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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 31, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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regulation nation. doesn't go extinct.
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not today. not here. and the concerns for tucker, this is ainsley, earhart and her beautiful festive easter, thank you to 1-800-flowers. and decorating. and this just smells fantastic. it never is this good in here.
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>> and thank you, and it smells fantastic in here. >> you really didn't r to do that, i appreciate it. >> this morning, send in your easter photos this morning, so if you've got the kiddies up this morning, you put the robert ears on them or dress up the animals, a pet pig and-- >> some don't like the bunny. >> if your kids are frightened of the easter bunny, we h'd like to see these. >> on easter sunday. >> headlines, a fox news alert. right now, the vatican city, pope francis is there, about to deliver his blessing and the first within and the speech from the basilica balcony. earlier the pontiff celebrated mass in front of thousands at
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st. peter's square. the navy seal killed at the parachute training accident in arizona has now been identified. and here is his picture. he's 31 years old a special warfare operator team and friends say he wanted to be a seal since the 8th grade. >> it's one of those things, like it happened and you say it did, are you sure? was it really him? was there a mistake? you're the not sure. >> the cause of that mid air parachute collision-- and it's now under investigation. a traffic nightmare in florida as a brush fire forces a busy interstate to shut down for part of the holiday weekend, causes quite a nightmare, look at that on the highway, and began at a five acre blaze
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grew to 50 acres. worried that the dry conditions could-- >> the music worlds is mourning phil ramone. >> you ♪ i want you just the way you are ♪ >> he and billy joel won for "just the way you are", ramone nicknamed the pope of pop won gramm grammys. >> how appropriate on easter. >> we were getting scared, rick, as we were looking at a forecast later in the afternoon. will rain hold off for our easter egg hunt. >> rick: for your easter egg
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hunt? i think for your house it will hold off, but temperature-wise pretty good. and it's much colder across the northern plains and today your temps are looking fine. this is the problem that clayton is talking about, we've got rain across parts of kentucky and tennessee moving into the carolinases, eventually that moves up from much of the northeast later this evening and into the day tomorrow. but some of the storms are a little bit severe or at least a little bit of lightning and some hail through here, but also, still throughout the plains. there's another big storm moving into california and we need the rain in california desperately. we had one of the driest rainy seasons this winter and we'll take it, but for the day severe weather later on today. from del rio texas stretched across i-10 all the way through much of louisiana and in towards mississippi, this is going to be later on this evening, or later this afternoon and into the evening, so, overall it's not a bad day, just a bunch of
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spotty showers there, none of those are going to cause a washout for the entire day, but they're going to be a bit of a nuisance as you're planning your picnic or your barbecue or whatever it is that you do with your tradition on easter day. tomorrow, take a look, you start to see that cold air move back in, back to 35 in minneapolis, not getting rid of winter yet. >> easter is earlier this year, right? it's normally in april? >> i don't know, i have no idea. >> it's usually in july. >> and they need to move it it back, i'm only kidding, i know the significance. >> hey, one of my favorite childhood movies, ghost busters, stay with me, one of my favorite lines from that movie, bill murray who says, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, one group as you talk about the debate, big labor, big labor. >> that's a great segue, i have to say. >> clayton: there you go,
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chamber aof commerce and this is how the deal fell apart in 2007. friday night, dogs and cats living together, these two groups have finally come to some sort of of agreement and we may have comprehensive immigration reform thanks to these guys coming together. >> and chuck schumer of new york said this is great, we're on the way. marco rubio saying not so fast, we have a long way to go we have to focus on more security at the border. >> and his press secretary released this, to saying senate negotiators are making good progress on immigration he reform, but we are not done yet. what are the details that they have kind of come to agreement on. >> we've seen some of the details. >> i believe it's about 200,000 guest workers are allowed to be in this country
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and i think there 's going to be a path to citizenship. listen to whathere. you can get a low skilled job, but not over $15 an hour, won't let you get a high scaled union jobs so in a way the democrats and labor are keeping the wages down and keeping you from aspiring and moving up the ladder. i think it's actually a little insulting to hispanics and surprising, actually. >> clayton: that was the sticking point so basically the pay levels would not be average. it would be lower than you would typically get for the same level of work and how they were able to come to this agreement, which you know, look, if this is the sticking point, this may be a first step and maybe a few years from now we can revise it. remember, they wouldn't can come to the table a few years ago. we've actually had a consensus which is remarkable. and marco rubio said this is a starting point, nothing is going to be done, i cannot
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urge strongly enough the discussion of any sort of bill start with meaningful hearings of particular importance is a full consideration of border security proposals, including testimony from border security experts, that secretary of homeland security and others. the key feature of our bipartisan approach is that insistence on meeting border security first and other law enforcement triggers before unauthorized immigrants can apply for permanent residence. that might be bluster because we don't have the pieces on border security. >> sovereignty, you need to enforce the border, without sovereignty you don't have a country, okay? you're not going to have comprehensive immigration reform if you just have big labor and big business get together. there's a swath of the american electorate ranchers down in the southern border and narco traffickers coming across. and president obama killed the guest worker when he was a
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senator and now all of a sudden seems to be in favor tore it. i'm not sure it's going to pass as constituted right now. >> we'll see, he says a bill on the table by the end of april. >> clayton: it's crazy that we've come this far in it, i've got my fingers crossed. this morning, if you're a small business man, you know how difficult it has been in the country, you look where it's easiest to get a small business up and running, america is way down on the list. you would think this is the best place. >> a lot of the taxes. >> clayton: taxes, regulations and amount of paper work if t.o. make sure you're not violating a law. in new zealand, an afternoon, in america, weeks. and you remember rick from pawn stars, he basically said we're so regulated in this
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country it's almost impossible to do business. >> it's insanity, i mean, if the government lets us do busine business, okay, and let us be oil independent, you know, i truly believe if government just stepped out of the way, we would have a trade surplus in this country. we'd be energy independent, we'd have full employment and there would be so much money out there, that basically like it used to be in this country, there would be churches and hospitals all over the country. and barely be a health care problem. i don't think they should be involved in education. i don't think they should be involved in health care and the last-- the health care bill i don't see how they can call it constitutional. >> he's taking a risk at a hollywood guy now coming out and slamming the obama administration. we saw what happened with clint eastwood when he did that. ridiculed. called senile and this guy
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said he had tried to apply for a permit to set up, shoot somewhere in california and denied and he thinks it's because he's conservative. now, they're giving tax credit to jimmy fallon to shoot in new york, but this guy can't get a shoot cleared in california. >> clayton: see, california is crazy and i don't think it has anything to do with him being conservative. i have friends who talk about how restrictive the regulations are and one city in san jose. one want today expand and put a patio on his restaurant, all kinds of new jobs and $100,000 to build out this patio and gets it approved by the city and gets the liquor license approved by the city and builds it, spends $100,000 to build this new the patio so people could eat outside and the regulator comes and this is all wrong. but you approved it, here is your signatures. >> but you know what, we kind of screwed up. that ramp should be over there. had to close it down. he doesn't have an another
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$50,000 to run-- and regulation, the city lost the extra money and jobs because of regulations. >> you can't set up a lemonade stand in this country, people. and we've heard those. >> need some lemonade this morning. coming up here on the show, he was injured fighting for freedom in afghanistan, now a disabled army veteran says his rights were taken away at mall. wait until you hear why. >> and spending taxpayers dollars for a robotic squirrel, but closing the people's house. the waste in washington is revealed. ♪ look what mommy is having.
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>> remember this video of shrimp on a treadmill? taxpayers paid more than $500,000 for that research and wasteful washington spending seems on touch. the waste list, 42 billion dollars of needless spending on your tax dollars. what should we cut and what should we keep? joining us is breitbart contributor, silvia. let's start with this, 42 billion dollars. it's hard to wrap your head around. put that into perspective. what kind of money are we talking about? >> the nrcc took the time to go through the budget and actually find the waste that the government is spending with our tax dollars. 42.6 billion dollars, that's roughly equal to half the amount of money that we are cutting from the quest this year, that half the money, so
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85 billion dollars this year alone and that's the exact amount we're cutting from the defense program and to put this into perspective for you, if you divide the amount of money each week that we spend on white house tours, which is about $18,000 per week on the white house tours, that equals to roughly 45,000 years of white house tours that we could pay with this 42.6 billion dollars that they've found. >> jesse: that's amazing. let's go through this list, this is shocking stuff here. all right, talking urinal cakes, $10,000 on those. >> what are talking urinal cakes? do you know what they are. >> jesse: was that biden's idea? that's what i want to know. but they're not doing white house tours. and what else, robot squirrels? >> they're spending $325,000
3:19 am
on robotic squirrels to see if rattle snakes attack robotic squirrels like they attack normal squirrels. >> jesse: all right. definitely sounds like a high priority, but border patrol agents hours are getting cut, right. >> yes. >> jesse: and we also have a dancing iphone robot, a half million dollars. >> half a million dollars. >> jesse: and we're giving this money to apple, right, the most successful company in the world? >> right, to hook an ipod up to a dancing robot to see how it dances to an ipod. you can hook an ipod up to me and see me dance and that's for free. >> jesse: really? we'll look into that. air traffic control towers. and then we have youtube and video contests, $100,000, okay? >> right. >> jesse: so we're giving money to illegal immigrants. who comes up with these ideas and has anybody challenged the white house and asked for any explanation? >> no, exactly, you hear the
3:20 am
president making hysterics comments over the sequester and not once did you hear him say he's cutting robotic squirrels or dancing i-robots. we're seeing now 20% of our border patrol agents being cut. and 4,000 border patrol agents are being cut and their hours are being cut, meaning that the border is going to go unmanned for hours at a time and we're releasing over 2000 illegal immigrants into this country, many of which have criminal backgrounds. >> jesse: got it. >> yeah, so, exactly. the president is more concerned about, you know, carving our national defense than cutting robotic squirrels. >> jesse: it sounds criminal. i don't want to trivialize it, but some of it sounds like extreme use of taxpayer
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dollars. the finale of "the bible" mini series is tonight and we're talking with them next. and one of the iconic characters of easter could soon be extinct. we'll tell you about the effort to save peter the could cotton tail.
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>> the block buster mini series "the bible", the powerful finale tonight at 8 p.m. >> i can give you the chance to change your mind. >> come with me. catch a fish and i will make
3:25 am
you a fisherman. >> what are you going to do? >> change the world. >> with us now is that actor who plays peter, darwin shaw. good to see you, happy easter to you. >> happy to see you. >> ainsley: in that scene, jesus says i'm going to change the world. this is changing the lives of many people. after tonight's episode more than 100 million. it's a big deal. >> we're thrilled that people are finding this show, which is both entertaining and powerful, and you know, it's amazing that people are still sweeting in and saying, you know, that it's brought them to their faith and gathering around with families and i think tonight the big finale is going to be moving and the perfect show for easter to sit down with your families and show what it's about. >> ainsley: so many people
3:26 am
will be watching. were you shocked with the reaction? >> of course we're amazed so many people are tuning in and obviously we're hoped that people would get on board with the story and evan has worked incredibly hard and mark and roma four years of their lives. and when you're working with a group of actors, giving everything enough and invest their heart and soul and you hope people outside will see that. >> ainsley: i know the people involved are actors, but did this come to life for you or many actors a part of this. many you were telling me earlier might not have been christians, but have you seen lives change because of this. >> definitely, on the set, pretty much every night we'd be discussing the scenes, the, you know, the stories, what it means and having, you know, conversations. and everyone involved reexamined their lives perhaps
3:27 am
not since were you a young person. >> ainsley: were you worried about being a part of this? i know jim caviezel, a lot of people in hollywood said people weren't giving him roles because of his role in "passion of the christ" years ago. >> he had an amazing journey, watching his path is amazing and a-- and i was hungry to play a part like this. you don't get a chance to play a salt of the earth fisherman and get to the point to do miracles and a point in the bible where there's be factual evidence existed. i was able to go and explore that and explore what it means to develop my spirituality and have that journey. for me, that's why we do it. >> ainsley: and peter now, st. peter in the catholic church, st. peter's basilica, we were
3:28 am
talking about that with the new pope, st. peter doubted, doubted he could walk on water in "the bible", in the series. and denied jesus three times. what were the scenes like? did you relate to the role? >> of course, the one thing about peter, he's very human and we can appreciate when we try and do the right thing and fail and peter does it time and time again, but he jumps out of the boat and tries to walk on water and doubts himself. he looks back. and he does deny jesus, but he does fight back and in the garden, and the way i tried to understand him is that he wanted to go all the way in order to prove he wasn't going to deny him, but then jesus says those who live for the sword die at the sword and
3:29 am
constantly a person who is is learning and, you know, two steps forward one step back. >> we can all relate to that. >> ainsley: thank you so much. wonderful to meet you, not every day i get to interview a saint, st. peter. (laughter) thank you, "the bible" tonight on the channel. and thank you so much. >> a lesson in gun safety. why so many want to get certified to pack some heat. is it real or fake? real questions and the historic shroud of turin goes on display for the first time in decades. ♪ what's droid-recognition ?
