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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 7, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. we start this morning with a fox news alert. an unbelievable story. three cleveland women missing for more than a decade found alive miles from where they disappeared. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. three brothers have been raised in connection with the case. ainsley earhardt has been covering the developments all night. brand new developing details. >> unbelievable story with a very happy ending. >> they were kidnapped and locked up for more than 10 years
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as prisoners in a house in cleveland. the three are finally free. these three escaped when one of their captors left that house. she immediately started screaming a neighbor heard the cries for help and here is his 911 call. >> i came fr >> that man charles ramsey started helping her. >> i looked and i see this girl and she is just going nuts on the door. what's the problem? just open the door. she said i can't he got it locked. i look how he has it it's enough to reach your handout and grab the mail and close the door. we had to kick open the bottom. on that door was aluminum.
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she climb out. she went to my house and called 911. >> finally free. berry disappeared back in 2003 the day before her 17th birthday. about a year later 14-year-old gina the girl on the left vanished on her way home from school. meantime michelle nice who was 21 at the time was last seen leaving her cousin's house back in 2002. >> crowds cheered as they heard the news. family members were filled with emotion after learning their loved ones were safe. >> telling me she is okay and she is got a daughter.
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>> this is a brand new photo of amanda berry at the hospital with her sister being reunited. the young girl next to her, her daughter. doctors say all of the women are getting medical treatment but appear to be in good health. >> it's just truly, truly amazing and it's a blessing to the community and members of the police department and their families that they are alive. >> they raised three brothers in connection to the case. they plan to release more information about them at a press conference this morning at 9:00 a.m. we will be following that. heather, back to you. >> we are joined on the phone by silvia cohen she is the cousin of gina de jesus. one of the missing women who was found alive. are you there? >> i am oo. >> thank you so much for joining
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us. first your initial response when you realized she was found alive? >> i think like everybody else in the family disbelief, but then you think to yourself, gina's mom has always stayed steadfast and in the belief that her daughter was alive somewhere. you couple that thought with this is unbelievable and you think she was always right, aunt nancy was always right. here it is close to mother's day and we have her daughter home. >> her family has been reunited with her at this point. i know she is was in the hospital first and interviewed with police. >> beyond that i shouldn't say much about that at this point. >> anything about her condition and her state of mind?
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>> not at this time with the immediate family we are being very respectful those of us who have done the interviews we are being respectful of their time together and the time she is going to need to probably come back out for everybody else to see her and these women were found a short distance away from where they disappeared. do you have any feelings about that? they were right there in the neighborhood. how do you feel about that this they were so close by? >> it is certainly to all of us very involved looking for gina and the folks looking for amanda as well. it is mind boggling to believe
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they were almost on the same street. we in theory probably knocked on that house a million times. >> there are reports that the family jeanna knew the perpetrators knew the family of all of these brothers allegedly. >> our family has known the family for a very long time. >> that is really mazing. silvia thank you so much for joining us. i know your prayers have been answered this morning. so congratulations to you on that. thank you. thank you very much. we appreciate it and again i think it's a phenomenal mother's day. >> you are right to point that out. >> three brothers are in custody right now for the next step in the investigation.
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let's bring in elliot phoenix. >> amazing to hear the family at least one of them knew one of these alleged perpetrators. what's next for them? >> what an unbelievable story. from the family's perspective it's a happy ending. it is more like half time. you got these women thank god they are free and they will be reunite withed their families. the government has to know who going to be charged what will go forward the state government or federal government. kidnapping line is a first degree felony. that's on the par with manslaughter we are talking about three separate victims so three separate sets of charges and potentially 3 consecutive sentences even potentially three
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consecutive life sentences. >> what about state verses federal charges. >> government can bring charges and state can bring charges even the same activities providing there are different statutes applied. one of the most common is the elizabeth smart case. the state government and federal government moved forward. they gained jurisdiction because they had been crossing the state line. if one of the victims was trafficked across state lines the federal government with all of the resources could go forward in addition to the state government. they have to work that out. sometimes the turf battles can get nasty. >> and the ages of the victims at the times that they were kidnapped that also will be taken into account? >> the aggravating nature of the circumstances it can add to separate charges or serious. a lot of people say it won't go
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to trial there's so many victims there will be inevitably so much evidence. likely these cases go to trial for that reason. prosecutors look at it these charges are so serious such a powerful case we are not going to give any generous plea offer. might as well roll the dice and challenge it the defense says. >> what we heard the cousin there the de jesus family knew these alleged perpetrators. what does that say to you? >> that's so often the case. >> the community itself knew these guys. >> so often the case we find out it's akwan senses sometimes family members sometimes rel 2i6s or perpetrators. they should look at atenses first. they have an advantage knowing the victims knowing what the patterns are knowing what do to cover their tracks.
