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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 31, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> how about that. >> thank you so much. >> stick with the yogurt. >> tapioca. thank you. sthoo. 6789 >> celebrations around the world today on this easter sunday. [bell clanging]. >> pope francis celebrating his first easter mass as the new head of the world's wonl.2 billion catholics. massive crowds packing st. peter's square this morning. the faithful filling jerusalem's church of the holy sepullchre, the site where christians believe jesus was resurrected. >> good morning. happy easter. >> a brand-new hour here on america's news headquarters. good to be with you.
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>> happy easter. pope francis telling the faithful that the world is divided by greed and wounded by selfishness and violence and drug trafficking. let's go live in jerusalem. >> reporter: pope francis used his first easter as pope to call for world peace, specifically on the korean peninsula, urging both sides to renew a spirit of reconciliation there. it is estimated 250,000 people were on hand in st. peter's square in rome. since he was elected 3 weeks ago, pope francis has placed a special emphasis on helping the poor and those in need and a more humble church, breaking with tradition on thursday, washing the feet of both men and women at the holy thursday service. he also prayed for those living and suffering in syria and the holy lan. and protestants and catholic who
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is celebrated easter here in jerusalem attended the church where at place where christians believe that jesus was buried and resurrected in a right amid extremely tight security. several hundred catholics were at st. joseph's in baghdad, after a change in the violence we have seen there in the last few years. >> thanks so much. pope francis, of course, calling for world peace, as connor said, denouncing selfishness and those who he said are seeking easy gain. he seems to have brought a new, common touch to the vatican. we have father dan o'reilly, the catholic chaplain and the archdiocese of new york. >> happy easter. >> you know, the pontiff, look what he has done, he washed the feel the of prisoners, including muslim women. he lies on the floor of st. peter's praying and in his
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private mass, invites the gardeners and workers, the street sweepers of vatican city to join him. how has he changed things? do you expect him to change things? what is his message? >> i think his message speaks to the name he chose, he chose the name francis. he was the first person to choose a name that hadn't been used since the year 913. but he chose it to honor francis of asisi who renounced all his welt to work with the poor and be an example of humility and simplicity and that's his motto, basic, humble,iet chosen. he wants to emphasize humility and simplicity to be not caught up with the trappings of the office, but to remember jesus christ himself and his mission to the poor and to the outcast and the centrality of love. >> one of the hymns we would sing in catholic school, "
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whatsoever you do to the least of my brother, you actually do to me." >> exactly, he says he went to confession on the feast of st. mathew and that passage you did it to me is prominent. >> in the conclave, we heard about the cardinals wanted a pope who is younger, use social media and reform the vatican bureaucracy. did they expect to get someone who... does have this common touch? who love the subway? do you think that's part of the thinking and the process to choose him? >> it's hard to get into the mind of what the cardinals were thinking. but he was well known. he had spoken at many international conferences. he actually caught the note of most of the cardinals in 2001, after the 9/11 attacks, cardinal eagan was working in rome and he was key in keeping things going
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and organized in this very difficult time in new york. so he was known as an administrator and a man of the people, very humble and many experiences in his ministry. >> did you think he is trying to establish the moral authority without the trappings? >> possibly. i think the emphasis on humility approximate love above anything else. >> talk to me about the conservative catholic who is have a real problem that pope francis washed the feet of the woman. >> i think some people like certain aspects of tradition in the sense that these represent the apostles, so the tradition had been that the pope would wash the feet of 12 priests, mainly 12 men, like jesus washed the feet of the apostelos the last summer. the -- the last supper. but the pope was saying that the emphasis is on the bishops and the priests to be the ones serving the people, no matter who they are.
