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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 31, 2013 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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you are in easter yellow, arthel. >> arthel: happy easter to you and to all of you. america's news headquarters with shannon bream live, starting now. >> reporter: the new leader of the catholic church brings an easter plea of peace to the world's more than 1 billion catholics. pope francis celebrated with more than 250,000 in st. peter's square. many are calling him the pope of the people. he rode through the crowd, kissing babies and patting children on the head. i'm shannon bream. happy easter from washington. s we girch with easter celebrations from jerusalem to kenya and back to st. peter's square.
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christians are celebrating the holiest of days on the christian calendar. connor powell is live. >> reporter: pope francis has issued a plea of peace and called for an end to violence and conflict around the world, praying specifically for peace on the korean peninsula, asking for a renewed spirit of reconciliation there. it is estimated 250,000 people were on hand at st. peter's square today in rome to hear him speak. pope france tis has placed a special emphasis on helping the poor and those in need and has tried to present a more humble catholic church, breaking with tradition, wawrving the feet of both men and women in the holy thursday service. he has prayed today alms for those suffering in the conflict in syria and here in the holy land. meanwhile, protestants and catholics, celebrated in jerusalem at the site where
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christians believe jesus was buried and resurrected. in iraq, catholics flocked to a. 200 attended st. joseph's church in baghdad, shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. as part of his easter message, pope francis parade for peace, as officials met to establish new guidelines for nuclear weapon, calling them, quote, the nation's life. the white house says it is taking all threats from north korea seriously. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: you are correct. in a statement, the wight house denouncing the quote, bellicose rhetoric, saying that the threats are part of a familiar pattern. we are getting new reports that f-22 stealth fighter jets are arriving in north korea for demonstrations, meant to deter any violence from pyongyang. the and u.s. south korea conducted annual air-power drills, including b-52 bombers
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and b-2 stealth bombers. the former chairman of the house homeland security committee, talked about the bullying language this morning. >> he is trying to be the tough guy. he is 28, 29 years old. he keeps going further and further out. i don't know if he can get himself back n. my concern that he may feel to save face, he has to launch an attack on south korea or in the pacific. >> reporter: he said there is no purpose with direct paulk talks with the leader and the staff, comparing them to organized crime family, running the territory. this one day after the leader threatened to close the casong industrial complex, an industrial park near the demilitarized border, worn warning that nuclear weapons are the nation's life. and they will not be traded for, quote, billions of dollars, alluding to the fact that it is not a bargaining chip for his newly defined state of war with south korea. the two countries have
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technically been at war for decades. the korean war ended in a truce, not a peace treaty n1953. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much for the update. >> reporter: thanks. >> shannon: when it dwells lifestyle, the north korean people were practically in the dark ages. the per capita income is 17 times higher in the south than in the north. south korea is well lit up, but you can see, there is a faint glimmer around pyongyang and north korea's military has more than a thousand short- and medium-range missiles and they have 1.3 million active military personnel. we have jack gene. general, always good to see you. thanks for congress coming in. >> happy easter. >> shannon: thank you and to you as well. what do you make of the latest rhetoric, for lack of a better word with north korea? it becomes almost a punchline. but these can be serious threats. >> the rhetoric is more
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bellicose than in the past. certainly, there is a pattern here as we have witnessed for many, many years upon but it surrounds a couple of things. one, he is very frustrated with the united states-led u.n.-imposed sank surchgz sanctions as a result of his nuclear testing. he is trying to send a main to south korea, a newly elected president, that they pose a serious threat and don't take them lightly. the third thing and the number-1 concern is his own population. he is sending a clear message to his population that tlook, i am a strong leader. i am going to follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. the vote is in, he is know a reformer. he is just like the family dine see dine -- dynasty has been. he wants the population to know he can stand up to what he calls u.s. aggression. >> shannon: what do we know about the reality. >> certainly, as you stated,
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they have a very large standing army and a huge inventory that is growing with a nuclear capability. they are trying to develop a nuclear weapon to affix to the missile. that's what the last test is all about. the conventional army has a lot of artillery and a lot of infantry in it. all of that artillery is forward deployed, very close to seoul. seoul is only 25 miles from the north korean/south korean border and there are 13 million people f. this ever escalated to that kind of conflict, the casualty rates would be enormously high because he can rain that city with artillery. they would be defeated. they know that. but we wouldn't want it to escalate. >> shannon: if that did begin to happen. we have been showing solidarity with south korea. we have made it clear. but what will happen if they launched something on south
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korea? what obligation, what role would the u.s. have to be physically involved there? >> if they conducted an attack on the peninsula, we have 28,000 troop there is. they will participate in part of that defense. the terrain in south korea and north korea favors defense. we would rush hundreds of our bombers and fighter aircraft to that region, carrier battle group and hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops would gradually arrive into south korea. we have worked these plans many, many times before. capable of executing it. the danger is not that he would do that, in and of itself, but that he would miscalculate and do something provocative, along the terms of why this bellicose rhetoric exist this is and that could lead to escalation. the south koreans are fed up. what he did in 2010 and sending a south korean vessel, 46 dead -- they're not going on
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stand for that. >> shannon: how does it impact the broader region if there is an escalation? >> it definitely does. certainly, japan is very concerned about t. they fired a missile over japan in the past. the fact of the matter is, it does affect the chinese. the chinese do not want a unified korea because they don't want the united states on the border, in the sense of having an ally on their border. but they provide a lot of economic aid to south -- i mean to north korea. the real issue, though, is proliferation of their missiles and nuclear capability. and they are certainly doing some of that with the iranians. >> especially with the reports that the head of the nuclear iran's program may have been at the last test. >> good to see you. >> thanks for coming in. investigators are trying to figure out who kill aid district attorney and his wife in north texas. a sheriff's deputy says the kaufman cant countedy district attorney attorney and his wife
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were found in their home. the police shut down the area near the home to search for evidence. the murders come two months after an assistant district attorney was killed outside the local courthouse. the military has identified the navy seal who died in a training accident this week in arizona. navy initial officials say bret shadel was killed when he and another seal collided in mid-air in a parachute training exercise. the other seal is in stable condition. he was a member of seal team 6. if family members say he knew what he wanted to be since he was a kid. he was just 31 and leaves a wife and two small children. veterans are ready to fight any change to lower disability payments to the nation's veterans. president obama has endorsed a slightly different measure of inflation for social security benefits, which would grow at a lower rate. veterans are very concerned and want to make sure it won't apply
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to military disability payments or pensions. there is a debate about school security in the wake of the sandy hook shooting. one district in texas has allowed some teachers to carry firearms in school if they are certified and licensed to do so. this is know the first district to adopt the policy. should teachers be able to carry 5o firearms in the classroom? tweet us your answers. we will read your responses, later in this hour. and we will host a fair and balanced debate on that topic. on this easter sunday, dozens of churches damaged by hurricane sandy sit empty, months after the storm, waiting to be repaired with many mosques and temples. we will tell you why all of those houses of worship can't get any help rebuilding from people a. as the federal government looks to retighten its belt, billions could be saved by putting out the for sale time. our new what to cut series is
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>> shannon: the district attorney leading the case against the colorado theater shooting suspect is expected to announce tomorrow whether he will ask for the death penalty. that's after prosecutors rejected a plea deal to allow james holmes to avoid execution if convicted. we have all the latest details. >> reporter: hey there, shannon. not prepared to accept a plea bargain from james holmes. it is looking back to the fateful night in aurora, colorado, claiming he cannot get off lightly. holmes is the only suspect in the massacre. his defense off offered a deal of a life sentence without the possibility of parole, if the prosecution drops the death penalty. >> defense attorneys are going to file whatever motions they believe are appropriate. what they do what they need to do to save their client's life.
