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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 27, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hits the fan. when the big governments are bracing for a storm, i don't have to be a weatherman to say it's a storm. >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: day three of washington-free week on "the five." on the holy week we begin with new attacks or aggression against christians across the muslim world. many of them are americans. radical islamists storm the mosque in egypt capital of cairo on friday and reportedly turned it in to torture chamber. one american has been jailed for a month on suspicion of trying to spread christianity.
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two weeks ago, the church was a target of the arson attack. you may remember a pastor jailed in iran says he has been beatp a refused treatment because of his faith. we are seeing the stories more and more. this is the third one now. this is disconcerting. i know bob you are passionate about it. >> eric: if you watch fox and this show, we warned about this. this is a win in egypt. mohammed morsi comes from the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood candidate. he turned the egyptian constitution to a legal system that is based on shariah. since then, there have be crop tick christians blowing up churches and suicide bombings. in the meantime, morsi is the guy who called occupiers in
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palestinian hands. warmongering descendants. is this the guy we want to give 1.6 billion in foreign aid? is this the guy on the day sequestions ration hits the same day secretary kerry handed over a check to $250 million to these guys? >> bob: this is holy week. i know most radical muslims don't read the bible. but you have the last person persecuted the christians and that will happen to you. i have be on this for six months. you to stop this. if you want to get face-to-face with us this? this is the way to do it. leave people alone. you're cowards. worse than that. you are disgracing muhammad by what you are doing, by doing this. you ought to be ashamed by yourselves and you ought to be in jail.
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>> kimberly: on that note -- >> dana: what about the said? >> bob: at this stage of the game, i hate to say this, but i would like to believe the military there is still the only thing that keeps us from the muslim brotherhood. take over that country. they get most of the aid, so i would say it would be very, very careful about taking that aid away. >> eric: is there any question in your mind, robert, that morsi made a pact, deal, jumped in bed with iranians? >> bob: of course not. >> eric: so we want to send the banks, the f-16 -- >> bob: it's -- it's the generals in egypt not cut a deal with the iranians. frankly, the only thing that keeps morsi from going too far are the generals. they are watching it carefully. you want to see egypt go back to dictatorship? easy. go too far and the generals will stop in and say that is it. get out. this has happened in egypt before lift happen again. >> greg: can we rename the
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middle east the middle ages? that's all. arab spring for christians is like nuclear winter. you hear the outcry. it's not even 1% of abu ghraib. the only time the world is angry by injustices is if it's committed by the united states. but everyone else can act like savages. they can till, and that's okay. if you are a nervous flier on jet, then you're a monster. every tolerance in the united states who marches for everything ignore this stuff because they don't want to seem as though they're intolerant of others. all cultures are supposed to be the same. everybody is the same. that is the biggest lie. some cultures are better than others.
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>> eric: i want to take you to task with this. general has idea who will rule the country but the bottom line if morsi can get the constitution changed to reflect syria law, he is in power now. not wise to send him millions of dollars in money and technology. >> eric: the people against -- >> bob: the people against shariah law are generals. here is the other thing. i want to know where there are -- i have defended moderate muslims on this show and every chance i have had. it's 110 billion of you i think. where are you? 1.1 billion. >> kimberly: what? >> eric: decimal. >> bob: if you believe that the prophet was somebody that believed you didn't engage women, children, others, unless you were in a battle face-to-face, then what these people are doing in your name?
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in your name is doing against what muhammad said. rise up and say something. they're not that tough. >> dana: i think that there are moderate leaders. moderate is a relative term the middle east. in southeast asia. the question for us is what can the united states do. to protect the christians that are there. and the national interest. and allies? the first thing is possibility of making aid money consumed on protection of people, especially christians. that is the number one priority. however they define it. secretary of state kerry, and others have to figure out what does that mean? to make the aid contingent on that. the second thing, i know they say we do this but we don't hear about it. if we are going to support those who want the arab spring, are we all in when it comes to democracy? democracy promotion and helps
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them create leaders that allow people the freedom they need. this is my third point. this comes down to freedom, social, economic and cultural freedom. there are very few jobs. anger and built-up frustration channeled to the hatred perverting the quran in which muhammad in his life married a christian to show that tolerance is what the world of islam could be about. >> bob: one thing to say about this, we have to be careful here. we promote democracy as the best form of government. and it is. it is. the fact of the matter people of egypt democratically elected the muslim brotherhood party to run that country. now, we can't have it both ways. that is the problem.