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>> and his creed in the main this morning? >> obviously, in argentina, around the world, there are inequalities and the poor and the neglected are left out. >> father, thank you. with the archdiocese of new york, thank you for joining us. >> happy easter stow. >> happy easture to you. >> a fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference in texas on the massive manhunt for a killer. a district attorney and his wife were found dead, reportedly gunned down in their own home. now investigators want to know if there is any connection to the murder of one of his assistants, just two months ago. rick levanthal has the late geest sheriffs deputies were parked in that d.a.'s driveway for a month after an ark sift apt was gunned down. but they were not there saturday when the d.a. and his wife were
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reportedly shot in their home. investigators found the bodies of the district attorney, mike mcclellan and his wife, cynthia, inside their house, roughly 30 miles southeast of dallas. no connection has been confirmed. but the police chief says he has to assume that the murders are link to the death of county assistant d.a. mark hassey, shot to death a block from his office on 31. mcclellan spoke about the death on the day it happened. and his words may now have even greater significance. >> anything that you people can do to accelerate getting our hands on this scum will be appreciated. >> that was mike mcclellan, who responsibility 23 years in the army before earning his law degree. he and his wife with five children issue including a son, a police officer in dallas. there is a possible connection to the murder of tom clemons,
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the chief of the department of corrections, who was shot on march 19. his killer, a white supremacist, evan eble, killed in a shootout with deputies a couple of days later, a hundred miles from kaufman. and police are working to safeguard other employees in the d.a.'s office. and we are expecting an update in 20 minutes from now. >> we will bring that to you when we get it. thank you very much. >> the white house sppding to new threats from north korea. the nuclear-armed dictatorship says rockets are on standby and aimed at u.s. targets. they have moved interseptors to alaskasm it is uncertain if they can hit u.s. soil, but there is still concern. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: yes, a new day and a new statement. north korea warning nuclear weapons are, quote, the nation's life. and will not be traded for
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billions of dollars, alluding to the fac it is not a bargaining chip. kim jung un releasing the statement after building a stronger economy and nuclear arsenal. he says that they are at a state of war with south korea. even though, it is familiar, the u.s. is taking it seriously. representative peter king, the former director of homeland security. he colonel paired him to an organized crime family, running the territory. >> it's not an empty threat. i wouldn't be concerned about them hitting mainland u.s., even a u.s. territory. i think the threat is to what north korea might be boxing itself into. >> among the threats,s young leader says he wants to close casong industrial complex, a park with dozens of manufacturing plants, tens of thousands of north koreans work there every day. the south korean leaders say
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it's unhelpful to the country's unstable relationship. yet, the young leader continues the threats. the park, however, does remain open today. it is known by experts that north korea is most likely not capable of the missile technology to strike the mainland. but they are capable of, perhaps, a local skirmish, which world leaders are keeping an eye on. >> thank you so mitch for the latest. >> the big question in washington and elsewhere, can north korea be contained, despite the threats? can we diffuse any of the danger? we have john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations. ambassador, good morning. how do we stop this guy? >> i think the threats, while they are not credible in terms of reaching the united states, have nonetheless surpassed what i will call the normal level of north korean rhetoric. you know, his missiles have land
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in the pacific ocean, east of japan. that happened 15 years ago. so the potential destruction he could cause, i think is real. i think the fact that it has been torqued up to this level shows that the -- what in ourterms can only be described as irrationality of the system continues to pose a threat. we may not be worried. but in south korea and japan being they are concerned that we have gotten to a level that even an misstep could escalate into something more serious. i think that says that we cannot sit back and allow this regime to continue in the hopes that it will grow up, stop acting like a baby and act responsibly. we have waited for it for a long time. it is not going to do that. >> how do we do that? china has been backing them in the past. what type of diplomatic measures, if any, can we take to try to ratchet this down? >> i think that this immediate situation is something that we are going to have to go to china
