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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 25, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> two minutes before the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good.
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coney island's luna park is reopened five months after its rides were damaged during superstorm sandy. all rides have been replaced. next the bad. a boulder the size of a golf cart crashes into two cars in hawaii. neighbors say they woke up when they heard it rumbling down the hill before it hit. the ugly. a bizarre road rage encounter caught on camera. a man so angry he ripped the other driver's rear view mirror off his car and he eventually gets even and does the same thing to the other guy. >> time for your brew on the question of the day responses. we told you about c.v.s. apologizing for last week's amazing race episode featuring a b-52 bomber as a prop. we asked if you think cbs's apology was enough. dave writes the apology issued by cbs had disdain
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hidden behind that krourdly blue screen. >> john tweeted cbs did the right thing.apology good enough. we got a lot of comments on that one. "fox & friends" starts now. everybody have a great day. >> i'll see you at 9 a.m. gretchen:good morning. today is monday, march 25, 2013. it is not an election year but political ads are already back. that is due to new york's mayor michael bloomberg. >> i think i have a responsibility and i think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other. >>gretchen: mayor bloomberg now taking his latest crackdown to the rest of the country. we'll tell but that.
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>>steve: after a week of outrage, cbs apologizing for slapping our veterans in the face of one of their most popular shows. too little too late. we're going to report. you are going to decide on the not so amazing race. >>brian: one lucky trucker hits the $338 million powerball jackpot. the other big winner is uncle sam. wait till you hear how much the $338 million jackpot breaks down after they pay taxes. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: welcome back to the studio. look who's back after a long vacation. >>gretchen: i knew that rooster called this morning. >>brian: is that how you got up? >>gretchen: i didn't sleep that much. i'm on a three-hour time delay. but glad to be back. nice to come back to a snowstorm on the east coast. >>brian: did you get my promo this morning?
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>>gretchen: i saw your lips moving and if i was reading lips correctly, i thought i heard you say? >>brian: gretchen carlson will debut her entire vacation picture by picture day by day. >>gretchen: i believe 7:30 eastern time i brought one picture. i needed marlon perkins on vacation. that's the clue. >>steve: he's unavailable. >>gretchen: i was pulling a brian for a moment. he always refers he needs marlon perkins and then we have to tell him he's no longer with us. it has to do with an animal that was very dangerous. stay tuned. great to be back. in the meantime let's get to your headlines. a last-minute deal to bail out cyprus. in exchange it has to cut back its oversized banking sector including shutting the second largest banks. it had to find ways to raise $7.5 billion on its
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own. the measures will keep the island from collapsing but will likely deepen the recession there. >> a hearing is underway in italy to decide whether amanda knox will have to go on trial again for the murder of her roommate. prosecutors want her conviction reinstated. the american college student was cleared of charges she killed her british roommate. she spent four years? an italian prison. state prisons in colorado on lockdown this morning tightening security measures after the murder of a corrections director tom clements. he was shot dead in cold blood at his front door last week. a paroled inmate was a member of a white supremacist prison gang and there is concern the gang could retaliate now for his death. he was killed in a shootout in texas last week. a vial containing a potentially deadly virus disappeared from the galveston national laboratory in texas. the virus being studied because it could be used as a weapon by terrorists.
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it caused deadly outbreaks in venezuela. however officials don't believe it is a threat to the public. they don't think the vile vile -- vial was stolen but may have been broken. >>steve: you wash -- watch cbs's amazing race? they have contestants go to hanoi, vietnam and memorize a song and look for clues in the wreckage of a b-52. >>brian: an american b-52 that crashed and left there as a memorial and a salute to ho chi minh. while that happened, that was cited by the five -- greg gutfeld dug the story out. bob beckel heard about it. he protested the vietnam war, was not for the war but when he saw the way the war was treated by the people of vietnam and the
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american contestants, here's what he said. >> i'll tell you one thing, cbs, a great network, you don't want to become known as the communist bass tarred sympathizers. >>gretchen: he demanded apology from cbs. last night if you were watching the amazing race, they did start off the show with an apology. >> we want to apologize to veterans, particularly those who served in vietnam, as well as to their families and any viewers who were offended by the broadcast. all of us here have the most profound respect for the men and women who fight for our country. >>steve: good for bob beckel. he did push it on "the five." here on fox news channeling the v.f.w. and other veterans groups called for cbs to do something about it, to apologize. they didn't hear from them, didn't hear from the producer until that slate showed up on "the amazing
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race" last night. >>brian: congratulations. >>gretchen: it sounds like it was the host announcing. obviously they taped this forever ago. so they got him on the phone, at least got his voice on there. >>brian: the heart's not really in the apology. >>steve: cbs apologized for amazing race. now when are they going to apologize for c.s.i. topeka. >>brian: bob beckel 8:30 live on the couch. >>gretchen: check your calendar. not an election year. not the mid terms quite yet but political ads are already coming back and now mayor michael bloomberg here in new york city is responsible for those. he is going to spend -- is this his own money? he's going to spend $12 million. he made a whole bunch of money so he's entitled to this. he wants to target 12
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states where senators are on the hook for gun control and whether or not they are going to vote for universal background checks. he is going to run those ads in those 12 states and yesterday he gave this reason as to why he's going to do that and wayne la pierre responded. >> i think i have a responsibility and i think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other. and if i can do that by spending some money and taking the n.r.a. from being the only voice to being one of the voices so the public can really understand the issues, i think my money would be well spent and i think i have an obligation to do that. they don't want them in their restaurants, their homes. they don't want them telling them what food to eat. they sure don't want them telling them what self-defense firearms to own and he can't buy america. >>steve: mr. la pierre says criminals aren't going to be checked, aren't going
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to do this. what he says against the mayor and all other mayors against illegal guns with this campaign, it's not going to work because the bad guys with the guns aren't following the law. >>brian: he says the money should be poured into school security so they won't have soft targets. with adam lanza, they said he taught about this attack for two years and picked that school because he knew it was an easy target. >>steve: in addition to the $12 million worth of bloomberg's money, on wednesday they will have 100 events across the united states. it will be national day to encourage action. >> there is one lucky truck driver who at 10:00 a.m. eastern time will be cashing in on his winning powerball ticket. it is sold in new jersey. they are going to be revealed today. look what is going to happen when he takes his
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check in borden town. >>steve: altogether the powerball ticket is worth $338 million. but when you figure out your tax bite, 46.1%. about half goes to federal and new jersey state taxes if he does take it in the lump sum, he will take home $221 million. >>brian: how do you live on that? >>steve: how do you? unfortunately, for the tax bite, it is $11 million more than it would have been last year because of that increase in taxes on people who have a lot of dough. >>gretchen: remember in the good old days when they started these lotteries and all those tax dollars were supposed to go to improve education in america? how did that work out? schools are broke. i don't get it. i thought the lottery was supposed to be the savior for our school systems 20-something years ago when this started but it still hasn't helped the school system apparently as far as
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needing money. >>steve: politicians changed the rules. it started out we're going to do this. instead they said we're going to take a little of that money and put it over here, then put it over there. next thing you know it's everywhere. >>brian: the cabin door is closed. power up your electronic devices. friendly skies are about to get nicer. >>steve: the health benefits of beer? turns out facial hair can be a real lifesaver. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful?
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i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. >>brian: secretary of state john kerry making a surprise visit this weekend to baghdad. it's been a little more than a year since president obama ended war in iraq bringing the u.s. troops home. with little influence left in that war-torn country
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trying to rebuild the secretary is having trouble urging iraq's leaders to stop aiding iran and allowing the overflights of iran, what we believe to be weapons, ammunitions over to syria. the iranians are using iraqi airspace to make that happen. john kerry wants it to stop. how did he do? joining me now a man who fought in that war, c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america, pete hegseth. how much leverage does the skraeufrt have? >> not very much. you might say that this is our chickens coming home to roost. when you don't follow through and don't have influence and don't have a relationship then the prime minister of iraq is more likely to hedge towards iran and his neighbors to the east than he is to help us because we don't have that influence. the folks we have left in baghdad don't have a mandate to operate. john kerry shows up asking for a favor and he can't get one.
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>>brian: he can't get one because they don't need us right now. but they need to be friendly with iran at this point. malaki's focus is not having a regime in syria. our focus is not allowing assad to continue to exist. >> that's right. the shia regime doesn't want to see a sunni regime in syria. iran wants to maintain assad's power and iran is shipping weapons through iraq to syria. many people say it's those weapons and a lot of the training coming from iran that is propping up the aassad regime in syria. if we can cut that off, we might be able to cut off the weapons propping up in the assad regime. we can't get those flights to land, be inspected. if jordan has intelligence there's weapons on those flights we can't cut it off. it is a damned shame because we spent all that time, blood in iraq, we
3:18 am
should have that type of relationship where we can stop that. instead we can't. >>brian: secretary of state condoleezza told us here that status agreement was written to be renegotiation before it was up. if that was renegotiated successfully we would have had presence in the region and you could argue there would not be the intertribal strife they're witnessing right now. therefore, we would have the leverage. pete, do you think al-malaki ran for president saying iraq was the wrong war and do you think that's working against him now? >> they've got a long memory but if hillary colin con couldn't negotiate this -- if hillary clinton couldn't negotiate this, i don't think john kerry will be able to deliver anything differently. that status of force agreement was critical.
