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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 28, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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responded. >> i have never a fan of dodge ball but banning it is a whole other story. >> it was my favorite game in p.e. we used to beg our teacher to let us play. >> thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: i had a lot of extra cushions so dodge ball was my favorite sport at that time. it is thursday, march 28, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you're going to have a fantastic day leading into the holiday weekend. the president wants an immigration plan on his desk by the summer but it may not include border security. this is four senators watching a person scale the fence before their eyes. >>steve: we're spending millions of dollars for federal workers who do absolutely nothing. really, not a thing. often they don't even show up for work. how do you like that? more in a minute. brian? >>brian: a young girl on
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a school field trip gets hit with an arrow. what the heck happened, i ask. "fox & friends" starts right now. duck. >>steve: i thought they got rid of all the dangerous things. those lawn darts. dodge ball. >>brian: i remember in seventh grade we did archery. did you do archery? >>steve: absolutely. >>brian: you actually killed game in the wild of kansas? >>steve: no. we also did target shooting as well with real guns. >>brian: in gym? >>gretchen: in school? >>steve: no. when i was of that age. >>brian: i'm talking about gym. i'm saying in gym we had archery. i had to bring my sneakers and my gun for gym today. >>steve: i do remember kids in high school would park their pickup trucks in
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the parking lot and back then we had gun racks with actual guns in the racks at school. >>gretchen: we just had snow tires. >>brian: first you had to get to school. that's the key for you. >>gretchen: when there was a huge blizzard they would keep you in school until 11:00 so you could get federal funding for the day. then they would release you in the middle of the storm. >>brian: minnesota bankrupting the country. >>gretchen: it was a little bizarre. let's kick off with headlines. overnight former south african president mandela hospitalized again due to a recurring lung infection. we're told the 94-year-old is aware and receiving the best care from doctors. he spent time in the hospital in december for a similar infection. he is accused of murdering his former girlfriend but lawyers for
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oscar pistorius arguing he should still be allowed to travel. they say bail conditions are unfair. the rule includes returning unaccompanied to the state where his girlfriend was murdered. meanwhile his brother pleading not guilty to an accident in which someone was killed. the supreme court apparently divided, they question the legality of the defense of marriage act which defines marriage between one man and one woman between couples that want a federal benefit. in 1996 when the act was being considered, the former solicitor general said lawmakers triple checked with the justice department to make sure it was constitutional. >> think about the fact that congress asked the justice department three times about the constitutionality of the statute. that's not what you do when motivated by animas. the third time they asked again in the wake of romer and they got the same
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answer: it's constitutional. >>gretchen: grilling on this question and the constitutionality of california's gay marriage ban isn't expected until late june. out of nowhere an eight-year-old california girl hit with an arrow. she was playing on the u.c.-berkeley campus where her school was on a science trip when it happened. medics rushed her to the hospital where doctors surgically removed the arrow. police said she was a trooper and the whole time, and she is going to be okay. they are still trying to figure out where the arrow came from. are you kidding me? you're on a field trip and you get as a call your kid was hit with an arrow and nobody knows where it came from. >>brian: they said they took it out but it's in -- >>steve: they had to keep it in there until they got -- >>brian: they seem so happy. the cop was there and she
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seems happy. >>steve: i'm sure she was in shock. we told you exactly half of the so-called gang of eight on immigration reform went to the u.s.-mexico border in arizona and john mccain was there representing the republicans, highest-ranking republican and chuck schumer, the highest-ranking senator on the democratic side. extraordinarily while they were there, they saw something that prompted john mccain to tweet this. take a look at the tweet. quote -- "just witnessed woman successfully climb 18-foot fence a few yards from us." >>gretchen: the bright side is the border patrol agent apprehended her after. you can only imagine unfortunately how many of these things are happening where they're not apprehended. this is the problem front and center our nation is facing right now and why this is a huge discussion. will we finally have some sort of immigration reform.
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>>brian: opportunist for republicans. you track chuck schumer down there and a couple of democrats and say let's take a look and there is a woman scaling the fence. chuck schumer said you can read, study and talk about this. until you see things it doesn't become reality. i will explain this to my colleagues. many say why do we need to do anything more on the border? >>gretchen: i also read quotes from him that said he wasn't sure how he was going to handle this and it was probably drug-related and there were other kinds of reasoning. >>steve: he also said i learned today we have adequate manpower, schumer said but not adequate technology. john mccain has been saying that all along. also janet napolitano said the border is as secure today as it has ever been, which is extraordinary. here's the thing, though.
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so what, the woman was caught by i.c.e. she is going to get released any way. that happens all the time. >>brian: i don't know the individual situation, but i will say this. the president spoke to two spanish-language stations yesterday and he says he's optimistic as are the gang of eight that there will be a draft of a piece of legislation by april 8, and he could be signing something by the end of the summer. the sticking point is going to be how do you essentially say by the power vested in me the border is secure? the president is going to say and republicans like john mccain will say it clearly isn't. they certainly should come up with a recipe for declaring it secure. >>gretchen: especially when you factor in what sequester is going to be doing to border patrol. apparently going to be cutting 20% of the force because of the sequester and in april they are going to unveil this legislation. agents will be forced to leave the border unmanned and work within the shift
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time constraints. they will not work overtime because of sequester. charles payne last night said he's a little bit skeptical. >> i'm skeptical about the motive. if there isn't anywhere else on the budget of this huge department constructing headquarters for years and euros now, where i'm sure a lot of money ends up in the concrete, can you imagine how much ends up wasted in that huge department? don't tell me the money is unshiftable. the republicans offered to give the administration the power to move the money around. obama has said he not only won't do it, but he would veto a bill that allowed him to shift the money around. this is clearly a stunt to get people to hurt at the receiving end of services like the border patrol, like the white house tours and to blame it on
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republicans. it's not going to work. >>steve: what they're going to do is they're cutting 20%. what that means is no more ten-hour shifts. people go up to eight hours. and no overtime. for two hours our american border is going to not be protected. so we're not spending money on protecting our border and ultimately our national sovereignty, but instead we're spending millions and millions and millions of dollars on federal employees who simply do not show up for work or are paid to be on stand by. tom coburn, the senator from the great state of oklahoma, made this clear. >>brian: tom coburn said there's people getting paid just to so-called stand by. you're talking about a two-year cost of $13.1 million, people just hired to stand by in case something happens. you would think in times like this those people who have to stand by would stand down. here's what tom coburn put in writing. says it makes little sense to furlough air traffic controllers and border patrol agents while
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retaining employees who are awol or standing by, not performing duties or sitting idle awaiting security clearances. he goes out to list it and the numbers are flatout staggering. what everyone is doing, i think it's flatout laziness. i know the continuing resolutions allow people additional flexibility to help out with the pentagon cuts. but if someone said i've got a better idea. i'm not going to furlough my guys and my women. >>gretchen: it starts from the top. i think if any of us was given the duty of or the opportunity, i should say, of being able to lead and being able to have congress say to the president of the united states, you can have the power to look through everything you're in charge of in this nation and you can check off what you want to cut, that seems to me that -- i would love that opportunity to be able to finally put to rest some of this waste that has been pulling this country down for decades. and yet, i think the headlines here being lost in the shuffle is that president obama has basically said, no, i'll
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take a pass on that. i don't want that leadership opportunity. that, to me, is stunning. >>steve: because the republicans offered it to him, and he said if you give it to me, i'm going to veto it. meanwhile it looks as if the administration is backing away in part on part of the scare-quester. we told you about how because of the scare-quester military tuition assistance was being scaled back. now you can actually thank a couple of u.s. senators -- james inhofe, a republican from oklahoma and kay hagan, a democrat from north carolina -- because they were able to get the money back in there. it is now going forward. you don't have to worry about that. >>gretchen: a new york senator, a former military guy, was instrumental in trying to do that at least at the state level. that is great to know that is happening federally. furlough days being cut from 22 days to 14. that was a huge chunk of federal employees' paycheck suddenly gone. now that is 22 to 14 days.
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>>brian: the continuing resolution will ask the government to be funding until september. that was signed, agreed on and signed by the president on tuesday. therefore, there is a little bit of flexibility in the cuts. and i think the sequester has been a disaster for the administration who wanted a p.r. push to have everybody think if $85 billion is going to hurt so much, we better stop cutting here. and it hasn't worked. >>gretchen: it also would show for the future how painful cuts can be so looking down the road voters would never vote for cuts. >>brian: that is my point exactly. if this is painful, no one will ever vote when we actually come to securing a budget. and right now people, including a lot of the press, questioning jay carney, a lot of the white house press are not taking it. they're seeing through it. >>steve: honeymoon could be over. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. want to know what's wrong with our schools? >> if you have to, you have
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to say i'm enjoying your child so much. you have to lie. >>steve: that is a union boss laughing about lying to parents. we're going to tell you about that story. >>gretchen: a u.n. rule should keep guns away from terrorists but could it take away yours as well? take away yours as well? next. what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. >>gretchen: welcome back. 16 minutes after the top of the hour. every americans' right to bear arms may take a major hit today as members of the united nations are expected to finalize an tphafrbt arms trade treaty.
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its purpose is to limit the transfer of guns to terrorists and dictators but says it is poorly worded and poses serious risks to people right here and their second amendment rights. pennsylvania congressman mike tally joins us. thanks for getting up so bright and early. >> i'm up early all the time. >>gretchen: let's talk about what this a.t.t. is. describe it for us. >> thank you. a lot of people say why are you concerned about the phone company? this has nothing to do with the phone company. this has to do with an arms trade treaty being crafted at the united nations and we're sitting at the table with people like syria and cuba and iran making policy that is going to affect our, the way we operate, the way we trade our arms. this takes care of everything from revolvers to f-16's. it is flawed from the very beginning. if you look back, secretary clinton says as far as gun policy we have the gold standard. my question is: why would
3:18 am
united states of america, the greatest defender of freedom and liberty ever go to the table with countries that have a pretty bad track record of defending freedom and liberty and all of a sudden allowing somebody else to determine what our trade policies will be? it's bad, bad for our friend and allies. they will start to wonder is the united states going to be there when we need them? are they going to change their policy? am i going to be able to look to the united states as i have in the past for help? the question leads to a lot of bad things. >>gretchen: two questions i have: is it the fact you believe it is naive to think we can trust these other countries? the second part of the question is what does it mean for people here, private firearms owners? >> it's not only naive. it's dangerous. when we go to the tame with people that don't -- when we go to the table with people that don't have a good history, dictatorships, tyrants and say we're going to come up with a policy that the united states will follow, the other people will not, that's bad. and the united states, we are protected by our constitution and our amendments to do certain
3:19 am
things. the right to keep and bear arms is there. this has dangerous implications down the road. most of them that are there are saying you're pushing something not really there. i'm saying i'm not and the rest of the country knows it. we have 220-something cosponsors and 34 senators are saying we don't want to go with this. >>gretchen: what are the fears? >> all of a sudden you lose your sovereignty. you lose your ability to determine for yourself what your policies are going to be. we're going to be talking about things like renal sterg guns. this -- about things like registering guns. i think sometimes we go way beyond the pale when it comes to being part of the world. we're the first responder any time there is a tragedy, any time there is a disaster, any time there is an assault on freedom of liberty. why should we cede to the united nations our ability to govern ourselves. >>gretchen: by say this passes at the united nations today, what can congress do? >> first of all, the senate has to also ratify that. right now with 34 senators
3:20 am
saying no they don't want that to happen, it makes it difficult also. if it does go to the next step, congress would have to pass legislative laws that would fund any time of involvement we have in it. we control the purse strings. we could limit that. again, i'm telling you this is a very dangerous treaty, and we continue to docilely things -- to do silly things thinking that by having a treaty it will make the world safer. >>gretchen: if you're interested stop the a.t.t. up close look at prince william, a pilot in action saving a little boy's life. a church's warning to strip club goers.