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about and to use -- to make the larger point for shine and awhich says it does not want north korea to have nuclear weapons. which says it wants stability in northeast asia, which manifestly, it is not going to get, as long as this regime and pyongyang is in power. i think we need to be working with the chinese. i don't underestimate how hard it would be, but we need to be working with the chinese to convince them and the rest of northeast asia and the world would be safer and more secure, if the two koreas were reunited. >> that's the case. that seems to be not something that will happen immediately. ambassador, john bolton, we thank you. you near bahrain. >> eric. >> caller: context on north korea. it has significant military fourses, more than 100 short- and medium-range missiles. with 1.3 million active military
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personnel and north korea has more than 600 combat aircraft at its disposal. >> back here at home to the fox news voter fraud why you want now. a guilty plea in a voter friewd case that touches the race for the highest office in the land. they're accused of forging petitions that put president obama and hillary clinton on the democratic presidential primary ballot in 2008. the board of elections worker beverly shelton reportedly entered guilty pleas to forgery and a fake petition. in part of the agreement, she could testify against the others when the trial starts in south beeped, indian a. they are accused of faking petitions needed to get the candidates obama and clinton on the ballot. so many names have been forged, the questions that the team reached the legitimate number of
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signatures to qualify. he qualified with 534 signatures. by law, you need 500. the reports say more than 90 names may have been faked, which could bring the total below the number to get on the ballot. voters told us they never signed. >> you didn't sign for barack obama? >> i did not sign for barack obama? >> someone forged this? >> that's correct. that's not my signature. >> is that your signature on this? >> that's not my signature. >> did you sign this petition for barack obama? >> no, no. >> you did not? >> this is a formingry? >> it is. >> it's a fake? >> absolutely. >> the former head of the democratic party and two board of election workers face felony charges. that trial set to begin at the end of the month. you can follow the case and the others by following me on twitter. >> all right. when we come back, college students defaulting on $3 billion worth of student loans -- already this year. we will talk about how it get
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through college without going broke. >> right now, president obama is getting ready for 2014, planning to help the democrats in the midterm elections, but is that the best use of his time to be campaigning again? we will have the latest, coming up. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. [ male announcer ] a car has a rather small rear-view mirror, so we can occasionally glance back at where we've been. it has an enormous windshield
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>> eric: we have new information on nelson mandela. he's 94 years old and says to be resting comfortably, after a procedure to drain fluid that's built up around his lungs. it's a condition commonly associated with numoania. the authorities are reassuring south africans that mr. mandela is responding positively to his medical treatment. president barack obama has told reporter this is weekend that he wishes the former president a speedy recovery. >> arthel: get well, mr. mandel a. the u.s. is dr. 3 billion in the hole from students defaulting on higher loans. higher education is expensive and jobs are hard to come by and interest rates could double, soon if congress doesn't step in. in today's take-charge consumer protection segment, how it keep your education expenses under
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control. joining us is jonathan hogue honeig, a regular on cashing in. hi, jonathan. good to see you. >> hey, happy easter. great to be with you. >> arthel: happy easter. the debt-- the banks are writing it off. the kids are getting out of clmg and they can't fine a job, per se. now if congress doesn't do something by july 1, it is my understanding that the new subsidized student loan rates will be double to 6.8%. >> indeed. you hit the nail on the head. the subsidized student loans. the game is rigged against students these days, especially because of all of that government intervention, the subsidized loans and the monopoly of education and education finances. two-thirds of students are graduating with $25,000 or $50,000 worth of debt.
