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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 25, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> and finally, tonight, an update to a story last week about a law abiding gun owner in the state of new jersey. police and child services from the garden state showed up at shaun moore's home and demand he show the gun safe because of a photo posted of his 11-year-old son on facebook, and his son is an avid authority. mr. moore refused to open the gun safe and the governor of the great state of new jersey heard about it and taking action. and sent a letter to the attorney general and reads in part, the public reports of this matter raises troubling questions surrounding the facts and circumstances of the investigation and the manner in which the investigation was conducted and procedures followed by law enforcement and the division of child protection. accordingly i'm requesting that you open an inquiry into
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this matter to determine whether all appropriate laws were followed and take any reimmedia reimmediateive actions or other action that might be required. let not your heart be troubled. greta greta is standing by to go on the record and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, this will send you into orbit. the irs paying thousands of your tax dollars on "star trek." you have to see this to believe it. >> seeing the voyage of the starship enterprise. never ending mission to force changes, to boldly go where no government employee has gone before. >> the irs under fire for this training video that parodies "star trek," costing tens of thousands of dollars. >> serve you coffee while you
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wait, sir, it's better than mcdonald's and twice the price. >> it's bad and makes you want to pull your hair out. >> back in russia, i dream some day i'd be rich and famous. >> me, too, that's why i became a public servant. >> not trying to get all, but got to give props. spent almost a million on clowns, mind readers and-- >> ♪ love to the nation, never be under investigation ♪ . >> greta: paul prouty the regional commissioner did lose his job. >> ♪ oh, oh ♪ >> tsa says he known or should have known about the questionable or excessive expenditures. ♪ i got that ♪ >> he got his job back. >> previously on the amazing
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race. >> cbs, idiotic, stupid, take that show and shove it. >> we apologize to veterans. >> we didn't see this coming. there's no harm in saying, you're screwed up. >> greta: all that and more straight ahead. first, what's going on at the irs, who gave them permission to use our taxpayer money to do parody videos of "star trek" and gilligan's island? the irs calling them employee training videos, but take a look, is this how you want your tax dollars spent? >> coffee while you wait? better than mcdonald's and only twice the price. >> hi, my per diem for the day and the report. >> sir, it's worse than we thought. there's money laundering, bribery, campaign haircuts and managers running rampant in the streets and sir, they're exchanging the lowest coin currency for paper bills. >> you don't mean-- >> that's right, sir, pennies on the dollar. >> greta: house ways and means committee chair joins us, nice
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to he see you, sir, i should say you're on the subcommittee. nice to have you. >> thank you, greta, good to be with you. >> greta: all right, what's going on with the irs making these "star trek" it videos and gilligan island videos on our dime? >> taxpayers are furious about this. i'm furious about it. you know, irs has come to us repeatedly wanting more resources to hire more people, claiming they cannot do their job, you know, they need more resources and yet, they do something really outrageous like this, which is a complete waste. and i spoke with the acting commissioner of the irs earlier today and he admits this was completely wasteful and should not have been done. and we're going to sit down and have a talk when i get back to washington, to understand further what they're doing with the studio, because i can understand it's, you know, at some level it's important to make educational videos, but-- >> that's not their job. >> but $60,000 for a
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six-minute video which is wasteful is a mockery and it's a joke. >> greta: wait a second, congressman. >> something is really, really infuriates the taxpayer. >> greta: they're not in the education business, they're in the tax collection business. i don't care if they make an education video. they say an engaged team is a successful people. really, is that the blather that we need the irs agents to put in the video to understand. the video is a terrible video, not a training video at all and worse than that, you and i are outraged the at $60,000 to make a gilligan's island and a "star trek" video is the cost just for the private studio 4 million dollars to us last year and the costs keep exploding. >> right, the commissioner told me that this studio's been in existence with the irs for quite some time, but he's going to have to come clean and really account for what they're doing with this.
