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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> it would have been nice to see his budget. >> i don't have a specific date to mark on your calendar. just yet. >> it would be nice to see it on march 4, when it will only be a month late. >> eventually,y will probably have to. >> the president being late on his budget is like issuing the
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final 4 picks in april. >> i didn't say we hadn't set a date. i said i wasn't going to tell you. >> what's the big secret? >> we are going to have a planning process. we are working through it. it will be april 8. the week of april 8. [laughter] >> first president obama said the sequester would be devastating. weeks later, most americans disagree. according to a nigh new rasmussen poll, 51% of americans say they have felt no impact. and 30% say it's been minor. but they go further. an incredible 45% of americans say the cuts should have been deeper. karl rove is here. surprised by the numbers? >> you know, amazing. the other thing that is interesting is that the -- you know, you are comparing apples to oranges, but polls would tend to indicate that the concern about the sequester has been dropping since the white house scare campaign earlier this month. >> how does this hurt the president? i mean -- he said it was going
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to be all of these horrible things. maybe they are going to come. but most americans are not feeling them. >> i think it hurts him in two ways. he looks like crying wolf. and the second thing is that the administration and the democrats on the hill apparently are going out of their way to try to make certain that it does bite. for example, we have this issue that arose of where the faa's closing 159 towers at smaller air fields, virtually every one is general aviation, not passenger service. and jerry moran, a republican senator from kansas, came over with the idea to find the $50 million to keep most of those open. and proposed an amendment to the democratic budget resolution and harry reid wouldn't allow it to be considered. i suspect we are likely it see in weeks ahead, examples of the administration going out of its way to try to make things hurt number to be able it say what we said is truism is it a fair
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criticism -- there are kids all over town, spring break -- grade school kids, junior high. they want to go in the white house, they can't because the tours are closed. is there anything the president could do? is this within the discretion of the secret service? >> this is shameful. the overtime cost for the secret service amounts to $74,000 a week, which means it's less than 3.9 million dollars for an entire year of this. we have a government that has a $3.6 trillion budget. that is 360,000 millionths of dollars. you can't tell me in the budget of the department 6 homeland security, which the secret service is part of that you can't find $3.9 million of savings. virtually every agency has unspent balances, slush funds, money that's appropriated in past years that is not needed. sweep the balances, i am
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confident that you will find many, many times the $3.9 million needed to open up the white house for public tours. this is shameful. >> is it shameful on behalf of the secret service i. listen! >> does the president have the authority to say do something about it. >> they have the authority to move money around and the accounts of the department of homeland security. this is janet napolitano. and if it was a problem, i am very confident whatever flexibility they needed to pull this from accounts within the department of homeland security would be immediately granted by the congress if the president were to ask for it. >> so it's mean? >> it's mean and more than that, it's petty. we want the president to elevate the country. we don't want the president to play cheesy, petty games. >> there is news about obamacare and the obama administration now admitting americans could see their premiums rise.
