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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 30, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> eric: we're going to leave it there. let's turn the good friday, easter sunday. we hit a washington free week without talking abo how are you? welcome to "red eye." it is like "the price the right" if by right it is like a back rub. now to andy levy. no, he is off. filling in is comedian joe devito. he has our pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show, you little man? >> thanks, greg. our top story, did the irs waste taxpayer money on a star trek parody video it made william sat they are an -- william shatner angry? we will watch them go where they have never gone before, in your wallet. and we will hear why gym carrie says -- jim carrey says his bodyguard thing is a idea idea. and look what the media about
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to spuds mackenzie. the scandal to rock the 80s. >> i don't remember that scandal at all. what happened? >> i believe they named names and schulz was one of them. >> bill schulz was involved with a lot of dogs. go away you strange little man. she is so cute the cadbury bunny sends death threats and she stabbed him in the face. dana perino, former white house secretary. >> press secretary, not secretary. >> and now she is one of my many co-hosts on "the five." move on. and he just finished his shift at dave and busters where he worked as an arcade machinery pair man and he is a writer and comedian. it is jesse joyce. glad you got dressed up. and in wichita he is a catheter. it is bill schulz. and if acting prowess was a cable car i would enter him from the rear.
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and from my favorite tv show and yours, the fx series justified which you can watch on tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. you can't keep me locked in here forever, greg. >> oh yes i can, disembodied voice. he wants guns bared, but not for his guard. after unleashing a stupid parody video mocking gun owners owners and calling them heart less [belief] jim carrey admits he has armed security. that's right, security with arms. on monday the activist tweeted, good morning, hope you are enjoying cold, dead hand. that's his video. fyi, my doesn't have a hundred rounds in his clip. have a nice day. smiley face. he wants america gun free except in his proximity. a little rhyme there. but does having security immediately bar you from having an opinion on gun
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control? we posed this question to a mier cat. does it bar you from having an opinion on gun control? >> he is like an msnbc viewer. they get really board watching the same old stuff all the time. a little jab that might get me a raise. and welcome to the program, big fan of yours. >> thank you, thank you. >> i love your show. >> of course you do. >> i watch it religiously, meaning with an altar boy. does having an armed security guard -- we talk about this all the time. does that mean you can't have an opinion on gun control? can you explain it away? >> you can have an opinion. it might be a stupid one, but you can have one. the thing about jim carrey's argument is the gun his armed
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bodyguard is carrying killed more people than any of the guns he has been raving about in the video. it is kind of stupid. >> it is kind of stupid. i like your common sense approach and i like your hat. >> thank you. it is a rush hat. it has two meanings. >> what are the two meanings? >> i will let you figure it out. >> rush, the locker room drug i bought in the 80s? no, just kidding. >> "rush, rush" the paula abdul song? >> i had great moments at the prom with that song. jar mooy, call me. jeremy, call me. dana, you are around a lot of guns. in fact, you are probably packing right now. is it hipocritical to be a vocal gun critic while you have somebody protecting you, or is that the nature of the game where you become famous? >> it doesn't make him a hipocrite. it makes him a [bleep]. >> dana perino -- >> my ears are bleeding. >> here is the biggest problem. he goes after somebody who
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can't defend himself. he goes after charleton these stone who has passed away? does he thinks any of his fans knows the great movies he did and he was the president of the nra for five years. they don't though that. she basically making fun of somebody who can't come back and defend themselves. if he would have gone after somebody like, mmm, nick sarsey. >> ted nugent. >> because he is a scared little little -- >> by the way, going after charl ton these -- charelton-heston, jim carrey is not smart enough to figure out he had a hot girlfriend in "the omega man" and one of the first interracial relationships in any movie and he marches to civil rights. what have you done except jim carrey? jesse, you are the manager of the hot topic paintball team. is carrey a hipocrite for
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having security? >> i want to congratulate those who are playing the red eye drinking game who just lost because i was not the first to say [bleep]. >> but rut second. >> do all of the white house secretaries talk that way? >> actually, no. i have given up any pretense of having seem wednesday of a -- semblance of a good reputation since i have come on this show. where i used to have a real job now i comment on cat videos. >> that's a real job. >> it is working at the moment. >> we actually have tape of dana having that realization on "red eye" and having a complete break down. >> and then moving on. >> i was crying. >> you were crying. >> the question was, did francine steal your tie? that was the question. >> jim carrey what he just did is revealed the weakness in his security detail. he pointed out the fact that his security guard has a 9 millimeter and pointing out it doesn't have a lot of
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bullets. and in fact it doesn't. it has 15. all you have to do is go after jim carrey with 16 dudes. >> that's a great idea. i don't know 16 dudes anymore. >> in your basement. >> those days are behind me. you know that. he is okay with guns if they are used to shoot you in the face. >> did he go to that tape? >> i just report the things september to me over the internet. >> i am not going to defend them then. >> jim carrey needs to get the right bodyguard. a bodyguard that doesn't need a gun. i myself am skilled in both the art of war and military tactics. call me. that's from philip in brave heart. he was the war counselor. >> you are such a name dropper. >> he was my favorite
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archacter in it. >> and we have similar hair. >> he is a -- i am a name dropper and he fell out a window. >> should hollywood say anything about this? this is interesting. chuck heston is a great actor. chuck was a guy. are they just hoping this should go away? or should somebody say, you are a [bleep. basically what jim carrie is doing is saying what the room he is in agrees with. and then they all pat themselves on the back for being brave. >> what do you think about the fact of guns in the movies where they make a ton of money. making fun of rural america as well at the same time? >> i don't know what to think about it. it seems like an intellectual disconnect. it doesn't make any sense at all. the people in hollywood don't see it. it is cognitive.
