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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the dollar and printing too many of them for the sacking economy. printed more because the dollars are devalued. and mr. o, my father is retiring and his camp taken us to the bolder fresher show. portland is almost sold out. details on and a sloppy bill and nancy pelosi saying she's march mad isn't proper grammar. do you believe miss pelosi understands what's going on in the tournament. the factor tip of the day, as a young reporter i pretty much would do anything. i stood on top of a bi-plane more than 500 feet in the air called wing walking. i went on a small boat to capture an enormous tiger shark that was terrorizing the coast of australia and covered war up close and personal.
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and last night on 60 minutes anderson cooper did something i would not do. >> it's looking at it face-to-face. and this is not very good. >> so this is actually a relatively safe place to be. >> so cooper goes down into the african river where the crock tiles live and he goes into their homes and factor tip of the day, do not do that. cooper got away with it, but remember steve irwin and the stingray, do not mess around with mother nature. that's it for us. check out the factor website which is different. and spout off anywhere in the world., name and town. if you wish to opine. when writing to us, no pala
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vchvpalaver that's a sat word. and i'm sorry for the frog must have having a good time. and the spin stops here and we're definitely looking out for you. >> . >> welcome to "hannity" tonight. now that president obama has returned to the tour, limiting your second amendment rights. in a minute i'll be joined by the always outspoken ann coulter and learned that prime minister is hitting the road to tout his anti-gun agenda and this is what he said. >> as a nation, the last three months have changed us. they forced us to answer difficult questions about what we can do, what we must do to
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prevent the kind of mass considers we've seen in newtown, in aurora, and oak creek, as well as the every day tragedies that happen too often in big cities and small towns across america. today there's genuine disagreement between well meaning people what we should do by the epidemic of gun violence in this country. you, the american people have spoken. these ideas shunting controversial, they're common sense. >> sean: president obama is not the only liberal trying to suppress your right to bare arms. and the actor jim carrey decided to offer his two cents into the gun control debate. and take a look at the highly offensive web video he participated in and mocks gun owners and the legacy of charlton heston. it's called, quote, "cold dead hand". ♪ charl heston movies are no
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longer ♪ ♪ take him up to heaven like he planned ♪ ♪ that gun from his cold, dead hand ♪ >> what did he say? >> ♪ takes the cold dead hand to decide to pull the trigger ♪ ♪ cold dead heart as near as i can figure ♪ ♪ what your cold hand (bleep), but we know ♪ >> apparently that was not enough for ace ventura, yesterday took to twitter cold dead hand is about your heartless expletives, unwilling to bend because of your children. and good morning, i hope you're enjoying your cold dead hand, my bodyguard doesn't
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have a hundred rounds in his clip. and all the people making fun of they didn't watch him. joining me with reaction, columnist ann coulter. he's from canada. >> yes. >> sean: i saw that on "the five". here is a guy from canada mocking half the country that would otherwise see his movies and hee-haw, making fun. i wonder if he would ever have the stereo types for african-americans and muslim americans? would he do that. >> no, you're allowed to make fun of white soutsouthners and christians. they don't need body guards because they live in multi-million dollar homes where there aren't drive-by shootings and rapes in the street. and i note he said body guards don't have a hundred round magazines, who has a hundred
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round magazine. i don't see the point of banning it if they jam. but a hundred ground magazine would be as tall as i am. do they have 30 round or ten round magazines, which isn't allowed in new york? their position is always, in fairness they think only they should have guns, but which is weird because my opinion is, in fairness, only i should have a gun. so, i think we could come to an agreement. >> sean: a couple of things here, he's a lear jet liberal with a bodyguard. >> like michael bloomberg, dianne feinstein, ed flynn, milwaukee chief of police having lots of problems with his own civil rights violations and he was screaming at the senators, i can't give you that information, we're chasing criminals. again, i know, you get a gun. >> well, michael bloomberg got permission to take armed body
