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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 31, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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spit in his face. that is now under investigation. we'll keep an eye on it and hope for the best. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers happy easter. north korea vows today that nuclear weapons are close to the nation's life and won't be trade forward billions of dollars. more on the tension on the owner peninsula. >> gregg: mark kelly, gabrielle giffords's husband, speaking out on fox news sunday, why he and nra are in agreement about a key
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way to move forward and prevent tragedies such as that what happened to his wife. >> heather: and pope francis celebrates the first easter mass offering a message of peace on this world on this day holiest day in christianity. >> gregg: new details on the texas district attorney and his wife who were both gunned down last night. the d.a. and his wife were found dead inside of their home. two months after one of his assistant d.a.s was shot and killed and investigators want to know the killings are linked. rim levanthol has the latest from the new york city newsroom. >> reporter: texas authorities are very tight-lipped during a news conference confirming the d.a. and wife were shot but offering no information who they might be looking for or what may have prompted these murders. it involves local and state and federal agencies processing the crime scene accepting for the
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killer or killers. taking precautions to protect other elected officials. >> it's unnerving to the community at large. that is why we're striving to assure the community that we are still providing public safety and we'll be able to do that. >> reporter: these murders follow the shooting doses of county assistant d.a. mark hassey gunned down a block from his office january 31. on the day he was killed, mike mcclellan who did it -- >> i hope the people that did this is watching because we're very confident that we're going to find you on l you. we're going to pull out whatever hall you are in and bring you back and the people 6th county prosecute you to the fullest
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extent of the law. >> that is was mike mcclellan who was now a rim. he spent 23 years in the army. he is survived by his son. and they wonder if it's connected to the tom clements. he was shot at his door. his killer was killed it on with a shootout a couple days later. that was just a hundred miles where the murders were taken place. random acts of violence or target members of the law enforcement community. authorities are the are trying to answer the questions this month. >> heather: mark kelly sitting down for an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. his wife was gravely wounded in a shooting rampage in tucson. kelly agreed with the nra saying that states must 6 access to mental health records in order
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for background checks to be effective. they absolutely have a pointed. they are right on that issue. we need to encourage states to include the mental health records. at virginia tech, virginia was one of the worst states. after what happened there, they are really good about getting those records to the federal government. i'm encouraging -- i would love to be able to work with the leadership of the nra and work with the united states senate and house to make sure we get the records in the system and close the gun show and private seller loophole like 92% of americans want and 74% of nra members want. >> heather: for more of the exclusive interview, tune into fox news sunday airing at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> gregg: a frightening situation for a whole lot of folks going to the dentist. thousands of patients have been told they may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis after they found unsanitary conditions at a
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doctor's office in tulsa. they have seen long lines of pre-testing. >> there is a range of emotions that people are going through right now. people are upset and anxious. they are upset this could have happened in their dented ist's office. patients enter their dentist office that proper practices are being handled inside. unfortunately, in this case that was not the situation. >> gregg: investigators now say the doctor could face criminal charges. >> heather: immigration reform making some headway on capitol hill. a team of 8 bipartisan senators overcoming a major hurdle which could clear the way for more progress. they are making it clear that the zeal not done yet. national core spent steve centanni has more. >> reporter: in spite of breakthrough, marco rubio says that reports that the
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legislation are finalized are premature. he is one of the gang of eight senators trying to hammer out an agreement. he urged pat leahy that the bill goes through rigorous hearings once introduced. you have said that delay for delay's sake would be mistake and i agree but a lasting solution is more dangerous to the goals that many of us share. others expressed optimism today. >> as senator rubio has said, we will not come to a final agreement until we look at all the legislative language. he is correctly pointed out that hasn't been fully drafted. >> we are much closer with labor and business on this guest worker plan. that doesn't mean we have crossed every i or dotted every t. >> and lindsay graham says we have a deal. the white house is hopeful that
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a spokesman saying this, that the president continues to be encouraged by progress made by the bipartisan group of senators. we look forward to seeing language once it is introduced and expect legislation to move forward. a crucial agreement last week assures guest workers would be paid no less than the media median age in their industry. >> gregg: dr. ben carson withdrawing from the line-up of commencement speaks at john hopkins medical school where he currently works. this after coming under fire for comments he made about gay marriage earlier this week on hannity. here he is on "fox and friends" this morning speaking on the network for the first time since that controversy erupted. >> i don't want to be the focal point of a war on campus, but i would like to encourage people to do is to tone down the rhetoric a little bit. let's sit down and discuss things like intelligent human beings whether than getting into
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corners. as far as my comments on gay marriage, i do believe it is between a man and woman. i'm not going to change that. the fact that some people misinterpret what i said when i came up with examples of scary yialgsz on marriage and relationships -- i don't know a whole lot of different ones -- even now, but the fact of the matter is doesn't mean they are all equal. it simply means there is nobody who gets to change the definition of marriage. >> gregg: the doctor stepped in the limelight when he discussed it at national prayer breck in february. >> heather: we are continuing to following the latest developments out of north korea today as the nation steps up its angry rhetoric saying in a quote state of war with south korea one day after releasing images of dictator kim jong un studying
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a series of charts allegedly containing plans for a strike on the u.s. mainland. elizabeth pran is live. are we hearing from the white house on this? >> we are. white house announcing a legally coast rhetoric and the threats are more of a familiar pattern. new reports of fighter jets are arriving in south korea for joint exercises, latest demonstration meant to deter from pyongyang. they conducted annual air power drills that did include b-2 stealth bombers. chairman spoke about the country's bullying language this morning. >> i wouldn't be that concerned about them in the mainland u.s. right now or even in the u.s. territory. i think the real threat is to what north korea might be boxing itself into. >> reporter: he went on to say there is no purpose to have
