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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 25, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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unprecedented. little things but powerful things. deliberate things from the part of a pope less focused on pageantry and focused on people. when jimmy carter skipped a limo to walk in the parade to signal his would be a different white house. or 16 years earlier when kennedy almost did the opposite. want to send a different message that his would be less common and a more camelot white house. never underrestnate power of the first impression. roosevelt and his first 100 days. or lyndon johnson in his first day, addressing the grieving nation. images send impressions and they often send signals. richard nixon going to china to reach out to communist nation. or john kerry going to iraq to speak frankly to the nation. sometimes the gestures are
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mentioned to dispel notions like rand paul use rag filibuster to say republicans aren't about defense at all cost. president obama holding private dipper at the white house to remind israeli he still cares. both easing suspension. that's why you have to get them in the same room before you get them on the same page. little things lead to big things. sometimes just seeing a new president like gerald ford making his own breakfast is all you need at the white house. to show scandal weary americans there is change at the white house. such images don't always last but never let it be said in the moment they don't count. that is not to say that waving
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to the crowd mys more crowd but it says there is a new noppope intown. they they you never get a second chance to make a first impression. but i'm impressed with those following up to take chances to make a lasting impression. >> kimberly: >> hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's happy hour in panama city, florida. this is "the five"! ♪ ♪ >> eric: a special week out of "the five." if you're sick of the blathe blathering on capitol hill and white house, this is where you should be. we have our own version of spring break from politics and we have importantup date for you on the amazing race story
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we told you about last week. hundreds of thousands of kids descend on south padre island, cancun, mexico and other cities where the kids are partying like rock stars. ♪ ♪ >> eric: we aren't prudes but we thought you might be interested in the mayhem and the consequences spring break, the party, the hangover. "the five" style. first up, the party. all right, talk a little bit about kimberly -- >> kimberly: why kimberly? >> eric: 250 to 300,000 people are going to descend on panama city, florida alone. >> went to spring break.
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mazatlan. >> dana: i would never do that again. freddie i went to senor frogs op date night. fergs but i couldn't speak spanish i had no idea what gay might. i had six young men who danceed with me all night. >> kimberly: you didn't leave, though. >> greg: they were buying me drinks. >> eric: corpus christie, texas. more visitors. are you all right with this? >> no. >> you did spring break until 11 years ago when i was sober. but there is a serious side to this. it found a kid on the beach panama city dead from drinking -- >> kimberly: alcohol poisoning. >> bob: yeah. his friend couldn't revive him.
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alcohol in particular -- freddie what are we showing? we're showing women bouncing their butt in viewers' faces. can we stop that? >> eric: hear this out. it sent out an e-mail at 2:00 this afternoon and said we are doing the party first, hangover second, all that stuff in a minute. >> eric: you have a son and eventually he will end up in one of these places. >> kimberly: i'm going. i'll be a chaperon. i went with my girlfriends and everything, at the time, i was 18 and some were night so parents had me sign to be the legal guar guardian. >> bob: i wish you'd do it for me for everything. >> eric: did you do spring break? >> greg: i did. i don't like it. college kids can't drink but they persist in drinking.
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this is like injecting gorillas with steroids. it makes the best "cops" episode ever. there is something attractive about bikini and handcuffs. i am starting a bikini and handcuff website from this idea. i am actually having a three-day all inclusive event at any apartment for people who can't afford -- >> dana: this is exclusive. freddie it's all incollusive. free meals, bed and activities i actuallied a my center. you can talk to attendees from last year if you can find them. >> eric: good transition. watch how fast fun in the water turns in utter mayhem. the blind sided cheap shot administered by the clown on the left. watch.
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>> [bleep] >> kimberly: they get out of hand. when i was on the trip, someone sexually assaulted a girl. you have to be responsible and make good choices. had i known how bad it would be i would haven't gone. >> greg: i bet you went to spelling camp. >> dana: no, i would have. we went to mazatlan, two cassette, steve miller band and james taylor and they played them over in the pool. they were drinking at so:00 in the morning and i'd throw it in the plant and pretend i drank. but i have to say, coming back from that chip put me on the straighter more narrower path.