3:19 am
i think we should remember this when we are dabbling in whether or not to have a long-term presence and influence in afghanistan, the problem is iraq is that much more important. it is strategically more significant and we let it slip away. >>brian: after all that hard work and sacrifice. thanks so much. 17 after the hour. thanks for joining us this morning. remember those shovel-ready projects? why are we now paying for a gas tax? fox business's charles payne is here telling us where that money is going. >> it was the ad no one was supposed to see. supposed to see. now ford is under fire. what's droid-recognition ?
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>>brian: glad you're up. straight ahead, people lining up outside the supreme court for hearings tomorrow. they will hear two same-sex marriage cases, both laws aim to block same-sex marriage from becoming legal. the decision is not expected until june. >> tpraoebgt fliers take -- frequent fliers take note. you'll be able to use your tablets and e-readers during takeoff and land -gdz. the new policy is expected to tyke place before the end of the year. for more on that -- >>gretchen: i left my ipad on the whole time during the flight. didn't know it.
3:24 am
>>brian: did the flight land? yes. >>gretchen: more pain at the pump could be headed your way. at least 11 states hiked gas taxes to fill gaping holes in their budgets thanks to infrastructure projects. >>steve: infrastructure? isn't that what the stimulus was supposed to cover for billions and billions of dollars? charles payne joining us right now wearing brand-new glasses and a sharp tie as well. good morning. >> good morning. >>steve: states are facing shortfalls. so where do they go? they go to the gas pump where they can add as much on as they want to? >> absolutely. part of the rationale for the stimulus is we had all these shovel-ready jobs. you go back to when they first started this gas tax thing, like 1932. the idea was we work on infrastructure construction projects. that was from day one. that was from the federal level. then the states said this is a pretty good honey pot of money. we want to do it too. everyone watching the show
3:25 am
say some states have not raised gas taxes in a long time but they raised other taxes. for these governors and states it is low-hanging fruit, they are still going to go after this. >>gretchen: let's look at what the states are. apparently there are 11 of them. some say there are as many as 16. they include california, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, et cetera. do we know how much they are going to raise them? >> for maryland, i think over the next few years they would like to double their gas taxes. in maryland it is going up to 44 cents. >>steve: a gallon. >> a lot of these are already high-tax states in other respects, in personal tax and business tax. it shows you the tipping point. you can start the tax and it has negative returns. here's what people need to be really worried about. when this doesn't work, when it doesn't bring in the revenue they think it will -- and it never does -- the next thing is to start taxing the miles we drive.
3:26 am
forget about the gasoline. they'll stick something to our cars, and the amount of miles we drive is what we'll be taxed. you talk about regressive taxes, this is one of the most regressive taxes. somebody who works at a wal-mart and drives 20 miles round trip every day in maryland is going to be whacked tremendously. stroeup 3 -- >>steve: 3.67 is the national average. why do the states do it? that's where the money is. >> it's low-hanging fruit. by the way, the federal tax i think there is going to be pressure to raise that. don't be surprised if that is raised in part to collect extra money for alternatives to fossil fuel. >>gretchen: i also think they use that particular tax because people, when you fill up your tank, you're not looking at your eye teplzed bill. -- item eyed bill. it is an easy way to fool
3:27 am
people. >> in general we blame opec. i remember opec said a few years ago said your whole government is robbing you. people should know, listen, there's a lost factors that go into your gas prices not just the mean oil prices and those guys overseas that hate us. sometimes it is your local representative looking for more money. >>steve: are you doing the stuart show today? >> i'm going to be on later today and the rest of the week i'm going to host it. a lot of things to talk about, cyprus. the stock market has been rockin' and rollin' too. >>gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," it is your heart calling. you're about to have a heart attack? how your phone can tell you you're about to keel over. that's coming up next. >>steve: i hope the phone isn't busy. anna kooiman reaching new heights this morning. hrao at that. she's live somewhere. hey, anna. >> good morning to you, steve. good morning to everybody at home. we are at brooklyn
3:28 am
boulders, the largest climbing facility in new york city. we're visiting with disabled climbers today. there's been about a hundred that have gone through here. they have all sorts of disabilities, anything from a missing limb to being in a wheelchair to having neurological disorders. we're going to be inspired by several of them coming up in just a bit. up in just a bit. you won't want to miss it. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand. charmin ultra strong helps keep you and your underwear clean.
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>>brian: a cat taking a dog for a walk. >>steve: about time. >>brian: finally a cat earning its keep. the cat picked up the dog leash and wouldn't let the dog go which is at least twice his size. i say to my dog every time we're not here for you to go. this is exercise. he finds every -- do your dogs -- i'm sorry, steve. >>steve: we're getting a new dog. >>brian: do you find they have to go to the same spot each time and act as if they have never been there before? >>steve: oftentimes they do. sometimes you can train your dog to go to the same spot. >>brian: i'm like this is exercise, not time to
3:33 am
sniff. >>gretchen: if he goes to the same spot, isn't that helpful. now you know he's done his business and now you can go on the walk. >>brian: no. i want to walk. i tell him every time, we're walking. this is your jaunt. >>gretchen: it sounds like you need a trainer to come to your house and figure out how to keep the dog walking instead of sniffing. >>brian: my dog likes to take breaks. he's carrying 115 pounds, evidently that is tough, along with the fur. >>steve: if you could teach the cat to walk the dog, you wouldn't have this problem. >>brian: but i would need to get a cat. i have a rabbit. still have a rabbit. >>gretchen: the rabbit could take the dog for the walk and i would like to see the video. >>brian: i am going to proms to stop listening to my daughter kaitlyn. she wanted a tadpole. after a year we quit. right to the stream goes the tadpole because we couldn't get him to sprout legs. >>steve: you had a year-old tadpole? impossible. that was not a tadpole.
3:34 am
>>gretchen: excuse me, i'm taking a coffee break. >>brian: i was so disappointed, no legs. we went across the street, dumped the tadpole. >>steve: you did not have a tadpole. you had an eel. >>brian: i don't know. it's gone and on its own. i still have a rabbit because my daughter had to have a rabbit. she sees the rabbit twice a year. >>gretchen: you've had that rabbit for seven years. on the first christmas we did this show i gave you a rabbit collar. >>brian: now the rabbit doesn't want to get out the cage. >>steve: the weird thing about the rabbit, it started as a tadpole. >>gretchen: steve, you and i have turned another year older listening to this. >>brian: i apologize. >>steve: this is why people watch the show. >>brian: maybe. >>gretchen: don't ask for the e-mails on that. >>brian: i'm out of pet stories. back to you, steve. >>steve: let's look at headlines on this monday morning. it's serious news at 28 minutes before the top of
3:35 am
the hour. the two men who died skydiving in south florida did not deploy their parachutes, the latest revelation in the mystery this morning. the co-owner of the facility said the equipment appeared to be working properly. automatic backups were activated but did not have time to inflate. the jumpers were seasoned who visited the site every year. >>brian: hello, your heart calling. you're about to have a heart attack. a chip only a half inch long could soon be a powerful weapon against heart attacks. the device would be implanted just below your skin and look at the concentration of certain substances in the blood. that info would be sent to your smart phone or doctor. swiss researchers are working on this medical breakthrough and hope to have it available sometime in the next four years. >>steve: it could automatically tell you your cholesterol. >>gretchen: it is the ad you weren't supposed to see. ford under fire for this berlusconi bondage ad.
3:36 am
it shows three women in the trunk with the former italian prime minister smiling from the driver's seat. it turns out a team at the automakers ad agency made the spot and posted it on-line without approval. ford says it regrets the incident calling the images contrary to its standards of professionalism. >>steve: hey, you bearded guys out there, your facial hair may be more than just a good look. according to recent studies, sporting a beard may have health benefits like fewer allergies. why? pollen and dust particles get stuck in your beard rather than going up your nose. >> i'm pretty prone to allergies. it's circumstantial but the last two years i have noticed a slight difference in the amount of time i spent coughing and sneezing in the springtime. >>brian: what's his point? >>gretchen: beards are dirty. >>brian: beards act as
3:37 am
fail -- as a filter. i'm not sure he said that. >>steve: other benefits of beards, researchers found they block 90% to 95% of u.v. rays reducing the aging process. >>brian: let me tell you what's happening in sports with march madness in full swing, the cinderella story taking hold. 15-seeded florida gulf coast became the lowest seed to ever advance to the sweet 16 after beating san diego state 81-71, they face the florida gators on friday. they tried to scrimmage florida in the off season. they said we're not going to bother. meanwhile ohio state moves on to the round of 16. aaron craft hit the buzzer. the buck eyes will go up against arizona next round.
3:38 am
miami heat extended its winning streak to 26 games without dwayne wade. lebron james picked up a double-double. 32 points, 11 assists. the heat are seven straight wins away from tying the nba record. they look to 27 tonight against the magic. severe storms assured -- cut short the final round but not before the crowd got to see two spectacular shots. sergio garcia where the ball gets stuck in the tree so he has to climb it and shoot dow branch. everything resumes play at about 10:00. sorry about that. >>steve: our chopper shot. >>brian: by the way, tiger woods is leading by two strokes. here is who is coming up on kilmeade and friends between 9 and noon.