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direct talks with the leader and staff comparing them to an organized crime family running the territory. >> heather: so kim jong un he has listed a number of other threats. what else is he demanding? >> reporter: the young leader is threatening to close one of the biggest sources of employment. an industrial park near the demilitarized board. tens of thousands of men and women work every day. it would cripple the country further. he released a statement warning nuclear weapons are the, quote, nation's life and not be trade forward billions of dollars, alluding to the fact it's not a bargaining chip in his newly define state of war with south korea. keep in mind the two countries have technically been at war for decades. korean war ended in a truce back in 1953. >> heather: also, coming up later this hour, we take a closer look of the threats
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coming out of north korea and we're going to assess their current ability to carry out a real attack. >> gregg: pope francis delivering his first easter message in front of a huge crowd of quarter million people packing into the square to listen to him talk. conner powell has more from the jerusalem bureau. >> pope francis used the easter to call peace in the world praying for peace on the korean peninsula and urging both sides a spirit of reconciliation. an estimated 250,000 people to hear the pope speak. since being elected just three weeks ago, francis has played a special emphasis on helping the poor and those need. washing the feet of both men and women during the homely service. he had praise for suffering in
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syria and part of the holy land. catholics celebrated easter n at jerusalem at the site where jesus contrast quisfied. and christians in iraq flocked to churches under tight security. >> gregg: conner, thanks. >> heather: first family attending st. john'spiss could poll church. president obama greeted supporters as he walked inside this morning. >> heather: the reverend delivering a sermon, an easter sermon with readings from exodus and romans. >> gregg: we didn't wear easter ties today. >> heather: we are patriotic easter. >> gregg: one year ago president
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obama jobs acted into lawsuit -- you don't remember that? how is that working out? the surprise answer for you coming up. >> heather: and while the u.s. space program gathers dust, china prepares to launch the new shuttle. where their astronauts are going. >> gregg: and a religious man is suing claiming he should have a right to own some controversial weapons. you may be surprised where he is thinking about hiding them coming up. >> this is very restrictive to my religious beliefs. the assault rifle and semi-automatic pistol that houses magazine with ten or more rounds would be essential in today's society. victor! i got your campbell's chunky soup. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans.
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>>. >> heather: time for a quick check of the headlines, doctors are saying south africa leader nelson mandela's condition has improved. he has been treated for pneumonia is spending a fourth day in the hospital. conservatives of world-renowned surgeon ben carson saying he is willing to withdraw at speaker
1:18 pm
of john hopkins medical school. this after students and teachers to oust him as speaker following some remarks he made about same-sex marriage. china arriving at launch center today. shuttle will carry three astronauts. it's scheduled to blast off some sometime this summer for china's first orbiting space laboratory. >> gregg: it's been one year since president obama launched a plan for job creation. business start up apps was fast tracked but now there are concerns that it blazed through washington nobody noticed any flaws. brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears", so were there flaws? >> yes. there were flaws. it went really fast and nobody has any measure, did it create jobs? they just love the name.
1:19 pm
was a great thing. first thing, it allows hedge funds basically to market email and internet, facebook to more unsophisticated investors. they haven't been able to do that up to this point. it has a thing called crowd funding which mean that people could be the target of bogus internet scams or frauds. they think as small investors buy a part of company. there is some fear that is also a problem. it also temporarily allows some smaller firms to skirt accounting or disclosure rules when they are going public. the idea is let these small companies go public and they will create jobs, but there is no empirical evidence that happens just because something goes public. >> gregg: did anything good happen out of it? >> well, it showed some bipartisan abilities in
1:20 pm
washington which is very rare. to be fair, it's -- we can't judge it at this point. if it was designed for companies to go public to be able to sell stock and raise money, it takes a year for a company to have an ipo. we would be seeing it in the upcoming months. >> to jumpstart up business act, the ability to tell whether it works or not? >> yes, exactly. it's kind of like obamacare. they said you'll find about it after we do it. it's kind of what happened here. the only difference that both sides have a stake in this. it's near an election and they had to do something. >> gregg: what about $867 billion stimulus act that occurred immediately after president obama took office. she championed it. it was his stimulus. economists like john taylor at
1:21 pm
hoover institution at stanford, it's going to jumpstart the economy. it will kick something. you throw $867 billion into the economy and not have an effect but in the long run could do more damage? >> it comes down to a very basic economic disagreement. some people think government can create jobs. in economics you learn that if government creates jobs, government spends money, it is crowding out the private sector. in some cases, a small amount of stimulus in a bad recession can work, but on this order, we did not see the unemployment or the underemployment rate drop considerably. >> gregg: unemployment has come down. >> it has come down but people have dropped out of the work force and underemployment is still high. >> gregg: which means want? >> people that take part-time jobs, people that drop out of the work force.
1:22 pm
yes, they don't see any jobs out there so they won't be looking. >> gregg: is that figure still 22-23 million? >> people are unemployed. the figure is 14 left hand 15% unemployed of that under employment which we look at. frig big number comes out. jobs are being created and government is getting rid of jobs. so the private sector is creating jobs but not on the level. >> gregg: 22 million americans is still a big number. brenda, thanks very much. >> gregg: you can catch more of brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: coming up, as the suspected gunman in the colorado movie massacre gets closer to trial a look at new signs that prosecutors may be preparing to can see the death penalty. >> gregg: many people wondering how seriously our country should
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1:28 pm
senators overcome a major roadblock on immigration business groups together on a guest worker program, but they stress the deal is not done yet. >> gregg: new indications the shooting suspect in the colorado movie massacre could actually go on trial with his life on the line. d.a. in aurora, colorado will announce whether he will speak the death penalty for james holmes. they rejected a plea deal that was put out pooh by his attorneys that would take execution off the table. dominic with more on this. what are the details of that deal? >> reporter: well, that rejection is really what is leading everybody to believe that the d.a. will announce that he will seek the death penalty. they came up with a so his admission that he killed those people in aurora.