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we say be democratic and they do that and elect them in gaza -- >> eric: but bob, morsi is from the muslim brotherhood. >> bob: yes. >> eric: hamas was offshoot of the muslim brotherhood. >> bob: yes -- >> dana: but hamas, one of the reasons they won is because they promised they would do basic services like pick up the trash and things they were able to come forward on. mubarak in egypt was always concerned about the muslim brotherhood. didn't want to allow for elections. try to supress them so much. that led to even more proble problems. his ouster. >> kimberly: but then he was in and that is the problem. now it's the muslim brotherhood and we're funding them. >> bob: the way muslim brotherhood rose to power they did the things for poor people. picked up the garbage. they started schools. that is how they got power. >> eric: that is up for debate. that is up for debate. it's clearly up for debate. that is your interpretation of how the muslim brotherhood came to power. my interpretation they did it by supporting terrorism, and
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exporting terrorism. this is not -- they're not garbage picker-uppers. they're people tied to some of the most deadly terrorst attacks on the globe. what would be really nice -- sorry, kimberly. what would be nice if the center for islamic relations, cair, would say that was wrong. denounce -- it's cair always saying look at us. we are being persecuted in america. how about they say they made a big mistake and they need to apologize for it. e-mailed cai today. no response. >> kimberly: they're not that into you, so you know. cair sees e-mail from you and they're like not that guy again. >> bob: they need to pick up the people that burned the building and killed the people and put them in jail for the rest of their lives or hang them. >> kimberly: a couple other developments with christians under attack in the middle east. one is libya, benghazi. four foreign christians were arrested in that city for disseminating christian literature, greg. so they were imprisoned. kept in there, basically
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they're supposed to be getting out. >> greg: i want to go, make a point. when you were a kid you leshed about egypt and it was awesome. cleopatra and the pharaohs. pyramids and it was a cool place you want to go to. now it's ancient wisdom replaced with angry mobs. what is the lesson there? the lesson is that that can happen. that the world is an unstable place. and things change. things can go from wonderful and amazing to something horrible. if you look at rome. you look at egypt. you look at the united states is what i'm getting at. it's a very important lesson to understand that democracies end and the world is a fragile place. it's important that you are armed. >> eric: very nice. nice transition. >> greg: thank you for letting me talk. >> eric: don't forget how they built the pyramids and the amazing pieces of ark it canture in egypt. on the back of people starving and dying doing it. >> dana: i have --
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>> bob: you had dreams when you were a kid. having been there fairly recently it's still shot and has flies and a lot of sun. >> dana: you know who might make a difference for christians around the world persecuted is the new pope. >> bob: very good point. >> dana: he is a world leader. he is the leader of the church but he is coming with a fairly good reception so far. unclear how he is going to use any of the political power or words of persuasion. that could be the fresh start they need to look at him. >> bob: excellent point. excellent point. >> eric: you think mohammed morsi is going to let the pope walk through the square in cairo? does anyone honestly think it will happen? >> bob: i would help a lot. all you christian ministers throughout who preach on sunday, i would say something if i were you about this. >> eric: they will be dragged in a mosque and killed. >> bob: i'm talking about in
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the united states. >> eric: what about cair? >> kimberly: bolling loves cair. >> greg: this is our fault. we're not open-minded enough many america. if we decided to be more like them, they would be nicer to us. i think we should have a muslim pope. >> kimberly: you have been recruited for the videos. >> greg: i have. >> kimberly: coming up, in full force, to rip another holiday from america schools and elsewhere. the latest target, easter. we'll run down the stories for you when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home
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♪ ♪ >> dana: a new banned word across the country and not one of greg's. it's easter. some schools and cities in town aren't even using that word. in madison, alabama, the principal of an elementary school changed the annual easter egg hunt to simply an egg hunt.