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>> dana: i am completely unqualified to talk about this topic. >> eric: 1800 arrests in panama city. spring break looks fun but it's a lot of bad stuff. >> bob: the towns compete to get the kids to come there. they have drinking contest. >> kimberly: wet t-shirt contests. >> bob: yeah. the girls gone wild, someone said, but i tell you, you are inviting this. imagine the lawsuits that come out of this. >> dana: when did this become a right? >> greg: it's a tradition.
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>> eric: this is right of through college. >> dana: we have evolved to the point the chinese watch that and say we have nothing to do that. they probably think i wish we could have fun. north dakota is relatively new phenomenon. i went to college two centuries ago. but spring break is when you got away from being at school. >> dana: i had to study. >> bob: i guess daytona beach was active back then. i don't remember the hubs that have become popular. >> dana: i'd pick up extra shifts at the restaurant. >> eric: panama city beach, 12,000 residents year-round. 300 ,000 in spring break. >> greg: i would go to the bar and frame drunks for
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murder. >> bob: i would move out. >> eric: can we talk about the cure? let's take it around. lap around and give advice to parents and/or kids watching. >> kimberly: for kids. i don't do anything that you are going to rebret and would shame your parents the next morning. it live by that. >> bob: i never live by that rule. but i will say this having been through this those of you out there, kids are drinking. not used to drinking that much. then you drink eight, ten, 15 drinks in one day, you are playing with death. alcohol poisoning is a serious problem. you are not being cool. you put yourself -- alcohol particularly is damaging, dangerous thing. >> dana: do you hear the chorus now? shut-up, bob. >> eric: let me throw a couple of things out.
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it missed spring break to play baseball. it played baseball in florida. everyone came to play baseball in force. we never a head spring. the other issue, i look at the kids and i think who are their parents? what do the parents think about when they see the video? you want to be a cool parent so you walk the line between being a cool parent and let kids get in trouble. what about parents with men and women? boys versus girl? >> dana: i imagine you hope youent to hear about it. the social media peace of it. you could do something that is productive. habitat for humanity builds houses all over the world and overseas.
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find out how other people live. and visit your grandparents. it saw a letter from president bush to his granddaughters. are all three off somewhere trtrying to get on the wild women tv show. i'm here all weekend if you need adult leadership. go see your grand parents. >> there is a man in the late 40s offering you to take you home. you don't want to drink and drive. if you are in new york city, around hell's kitchen and guy that looks like me wearing a cap, -- >> eric: weigh in on this. 90% of underage drinkers are binge drinkers. 75% of college males and 43% of female report being intoxicated on daily basis in spring break.
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one in five of those college females are three and four college males are on the hunt for sexual encounters. that means -- >> dana: isn't that the point for a sexual encounter? isn't that why people go there? >> bob: yes. >> eric: three-quarter of the men 25,% of the women. there are a lot of issues. >> kimberly: this is a dangerous situation. so many of the crime are not reported. they don't want to report or talk about it. they're ashamed. >> dana: girls -- you need to look after your girlfriends. >> kimberly: you do. buddy system. >> bob: 80% of the rains tharapesthat occur in spring brk with college girls. that should be enough to get you worried. >> eric: don't let your friends go alope. >> dana: stay in a group and don't let greg to go gay night at senor frogs. i would have gone with you.
