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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 8, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. we begin with a fox news alert for you. charges could be filed today for the three men who held three girls captive for more than a decade. this coming as we find out more disturbing chilling details about what went on in the house of horrors in cleveland. >> thank you for watching "fox & friends first". police are investigating the young women were pregnant up to five times. it is not clear if more than one child was born. out of all of this there is joy and relief that the women were
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finally free. listen to this emotional phone call. you can hear amanda berry talking to her grandmother for the first time since she vanished since 2003. >> amanda. >> yeah, grandma. >> i am glad to have you back. >> i thought you were gone. >> nope, i am here. >> we are here for you. >> thank you so much. i love you guys so much. >> is the little girl your baby? >> yes, she is my daughter. >> we have to get together soon. i love you honey ks thank god. i thought about you all this time. i never forgot you. >> ainsley earhardt is live in cleveland, ohio with all of the latest details. good morning, ainsley. >> good morning patti ann, gooding morning, heather. that is chilling to hear the grandmother talk to the
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granddaughter for the first time in 10 years. her granddaughter was trapped in this house behind me for a long time. this is the new news today. ariel castro older brother pedro and younger brother o'neil will be charged today. by law they have to be charged within 48-hours of being arrested. they will be questioned as well. michelle knight she is the one we haven't heard a lot about. she is one of the three girls allegedly trapped in this house behind me. 30 years old now. we have her picture. her yearbook photos trapped here. when these girls were taken 10, 11 years ago. there was no facebook. there was no twitter. they are returning now to a very different world. they left as teenagers they are coming back as adults. one of them coming back as a mother. like you said in the intro some of these girls might have been
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pregnant multiple times according to police. we have a conversation, the first conversation amanda berry had talking to her grandmother. her mother died three years after she was trapped in this house behind me. this is the first conversation in ten years she is had with her father. >> i didn't think she was dead, no. never. never. we got a hole lot of talking. keep hope. keep hope. don't give up. i never gave up. i know the kids heart. >> that was amanda berry talking to her father. she told the grandmother that child is hers that 6-year-old child she escaped with is her child. many of the people in this neighborhood are suspecting that the father is ariel castro.
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that has not yet been confirmed with police. eeibor that's the house his neighbor said he took his daughter to the park a few days ago. take a listen to this who he found in the farc with another . >> sunday i am at the par daugh. a beau till litt-- beautiful li girl. i asked him who is she? my brother's daughter. she plays with my daughter and the neighbors. beautiful little girl. >> i said she was locked in his backyard and he had no idea. we talked to another lady down the street she took us on a tour of her house showed me what the houses look like because they are constructed similarly. take a look. >> we are on the west side of cleveland in the same
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neighborhood ariel castro lived the man accused of kidnapping these three women and holding them hostage. many were built around the same period. we will show you what one looks like on the inside. we are walking through this door and this is the living room area. the houses look like this. >> most of the houses look like this because they are old houses. >> marilyn we are walking through and this is your kitchen area? >> yes, it is. >> all of the houses they leave from the into the kitchen? >> yes, exactly. >> usually in the back of the houses is a staircase like this one here in her how is that direct you down to the basement. marilyn where are we going now? >> this is the basement? >> this is the basement. >> most of these houses have this. >> we are standing in your basement right now that these
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women were kept in a basement similar like this for 10 years. >> that is a long time to be kept locked away. it's almost like they were prisoners for a lifetime, you know. >> very scary. michelle knight said one day there was a girl down there with her in the basement or in that house i should say. she woke up one day and that girl was gone. we are hearing reports that police say they saw a name on the wall with rest in peace. we will find out more about this as the day unfolds. back to you heather and path at this ann in the stew-- patty an studio. to our other top story in a few hours all eyes will be on
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whistleblowers who refuse to stay silent on the benghazi terror attack. they will testify before congress. >> it is expected to be very tense during the overnight hearing. we have heard from three men. chris stevens deputy gregory pick. his former deputy. in a house committee transcript he asked for help. i think everybody in the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning. i never reported a demonstration. i reported an attack on the consulate. we will hear from marc thompson on the state department counter-terrorism bureau as well as a security officer based in tripoli before the attacker rick nordstrom. this as a battle continues.