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>> reporter: it's a bit of a tough fight. the american public isn enraged by a rash of killing sprees and the prosecution is not prepared to buy the only real tactic, insanity, saying that bringing his mental health into the trial was a, quote, calculated attempt by the defense to convince the public that the criminal insanity defense has merit. it is not unusual to drop the death sentence because they will have a tough fight, proving holmes is not mentally ill. unlike many state, colorado puts the burden of proof on the prosecution and the team says they are having a problem getting the defense to show documents that show that holmes has premeditated violent intentions. and juries are not typical very sympathetic to insanity claims and they are not really looking for a way to absolve the defendant. back to you. >> shannon: a tough case. we will keep an eye on it. thank you. two budgets, one from the democratic-controlled senate and
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one from the republican-controlled house and zero progress from congress so far in reconciling them. with the nation's $16 trillion in debt. both ises agree there is falt to be cut from the federal roles. in a series of what to cut, we examine unused federal real estate costing taxpayers billions of dollars. >> reporter: a sale to a private developer this, government-owned steam plant in a pricey georgetown neighborhood sat vacant for 10 years. the house committee on oversight dragged the general services officials into the structure for a hearing last summer and a for sale sign went up. >> you can't get your job done. you have 124 properties, this is one property that i don't care if it's a republican or a democratic administration, this administration or previous administrations, the job is not getting done. >> reporter: they are between 55 to 77,000 vacant federal properties. no inventory has been kept. selling them off could save
9:18 am
taxpayers between $3 to $8 billion a year. >> they could be used, first, to consolidate agencies that are now in leased buildings. >> this is a problem that has been identified for years. and every time someone in the white house says, let's sell property, it can't get through the process. the red tape is too much for this process. >> reporter: in 1987, congress passed a law that said unused government properties have to be offered to other federal agencies and then to state agencies and then to indian tribes and as a last resort as a homeless shelter before they could be put on the market. >> we spent $8 milbillion, maintaining properties that we have no use for. that's $8 billion, down the drain because we can't get past the homeless lobby for a commonsense way to take care of their problems and to ug load properties. >> rather than the government to have the first choice, the first choice should be to sell and
9:19 am
then go down the line. there are plenty of places for homeless shelters. >> many members of congress have not been in business or been in the position of running something, making hard decisions, having scarce resources and saying, we can afford, "a," "b," and "c," but "d," "e" and "f" -- maybe not. >> reporter: a bill to expedite the sales died in congress. and it was renewed in the paul ryan budget, which was voted down. >> the oversight and the reform committee has passed again, its bill, which i think has a decent chance of getting all the way to the senate. >> reporter: even if congress manages to pass a bill to sell excess properties, nobody knows how many there are. and they are spread and inventorying them is a mammoth inventory, but it could save up to $15 billion over 5 years. >> shannon: talk about a nightmare trip to the dentist. for thousands of people in
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tulsa, oklahoma, they are now lining up at the health department. lawmakers negotiating an immigration overhaul. reports of the deal are premature, but they are getting closer. a live report on that, next. the new guy is loaded with protein! [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure! nutrition in charge! by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. campbell's. the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf., and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy.
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>> catholics and protistants are gathering altsome of christianity's most holy sites. we have some of the top stories. >> reporter: cath rick and protestants flocked to jerusalem, the west bank and the gaza strip for easter services. in jerusalem, hundreds attended holy mass in the holy sepullcher, where christians believe that jesus was crucified and resurrected. in beth lel hem, believed to be the birth place of jesus.
9:25 am
hundreds of patients in tulsa, oklahoma, are getting tested for hiv and hepatitis, after several violations were found in a dentist's office, including rusty tools and contaminated drugs. it could take weeks to repair the area of washington hit by a landslide, dozens of homes are insulated. and two college teams are on the way to the final 4 in hotlant a. wichita state won over ohio state and syracuse beat marquette, 55-39. four more teams play in the elite 8. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: everybody's brackets are in shambles. >> my bracket -- i would tell you who is going to win today, but my bracket is so done.