1:29 pm
the only option now is for the defense to enter a plea of insanity. while holmes' attorney says his client is sick, defense say it may not stack up when it comes to court. >> why the defense has bled of not guilty by reason of insanity is likely they don't want to give up documents, they don't want to give over their client for an examination because we think there is a lot of premeditation in those documents, a lot of premeditation to show that he wasn't legally insane. >> reporter: prosecution has to prove it was premeditated. it can't get on the hands of notebook that he shared in a psychiatrist. in that book he portrayed violent acts. >> gregg: the court will be looking at spinoff into a fox
1:30 pm
news reporter into his mental health. what is happening there? >> reporter: we believe the court will deal with the issue of the source where a existence of a package and contents that were delivered to james holmes's psychiatrist. they wanted to know where the reporter got her information. she will be at the hearing on monday. >> gregg: dominic, thanks. >> heather: north korea warning of a quote, do or die battle against south korea. the latest in a series of angry threats in just this past week. u.s. saying that it takes the rhetoric seriously. brutal regime has nuclear weapons and they have a huge standing army. how concerned should the u.s. be? author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. he provides more insight.
1:31 pm
you also wrote a column that was published that you referred kim jong un, ominous bluster. these threats have become almost predictable. then we have kim jong un who clearly unpredictable himself. is that where the danger lies? >> that is certainly part of the danger. you have to remember he is trying to consolidate his position. he has been in power for less than 16 months. he hasn't been able to do that. he is purging the officials that were loyal to his dad and trying to change the north korean regime itself. at no time since 1949 has a north korean leader had a smaller base of support. that really means he'll do anything to stay in power. >> heather: is that his ultimate goal and the reason for this behavior? the north used deadly force before. how far do you expect they will go? >> i think they will do that
1:32 pm
again. basis of legitimacy of this regime has been using force against foreigners. so for them to do that again would actually bolster his position, especially because he has been purging top generals and whenever that happens your military is in a state of flux. he needs the support of those that remain. it's a very fluid situation. >> heather: i threw this question out on twitter. if they wanted to ask and stanley asked, is this a result of internal pressure that he is getting? >> i certainly think so. we have seen all these hinth of general dissatisfaction on the top of the military and along front line commanders. when you have a military that is unhappy -- you have to remember his father put the military at the forefront of the north korean regime. kim jong un is trying to change that the korean workers party at the top.
1:33 pm
so the generals are not happy with that. >> heather: i wanted to ask you what we in the u.s. need to be worried about if anything at all. we statement that came from the white house. in part, along with saying north korean military unconstructed, we continue to take additional measures including the plan to increase the u.s. ground base interceptors and early warning and tracking radar and assigning a counter provocation plan. how far is the u.s. willing to go? >> i think we are going to quite far. the provocation plan that brings in the united states not just defending south korea agencies broad-based attack but against low level provocations. so it lowers the threshold what is going on in the korean peninsula. when the joint military exercises ended the end of april
1:34 pm
north korea would think of striking when our readiness returns to normal. kim jong un will strike somewhere. >> they released these pictures of map pointing out where they can hit the u.s. mainland. what do we really know about the arsenal they have? >> their missiles can reach alaska. they probably cannot reach the lower 48 states but within three to five years they will be able to do that with a nuclear tipped weapon. we're not worried about longest range missiles we can destroy those on the path. what we're really concerned about and reason the obama administration reversed their policy, is because of north korea's mobile missiles which china has supplied. that makes north korea dangerous and increases their ability to wage nuclear war. >> heather: you say this isn't just a north asia problem? >> because north korea sells everything it makes to the iranians. these missiles and nuclear technology and that reactor that
1:35 pm
the israeli destroyed in september 2011 syrian desert, that was north korean reactor paid for the by the iranians. this is also an iran problem. >> heather: keep your eye on it and take it seriously? >> absolutely. >> heather: thank you for joining us. >> gregg: one man is suing his state to carry high powered weapons all in the name of faith. we're going to talk about the religious doctrine he says he to carry an assault rifle whether he has a legitimate case. >> we all heard self-driving cars are the future of transportation, but will they solve our energy problems or just create whole new ones? the capital one cash rewards card
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military style weapons, high capacity magazines. >> gregg: he says he does. member of temple shooting august 5th, 2012. >> we didn't object the arbiter of the fact. >> gregg: fortunately we have an objective arbiter of the fact. >> state has to show there is a compelling reason for having the assault weapons ban. clearly the states have shown. >> gregg: compelling reason? >> absolutely. that is where we draw the line. you know, he can't go around carrying this assault rifle pursuant to his religion, but when it comes to your home or place of business or even a church, that is where the line becomes a little fuzzy. whether or not you have a right pursuant to that religion. >> gregg: it's a 500-year-old
1:42 pm
religion and he says the assault rifle is an essential element of society now? >> look, that is -- look, you can practice your religion. clearly the state is going to argue and has been successful there is a compelling reason to ban that individual from carrying around assault rifle. that lawsuit is going absolutely nowhere no matter what he claims. >> gregg: and another problem why it is going nowhere? >> he bought the case per se meaning he is representing himself. >> gregg: he couldn't get a lawyer to do it? >> a person that represents themselves has a fool for a client but joking aside, its six-page complaint. first of all. he is another try to shoe horn a second amendment claim into a first amendment bag. of course, because there is no such thing as first amendment gun claim unless they deny your
1:43 pm
permit but the reality it's second amendment. >> clearly it's first amendment and second amendment on both, look, first amendment and second amendment. >> it infringes his right to practice his religion. part of his religion is defend himself with a dagger and he claims the assault rifle to fullest extent. >> gregg: have you heard that? >> no, and i think the argument fails. >> let me get back to the dagger thing. for 500 years they have carried this dagger symbolic or useful as a defense weapon. he is try to get that into semi-automatic weapons and that is where he is having trouble. >> if he called me i wouldn't have taken the case. >> gregg: you would have taken the case? >> absolutely. >> gregg: you know, it does invite the question of a larger question of the second amendment
1:44 pm
in today's society and especially in the wake of the sikh shooting back in 2012. >> look, right now particularly coming off of that example and newtown tragedy are horrific. to try to eliminate military and assault type weapons but the numbers have been reduced in the last month or so but the reality is an important issue. >> i think there is argument to be made, home, place of business and church to be able to defend. place of business, look at the diamond district in new york, look at 24-hour bodega, these businesses have a right to defend themselves inside the place of business. that is where the lines are drawn. that is where the state may not have a compelling interest. >> gregg: you agree with that? >> i think at the end of the day he pushed it too far. i need a certain type of weapon consistent with 500 years of doctrine.
