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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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smith. back tomorrow. factor is coming up. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> ♪ california dreaming ♪ on such a winter's day >> bill: more financial madness in california. a bureau craft is given a pension worth a half million dollars a year. and the folks have to pay for it. can bob beckel justify that? we'll find out. we just try to make sure we don't say the easter bunny so we don't infringe on the rights of others. >> bill: more madness about christian holidays this time in alabama of all places. we will tell you what's going on there. >> we are like wimpy and the popeye car tunes. everybody is on the mooch. >> dennis miller on forced government cutbacks and an outrageous ad by the ford motor company.
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caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more financial madness in the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. factor viewer dave nichols. who lives in okeechobee, florida believes that california will be america's cyprus and he might be right. the golden state currently owes a whopping $164 billion, which it can never, never repay without selling san francisco to beijing. so, when california eventually defaults on its massive debt, which it will. the spector of state officials seizing private property might not be all that crazy. right now the good folks who live in california paying the highest taxes in the nation. 21% when you add the state income tax to the state
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sales tax. and the financial madness in california is epitomized by the case of 63-year-old susan muranishi highest paid administrator in the state perhaps the nation making an astowntding $424,000 a year. but thankfully for the taxpayers, susan will soon be retiring. i made a mistake. i said thankfully she will soon be retiring. ready? in retirement, susan muranishi will be making 470,000 bucks per annum. that's right. the county has awarded susan a package worth nearly a half million bucks every year for life. >> a healthy woman of 63 has a life expectancy of 22 years more. and when you calculate her pay package times 22 years, the county taxpayers are going to be paying her well
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over $9 million in her retirement. so how could this happen? well, it's all about political corruption. has a big job. she oversees a number of county agencies but she did not find a cure for cancer. in alameda oak win and many other counties the power structure and unions take care of themselves and the taxpayers have no blanking idea what's going on. i mean, do you have time to attend county hearings? i don't. craven politicians often sell out to the unions and give them huge pension benefits so they will not strike or cause trouble. where i live in nassau county, new york. benefits are through the roof. working folks actually have to move out of the county because they can't afford the property taxes. cities like stock don and san bernardino, california, detroit, central falls, rhode island, and the entire county of jefferson and alabama have all collapsed financially. and many more are on the verge. >> as we are seeing on the
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national level, politicians are buying votes by promising people stuff. then turning around and giving unions and local governments anything they want. the result? the u.s.a. is in huge trouble financially. but susan muranichi is not. she will be living large in california for the rest of her life. i hope she sends thank you cards to each and every taxpayer in the county. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction with us the co-host of the five bob beckel and you say? >> i say what's the big deal? in this country you free marketeers at this it's a great idea to go and negotiate contracts. she negotiated a contract with somebody, whether they were democrats or republicans. they signed it she got the best deal she could. he she could have said hey, only give me 60,000 because i want to be nice to the county. just like you get what you want to get when you negotiate which is a will the. what difference is it? >> so you don't see the difference between the
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taxpayers paying susan's salary and private industry paying my salary? you see no difference between that at all? >> i don't at all they are supposed to vote. if they wanted to vote for people drive tough bargains let them vote for it if they don't that's not get involved. >> bill: you don't see the difference between folks picking up the tab and corporations picking up the tab? you don't see the public and private? bob beckel. >> running the california is bigger than running ibm. are you kidding me? >> bill: no it's not. >> yes, it is. >> ibm things you produce. in alameda hundreds of agency to run. >> behind closed doors they sell the folks out. because it's easier that way. it's easier to deal with the unions by giving them everything you want. folks have no clue. you have one thread. just one, beckel. of a good point. that the folks keep voting them in.
