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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 27, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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saved by this chihuahua. very sweet. god bless her. she is recovering. don't want to say her name. but that is it for us "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> chris: the supreme court signals doma may fall -- dogma may fall. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> chris: good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the defense of marriage act denies federal benefit to legally married same-sex couples. today, the supreme court heard its second day of arguments on same-sex marriage, several justices raised concerns about doma. correspondent shannon bream was there. >> reporter: as protesters outside urged the supreme court to overturn the defense of marriage act or doma, inside the justices debated the underpinnings of the law,
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passed with large bipartisan majority in 1996 and signed in law by president bill clinton who is now disavowing it. today, justice elena kagan pointed to the law's history. >> i am going to quote from the house report here. congress decided to reflect and honor collective moral judgment. to express moral disapproval of homosexuality. is that what happens in 1996? >> reporter: there was an audible renext the courtroom. but not everyone was convinced that was the driving factor behind the landslide votes in both the house and senate. including chief justice john roberts who repeatedly questioned the implication. >> so, 84 same question i asked before. 84 senators base their vote op moral disapproval of gay people. >> former solicitor general paul clement represents the house members fighting to defend doma since the obama administration announced it would not said lawmakers considering the 1996 legislation asked the clinton justice department for its view of the constitutionality.
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three times. and each time they were given the okay. clemente argued that was hardly evidence of improper emetus. the case arrived by a woman who married her partner in canada. but at the time her partner died they were not recognized in the state that left her with a tax bill that would have been smaller if they were spouses. she tud to overturn doma. the specific claim, it was clear a number of justices have a problem with how the law is playing out in reality in 2013. denying numerous federal benefit to same-sex couples especially if they are legally married in their home state. >> every aspect of life, your partner is sick. social security -- it's pervasive. it's not as though this little federal sphere and it's only a tax question. it's, as justice kennedy said, 1100 statutes and it affects
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every area of life. >> others signal the broader issue of whether doma equates to the federal government speaking on an issue that is more properly left to the states. >> i think it is. the question is whether or not the federal government under our federalism scheme has the authority to regulate marriage. >> there are real concerns once again about whether the justices will get to the merits of considering same-sex marriage. the jurisdictionm and technical issues in this case were so thorny the court appointed an outside attorney to argue just those issues. spent an hour on that. before they got to question of whether or not doma should be struck down. chris? >> chris: shannon bream reporting from the supreme court on the windy day. thanks for that. as the court considers same-sex marriage, the culture war is running head-on in to religious people. whose views don't match society's friends. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports on why this week's cases no matter what the result won't be the last on this issue.
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>> worshipers of america's leading religions could suddenly become the newest class. beseeching sorority and court for greater quality and legal protection depending how the supreme court rules in the cases before it this week. suppose same-sex marriage is legalized in all 50 states, asks john cass, a greek orthodox columnist for the "chicago tribune." is it possible to be a traditional christian or muslim or orthodox jew and hold to one's faith on what institutes marriage and not -- constitutes marriage and not be considered a bigot? >> we are talking about 5,000 years of recorded history. what the catholic church for 2,000 years has said. i can tell you what marriage is. and how important marriage is. i would be very worried if somehow saying that it were interpreted than something other than living your faith. >> this is a day --
