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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 26, 2013 2:00pm-3:02pm PDT

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i heard so-called expert called cyprus an isolated incident, i would have isolated a million dimes and piled them up on the tv set. cyprus is not an isolated case. to hear european union officials, more like a test case. they succeeded in raiding the bank deposits. since they're rich folks, for now, who cares? i do. i think you should, too. what makes you think the large depositors losing up to 40% of the savings won't lead to you losing maybe, i don't know. 10% of yours. especially when the government doing the seizing, realizes even after burning through the dough, it still needs more dough. maybe your dough. i'm telling you, my friends, unless government cut back on spending, their only other option is taxing. since governments don't seem that keen on getting spending under control. get ready for taxes to go out of control. i don't see any way around it. don't believe me. look at them. look at all the government in
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all the countries that are coming up with all the creative ways to raise money. conservative and liberal governments alike. not a one to save money. you don't have to live on an island in mediterranean to know we're up a creek without a paddle. think about what they did there and what they are doing there? they seize bank accounts and they did it without nip pointing the finger at them. they made the banks the boogie men, the banks they ordered shut. put a cash on how much cash the customers withdrawal. what is the greek wood for chutzpah? it's a brilliant distraction. the government happily steals from both. a lot more on this on fox business network tonight.
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we're going to see what is exactly going on with the banks. the bank accounts. these poor folks who want to get their money. what is the greek word for screwed? >> greg: hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling and she eats rainbows for breakfast, dana perino. 5:00 in new york city. but you get that. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so yesterday i named has-been jim carrey for railing on charlton heston. if you missed jim's video, once again. >> ♪ movies are no longer in demand ♪
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♪ immortals, the old man lay forever ♪ ♪ the angels wouldp take him up to heaven like he planned ♪ ♪ because they couldn't pry that gun from his cold dead hands ♪ ♪ with your cold dead aim you're trying to prove your [bleep] is bigger ♪ ♪ but we know the chariot is swinging low ♪ >> greg: edgy stuff. gun owners compensate for the lack of manhood, so i guess our navy seals are all neutered? for the parody of "hee-haw" it is already a pai parody. but carrey and tools like him made this one. and he show what is they think of fly-over america. they hate you. to them you're white red necks. he mocks a dead and decent
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man, i get you are a clown but at least hit someone who can hit back. you tool. hollywood, where the hell are you? if you work with heston or respected his work in civil rights say something. how can you let this odious twerp defile his memory? regurgitate carrey like cat upchucking furball. yes, carrey has not made a good fill new mexico years, which is why he is a marionette trying to please the puppeteer. the cruelty reveals how cloistered hollywood is. he thought the crap would be greeted with anything but flush. he is as hateful as the k.k.k. and th that is why when he calld out he hides. he hides behind a gun. he has armed security. which by his own logic means he has tiny genitals.
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>> before we have this discussion, i want to compare a simple head to head with the legendary charlton heston a leader in civil rights and actor. this is a clip of heston. >> until recently like most americans i express my support of civil rights talking about it at koch tame parties, i'm afraid. but i would no longer pay only lip service to a cause that was so surgently right. in a time urgently now. >> greg: i tried to find a clip of jim carrey of equal stature. >> thank you for all of your cooperation. >> greg: that was cheap. i admit it was cheap. but i needed context. he had a great voice.
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in quat planet of the apes" get your dirty damn paws off me, your dirty damn ape. you said that to me one time. i was dressed as gorilla. the whole point is he is a comedian. they do things that are supposed to be funny even when it's not funny. but he is a tool to go after somebody who is dead, a great guy, great american and patriot like charlton heston. >> kimberly: it backfires on jim carrey. if that is the best work he can do, the bizarre parody cowboy dance he was doing, okay. he thinks he should decide who is able to bear arms and have a weapon. he has armed security. but other people aren't able to exercise their second amendment right.