9:26 am
jig all right. thank you. >> proper mental health treatment. but, you know, you can't go back in time. i mean, the only thing we do is move forward and try to make sure that the dangerously mentally ill are not only getting trooment for mental illness, but let's make sure they don't have access to guns. >> shannon: gun control is a divisive issue, but captain mark kelley, husband of gabrielle giffords tells chris wallace says he believes there is room for compromise. i talked to chris about the exclusive fox news sunday interview. chris, the gun control debate is far from over. hua key voice this morning on "fox news sunday" to weigh in. >> yeah, mark kelley, of course, the former institute, navy captain and husband of gabrielle giffords, who as a group that is pushing very much for gun control legislation. we talked about the fact that the fervor seems to have
9:27 am
diminished as we get further out from newtown, a new poll shows that after newtown, 57% of americans supported stricter gun control. now it's 47. the bill that harry reid's going to bring up will not include an assault weapons ban, a limit on high-capacity magazines. one of the questions i asked, did you wish that the president had pushed this sooner? he kind of ducked that. he said it was always going to take time to get it done. but what he said is the issue hasn't gone away. people's immediate fear and visceral reaction may have deminnished if the wake of time passing, but the issue is still there. obviously, he is very much pushing -- he seems to have given up on the assault weapons ban. he is pushing for a universal background check. interestingly, one of the things he said, the nra is right, you don't have to just expand the check, but have you to make it easier for mental health professionals to send records out. in the case of gabrielle
9:28 am
giffords, the person who shot her... bought a gun, passed a background check, even though he had been suspennedpenned from ce because he was deemed a threat to others -- that never got into the background check. >> shannon: that information is key if this is going to work what do you make of the threatened filibuster on these issues? >> kionly tell what you he said. again, he is focusing on the background check now because these other elements are not in. we talked about two more visible people. marco rubio -- he knew precisely what percentage of floridians support it. 90%. rand paul, he knew how many kentuckians support it -- 70%. the argument he made, listen to your constituents and go for this. it is ago to be a tough vote. they say they are going to filibuster, even without the assault weapons ban. he makes his case. di. >> shannon: on this easter sunday, you had a fascinating inside account that peopleville
9:29 am
to tune in to hear about the selection of pope francis. how it works and the mystery of that moment. folks won't want to miss that. the panel or your power player. there is a lot packed in. >> absolutely. you probably want to watch it two or three times on easter sunday. >> shannon: we will give you that chance right here on fox newschannel. that interview captain mark kelley airs after america's news headquarters and on the special edition of "fox news sunday," a special interview with cardinal. a bipartisan group of eight senators is trying to make sweeping immigration reform a reality. while they appear to have overcome some major hurdles, there is no deal yet. steve centanni has more. >> reporter: in spite of a breakthrough, senator marco rubio says the reports that the legislation is finalized are premature. he is one of the a gang of eight senators trying to hammer out an
9:30 am
agreement. he wrote the judiciary committee chairman, urging that once the bill has been introduced, it should go through a rigorous process of public hearings, saying that you have said that delay for delay's sake would be a mistake in this matter. i agree, but excessive haste in the pursuit of a lasting solution is perhaps more dangerous to the goals many of us share. two members of the gang of 8 expressed optimism this morning. listen. >> major, major obstac they'll is overcome. each of us has to look at the language and approve it. but i don't think on the, labor side there is any disagreement. there is lots of but, as senator rubio correctly says, we have said we will not come to final agreement until we look at all the legislative language. he is correctly pointing out that that language hasn't been fully drafted. >> business agreeing on this
9:31 am
guesswork or plan. that doesn't mean we have crossed every "i" or dotted every "t" or vice versa. we have a ways to go in terms of looking at the language and see figure it's everything we thought it would be, but we are closer -- certainly. >> reporter: a spokesman saying the president continues to be encouraged by the bipartisan group of senators. we look forward to seeing language once it's introduced. and expect legislation to move forward as soon as possible. the agreement assures workers would be paid no less than the median wage for their industry. an immigration reform bill could be introduced within a few weeks. >> shannon: we will be standing by. thank you. the white house says the president's budget will be released april 10, more than 2 months late. the house and the senate have introduced their versions and taken votes. how will all of this be hammered out in some kind of compromise? is that possible.
9:32 am
>> eric: arizona republican congressman and a democrat from new york. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> shannon: all right. congressman engle. there is a lot of room in between the versions we have seen before. do you think the president's will find any common ground? >> i hope so. we have to find common ground. i think the american people are fed up with both sides. i think they are looking for us to turn to the sensible center and try to meet. this gridlock that seems to be happening on every single issue in the congress is not good for the country, not good for the congress and certainly not good for the american people. so i would hope that we would -- we would find some kind of common ground. from my vantagepoint, the only way to achieve a budget that is fair is you have to have a combination of cutting spending, raising some revenues and closing loopholes, have you to do it in moderation and meet in the middle. that's what the american people
9:33 am
want us to do. >> congressman, how do you respond to that, from what we have seen in the senate, put together by patti murray, when you talk about raising revenue, you are talking about more than $1 trillion. is there any part of that that the republicans will go along with? >> probably not. but in many ways, this is a big step. i can't tell you how many times the phone in my office has wrung and the people think, compromise, compromise with what? for the last four years, we didn't have a senate budget. it's hard to compromise if you are negotiating with yourself and that would be the republicans in the house. so in many ways, this is a big step, the two budgets of light years apart. but at least we now have the bench marks for each side and what their visions of gfg actually looks like. >> congressman engle to that point, let's talk about the senate budget for now. it passed there. it doesn't ever talk about balancing the budget, it says, you know, we have more immediate
9:34 am
concerns. we are not going to have that as a goal, is that something as more thans that we should be okay with? >> i unbelievable balancing the budget. i believe you cannot do it overnight. tell take sometime to get there. but it should be a goal. what the budget, the senate budget is saying is that we have to -- take care of pressing concerns right now. but i think a combination of taking care of the pressing concerns right now and moving to balance our budget is something that the american people are looking for and i agree with my colleague, people want compromise. we need to give it to them >> shannon: congressman, the houses budget including repealing the health care law and it's about giving tax broadcasts to the wealthiest of americans, how do you defend it? >> i think that part is rhetorical. because it actually has woven in there, a dramatic improvement in our tax code. the reality is that we have to
9:35 am
spur economic growth if we are going to grind ourselves out of this debt and deficit. so we need a broader base without the lobbyist created gimmicks in the tax code. that's woven into the house budget. look, in you want to continue to borrow massive amounts of money, at some point here, we are going to be punished by the debt market. and for the senate to have produced a budget that doesn't sort of ever, ever come into balance, it actually creates a real danger point for us sometime in the future of a spike in interest rates. that's why it's so important to tell the world and the debt market that we have a plan, how we are going to start to bend this debt curve. >> shannon: all right. great to have you both today for a very friendly discussion. i believe you both complimented each other as well. so thank you both. >> have a blessed easter. >> arthel: you too. government regulations sent john
