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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 24, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> >> eric: back with the doctors. you know what happens every time you start a diet. you know what you don't want to eat -- like chocolate and cookies and high-calorie, high-fat foods. but you get those cravings. how do you not have that yodel? >> a lot of people happening that food craving is a bad thing. it's actually a way for our body to defend us from low sugar. one of the problems that i have, i have a great breakfast in the morning and i get stuck in the
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operating room. you go four to five hours and your sugar level can drop and that's a bad thing. you want to have healthy snacks in between to keep your sugar level at a steady level to prevent cravings. the other thing is that we have learned that protein -- lean chicken, fish -- all of them are appetite suppressants. so you need to have some protein. one of the big things i have said before, high fructose corn syrup, anything with high fructose corn syrup, you want to stay away from. >> can i have a little bit of a yodel or something? >> the yodel is part of the processessed, refined food that is addictive. you want more and more. it's better that you switch to the nuts, the berries -- you have to have snacks to get rid of the cravings. i say, have the nuts and the
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berries. increase your activity. get out and exercise. and the biggest tip is water. if you drink a lot of water, you will want to eat less. water suppresses hunger. drink water, have a berry, have a nut. >> jamie: we each got one of these at the beginning of the segment. just so you know. we feel better already, don't we? >> eric: always. >> eric: it is a spectacular sight this morning in vatican city. thousands of catholics gathered to mark palm sunday. the newly ordained pope francis presiding over the celebrations, encouraging them to be humble and young at heart. that's good advice for all of us. it is the official start of holy week, marking a series of biblical ehaven'ts, leading up to easter sunday, christianity's
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holiest day. we start with a fox news alert in cypress. they wanted to raid people's bank accounts to pay back the government debt. can you imagine if our government tried to do ha? they are working on a last-ditch effort to bail out cypress, as european stocks plunged. there are concerns. u.s. investors watching for a deal, hours before our markets open in the morning. on the table in cypress, a possible tax on bank deposits and austerity measures that could result in the loss of thousands of jobs. that has sparked a protest. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: good to see you. good morning, to all of you. it happens that time is running out fast in cypress. if they can't reach a deal, the european central bank will stop providing emergency funds to cypress after monday, triggering
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a collapse of the country's banks. greg? >> shannon: hey, jamie, eric. it is crunch time here in cyprus. the economic fate of the country could be decide in the next several hours. all of europe and the united states is watching. the action rate now is in brussels. officials are meeting with the top brass at the u.u., the european central bank. they are trying to figure out a bailout for the near bankrupt country. the terms are tough, including the bank levy, 20% on big depositors at the main bank, which has been very controversial. in addition to that, other demands on the bank system have people worried about their job, worried about their moan. we were out and about today, in the capitol of cyprus, it felt like the calm before the storm.
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it was nice weather. the people were out. but the banks have been closed for more than a week and cash is running out. atms running dry. listen to a couple of brave words. >> are you optimistic or pessimistic? >> optimistic. >> shannon: why? >> i know cyprus people, they are hard-working people. we will find a solution for the best for us. for the country. >> we have a very important resource, the people. i think it won't be easy but we are going to get through it. >> shannon: any decision made in brussels, it is our understanding, has to be okayed in the parliament in that building behind me. europe watching because a potential collapse here could have a big impact on europe, on the euro currency and guys with the united states so interconnected with europe from a political and an economic standpoint tcould have a ripple
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effect in the states as well. that's why we are here and we will be watching. >> you can't overstate that. greg, thank you so much. live from cyprus. you know, if the collapse happens of the banks, tell force that country into bankruptcy and that will surely have a ripple effect on the markets around the world. not to mention, the president said the move to tax bank deposits. joining me, brenda buttner, anchor of bulls & bears. >> hey, jamie. >> jamie: i have heard a lot of people say, this is so novel and people in the united states are so concerned it could happen here. i would argue that it's already happening here. think about estate taxes, what happens when you pay taxes on money you earn and you leave it to your kids and it's taxed as high as 50%. what's the difference? >> very good point. that's part of the reason why the s&p fell for the first 9/11 four weeks last week. but it only fell 3/10 of 1%.