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we are seeing party lines drawn. the house over site committees are being squeezed out by republicans. listen here. >> sadly and unfortunately we launched four members of that diplomatic core including an ambassador. what we have found is that while this is -- it should be a bipartisan situation, there's one witness that will be appe appearing tomorrow that we have had no access to. that's unprecedented. >> party lines decided to give us a better insight as to the way the attacks were handled. the talking points for u.n. ambassador susan rice. >> you will hear a lot about ambassador rice being the last person on planet who thought a video had something to do with this attack. >> the state department and the administration disputes claims u.s. military assets were
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ordered to stand down and they stand by the validity of the stit department post benghazi review board. >> a lot of people will be listening today. thank you very much elizabeth bran reporting live for us. >> now it is time for other headlines for you this morning. the resurrection of former republican governor mark sanford is complete. he won a special election for his old congressional seat in south carolina. >> some guy came up to me the other day says you look a lot like lazarus. powerful candidate and at the end of the day i was carried by an incredible team. >> the victory four years after admitting to an extra marital affair. >> aurora shooter james holmes is changing his plea not guilty
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by reason of insanity. if the judge accepts doctors at a state mental hospital will evaluate him to find out if he was insane at the time of the shooting. police say holmes opened fire inside a crowded movie theater killing 12 and injuring dozens more. the country's biggest hospice provider accused of a sickening scheme. the justice department says that the services and parent company miss spent millions of tax payer dollars, your money. it has accepted ineligible patients and billed medicare and charged for crisis care for patients who didn't need it or never got it. >> a panel ruling on who gets the million dollar reward for ending the massive manhunt for ex cop turned killer christopher dorner. it will be split three-ways. the majority of it 800,000 will go to the couple who dorner held
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hostage james and karen reynolds. 15 percent will go to the man who found dorner's burning truck and 5 percent for the tow truck driver who spotted him at the gas station. th he led police on a week long manhunt killing 4 people before he took his own life. 11 after the hour. still to come frightening moments a baseball player stopping a line drive with his head. we will have the latest on that player's condition. >> do you fly all of the time for work? we are telling you about the top five airports in america that you want to avoid. with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8.
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so far it is 30,000 dollars and climbing according to the police department. several u.s. cities have rejected tamerlan tsarnaev's body. there will be a solution in the next few days. a horrible injury in baseball as a blue jay's pitcher is hit in the head with a line drive. it is hard to watch as the ball slams off ja app's head. he is in stable condition. that is scary. patti ann? >> it is a day for the record books on wall street. the dow closing yesterday above 15,000 for the first time ever. lauren simonetti for the fox business network has been waiting to celebrate now is her chance. take a look the dow closing above 15,000 for the first time in history. that means we can wear our dow
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15,000 caps. >> which you have on the ready. >> you reach a milestone. took us 6 years to get from 14,000 to 15,000. lots of new hikes. waiting for the spring swoon. we have seen it every spring for the past three years this year not happening. look at the major averages so far this year. they are all up pretty firmly. >> we have a quick look at the most highly trafficked airports in the country. >> these airports are considered the most crowded in america according to forbes. seattle tacoma coming in at 05, seattle airport at number 4. charlotte, douglas and the winner this is jackson airport in atlanta received more than 250,000 travelers every single day. believe it or not atlanta is within a 2 hour flight of 80 percent of the people living in america. >> it is crowded based on the
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airport space. >> 16 after the hour. next the three former hostages in cleveland now free? could they have been found sooner? neighbors say cops had been to the house before. >> cops came about a half hour later or so. pounded 20 times. there was no answer. >> next the former homicide detective weighs in on whether or not cops missed some clues. now men can find out if it is all in the family. a break through genetics test could be key to every guy's health.