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>> proponents of same-sex marriage said they always ai aimed to steer clear of religious doctrine and kept a push for marriage equality, focused on the legal doctrine, equal protection and due process. >> gay rights advocates myself included. only want to be married civilly. we don't want to force anybody to be married in any church. no church would be required to marry anybody if it was against their beliefs. >> legal experts said a broad supreme court ruling removed all barriers to same-sex marriage would likely spawn a slew of new court cases centered on the concept of religious liberty. rather like those that arose from the obama administration 2012 been 2012 mandate, all emps including faith-based institutions must work to provide contraception to female employees. >> it could be similar that they cover spouses for spouses they don't recognize as spouses and you could see the religious colleges forced to offer married housing to
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same-sex married couples even if it violates that religion's principles. >> the 50th lawsuit against the contraception mandate filed this month by the baptist owner of a small business in largo, florida. the verdicts rendered in all of these cases by lower courts thus far proved a mix bag for the obama administration and plaintiffs mandating the channels. >> chris: more on this with the panel. thank you. in the wake of terrible shooting in newtown, connecticut, gun control said it was a game-changer, they would pass tough new gun controls. but as we reach a milestone, chief white house correspondent ed henry reports how little has changed. >> 100 days have now passed since president obama made this vow about gun control. memorial service for the victims of the sandy hook massacre. >> we can't tolerate this anymore. the tragedies must end. >> reporter: with momentum for reform sagging as more
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time passes the white house announced today the president will hold a big event thursday in the east room. >> we will stand with mothers who want congress to take action on common sense measures to protect children from gun violence. >> the move comes with three republicans threatening a filibuster when the senate votes in coming weeks. >> when there is a constitutional right at stake, it's important for to us utilize every procedural tool we have at our disposal. to make sure that those rights are not taken away from the american people casualty. >> that argument may be breaking through. with the new cbs news poll finding support for tougher laws reached a high of 57%, just after the sandy hook tragedy, support for stricter rules dipped to 47%. while 389% say they want the laws kept as they are. 11% say they want the laws made less strict. so the white house definition of progress now is holding a vote on an assault weapons ban, not necessarily getting it passed. >> i think that is, it represents progress. now does it mean, i can't stand here to guarantee it will pass.
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>> fox news poll last week found a slim majority of 51% of voters, support the ban on assault weapons. 85% want universal background checks. that is why former giffords wounded in the tucson tragedy two years ago released video today showing how easy it was for her husband to get a gun. >> like five minutes. >> five minutes. >> that is what we have to do is make sure everybody has to get a background check. >> while that may pass, vice president biden signaled the ban on assault weapons is a far heavier lift. >> the assault weapons ban and the limitation on size of magazines. let me say this as clearly as i can. this is just the beginning. we believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets. >> just the beginning, as if it might not pass now so we have to come back for a second bite down the road. worth noting the president outside group organizing for action is having a national day of action tomorrow on guns.
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but it focused on the background checks, not on assault weapons. chris? >> chris: ed henry reporting from the white house. thanks. lawyers for the suspect in the aurora colorado theater shooting james holmes have offered to have him plead guilty and serve the rest of his life in prison in order to avoid the death penalty. prosecutors have not yet accepted the offer. they are expected to announce a decision monday after consulting with the families of the victims. the arkansas senate voted 21-12 to override democratic governor mike bebe's veto, legislation to require voters to show photo i.d. before casting a ballot. the state house has yet to vote. each chamber needs a simple majority to override a veto in arkansas. double standard when it comes to the first family. that is later on the grapevine. up next, border security gets the sequester treatment.