9:36 am
stossel over the edge. he calls it a green tyranny. he will explain it after the break. and it's an easter egg hunt but with eggs-stravagant, grownup prizes. >> i thought it was so great to do and why don't they have one for grownups in and they did. [ buzzer ]
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9:41 am
in the past, 90 days, the federal government has posted 6,400 newly proposed federal regulations on its web site. years ago, the federal reg riewlgzs -- regulations forced new york to clean up the hudson river and that got john stossel to take the plunge. noting something we are advocat. but there are many other regutions that john stossel calls green tyranny. the latest edition of his show, stossel. and the author of "no, they can't," which come out in paperbook on tuesday. what is green tyranny? >> reporter: green tyranny is what they have done since they cleaned up the hudson. we libertarians say the free market will take care of everything. but it won't. one thing it won't take care of is the environment. the founders didn't think about
9:42 am
protecting the environment. there is no market incent testify behave l. my air pollution goes to your lung. my sewage goes to your drinking water. so the epa, smartly, passed rules requiring new york to clean up the hudson, requiring every city to treat its sewage and to clean up the air. we used to -- when i was younger, not be able to open the windows in new york city because soot would come in. they did that and spent several hundred million. o dollarsch they could have said stick a fork in it, it's done. they could have cut back. but government never cuts back. buso now they claim that all of these terrible things are happening and government has to rescue us. that's a clip from the show. capitalists may kill these... capitalists may kill these cute little animals. and our emissions threaten all of earth. devastating worldwide climate
9:43 am
change is happening. but! >> amazing! >> reporter: celebrities and politicians have solutions. these cool people own electric and hybrid cars. >> the first prius i ever owned. >> reporter: my mayor wants to ban styrofoam cups. >> i think it's something we do without. >> styrofoam. >> styrofoam is horrible for the environment. >> i think styrofoam should be decreased clout the world. it would help the environment a lot if woo could do paper. >> i think he should let people do what they want. >> i think he should take his nose out of rve's business. >> what's next? >> reporter: in the name of protecting earkt, we have green tyranny. it keeps going on. when your congressmen talk about the public wants us to compromise more -- that scares me because i think that means they both reach into your pocket, both pass more
9:44 am
regulations. >> shannon: well, we know they all come with a price tag and the president has told federal agencies, listen, when you pump out a new federal regulation, you have to do a cost/benefit analysis and a lot of them say there is no way to put a price tag on it. that should concern us all, john. >> reporter: it keeps growing, as you said. in 90 days, they have added 6,000 new rules and they are talking about getting more surfure out of the gas for a minuscule improvement that will raise the proos of gas. i like the endangered species act, but now there is an expression, shoot, shovel and shut up because if you find an endangered species on your land and you tell the authorities, your life could be wrecked. >> shannon: in california, a hospital needs to be built but it can't because of a ferry shrimp. good luck on tuesday. >> reporter: thank you.
9:45 am
church, synagogues and all kinds of houses of worship destroyed by super storm sandy have been forced to put rebuilding on hold while they wait for help. next, why they are being denied the help from fema. and a special easter message from the cardinal. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs
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9:49 am
>> easter is also a reminder of hope. there is always hope, individually, collectively, societyally, we should never give up hope that we can make things better. >> super storm sandy devastated hundreds of churches, synagogues and mosques in new jersey and new york. after the devastation, many are still struggling to recover and it won't be getting help from people a. policy prohibits the agency from giving outright grant, over concerns of separation of church and state. but that has been overrid nen previous cases. i sat down with daniel blomberg to talk about the fight to get funding for the devastations congregations. this is an issue for primarily houses of worship.
9:50 am
they are not getting aid. why not? >> fema has decided that the establishment clause gives them a license to discriminate against church, synagogues and mosques and they are wrong, just wrong. it's about time to get that fixed. >> shannon: there is an effort on the hill to close this issue up, so the houses of worship can get the funding they need. they were devastated like many other places, zoos, museums, we know are getting funds. but specifically if there is a religious tie, there seemeds to be a blockade. >> there is a bill with overwhelming support. in five days, it was two-thirds of the house agreed to support it and pass and it went in the senate, where it has been languishingorf a month t. took a month to get it assigned to a committee and it has been in the committee two weeks with nothing happening that we know of. >> shannon: they are on break, currently. what do you expect will ha? has there been a public call for
9:51 am
help? >> we are trying to make sure that the september understands, the senate understands very clearly that the constitution is no impediment to passing this law. in fact, the constitution encourages the senate to fix this problem that's been around for too long now. >> shannon: let's talk about this in the past. what has fema done with other large-scale disasters to hoss of worship. >> many times, the federal government has pride provided support for churches that need repair. the old north church in boston, the church that started the midnight ride of paul revere with the lantern, one if by land and two if by sea. ebenezer baptist in atlanta, where martin luther king jr. preached. they have received funding for repair needs there. unfortunately, fema has tried to carve out an exception here. they say, we are going to allow community centers to receive funding. but we won't allow churches, which often act as community centers because you are
9:52 am
religious. that's the only reason we won't let you get in line to have access to emergency relief. >> arthel: >> shannon: it's been several months, how are the houses of worship operating? >> temple in new york was hit bia 15-foot storm surge. all saints church, built in the 1800s by ship builders has a sinkhole for a sanctuary. they having to scramble to repair in the midst of devastation in the entire community. so things are very difficult. >> shannon: i would think a lot of houses of worship are serving as a place where they want to be serving others, people who are suffer -- recovering recovering. it is the gathering place of their community f. they can't be there to help others and hold services, how are they faring? are they having fund-raisers or other ways to try to put the houses back together? >> they are. they are doing a lot of things. and fema says, get your private insurance fraise -- have a bake sale, but don't come to us. don't talk to us.
9:53 am
you have over 200 churches affected by this. the federal government's saying we are going to discriminate against you because you are religious. that's wrong. >> shannon: do you think you will prevail? >> i do. i think the american people are mind this and the constitution's behind this. it has received broad and widespread bipartisan support in the senate and as i mentioned earlier in the house. so, yes, i think this will be successful. and it certainly should be. >> shannon: as they return to work, we will keep an eye on the senators and keep us updated? >> thank you, shannon. i will. >> shannon: thank you. in the next hour, we will take you around the world and show you how christians everywhere are celebrating easter. hundreds of cities use red-light cameras to catch minor offenders. but they could be used to investigate more serious crimes. or is that too big brother? we will take a look, next.