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guards to bermuda where they don don't-- not allowed to have guns. >> and they get to have guns and neighborhoods and travel in methods they don't need a gun anyway. >> sean: what about the staereo type, the hee-haw southerner that wants a gun. there's new york, l.a., d.c. and chicago and the rest of the country, people that believe in the second amendment. freedom of speech. >> right, it's worth pointing out whenever democrats are running for office, they pretend to be those hicks. you always get the fake democrat american with hay in his hair and shooting the gun like joe manchin, yeah, yeah, doing square dances. screw you, you democrats. >> sean: right. what do you make anything of the government buying all of the ammunition they're buying, including hallow point bullets? >> it's very strange that they will not answer questions. i mean, given what we know about fast and furious and how
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they will create, they will create incidents in that case allowing innocent people to be murdered by giving criminals guns in order to have a stronger anti-gun argument, you do sort of wonder are they just refuse to go answer questions about these gun buys, some of which we know are happening, why aren't they explaining it, to reduce responses from right wingers, look at the gun crowd. no, we only bought a million rounds not two million. >> if he we bought a billion rounds, that's the points. >> please note again, they can have guns, we can't. that's the only question with gun control, should the government and bloomberg, feinstein and jim carrey have a monopoly on force. that's the question. >> sean: you spoke at cpac and i want to play a clip of it, this is more of a political question. let's roll ann coulter and the incredible reaction at cpac. >> passion is great, but in politics, remember, boring is
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all that counts. we can't anticipate every candidate's mistake, but we can stop encouraging our candidates to show off for the base by taking positions that aren't even our position. if republicans don't focus on what is really causing problems, they're going to fall for the kenard that the problem with the republican party is its conservative principles. au contraire, conservativism is about the only thing republicans have going for them. republicans are grasping at these suicidal policies, they're panicked, demoralized after the last election. stop panicking, our job to ensure that democrats have the crushing defeat. >> sean: two points, john mccain is supporting background checks and compromise on the budget support raising taxes and calling rand paul and ted cruz whacko. >> right. >> sean: and we have karl rove two cases before the supreme court regarding gay marriage
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and the next candidate might support gay marriage. problem? >> yes, it is, two points right back at you, sean, first of all, you're so adorable and you play all of my earnest quotes. i have a lot of jokes in that speech next time start with those. >> sean: you want to pick your own clips? go ahead, go ahead. >> i had a lot of good jokes. and you know, all of my earnest statements and actually-- >> that was a good point you made. >> thank you. and i mean, one of the points i made to them was we keep blowing easy electionings, if we had not blown ten senate elections in the election cycles. the senate would be 56 republicans, 44 democrats. there are categories how we screw up and one is, i'm not really sure, now my least favorite politician in america is john mccain, but in general, i think we should avoid primarying incumbents in
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our own party that-- or equivalent of incumbent. an exception for primarying a bad republican, an extremely red state. say, arizona. >> sean: you were so chris christie, now-- >> i'm warming to him again. >> sean: no, you were just, i watched the speech, you were saying no to chris christie in that speech. >> i'm waiting for him to switch on amnesty and i have confidence in his high iq. >> sean: you're back to christie again. >> we have to run somebody who will win. >> sean: marco rubio can't win, rand paul, or ted cruz. >> maybe ted cruz. and rubio and rand paul on the ipad-- you can't run a short candidate. >> sean: i'm six foot tall, am i tall enough and meets your criteria. >> you haven't run for office.