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and california is a perfect example. sacramento is controlled by liberal democrats. big spending, big government people. they don't hide that they say we want to spend more even though we owe so much money we can't pay it back. and the folks say, you know what? i want that, too. i will vote for you. so they're getting the government they deserve. >> true. two threads, royale. if you don't mind me saying so. collective bargaining in this country you take your value and go in front of people and say here is what you think it is worth. if you don't like that, then let's negotiate. strike or don't strike. >> bill: what you are not understanding and will never understand because you are bob beckel is that the politicians are selling the folks out. they are not negotiating contracts for the good of the taxpayer. they are negotiating for the good of themselves. and the democratic party right now is the party of entitlement. it's buying votes by saying we will give you everything you want if you vote for us and we don't care that there is a 17 trillion-dollar debt. we don't care. and that's putting all of
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us in danger. >> and you are bill o'reilly and this is what is wrong with your thinking which is that when you say something like that, it's putting us all in danger. first of all, we have been through, this i'm not as big -- >> bill: you don't think the debt is a be pronchts i think in time we will be just fine. leaving that aside, i don't understand why you say they are selling people out because, they give away things to people that they're entitled to have. >> bill: no, they are not. nobody is entitled to have all of the free services. >> negotiating privileges of a group of people? that's what i'm talking about. >> entitled to negotiate. and i don't begrudge the unions because i am a union member in stag the screen actor's guild. i don't begrudge getting what they can for the workers. i'm laying on the politician. craven, you know what craven means. craven politicians who care nothing about financial responsibility and all they want is to get real elected -- reelected and give away stuff because when it collapses i will be
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down in miami some place. you mean to tell me that you are okay with a county administrator getting $500,000 in pension for the rest of her life? you don't think that is ridiculous? come on. is it ridiculous or not? >> you want to insult me one more time by asking me if i know what craven is. i might or might not answer your damn question. >> bill: if you think it's okay you are craven. >> oh really? i'm craven? and you are not craven. >> bill: don't think $500,000 a year for public. >> for a ceo of something most bigger. >> bill: she is not private. she is getting paid for by the folks. >> the folks are like the politicians negotiate the contract. we have been around this circle here. your talking points fall flat because this is america and you have a right to negotiate and that's what she got. >> bill: you don't believe the politicians are selling people out? >> i believe politicians have been selling people out before julius caesar. that doesn't matter. >> bill: doesn't matter? >> does it matter you? are suggesting these are liberal democrats. that's your shot here.
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>> let's go after the liberal democrats. >> bill: here is what i am suggesting liberal democrats including you are leading us to fiscal disaster. the state of california is going to default. i believe if we don't stop the federal madness, we will do that in the united states as well. last word. >> fiscal conservatives who run things like wall street banks almost took us under. i have much more faith in unions than i do in housing banks wall street. >> bill: bob beckel, everybody, happy easter. >> happy easter to you too. >> don't be craven. >> don't be creative you either. >> bill: word of the day. the governor of florida says the state will investigate florida atlantic university for anti-christian behavior. later, miller on debbie was sermon shoults saying members of her staff cannot afford to eat in a healthy manner. does miller feel sorry for them? we're coming right back. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. but, turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mi
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>> bill: anti-christian behavior. as we reported earlier this week student ryan rotela tossed out of a communications class when he refused to stomp on a piece of paper containing the name jesus. that academic exercise was ordered by dr. deandre poole a democratic activists hot university hired to teach the communications class. after our initial reporting, the university apologized. >> on behalf of all of us here at fau, we are deeply sorry for any hurt this incident might have caused our students, people in the community and beyond. as an institution of higher education we embrace academic freedom but with that comes a level of responsibility which we did not uphold it was insensitive and hurtful and we are truly sorry. >> bill: i thought that was a good statement. but, despite that, florida governor rick scott launching an investigation. joining us now from washington republican indicate obenshain as well as democrat and fox news
5:14 pm
analyst kirsten powers and you say powers? >> well, i agree that was a good statement. the only thing i would add to this was this was just stupid. so, and it's a really bad advertisement, unfortunately for liberalism. i consider myself a liberal. i don't think this is the type of behavior most liberals would engores. it wasn't just insensitive it was intolerant and, you know, we can just do a quick thought experiment and say would the professor ever say write muhammad on a piece of paper and jump on it the answer is no. >> bill: be that as it may, whether it is stupid or dr. poole is a genius and we just all don't understand his intellect, what bothers me about this, powers, is that they hired a democratic activist, a person currently working as for the democratic party. we have investigated the school. they don't have any republican activists on the staff. he shouldn't be in the classroom in a communications classroom. if he wants to retire from
5:15 pm
the democratic political machine, then, fine. but not while you are working there. do you see that as a problem, powers? >> not in itself. if it's disclosed. i don't think because someone has political views they can't be a professor. each if they are actively working in the democratic party of the school they are in. >> no. adjunct professor. i don't know what the status of this professor was. >> bill: have to balance and there wasn't any balance. >> right, that's fair. sure, there should be balance. >> bill: how do you see, this kate? >> well, i think the problem is more institutional wide in our colleges and universities in that this sort of liberal activism in the classroom is protected by the university structure. it's protected by absurd campus speech codes and diversity policies where you can't say anything that would slightly offend somebody, which is ironic given what happened to this ryan who was deeply offended. but, professors can do or say whatever they want. but if students step
