, who came first, mexico was on top of the list followed by the caribbean, latin america, u.s. in the middle and japan was down. and what exactly is it in the sugary drinks that's killing us? it's the sugar. what happens when you drink the sugar, a surge of sugar in your system, pancreas kicks in and brings the insulin to get rid of the sugar. over time that sugar turns into fat and the weight gain and obesity and finally, insulin doesn't really work well and you end up with diabetes and stroke. that's a big risk. >> jamie: is this one of those cases where moderation is key. can you have some? you always say, i'm on a road to wellness, i want to be as
10:56 am
healthy, gregg, too. >> gregg: count me out. >> jamie: but i have cut out diet soda the last two months and i dropped weight and even regular sodas and sugary drinks. >> it it really works, jamie and you and i agree that moderation is the key word. and american heart association, if you're getting 450 calories per week, which is about 2 1/2 sodas per week, you're okay. once in a while it's okay to have the soda, but the trend is and the behavioral pattern that with people who consume a large amount of soda consume trans fat and chemicals and fatty foods and all of that is bad news for them. yes, a little is all right, but too much is going to hurt you. >> jamie: and can you turn this around, the people that would have developed diabetes, if they stop drinking in that quantity now, can make themselves healthier? or is it too late for us? >> no, it's it can reverse it, and if you're watching the program and pay attention, reduce some of your sugar consumption. you've heard me say many, many
10:57 am
times in the past i've replaced the soda in my life with coffee. >> jamie: now what dr. somati likes to drink, coffee. without sugar? >> without sugar, a little bit of milk. it's not for everybody, if you have high blood pressure risk, it's not for you. what i like about caffeine, it has an acid, antioxidant. many showed three to four cups a day can reduce the risk of stroke. >> gregg: i've got my coffee, you know, i drink a lot of coffee every day, but i drink the diet sodas, that are not supposed to be sugary. >> you're still getting a lot of calories from them and now what, and what comes with it. >> it makes a different. >> gregg: the can says zero calories, i drink dr. brown's diet black cherry soda, zero salaries. >> it's all about the calorie. >> jamie: and the thing was i'm told the body recognizes it as a sugar and even though,
10:58 am
that they have artificial stuff. >> gregg: really? artificial? >> and dr. somati says you're going to be okay. >> and also have a not of fructose and other corn syrup in it that eventually increases your serum uric acid and blood pressure. well taken, once in a while, but if it's a part of your life type ii diabetes. >> and tomorrow, a lot of great topics with dr. siegel and one is leukemia. >> great news coming up. >> jamie: we love that. and i hope you'll join us then. gregg, nice to have you here. >> gregg: i'll be back in an hour with heather childers and more of america's news room. stick around for that, i'm gregg jarrett. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. the journal editorial report is next.
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