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dejesus. >> it's 20 after the hour. a brand new prostate medicine helps decide if treatments is necessary. some tumors are deadly while others are not. this test hopes to identify the deadly ones and reduce the over treatment of nondeadly tumors. forget the football field tim tebow is now influencing politics. the texas senate passed a tim tebow bill. it allowed home school students to play for their local high school. he pleled their florida high scl to a title. they have named other bills after tebow. the bill is in the texas house. back to our top stories took ten years for three missing women in ohio to be found alive. yet neighbors say that they made calls to police after seeing suspicious activity in the house. >> 2011 my sister was walking home, it was late like 10:30 at
2:22 am
night somewhere around there. she was shaken up, tear fied. >> your sister? >> i believe i seen a little girl in the lady's arms in the house. which one? ariel. ariel don't live with nobody. i go over and there's plywood on the windows and back door so you really can't see in or out of the house. i called the police. she asked me to call the police. call the police cops came maybe half hour later or so. they pounded on the door 20 times. you know what i am saying? 5, 6 minutes. no answer. they walked out in the driveway shined a light. they got in the car and took off. >> so did police miss signs? let's ask former nypd detective harry houp. >> in terms of what police did
2:23 am
or did not miss two neighbors came forward saying they called authorities to the home because of suspicious behavior or pounding on the windows they heard also another neighbor allegedly saw a woman crawling naked in the backyard called authorities. authorities responded to the scene, i am assuming but did not enter the home. why? >> first of all we are talking about calls that weren't confirmed yet. >> there will be a record if it in fact happened. >> there's the 911 tape of the caller. they will be able to find that if it occurred. if the police officer responded to a call like that the first thing i would do is speak to the caller tell me what you saw who you saw. explain it to me fully because i need to know if that person in th to be in eminent danger i can go in. based on what this gentlemen said talking about the fact that
2:24 am
they saw a woman banging on a window. how hard was she banging on the window with a baby in her hands. did it look like she was in danger? these are some of the questions you have to ask. so now you can go knock on the door. all right i am going to go knock on the door there's no answer. you go around the back you try doors you look in windows and see if you can see anything. but if nobody comes to the door it doesn't appear like anybody is in danger in that home based on your conversation with the caller there's not much you can do. >> what is the definition of eminent danger, then, according to authorities. what does it take to go inside a home? >> i have got to know somebody's life is in danger inside that home. if somebody was banging on that door and she was yelling help me, help me i have been kidnapped something like that and i got it confirmed with the caller i can go into that house. >> i want to go back to the initial conversation specifically with amanda berry when she disappeared not far
2:25 am
from this area. would not the first thing that is done by authorities would they not go door to door like we saw happen in boston searching for this missing girl? >> it depends on the specific brothers. depending on the age also. >> she was 16 with amanda barry. >> 16 years old. that department may have procedures somebody 16 and less somebody didn't see her be abducted therefore she might be a missing person, she might be a run away. there's over 700,000 persons missing persons. majority are run aways around that age. they have to make a determination whether or not that child might have been abducted, did that child run away. is she going to be back tomorrow? is she out with her boyfriend. they are going to make determinations from that on what they are going to do. they are not going to search every house in cincinnati.
