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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 30, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'll see you on "the five" weekdays at 5:00 p.m. eastern. hello everyone. bob and dana and greg gutfeld and it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." >> jim carrey just caved after making fun of middle mark and the late charl -- charelton these stone. the bible, is mark burnett mini series something people can't get enough of? 10 million viewers every week. especially heartening is there is a high percentage of young people tuning in. we have a stheek peek of sunday's final chapter, the
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story of the crucifixion, burial and rising of jesus christ. >> my father. >> so why do you think this show is res son nateing with americans and especially with young ones? >> i think dsh -- well first of all w, and talking about the
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nextr subject we are a religious country. it is easter week. and if you look back at the history of movies and tv shows that have dealt with the issue of the bible and with jesus, they have done very, very well. so this is not a surprise. the surprise to me is that the networks and others don't do more of it. that's what surprises me. >> greg, 10 million viewers every week and everyone would love to have that audience. why don't we see more people producing these kind of shows 1234*. >> good i myself didn't watch didn't watch "the bible" because i know how it ends. i have to tell you, it is great to see a show like "the bible" beat everything on tv. i doubt anything has irked hollywood this much since the price of cocaine and hookers has gone up. it is about hollywood and there is a culture there that views religion as competition. there is the campus, the media and the government. they all see religion as a form of competition to a
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utopian vision, one they don't think it is necessary. therefore if you believe in god it makes it almost impossible to believe in your marxist professor. >> ang, 73% of america calls themselves christians orie lats to the -- or relates to the christian philosophy. the sector that is growing the most are what is called the nuns, the -- the none, the atheists that belong to none. it is now up to 20%. what is going on? >> i think in this country the culture has got so -- has gotten so course that people are lonely in the sense that they are groping for something outside of themselves. the culture just doesn't provide it in this country. all of the culture -- all the culture gives us is general diversions from life. it does not -- it doesn't provide any significant meaning. i think that was a profound
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difference from 50 years ago where you saw people regularly packing churches and people were more involved with churches and they used it as a form of identity. they gave people meaning and they helped them lead healthier lives. now people are groping for something and the culture doesn't provide it. now they are going to government. the networks find a way to keep jesus and christ out of their programming or find a way to mock christianity. they are never thinking of a way, as they did on the history channel, toer tell the greatest story that ever was. >> there was a piece, i believe it was today, washington post, and he said america is growing more and more polarized. it is notness searlt -- not necessarily secular, but polarized. it is where religion places in society. >> i think he is on to something here. other people have expressed this as the change has happened over time. you can lookas more starkly now
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that we are into the second decade of the 21st century. to say why is that happening and why doe hs it matter? and does it matter? both in policy and politics it does, and certainly in entertainment. the networks, the big networks , that really started to change aboutov 10 years ago with realityst tv. reality tv programs are inexpensive sigh compared to the bible. the cable stations all across the spectrum are producing much better television. and i think perhaps it is the unsatisfying sugar high you might get from watching one reality show. you actually want to see something of substance, great acting ande really great lighting. it tells a story and it tells the importance of communicating to younger people and it is visual. everything they look at -- if you study the revolution, you read the story about the evolution and then you click on the link to watch a video
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about gorming washington being sworn in as the first president. that is something happening in hollywood. >> i don't think our country is polarized by religion. we stored it in the attic like old furniture and replaced it withing more contemporary which is disposable entertainment like pornography that fills people's time. i don't think it is a rejection of religion. it is a rejection of truth. we are seeing an end of truth and replacing relativism. once you let go of religion, you let go of the idea of absolute truth and you have people who are worried about childhood obesity as their soul is starving. >> is what is going on, what you are pointing out right there, can we point the finger or 3* oint -- point some blame at that for, what was it 12 or 15 mass shootings last year? the crumbling of american society. >> no because those things are
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awful and rare. the worst was six or seven decades or ago, the worst mass killing. and we have killed way more people a longtime ago in some major wars. i am not so sure you can point to what is happening now. >> i have a couple of points. the message in the value -- and the values of christ, the idea of forgiveness of since and loving one another and a not materialistic saw sigh -- society runs counter to what america is tews. the thing about jesus christ and i am a follower and a strong one the attacks on even the existence of jesus have been de bunked. jesus of nazareth and did ministry and was crucified. most people accept it. but his message which is so enduring has never been able to be knocked down. it has been kept away from people. >> 73% of america believe in