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>> sean: i'm not running for office. >> you asked. as long as we're on the subject we can't run a candidate who is not a governor, preferably, possibly a senator, but you want the executive experience, you want a little bit of governor, and look who has won to be, to the nominee, and then also to be the president. congressmen, businessmen, pundits, i love them, but wasting our time. >> sean: i like rubio and rand and-- >> you like everybody. >> sean: no, i like conservatives and libertarians. >> and the drone after the election-- >> we're going to drop drone strikes on american citizens. the same people that won't allow enhanced interrogation. >> jane fonda, drop a drone on her and-- >> you can't help yourself. >> and his were pot and-- >> 11 million people here, you
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want to pack them up in a van and-- >> i am he arguing strawman-- >> control the borders first. >> no one said round them up. >> sean: what do you do with the 11 million people here illegally. >> they will go home the same way they came. >> sean: he they want to stay. >> not if you enforce e-verify. oh, rand paul and want. >> sean: and good to see you. >> good to see snu and less tolerance of african-american conservatives back on display, now, dr. benjamin carson appears to be the target and one commentator referring to the neurosurgeon as the quote, g.o.p.'s black friend. and that's more when we return straight ahead on "hannity." ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. now, buy one lobsterfestntree and get one 1/2 off
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>> now, a less than tolerance of african-american conservatives and set their sights on none other than the man who dared to speak truth in front of president obama, and that's none other than neurosurgeon ben carson. >> when you're publicly admitting your party doesn't care enough about black america, a new black friend, ben carson, he's smart and helpful in assuaging their guilt. and from a poor kid to a
6:18 pm
pediatric neurosurgeon all by himself. he must have gotten government-backed school loans, which is a form of public assistance, but, the i built it without help. and carson enjoying affirmative action, and-- people get to put a bumper sticker 0en at that their cars, how can i be racist, i would have voted for carson and fit over the bumper sticker, how would i racist, i would have voted for cain, how could i be racist, i would have voted for west. >> and here with reaction, author of backlash, fox thewes contributor denean, and mike myers, you start your book out in paper back tomorrow
6:19 pm
"blacklash", you start in this book and you say to google your name. >> yeah. >> sean: when you google your name, what comes up. >> all kind of things i can't say on tv because the left does not want black conservatives to be vocal. i wrote "blacklash" to expose the failures of the progressives and to push back on the black liberal establishment whose message is about wealth redistribution and race baiting. here we have the msnbc characters like tory and al sharpton spewing this nonsense daily and nightly on this network and it's absolutely outrageous. we need to push back. >> sean: this is a dog whistle network and dog whistle, dog whistle, like an obsession, but forget about them. here is a man who sent his entire life working with kids, doing some of the most advanced, delicate surgeries saving people's lives, he talks about the tone in the country as led by the president is unhealthy.
6:20 pm
he talks about solutions, medical savings accounts, stop the class warfare and just giving sensible ideas in a measured tone, michael, and he resonates. >> that network, i know you don't want to talk about them, but that network. >> sean: i don't care, we can talk about it. >> they have a race problem. they've turned the airwaves over to white and black lunatics. racial fanatics. and when they speak about the benjamin carson in the way they do, they're only calling us racist, but they speak of blacks as blacks. they speak of ben carson as one who doesn't kowtow to their line. you have to speak black, you've got to love black, look black as they define black. anybody who believes in the free market, believes in limited government, disagrees with the sharptons and the
6:21 pm
tories you're-- >> why is that acceptable and commonplace. >> it's not acceptable. >> sean: well, in the sense that if anybody made a comment against an african-american that's a conservative and-- >> it's a double standard. >> sean: why, for example, attacks against christians seemingly go, i don't hear the same attacks against muslims, attacks against other things, why? >> listen, it's a double standard and the left does not want black conservatives to be vocal. >> sean: why? >> dr. carson is a success story. he's epitome of america's exceptionalism, he grew up poor, he did bad in school. he turned his life around, he's a neurosurgeon, a success story. this would blow away the myths of the black liberal establishment because they build their life around playing the race card and race baiting and-- >> so it's really an act of
6:22 pm
courage, but it's really sadly, it has to become an act of courage to be conservative and african-american because you're going to be called names. you have been called names, only half of-- >> i don't consider it an act of courage. what i consider what this is. >> sean: wait a minute. >> i consider the bosses of msnbc as cowards, racial racketeers just as bad as sharpton or touray. they've turned the airwaves over to fanatics. >> sean: one more point. president obama, for example, and i think people forgot the years i was critical of bill clinton, and didn't love sean hannity. if you were critical of obama, the one last gasp, it must be because of race not policy. >> that means we have to turn this around, we need a chick-fil-a moment and get behind black conservatives who