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>> expecting a news conference later today from officials there. >> other stories making headlines it has thwarted another potential terrorist plot in minnesota. bucky rogers was raised friday and found molotov cocktails type bombs and an assault rifle. the father says the feds have it all wrong. >> we are peaceful people. we are not out to blow up the world. >> they have militia or vsm. >> the mother of boston bombing suspect tamer man tsarnaev now
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want him to be buried in russia. they are refusing to take his remains. the funeral home director handling the arrangement says he thinks it's a great idea. >> russia is a great idea. you ask anybody around they would think russia is the best idea. i think the uncle would like do that the parents would like to do that. i am sure the usa would see them do that. >> one of three men handling his brother have the bombing has been released on bail. he was released when they questioned him for disposal of items in the days after the april 15th bombing. police posted 100,000 dollars bond. he will be under house arrest until his trial. >> after weeks of watching and waiting north korea has moved the missiles away from the launch site. pentagon officials say it happened within the last
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two-days. it is not being moved to a different launch location. it can't speak to why there may be a cause in provocation from north korea. >> the senate passed a bill it would allow states to collect taxes oint net sales on states like ebay and amazon. they can only collect from stores that have a physical presence in that state. the bill now heads to the house. >> republican senator stealing the show from president obama during a bipartisan game of golf. he had a hole in one on the 11th home. bob corker beat the president and mark nudal. it is the second hole in one. president obama had never witnessed one before and thought it was pretty cool. >> the time now is 12 minutes after the hour. coming up we will condititinue
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bring you the latest developments of the missing women found in ohio after 10 years. also coming up three beens -- witnesses telling what they knew about the terror attacks in benghazi. what kind of questions can they expect. >> amazing photos in earth taken from outer space. how the photos were taken using a device that you likely own. fi. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at
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it left 4 dead -- >> it could stall the engine or over heat potentially causing a fire in the drunk. it effects 2012 and 13 chevrolet malibu, buick lacrosses and buick regal with a hybrid system. nasa sees these pictures with smart phones. they were put in boxes attached to a rocket and spent into space last month. they spent 6 days in orbit before sending back these images of the blue blan et. >> great advertisement for smart phones. tension is mounting in the nation's capital where in just one day we will hear the testimony of three whistleblowers about the benghazi terror attacks. kelly wright is live in washington with this story. going to be a busy week in washington. >> indeed it will be.
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the three wiles blowers are members of the u.s. state department. the number two diplomat in libya at the time of the benghazi attack claimed certain aids of the obama administration lied in the benghazi attack in the public statement about it. chairman of the committee darrel issa praises hicks for coming forward. >> he even talks in his testimony about calling the state department and saying what susan rice says it couldn't have been true, how did they do it? his statements were unwanted and ever since then it has been even harder on him. >> another whistleblower is mark tomb sob who worked in the counter-terrorism bureau. thompson claims secretary of state hillary clinton was trying to marginalize his role and response and decision making involved in benghazi. former counter-terrorism chief
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daniel benjamin said quote i ran the bureau then and i can say now with certainty as former coordinator for counter-terrorism that this charge is untrue. at no time was the bureau side lined or kept from carrying out its path. >> elijah cummings from maryland says the republican members are leaking information to stir up publicity ahead of tom's he -- tomorrow's hearing. ice saw's motivation appear to be quote political. >> regardless hicks said his jaw hit the floor when he heard what ambassador wrig-- ambassador ri said. >> they know what's responsible for the deadly explosion in tech as. one question remains. >> do you know what you are getting your mom for mother's day, maybe what your child is getting you for mother's day.