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>> quick headlines. two nuclear-capable b-2 stealth bombers for a drill over south korea amid rising tensions with the north. it is the first time the u.s. publicly confirmed the b-2 mission over the korean peninsula. this morning pope francis celebrating holy thursday mass at st. peter's basilica. the ceremony commemorating jesus' last supper with his disciples. steve? >>steve: thank you, brian. an alabama church has a new message. asking its residents to scrip for me. the rock church of
3:25 am
birmingham, alabama, posted this controversial billboard strategically next to a strip joint with the hopes of bringing people closer to god. here is the pastor of the rock church, mike mclure, jr. good morning to you. the billboard, "strip for me." that raised a lot of eyebrows. you say that is from scripture; right? >> that's right. hebrews 12:1 says we are surrounded by such a huge cloud of witnesses, it says strip off every weight and sin that slows us down. what i'm trying to get them to understand is maybe your life is moving slow because there are things you need to strip off. >>steve: you put this up. you bought ten billboards throughout the birmingham area, two of them next to the strip joint. the strip joint not happy about this, are they, pastor? >> they're not happy. but i believe we're in a season now, my city has been plagued with murders at an all-time high.
3:26 am
the first 48 of the series that airs nationally that highlights negative murders in our city. so i figured it was time to take the fight to the enemy and get the message of jesus out. >>steve: and what do you think the message is? when people are driving toward the strip joint or through birmingham and they see that, what do you want them to think? >> number one, i want to get their attention. i'm not going to play with it. jesus even told the disciples when he fed the 5,000, he said lets feed them first. now that their stomachs are filled, they can hear me. we're trying to grab their attention. i strategically placed it by a strip club because i'm trying to get the attention of african-american men in my city. if i can get a man to go home and raise his child, that changes the community. that community will change the city. that city will change the state and that state will change the world. but it starts with a good man in the house. >>steve: aside from the reaction from the strip joint -- and they are not
3:27 am
happy about it -- what's the reaction from other people? >> we've had an outpour of citizens saying pastor mike, finally a church stepped up and doing something to get attention. notice my name is nowhere on the billboard because the bible is crystal clear. it says if i be lifted up, i will draw all men unto me. i'm not trying to be the draw. i just want to be a good lifter. >>steve: where did you get this idea? >> it hit me like a ton of bricks. believe it or not, i have a three-year-old son named mason who every night before he goes to bed strips. when i saw him strip, i said this boy loves taking his clothes off. and it hit me like a ton of bricks. i went to the bible and began to pray. when i saw it, i said man, what better way to get the attention of the city than to hit them smack dab in the mouth. >>steve: look at that. i understand it could be working because monday night supposedly a very busy night at the strip club and the parking lot
3:28 am
was empty? >> from what i hear, the parking lot has been empty. i'm not naive enough to believe one billboard is going to erase 2,000 years of foolishness but it starts somewhere. i believe by faith if we can get the conversation going, an entire city, who would have thought a little boy from birmingham would be talking to one of the greatest anchors on fox news about jesus, man. i'm excited. if we can spread the news of jesus, man, that's all i need. >>steve: pastor, you can come back any time. pastor mike mclure jr., thank you for coming on and telling us about your billboards in the great city of birmingham. >> thank you so much and we're praying for you. >>steve: all right. 20-- 28 minutes after the top of the hour. a newspaper publishing an interactive map showing all the public schools with no
3:29 am
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>> did you hear the latest? bill clinton now says he wishes he had supported gay marriage back when he was president. [applause] >> clinton said at the time he was too busy campaigning for open marriage. >>gretchen: there has been somewhat of a seismic shift with regard to that issue. >>steve: with his open marriage? >>gretchen: no. with regard to public opinion on that exact issue right now. it will be interesting to see if the supreme court actually takes this up or punts on it. we'll know sometime in june. >>brian: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. we start with a fox business alert. banks reopened in cash-straeupd cyprus after being closed for nearly two weeks. people looking to take money out may be in for a surprise. rich edson live in cyprus
3:34 am
with the latest. some might be surprised they can't get their money out; right? >> right. not very much of it. for the first time in two weeks folks can actually go to a bank in this country, but there is significant control on how much they can take out. only some 300 euros a day. the mood here, it took people about a half-hour to get all the way through the bank, but they have calmed down. there is a feeling among folks they are relieved to get to the bank but a sense of frustration, even a sense of anger of what's going on in their country that it has come to this. there are also reports of missing money basically. there's about 30 million euros kept in cypriot banks. there are reports money was leaving cypriot banks and the country in the run-up to this financial crisis. government officials say they are looking for where that money has gone.
3:35 am
they need this money to be part of this bailout to save the banking system in this country. for the first time in a couple of weeks folks can actually go to the bank. can't take out all that much money but still progress in the banking sector. >>steve: rich, we thank you very m 300 bucks and no checks. great. meanwhile we've got other headlines for you on this thursday morning. a massive landslide wiping out a house and forcing more than 30 others to be evacuated on washington state's windy island. this morning experts say the ground is still moving. people were woken up out of their sleep early wednesday morning by a mysterious sound only to find the ground behind their home gone. look. the aerial before and after. the landslide stretching about 500 yards. >> sounded like an earthquake, and i heard
3:36 am
something really loud. i looked out the master bedroom and noticed that about 20 tall trees were gone. >>steve: they think snow from last week may have triggered the landslide. >>gretchen: the des moines register under fire for identifying schools that could become easy targets for violence -frpl the story was meant to show how taxpayers have been paying for security officers that weren't actually employed at school. but the newspaper wound up publishing an interactive map which identified all of those schools, making them easy targets. the map was later taken down but the paper still standing by the story. >>brian: run america's schools by lying to parents about their children? coming straight from the mouth of chicago's teachers union president. watch this. >> i used to love parents conferences because i would lie to the parents. he's wonderful. the parents would look at me like are you talking about my kid? and the kid would sit there
3:37 am
like when is she going to blow the whistle on me? now i have a hostage. >>brian: she went on to say these tips that work, the speech given during an educational conference earlier this month. >>steve: when are they going to blow the whistle on me? got a hostage. for the first time we're seeing prince william at work in his role as a helicopter pilot. you're looking at incredible video of him flying to help save a little boy who fell off a railway bridge on to rocks. >> you have to analyze the information you're given and make the best judgment. it's not easy. it makes you feel worried, concerned, you also made the right call. >>steve: the 30-year-old says there is no greater feeling than saving somebody else's life. the video is being released for a new documentary. that's great. >>gretchen: that was pretty athletic in certain
3:38 am
respects. now to do a little more athletes. march madness. >>brian: the madness resumes with the round of 16. it tips off today. marquette takes on miami and arizona faces ohio state. syracuse takes on top seeded ininn and cinderella lasalle will keep things going against wichita state. sad news for maria and the miami heat. the heat have been called off in the windy city. the chicago bulls ending miami's epic winning streak. it was madness in chicago finishing six wins shy of the all-time record of 33. >> very fortunate and very humbled and blessed to be part of the team and a part of a streak like that. it is part of the best this league has seen. we recognize that, you know, and rightfully so. >>brian: the record belongs to the 1971-1972
3:39 am
l.a. lakers. somewhere wilt chamberlain is smiling. he craves some attention and he's now getting a ton of it. anthony adams showing a sense of humor by announcing his retirement at a near empty white castle. >> do you have any questions for your dad? hey! i asked if somebody had any questions. i'm just going to order me some food. >>brian: adams played for the bears and 49ers. a tremendous accomplishment to even make it there. coming up on radio between 9 and noon on the fox news radio app kilmeade and friend. amongst our guests, chris wallace, steve doocy will be joining us there. busy day. let's go outside. maria molina with more on the miami meltdown. >> i'm bummed about that. good thing i didn't stay up
3:40 am
for it because i would have been tired and bummed. speaking of heat, we don't have any of that across the northeast today. another chilly day in place across the area. high temperatures may make it into the low 50's. currently in new york city, 40 degrees out here. it is a chillier -- or 38 degrees in new york city. chillier in minneapolis. 26 degrees. 25 in tampa, a pretty chilly start to your day in florida. high temperatures today warming up to 61 in atlanta, 47 in indianapolis. as far as precipitation goes, not much of that activity across the country today. good news if you're doing traveling for the holiday weekend. a few showers across portions of new england and the city of boston. in the pacific northwest showers with mostly cloudy skies. we could be seeing more activity this weekend for easter weekend. new york city showers possible on sunday. back inside. >>steve: maria, thanks very much. let's take you to plantation, florida.