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it's an environment that is very difficult for young people to get jobs. so unfortunately, kids today getting out of college have a real tough road ahead of them. they don't want to default on the student loans. and a great place to start if people have a lot of debt is to talk to the lender, trying to work out a payment plan. a lot of people let the bills go unpaid. that's a terrible idea. if have you a lot of debt, a great place to start is to talk to the lender, try to work out a payment plan. that's a much better road than to have the loans go delinquent and they can show up on your credit record and things really get difficult. >> it seems, you are not a fan of the subsidized student loans. a lot of people, that's how they get through college. they don't have the means, the credit rate, the parents with the money or the credit score to get them the loan from the bank. so, i mean, you know... why can't you with your
8:22 am
expertise say something to have congress listen and say, this is how we figure this out so the burden is not so much on the taxpayer? >> ideally, the burden would be on the student. if government wasn't so involved, education would be tremendously more affordable than it is today, in my opinion, it's because of the government subsidies that makes the education so terribly expensive. there are a lot of options for young people who want to go to school and want to get educated. for one thing, look at the affordable online options. university of like m.i.t., for example, offer hosts of college courses that are either low cost or free and there are online options. lending services like or lepping club, can allow you to consolidate the loan with lower rates. it is great that kids want to get educated. but before taking out $25- or $50,000 of debt, they have to
8:23 am
think about whether it will behoove them in the long term. some studies show 50% of folks working today are working in jobs that don't require a college degree. so before students head down the path and take on the debt, they have to ask themselves critically. will this be a good investment? >> it's a conundrum. do you know how many kids don't have higher education? have you to go to graduate school in order to get a job to compete. i think that kids should be able to get into college or afford to pay per college. and it is not easy. i am telling you, i get your concern about the subsidized loan, but i am telling you what, without pel grants and stuff like that, i know a lot of people would not be able to afford to go to college. >> no argument there. i think that's why we have to advocate for a more free higher education system, where not just those who are -- with rich parents can get educated. that's what we need, a free education system, in which
8:24 am
schools can compete, students can compete to get in and it's affordable for all long term. >> arthel: i have to run. you know this is a convoluted topic here. >> thankings. >> arthel: perhaps consider some of the reputable online options. but we can talk about this for a longer time. but i have to run. >> happy easter. >> arthel: thank you. >> eric: president obama is gearing up for a series of democratic fund-raisers to win back the house. but some are questioning whether he should focus on the mid-term elections two years from now. we have a fair and balanced debate. >> arthel: thousands of dental patients are scrambling to get testing after learning they may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis. a look at legal options for those who may have been infected.
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>> arthel: a tential crash killing five people in nevada. the highway patrol arresting an 18-year-old driver on suspicion of driving under the influence. two others were transported to the hospital in critical condition. a fire killed three people and injuring 13 in a susuburb of paris. french officials suggesting the cause of the building fire may have been arson. a rescue crew locating a hiker, missing on mt. hood for about a week. the hiker is in the hospital, being treated for frost bite and a broken bone. >> eric: the president has a lot on his plate-- the economy, gun legislation, immigration reform, new threats of north korea, iran and, of course, turning the house democratic. just this week, he is going to start a two-year-long effort to do just that. he will be in california later this week for a series of
8:30 am
fund-raisers for the democratic national campaign committee and the democratic national committee to try to get millions to win back the house in the mid-term elections in 2014. but should the focus on the next election come so quickly and fresh off the last one? a former white house political director under george w. bush and a former chief of staff to joe mansion of west virginia are here. good to see you. happy easter. >> happy east sneer matt, let me start with you, we just had an election. the president can run a country and campaign, too. but is it too soon to start beating the drums? >> yeah, eric, i do think that there is a question of timing here. i think this is a little quick. i don't think we can blame the president. he is the head of the democratic party and he wants to beat the republicans in the next election. i don't think we can blame him for wanting to do that. but i think there is a strategy of how this looks. i think it looks very partisan
8:31 am