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the hhs secretary kathleen sebelius saying there may be a higher cost associated with getting insurance. is that what we heard in the beginning? or is the obama administration singing a different tune? >> theyville to admit the reality. the president said if the obamacare was passed, premiums would go down $2500 for the average family by the end of 2010. that's what the president said -- >> did it happen? >> no! the average premium for a family of four was $13,375 a year before the affordable care act passed. the year it passed trose to an average of $13,770, $200-some-odd dollars more. then $15,073. then the following year, 2012, it's $15,745. so we have seen pretty consistent increase. we have a delta approaching
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$5,000 between the difference of what the president said it would be and where it actually is at this point. >> why did that happen? >> the law encouraged -- the law includes a lot of mandates and requirements for -- for insurance providers. these policies have to have a burch of stuff in there that heretofore were not included. for example, there is a limit on lifetime expenditures by the policy. it has a thing called community rating, which says you can't charge older, less healthy people the real rate you ought to be charging them. and you ought to charge younger people, healthier people, a higher rate in order to subsidize older people. this means that rates are coming up dramatically for younger, healthier workers. >> is this because they didn't realize it? or they were trying to hide something? i mean, now that we are seeing this, was it the administration just not being candid or they didn't get it? >> i don't think they were being
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candid. i talked to a lot of health economists in 2009-10 and very few thought the premiums would dramatically go down, it was anything close to a reality. i think the administration came out with a series of focus group tested reasons. you know, your premiums areing . if you like your insurance, you are going to be able to keep t. all of these things that we now know, you know, want going to get in the middle of the relationship between you and your doctor. you don't think the affordable care act is between you and your doctor, talk to your doctor and see what they say. >> i thought it was disturbing that i thought the premiums would go down because everybody was contributing. and then what we have seen over time, hhs has given waivers to large organizations and maybe it doesn't dramatically affect the price. but if a lot of people don't have to participate, they are not paying into the pot. i know a lot of people are opposed to the tax on medical diswieses. but the minute you start getting
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rid of things people who have to pay -- the premiums are going to rise for people. >> well -- you are right. let me talk about two different issues here. first of all, the waiverrers. these are temporary waivers. a lot of them went to unions which are in league with the president. but you will also see a lot of unions, like the culinary union is now examined what this is going to do their union-pride union-prideed -- union-provided health care and they are furious. >> where were they in the beginning? >> remember, people didn't get a chance to read this bill. nancy pelosi famously said, we have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it. >> if more people squawked at the time. i realize not every bill is read boy everyone. but when you have a 2800-page bill that is going to dramatically change how we do things, you ought to have i. we should have. a the love this is regulations. a lot of this is going to be brought about as a result of rules written by people --
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>> we never voted for. >> that's right. rules that -- incidentally are coming very, very late. there is a letter sent by the chairman of the house small business committee today to secretary sebelius saying, look, you were supposed to have the small business exchange to allow small businesses to have a marketplace to purchase insurance. it was supposed to be up and operating by now. you don't appear to be anywhere close to having this up by the time it should be. >> can this be fixd? all of these problems? or is this going to implode on us? >> my personal view, i think this is going to be far more expensive than we thought. and -- funneled by red ink. it is going to turn out to be very damaging to people, getting health insurance. think about this, if the average cost today of a policy for a familiarly of four is $15,000 of which $11,500 comes from the employer, and the cost keeps going up, why should a company continue to provide coverage when it can dump the coverage, pay the employee more money and
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pay a $2,000 fine for dumping the coverage and put them into the exchanges? the exchange is going to cost, according to the original cbo, roughly $500 billion over the first 10 years. 24 million people were supposed to find themselves in the exchanges. 21 million who had never had coverage, 3 million who would get coverage because their employer dumped them. that was 2010. as of two months ago, cbo said, we don't think it's 3 million people, it's 8 million. the department of health and human services, center for medicare, says it's going to be 17 million people who get their coverage dropped. health economists are believing it could be much higher from 30-some-odd million to 70-some-odd million. the center for policy analysis says it's 10 million. if 24 million is $500 million in 10 years, remember, there is no coverage for those people for four years.