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cyprus is a very small country, very different from the united states in that we print money. they cannot. so investors have been thinking, you know, i don't think this is going to happen here. however tcould have an impact, tomorrow, if there is no deal essentially met by the deadline. >> jamie: so let's talk about what could happen here when the markets open, as early as not to overseas. what do you expect? >> no deal. essentially, money would flow to assets that are less risky. so the dollar and gold would go up. treasuryies would go up and money might flow out of stocks. but we have seen such a bull market and it's shrugging its shoulders at all of these deadliance. the s&p will make another run for its all-time record high this week because there are other -- there is other economic
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information coming out. it's up more than 9%. so we see the deadline for the fiscal cliff and we see at this time deadline for the government shutdown. wallstreet says in the 13th hour, maybe in cyprus, too, something happens so we push the can down eighths bit -- kick the can down further down the road. and stocks keep going up -- >> jamie: we have seen from time to time how the last-minute deals can happen. but this occurred to me yesterdayy reporting on cyprus, if you are putting money away in the united states and you put it in a savings and loan, treas, whatever, the amount of money you are earning ends up being negative to growth. so we are sort of paying, too? >> you mean because the interest rates are so low? >> jamie: couldn't the government help us out on that one? >> very good point. the stock market is looking at what the fed is doing, printing the moppy and saying, get going, we like t. but savers are making
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no money in their bank accounts because interest rates are so low and the fed says we are going to keep it that way as long as unemployment is high. >> jamie: if people put it in their mattress, banks could be in trouble. but they have record profits right now. >> they are. they are. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: back here at home, what do we do about our economy so we don't become a cyprus isn't senate passed its first real bottoming proposal in more than four years. but many americans are worried that lawmakers are kicking the can down the road. the majority say they are slightly less nervous about the economy than they were in 2010. an overwhelming number of us think the number-1 challenge to our economy is the continuing, mounting debt. we have a former media spokesperson for george w. bush and a democratic political consultant to hillary clinton
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for president. mersaides and richard, welcome to both of you. americans are sick of this. look at the debt clock this. thing keeps whizzing up. the debt is mounting. every sunday, i show this. it has gone up another trillions, it seems, theres and multi-millions. mercedes, how do we stop that in its tracks and make it go the other way? >> we can't stop it when you have the budget plan that senator murray has pushed through. 50 of all, because it has such little support from american voters. for example, we saw a poll saying that only 28% of likely voters supported the senator murray plan. the majority of americans do believe that we need to cut the dev silt by $5 trillion, need to balance the budget and cut spending with no need for raising taxes to get the economy
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going and this is the way we ensure that our recovery -- we could really have an economic recovery, not by the budget which has been passed, which is the budget to nowhere. >> if the americans want it. how come the politicians are not doing it? mercedes? >> the reason is obviously, even when you look at senator murray, she couldn't rally all the democrats to vote for it. hufour from red states that voted against it who are concerned because of the implications of raising taxes. if we are able to lower federal spending, not raise taxes, we create the incentives in order to make sure we increase emscploiment investments in our country. >> eric: richard, do you buy that? >> the country is schizophrenic on the budget issue. on the one hand, sure, they would love a balanced budget. but ask them if they want to cut medicare -- absolutely not.
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social security? more spending on job creation? absolutely. by every bit as big as they. the balanced budget. the politicians can't be blamed if their voters are going in two directions. i would say the litmus test is elections. paul ryan was on the national ticket. he basically argued as did mitt romney, on the very well thing that the house republicans just passed. and the voters cast farvotes for more votes for u.s. senate candidate who is were democrats and far more votes for democratic candidates for the house of representatives. so that's the way we resolve these differences in our country, by elections. it was not really a very close call? >> the fiscal issue has not been resolved i. of course, it hasn't been resolved. hold on, mercedes, let's acknowledge what has happened, the deficits have dropped now for 3 straight years at a rate
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lower -- faster pace than we have seen since the end of world war ii. nobody wants to acknowledge that. but they are coming down because we did have to engage in emergency spenning when the chitanked and we are coming out of that. we have to have balance -- that's good. but what is really good is job creation and a strong economy. we are seeing the effects of austerity. they would trade our economy for theirs in a success. in realtime, as consequence of austerity. >> what do we do? 85% of americans want to see a balanced budget. we are not even anywhere near that with these plans? >> unfortunately, i think when you look at basic fact of the two budget proposals, we are so far apart and we need leadership from the president. we are able to find out what the president's march madness 56 are before we -- before he unveils his budget. again, i think that it really
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comes -- from president obama to take a lead, to keep meeting with republicans and enable to try to bring the parties together to find a way to find common ground. right now, we are not seeing it-- is that fair? talking about march madness? i mean, look, that's -- he does do that. but they are dealing with the budget. he's going to unveil it, i think this next week. >> right. he's the one president who has taken the long toast unveil a budget. why wait for four years for the senate to pass a budget, to have a cut-and-paste document that shows much more of the same -- stimulus spending and raising taxes at the end, no savings, which is what the editorial board of the washington post said, the democratic plan had no scpaiftion will not deal with the long of this term fiscal issues of our country. >> eric: do how do we get out of this? >> the two parties coming together will produce some results. i don't think anybody should be wild eyed about the prospects of
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everybody reaching across and meeting the other guy more than halfway. but i do think there will be benefits and we avoided the cliffs around the closing the government, this week, is a good sign t. make meas think that going forward, maybe this pearls of pauline approach is in nobody's best interest? >> i better do my tax this is afternoon. >> have fun. >> thanks, eric. >> jamie: we have help for you. we are going on talk about taxes in the take charge. and how about the extreme weather alert? we changed the clocks and it was supposed to be early spring. there is a snowstorm, battering the midwest and the plains states. this is kansas city, missouri. parts of colorado digging out. and now that massive storm system -- oh, it's moving east.