3:41 am
at a real estate office, keller williams reality. 12 people put 20 bucks each into the powerball. they got money from everybody except that one new girl. she had only been through a week or so, hadn't gotten her first check. she said i don't have the money so i'm not going to put the 20 bucks in. everybody in except the one girl. >>gretchen: that particular lady said even when somebody offered to give her the $20, she didn't want to take the loan. so they said wait, what's going to happen. we're going to win. sure enough that's exactly what happened. what would you do if you were in the pool? would you share that money with the one person who was left out? that's what they did. >> i think that is the most generous thing that they could have done for me considering they barely know me. >> it touched her deeply. i think i'm getting more joy probably than she is. and i speak for all of us as a group. >>steve: the group got all five numbers right. they didn't get the powerball number right. but nonetheless they won $1
3:42 am
million. everybody in the office got $83,333, and they are all going to give her -- the one woman who didn't throw money into the kitty -- a generous portion. >>brian: that is fantastic. you remember the story at my dad's bar. the bartender there, c.j. byce. they say, c.j., i don't have money with me. take my scratchoff card. he scratches off, wins $20,000. the guy goes i get half of that. he goes no, you gave it to me as a tip. they battled it out in court. i think both ended up with $2,000. it went on for about ten years. >>steve: we're going to have the woman who did not throw the 20 bucks in and the organizer with us on "fox & friends" at 8:50 eastern time. tune in for that. >>gretchen: it is being called the holy grail in the war against cancer. is it really a miracle drug? >>steve: just because it's a fancy french line doesn't mean it's expensive. the best under $10 just in
3:43 am
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3:47 am
a lot of people don't realize the great varieties we know. merlot, chardonnay, they are french. french wine is considered the gold standard for a lot of things. champagne, cheeses. >>gretchen: let's get to the ones that are under $10. >> a sauvignon blanc very aromatic, crisp and light. >>steve: does it go well with ham? >>gretchen: it smells a little sweet. is it sweet? >> completely dry but will go really well with some appetizers. the panne, very aromatic from southern france. it's a little known great variety but one of my favorites and has incredible, incredible value. >>steve: let's move on to
3:48 am
red wines which i bet are better with hams. >> we've got a bordeaux for under $10. it is a blend and quite lovely. 2008 here, so the tens are a little refined. >>brian: what about the bouquet? >> the bouquet is a term that is, a bottle age. what does it smell like when out of the bottle. >>gretchen: the last one? >> a blend that is fruitier. you can tell it is from southern france because you can almost smell the sunshine. >>brian: how does it come here so low and yet people are making a profit on it? >> i don't know. in the united states we are the number-one consuming nation of wine in the world. but france has been going down. we can actually work off of economics here. they need to rely more on sending wine out of the country. >>brian: they need us and
3:49 am
we need you. >>steve: if you would like any of the names of the wines featured go to >>gretchen: fun job that you have. coming up, this guy has an idea on where the feds can save some cash, cut military funerals for our vets. what? he says most did nothing heroic. we'll show you how to e-mail him. >>brian: ever feel so stressed, you think you're going to have a heart attack? does that really happen? dr. segal has myths and dr. segal has myths and facts to relay. what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>>gretchen: quick headlines for you. it has already wowed europe now the solar impulse will fly across america. the solar-powered plane will announce which cities it will fly across. >> stanford university researchers found a so-called miracle drug that has killed every kind of cancer tumor it's come this contact with. the treatments and antibody convinces the immune system to destroy the cancer cells. so far it has only been tested in mice. dr. marc siegel is here this morning. i want to first get your reaction to that story. researchers at stanford coming up with this super drug. what do you make of it? >> very exciting. cells make cells that attack other cells. cancer make a lot more. the key to curing cancer is for the body to know that cancer is an invader. that's what's happening
3:54 am
with this drug. it seems to work for all kinds of cancer so far in mice. very exciting. >>gretchen: in the meantime let's talk about stress today, shall we? there are some medical myths and medical truths. you're here to decipher those for us. the first one is everybody is stressed about stress but how bad is it? can it actually cause heart attacks? >> that's a myth. stress studies show affects 10% of the population chronically. 25% affect women that work full time and have kids under the age of 13. >>gretchen: i'm going to get hot and sweaty in a moment because i'm going to be under tremendous stress. >> no. it doesn't cause heart attacks. it can increase your heart rate, increase your blood pressure. it can increase your risk for having a heart attack but not the heart attack itself. >>gretchen: what about stress having an effect on your hair? >> the fact is that stress
3:55 am
can cause your hair to fall out more quickly. stress actually causes your immune stupl to attack your hair and it causes hair to die quicker. it is about two to three months later you start seeing hair coming out in handfuls. i see that with patients all the time. they say why is my hair coming out. i will tell them stress is a big factor. >>gretchen: there is no such thing as good stress? true or false? >> that is a myth. stress is actually quite good for you up to a certain point. it gives you energy when you need it. fight or flight hormones when you're in danger. when you have an exam coming up. but over time if you get too much of those hormones it wears down your immune system. you start to worry, you don't sleep and you get what i call a cycle of worry. a little bit of stress is good. too much, bad. >>gretchen: that's cortisol in your body that can indicate you have too much stress. >> you're right, you're the scientist of the day. too much is a sign you're
3:56 am
under too much stress. >>gretchen: thanks so much for not stressing me out this morning. have a good day. if you have a medical myth you want to e-mail dr. siegel. your income is taxed. your e-mail could be next? many guys say they like a natural look on a woman. but what do they say when they're actually put to the test. men rate makeup. my tkpw-dness. coming up at the top -- my goodness. coming up at the top of the hour. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everythi. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the mmand performance sales event.
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that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem?
3:59 am
yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, march 28, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great
4:00 am
day. the president says he expects an immigration plan on his desk by the summer. but it may not include border security. this ironiccally is for senators who witness immigrants cross before their eyes. >> brian: he has an idea where to save cash. cut military funerals for vets. he says most didn't do anything heroic. we'll show you what he's talking about and how to e-mail him so you can voice your opinion. >> steve: sure. give him a friendly point of view from you. then most men say they like the natural look, a little make-up. do they really? we're going to allow to you grade that woman. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. >> gretchen: first of all, make-up is such a subjective thing and the actual person that
4:01 am
you're judging is such a subjective thing because depending on who the person is, if you're a super model, you might look amazing natural. or maybe not. maybe it's the make-up that makes you the super model. >> brian: au natural is because we just had that french segment. >> gretchen: yes yes. i pilfered two bottles. i should probably give you one because we had a clean-up in aisle 10. brian dumped his entire tea. >> steve: oh, that's what that was. >> brian: i wiped it up. on the make-up situation, a lot of people are going to love this segment because you're wondering after years and years of -- years of being married, should you wear more make-up or less? do you get up early so your spouse doesn't see you without make-up. >> gretchen: come on! >> brian: we get up early so our spouses don't see us without make-up. >> steve: i don't think my wife has seen me without concealer. anyway, this is a brave experiment. >> brian: you shouldn't keep
4:02 am
secrets. this concealing thing. >> steve: you're right about that. that's coming up. we have a busy two more hours. starting with a fox news alert. >> gretchen: that's me. overnight, south african president mandela hospitalized due to a lung infection. he's receiving the best care from doctors. he spent three weeks in the hospital in december with a similar infection. banks in cash strapped cyprus saying welcome back to customers this morning. they were closed for nearly two weeks as the country worked on a bailout. good luck for those going to the bank today. new restrictions in place to limit how much money can leave the bank. customers will face limits on daily withdrawals and credit and debit charges. they also won't be able to cash checks. you may remember a plan to tax all bank accounts drew widespread outrage and protest. in two hours, search warrants in the sandy hook massacre expected to be released. it could shed more light on the gunman's state of mind and motive and carrying out the shootings that killed 26 people.
4:03 am
the warrants are for the newtown home that he shared with his mother and the black honda he drove to school that day. they were sealed in december. it's christmas year round for maria shriver. her natures are outraged that her ultrabright christmas display is the only house on the block still lighting up the neighborhood. neighbors reportedly haven't confronted her directly yet because they don't want to hurt her feelings, but hope word makes it back to her. >> brian: they're making us hurt her feelings? >> gretchen: i don't want to hurt her feelings, i know that. >> brian: how green of her. >> gretchen: 270 days away, so maybe she's a great organizer and a planner and she's already got her christmas lights up for 2013. >> steve: you know what? i bet she's like a lot of people, including a couple years ago, i was in that situation where i had not taken down my christmas lights. >> brian: 'cause you're scared to death to go up that high. >> steve: until easter. so i renamed them the lent
4:04 am
lights. you don't like my lent lights? you got a problem with that? come on. >> brian: we gave up lent. >> gretchen: you gave up lent? >> brian: you give up something in lent. >> gretchen: true. president obama has been out giving interviews about reform with regard to immigration. he's saying now that he expects to have some sort of a plan on his table before the summer time. in the meantime, ironically, the senators go down to the border. both democrats and republicans and while they're there, john mccain, senator schumer and others, they witness a woman successfully climbing the 18-foot fence right in front of them a few yards away. so one of the big things that has been talked about in this reform is whether or not border security will be part of it and now you have these senators who go down to the borrowedder and see exactly what the problem is. >> steve: yeah. john mccain took half of the group of eight, gang of eight down there and he tweeted this. just witnessed a woman successfully climb 18-foot fence
4:05 am
a few yards from us in hash tag nogalis. i think there is a possibility this could have been a pr stunt. let's face it. you got these u.s. senators there working on immigration reform. you've got all those cameras down there. and you've got the sequester going on where they go, we're going to have to cut back. and in fact, they'll have to cut back 20% of the work force furlough wise. no more will people have a ten hour shift. they're getting rid of two hours of overtime. so for two hours a day, our u.s. border will be unprotected. >> gretchen: by who, though? >> brian: maybe an episode of "the amazing race"? >> gretchen: i don't know who you're implying the pr stunt would be from, but i think it helps the republicans in this case because now you've got this bipartisan group down there watching this happen and this is what the republicans have asked for is to have tighter border security. >> steve: exactly. but then the secretary of
4:06 am
homeland security can say, look, i'm having a cut back on my hours. look at that lady, she scaled an 18-foot fence and you all got it on camera. >> gretchen: unfortunately, i think it happens frequently and so maybe it was just by chance. >> brian: by the way, let's agree that no one is benefitting, especially that woman, who will be sent back to mention p co- and she's -- mexico and she's a heck of a climber. >> brian: the question is can you move money around to keep our border secure so you don't have to furlough people who are key players and keeping our country safe as opposed to people who don't need to show up for work or stand by workers that thomas coburn pointed out get paid anyway. so it's outrageous that they're doing this at the border and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is overseeing it. now let's move on to something else that i think we can all agree on. this columnist is, let us say, a little out there.