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to "respect and honor everybody's differences." schools in pennsylvania, new york, elsewhere, and california have been doingbe the same thing. eric, you first showed us the video yesterday. you run across this in the great state of new jersey? >> eric: i haven't, but i think it's an outrage. terrible. easter is easter. does anyone here have a problem with another religion celebrating another religion and you can say happy passover? enjoy it. no reason to pull easter out of the easter hunt. it's terrible. the assistant superintendent of that school. >> dana: yep. >> eric: flower bluff school district said they were pulling -- sorry, this is the other one. what they really need to do is let the kids be kids. let them have an easter. let them have an easter bunny and easter egg, too. >> dana: kimberly, isn't it infringement of somebody's rights to talk about the easter bunny? they want to make a call like
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so-called easter bunny. would that help and protect -- what is the right infringed upon? >> kimberly: what is important is they are making a big deal. this is about the easter bunny. something that has been celebrated in this country, worldwide really for so many years. why do they defeat the easter bunny? what did the easter bunny do? this is something that kids get enjoyment from. you take pictures every year with the easter bunny. a very sweet, nice thing. why do you demonize it? >> dana: some don't especially like the easter bunny -- don't even like the easter bunny. they think it takes away from the meaning of the holiday. >> bob: a lot of christians think it's commercialization. it has nothing -- there was no bunny in the bible. >> kimberly: what about christmas with santa. >> dana: read "killing jesus" we might find out there was. new information coming out. >> bob: you have a muslim day and get yourself beat up a christian and roll around. sorry.
2:19 pm
speak out on this. >> dana: easter or -- >> bob: on the other one. >> eric: speaking out against the easter bunny. >> bob: i fell badly for greg. greg celebrates easter and he eats bunny. >> dana: greg, do you think it's better if we called -- if you have an easter egg roll -- if you had free range organic chicken egg hunt, do you think it would be more acceptable? >> greg: no. you're still hunting and you teach children to hunt. that is disgusting. you can preserve the easter egg hunt with what the secular section would like, food stamps or birth control pills. but i have been on the forefront of the war on easter for decades show. a picture from 1983. that is me dressed as an easter bunny at notre dame high school in belmont, california. when -- the fact that the two young women disappeared the next day is a coincidence. i was declared innocent in
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court. kilthat you in the center? >> greg: yes. by the way, when you were a kid, didn't it confuse you to have a bunny that laid eggs? didn't it trouble you? didn't it once cross your mind this isn't real? that no, bunnies can't lay eggs? >> bob: i punched out an easter bunny once. >> greg: i think it was a playboy bunny -- >> bob: this gay came jumping in a big furry suit, jumped all over me and put me in an arm lo lock. >> eric: are we going have the white house walk back the easter egg roll? >> dana: i think they are going to go forward with it. i want to ask you about the commercialization. do you know this is a reason why we shouldn't water down easter as a holiday. tell people they can't have the easter egg hunt. >> kimberly: can't afford to. >> dana: the average person celebrating easter will spend approximately $145 on candy, decor, apparel. show the apparel of greg, please. and food.
2:21 pm
that was about, you know, $15 is spent last $$145 last year. picture of greg. he brought this sweater. that is what you wore on good friday last year. >> bob: you look hungover. >> dana: $17.2 billion business. doesn't it make economic sense to leave easter alone? >> eric: i'm all for that. it's okay to commercialize -- >> kimberly: it's great for the economy. >> eric: it makes people happy. nothing better when you see -- you go through my neighborhood on easter? i live in a predominantly jewish neighborhood. every single mailbox that is open i leave an easter egg in there. happy, you know -- >> dana: i have a question. >> eric: i swear i do. >> dana: that's fun. black jelly beans? >> greg: that is disgusting. >> dana: i love black jelly beans. >> kimberly: i do. >> dana: chocolate easter egg? cadbury and looks like an egg inside? >> kimberly: i like it. >> greg: good. >> dana: peeps?