5:16 pm
outside the leftist orthodoxy, even slightly, they are subject to these sensitivity training classes. to to being kicked out of classes to even being expelled. that's sort of the lockdown of intellectual diversity and the free and open exchange of ideas. the whole point of our university system and then we're seeing what happens, the chilling effect that's happening on public discourse in general where you can't say anything hurtful for offense so there is no conversation anymore. it's just hurling. >> bill: can't say anything hurtful on the right you can on the left. can you call christians bigots. if you don't believe in global warming. troglodyte.teresting to another word of the day, powers. you can do all of that and a the left whipping orthodoxy will shepard and protect you. if you go out and challenge that then you are in trouble. we have established through surveys and everything else that at the nation's university systems it is
5:17 pm
heavily weighted towards democrats and liberals on the faculty. do you see that as a troubling situation, powers? >> well, i see the results of that in itself, look, i think a liberal can be a great professor. my parents were professors and they were liberal. but, it is a problem what kate is talking about. i agree with. >> bill: no, the numbers are so overwhelmingly left. is that a problem because you know you are not getting, if you are a college student in many of the major universities, you are not getting any balance in the presentation. it's almost indoctrination just on shear numbers. >> i just disagree that someone who is liberal or conservative, necessarily indoctrine united states. >> bill: did you go to college? did you go? i went to a working class school and i had those loons all day long. >> no. i said that it's a problem in our universities. but i don't know -- i don't think just in itself a person who is liberal or is conservative going to
5:18 pm
indoctrinate. >> bill: do you see it as a problem, kate. >> absolutely part of the problem. the liberal course offerings. the liberal professors. the liberal administrators, they bring in only leftist speakers to speak on college campuses. it's epidemic. stanford getting rid of class on capitalism despite the incredible student demand. university of chicago. 100 professors didn't want a milton freidman institute because it was too conservative because of all the gender studies and other things they offer at the school. systematic within our university. 's extremely troubling because of what is happening that we are churning out these kids that know not how to think but what to think. >> bill: 60% of them under the age of 30 voted for the democratic party in the recent presidential election. which shows you the indoctrination is working. ladies, thanks very much. directly ahead. another school says no to the easter bunny. when will the christian leadership in this country finally stand up? actor jim carrie causing
5:19 pm
major angst by mocking charlton heston over the gun issue. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, my newspaper this week posted on bill o' tomorrow evening challenges christian leadership in america to do something about the attacks on their traditions. you rarely see those kinds of assaults against jews or muslims. in places like alabama, the easter bunny now on the run. >> we have had a parent question us about some of the things that we do here at school so we are just trying to make sure that we respect and honor everybody's differences we just try to make sure we don't say the easter bunny so we don't infringe on the
5:23 pm
rights of others. >> bill: academic bunny or something. with us the senior pastor of the powerful first baptist church in dallas dr. robert jeffers. we talked about this before a few weeks ago. to me. it's inexplicable. if you do something anti-semitic, the jewish faith has put together a number of organizations that will come right out and get in your face. if you insult allah or muhammad, the prophet, the muslims, you know, you will be threatened with death. all right? and we certainly don't want that. now, we see the school districts saying easter bunny. now, we know that easter bunny is a secular symbol and it's just to bring pleasure to children so they can have some kind of fun, primarily religious ceremony for adults. this is insulting to christian believers, is it not? >> absolutely is and i think the reason, bill, people aren't standing up and fighting back. many christians think it's unchristian to stand up and fight for your rights. >> you have got to turn the
5:24 pm
other cheek? is that what it is. >> that is certainly true in personal offenses. i would remind pastors this past year the apostle paul spent two years fighting against the legal system to preserve his right to speak freely. we need to do the same thing as well. the other problem bill is is that a lot of christians have bought into this perverted idea of the first amendment. they don't understand the first amendment simply says congress can't establish a state religion. it has nothing to say about easter egg hunts. it's not a state religion. >> bill: no court is going to stop a easter egg hunt? >> absolutely not. >> bill: when you go to alabama. the heart of the bible belt, and you have a school district saying, you know, i'm sorry, using the word easter is insulting. it's insulting to not use the word easter in alabama, to 90%. yet, the 10% who would be upset by the easter bunny, they should be institutionalized by the way. their rights, so-called rights are given, you know,
5:25 pm
preference than everybody else. and i will never get that i will never understand that. >> part of it is this freedom from religion foundation they say and many americans have bought into this that somehow there is a freedom from the expression you never have to see a nativity scene or hear prayer at graduation or participate in a easter egg hunt. there is no guarantee. it's a freedom of religious expression. >> bill: it has on the local level been perverted the first amendment the wall of separation and all of that but, the basic point is that the christian community, 80% of americans describe themselves as christian. scattered. it's scattered now. you don't deal with the atlantics. -catholics, the mormons don't deal with the baptists. there is no central authority. >> bill, i will correct you kindly on one thing. i do cooperate with the catholics. i stand with the catholic church and we march in the pro-life movement. >> bill: who do you stand with though? what person?