and will make it less likely that the republicans will want to reach further across the aisle to get the deals on budget and the other issues that you discussed. so, you be, i think, like a lot of things with obama, it's all politic, all the time. i think if his popularity begins to wane, as it seems like it is, some of these folks might not want him in the districts, if he doesn't get the big ticket items right. >> is it all politics all the time? >> that's the reality. that's true under every administration. there is a political side and a policy side. these are big boys. they understand the game and how it's played. that's true for the republicans and the democrats. that's not like the senate republicans or the congressional republicans are going to stop cam paik or stop fund raising, it's the reality of how we do business in this town. that being said, i think have you to follow a balanced approach. i don't think the president, especially with so many big things out there will go for the jugular. but going out and fund-raising for the party, i think is a
8:32 am
smart thing to do. you need to raise a lot of money to compete against the money that the republicans are going to raise. >> they have announced 21 fund-raisers that are so far set for this year, that's right now. let's take a look at numbers. you want cocktails with the president? $5 thousand. dinner with the president, $32,300 i. it's a really good dinner. >> eric: odd number. but they have to pick up 17 seats to win a majority. matt, do you think they can do that? >> i think it does not so much depend on the moan, eric, although money is important in politics. it's going to depend on whether obama, his popularity ratings can hang around where they were in his re-elect. remember, he flipped 50%. now he seems to be 50 or flirting with, you know, below 50 numbers. if things don't go right on some
8:33 am
key issues like the budget, he could find himself in the mid-40s and a president, 6 years into his presidency has a negative effect on the party. that's what happened to the president i worked for, george w. bush, six years into his election, we were hoping for even greater political gains and we ended up losing majorities. so money is important, but they have to get the policy right. at the end. day, that's what the american people expect from their president. >> eric: matt, do you think the democrats can take the house? or does he have an uphill climb, chris? as matt says? >> if you look historically, the second term of a president, they tend to lose seats, the incumbent party tends to lose seats. have you a republican party that is divided, that is shooting itself in its own foot with its own gun, so to speak, so i think that gives us an advantage. i think that's where why you see the president and the democrats focusing on fund-raising for the
8:34 am
foundation. these are going to be tough races, if you look at the september, you are talking about red states, held in some cases by democrats, where even mitt romney won. i think those are challenges. but the republicans have found ways to lose whether they should have won again and again. so i think i am more optimistic than history would suggest. i think it will be tough. but there is a path for towses keep the seats we have, which would be a victory. >> eric: on policy, what does he have to do, chris, to try to sway this? >> on policy, i think what is happening with the country, especially after a hard-put it election, people don't want to see overt politics -- that's true for republicans and democrats. i think if you look at the budget issues, i think the people want compromise, both parties have been smart enough. i think it will be interesting to see what happens on immigration. immigration will be a big distinguishir. if they can get a deal done, i think it's good for the country and i continuing will limited
8:35 am
partner the democrats and the president. >> eric: mattville another dinner, sit do you think with the g.o.p. senators, after hoe comes back from the democratic fund-raising. what does he say? can they get anywhere with these meetings and in terms of the policy? >> it depends on the mind-set of the people around the table. i mean, the president -- he's got such a hiewmg sway over what is going to happen on these big-ticket issues. if he really wants to do something, he can get it done. the political question in the minds of most republicans i talked to on the hill is: does he really want to get something done? are these photo-ops, these dinners, is there substance? does he want to hammer out a budget deal that speaker barron has wanted to do? does he really want to get something done on immigration? or will he find a reason not to do it because his labor union boss buddies tell him not to, or other folks in the coalition? that's the question with president obama. does he want to be at this time
8:36 am
big leader on the big issues? or does he want to keep beating the heck out of us politically -- he is doing a great job with that? >> chris, last word? >> you know, i love matt. i love how hew he -- >> thank you very much. >> he puts all the uinous on the president. but let's be frank here. the reality, the republicans have to meet him halfway. they have not. they won't do it on the budget or gun control. they won't do it on sequester. they won't do it on immigration. the president's not a dictator. he can't force compromise-- all right. >> the reality that the country wants to move in a different direction. the republicans haven't come to term with that. until they do, they will continue to fight and, basically, scramble to figure out what is the best solution. they haven't figured that out themselves-- we are out of time. the next dinner, april 10. we will see what happens in 10 days. >> thank you. >> happy easter. >> arthel: the recent inner circle show, the charity roast,