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i can understand you know, certain types of training videos being used and that sort of thing, but why should the irs have its own studio? i mean, how many other agencies have studios like this. >> greta: but congressman. >> it's waste and-- >> but, just what you say, sir, that the acting commissioner says well, the studio has been there for quite some time. that's a bad excuse. he's the acting commissioner, if he knew about the studio and knows it costs 4 million dollars a year and do the stupid training videos i don't think are necessary, why in the world didn't he do something about it? instead he tells you, well, it's been there quite some time. and another way to say it's a usual operation. >> well, they weren't going to do anything until we demanded to see the videos and then we demanded that they be released. and you know, they were going to basically cover this up. now, the fact of the matter is, it's an outrage. >> greta: doesn't it outrage you? but, i mean. >> yes. >> greta: why did-- when you talked to the acting
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commissioner didn't you call him on the carpet? he's giving excuses and i read your he's giving excuses to you. it's not him taking responsibility, digging in for the taxpayers and doing something. yes, it's been that way and it's a mistake. he's in charge and actually ridiculous expenses, and it's cost us 4 million dollars a year, whether he started it it or not. it still exists and we're paying it. >> well, greta, what really outrages me, they're come to my subcommittee multiple times claiming they need more resources and they cannot do the job they're tasked with, providing taxpayer service and enforcement and the fact of the matter is, they asked for resources and yet, they do this? and we're going to look at every bit of what the irs is doing. my subcommittee is going to go full all-out into thorough investigation of all of their operatings. and we've got to do this for the sake of the taxpayer and i don't want to hear more talk about needing more resources at a time when we're running
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massive debt and deficits. woof h we've got to get a handle on this and do it. >> and dig deeper, and gilligan's island and "star trek," it's probably beverly hillbillies, and green acres. the first thing with the studio, put it up on the auction block. i don't know why the irs needs a studio, they're not a movie business, they're in the tax collection business, but good luck, sir. >> that's right. and certainly. >> go ahead. >> the question as it whether others have these kinds of studios as well. >> greta: i bet if you dig deeper you'll find more things. we've certainly found a lot of things in the gsa and other places. good luck and i hope you have a lot of good fortune getting this money back or at least stopping the irs from doing this. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. great to be with you. >> and you can see the entire "star trek" video that you paid for, whether you wanted to or not.
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on go to and tell us what you think about the irs spending your money on "star trek," gilligan's island and even the 4 million dollars a year studio, that's the cost of it. anyway go to and now, an unbelievable update to an absolutely outrageous story. you no doubt remember the gsa spending more than $800,000 on a lavish las vegas conference. and after that, the gsa recommended dozens of employees, get in one executive who was fired got his job back. that's not all. griff jenkins has more. >> greta, remember this guy. that's publishc servant jeff neely, the conference with clouds, mind readers in the studio. >> he was dragged before congress to account for his actions, but rehe petedly said
7:11 pm
in the right. >> mr. chairman on the advice of my counsel, i refuse to answer on the basis of my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> that doesn't stop them from the public outrage on the public's tress trust. he was allowed to quietly retire, but this guy, the commissioner involved in the planning and once held the title of acting administrator of the gsa did lose his job for conduct unbecoming after federal official and gsa said he knew or should have known about the questionable or excessive expenditures. well, he got his job back. let me he tha repeat that, he gs job back. >> well, in the federal government you have a lot of due process in personnel cases. i think if he'd worked at a private company and been fired he would not have had much recourse. eappealed his hiring to this kind of obscure panel, merits
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system protections board. kind of like a judge and jury of-- in federal personnel cases and decided the gsa had no reason to fire this guy. not only was he not involved in planning the conference, although he knew it was going on, he actually didn't attend. >> lisa is a reporter with "the washington post" who covered this issue extensively. now he's getting back-pay as well? >> the judge in this case is an administrative law judge, said this was not fair. this man was not at the conference, he knew very little about the excesses that were planned for this conference, he was head of the denver office. the conference was put on by the guy who ran the san francisco office. and there were four of these guys who were in charge. one guy, jeffrey neely was forced to retire. two others did not the appeal