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this, believe in at least what you say, bob. that there was a jesus chias. jesus christ. there variations on what happened after, but he was. >> it is the same reason peep are's -- people are celebrating pope francis because he tries to emulate what jesus did on earth. all you see on tv are the terrible messages and family break down and people's lives falling apart on tv. the message of christ is so inspirational. if you look at the millenial generation, they don't like discrimination. they embrace tolerance. so the message of jesus, it might not be one they heard. if their parents aren't taking them to church or the family has broken down, they are starving for something etifying and maybe they didn't know thehi messagesa and they haven't been taught it. this is a great opportunity. >> this is a great opportunity. you point that out that the generation -- the 10 million
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viewers each of the three prior episodes and will do multiples of that this weekend , butne a lot are young people. the younger people almost four million young people tuned in the last three episodes. probably a lot more. listen to roman downey on fox and friends this morning. she sums it up nicely. watch. >> isn't it just phenomenal. i feel like god is moving. i think these millions and millions and millions of people are hungry for spiritual programming. >> it has engaged the country in a conversation which is great. they are talking about faith and talking about god and they are talking about the bible. >> this is another reason there should be more. i go to church and there are few younger people who are there. this isng their medium. they can watch something through television and they can see the story of jesus and they are curious about it. they don't want to be hauled off to church by their parents on sunday morning, but this gives them an opportunity to hear the message of christ.
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god bless these people for doing it. it drew young people in. what a phenomenal thing. >> what is interesting is how and a good thing is on you intellectually curious they are.t i read a piece and it was the first time i read the next generation after the millenials are the cynics. they don't trust governments or institutions. they have little trust in sports figures anymore. perhaps this is their curiosity. even if they aren't necessarily believers they are curious and want to know more. >> that is the generation that is here now. >> like your child. >> the thing i wonder about because you can see the detachment from religion as kids go into college, why do the young pride themselves on being so rebellious when the first thing they do is they turn into sheep when they enter a campus, and they immediately adopt an you are you are religious and anti-american stance instead of being a true rebel. a true rebel would actually
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explore ideas and religion which is a live arena to explore. the bible is hard to read. >> greg, i don't think it is fair to say they are anti-american. i think it is thought cool to go to church. if you go to church every weekend you probably are considered a little bit of a weird owe. >> but where does that idea come from? it drips down from campuses. you learn that anything considered t traditional, the things that made the country great, the structure is seen as uncool and as stupid. meanwhile you have people who rebel against that who are seen -- >> it isel so cower ray -- courageous to stand up for it on a college campus. everyone who goes along like a sheep, it is easy to go along and mockery lig general and mock -- mock religion. >> and i am not religious and i am saying this. >> thmey make them out to be something crazy and they have nicknames, holy rollers and this and that. it is shameful. >> can we just point out one other thing?
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the reason it drips from the campus, the liberal campuses we understand why that happens. but the state schools, they say no you can't pray. you can't put a crews fix up. you can't do it anywhere the state funds or they will right it to a school. >> don't say erosion of religion and put it o college campuses. it is too narrow of a group. >> i think he is right. at least -- >> i don't know where else it comes from. look, religion over time as -- it becomes less a part of somebody's life as they get more material goods. that's where it is coming from too. >> and we learned it is not even college campuses. it is kids in elementary school who are not allowed to say the word easter which they never would have done 50 years ago. >> by the way, i go to church every day and there are more people, more young people showing up at that church now. >> that is a club called the church. i told you about that. >> anyway, directly ahead,
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after a week of making a fool of himself, jim carrey has finally given america a reason to laugh. he just caved on his stupid anti-gun h video, but he is probably not even smart enough to realize it. greg will explain when we come back.
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so the jim carrey gun control video was not really about the second amendment. it was about jim carrey a wayneing star embracing sanction targets to create the false front of intelligence. sort of like america's drone program. so it is fitting we began this week with carrie ridiculing charelton-heston. they are forgettable as is jason. but pope jokes are as old as the pope, and by all means you should make them. that's why our country is great because w washed up comics have the right to suck. based on that jason and carrie are civil rights pioneers.