8:37 am
where new york reporters lampoon politicians. michael bloomberg was jokingly referred to as a carbonation hating, bike-laying, control-fec stat geek, transfat fighting it warrior -- that was a quote -- for his bans to encourage healthy living. in her sunday commentary, liz trotta takes a serious look and seems to agree. >> if ever there was a place where the tyranny of the left has shown its hand, it is -- believe it or not -- new york city. yes, the busy, brawling big apple, where tough guys used to live, men in black, limousines shooting up the streets, wise-cracking dandies, and highly rouged, sleek women, with a cat call or two. everything else is bridgeport, the old saying went -- no disrespect to connecticut. new york embodied the art of
8:38 am
sophistication in movies and books in the minds of those unfortunate enough to live elsewhere. you can forget that. under the 12-year reign of michael bloomberg, we have become podunk -- no disrespect to michigan. but when one has $27 billion, he can carry a very big stick and wield it, he does. as main in america already know, the mayor, a life-long democrat who, became a republican whether he needed a ballot line and then an independent when he needed cover, is living proof that liberals just can't keep their hands off your personal life. so we live in a city of projections -- classic liberal policy forced on its citizens. since he took office in 2001, mr. bloomberg has banned smoking just about everywhere, even at beaches and in parks. also transfats in restaurants, styrofoam containers and the sale of sodas exceeding 16
8:39 am
ounces. a court struck down the sugary drinks ban, but the mayor is appealing the decision. undaunted, he told a reporter, quote, we interfere with free enterprise all the time. on the 10th anniversary of his famous smoking ban, he took credit for saving 10,000 lives. that led to his latest proposed ban, which surfaced last week. now the mayor wants retail stores to hide all tobacco products from the public. they must be out of sight to ward off temptation, like hiding the ball from spot. a companion proposal would establish a minimum price for tobacco, $10.50 for a pack of cigarettes. mr. bloomberg's control mania has led him to close key times square streets to make way for chairs. he has designated special lanes for bike riders, by dividing up main thoroughfares, trafficiams
8:40 am
are epic and taking a stroll means entering a labyrinth of construction sites made necessary by the mayor's cozy relationship with developers. forget charm. the landscape is mottled with dreams of bigness. now the mayor has his finer points. he has given away helpeds of millions of dollars to char tabling causes and one could make the case that his campaign for public health is for the good of the people. he is st. george because -- against a mighty dragon in his way. yet, liberal politics is never far away. he is doling out $12 million in advertising for senatorial candidate whose mirror his liberal views on gun control in 13 other states. the mayor demands more intense background checks and his politics must be your politics. wayne la pierre of the national rifle association scorned his
8:41 am
plan, pointing out that crimmials are not going to be checked. he said bloomberg's effort is only a speed bump in the way of the law-abiding. like most rich men fpersuasion doesn't work, mr. bloomberg buy what is he covets. he spent roughly their 100 million on each of his three campaigns. the last one made possible when a pliant city council voted to extend term limits. like most rich men, mr. bloomberg is used to having his way. although there was that failed exploratory mission when he thought he might be president. could it happen again? of course. mel brooks said it best: it's good to be the king. >> eric: fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference from texas police on a very disturbing case. the murder of the kaufman county district attorney there, mike mcclellan and his wife were both found dead in their home last night, shot to death. they live just south of dallas.
8:42 am
police say a manhunt is underway. they are investigating whether or not there is any possible connection to the killing of an assistant district attorney in the same county just two months ago. as soon as they start speaking and giving us the details, we will bring that to you live. >> arthel: a frightening scenario in oklahoma. dental patients now getting tested for hiv and hepatitis. why their doctor may face criminal charges and their legal options. the lawyers break it down for us, next: i was cooking dinner for my family. boom. heart attack. the doctor recommends bayer aspirin to keep this from happening to me again. it's working. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before youegin an aspirin rimen. it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor. ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats.
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>> arthel: new developments in a frightening health scare for anyone going to the dent ifert, 7,000 people waited to get tested for hiv and hepatitis, after an investigation uncovered fighty conditions in an oral surgeon's office, bringing in our legal panel,.