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the firing. and paul prouty, one of the legs he had to stand on because of a conflict he wasn't able to attend. mr. nealy, probably the biggest household name if there is one out of this scandal, lives in california. they tried, gsa tried to fire him. through an arrangement with his lawyer, i don't know the details, he was allowed to he retire which was a pretty sweet deal for him. it means he was able to collect his full pension, and it means he wasn't fired from the government. >> now, we reached out to the folks here at gsa to find out what they had to say about it, they're not happy and issued this statement saying, quote, we are disappointed with the merit system protection board drilling on this personnel matter and exploring all of our available options including appeal. gsa has taken strong actions against the officials we believe were responsible and will continue to do so where appropriate and finally, greta, we reached out to
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mr. prouty through his attorney for an interview, they declined and refused to issue a statement. perhaps that will change if the gsa does indeed move forward with an appeal to the decision and we'll be right here to cover it. >> greta: now to one of your favorite topics, the sequester. as federal agencies are scrambling to avoid bufurloughs, right now, 5 million dollars in aid. and a congressman is trying to put a top to the financial aid. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. why are you trying it put a stop it aid to them. >> it's know the about welfare, it's about furthering u.s. interests. in this instance, the u.s. interests are served by standing by our ally israel. and the palestinians have failed to do the basic things
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you would need for peace in that region. recognize israel's right to exist, renounce terrorism and cut ties with hamas, if they're not willing to do that, i don't think we should be sending american dollars to the palestinian authority. >> greta: this money was agreed to some time ago, as i understand it, and the reason it was stopped at first, because the u.n. was seeking state-- the palestinians were seeking state hood were the u.n. and that was an effort to try to prevent that. is that correct? standing tall with the israelis? >> yeah, that's correct. and my bill, incidentally, if they ever wanted to apply for full statehood, full member voting status to the u.n. my bill would defund our contributions to the united nations if the u.n. allowed them to have full voting status without meeting the conditions that i outlined. >> greta: all right. what has changed since the u.s. made that decision to stop the aid? and that was based on the
7:16 pm
palestinians seeking state hood from the u.n. why did that change and the obama administration suddenly decide to send this money? >> well, i think they believe that that's the way to engineer peace in the region. i just don't see signs that that's going to help. and then if we're giving money that's being used for, you know, groups like hamas who work with the palestinian authority, that doesn't further our interests. just two weeks ago abbas, chairman of the palestinian authority, said that hamas should not be viewed as a terrorist organization and that they were basically the same as the palestinian authority. so as i see it, i don't think that much has changed. i think they're trying to push peace forward, but i just don't think they're seeing it in the way that we should be seeing it. >> greta: do you factor into any sort of your thinking or discussions on this the fact that we've now gone into the sequester and they're trying to figure out who to cut or
7:17 pm
furlough and i realize that he we use foreign aid to sort of help people and also put the lid on problems. i'm not sure that this is put the lid on problems over there. but the sequestration and our money problems enter into your thinking at all? >> well, it does a little bit. i mean, for example, just recently, the f.a.a. announced that they're going to close 140 contract towers for air traffic control. these are small airports. these are important program for public safety. the f.a.a., i believe, could have easily found other maces to cut and yet, we're skipping on things that we think that government should be doing and you see that on one hand and then you see it overseas for questionable purposes. i think that it doesn't make the american taxpayer happy. you know, the use of foreign aid, now, if we could somehow measure whether we really got anything out of it, i mean, we've been giving a lot of aid to the palestinians over the years and in fact, went back
7:18 pm
203, 134 million and i mean, in 2005 it's 230 million. we're really no farther ahead helping the palestinians and the israelis come to resolution and to stop the rockets going into israel, et cetera. we have 980 million in 2009. it's the problem is that the money doesn't seem to be helpful to us and serve national interest to getting more security over there for israel. >> well, i agree. i think that with all of this aid that's gone over there, the palestinian authority still cannot bring themselves to unequivocally recognize israel's right to exist. and to unequivocally denounce terrorism. if they're not willing after billions that have gone over there. you could say it's not effective use of taxpayer dollars. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> now, you heard the fox's "the five" bob beckel demand
7:19 pm
cbs apologize for an amazing race episode set in vietnam. and i tell you one thing, cbs, which was a great network, you don't want to become known as the communist bastard syst sympathizers. >> cbs responds and the bizarre death at a tampa airport. a surveillance video before a man was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft at the airport. and detective mark fuhrman is here to talk about it. and plus, is nfl quarterback tim tebow making a career change? will his fans be system or not? that's coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception.