9:54 am
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tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> shannon: more than 530 american cities and towns use red light cameras to ticket drive ers but some lawmakers want to use them to investigate other crimes like murder. dan springer has more. >> reporter: when 21-year-old nicole westbrook was gunned
9:58 am
down in seattle an apartment security camera caught the side shot of this car. police wanted to look at a red see if they could get a license plate but state law prohibits that. >> it can make sure that we get some of the most dangerous criminals off the streets. >> police and prosecutors are backing a bill that would allow lawen forcement to use footage from cameras as long as it is a criminal case and they have a signed search warrant. the american civil liberties union opposes. >> they were put up with clear understanding to the public this could just be for traffic enforcement. there was a lot of concern that we not the start building the infrastructure of a surveillance society. >> it 25 states have red light cameras. five made them for traffic enforcement only. in the others the cameras have been used to bust criminals
9:59 am
including a cattle wrestler in florida, a car thief in colorado and a hit-and-run killer in arizona. prosecutors say the right to privacy is not being violated. >> once you walk out of your door and walk down the sidewalk you lose that expectation of privacy and that has been the case by definition. the things you do in public are not private. >> reporter: but washingtonians have been weary of big brother. there is an outcry of waterfront surveillance cameras and the mayor shot down the use of two drones. >> the cameras are popping up on the waterfront and the drone issue and talk about the red light cameras finding crimes and where does it end? >> reporter: supporters of using the speed camera and red light cameras to solve crimes say for more eyes on the public the better. critics say that is getting close to the vision of george orwell notificational novel, a golf is a sees all and knows
10:00 am
way too much. dan springer, fox news. >> shannon: all around the world christians are celebrating easter is sunday. pope francis called for peace and made a plea for the end of selfishness. as more than 250,000 jammed into st. peter's square to here his message on this holiest of christian days. i'm shannon bream. happy easter. hour number two of america's news headquarters starts right now. first to texas where investigators are searching for clues after a county district attorney and his wife were gunned down in their home. their deaths come two months after an assistant district attorney in the same county was is shot to death. rick is live with the latest on the case. hello, rick. >> reporter: texas authorities were scheduled to hold a news conference a couple of hours ago and it was pushed to 2:00 p.m. eastern. local police have been joined by texas rangers, the fbi and other federal agents working to solve the murders of kaufman county d.a. mike mcclellan and
10:01 am
his wife cynthia. a neighbor says sheriff's deputies had been parked in the driveway for about a month after one of his assistants was gunned down but police were not there saturday. the town mayor are says it appears there was not a random act and the police chief says he has to assume the latest murders are linked to the death of county assistant d.a. who was shot to death in a parking lot a block from his office on january 31. mike mcclellan was front and center on the day that the assistant was killed, calling the killers couple. scum. >> i hope that the people did this were watching because we are confident that we will find you. we will pull you you out of whatever hole you are in and we will bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest
10:02 am
extent of the law. >> reporter: he and his wife survived by five children including a son who is a police officer in dallas. there are questions whether mcclelland's death is connected to the murder of the chief of the colorado department of corrections. he was shot when answered his door march 19. his killer was killed in a shootout with deputies a couple of days later. about 00 miles from kaufman. we will bring you an update when the news conference gets underway, shannon. >> shannon: tomorrow, a district attorney in colorado will announce whether he will seek the death penalty against the accused aurora theater shooter. he offered to plead guilty and serve life in prison to avoid a possible death sentence but prosecutors rejected the deal saying the defense hadn't presented the documents required to show it is actually serious. holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens of others in a colorado movie theater last year.
10:03 am
>> one thing that is different now is the fact that we had 20 first graders murdered in a classroom along with six educators. i mean that is unacceptable and the american people want something done on this. 92% of americans is support a universal background check and 74% of nra members. i would hope at some point that the leadership of the nra with list tonight the membership on this issue. >> shannon: that was mark kelly husband of former congress woman gabrielle giffords who was shot in arizona. after months of debate the senate is ready to take on gun control legislation but it won't include a weapons ban that dianne feinstein has been fighting for. chris stirewalt, happy easter. >> happy easter to you. >> my blood sugar is so high that if i seem to be fading
10:04 am
during the segment don't worry about it. >> shannon: i will give you more chocolate. >> a peep. >> shannon: we heard mark kelly talking about the high numbers for universal background checks. criminals aren't going to get background checks. nobody is going to stop you on the street and say i will buy this gun from you but first let's check with the fbi. >> not much of what has been proposed would address what happened in newtown. for people in favor of gun control any time a horrific crime is committed with a gun this is an opportunity to revive the discussion. what the n.r.a. is tacking about is an integration of mental health records with the background check records and when kelly talks about what is different now. people have always generally supported the idea of universal background checks. but what it is means something different to everybody. the n.r.a. has a very different
10:05 am
threshold for what they think is acceptable versus what gun control advocates like mr. kelly do. >> shannon: and if you are talking about then keeping records of gun purchases which people feel like universal background check records you going purchase a gun and is that record going to be kept some where and what will the government do with it and that sparks a whole different conversation. >> the way is stands now is that background checks that are conducted no record is kept. they don't have to provide the records and are not asked to provide them to federal authorities. the background check is conducted and then the records are destroyed. what democrats and gun control advocates want to do is create a national registry for all new gun purchases. that is something that people who are second amendment enthusiasts don't like. they think that is not okay. >> shannon: the issue of mental health keeps coming up in conversations it is generally not available in the background check system and doesn't go there. in my previous life when i was
10:06 am
a labor and employment relations attorney, there is the hppa law that restricts medical information that can be shared and that puts limits on what doctors can tell any one outside the patient and whoever the patient authorizes. how is this going to work to get mental health information into the system. >> not just patient privacy which of course, as you know dawned in the 1990s. also has to do with the move against institutionalization and the move against people being committed against their will from the 1970s. so we have a lot -- we spent a long time protecting people with mental health issues from things but how do you you call those people out of the universe of those able to have guns. in the case of the gentleman, the young man in newtown, connecticut, yes, maybe an integrated background check system might have screened him out from a purchase but he didn't purchase a gun. >> shannon: he stole the gun.
10:07 am
>> he took the guns from his mom. in other cases certainly the aurora shooting that you were just talking about and perhaps at virginia tech there would have been the possibility that anent greated background check model but think about the one with jared loffner where he is charged with the gabby giffords shooting. people knew that he had serious problems but nobody moved to commit him. it is not just the privacy stuff. the thing that we have a societyial bias against committing people against their will. >> shannon: in newtown there was a conversation about getting something done. the president has spoken repeatedly and again this week about getting something done. do you feel that as -- especially key democrats who would be key votes here who have been n.r.a. supporters and rated highly by the n.r.a. in the past as the immediate heat from that incident horrific as it was cools down a bit they are going to be thinking about political calculations? >> it didn't take that long for
10:08 am
people to be thinking about political calculations. this is washington. the truth is, though, that what has been proposed i mean if you think about the central thing, the first thing that was proposed it was not something new innovative for bipartisan. it was a resources rex o resure 1994 legislation. what is interesting is background checks changing and expanding background checks is the only thing that has any currency left and if president obama, mayor bloomberg and other enthusiasts for gun control, people who would like to clamp down on people's access to guns if they stay on that point and push there they may lose their opportunity to do something that has never happened before which is to upgrade the system for background checks on mental health because that is going to be hard enough. >> shannon: we will keep an eye on it. happy easter and i think there is more candy and cookies for you on the way out. see you tomorrow morning 11:30 a.m. on power play.