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>> eric: take a picture and see it on this show this week. stop it. coming up, our reaction to cbs delayed apology for vietnam war vets after using a down prop for a reality show. bob helped got an appall they deserve. but first, dessert attempt for attention. comedian jim carrey is taking aim and there is nothing funny about the musical video and twitter tirade. >> kimberly: don't miss it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: is jim carrey getting dumber and dumber? he has gone off the rails for gun. he is going after gun owners in a parody that is called "cold dead hands." and mocks them and charlton heston. ♪ ♪ ♪ heston's movie no longer in demand ♪ ♪ forever in his hand ♪ the ape gels wouldn't take him up to heaven ♪ ♪ like he planned ♪ because they couldn't pry that gun from his cold dead hand ♪ >> kimberly: bizarre. all right. he also tweeted "cold dead hand" is about the heartless mother curse word. unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids. sorry, if you're offended by the word "safety." greg, you are barely able to contain yourself. >> greg: he is the most
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pathetic tool on the face of the earthed i hope his career is dead and he ends up sleeping in a car the way his life begone. this video made me want to go out and buy a gun. he thinks about this is a tire and going after a dead man. what did jim carrey do? he has -- [ inaudible ] he killed more people than the rifles combined. a dirty, stinking coward. he did a video attacking rural america. but wouldn't do video about gangs that kill mrs. people with handgun. he wouldn't do that. he is worried about his career. such a pathetic, sad, little freak. he is a jiberring mess.
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a modern bigot. >> bob: tell always how you really feel. >> greg: bottomless pit of insecure. he knows he's a fraud in his heart. >> kimberly: not nice to talk about charlton heston. >> greg: that is the thing. this is a great man who is dead and cannot defend himself. this dirt bag, this nobody -- >> dana: this is also what he said about heston. we probably can't say it but he is basically questioning the size of his manhood. that is what it was. cheapest of all joke. he wouldn't make video about gang violence in chicago. where is that parody? you won't see clint eastwood do that because he has classsh video and grace. remember in the secret recording that they are clinging to their gods and guns and apoll used for it and moved on -- apologized for it. and moved on. but that is what they think.
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not only did he make fun of charlton he iston and rural america. he did a terrible hash to make fun of country music. >> greg: edgy as a frisbee. >> bob: i haven't seen a movie with this guy in how long? >> kimberly: "mask" and "pet detective" or something. >> eric: do you remember "pet detective" he talked out his butt. >> kimberly: ew! gross. >> eric: clearly he is looking to be relevant, try to stay relevant. that's what a lot of liberals who are also celebrities try and do. use the outrage fayeor to get shows to talk about what they said. hold on. you hold on to boils and guns. i put on my twitter thing. describe yourself. clipper. jim carrey, i'm still -- you
2:23 pm
will make more people buy guns. >> bob: you know, am strong in my feelings about guns. but i don't like the idea of a foreigner coming in to get in the debate. they're our friends a we like the canadians but this is probably a wise idea if you are not from a particular country to get in that country. >> dana: i don't understand the attack. if the point is they want to reduce gun violence, okay. why go after rural america. i guess the point is about background checks? this is a guy if you really want to turn the guns on somebody would look at his backyard in hollywood. all of those video games. all of those movies they're not made in rural america. what is emulated out there by murderer, in newtown, connecticut.
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it's that type of movie, behavior, video game that could be a link. it's not rural america. >> eric: if jim carrey shows up at a movie premier and the security is there. do you think they are -- freddie of course. he has a gated community and a fence that rivals any troubled embassy in the country. you can't get in his place. it tried. approach him on twitter. he dropped this on twitter and was looking for response. it engaged him but he rans away. he insulted a bunch of people and ran like a little baby. a sad freak. >> kimberly: emotion on the show. straight ahead on "the five," your voices have been heard. cbs did the right thing and apologized to vets after holding a reality show competition at u.s. memorial in vietnam. we'll tell you what they said
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2:30 pm
nice place to be. gris grace. outrageous. >> one thing to know your loved up with was killed in a tragedy like that -- tragedy like that. but to see remains brings up memories they haven't dealt with and cbs should apologize for that. >> bob: i learned from a lot of you folks that they did just that. >> part of last sunday's episode filmed in vietnam were insensitive to group that is important to us, the nation's veterans. we want to apologize to veterans, particularly those who served in vietnam and their families and viewers offended by the broadcast. we have the most profound respect for men and women who fight for the country. >> bob: the producer of the show issued an apology today.