6:23 pm
afford liberty. what's wrong with liberty? you have a lot of people afraid to speak out and be honest about their true values and beliefs. we need to get behind the individuals and rally behind them. >> i think it's worse than that. because they have the crazy lunatics on and yelling and screams forced charges of racism and-- >> they need to be challenged. >> won't call his name and they even have people who are now conjecturing that the criticism of mayor bloomberg over his gun control legislation proposals and everything is anti-semitic. these people lost their minds. yes! anti-semitic because they're critical of mayor bloomberg. >> freedom works has a website coming out soon, a community for black conservatives to come to, network, get active and push back on this kind of noncess. >> i ask where are the grown-ups at nbc? where is comcast and by the way, i've got to wonder what matt lauer thinking? >> wait a minute, what does
6:24 pm
brian williams think? >> their silence tell us what they think. >> it's deafening. >> sean: good to see you both. >> and they call us racist. >> sean: and coming up -- isn't our least favorite government agency. this idiotic video we paid for cost $60 grand and in spite of the sequester, washington wasting money and the authority of cyprus to dip into the banks accounts of citizens to steal some of their money. it could reach the shores and your bank account? i guess tonight anything seems possible. stay with us. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues.
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>> hi, welcome back to "hannity." now, everyone's favorite government agency, irs, is blasted for wasting your tax dollars on a training video which is a parody of the show "star trek." here is a clip of the stupidity you pay for. >> sir, it's worse than we thought. it's money laundering, and haircutting running rampant in the street and exchanging the lowest coin currency for paper bills. that's right, sir. pennies on the dollar. >> oh. >> back in russia i dreamed
6:29 pm
some day i had he' be rich and famous. >> he me, too, that's why i became a public servant. >> sean: the worst part that have video shown at a conference called "ycost you the taxpayers 60 grand. and agonizing over the so-called effects of the apocalyptic sequester, they have no trouble finding 500 million dollars to spend on palestinian foreign aid and there's crazy uncle joe racking up hotel bills in paris and london costs over a million dollars. let not your heart be troubled, the administration responded to these astronomical bills and admitted those numbers are nothing out of the ordinary. that's what we usually spend. isn't that just comforting. joining us now with reaction from the government accountability institute peter schweitzer and fox news contributor pat caddell. i get a kick out of biden and his extravagance, peter, and we can't -- by the way, there's one other thing, i
6:30 pm
noticed that the obamas take a lot of vacations and live this extravagant life and now, the girls just took a trip to the bahamas, which by the way we have to pay for the security which is the right thing to do, but this is after aspen, after the tiger trip, this is after the christmas vacation in hawaii. i haven't vacationed this much in ten years what they do in half a year. it's unbelievable. >> yeah, you know, you're right, sean. the fact of the matter is we all expect, you know, that the president's going to take vacations, but particularly at a time like this when we are in a sequester, when they're shutting down tours of the white house and telling people that you may not have a fire service, if a fire breaks out in your home. for them to continue in these areas to spend money the way that they do just signifies that they know longer serve us, we serve them. and they're going to decide how the money is going to be spent. it's going to be for our inconvenience if there's cutbacks and it's going to be for their benefit where the
6:31 pm
money is spent. it's complete role reversal what we thought of our government in in country. >> let's go back. so we have the christmas vacation, after the summer vacation in august or whenever they had it in the summer and then christmas and the post election vacation and two vacations, aspen and florida and now the girls going to the bahamas, no, no, who lives like this? >> no one. let me tell you what this is. i don't mind the president taking vacations, it's a hard job. >> sean: a vacation. >> a vacation. but the tiger woods trip alone, would pay for the white hous and we didn't cut the budget all we did was cut the rate of growth. every agency has more money than last year, except for defense, really getting whacked. the attitude of let them eat cake. you get it? this is washington's attitude, you people, the peons out there and the irs and what we saw, tom coburn, the sequester
6:32 pm
has done something, if the republicans were not so lame as to grabbed ahold of this narrative, which is look at what we're paying for and not paying for and by the way, wake the country up, look, i hope there's something. >> sean: and. >> oh, it's worse. >> sean: i do not begrudge the obamas a vacation, i don't, how many vacations do we have to pay for, why don't they vacation in the same spot. when my family goes op vacation we go to the same place. multiple it trips all over the country, kids spring break when the white house isn't open? come on. >> yeah, i think you're right, sean and the question not just of the money being spent, but of the tone. pat there played a central role in the election of jimmy carter as president. now, i wouldn't agree with jimmy carter on a lot of political issues, but when he was president, agree with his policies or not, here was a guy that had an attitude of-- >> he wore a sweater. >> public servant. >> sean: he put on a sweater.