2:22 pm
>> kimberly: love peeps. >> greg: no. >> kimberly: yellow. why are you mad at the candy? why are you starting a fight? >> greg: expressing outrage over peeps now? >> bob: i never liked them. >> dana: i like when peeps get, leave them open and they get heard and you eat the beak off and the head. >> greg: there is a bigger issue here. about the modern forced togetherness we now have to have. by sacrificing separate traditions people have. if a tradition is pe perceived s exclusionary you no long ver the tradition. it needs to be replaced with ideal to share the same belief. that is physically impossible but that is what they want to do. so somebody looks at an easter egg hunt or christmas or anything else, they go you know what? that is exclusionary, we should be hanging out together. doing something that nobody wants to do. >> dana: i love that. >> eric: i have no idea -- >> greg: i'm not surprised. >> dana: that is a great argument.
2:23 pm
christians if we move to riyadh, would they for one second think about not having the iftar center because it infringes on my life? >> bob: imagine follow greg's theology. >> dana: the world would be a better place. >> eric: you bypassed something that dana said. he is likes to bite heads off peeps. >> dana: before we go, we leave you here, we had peep diarama of the "washington post." you can vote. they have too much time on their hand but they make these out of peeps. my favorite is coming up. the fox news debate peep. there you go. they have a nonunion camera workers. that is megyn kelly and bret. bill hemer over there. >> kimberly: i have giant yellow peeps in my office. >> greg: you have a peep
2:24 pm
outside your window. democra >> kimberly: that is you. >> dana: that is disgusting. did you know gambling on march madness could get you in trouble with the law? why you might call off the office pool. coming up. ♪ ♪ hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. it's not what you think.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: north carolina approved the toughest abortion restrictions yesterday banning nearly all abortions once the fetal heartbeat is detected. the "heartbeat bill" is in conflict with the supreme court ruling roe v. wade. i can see an army of liberal
2:29 pm
hollywood activists mobilizing right now but the pro-lifers have a few soldiers on our side, too. did you know the big-name celebs are pro-life? jack nicholson. justin bieber. donald trump. martin sheen. to name a few. but the question is are they quiet -- you don't hear a lot of them. are they quiet because they are afraid of being blackballed in hollywood? >> kimberly: i don't know their views but this is something they're comfortable talking about. pro-life. it's more popular in that culture to say you're pro-choice. >> eric: we have lists. nicholson said i don't believe in it. bieber saying he thinks embryo is a human.
2:30 pm
>> greg: do you remember "juno" in 2007, a young girl gets pregnant. beginning of the movie, she is going to planned parenthood, a depressing situation. she has the baby and if she didn't it would end the movie. so abortion is ending a movie. it's cool for hollywood actors to love free animals and crusades but abortion involving a moral spine. make a stand morally. there is nothing more uncool among celebrities than making judgment. it's seen as mean. many celebrities look at abortion like it's a weight
2:31 pm
loss tool. >> bob: so many people buy tickets to movies they are going in face of the constituency. >> greg: fetuss don't buy tickets. >> bob: i was trying to make a point. you got me distracted. >> eric: i am focusing on the celebrities who are pro pro-life. andrea bochelli says i'm in favor of life. i do not share the idea of being able to interrupt life arbitrarily. i don't think a lot of people out there now realize the celebrities are pro-life. they many of them. >> dana: the quote, from her, personally do not share. maybe a reason they don't talk about this. they don't talk about personal faith. it's, it is faith and a belief
2:32 pm
that life begins at conceptio conception. that is one that i have. it's not a cause that i have dedicated any time or resources to. to me, i feel like it is very personal. some of these people, like celebrities like darryl hannah decided being against petroleum products and oil except for stuff for cosmeti cosmetics. you can have a platform to decide. charlton heston decided the second amendment was the cause he would care about. even after he has been long passed away, he is still subject of ridicule in hollywood. it can understand why they keep a lot of this to themselves. >> eric: kimberly, martin sheen who is very democratic, always supporting democrat. spoken out about his wife. she was conceived through rape. his wife's mother was thinking of aborting and decided not to
2:33 pm
abort. so he is pro-life. >> kimberly: incredible personal and moving story to share that. it goes to show you, he loved his wife, thank god she was born. her mom had the courage to have her under tremendously difficult circumstances. i applaud people like that, stick up for life. >> bob: that reminds me, some of the best conversations i have with people about this are people who almost had somebody aborted. either a mother or father, somebody said they would do it and didn't. the child turned out to be the greatest blessing in their life. >> dana: we have in my family, we have an open adoption. it has, it definitely opened my eyes to the importance of being able to find someone to love a child. >> greg: thank you for that, by the way. i live in the attic. >> dana: tight quarters. do you have enough air up there? >> greg: what is it about the left? pro-abortion and easter. what about eggs bothers them. >> kimberly: you are on to