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>> chris: the obama administration says the border is safer than ever. with the sequester cuts the u.s. borders won't get the hours on the front lines they used to. correspondent william la jeunesse has more. >> station more border patrol agents down at the border than ever before. if you just look at things like apprehensions, we're confident that the border is as secure as it has ever been. >> that may soon change. facing a $250 million budget shortfall. the border patrol is making cuts where it hurts most. on the front lines. >> the border is not secure. it's safer than it has been in decades. but it's by no means secure. and it won't be. >> late tuesday, border officials in washington told sector chiefs effective april 7 that the agency would eliminate overtime or drive-time. so instead of putting in an eight-hour shift on the border, line agents will spend as little as five hours there before returning to headquarters. many areas that is a 90-minute
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drive. once departed that area will be unmanned or unattended. until a replacement agent arrives hours later. leaving a huge gap in border security. >> this is the best thing that could happen to smugglers and coyotes and drug smuggling organizations. they already know that the border patrol is looking at staffing cuts. >> sources say eliminating overtime equates to losing about 4,000 agents. or 20% of the manpower. customs and border protection claims it's trying to minimize the impact but says in a statement, "the automatic budget reductions must be applied to virtually every program, project and activity, that d.h.s. has and will negatively effect the mission readiness and capabilities of the men and women on our front lines." >> with the new immigration bill expected soon, some lawmakers are worried. texas republican senator john cornyn tells fox news, "the obama administration's actions amount to nothing short of a calculated willful neglect of
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what should be a president's top priority. protecting the homeland and keeping americans safe." earlier today, senator john mccain tweeted a photo after touring the border with senator schumer, where he saw a woman scale an 18-foot steel fence before being apprehended. now the senator's assessment of border security is important, as the administration tries to build confidence while cutting manpower. congress considers dumping in more cash to satisfy those who question the administration's motives, and choices on the border. chris? >> chris: william la jeunesse reporting from los angeles. william, thanks for that. this week, we have been looking at small but frustrating ways government spends your money. in part three of our week-long series "what to cut," correspondent doug mckelway reports how hard it is to fire a federal worker. >> working for federal government traditionally meant a tradeoff. lower salaries but high job security. today, salaries are high and
3:16 pm
so is job security. one analysis found the federal government fired one-half of 1% of the workers in fiscal year 2011. five times fewer than the private sector. >> when president carter first came to office, he decided he was going to revamp the civil service process. no one really talked to him much after that in the federal agencies. it's extremely difficult to fire anyone in any agency unless you are sitting in a hot tub with a wine glass in charge of the g.s.a. regional office in the west. >> jeff neely the organizer of the conference was never fire fired. civil service administration permitted him to retire with benefit. another executive was fired in the vegas scandal was reinstated with the 11 month back pay. there was a case of employee repry manded for excellence -- reprimanded for excessive flatulence. he had a right to groove convenience, union representation and zil rights
3:17 pm
complaint. last january after all of that the reprimand was withdrawn. the three cases demonstrate the cumbersome process of discipline in the federal government. >> you can't manage an organization if you can't control who works and who doesn't. because of the office of personnel management rules and also the union contracts. >> the existing system has no shortage of support. >> they are the best educated public work force in the united states. they tend to be specialized. they could go to private sector earn more money. >> back in the past, unfortunately recently, political reasons played a large role in who got hired and fired in the federal government. often when a new president would come in, absolutely everyone would be fired. >> the broader point here is public employees deserve a due process the way other employees do. but we don't want to a
3:18 pm
protected class. otherwise you a disconnect that can lead to hos stillty. >> for the -- hostility. >> for the first time it's forcing hard choices. some work bless furloughed and agencies will be forced to cut back. >> it's about opportunity for government to look at the operations because it has the -- the wolf can't be kept from the door. >> yesterday, senator tom coburn wrote the office of personnel management demanding before any critical worker is fufurloughed they should target workers literally paid to do nothing or don't show up for work. in the past seven-year period the government lost 9,000 years of work as a result of awol employees. if you want to find out how much this is costing you the taxpayer, log on to click on the taxpayer calculator. >> chris: thank you. it will come as little surprise but americans are ticked off at washington. a new cbs poll finds 80% are dissatisfied or angry with the federal government.