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c'mon. >> there is a lot of great people in hollywood who knew charlton heston. shouldn't some of them say something about this or let it slide? >> bob: they should. charlton went in the field of civil rights. in 1963. freedom rides and a dangerous thing to do. give him credit. my dad was in the civil rights move in the that time. it was brutal. people were getting beat up. particularly if you are white going in the south. he had the courage to do that. something like that, i don't agree with the guns and stuff. but on that, civil rights is near and dear to my heart. he was one of the few people in hollywood who didn't just talk it. he went to live it. >> greg: a good point. in terms of a gun issue. your could be on either side and respect either side. this is disrespectful way to deal with an issue.
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>> neil: jim carrey is a funny guy. he came up with good stuff. is it panic -- maybe it's panic. the guy make $20 million a film and it went away. there are social activists like george clooney and sean penn, bono, environmental activists like angela jolie and those career activists who feel their career is sliding and they jump on to anything. whether it's a tree -- he jumped on a gun in a gun discussion. he picked the wrong one. >> greg: you are right. up with thing i love about him is on twitter now. he retweets onl compliments. like a comedian applauds when people afraud his own joke. >> dana: breitbart would retweet the nasty grams from people. that's how started.
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jim carrey doesn't know what you are doing on twitter. you don't pat yourself on the back. that semibarossing. why wouldn't he go after clint eastwood? is it because he is afraid that clint eastwood would track him down? >> kimberly: because he is alive. >> dana: exactly. it's not as if there aren't people you could pick out and made fun of. he chose somebody who was dead. >> greg: two targets that he picked. that he doesn't come in contact with. "a," dead people. "b," the rest of america. he had duel citize had dual citn canada. >> neil: he looked for something to create fire. controversy. get on social media and shows like "the five" but he picked a topic even democrats are afraid to touch because they know most of america agrees with the second amendment. to keep and bear arms. he messed with the wrong -- >> dana: yeah. didn't do the pipeline.
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>> greg: it would be nice if he engaged people on it. he doesn't. he goes on twitter. craps all over america and hides. i wouldn't mind if he went out and said okay, talk about it. boks civil right. heston campaigned for adelaide stevenson and kennedy. kennedy was hiding for the civil rights. he wasn't out and went in the south. you are taking your life in your hands when you do that. my father did that. there were a few hollywood people that went down there, but not many. most were ministers and rabbis. >> stood on principle and acted on it. what is the principle? that is what i didn't understand. what is the principle he is
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trying to accomplish? if he is trying to ridicule people, you achieve that. what is greater end? what does he want? >> greg: this doesn't help to articulate your perspectiv perspective. >> kimberly: he wants attention. what have you heard from him recently? this is the best thing he has done. >> greg: the last thing you heard he did was generalmy mccarthy. >> kimberly: you said it. >> greg: do you think hollywood is scared to say something about this? they feel he would come after them? >> kimberly: sure. they let it slide. he doesn't share their same ideology. jim carrey gets the -- even though it was not funny or nice, but they won't call him out on him. >> bob: for those of us who are for gun control,
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particularly the clip he is did more to hurt the cause doing this. if he kept his mouth shut he would have been better off. this will get people riled up. if you do this, know what you are talking about. it's tough to sneak in the clip. get it. >> dana: he released the video the day that michael bloomberg announced a $12 million ad buy to push a position on gun control. a day it would have gotten more attention he ridiculed the effort. >> neil: every time you say clip i'm supposed to say clip is for hair. magazine is for guns. every time one of us says it, i get 15 twitter people saying tell bob. >> bob: i didn't know that.
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>> neil: you have to admit, he was cutting edge when he -- the early stuff was fantastic. >> kimberly: but what have you done for me lately? >> bob: remember he was going to batman. >> kimberly: the joker? >> greg: his twitter is -- @jimcarrey. ask why doesn't he debate it or talk to people rather than just posting something and hiding? >> bob: if you don't have the guts to debate greg gutfeld. come on here and debate. >> greg: he should come on "the five" to talk about this. we would be really, really nice. i want to know what he thinks. i don't care about the shtick. i want to know what he thinks. >> bob: there we go.
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>> greg: all right. coming up, remember foxy knoxy? amanda knox cleared of murdering her roommate in italy has been ordered to stand trial for a second time. her acquittal overturned. k.g. has the details next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-arod thing... had made you play. and that...
