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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 31, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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that he has the capability as well. you marry those two, new york you can't ignore that. and we certainly are not. chuck nash, thank you. >> nice to be with you. >> absolutely. >> so what do we do? in the next hour, we will speak to the former ambassador to the united states on these threats and any hopes for possible
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diplomacy to try and defuse what's has been happening. new details on a texas district attorney and his wife gunned down his wife. d.a. mike mcclellan and his wife were found dead in their home. the kaufman county sheriff's department investigating whether the murders was linked to one of his assistant d.a.'s murders. here is a neighbor reacting to the news. >> really shocked and saddened by the news. we just couldn't believe it, a shock to all of us. >> just two months ago, an assistant d.a. assassinated as he walked to the courthouse. no arrests in his murder. more in a live report, coming up. it's been a contentious issue for years now, and a group of eight senators are trying to make sweeping immigration reform a reality.
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they've appeared to overcome a major hurdle. national correspondent live with the latest on immigration from washington. >> in spite of a braeeakthrough senator marco rubio reports that the legislation is finalized is premature. rubio is one of the gang of 8 trying to hammer out that agreement and he wrote to judiciary committee chairman pat leahy urging that the vote should go through a rigorous procepr process of public hearings. he says, you said delay for 38's sake would be a mistake, i agree, but haste is even more dangerous possibly. two members of the gang of 8, chuck schumer and jeff flake, expressed optimism this morning. listen. >> so this is a majojor major
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obstacle overcome. as senator rubio says, we said we wouldn't come to final agreement until we look at all of the language. he's correctly point outing that language has been fully drafted. >> we're much closer with labor and business agreeing on this guest worker plan. that doesn't mean we've crossed every "i" or dotted every "t." we're closer certainly. >> the white house is also optimistic, a spokesman saying the president continues to be encouraged by progress being made by the senators. we look forward to seeing language once it's introduced and expect it to move forward. the agreement assures workers would be paid no less than minimum wage. the bill could be introduced in a next few weeks. >> thanks so much. now more on the immigration deba debate. he just heard from democratic senator chuck schumer brokering the deal between u.s. chamber of
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commerce head tom donahue and -- attempting to resolve issues over a low-skilled workers program. joining me now steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard, good to see you. >> good morning. >> i want you to break it down, what did they agree on on the friday night phone call, why now and what does it mean for overall comprehensive immigration reform? >> well, it's interesting. there's a lot we don't know about what they agreed to because they haven't given us all of the details. we've seen leaks in the paper. it looks like they've come to accommodation on the question. i agree with senator schumer that this is progress. i remember listening to a panel discussion at the american enterprise institute right after the election and listening to panelists say this guest worker program are accommodating the interests of businesses on one
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hand and labor on the other would be the main obstacle to a comprehensive immigration reform agreement. if there is an agreement, i do think that's a wig step towards the eventual passage of legislation. marco rubio and others have said there's a lot of work to be done. i think that's right. the rest of the language is not there, but i think this is one step i think gets people past a big obstacle. >> speaking of rubio,.gop is saying wait a minute, slow down. the dems are saying, no, hurry up, get this done. as you know, the bipartisan gang of 8 as they're called are going to officially introduce this bill the week of april a8th, so once it gets to the desks of the lawmakers, what do you expect to >> i think there will be a much longer process. i mean, the statement that marco rubio put out yesterday afternoon suggested that he wanted input from the other 92 senators. this gang of 8 has p been
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working on it from seven states and he wants input from the other senators who represent the rest of the country and to make sure that their voices are heard. he wants a series of hearings, to have this be an open and big and public debate. democrats on the other hand are looking to sort of rush this through to push this forward i think before any real opposition can mount, or surface again maybe the better way to put it. i think we're likely to see some hearings, some deeper exploration on this, some kind of real debate rather than just pushing through because i don't think republicans are going to sign off as a conference to a process that just shoves this through quickly to it get it behind us. >> could there be backlash to being hasty on this? >> yeah, i think cob. some is senator senator rubio is saying. when he first came out as the gang of 8 and talked about the importance of pushing immigration reform with the president, having been
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reelected. one of the things he emphasized in all of his interviews with rush limbaugh, sean hannity, with others, was this was a process that couldn't be rushed, a process that needed to take time. there needed to be some kind of understanding among all parties. you're not going to get consensus from everybody, of course, but at least a good hearing of the various points of view before this is something that's pushed on the american people. i think he's going to insist on that and i don't think there's any question that he's going to have his fellow republicans on board with him as he looks to slow this down a little bit. >> but you know of course people are going to be waiting with baited breath. this of course will be a political hot button come presidential race 2016. >> indeed. >> so in the meantime, steve, how much will we hear in terms of rhetoric and how much in terms of real talk? >> well, it's washington, right? we're always going to hear a lot of rhetoric. probably the ratio of rhetoric
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to real talk -- >> maybe that question was rhetorical, forgive me. >> rhetoric to real talk will be about ten to one. but i do think in one sense this discussion is a little bit different. certainly in the aftermath of the 2012 election and the poor showing that republicans had with hispanic voters there has been renewed interest among republicans policy makers here in washington and elsewhere to address these issues and try to sort of work with them. i think both for substantive reasons and also political reasons. so i expect that, given this renewed interest and given the fact that there has been sort of bipartisan discussion about the next several steps, you're more likely to see something happen now more than not. that isn't something i would have said even a year ago. >> indeed an important issue across the board. thank you, steve. >> thanks. mark kelly is speaking out after a local gun shop owner canceled his gun prxt urchase.