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>> good morning. welcome back. it is 23 after the top of the hour. here's quick look at headlines for you. a sad end for the search of a missing grandmother in dc the body of victoria kong was found monday afternoon in a wooded area near reagan international airport. her death does not appear to be serious. we are sure it is ammonium nitrate that exploded in the texas fertilizer plant. there was 1300 tons of it being stored there more than 1300 tons
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the plant should have had without telling ohm land security. officials don't know how it was ignited. patty ann? >> if you use expedia or orbitz the airlines want you to stop. they are giving you costly reasons why you shouldn't. >> hopefully your summer travel consider this. travel experts if you are looking for the best fare look directly with the carrier and stay off the on-line travel agency sites the third parties like orbitz and expedia. here's why. the airline itself will put the roughly $25 commission it paid the third party to work for you including perks like priority boarding, early seat assignment, lounge passes and free carry on. more and more travelers are finding the best sayings are with the airlines themselves. last year 36 percent of travelers booked directly verses 33 percent who used an on-line
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travel agency site. the year before that third party sites had the lead. we are seeing it going more towards finding deals with the carriers. >> you used to find great deals but they are trying to even the playing field now. >> it is interesting. >> the packages with all of the perks they give you all in one packages they are catering to now. >> when it comes to buying for mother's day and father's day it's not equal. >> mom is apparently a lot harder to please. i don't know if you are harder. retail me not the coupons are more worried about buying moms for mother's day than whato buy dad for father's day. here are tips for moms. retail me knot. >> 45 after the hour, the missing ohio women found.
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that continues next. we will be talking about the struggle these women will now face after being held captive for 10 years. he presided over one of the most watched court cases in recent times. we are hearing from the judge in the casey anthony case for the first time and he is not holding back. the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ peoi go to angie's listt for to gauge whether or not [ baby fussing ] the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town.
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>> it is a fox news alert.
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a truly unbelievable story three cleveland women missing for more than a decade found alive miles from where they disappeared. good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. three brothers have been raised in the case. ainsley earhardt joining us now with the latest developments. good morning again ainsley. >> police say they were kidnapped and locked up for more than ten years as prisoners in a house in cleave land. amanda jerry, gina de jesus and michelle knight are free. these three escaped when one of the captors left the house. berry was screaming a neighbor heard the cries for help. here is his 6911 call.
2:31 am
>> that man charles ramsey thank goodness for him. he started helping her. >> i looked and i see this girl. she is going nuts on the door. i am like what's your problem? you stuck? just open the door. she says i can't he got it locked. i look how he has it. it's enough to reach his handout and grab the mail and close the door. naturally going to pry it open. that didn't work. we had to kick open the bottom. luckily that door was aluminum. she climbed out with her daughter. she went to my house and called 911. >> help me i am amanda berry. >> you need police fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> what's going on there. >> i have been kidnapped i have been missing for ten years and i am here, i am free now. >> chilling. berry disappeared back in 2003 the day before her 17th birthday. about a year later 14-year-old gina dejesus you see her on the left vanished from her way home from her middle school.
2:32 am
meantime michelle knight who was 21 at the time was last seen leaving her cousin's house back in 2002. (cheers) >> now you can hear the crowd cheering as they learned the news family members filled with emotion after learning their loved ones were safe. >> been a lot of years we haven't heard from her, seen her. a place like this close to all of the families. >> this is a photo of awe dmaun berry at the hospital hugging her sister the young girl next to her, her daughter. all of the women are getting medical treatment now and appear to be in good health. >> it is just truly, truly amazing and it's a blessing to the community and to the members of the police department and the
2:33 am
families that they are alive. >> police arrested those three brothers in connection with this case. they plan to release more information at a press conference. we will be following that on the fox news channel. >> can you image? thank you so much. we spoke with silvia a cousin of gina dejesus and a possible connection to the suspect. >> i think like everybody else in the family disbelief, but then you think to yourself gina's mom has always stayed steadfast and in the belief that her daughter was alive somewhere. so couple that thought with this is unbelievable and you think, she was always right. aunt nancy was always right. here it is close to mother's day
2:34 am
and we have our family member home. it's mind boggling to believe that they were literally almost on the same street. i mean i can remember us canvassing that entire area and we probably in theory went to that house a thousand times and they were there the whole time. >> reports came out this morning that they have -- the family of gina knew the family involved these brothers allegedly. do you know if that in fact is true? >> our family has known the family for a very long time. >> well, so how will the ordeal effect these women? will they be able to fully recover? joining us now on the phone is psychologist jeff gardear. >> it's a pleasure, thank you. >> how difficult will it be for those three women who have been away for so long.