8:16 am
rick is live in the fox extreme weather center. i am going on let you have it for this one? >> shannon: i know. nobody is happy. i have to tell you, you are not going to have happy for a week and-a-half. there are no signs of this pattern changing. some of the most dramatic video we have seen, this is a tanker, the jackknife around john's town, colorado, shutting down the road more than 5 hours. they were afraid the tanker was going to explode as it caught fire. and the traffic behind it that they had tho to close down the roads and keep the people from the area. really rough conscience. they saw a foot of snow. interstate 70 across kansas had to be shut down and now across missouri, they are seeing the heaviest of the snow. st. louis, you crossed over from rain to snow, you will see 5 to 8 inches of snow. that's in st. louis.
8:17 am
it will continue along i70 and get into indianapolis. we will see a couple of spots to see maybe 10 to 12 inches. tonight into tomorrow, this moves to the mid-atlantic. so more snow in jersey, pennsylvania, the state of philadelphia, baltimore, washington, d.c. it's going to be a cold, snowy day and a coastal storm develops. this is where the snow is now. winter storm warnings in effect and there is a slight risk for severe weather, a tornado warning, but wecan see more in florida, south carolina and in towards southern georgia. >> jamie: i am breaking up with you, rick. >> shannon: i know, sorry. you will get back together with me in a could you of weeks. >> jamie: thank you. be careful out there. >> eric: jamie, a talented, young, ivy-league student is missing. what police are learn from this personal items left behind. >> jamie: also. afraid to fill out your tax
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>> a major search is underway
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for a missing ivy-league college stiewrngts last seen on his campus at brown university in prof providence, rhode island, measure a week ago and has not been heard from since. the search now expanded throughout the northeast. we go live to the new york city newsroom. >> shannon: hi, eric. the fbi has joined the search for sonny. they have expanded the search area to boston, new york, connect scekt and philadelphia. where he is from. the brown university student has been missing for eight days, last spotted leaving his narment providence, rhoads rode osaturdays, march 16,ats 11:00 in the morning. his girlfriend reported him missing 24 hours later. family, friends and law enforcement has canvassed the neighborhoods, looking for any clues as to where he could have gone. but besides his cell phone, credit card and i.d. that were found in his room, his mother said they have no idea where her son might be.
8:23 am
>> we really don't know why he is. we have an outpouring of support from the brown community, friends from home, relatives from all over the country. we really miss hilt. we want him back. >> his namly helping with the search, creating a twitter account and a facebook page for updates. they have had more than 190,000 views. sunil is 6 feet tall and weighs 130 and was last seen in blue jeans and a black sports jacket and a philadelphia eagles wool cap. although he has struggled with depression recently, everyone who had contact with him before he disappeared, didn't find anything out of the ordinary. if have you any information, contact the providence police department at 401-272-3121.
8:24 am
>> eric: our hearts go out to his family. thank you. >> jamie: you don't have too much time. eric's on it today. tax day is just a few weeks away and it can be so daunting. dubut today, we are going to show you how to easily get through it by avoiding a handful of common mistakes. we don't want to hear from the irs, do we? founder and ceo of powell mings fmgz financial group. we want to help people not hear from the taxman. >> i agree. >> jamie: what's the biggest fear? >> there are so many fears. i might say that i am afraid i can't do the taxes by myself. that's totally rational. the irs and the government have been expanding the tax code. it's always changing and growing. according to cch inc., when they started the income tax, we had about 400 pages of regulations.