2:26 am
if that child was 5 years old it might be a different story. they might go knocking on doors. >> maybe they will take a second look at a policy after these girls were found a decade later. going to fund out a lot more information today. the time now is 26 after the top of the hour. coming up he is a convicted cop killer teaching at columbia university. what does she have to say to her victim's family? jessie waters went out to find out. bill clinton is talking about his wife and the 2016 presidential race but what he is saying may surprise you. [ man ] on december 17, 1903,
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>> a fox news alert. police resuming their search for evidence as the house of horrors where three women were kept locked up for more than 10 years. good morning i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. this news come cing as one of t hostages michelle knight tells police have may have been a fourth girl kidnapped she disappeared years later. her name might be the name on the basement wall where it says rest in peace. ainsley earhardt is live with the details. ainsley? >> hey heather. hey patti ann. we heard a lot about the three suspects that were arrest. we are expecting them to be
2:31 am
charged today within the 48-hour period. did you know there's a fourth brother. his name is eric. he says he's angry, he's embarrassed. he doesn't want to show his face. we spoke to a family friend someone very close to him. her name is zeda delgado. she was drinking beers on the porch trying to forget about all of this. this is what she said eric has been saying to her. >> i did speak to his brother eric today. i went to his house. eric is not involved in any of this. he's not one of the ones that is in jail right now. eric is a good person. got a good family. he's trying to dis -- distancing himself from them and he feels really bad. when i visited him today and i saw the sadness in his face and he said i can't believe my brothers had anything to do with this. my other two brothers are involved. i don't think they were involved. he said there's got to be a mistake. he says i always thought there
2:32 am
was a screw lose somewhere, but for this? i can't believe this. >> so a lot of people in this neighborhood i have been listening to news reports they are saying the guy who lived behind me ariel castro saying he's an ordinary guy an average guy. she is not saying that at all. she said he had a screw lose she noticed that right from the beginning. she is good friends with the brother eric. the little girl who escaped with amanda berry who is the father is it ariel castro? >> that little girl has castro all over her. she is the spitting image of the castros. when i saw the little girl, i said that's his child. hadz to be. >> that child, what a cross to bear over the course of her life
2:33 am
time a loving mother amanda berry. the little girl's father arrested now and allegedly kept the mother for 10 years in the house behind me. >> back to you. ainsley earhardt live from cleveland thank you. thanks ainsley. >> our other top story in less than 6 hours congress will hear from whistleblowers on the benghazi terror attack. doug luzader is live for us in washington with more on this other huge story today. good morning, doug. >> heather, good morning. this promises to be politically explosive as we know a little bit more about what a couple of the whistleblowers are expected to tell congress today as a house committee begins another probe into what really happened in benghazi at the u.s. consulate there last year. a lot of the focus is on the time line of the attacks and what specifically could have been done to prevent the deaths
2:34 am
of four americans. gregory hicks is the number 2 u.s. official in libya at the time will tell the house over site committee today quote one reason i am here is because i pledged to the foreign service that none of us should ever again experience what we went through in tripoli and benghazi on 9-11-2012. hicks and other employees may provide republicans with fresh ammunition about the obama administration's response to the attacks and the talking points that blamed the violence on protestors not terrorists. hicks for one has already told investigators he was stunned when then u.n. ambassador rice repeated the talking points on one sunday news show after another. >> he's an eyewitness. he's one of the few eyewitnesss. i am tired of hearing people theorize. i want to talk to the eyewitnesss. he was in charge after the death of ambassador stevenson. >> some of the focus may be on
2:35 am
secretary of state hillary clinton and her role. could there have been more effective response from the u.s. military? the pentagon says there wasn't enough time. hicks may dispute that. >> doug luzader reporting live. >> the o'reilly factor's jessie waters confronting convicted cop killer turned columbia professor. the former member of the weather under ground spent years behind bars for an armored carob brie that left two cops and a guard dead. she says she is sorry. >> (inaudible). >> she has never reached out to the victim's families. many students were unaware of
2:36 am
the past. >> remember this teacher who lost his job because he stomped on an american flag during class? received a whopping 85,000 dollar settlement. that's not all. taxpayers will also cover scott tomb kin's 32,000 dollars in attorney fees and salary in june. they made the deal to avoid a federal lawsuit. leave my wife alone that's the message from former president clinton about all of the talk of hillary running for president in 2016. >> that is the worst expenditure of our time. she is taking a role in the foundation, she is writing a book, she is having a little fun being a private citizen for the first time in 20-years. that's fine, but we need to be worried about the work at hand. >> right now the former secretary of state is believed to be charging 200,000 dollars per speech on the speaking
2:37 am
circuit. >> here is another good reason to put down your cell phone and focus on the road. a new study says that crash deaths caused by talking on the cell phones while driving are seriously under reported. one reason some drivers lie about being on the phone after a crash. the national safety council says the faulty data makes distracted driving appear less dangerous than it really is and makes it harder to pass tougher laws. >> so long space hello krer err. kerry under wood taking over the theme song. she is replacing faith hill. hill announced last month she would not be back for a 7th season. that is your 5@5:30. >> it's time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> tracking heavy rain in the
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northeast but another part of the country may be seeing severe storms. >> we have two areas of unsettled weather. we will start out across the northeast. this storm system is bringing in heavy rain across new york city. it will be a slow morning commute for many of you. you will need the brain boots and umbrellas as you go out the door. this storm system is a slow mover the storm system that brought rain over the weekend to the kentucky derby and produced record breaking snowfall across sections of the midwest. b we have been tracking that storm system for over a week. because we have such a weather pattern it will be further off toward the east and as we head into friday large hail and isolated tornadoes possible. company wise not bad in dallas.