10:09 am
>> that's accurate. >> shannon: we asked you you should teachers be able to carry firearms in the classroom if they have been properly trained and certified and you have weighed in in probably the biggest volume i have seen any of the twitter questions. tyson writes if someone cannot be trusted with a firearm in school they do not need to be teaching children. another view youer writes it would scare the kids and take attention away from school. better to have well trained professional security at the school. that is hot le debated as well. we 8 have a fair and balanced discussion about this coming up later in the hour and then, of course, read more of your responses. thanks for tweeting in. senator marco rubio says reports the gang of eight have reached agreement are premature. he is encouraged by progress but the bipartisan group of senators still has work to do. an eventual agreement will only be what he calls a starting point. rubio says it has to be put up for public debeat an debate. border governors say they are
10:10 am
alarmed by the lack of information from the obama administration about thousands of illegal immigrants released because of sequester budget cuts. that was a month and a half ago and there are still no answers. arizona governor jan brewer said she refuses to give up you her pursuit of information. >> they ought to be working with us so we can protect and know what is going on in our state. improperly executed i might say. and we have seen this at the administration. they just arbitrarily move about and do things and we find out sometimes, a lot of times in the news. >> shannon: 342 illegal immigrants released in arizona and at least 2,000 released nationwide. it is the holiest of days from the christian faithful. from st. peter's square to the holyland, christians are gathering to celebrate easter. conor pow you wel powell is lin
10:11 am
jerusalem. >> reporter: the pope called for an end to violence and conflict around the world praying is specifically for peace on the korean peninsula. asking for a renewed sense of is spirit and reconciliation there. it is estimated some 250,000 people were on hand in st. peter's square in rome to hear pope francis speak. francis has placed a special emphasis on helping the poor and those in need and tried to present a more humble church. and breaking with catholic tradition on thursday he washed the feet of both men and women during the holy thursday service. he also prayed today for those suffering in syria and here in the holy land. meanwhile, protestants and catholics celebrated easter in jerusalem with services. the site where christians believe jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. in iraq, catholics flocked the churches amid tight security. some 200 or so catholics went to mass at saint joseph's
10:12 am
church in baghdad, shannon. >> shannon: in the short time as pontiff, pope francis made strong statements about how he plans to lead the catholic church. father jonathan morris joins us to talk about that. father, happy easter to you. >> thank you. likewise. >> what do you make of any time there is a new pontiff, of course, in the beginning there is so much focus and attention on every word he says, every action he tables and h takes an bold it looks like in what he wants to communicate. >> he has been bold but also about the simplest and deepest of things. i was in st. peter's square for example when gave his first sunday address. i was with my nephew just 13 years old and he that is the pope gave this off the cuff explanation of the gospel parable of the prodigal son and
10:13 am
he said the message of the gospel is simple. god never gets tired of forgiving us but sometimes get tired of asking for forgiveness. he said just keep asking for forgiveness. start over. i think that is what he has been doing. he has been saying as conor mentioned in the report before this get back to the basics and not just present a humbler church but for the church that means all of us to o be humbler. bold words but bold in their simplicity. >> shannon: and the message has been streamlined in asking people to come back and at least give a chance to being in church and for god's forgiveness. what do you think h should be the overall message to easter to those who celebrate it and those who may not? >> somebody wrote on my facebook page today i asked on twitter and facebook how would you give the message of easter in 20 words or less and someone wrote this beautiful thing.
10:14 am
he said something is worth as much as any one is willing to pay for it. and we he believe in the christian faith that god paid the ultimate price for you and for me. that is he gave up his only son. that he was willing, god willing to become man in order that we might have a chance at eternal life as well. that is the ultimate price and what that is saying to us is that we are worth that ultimate payment and i think that is the message of easter. and you know, just in my church shannon in lower manhattan last night i was so inspired. this is in soho, maybe one of the most secular areas in the country 23 young adults in their 20s came back to the faith. a faith at many whose parents are not even living. i think there is a new spirit of openness not only to spirituality but doing something about the spirituality. getting connected with god and beginning to ask for forgiveness and start again.
10:15 am
>> shannon: with so manynd pold religious conversations being entwined so many hot buttonnish are shoes thesissues these dayo think it is making people take a stand when it comes to religious tree dom and being able to celebrate that in this country? >> you follow the supreme court so closely and you are very aah wear that decisions of governmenters political decisions or decisions of judges actually affect culture and i believe that if we in our country decide that religious liberty, being able to practice my religion without any hindrance from government or somebody else, if we allow that to go by the wayside. we have been talking about the hhs mandate over the last months and year. but there is going to be many other things if we decide that we are going to allow the government to take more and more control and say you know what, this is a value that we all want to believe in and anybody who doesn't believe in it can't continue to live in our society freely we are in
10:16 am
big trouble. >> shannon: a scary thought. father, thank you for spending time with us on easter. >> thanks. happy easter. thanks shannon. >> shannon: president obama and the first family celebrated east ever sunday at church today. you see them in their easter finest there. the first family attending services at st. john's episcopal church a short walk across the street from the white house. the president called out happy easter as they walked by. the girls had on their easter finery. sasha wore a pink and black dress and mallia a black and white dress. >> shannon: up next, another chanter in our new fox series what to caught. wcut. we will look at cushy government jobs that are costing you the taxpayer a whole lot. an easter icon may be endangered. new efforts to make sure that peter cottontail keeps on hopping down the bunny trail. ♪ what you you hear is not a
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>> shannon: is an easter favorite facing extention? peter cotton trail may be running out of trails to hop down.