4:07 am
he writes for a st. louis newspaper. >> steve: the post dispatch. >> brian: if you have to be specific. there he is. he is bill mccell hahn. he has come up with a genius way to save money. >> steve: he's talking about how the government is dead broke. we need to start saving money. so what he would like to do is end military funeral honors. he said let veterans organizations provide military honors at funerals and here is a passage that is going to infuriate you this morning. he writes, quote, bear in mind that most veterans did nothing heroic. hmm. what do you think about that? >> brian: they served and that's horrible. but it hardly seems necessary to provide them all with military honors after they died. in fact, it seems generous enough to provide veterans and their spouses with free space and head stones at a national cemetery. >> steve: he says the federal government is broke and we can't afford it, yet the federal government is spending billions
4:08 am
of dollars on other stuff that we talk about all the time. i think we can give our military members a military funeral. come on, what do you think? we're going to put up the e-mail if you would like to send an e-mail to him at the st. louis post dispatch. there it is. have an e-mail waiting for him when he gets to work. >> gretchen: here is the story we were talking about, how much make-up do men like on their girlfriend and wife? a writer had her husband rate pictures of her with different levels of make-up on. this is important. i think it's important that it's just one guy rating his wife who he's already supposedly in public because he married her. >> brian: a woman is very humble. she's worried about her wrinkles. she's worried about how she looks and she feels as though age is catching up. >> steve: her name is anna bell and she works fort daily mail in london and she hired a
4:09 am
professional make-up person to go from barely any make-up, natural make-up, right up to midnight vamping. so as you can see, the first one, screen left, natural. very little make-up. as you can see, her husband gave her a 3 out of five marks. >> brian: the second shot is what? eye make-up? >> gretchen: understated with just -- in the business for women, it would be blush, lip gloss and mascara. >> brian: does it go up? >> gretchen: one notch. >> brian: this is all about the eyes. am i correct? a little darkness under the eyebrow. >> gretchen: no, no. darkness around the eye. if it was directly under the eye -- >> brian: guess what she's rated by her husband? five out of five. he's pro sultry. >> steve: you would think if he liked that, if she just went completely crazy and added what they refer to as midnight vamp,
4:10 am
that he would love that? absolutely not. of the four faces, he only givers it one out of five. >> gretchen: that's because the lipstick is way too dark on the last one. i don't know. maybe if she chose to vamp it up in a little different way. we'd have to ask our make-up artist here at fox. but i think it's interesting that he got a perfect score for the sultry because what do men typically say to their wives. i love you au natural. >> brian: right. you got to answer the rye way. even if you're the columnist. at home, stay anonymous. write or tweet us. keep it 140 characters. how much make-up do you wish your spot wore. >> steve: do you like the thing with the sultry thing and the liner and was it well received as was the case with this woman or did you look not so hot? e-mail us. >> brian: straight ahead, remember playing dodge ball as a
4:11 am
kid? it's been banned because it could have negative effects on kids. how do you feel about that? no dodge ball high self-esteem. is there a relationship? >> steve: and your property is taxed, your income is taxed. e-mail could be taxed next. charles payne is here with why the government says that's fair. come on in, chuck [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
4:12 am
sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream?
4:13 am
oil or cream? cream. ♪ [ male announcer ] the sound of reddi-wip is the sound of joy.
4:14 am
>> gretchen: the internet is free. but perhaps not for long. the law protecting access to the world wide web from taxes is set to expire this year and government officials, like berkeley, california city councilman, are looking at your e-mails as a way to save failing
4:15 am
institutions like the post office. fox business' charles payne is here with a chuckle. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: all right. now they're going to tax e-mails to make up for budget deficits? >> yeah, particularly the post office because it's sort of like the idea we should have taxed the computer industry to keep typewriters in business longer. it's one of these things where you have an entitlement mentality that hey, we all deserve post offices, even the rural areas where you have a town of four people, three work at the post office, losing a million dollars a year. that is a right. it should be open and the only honey pot left of money is the internet, those e-mails particularly. how many e-mails go through in a day? we can just get a fraction of a penny from each of them, wow. >> steve: it wouldn't be bad if they taxed the sender when it comes to spam and stuff. regarding the post office, they need to have income because they've got a bunch of employees. the internet, it's pretty much free the way it's used for
4:16 am
e-mail. >> the answer is pretty much free, that's why it's flourished and that's why it's been amazing with respect to productivity in this country and it's kept a lot of things alive. the idea that the post office has a lot of employees and therefore, we should continue to fund it is why it's losing billions of dollars each year. it's interesting, the post master general says i would like to close saturdays. washington, d.c., congress said no, don't do that. it's just absolutely amazing. we just can't keep funding things that are losing billions of dollars a year in the name of nostalgia. >> brian: how about this -- >> gretchen: i have a confession to make. i'm going to be really sad if i can't get my mail on saturday. that doesn't mean i don't want to see some budgetary cuts. i will be sad. >> a lot of people will. i think there are some things where petticoat junction are still around --
4:17 am
>> brian: is that green acres. >> "green acres" was a spinoff. >> brian: how could she expect to live in the city and adapt to the farm? you're going to get mad, but i don't care, i'll fight you. >> again. >> brian: here is the thing, i do think that if i'm buying shoes over the internet cheaper and now i go to the nike store, all these small businesses getting blown out because internet is all tax free, that does bother me. >> that's a completely different idea than the idea of taxing. everyone watching the show, their e-mails, that's a completely different thing. that might be the most bipartisan thing in washington. you have republicans and democrats who agree with you. republicans and democrats who don't agree with you. i happen to lean toward you on this one. i think at this point, amazon is a big boy. i think -- >> gretchen: you pay taxes when you buy on the internet. >> no. >> brian: no. >> gretchen: i do. >> brian: you don't pay state taxes on the internet. what do you is, for example, if i go to barnes & noble, i get
4:18 am
that book without state tax on to my book as opposed to if i bought -- >> gretchen: i'm going to bring my receipts tomorrow and show you. >> the true bottom line with respect to that kind of commerce, i think it probably will be up for grabs and the big argument there is that it's unfair to the smaller business with respect to -- how can we compete with this? a lot of stores, people walk in, kick the tires and order on the internet. the tax issue, maybe that would level the playing field. i'm up for that, a lot more than the idea of taxing our e-mails, which is nuts. >> brian: i'm up for varney and company, starts at 9:20. you going to show up on time? >> at least i'm in the building this time. >> brian: look at that. >> steve: thank you, sir. good news for you, brian, is you were on the same page with sales tax. so don't have to fight him. >> brian: thank goodness. >> gretchen: i think he could take you. >> i was wondering what the astro turf was for. >> gretchen: you never know around here. the white house is still closed.
4:19 am
illegals are being let out of jail and people are being laid off. why are feds spending a million dollars then on puppets? >> steve: if they don't, who will? it's one of the new must see shows on television. celebrities trying to dive olympic style. how real is "splash"? deaerator res is -- dara torres is here. hi, dara. >> nice to see you what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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4:22 am
>> steve: time for numbers in the news. first, 29. that's the percentage of american adults who are obese. 29%. the cdc says the number has reached an all-time high.
4:23 am
next, 1.18 million. that's how much the government has spent on puppets since 2009. that's enough to pay for more than a year's worth of white house tours. the puppet expenses include puppet shows to educate kids and puppet-based research. somewhere a muppet is cheering. finally. 1 million, that's how much daniel craig was paid for a range rover appearance at the new york auto show yesterday t. barely lasted seven minutes. he got a million bucks. he was shaking. >> brian: actually it does look like it hurts. celebrities taking a plunge for a new reality show all about high diving called "splash." our next guest is making a splash with us as she always does, even filled in as a host. she's superstar olympic medalist dara torres is here. welcome back. >> thank you. >> brian: they called you up to possibly celebrity judge on
4:24 am
this. >> but they ended up not using a female judge. so it was a moot point. >> brian: when i saw this on paper, i said this is the stupidest idea. doesn't it seem so stupid? people like it. >> they do. i don't know if they like to see people fail or try something they're not good at. but it's tough. i wouldn't go up there and dive. >> brian: as you spent all these years diving burks a high dive north texas way? >> no. you walk up, you don't realize how high it is. doesn't look too bad from down below, but down below it is. >> brian: have you been asked to do the "dancing with the stars" and skating, amazing whatever it is? apprentice? >> no. i got asked to do "dancing with the stars" after the 08 olympics. i had a bad knee and i hadn't seen my daughter for six weeks. so i really didn't want to make that commitment. i also didn't want to be the first one voted off. i have no moves whatsoever. >> brian: okay, fine. join the company. you probably would have won the whole thing. your daughter is seven and
4:25 am
swimming? >> she's swimming. i sit in the stands and watch her and it's like i want to go down there and say something to the coaches and like, you need to do this. but i bite my lip and be a mom. >> brian: she's seven? >> she's seven. >> brian: by the time she's eight or nine, you'll be in the pool. the other thing is, i always wonder this, you spend your whole adult life in the pool, even training in the pool. what do you do to keep your skin moist and fresh and bouncy? [ laughter ] you know, actually now that i live in a cold area, in boston, and i do still work out a lot, so my skin doesn't get dry, i use amlast. it has alpha hydroxy in it. you can find it at your local walgreen's or select target stores. they have a new product out and if go to their web site, you can find out more about it. >> brian: you can keep moisturized with the wind blowing in your face in the northeast where it's been brutal. >> freezing. >> brian: here is the other question, you're retired. in your 40s now.
4:26 am
what do you do in the morning, now that you don't have to go for an olympic medal or trio qualify in some heat? >> i'll show you. >> brian: she's going to show me three stretches, that according to reports, that we can do? >> yes. so the first one actually is great. people are at a computer all day or at the desk they can do. called a grapevine. you put one arm over the other. do you this with your jacket? >> brian: probably not. >> okay. that's all right. one arm over the other. you grab your hands. what you're doing is this is called key stretching. it really helps alleviate the stress in your traps. it's called resistance stretching. twisting your hands, rotating against each other. you put one arm around the other. then you grab your hands like that. then you push your shoulders down a little bit. you can probably feel it here and in your traps. then rotate your hands.
4:27 am
as you rotate, you're resisting against. >> brian: i can't do this. >> for the lower body, we'll do what's called a quads on the wall. since we don't have a wall, we're going to do it on this mat. so you have one ot out and put your back foot in your hand, on your hand. what you're going to do -- [ laughter ] okay. >> brian: can you guys be supportive for once? >> what you do is push your foot into your hand, like down toward the mat. then once you do that, 'cause you're resisting, you'll be able to stretch it more toward your glutes. >> brian: you do this like while cooking? >> well, not when i'm cooking, but when i get up in the morning. this last one is called the butterfly. you put your two feet facing each other on the ground. sort of looking like a butterfly. do i have to see that?
4:28 am
>> brian: the white pasty legs. >> you're going to push your elbows up against the insides of your knees. can you do that? push down against your elbows and resist. >> brian: you see how unsupportive these people are? >> you do look kind of silly with your black socks. this helps your groins and abductors. >> brian: you've done more than anybody else in this nation today. congratulations, you are the first celebrity endorser of this product. >> that's right. i love it. it's awesome. >> brian: listen, next, you remember doing this, right? >> i do remember doing this. next up, stand up for the second amendment and be fired? one state sending that threat to their cops. >> brian: and. >> remembering playing dodge ball as kid? >> now you're all in big, big trouble. >> it's just been banned because it could have negative effects on kids. really? >> brian: are you upset by that?
4:29 am
>> i like dodge ball. >> brian: because you always won. >> right. >> brian: and you killed all the guys. >> right, absolutely ♪ [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee.
4:30 am
that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it i [ man ] so i used mineo get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply.
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>> scraping on the boat.