5:26 pm
there isn't a leader in the american catholic church, right? >> right. >> it has to be local priests that i work with. >> bill: there is is no board or anything like that. >> no, there isn't. >> bill: no christian society like the jewish defamation league. >> fortunately we have the liberty institute that stood up for the students that you were talking about earlier. >> that's a privately funded. >> that's right. >> there is no christian organization that can come out and say you just insulted jesus, you know, in a publicly funded institution, the state of florida. hey, you better knock it off. >> well, and that's the downside, but i do think, bill, all of our viewers, what they need to do is start pushing back against this kind of stuff. >> bill: how? >> let me give you an illustration. years ago a principal told my 3rd grade daughter that she couldn't pass out a water bottle at school because it had a bible verse on it i called him up and politely but nicely said my daughter has first amendment rights as a christian and as an american. she is free to do that. he finally backed down. now, i believe that christians everywhere on the local level would start
5:27 pm
pushing back against this encroachment, i think we might see it stop. but the other side of this is, you know, the power of the resurrection message is powerful enough to overcome these wacko professors you have been talking about. >> bill: i'm not sure about that. >> it will. it prevailed over the roman empire it will prevail but until then we need to stand up. >> bill: right now, christianity is on the run in this country. >> absolutely. >> bill: getting pounded. maybe you are right eventually. i want to mention that the pastor is opening with the largest church in america. >> largest church building program protestant building program in modern history. 130-million-dollar project. we open up easter sunday on five blocks of downtown dallas. we encourage any viewers to come and see it. >> bill: look at that. >> that's our fountain we dedicated on last sunday night. it's magnificent. water features that go along with great hymns. spiritual oasis in the heart of america's greatest city. >> bill: happy easter to you. >> thank you. >> bill: will vice president biden make a run for the presidency?
5:28 pm
challenging hillary clinton? carl cameron has some inside information. and then dennis miller on some democrats going hungry on capitol hill. also ford ad the company does not want you to see. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ your finances can't manage themselves,
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>> bill: washington beat segment tonight. will vice president biden run for president? and will the obama administration enforce the defense of marriage act should the supreme court
5:32 pm
find it constitutional? from washington, ace fnc correspondent karl rose and james -- james rosen and carl cameron. >> we heard him hint about it in 2016 race when he was the running mate of the president. since then he has taken every opportunity available to make it look like he is going to run. during the second inaugural when the president was having all the balls and the big celebration earlier this year biden invited a whole bunch of powerful visitors from iowa and new hampshire the two states that vote earliest in the primary process to the naval observatory. the vice president's mansion and cozied up with him big time. since then he has taken two big speaking opportunities in a couple of very important early voting states. michigan and south carolina will be having their upcoming big fundraising dinners, jefferson jackson fund raiser in april. he will head line both of them. south carolina is the first in the south primary it really matters. what is happening hillary clinton no longer in
5:33 pm
office. absence to write a book and figure out what she wants to do has created lots of opportunities for others to take. joe biden has been jumping into them. in her absence is he positioning himself pretty effectively to run if he doesn't. by most accounts if she does run she is the 800-pound elephant. >> bill: biden will be 92. >> he would be 74 years old three weeks after the 2016 election. that would make him the oldest ever. but, hillary clinton. >> bill: good shape he just looks 92 because of what is going on the heads thing. >> three more years of the obama administration on his record which is a targets hillary clinton can escape. >> bill: you say i that biden would step aside if hillary clinton decides to run? >> that's what's interesting a lot of people are suggesting exactly that are you suggesting that or would they go would they go man on man. >> biden is going to do everything necessary to wait until hillary makesher de.