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we are learning more about the navy s.e.a.l. killed in that accident in arizona. it happened at a aregular exercise, pi nal airpark. he and another s.e.a.l. collided in midz air. the other s.e.a.l. remains hospitalized in tucson. shadle was a decorated member of s.e.a.l. team 6, the team that killed osama bin laden in the much-heralded raid. there's no information if he actually participated in the raid. during his service, shadle earned multiple medals and honored. he was a married father of two,s and our sympathies certainly go out this morning to his family. in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday, mark kelly, the husband of former convict grelswoman gabrielle giffords,
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who was wounded in a shooting rampage in tucson, says the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut, has changed the gun control debate. listen. >> one thing that is different now is the fact that we have 20 first graders murdered in a classroom along with 6 educators. i mean, that's unacceptable. the american people, you know, want something done on this. you know, 92% of americans support a universal background check. it's 74% of nra members. i would hope at some point the leadership of the nra would just listen to their membership on this issue. >> joining me is chris wallace. chris, good morning. >> good morning. >> it seems, of course, not surprising that mark, a very, very passionate when it comes to the issue of gun control. >> oh, of course. i mean, obviously two years ago his wife gabby giffords was shot in the head in a terrible gun massacre in tucson, arizona, in
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which 19 people were shot, several of them killed. and one of the questions we talked about is the fact that public opinion seems -- or the public fervor for gun control seems to be distinguiminishing move further away from newtown, 100 days out -- right after newtown, a poll indicated 57% of americans supported stricter gun control, now that's down to 47%. and when this comes up before the snoot tenate the week after harry reid will not include a an assault weapons ban and limit on gun magazines, which is why you hear people like mark kelly pushing for the universal background check. that's something that seems to be the only chance of passage at this point. >> i can't wait to see the extension of that discussion. chris, did he talk at all about the 2700-page records released this week on that assassination aattempt on his wife? >> yes. we talked at some length about
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jared loughner, the shooter. one of the questions i asked him is the fact that loughner went out, bought a gun, passed a background check, and that was the gun he used to shoot gabby giffords and all those other people. and one of the things i say is, the nra says you can expand the background check, but until you get that kind of information -- remember, loughner had been kicked out of community college because he was deemed to be a threat to himself and others, unless you can get that containkind of information into the background check, isn't it useless? he said he completely agrees. the nra is not, you can't just expand it to cover nor sales but get the right information into it. he also agrees with the nra there has to be more done on mental health and committing people who are ill. because at least in these cases of jared loughner in tucson and adam lanza in newtown, these were obviously very disturbed people.
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sot mental health component is a very important part of trying to solve this problem. it isn't just a question of guns. it's who's firing the gun. >> it's indeed a discussion that has to keep going, hopefully with some positive results. if i may, chris, shift gears for a second, it's east every sunday. your wife lorraine is probably going to cook something fierce, a fierce, fabulous easter feast. can you give me idea of what's happening at the wallace household later today? >> that's so sweet, yeah. we're going off to church right after i finish this, and then when we get home we're having the kids and my mother over and she saes doing a great roast leg of lamb. i can't wait. >> wish i were invited. >> if you were here, you would be. >> chris wallace, happy easter. thanks. >> thanks. >> for more of chris wallace's xmruist interview with mark kelly, tune in to fox news sunday. chris will also discuss the pope with an exclusive sit-down with
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cardinal wuerl. only on fox. coming up, you go to the dentist, could you get hiv or dentist from dirty instruments? is it possible? how do we know if our dentists thully properly cleans those instruments. in tulsa, authorities warn 7,000 parr patients of one dentist they have to be tested. his office allegedly didn't folt procedures. also, a possible breakthrough in cancer research. what researchers found that could bring new hope. ÷÷
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