2:35 am
we don't know what was going on they were held against their will. they are obviously we don't know for sure they were probably kept as sex slaves, and who knows. they might have been tortured. maybe some stock hole am syndrome though it appears these women, at least one of them were absolutely ecstatic and desperate to get out of there. i am sure all three wanted to be out of there. as soon as they can be de briefed get psychological counseling which will take years and years and years they should make some recovery but they will never be the same. this is something they will deal with for the rest of their lives particularly from post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety. >> in the meantime we are talking about the three women but there's also a child in the mix a child who some are identifying as amanda berry's daughter. what will the road be like for
2:36 am
this child whose identity isn't fully confirmed at this point. >> we don't know what kind of feelings she may have for the captors themselves if one of them is the father of that child. so it will be a very difficulty motionnal situation for her, because she may have split loyalties, but it does seem that with the apprehension of these individuals certainly as she gets older she will begin to understand the horror from which she may have been born and what her mother had to go through. so eventually her mind will be changed as to whatever emotional or loving feeling she may have for one of those captors if one of them is a father to her. >> you mentioned the stock hole am syndrome. that is interesting that they don't seem to be exhibiting that loyalty to their captors.
2:37 am
in many cases these people turns out they had chances to escape but they didn't. seems like in this case these three women were desperate oh escape. as you say a long road ahead for them but certainly on the right track in terms of understanding this was a situation they wanted to escape. >> time for your 5@5:30. >> the driver couldn't have done more to save the five women who died. >> >> a spark came out and stop the car. stop the car. >> mela was one of nine women out celebrating a friend's wedding when their limo burst into flames. once the driver pulled over she says he just got out. she was left to crawl through the partition to escape.
2:38 am
>> he got out from the car he just opened the door that's all he did. i was saying help me help me. >> he went on to say other drivers tried to help but it was too late. officials say it will take weeks to determine the cause of the fire. >> the salt lake city district attorney is still considering whether to file criminal charges against a teenager accused of fatally punching a soccer referee. he is accused of hitting a ref in the head after he call add penalty during a recreational league game. >> it raises issues for us understandably. i have a family that is in mourning of their loss and i have a family who has a juvenile. we have to balance it whether we want to move from juvenile to an adult system. >> the teen being held on
2:39 am
suspicion of aggravated assault. >> two years after a florida jury found casey anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter the judge is breaking his center lines. he was so shocked with the verdict. they have to read it twice. >> a little bit of disbelief. shock. the judge will be the judge she knows what happened. >> he says that he and casey are concerned and disgusted and they aren't sure why the judge would do this. >> a bar trick goes horribly wrong in russia. it is all caught on camera.
2:40 am
>> what happened there was there was a fire and that man is suing the bartender for setting him on fire. he is being treated for severe burns. the bartender claims it's the victim's fault because he asked for a different liquor than the one he usually uses for that trick. >> hollywood's biggest stars hit the red carpet last night at the metropolitan museum of arts gala. they didn't shy away at the chance to play dressup while keeping up with this year's theme which by the way was punk. >> (inaudible) >> even tiger woods and lindsay vaughn they didn't mrooung either. it was their first public appearance as a couple.
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>> let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina. several parts of the country are facing wet weather this morning. maria? >> good to see you. good morning everyone. we are talking about a pretty active weather pattern across the country with several areas dealing with heavy rain or showers. we have slow moving storm systems it is the same system last week across parts of the midwest. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow that system will be across parts of north east and the city. parts of kansas and oklahoma not unheard of this time of the year already seeing showers and rain across the center of the
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country. seattle washington yesterday hit a record high 87 degrees. >> wow. >> that's spring. >> the time is 41 after the top of the hour. three whistleblowers preparing to tell the world for the first time what they knew about the terror attacks in benghazi. what kind of questions can they expect. >> the government already this morning putting a label on cigarettes and alcohol. now they have a new target. we will tell you about that i have diabetic nerve pain. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point, i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my health care professional, that's when she suggested the lyrica. once i started taking the lyrica, the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves.