3:39 am
michael goodwin is going to be on. we have bret baier joining us and ed henry. >>steve: three hours of fun and entertainment. >>gretchen: wild weather is spawning spring snowstorms and tornado. look and listen to this incredible video out of orlando, florida. fierce winds crashing through the front doors of a store. you can see even heavy rain outside. now a snowstorm about to hit new york city. say it isn't so, maria. it's windy out there. >>brian: it looks like you're in a lowe's store. >> good morning. we're talking possible snow. i think we're already starting to see some of the first flakes coming down out here in new york city. the crew hasn't seen them yet. they say i'm seeing things.
3:40 am
but they are coming down very light. we could be looking at a little bit of a mix and even some gusts of over 30 miles per hour. the wind is already picking up out here. the national weather service is stating we could see anywhere between one to three inches of snow in new york city. but temperatures, they're so warm. 38 degrees right now in new york city. it really will be very tough for that snow to accumulate in the city. snow across parts of illinois, indiana, ohio, the mid-atlantic, philadelphia you have been reporting snowflakes coming down. winter storm warnings are in effect for a widespread section of the country including areas as far south as north carolina. some of the higher snowfall accumulations, about a foot are possible for higher elevations of the state of west virginia and also pennsylvania. again, temperatures right now -- high temperatures expected to be 33 degrees in cleveland. 39 in new york city. current temperature in new york city, 38. only 25 degrees in kansas city. as we head back inside, atlanta today is expecting a high temperature of only
3:41 am
49. cold temperatures even gripping parts of the southeast. >>steve: stay right out there until we have at least a foot of snow; okay? >>brian: that's not nice. >>steve: i'm kidding. come on back in. maria, god bless you. >> meanwhile, anna kooiman is looking for adventure again. this time she's learning a few things about climbing rocks. anna, where are you today? >> just hanging around, steve. we're at brooklyn boulders, a 20,000 square foot climbing facility, the largest one in new york city. brooklyn boulders has actually had about 100 climbers come through into relatively new program. i am with the first female paraclimber in a u.s. competition and the founder of the program. tell me a little bit about it. >> this program started a year ago. it started off as a two-day clinic, was meant to be just part-time.
3:42 am
through the interest of new york city and the tristate area, we've been operating twice a week. >> it's great to have met a lot of the other climbers and see how much they are enjoying this as well. you personally, your disability is that you're missing your left leg, and you have on a special leg, you say just like i'm wearing special shoes, you're wearing a special boot essentially. tell us what happened. you lost your leg to cancer? >> yes, i had a rare form of cancer which mostly affects young teenage boys under the age of 30. and my leg was amputated to save my life along with chemotherapy. >> it's really impressive what you've been able to do. you lost 60 pound in the last year as well doing your climbing and other exercises. let's let our viewers at home see what we've got. she's been teaching me a few things. it's a lot easier if you
3:43 am
get on the big little knots here. you say this is such a family. you've got to support us here. come on! thank you. thank you. brian, steve, gretchen, you guys want to come out here later? >>steve: i've been there. it's a great place. >>brian: it takes a lot of concentration, right. >> get your right foot up. >> right foot where? >> to your red. >> it's a single competition but it really helps when there's people around you. >>steve: anna thank you very much for taking us to brooklyn and introducing us to her. she's got a very story. very inspiring. >> come on, guys, big cheer. it's the first time. >>steve: there you go.
3:44 am
she hits the top. >>gretchen: we'll have more on that. >>steve: now she gets to come down. >>gretchen: maybe she can just propel down. coming up on "fox & friends," sounds too good to be true. i'm allergic to exercise? it's one woman's reality. how common is it and could you use the same excuse? >>steve: i tried. >>brian: there's nothing holding this man down. bill ayers tkpwefpb a -- bill ayers given a really big honor.
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3:48 am
save detroit. kevin orr is expected to be greeted by protesters today and then meet with city officials who fought against creating the job at all. city officials hired the bankrupt lawyer because the motor city is more than $14 billion in debt. >> a big honor for former domestic terrorist bill ayers. he was named visiting scholar at state university at morehead. let's go to steve. >>steve: thanks, gretch. the celebration of passover begins tonight at sundown but there's more to the jewish festival than eating bread and drinking wine. it is about moses leading the israelites away from slavery in ancient egypt. joining us is the executive vice president of the new york board of rabbis. good morning to you, rabbi. thank you very much. for folks who are
3:49 am
unfamiliar with what passover is all about, it really marks the exodus of the jews from egypt. >> years ago there was a wonderful movie called "trading places." i think that scene is embodied in the passover story because we trade places. here we are free and we try to experience history by tasting history at the table by eating the bitter herbs, the motzah. liberation even for those who are free has special meaning. we are not texting, not on the iphone. we're talking to each other, looking at each other eye to eye. to me, that's liberation. >>steve: that's great. i remember the story from the movies, of course, when in ancient times they would smear the blood of a lamb above the door, and that would keep the angel of death from inflicting pain or death upon the firstborn
3:50 am
in that family. is that the passover? is that where passover comes from? >> that's the first passover. the real story is people who have been slaves for hundreds of years were given the opportunity to experience freedom. i think it makes us value the message of being free especially in america. we jews who have had a history where we face persecution, to be able to live here, sit at the table, not to have to worry about those threats is a great statement about the blessing of living in a free country. >>steve: i was reading when this country was being founded, our founding fathers, benjamin franklin in particular, took part of the story and included it in our symbol. >> i think it has a message for everybody. that's why you often have non-jews who sit at the table with jews. you mentioned to me that you participated at a sader years ago. during the holy week part of the sader is mentioned
3:51 am
during the rituals. i think it has great reference for all of us. let's appreciate who we are and where we are and then we're celebrating passover in the full sense of the word. >>steve: it runs eight nights? >> yes. every night is important. we get to spend time with family and friend. how often do we not find the time to spend with those who are close with us. >>steve: thank you, sir. meanwhile straight ahead, the best excuse ever: i'm allergic to exercise. but for women it's not an excuse. it is a reality for at least one woman. her story coming up. then we've shown you the video. teenagers smashing gallons of milk on purpose and falling to the ground pretending to be hurt. stupid prank or should these kids be arrested? a big legal update straight ahead.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
>>brian: can you be allergy to exercise? really? >>gretchen: are you hoping for that? one woman in the u.k. claims she suffers from life-threatening allergies every time she overexerts herself. a new york city allergist, good morning to you, doctor. this woman figured out even when she walks her kids in a brisk fashion, she would get hives and break out. is this common? >> the bottom line is people should not stop exercising. it is the best thing we can do. this is a rare problem. in my practice here in new york city, i have a few
3:56 am
patients with this condition where exercise, before you know it, they have an allergic reaction. symptoms such as itchiness, having hives, warmth, fatigue, even respiratory symptoms. the symptoms can be strange and scary. the key is to know the early warning signs so you're prepared. never exercise alone. exercise without eating. 35% of the time people may have this only when they eat a certain food plus they exercise within a couple hours. we call that food-dependent exercise-induced reactions. that can occur. they need to be pretreated with instructions about what to do, not exercise alone and they need to have an epi net and be prepared in case they have an allergic reaction. these reactions can occur. they are not rare. the bottom line if you see these symptoms, you know someone wh these symptoms triggered by cold
3:57 am
temperatures or hot temperatures -- >> could it be psycho somatic. a lot of people who don't want to exercise say i'm allergic. >> this is completely different. it is a rare condition. in the allergy community we see people with a variety of unusual things. it's important to understand exercise can be a trigger for an allergic reaction in a small number of people. >>gretchen: if you're increasing your heart rate, that sends off some sort of histamine in your body? >> exercise or food is normally a harmless thing but now the immune system doesn't like it and thinks food or exercise may be dangerous and causes a variety of allergic symptoms. see an allergist so you can still enjoy exercise hopefully with the right program. >>brian: so honey i would exercise but i'm afraid of
3:58 am
getting hives does not work? >> absolutely not. >>brian: stop using that excuse, gretchen. >>gretchen: dr. clifford bassett, thanks for setting the record straight. >>brian: straight ahead, a list of unhappiest jobs is out. is your job on it? stick around and find out. >>gretchen: did you know there is a speed limit on wheelchair? our landing time got moved back another hour. ( crowd chatters and groans ) hunger creeping up on you ? stash a ritz crackerfuls. made with real cheese and whole grain. don't get caught hungry. ritz crackerfuls.
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bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can, a certified financial planner professional. cfp -- let's make a plan. that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >>. >> gretchen: good morning, today is monday, march 25th, 20 13-i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending our day today with us. thanks to new york mayor michael
4:02 am
bloomberg watch this. >> i think i have a responsibility and all your viewers have a responsibility to try to make this country safer for our families and each other. >> gretchen: moving on from banning salts and big sodas, his latest crackdown coming to your town. >> brian: this wasn't supposed to happen on this honeymoon. >> whoa! >> oh, my god. >> stand back, stand back. >> brian: he broke through the cage. >> a great white shark inside the diver's cage. how did they survive? >> steve: list of unhappiest jobs is out. we'll key give you a complete run down. second hour of fox and friends starts right now.