6:33 pm
>> and for a long time-- the secret service, but frugality, the sense of, we have the public's money. this isn't partisan. i mean what is going on? it's a political class in washington which believes that it is the spin hell and you don't look at biden's trip to paris and we find out the limousines were another $300,000 on top of the $600,000 from one night at a hotel? come on, you have an embassy in paris, there is no effort we have to cut back, as i said, the attitude is let them eat cake and a president who is willing to hurt people. i've never seen this, to make them pay the price and next airlines, you'll watch what they're doing to punish the american people to make a political point. >> sean: we're spending more money this year than last. >> nobody got a cut of in anything, cut the rate of growth. >> sean: i've got to tell you, the american people are suffering. >> and liberals should
6:34 pm
understand until they take seriously government waste they'll be subject to-- >> and go eat cake, that's what the president is telling. you eat cake, everybody. got to roll, thank you guys. coming up next it's a sad reality, but we live in a world where the government has the authority to steal money from the private bank accounts of citizens up to 40% and it's happening as we speak in cyprus and many are saying the socialist mind set could be coming to america? and frightening analysis from our business experts. we want to hear from you tonight. log onto the special companion site. it's hannity live and share your thoughts, hanley live or on twitter sean hannity let not your heart be troubled army brigade. vo: always one step ahead
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6:39 pm
union with cyprus to essentially steal money from the private bank accounts of its citizens in order to bank roll the euro zone bailout. let me run through the details of this tyrannical plan. unlike the measure voted down by the parliament last week that would have impacted everyone, the deal affects only those uninsured deposit accounts that contain more than $100,000 euros or approximately $130,000. but guess this, the deal is structured in a way that permits the government to tax at least 40%, let me repeat, 40% of the money in those accounts. now, make no mistake, socialism is rising and if you're wondering about your money here, i don't blame you, what's happening on cyprus is textbook spreading of the wealth. >> i want to make sure everybody behind you they've
6:40 pm
got a chance, too, and i think he when you spread the wealth around it's good for us. >> sean: of course, vice-president joe biden said handing your hard earned money over to the government is your, quote, patriotic duty. joining me, welcome to the show, neina eastston and steve, i think they're going to take this, i think a lot of distrust in banking will emerge. >> it's almost like 1929 for cyprus right now. remember, 1929 in the united states when all the banks froze up and people were lined up to get their deposits out of the banks. you know what's happened in cyprus right now, if you're a depositor, sean, you can't get your money out of the banks. they have limits how much to get in your atm machine. think about what kind of panic that kind of thing would cause in the united states. so i think this is a long-term
6:41 pm
crisis for this country of cyprus, i don't think our banking system is anywhere near as bad as the situation is in a nation like cyprus, but the real lesson is, we want to avoid the contamination that's in cyprus and greece and the other european countries and the big mystery to me, sean, why are american politicians, including the guy in the white house continue to want to be like europe? >> and that's the 24 million dollar or billion dollar or trillion dollar question. >> right. >> sean: i think it's a good point. one related question on this, some people, for example, will put 240,000 in one account and the same amount in another account and maybe sold their house, whatever. now, each one of those accounts separately are fdic insured, correct? >> that's right the. you know, well, depends. there's limitations how much you can get insured on each individual deposit, sean and that, you know, every country has its own deposit insurance. >> sean: in this country it's
6:42 pm