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you spend two years ramping it up and spend 85% on the last four years of the decade. now that number is 50 million or 40 million or 60 million. the costs escalate dramatically. i think it's going to collapse. >> all right. do you concede that we need to do something about our medical care i. absolutely. >> this is not justue didn't want to leave it as is. >> no, no, no. there are alternatives. we have -- we have good alternatives available to us. but this is not going to be sustainable. >> let me ask you, karl, about this new ad, put out by governor sarah palin's pac, her political action committee. >> now is the time to furlough the consultant and tune out the pollsters and the focus groups and the political scripts. >> does things differently. she plays by her own rules. >> time for we the people to break up the cronyism. looking for communities, ptas,
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tea party rally, city hall. the next election is 20 months away. the last thing we need is washington d.c. vetting our candidates. >> i would not be in the u.s. senate today if it were not for governor sarah palin. >> so governor sarah palin tea party, a force with political punch in 2014? >> u, yeah. my hope is that she deploys that influence effectively. it's one thing to endorse ted cruz, my senator from texas, in a republican primary in a safe state. it's another thing to go in and state campaigning actively for people in general elections. i hope she brings her influence to bear in campaigning in these state it's suzanna martinez, who was endorsed by sarah palin in the primary in new mexico for governor in 2010. in the general election, look, i was down there in hobbs, new
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mexico, doing a fund-raiser and going to las cruces, sarah palin needs to -- i think, if she wants to be effective, raise her focus from endorsing people and in safe, republican states and put her considerable political influence to raise money and enthusiasm in general elections. >> the other day you were on another network and talked about gay marriage issue in 2016. you could foresee a republican candidate being in favor of gay marriage? >> yeah, i was asked if in the republican presidential sweepsteaks could i see a republican candidate supporting it. vice-president cheney supports gay marriage. jon huntsman supported civil unions back in 2012 and has signed the petition in favor of gay marriage. so, yeah, i think by 2016, there could be a republican presidential candidate who says vote for me. i support gay marriage. >> you know what i think would be the best thing strategeically, is if the supreme court has very broad
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decisions and really basically ends the discussion so the republican party isn't debating the issue in 2016. >> i think there is a lot of -- a lot of wisdom in that. i think if the court makes a broad decision and overreaches, we could have the same situation we have had with abortion where people say, look, i don't like the court dictating the outcome. i would rather leave it to the people and their representatives. >> social issues a problem, that make its much more difficult for the republican party? >> i'm a social conservative. i believe in traditional marriage. i don't think that's the case. i think it's how you handle t. george w. bush was a social conservative and got elected twice -- >> in a different time. 12 years ago. >> but have you to not be judgmental. the problem withed to aiken and richard murdoch, they sounded so out of touch. if you say, a woman is raped that it's god's well -- >> off the charlts. they does make a social issue a
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bad problem for republicans. >> karl, nice to see you. >> we show you the sarar pac ad, touting small government and the power of the tea party. will the tea party be a force to reckon with in 2014? go to and see the whole ad. straight ahead, brace yourself, your wallet could take a big hit. senator jeff sessions is here to tell you. president obama's biggest supportsers are complaining about him. what's the complaint? dr. ben carson will tell you. he's here next. and that little blue pillue know which one we mean. news on that, coming up. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of?
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i really like your new jetta! and you want to buy one like mine because it's so safe, right? yeah... yeah... i know what you've heard -- iihs top safety pick for $159 a month -- but, i wish it was more dangerous, like a monster truck or dune buggy! you can't have the same car as me! [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one. let's get a jetta. [ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today. >> on friday. the republican senator jeff sessions' amendment to prevent illegals from receiving obamacare was voted down and now he says immigration reform
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is in trouble. senator sessions joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> hey, greta. >> greta: senator, in looking at the obamacare, and it's very complicated and not particularly clear, i wasn't able to determine whether or not it said that people here in the united states illegally could receive obamacare. in fact, i thought it said almost the opposite. you're here illegally, you're not eligible. what's your understanding? >> if you're here illegally and you're not eligible for it, but if you would see the interim status and become legalized through some sort of amnesty program, you would be eligible for it and that's why senator rubio and the other republicans that have been meeting on this supported my amendment because they've been saying publicly that the interim status, the legalization would not allow you to obtain some of those programs. now, that's important. people who have been turned down, are having to wait to come here, they don't get
10:21 pm
these programs so he we shouldnt be rewarding them, came illegally here, if they get some sort of legal status under this legislation. >> greta: and tell me if i'm corrects, you were trying to sort of head off at the pass a provision you would anticipate would be in an immigration reform bill that senator leahy, president obama said tonight he wants it taken up in april and then of course you have the gang of eight bipartisan group working on it. and head off the pass and that you gain legal status-- okay. >> and-- >> go ahead, sir. >> well, if they're given legal status, i do think they would probably be eligible for the obamacare and medicaid programs unless this legislation is passed and that's why it's been said, i know senator rubio said financially it's not doable piece of legislation if this isn't controlled in this
10:22 pm
manner. >> greta: explain to me, if your legislation passed and we had gotten i mmigration here and somebody in this country, horrible accident, horrible head injury, ends up at the emergency room and isn't covered by obamacare, that person will receive medical care, is that correct? >> absolutely. just as if they're still here illegally and haven't been given legal status. anybody that comes to the emergency room gets that care, yes. >> greta: the reason i ask that, the hospital and the doctors will pay for that, who give him the medical care. so, i mean, it's almost as though, i mean, that charge will then be passed on to others through higher insurance rates, or more expensive medical bills so that in the end, we end up paying for it anyway, because we have big hearts and we don't want people to suffer. i mean, what difference if we pay through to obamacare or pay through that mechanism?