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. he ♪ if you're ever going to see a bunny ♪ >> he's crying. california cops on the tail of
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this bunny driving a bright head motorcycle by not wearing a he the bunny head a helmet. >> ainsley: i think the head is okay. >> clayton: he got lucky because he's on the way to a charity event and the california highway patrol let him off with a warning. >> jesse: and get pulled over throw on the bunny outfit and get off scott free. >> clayton: and crying, too. >> ainsley: and the bunny was a little late getting to your house, that's why. >> let's talk about this, as a big fan of history, i've always been a fan of the new evidence that emerges around the shroud of turin and right around this time of year, new evidence has emerged. for, many, years they thought this had been a medieval fake and someone in the 13th or 14th century had faked this by putting some sort of stains on this and said this was jesus'
3:35 am
burial cloth. according to new research and a tv special set to air, it may not be a fake. >> and the battle in this debate for years, the history channel or one of the tv shows did a segment on this, and my parents sat us down and we watched it and-- a few years ago, right, right right. what's different now they say it it dates back to ancient times and they found stains on it that could be consistent with blood. so everything you see there, and you see the shroud and we see the markings of what appears to be jesus and it just hits you. >> it does. >> these of the kind of things that people talk about the easter bunny and hunting for eggs. this makes it real for people and brings back the meanwhile of easter. >> they had to go through and it had been in a fire and burn
3:36 am
marks. and the dna contamination over the years and many people handled it, touched it, but the dna they pulled from it they believe carbon dates back to ancient times, hundreds of years before it was alleged to be a fake. so, the pope though actually talking about this, pope francis, in a message yesterday about this, a video message he sent to the turin cathedral. he didn't make any mention that it wasn't real, but he went on to say it's iconic. >> ainsley: not a relic. >> clayton: an important distinction, icon, but not a relic. >> ainsley: the vatican around this issue. >> clayton: to come out and say this is definitely jesus' burial garment is one thing to say, but i think the science is out. another year, we'll have more evidence next year. let's check with rick reichmuth on this easter sunday, how does the weather look around the country.
3:37 am
>> rick: take a look at the picture i want it show you, it's very, very cool, it's my dad and sister and her husband and my niece hiking the grand canyon. 76-year-old dad hiking down to the grand canyon and about 11 miles down to that spot. 11 very, very hard miles and my 76-year-old stud of a dad did a great job. a shout out to him. happy easter family there. move forward, take a look at the weather maps right now. temperature-wise everybody looking pretty good. colder air is moving into the plains later on this evening and so far not all that bad. 46 in chicago, or excuse he me, 46 as you're waking up. take a look quickly at a few select cities for your easter forecast throughout the day. here you go. we've got new york city, you're going to be looking right into the low 50's. houston, texas, some storms later on today. some of those severe as well. minneapolis, a cooler day and you'd like to be warmer and
3:38 am
phoenix looking really, really nice and temps to 88 by 3 p.m. quickly look at the forecast and a few showers moving in later on in the afternoon and temps not that bad. down to the southeast, this is where we'll see more rain and some storms could be severe and we're going to see a general widespread coverage of rain. plans for outside, picnic, barbecue, egg hunt, is going to be tough. florida looking great and west texas looking good. and it will be snow developing across the dakotas. across the west looking good except for california, rain and mountain snow. >> jesse: the white house firing back at north korea's threats of war. the state department saying that while north korea has a history of talking tough, it takes its threats seriously. >> clayton: steve centanni joins us live from washington on the tense developments. good morning, steve.
3:39 am
>> reporter: good morning, jesse. the white house taking notice in the wake of north korea's threats of war. a spokeswoman for the president's national security council saying we've seen reports of a new and unconstructed statement from north korea and we take these threats seriously and remain in close contact with our south korean allies, but we would also note that north korea has a long history of bellicose rhetoric and threats and the latest announcement follows that familiar pattern. north korea's latest provocative statement came after two u.s. b-2 stealth bombers flew over korea last week. they sent inert message. the north korea government said from this time on, the north-south relations will be entering the state of war and all issues raised between the north and south will be handled accordingly. the young korean leader kim jong-un has been highly
3:40 am
belligerent since taking power and his government now says it will retaliate against any provocations by the united states and south korea without any prior notice. north korea has of course test fired a number of missiles include one and conducted an underground nuclear test. the u.s. is taking it all very seriously. when a country says the kind of things that they're saying, you have to take it seriously and take steps to ensure what we say in response, we can and will defend our own nation and can and will defend our allies, that's credible. >> reporter: these threats coincide with joint u.s.-korean exercises in the area. >> thanks, steve. >> ainsley: more headlines, a texas district attorney and his wife were found murdered in their house saturday two months after his top assistant was gunned doubt. police say mike and cynthia
3:41 am
mclelland had been shot and the door kicked in and shell casings all over. at their murder leaving the neighborhood on edge. >> we were just shocked, very shocked and saddened by the news and shocked all of us. we couldn't believe it. >> ainsley: just two months ago, his assistant mark hastings was shot and killed in the parking lot of the courthouse. investigators are working under the assumption that the murders are related. a wounded afghanistan veteran kicked out of a tennessee mall for riding a segway. master sergeant rides the segway because he can't walk long distances and a security guard the at the foot hills mall told him to leave and accused the veteran of speeding. >> right now i have no reason to be disruptive. in fact, the next few days i'm going to be travelling up to bethesda for more surgery. so the last thing i want to be
3:42 am
is disruptive. >> ainsley: he was shot four times in the leg in afghanistan. the disabled veterans affairs group is now investigation. an easter favorite facing extinction? ♪ here comes peter cotton tail ♪ ♪ hopping down the bunny trail ♪ ♪ hippity hopping, easter is on way ♪ >> say it's not so! >>. the one that's threatened is because of shrub land it calls home. that's disappearing. urban sprawl is not to blame. it's actually because of activity and has grown and forcing them out. we need human activity. >> when you go to my parents reading, pennsylvania, they're happening all over the police and they like getting out in the garden.
3:43 am
plant for food for them. coming up on the show, need another excuse to not go to the gym? blame your parents, how your genetics could determine how much energy you have to exercise. it's not your fault. >> ainsley: that explains it. pope francis just wrapped up service at the vatican. lauren green is here with his legacy so far. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf.
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with chantix and with the support system it worked for me. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. ♪ >> welcome back. happy easter everyone, today is an important day for all catholics, not just because it's easter sunday, but because they'll hear an important message from pope
3:47 am
francis. and the beginning of his papacy. >> jesse: joining us is correspondent lauren green. >> happy easter. >> jesse: and transcribed it from the latin, very busy, very smart and looking at it closely. what jumps out at you so far? >> the thing that jumps out to me, since he became the pope and this is the difference. when he's taking the church in a different direction. first of all, easter defines christianity, the resurrection of jesus is christianity. and this you can he see how this is going to define his papacy as well. he has the ability to combine the message of truth and love, of law and love and combine them in a way that's never been done before by a pope. and this is part of his text. he says, but the love of god is stronger than evil and death itself. it means that the love of god can transform ourselves and
3:48 am
let the desert places in our hearts bloom and the way of man and humility. and weaves it through what he does and speaking to people of all levels and drew in the idea of the old testament. the escape from egypt is to freedom and relating that to everybody up to today. >> it's interesting, i love that he chose the name francis, because st. francis, if necessary, use word. and would washing the feet of female inmates and if these individuals are inmates, they're there because they've done something wrong. >> exactly. >> ainsley: what a way to change their lives. >> and normally we see the feet washing, and seeing them with clerks or higher ups and
3:49 am
always men. but he's going the lowest of society and prison inmates and women, and still in the days of women liberation, and he's going to what society has determined are the low heest of society and he's now honoring them. >> which is what the bible talks about jesus. >> this is what jesus did, and wrangled, the traditional, what jesus did as well. >> clayton: and i saw one writer this week say this was the straw that broke the camel's back for him and traditionalists be damned. >> and in a sense, this is the honeymoon period for him. holy week. you always want to pay attention during holy week, but when holy week ends, get down to the business of running the church and all of the things that were wrong before he became pope are still there and he's going to address them. >> great special that airs this weekend. >> thank you very much. >> and happy easter to you. >> thank you. >> same to you. >> coming up here on the show, it might be the biggest medical break through for
3:50 am
depression in years, a club drug being used to offer relief to millions of people with depression. what is it? is it safe? we'll ask dr. keith ablow. he's here next. >> jesse: this looks like something you'd see in alice in wonderland. a pint-sized door at the base after tree. where does it go? >> that's after you take the club drug. ♪ in the easter parade ♪ ♪ ill he' be in clover and when they look us over ♪ we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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>> 53 minutes past the hour. it's been used as a
3:54 am
recognizanrec recreational drug. now it's being used as a drug for depression. is it a break through drug? can a club drug really be used to cure depression? >> well, clayton they're calling this possibly the biggest advance in psychiatric medicine in the last 50 years. the answer is, yes. it seems as though giving ketamine iv, rather than the concentration in clubs, people who are depressed or anxiety disorder, can sometimes reverse those symptoms sometimes in minutes. it's a revolution in mental health care potentially. >> clayton: how does it work or treat depression? >> it's long understood that one theory of depression and
3:55 am
other disorders like ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder, could be that stress cause the synapses, it causes them to occur so that using this medicine iv at the right concentration, always with a doctor seems to reestablish the connections between the nerve cells and parts of the brain involved in depression and anxiety. >> some of the side effects, if you will, that i've been reading about ketamine are frightening, hallucinations, out of body experience, amnesia, you may forget things for days. is that a key to curing depression, not remembering the past four days. >> it's not that. ketamine is known to interfere with glutomate at particular
3:56 am
receptors. glutomate is known in overabundance to nerve cells. i've given ketamine with another doctor and you could have an out body experience. the and some use it as an anesthetic because it's so safe they don't want anything bad to happen in their office, the side effects are minimal. >> clayton: before we wrap this up. when will we see this come to it market if at all? >> it is to market. >> clayton: it is. >> we're doing it in boston. there are groups doing it across the country and the university of alabama birmingham giving it to people in the emergency room who are suicidal, they don't want to lose anybody during the four to eight weeks that an anti-depressant takes.
3:57 am
>> clayton: well, doctor, thank you. an a no-no for yoko ono. why celebs are underfire. and pope francis delivers the first easter message at the vatican. the faithful message is next. for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained)
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4:00 am
>> well, good morning to you, it's the end of march, it's march 31st, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn, of course, an important day if you're a christian. pope francis delivering his first easter message before the masses in st. peter's square. what he said on the faithful day, the holy day coming up. >> jesse: while were you sleeping, big business and big labor get together on immigration reform, as many celebrate the compromise, senator marco rubio says not so fast. why his focus is on the border. >> clayton: the texas school who is studying 9 9/11 test
4:01 am
questions, led to change. the mom who joined the fight is going to tell us about the test coming up. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> ainsley: two. ♪ ♪ hop easter bunny hop ♪ >> good morning, everyone, if you're enjoying your sunday morning with us. >> ainsley: all the kids waking up and getting easter baskets and we want to thank 1-800-flowers for the gorgeous flowers. the lilies smell wonderful and fragrant. >> jesse: what about the peeps? i don't see any. >> ainsley: it's not complete without them. >> jesse: you seem you eat a lot of them, too, ainsley. >> ainsley: i try not to. i try not to, what are you
4:02 am
saying, jesse. >> jesse: she says she's on a diet. >> clayton: in the column of things not to say to a woman. you look like you eat a lot of peeps. (laughter) we were talking about this-- >>. >> clayton: what happened in the break. >> clayton: jesse, you have three hours to redeem yourself. >> ainsley: he will have a black eye in the the next-- >> we want you to send us your easter pictures, if you've got the little ones dressed awn the bunnies, in the church, in the yard, send them throughout the show. >> ainsley: we're talking about the easter bunny, but we know if you're a follower of christ, it's a powerful day on the faithful around the world are celebrating this morning. connor powell joins us live from jerusalem. with more from the holy land. hi, connor. >> well, good morning, you guys. you can never have too many peeps on easter, but pope francis celebrated his first easter as pope since being
4:03 am
elected about three weeks ago. st. peter's square in rome was packed with catholics and christians around the world. estimated some 250,000 people were on hand to hear him speak. the newly elected pontiff was issued a call for peace. and three weeks ago, francis placed special emphasis on helping the poor and those in need. and breaking with catholic tradition washing the feet of men and women during a holy service. they were amid very, very tightened security and several hundred people celebrated mass and the church in baghdad. here in the holy land, protestants and catholics celebrated easter the church of the holy accesepulcher, and three or four weeks times, ainsley, sometimes the churches have an easter schedule that links up, but
4:04 am
not this year. >> ainsley: connor powell, thanks so much. and now to your headlines. a navy seal killed in thursday's parachute training accident in arizona has now been identified. 31-year-old brett shadle, a special warfare operator chief and member of the elite seal team six group, friends say he wanted to be a seal since the 6th grade. and is it him? is there a mistake? you're not sure. >> ainsley: and that's difficult news. especially on easter for his family. the cause of the mid air parachute collision which killed schadle and severely injured another seal is under investigation. five members of a southern california family killed by a suspected drunk driver in nevada. an suv hit the family's van from behind causing it it to spin out of control and flip over. several people were ejected, four adults and a teenager were killed. two other family members are in critical condition. and the driver of the s.u.v.