4:33 am
>> look at it! it's so beautiful. hello. >> gretchen: up close and personal. tourists getting quite a surprise off the coast of mexico. a gray while and his calf poppingity to say hi. one woman got a kiss. >> brian: wow. >> steve: she's brave. >> brian: gray whales aren't dangerous? >> gretchen: i don't know. of that that's a big mouth to be so close. >> gretchen: its skin looks like -- >> steve: barncaly. >> gretchen: the whale needs make-up. >> brian: we're getting a lot of people writing about make-up. >> steve: yeah, indeed. keep them coming. we got headlines and start with a fox news alert. the blade runner can't run. just moments ago, a judge approving eased bail restrictions for oscar pistorius in the reeva steenkamp murder case. the judge says pistorius can travel to compete, which is his job. but he must give authorities his
4:34 am
travel plans at least one week in advance and surrender his passport within 24 hours of getting back home. pistorius' lawyers say he has no immediate plans to compete, but may to earn money to pay lawyers. >> brian: john edwards' daughter breaking her silence about her father's affair with rielle hunter. she said her dad, vp nominee, was the first to tell her about the affair. kate says i was devastated. i was disappointed. i mean, these are my parents. i had grown up with them. a lot of love -- with a lot of love in my family and it was so hard to see them go through this. she stood by his side. >> gretchen: obey or get fired. sheriffs in 15 states who have vowed not to obey new state and federal gun control laws may be getting pink slips. the house in texas recently introduce ago bill that calls for law enforcement who refuses to follow the law to be fired. they fear this may spread to
4:35 am
other states. >> steve: forget same day delivery, that computer screen you wait on-line could be on your desk in an hour or two. wal-mart currently considering a plan to have store customers deliver packages to on-line buyers. in exchange, they would give store customers a discount on their shopping bills covering the cost of their gas. so that would be handy. you could have something in two hours. >> gretchen: let's talk march madness that kicks off tonight. >> brian: ever since hartford and florida gulf coast survived, everyone's brackets blown up. let's see what's left. marquette takes on miami. arizona faces ohio state. syracuse plays top seeded indiana. and lasalle, which has been overshadowed by the florida gulf coast, has an incredible story going. they'll look to keep it going against wichita state. that's winnable for them. and nba where they play for pay, the heat has been cooled off in the windy city t. happened late last night. chicago bulls ending miami's
4:36 am
epic winning stream, 101-97 in front of a passionate crowd. they finished six wins shy of the all-time record. >> very fortunate and very humbled and blessed to be part of this team and be part of a streak like that. it's one of the best this league has ever seen. so we recognize that, you know, and rightfully so. >> brian: as he pointed out earlier, it's a lot harder to do it at 27 games. now as opposed to when the lakers did because it was an aba, with dr. j and it was harder to play. even the globetrotters were good. now we're one league with more teams. >> steve: you are predicting a skid now? >> brian: i am. i have $10 bet on ted, with ted, that they will lose three of their next seven games. >> steve: you heard it here first. >> gretchen: i had to assuage an eight-year-old in my house to stay up from watching the game. >> brian: we'll have him call in
4:37 am
the after the show show. oh, he's at school. >> steve: somebody else who loves the heat and heart broken, maria molina. >> yes. good morning. i'm from miami. i'm so bummed that they lost last night. but at least they're doing good. i'm sure they'll keep it up. >> brian: i'm sure they'll be fine, maria. ten-game lead over the knicks for the top seed. >> yeah, yeah. they'll be fine. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country today because we're waking up to yet again another chilly morning out across parts of the northeast and even across the southeast. we have freeze warnings in effect still this morning. temperatures dipping below 32 degrees in parts of the carolinas. raleigh, 28 degrees right now. even in tampa, 45. that's pretty chilly for you down into parts of florida. 30 in chicago. 26 currently in minneapolis. but no fear, minneapolis, you'll be warming up into the upper 40s. 51 for your high in new york city. across texas, a very pleasant day today, high temperatures making it into the middle 70s.
4:38 am
as far as travel goes today, if you're heading out of town for the holiday weekend, it looks pretty good across most of the country. just a couple of isolated showers here and there across the city of boston. new england, parts of the mid atlantic could also see an isolated shower, not much to worry as far as travel goes. as we head into this weekend, we could see a few showers as well on sunday in the city of new york. otherwise in texas, thunderstorms possible throughout the weekend. back inside. >> gretchen: thank you very much. >> brian: bad news for the kids in new hampshire. >> steve: yeah. no kidding. they're human targets, though. it's a human target game. we've had so much -- thank you very much. we've had so much trouble getting our kids away from the video games and going outside. now they can't play dodge ball in at least one school district. >> gretchen: i was going to say how much us grew up playing dodge ball? i know i did. i looked forward to it in gym. and now apparently you're not going to be allowed to do it. i think this has a lot to do with liability.
4:39 am
they're trying to claim that kids can get concussions from this. and so maybe schools don't want to have -- >> brian: maybe they shouldn't use baseballs. >> gretchen: i know. it's a slippery slope. 'cause it can really be referred to any kind of a sport. and also if it's a human target game and that's what the bad influence is going to be, then what are we doing with all these video games? aren't those all human target games? >> brian: people are going to lose. people are going to win. dodge ball is a natural part of it 'cause it's natural selection. the guys who are shaving in fifth grade are always going to win dodge ball. and the little guys who -- >> gretchen: wait a minute. i could have won? >> brian: then everything reverses in 11th grade when they're all shaving. >> gretchen: what does shaving have to do with it? >> brian: they mature quicker and throw 100 miles an hour. >> gretchen: what about women? >> brian: roger clemens is in your graduating class, you're going to probably graduate with a few bruises. they banned prison ball. >> gretchen: did you not play dodge ball with women?
4:40 am
>> brian: no. well, i guess we did play with women. i don't remember. grammar school is the last time i played dodge balls. >> steve: it was boys and girls in my school. the superintendent was quoting the national association for sport and p.e. and they say, that organization says that human target games like this result in negative experiences for many students. they pose safety concerns and in some cases, encouraging instances of bullying. so in addition to getting hurt, you might get bullied. here is the thing, did you realize that in this school district, they don't use softballs or baseballs. they don't use volleyballs. they use nerve balls. they use nerf balls. >> brian: there is something about the human running for their lives that's educational. when you feel -- >> steve: survival. >> brian: i always fell for this one. one guy throws it up. i got a tweet that says what
4:41 am
else? dodge ball and football is too rough. crying over bullies. we have turned into a nation of wimps. i think the most psychologically damaging game, musical chairs. because the stress of trying to get that chair results in tears. it's basic capitalism. >> gretchen: all right. coming up, let us know what you think about. next up, free shotguns. one man's effort to arm every resident in high crime areas. we'll tell where you next. >> steve: then it was america's flabship luxury liner that catered to presidents and royalty and celebrities. now it could actually be sold for scrap. how you can save the ss united states next new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain.
4:42 am
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we all have one. that perfect spot. a special place we go to smooth out the ripples of the day. it might be off a dock or on a boat. upstre or in the middle of nowhere. wherever it may be, casting a line in the clear, fresh waters of michigan lets us leave anything weighing us down back on shore. our perfect spot is calling.
4:45 am
our perfect spot is pure michigan. your trip begins at >> gretchen: quick headlines now. the long island man who admitted faking his own death after spark ago massive search and rescue arrested again after posing now as a cop. police say raymond ross used a fake identity to lure women into his van. a group in arizona giving out free shotguns. the manned behind it says he wants people who live in high crime areas to be able to defend themselves since the city is failing to do so. the program is privately funded and would provide training to new gun owners. steve? >> steve: thank you, gretchen. in its hay day, the ss united states was the king of the seas, a modern passenger vessel that catered to presidents,
4:46 am
celebrities, and royalty. now 60 years after it was built, america's flagship is short on funds and could be destined for the scrap yard. here is explain is the managing director of the redevelopment project for the ss united states. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you want to save the united states. >> i don't want to save this ship. we have to save this ship. this is america's national flagship. it bears the name of our country. how can we let this ship be lost? can't happen. >> steve: it is a beautiful ship. tell us who has been on it. >> four u.s. presidents, every hollywood celebrity of the ira, a lot of diplomatic dignitaries. students, immigrants to our country. so the ship is a very democratic ship and for that reason, among others, it's got to be saved. >> steve: brilliantly, there was a way in the time of war, if needed, they could retro fit it. >> the capability of the ship
4:47 am
was unbelievable. within two days, she could be convert to do a troop ship to carry an entire army division, 10,000 miles without refueling. you can't even do that today. >> steve: no kidding. so what do you want to see happen to this? because right now it costs $80,000 a month to keep it in a slip down in philly. if you don't get that money, it's going to wind up in the scrap heap. what do you want to see done with it? >> we're facing a challenging situation here, but we're optimistic because the word is getting out. what we want people to do across america is go to our web site, savetheunited states., rg. and if every american just gave one dollar, we could redevelop this ship. it could become the crown jewel of a waterfront district. it could create thousands of jobs. so we're not asking for a handout. we're asking to help us create jobs and save this great symbol of our country. >> steve: absolutely. why not save the united states? so in a perfect world, you would love to see that. we just saw it at that slip down in philly. you would like to see that
4:48 am
developed by somebody with deep pockets develop it into what? >> it's going to be first and foremost a self-sustaining business. we want this thing to make a profit. so it will be a hotel, restaurants,ts based. and then a world class museum that celebrates our history and that puts a big spotlight on the legacy that we have of innovation in america. >> steve: on the west coast, they've got the queen mary. >> right, the queen mary, a great ship, it's a british ship. this is an american ship. >> steve: it's not just an american ship, it's the united states! >> right. >> steve: what is your web site? >> savetheunited >> steve: all right. we thank you very much for telling us about it. >> thank you very much. >> steve: thank you. no matter how hard you try, do all of your pictures turn out like this? a little too far away and people are too small and a little out of frame? there is an easy fix for that.