10:23 pm
>> well, many people will take out insurance and already have, and if they're given a legal status take out insurance like everyone else, it just won't be provided by the government for them. and again, i don't think this country can afford to reward, in addition to giving a legal status immediately, to people who are here illegally, all the benefits this country offers to its citizens who have been paying taxes for generations or years, for example. it's just a kind of thing that we've got to think through. i thought the committee, this group has been meeting since they believed this was a policy and i was disappointed to see that the democratic members voted no. >> greta: all right. let me jump ahead to the issue of immigration. do you believe president obama saying tonight in an interview he thinks there will be an immigration bill on the floor
10:24 pm
that the gang of eight is working on? do you believe there will be a bill on the floor in april, that it will be voted on and likely will pass? >> i don't. but i don't doubt that it will be brought up in april. at least that's what chairman leahy had said. he's going to bring it up immediately, apparently. nobody's seen it. we don't know what's in it except the group that's been meeting. he's going to bring it through committee and in the shortest possible time. senator reid said last week he'd like to see it next week, apparently because he wants to pass it in the three-week period that we have. this is too quick. there are a host of incredibly complex issue, this being one of them. what economic benefits will people get who came here illegally? what impact will it have on the wages and jobs of american citizens? what about the entry-exit visa system supposed to be completed 17, 20 years ago, still hasn't been completed? there are so many big--
10:25 pm
what about the future flow? what kind of people do we need to focus on? shouldn't we be looking for people as the basic law is now, that will not be a charge on the state? that will not be demanding to be taken care of, but look for immigrants who can be independent, those who are going to be most successful in america, and need the least support. that's what good policy is so we need to look at this bill. i think it's got real troubles. they promised a biometric identifying card. they said it's too expensive. said you wouldn't get immediate benefits and they're backing away from that and now rammed through in a matter of weeks and we need, honestly. >> greta: senator. >> really intense hearings on how to make this any kind of legal system work properly. >> greta: and i hope that we have a debate about it.
10:26 pm
i hope everyone reads it before he or she votes on it and we don't learn about it what's in it after it's been passed, that we make smart legislation that's good for the country. senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. the american people are right about this, they want a lawful, decent good system and the politicians haven't given it to them. >> greta: thank you, sir. coming up, african-americans came out to the polls in record numbers, but did the president mislead his biggest supporters? dr. ben carson is here and also there's big news about that little blue pill taken by millions of american men. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> president obama underfire not the from his opponents, but from his biggest supporters. the congressional black caucus blasting the president for a lack of the diversity in his cabinet, but is that fair? dr. ben carson the director of pediatric neurosurgery at johns hopkins and author of request america the beautiful", and the president getting a hard time for the number in his cabinet. >> people do things based on their mierts and it doesn't mean that he is not interested in diversity, it just means that that's not one of his greatest priorities right now.