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>> 15 minutes until the top of the hour. the fbi says it potentially saved lives with a suspected terror arrest in minnesota. buford bucky rogers was arrested friday they found guns and explosives including molotov cocktails pipe bombs and an assault rifle. the mother of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev wants him to be buryd in russia the news comes as cemeteries in massachusetts and all around the country are refusing to take his remains. meantime one of the three men charged with helping the brother has been released on jail. the 19-year-old is accused of lie to go federal agents. >> one day away from hearing from a trio of whistleblower who
2:47 am
refused to stay silent during the benghazi terror attacks. doug luzader is live with more. >> good morning. a great deal of anticipation from this hearing that begins tomorrow. the obama administration says it is all politically motivated but it has uneasy questions for the white house. three state department employee whistleblowers are going to tell the house over site committee what they know about the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi last year. one of them gregory hicks the number two off facial will say this was not a terrorist attack. >> these brave vined you'lls particularly gregory hicks coming forward putting his career on the line saying i told them i tried to tell them consistently he talks in the testimony about calling the
2:48 am
state department and saying what susan rice says couldn't have been true. >> that's a reference to then ambassador susan rice. that's questions about military sponsor lack there of and the same whistleblower already told congressional investigators that u.s. response teams were told to effectively stand down. the state department meantime says this hearing is all about politics. >> this is not a process where the community is working directly with us and trying to look as we keep safe in a complex environment. >> the role of then u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton two state department employees say he effectively tried to minimize the role of the counter-terrorism department within the state department in the aftermath of the attack. doug luzader live in washington. thank you. >> the time now is almost 10 minutes until the top of the
2:49 am
hour. we are not done still ahead congress getting a step closer to ending tax free on line shopping. so if it passes what does that really mean to you? >> then a major scare on the music video. jennifer lopez left running for safety. talk with peter doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> in about 10 minutes our coverage out of ohio continues coverage of the three missing women found alive after nearly 10 years in captivity. how does that happen? senator joe mansion joinis us ad laura ingram as well. do you need new reals but no cash we have the cheapest sets of wheels in front of our building. here are four of them. find out what the 5th is "fox & friends" kicking off 10 minutes from now. for some running
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shoes and can't decide whether it's nike or adidas. can you bring out a few boxes. how about different colors let me try a different size. got it. this is perfect let me write it down. they walked out of the store and ordered it on internet no sales tax. >> keeping track of all of those tax rates and rules is a massive under taking. >> it would subject small on-line retailers to paying
2:55 am
taxes in 9600 different jurisdictions all across this country. >> as for consumers we are actually suppose to do send in the sales taxes ourselves if the retailer doesn't select them. few people actually do. that closes that loophole. the bill is off to the house approved and signed into law. they have the choice to participate or not heather. >> diane mass is heed djoining morning. pe friends first". stay with us. they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple. oh dear... geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> before you leave the house this morning, here's what's happening today. at 9 a.m. this morning police will be holding a news conference with new details about the three women who were found alive in a cleveland home after going missing more than ten years ago. a salt lake city district attorney says he is still considering criminal charges against a teenager accused of fatally punching a soccer referee who died over the weekend after going into a coma. >> a group of lawmakers is urging defense secretary chuck hagel to reclassify the 2009 fort hood attack. they say the injury should be considered combat related and not war place violence. >> for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, a seven and a half month old baby can't walk yet but he can water ski. don't be alarmed. he's being pulled by his dad, not a boat. next the bad. a look at this robber who climbs a ladder to spray paint the security camera of a california store.
3:00 am
except he didn't cover his face before spraying the lens. finally the ugly, very bad sportsmanship after florida's state water polo championship, one of the players shoved someone in the water. the teams actually had to be separated. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: here we are. good morning everybody. it is tuesday, it is may 7, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. huge news day if you're just waking up. fox news alert. found alive, a stunning story. three young women missing for ten years and more, break away from their captors. >> i'm alive. >> what's on there? >> i've been missing for ten years. i'm here. i'm free now. >>gretchen: where have they been? how did they get away? what happened over the last decade. we're covering all the


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