1:45 pm
again, he can protect himself with weapons as long as the argument against him, but i think he has a very big uphill file. he filed in federal court. >> gregg: which means? >> which means they don't suffer fools as busy court. >> gregg: another federal judge is going to kick him out. >> they will get rid of the case. >> gregg: no-nonsense. i learned that first time i appeared there and promptly scolded. [ laughter ] >> gregg: good to see you guys. >> heather: coming up next, march madness heating up as another underdog sends a top seed packing. how the final four is shaping up. and much to celebrate this weekend reaching a milestone during a critical win, sportscaster jim gray joins us live from l.a. next. we went out and asked people a simple question:
1:46 pm
how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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>>. >> heather: it has been another big week in sports. it is march madness if you haven't heard and wichita state shocker going to their first final four in decades. they will take on syracuse. so any more upsets in the making. fox news contractor jim gray
1:50 pm
joins us now with today's sports headline. let's talk about this march madness. we have the numbers one, three and four seed and number two going down last night. unbelievable. so what is going to happen from here on? >> well, you know, we're going to find out but we'll get down to the final four. last game is going to tip off in about 15 minute go between duke and louisville. first number nine to advance this far since 1979 and only the fifth team with that ranking or lower to be on larry byrd was the last to do it. wichita state the shockers pulling the shock last night beating ohio state. now, syracuse is going to take on michigan. michigan clobbering florida today. michigan going back to the final four for the first time since 1994. as you take a look at wichita
1:51 pm
state it was really impressive. coach says, don't call it cinderella doesn't beat just one team, they beat the number one and two teams in that division. they beat, of course, gonzaga who was number one last week and ohio state. there is only one flipper for cinderella. >> heather: i don't know. >> now he has to beat louisville and duke. >> heather: who do you pick on that one. and how you were right about carolina. i didn't mention that? >> you are not going to get mad at me this week. >> heather: we'll see. who is your pick? >> the last time the two coaches met it was famous game. all the way back in 1989 between day and patino. he went to the celtics and knicks and louisville has the best team left in the tournament but the best team doesn't always
1:52 pm
win. you are putting me on the spot. i'll go with duke. >> heather: oh, we disagree again. i'm saying louisville. >> i'm trying to make you happy. >> gregg: jealous grudge. >> heather: i do. there are two reasons i can't pull for duke, 1992, if anybody knows what i mean by that. you are definitely a carolina fan. two reasons i can't pull for duke. let's move on. >> gregg: you have had your share. >> heather: this is true. the n.b.a., kobe bryant breaking a record. what is going with the lakers. >> they are tied with utah last spot in the west to make the playoffs. you take a shot, kobe bryant moves into fourth place passing wilt chamberlain as the fourth scorer in the history of n.b.a.,
1:53 pm
34,000 points plus. he finds himself 858 points away from passing michael jordan. he will be able to do that but surprisingly after the game, he spoke to he says that he is going to evaluate at the end of the season with his family and all likelihood next year will be his last year. he is going to make $30 million plus next year. that will be his 18th year in the n.b.a. and kobe bryant figuring at this point that will be enough. >> heather: i don't know. contract negotiations maybe coming around maybe. >> no, i don't think he to slip. he is up there with babe ruth right now and i don't think he wants to be a guy from averaging 28 points a game to a guy that averages 18 or 19. >> heather: speaking of big contracts. this is unbelievable. if you think of this way, a-rod
1:54 pm
making more year this money than all of the houston astros and he may not play the first half of the season? >> he has had the hip surgery and going to make $29 million. 13th year in a row that will have the highest salary. if you look had he houston astros switching from the national league, their payroll. all 25 employers when they take on texas in opening night is going to be $19 million. so you have such a great disparity in major league baseball. new york yankees $228 million and los angeles dodgers $216 million one team making $19 million, entire salary for the houston astros and then you have other teams like marlins at $40 million. there is such a business
1:55 pm
difference between the big market teams. you can scratch about 22 teams before they start. >> heather: it seems unfair. yankees highest payroll for the 15th straight year. reminds me of that movie money ball. >> that is right. great film. oakland a's won the west and they had a low payroll. >> heather: i have to get this question in. one of our viewers he tweeted in a question, he wanted to know will tiger win the open --, he, will he win the masters? >> this is great time. we have opening day tonight and then we the final four next week. in two weeks we'll have sunday at augusta, trying to win his fifth green jacket. he hasn't won a major since 2008 at torrey pines. to answer your question, i don't have an answer to the question.