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they are the jackie robinsons of sucking. i love the first amendment. twitter exposes the soft under belly of the celebrity simple mind. they undo everything the public tries to mask. the mystery is replaced by the moron nick. if you want to create the edge, stop taking a risk. the only people you are impressing are those paid to pretend you are funny, ie your dates and. your agents. which is why jason thinks it is cool to hit the pope and lacks the beans to do the same to mohamed. it is why jimmy attacks gun owners and not gang bangers and it is why jimmy mocked heston and not to me. yet. i thought jimmy thought he couldn't lose a debate to a dead man. that's funny because he did. and notow heston has a brighter future in films than jim carrey. >> do not sell yourself short here. you got to him.
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>> he issued a press released which is basically a complete melt down. this is what i love about this. let me read one sentence and then i will get to the funny parts. i will just say this, in my opinion, f news whose options who have been severely limited by their extreme intolerant views. now let me explain about extreme and intolerant. this is a guy that insulted most of america and danced on the grave of heston. jim carrey is threatening legal action in this letter, something hestoth can't do becaus te heston is dead. that was the point to stand up to somebody who can't talk back to a fool like jim carrey. he first c tweeted about this on monday.h basically what he said is all gun owners are -- i can't say the word. >> mf. >> mf. and then he released this video and then retreated.
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he wouldn't respond. he hid like a little baby. i love it. >> and then retreated -- retweeted the compliments and ignored the criticism. >> you are working pr. should he have released this? this is embarrassing. >> the thing is it started out all new 21st century with the cute parody video and tweets. he said you are not going to like this. and then in order to he issued kind of, an old-fashioned press released with like a dateline and everything. if i were the press secretary this young woman, or i don't know if she is young, but i would have said, yes, of course we will release that statementof immediately and then pretended to and walked away and then hoped it went away by monday. >> he calls us bullies. this is a guy who has called gun owners goons and -- >> f-news, that is so
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childish. where can they find this? they go to the internet and find this? you will laugh when you read this. the mindn of jim carrey. when we first talked about this, you know, it came around to me and said he was a bright guy. he was a funny comedian. he has lost it. he has melted down. i just think he is out there now. >> when bill maher says something we go after, bill maher is actually arguing on the merits for what he believes and the principals. we might make fun of him for that or question it, but jim carrey doesn't even know what he was doing. >> i don't think he knows how to engage. my impression of jim carrey used to be he was a very talented actor. but there is always something about him he doesn't want you to see the real jim carrey. he uses what he thinks is comedy which is -- i mown he calls us -- when did he say? we have petty behavior. can we put up the picture with the feaux mustache? we are petty?
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by the way, mr. carrie, aren't you canadian? maybe go bass to sac ask you toon. sakatoon. well, wait a minute. you may have to talk about canadians >>- q. i they apologized -- >>he they apologized with some dignity. i would sue you guys, but you got no brains. you talked out of your arse. come and sue us. bring your arse and we will bring what little brains we have. >> what would he sue for? he started it with the video. >> he says viciously slander. i would take them to task legally if i felt they were worth my time. honestly i retract everything nice i said. >> i apologize. i want to bring up the jason biggs. i can't read them all to you, bob, but this is what he said about the pope. you know the pope went and kissed the feet of inmates. jason biggs tweeted, ug.
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fine, give me theet f-ing feet and quoting pope francis after being told he could no longer kissft his preferred body part. >> first of all, to do that on holy week is beyond the pale. beyond that what the pope was doing was what jesus taught him to do, to be a servant. i am your servant he said to these kids and that's why i am doing this. to make fun of that. i don't know who this jerk is. i never heard of him before. >> the pope is known for reaching out to the poor and carrying on the mission of christ. jason biggs is known for sticking his wiener in a pie. >> that's him? >> a man of substance. >> jason, come and kiss my feet. >> glad you said feet. >> this could be the lowest thing i have ever -- he insulted -- you insulted, i don't know, 1.2 billion people
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around the world? he is the pope. >> he wouldn't do mohamed. >> is it a cry for attention? it is like they are desperate because their careers are flailing and they need some kind of attention. when they do this stuff, they are silencing to me. >> heuf worked for nickelodeon, by the way, a children's network, jason biggs. >> it is a cry to get out of a $5,000 a night venue to make some money. but it is not happening. it is going to $1,000 next week, big boy. >> i remember when celebrities were cool. the steve mcqueens and the clint eastwoods and james dean. they did cool things. now they are predictable and stupid. >> and sad. very sad. >> very sad. >> are they all trying to raise the bar on each other's ridiculousness and vicious, disgusting attacks? >> they are probably thinking, what can i do that would be so preposterous that i could be attacked by fox news next week and get all of this attention? a bring it on. coming up, if you don't
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like big brother breathing down your neck, dana will tell you where you can move to. the freest states in america coming up on "the five."