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>> chris: yet another sign of aggression from north kore korea. pyongyang cut the last military hotline with south korea, one of the few symbols of cooperation between the two koreas. the hot line runs out of an industrial come flex the north that employee hundreds of workers from the south. no work what will happen to the south korean workers. from sea to land and now back to sea. the u.s. marines are getting
3:23 pm
back to basics providing rapid response teams for the military. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more. >> the u.s. military winds down the war in afghanistan, where the u.s. marines have been sent for years to fight in desert conditions, far from any ships or water. the pentagon is making plans to again place marine special operations team on board navy ships in the middle east and elsewhere. the units composed of 14 marines would serve as a rapid reaction force. like the one needed the night of the attack on the u.s. consulate and the c.i.a. annex in benghazi, libya. the current marine commandant explained why he wants marines to return to the mission in the wake of benghazi. in spite of tightening budgets. "when the crisis happen, they happen instantaneously. overnight. if you are going to respond you don't have time to gather forces back in the u.s. load them on the c-17s. fly them some place and land them on some country airfield that might not want you on
3:24 pm
their ground." >> it's a great idea. all we are seeing here is the marine corp return to the roots as the maritime service. over the past 12 years the marine corps spent so much time involved in the land wars in afghanistan and iraq, the marines really didn't have the ability to put their special forces on ships. >> commander chris harmer flew extraction missiles for the navy seal team in the 20 years in the navy as a pilot. this idea which will be tested in a war game this april is nothing new. >> really, this is a prudent placement of the resources. no one should read that this means that marines will be on the ground in syria or anything like that. what it does mean is that we are in a better position if there does something like benghazi happen, or maybe in mawli or niger where we have certain -- nyger where we have things going on. >> they have been a quick reaction at sea for 200 years now. they will test whether the special operations team will add value alongside other
3:25 pm
marine units on board navy am fibbous ready groups in the event of a hostage crisis or another attack on u.s. embassy similar to benghazi. chris? >> chris: jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. jennifer, thanks. afghan and nato military officials say they killed more than 20 insurgents in a two-day joint operation in eastern afghanistan. two civilians were wounded. there were no reports any afghan or international troops died in the operation. david petraeus as apologized for the extra marital affair with biographer paula broadwell that led to his resignation in november. it was his first public speech since he stepped down as the head of the c.i.a. in november. here is how petraeus started the speech last night at the university of southern california's annual rotc dinner. >> let me begin reiterating how deeply i regret and apologize for the circumstances that led to my resignation from the c.i.a.
3:26 pm
and caused such pain for my family, friends, and supporte supporters. >> imagine betting on federal elections legally. find out who was pushing that idea. what is wrong with this picture? the grapevine is next. what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask arch. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. >> chris: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine.
3:30 pm
this week, they reported where sasha and malia obama are spending their spring break. there was a scathing critique. reporters don't write about minor first children unless they attend official or semi-official events but consider this article that media hype discovered written by the same joan walsh in 2001 when the bush daughters were caught drinking underage in college. she questioned if there was a connection between the girls partying and then president george w. bush's struggle with alcohol. today, after the article was revealed, walsh says she regrets covering the bush daughters' drinking but said what they did was worse because it could be a security risk. this week, north korea released a picture showing amphibious vehicles engaged in a military exercise. the image was carried worldwide before its validity was called in question. media reports now say the experts found six of the
3:31 pm
hovercraft were photo shopped. presumably copied andpeaceed to make the drill look -- copy and pasted to make it look bigger. nevada democratic lawmaker wants to raise stakes of the horse race of a different kind. they are proposing a bill to legalize betting on federal elections, including presidential and congressional races. the bets are big winner for book makers outside the u.s.. they say the state of nevada should proif it from the gamers eager to press their luck. cypriot banks set to are open thursday for the first time in ten days under stricter controls. senior correspondent greg palkot looks at the impact of the bank bail-out on people of cyprus. >> they are happy to get some