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: amanda knox spent four years in jail for a murder she didn't commit. or did she? her innocence is up again for the killing of her former roommate. the highest criminal court threw out her 2011 acquittal. the now 25-year-old faces a retrial. so will her former italian boyfriend. in a statement she called the news painful, saying the accusation are wrongful and unfounded. a lot of discuss about this. is it fair?
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procedurally it was thrown out. not as a matter she was guilty of the crime or based on the fact or evidence. procedurally she should be retried. should he is come back or should the u.s. say we are not sending you back? >> eric: we have a no double yepdy rule here but -- jeopardy rule here but they don't. no vacations for foxy knoxy. she can't go anywhere else in europe. if she is picked up there. >> kimberly: if they have an extradition agreement to turn her over. to be safe, she should stay inside the united states. >> eric: she is lucky she is free right now. they had her, they had so much
2:20 pm
evidence against her. a lot of us were surprised -- >> kimberly: she admitted she was there. bub same she wasn't read her rights. then tried to claim somebody else. >> bob: the euro trash guy boyfriend guy? >> kimberly: not him, bob. >> dana: the other thing, this is not just between the united states and italy. the murder victim british. the extradition treaty gets more complicated. newspapers, tabloid media is not going to get it go. i think united states will hold strong and she will not go back. she probably won't go down to corner store. stay where she is, is the safest thing to do. i have no sense of her guilty or innocence. >> bob: there was a lot of evidence. >> kimberly: dna.
2:21 pm
the knife -- >> bob: it was overturned. >> kimberly: procedurally but not the quality or the weight of the evidence. but it should go back procedurally. >> kimberly: what does that mean? the procedure of law. what was followed or screwed up. they messed up saying that she needed to go by giving her acquittal. didn't follow the rules. >> greg: if she gets arrested a few more times she could run for president of italy. >> kimberly: her boyfriend has to go back. >> greg: we are set with hot criminals. if she was ugly, we wouldn't care. we love the controls hot. what does it tell our hot children? it tells them perhaps they can commit more crimes because they are attractive. this is a message we're sending. you know who is happy about this? and want retrial?
2:22 pm
lifetime. they can make another movie about her. >> dana: this confirms your theory last week. remember the school that canceled the gifted and honors program. we're telling the children you can't achieve things on your own merit. it depends on your looks. go to a trial and be on lifetime tv. >> bob: eric and i are in favor of the young woman in florida who swore at the judge because we thought she looked good at a the jump suit. >> kimberly: that is horrible. all tatted up -- >> greg: that is the point. the tape was all over country because she was cute. sad thing. or not. i'm drowning in this. >> kimberly: sensational in terms of the press coverage. remember there was a shopping
2:23 pm
spree with her boyfriends after the murder was committed. i feel bad for the family. you know what will happen -- >> dana: this is something you throw out there. if you don't have anything else to say, have it in your back pocket. >> kimberly: she is going to be tried in abstenchia. even if she is not there. they will try her and him and that will stand. no matter they go they worry about the law. the red notice can be issued. >> dana: remember c.i.a. agent accused by italians of torture? they came to america and the government said they are not going back to italy. >> kimberly: history of that. >> kimberly: relevant example. >> dana: thank you. >> kimberly: coming up, tiger woods is once again on top of the golfing world
2:24 pm
reclaiming the number one title yesterday. nike put out this ads with the words "winning takes care of everything." that is include a cheating scand? what do you think? go to facebook page. let us know your thoughts. we'll share hours ahead on "the five." he didn't hit a ball out of the tree. c'mon! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. music got us going. dr. ben carson became a world renowned world surgeon in detroit in the 1950s and he has a theory why so many
2:29 pm
people in america can't lift themselves out of poverty as he was able to. his diagnosis, breakdown of the family. >> we have pretty much given away our sense of value, family value. people get value from the family. if they don't have a well established intact family, with a lot of good value, they get them from somewhere else. frequently it's negative peers. 'canes what we are going to discuss is the elephant in the room on the root causes on the policy problems in america. does it go to implosion and breakdown of the family? he has given this thought in culture and decline segment.