5:34 pm
>> bill: he would step aside. he is not going to challenge her. >> you never know. that's one of the major major speculations. there has been signals around biden's camp that's a distinct possibility. >> bill: rosen, as you have been reporting the supreme court is looking at this defense of marriage act signed by bill clinton although now mr. clinton regrets signing it for reasons that we don't quite understand. but, anyway, so say the supreme court comes back and says, you know what? congress passed this. it was signed by the president. and if you want to undo the defense of marriage act, congress has to vote -- we're not going to do it. we are not going to impose ourselves on the nation's law. will the obama administration enforce the defense of marriage act if that happens? >> well, bill, as your viewers know, president obama has, as he he put it evolved on this question of same sex marriage. >> do you think that they evolved all did it no one
5:35 pm
does a 180 in politics. it's an evolution and you should be hip to that subtly. >> bill: i am hip. >> the president has changed his mind on this subject. that confusion on the subject has extended to the official administration policy on it, most notably at the department of justice. there, two years ago, the attorney general of the united states eric holder announced that the administration will no longer defend dome marks the defense of marriage act that president clinton signed into law almost 20 years ago. would no longer defend it in court. but we will still enforce the law as a matter of enforcement. >> bill: he has to enforce it. >> legally the administration usually dengedz existing law in court when it is asked to do so. >> bill: but now they won't? >> and if the supreme court says it's okay. then they almost have to defend it, right? >> well, and keep in mind only one portion -- bill, only one portion of doma is up for review before the supreme court. and that is whether or not
5:36 pm
it's legal for the federal government to withhold federal benefits from same sex marriage -- married couples. the portion of the law that makes it okay, legal, for one state to not recognize the validity of another state's same sex marriages is not up before the court. >> bill: it's just a benefit package? >> but the justices at the supreme court during today's oral arguments were just as troubled as you are apparently about duality of thought not going to defend the law in court but enforce it out on the streets. the justices said what is your test for -- they asked the government's lawyer today in the oral arguments, what is your test for deciding which laws of the land you are going to defend in court and which ones you won't? justice kennedy, who is often the swing vote on these cases said that this was troubling. >> bill: troubling. all right. very good guys, we appreciate it when we come right back, it will be miller time. outrageous ad by the ford motor company. some democrats going hungry, ladies and gentlemen on capitol hill. miller is next.
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5:41 pm
budgetary times there are many other important issues that we have yet to face. we have to come together and promote initiatives that improve the quality of life in the house of representatives. we already have employees who are making a sacrifice to engage in public service as a career choice. being priced out of being able to actually eat a high quality male should not be one of the challenges that they face. >> bill: joining us now from santa barbara, california, the always perspicacious dennis miller. apparently her staff, mrs. shoults' staff not being able to eat healthy, miller. >> well, ordinarily i would call b.s. on this but that woman next to her looked like hell. so maybe there is some truth to it. debbie wasser isman shoults, what a waste of a hyphen. this empty-headed adult perm man can. we got soldiers calling into my show telling me that they are getting their tuition they were promised cut when they get back to the war and this jerk is is whining about some butt
5:42 pm
kissing staff of hers not being able to afford aio play with their bologna on white. this stuff has got to stop. rise up, america. rise up! >> bill: i want to give everybody some perspective, miller, that the staff members for all the congressional people have a fairly good cafeteria option turkey chilly today for example $255. grilled strip lion, whatever that may be. 7.95. turkey breast, 6.50, miller. >> billy, i remember the old days. i remember the old days when we called a grilled loin interrogating a stripper. >> bill: i don't remember those days, miller, i'm glad you do. okay. so, this is another attempt to engender sympathy from the taxpayer by saying, you know what? you can't have any government cuts because my
5:43 pm
staff can't eat healthy anymore when this menu is far below what you would pay if you went to ruby tuesday's. you know what i'm talking about? >> billy, if the american electorate is buying this, they are idiots. all is lost. if they are going to elect biden who, to me is perfectly emblematic of the times. a brag gart not much to brag about. the country is lost. forget leaving the country. biden gets. in i leave the planet. >> you are not going to leave, miller. you got good thing with the bolder fresher show. >> i will still fly in on the cord for those do they have it anymore. >> it was replaced by jetblue. >> billy, concede to me at least the world has gone nuts. it is and was sermon schultz up there whining. >> you and i are tasked to bring it back. on that note, the ford motor company, somebody smoking something there, maybe they are based in denver or washington state. put the ad up, please. and let miller see what