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>> that's a good word. >> the thing that drives me crazy, and this is for anybody is the fact that jim carrey keeps retweeting teenagers who agree with him. >> well i do that too. >> i retweet death threats. >> i want people to know. >> exactly in case you show up dead. >> i don't retweet. i just follow teenagers in person who agree with me. >> you might get arrested for that. >> this is a simple white shirt and jacket and you already got a hit in on mooy on that. and meanwhile bill schulz is showing the aids quilt. and you didn't say anything about that. >> from drek to trek, their interest prize drew reprize.
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it was paid for by your tax dollars. they unearthed the production that was created for the 2010irs training and leadership connence from. in the six-minute video, the irs workers are flying toward the planet no tax. >> shall i open the channel? >> yes. >> report. >> yes, sir. c's worse than we thought. 24r* is money laundering, bribery, haircuts and manicures running rampant in the street. sir, they are even exchanging the lowest coin currency for paper bills. >> you don't mean -- >> that's right, sir pennies on the dollar. >> amazing acting. there is more, there is morers. >> i dream some day i would be rich and famous. >> me too. that's why i became a public servant. >> wow. i didn't see that part. >> the irs created a lil law
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again's island parody where it cost $50 billion. >> what? >> it was actually 60 grand, but it didn't seem it was enough. the agency is called a spoof and it was a mistake. the irs recognizes and takes obligation to be good stewards of government resources and taxpayer dollars. there is no mistaking that the video does not reflect the best steward ship of resources. the agency still hasn't commented on the $40,000 it spent on this latest training video. >> that's like me and you on the bus. please pay attention to me. >> that was a government video explaining gay marriage. which is why it will never work. white dogs and dark dogs. it is just wrong.
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jesse, you sell a lot of star trek key chains at spencer gifts. i admire that. the irs claims they save taxpayers $1.5 million over what it would cost to train em plo iys in person -- train employees in person. shouldn't we be thanking them? >> we have secret shoppers at spencer gifts. that's why i have to up sell the key chains and the alarm clocks that make farting sounds. i don't care they made a training video. that means they don't have to go and train them. what i have a problem is nerds, join the 21st century. why parodies of "gilligan's island." come on, we will find out why "happy days" is using the attic as his domicile. >> i would liked to have seen "party of 5 it is. >> i was upset that luis gos se t, junior in there. the man won an oscar.
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>> that is so true, bill, so true. >> i haven't seen acting like that since monday night raw. >> it was pretty awesome. and by the way, star trek cost millions to make. that cost $60,000. shouldn't we be thanking them. >> i am wondering where the $40,000 went i make a video for $520. and that includes lunch. >> that's half are to the hotel room. and the other one for the meth head. >> i keep getting distracted. >> i imagine. it really is over powering. >> i don't know how you do it. >> we are all pros here. >> you have just broken the fourth wall. >> when you worked for the white house your expensive take -- taste cost $40,000 a year. did anyone question that or your daytime drinking? >> when i first started i thought like, who couldn't -- who wouldn't be an alcoholic as the press secretary?