3:32 pm
hands on cash. >> it's changing now. we don't know what to expect for tomorrow. to avoid a run on banks the officials place tight controls on financial transaction. there will be limits for how much money could be transferred out of the country. limits on how much cash is withdrawn and restriction on checks and credit cards. all of this is set to be temporary but it might be a wile before the big depositors of the troubled banks see any of their money. >> angry protests this week. security guards deployed at banks to try to head off any trouble. workers will now be paid and bosses can plan the fear is the restrictions will further damage the cypriot economy. not just banking but businesses needing investment. once they are lifted there could be a new cash, especially by the foreigners like russians, large savings expects here. >> too many assistance so everybody is waiting for the
3:33 pm
bank to open to start cash. hopefully we see the next step to the future. >> late word from authorities is that the banks here won't open tomorrow until noon. they will close later. it should make apprehensive crowds even more so. chris? >> greg palkot reporting from cyprus. thanks for that. greek police say a bomb targeting a ship owner's house exploded near the acropolis in central athens. no one was hurt because the area was evacuated half hour before the blast. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. stocks were mixed today. dow lost 33. the s&p 500 was down one. nasdaq gained four. well, it's day two of the same-sex marriage case case. as supreme court and fox panel weighs in on the argument about the defense of marriage act next. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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the question is whether or not the federal government under our federalism scheme has the authority to regulate marriage. >> chris: justice anthony kennedy widely regarded as the swing vote of the supreme court weighing in today on the defense of marriage act denying federal benefit to same-sex couples even if they have been legally married in their state. let's bring in the panel. fred barnes of "the weekly standard." charles lane for the "washington post." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. well, in the prop 8 hearing yesterday, several justices seemed concerned and uncertain whether they should hear the case. today on doma a number of justices were pretty well convinced it was intrusion by the government on what has been a state responsibility, marriage. how much trouble is it? >> a lot of trouble.
3:38 pm
from the comments of justice kennedy that said yesterday what you mentioned; that is, if the states decide definition of marriage, it's up to them. that part up today, where the federal government denied benefit for the couples in states they were legally married so it may be thrown out. that is not the most important part of doma. that part of it was barely talked about in 1996 when it passed. the important part is whether the states have to recognize same-sex marriage in another state. that is not the issue. it's not overturned by a lower court. headlines are saying doma in trouble. only one part of it. the most important part is not.
3:39 pm
>> that is an interesting point. justice kennedy has a problem. one hand he wants to strike it down on federal state rights ground. but over here is the california prop 8 case where the states right argument seems to uphold prop 8 because that was the state referendum in california. that said one man, one woman. yet yesterday in the previous argument he seemed to not want to hear that case. the trick for all the justices is to decide the cases on a consistent basis at the same time. so if they go off on the state rights grounds on doma, they are going to have trouble resolving -- >> chris: are there legal standing ipss for the people supporting prop 8? the state of california wasn't supporting. >> correct. but it seemed like justice kennedy and the others wanted to recognize their standing in that case.
3:40 pm
to go forward and hear the case on the merits. the main thing to keep in mind i think is that they have to mesh the two decisions. all comes together consistently. >> when the week began, charles, a lot of people, both sides were wondering, hoping, expecting that there would be a sweeping decision on same-sex marriage. >> it looks as if the justices are reluctant to do anything that happened yesterday. i disagree with chuck. these are separate issues. what they talked about yesterday about the proposition 8 is whether there is a constitutional right that overrides everything for an individual to marry, who he or she wants. what is at stake today not an individual right. today is the federalism issue.