2:34 pm
something. >> eric: the left adopted five children. they are the happiest -- they are the best family you have ever seen in your life. >> kimberly: incredible. five. >> eric: denver, colorado. and illinois. up next, feeling a bit down today? maybe facebook can cheer you up. we will tell you how social network affects your self-esteem. feel free to make us feel good. go to facebook page to click like why you are there. we'll be right back. we went out and asked people a simple question:
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how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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i'm chris wallace in washington. the big story here is the second day of same-sex
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marriage cases at the supreme court. tonight on "special report" the court takes on the defense of marriage act, the law denying federal benefits to legally married same sex couples and hint it may be struck down. we look at how religious folks get in the fight. it has been more than 100 day since the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. there has been a lot of talk about gun control, but what is actually happening? border patrol agents overtime hours are slashed part of the automatic sequester cuts. we look at how the secure will be now. in our week long series "what to cut," check out how tough is it to fire a federal worker. you to see it to believe it. on the grapevine, north korea propaganda machine runs aground. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> greg: new research shows facebook boosts people's self-esteem. another news, kittens are adorable and dana has a dog. researchers believe facebook is meaningful activity to apply sense of well-being at deep level. after you screwed up. facebook acts like a warm hug saying, "there, there." i say boo. first, boosting self-worth only matters if it's done through real effort and achievement. enhancing it any other way is artificially inflating a stoc stock. the value may appear to be high, but you are staring at trapped hair. artificial self-esteem may replace evident to build real worth so less young people doing hardwork to get ahead. the lower self-esteem drives high grades. people work harder if they feel they must. online self-integrity, however, might make you feel is it no longer necessary to do the harm work.
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affirmation on the social network, you are still no better off than you were before. look at jim carrey, a grown man retweeting compliments from teenagers to bolster his well-being. this is as soothing as a narcotic but like all narcotics it only works while you use it and the effect wears off leaving you where you were before only older. and with more followers. social network are great for people who cannot go outside. i will give you that. should it be -- is it replacing, dana, something -- >> eric: you can't replace dana. >> greg: no. you can't replace dana but is it replacing actual achievement to feel you get something out of this? >> dana: this could cut both ways. i feel like i know more people and feel like i'm much more well-rounded because i follow a lot of people. the opposite could be true, though. if you say a bunch of people watched "red eye" last night and said that show was amazing
2:42 pm
and you were punny, that was great. that feels good. but one tweet could be like are you the dumbest bimbo to walk the earth. >> greg: sorry about that. >> dana: that one can hurt more than all the others. it takes 20 good ones to take, you know, mask one bad one. you walk around with all day. >> greg: a guy came up with an equation. you need 12 positives for one negative. bob, what about you? you have had the experience with social media. >> bob: that was one of your best monologues and i understood it. democrat's why you liked it -- >> kimberly: that is why you liked it. >> bob: it discuss replace going out. self-esteem happens by accident. it doesn't happen by reading what people say. i mentioned this last week about the tie it with tweets, twitter. and how many positive things i got from it. i was really amazed. it made me feel great. it sent out a tweet today say in any one more thing an 17 people said, 17 so far said announce you're quitting the
2:43 pm
show. that is one more thing. they give you a week to make you feel like a million bucks and now they want me to quit the show. i'm not going to. i could get fired. >> greg: that is the curse. you rely on emore face cloud of -- >> eric: do you rely on it, though? is there any other addiction or abuse where if you hand it properly it won't take you down. alcohol or drugs. >> kimberly: it doesn't bother me at all. >> eric: if you can handle your social media post up and take the criticism. it doesn't kill you or make you do other things or whatever. a great tool to learn and -- >> kimberly: i like the aspect of it, though. >> bob: one thing you said that. i got to correct you. it may be true, you can do that. alcohol and drugs and addiction do not, you can't handle it. it's impossible. it will kill you. >> eric: i drink on a regular basis. >> bob: but you're not a drunk. that's okay. >> dana: that is what he's saying.