4:05 am
18-year-old gene soriano and his passenger only had minor injuries. charged with driving under the influence. 1 years old and wiping out all of those people. the cyprus bailout, bankers who deposited are looking at nearly 60% of the money, not just 10%. a mandatory tax 37 1/2% taken and additional 22 1/2% held in case it's needed to save the bank. wow! like something from a fairy tale, people in san francisco might have found the door to wonderland. >> curiouser and curious er. oh, oh! i beg your pardon. >> ainsley: people are flocking to see the little
4:06 am
door just hike that a little door at the base of a tree. and it's a mystery, people are leaving notes for whatever is inside. >> what do you think might live inside that door. >> peter. >> something tiny. >> elves or something coming out of it. >> i'm sticking with the keebler elf story, making cookies in there. >> ainsley: word of the door is viral and the park has no plans to remove it. >> clayton: you'll see those pop up. and put little gnomes in nooks and trees. >> jesse: i did that when i was little, an ewok village. >> ainsley: oh, my goodness. >> clayton: i know what you're talking about. >> ainsley: i have no idea. >> jesse: that "star wars." >> clayton: that or castle grayskull. >> ainsley: the village? >> and clayton is putting in pinning flamingos. >> jesse: they're manly, okay? >> there you go.
4:07 am
all right, guys, a pretty nice easter morning, cool for easter sunrise services not bad when you think of what we've been dealing with the last weeks, all the cold air out there. we have some showers and it's part across the tennessee valley and ohio valley, eventually to the mid atlantic. and this is going to be a problem for the day today. it moves in across the northeast and there will be some showers and they'll last for a few hours as they move on. across the west, we also have a really big system that's bringing in and bringing rain showers from the santa barbara area and mostly inland at this point. across the farm territory and we're seeing the snow. later on today, we are going to see things heat up again to the south and threat for severe weather and getting into the season and seeing those rounds of severe weather almost daily. right now across texas, louisiana and mississippi and this will fire up mostly later on this afternoon.
4:08 am
temperature-wise for all of your plans outside today. looking pretty good for almost everybody. temps very nicely in across parts of the plains, and all right, back over to you. >> thanks, rick. all right. well, it is a sort of an unbelievable move on friday night, we now may have an agreement between big labor and big business. two things i thought we would never say in this country. >> ainsley: on immigration. >> clayton: on immigration reform. now, remember, big labor, big business, came at the loggerheads and largely the reason that the 2007 immigration under george w. bush i thought was courageous and going up against members of his own party, republican party back then. it fell apart because of this, but now friday night we may have an agreement. >> ainsley: jesse, i want you to get it and break it down. first the unions they wanted average pay for all of the skilled workers that were here in america. they wanted average pay versus paying assigning a salary depending on what your skill was.
4:09 am
the businesses say we want to pay at lowest rate. >> jesse: guest works can do the jobs, they want to put a cap on how he they can advance. a lot of people don't think it's fair. but looks like schumer leaked it to the new york times and spin it to put pressure on marco rubio who only wants to make sure the border is secure. >> clayton: the first step for marco rubio, we'll do an immigration package, but it has to start with border patrol and make sure that's first. so marco rubio's press secretary sent this out in an immigration letter, marco rubio did. let's go to the immigration later. >> i cannot urge strongly enough discussions of the bill start with meaningful hearings and of particular importance is a full consideration of border security proposals including testimony from
4:10 am
border security experts, the secretary of homeland security and a key feature of our bipartisan approach has been insistence on meeting border security and enforcement triggers before unauthorized immigrants can apply for permanent residence. his press secretary yesterday after this deal seemed like it was coming together. hold on, hold everything, we're not there yet. this is a nice step forward, but we are far from having this thing done. we are not done yet. alex conan tweeted yesterday. >> now the mexicans coming across the southern border voted think the democrats would maybe then want to build a wall? and i think the president won about 75% of the hispanic vote and a lot of them are going to continue to vote democrat, what they think they don't want to enforce the border because it allows more to come in and help win the election. >> clayton: the obama administration says we've done more turned more people away from any president in u.s. history he so the white house doesn't agree with that argument and that's something
4:11 am
that jay carney has said recently. >> jesse: i think what actually is the case there, when you have a sagging economy you don't get a lot of people coming across the border to find jobs and that's one of the main reasons why immigration hat not been as as long as it was in the past, but you know, it just seems disingenuous to allow these people, and listen, if i was poor and if is was in mexico, i would want to come across the border to help my family and earn a living, but you have to have a border or else you don't have a country. >> ainsley: there have to be laws and you have to follow those laws. speaking of that, artists against fracking, a group locally in the state of new york, actually, i think they're cross the country. there are a lot of hollywood types, they're obviously against fracking and they are in trouble now because apparently he they aren't-- because they're not registered lobbyists they might not be allowed to even have that organization. >> some of the artists
4:12 am
involved. yoko ono, mark ruffalo, and others joined the fracking movement they claim is detrimental to the environment and those who say there's absolutely no evidence to say that fracking is bad and we saw at that hollywood movie recently with matt damon and the other guy from the office, can't remember his name. and that fracking movie. and so because they are organized in this way, at least in the state of new york, the folks for the drilling, oil and gas, are you a lobby? you're organizing and you need to organize as a lobbying entity in the state of new york and we need to know where the money is coming from and how it's spent and the artists have not yet registered as a lobby. >> ainsley: we have been chatting about this during the commercial break. it's removing the gas from the shale formations underground. >> jesse: they're worried
4:13 am
about it contaminating the drinking water. it's a problem, i agree, but they have hstudied it. the secret her, wealthy people want to buy up the large sections of land in upstate new york and when the fracking goes in are they're able to raise the price of land and they're not able to buy acres and acres and build their playgrounds and retreats and a lot of people are-- they're okay with it in ohio. >> ainsley: like the kennedy family didn't want the wind turbines in the sound. not in my back yard. >> clayton: more on that on the show and plus, the economy is moving, why are a record number of people relying on food stamps. are new government rules paving the way to dependency. >> ainsley: looking for a political partner? a new dating website that matches you with a mate that shares your views. >> clayton: wouldn't you want
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> brand new evidence this morning that our nation has become more entitled than before. more americans are relying on food stamps at an all-time high because people with higher salaries are now able to apply to this program. >> today 47%, today 47 million people collect food stamps from the government. that's a 70% spike since president obama took office. so are the rules actually encouraging people to become more dependent on the government? joining us to explain is david webb, co-founder of tea party
4:18 am
365 and first of all, let me ask you, food stamps are not all to african-american people, majority go to white people. some people need them to eat and survive. the rules seem easier to get food stamps. what effect is that having? >> let's go to a belief system on left. the belief system is that the government should be the arbiter to deliver your needs. you lower the bar for participation and think of programs. think of the usda farmers, lower the bar and more are claiming to farm. spanish farmers settlement, and a pox on all states that went along with this, republican or democrat controlled because they're looking at the government dole
4:19 am
to bolster what they failed to do to fix our economies. >> clayton: bill clinton once said we want to give people a helping hand, not a handout. has the obama administration gone far afield of what the clinton administration tried to do, which is not make it an entitlement nation where you could claw your way out of poverty-- not claw your way, but climb out with a helping hand and get back on your feet and move out of that, a job and still feed your family and do it on your own. >> look the at clinton rell fair reform, what happened. poverty rates went down in all communities. we began to bend that curve. in fact, when you save these programs by cleaning up the waste and fraud and you raise the bar and you means test it, now you have more to help those that really need it. there are people that need help and we should be able to couple of things here, the economy has gotten better and the obama administration has hindered that deliberately in some cases, hard to say. but give people jobs to work
4:20 am
their way out, how do you help people? >> where is the backbone from republicans on that. i don't hear that. >> they have failed to go out and tell the basic truth about this. the politicians want to tell you everything is okay. the democrats promise you equal outcome and the republicans won't say not everybody will get out of it, but again, saving the program, clean it up. getting people out of it by raising the bar to participate. na will allow others who really need help when you need it to work their way out of it. we need to go back to welfare. welfare reform was a great thing, an idea pushed by the republicans, and dick morris worked very hard and clinton said yes, i'll sign it, but look what happened in the states individually. >> jesse: all right, it looks like the poverty rate is unchanged, but food stamp use up a lot. got to go, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> jesse: coming up, justin timberlake's stunning surprise. what the pop star did to stock some unexpected fans. >> clayton: and the texas school stunning 9/11 test
4:21 am
question blamed america for the attacks being forced to change now, the mom who led the fight joins us next. ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't want any trouble. i don't want any trouble either.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
>> now for quick headlines. over 80 florida teachers turning out for free gun safety training and getting their concealed carry permits. the instructor says more teachers started signing up after the tragedy in newtown. as florida lawmakers consider a bill to allow teachers to carry in school. do you hate exercising? it might not be because you're lazy after all. a new study suggests that some people's brains are pre wired so that they feel depressed
4:25 am
while working out and others feel excited. that could be the difference between you sticking to a regiment and sitting on a couch. >> thanks. >> a texas school whose stunning 9/11 question caused an uproar is backing down from that lesson plan n a quiz to fifth graders students were asked why might the united states be a target for terrorism. the correct answers, decisions we made in the united states have had negative effects on people elsewhere. the board has now removed that test from its curriculum, but is that enough? kara sand's son took that quiz and she joins us now. good morning, good to be with you. >> good morning and happy easter. >> ainsley: happy easter to you. we have been talking about the story all week, but the new news, it's the attorney general, greg abbott is now going to investigate. so what are your feelings now that this, the quiz and the question has been removed and now there is tea an
4:26 am
investigation? >> well, he's-- it's been removed, he's going to investigate sea scope which is different from the test and the video, and that's montage. >> ainsley: and what is-- >> so, sea scope is a curriculum used in 80% of the texas schools. >> ainsley: he's investigating. >> zero oversight. i'm sorry. >> ainsley: i'm sorry, you go ahead. >> oh, and well, and this is' no oversight. there's no accountability for that, but-- >> and that's important for schools? >> right, right. you know what it's text' common core is what it is, and montage-- >> what's the reaction. >> sorry? >> what's the reaction from other parents that are in that, in your community? >> they're angry, they're angry that, you know, our children have been shine this, it's been around for over ten years. >> ainsley: so there's a video and kid watch and then take a quiz. >> yes. >> ainsley: and the question is essentially saying that we were attacked because it was our own fault that we were
4:27 am
attacked. >> right, the decisions we had made. so, yes, and so-- >> some critics might say that the terrorist, osama bin laden that he did say that's why america was attacked. because of our presence in the middle east. >> well, i don't think i'd give him much credibility, why would i believe anything he said. and anyone who would quote osama bin laden has bigger problems. >> ainsley: what's the next step. what are you fighting for me. >> sea scope a-- with c-scope, there are hundreds of videos that they show our kids and take tests on-- >> who is responsible for in. >> it's part of the curriculum, but again, the school board-- no he, no one watches it, no one monitors, it's not screened, it's put on the video and it's their supplement to c-scope and it
4:28 am
then they take-- >> who writes the question? who came up with the a, b, c, d, answers to the questions? >> whoever at montage. and they're saying we're sorry you misunderstood us and that wasn't our intention. that's not an apology, it's blaming me for understanding, that wasn't good enough. i wanted it removed. >> ainsley: thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> ainsley: happy easter to you and your family. >> thank you. >> ainsley: coming up next on the runway, looking for a mate that shares your political passion. a new dating website that matches you with someone that shares the same view. and after church a lot of families gather around the catch table and we're cooking up a traditional easter dinner that you can makehome. ♪ i'm over the hill.
4:29 am
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4:31 am
4:32 am
>> oh, welcome back. it's easter time and we asked you to send in your easter picture. in you're the thompson family in south orange, new jersey. this is your son lucas who woke up this morning to his easter basket. >> are those toys on the-- >> what is this? >> and two month old daughter audrey on the first easter. and some here. >> those are my ears.