2:30 pm
is that the issue everyone is talking around in >> eric: i'm not sure they talk around it but it's the issue we should focus on. it cuts across class, race, ethnicity. if you don't have two parents in the household you have poverty. multiple, with two parents in the household it's like 80% likelihood of post officeerty drops. >> kimberly: i don't have poverty. >> eric: the median income of a man in america is $45,000. median income of a woman is $34,000 a year. couples split up, who gets the kid most of the time? women. women are doing rent, child care with less money than man would do it and substantial less if there were two people earning income in the hous household. >> dana: if you don't have two adults in the home the poverty can follow you through
2:31 pm
the life. graduation rate go down. in detroit, 80% of the detroit children raise in single parent home. if you go across class and race. the number of household by single parent is growing explo thennially. what policy impact does it have going forward? >> bob: huge impact. there are lobbies that are interested in both sides of this. lobbies want to maintain -- jesse jackson is a good example. there is the intellectual crowd going with the policy idea. i admire carson got himself out of poverty -- poverty but
2:32 pm
it's the exception. it's not the baby's fault so we have to take care of the child until they're 18, feed, clothe them, house them and give them everything they need. >> dana: that leads me to a point to ask greg. can the government be that parent? can the government teach people what it's like to be in a committed relationship and understand responsibility? the government can't love anybody? >> greg: how many fewer young men black or white would be in prison if they had a guy like carson as a dad? government can't replace somebody like that. mail role mod is the most important thing. no matter what they want you to think with the jewel what website, you can't replace it. he cryptonote. he -- kryptonites. they can't deal that he advocates achievement over
2:33 pm
dependents. a universal goal. >> eric: with the numbers and the carson outcome are so small, who is going -- going -- >> dana: the question about the government. in new york city alone, of the 124,000 babies born. something like 118,000, this is last year, born single parent families. the mayor didn't want them to drink large soda. but that is avoiding the real problem? >> kimberly: he has become a personal thing. he is ledge lating his own idiosyncracy to the rest of us and not helping us what people need. issues like this. my situation, i'm divorced.
2:34 pm
>> kimberly: you are? >> dana: she is single, bob. >> kimberly: don't remind him. he is forgetting. >> dana: who is response to believe fix it. >> eric: i'll take issue with what you said. you said carson is extreme exception. rather than say thatting, how about saying he should be held in iesteem to show we don'have - >> kimberly: a role model. >> eric: born in poverty and we don't have to accept that. >> bob: i was city light school in washington for kids like this. they are the exception. but for the most part, the chance to bring them out of that. if it's up to me, if the mother is drug addicted i would take them hostage and put them in with those in orphanages. >> eric: that is different than what you said. you said he is the exception because people are born in poverty. take care of them from grade to grave.
2:35 pm
college. >> kimberly: what about deadbeat dads? people should pay the child support. if you have a child be response to believe make sure as a parent financially, emotionally, and -- >> dana: giving away free birth control. >> bob: that is a point. you are not going to go in there and take a kid who thinks it's a big deal he impregnated five women to change their mind. >> dana: whose responseability is to change the behavior? who is responsible? >> greg: you can level some blame. at the contemporary culture that iser thenied of staying that certain behaviors are bad. certain behaviors are good. the family reacts to con vulively to rare tragedies. but not those going on around them every day. they have the pulpit to say there are behaviors that don't
2:36 pm