2:31 pm
>> [ reading ] >> eric: >> bob: so what do you think? >> eric: we e-mailed back and forth. bob, fantastic job to keep on this. because without what you did they would haven't done that. great job. we're all proud. >> kimberly: bob has a lot of support. so many people, everybody i saw this weekend all said you tell bob beckel we're proud of him.
2:32 pm
>> bob: usually my twitter runs 99 to 1 against me. it was the opposite. wait another day. >> dana: we mention bob got it out in the media. but bob got it out amongst the public. world of campaigning has changed so much. i didn't see any other media organization pick up the story and push it. a new way to communicate and how obama cam pape talked to followers and people to vote for them. they didn't go to the media. they went to them. there was no story on cnn calling on them to apologize. a of those organizations have veterans but nobody else picked it up. it's what you said, greg. if fox brings it up, it's not a story. veterans watch the show and people who support them not just from the vietnam war but
2:33 pm
iraqi freedom and enduring freedom also reached out to you. i commend you for it but a fascinating lesson in current communication in politic and media. >> greg: people at "the amazing race" is good people. brukeheimev a great guy, patriot and does work. they don't it coming. the fact they acted on the next show, shows they mean it. there is no harm to say you screwed up. story of my life. >> kimberly: i am proud of you. this shows when you have a voice and feel passionate how it rez mates to produce a positive outcome and result. >> eric: if there are politics watching, boy could they take a lesson from cbs and "amazing race." make a mistake and man up and
2:34 pm
fix it and move on. >> bob: let me say a remarkable week. /learned a lot. this is the anniversary of the participation of the vietnam war. i was occurred the war in vietnam. never against veterans but i thought it was bad policy, we weren't going to win. but you know i got my own apology to make as i think about it. i never said to any of the people who fought in vietnam, thank you for your good service. it occurred to me that i wasn't among the crowd that thei didn't take time to say thank you. 4 years late, but there is my apology. heart-felt. >> dana: what is interesting to me is the story came to us initially because a vet, vets look after one another. protects their mission and
2:35 pm
their cause. sent greg e-mail. on sunday night. you could have missed it. >> greg: i read all of my e-mails. >> dana: "amazing race" has viewers and nobody else picked it up. >> greg: the guy that e-mailed me had the best intention. he didn't say you need to destroy the "amazing race." the maybe they screwed up. can you look into it? a nice do us a favor and check it out. >> dana: as we know, bob doesn't always read the full pact coming on the show. your reaction was authentic and genuine and it took us by surprise and we followed your lead. >> bob: not just with me, but i noticed that people were getting angryer and angryer because they were saying, "no comment." you said last week, equivalent
2:36 pm
of indictment when you do that. i still can't believe they didn't stop it. i congratulate you, by the hundreds of thousands who contacted cbs. dana is right. you are responsible for that. >> eric: you are yielding so much power, do me a favor. get the white house open? >> eric: i don't know -- >> bob: i don't know i have that reach. >> dana: find out who pushed the video? >> bob: oh, shut up, bob. what is the message from mao on our department of education website? greg has details next.
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washington, the pig story here is the vie produce bail-out. they are safe from bankruptcy, but at what cost? those with bank accounts will looking for government seizures above 40%. it's called bail-in. a leader stepped down. did iraq knowingly allow iranians to use the air space? 400,000 to study duck junk. there are bizarre expenditures that you are covering. don't miss a moment of the
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what to cut series? will republicans and democrats find common ground on the budget? and we have a million dollar weekend but we explain on "special report" from washington coming up. ♪ ♪ >> greg: on friday, kid zone page posted this quote. our attitude toward ourselves should be to be insatiable and learning and toward others to be tireless in teaching. they took it down and replaceded it with this. sorry there is no quote of the of the today. yes, that is the department of education. pretty scary.
2:43 pm
this is not the human fault but it's the apparatus. if only mao felt that way, he wouldn't have killed million of people. as the minnesota state university picked bill ayers as scholar and showed work in justice. ayers dedicated his book "the prairie fiery" to robert kennedy assassin. sisirhan sirhan. as long as dirt bags like ayers are endured, how live? evil that still sees the taupian deal.