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you have to go down there and face the questions. i started drinking at 9:00 in the morning and went the whole night. day turned into night and night turned into day. i would say the taxpayers got their money's worth. >> is that when things started? >> i upgraded from tequilla since then. i started doing shows with greg gutfeld. >> i was learning all of these things that i never thought would come out of your mouth. >> it is enjoyable. you were in the fox newschannel training video playing a hobo who sleeps in the gym. this is to teachers and employees to be more compassionate about the homeless and they did. no real question there. >> they got if wrong. i was in the sexual harassment i video and that was lucrative. i for one congratulate the
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internal revenue service. not only did they teachers and the proper tactics, but they combined it with the humor we have not seen since s and l and monty python combined. >> kudos to you. and when i expensed my cable bill and who that off i worked for cable news. don't audit me. >> if they had done a parody of justified and it was the irs, basically no one would be living. >> everybody would be dead. >> i don't think it is possible. i think it is unparodiable. >> that's a good word. >> what about frag gel rock? >> you know what justified would be? it would be this. this is how you parody justified. >> if you are going to do that, you are going to -- well you know what they say the planet is like a round thing that floats. my daddy used to say when i wore two shoes i could walk.
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>> well that is true, but in the face of -- >> are you sure are you a fan of the show? what does that mean? >> you were doing voice. >> i was doing voice. >> he is a poet. >> he is a genius. >> the character, is there like a mad genius thing going on inside? >> i don't know. i don't watch any of his things. >> you seem like you are about to say something important. >> it is like watching a master class with you two improvising. >> do you like the bang part? >> you bailed him out of that. the rest of us are like, how do we get them to stop doing this? justified is a lot of homespun
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wisdom with half of which you have to rewind because you can't understand half of it. >> i just flip through that stuff and get to my part. >> who doesn't? >> i love that part with the huge rant and you said a hundred cuss words in a row. that was a good day. >> yes, it was. >> i thought that would just seem like the real you. >> let's revisit that scene right now. we have to take time for the dog segment. that's going to be very interesting. coming up, what is more adorable than a rainbow made of kittens? dana discusses her latest book, "me you stupid, jerk" what does salina dunham think of your dog? we pick up where "60000000
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you are such a jerk. is america over all things rover? dunham is done hearing about your dog. the show of "girls" explains why in last week's new yorker writing, quote, just discussing your dog can be as tire so many and offensive as talking about the weather, your own dreams or the newest wrinkle in your married sex life. at least when people talk about their children there is a chance that the kid will grow up to be president. meanwhile, in other news, eva mendes, the one on the right. i'm the one on the left, tells new york mag that she wishes tabloids would blur the faces of her dog, hugo, like the british rags do with celebrity kids. quote, they will be like hi, hugo. him like, how do you know hugo's name? that's so creepy. to throw off the paparazzi she now has somebody else walk
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hugo. >> good to see bill maher got a p job. dana, i go to you first for no particular reason. why must your friends, family and twitter followers be kept uh bred -- uh bredth of everything they do. >> on behalf of dunham? is this the first time you have ever agreed with dunham? >> i enjoy seeing some of the tweets. >> mine? >> i know that i am a dog borer, but i embrace it. it gives me great joy. i love the pictures and i have made jasper america's dog. he is. he is for everybody. i share him with the world. look at that face. he has the little ear and he is so cute.
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>> he looks a little like mark sanford. >> he is just a joy. here is the thing about her commenting on it. that's the most retweeted picture of jasper, by the way. i made him america's dog, and people want to follow me, or not, i don't care. i have problem -- plenty to spare. people say don't stop tweeting pictures pictures of jasper because greg gutfeld made fun of you. we love jasper. about two weeks ago my husband is out of town and i can't leave and i am in jasper jail. "girls" is on a marathon. i see maybe i should see what this show is about. i don't know dunham but she agreed to go on an entire episode in a yellow mesh tank top with no bra for an entire
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show while she did cocaine for the first time and wrote about it in a magazine. maybe some people thought it was funny, but if she thinks the kids in the show "girls" will grow up to be president she is very mistaken. >> that was my favorite episode of "girls." i own that same mesh top. >> you might look better in it. >> i don't know. maybe you are right. i tend to be firm up there. would you ever -- still related do you want your dog's face blurred? >> no, actually people recognize jasper more than me at the park, and i love that. i think i finally have achieved something. finally. >> that says something about those people. >> oh my gosh is that jasper? we love jasper. >> nick, you follow her on twitter. can you predict exactly what it is going to be by the way she sets it up it will be a dog picture. she will be like, what's up? >> it is a little more clever than that. >> you say it is about thomas jefferson. you say i know it is about a
12:25 am
dog in front of thomas jefferson. >> i just avoid the tweets that don't have my name in them. >> it is easier to look at the dimensions. >> jesse, you own a pet snake that you like to show off to the 15-year-old girls in the parking lot of albertsons. is that what pets are for to attract young girls to deflect them from your skeevy persona? >> let it wash over you. >> chloroform is old school. if you get him into the van first it is so much easier. normally i use the tactic where i put a couch in the van. by the way, swree one thing we have -- we have one thing to peek at which is your amazing skills. >> i like how -- i am being criticized by you on improve vaw swraitional skills.