3:41 pm
is it exclusively the role of the state to define what a marriage is? i think the weight of the arguement is it probably is that. justice kennedy i think will clearly be the swing vote on this issue. the question implies he would overturn doma or at least the part of it, as fred indicated. where the federal government is weighing in on what marriage is. but there is another choice. there is an off-ramp here. it would be wise if they took it. the procedural issues here are very, very complicated and unique. it's unusual for the congress to represent measure in the court, rather than the administration. so i think kennedy and the justices could easily rule that they have no standings, the issue is not before the court properly. look, if the issue is public opinion radically changed, which it has. in the 17 years or so, since
3:42 pm
doma was passed then it will be reflected in the congress as it always is ultimately. doma will be overturned in the congress which is where it should be. and then you won't have a sense of people saying well, it was done by the nine rogueed eminences on the court unilaterally. not a matter of ticktock, but a matter of democratically resolving the issue. that is the way that we ought to go. i think kennedy has at least the opportunity to end up pursuing that. >> chris: i want to pick up on that, chuck, because some of the justices were unhappy with the obama administration, the fact they decided they weren't going to defend the law in court. >> in a strange way is allows for a judicial repeal, or the judges to exercise veto over a law. instead of having the president, you know, do that. i think that, i got to disagree with charles in the
3:43 pm
following sense. the equal protection argument is in both cases. this idea that you know, the equal protection of the constitution gives everybody the same right. to marry. actually, it's the obama administration that is raising that in the doma case. didn't make a lot of headway with it. but it is, it is an issue in both cases. i guess the court seems to want to find a way to do as little as possible here. right? not to either decree nationwide gay marriage, or -- >> chris: to rule it out. >> or to rule it out. as i said before, the tricky path they are going to have to tread to get there involves making the two cases line up consistently. >> chris: i want to turn to james rosen's piece earlier in evening in the first segment, where he talked about if the court were to recognize same-sex marriage, that wouldn't the end of the issue. there would be all-kind of legal cases for instance if a
3:44 pm
university, religious university. notre dame let's say, has married student housing but they have it for heterosexual couples. do they have to provide it for same-sex couples? if they don't, can they be sued on that? this would open up a lot of issues. i wouldn't settle everything. >> it would mean the states would haven't to decide or have more referenda on whether or not gay marriage would be accepted or not of the. it would open up the issue of the tax exemption of churches and the property they have. and so many other issues. let a lot of christian fears is what will happen in the u.s. is -- >> why would itp ta, exemption of churchs? >> because there would be lawsuits against it. church would say same-sex marriage is wrong. and on the basis of that you are denying a constitutional right.
3:45 pm
systemone could sue. no doubt they would. it may not jeopardize it immediately but it could. christians fear what happened in canada. if you are someone i think in the 1990s when they approved same-sex marriage, that if you are a minister preaching the opposite, a hate crime. there have been prosecutions along that line. one thing won't naing the short run. christians, millions of them believe that the bible is the word of god. it mentions homosexuality seven times, all negatively. so they believe that the same-sex marriage is wrong. on the other hand, morally wrong. on the other hand, that doesn't mean as a secular matter that they will oppose same-sex marriage. >> chris: all right. we have to take a break here. next up, is it smart to leave our border unguarded because of the sequester cuts? 6 my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study...
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they say it's about the mission, but if it were, we'd be securing the border. it's the bottom line. that is the final answer. they don't care to secure the border anymore. >> shawn morran vice president of the national border papa troll upset how spending cuts will affect border security. we're back with the panel. facefaced with a $do million automatic spending cut, as part of the sequester, department of homeland security will cut overtime and drive time for border patrol agents. that means the time it takes to get from headquarters to the border and back. some of the places it can be 90 minutes each way. the result, we reported earlier tonight is that there might be what in effect is a 20% reduction in manpower on the border. an long periods of time when the border isn't being guarded
3:50 pm
at all. various points along the southern border. how serious is this, chuck? >> well, i have to say your union president there is saying what i expect the president of the union whose members are threatened by federal spending cuts to say like to put it in perspective. the border patrol has grown enormously in the last decade. five years according to the statistics i was reading it doubled in size in the last five years at a time we also know that illegal immigration is declining. for reasons that have to do with the economy and demography and mexico and bad economy here. i don't deny there is a service cutback but skeptical of the alarmist scenario. >> chris: are you as skeptical of the impact of $250 million cut in border patrol? >> no, but i'm skeptical about the motive. if there isn't anywhere else on the budget of this huge department that is constructing headquarters for years and years now. where i'm sure a lot of money