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it is a free country, well some of it is. george mason did a study on how many freedom americans have in each of the 50 states. if you are considering a move grab a pen. the freest state is north dakota. rounding out the top 5 south dakota, new hampshire and oklahoma. the least free, not surprisingly, new york, home state to michael bloomburg.
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runners up a california, new jersey, hawaii and yes, greg, hawaii is a state. >> not true. >> and rhode island. also not surprisingly freest states are red ones. every year they come up with the study and it has a lot to do with economic freedom, but also freedom from excessive government regulation. reading about how california, one of the reasons a lot of people live there is it is so hard to do business so people are moving. >> when we started talking about this and we freest states and the 10 least free states, let me just do something. let me throw the highest tax rates in each state and see what happens. something cool happened. the top freest states, top rate, 3.9% state income tax, top rate, the least free 7.8. what do you notice about that? it is exactly double. it is 100% higher than the 10
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freestxa states in the union. i really would like to know if these are republican governors and state houses. i have a hunch they would be the freer h states. by the way, the way they figure this out are taxes are economic freedoms, et-cetera. >> and one of theio keys was if you are a right to work state. michigan just became a right to work state. if you look at this list most of the growth is happening in the lower part of the united states, the south. they say a lot is not weather-related. it is job related. >> you look at the states in the south and they are moving tota unshackle their economies. texas is an example. although, i don't think it makes the top lis surprisingly. makes the top list surprisingly. they called the bachelor party
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the nuisance tax of these states. the taxes on cigarettes where they get you at every turn and in new york they call it the brain drain. all of these people who have access upstate to universities and landscapes and low housing pricesti. >> also because you can do business anywhere now. imagine, greg, if north dakota had hawaii's climate what would happen. >> it is never like that though. we have a great administration. he is inspiring a biblical migration. he created refugees in our own nation. people moving from place to place and the next stop is singapore. >> i am going to be the nay sayer here. i suppose it depends on how you define freedom. one of the studies you cited was sponsored by -- >> it is one study. it is actually 40% of their donations come from individuals. >> let me make a couple of points. >> well if you will throw something out there to attack a company -- >> let me throw two things out of the 10 states that are the least free.
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mississippi, west virginia which are two red states. the question about what -- >> west virginia not necessarily a red state. >> okay. i haven't seen it democratic for a longtime, but that's all right. never mind. >> bob, i think it is unfair to attack mercadis. you saw the coke brothers and so is exxon. 40% of the profits come from individuals. these are facts as far as they make a determination and here are the facts anakd here is how much taxes you pay and here is your ability to start a business and how long it takes from consumption to figuring out how you can open your doors. that's what this is about. t think it is fair to attack them for it. >> the problem with this free versus unfree is it doesn't factor into really good restaurants. >> it factors in the least free and you have the best universities in the world and the top 10 is maybe virginia jie. that's not helping your point. >> can i address -- >> that is greatest research
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institution. >> the red versus blue based on votes in the past two presidential elections, average migration, net migration. in the red states there is about a two -- somewhere between two and a half percent migration to the state. in the blue states there is a negative migration. >> so people aret going to these states, bob. they get educated in new york. they get educated in massachusetts and new jersey and then they leave and that's the problem. you want them to stay because their wallets fund the welfare state. the easiest thing to walk is the voter with their shoes. >> there are reasonable issues about regulations and the nanny states that do drive people away. i imre with some of that. i agree with some of that. the definition of what means freeis here is very much driven by the economy and not other aspects. >> what about taxes? don't you think higher tax rates drive people out of the state? >> the higher rates. >> the most portable thing is a man with his money? >> you might see a lot of
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people leaving some of the northeastern states for other places. all right, coming up, is it ever okay to tell a white lie to your spouse or boyfriend or girl friend? is it possible to be totally honest in a relationship? that's next on "the five."