8:47 am
happy easter. >> thank you. >> arthel: so let's talk about this. we are talking about possibly more than losing a license. if you have these patient who is have contracted a life-long medical illness with the medical expenses that go with that -- and god forbid, someone dies as a result of this, what can you be facing? jeff, we will start with you? >> certainly, you can be fating fell no charges. there are two riernlts. number 1, that he violated the standard by the debtal board and that he did so willfully. whether this rises to it or not, we don't know, there are 7 thousand people being notified. but there is only one case. is it worthwhile a criminal investigation? sure t. certainly is worth a criminal investigation. >> arthel: rebecca, you say what? >> definitely there, can be criminal charges. but there is a lotted more i want to learn about. we are being told that there is medication that has been expired. is it in the cabinets? or has it been distributed? are the seals broken?
8:48 am
we're being told that the dental assistants administered sedatives? nobody has died. so they did a good job. does thisvirate the rule there is? we are told that the needles are put back into the medication, after they were given to the patient. was he through with it? or did another patient come in and have the same needle used? there is widespread panic, but there is not enough -- i don't understand about the rusty tools as limp they said they were reserved. does that mean that they were never used or are they being used on patients? there were 7,000 patients -- >> arthel: jeff -- the hygienist who helps assistant. who could be in trouble here? >> look. look, they could lose their licenses too. but more importantly, he used assistants who weren't licensed. he used rusty tools and bleach to clean the tools.
8:49 am
he used assistant who is were not licensed. he used assistancants to do anesthesia and the medical cabinet, the drugs were unlock and the unsupervised. he reused needles. it could be a nightmare. we just don't know until we see the response -- >> that's the point -- that is the point right there. it "could be" a nightmare. 7,000 patients have been in his office. there is no sciewtion for shoddy practices, at all. but why have 7,000 patients in this doctor's office and there have not been complaints? why have 7,000 people been in hissa office and there haven't been people complaining? [overlapping dialogue] >> arthel: go ahead, jeff. >> susan rogers, the spokesman for theoc oak dental board said that this provider -- that he was a provider for medicaid and that medicaid patients have a
8:50 am
higher percentage of infected patients because of their -- >> they know how to complain -- medicaid pates know how to complain. >> arthel: there are plenty of layers that have to be peeled back on this. i have to leave it there. thanks for your time this morning. we are back in just a moment. dad, i'd put that down. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. the most consistent speeds indoors or out.
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>> eric: prosecutors in aurora, colorado, are set to reveal whether they will seek the death penalty for the movie theater massacre suspect james holmes. lawyers have offered a plea deal that would result in holmes going life in prison. but the prosecutors say that's a publicity stunt. good morning, dominic. >> reporter: good morning to you, eric. i tell you, it is not going down well with the prosecution, they are prepared toay accept a plea bargain from james holmes, looking at the fateful night in aurora, they appear unforgiving, claiming he can not get off lightly. holmes is the only suspect in the massacre. his defense offered a deal in him serving a life sentence, as you say, but with no parole, hence the prosecution dropped its pursuit of the death
8:55 am
penalty. >> both sides are under a tremendous amount of pressure. both sides are going to be doing what they believe is the appropriate thing to do. defense attorneys are going to file whatever motions they believe are appropriate. what they do to save their client's life. >> reporter: with the american public enraged by a rush of killing sprees, the prosecution isn't prepared to buy the only real tactic of insanity. it says, [ing his mental health into the trial was, quote, a calculated attempt by the defense to convince the public that the insanity defense was merittous. now, that isn't unusual for the prosecution to drop the death penalty sentence because in this case, theyville a tough fight, proving holmes isn't mentally ill. colorado's state law puts the burden of proof on the prosecution and the team is having problems getting defense to show documents to show that holmes had premeditated, violent
8:56 am
intentions. but analysts are saying that juries are not very sympathetic to insanity claims or looking to a way to absolve the defendant. >> we will know tomorrow. thank you. >> arthel: new reaction from north korea. we are live in washington, next. is really made of cheese? [ crisp crunches ] whoo-hoo-hoo! guess it was. [ male announcer ] pringles, bursting with more flavor.
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