8:25 am
now we have 74,000 pages. who can keep up with it. >> jamie: should do you it by yourself? the programs where you plug in your information make it seem easy? >> if you want to be a do-it-yourselfer, pay attention. you can do it yourself and you can use the programs of that's a form of help. but make sure, if you are going to do that, make sure you are reading the introductions and do it page by page. don't say, next, next, next, you will probably make mistakes that we'll hit in a moment or two. >> jamie: i am ready. what are the mistakes. whether it's a tax preparer or yourself? >> people miss tax breaks. they miss them all the time. the irs -- if you owe them money, they will knock your door and say, you owe us and here's the penalties. but if they owe you money, mum's the word. for instance, the irs knows that
8:26 am
one in four taxpayers qualifies for the earned income tax credit don't apply. they sit on their hands and say, that's a shame that they don't know. it's $5981, it's a lot of money. >> jamie: eric, you taking notes? >> eric: i am doing them right now. >> jamie: how do you find a reputable tax preparer, since you are recommending professional advice. maybe you prepare it yourself but you want someone to review it. >> it depends. if you are complicated, you might want a tax attorney or a cpa. but you want referrals. every year, the government shuts down franchise tax preparing operations. what promises are being made? if somebody said, i get a refund for everybody, run out. be afraid. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> jamie: if they say we get you
8:27 am
a refund before they have seen everything -- >> absolutely. you know what? the irs says you are responsible for your tax return. even if your tax preparer messes up, you are responsible. >> jamie: i think over the years, as an accountant, working with people -- i don't do it anymore -- they can't afford to pay the tax they think they owe. so they don't file. >> this is aerate big mistake. you know what? this is a problem, but this is a manageable problem. no matter what, you need to file. if you can't afford to pay, file. if you don't is and you owe money, the irs charges 5% for month, up to a maximum of 25%. if you file, they charge a half a% a month. 6% a year. much more manageable. make a good faith payment. work out a program with them. but whatever you do, don't hide your head under the desk and say, i can't file.
8:28 am
i don't have the money to pay. take care of it. >> pay something. >> jamie: get more on our web site. click on the bottom to america's news headquarters. that takes to you should show, where you can see the take charge consumer protection segms? >> that's what everybody's going to be doing over the weekends the next couple of weeks. the president returned from his trip to the middle-east last night. but now that it's over, what was accomplished? and what comes next? m...or trai. polaris has what you wan legdary atvs led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides
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>> jamie: welcome back. president obama returning from his mideast trip. just hours later, palestinian
8:33 am
leaders reject the latest peace overture from israel. what, if anything, was accomplished by the president's trip? are we closer to peace? and what happens next? david miller is a former adviser to six secretaries of state. vice-president of the woodrow wilson senior and a senior negotiator on palestinians. >> i'm grade great, jamie. how are you? >> jamie: we watched the trip and the meetings of the president and the new secretary of state, senator kerry, former senator kerry. what progress did we make? >> well, you know, my view is that obama went because he had a problem n. in the first administration, he couldn't figure out whether he wanted to pressure netanyahu or pannedder to him? now he has clearly made a decision to try to create a functional partnership. i think that's really important because as things stand now the, if barack obama doesn't want to be the guy on whose watch iran gets the nuclear weapon or the
8:34 am
two-state solution expire, he is going to have to find a way to deal effectively and work cooperatively with the new government and with the prime minister. >> jamie: what about the secretary of state? >> you know, it's been my view from the very beginning that barack obama's the most controlling foreign policy president since richard nixon. hillary clinton was given very true truly cons quential issues to manage. kerry may be in a better situation because it's legacy time and obama is trying to figure out what do todo on the domestic side. he might turn john kerry, who is quite capable, into a manager in chief on the israeli/palestinian issue. >> jamie: let me focus on that. what is realistic, aaron? the palestinians want settlement building to stop. benjamin netanyahu says no. can we ever get them to the
8:35 am
table with preconditions? >> no, not with preconditions. i think the president really dodged the one headache he created for himself in the first term, when was to demand a comprehensive settlement freeze, which no israeli prime minister would agree. to so i think you will not see a resumption of formal negotiations. you will see quiet contacts between the israelis and palestinians and a lot of frequent flyer miles for john kerry, having separate conversations with the israelis and the palestinians to see whether or not there is a basis for some sort ofay agreement. but in the end, let's face it, no one ever lost monobetting against arab/israeli peace. >> jamie: what is at stake if it doesn't happen? >> i think a lot. there are a lot of kinetic issues, sir why's imploding, which is very, very source. iran, centrifuges are spinning.