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>> it is 38 after the top of the hour. we are not done. ariel castro's friends they say the house where the three women were held captive for years seemed ordinary. >> i wouldnent to his house thet couple years i met him for rehearsal and everything. it was pretty normal. >> for the women imprisoned inside it must have been anything but normal. >> it discusses what kind of battle lays ahead for the women. >> a test flight goes horribly wrong. this crash landing has a surprise ending.
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>> welcome back. let's span the globe to see what's making held lines overseas. first to mexico. a horrific scene. this is outside mexico city yesterday. amateur video shows a highway covered in flames. a gas tanker apparently lost control it exploded on a highway lined by homes killing at least 20 people injuring dozens more. up next brazil. >> think that's a movie? you are not right. this is an actual investigation that has been launched to see if police used unnecessary force in
2:44 am
this shocking shoot-out it happened last may while chasing a drug lord through a residential neighborhood. multiple homes were hit by bullet from the helicopter but luckily no residents were hurt. finally new zealand two people lucky to be alive after the carbon fiber helicopter crashes along the coast. >> this video caught the moment of the crash. two people were on board. amazingly no one hurt after being rescued he called the crash uneventful and lucky for him. patt patti ann? >> back to the top story. many people want to know how did the three cleveland women and a little girl go undetected for a decade. >> i went to his house the first couple years i met him for rehearsal and everything.
2:45 am
two years back i was moving out of my house and i sold him some appliances and he took a buven of stuff from my garage. he said can you help me take some of this stuff home. sure no problem. we unloaded the appliances in the driveway. helped him take some of the stuff inside the house. so i got as far as the living room pretty much. we didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. >> now that these women are free what are the next steps for them? let's ask psycho therapist thomas. >> we are hear being jaycie dugard who was held for years and she is giving advice to women this is not who you are, this is just what happened to you. a lot to take in. >> 10 years of psychological manipulation that becomes your norm now. what you are saying and what other women are saying who am i? who am i that's the question. each individual will need to
2:46 am
rely on their family and attend some counseling. they got to rediscover who they are. they don't know who they are. >> you say there's going to be post traumatic stress disorder. >> ptsd is inevitable. each one of these cases have been sexually -- we don't know this for sure emotional psychological and maybe sexual abuse. their minds will be littered with trauma and reliving of this event for a long time to come. >> you made reference to this 6-year-old girl found with amanda berry. evidence suggesting she is her daughter and some neighbors saying she is the spitting image of ariel castro her captor. what is this child's life going to be like. >> that's the one concern i have is that going to be the tattoo the imprint who the father is or is somehow the family her grandparents are they going to accept her for who she is and real her in as a granddaughter or is she always someone in the
2:47 am
back of everybody's mind identified as the daughter of this sick individual? >> right. very troubling. so the guilt, there has to be something going through the mind of all of these relatives. they say they never gave up. in the back of their minds they are saying did we do enough? ten years. >> ten years. i am sure everybody has already written them off. you would assume they were killed and hidden somewhere. the fact that all of them were right in the vicinity of where they were abducted is absolutely mind boggling to me and to everybody watching right now. the guilt that 23409 only the family but the neighbors are going to have is definitely going to be real. other issues that are evolving from this situation not just the women who were abducted. >> i am not suggesting they should feel guilty. these are people who never gave up. never gave up. all of this time now you say right now stay out of the
2:48 am
spotlight. >> again what we are hearing in the media even the women abducted it's tempting to go on the computer. they may not be getting the accurate messaging they need. what they need to do is come huddled together as a family let their emotions take charge and remove themselves from the clutter of the outside world. >> thomas kirsten thank you adds always. >> 12 to the top of the hour he's one of the top prize fighters in america. why is he taking hid next fight to china. we will tell you. then they say two is better than one. three is not the magic number at least when it comes to kids. we will have that story. let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> patti ann. >> coming up next our team is in cleveland. they are finding out about the ugly truth behind the three women held capty against their will.