4:49 am
our photo expert is about to show you how to make sure your sunday easter pictures are perfect. good morning to you. smile. first on this date in 1965, "stop in the name of love," number one song in america. ♪ stop in the name of love ♪ before you break my heart ♪ think it over with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the cmand performance sales event. th is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:52 am
>> gretchen: coming up this weekend, it's easter and a big day for family photos and there are actually simple things you can do to make sure those easter pictures come out close to perfect. matt is the president of unique photo in new jersey and joins me how to tell you thousand do
4:53 am
that. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: we start with this beautiful photo here. you're going to tell me what's wrong with the top one and what's good about the bottom one. a lot of people when they have babies they want to put a costume on. what's wrong with the top one? n this kind of thing looks like a good idea. it seems like a good idea when you're about to do it, but then when you put the child in it, it's hard to get the child in it. it's overdone. if you look hot towel is in there, it's unnatural. and you end up with a photograph that you kind of regret later on and i don't think the child when they grow up are ever going to want to see it. the bottom one -- >> gretchen: make it sound like a death sentence. it's kind of cute. but what's good about the bottom one? >> a much more natural position. there was some thought, sort of less is more, if you notice. there is less costume on the baby. the costume has something to do with the background. it's a natural setting. there is too much of this. you go on the internet, you see all sorts of funny things done with children and people regret
4:54 am
that. >> gretchen: let's shift and talk about the family photo. a lot of people will try to capture that this weekend. the top one, people look great, but you're saying obviously it's a little too far away. >> right. this is a case, the most common kind of picture you take. what people do is they stand at a distance that's comfortable and they shoot a picture and you get a lot of grass. this one, it's a little out of focus because the camera picked up on the grass or picked up in front of them and they became out of focus. you have lawn chairs and a relatively ugly background. if you look in this photograph on the bottom, we filled the frame. really the family is filling the frame. they're at a better posed position, too. and this is used something called a wider appearer during. you can use a long lens or a camera like this. i have with me canon's sl 1, the lightest and smallest dslr available. this camera will be out in a month or so. this has a very wide aperture so you can get a shallow depth of feel and a better picture of the
4:55 am
family. >> gretchen: even somebody like me could take a nice picture like that? >> yeah, absolutely. >> gretchen: cool. let's move over to the beautiful single shot of your child on easter. this has everything to do with the sunlight, right? >> absolutely. this is a very, very typical kind of shot that you see. but if you see the sun was in her face. she couldn't keep her eyes open. it washed out the color on her face. it made for an uncomfortable photograph. it's a pretty girl and it's kind of nice, but you can do something better with the light, light should be your friend. and in this case, the young boy is placed in a way where the light created a little halo over his head and it's shining nicely on his face. the light is even on his face and he's able to keep a better pose so that the picture comes out better? >> gretchen: he's not squinting. people wonder are you supposed to have the picture that you're taking the person in front of the sun or in back of the sun? >> you never want the sun really behind the person 'cause it will fool the camera. you want the sun at some angle in front, but not directly in their eyes.
4:56 am
that's exactly what's happening in this. they're looking at the camera and the sun. >> gretchen: all right. thank you so much for the tips. matt, president of unique photo. we appreciate the tips and hopefully people will get great shots. >> we have the largest photography education program in the country at unique photo. visit our web site, they're welcome to come and see. >> gretchen: learn how to do it in person? >> absolutely. >> gretchen: thanks so much. it was supposed to be a fun field trip. instead, this young girl got hit with an arrow. look at that photo. it's still in her leg. how did that happen? then you shouldn't have to register to vote to get obamacare. right? well, so why is there a question with it on the application? michelle malkin has an idea on it. she's here with us. also, bob massi, john stossel, a big final hour straight ahead. stick around. look what mommy is having.
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, march 28, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. the president says he wants an immigration plan on his desk by the summer. could happen. but it may not include border security. ironically, this as four senators watch an illegal immigrant scale a fence right before their eyes. >> steve: meanwhile, it's being called the holy grail in the war against cancer. is it really a miracle drug? we're going to tell you what we know about it so far this morning. >> brian: all right. everyone in the office pool pooled in their cash and hit the powerball jackpot except one woman. she didn't have the money. but guess what in they're sharing with her anyway. what would you do? that lucky lady joins us live this hour to reflect on her winnings. "fox & friends" starts, you know >> steve: i want to work in that
5:01 am
office where we just won a million dollars. we know you didn't take part 'cause you didn't have the money. it's a big check. >> brian: $83,000. >> steve: each person. >> gretchen: i don't think she got $83,000, but she did get a significant chunk of change. she'll be joining us coming up towards the end of the show. so we'll see if we can find out how much they actually gifted her. >> steve: would you do that if there was the one person, let's say we all won except joel. >> brian: right. >> steve: what would do you in tv land? would you cut joel a check? >> brian: i think he would demand it. we'd have to pay the money. pick a camera. we would never know who is on. joel, we'd cut you a check. >> gretchen: we definitely would. let's do some headlines now. we start with a fox news alert. blade runner can run. moments ago a judge approveing bail restrictions for oscar pistorius. some people argued he shouldn't get bail. now he's going to ease the
5:02 am
restriction. the judge says pistorius can travel to compete. but he must give authorities the travel plans at least one week in advance and surrender his passport within 24 hours of returning. pistorius' lawyer says he has no immediate plans to compete, but may have to earn money. i wonder how her family feels about that. and another alert. overnight former south african president nelson mandela hospitalized due to a recurring lung infection. the 94-year-old is conscious, aware and receiving the best possible treatment from doctors and he spent three weeks in the hospital in december with a very similar infection. potential major breakthrough, big news today -- in the war against cancer. stanford university researchers have found a so-called miracle drug that has killed every kind of cancer tumor it's come in contact with. the antibody convinces the immune system to destroy the cancer cells. so far it has only been tested in mice. but this could be a major breakthrough. talk about the worst field
5:03 am
trip ever. out of nowhere, an eight-year-old california girl hit in the leg with a 28-inch arrow. she was playing on the uc-berkeley campus where her school was on a science trip. medics rushed her to the hospital with the arrow lodged in her leg still. >> steve: ouch. >> gretchen: doctors had to surgically remove it. police say she was a trooper the whole time. she's going to be okay. they're still trying to figure out where the arrow actually came from. those are your headlines. >> steve: i'm surprised the person who shot it didn't say oh, excuse me. they took off. >> brian: remember years ago, steve martin got hit in the head with an arrow. >> steve: clean through. he showed up in many concerts with that. >> brian: amazing. he's a tough guy. >> steve: michelle malkin probably remembers steve martin. he's a wild and crazy guy. >> yeah, sure do. >> brian: good memory. >> steve: we remember once upon a time you wrote a book called "invasion" talking about immigration problems in this country and the invasion across our sovereign borders such as it is. >> brian: we solved that
5:04 am
problem. >> steve: yeah, we're so much better. exhibit a, just to show how great a job we're doing on the borders, yesterday while half of the gang of eight is standing at the border right there, including schumer and mccain, a woman climbed over an 18-foot fence, only to be arrested by the border patrol. >> yeah. gasp. we followed this entire episode which unfolded on john mccain's twitter account on twitchy. there were a lot of aggravated and bemused observers of john mccain. the question came up in one of my editors put it this way, did john mccain give her a boost up, because, of course, he is now leading the charge for exactly the kind of i don't care what you call it, regularization, comprehensive immigration reform, it walks, it talks, and
5:05 am
it squawks like another massive illegal alien amnesty and it's all going to result in is more of the kind of activity that they tweeted about yesterday at the border. more illegal immigration. that has been the logical result of these kinds of massive waivers and passes for the people who -- >> gretchen: at the same time, michelle -- >> who overstay their visas or evaded deportation illegally. >> gretchen: at the same time you have what many deem to be a tea party republican, marco rubio, who is in favor of at least some type of illegal immigration reform. >> brian: pathway to -- >> gretchen: would you be against that? >> well, i think a -- i mean, i could probably reissue invasion. a lot of the rhetoric that marco rubio and others use now comes straight from my book. they will admit to you that we have had defacto illegal alien
5:06 am
activity and then they will turn around and see no reason to connect the dots between the behavior of congress and the white house, whether it's under a republican or a democratic administration, looking the other way and all of the systemic failures and failing to fix those on their own. why is it that all of these people now pay lip service? well, we've got to quote, unquote, fix border security first and then we can get of the political pandering that we all agree we need to rescue the republican party. i mean, that is what that -- at heart here, whether it's john mccain or marco rubio, whoever is posing as a tea party spokesman now and even john mccain, of course, during the campaign pretended that he understood the concerns of grassroots conservatives, if you really believe in border security and are telling people that you don't want to talk about amnesty until the border is secure, why don't you shut up
5:07 am
about illegal amnesty and make sure the border is secure? >> steve: that's the key. you know, so many want it secure. here is the problem, because of the sequester, janet napolitano is now -- what they're going to do is everybody had ten-hour shift. >> brian: plus overtime. >> steve: now they're going to cut it back to eight hours. so there will be no overtime. so at least two hours per shift, the american border is going to be open for business. >> yeah. it's a crock. i have to tell you that i, over the years, over the 20-plus years that i have covered this issue and interviewed and been in touch with border patrol sources, people who work in detention and removal, who worked in the former ins and now dhs, will tell you the sequester is the least of their problems when you have white house personnel, again, whether it's a d or r by their name, undermining their own ability to enforce the laws that are already on the books.
5:08 am
you know what? there are so many people out there who are sick of hearing about quote, unquote, creating a new pathway to citizenship. we already have many of those pathways and the problem is that people do not want to get in line and follow them. we don't need a new law to secure the border. we already have a constitution that requires the federal government to protect the states. >> gretchen: what's your recommendation? if you were a member of congress, what would be your recommendation to do now? wait 'til a republican is president and congress ostensibly is republican? house and senate for that to happen? >> i would recommend that they read the last chapter of "invasion," which talks about all of the specific immigration enforcement mechanisms that are still failing us after 9-11. these people talk about how we need an exit-entry tracking system and it became clear after 9-11 that that simple measure would have spared so many people
5:09 am
so much misery. we still don't have one, after 30 years! why do we need to tie doing that job and that duty, which is a basic constitutionally mandated duty? why does that need to be tied to any legal alien amnesty? people always say, well, what are we going to do? what are we going to do about the 11 million people who are here illegally? my question is, what are we going to do about all the people who are already in line and have been waiting, applying legally to get into this country? what about all of the native born americans legal people here who are looking for jobs that are going to be supplanted by 11 million people who will now be treated on equal par with people who followed the law? what about them? what about them? >> brian: we'll see if they're factored in. the afl-cio, chamber of commerce, talk being how the work force will be affected. if they're work here already and just not paying taxes, they're going to have to step up if the
5:10 am
border is secure and this legislation moves forward, and sign in and get a tax i.d. number and pay into the system. >> steve: sure. so that's the -- the president wants something on his desk. something else we have to talk about is one of the draft applications for obamacare, it's gigantic. it will take you will month to fill it out. but on page 59, it says, would you like to register to vote? which is great because you think okay. if i want obamacare, i'm going to have to register to vote. right? >> yeah, that's right. my guest blogger at was cheeky about this and said that the new motto now is, first get them registered to vote! it will be very interesting to see when that draft has a link to be determined to be included on where to register to vote.