4:03 am
>> brian: we haven't seen the unhappy yest jobs yet. >> gretchen: remember the guy with the tv show and he would do the worst jobs ever? >> right. >> gretchen: some of those are pretty bad. >> brian: i think your dream job could be somebody else's nightmare job. >> steve: when we had tom arnold the show couple of times he was a butcher and big meat processing plant. it was most unhappy job he had in his life. he met roseanne so he didn't have to be a butcher back again. >> gretchen: i thought you were going to harken back to your meat packing days. >> steve: i had only one tangent >> gretchen: you never get in trouble. neither of you. let's get to your headlines
4:04 am
because we have a fox news alert. cyprus clinched a last minute deal by securing $13 billion bailout in exchange it has to cut back oversized banking sector including shutting the second largest banks and find raise to get $7.5 billion on its own. measures will keep the island from collapsing but will likely deepen the recession there. >> the winner of $338 million jackpot is expected to be revealed. big rig driver said he bought the ticket. 46.2% of federal and state taxes he'll take home $221 million. >> there is a hearing whether amanda knox will have to go on trial again. they want her conviction
4:05 am
reinstated. she was cleared of charges she killed her british roommate. she spent four years in italian prison. >> consider a career in real estate or construction. according to a new survey, those jobs are the happiest in america based on growth potential and compensation. top three, real estate agent, senior quality asure answer engineer and senior sales representative. as for unhappy yest, associate attorney was the word, customer service associate and a crook. those are the headlines. apparently they never saw that dirty job show. i could think of a couple of others. >> steve: donald trump has a successful show on last night. good morning to you. >> great one with you in the morning on a monday. >> steve: very kind of you.
4:06 am
who was voted off your island, but first one of the get your reaction to mayor michael bloomberg. he is spending $12 million of his own dollars across the united states of america trying to pressure people to call up their u.s. senators and get them to pass a stronger gun control in this country. what do you think about this plan? >> he has been a friend of mine. he had s an excellent mayor of new york city. people disagree with him and some people agree with him but he is out there putting his money where his mouth is. he has made a tremendous fortune. he is a brilliant guy. he feels strongly about this. i always say you have to take the guns away from the bad guys but that is not going to happen. what are we going to do? to me it's a common sense issue. michael feels the other way. so it's going to be interesting. he is very competitive, very good fighter. he is not going away. he feels strongly about this
4:07 am
issue. >> brian: what do you think we should do about guns? >> i am a gun person. i believe you need guns are for protection. i am a strong person on the second amendment. you have 300 million guns in the country and bad people have them. what is going to happen? it's simple and common sense. you need protection and you have to have them. there is no doubt about it. you know, if there was ever kind of law passed where people turn in their guns, the good people are going to turn their guns in and bad people are not. >> gretchen: that is long ways away but what he wants to do, he wants to pressure the senators in the toss-up states to favor the universal background check. my question for you, donald, is whether or not you think mayor bloomberg getting involved with
4:08 am
his own money he is thinking of a different office when he done. >> i think he is considering something. he is going to be out there. he has some really amazing ideas. he has done a very good job as the mayor of new york. he is going to be out there in one form or the other. i don't know if he is going to run for office or politics. i think he looked very seriously at the presidency. perhaps they told him no. i think he is go doing be out there very strongly in some form. it's an opinion and it's an opinion that people should hear about lots of different things. michael is a little bit different in all fairness. >> steve: and he is extremely bright and very successful and self-made. i want to talk about cyprus and how it relates to us in america. as you know the major banks are going bankrupt. they talked about taxing for people that wanted out.
4:09 am
anyone who makes under $100,000 euros they get their money out. people that make over that gets taxed. who wins? >> the euro was created in order to hurt us. it was going to be set up for all of these countries got together they could take advantage of our country. it's not working out so well because some of those countries are going down big. frankly if they had their own currency they would be able to do something about it or have a fighting chance. what they are doing is really incredible because they are basically taking people's money away in order to keep their banks going. that is a first. people are are very concerned about that. that is a first. when will it stop, where will it stop, and does it come to our shores also? >> brian: they will after donald
4:10 am
trumps money before middle-class? >> they will take everybody's money. they will take middle-class money. they will take everybody's money in order to pay off the deficit. it's something you have to think about. >> brian: there was a report from somebody in great britain, an authority of some sort who was talking about, given what has happened in sigh plus, if i had money in spain i would get it out. >> no, it's being talked about in other places. in worse of terms of condition, spain is a good one, greece and lots of other places and they are talking about it. you know, at some point maybe they start talking here. what ultimately that means is that jobs will -- you think we have bad unemployment now. you will see unemployment like you've never seen it before. >> gretchen: somebody from your show, celebrity apprentice, a lot of people will be shocked they didn't see it.
4:11 am
amarosa and claudia got the hook >> why didn't she bring amarosa back? in all fairness claudia, i have to defend you. if she was brought back it wouldn't matter. you were the project manager and you failed. you have a great future. i'm sorry -- you're fired! >> did you for a second i can't fire this woman? >> i can't understand. nobody wants. last week it would have been amarosa but victoria failed to bring her back. they all afraid of her. and claudia she didn't bring her back. in this case it might not have matter. >> you bring back your champions to help you out in the boardroom your son was here.
4:12 am
most unlikeable person on your show, piers morgan, how hard is he do to to deal with? >> he was a winner and he took over for larry king and so i'm proud of piers. i'm proud of all my people. you are proud of your pupils, piers is very capable guy. he ate amorosa. >> and trace atkins i found hard to deal with? >> trace, you don't like him? >> i thought he was all over trace? >> trace is a great guy. he is doing very well. he is solid. >> unlike gary bussey, you really don't want to trust him with a lot of your cash? >> gary is a mad genius. he will say things that are unbelievable, and he'll say things unbelievably dumb.
4:13 am
the show is doing well for a reason. we have some great characters on the show. >> gretchen: that is what it is all about. have a great week. >> i'm wearing his tie as a tribute. you can't fire me. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: coming up on fox and friends you've probably seen the video, a great white gets inside the shark cage and nearly eetsd a newlywed. there is more you haven't seen. >> then did you know a speed limit on your rascal. enjoy it because we got more stupid rules coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the long run ♪ it's a slow one [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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4:17 am
>>. regulation nation. did you know there is a speed limit on your hover round. we're part of a growing regulation nation here in the u.s.a., and joining us with is not relied red tape is mickey. if folks live in illinois and drive more than eight miles an hour they will get in trouble? >> you can't drive on the sidewalk more than eight miles an hour. i am dying to know who is the person that sparked this regulation that illinois thought they needed a law on the books. >> steve: why 8, why not 10? >> maybe it's for segways or rascals. i can't even imagine what is going on, yeah, 8 is the critical mass.
4:18 am
when you run into a mailbox. >> steve: i want to meet the officer with that radar gun. how about, i believe it's west virginia, they've got rules on road kill? >> yes. if you find road kill and you would like to take it home for personal consumption you need to get a non-hunting game license within 24 hours of finding it. it only applies to non-endangered species. you can't take home a protected bird or bear cub or spotted deer but you need to get the governmental's permission. >> steve: so if in your trunk you have a deer that has been run over and you don't have a permit you will get in trouble? >> you are breaking the law in west virginia. >> steve: we've heard a lot about drones, but now hot air balloons are causing problems because apparently they can be
4:19 am
moored no less than 500 feet from the base of any cloud or 500 feet of the surface of the air. who is going measure that? >> that would be the faa. when we think about sequestration they are trying to close down air traffic controllers but there are bureaucrats with super long measuring tapes that is looking 500 feet off the ground. >> steve: there are actually government lied guidance on mini golf? >> under the americans disability act, i was looking at this, it can't be more than one to four for no greater an four-inch rise. this is back to high school geometry but these are grandfathered in. it gets far more complex if the hole so a rise there is whole other calculation and 1 to 20
4:20 am
and for your wheelchair to be able to turn around, it's out of control. >> steve: all about putt-putt golf but there are so many crazy rules out there, why? >> there are bureaucrats, this is their job. there are guys that walk around with measuring tape. there are people that have to enforce these rules. there is a lot of money. these are not the front line ones. these are the people that want to make more regulations. it's bad because this is what kills entrepreneurship and jobs in this country. >> steve: no kidding. this is a public service, if anybody in the state of illinois is going more than ten miles an hour you could have trouble with rahm emanuel out there. nicky, thanks for joining us. email us what you think about. meanwhile, we are gutting our
4:21 am
military and cutting tuition assistance but the feds are hiring by the thousands? what about the sequester thing. what we uncovered is coming up next. showing you teenagers smashes gallons of milk on purpose and jumping on the ground pretending they are hurried. stupid prank or should the kids be prosecuted? we have a legal update from aisle 3 ♪ come on and work it on out ♪ ♪ come on and work it on out [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest
4:22 am
our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. now, buy one lobsterfestntree and get one 1/2 off with a coupon at
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4:24 am
>>. >> brian: 2200 how many jobs were posted on line this month. the government is not tightening
4:25 am
its belt, are they? >> and one group protesting over the keystone pipeline and acting in civil disobedience. president abandoning a massive income tax on citizens making more than a million years and maybe the rich people will stay. >> gretchen: remember this? smashing gallons of milk in the supermarket but the cops came calling afterwards. now three virginia teens are facing criminal charges. is that fair or fun and games? for a fair and balanced debate. good morning, guys. >> how are you. >> gretchen: thank you for the excitement. and that note. pleat start with you, you are going to tell me that these
4:26 am
young boys have done nothing wrong? >> you are going to tell me they are going to get the death penalty. what do you want to do next, ban the whoopee cushion. april 1st. >> gretchen: i like whoopee cushions. >> they brought in their own liquids. it's not like they took it out and broke the liquid of somebody else's because that would be stealing it. you are rendering something invaluable. should we condone this behavior. should we give them a slap on the wrist? probably because somebody could get hurt but you can't prosecute someone what possibly could happen. >> gretchen: the teens are being charged with misdemeanors and not being charged a felony. when i watch the video, if that was my kid. what about the woman if she falls down and gets really hurt. by the way, who is cleaning up this mess after they do this? >> exactly. he a great lawyer and puts a
4:27 am
great spin on it. this is serious situation. these stores are the center point of our communities, these brick and mortar supermarkets that provide products for our community. okay -- we need to protect our local communities, our local grocery stores. >> gretchen: you he is making valid points. >> i agree we should not be condoning the behavior. they did it. they are budding actors and two brothers and a cousin. >> gretchen: let me ask you this >>. [ talking over each other ] >> gretchen: arthur you are defending those people. jut a minute. here is what i want to get to. did they clean up after they did that?