5:44 pm
we're talking about here. now, the tag line is leave your worries behind. miller. all right? a hatch back. and then they are showing the kardashian people and paris hilton implying that they have healthy hinds. or something. now they had to pull this ad, ford did and you say? >> little hatch back, if that's the scale, that's the spruce goose, what are you kidding me? and by the way, they haven't pulled the one where you are driving around with the chics from "the view" that's my favorite. >> bill: i had a semi. they were way in the back with just me in the cab. >> kenworth. you up there with claude aikens. >> bill: who is in the back what have you got in the back there? i don't know. >> this is the next phase of the kardashians career. they are going to sue people who just notice
5:45 pm
their precip eyes from the top of the heap. i'm not going to fall prey to it. i'm not going to get sued. there are barry moores, red graves. geniuses. >> those were actors, talented people. these people i don't know what they have ever done. the barry moores, the red graves. they are brilliant actors. and i don't know how this happened here. >> billy, when i say i'm not going to fall prey to this. and they're the barry moores, right in there is the number of the joke. you realize that? >> i got to get you the cliff notes? we have been together for three years. it doesn't matter, miller, like 90% of our audience, i don't know what you are talking about. what was with this guy's church? shouldn't they be more humble? >> lady of steve wynn. whats the hell was that church about? >> bill: he is bringing the lord in a very flamboyant way to people who. >> i know.
5:46 pm
>> that's why i went to to meet the lord. >> bill: happy easter, miller. >> the fountains are going off. the fountains. praise be the fountains. >> bill: he is a pagan. the score card on the boulder fresher tour. denver sold out. kansas city a few tickets remain. same thing in d.c. portland oregon and spokane washington will be sold out by next week. west bury long island nearly sold out. we put premium tickets on sale where you can actually meet miller and me. you know, careful what you wish for. check out all the shows on bill o' on deck, greg gutfeld very angry with jim carrey. moments away. purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes!
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that in we begin with jim carrey mocking charlton hesitate stolen who was a progun guy. >> charlton hesitate stolen movies are no longer in demand ♪ immorality soul melee forever in the sand ♪ the angels wouldn't take him up to heaven like he had planned ♪ because they couldn't pry that gun from his cold-dead hand. >> what did he say? ♪ it takes a cold dead hand to decide to pull a trigger ♪ takes a cold dead heart as well as i can figure ♪ as long as can with your pro [bleep] is bigger ♪ but we know your chariot may not be swinging low >> bill: here now to explain further juliet huddy. i just thought that was terrible. you don't mock the dead. >> mocking a dead guy country bumpkin. >> bill: i want to be very
5:51 pm
clear. charlton hesitate stolen was a good, honest guy and twice the man jim carrey is, in my opinion. carrie has never done anything for the country that i can see. he is a talented comedian and that's it. heston, you know, he marched with martin luther king, heston did. yeah, he was a progun guy, so what? so i thought that was a cheap shot. and what's the fallout? >> here's the deal. the fallout is that folks like ann coulter, our own greg gutfeld and laura ingraham and folks are mad at him and folks are saying it was not funny. >> bill: anything else other than the ideological fallout? >> getting a lot of use. funny or die. >> bill: i have to correct you when you say our own. okay. i don't own gutfeld. i don't have anything to do with gutfeld. >> my little friend greg. >> bill: our little friend is fine. own we don't want to own gutfeld. >> this is getting hits but it's not funny. that's the problem. >> bill: because of the political component. now, here is what gutfeld said, go. >> this video only made me
5:52 pm
want to go out and buy a gun. he thinks this is biting satire going after rural america and a dead man. let's talk about charlton hesitate stolen. he was one of the first actors to be behind thets moven march. what did this jackass jim carrey do he was behind the anti-vaccine panic. 160,000 people died from measles. jim carrey has killed more people than all the rifles combined. >> bill: i think that might be overreaction from gutfeld. >> he is giving relevancy to guys not relevant anymore. >> bill: whats watt measles thing? do you know what that was about? >> he did some campaign. yet another unfunny thing. >> bill: about autism? >> yeah. jenny mccarthy and she had a son with autism. >> bill: carrie said if you if you get vaccine. >> she was on that rampage, too. part of that whole thing. >> bill: let's go to a lighter situation. you watch this millionaire program? >> i can't say that i do
5:53 pm
but i have heard something. i have heard something about you being. >> million mayor program, syndicated show and they had this. go. >> historical account written in the style of a thriller, bill o'reilly's 2011 best-selling book is titled "killing -- whom? >> os -- oswald, hoffa, lennon, lincoln? >> wow, okay. >> d, lincoln, final answer. >> it is lincoln. you got it right. [cheers and applause] >> for 15, we are adding to the bank. how about $15,000. >> bill: what are you 45,000 for that? did that guy get 45 grand for that? >> your question on jeopardy now you you are on millionaire. >> bill: did he get 45 grand for that? is that what he got?