5:11 am
and i think it just shows we all knew it was transparent that obamacare was just another vehicle to recruit the next generation of democrats. now that has been confirmed. >> gretchen: is that even legal, though? don't we pass laws for motor vehicle registrations? is that legal? >> it sounds like a potential lawsuit or certainly a question that should be raised by some public interest law firm. >> brian: punxsutawney phil can get sued for not having spring start on time, why not them for putting this in? >> steve: is he registered to vote yet? >> brian: we're not sure. >> gretchen: several times. >> steve: michelle, we love your passion. that's why we have you join us every thursday at this time. have a great holiday weekend. we'll see you back here next week. >> brian: good job with the costa rica in denver. that was incredible. >> i know. thanks a lot. >> brian: thank you. coming up straight ahead on this show, want to know what's wrong with our schools? listen to this ceo. >> you have to lie, if you have
5:12 am
to say, i'm enjoying your child so much. [ laughter ] >> brian: yeah, that's a union boss laughing about lying to parents about their well behaved kids. >> gretchen: homeowners facing forecolors, what you need to know about your lender. bob massi on that coming up next
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> gretchen: all lenders are not created equal. if you're facing foreclosure through a credit union, there could be key differences in their process that may want you to consider. here to break it down is bob massi, fox news legal analyst and real estate expert. good morning to you. >> good morning.
5:16 am
>> gretchen: so i'm going to start with the first general question, which is what's the difference between a general credit union and a lender? >> well, credit unions have members. so if you join a credit union, you become members. so the size is different and the capital is different. as a result of that, credit unions, as we'll discuss in a minute, look upon things a little differently than a lender does when there is a default. they're designed to help the community. it's sort of let's help you, let's get you good loans and good rates, so it's designed, that's the way it's always been, it's for the people. that's why they're a little unique when it comes to default. >> gretchen: so are credit unions more likely to sue a member after foreclosure than lenders? >> they really are. because we're all members, let's assume we're all part of the credit union, they have fiduciary responsibilities, they have important responsibilities to their members. as a result, because of the capitalization of them and the size, they're more likely, if
5:17 am
you're funded by a credit union on a loan to your house, on a loan to a vehicle, whatever it may be, and you default, they're much more likely to go after you for the deficiency as opposed to a lender. it's the nature of the way the credit union is set up. that's why i tell people, if you're going to join a credit union, i'm a big believer in credit unions, ask a lot of questions. what's happened, gretchen, there has never been a time, and i want to emphasize this to our viewers -- that you and i as homeowners, you and i as buyers in america, have the right now and no excuse anymore not to ask questions when you're borrowing money because what's happened in america. >> gretchen: right. okay. so if you're saying they're a little more stringent, then the question that begs to be asked is why would anyone want to be part of the credit union? >> well, because they coo give better rates in many circumstances. they have a sense of giving you that community feeling. it gives you a sense of more ownership, if you will, because
5:18 am
you're a member. so they're sort of a nice feel of being part of a credit union. for example, if you have an existing loan on a vehicle and you're paying 5, 6, 7%, you could go to a credit union and sometimes refinance that particular vehicle loan and get it for 3 1/2, 4%, depending upon what's available at the time. so i encourage people, go talk to credit unions in your community. find out what the benefits are. find out if they could help you. but understand they're more aggressive if you make a default in the payment. >> gretchen: great information. i'm expecting you're going to have some sort of big easter celebration this weekend with your grandkids. >> my babies, four grand babies, it's my whole life. on sunday we'll have egg hunt, italian food, a good day. >> gretchen: 23 of them when i hide them for my kids. i had to start being creative 'cause they're getting too bright for mama. >> happy easter to you. >> gretchen: you, too. >> thank you. >> gretchen: if you have housing questions you need answered,
5:19 am
e-mail bob massi right there. coming up, caught on camera, an out of control car sends a firefighter flying. how in the world did he survive? then what made john stossel jump into new york's hudson river? are you kidding me? he's trying to prove how much he likes regulation? has the government gone too far with them? stossel is on deck out of his wet suit mallonrothers magic? watch this -- alakazam! ♪ [ male announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy. ♪ another laptop? don't ask. disappear! abracadabra! alakazam! [ male announcer ] and now we're making it easier to get everything for your business. and for my greatest trick! enough! [ male announcer ] because whatever you need,
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5:22 am
>> steve: quick headlines. bad news for calorie counters. turns out some of the calorie labels on popular chain restaurant menus are wrong. a new consumer report study
5:23 am
found there were more calories than claimed. one example, outback chicken on the barbie listed as 401 calories actually has 511. whatever that was, that sure looks delicious. waffles with fries. meanwhile. the craziest video you're going to see all day. that looks like in a movie, right? out of control car slamming into a firefighter, sending him flying. it happened on an icy highway in dayton, ohio. don't worry, the fireman is expected to make a full recovery. >> site of the empire state building. >> brian: what would john stossel do -- why would john stossel do something like this? he's jumping into the hudson river in new york because he says government regulations have actually helped us get this place clean. >> gretchen: i can't believe he -- >> brian: he cleaned up the water in the hudson?
5:24 am
>> and the air. it's finally something i can agree with gretchen about. yeah, the environment is one area where -- >> gretchen: what? okay. >> we have a history of fights. >> gretchen: oh, please. >> where there is my beloved market will take care of it 'cause your pollution goes to somebody else's lungs. >> gretchen: i was just surprised you didn't have a full wet suit on. >> i like to swim in the hudson now. the government cleaned it. but the point is, that was in the '70s when they spent $700 million on the epa. it's done. every time you buy your new car, the air gets cleaner because the catalytic converter is better than the old car. they don't need to do more. now they're spending 10 billion on all kinds of nonsense. and local mayors are going further. >> steve: you're saying the problem is solved. we don't need to overregulate today? >> right. not totally solved. >> steve: it's better? >> brian: we don't litter anymore. >> people litter, but the epa doesn't take care of that.
5:25 am
we forget in your city, you couldn't open a window in the '70s 'cause there was soot in the air. >> steve: and they had those plants up the hudson river leaking goo down here and that's why it became toxic. >> it's mostly the sewage treatment they installed and the water is cleaner. but they spend more. our mayor is trying to -- wants to ban styrofoam now. we asked people about that. >> styrofoam is absolutely horrible for the environment. >> i think it should be decreased throughout the world. i think it would help the environment a lot. if we could just use paper. >> i think he should really let people do what they want. >> i think he should take his nose out of everybody's business. >> i will say, maybe $100 more. styrofoam keeps the food warmer, at the warmer temperature. so by the time you can eat it, you can still enjoy the meal. >> these bans have unintended consequences. it keeps the food warm and keeps you from burning your hand.
5:26 am
if i use paper, i double the cup. >> gretchen: the argument is that the styrofoam is going into the landfills and harder to decompose. >> right. except everything lasts a million years in the landfills 'cause they're packed tight. we're not running out of landfills. there is lots of space. some cities compete to get more garbage for landfills and they build golf courses on top of them. >> steve: parks, isn't styrofoam made out of some sort of petroleum product, which we have a lot of oil out there? >> right. and it really isn't styrofoam. it's just foam products, styrofoam -- everybody uses the word styrofoam. but, yeah. it's not so bad. leave us alone. >> gretchen: what did you bring the tin container in for? >> what that merchant was upset about, he's not going to have to use this stuff. this is no panacea either. get rid of that. >> brian: as usual, i got to pick it up.
5:27 am
>> steve: wasteful. >> gretchen: so glad to know you and i are friends again. >> finally. >> steve: we're going to be watching you on fox business. we always do. see you tonight. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. next up on the rundown, what were they thinking? a newspaper posting an interactive map showing all the public schools with zero security officers. >> gretchen: big news in economic news. nicole petallides is live on the stock exchange floor. >> we'll look at our all important weekly jobless numbers. also the banks in cyprus are open. i'll tell you how that's going. and i have an interesting ipo to show you. the hint is that things are look pretty yummy around here ♪ if loving you is wrong
5:28 am
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that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> steve: fox business alert. new weekly jobless numbers just released. let's turn now to the floor of the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides. >> good morning. this last trading day of the month of march, for the last of the quarter. we got in our weekly jobless claims. they came in at 357,000, versus 340,000 estimates. we got in our gdp numbers.
5:32 am
that came in a little light, up .4, versus up .5. so those are the economic numbers that we've gotten in. we certainly have had a great run for the market here so far and for the first quarter. today is the last trading day. >> steve: with 357 the new numbers, has anybody in washington blamed the sequester yet? >> we'll see. that could very well be in there. they always blame something. but that's something that we'll continue to watch. then the monthly numbers, which will come out next friday. that will be key. >> brian: i'm going to ask a question, could you walk while you answer? >> i could. then i would spoil my surprise. you know what? i'm going to show it to you now. i'm going to flip to order and go straight to the ipo. pinnacle foods. okay? so this is it. >> steve: delicious. >> it's based in new jersey. today is the ipo. under their umbrella names you might recognize, bird's eye, duncan heinze, log cabin syrup. this is the new ipo this morning.
5:33 am
it will be very busy. 29 million shares, price the at 20 bucks. we'll see how it opens today. >> brian: wow. >> steve: that's good. >> brian: my question was going to be different about cyprus, reopening their banks. russians are aggravated. the germans are happy. how are we going to react here? >> right. and so that's obviously a big key. what we're watching here, cyprus banks are reopening. cyprus, they've behaved beautifully. they've opened after 13 days of being closed. they finally reopened. russians, a lot of them managed to move a lot of the money out. but there is still obviously a lot of money still there remaining. it was a huge political battle between russia and the euro zone overall. but it was very interesting to know that there were private jets that arrived during the bailout and during the bank closures. that's something to note. obviously cyprus is a big business mecca, big financial center. they will survive. they'll get their bailout as planned and they have recently discovered natural gas. i think that's going to be something that you're going to
5:34 am
hear about. >> gretchen: i hope their people don't have money they need to spend 'cause i think they can only take out $400 spend and they couldn't cash checks, et cetera. >> you make a very good point. it's become a huge political issue. in the meantime, the people who live there are being strapped for cash and as you noted, they can only take out 300 euro at a time, which is not even 400 bucks. they can only send out limited amounts, 3,000 if you're taking a vacation. and if you own a business and you're doing payroll and you have that steady and can show that, then that's different. if you can prove it, they'll give you that. but there will be a lot of capital controls going forward. russia has to agree to this amount of money that they're going to be getting. >> brian: you think you pity your money in a bank and it's safe. this is one of the first times we're seeing it. maybe not. >> right. that's a big deal. >> steve: exactly. thank you very much for the live report from the new york stock exchange. go on back and get a cup cake 'cause i know it's killing your cameraman. he would love one. >> thanks. >> steve: what did i tell you?