4:28 am
if you were defending them and standing in front of a judge what would say not to be charged? >> on the record we shouldn't condone this behavior. we have limited resources. if you want to clog the legal system. take two police officers off the street. >> you work hard. >> gretchen: now we're going to let people get away with it. >> people go in the stores and let them abuse workers, abuse customers. that is disgrace! >> best part of their day was watching this. its practical joke. >> gretchen: wait. if you are the worker out there that had to bring the mop out and clean up after these guys, call me up. >> it's a practical joke. >> it's an absolute disgrace. we need to protect the local
4:29 am
merchants. >>. >> gretchen: bring them on on. we'll open the show instead of the rooster call. arthur, great, let us know what you think on that one. next on the rundown, a great white shark gets inside a diver's cage and nearly eats the newlyweds. brand-new tv show, on our northern border. a great controversy and see it. it's putting our own security at risk ♪ break on through to the other side ♪ ♪ break on through to the other side ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ your new jetta! and you want to buy one like mine because it's so safe, right? yeah... yeah... i know what you've heard -- iihs top safety pick for $159 a month -- but, i wish it was more dangerous,
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gretchen: all right. check out this shot of the morning. this is arizona on vacation. my mom called us out of the house to the road in front of the house. she wanted all the grandkids to see what we had been warned about all week out there which is this rattlesnake season. that is rattler climbing right up into our yard. it was great experience.
4:34 am
when this happens, you call the firefighters in arizona. they come out and take the snake away. they know how to handle them. they bring them out into the desert and they are back in two weeks or so, like my dad said. they come back, but it's high season for the rattlers. that guy could do plenty of damage. they can kill you. >> steve: i remember growing up in kansas and my mom opened cabinet and there was a rattlesnake. she called my dad and he took a hoe into the kitchen. >> gretchen: to dismantle it. >> steve: he took a hoe and took it outside it was pretty much the end of that. >> brian: how did it get in there? >> steve: my mom had a good reason to not do the dishes for a couple of years. >> brian: it's like getting the snakes out of ireland. >> steve: they send them to
4:35 am
arizona. >> gretchen: what i found out, let me know, the rattle on the rattlesnake doesn't do anything to harm you. that an alert. >> it's the venom and they got one really good bite in them. you survived. >> gretchen: it was interesting to see the wildlife out there. >> call the fire department. >> gretchen: here is headlines, state prisons in colorado are lockdown after the murder of its correction director tom clement. he was shot dead when he opened the door last week. the suspect was member of a gang. now there is concern that the gang could retaliate. he was killed in a shootout in texas. two teens did not deploy their parachutes. co-owner of the facility says the equipment appeared to be
4:36 am
working properly. automatic back-up devices were activated but didn't have time to inflate. the victims are seasoned jumpers from iceland that visit the jump site every year. >> hello, you are about to have a heart attack? a tiny chip could soon be a powerful weapon against heart attacks and other problems. the device would be implanted below the skin and look at the concentration of certain substances in the blood and cholesterol and whatnot. that info would be sent directly to your smart phone or to your doctor. swiss researchers are working on it and hope to have it available in four years. you are on hold. >> gretchen: a photographer almost becomes lunch when he gets too close to a crock. this video from costa rica, man
4:37 am
trying to get close-up shots. they threw food to them to bring them closer. nice friend. he didn't see the one hiding in the grass next to him. luckily he cannot out of way just in time. >> gretchen: are those tattoos. >> everybody it was blending in. crocodile was blending in and who was throwing the food is the problem. >> here, have some t-bone. >> brian: let me tell you what is happening in the basketball. a cinderella story. first time in history. 15th seed florida gulf coast university became the lowest seed to go to the sweet 16 after beating san diego. remember they ousted georgetown. and one of tournament favorites, there is the point guard, alan crabbe. buckeyes will go up against
4:38 am
arizona next round. and coach's time is history. he is enough. he led the team for 33 wins including three straight final four appearances but his team struggled since 2008. >> look at the end of this nascar race in fontana, california that placed host to the 400. they were wrecked in the final lap opened the door for kyle busch to get the victory. hamlin was airlifted to the hospital. tony stewart beside himself and there was fight there. this is to carry over from last week's race where they are accusing each other of starting a wreck. tony stewart, in this case they had a bleep machine, because when the reporter was walking across the track with him, you could hear it.
4:39 am
yes, you could hear it. >> gretchen: all right. >> that is what they used to do it with every race. >> gretchen: we have been seeing a lot of that recently. >> steve: dangerous winds and rain delaying arnold palmer tournament. golfers are scheduled to resume the tournament later today, tiger woods is out front. >> brian: but i don't think the heavy stuff is coming down yet, i would keep playing. why did they quit? quitters. it was just howling wind and rain. >> gretchen: they did have reports and there were rough thunderstorms you can see from the video. it look like a monsoon in there in and you get the thunderstorms that produce heavy down bursts strong winds for about 15
4:40 am
minutes and then the sun comes back out. in new york city we won't be seeing a lot of sun out here. possibility of some snow accumulating. temperatures are a little above freezing. 38 degrees in new york city. it will be tough for the snow to stick out here. it isn't snowing just yet. we have wind picking up. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. we have started to see snow coming down, philadelphia, 2-4 inches of snow. you can see it out here and going to produce a slow commute for so many of you as you head out to work early this morning. that the scene across many parts of pennsylvania and maryland and higher elevations of state of virginia and west virginia. it could reach a foot. so we do have winter storm warnings out in effect and winter storm warnings as far as west as the state of illinois where some places picked up over 15 inches of snow over the weekend. pretty significant snow from the storm system, very quickly,
4:41 am
temperatures are very cold this morning, only 8 degrees in rapid city. 6 in the city of denver and even in the southeast, cold temperatures in atlanta, currently 37 degrees. >> all right. thank you very much. >> gretchen: couple of cage divers, this is what you do in south africa mainly became shark bait when a great white managed to break through the bars. watch this. whoa! >> oh my god. >> stand back, stand back. >> gretchen: joining us on the phone the man behind the camera brian plumber. >> hearing that clip my heart starts racing through. >> did he break through -- did he break through the actual cage? >> he didn't break through. he got through.
4:42 am
there it was likes 25% of it inside. so i was able to see the head of the shark inside the cage where i was. >> steve: and the head of this particular great white was so narrow it actually fit through the whole but what is disturbing when you are taking those pictures, there for a second there is a plume of blood. you have to figure it's the guy who got married the day before could be the source of that when you were taking the pictures? >> of course. that was definitely my first thought. stuck the hairs to raise a little more. it went from the worst case scenario. you aren't sure what is happening and then screams of joy and excitement we were really glad to see that no human
4:43 am
was harmed. >> gretchen: what happened? the shark comes into the cage, the bars are too small for this particular shark, too wide. where did the guy go? >> there wasn't much room to wiggle around in there. you can go to the left or right and there is no way to go up. his instinct was to go down. there are a few feet underneath that are viewing area and he was able to reacted quite request quibblingly and wait for the shark to and get loose again. >> brian: after that, anybody else get in the cage? >> i'm on the list that got back into the cage. we did kind of talk about it as a group how the situation went. yeah, it's acceptable to go back
4:44 am
in. >> brian: you are a brave man. i don't think i could do that. >> steve: brian plummer talking about what happened yesterday in south africa. somebody was really lucky. thank you, sir. >> gretchen: help me out. don't get into that cage after seeing that. >> straight ahead, a brand-new tv special pulls back the northern border but some people are saying we shouldn't see it. >> gretchen: how does a three dollar bowl sell for $3.2 million. it could happen to you? get your junk out of attic. we'll tell you how to do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:45 am
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4:48 am
>>. >> gretchen: new study found babies are being food before they can handle it. 40% of moms are giving food before six months. experts say it can lead to diseases like diabetes and obesity. >> what ruled the box office this weekend. yep, the cruz, opened up with number one $44.7 million. >> brian: giving a guide to break through the northern border. >> the problem is folks, they see a helicopter or one of the boats or the water. they turn around and head back into canada and there is nothing we can do about it. >> brian: new documentary is under siege is indicative of the current administration's lax
4:49 am
border security. you are talking about the northern border. you think it's been highly ignored so far as possible way to break into the country? >> it's been made inlegislationly less secure, especially over montana, eastern washington area where the environmental concerns have removed the border patrol from their traditional border functions along the border. what we've see now that is happening is policy and politics is trumping national security and public safety. >> brian: what about this show in particular. some things about the show that makes you shake your head? >> yeah, it shows what kind of infrastructure is in place, pretty much what it can see. it gives the smuggler an upclose look how it operates. so they know then where the border patrol is. all they have to do then is figure out where the border patrol is not.