10:31 pm
>> greta: does it say something about the priorities of the congressional black caucus? >> well, yes, obviously, it does. probably it would be a good idea for them to engage him in some conversations and talk about what their goals are and what his goals are and see if they can mesh. just like just about everything up on capitol hill. a little bit of open, honest conversation could go a long way. >> greta: doctor, for years i did poverty work in middle of the large city here in washington d.c. and my clients almost 99% of them, were african-american and so, you know, this issue of inner city poverty is one that i've been very interested in for decades. i'm curious, do you have any thoughts how to sort of break that cycle of the horrible poverty and unemployment in the inner cities? because whatever we're doing right now is not working? >> yes, i have thought about it frequently and what we have to do, first of all, is make
10:32 pm
sure that we give people opportunities. you can't -- you can lead a horse to water, obviously, can't make them drink it, but we need to make sure that the water is there for them to drink. and one of the things that we don't need to do is enable people. you know, in the '60s, the great war on poverty, there were so many programs that were enacted that i think crippled people and decreased their desire to escape from certain situations, and that's not productive. so, we need to make sure that they want to escape and then provide them with a mechanism to do so. reward them when they do so, more and more people will begin to see that there is a way out that a lot of it has to do with also the fact that people are willing to give them opportunities. and one of the things that you just are talking about here in
10:33 pm
terms of the president and whether his cabinet looks diverse or not, one has to actually set goals and say we want to make sure that we have a society and a work force that's reflective of the society. >> greta: you know, regrettably, you can probably send a camera out to the community and find someone who says, you know, i want all my f free stuff and that goes on tv and say that's what the people in the inner city want. that's not my experience, they want their children to grow up and have a better life than they have. how do you do the nuts and bolts? how do we transform a community that's had so many entitlements and perhaps that may have crippled them in your words, how do we sort of engage it into the other direction and give them the opportunity? >> well, first of all, you have to make people aware, people in the business
10:34 pm
community, people who do the hiring that they're actually doing themselves a favor when they create opportunities for people to escape from poverty, because those are people that don't have to pay for it in the penal system or the welfare system and they become tax paying productive members of society by the product that you make. so the more such people that we produce, the better off we're going to be. so they have to be the ones who really buy into this so there's some education there. but at the same time, we need to bring personal responsibility back into the equation. there is no question that there is a segment of our society that likes to keep people in the subserviant position by giving them everything and that has nothing to do with whether they're african-american or any other race, that's human nature. so you want people to have a desire to move forward. you don't want people to be complacent in a situation
10:35 pm
where they are and enable them to be that way. >> greta: dr. carson, thank you. i think you're my first neurosurgeon on the air and the first presidential medal of freedom winner, you got from president bush. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, is north korea threatening to go to war? ambassador john bolton is here and in two minutes, one high school home to a real life "fight club." the video on facebook, that's just two minutes away. ♪ looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car.
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as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. this time it's not a real life fight club, but it's not >> students are filming violence and posting it on facebook. two boys are beating each other up in the school cav cav tearia. students identify in the videos have been suspend friday school.
10:38 pm
the videos have been taken down. but no one knows who started the club or the facebook page. the creator quoting, to all my hatishes, i didn't get caught. and stay off my page if you don't like it. i would rather be anonymous than to be known as the idiot who got caught. should facebook have shut this down? or would that be offensive censorship? tellous we are back in two minutes.
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i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. . >> greta: disturbing news out of the korean peninsula. north korea cut the hotline, the last communication to south korea and there's more, warning that war could break out at any moment. former united states ambassador john bolton is here, serious or not serious? >> i don't think it's serious
10:41 pm
that war is going to it break out imminently. the problem with the north korean regime is irrational from our perspective. when they ramp up the rhetoric, and not just the rhetoric, but what they've done the last weeks, anyone that irrational you have to be concerned. we're now in the sphere they could take provocative action as they have in the past couple of years and attack a civilian location, and south korea might respond this time and then you you could see it spiral up and escalate quickly. >> and they keep amping it up a little more, a little more. when they get no reaction. every time nobody does anything they ramp it up more. they're such a prideful people that they're sort of boxing themselves into a corner and it's like, you know, they, if their thinking, at least i think they want to save face. and so this is a, you know
10:42 pm
we're in a terrible situation with them. >> we're in a different situation than in the past provocations because in december they put a payload into earth orbit, that's significant and they have conducted their third nuclear test. they may not be able to put an icbm on a warhead in the west coast of the united states, but may very well could at japan or-- >> and our soldiers at the dmz. >> the korean peninsula. it's unlikely that anything could happen, but you can't dismiss it. the risk of a miscalculation from the north or south that leads to escalation, and why we're making a mistake when we follow the strategic patience strategy, let the north korean as top off and don't take them seriously. you're in a position at some point we've got to demonstrate we're serious.