12:26 am
mr. writing my insults down on a paper and reading them. >> you just read -- you read the snake thing that did not come off the top of your head. my couch rebuttal is looking in your stupid, beady eyes. >> there saw lot of inside baseball going on. viewers might not understand. >> i feel likely gnaw is upset upset -- i feel like lena is upset because dogs have six weird nipples they can show in public. >> that triples the amount of episodes. billets a talk about eva mendes. she is currently dating ryan gosling which on a scale of 1 to suicidal, how do you feel about that? >> i am over ryan. gos is no longer awes, so have fun. i didn't know much about her. so i did some research. what i found out about eva as it pertain tots story she
12:27 am
first showed her boobs in "we own the night" and she was in" training day" her debut. a slight boob shot right there. you can make out the nipple. she also did a calvin kline commercial banned in the states called secret obsession where you can see some boob and she showed a butt in "the spirit" that came out in 2004. >> what does that have to do with anything? >> trust me, it does. >> are you angry. >> the brain room did it. did it on my own. available office time. that is red flagged, go to hr and you are welcome. >> by the way, you should contact fox news' brain room for that kind of reresearch. i >>- q. i should just give them what i found -- >> i should give them what i found. the spirit was in 2007 and not 2008. every viewer will pause right now and look up all of the under withful information i
12:28 am
gave them. has she ever done full frontal? no we are waiting. she will do it. it is empowering. >> stoner usa appreciate this, greg. we are not on at your 5:00 time. we have to give them something to play with. by the way, great to have you back, dana. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? fox eye. click on a video. we might use it. half time, joe devito coming up. stick around. god help me. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by summer, the residential area on the outskirts of a city or town. thanks, suburb. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good?
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anything wrong so far. joe you missed dana perrino yawning. it was adorable. >> sweet. we will clean that up in post. >> how are you dismog. >> i'm good, i'm good. greg, i noticed when you are talking about jim carrey you repeated the word mother [breep]. >> did i? >> yes. and i want you to know i was watching a dubbed for tv version of "die hard" and i believe he meant to say
12:33 am
mr. falcon. >> yes, mr. falcon, hey. >> that's right. per feblght. perfect. i have a question for nick. nick, do you think the celebrities if they were really concerned about angry gun owners they would be so confident mocking them and not being worried about getting shot by them? >> i'm sorry. i didn't understand the question. >> the celebrities seem to be confident mocking gun oiners, but not about getting shot. do they really think they are that the crazy? >> i still don't understand. >> he said gun owners are irrational and nuts, but if they were irrational and nuts -- >> if you thought they were maniacs you wouldn't say you are loonetics. >> i get it now. >> the reason they don't talk about gangs. >> that's right. you don't talk about people who can actually kill you. >> except heston who is dead.
12:34 am
>> and nothing about jihadists and nothing about gangs and nothing about anybody that can actually hurt you. >> precisely. that's how we do it in hollywood. >> how do you like being the person who has to defend all of hfd? >> i i don't. i don't defend them. they don't defend people and i don't defend them. >> jesse, i'm glad you could make it. you seem busy with your string of menial jobs. >> isn't it i illogical the way the schedule is laid out. do you know how complicated it is? trying to explain to him we have a big weekend at spencer gifts. >> i think you should apologize to bill for calling his jacket an aids quilt. and dana was the potty mouth i didn't expect. >> i like to keep you guessing. >> bill, you mentioned your
12:35 am
military training. does that include your time as a stowaway on a pirate ship. i'm not sure if that is military training. >> i prefer plaything and not a stowaway from the pirate ship. >> i don't even know what that means. >> the iris video. >> the irs video? >> the iris video. i have had a few drinks. >> you pronounced the acro anymore. >> the sexual harassment video you claimed you made. you made that on your own though, right? >> i wasn't aware i was being filmed at the time. residuals, residuals. >> also curious, you mentioned mentioned -- you said your cable tv is a writeoff? how do you get cable delivered to a refrigerator box this.