4:33 am
>> aj here is robin from new hampshire, dogs sugar and daisy dressed up for easter. >> they look real. >> ainsley: they handle that a lot better than my dogs do. look at this little girl. >> clayton: zoe. and gretchen's daughter in guam where the family is nationed there. >> jesse: in guam. all the way in guam. >> ainsley: all over the world. >> clayton: and don't forget to send your pictures this morning if the kids are opening the easter baskets, send them in to us. >> ainsley: well, guys, have you heard about the new dating websites? if you're having trouble finding love, you can find your running mate. new dating websites that are connecting people with their politics. >> clayton: and new websites red state date and blue state date. i guess you can figure out which is which and where the political ideologies lie. you go on there and answer a
4:34 am
series of questions on everything from taxes to-- >> that looks like the same guy on both sites. and dating on both sites. >> jesse: he's bipartisan. >> clayton: they probably pay for stock photos. >> ainsley: different girls, same guy, i'm kidding. if you look closely they're not, but they kind of look a lot alike. >> clayton: that's funny. and so, yeah, you can answer certain questions on your relationships. everything from taxes, finances, where you sit on immigration reform. >> ainsley: yeah. >> clayton: and this will then inform your relationship later. i think though, i think it'd be more interesting like if you're a republican, to go to blue state date and try to find someone on there, because you want to -- wouldn't it be boring to have someone-- >> spicier and i should have taken this test before i got married because it was a trojan horse situation. we came in and-- >> mr. opinionated you didn't know where-- >> my wife kind of flip flopped and years into the marriage and all of a sudden
4:35 am
arguing with me about michele bachmann and told me she voted for president obama for a week after the election, i couldn't believe it. >> ainsley: did you call the mediator. >> clayton: how did you handle that. >> jesse: troubling. i'm kidding, love my wife. a keen political analyst. >> clayton: good thing to say. and i think it adds more spice when you have the disagreement and have an argument back and forth about things. >> ainsley: when you raise kids though what are you going to do. >> jesse: drill certain things into their heads from an early age and want to have them growing up open minded. >> clayton: free thinkers. >> jesse: my parents very, have he left of center, kidding. i'm more of alex p. keaton. >> ainsley: where is your collar. >> jesse: won't let me pop the collar at the morning. >> ainsley: you're always at the beach with girls in bikinis, asking them
4:36 am
questions. >> clayton: that's his conservative side. >> jesse: yeah, i was just down in spring break in panama city. >> ainsley: of course you were. >> jesse: ask the students how liberal the professors are and this will air on thursday. one of them said the professor made the whole class convert to islam. >> ainsley: and that's an investigative piece. >> jesse: i think it's university of alabama, we'll look into that. >> clayton: jesse on the beach, bikini. >> ainsley: and he made a comment about me being fat earlier and-- >> i made one peep joke and all of a sudden in trouble. >> rick: that wasn't the-- never mind. jesse, i think they're playing a trick on you. he they know you're coming and they're like they made us concert to islam. they're back there, all christians and laughing for you falling for it. all right, guys, let's take a
4:37 am
look at your easter forecast for the day today. there will be severe weather across areas of the south today. mostly texas, anywhere you see the big yellow blob that's where the threat will exist later on in the day and see the outline of yellow right across the red river valley, actually, that's where we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect and i think we'll be seeing a little bit of hail, a little strong winds and that's in effect until noon local time there. a bunch of them. forecast for the rest of the country. in cross the northeast, there will be clouds moving in and some scattered showers from time to time. but that's mostly later on in the day. down to the southeast where we're seeing some more rain showers that are moving through right now. but in the afternoon they'll begin to fire up and the day heats up and we've got warm and kind of humid air down there. florida looking good and sunshine. temperatures more like summer. cold air begins to move back in, so northern minnesota today, a cool one, that cold air will drive down and affect a lot of the plains and east coast over the next few days, but today, not all that bad.
4:38 am
a few snow flurries across nebraska. across the west, a big upper level disturbance moving into california bringing rain and mountain snow showers. very high level, high elevation snow showers, and then in arizona, you're looking great. sunshine and temperatures into 90 today into phoenix. send it back to you inside. >> jesse: if you're searching for last minute ideas for easter dinner then we have the help for you. a top culinary expert is sharing traditional recipes for your special meal tonight. >> we're going to eat good. are you ready? >> i am. >> and joining us is executive chef of delmonicos, one of our favorites in the city and as you may not know. the flag ship restaurant in new york and first fine dining restaurant in the united states and the executive chef, great to be here again, great to be here. >> it's not too late on this easter sunday morning to run out and pick some--
4:39 am
>> hurry up. >> get on that. rack of lamb. let's start here. >> so we have our rack of lamb. lamb and ham, two staples for easter. what we did here, we stuffed it, we have some lamb stuffing. mild mushrooms, morelle, goat cheese, spring garlic, everything went into the lamb stuffing. >> so all of this here, butter, salt. >> spring onions, leaks. >> garlic. >> rosemary, goat cheese, morelles, a whole bunch of stuff into the lamb and into the oven. >> clayton: how long are you cooking this for? >> medium, medium rare? >> medium. and then we have the sliced ham. and the glaze. yeah, and this is the smithfield spiral cut ham. so simple. >> my mother's cooking one right now in florida as we speak. so, in the oven, heated up. glaze it, serve it simple.
4:40 am
>> is this proper glaze technique? >> maybe a little more. you can never-- >> a little more? >> how often are you having to glaze it throughout the cooking process. >> they recommend you glaze it when it comes out. >> about 10 to 12 minutes a pound. >> nod bt bad. >> even a guy could do that. >> perfect. >> why don't you guys slice that and put a slice on that plate. >> i'm going to slice it. >> and with this ham and the lamb, we have a great wine. the naked grape. perfect, pairs great with meat. >> oh, wow. >> and that piece of paper, he yes. >> and why does the naked grape do well for a ham? >> it's got nice, try, rich fruit flavor. so, it's just, it's just perfect with the meat and the lamb and stands up to the flavor. >> jesse: how is that bouquet? >> very good. >> clayton: i see peas on her and what else do you have. >> jesse: carrots?
4:41 am
>> proper. >> proper english peas. the carrots, team them and toss them with tobasco honey butter. >> clayton: honey butter. >> real simple. >> clayton: that's great. you cook the butter on? >> we mix the butter with tobasco, some shallots, some herbs, we steamed the vegetables and vegetables come out hot and toss them with the tobasco honey butter. simple, salt and pepper. >> jesse: this is cost effective. >> clayton: i see the desserts down there. doesn't look like jesse and i could make. >> this is stuff we do in delmonico, you want that more than the lamb and the ham, right? >> you want to start with the dessert. >> clayton: start there and work backwards and eating candy all morning. and delmonicos in south hampton opening in may. >> looking forward to it. excited. >> clayton: we'll be down
4:42 am
there. if you missed the recipes, a great book out. if you miss any of the recipes this morning, go to and we will have all the recipes up there on the "fox & friends" website to help you on your easter. >> thank you. all right. jim carrey's video mocking gun rights advocates has gone viral, but not everyone is laughing. why our next guest says there's nothing funny about it. and a government waste alert. the military spent nearly 80 million dollars to build a boat it never used. don't hog the ham. ♪ [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of?
4:43 am
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4:46 am
this 70 million dollars federally funded ferry. say that five times fast, they built it as a motprototype for $751,000. and no one. and a justin timberlake song for a target ad. they didn't know they'd sing it with him. ♪ >> yeah, whoo! (screams) (blee (bleep). oh, my gosh! >> target just now released the outtakes from the commercial. >> and it's gone viral. and she doesn't know what to do. >> oh, look over, look over, it's justin standing next to you. >> hi, how are you? >> it's very funny. >> all right. and there are your adlines,
4:47 am
next to you. >> and comedian jim carrey underfire for an anti-gun parody that went viral. and mocking actor charleston heston. >> ♪ charlie heston movies are no longer in demand ♪ ♪ the angels wouldn't take him up to heaven like he planned ♪ ♪ 'cause they couldn't pry that gun from his cold dead hand ♪ >> so, is making a joke out of a serious issue like gun control a stand-up move? joining us now is fox news contributor steven crowder. j jim carrey used to be funny, dumb and dumber was funny, liar, liar, going after a dead american idol con who can-- american icon and then lashes
4:48 am
out? >> it's not offensive, jesse, happy easter, i hope you enjoy all things christy and all things christ. important things to know about jim carrey before the fox news attacks. he tried to do social political commentary in the '80s, sam kinson, and failed. went back to funny faces. he's not only a moron, is a comedian and it's a horrible thing and say this by a canadian. they don't understand, firstly, free speech and the second amendment. two different histories and united states fought for the freedom and we fought the single most country, and never happened before or since. and canada bends over to kiss the ring of royalty. they struck a plea bargain and they don't understand what goes into fighting off tyrants. to fox news, issuing veiled
4:49 am
threats that he may sue fox news. jim appears your understanding of the first amendment is almost as poor as the grasp of the second. in this country we have a right to disagree, it's called free speech. that doesn't exist in canada. important details to know before we go into everything else he said about fox news and i'm sure you know about this. said fox news wasn't a real news network, not real journalism. appears that jim carrey's only barometer for real journalism is whether or not you agree with jim carrey. i guess you consider people like dan rather, walter cronkite. i don't know that he knows what mccarthyism means, i know it's rapping, but you have more questions. >> jesse: i don't think he knows that the democrats control the senate because the democrats haven't introduced any legislation with regards to assault weapons.
4:50 am
so, i don't even know if he knows what's going on. we've got to wrap it up. i'm sorry you're canadian and feel badly about that. have a happy easter. >> i'm sorry, too. >> jesse: no matter how hard you try, do all of your pictures turn out like this. too far away and way out of frame? there's an easy fix for that. how to make your easter sunday picture perfect. and joey the dog is here with an easter update on his miraculous recovery. and the perfect pooch for your family. ♪ [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> it is easter, a big day for family photos and there are things you can do to make sure that the easter pictures come out perfectly. >> clayton: yeah, and the president of unique photo in new jersey. >> good morning. >> clayton: we have some before and after shots. some what not to do and what to do shots and a lot of people try to dress up kids in funky outfits on easter and it doesn't really work and you say better things we can do here. >> if you look at the first picture, the baby-sitting on a towel which is kind of crumped up, and it's an easter motif. overcon. and when the child is older, you see this on the internet and try to do the cutest possible thing. photographically it's much better to put the child in a
4:55 am
more natural environment and do something which blends into the background and that's something that i think a mom and child will want to look at when the child gets married, that's the picture that you put up on the screen. >> clayton: a simple background, too, so it doesn't take away from the baby. >> 100% right. >> a lot of people are out in the yard today. i love this. a photo 0 what not to do. >> a shot and random things in the background. >> the lawn chairs. >> clayton: and it seems that the family is not the center of the attention. >> one of the techniques, filling the frame and fill it with your subject, not bag, and checks-- great ad for home depot, selling grass. >> here they're posed more cleverly, too. i brought with me a cannon camera, sl 1. the good thing, it's light and compact and you can shoot at a wide apiture, with a long lens
4:56 am
or a shallow depth of field so the background sort of goes away. >> grab your manual to know what matt is talking about, getting down to like f 2.8 or 3 and get this blurry background behind the subject and it's beautiful. >> and we teach that in our university. so, if you come and take a class with us, we'll teach you those techniques. >> and lots of kids go easter egg hunting told. what do you do, the sun in front of you, behind you? >> well, generally the sun at an angle in front of you, and that's directly in her eyes and forcing her to squint. she's pretty and the setting a nice, but blown out a little bit and colors in her face are better. light should be your friend and see on the picture on the light is the friend of the picture and creating a halo around the child and the face is evenly lit and looks good. >> where can people get more tips from unique photo. >> they can go to the website
4:57 am
and go to the store in fa fairfield. and people are in a charitable mood and look at this. >> ainsley: we'll be right back. what's droid-endurance ? the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. w, whole home basic carpet stallation is only 37 dollars with a qualified purchase of carpet and pad. >> hello, good morning to you. it's sunday, march 31st, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn. happy easter for you and your family. immigration reform overnight. big business and labor cut a deal to help immigrant workers. this morning, senator marco rubio is firing back. why he says, uh-uh, not so fast. >> jesse: he's a small business owner, but he's got a big problem with big government. the star of the hit show "pawn stars" sounds on on the regulation nation. >> clayton: it's easter sunday and we're celebrating with you and your dogs.
5:01 am
the hilarious pictures you're sending in. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> happy easter. >> ainsley: look at the beautiful flowers. >> clayton: we've got them for you, 1-800-flowers knew you would be here. >> ainsley: you're thoughtful. >> clayton: i said the same thing yesterday for kelly wright. >> ainsley: thanks. >> clayton: jesse, not to be outdone, i got something for you this morning. . >> jesse: okay. >> clayton: i know you like to eat unhealthy and grab something for you, a present. >> ainsley: what did you get. >> jesse: more of that ham? all right.