2:49 am
also the coverage of the missing woman who is she and where might she be. dr. is here to talk about how to spend lesson prescriptions. the latest preview on the benghazi testimony that promises electric ralph peters will be alive. the view sherri shepherd is coming here first on "fox & friends." if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. ♪
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>> 8 until the top of the hour. here are quick headlines. survey finds moms who have three children are the most stressed where as women who have four or more claim to have less perhaps because they give up on trying to be perfect. the difficult job of being a mom is apparently worth less this year. motherho
2:53 am
motherhood's monetary value comes at just under 60,000 dollars now in the past two years it exceeded that amount. when boxing star many patio steps into the boxing ring it will be in china. the reason u.s. taxes are too high. he will fight brandon rios overseas to save nearly 20 percent of his pay. he would have to pay 40 percent to uncle sam if he fought in the states compared to 12 percent in china. >> come on the monetary value of being a mom, priceless. nearly 11 million people in the u.s. are receiving federal disability benefits. a record high which exceeds the entire population of the country, greece. fox news network diane macedo is here with more. >> the total number of people in the united states on disability hit a record 10,962,532 in april marking the 195th straight month
2:54 am
that that number has increased. of that total a record of 8,865,586,000 were disabled workers up in march were the remainder of the spouses and children. we haven't seen that number of disabled workers dropped since january of 1997 when it fell by 249 people to 4,385,374. as for the people who leave the program in 2011 only approximately .7 percent of them drop their benefits because their condition improves or they return to work. most reach the federal retirement age until they start collecting social security instead. the second largest reason for leaving the program, death. the number of workers on disability has been on the rise the ratio of collecting workers has decreased from 50 workers collecting disability in 1968 to the current 13 full-time working
2:55 am
americans on disability. how much longer can this trend continue before the whole program collapses. >> that's a lot of numbers there. >> sorry to throw them all out at you. a lot of people on disability. >> the time now is 5 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up next, an nfl wide receiver is facing double trouble. he got raised not once but twice in the same day. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> before you leave the house here's what's happening today. charges could be filed against the three brothers accused of holding amanda berry, michelle knight and gina dejesus. >> former south carolina governor mark sanford is celebrating this morning. the republican won a special election for his old congressional seat. >> time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. forget running on the treadmill. how about dancing? that takes some coordination. this guy is spicing up a boring workout by busting out dance moves. apparently he does this every day. >> a former detroit lines wide receiver titus young arrested twice in the same day first for suspicion of
3:00 am
d.u.i. and later for burglary after sneaking into an impound lot looking for his car. the ugly, the boston bruins hockey series has a fans sign which says toronto is strong knock on the boston strong slogan have a great day folks. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is wednesday, may 8. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. we have disturbing new details from the ohio house of horrors. the three women who escaped were not the only ones. this morning the search for more bodies and who is still missing. >>steve: chained up and separated. new details about inside that house. we've got an exclusive tour of that house's layout straight ahead. >>brian: is there a national security coverup going on in washington? could we finally get


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