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>> tonight after jim carrey is coming underfire after making a spoof video mocking gun owners and actor turned n.r.a., charleston heston ♪ cold dead hand ♪ ♪ you need something to fill cold dead hand ♪ >> and ♪ imagine if the lord were
7:24 pm
here and knew what you've been thinking ♪ ♪ would his sacred hard be thinking ♪ ♪ and the one who held a gun ♪ ♪ vultures and coyotes ♪ ♪ he's a devil's true devoting ♪ ♪ from pain and fear ♪ ♪ charlton heston's movies are no longer in demand ♪ ♪ angels wouldn't take him up to heaven like he planned ♪ ♪ 'cause they couldn't pry that gun from his cold dead hand ♪ >> the song marks heston's speech at the n.r.a. convention back in 2000. that's not all. carey treated, that's for he
7:25 pm
those of you unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids. sorry if you're offended by the word safety. >> he's probably the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth and his hope his career is dead and hope he ends up sheepileeping in a car way it began. this video made me want to go out and buy a gun. and going off rural america and a dead man. let's talk about charleston heston one of the first actors to be behind the civil rights movement and march. and what does jim carrey do? behind the vaccines, and of tried from measles. he's a dirty stinking coward. a moral coward. and he did a video attacking rural america, he wouldn't do
7:26 pm
a video about gangs, which kills way more people with handguns. he wouldn't do this because he's too worried about his career. he's such a pathetic, sad little freak, he's a jibbering mess. he's a modern bigot. a modern bigot. >> greta: well, do you agree with greg or not? go to and tell us what you think about jim carrey's video. >> new clues in the death after 31-year-old man at the tampa airport. and just released video shows wolf in the moments leading up to his unexplained death. first, he's seen walking with his girlfriend through the airport at 12:31 a.m. wolf is sipping something from a small bottle and wolf claims on top of a potted plant in the airport lobby and finally the video shows wolf and his girlfriend getting on to separate elevators at 12:36 a.m. now, that is the last time anyone saw wolf alive and his
7:27 pm
body was found ten hours later. and the former lapd detective mark fuhrman joins us. >> good evening, greta. and what happened to this 31-year-old man, whether it's an accident or foul play. take me through the steps, what do you take a look at. >> you start with, on face value it appears that the elevator door was malfunctioning and that was, that was discovered from experts that inspect the elevators so you have a faulty piece of equipment. it would appear to be an accident. but you go through the motions to make sure that the location, where he fell from, there was no evident of a struggle. and then the autopsy will tell you if the fall actually killed him or if he was injured previous to the fall. are all the injuries that his body suffered, were they from the fall and there was nothing
7:28 pm
that is unexplained? and then of course, since the girlfriend was the last person to see him, you interview her. i would probably just, just through a routine measure, ask if she would take a polygraph and make sure that she didn't know the elevator was malfunctioning and make sure there was no argument and dispute between the couple. >> greta: i tell you what's a little bit odd. they came in from pittsburgh and airport is on the third floor, when you get off the plane you're on the third floor and she goes down to baggage and he goes to the parking lot. they don't live in tampa, if they wanted a rental car go to baggage the same level as baggages. either she had a fight and he went up and she went down. it's peculiar they split up. he goes up to the elevator where she doesn't have a car and she goes to baggage and that's the last they've seen
7:29 pm
of him. when you go up to the 7th floor, it opens into a huge parking lot. >> i agree with you. the one thing that needs to be explained on the forefront of this whole investigation is why they split up. and of course, he was intoxicated. if she was disgusted with his intoxication, if he was, you know, hellbent on going up to the top floor and looking out over the city or the view. you know, certainly, that would come out during his interview, but you need to explain that, why they split up and how drunk and what drugs were involved taking prior to and during the the time that the girlfriend was with him. >> greta: and he was, i think, denied service on the incoming-- the inbound flight because he was obnoxious, i suppose drunk and we see him drinking something and he's sort of staggering, so odds are that he was certainly drunk when he was up there. it's sort of peculiar up there on the 7th floor how does he
7:30 pm
get the door open to the elevator so he falls down on an empty car on the bottom floor? >> well, when you look at the malfunctioning elevator, we don't really have a working knowledge of what malfunction. can you imagine if the elevator wasn't at the floor it was supposed to be and the door opened anyway and he steps into an open shaft and of course we can see the result there. but i think that they might try to replicate, the police and detectives might try to replicate the accident and seeing how many times that they can get that elevator door to open without actually forcefully opening the door themselves. >> greta: mark, as always, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: coming up, wait until you see what north korea just did. we have it on video and you're going to see that video for yourself. and also, move 0 over, george clooney and brad pitt. is tim tebow headed for the big screen? the latest on the quarterback
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hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. . >> greta: stichlt i . >> greta:. >> greta: i tell you this from cbs. you had better apologize. how do you have no comment? i tell you one thing, cbs which was a great network, you don't want to become known as the communist bastard sympathizers. >> greta: that was after "the great race" offended veterans
7:35 pm
in america. >> and watch the performance of the patriot vietnamese song. at the end dancers will reveal the words of a celebrated quote. ♪ >> like one direction. ♪ >> and teams must now make their way to the b-52 memorial site of the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down during the the vietnam war and where they'll find their next clue. >> greta: one week later, cbs amazing, opening last night's amazing race with this statement. >> parts of last sunday's episode filmed in vietnam were insensitive to a group that is very important to us. our nation's veterans. we want to apologize to veterans, particularly those who served in vietnam, as well as to their families and any viewers offended by the
7:36 pm
broadcast. all of us here have the most profound respect for the men and women who fight for our country. >> greta: so, what does bob beckel think of that cbs apology? bob says, cbs is not the only one to apologize today. >> i was always against the war in vietnam, never against the veterans, but i thought it was bad policy and we weren't going to win, but you know, i've got my own apology to make here as i think about it. you know, i never said to any of those people who fought in vietnam, thank you for your -- for your for protecting your country and good service and it occurred to me that, i mean, i wasn't among the crowd that spit on them or anything else, i didn't take the time to say thank you. it's 40 years late, but there is my apology and it's hearthealth. >> greta: what do you think of the cbs apology? are you satisfied or is it too little, too late? go to and tell us. >> and now to north korea, it has a brand new threat
7:37 pm
directed at us and also on south korea. north korea posting a disturbing new propaganda video, this one showing north korean troops invading south korea and taking thousands of americans living in seoul hosta hostage. hostage. >> . >> greta: so how seriously should we take these video threats? fox news analyst kt mcfarland joins us. >> great to see you, greta. >> greta: kt, what do you make of this video? and should we be concerned?