5:02 am
peeps. >> clayton: look at this. and look at the massive bunny rabbit peep. >> jesse: should i have this one or-- ainsley, you're going to try one. >> ainsley: i'm going to try one. >> clayton: the best thing about peeps, actually, this was from the first "fox & friends" show ever in 1965 and they're still good. they're still good. >> ainsley: whoa. >> jesse: it's like pure sugar. >> clayton: it's pure heaven. >> jesse: send us in your peeps pictures this morning and your kids dressed up, dogs, animal, anything on easter morning and we'd love to see them and share photos with you later in the show. >> ainsley: and enjoy your peeps, easter is not just about the candy and the bunnies. 1.2 billion catholics around the world separating the resurrection of christ and connor powell joins us live from the holy land this easter sunday. good morning, connor? >> good morning. well, pope francis celebrated
5:03 am
his first easter since being elected pope just about three weeks or so ago. st. peter's square in rome was packed with christians and catholics from all over the world and estimated some 250,000 people were on hand to hear him speak. the newly elected pontiff issued a call for peace. since being elected pope just three weeks ago, francis placed a special emphasis on the poor and those in need and breaking with catholic tradition on thursday. he washed the feet of men and women during a holy thursday service. now in iraq and churches among tight security. several hundred visited st. joseph's church. and in holy land, there are services at the church of the holy sepulcher. where christians believed that jesus was resurrected. and some years, both religions
5:04 am
and all of christianity celebrates easter at the he same time. this year it happened to fall a month difference or so, ainsley. >> ainsley: all right. thank you so much, connor. and it's time now for your headlines. and a big step forward for immigration reform days after four or five partisan senators toured the border and reportedly involved wages for low income workers and visa program. it's gotten approval by labor and big business. despite that, florida senator marco rubio is cautious. a rush without fully considering all views and input from all senators would be fatal to the effort of earning the public's confidence. >> ainsley: a navy seal was killed in a parachuting accident. he was brett shadle. and friends say he wanted to
5:05 am
be a navy seal ever since he was in 8th grade. >> it's one of the things, like it happened and you say, it did? are you sure? was it really him? is there a mistake? you know, you're not sure. >> ainsley: the cause of the mid air parachute collision which killed shadle and injured another seal is now under investigation. it's an emotional moment. a father hugged his daughter the first time since amazing rescue. 23-year-old mary owens survived six days stranded on mt. hood. the hiker caught in a white-out and turned her ankle as well. unable to walk, she built a snow cave and wrapped herself in her thermal poncho. >> she said that there were parts where she had wished that she could just die and have it over with, but she, he she came to the conclusion that god wasn't going to let her die, so she was just toughing it out one day at a
5:06 am
time. >> ainsley: glad she did. the national guard helicopter spotted owens and she is recovering from frostbite and a fractured ankle. the music world mourning the death of a man known as the pope of pop. legendary producer biphil ramone behind paul simon's song "still crazy after all these years ♪ ♪ ♪ still crazy after all these years ♪ >> during his career, ramone won 14 grammy awards, he was 79 years old. those are your headlines. and still crazy after all of these years. >> clayton: maybe he's writing about art garfunkel. let's check with rick ri reichmuth.
5:07 am
>> rick: very fair guess. easter is looking pretty good for everyone, a little cool, more like winter especially across parts of the plains and temps have moderated a little over the weekend and we do have some rain out there. nothing that's going to be horrible and a horrible washout. a lot of the rain is not reaching ground. it's provimoving quickly. it will clear up and maybe a batch moving in after it. some of the severe weather i'll show you in a second. across the west, california getting a storm and rain showers across the interior valleys and a little bit of snow across the higher elevations, but it's too warm and getting too much snow. southern l.a., southward. i think you're mostly fine throughout the day today. temperature-wise, looking like this. a little warm air across parts of texas looking comfortable towards the northern plains, today not that bad, but we see the temperatures really begin to plummet again tomorrow as we're back into just the low 30's, and 43. some of it will make its way to parts of the southeast and again the temps are dropping
5:08 am
back to 60's. not that bad for easter and certainly could see a lot worse this time of year. >> thanks, rick. >> clayton: well, if you're deciding that i'm out of college now and want to start my own business, my own small business, you know what country you should move to? you should move to new zealand. the number one country to start your small business or large biggs for that matter. the united states way down on the list. >> ainsley: corporate tax 35% here. >> clayton: corporate taxes incredibly high and regulations through the roof. if i had to start my business today like i did years ago, i wouldn't be able to do it. and the owner and the small business owner of a hit show pawn stars, he's become like a huge star now. and he has now spoken out on regulation, he wouldn't be able it start his business today if he had to do it all over again and he probably wouldn't do it. listen to him talking on-- here is rick harrison talking on mark levin's radio show. >> it's insanity, i mean, it's
5:09 am
just -- if the government let us do business, okay, and let us be oil independent, you know? i mean, i truly believe that if government just stepped out of the way, we would have a trade surplus in this country, we'd be energy independent, we would have full employment and there would be so much money out there that basically, like it used to be in this country, there would be hospitals all over this country, barely be a health care problem. i don't think they should be involved in education. i don't think they should be be involved in health care and i think the last, this health care bill, i don't see how they can call it constitutional. >> clayton: he's a libertarian as well. >> ainsley: he became famous running that small business and employs 60 people and then you have the fed ex founder we saw him in the news this week saying that he founded his company back in 1971, name is frederick smith. he is saying we live in a regulation nation and if he
5:10 am
had to start his company now, there's no way it could survive. >> jesse: right now the pawn star guy has 60 employees. now, under obamacare's regulation and he discussed this on mark levin's radio show, if you have over 50 employees you have to pay a fine. and we warned people about this and nancy pelosi said you have it read the bill first to find out what's in it. and slowly this year and next year and finding out what's in it. and it's painful stuff and people are going to have to be paying more and more and more, i'm wondering if now there's going to be this support out there for repeal once these draconian regulations start to hit? >> i mentioned this earlier and worth repeating, california has a major problem for regulation, businesses moving out of that state and that should be a harbinger of things to come across the country. if all the of the businesses are moving out of california because regulations are so high, then maybe we should start to pay attention as to
5:11 am
what's causing this. the small business in california in san jose was trying to set up a new restaurant outside, the restaurant seating outside. they want to expand their business. a good business would. going to hire more employees to do it, they were going to spend thousands of dollars hiring contractors to build cement foundation outside to put up umbrellas and waiters would go out there. great, right. >> ainsley: have a few beers out on the porch. >> clayton: get it approved by regulators, signatures and all. spends 100,000 on the signatures and regulators checks it, it's wrong. you signed it you approved it. i know, it's all wrong. >> ainsley: after they spent the money to build it. >> clayton: they couldn't do it, they had to close the business and move. >> jesse: california is a microcosm for this. if you want to look at greece or california some of the draconian regulations there, you see california has one of the highest unemployment levels, highest poverty rates, highest homeless rate. food stamp rate. most regulations, highest gas prices and then you see people moving out of there, i think 2 to 3 million people have left
5:12 am
california over the last three years, a lot of people moving to texas where it's a little more-- or florida. >> ainsley: florida. >> clayton: bill maher said a few weeks ago on the show, even i am thinking you've lost me on this. even i am thinking about moving out. >> jesse: and bill maher, you're in big trouble. >> ainsley: and the small businesses employ more than 50 people then they have to provide health care for them. if you owned that small business and were you like the pawn store guy and have 60 employees, probably if you couldn't afford health care find a way to let go of those ten people. >> clayton: or turn them into part-time workers. >> ainsley: exactly. >> clayton: let us know what you think about this, coming up on the show, the president shaming congress into passing gun control legislation, but will this tactic actually work? fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is going to join us to talk about that. >> ainsley: and it's an easter miracle. this puppy thrown from a moving car, who could do that? and then left to die. but little joe hey survived and he's here to share the joe
5:13 am
they can bring to another family. an unbelievable story you have to hear. ♪ we went out and asked people a simple question:
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5:16 am
♪ >> our country was shocked, our country pledged we would do something and this time it would be different. shame on us if we forgot. >> ainsley: well, president obama making that emotional case for gun laws this week while raising pressure on congress to pass strict gun control legislation. but with republicans vowing to protect the rights of gun owners will that work? joining us now is the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace. happy easter, chris.
5:17 am
>> happy easter to you guys. >> jesse: chris, it seems like they've stripped out a lot of the more popular, for the obama administration, measures in this bill. for instance, the assault weapons ban and the magazine clip. what's left of this bill and do you think it has a chance to pass? >> yeah, there were really three main thing in the aftermath of newtown that people talked about. one was an assault weapons ban that's not going to be in the bill although it will be brought up as an amendment so there will be a vote on it and also a limit on high capacity magazines that almost certainly will not be in the bill. what will be in the bill, and what is the most popular measure of the sort of new set of gun control ideas is a universal or at least greatly expanded background check that not only in sales to licensed dealers, but also in gun shows and private sales, that people would have to go through a background check to make sure whether or not they have a criminal record, a mental
5:18 am
health record that would prevent them from getting a gun. that's no sure thing even now. but that's the one thing that's really left and you know, it's interesting, you hear the president there talking about shame on us, if the country has forgotten the outrage that we felt after newtown. that is true that the feelings have shifted and that in fact, have faded. 57%, according to a cbs poll, 57% right after newtown's favorite stricter gun control and now it's down to 47%. but i've got to say some members of the president's liberal base are blaming him, saying that he shouldn't have let this thing go for a hundred days, that he should have moved faster in the wake of newtown to try to pass gun control legislation. >> clayton: i'm glad you brought that up. the public sentiment thing is a part of it. cited it as the worst day of his presidency when he learned about the newtown shooting and stunned for all of us around the country. and senate dropping ten
5:19 am
percentage points and doesn't seem much stomach for it like it was. did the president drop the ball here? how could he have sold it differently? could he have tried not to go after the assault weapons portion of it? what could he have done differently? >> well, i don't know that he shouldn't have gone after the assault welcomes. that obviously was one of the factors a lot of people considered. and he knew he wasn't going to get everything. he was hoping to get something, and if he gets the background check, that will be something, but you know, remember, this all happened, newtown during the lame duck session when we were facing the fiscal cliff and i'm sure there were advisors that suggested to him, do we really want to get gun control mixed up when we're trying to prevent the country going over the fiscal cliff. one thing he's criticized for, getting joe biden to conduct a study took all the way until about inauguration day in late january. now, some of the liberal base say, do we really need another study, things like that a
5:20 am
background check and limiting the magazines and the assault weapons ban, those are all ideas we had back then and i suspect that he might have had an easier go of it in january than he will in april which is when it will be before the senate picked it up the week after next. >> quickly, who is on your show today? >> we're going to be talking to mark kelly, former astronaut and husband of gabby giffords, he of course one of the people leading the charge for gun control and background check. and walking to cardinal weurl, helping to elect the new pope. >> clayton: a great show. coming up on our show, the finale of "the bible" and sat down with cast members of the new hit mini series. >> jesse: and this pup is thrown from a car and left to die. little joey survived and he's
5:21 am
here and what you should think about before bringing a dog into your home. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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5:24 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first, 7 billion pounds, that's how much candy americans ate just last year alone. spending over 2 billion dollars. next, 90 million, that's how many chocolate easter bunnies are produced each year and most say eat the ears first. and finally 25, that's how high the largest easter egg ever made was. it was filled with chocolate and marshmallow and weighed over 8,000 pounds. ainsley. >> ainsley: and right now,
5:25 am
there's a dog on the sofa with me. last year, a three month old pup named joey was thrown from a car in a plastic bag. a closed plastic bag. when he was found the vet said this pup was so sadly injured he might never walk again of the let alone survive. months later, joey has helped, or he has now healed and here he is next to me, found a home and he joins us this easter sunday with his owners dr. linda louden. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> long island in new york and tell he me the story of joey, how did you find joey. . >> joey was brought to a clinic after he was found by animal control and brought us in to us. and he was in bad shape and screaming in pain and couldn't use any of his limbs and he had three fractured cervical vertebrae. >> he was just a few months old. ten pounds and you said he should have weighed 17, 18 pounds. >> yeah, he was really
5:26 am
underweight. >> did they ever find out who did this to him. >> no. >> i have dogs, i can't understand how anyone would do this to their animals. heart breaking, i'm glad you found him. >> and now he's completely fine, healed, everything good? >> he's great and runs like a normal dog. he has a funny little gate and lives a happy wonderful life. >> wonderful. and i decided i can't part with him. how often as a vet to you see-- >> we do, we see way more than we should and it's upsetting, but it's, it's so nice when there's a happy ending. >> what causes someone to do this? >> i don't know. obviously, they don't think of dogs as beings. you know, with souls and with feelings, so, they think of them as, have you seen any effects because that have, and j joey's personality now? >> no, he's gotten over it. and once in a while he'll get
5:27 am
nervous, but he's really a stable dog. >> a beautiful dog. >> so, a lot of people. i was out with some of my girlfriends yesterday and one of them, her daughter left her a little note for the easter bunny, saying, please leave a really bunny for me, i want a live bunny and the parents say i hope the easter bunny doesn't do that. i will be taking care of this bunny and we live in new york, in small apartments. a lot of people are going to get bunnies and chickens for their kids today. do you recommend that? >> no, not at all. >> they're really cute. but they're not great pets. and especially for little kids. >> right. >> you know? they're delicate and they're not going to stay cute and fuzzy the whole time, i know. >> so if you get a dog, what are some steps. you gave us a list of things to know before you get an animal. you say, number one, decide the outcome you want? >> yeah, really put some thought into what kind of dog would fit into your life
5:28 am
style. what kind of outcome do you want. do you want a running partner or a couch potato. it's going to be different as to what breed you pick. >> number two, you say consider the kerik ris particulars that the dog must be on. >> if you want a running partner, pick a dog that's bred or endurance. >> and consider your life style. >> if you're living in a high rise apartment you're going to pick a different dog than a large house with large back yard. >> consider the care your dog would require. >> so important. if you're going to pick a giant breed dog, a lot more expensive for veterinary costs than a small breed. >> and i've got two yorkies and you have to take them fto the groomer. >> it's huge. some need is every four to six weeks and that's huge to consider. >> and vet costs go up, depending on the city. >> giant breed dogs, $130 for the same antibiotic course,
5:29 am
and a small dog is $30. it's a difference. >> research it, time and thought, and have a good outcome. thank you for having us. >> ainsley: thank you for coming in. good to see you, joey. >> eating the buttons on the couch. happy easter. >> ainsley: next, he was injured fighting for our freedom in afghanistan. and now a disabled army veteran says his rights were taken away the at a mall and wait until you hear why. that means family picture time. we're showing some of yours, and at fox and-- no, e-mail us and saw this little guy's picture. ♪ what's droid-recognition ?