1:56 pm
tune in and watch. if you can't watch you can listen to me and our crew and final four but at the masters. >> heather: so jealous. what do you think? >> gregg: i think he can do it. he is lights out the best player right now. he has won three tournaments, jim? >> he has won three tournaments this year, six in the last calendar year, three this season. it's just an outstanding what he has been able to do. number one player after not being number one since november of 2010 when he had the big scandal in 2009 thanksgiving. he is coming back from that. he seems to have clear mind. public is wanting to see him play great golf. >> gregg: thanks so much. we'll be right back. measure hap? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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>>heather: hello, everyone, welcome to a brand new hour. >>gregg: topping the news millions of americans celebrating easter custody. in new york city, cardinal dolan had a special message. >>heather: and the couple behind a hit tv series "the bible" their story of coming to america and find the american dream and why they say the bible
2:01 pm
contains stories we all need to let visit. greg new reaction from friends and family that knew him best, the u.s. navy seal killed in a tragic parachuting accident. >> we have the f.b.i. now on the case, a texas district attorney and his wife murdered in their home. the d.a. and his wife were shot to death. authorities want know whether the murders are linked to the recent killing of one of the prosecutors in the d.a. office. we have the latest on this story. >> still no word on possible suspects or whether there is any official connection between the murders of the d.a. and his wife and one of the former assistants two months ago. the joint investigation involves local, state, and federal agencies, searching for the killer or killers of the d.a. and his wife. on january 31, he stood before the cameras to comment on the shooting death of one of his
2:02 pm
assistants who was gunned down in a parking lot. he warned whoever difficulty he would catch them and he called them "scum." >> i hope that the people that did this are watching. we are very confident we are going to find you. we will pull you out of whatever hole you are in. we will bring you back. we will let the people of the county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> me spent 23 years in the army before earning the law degree. he and his wife survived by five children including a son who is a police officer in dallas. some wonder if the death is connected to the murder of the chief of the colorado d corrections who was shot when he answered his door march 19. the killer, a white supremacist was killed in a shootout a couple of days later 100 miles from where the latest shootings took place. the authorities say they are taking precautions to protect other old elected officials.
2:03 pm
>> it is unnerving to the community at large. that is why we are working to assure the community that we are still providing public safety and we will be able to do that. >> most believe these are not random acts of violence but some kind of campaign targeting members of the law enforcement community. >>heather: very scary for the community. senate graham reacting to the killing saying that more must be done to protect those who keep us safe. >> anything that would make our law enforcement officers safer. obviously this is a criminal enterprise coming after people enforcing the law. anything the local community can do to make lifesaver for those who carry out the law on our behalf, count me in. this clearly is some type of criminal vendetta against the people in law enforcement. >>heather: he said he does not
2:04 pm
plan to filibuster gun control legislation that is being considered in the senate. >>gregg: hard to believe it could be a coincidence, almost impossible. now the latest threats from north korea as the rogue nation steps up their angry rhetoric toward the united states saying it is a no a state of war with south korea and dictator kim jong-un threatens to attack united states interests. now live to washington, dc. elizabeth? >> north korea making a new declaration boasting the nuclear weapons are "the nation's life and will not be traded for billions of dollars." kim jong-un released the statement after meeting with generals about building a stronger economy and nuclear arsenal and adds north korea is in a safety war with south korea. the united states is not taking the threats laying down. 22 estimate fighter jets are arriving in south korea for joint exercises to deter any
2:05 pm
violence from pyongyang. the united states and south korea conducted annual air power democrats -- drills that included stealth bombers and b-52 bombers. the white house denounced the language and saying that the threats are part of a familiar pattern. former ambassador bomb ton says the mainland may not be concerned as neighboring countries such as south korea and japan. >> these threats while they are not credible in terms of reaching the united states have, however, surpassed what i will call the normal level of north korean rhetoric. his missiles have landed in the pacific ocean east of japan. that happened 15 years ago. the potential, then, the potential destruction is real. >> we hear in representative peter king the former chairman of the house homeland security
2:06 pm
committee said there is no purpose in direct talks with the leader and his young staff and compared them to an organized crime family running the territory. >>heather: reaction of a navy seal killed during a parachute training exercise. he was a member of seal team 6 the squad that killed osama bin laden. he was competitive and energetic. >> when he competed he was competitive. he had unrelentless energy and steam may and fold his heart. his heart was in it. he enjoyed doing what he was doing. sometimes you might think, well, dying in this manner would be needless. >>heather: another sale was also injured in the accident and he is in recovery and the cause
2:07 pm
of the accident is "under investigation." >>gregg: a major update as bipartisan senators known as the gang of eight appear to have passed a key hurdle attempting for sweeping immigration reform. owe national correspondent has more from washington on that story. >> in spite of a breakthrough on issue of guest workers florida senator rubio says reports that the legislation is finalized of premature. he is one of the gang of eight senators trying to hammer out an agreement and wrote the judiciary committee chairman to make sure they have rigorous public hearings saying in his letter, you have said that delay for delay's sake is a mistake in this matter, and i agree but if the haste in the pursuit of a lasting solution is perhaps even more dangerous to the goals many of us share. two members of the gang of eight, schumer and flake expressed optimism today. >> as senator rubio correctly says, we have said we will not
2:08 pm
come to final agreement until we look at all of the legislative language and he correctly is pointing out that language hasn't been fully drafted. >> we are much closer with labor and business growing on this guest worker plan. that doesn't mean we have crossed every i or dotted every t. and senator graham of south dakota said "we have a deal." the white house is also hopeful that a spokesman said "the president continues to be encouraged by progress made by the bipartisan group of senators. we look forward to seeing language when it is introduced and expect legislation to move forward as soon as possible. a crucial agreement last week assures guest workers would be paid no less than the median wage in their industry. >>gregg: thank yous steve, from washington, dc. >> all over the world, christians celebrated the holiest day of the year and in new york city standing room only at st. patrick's cathedral, with
2:09 pm
cardinal dolan asking to renew faith and renew a wish for peace. >> enjoy the light and life of easter, like spring conquering easter. >>gregg: another easter tradition taking place just outside st. pat's along manhattan's 5th avenue, the parade, and bonnet festival, those taking part with their sunday best complete with very festive hats. >> even for the four legged type. >> in roam, the pope celebrates an open air mass outside the vatican. conor powell has more on the message and celebrations from jerusalem. >> this is the first easter since becoming pope calling for an end of violence around the
2:10 pm
world. specifically praying for peace on the korean peninsula, and asking for a spirit of reconciliation. it is estimated 250,000 people were on hand in st. peter's square in rome. he broke with tradition on thursday by washing the feet of both men and women during a holy thursday service. he prayed today for those suffering in syria and here in the holy land. protestants and catholics celebrated here in jerusalem with service at the church of the holy church. >> there was tight security with 200 catholics attending mass at st. joseph's church in baghdad. >>heather: thank you from jerusalem. >>gregg: the unite united
2:11 pm
kingdom the british royal family celebrating together, queen elizabeth and prince philip attending easter church services at the was sell with their sons, and granddaughters joining them and a small group of children greeted the keep as she left the church handing her bow convey of fresh spring flowers. >>heather: very nice. i rebel when the royal wedding happened and there were crazy hats, wonder what they were wearing today? >>gregg: probably not the same hats. >>heather: a deadly accident at a nuclear plant just ahead. >>gregg: and an immigration bill for lawmakers after a job on tackle is removed. will they get a final agreement? our political panel debates that next. >>heather: self driving cars? what do you think? >>gregg: i am for it.