8:36 am
we can present the option for a two-state solution, but it is not the key to middle-east peace and stability. we are confronting a region that is filled with root canal operations or migraine headaches. it's an angry, broken, dysfunctional region. we are stuck in the middle of t. we can't extricate ourselves and we can't fix it. we will have to manage as best we can. >> jamie: can you help us understand? if they are willing to meet with secretary kerry and they are willing to meet with the president, why is it so challenging to get all three, maybe kerry does the leg work and the president comes in, to the table -- and not leave until a deal is made? >> yeah, it's the mayor daley school of negotiation, you keep them in the room and you slide food food and water under the door -- until to use the papal image,
8:37 am
until the white smoke comes out. but arab/israeli negotiations don't work that way. you need israelis and palestinians to own the process. once there is a measure of ownership, the united states can come in and do some very important things -- henry kissinger, james carter, james baker, but you have to have a sense of ownership. right now, you have two leader who is frankly are prisoners of their politics, not masters of them. look -- you could force the israelis and the palestinians back to the table. but i am telling you, what will happen under those circumstances is nothing. and this process can't afford another huge failure because you get mahmoud abbas and benjamin netanyahu and the gaps on jerusalem, borders, security and refugees are as wide as the grand canyon.
8:38 am
let's be smart about this. run silent, run deep for six months. try to figure out what netanyahu can realistically do. figure out what abbas can do. don't go back to high-profile, fancy negotiations and peace conferences. and then figure out whether or not there are some realistic gaps to be bridged. much smarter policy, much better for the united states. >> jamie: don't have the meetings until you can get a positive result. this is what i am hearing. always good to have yufer insight. see you soon. eric. >> eric: jamie... during president obama's trip to israel, there were renewed calls for him to free jonathan pollard, a former american navy analyst, spending life in prison for spying on israel. he was convicted in 1987 and he has been mot of a cause. here's liz trotta with her commentary. >> whenever i think of donald
8:39 am
rumsfeld, what comes to find, the pure logic of his most famous utterance. the former secretary of defense said, there are things we know we know, the known known, there are things we don't know, the known unknowns and lastly, the things we don't know we don't know we don't know, the unknown, unknowns. the simplicity makes us nostalgic for clear thoughts. reporters are driven to get the answers to their questions -- the known unknown. but the unknown unknown, what really happened behind the closed doors, really disturbs our sleep. only if they let their imaginations run riot does the possible story behind the story become the nightmare -- what really happened. where is the truth? and worse -- what if the competition beats us? many are driven to guessing or falling for persuasion by special
8:40 am
interests. only with the passage of time -- much time -- may solve the riddle. jonathan pollard was and is such a case. the story of a notorious spy who passed critical and classified informs to israel and possibly to other countries. to many, he is a martyr for the jewish cause. he grew up in america and was working as a civilian naval intelligence officer when he disci decided to become a spy. after 18 months of treason, he was caught and arrested outside the israeli embassy, which refused to shield him. he was sentenced to life in prison,ia he has been for 28 years. a campaign for his release caught fire after the intercent -- intervention and support of jewish and american movers and shakers, henry kissinger, prime minister berchg min netanyahu and former cia director, james woolsey, who
8:41 am
initially condemned him. it erupted in president obama's trip to israel, when hecklers broke through his speech with cries of support for pollard. further, some pollard watchers perceived anert at damage control in the president's decision not to address the kineset, where they play rough. we know before he left for the middle-east, mr. obama said he would not pardon mr. pollard -- immediately. we don't know what was said privately, but it tempts us to explore the unknown unknowns and wonder if a secret deal was made for release. perhaps when the president has more flexibility. the sting of a friend's betrayal is the stuff of shakespeare. amongst all foes that are friends should be the worst, he said. this is the theme of the pollard affair, our truest ally, behaving with such guile. rarely discussed is the
8:42 am
deception required by spying, even on one's friends. mr. pollard showed little remorse at his court proceedings and renounced his u.s. citizenship and became a citizen of israel. this did not help his case. he claimed he gave away secrets the u.s. would not disclose to israel corks he resorted to espionage to protect israel's security interests. miss critics contend that the suitcase is full of data, with sensitive u.s. security codes, names of sources and surveillance methods that took years to prepare. persistent reports say he inflicted grame grave dmg on american interests. he is also described as a braggeredert, a cocaine user, a wanna be, a liar and a man who would do anything for money. it wasn'ting until 1995 that isl admitted pollard was not part of a rogue operation, but an officially sanctioned agent in
8:43 am
place. his wife at the time went to jail for helping him and federal officials sided -- cited at least three others involved in the plot. some say pollard's sentence is too harsh. others wish it could be harsher. he is scheduled for release in november 2015, just as mr. obama heads into electoral history. the pertinent known known is that so far, three american presidents have refused to exonerate him. will the pardon of a notorious spy be part of mr. obama's legacy? that would be one heck of a no known. >> eric: you can't vote twice. but there are new voter fraud case, accusing more voters of doing just that. ohio, florida and now wisconsin joins the list. how could this happen and how to stop it, next. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha!