250,000. >> that's right. >> sean: nina, what do you think about this? should americans be looking at this and thinking, oh, are we going to head down this road eventually? >> one thing we've neglected to mention here that most of the people affected by what just happened in cyprus are those successors of the bolshevik revolution, the oligarchs. and sean, there were no good solutions here. and the banks, without eu rescue, the banks are going under and those people would have lost their money because it was uninsured. the country could have taken those banks into bankruptcy and left the euro zone. that would have caused tremendous economic damage to the country. and people and probably would have lost their deposits as well. i actually don't see this as such a bad thing. you can call it a bail in instead of a bailout in that you're not asking taxpayers. what's happened with the bailouts in europe, you're
6:43 pm
asking taxpayers to bail out the countries. these are banks, you're asking the bondholders, shareholders and last, some of the big depositors to bail out the bank and the way it was done was troubling, but you know, to make big banks have to rescue themselves is frankly not a really he bad idea. >> sean: you know, it's interesting, steve, because there's a new york post article this weekend that hit on a point that i had not thought about. they made a comparison, if somebody put a thousand dollars in the island, one of the island banks four years ago, that would be worth $1,250 today. four years ago, all right, so you take 10% off, they're up 125 bucks. now, if an american middle class family put $1,000 in jp morgan or citibank, 1,010 less bank fees and probably closer to $950. >> but you know what. >> sean: that struck me. >> that's a great example, but here is the difference between those two deposits. the deposit in the united
6:44 pm
states is safe. at least your principal is safe. you may not be getting a lot of interest on that deposit. the problem for these big investors in a country like cyprus is they're not going to even get their principal back. so maybe-- >> over a certain amount, but again, tax the rich, tax the wealthy, by the way, part of redistribution anyway. >> that's true. one of the lessons here, by the way, americans should be very, very vigilant about following the finances of the banks they're invested their money in and putting the deposits in. we have deposit insurance, but be wary of the financial situations of the banks are strong. right now they are, by the way. >> sean: nina. >> going back to the crisis, savings and loan crisis, be cautious where you're putting your money. keep in mind in the 2008 financial crisis our government protected depositors, it wasn't an issue even for big deposit,. >> sean: nina, steve, guys, no worries yet and no run on the banks tonight.
6:45 pm
>> thanks god. >> sean: and coming up next on sean hannity. >> i think it's abundantly clear that that red line has been crossed, absolutely. >> sean: the chairman of the house intel committee says syria has officially leapt over president obama's so-called red line. so will your commander-in-chief back up his tough talk with action? and one of the president's supporters former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., governor bill richardson, a "hannity" shootout is coming up next on that topic and much more straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is theursuit of perfection.
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>> we have made it very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus, that would change my-- >> that was obama back in 2012 using very strong rhetoric with regard to syria and use of chemical weapons, but in light of last week's reports that such wmd's may have been used in that part of the country. some questions are raised whether or not the president mean quote, red line. the house intelligence committee was asked about obama's comments yesterday. watch this. >> does he mean we're going to take military action if they
6:50 pm
are using chemical weapons or as they said moving them around? >> well, last, it was august 20th of 2011 he said both moving and/or using would change the u.s. calculus. i think it's abundantly clear that that red line has been crossed. >> absolutely. >> now, that in fact is the case that the red line has now been crossed, is obama the most powerful commander-in-chief in the world, is he going to pack up his tough guy talk with tough guy action? and that remains unclear. however, if there are no consequences for deploying or using chemical weapons, is that not a message of weakness that's being sent not only to the assad regime in syria, but to the entire world? and joining me now with reaction, former u.n. ambassador to the u.n. and former governor of the great state of new mexico, bill richardson is back with us. how are you, governor. good to see you. >> nice to be with you again. >> if the red line is crossed and obama said this, and he does nothing, what does that-- what message does that send the world?