2:44 pm
>> bob: okay. >> greg: i want to get k.g. >> kimberly: thank you, greg. time for the next segment or "special report." >> greg: would you like me to a ask you a question? >> kimberly: no. i enjoy twitter. i prefer it to facebook because i feel like i learn something. i like tweets with the articles. it find that interesting. i do read all my tweets. i read them and i appreciate them. it's almost impossible to respond and write back to all of them. >> dana: so many people. look at her self-esteem. built up. >> kimberly: you are good. you write back. engaging. >> bob: i am going to write back to everybody who called me a fat commie. i could spend all night doing that. >> dana: what are your favorite tweets to get? >> greg: pictures of men. tremendous are some of those. but -- >> kimberly: there are some of those but they get blocked or detained. >> dana: right answer is jasper pictures. >> kimberly: right. >> greg: irony, most response on twitter for you is because of jasper and he can't
2:45 pm
enjoy it because he can't read. all right. don't forget, like our facebook page. [ laughter ] no. don't do it. all right. coming up, if you are betting on march madness the workplace you could gamble with your job. somebody tell bob. don't tell him! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] have you heard? herbal essences smooth and shine collections are back and more irresistible than ever. [ ding ] [ moaning ] [ male announcer ] with rose ps and chamomile... you'll fall in love with your hair... yes! yes! yes! [ male announcer ] ...all over again. herbal essences. say yes again to naturally irresistible hair. from the united states postal service
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>> bob: no secret i like to gamble and no secret i don't like the executive producer talking in my ear. so do other people this time of year. march madness in full swing. a lot of people have pools going but the brackets can be illegal. gambling on college sports is against the law almost wherever in the united states except for nevada. give us the stats. they spe $12 billion? >> eric: $12 billion.
2:50 pm
the reason why the fox polls and all the other office pools are illegal the government can't track it and tax it. so they push everyone to casinos where they can keep track of who is betting what. they get a percentage of the winning and 10% of the house. big business. i'm for opening it up. i think they -- everyone should be allowed to bet and gamble wherever the heck you want. >> dana: even in the office? if you had employees, if you owned a business and you think it's okay? >> eric: yeah, it's okay. i do. i do. >> dana: you are a very good boss. >> eric: i used to be. not anymore. >> bob: most offices have a pool. send around a bracket and fill it out. it doesn't take that much time to do it. by the way, a story -- you know the chances of getting every one right? >> eric: i looked it up with you. i know the answer. >> bob: 1 trillion -- nerve the world bet on march madness to get it exactly right, it's billion to one shot you can do it. >> dana: give at it try.