5:54 pm
they should take it away. he should have known it in two seconds. >> you should be very happy that your books are being touted on all these game shows? >> bill: do you know how many copies "killing lincoln sold? >> 2.4 million. >> yet you won't give me one for free. >> bill: i give you one for free. i gave you the audio. [ laughter ] >> i like to read. believe me i can read. >> bill: i know you are very intellectual. [ laughter ] happy easter. there she is. factor tip of the day about cell phone etiquette. the tip 60 seconds away. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. it shows. we don't run like that. we build john deere equipment the way we always have: the right way. times change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >> time for tip of the day in a moment about cell phone etiquette. bill, a home run for site prupru cyprus' he economy.
5:56 pm
i'm all over this. and phil, raleigh, north carolina, bill, i respect krauthammer, but agree with you. favors the nanny state, we're in big trouble. havasu city, arizona, as a public high school teacher i can tell you that glenn beck is correct regarding bias. i nearly lost my job when i dared to present alternative viewpoints to global warming. john thomas, bakersfield, california, you told glenn beck they can stomp on your name all day long. hello, mr. spin zone, you would jump up and down. i guess you've been in the rain forest, john. i have been attacked on a daily basis, all the time. just makes me stronger. neil morton, florida, bill, i will tell you why no one should ever stomp on your name. you do it wrong and someone has a stronger argument and you present both sides of the
5:57 pm
issue. i appreciate that. from arkansas, o'reilly, you're correct that clinton and obama changed their positions on gay marriage for political reasons. rabbi, fresno, california answer to the marriage debate get the government out of it. marriage should return to religious institutions whence it came. i agree, rabbi, the government wants the money, that's why they have he' co-oped marriage it's big because and so is inheritance. >> my wife just gave me "killing kennedy" and two tickets to see you and miller. nice wife, marks the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination. and thank you for calling out cliches and please add, "it is what it is." that's so annoying, thanks for pointing it is. oh.
5:58 pm
marco anderson, bali, indonesia, when i hear someone say "oh, my god", i compliment them on being religious and blank stares come back. so religious, i like that. and finally the factor tip of the day which comes to us from natalie who lives in richland, washington. natalie bemoans the lack of cell phone etiquette and i'm guilty of that, too. so here is the deal, when you're speaking with someone in person and the phone buzzes say, excuse me, and look at what's coming in. if it's important, explain to your companion, for example, the urchins always need something right now and i work 24 hours a day and something is coming in and you explain to your companion and they'll understand. you turn off your cell phone
5:59 pm
white eating. >> never text and drive, never keep your phone on during a live performance or in church. factor tip of the day. control the machine, do not let the machine control you. a lot of people are, the machine is everything. the machine, the machine. okay. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from now what's a good thing to do with the website, once a week go in there because we have talking points memos listed. if you don't see every program you can get a flavor of what's happened. and a lot of people back and forth. so, once a week you check in. if you can't do it every day you get up to speed and also spout off about the factor,,, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, an oldie, but i love this word. do not be a jackanapes when writing to the factor. again, thanks


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