4:50 am
>> brian: you talk about where the crossings are. in the south, i couldn't believe it. say on average, 356,000 plus are illegal aliens are apprehended in the south. in the north 4,210 and those numbers seem like the north is no problem. you believe that we are very vulnerable there intentionally? >> it's virtually unpatrolled. in essence we have no idea what is coming across the northern border. right now the southern border, the agents are telling us, they are catching less than 3% of what they know crosses the border in the tucson sector. >> brian: so what has to be in the immigration debate? >> the truth. they are not dealing with it. they are trying to maintain what is called plausible deniability. but they don't listen to the people that are trying to tell them. they have their own agenda and
4:51 am
they are following it and it's not in the best interests of the american people. >> brian: but they say they are stronger on immigrants than anybody else? >> if the agents are saying 3% that means 97% that we don't know about. >> brian: thanks so much. how does a $3 bowl sell for $3.2 million? it could happen to you. how to turn your trash into treasure next. on this day in history,, rock he was the number one song. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
4:55 am
>> gretchen: if you have old bowls collecting dust? >> imagine if one is worth several millions dollars. they spent three bucks and it was worth three million. how do you recognize high value items from everyday junk. figure out what is trash and what is treasure, right? >> yes, a lot of people are coming to us asking us what to look for. the first and foremost on your valuables, look for hallmarks. >> steve: what is hallmarks? >> imprints to tell what it is. there could be years, there could be a brand. there could also be the card of gold. these earrings, look for it on the back where there is a flat space. they say angela cummings, 1988.
4:56 am
>> steve: so you know who made them. if they are name brand. >> gretchen: are they gold or they don't have to be? >> they should be. it says 18 karats. it makes it easier if is imprinted. you can go to your local jewelry store or pawnshop. >> steve: that is how you figure out what it is made of. you want it to be worth millions? >> that is the goal, but actually they probably would use something like this is gold testing kit. so the higher the gold content the more valuable it actually is. >> steve: like you would check the level. >> something that has gold on them. >> gretchen: like this vase right here. look at the top. >> 18 karat gold and you won't
4:57 am
expect that. >> steve: how much is worth? >> this is worth $1600 and it has gone up. >> gretchen: what about this telephone. many may have these hanging around? >> i got this at a flea market. this was actually bought for $50 at a flea market. you would never expect it to be worth anything. we've researched and it's worth well over $500. >> steve: so the problem is you got something that you think is valuable. you have to find a reputable organization. wait a minute, that thing is worth $1600. i'm going give him 12 for it. you want to work for somebody that is very established. easy clerk, a pawnshop in manhattan and we have seen everything come through our doors. they are great to work with. >> gretchen: i've seen there is a lot of jewelry. is that the most popular thing you see? >> definitely. a bunch of extra items that have
4:58 am
gold on it. we have actually collectible knives that has gold inside and pearl. we've seen a bunch of things. >> steve: she was talking about it. how much would that be worth the knives? >> these are well over $2,000. >> gretchen: we all remember this from growing up. our mothers had these? >> they are making a comeback. jewelry is worth more than when you paid when gold was much lower. >> steve: and key is finding the $3 bowl. >> that would be nice. >> steve: thanks for joining us today. >> gretchen: coming up on fox and friends, amazing grace. our own bob bechel was first to call cbs to apologize and they said they are sorry and bob beck left lane be here to react. >> steve: ever had a thong stuck
4:59 am
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your trip begins at with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. >>. >> gretchen: good morning, today is monday, march 25th, 2013, i'm gretchen carlson. it's not an election year but the political ads are back thanks to new york's mayor michael bloomberg. >> i think i have a responsibility and i think all of your viewers have responsibilities to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other. >> gretchen: mayor bloomberg moving on from banning smoking go and big sodas. he is coming to your town. >> great. meanwhile, after a week of outrage, cbs is apologizing for slapping the veterans in the
5:03 am
face on most popular tv shows. bob bechel was first to call for an apology. you'll hear his reaction. >> brian: family forced from their home over this adorable pig. government says he can't stay. so the family is leaving, too. what is the big stink? fox and friends starts now. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> gretchen: waking up to the sound of snorts. >> when i was growing up we had pigs and we had arnold the pig named after the big in green acres. i can identify with the story of petey right there. >> gretchen: i hope that is
5:04 am
food. >> brian: the other thing, judge jeanine had a pig. pulling lived like to 110. >> gretchen: i was wondering what the green turf is in the studio. when he makes his 4-a. >> so he doesn't slip on the floor. >> you have to give them keds. we're not sure. when bloomberg is mayor putting sneakers on igs. >> if you know it's legal to put sneakers on pigs, email us. >> gretchen: let's get to the headlines in the meantime. fox news alert. cyprus clinched a last minute deal. cyprus securing a $13 billion bailout.
5:05 am
>> it has also find ways to raise $7.5 billion on its own and forcing taking money out of large deposit holders. a hearing underway in italy to decide whether amanda knox will have to go on trial again. prosecutors want her conviction reinstated. she was cleared of charges she killed her british roommate. she spent four years in an italian prison. >> state prison in colorado are lockdown this morning. they are tightening security measures after the murder of a corrections director. he was shot dead last week. the suspect was a member of a white supremacist prison gang and there is concern the gang could retail yate. he was killed by police in texas.
5:06 am
>> breathtaking photos from nasa capturing the lights of cities around the world from 240 miles above ground. it was taken by astronauts on the international space station. wow, look at italy. you can see the country's boot shape right there. and nighttime view of kuwait city. check out this amazing picture of london. last but not least, here is view of cleveland, ohio. used to live there and there is lake erie on the left. >> brian: we have seen the image of north korea where there is no lights on. >> except the military. >> there is $12 million going to a political position and political issue it's called gun control. mayor wants it. he wants an assault weapons ban to take place and detailed background checks because 47% of
5:07 am
the people in the country buy guns without background checks. he wants to get it. what he is doing with the $12 million i find, let us say, aggressive. >> steve: he is going to buy tv ads and courage people fema call your u.s. senator to tell them expanded background checks. clearly, the nra has problems with this whole idea because when it comes to the rules. it's not the good guys who break the rules. it's the bad guys who break the rules. here is the mayor and plus the guy who heads up the nra yesterday on meet the press. >> i think i have a responsibility and i think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities to make this country safer for our families and for each other. if i can do that by spending some money and taking the nra from being the only voice to being one of the voices so the public can really understand the on issues, i think my money would be well spent.
5:08 am
>> they don't want them in restaurants, they don't want them in their homes telling what food to eat and what firearms to own. he can't buy america. >> gretchen: interesting thing here this is michael bloomberg's personal money. he has made a fortune, very successful businessman before he became mayor of new york city. 12 or 13 states was the key senators, their key senators he believes can be swayed and pick up the phone to the people and say you shut support the background checks. he says he may not be able to ban the assault weapons but he is still working on universal background checks. >> brian: his belief that anybody who doesn't go with him are being pressured by the nra as opposed to voting because he believes the people of their constituency wants them to do.