2:51 pm
>> bob: that is not -- >> kimberly: add it up. >> bob: go ahead. >> greg: ask me a question, bob. >> bob: sorry. greg? >> kimberly: he is a.d.d. right now. >> greg: i think gambling, i don't understand the artificial laws for gambling. i don't get it. i don't gamble. to me, gambling is a sign you don't have enough stress and that you are creating a layer of stress with your money you didn't have before. life for me is a gamble. i don't need to be thinking about the other thing going on. do have a gambling pool, though. but that is a hot tub in my basement. gamble when you get in it. >> kimberly: who would ever want to get in that hot tub? steel armor -- >> bob: do you gamble? >> kimberly: well, i don't mind a little bit of gambling. i like 21. what are you talking about, bob? >> eric: exactly. >> kimberly: i like blackjack. blackjack. i like the slot machines.
2:52 pm
that's kind of it. >> bob: good. exactly what las vegas wants. >> kimberly: i like football to bet on. >> bob: do you gamble? >> dana: i do not. does it surprise you? >> bob: no. >> dana: greg has a good point. maybe that is one of the reasons i don't. i never felt like i had money to spare. i find it boring. >> greg: i get stressed out. >> eric: you can gamble a small amount. you put money on a game, you're in the game. glued to the game. for me it's more enjoyable. >> kimberly: i prefer football. >> eric: florida gulf coast university plus 13 points over florida. take the over. 135 over. that is one, take louisville and lay the wood. >> dana: lay the wood? >> bob: one more thing is next. didn't even bother. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> kimberly: time now for one more thing. dana? >> dana: twitter has a lot of helpful things it provides now. a new website called fire me. and what it does, it tracks people two are tweeting things about how they hate their job. like "f" my job. then they rank them on the website and will send you a personal message to let you
2:57 pm
know you could be dangerously close to getting fired because your boss follows you. so i thought that was very helpful to know you have to fire me to find out if any of your tweets complaining about your job are on the website. keep it to yourself. don't put it on twitter. >> bob: i didn't know they could follow you on all of this stuff. i'm in trouble. >> kimberly: that is why it's good you don't type back much. just read it. eric? >> eric: so, prince harry is going to make another trip to the united states. may 9-15. last time, check it out. last time he was here, he made headlines. doing things he may regret. this time he is going to visit the new jersey shore. governor chris christie said he will take care of things this time. watch. >> i'm thrilled he is going to come. he wants to come and see the destruction himself firsthand. and he wants to be helpful. i'm going to be spending the entire day with prince harry. believe me, nobody is going to get naked. >> eric: we tend to agree
2:58 pm
with the governor. by the way, you got to start to like this guy. c'mon, conservatives, take another look. >> kimberly: oh, that is why you did. that so obvious. >> bob: glutton for punishment. >> kimberly: that was terrible. >> greg: that is why he did royalty. >> kimberly: hello, bob. >> bob: yesterday, i referred to the monkey i had. i asked everyone to send me a one more thing on twitter. all these things, not only should you leave the show, number one. number two, explain the monkey. calling a monkey an s.o.b. the reason i did that is -- >> kimberly: we didn't hear that part. >> bob: i had a monkey. and we let it alone in the apartment. it ripped -- just like that. the little -- ripped up all the furniture. ripped up everything else in the house. ate the electric wires and didn't get himself elec true cuteed and ate my only good pair of shoes. >> kimberly: why didn't you feed it? >> bob: we did. we left peanuts around. >> dana: why do you blame
2:59 pm
the monkey? you left them alone in apartment. >> bob: why? he had a big place for himself. >> kimberly: somebody call p.e.t.a. >> bob: he had five rooms. >> kimberly: doesn't seem so nice. greg? >> greg: jim carrey's latest tweet, read it for you. owning handgun is one thing but if you need more fire power than that, you are shooting blanks in the bedroom." he is not funny. but now he says it's okay to own guns. good job. in his video, that in the video he put out, that is gandhi. interesting to know that gandhi actually was quoted as one of the many misdeeds of the british rule in india that history will look at the arms act depriving the nation of arms. gandhi believed the fellow man should have the right to bear arms. sorry, jim. look it up. >> kimberly: look at my little girl. so sweet. this c


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