10:43 pm
>> greta: is the only solution china? >> i think the only solution is ending the korean regime by unifying the peninsula. china can apply, but they're afraid cutting off energy or food or humanitarian resistance and the system will collapse and-- >> get the refugees. >> and why we should have done to china and should have done it ten years ago, to explain there has to be a peaceful unification. i think the younger generation understands that, but the older generation that's resistent. >> greta: what's going to happen? >> i think that the possibility of some military incident like the sinking two and a half years ago of the south korean corps, and one shelling of one of the islands, provocation across the dmz is real and it's a question of containing it and not allowing it to escalate
10:44 pm
without control. but i don't think we ought to be in a position where we have to deal with this irrational hitler in the bunker mentality regime in north korea. >> what are we going to do if we don't get china to do something. >> he better late than never. i would have started this conversation a long time ago, why it's ultimately in the interest of stability in northeast asia which they say they want, which i think i take them at their word. the way you accomplish that is to end this nuclear weapons program in north korea so that japan, south korea and taiwan and others don't say our only hope especially with the declining american nuclear capability is to get their own. >> ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> the supreme court spending a second day on gay marriage and yesterday the states case and this one the federal case, challenging the doma as it's called. and receiving spousal benefits from the federal government and tonight, in an interview with univision, president obama speaking about gay marriage. >> i don't know what the court will do. i never predict what the court
10:45 pm
will do. same-sex couples should be treated fairly and have the same rights to benefits and to being able to transfer property, all the rights and recognition that i think heterosexual couples do. >> and shannon bream was inside the supreme court. she joins us, what happened? >> as you said, this today is about a federal policy. a federal law that essentially says when it comes to federal benefits and tax policy for married couples, we're only going to apply it for a marriage between a man and woman, even if same-sex couples are legally married in their states. as ruth ginsburg said, about marriage, a discussion about the ordinance of the law and why lawmakers spoke overwhelmingly when they passed it. we put together the audience and first justice elena kagan and then the chief justice john roberts. >> i'm going to report from
10:46 pm
the house is that congress decided to reflect and honor a collective moral judgment and to express moral disapproval of homosexuality. is that what happened in 1996? >> so, the same question i asked before, 84 senators based their vote on moral disapproval of gay people? >> the former solicitor general who is doma to the supreme court, said the lawmakers went to the clinton justice administration three times to ask whether the law would be constitutional. they were told it was, they voted for it. >> greta: so they're questioning, one of the things he we lawyers always it try to do, is to guess. want to take a stab at which way they would be leaning or too risky? >> it's always risky, but there are questions whether the federal government should be making any blanket pronouncement about marriage or better left to the state. >> and i mean, that's-- >> if they go to that question
10:47 pm
and not reaching the issue of gay marriage. >> and both have equal protection clause. is it unconstitutional, discriminatory against gay citizens in same-sex marriages or partnerships if they can't have marriage as heterosexual couples understand. if they get to the-- >> if he they get to the equal protection, how do you get -- how does someone opposed to it get around equal? equal is equal. >> and even justice sotomayor, we-- >> she seem somebody to be based on someone in favor of same-sex marriage. but even she said if we find that marriage is a fundamental right where do we draw up the line and and we may have talked about this last night. she brought up incest and polygamy. >> greta: if you look the at the way that the law treats people and equal protection is different.
10:48 pm
i guess it depends which way they approach it. >> and whether or not the case properly before them. the administration was on one side of the case and flipped, and obama administration said they wouldn't defend tthey're enforcing. and they called the former solicitor general to do the job for them. >> greta: and most people guess, guess, that we will get a decision on both cases in june before the term ends? >> there's a tiny possibility they would do that, discussion of that yesterday and we could find that out within days if they say it's not properly here. but i would guesstimate june. >> and send it back and it's all for naught. >> already argued. >> shannon, nice to see you. millions of men are celebrating and so are women. this is cable so the rules are looser when we tell you this next. ♪ oh, let's get it on ♪
10:49 pm
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>> greta: did members of congress find a way to get their jobs done? or not? >> while it was proposed this week members of congress use video conferencing to work from home states instead of washington they figured they can get just as much not done at home as not done in washington.


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