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wherever it may be, casting a line in the clear, fresh waters of michigan lets us leave anything weighing us down back on shore. our perfect spot is calling. our perfect spot is pure michigan. your trip begins at
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5:33 am
>> happy easter, everyone. we asked you to send your photos and you did. although came from our control room and our producer here does such a great job. this is his son, gavin. >> so cute. gavin. >> oh. >> and amanda and danny's dog daisy. >> oh, wow. >> ainsley: that's fitting. the flower. >> clayton: and from my home city of philadelphia, the smith family in philadelphia watching "fox & friends" this morning, go phillies, one more
5:34 am
day, baby. >> ainsley: cute. >> jesse: and the easter bunny in oahu where her father is stationed in the air force. >> clayton: and my mom sent this to me, this is me and my sister from, i think it's like 1979. >> ainsley: at first with the fact i thought that was-- >> maybe '81. >> jesse: the vest and the flag. >> i know, wearing like a vest and-- >> with the trees in the background and the parted hair. >> clayton: outside of philadelphia when i was a kid. >> jesse: did you fight your sister for the easter eggs? i used to tackle my little sister. >> clayton: that was back in my phase when i was adorable to my sister and protective and then you go through that phase when you turn like five through like now, where you get fisticuffs all the time. >> jesse: basically your sister hates you, is that what you're saying. >> clayton: absolutely. >> ainsley: and rick, remember when were you a kid fighting
5:35 am
tooth and nail to find the eggs. >> rick: as many eggs as possible. >> ainsley: real competitive. >> jesse: he played dirty and would kick people in the knees. >> clayton: step on the eggs. >> rick: is that playing dirty? >> maybe in your house. >> rick: that's part of the rules. instead of doing the weather maps can we put that picture of clayton back up? and suddenly people just showed up and they wanted to see that picture. you like that. >> yes yes, we love clayton morris and the cute little girl beside him. >> rick: his sister. she's mortified not because of the way she looks, but because her brother looks like that. >> jesse: he still has those pants. >> rick: i saw him in those the other day. let's quickly look at the weather picture, there is severe weather down across the south and hit that button once for me, ron and move in and see the threat for severe weather is today across much of the state of louisiana and parts of the mississippi and
5:36 am
central and eastern areas of texas, could be seeing mostly hail and wind, i don't think we have a tornado threat for us today. one severe thunderstorm watch box in effect until noon cutting across the red river valley and does include dallas and west of shreveport. quickly a look the at the forecast for the east today. a very nice day and the lovely people behind me said thanks for the nice weather in the northeast. it's warmer than it's been all spring long, we'll take it. southeast, showers, scattered across the deep south and through parts of texas. it's northern plains and the cold air is going to move in again. and most of the area looking fine and far northern north plains and that's where the cold air is going to be. and rain showers across parts of california, aside from that, everybody looking really nice. all rights, back to you inside. throw that picture up every chance we get all morning long. >> clayton: yeah, i was adorable. (laughter) >> what happened?
5:37 am
>> all down mill. >> ainsley: "was" is the operative word. a texas district attorney and his wife found murdered in their house two months after his top d.a. was gunned down. they were shot, and reportedly the door was kicked in and shell casings everywhere and the murders leaving that neighborhood on edge. >> we were just shocked, really, really shocked and saddened by the news and shocked all of us, we couldn't believe it. >> ainsley: just two months ago, his assistant district attorney was shot and killed in the parking lot at the courthouse. investigators are working under the assumption that those murders are related. a traffic nightmare in florida as a brush fire force as busy interstate to shut down, it happened on this busy holiday weekend what. began as a fire, as a five-acre fire near tampa quickly grew to 50 acres. look at the traffic and crews eventually able to get the
5:38 am
flames under control and they're worried that the dry windy conditions to fuel more fires today. a wounded afghanistan veteran kicked out of a tennessee mall for riding a segway. master sergeant, rides the segway because he couldn't walk long distances. security guards at the foothills mall told him to leave and accused the veteran of speeding. >> right now i have no reason to be disruptive. in fact, in the next few days i'm going to travel up to bethesda for more surgery. the last thing i want to be is disruptive. >> ainsley: the veteran just drive his segway? come on, shot four times in the leg in afghanistan serving our country. a disabled veterans affairs group is investigating. an easter favorite. facing extension? >> ♪ here comes peter cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail ♪ ♪ hippity hopping, easter's on
5:39 am
its way ♪ >> the future of the new england cotton tail species that inspired that song is threatened because of the shrub land it disappearing. and it's because of the lack of human activity, the land has become overgrown, forcing all of those animals out. >> so the moral of the story, build more homes and plant more gardens. >> jesse: urban sprawl. >> clayton: urban sprawl like outside of atlanta. that will save your bonnie. >> jesse: save the shrubs. >> ainsley: save the cotton tail. >> clayton: it's taken america by storm. why is the hit mini series "the bible" so popular. get the answers from the stars of that show coming up next. >> jesse: and need some motivation to lose weight? the surprising place you could be inspired to shed some pounds. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
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>> all right. welcome back on this easter sunday. here are the top stories on our website for your health this hour. looking for a great weight loss program. try the office. people who signed up at work lost 17 more pounds. they say that co-workers are natural motivators. get up out of your cubical. and women taking hormone therapy are more likely tore breast cancer, and women taking therapies should only take it for a short period of time. for more information visit >> jesse: it's the story nearly everyone knows told like never before. an epic ten-part mini series brings to life the bible retelling stories from the scripture for a whole new
5:44 am
generation. >> right, baptistize me. well, the series which began airing earlier this month will have its final episode tonight, easter sunday. before the special comes to a close, michael sat down with a few members of the cast. you know, it's not every day you get to interview jesus, mary and peter. >> good morning, more than 10 million viewers have tuned in to "the bible", when i talked to them, i asked what was it like to be part of such a
5:45 am
successful project? >> i started this almost four years ago with my husband, mark burnett. began with a prayer and we want today bring the story to the screen. we know that the bible is a book that changes lives and it's just been an amazing, amazing journey as we lead into this easter sunday episode and hoping that the families will gather around the tv to watch the miracle that's easter on history on sunday night. >> and you play jesus, we have a show here on fox called american idol and a lot of people are talking about your performance in this. are you pleased with all the buzz? >> of course. this is -- this is outstanding. the fact that, i mean, as an actor, obviously, the goal is always to touch people's souls and hearts with the best story
5:46 am
ever. this is the bible at jesus christ, it's not a role, it's a life. and so, the fact that i had the privilege of doing something higher than life, to me it's just overwhelming and so grateful for in opportunity and it's just amazing the feedback that we're having. >> yeah. >> we were hoping that people would be glad and tuning in, but this is just outstanding. >> he's so great in the role and you know, these guys have become such good friends and you really see their friendship on screen, you know, the energy off screen came on screen. >> definitely does. and you know, speaking of american idol. you guys have been beating them in the ratings each week, the last couple of weeks. are you success at trprised at success? >> we're thrilled. when you start doing the program you don't think whether it's successful or gets in the way you're putting your energy into trying to
5:47 am
bring the figures to life and trying to bring as much truth and you know, humanity to it and people are appreciating that and enjoying it, people are thrilled. >> roma, people are talking about the success like it happened out of nowhere. i understand that you and your husband actually started laying the groundwork for this the premier going around the country and going to different churches. tell us a little about the marketing of it. >> well, you know, we have been so grateful to the partnership and friendship of faith leaders all around the country and one of the beautiful aspects of the bible series has been that we've been able to bring people together from all favorites, that we've had endorsements from many denominations from evangelicals, protestants, baptists and catholics and made such good friends with rick orrin, and joel olsteen and cardinal wuerl and an
5:48 am
extraordinary coming together to find one voice. what we wanted to create here was a great big feast of faith and love and everyone was invited to the table. >> and you can watch my entire interview with the cast at fox news and for the latest celebrity buzz check me out on twitter. >> you interviewed the actor who played jesus. >> and djiggio. >> and hot jesus, sexy jesus, a buzz surrounding him. >> had to go there. >> ainsley: the burning bush is coming after you. >> careful. >> now, is he a grounded individual? he's blowing up right now, does he have a good head on his soldier. >> down to earth, his performance is beautifully nuanced and roma downey kind
5:49 am
of combines jesus. >> and check out the full interview, what's the website. >> fox news >> ainsley: he's on my show, 5 a.m. every week. >> and every week we free style. >> thanks, michael, happy easter. >> watch that tonight is the season finale of "the bible", next on the show, he stepped on to the spotlight at the national prayer breakfast talking about limited power and faith. and dr. ben carson joins us with his easter message. >> and calling in sick and cashing in. should businesses have to pay you, one city is making that law. new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain.
5:50 am
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♪ >> well, if you're one of the millions of workers in new york city employed by a small business you may appreciate the new law that may be passed. >> jesse: new york city mandating that businesses pay you at least for five sick days a year. what impact will it have on small businesses? could it result in a loss of job. joining us is research fellow for the policies institute. michael, happy easter. >> thanks. >> jesse: you can only squeeze so much money out of a small business, and have people tried to do this in the past in other cities? what effect will this have? >> yeah, that's right. so you've had cities like san francisco and most recently, seattle that have passed laws
5:54 am
like this and i think what we've seen is that, essentially, it hasn't been a free lunch. i mean, to offset the cost of the law and employers have raised the cost of other benefits. they've scaled back on vacations and bonuses, and for some of the lowest paid employees, they've reported either a loss of hours or layoffs in place of work. >> at issue is the new legislation that would give employees up to five days off. they he could take sick days and get paid for it. of course, the squeeze comes on to business and they're off and have to produce the goods and services they normally would if the person is off. and they can't afford on top of the payments they're paying to the sick person, to bring somebody else in. what are the larger, sort of untenable consequences here? >> i think the longer term concern is that i think with this issue and with others, is that part-time jobs that people use as sort of a way to get if they're starting a work force. we don't see as many as there
5:55 am
used to be. we talked about san francisco and how that city has seen a loss of part-time jobs and how businesses are reacting to the health care law and getting employees under 30 hours a week. i think it's part after larger trend making it more expensive and costly to hire part-time employees and as a result we'll see fewer of those opportunities. >> and small business owners they don't want sick workers coming in to work and they try to give people sick days if they're full-time employees. that's not an issue, but they just can't afford it. now, michael bloomberg says he's going to veto this. what do you think is going to happen next? >> i think what's going to happen, the city council had said they have a veto proof majority and i think that the labor groups in new york have spent a lot of time trying to convince people that this is a big problem, but, i mean, i think you're right. employers don't want employees coming to work sick and that's why the vast majority offer some sort of paid time off. those who don't think about
5:56 am
service industry businesseses and flexibility as well. as far as a one size fits all ends up killing that flexibility and ends up doing more. >> where do you think this is going from here, michael? >> well, i think activists sort of have their eyes set on other cities. senator tom harkin wants to create a nationwide law and i think the hope is we'll see enough evidence of consequences in the cities that it will never get to the federal level. >> do you think it's a trend? in france and some european countries they have longer vacations, paid leave, they take siestas. do you see this happening in a city like new york? >> you know, i mean, i think if you pair this with some of the calls, i mean, we had in new york recently a call for a $15 minimum wage from a group called fast food forward. i think you can move towards a reality like that, but what you're going to have to see is again, fewer part-time opportunities and more automation in some of the work places. people become too expensive to employ.