10:21 am
where they are hanging out a disappearing and that could lead to the extinction of the animals. u.s. wildlife working to improve conservation and restore the rabbit's natural habitat. for several days fox news has been look at the small but frustrating government expense. how complicated and expensive it is to fire a federal employee. >> reporter: working for the federal government traditionally meant a tradeoff, lower salaries but you high job security. today salaries are high and so is job security. one analysis found the federal government fired only one half of one percent. five times fewer than the private sector. >> president carter decided he would revamp the civil service process. no one talked to him much after that in the federal agencies. it is extremely difficult to fire any one in any agency
10:22 am
unless you are sitting in a hot tub with a wine glass and you are in charge of the gsa regional office in the midwest. >> reporter: civil service regulations permitted him to retire with benefits. another gold sa executive who was fired was reinstated with 11 months back pay. then there was the case of an employee whos reprimanded for what supervisors called excessive flatulence. five pages documenting 61 in fractions cat that logged over six months. last january, after all that, the reprimand was withdrawn. the three cases demonstrate the cumbersome process of discipline in the federal government. >> you can't manage an organization if you can't control who works and who doesn't because of the office of personnel management rules and also the union contracts. >> reporter: but the existing is system has no shortage of support. >> they are the best educated
10:23 am
public work force in the united states. and they tend to be specialized. could go tople who cosimo to the private sector and earn more money. >> back in the past and unfortunately also recently, political reasons played a large role in who got hired and fired in federal government. and often when a new president would come in absolutely everyone would be fired. >> the broader point here is public employees deserve a due process the way other employees do. about we don't want to have a protected class. otherwise, you have got a disconnect there that can only lead to hostility. >> reporter: now, for the first time the sequester is forcing hard choices. some federal worker letts be furloughed and agencies will be forced to cut back. >> i think it is an opportunity for government to it really look at its operations because it has -- the wolf can't be kept from the door. >> shannon: thanks to doug for fileing that report.
10:24 am
senator tom coburn wrote the office of personnel management demanding before any critical worker is furloughed they should first target workers who are "literally paid to do something or do not show up for work." during a 7 year period the government lost nearly 9,000 years of work as a result of awoled federal elemployees. >> should teachers be allowed to carry guns in school if trained to do so and properly licensed? a hot topic of discussion on the twitter feed all day. coming up after the break we will have a fair and balanced debate on that very issue. the new guy is loaded with protein! i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure! nutrition in charge!
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>> shannon: time for a look at some of your headlines. hundreds of people in oklahoma are being tested for hiv and hepatitis after possibly being
10:29 am
exposed by their dentist. 7,000 patients who had seen dr. scott harrington got letters telling them they needed to get tested. inspectors found several violations including rusty instruments and contaminated drugs. nelson mandella is still in the hospital today. the 94-year-old is reportedly being treated for recurrence of pneumonia. he is said to be responding well treatment. the white house easter egg roll is on tomorrow despite worries it could have been canceled by budget cuts. more than 30,000 tickets were passed out for the event. washington is expected to have great weather for the event with temperatures in the mid 60s. in light of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary, many schools are taking a tough look at safety policies. one school district in texas getting a lot of attention for voting to let teachers carry guns in the classroom. will it keep students safe or put them further into harm's
10:30 am
way. here for a fair and balanced debate our constitutional attorney and radio show host mark levine and radio show host chris post. >> they had hearings and a community group that included law enforcement officers and parents. they voted for it. it will not be every teacher. it will be some teachers that they authorized. a good idea or bad idea? >> a bad idea. i want educators to educate. i remember teachers where sometimes a kid would try to stick a tack in their chair. first of all, i want to know where the guns will be kept? in a locked filing cabinet. a good friend of mine is a teacher in new orleans and she had her cabinet broken into and they stole her computer. or on their person? that is more scary to me. kids pass notes behind teacher's back. if a gun is sticking out there i think that will be a real incentive for kids to play
10:31 am
tricks and try to grab the gun. >> should they be gun free stones. >> we have seen what gun free he zones do. sandy hook and virginia tech was a gun free zone. the aurora colorado movie theater was a gun free zone. i don't know how much times we realize that we should declare banks to be gun free zones so nobody robs them. it is obvious that gun free zones don't work. a lot of states moved beyond the debate in washington to the common sense conclusion which is the wayne la pierre are conclusion that the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. and you are suggesting that the kids are going to be grabbing the guns and shooting the place up. >> no, i'm saying it f. you have a 7th grader and a teacher with their back to the kid and the gun sticking out i think that is a temptation for
10:32 am
kids. it doesn't have to be a gun free zone. there is a compromise in between. i'm okay with security guards having guns. they are trained to look out and not looking to educate. they have things to do. i think you can stop a bad guy with a gun without a good guy with a gun. one reason is background checks. you say insane people shouldn't have guns. wayne la pierre used to is support them and now he is against him. >> i know you can't give out a lot of mental illness information. how you will that end up in the background system. >> in some casey anthonys adjudicated >> shannon: what about the cases never adjudicated? how does it work? >> where you you set the threshold for mental illness is complicated given the number of people. and kids are med kateed these days in record numbers. amazing how many people have
10:33 am
some contact with the mental health system. it does have to be something adjudicated. back to the idea that kids will be grabbing guns from teachers. >> a kid can grab a piece of candy from teacher. >> if you get firearms training you don't walk around with your gun sticking out your back and turn your back to people. you are trained for such things. if you are fine with a security guard with a again you you should be fine with a teacher administrator who volunteers. different people carry guns in different places. >> if a principal has a locked rifle in the safe. >> they should have them locked in the trucks of the car where they are conveniently located so you can say hang on a minute so i can get my. it is like barney feif with one bull let. >> where would you have them carry the gun? >> there are are who will terrorist attacks generally inside the beltline.
10:34 am
with women it is different. >> will the children know that the gun is there? >> the best coon sealed carry is a carry that is concealed. >> shannon: in some of the school districts in texas they elected not to do this but several have. in some of the cases have is an issue of being in a rural area where the response time is 20 or 30 minutes. would that sway you at all? >> you could have a security guard or police officer there's. i'm maybe okay with the principal and lock it up in the office and the teacher sounds an alarm and the principal or someone with training comes running. the idea of a teacher carrying on their person a gun. kids play pranks and 5th and 6th graders don't necessarily know better. kids get killed every day with guns with accidents. even in columbine an armed guard wasn't able to stop the shooters. >> and police can't stop every crime but a solution to the problem rather than declaring things to be gun free zones. i'm glad to hear that you moved
10:35 am
over because you are where i am on this and now we are just haggling over the details. you are fine with a police officer or security guard or principal. i had some teachers that would kick both of our butts, justin ramp in high school. >> i had some elderly teachers that i wouldn't want to have a gun frankly. >> ms. sheehan isn't going to be the one that volunteers to carry the gun at the school, justin ramp is. we are haggling over the details now because you are fine with responsible adults having guns in schools in order to keep the children safe. the rest is in the details. and most people what is it a third of the states now are -- >> shannon: we have to wrap up. >> background checks kept a million people shouldn't have guns from owning guns. that is the solution. >> reasonable background checks are perfectly fine. >> glad you disagree with the n.a. on that. >> they aren't against background checks. >> shannon: we have to let it go. i think it is more what happens with the background checks and recording purchases. you guys are going to hug, i
10:36 am
know, when you leave here. we love it. we have been asking at home and you have been just as heated on arming teachers. writes this. somebody should be packing son rehe tal torrey power. big dog says no but there should be a police officer at each school. another viewer writes that they have mixed feelings. i have guns and want students safe but i'm not sure an armed teacher is best. mike says, yes, he, teachers and other school employees with proper training should be allowed to but not forced. thank you so much for sharing. you sound like the debate we had here are. a mom slaps someone else's child. details on a case that landed a woman in jail. a look at murder the at the supreme court.