2:12 pm
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>>gregg: and now a quick check of the headlines. the los angeles police department looking for a 35-year-old wanted in connection with the kidnapping of a 10-year old girl. an accident at an arkansas nuclear plant kills a worker and injures three others when a heavy piece of equipment suddenly fell, the utility says that public, though, is not in danger after the accident. >> in oak," hundreds of parents of an oral surgeon showed up to be tested for h.i.v. and hepatitis after being warned of unsanitary conditions at his clinic. >>heather: looking forward to this segment, self driving cars gaining traction as the future of transportation. it is true, while analysts say that robo cars could solve some of our energy problems on the
2:17 pm
one hand, they could also create more problems on the other. brenda is a fox news senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears" and is here to talk about self-driving cars. >> and i am a gear head, too, i love cars and motorcycles. >>heather: is this the future? will it revolutionize transportation? >> pretend we are in johnny quest land. the idea is human drivers are done and computer or smart cars are smart so they can do all these things that will save us fuel efficiency essentially, and they can drive closer together, they can have drag from the closer cars, the reduction in wind drag itself could reduce or make fuel efficiency go up by 20 percent or 30 percent. imagine what could happen. you are looking for parking and there is one study that says 40
2:18 pm
percent of gas in cities is spent looking for parking. there could be an app that would navigate you to a parking spot so you would not spend that time or gas because there would be no accidents, the weight of cars would go from 4,000 pounds to 750 pounds. that would save fuel. >>heather: we showed some video of google and there are companies that are putting this in play. there are some driverless vehicles, sort, on the road all right but on the flip side there could be more demand in energy because people who would not be able to drive, say the elderly, would still be able to use the driverless vehicles. >> there would be so many people who would want to get in on this. people under 16, elderly, disabled, drunk drivers, rather than calling a taxi you get in your car. you could be in your car and go sleeping. there are all the other people that want to get into the cars
2:19 pm
and then because it is so easy you can live further away from where you work because you could sleep while you are coming in. that would be a use of, more fuel consumption and no public transportation so there is a lot of pros and cons. >>heather: do you for see this possibly happening in the government putting a lot of money into studying the self-driving vehicles? and implementing programs to put more self driving vehicles on the road? >> you say "study" and the government is on it. we know about the snail sex study going on for $1 million but it is fun just to think about it. i know gregg has a teenager and he probably loves the idea of a computer driving rather than his car. >>gregg: the parallel parking thing has been a problem and we are working on that.
2:20 pm
>> i grew up in california and i didn't have to take the parallel parking test. we didn't have that test. >>gregg: so you messed it up for everyone. >>heather: you both think this is a good idea. have either of you see will smith movie "i robot" with the robots controlling everything including cars. >>gregg: we go way back to johnny quest. we go further back than that, silent films the . >>heather: not brenda! we love it when you are here, brenda. >>gregg: a deal on guest workers bringing immigration reform a bit closer to truth but is that enough to seal the deal?
2:21 pm
our political panel is here to debate it. >>heather: and something that draws in millions of viewers on this easter, we will here from producers of the wildly popular miniseries "the bible." >> it started over a cup of tea and in irish tradition everything is sorted out over a cup of tea and i said wouldn't it be great to bring to the screen the story of our bible told in a way for a new generation. i'm a conservative investor.
2:22 pm
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>>gregg: time now for top of the news with police in texas investigating the deaths of a county district attorney and his wife, shot to death in their outbound home last night. no word if the killings are connected to the murder of an assistant d.a. of the same
2:26 pm
county two months ago. >>heather: so sad. a republican lawmaker saying it is inevitable that the next presidential candidate will be in favor of gay marriage. arizona senator jeff flake predicting the candidate would find support in the g.o.p. >>gregg: louisville slugger changing the design of the baseball bat for the first time in more than 40 years. the new sluggers are made of wood less likely to splinter which is good because roger clemens would be nothing without that. >>heather: the suspect in the colorado movie shooting could go to trial with his life on the line. they will announce if they will go after the debt penalty. he looks very different there. dominic has more on this. dominic?