5:57 am
>> clayton: michael, a senior research fellow. thank you as always for joining us. >> thank you. >> clayton: siesta. >> jesse: yeah, maybe one or two of those. >> clayton: coming up on the show the white house says it's taking north korea's threat seriously. we will have a live report on the developing situation there. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it i
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party...... finding you the perfect place, every step of the way. >> good morning to you. it is sunday, march 31th. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for allison this morning. big business and big labor get together on immigration reform, but as many celebrate the compromise, senator marco rubio says not so fast. why his focus is more on the border himself. >> then he stopped into the spotlight at the national prayer breakfast by talking about limited government and the power of faith. this morning dr. ben carson joins us live with his easter message. >> it's easter sunday. time to take pictures of your family pet. keep them coming in this morning, because we're showing them live throughout the show. you can dress up your kids, too.
6:01 am
we'll show those. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ >> yes, i did say fourth hour. >> four hours. >> welcome in on this easter sunday. so thankful you're celebrating easter with us. as the kids are waking up, thanks for the flowers in the studio. >> and thanks for the peeps, too. i'm still on a peeps sugar high. >> have you ever seen this many peeps? >> i think you ate a whole row, didn't you? >> i think jesse ate the ears off the tall peeps. >> you're scared if you grab one, it will fall apart. >> the ears are the best part.
6:02 am
i'll take the bottom half of the peep. >> how is that? is it delicious? >> yes. i'm good to go now. >> i'm curious what the eyes are made of. >> that's chocolate. >> we'll figure it out. enjoy your peeps this morning. thank you for waking up. we'll have more pictures. send them of in of your kids dressing up in the outfits, also your animals. we'll show them throughout the show. >> you just launched one into 1-800-flowers. >> they don't mind. this morning is easter. 1.2 billion catholics around the world celebrating receiver. a different take on easter in the holy land. not worried about the peeps, right, connor? >> no, not at all. easter is obviously a big day, but it's an area where there's a lot of religions and they come together right now.
6:03 am
the big news out of easter, the religious world right now, is that pope francis used his first easter as pope in rome to call for world peace, specifically praying for peace on the korean peninsula where he's urging both sides for a renewed spirit of reconciliation there. it's estimated some 250,000 people were on hand in saint peter's square to heate here the speak. he's placed a special emphasis on helping the poor, those in need, breaking tradition by washing feet of those men and women during a holy thursday service, and prayed for those suffering in syria and those in the holy land. meanwhile both protestants and catholics celebrated easter in jerusalem, at the site where christians believe jesus was crudefied, buried and resurrected. in iraq, several hundred christians went to church in baghdad today, a very big change
6:04 am
from the past few years where violence was so high they weren't able to. guys, back to you. >> thank you so much, connor. >> we'll have more on the violence and tension in the korean peninsula coming up in a short time. thanks, connor. >> the navy seal killed in thursday's parachute training accident has been identified. here's his picture. this was 31-year-old bret shadle, a special warfare operator chief and member of the elite team 6 group. friends say he wanted to be a navy seal since the eighth grade. >> it's one of the things, like, it happened, and you say it did, are you sure? was it really him? was there a mistake? you know, you're not sure. >> well, the cause of the midair parachute collision which killed shadle and severely injured another seal is now under investigation. it's an emotional moment, a father hugs his daughter for the first time since her amazing rescue. the young lady, 23-year-old mary owen, she survived six days
6:05 am
stranded on mt. hood. the hiker caught in a whiteout. she hurt her ankle. unable to walk, such cold temperatures, built a snow cave, wrapped herself in a thermal poncho, and the first day she ran out of food. >> she said that there were parts where she had wished that she could just die and have it over with, but she came to the conclusion that god wasn't going to let her die, and so she was just toughing it out, one day at a time. >> a national guard helicopter eventually spotted her, and hoisted her up to safety. she's recovering from frostbite and a fractured ankle. an easter favorite facing extinction? >> ♪ here comes peter cottontail ♪ easter's on its way >> the future of the new england
6:06 am
cottontail species, the one that inspired that song is now being threatened because of the shrubland that it calls home. it's disappearing. but urban expansion is not to blame in this case. it's because of a lack of human activity that the land has become so overgrown, forcing the animals out. we have to save the cottontail, build some homes in that area. >> my wife, when she wants me to mow the lawn on a regular basis, i'm saving peter cottontail. let's check in with rick reichmuth. is today a day to get outside and do yardwork or are we going to be seeing rain? >> you don't want to be doing yardwork on easter. >> don't you want to clean up the yard up for the -- >> you should have done that yesterday. sorry, clayton's kids. we've been cold all spring long, but this weekend not that bad, pretty nice temperatures. enjoy it, because tomorrow that
6:07 am
changes with cold air coming back. significant showers moving across parts of the carolina into virginia. this, i think, will move earlier i thought across parts of the northeast. i think this afternoon we'll see showers move in across parts of pennsylvania, through new york, up to parts of new england by earlier this evening. out across the west, we have some showers. this is a big upper-level disturbance, a bit of a nuisance across areas of california today, migrating across parts of the eastern parts of the country. that will be our weathermaker. today in the south, a threat for severe weather. certainly some hail and damaging winds. winds. don't think a tornado threat. that's certainly good news. guys, back over to you. >> thank you, rick. >> the white stuff in the oreo cookie, those go together. two things that don't go together, the chamber of commerce and afl-cio. there could be a glimmer of hope this morning, a deal may be in the works on immigration reform,
6:08 am
because those two before are the ones that have basically killed off immigration reform in the united states before. we may have now on agreement between the two of them on labor and immigration. >> right. businesses were saying we don't want to pay -- we want to pay you the minimal amount. then the unions were saying we want you to be paid more, and we want you to be paid an average salary versus just paying one guy for his skills and someone else for their skills. >> we're talking about immigrant labor. >> right. >> big labor will get their influx of big labor -- excuse me. the big corporations will get their cheap unskilled workers and big labor will get new union employees. i think the rest of the american people are getting hosed. what's happening with marco rubio here, they're trying to marginalize him because he wants to control the border first. before we get into this guest worker program, he says control the border. i don't know if the president wants to control the border, because if you look at what he's done in the past he's defunded some of these people that go down there and cut their wages
6:09 am
and hours. he stopped the border fence from being constructed. >> claiming sequestration. >> right. i don't know if they'll get it done. >> the letter marco rubio sent to patrick leahy's office -- we'll get to the deal in a second, but here's marco rubio on the fence issue, saying before we get to a deal with labor and the chamber of commerce, we need to deal with this. "i cannot urgely strong enough that the discussion of the bill start with meaningful hearings. of particular importance is a full consideration of border testimony, including experts, the secretary of homeland security, and others. a key feature of our bipartisan approach has been an insistence on meeting border security and other enforcement triggers before unauthorized illegal immigrants can apply for permanent residence." seems like the framework has moved beyond marco rubio here, because here's what's in the new plan this morning as we're
6:10 am
getting some broad idea of what this framework would be, which is it would bring low-skilled workers to the united states, capped off at $200,000 a year. workers could earn same wages paid to americans or higher. and workers would be able to able to change jobs within 13-year path to citizenship. they would have the freedom to move around jobs. again, these are immigrants trying to gain a path to citizenship. >> right. if you're a struggling mexican, have no money, have mouths to feed, you're coming across that border. i would come across the border. i'm sure you would. we don't want to deep monniz det you can't let people come across the southern border, especially after 9-1-1, without ids. some want to work, but some are kidnappers, narco traffickers, bringing in people as slave labor.
6:11 am
you can't just let that border go unguarded. >> right. >> more on that coming up on the show. plus this, the white house firing back at north korea's threats of war. the state department saying that while newark has a history of taking tough, they take all threats seriously. we'll have the latest details on these tense developments. good morning, steve. >> that's right, the white house taking note of north korea's warlike rhetoric over the past few days. a spokesperson for the president's national security council said in reaction, we've seen reports of a new and unconstructive statement from north korea. we take the threats seriously and remain in close contact with our south korean allies, but we would also note that north korea has a long history of bella coast rhetoric, and threats, and this latest announcement follows that familiar pattern. the saber-rattling comes after the u.s. felt a pair of b-2
6:12 am
stealth bombers. it triggered a series of statements from the north, including this one saturday. "from this time on, the north/south relations will be entering the state of war, and all issues between the north and south will be handled accordingly." well, north korea's leader, kim jong-un, is hoping to show jung-un is hoping to build strength at home to not his credibility. at the same sometime he's putting pressure on the west for talks that could lead to financial aid. that's the other part. last december he launched another missile, and in february triggered a third underground nuclear test. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel had this comment on the latest provocative language. >> they're provocative language, belligerent tone, has ratcheted up the danger.
6:13 am
we have to understand that reality. >> all this happened during joint u.s.-southern military exercises. back to you. >> steve, thank you. happy easter. coming up here on the show, we were just telling you about our nation's plan to reform the immigration system. how does this sound? we just cut 20% of our border patrol force, about to leave the border unmanned for hours at a time. more on that coming up next. >> and sending illegal immigrants $4.2 each year in fraudulent tax refunds. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ]
6:14 am
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hello. hello. oh! check it -- [ loud r&b on car radio ] i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. >> my patients still don't know what obamacare means for them. there are 13,000 pages of
6:16 am
6:17 am
>> well, it's easter weekend in our nation's capital. yesterday president obama played golf for the first time since the sequester took effect. he then followed that up by attending the ncaa tournament game between syracuse and marquette. >> meanwhile other areas of our government are scaling back. in fact, just this week it was announced that border patrol effectively cut 20% of its force. our next guest says it may jeopardize our nation's security. >> sean moran is the vice president of the national border patrol council and joins us now. good morning, sean. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> $42 billion in wasteful spending. a lot of the opinions used to make robotic squirrels, you're e cakes, whatever those are, and $4.2 billion, the irs is
6:18 am
knowingly giving this money to illegal immigrants, yet cutting border security. how do you of this? >> we're concerned about it, because there's all this talk about immigration reform, we'll secure the border first. how are we supposed to do that if we're cutting back on the people actually securing the border? >> you're down at the border, i assume, a lot. now, what is it like down there? they say it's more secure than it's ever been. what are you hearing, seeing down there? >> some sections of the border are safer than they've been in decades. that doesn't mean they're by any means secure. some areas are -- that have been under control, like imperial beach, california, are seeing an upsurge in illegal alien traffic, drug smuggling, and areas across the southern border is seeing increased traffic just because of the media attention and publicity that these cuts are going to get, even though
6:19 am
they haven't been implemented yet. >> for viewers that haven't been to el paso, in south texas, what is it like? what do you suggest if the president were listening this morning, what would you suggest we need to do to make the border stronger? >> we need to start taking the oaths of office we all took seriously. neither side of the aisle wants to actually be tough on immigration. our agents have been so handicapped over the past decade, we can no longer do interior patrol. we can't patrol at transportation hubs. we can't do farm and ranch check. so many different aspects of our job have been restricted. and it seems as if no one actually wants to do this job. they want to look like they're doing this job without actually doing it. >> that's unfortunate. sounds like it's having a harmful effect on morale to have the border patrol. thank you very much. happy easter. >> you too. happy easter. thank you. >> thank you, sean. like you were saying earlier, it's about safety.
6:20 am
not just about preventing people from coming in illegally and sending money. >> right. it's a national security issue. next on the rundown, he stepped into the spotlight at the national prayer breakfast by talking about limited government and the power of faith. this morning dr. ben carson joins us live with his easter message. >> plus, justin timberlake's stunning surprise. what the pop star did to shock unexpecting fans. ♪ ♪ show you a few things more than two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs and invest more here than anywhere else.