2:44 pm
the only reason ayers didn't kill millions he was a failure even in that. no wonder he got tenure. bock, should mao be a role model for kids? >> i'm not as outraged about that as amazing race. what was somebody thinking. he was educating little red books. he went around and killed everybody that didn't read it. do you remember the cultural revolution? mass assassination. there are some, but not all of them. >> eric: amazing that bill ayers is held in esteem by
2:45 pm
anybody. professor in chicago is also aned a call -- caed are call communist. they had friends die building bombs. why do we hold them in esteem? this is incredible. >> dana: he would have lasted five minutes in private sector. that's where they go, get safety. >> greg: do you quote mao? >> dana: typically not. i remember a former administration -- it was her idol or one of the great leaders. this is why you see the numbers go up. last week in new york city alope there increase of 14% of people homeschooling from their apartment.
2:46 pm
if you look at the department of education. >> greg: k.g., do you think this was a simple error or part of a greater mission to turn america in communist state? >> kimberly: latter. do i win the prize? this is for education and the universities. this is how they feel. that's why people have the questions. do they need to go to college? >> dana: if you are going to apologize you should probably make sure your copy edit the apology.
2:47 pm
>> greg: what they wrote was hilarious. quote of the day. there is no quote of the today. that is the department of education. >> kimberly: no wonder that china is crushing us. district up next, march madness and dana brings us up to date. plus, we debate if athletes should get a slice of the billion-dollar pie coming up. ♪ ♪ what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search.
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>> dana: how sweet it is. dana on sports. sweet 16, that is. golf cost university. let me tell you how much i have been looked forward to this today. i like a small school is doing well. florida gulf coast. take a look. >> what we used to do in the they. right?
2:52 pm
whoo! winding up. >> dana: that is what i was like when i saw it. whoo! the first in history to make the sweet 16 since the victory over san diego state. eagles will face the florida gators friday. if you are using my mascot theory, who will win, you should know that any of the mascots that are a bird have been winning. that is bob's phone, probably his bookie tell him about the sweet 16. you love it? >> eric: i am loving this. louisville is crushing. they look fantastic. michigan, a great looking team. you a 15 seed. >> dana: blue jays or cardinals? i know it's a bird. >> eric: cardinals. you have 13 seed in the sweet
2:53 pm
16. >> kimberly: i am all for the underdog. cinderella story. it findna find fairytales charm. >> greg: why do we like underdogs? >> dana: i like all dogs. i think we have video a homecoming. why did they go home? the tournament is going on. this is the home coming. here is a question that has arisen. the tournament makings so much money. but do you think that the players are doing the playing, who are going to college presumably on a scholarship, should they get a cut of money? >> bob: absolutely. a lot of kids come from the
2:54 pm
iner city neighborhood. they are poor. they sign contract with cbs for $10 billion or something like that. they sell jerseys with the guys' name option the back. obvious they should get money. >> kimberly: 14 year, $10 $10.4 million deal. >> bob: the reason they do this -- >> eric: well, to be fair -- [ overtalk ] they don't pay the vim school. but the schools make a fu ton of money. the players should be paid. they are not going to school because they want to get through history and aboog. >> dana: they're not even going to class. >> eric: a lot of them. don't call me, ncaa. i know they have grades to meet. >> dana: i wrote one of those papers in college for a basketball player going to
2:55 pm
fail. i did that for $20. wyoming i don't think you should admit that. >> dana: is that wrong? >> greg: show you what i love about marm madness. my third favorite march. >> kimberly: more is spent on the betting that the bowle bowles. >> bob: i know. >> dana: how is the president's bracket doing? >> bob: not well. he had georgetown. >> greg: another reason to impeach him. we talk about that in the break. ♪ ♪ it's monday.
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a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ >> eric: one more thing. bob, kick us off. >> bob: with all the attention about "amazing race" this is brought to me by greg gutfeld and vietnam veteran. that's how it starts. congratulations to you. >> eric: keep them coming.


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