help you. >> eric: who is responsible to change behavior? the left doesn't want to. let's not change the behavior. >> bob: the first step is have a conversation. democrats, a lot want to protect the programs. a lot republicans say ah-ha. we showed you that it doesn't work. >> greg: in -- >> dana: meantime, this is sought we will continue on another day. directly ahead, educational video shown to children across america that blames america for 9/11 we have a tape. you see it when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the big story here is prop 8 in the supreme court. tonight on "special report," same-sex marriage has its day in court. it looks as though the justices could find a way out of the case, over california ban on same-sex marriage without issuing a major national ruling. you know the main debt entitlement and defense spen spending. in part two of "what to cut we" we look at the empty and what to use federal real estate. duds the-up want to take your guns away? in grapevine, $6,000 to told your spot in line? we'll explain. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. you may have heard the texas school district using this quiz for fifth graders with cause on the attack on world trade center. why might the u.s. be a target for terrorism? according to the curriculum the correct answer is "b." "the decisions we made in the u.s. have had negative effects on people elsewhere." we found that quiz based on instructional video. here is how the creators portray the root cause of 9/11. watch. >> why would terrorist lead to that anyway? >> a lot of people blame the united states for problems around the world. >> i don't get it. >> america is a big and powerful country, the decisions we make here affect other countries around the
2:43 pm
world. a lot of people think we don't use the power the right way. because sometimes the things we do here can have negative effect on other countries. >> kimberly: if you hate this country, get out. anti-americanism. indoctrinating young children. you should be ashamed. no fair and balanced there. >> eric: not at all. >> eric: i will get to you in a second. i know where you stand. >> dana: maybe we don't have the whole curriculum. maybe there was a segment for the classroom that said here is why. parents are deprived in their country socially, culturally and economically. they are not allowed to find
2:44 pm
out anything in the free media. manipulated and told what they are supposed to think about the americans. free people don't war against one another. when russia made decisions, did people knock buildings down? no but america stands with israel it makes people mad. it doesn't give people the license to kill innocent people in america. they missed the mark completely. >> greg: this is trickle-down fascism. this is the most destructiv destructive -- almost as bad that educators are pumping the poisen in school. k.g.b. didn't disband. they took over the harvard teachers lounge. our country won. they're teaching the kids we peer losers. >> go ahead. you are holding back. >> bob: i will say this. the idea to suggest we should
2:45 pm
cheat, that the united states never did anything -- >> kimberly: nobody said that. >> bob: if you go to the palestinian, the gaza, refugee camps an understand right or wrong, united states is responsible for the way they live. that is where they recruit from. >> dana: that is not what bin laden -- >> bob: wait. >> dana: usama bin laden manipulated the young men, tushed them to terrorist for his personal economic gain. they use this as an excuse. >> bob: it's not an excuse. people were living in poverty. go back three decades. in chile, the united states -- >> eric: stay here. stay here. stay right there. this is a video for fifth graders about 9/11. this is fifth graders now. tens thousands of classrooms watched the video.
2:46 pm
>> kimberly: awful. 'canes how different is that than "amazing race" and what cbs did? how is it different? >> greg: this is worse. "amazing race" was accident. >> eric: listen, before we go. we contacted the superintendent and they told me they were pulling, get this, the question on the quiz. i asked about the video. they said not yet. time to review. >> kimberly: pull the video. >> eric: if you go to -- >> bob: if you go to palestinian refugee camp and wonder how they got indoctrinated, they do hate the united states. >> dana: invite daniel pearl's parent to come to school to give them a lesson why innocent person would have been murdered by terrorist. >> eric: we have to go. i was in the world trade center in '93 and i watched my
2:47 pm
friends burn in the world trade center in 2001. i'm outraged by that, but more outraged as a parent that our kids are indoctrinated by that. >> kimberly: awful. homeschool. >> eric: we got to go. still to come, nike congratulates tiger woods on his return to being number one in the world. a new ad that says winning takes care of everything. not winning over everyone. go to facebook page. let us know what you think. be right back with the thoughts. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle. see how much you could save.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: tiger woods is back on top of the golfing world. reclaiming number one spot for the first time since losing his family. nike put out an ad congratulating tiger with the picture of him and the words "winning takes care of everything." eric, what do you think? >> eric: want to go to me first? >> bob: i do.