5:09 am
>> steve: he has been trying to track down guns here in new york city for the last couple years and he is adding his checkbook. meanwhile, the sixth largest jackpot in american history. a new jersey big rig driver is going to claim he is the winner of the $338 million powerball. reporter theresa live in new jersey at the winning store. i bet they are happy there, aren't they? >> they are very happy here. i will tell you they are keeping their fingers crossed because the manager said he has yet to see the actual ticket. here is where the story goes. there is a rumor that a man called the mog duty last night and said, i have the ticket. i checked the i'm the winner. he said this guy sounded ecstatic on the other end of the line. apparently what the manager has told media outlets he checked
5:10 am
the numbers. i just talked to the general manager. he said that ticket has yet to be brought into the store. we did speak to lottery officials they won't confirm everything. they will announce everything at 10:00. where the ticket was sold, presumably it would be here and we hope to be able to meet the lucky man or woman. it's rumored that truck driver bought the ticket while passing through. if that one person has that ticket they win $338 million and if they take it lump sum, $221 million. for the rest of us, unfortunately didn't get the big jackpot, 13 powerball tickets in ten states and new jersey that are worth about million dollars. they got all the numbers right but the winning powerball number. million dollars is not too shabby. it's the sixth largest jackpot in history. it hasn't been won since
5:11 am
february and that was a man in virginia. largest came in november, $587 million. that was for a missouri couple a guy from arizona. i want to mention before i go, this is closest i'm going to get to $338 million. this place really is buzzing with excitement. >> i've got a question. it was purchased in new jersey but if he lives in delaware or one of the states with no state income tax, would he have to pay stated income tax? >> we don't he actually lives in delaware. we don't really know where he lives. we don't know what the tax situation would be, but presumably you pay the tax where you purchased the ticket. >> we'll find out later today. >> you see the lottery specials and after they become
5:12 am
millionaires they aren't happy. >> we are happy not have to won. >> everybody should feel good about it. >> gretchen: you are fact that a lot of the money has been squandered and people end up, some of them say they wish they would not have won. take a look at tax situation, if you win the $338 million, 46.2% is going to the federal government and new jersey state tax, if it goes to new jersey is the state where you live, you take $221 million. there are different ways of calculate that go as well versus lump sum. >> brian: what is interesting they withhold 25% federal withholding but you wind up paying close to 40%. save a little for the taxman. >> steve: since 1974, i have been unable to get "top of the
5:13 am
world," out of my head ♪ top of the world ♪ ♪ did a-da-da. >> is there anything out there that could help me. >> gretchen: apparently if you would like to recite anagrams you will be able to get those songs out of your head. so what is r.o. a.e. r.m. w.? you won't be thinking top of the world. >> i would rather do tomorrow world. >> and ear worm and ear worm is how they describe these songs that get stuck on stuk in your head. the song that gets stuck in my head, sweet caroline. >> gretchen: the song that gets
5:14 am
stuck in my head, is the one, the dance craze one, i can't remember now. ♪ ♪ gangnam style. >> and the harvard baseball team that stuck with me for quite a while. you end up recycling songs in your head. people that engage us in conversations, that is the best way. >> if you ever get a song stuck in your head, according to western washington university, do something tough with your brain, figure out an anagram, driving a car isn't going to do it. you have to engage your brain. you can read a novel. that might help you. >> gretchen: i think the thing still stays in your head. if you can't fall asleep you should count back word from 300 by 3's. i got way below 200.
5:15 am
this the snow working. let us us know if it works for you. >> 12 hints m interests after the hour. a stunning report on the fast and furious scandal. why in the world didn't anybody get fired? >> gretchen: and week of outrage cbs apologizing for slapping veterans in the face. bob bechel is here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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5:18 am
a. >>. >> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour, new details unraveling from the inspector general's fast and furious report hitting the failed gun running operation from
5:19 am
mismanagement from arizona homeland security. they report the arizona dhs new this they were smuggling guns into mexico and they didn't do anything to report it. good morning to you, katy. so what do you make of this report that the people inside of the department of homeland security in arizona were culpable to a certain extent but nobody in the federal level was informed about fast and furious? >> it's the same as we have heard. it's mismanagement within the department of justice what was going on. now, this report doesn't necessarily hold anyone accountable for what happened. we had one agent from i.c.e. assigned to work with it. agent lane france filed hundreds of reports to homeland security and i.c.e. and no one has
5:20 am
claimed to have read the reports. here we are with another report for gross record for human life in the end. >> gretchen: it's an inspector general report and usually they are supposed to be non-biased? >> when you look at the time line there is some discrepancies. what fox news reported in december of february 2012, i believe, that i.c.e. director opened up an investigation of fast and furious and inquiry after brian carey was killed but -- terry was killed but nobody outside of arizona specifically in washington, d.c. and homeland security really knew about this until march of 2011 when congress opened their investigation. the time line once again under the department of justice side doesn't add up. that is problem when it comes to with a people are saying under oath, what janet napolitano has said under oath, what her
5:21 am
involvement was with attorney general eric holder. >> gretchen: so you don't believe that it's feasible that janet napolitano did not know about this before she said she did? >> it isn't plausible janet napolitano is getting off scott free. dennis burke who was in charge of the department of justice side of the operation in arizona has a longstanding personal and professional relationship with janet napolitano. he served as a staffer when janet napolitano was the attorney general in arizona and chief of staff when was governor and followed her into washington, d.c. as an advisor before being appointed back to u.s. attorney by president obama. at the same time he was attorney general as holder's advisory board and he was with janet napolitano two days after the murder of brian terry in arizona. yet, this report claims they never talked about the case.
5:22 am
it seems that janet napolitano was asked about it at least. >> gretchen: katie, thanks much. next on the rundown, cabin doors close, friendly skies about to get even nicer if you want your technology on. and petey the pet big cannot say and why is the government. reel we'll be right back ♪ will you still love me tomorrow ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail, only rzr delivers. now's the time to buy during the polaris xp sales event. take your pick of our new limited edition rzrs and get financing as low as 2.99%. save even more with rebates up to $500...
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5:25 am
>>. >> gretchen: quick headlines, prince harry returning to the united states and this time he is skipping vegas and will visit
5:26 am
arlington national cemetery and walter reed. >> frequent flyers you can use your tablets and readers during takeoff and landing. faa expected to announce the new policy and cellphone use is still banned. >> steve: remember petey was purchased as a therapy animal and until the local government banned him from living inside his own house. >> brian: that means the entire family could be forced out of their own home. here is petey the pig. so what ma made you go out and get the pig as a pet in queens? >> we didn't know it was illegal to have. we wanted an emotional support animal for our kids. we checked with our board and approved it. >> why not a cat or dog? >> my son has severe allergies
5:27 am
so the pets are dander free. >> and one sleeps in bed with him? >> every night. >> so the board voted? >> they say get rid of the big p ig. >> the health department issued the petition and we are going to be forced to move out of city. >> who turned you in, a neighbor? >> a neighbor. >> that is so irritating. what the pig mean to your family? >> it means a lot to me. >> brian: what would it mean if he was sent away? >> that would mean allot. we really love him. >> are you willing to move for the pig? >> we decided for the family. my kids don't want to give him up. he is part of our family. >> brian: what about representative is your last hope? >> he has been wonderful. he has been supporting us and
5:28 am
behind us hundred percent. we're introduce this in state legislation. >> and it's a clean animal? >> yeah. >> brian: so you are willing to move in order to keep petey? >> that is big decision. >> petey is a part of family? >> he definitely is. >> you have to go the right way. >> there you are go. >> and so you'll be able to do it. >> here in new york, in the city it's illegal. there are a lot of pigs in the city, over hundred that have them as pets. >> we need to get bloomberg behind this. >> it would be wonderful or even his daughter that owns a pet pig. >> the mayor's own daughter took her pet pig to gracie mansion, and wait there a city law. kids, hang in there.
5:29 am
i know you are going through a rough time and hopefully you'll be able to get through it, regardless you will stay together. you are off this week, right? hang nougt the city, that is cool. [ laughter ] >> i almost lost my hand. >> brian: it not only looks good but ben affleck's beard can save a life. then after a week of outrage, cbs is saying i'm sorry for slapping our veterans in the face. is it too little, too late. bob bechel was the first to call for an apology. ♪ i did it my way ♪ i've had a few ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
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5:34 am
afghan president hamid karzai. as for expectations for the meeting, state department official says they don't want to set the bar too high or too low. today is a big day in afghanistan, few hours ago the u.s. government handed the afghan government the keys to the par one detention facility. it was the last one in u.s. control in afghanistan and afghans have promised they will not let the most dangerous prisoners go free. another item for secretary kerry and president karzai is hashing out the details that would give troops immunity past 2014. state department says it is still early in the negotiating process. on his way to afghanistan he made another surprise stop in iraq where he told their prime minister nouri al-maliki to stop letting iran fly planes full of weapons through iraqi airspace into syria. >> i made it very clear that for
5:35 am
those of us who are engaged in an effort to see president assad to step down and to see a democratic process take hold with a transitional government according to the geneva convention, for those of us engaged in that effort anything that supports president assad is problematic. >> reporter: later on kerry and karzai will hold a press conference. hamid karzai made waves that he thought the united states and taliban were collaborating on bombings on terror raids to show the afghans how much they are going miss most u.s. troops when they leave by the end of next year. a state department official they are now past that incident. back back to you in new york. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: john kerry is in afghanistan. he was for the trip to
5:36 am
afghanistan but against the trip. >> we'll see if has any more left than hillary clinton. >> other headlines for you. calendar says spring but we just saw peter at the white house. check out this incredible video in florida. >> steve: it looks like hurricane-force winds going through the front door of a lowe's store blowing shopping carts around like toys. >> brian: in south florida, they did not deploy their parachutes. co-owner of the facility the equipment appeared to be working properly and automatic devices were activated bu they didn't have time to inflate. they are seasoned jumpers from iceland that visit this jump site every year. >> gretchen: are you about to
5:37 am
have a heart attack? this tiny chip could save your life. the device implanted just beneath the skin detects sudden changes in your blood. researchers are conducting experimental trials right now. >> there is an app for that. it not only looks good but ben affleck's beard could save his life? sport ago beard could mean fewer allergies, why because pollen and dust particles get stuck in the beard. it acts as a filter. researchers say it blocks 95% of u.v. rays a and reducing the risks of cancer. brian, did you ever have a beard. >> brian: never. zbloosmt you mean now you started in a moment's notice. >> i think men that are married
5:38 am
should ask their wives. >> i think more important is roger ailes. >> steve, you email him. >> steve: i'll get right on it. >> brian: march madness, 15th seeded gulf coast became the lowest seed ever to advance in the sweet 16. they were only eligible will for the tournament last year. they beat san diego state and now they face the florida gators they will play for real. game five alan crabbe. iowa state goes down. buckeyes will go up against arizona next round. nascar, plenty of nascar drama in the final lap, too. look what happened in fontana yesterday. you have denny hamlin lin and joey going at it. the winner would be the
5:39 am
beneficiary of the remembering kyle busch. then the fireworks, hamlin was airlifted to the hospital. he is thought to be okay. veteran tony stewart shoved him of starting the wreck. he might have been right. run for the radio, coming up shortly we kick it off from 9:00 to noon and we lead with bret baier and go over to michael goodwin and should be fun. >> gretchen: winter that won't go away. snow this morning and the storm kicking in from washington, d.c. to new york city now. after we just put away all of our boots and hats and gloves. are we going to break them out again? >> few weeks, we'll see the 60s in new york city. maybe you can put them away for good.