12:36 am
>> i am watching it from the window of the best buy. there you go. i take a cab over there and write that off. >> jesse, you mentioned fonzie being in the room over there. do you have any leads on the disappearance of chuck cunningham? >> i don't. >> what ever happened to him? >> he disappeared, right? >> it was scary like an unsolved mystery on "happy days." >> the oldest cunningham brother. here is the update. >> he is drew thompson. >> look at greg enjoying it when somebody lands a hit on me. has -- that's how you hit me. >> that's a good joke. why can't i enjoy it? why do you take the pleasure away from me? >> high prefers charles. >> and i can't think of anything more justified than
12:37 am
punching greg right now for his parody of your show you just did. >> actual -- actually it sounded good to me. that's about what i hear when i hear the characters talk. they go wa, wa, wa and it is my line. >> it is the charlie brown of the set. when greg starts improving feel free to yes and your way out of it. don't hold back. >> i never said i was an improve king. i never did improve. >> we are aware of that, greg. and don't start now. >> i was busy holding down real jobs. >> like when you wrote those letters for the magazine? >> don't bring that up. >> the penthouse forum letters? >> that is a brief period of time. >> that would be number one on my resume. >> i needed the money so yes i wrote penthouse letters and it was a brief period of time and i moved on.
12:38 am
>> if we are concerned about their privacy, as far as other dogs go, should we be blurring their asses and thought their faces? and the last one for bill, i know dana mentioned she had been in jasper jail, but maybe if you had more time you could tell us about your time in jasper hale and jasper texas. >> jasper canada too. >> i will think about it. >> that's it for me. >> thank you mr. devito. that was slightly better than what jesse did yesterday. >> look what you did. >> all right, coming up. what would your favorite zoo animal taste like after being slowly rosed -- roasted over an open grill? dana perrino discusses her latest book, "they were all delicious." you are just an awful person. one of the hits of the show
12:39 am
"justified" is next to me. it involves dreamy, hunky and single. i am happy. >> guests one quits will receive a guided tour. the action brothers have been training together for over 15 years, and their mission is to show you a good time every time.
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a time honored convention on a movie set is the actor gets to cut the line at lunch ahead of the crew. apparently so we can get back to make up and be ready to work after lunch, but everybody knows that is bull. >> how will are you doing today? >> fine unidentified crew person. what the hell? thanks for interrupting me. >> that's a look at the acting series. as youtube notes it is
12:43 am
providing a public service to his millions of fans ssments millions world just like the polio vaccine. he plays the chief deputy which airs on tuesday. he has been with us all night, so lets as you ask -- ask him questions. you are actually beat up by a war veteran. >> i didn't see it that way, but if that's the way you see it. >> must have been an honor. >> i gave him an autograph after. >> where did you get the inspiration for acting school? >> it sort of came up. i did an ad when herman cane was running for president called the yellow flowers ad. >> of course we did it on "red eye." >> and that was the same character because the whole idea behind the ad was that i think celebrity endorsements are ridiculous. so we wanted to do something to make fun of it.
12:44 am
that's when i first started calling myself an international film and television star. it just seemed to work and it fit me because of my innate dignity and my stardom, and then after i won the peabody award it was the peabody award-winning international till vision -- television star. that was the thing. we said let's see if we can make a few episodes and then see if we can make a sear lease and it worked so far. >> did you really win a peabody? >> the show did. "justified" won a peabody, but my agent had it in his office for two years. he brought it to me and said i have been meaning to give you this. it actually has my name on it. it is in one of the acting school episodes. i should have brought. it. >> i pee on my body all the time and nothing. i don't win an award. >> "justified" has been a huge hit. is all of the success mainly
12:45 am
due to you? >> i would say a large part. i would not say mainly. olefant has a little credit. >> he is hideous though. >> when you are in a scene with him everybody looks at you. >> he is hard to look at. >> it is part of what i am paid to do. i just try to accept that and take it in stride. >> season four wraps up next week. i watched every episode. sometimes i watched it twice because i can't understand half of what is being said mainly because i am drunk. do you end up moving in with raelin and adopting a russian baby? >> no, no, no. but there is something coming up between me and wynonna people will not believe. >> really? >> not really, no. no, there is quite an exciting wrap up though. >> the show is great. in fact, i was talking about this with dana who pretends to be a fan of the show, although
12:46 am
she really is not. she doesn't care. >> ask me anything. >> i care. the last show was like a false climax. the way the action built up. you thought it was going to be a horrible thing. >> you love when he said drew mama and drew-baca. need to watch the show to understand what that means. >> i like where the timothy elent if guy shot some people. >> that's in a lot. >> i am a big fan. >> bill doesn't own a tv. he has no electrical outlets where he lives. >> do i don't even own a fan. >> justified is the other shows. >> it is less important? >> yes. >> it seems like the show is fun to watch, and it has an incredible pacing.