2:27 pm
>> everyone is believing that d.a. will announce he will seek the death penalty for holmes by lethal injection. the deal from the against team offered a life term with no parole for his admission he killed those 12 people and injured 70 others. if the prosecution pursues this death sentence for holmes the only option for the defense is a plea of insanity when it comes to standing up in court. the defense team looks like it may not stack up in court that he has mental problems. >> why he has not pleaded guilty by insanity they probably don't want to give over their client for compassion because we think there is a lot of premeditation in the documents, a lost premeditation in what occurred so it would show he was not legally insane. >> getting the hands on the document is crucial. the prosecution has to prove it
2:28 pm
was premeditated and trying to wries emfrom the against specifically a notebook holmes shared with a school psychiatrist at the university of colorado. in the book he actually portrayed violent acts. the prosecution may have some batting from the jury in this when it comes because the jury are not usually sympathetic when it comes to insanity claims. >>heather: thank you dominic. >>gregg: a comprehensive immigration bill is a step closer, perhaps, to the nation's top big business and labor groups appear to have reef add -- reached a deal on a program for guest workers which has been a big hurdle but a bipartisan group of senators say the devil could be in the details. >> we are not going to come to a final agreement until we see draft legislative language and we agree on that. we drafted some of it already. the rest of it will be drafted this week. i am very, very optimistic we will have an agreement among the
2:29 pm
eight of us next month. >> we are much closer with labor and business agreeing on the guest worker plan. that doesn't mean we have crossed every i or dotted every t but we still have a ways to go in terms of looking at language and making sure that it is everything we thought it would be. we are closer, certainly. >>gregg: now we have doug schoen and a former spokesman for governor jeb bush and publisher of >> i think there will be a deal, we heard that from senators flake and schumer. the devil is not in the details but it is in the tea party and the republican right. they blocked it in 2006. the republican party is no less adamant in its base that they don't want to do immigration reform. they want to protect the borders
2:30 pm
first, and ultimately as their policy and i am not optimistic although it has come time where we need to do immigration refo as jeb bush has himself written in his new book. >>gregg: and his brother tried it back in the second term but it didn't work. >> no, he did try it. president bush did try it and it did fail. the issue that killed it was the issue of the guest worker program and under the new compromise reached between the afl-cio and the chamber of commerce, the leading business group in the country, they will have a best worker program and a new visa allowing 200,000 guest workers. there is cause for encouragement and some hope that there is going to be a comprehensive deal done, however, it still need as certain number of votes and pass in the senate. the final language hasn't been of the asked yet and it will take a lot of work to get that
2:31 pm
done. >>gregg: it is interesting not just on immigration but gay marriage, and now republicans are said to be coming around. is that an implicit recognition, those social issues really have hurt the party? >> they have hurt the party but, again, there is recognition at the elite level, and their autopsy suggested it was a problem. i believe the writtens need toen inclusive. the only problem is the base of the party on gay marriage and on immigration reform is not as convinced as i am and, perhaps, the leadership is. the republicans are still in a degree of chaos. they have yet to sort themselves out and these are two big reasons. >>gregg: are republicans at sea on social issues? >> no, i don't think republicans are at sea. the biggest issue that decided the recent elections were issues
2:32 pm
of the economy. social issues are emotional issues, issues like immigration, like abortion, like gun rights, like gay marriage, and we have a diverse party. we have a last views on the issues. of course, the base of our party are social conservative would defend the traditional notion of marriage who also believe in gun ownership and who have a very law and order view on immigration issues. overtime, we will have to decide as a party, as republicans, what is the position of the party. >>gregg: are you surprised the afl-cio and the chamber of commerce have come together on this? regardless of what the senate votes or the house of representatives votes these are two big groups that normally are at odds. >> it doesn't surprise me the chamber of commerce would come around because there is wide-spread recognition that business, both big and small, needs guest workers do do a lot of jobs that americans either can or won't do.
2:33 pm
i am somewhat surprised that the afl-cio came around with 8 percent or close to 8 percent unemployment in america but it is a very good thing and it is a sign of, hopefully, a bipartisan compromise we will see in the future. >>gregg: do you agree? >> i do. i do. i'm encouraged that the afl-cio came around because these are workers who are entry level workers low-wage type workers, the types of workers that you would think the afl-cio would not want to have any type of a deal on. it shows there is a lost momentum not just with the gang of eight or with the members of congress but outside of congress when you have these type of powerful and influential groups coming together, bridging the divide, to reach a compromise, it is a good sign that there is moment you will and we will have comprehensive immigration reform and as a republican that is a good thing to get this issue address asked move to other issues. >>gregg: justin, who is on the front burner on this?
2:34 pm
is it rubio? is it rand paul? don't say jeb bush. >> i won't say jeb bush but he came out with a bush that got a lot of attention. >>gregg: he got a lot criticism for not handling it very well also. >> on the issue of whether there should be a path to citizenship or residency. look, senator marco rubio is part of the gang of eight, he is hispanic, cuban american, republican, a young rising star in the republican party and he is one of the up and coming senators who is showing real leadership for the republican party in congress and if comprehensive immigration reform gets done, republican senator from florida, marco rubio, will have had a big hand in getting it by. >>gregg: doug, you are a numbers guy but somewhere around 20 percent is what republicans got on the hispanic vote or was
2:35 pm
it less? >> about 25 percent. >>gregg: are they ever going do make any inroads in. >> if they don't do immigration reform, if they don't provide a meaningful pathway to citizenship for those who is come here and if they don't have an agenda that stresses empower ment and traditional values aimed at hispanic community, no, they when. just din and his boss are saying the right things, but the party itself has not come around. it is great that marco rubio and rand palm have embraced immigration reform but bottom line, the party and justin would acknowledge this, has a long way to go before the issues are dealt with. >>gregg: can the republican party ever win the hispanic vote? >> absolutely. step one is to be part of the solution on comprehensive immigration reform. that is step one. step two, is to have the kind of
2:36 pm
inclusive outreach of thes that show the republican party is a party of inclusion and issues you talked about before, traditional values issue and economic issues are issues that i think if republicans can communicate when the reform issue is behind us, hispanics in the united states will be very receptive to republican candidacies. we have a number of republicans like rubio and ted cruz and others who are succeeding as senators in national politics. >>gregg: you didn't say jeb bush? >> he is bilingual but not of hispanic origin but as a republican he did appeal and can appeal to hispanic constituencies around the country as he has done in florida. very obviousfully there and as two terms as governor. it can be done. >>gregg: he is bilingual and an attractive candidate for the republican party. we will see if he decides to run. >> justin and doug, as always,