5:40 am
[ laughter ] >> right now in new york city it's not snowing just yet but we could be looking at snowflakes coming up later in the morning. around lunchtime through the evening rush we could be picking up maybe an inch or two of snow. higher accumulations are possible as we west. pennsylvania, west virginia, northern parts of the state of virginia. that is where we are looking at a foot of snow. lower elevations possible, and winter warnings are in effect. here for us in new york city, temperatures have warmed up one degree in the past hour, 38 to 39 degrees. the breezes make it feel cooler, 5-10 degrees cooler. we could be looking at gusts up to 30 to 40 miles an hour producing delays. philadelphia the international airport have been reporting delays of over an hour. >> so check before you go
5:41 am
someplace. >> brian: cbs ignited a storm when contestants on amazing race visited a b-52 memorial in hanoi glorifying the death of u.s. soldiers. >> gretchen: it infuriated veterans around the country and forced cbs to respond. >> we want to apologize to veterans particularly a those that served in vietnam and any viewers who were offended by the broadcast. all of us here have the most profound respect for the men and women that fight for our country. >> what type of typewriter did they type that out on? bob bechel was probably the first that demanded an apology from the network. i saw that on the five. you heard this story and gutfeld dug it up? >> first of all i was stunned. you i couldn't believe anybody could be insensitive. because i was against the war in
5:42 am
vietnam, i've carried around a little bit i didn't appreciate what these guys had done but the insensitivity of doing it on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the war in vietnam. so, usually i swear. fortunately i didn't. [ laughter ] >> it came out and all week long it built. it bothered me. usually my own twitter thing that i don't know much about it runs nine against what i say. this was 99 to 1 favorable and the numbers were phenomenal. i tell you, i appreciate the now which i never did before the power of social media. >> gretchen: what do you think of the apology. you said you were going to keep calling. >> yeah, i think it's belated to say the least, but they did it at the right time.
5:43 am
they did it in prime time. i just think -- certainly hope and ask themselves how it could happen. somebody along the line didn't stop and say, wait. you could understand if it was young kids and producers that didn't have a relation to vietnam but somebody been in my generation. it ripped us apart. it defined my generation. it was amazing to me that somebody at cbs didn't catch it. >> you started banging the drum and eventually you reached out to john mccain. the leaders of some other groups hey, cbs, that is stupid. >> i spoke to the head of the american veterans group and we had a long conversation. he was a vietnam veteran. he said something, vietnam memorial for the celebration
5:44 am
recognition of the 50th anniversary and they read the names. i did a bunch of interviews for the five today thinking that cbs would not apologize. one guy apologized and he said, we spent all this time to put it behind us. now something like this comes along and brings it back in our face again. another guy said can you imagine the families on that b-52 what they must have thought. for me it's been kind of a remarkable week. i don't take any credit for it. i take good credit for the millions of people that responded to this. >> brian: but the people respect your opinion and gut reaction and they reacted. >> i think it helped coming from fox. when i called on my liberal side to get into this, it was amazing
5:45 am
the daily cost came out against cbs. so liberals could agree on something. >> you brought us altogether and you got results. >> thank you very much. >> watch him on "the five". >> best dpoo dressed guy on the five. >> i don't play soccer. >> gretchen: coming up on fox and friends, happy third birthday obamacare, but should we be celebrating. dr. ben carson is with the side effects. >> and anna is reaching -- >> we are at brooklyn boulders that are celebrating one year in action. we're going to be inspired by several of them. that is coming up right after the break. we went out and asked people a simple question:
5:46 am
how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ vo: to the elegant trim es . in each and every piece, bold will make your reality a dream. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8.
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>>. quick headlines on this monday morning. it will be a rough first day for the man they hired to save the city of detroit. kevin orr is expected to be greeted by protestors and then he is going to meet with city officials about creating his job in the first place. they hired the bankruptcy lawyer because the motor city is more than $14 billion in debt. good luck to him. >> steve: big honor for bill ayers. he was just named a visiting scholar at minnesota state university. school officials in minnesota say they are not concerned with his radical past. ayers founded the weather underground the group that bombed the pentagon among other places for just starters.
5:50 am
>> gretchen: anna is looking for gur again and learning a few things. good morning. how is going there this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you everybody at home. we are at brooklyn boulders. this is 20,000 square foot facility. the largest climbing center in new york city. there is a group of climbers that are celebrating their one-year anniversary. disabled climbers, about hundred have gone through the program. i'm joined by john and you are missing your hand and tell us how you lost that? >> about a week before i graduated high school, we thought we were playing with fireworks but it turned out to be a homemade explosive. >> reporter: something your mother always warned you about. you are into a lot of extreme sports and surfing and artist and actually left-handed and now right-handed? >> i switch hands to continue
5:51 am
doing art but i'm a masters student at visual arts. >> reporter: you designed the logo for adaptive primers, as well. tell me how inspired you feel by the people here? >> there are some pretty amazing people. i have seen peir paraplegia i cans climbing these a walls. >> reporter: everybody has a story to tell. founder of the program lost her leg to cancer, but this is a great way for them to feel like everybody, leave your prosthetics behind and take on the world. what do you think about this? do you want to give eight try? >> it looks like fun. if you slip somebody can catch you. >> reporter: yes, my harness is on. i learned all the commands,
5:52 am
climb on. now, we're here. we have to make it to the top. let's hear it for me. i need some help. [ applause ] >> very nice, anna, well done! >> thank you. >> straight ahead. final segment. president celebrating the third birthday of obamacare but more and more doctors are marking a different kind of milestone. retirement. dr. ben carson will be coming up. >> gretchen: let's check in with hemmer. i saw your special last night. that was very good. >> fascinating look spies infiltrate this country. there are big headlines on syria. what you need to know now. the vice president says republicans have no leader. republicans respond to that. a warning for infants and o solid food.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
>>. >> steve: happy birthday for obamacare but for many doctors in this country, many birthday celebrations are turning into retirement party plans instead. get this, a brand-new survey of over 600 doctors found six in ten are more likely to retired than they anticipated. joining us with reaction, pediatric neurosurgeon, dr. benjamin carson and author of "america the beautiful." does this surprise you six in
5:57 am
ten doctors say their peers are thinking about getting out? >> no, it doesn't surprise me at all. a lot of people when they went into medicine, they went in with the thought they would be able to use their interelectricity to really help people. now, they find themselves being herded, told exactly how they are supposed to practice and when they must do it. it's not much fun anymore. >> steve: i'm sure for the kids that work with you at john hopkins, is this going to be worth it? am i ever going to make money? >> i'm sure they are thinking of that. people think doctors make a lot of money but all the time it takes to become a doctor and if you do it on an hourly basis. >> steve: and they wind up with so much debt. the democrats in the senate after four years, they passed a
5:58 am
budget. we'll take a quick look at it. in their budget, what it does raise over trillion dollars worth of taxes. republicans in the house, none. it never balances the budget. it keeps obamacare and gets rid of obamacare. but as you can see the total spending is still on both sides north of $4 trillion. what do you think about the democrats' budget for next year? >> i'm not sure it's a serious budget. it's like a family that is in great hock, i'll tell you what, if i can get this other credit card, this special platinum credit card, then maybe i'll cut back on some of the other things i'm doing. it's kind of ridiculous we're in a situation where you have one side that is saying, come on, we need to get the budget o under control. other side, if you give me certain things, then maybe we'll get it under control. everybody should be interested in getting it under control. a lot of the democrats need to
5:59 am
bolt very their leadership, look we are americans and we want to get it straight for our children and grandchildren. >> steve: dr. ben carson. have a nice day. [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. call me! seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business. military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. and "multiple choice,"


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