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the physical damage was pretty bad.
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>> eric: now to the fox news voter fraud unit. voting twice -- not supposed to do t. but we saw more case this is past week. 10 people charged in wisconsin and in north carolina, state board of elections is referring five cases to voters suspected of casting ballots in that state and in florida in november. and there are questions of whether the voting records are credit. why can't the system catch this stuff before it happens? we have the voter integrity project of north carolina from raleigh. good morning, jay. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: of course, some people would say, it's only a handful 6 votes, out of million it's doesn't matter. first case in ohio and then in north carolina, florida, now wisconsin. i imagine you think this is significant. why? >> well, a lot of that because they want the people to go back to sleep and not realize there is a problem
8:49 am
here. we had just a teeny bit of a window of data into this whole process and we were able to find 300 people who were registered in both states, which is perfectly legal. there is nothing wrong with that. but they were registered and we realized that these people actually -- more than 10% of them had voted. we got worried and forwarded that to florida and north carolina. they agreed that five of them are worth prosecuting. but we view it as the tip of the iceberg. >> eric: why does it take an organization like yours? the help america vote act is supposed to solve and prevent any possible problems? >> we are a volunteer organization of people who loan their surplus intellectual capital. one of them, a retired engineer has been working this for years. he joined us. we found this data. civilians can do this. people can do this in mining
8:50 am
public data, where we look at the data. we try to draw inferences from that to see if we can spot trends and if we spot a trend that looks suspicious, we report it tote authorities. >> eric: look at theidate a. we have facts about registration that is astounding the pew center found almost 3 million people are registered in more than 1 state. more than 2 1/2 million in 2 states. almost 2,000 people are registered in 3 states and there is one noted case, webbedy rosen, a democratic candidate in maryland, she admitted she voted in maryland and florida in two electrics and she pled guilty and five years probation and $5,000 fine. she said, i voted twice... it
8:51 am
>> eric: so, yea, you have someone running for congress whoa admits she voted twice. >> she's running for congress? totally blows my mind. the laws are written with regard to voters fraud. most states write their laws in a way that is more protective of voter fraud than detective. and we have been detectives on this. we have uncovered dead people with their identity stolen and non-u.s. citizen who is voted and people who -- went to the polls to find out somebody had already voted in their place, stole their identity. while for this particular problem we have uncovered with the florida deal, states should share their data to protect t. but voter i.d. is the real answer to a lot of problems? >> that's a controversial answer that a lot of people oppose. but it's a situation that's out there. we will see what happens with the cases.
8:52 am
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>> jamie: stories about teachers having to buy supplies for their classrooms. some districts are making it deals with fortune 500 companies in exchange for funding. what do they get -- the companies? exposure. supporters say it's one way to offset the burden of budget cuts and critics argue they are trying to sell stuff to our kids. dominic has more on that. >> shannon: mae there. this is a heated issue between school, parents and kids as well. but schools have been forced to find alternative sources of funding. corporations have been trying to get into schools for years. for around $10,000 a year, some schools have allowed companies to post branding in the halls
8:57 am
and classroom doors. in one example, stapled -- staples had a supplies list. one company says it's down to stark economic, jamie. >> american public education is in a financial crisis. it's time for new revenue streams and superintendents are looking for alternatives because they have been passing the buck on the parents. property taxes are down. it's time for new solutions. >> shannon: other districts have allowed company representatives to spend time in the classroom, further pushing the domain at the kids. an increasing number of parents are concerned that it's a cynical ploy by corporations. >> the companies are noting did this out of the goodness of their heart. they are doing because they want to get the lifetime brand
8:58 am
loyalty. school districts really need tong about this. this is not a donation. this is -- this is corporations looking to target children. >> shannon: and advertising to children is more than turning thome future consumers tleads to childhood obesity and violence. >> jamie: we report, you decide. we'll be right back. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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