7:38 pm
>> well, not because of a video. i mean, this video is one of seven, they've had a series of them. a couple weeks ago of a nuclear weapon in lower manhattan and then another one of president obama on fire. the videos themselves are amateurish and almost think they're funny except for the fact that this is a country with the fourth largest military in the world and a country that's on the verge of getting nuclear weapons. you know, the president of north korea, kim jong-un he's a guy that shouldn't be playing with matches much less nuclear welcomes. i'm not concerned though, that he's going to wake up some morning and decide, let's go invade south korea. i don't think he would want to pick that fight. i think he could miscalculate. they could stumble into a war or start something they can't finish and because they're so isolated from the world, they'll mccalculate how we react. and i worry about that and i worry about the nuclear weapons proliferation. if north korea gets nuclear,
7:39 pm
will japan think it needs them. and in the past, will it sell military equipment to iran and iran gets nuclear weapons and the other countries feel they have to have nuclear weapons as well. yeah, we should be really concerned about this. >> greta: you know, we've taken on the record to north korea three times. >> i know. >> greta: and you know, frankly, i still remain enormously baffled by, you know, i wish that -- i wish that they would put down their nuclear weapons, but the fact is they've now done their third he test on february 12th of this year. third test, 2006. the missiles can reach as far as 6,200 miles and 19 states of the united states are within that range and at some point, that this, you know, there's always the fear that something really awful could happen and for the life of me. the only thing i can think of is getting china really to do something about it. because china has the greatest interest in doing something. they don't want japan going
7:40 pm
nuclear and north korea listens to japan and china's, north korea listens to china. china is terrified if the regime falls and north korea, they're going to have all the refugees in china. so china has an interest, but we need to convince china they need to do something. because north korea's not going to listen to us. >> no, and you're absolutely right. and especially from what you saw the times you've been in north korea. those people can't see themselves. without the chinese help, they give 75, 80% of the food, fuel, and transportation fuel. and without china writing the check those people are shivering and living in the dark. and over the years we've gone to china, please keel with north korea. >> china hasn't wanted to, they have he' been content for the korean peninsula at a low boil and keeps the united states off balance, it keeps the koreans and japanese. but the problem now, that
7:41 pm
threatens to boil over and like you said, they really, the chinese worry about millions of north koreans flooding into china, at a time when the chinese economy is starting to slow down. they don't know what they're going to do with all of these ref guess. and they feel to feel if north korea clanses, would they ultimately join with south korea and have a power on the peninsula. i think that china at this point maybe would like to stop north korea and not sure quite how to do it. >> greta: and the starvation a breath taking, the amount of starvation, if they would set down the nuclear weapons, and join the world, it would be vastly different for those. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: a pastor's wife is here to tell us what was in the letter. and we have new information from the the state department. that's next.