5:35 am
>> brian: congratulations to pinnacle. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines. a massive landslide wiping out a home. look at this video. forcing more than 30 others to be evacuated on washington state's whidbey island. experts say the ground is still moving. people were woken out of their sleep early wednesday morning by a mysterious sound, only to find the ground behind their homes gone. take a look at the area before and now after. the landslide stretching about 500 yards. >> it sounded like an earthquake. i heard something really loud and i looked out the master bedroom and noticed that about 20 tall trees were gone. >> gretchen: homeowners believe snow from last week may have triggered that slide. >> brian: identifying schools that could become targets for violence. the story was meant to show how taxpayers have been paying for security officers that aren't employed at schools in iowa. in the newspaper published an
5:36 am
interactive map which identifies all those schools. what idiots. ed tore rick green says no actual addresses were given. the map was later taken down. >> steve: meanwhile, run american schools by line to parents about their kids. that's coming straight from the mouth of the chicago teachers union president. watch her say this. >> i love parent-teacher conferences 'cause i would just lie to the parents. [ laughter ] he's wonderful! the parents would look at me like, are you talking about my kid? [ laughter ] and the kids would sit there like, when is she going to blow the whistle on me? >> steve: hilarious. she went on to say that these are, quote, tips that work. the speech, given during an education conference earlier this month. >> gretchen: three young girls off in the woods in florida saved by a pair of light-up sneakers. they wandered off to watch some horses and found themselves four
5:37 am
miles from home. that's when one of them realized she had her grandmother's old cell phone. it can only call 911 and that's what she did. police sent out a search helicopter and six-year-old grace used her sneakers to wave them in. >> i was maybe thinking we might have to stay here the night. i was just thinking i wanted to go home. that's all that was going through my head. >> gretchen: the girls were lost for about four hours in the cold. >> steve: that's using your head when you don't have lassie to take your home. or at least light up your shoes. >> gretchen: let's talk a little march madness, brian. >> brian: here is how the pairings look today. we're down to 16. marquette takes on miami. take a look at the full screen. arizona faces off against ohio state. syracuse takes on indiana. they'll have their hands full. and cinderella, lasalle against wichita state. the big story last night is the heat cooled off. they lose in the windy city o a
5:38 am
very game bulls team who just were pumped up like this was the last game of a championship series. 27-game winning streak goes by the boards because the bulls win, finishing six wins shy of the all-time nba record. here is the good guy. >> very fortunate and very humbled and blessed to be part of this team and be part of a streak like that. you know, it's one of the best this league has ever seen. so we recognize that and rightfully so. >> brian: the record still belongs to the 1971-1972 l.a. lakers. wilt chamberlain is smiling from heaven, we think. and the mr. t pities the pot luck. there he is. the real lt, former star of the a team and rocky 3, the last really good one. scoring nothing but net during the blackhawk games. making the prediction before the puck actual lea went in.
5:39 am
here was the prediction. he predicted nothing but pain. coming up in 22 minutes, kilmeade and friends. steve will be up there, chris wallace, sherry olestein and dara torres will lead us off. >> steve: meanwhile, a new eye opening study finds california is at high risk for tsunami. the brand-new report by the u.s. gs revealing more than a quarter million people in that state live in areas that are very vulnerable. researchers say they plan to use the new numbers to develop tsunami outreach and preparedness strategies as well. >> brian: tsunami outreach. run. >> steve: exactly. if need be. all right. maria molina outside where she's already got a fan early on this thursday morning. >> good morning. good to see you. today we're tracking yet again temperatures across parts of the northeast and there is even a slight chance that some places like the city of boston could be seeing some isolated showers.
5:40 am
good news is that we don't think it will be enough to cause weather-related travel delays. 32 in raleigh. chilly morning for you. in the 20s in chicago and also in minneapolis. as we head into this afternoon, temperatures are going to begin to get a little bit warmer compared to other days. like in chicago, you will be shy of 50 degrees today. 65 for your high in memphis and 70s across texas. as far as travel, looks pretty good. not expecting weather-related delays across most of the country today. some showers will be possible across seattle with mostly cloudy skies. high temperature out there at 50 degrees. heads up, easter this week. looking pretty well. new york city could see isolated showers, not just here, but along the east coast as we head into sunday afternoon. steve, gretchen, brian. >> gretchen: thank you so much for that. >> brian: i'm not telling you what to talk about in the after the show show, but maria needs to speak about the heat. i think it will be good therapy for her. >> steve: she's from miami. she's heart broken. >> brian: but you talk about
5:41 am
what you want. >> steve: all right. but if we don't? >> gretchen: you'll get some heat. coming up, one grandma called to vote for her "american idol" so many times, the phone company threatened to cut off her service. >> brian: everyone in the office pooled their cash and hit the powerball jackpot. everyone except for one woman. guess what? they're sharing with her anyway. what would you do? why did they do that? that lucky woman joins us live. and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day --
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5:45 am
next, $100 million. that's how much banks bad behavior cost them. the money is for settle ams to customers during the financial and mortgage crisis. finally, five. that's how many times one chicago grandma called to vote for her favorite "american idol" contestant. her phone company threatening to cut off her unlimited paid for service. >> i got it down to a science now. instead of counting the calls, i keep hitting redial and i timed it and i get about 50 calls in in ten minutes. >> gretchen: comcast high school since apologized. brian? >> brian: all right. on this episode, it's been five years since the bottom fell out of the housing market and that's when government took control of fannie and freddie. remember the disastrous mortgage plan? to this day it cost taxpayers $131 billion and the feds own
5:46 am
the 0 -- 90% of the homes in this country still. with our nation 16 trillion in debt, is it time to privatize fannie and fred? joining us is lesley page. first off, the toll they took on our economy, put that in perspective in 2008. >> kind of think of them as your crazy aunt fanny and uncle freddy. they made a lot of really bad investments. they lost their shirts. you took them in temporarily so they can get back on their feet and they're sitting on your couch, watching your tv and not going anywhere. they're costing us hundreds of billions of dollars. in fact, the cbo thinks they could end up costing over 300 billion when all is said and done. >> brian: so direct the injection of cash to sustain them? >> no, the treasury owns their stock. we own stock. that's what we own, preferred stock in their business. so that's how we've got them. we have no plan whatsoever, not the white house nor congress, has put forth a plan to unwind
5:47 am
this. there is absolute silence emanating from all of our leadership here in bash wash in termination of what to -- washington in terms of what to do. they've taken over the mortgage market. >> brian: what is the risk -- at risk if we don't find a way to solve this problem ask privatize both? >> we have nationalized our mortgage market. there is no private capital with fannie and freddy that dominate. we have to find a way to unwind them. plus it's a huge risk for taxpayers. the real estate market is just starting to see signs of stabilization. the fact is, we need to get the government out of this space and bring private capital back in because there is absolutely no reason why the government has to be the only one back stopping home mortgages. >> brian: what is wrong with the model? why if different than the -- why is it different? >> for example, this was a government sponsored enterprise. now it's fully under conservatorship of the federal
5:48 am
government. but we can not allow it to go back out into the market in its current form because it is basically, you know, it's got all these special privileges that are ensconced in law. if you want to change that, you'll have to do some legislative hard work, heavy lifting to get that changed. so basically what they were doing was they were ballooning all the profits, but putting the risk behavior, it was going on taxpayers. we saw how that ended. it's a disaster. so we can't allow these entities to go back into the market in their current form. a consensus needs to start to grow and it is growing that they can not -- this business model cannot be allowed to go back into -- out there doing the same thing it was doing before. it was a bad business model. it was a private sector company which allowed the taxpayers to be put at high risk and politicians to manipulate these companies on housing policy. that is not a good model for the private sector. >> brian: absolutely.
5:49 am
it's already cost us over $300 billion and nobody is addressing it. >> absolutely. nothing going on. >> brian: all right. lesley, thanks so much. fannie and freddy should be back in the news, boubou sadly it's not. remember barney frank said, they're fine. next up, it's the story everyone is talking about. en office lotto pool shares their million dollars winnings with the one woman who did not pay to get in. meet them all next. but first, let's check in with ali to find out how much money she has in her account. >> you can count it on one hand. thanks so much, brian. coming up on "america's newsroom," we'll bring you the first look at a new attention grabbing antismoking campaign. we'll view that. also, we'll talk to folks in washington state who are trying to hang on to their homes in the middle of a massive landslide. that and much more when bill and i see you in about 11 minutes at the top of the hour i'm over the hill.
5:50 am
my body doesn't work the way it used to. past mprime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend.
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>> steve: she is one lucky lady. jennifer opted out of joining an office powerball pool because she didn't have the money right then. but guess what? her co-workers at keller williams realty in florida won a million dollars! and they're still going to give jennifer a cut of that million dollars jackpot. laurie led the office powerball pool. she joins us screen left and screen right, jennifer, is the lucky colleague who did not participate. but now laurie, let's go back to last week. you're going around getting 20 bucks from everybody. you come to laurie. what does she tell you? >> i went to jennifer, after i collected everybody's money and i asked her if she wanted to get into the pool. she was a brand-new employee, i
5:54 am
wasn't sure how she felt about it. she said it wasn't a good time for her to spend $20 on the lotto. i offered to lend it to her. so did one of my other employees. and she decided to pass and she told me, quote, if i don't play, you're going to win. and actually, i'm sorry. i told her, if you don't play, we're going to win. and she agreed to take the fall for us. >> steve: why didn't you do it? you didn't have the money, right? >> honestly, i didn't have the money. i mean, i needed $20 to spend on something else versus the lottery at that time. >> steve: and as it turns out, you hit. you got the five numbers right in the powerball lottery, which meant a million dollars. you didn't get the powerball, but some guy in new jersey across the river did. i understand the night of the drawing, laurie, you had a conference call, right? and then the next morning you reconvened at the realty office
5:55 am
and when laurie walked in, she thought she was being pranked. >> jennifer absolutely thought we were doing a new girl prank on her when i told her we won the lottery. it was very shocking to her. it took me about 20 minutes to convince her that we had actually won. >> steve: yeah. and so at what point did you find out, that because of the kindness of your office mates, they were going to share part of their money with you? >> i found out later on that day. actually by accident, i think i accidentally got a text from laurie saying, tell jeen we're trying to collect money from her. i actually received that text. >> steve: yeah. the amazing thing, jennifer, is i would say in 99% of the offices and other pools that people get involved in, if you don't pony up the cash, you're not going to get anything if you win. >> i completely understand.
5:56 am
unfortunately, not everyone has money to just play on the lotto every week. that just was in the my situation. i wasn't doing it in any other -- for any other reason besides that. >> steve: absolutely. laurie, why did you share the money with her? >> that's how we do everything. she's part of our family, part of our team. we're a group of 12 people and we all win together or we lose together. >> steve: that's right. >> she's one of us. i can't imagine anybody not sharing this type of blessing that we were given. >> steve: i know all of the official members of the pool got $83,000 and now you're going to give her a generous portion of it. that's really a sweet story. thank you both very much for joining us today. you just made our day. >> thanks a million. >> thank you. >> steve: she'll be here all week. by a condo from that lady, would you? all right. "fox & friends" continues live from new york in three minutes
5:57 am
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