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>> welcome back. 23 minutes now past the hour. dr. ben carson stepped into the limelight when he talked about
6:24 am
limited government at the national prayer breakfast, you'll remember. now dr. carson is under fire for comments he made about marriage this week. here with reaction and controversy is pediatric surgeon dr. ben carson. doc, happy easter to you. >> thank you. >> nice to see you this morning. >> same to you. >> i think it is safe to say you got into a bit of a controversy this week following your comments about marriage on the "hannity" program. you were set to give a commencement speech at johns hopkins university, and a number of the student body stepped up to say, look, dr. ben carson doesn't represent our viewpoints here, we don't want him to speak at our commencement ceremony. where does that stand this morning? will you? have you gotten support from the other side? >> i've gotten a lot of support from the other side. many students feel very much differently, and many faculty members feel differently, too. what it has hopefully done is help us to open up a dialog. it's the very thing i was
6:25 am
talking about at the national prayer breakfast when i talked about political correctness, how it puts a muzzle over the ability to have open discussions, which the only way that we can really make progress. so, you know, i don't want to be the focal point of a war on campus, but what i would like to encourage people to do is tone down the rhetoric a little bit. let's sit down and discuss things like intelligent human beings rather than going into corners and casting as speakerss on people. i believe marriage is between a man and a woman. i'm not going to change that. but people interpreted when i came up with examples of marriage and relationships, and i don't know a whole lot of different ones, even now, but the fact of the matter is, it doesn't mean they're all equal. it simply means that there's
6:26 am
nobody who gets to change the definition of marriage. it's been the same 100 years ago, 1,000 years ago, 5,000 years ago. >> doctor, i don't mean to interrupt you, but the media jumped down your threat quickly. throat quickly. i did a search this morning to see how many news stories were written. you received over 28,000 articles on your comments written about marriage. compare that to when james carey did his video piece, slammed charleston heston, 6,000 written about james carey, nearly quadruple the number of coverage. do you think you've gotten a fair shake by the media? >> of course there's bias in the media. i'd rather appeal to the american people, ask them to really start to analyze things for yourself, thinking for yourself. don't have everything filtered
6:27 am
through what somebody else thinks. that's why our founder said we need an educated and well-informed populace or our nation will turn into something else. >> it is easter sunday. we would be remiss if we didn't ask you as a man of faith to give us your thoughts on this special day, what it means to you. >> well, first of all, i would say anybody who knows me, has worked with me, including gay people, know that i treat everybody the same. very nice. i think your life speaks much more than any words that someone wants to misinterpret. however, you know, jesus is my role model. what he did is he preached love. he preached acceptance. but he also was a man of values and principles. he wound up being crucified for it, but he rose again to advocate godly principles of loving your fellow man, developing your neighbor, developing your god-given talents to be valuable to the people around you, having values and principles that guide your
6:28 am
life. i would just conclude with the words of second chronicles 7:14, if my people who are called by name will humble themselves and seek my face, turn from their wicked ways, then will i hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. >> dr. ben carson joining us this morning from florida on this easter sunday. well said. can't top that. thank you so much, doc. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, is it real or fake? new questions as the historic shroud of turin goes on display this easter. after church day a lot of families will gather around the table, cook up a traditional dinner that's easy for you to make.
6:29 am
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6:33 am
easter sent in from michigan. >> name is crosby? i love that. love the pictures. >> and devin and ryan wishing everyone in new jersey still recovering from hurricane sandy happy easter. adorable. >> baby ainslee. >> she spells it different. >> allentown, pennsylvania. butch family from allentown, p.a. >> where andrea tantaros is from. >> is this a dog that looks like a bunny? >> now you want to know why the cottontails are disappearing. >> photoshopped, i think. >> here's joe and emma, also.
6:34 am
i guess that's joe. >> where's emma? who's that? >> there's emma. >> happy easter. here's sean mcginnis' family. happy easter to you as well. keep sending in your photos. we'll throw them up on the website and try to show them at the end of the show. >> we've been talking about the shroud of turin. take it away, clayton. >> tests back and forth, and it's long believed this could be the burial garment of jesus. the impression there, of course. these are infrared photos they've done to see the imagery of the face. >> that's awe-inspiring. >> there are burn marks on this, red stains on it as well, and they believe maybe blood. for a couple of years it was believed to be a fake. the 13th and 14th century, in the medieval times, that it
6:35 am
was somehow faked at the time, but new evidence has reemerged that. >> when it was burned, they took sampling from the bottom of this 14-foot-long shroud, and sampled it and said the linens of not of ancient times. turns out that was the replaced part of the linen. >> where they stitched it in the linen. >> easter is not about peeps, people. this is the real meaning of easter. gets you grounded, to realize what is this all about, about jesus christ sacrificing for our sins. >> there's a replica of this at a nunnery in new jersey, and they took it and laid it on top of the original, and there was blood that seeped into the replica. they tested the it blood, and they said it was the same blood from the original shroud
6:36 am
hundreds of years ago -- thousands of years ago. if you look at hemoglobe been, it's in the shape of a cross. >> on a microscope. >> the story is, they may as a result of this new dna testing been able to find carbon dating that this is before 13th 14th century. so right around ancient times. there's going to be a special. now it's open for the first time. we'll learn more about that. >> right. in bullet-proof glass. don't try anything, none of you scavenger hunters. >> rick reichmuth joins us. i think we saw a shot of your family. >> this was yesterday, but my dad, who is 76 years old, hiked the grand canyon on friday, and they're hiking out today.
6:37 am
that's what they're doing for easter. that's also my sister, her husband, and niece holly. >> how long of a hike is that? >> 11 miles down. >> they're hang out at the grand canyon, and you're stuck in new york. >> i know. i was going to try to go, but couldn't get off work to go. >> you're in the cement canyon. >> not nearly as nice as the grand canyon. one of my favorite places on earth. glad my 76-year-old dad got down there. with that said, across the northeast, sunny skies for the most part starting the day, but showers move through the afternoon. so plan your easter egg hunt accordingly. i think probably kind of mid-afternoon we'll see the showers roll on through. by around dinnertime, heading in across parts of new england. mid-atlantic seeing showers as well today. down to the southeast, we'll see some thunderstorms firing across parts of texas and louisiana. a little bit of mississippi as well. some of those could be severe. mostly some strong winds and some hail. temperature-wise things looking quite nice.
6:38 am
into the northern plains, we have another batch of cold air coming in unfortunately. today not as bad, but tomorrow temps will drop another 10 to 15 degrees. so we're continuing to see the cold air. out across the west, things for the most part very nice. there's a new system pulling on to shore in california bringing rain and snow across central california, but aside from that we'll see mostly sunny skies. all right. back to you inside. >> thank you so much, rick. >> all right. we're back with executive chef billy oliva showing us great last-minute easter dinner ideas. >> great to be here again. this is our smithfield's spiral-cut ham. simple, bake it, blaz glaze it,t it. very simple. >> glaze it and eat it. i like that. >> this is a blood orange marinade. we have tabasco there.
6:39 am
tabasco adds great flavor, not just heat. we'll cover it with tabasco. >> what if you don't like heat? >> just a little bit. we brush it with our herb mixture. go ahead, give it another one. all these herbs here, we have green onion, basil, spring garlic, all in our marinade that's here. all the ingredients on the table. >> smells wonderful. >> yeah. we would marinate this overnight. we would roast it for about 10 to 12 minutes a pound at about 350-400 degrees. when you get down, that's it. we've sliced it, ready to go. >> we can eat this, right? >> you can eat this. that's ready to go. with that we have this wine, known as the wine of the sea. goes great with any type of seafood. we're serving that with the sort sworswordfish, ham that's slice,
6:40 am
and artichoke. >> tell me about the artichoke. >> there's brea breadcrumbs, ole oil, garlic. rebake them in the oven. breadcrumbs on done, cheese, nice and simple. done ahead. >> how do you cook an artichoke? >> we braise them. >> really? for someone that doesn't know what braising means, what does that mean? >> it's cooked in a liquid with onions, carrots -- >> it means ask jesse's wife to help. >> not as hard as it sounds. finally our rice pudding cake. >> delicious. >> that looks healthy. >> a little bit, a little bit. so it's got arborio rice, sugar, lemon, all kinds of great stuff. when we did this at demonco's, i was a little bit nervous, but we
6:41 am
did it. >> can i stab into it? >> are we going to ruin this? >> no, no. that's okay. >> all the recipes are owne on r website. >> and delmonico's is opening in may, right? >> yes. >> rice, pud an pudding for des, you wouldn't think that would go together, but that's delicious. >> the inside is creamy. >> thank you so much, billy. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up next on the rundown, how does this happen? the irs illegally sending illegal immigrants billions of dollars a year in tax returns. have you gotten yours yet? well, illegal immigrants are getting theirs. >> plus, talking taxes. if you're a homeowner, you can save big bucks this year.
6:42 am
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where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> welcome back. a major waste watch. the irs knowingly sending illegal immigrants $4.2 billion per year in fraudulent tax refunds. illegal immigrants are given a number to encourage them to pay taxes. instead they're listing their kids, nieces and nephews and getting up to $1,000 for each one even though they don't live in america. the government has known about it for years and hasn't closed the loophole. fans thought they were invited to sing a new justin timberlake song for a new target add, but didn't know they'd be
6:46 am
singing it with him. >> ♪ >> target just now releasing the out-takes from the commercial. she almost passes out. started going viral. smart marketing on the part of target, huh, ainsley? >> i love that. can't get enough of it. >> owning a house is the american dream, right? the tax benefits that come along with it are a very welcome relief to many families living in our country. but with tax season in full force, changes to benefits taking place, what do you need to know if you own a house or about to buy a house? sherry olson is the real estate
6:47 am
attorney we like to have on our attorney, and author of "financial fresh start" and joins us now. good morning, sherry. >> good morning, ainsley. >> good to see you. let's check about some of these tax breaks. with government cutbacks, we have tax breaks, what could we see change nothing the future? >> here's the thing. with the fiscal cliff, the sequester, balancing the budget are the top priorities. so the flip side of these great benefits we get, that's revenue that's not going to the government. so one of the things we've seen for homeowners recently, for example, we had the mortgage debt forgiveness relief act which said if you short-sell your property, the amount of debt that the banks forgives, you don't have to pay income tax on it. you used to have to pay income tax on it. that expires at the end of the year in large part because it was costing the government over a billion dollars that they were not collecting.
6:48 am
we can keep our eyes and ears open and be prepared. >> you just answered one of our questions from homeowners out there, shari. another question, i think homeownership is important, but isn't the housing market still recovering? >> that's a great question, ainsley. here's the thing. the good news is that we've seen solid months of months of home price increases. the not so good news. we know a quarter of the sales are driven by investors, and still have about 2 million homes in foreclosure, 6 million in default, and 10 million who own a home that's not worth as much. >> a lot of people went into deeper debt. it's going to take a lot longer than this to recover. >> exactly. >> question number three. what are they talking about doing to the mortgage interest
6:49 am
dukes? we've heard a lot about this lately. i'm still so far underwater, i'm not sure it would make sense for me to own my own home without that. great question. >> yes. that's a great question. you know what, ainsley, i hear that most often from younger borrowers, because their loans are still new. so the biggest portion of their payment is still going toward interest. they happen to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the mortgage interest dukes, which some counts, aves are saving about $12,000 a year on that. some of the proposals include potentially either eliminating the deduction altogether, eliminating it for second homes, reducing that million dollar cap to $500,000. we're not exactly sure what it's going to be. the best way for folks to stay informed is at
6:50 am
we should get our information from the horse's month. >> good deal. thanks, shari. happy easter. >> you too. >> coming up next, father jonathan is here with his message to the faithful. there he is. hi, father. come on in. ♪
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> well, on this easter sunday, the highest holy day for christians, we want to bring you an easter message. >> joining us now is fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. >> good morning. >> happy easter. >> do you guys know that the price of anything, right, the value of anything, the value is determined by the price that someone is willing to pay for
6:54 am
it. and as christians we believe that god paid the ultimate price. that is death. death on a cross. that was for our own salvation and redemption. i think that's the christian message. i didn't make that up. someone on my facebook wrote that to me. in 20 words or less, what's the message of easter? that's it. that we can begin again, even though we've messedp in our personal lives, the state of the world, people fighting, north korea saying they're in war with south korea, what's going on in syria, what's going on in so many parts of the world, people being persecuted also for their faith. we believe there's a solution for every single problem we get into. sometimes a painful solution. but it's a solution that has already been paid for by the ultimate price. god giving up his only son for
6:55 am
us, so that we may have life eternal. >> good friday all i could think about was god giving his son up and mary, you know, we always see in the movies or when we watch "the bible," you see her at the cross, the foot of the cross. watching her son go through this. i'm not even a mother. i couldn't imagine my dog going through that much less than child and god. >> i remember as a child thinking to myself, but why did jesus have to die? like, how does that fix things? then later, maybe seventh orgs? eighth grade, i remember being told, there are different degrees of sin, right? one is, like, if you punch your brother, like we were just punching the other day -- or earlier day. >> right. that really hurt. >> but if you punch your sister, that's the worst, right? >> right. >> in our relationship with god himself, ultimate goodness, when he offend him and misuse our freedom, the ultimate price has to be paid, something we can't
6:56 am
do ourselves. jesus has offered himself for us, saying i'll take your place, i know you can never pay for this on your own, there's way you can do that, but i will die in your place and offer you eternal life. i think it's a message for all of us, christian or not, to begin again, to say, no matter what situation i find myself in today, there's always a good solution, and that has to do with repentance, starting over, giving up on the vengeance we feel against another person, because they've sinned against us, saying i'll be god like, christ like, and deliver that message. >> today is a fresh start for all of us. >> and easter eggs and peeps, and watching my michigan wolverines die in the elite eight at 2:30 today. but anyway -- >> more "fox report" in two minutes. >> the real message of easter. [ bop ]
6:57 am
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