12:47 am
it is punk punctuated by the tremendously awesome violence. it doesn't feel like you will see something coming and there is a certain moral code behind the show. i don't know what i am talking about. >> the show has a moral sense. it is a strict code the characters live by even the bad guys. in anyways it is a conservative show. dana and i were talking about the show and you say you take one more step and i am going to shoot you. the gay takes a step and he shoots you. okay he meant what he said. that's i think an important part of the show. >> what is your favorite line, dana? >> i like when ray lynn givons says i am going to count to one and then he shoots him. parents say i am going to count to 3, 1, 2, -- 1, 2, 3. i didn't get past three.
12:48 am
there is something mysterious. when i explain it to people, i find myself saying you just have to watch it and then you will understand. the dialogue is great. the character development is great, and i love the complex relationship between raelin and boyd who grew up together and took different paths and come back and still respect one another. >> honestly the biggest part of the reason that "justified" is so different than other shows and part of the success is the sense of humor. that is realistic and people recognize that as real life. even in the most dire circumstances you are always joking with each other. >> it is the realism of the show is the humor and the pacing and the oxycontin. that's really what america is drowning in right now. >> there is a lot of amazing sudafed recipes on there. >> on the facebook page. >> what is fun. is the bad guy is never
12:49 am
the bad guy. they redeem themselves. it is about a code that is there from the beginning. they might surprise you, but there is no real redemption. this is the way the life works and in shan interesting area that nobody wail covers. it is not in an urban setting and it is not in the outerspace. it is in the south. people don't realize that in the south people are every bit as smart and tough as anybody else. they are telling me to shut up. >> because you are running out time or pandering? not to you. >> you are an a-hole. >> it is the oxycontin thing. >> i have some. stick around. we have more to come. "joy of hate." there it is. amazon.
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she went from an a to a d for free and aspiring british model. she got a boob job after telling her doctor it cost her emotional distress. she said she taped into money from the national health service to pay for her $7,000 enhancement. i just got emotional when i was explaining to my doctor when i felt i couldn't live a
12:54 am
full life the way i was. he agreed. they referred me to implant surgery. the doctors said they never have seen anything like it and believe me when i told them it was riew pining my life. they called it an outrageous waste of money, but i say it is a buzz kill when you say things like that. >> she is now planing to do topless photo shoots so she is already paying the public back. >> she is giving back. it is a public service. >> exactly. i think they are being -- what is the word i am looking for? >> it is hard to talk when they put that on the screen. the producer did that on purpose. >> dana, a flaw in the health care system or the doctor? >> let me tell you something. if you think this couldn't happen under obamacare, you are wrong. this is the thing after 25 years the national health service is the cientd of thing will happen. women will go and find doctors who can prescribe them things like this. bill you will be living in the box and paying for women to get boob jobs.
12:55 am
>> let's make this political. under the current health care, you know what he would have done? taken the baseball bat and beaten the crap out of him. >> that's how it used to be. you google it. that's how it used to be. thank you, obama. i don't want the louisville slugger in my face when i want new boobs. >> jesse, try to ignore everything he just said. >> i am glad to see this, that england has a snooki. >> absolutely. >> but in that article there is an interesting comment that somebody made who lives in england that they had to get breast reduction surgery because of back problems. and they were forced by the same system to pay for the breast reduction. >> she should have paid to get pigment put in her lips. look at the picture. raise your eyes.
12:56 am
what is up with that lipstick? >> that is a new style. >> it looks terrible. >> have i to go. we need to -- i have to go. we have the post game wrap up with joe devito. fox eye.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
back to the post game wrap up. >> jesse? >> yo. >> you got some gigs coming up? >> got them comedy club and the stand on friday night in new york. and the laughing skull lounge, the 25th to the 28th of april in atlanta, georgia. >> very nice x very nice. >> dana, i hear you are about to do something you never did on television before. >> that's right. i have a rule i lived by my entire career. i will change in now. i will wear a hat on tv. >> nice. >> look at her. >> "justify." >> looks farber on you than it did on me.


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