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live from america's nuss -- news headquarters. negotiators cleared a major hurdle toward comprehensive immigration reform. charles schumer brokering a deal between the top business and labor groups on a visa program for low skilled immigrants. the guest, woulder program improved the odds of congress passing a broader immigration bill. a special clinic in oklahoma is now testing patients exposed to hiv and hepititis risks thanks to their
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dentist. more than 7,000 people are being urged to get screened. their tulsa dentist is accused of treating them with unsan terry instruments. one of his former patients tested positive for hiv and help pie ties c. and hepatitis-c. we'll get you back to "the five" and we will be back at the top of the hour. latest headlines, fox we have all told a fib every now and then, but what about to your partner? should you ever lie to them? some experts are telling some tails. they say can be good for a relationship. i wanted to find out so i asked a few folks on the streets of new york. >> is it okay to tell little lies in relationships? >> of course. it keeps the marriage going.
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>> have you everse told little white lies in relationships? >> all the time. >> a little lie, yes. >> honesty is the best poll tee. >> what do you think women lie about? >> money, it is all money. how much did you spend on it? $45 and i really spent $75. >> what do men lie about? >> everything. >> drinking. >> yes. >> were you caught? >> no, but in two weeks i told her. i came clean. >> i always tell the truth. >> liar. >> does the guilt sometimes get to you? >> ya, of course. i am not a very good liar. >> so you are actually trying to preserve the relationship? >> that's what white lies are for, preservation. >> all right, the women were much more candid. the men all said no, we don't lie about anything. this came out of a "wall street journal" article this week that called it buffering, protective buffering, bob. you are trying to not start a fight with your partner, and you don't want to upset them.
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honey, does this make me look fat? they don't want to start a fight, and theyoe may tell a little white lie. have you ever? >> i was married once for six years and i don't think i told a lie the whole time which is really just a lie. >> which is why you are not married anymore. >> every christmas i would say , all right, everybody in the house let's bring down your clothes to give to the poor people. my wife would bring these clothes down with the price tags on them. i said, are you kidding me? you bought all of those things and you never wore them and now you want to give them away? she said, no, i saved the old price tags and put them on old garments to make them feel like they got new things. >> one researcher said people often share too much in relationships and it leads to dissatisfaction and avoidance. so do you ever lie to adrian? >> no, no, no. bob, you know i don't -- i mean, i have been brutally honest with her from the very beginning. >> whyhe is she still with you
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then? >> i don'tgi know. i don't know why she stayed. go out with the guys and go drinking and end up places, but i am not afraid to tell her. i tell her. >> sometimes you end up in places. >> well, you know. you know, back in the day. >> strip joints? >> i did. i absolutely told her. look, i don't doly that anymore. i am a happily married -- >> so you used to lie? >> no, i told her the whole time. i am telling you there was -- >> did you tell her about last night? >> what? >> what happened last night? >> i was a here until 11:00 last night. about you?at >> it is a great reason, and this is why you marry somebody 18 years older than you. there is none of that. none of that problem. i just don't have enough time to lie and remember what you lied about. e it is actually one of the reasons i created that policy that i don't go to baby showers. i was telling so many lies why i couldn't make it. i finally i just said i will have a blanket policy that i never go andnd it prevents a
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white lie. >> greg, who lies more, women or men? >> i hate baby showers and getting hit by all of the babies. a, white lies. why do we have to be so racist? everybody can lie. the point is, lies are -- it is like a value list. you have to say, if you are lying about because you broke a vase, who cares? you lie because you were dating her dad h, it depends on what lie it is. you can never be fully honest to your wife or an average marriage would last 10 minutes. >> they say they are little lies and not big ones. it is to preserve people's feelings and they don't want to hurt feelings. who lies ? >> your kids. >> they lie about everything. >> i thought about this and i thought, do i lie? i really don't. no, i don't. and then i thought, well i do. when i want to be on time at reservations i always tell my
2:45 pm
beau that the reservation is earlier than it is. so you really don't have to be at the restaurant at 7:30, well 7:45. it is really 8. we want to know what you think. is it okay to lie to a loved one? go to our facebook page and go to 5fnc. up ahead, new accusations in a murder trial andew this time against her prosecutor. is juan martinez's new found fame affecting the case? and how much the never ending trial is costing taxpayers. is it time to wrap things up? we will tackle that next.
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i didn't want to do this story, but dana pushed it so hard we will do it. it has been dragging on for three months and it has cost $1.4 million. that's because arias is represented by court-appointed attorneys. she couldn't afford her own. he has been posing pictures
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and they say that is hog wash. >> there hasho been video on-line of mr. martinez outside the courtroom. signing autographs and posing for pictures. may have beent seen by jurors. >> that's something that happens outside of court such as taking a photograph. >> let me ask you, dana, since this is your segment.. don't you think that these guys become celebrities while they are in the middle of something like this? >> and it is so boring. at a presidential event the pool changes every day and so they light the room and everything.ay maybe that should be done in courtrooms because i can't watch another moment of that. it is driving me crazy. it is so boring. and she is giving due process a really bad name. has this been going on for five years? i feel like we have done this show for two years and it has been five years. it is like dog years.