3:51 pm
ends up in the concrete. you know, this is a stunt that is not going to work. it's obvious that the administration is in every department trying to find the one noralgic area that will affect the public in the worst way. symbol of that is the white house tours. but that just isn't working. because that became so obvious that everybody understands. can you imagine how much waste is in that huge department that is remaining untouched? don't tell me that the money is unshiftable. the republicans have offered to give the administration the power to move the money around. obama has said he not only won't do it but he would veto a bill that allowed him to shift the money around. this is clearly a stunt to get people to hurt at the receiving end of services. like the border patrol. like white house tours and blame it on the republicans. it's not going to work. >> chris: this is called in washington, there is even a
3:52 pm
name for this kind of tactic. firemen fire. you fire the most visible people first to show how horrible and draconian the budget cuts are. i'm not saying that is what the administration is doing. but that is certainly what -- >> i am saying that. >> i understand you're saying that. >> of course that is what you're doing. no question. it's also the washington monument syndrome, the most visible thing you close it. it's already closed anyway for repairs. >> noa let me pick up on this, though. doesn't it come at just the worst time? it's interesting because let's take your skeptical not cynical but skeptical view to say the administration is doing it to say the sequester cuts are terrible. this comes at the same time the administration is pushing immigration reform. all of the immigration plans demand border security and the certification of the security so isn't this going to hurt the administration as it tries to get comprehensive immigration reform. >> it will hurt the administration. it's short-sighted. the one person who can kill immigration reform in 2013 is
3:53 pm
president obama. he is off to a good start. i mean for instance he is championing legislation that will never pass. that will, you know, you -- any illegal immigrant in the united states will be instantly eligible. go down the path to citizen. that is not going to pass. now this. he is making it very, very hard for a compromise to be reached. by the eight senators and four republicans and four democrats a very good compromise and will pass something like that. as long as the president doesn't continue stunts like this. >> chris: chuck, you are shaking your head. >> the stunt only backfires or whatever it is if people fall for it. i'm saying don't fall for it. there is no real reason that a moderate cutback in what the border patrol is doing. [ overtalk ] >> chris: you don't know that that is true. you don't know that if the border is unguarded because
3:54 pm
you're losing drive time, losing overtime. i understand. union has an interest to play. it's conceivable it could mean fewer guards on the border. >> there is documentation that fewer mexicans are trying to get in the united states today. many fewer. many fewer -- >> chris: let me say for a second and put this on the screen. we have a graphic that shows this is true. you can argue the reason. but back in fy-2000. 1.67 million people ary hended on all the border. last year, 364,000. it's dramatic down. one can argue because border security is beefed up. or argue we have suffered aer isable recession. >> the main reason -- suffered a terrible recession. >> the immigration age cohort of the mexican population dropped dramatically because the birthrate has gone down. the mexican economy is dramatically improved over what it was. i'm calling on everyone to calm down.
3:55 pm
>> 20% cut is not a small -- >> if that is what it really is. >> even if all of that is true, i think hanging up a sign all across the border saying that during happy hour on wednesdays and thursdays there will be nobody at the border. might actually contribute a somewhat up-tick in infiltration. >> people organizing the trips across the border know when it's attended or not. >> chris: now we are doubling and increasing that time. that is going to make a difference. the problem is that it is going to, not at a reduce the numbers. it's the issue why was this required in the first place? it's purely a matter of partisanship. you call me skeptical. that is inadequate. i'm cynical. i'm so cynical i make diaganes look credulous. with this administration, i don't buy anything they are telling me. when they reopen the white house so little iowa tots can go on the visit i will begin believing in them again.
3:56 pm
>> chris: well, we are all looking forward to that. i want you to be credulous. dogene? my gosh, that was impressive. that is it for the panel. but stay tupeed to see another example of why cats and dogs just plain don't like each other.
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finally tonight, there are new study that find animals like to imitate human behavior. here is a perfect example with some unhappy results. ♪ >> oh well. i have to say. [screams] [ laughter ] that's just plain mean. it's mean.


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