10:37 am
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>> shannon: officials in arkansas monitoring an incident in the town of russellville. this was an industrial accident at the nuclear one plant. health says itof heck says it happened in a nonradiation area and there is no risk to the public health and safety. >> shannon: every year thousand is of cases are appealed to the supreme court and though only a tiny fran fraction are heard eh has a fascinating back story. that new book titled murder at the supreme court takes a look at historic death penalty cases the justices have wrestled with. i sat down with the coauthors to ask them how they came up with the idea for the book in the first place. >> we decided 20 years ago we wanted to write a book about supreme court cases. we didn't know what kind of a book. it took us awhile to figure it out. >> probably the same format. we would look at the cases that
10:42 am
raised very important legal issues and say there is a story behind this that is truly amazing and my editors would always say well, you have time to do the legal story that is why we sent you out there. i need time for two stories. you getter in five seconds. >> shannon: the rules of television. >> but the stories behind the decisions what happened before the crime, after the crime, after the supreme court's decision. in so many cases they just blow you away. >> shannon: and death penalty cases. and the court has looked at this many, many times. issues of age and mental capacity. what did you find most fascinating in sort weeding through the cases? >> going backwards we take you from the crime scene to the resolution of the case. in 1946 a case involving a defendant named francis in laz. louisiana. he was electrocuted but it didn't work.
10:43 am
in louisiana they had a traveling electric chair. they would bring the school kids to look at it. they would take it inside the courthouse and eastbound cute the condemned. they threw the switch on francis and the executionary said goodbye willie but he didn't go anywhere. there was sparks and smoke. he was 17 at the time. that went to the supreme court on the issue of is it cruel and unusual punishment. >> double jeopardy. >> to electrocute a guy twice. the court resolved it against him and said it was accidental. justice frankfor ther who voted for the execution went behind sort of behind the scenes to a friend in louisiana and louisiana bar to try and stop the execution. he thought it would be a travesty. it didn't work. willie was executed. >> shannon: he was ultimately execute. >> and brings up appoint that the justices sometimes vote to
10:44 am
uphold the death sentences even though they are personally opposed to capital punishment. supreme court justices maybe more than anybody else in public life have to hold their nose when they do the work. they may not like the result but they are bound to follow the law and try to do that. >> shannon: did you get a sense from all that you covered up to this point where the court goes next on the issue of the death penalty? >> they are sharply divided and some of martin's research shows they were divided way back when and still divided today. there is no real momentum in the united states supreme court to do away with capital punishment. we are seeing momentum in the states. we have 1500 homicides a year but only find about 40 death sentences. what does that mean? or 40 executions. i think the states are taking another look at it. and enough states do away with it, maryland did away with it, i think supreme court might weigh in and say not it that it is cruel and unusual per se but
10:45 am
you that we are incapability of implementing it in a rational way and must go. quite a ways down the road. >> shannon: and we have seen limits where they were talking about ages or methodologies that are used. there have been some limits. anything that surprised you that you didn't know before you started this research? >> i think it was the human factor. i have always seen supreme court justices as most lay people have sitting up on the bench in robes and sort of got the sense that these people were above us. they are human beings as we are and they drink their coffee the way we do and agonize over decisions the way we do. >> this book doesn't help you decide the question. we thought maybe it would but it only illustrates how difficult the question is and i think it helps you understand the question. i also think in a way with issues like this that is the role of journalists not to have the answer but to make sure people understand the question. >> shannon: and they will get a lot of good story ares along
10:46 am
with that. all the best with the book. thank you. >> thank you you very much. >> shannon: a south carolina mom was arrested after police say she slapped someone else's child. according to investigators the mom walked into a middle school in sparta spartanburg to pick r son who had been suspended. she slapped the first boy she saw and it wasn't her son. that boy was waiting for his parents to pick him up because he was sick. the mom immediately realized her mistake and went and found her son and knocked him to the ground. she was arrested and charged with disturbing school and assault and battery. a senator live tweets an incident on the border. one of our most clicked stories. we will tell you what happened and share some other popular stories online. tax day is just two weeks away. don't fret. brenda buttner is here to answer your toughest tax questions. [ male announcer ] you kn that guy
10:47 am
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>> shannon: an army veteran shot four times in afghanistan says he was kicked out of a mall for using a segue. that is one of our most clicked stories. elizabeth prann in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: he was riding the device through the mall when the security guard stopped him and told him to leave. he suffers from chronic nerve
10:51 am
pain and needs it to walk long distances. the veteran's affairs office is looking into the incident. a controversial program in arizona that arms residents in high crime neighborhoods for free. a former tuscan mayorial candidate is handing out free shotguns for residents who want them because he believes it will help increase public safety. the new gun owners have to pass a background check and go through training. a woman from mexico was arrested in arizona after she to hop the fence in front of four u.s. senators. senator john mccain live tweeted the incident saying it is "another reminder that threats to border security are real. he was visiting with four fellow senators. for more of the stories and others log on to shannon, back to you. >> shannon: a thank you, elizabeth. are you looking for are a job where being lazy is expected? one finish hotel may have just the spot for you. they are looking for someone to be a professional sleeper. the job requires trying out 35
10:52 am
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10:53 am
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10:54 am
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>> shannon: an update on the incident at that nuclear power plant in arkansas we have been telling you about. the utility company says one person has died and three others injured. the arkansas department of health says the incident happened in a nonradiation area and that there is currently no risk to the public health or safety. ♪ take a look at this cuteee. luna the polar bear making her public debut this weekend at the buffalo zoo. for no the four month old cub will be roaming the grounds of the habitat for an hour each day. luna will spend more time outside as she gets a little older. she will get some company, too. an orphan polar bear who is having trouble standing up is currently living at the alaska zoo and will be joining luna in buffalo this spring. cuteness overled.
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