2:51 pm
>> it has been six months i think. >> she was on the stand for 14 or 18 days or something. it really is. that's a lot of money to be paying for -- why do they allow that to go on? >> it is not due process, it is doo doo process. i'm done. >> you know what is cool about this arizona system? the reason juan martinez was taking pictures is a juror could have seen him doing that and that's why the juries are sequestered. this is a capital murder case. jurors are not sequestered in arizona and they can also ask questions. that's a great system. so what if they can g out and talk -- can go out and talk and see? the court of public opinion is important too. >> are you a fan of cameras in the courtroom, right?ou >> yes jie. what do you think of this? >> i don't agree the prosecutor should have been outside signing autographs and taking pictures because he is an officer of the court. his role is to make sure that justice is served and that the
2:52 pm
role of law is preserved. i don't think it helps the integrity of the court or the law by him doing that. >> and it is a total you know what move. >> well in criminal cases a lot of these attorneys take these cases so they can run for higher office. which is not good. they actually manipulate the cameras, although i like the idea of cameras. the taxpayer issue, i don't like it as much as you do. you can't have a government with unlimited money and as much as we don't like it, the court was designed to protect the innocent as much as it was to prosecute the guilty. >> the only thing i would say is there is a juror who goes out after the court every day and stands around and watches the media who did see martinez do what he did. i don't know what the law is. that's the argument. >> the judge rules on that. >> can i argue defense of martinez? this is the only time in his life that anybody will want a picture with him. we arean used to this. we walk out of this building and we are swarmed by
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thousands of fans. it is kind of embarrassing and a little scary. but martinez, this is the first time in his life anybody said i want a picture. >> maybe jim carrey will give him an autograph. >> he will be a high profile attorney somewhere or end up as the attorney general. this guy is really talented. one more thing is up next.
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time for one more thing and greg will kick it off. >> new "red eye" tomorrow night and first a fan phrase. having said that, if you are about to say that, that means you are about to contridict everything you just said. you wasted all of our time. if youas are going to say having said that, don't say the other stuff first. >> i like that. >> i got a package from my dad and he sent me peeps. he said "i hope you still like these" and i left them out so they are a little crunchier for you. did you know americans eat more than 600 million peeps? >> 600 million? >> marshmellow and sugar. >> it has airplane dpliew gliew and cotton. -- airplane glue and cotton. >> you know where they are made? >> bethlehem, pennsylvania. >> bob is moving us along. catch me tomorrow morning, here is a peek, 11:30 a.m., watch. >> the irs boldly going where
2:58 pm
no government agency has gone before. spending your hard-earned tax money on this star trek training video. more proof it is high time to bring the size of government back down to earth. >> it is worse than we thought. there is money laundering, bribery, haircuts and manicures running rampant in the street. >> wait, remember what is important. enhancing the taxpayer experience. >> i dream some day i be rich and famous. >> me too. that's why i became a public servant. >> irs wasting our money. >> you know, the two dog lovers here on this panel, we know who they are. always seemhe to make dogs out to be almost human like. the leaders of the animal kingdom. can i show you video here of what kind of leaders they are? this is a cat y. he is is hauling a dog down which is about right and the dog of course a goes wrong. the cat is taking him out someplace to get a cocktail. anyway, there you go.
2:59 pm
it is for all of you dog lovers who think they are the smartest in the world. >> that was about every marriage. >> he's a good boiy. -- boy. >> during. yesterday's one more thing i told you about the heartwarming story about caitlin norman who had pediatric cancer, and she made a bucket list while she was dying. it said she wanted to attend her high school prom. her fellow students brought the prom to her. that's her date bringing her a corsage. very sad news. she passed away this morning at 14 years old at 8:19 and she is from tennessee and we feel for her family. it is an emotional, emotional story.d she is going to spend the weekend in heaven. >> there you go. >> she is in a better place. >> it is a wonderful story and delighted you brought it to us. >> when i sawt that happen this morning i was like i have to do the follow-up. it is so sad, but encouraging she is in heaven. >> she is in a much, much be


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