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
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>>gregg: here is new video for all the animal lovers, luna the polar bear is making her public debut at the buffalo zoo. ahhh, the four-month-old cub will roam the grounds of her habitat for an hour each day. officials say she will spend more time outside as she gets older but she will also be getting some company pretty soon, an orphaned polar bear named cali. so beautiful. currently living at the alaska
2:43 pm
zoo. >>heather: beautiful. they have two polar bears at the new york zoo. >> and the producers of television mini sears called identity bible," with the last episode tonight on the history channel and we sat down with the couple in the latest in the series "beyond the dream." >> we love the bible. we believe. it is a calling. there is no other way to explain it. we just knew that we had to do this. >> they are a married couple deeply in love with each other. they shared abiding faith in god and they say their love story is one of the motivating factors that compelled them to produce what they consider to be the greatest story ever told, the bible. >> it started as a conversation over a cup of tea which in irish
2:44 pm
tradition, everything can get sorted out over a couple of tea. i said, wouldn't it be great if we could bring to the screen the story of our bible told in a way to a new generation. the bible characters come to life in the hit series and the millions of viewers have been watching the series which chronicles the bible from genesis to revelation. the couple set out the program to be gritty and authentic. >> it changes lives, the bible. we see here that this will reach out, the faithful will find it
2:45 pm
but there is an opportunity here for the stories. everyone should know these stories. the bible is a cornerstone of our culture. >> the couple believe the bible is the foundation of society. though focus on reaching people beyond their christian faith. >> this is the most important story in the history of western civilization. it was important to make it in a way that was heart thought and relevant. >> we really wanted to make the human story, to allow it to be emotionally connected so the people could engage and relate, not just a story of people thousands of years ago. >> what was it like for the two you of growing up and realizing that you wanted to accomplish something greater, you wanted to accomplish the american dream?
2:46 pm
>> we both come from very poor countries in very working class neighborhoods. we came to america in search of the american dream with nothing. this is a country that opens doors. >> the couple living their life beyond the dream. >>heather: they are hoping their bible series will be used to teach young students the foundation of the bible, to show its impact on art, literature, history, and human development. >>gregg: a disturbing medical sign, could cold sores be linked to memory loss and what it could mean for the future of alzheimer's disease? we will be right back. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up
2:47 pm
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>>heather: a last check of the headlines the doctors say the south africa leader mandela's condition has improved. the 94-year-old who is being treated for pneumonia is spending another day in the hospital. >> neurosurgeon carson said he is willing to withdraw as
2:51 pm
teacher at johns hopkin, after remarks he made about same-sex marriage. >> china's new spacecraft arriving at the launch center today, the manned shuttle will carry three chinese astronauts and scheduled to blast off some time this her for the first orbiting space laboratory. >>gregg: new research is out there that suggests that the viruses that cause cold sores could be associated with memory loss. >>heather: researchers find people who have had a high level of infection have a 25 percent increase in the risk of scoring low on a common test and the leg between infection and memory loss were greater among women than men and lower income people and people who do not exercise. a family medicine physician is here to explain all of this to us and the link specifically
2:52 pm
between cold sores, the viral infection and the possibility that it is linked to alzheimer's disease. >> it was more than one. they looked at herpes virus, they looked at a common virus called cmv, and they also looks at a common form of pneumonia and it was the combination they looked at, people who had higher antibody levels, an association. you have to be very careful when you say association. it does not mean causation. there are a lot of examples going back in literature. this brings up the idea we want to do more research and is there infection at lay in can we prevent the cases of dementia by vaccination? the big take home to me was exercise. we have other studies that
2:53 pm
confirm that physical exercise more than anything else helps prevent dementia of different sorts. the education piece, the lower educated. so, stay in school. we know that learning a language helps in terms of helping prevent memory loss, you actually get new memory centers. >>gregg: do we know why physical activity is an improvement on the human condition? >> there are probably multiple reasons, including increased blood flow that your brain needs, you get different circulating hormones when you exercise. not just endorphins but other chemical markers, probably all those are at lay and it helps the immune system. >>heather: does this study or any element of it possibly lead to any treatment if people who are already dealing with dementia or alzheimer's disease? >> it could lead down the road if we get further studies that do suggest that some of the things are involved, then, yes,
2:54 pm
if we can use some of the antivirals we did for herpes but that is unknown. >>gregg: people who are listening to this and who may have this problem, what should they do? >> my father's mother and brother both had horrible alzheimer's disease for me that means stay as active as i am now, forever. >>gregg: you just did half an ironman? >> i did and a long bicycle ride and it is continues and my race schedule if you want to join me i am happy to put i out there and that, to me, is one of the reasons i want to stay this active. on one side of the family and it scares me. we look at people who work for longer pers in their life or take a course, now there are sites that have brain games, they are all helpful. i would do all of them if there
2:55 pm
were high risk. >>heather: you say more important than the brain games and learning a new language or working your brain is the physical activity? >> absolutely, that is number one. every day. people who are new to exercise, at least 15 minutes but every difficult. not asking for a tall order, start simple. just get that habit going. we have more data on that than anything else on so many differents and this is another. >>gregg: 15 minutes would be the minimum. you double or triple? >> keep increasing, i aim for an hour a day, my average training is ten hour as week, longer on the weekends. i am not asking anyone to do something i don't do. you have to schedule it like anyone else. i don't have people start at that. it is unreasonable. i don't care how busy you are, if you don't have 15 minutes you are lying. >>heather: you do not need
2:56 pm
ironman next weekend, gregg. >>gregg: boy, am iry leaved. that does it for us, fox news sunday with chris wall has comes up next. >>heather: we wish everyone a happy easter and more images of new york city's easter parade for you. ♪ wear your east bonnet ♪ with all the frills ♪ upon it ♪ you will be the grandest lady in the easter parade ♪ guess it was. [ male announcer ] pringles, bursting with more flavor. your doctor will say get smart about your weight.
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