2:52 pm
>> eric: he's right. he's right. it makes people -- won't take care of the $250 million he had to pay elin for leaving and his kids. but in general, we look up to winners. athletes do things that aren't necessarily savory they come back and become number one or win a bowles or they, you know, win the world series, home run in world series, we look the other way on a lot of stuff. >> bob: you said it doesn't take care of his kids in the divorce, a very serious, it will be a problem for the rest of their lives. it certainly doesn't take that. dana, what do you think? >> dana: a lot of dictators wop war in the pass. the result were terrible, but they won. does this hold true for everybody? or for their talent? on whom they make a ton of money. i don't understand why left isn't outraged. you are outraged? are you calling for an
2:53 pm
apology? >> greg: only one every two months. >> bob: all right. this is outrageous. go ahead. >> kimberly: i'm up. >> greg: me? we had a president who had sex in the oval office. it can't get worked up over a golfer. you know, had a steamy affair with 600 women. by the way, winning doesn't make you more interesting, though. he is still boring. the sport is still boring. sorry, bob. i know you like golf. it can't watch it or play it. >> kimberly: well, you know, tiger -- i know tiger. >> dana: is he a winner? >> kimberly: he is a winner. >> bob: does this ring a bell with you? >> greg: did you go picnicking in tiger's woods? >> kimberly: you are so weird. scary. i'm going to say, as a mom, i feel bad for the children. they have read and see this on the web forever. i'm sure they are sad their parents are not together. to that, though, i hear they
2:54 pm
are coparenting very well. putting the kids first and getting along. showing up at events together with the kids. i like to see that. in that sense, he has been a good role model. he apologized and tried to change his life. nevertheless, nike just cares about winning and money. >> bob: he's been a good role model? >> kimberly: for coparenting with the kids. in the aftermath of -- no. in the aftermath of the divorce. i don't know. >> kimberly: he's not been the optimal husband or father. you know what happens -- >> kimberly: i am saying after the divorce. >> bob: i'm saying they are capitalizing on winning and winning does not take care of everything. >> dana: everyone is a winer. >> greg: thank you. >> dana: everyone gets a trophy. can't have an award ceremony. everybody is equal. >> kimberly: no gift and talented program. or m.g.m. i was in that. mentally gifted minor.
2:55 pm
my brothers called me mentally gifted moron. it was mean. >> bob: i couldn't fill out the application. oh, yeah. one more thing is up next. >> kimberly: thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> greg: time for one more thing. i'll throw this up here. jim carrey, his twiddleer handle. jim stop retweeting teenagers who agree with you. because they don't know anything. talk to people. get outside your mansion. it might help you. >> dana: bring your security. >> greg: tweet him and ask him to come on "the five." we'll be nice. >> dana: i have been excited about something for several days. i get to be on "red eye" tonight with nick of "justified." he plays the u.s. marshall. he will be on "red eye" tonight. >> bob: are you pushing out the host of that? >> dana: no, i am a guest as well. greg is will be there and hus ugly sidekick schultz. democrat is not nice! you said you wanted him as the
3:00 pm
fantasy prom date. >> dana: i do. he is a blast. and my work jasper. >> kimberly: are you going to show pictures of him? >> greg: treat him like a dog. >> dana: i bring him food. >> bob: that picture of you and schultz. >> eric: i'm up? okay. listen to what we found out today. take a look. that is an easter bunny. those are easter eggs. but apparently that is not right. middle school in madison, alabama, banned the easter bunny and easter eggs. listen to the principal. >> kids love the bunny. we just try to make sure we don't think that the easter bunny, we don't infringe on the rights of others because people relate the easter bunny to religion. bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit. >> dana: in alabama? >> eric: easter bunny. >> bob: easter rabbits.
3:01 pm
>> eric: "the five." easter. let's go. >> bob: i want to give a shout out here to pedro k. zada immigrant in new jersey who won $338 million power ball drawing. he and his family had a bodega and they say they are going to keep it open. i have a feeling that that bodega may be on the market pretty soon. >> kimberly: are you buying? >> bob: no. history of what happens to people of those who win this is pretty bad. >> greg: yeah. i got $10 and i blew it in an afternoon. k.g.? >> kimberly: all right. cuteness factor. you will like this. show picture of adorable polar bear. this was an orphan. the name is cali. coming here by accident. her mom was shot.
3:02 pm
>> bob: those are the animals that get clubbed every year. >> dana: those are baby


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