7:42 pm
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>> from the midwest to the east coast, spring starting off with a blast of winter, if i remember paralyzing the mid section and creeping east. hundreds of flights canceled, many schools closing and dumping more than a foot of snow. and in indiana, turning to ice. there were crashes in indianapolis and in kansas and missouri, official blaming two dangerous crashes on the snow slick road virginia, to washington d.c. and many of us waking up to a winter wonderland and sloppy mix hitting new jersey in eastern long island, new york. if you have pictures of the spring snowstorm in your neighborhood. tweet us or post your pictures, use hashtag greta. we're back in two minutes. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke
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>> tonight an american christian pastor in prison in iran and tonight we're hearing from the pastor in his own words, pastor abedini writing a letter to his wife and describing the torture and abuse in one of iran's brutal prisons and john kerry issuing a statement calling for the pastor's immediate release. the pastor's wife naghmeh abedini joining us and first to you, your thoughts about the letter from your husband? >> it gave me a glimpse what he's going through in that prison and it was heart wrenching to read that he couldn't recognize himself and his mom's reaction. and so, just, it just shows us
7:48 pm
the urgency of getting him out as soon as possible and every day counts. >> greta: the reason he couldn't recognize himself, he's been beating. right? you're talking bruises and things like that? >> yeah, that's what he's talking about, talking about his face is basically bruised and looks different and he's got a beard and, yeah, it talks about his eyes being pretty beaten up and his face. >> and have you spoken to his mother at all? >> i do. i talk to them on a regular basis. >> greta: and what does she say about seeing him? >> they have got-- they see him every monday and up to now there's still no medical treatment. he has not been transferred to a hospital. he hasn't been treated yet and they're waiting for him. there was doctors that examined him. i believe last week, and they promised that they would take him to a private hospital
7:49 pm
outside of the prison to be treated and that has not happened yet. >> jordan-- >> it's very difficult for them. >> jordan, a statement came out from secretary kerry. you were surprised and happy? >> we were very happy about this. it was a major part of our domestic strategy, getting our top diplomate in the united states of america to issue a statement. make it clear that saeed abedini, and secretary kerry said, u.s. citizen in iran, facing abuse, made that clear. the need for medical care and he needs to be released. and sending a message to the world, you can help. >> greta: iran doesn't care what we saw, what we do. i mean, is this -- is this sort of a victory in the sense you're glad you have the united states behind you. but is a letter from our secretary of state or president help get them out of
7:50 pm
prison. >> we're negotiating right now with iran and the nuclear program, it's another issue. the second thing is giving the world clearance so a country like brazil or south korea, or japan that does business with iran, we may exemption from sanctions, they have a lot of christians in their country. they see a story like that, why are we doing so much business with iran. this happened with another pastor who was imprisoned. brazil never had a go ahead, this is a u.s. citizen, they needed that. this statement was clear and said he needs to get out, kind of like, okay, go to work. >> when you talk about the sanctions, there's incredible sanctions in iran and we gi give-- for other countries and we double deal on this. >> and those are the countries, brazil is one as well. 80% christian population and this happened naturally there the last time. this time they were waiting. i know the lead wrers waiting for a statement that made it okay for them to talk, basically.
7:51 pm
they've got a diplomatic it relationship with iran and i've got senators that would march into the embassy, but this is a u.s. citizen, and they'll not do that without the secretary of state saying let's get him out. they did that on friday, a few days after here, greta, and surprising because of his trip to the middle east, but this is a major step forward for us and a good thing that we need to work with the state department. >> greta: naghmeh, i wish you the best of luck in getting your husband out. i wish it could be yesterday, but maybe tomorrow. new. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, is tim tebow leaving the green for the middle east? the nfl quarterback is next. by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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>> okay. everyone, it's time to hash it out. is nfl quarterback tim tebow really headed to the big screen. that's what an indy film is hoping. tim tebow offered starring role in a religious movie. he says he wants tebow to star in his next faith-based film calling tebow an inspiration. so far no word from the quarterback. and justin timberlake, next up tore justin timberlake,
7:56 pm
hosting the oscar. apparently the front runner for next year's oscar and the motion picture academy to give the talented it jt, the job. do they make a tree iron? youtube trends tweeting, sergio garcia claims a tree to hit one-handed second shot. >> and this would-- yes! whoo! >> how about that? >> well, this happened at the arnold palmer international. a great hit, but he injured his shoulder and had to withdraw from the tournament soon after. >> is the u.s. senate barbershop getting a trim from the budget. tweeting report, u.s. senate barbershop has run up over 5 million red ink in the last years, don't look at me, i saved them a fortune. and from the fast and furious,
7:57 pm
huffington post, best parking job ever? it happened in glendale, california, a driver lost control on a steep road. and when he hit a corner shall the car became airborne and man wasn't injured in the crash and hollywood may have found its next stuntman. and now it's time to hash it out. follow me on twitter. of the@greta wire. what is everyone going to be talking about tomorrow? here is the minute, adorable pandas and the harlem shake. that's next. [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. call me! seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business.
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