6:51 pm
>> well, the red lines have to be crossed and we don't know that. it could have been the rebels, it could have been the government that used those chemical weapons. the u.n. is investigating, our intelligence people are investigating. and then the president has to make a decision. now, we do have military trainers training some of the special forces there. now, look, sean, i'm not an insider, i am a supporter of the president, but the situation is a mess. now, we have to look at what options we might consider. the pentagon, what would it do? well, maybe air strikes, maybe troops to secure some of those weapons sites. i don't know, i think you have to be very careful because the situation is very, very difficult now. our allies are fighting each other. qatar, saudi arabia are fighting for influence with the rebels. the saudis, jordan. they're all on different sides and the rebels themselves, the leadership is imploding.
6:52 pm
you know, the-- >> and if we're going to get involved heavier, if we're going to get involved in a heavier way, sean, the situation has to stabilize and we need to-- >> go ahead. >> finish your thought. >> no, so my point is that, you know, the american people don't want another military involvement in any region like that. >> sean: i'm not racing for military, but here is my take and tell me where you think i might be wrong. here is russia flying over our air space with nuclear welcomes. that just happened and the chinese hacked into our computer system, not a word, nothing's happened. and we've got north korea with propaganda video one after another, they're threatening to nuke the united states of america. i don't see anything happening. iran is threatening our allies, israel, and i see the president getting in bed with mohammed morsi and giving him all sorts of money and
6:53 pm
military supplies including f-16's and now giving all of this aid to the palestinians when we can't open the white house. i suggest to you, i think the world figured out that obama is weak and won't do anything, and they're taking full advantage. tell me where i'm wrong. >> sean, the secretary of state was just in iraq, warning the iraqis and saying, hey, look, you're permitting iranian weapons going into syria through your own air space. you have to stop that. and there's limits on what we can do. now, what we need to do, i think, is make a very hard assessment on how we can get assad out of office. how we can avert a humanitarian crisis that is already happening. how we can maintain some influence in the area and i think if we're going to have further involvement, and i think it's going to be likely that we will, more of an american military assistance presence. we're already sending
6:54 pm
protective suits for the chemical weapons we are investigating. i think if that red line is crossed, you know, you could see a military involvement, involving some kind of air strike. some kind of activity to seize these weapons sites. before we do that, sean. >> sean: yeah. but i think before we do that if our own allies that are helping the rebels, like turkey, like qatar, like saudi arabia, like jordan, they're fighting each other for influence. >> sean: i now, but remember, ambassador, governor, this is troubling to me because this is the president went on the big apology tour, gave the speech-- gave a speech in cairo, we're arrogant and americans have shown arrogance and everything is deteriorated there. everything. from the rise-- expansion of al-qaeda. we now have the muslim brotherhood and we're giving the guys, views israelis are descendents of apes and pigs,
6:55 pm
and giving him f-16's and tanks and it seems to me we're foolish and we're still energy dependent, because we're too stupid to drill for oil here. i don't understand this president at all. i can't figure it out. i think he shows weakness in a lot of fronts there and he's being very naive. >> i think you've got to give the president credit for his middle east trip. he got the turks and the israelis back together. that's very important, a very important alliance. we made some positive steps. >> sean: we'll see-- >> with the israeli, palestinian issue and we reinforced our israeli relationship. you've got to give him some good credit. it was a successful and trip and we've got to be very careful. >> sean: high ranking kin kin netset ep members think it's
6:56 pm
brought aggression that wouldn't exist if he was a stronger ally. that's what they tell me. >> sean, he was strong on the iran issue, issue of self-defense and countries can use that. we will not tolerate nuclear weapons in iran and ten-year military relationship with israel, the strongest ever, he's been the most pro israeli president. >> sean: come on, come on. >> give mimm some credit. >> sean: take that talking point and burn it. that's not true. >> i have no talking points. i'm not an insider over there. >> sean: thank god for that. that's why i like you. otherwise you'd be getting a call in ten seconds saying don't ever go on "hannity" again. governor good to see you, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, remember this facebook photo we showed you last week, caused new jersey authorities to raid the home of this boy's gun-owning, law-abiding family and remember, they were threatening to take this kid out of his home and governor
6:57 pm
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