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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 10, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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i was thinking about that. i have a lot of time on my hands lately. we're going to get out of here. i love my birthday. thank you. that's it for "the five". i'll be on red eye tonight. welcome to "red eye." it is like who wants to marry a millionaire if by millionaire you mean a hairless sentore. what is coming up, mr. black? >> thanks for putting on a jacket, mr. boss. high school students forced to listen to an anti-fracking rap song? we will bust out the out reach meter straight ahead. and why do americans think gun crime is up when it is actually down? some say it is the liberal media complex. others -- well, i can't imagine what others would say. and why have 80,000 people applied to be the first humans to go to mars and never come back? well have you seen the news lately? greg? >> i hope you go to mars.
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go away! >> i don't find you amusing. she is so cute that newborn pandas have contests to name her. tts dana peri -- it is dana perino and one of my lesser co-hosts on "the five." and not only was he promoted to manager of forever 21 he has landed the role of the giant in the twin peeks, the musical. >> yes, exciting day. >> and in kentucky he is considered a breakfast biscuit, bill schulz. and he occupies everything but a shower. sitting next to me is the brother of gavin mcguinness and the son of jimmy mcguinness, miles mcguinness. he is the author of "bush lied, a baby cried and a panda died." >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. i am just here for the commercials. >> before we do our first story we have to make a note that it is actually dana's
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birthday while we taped this. thanks for ruining the flow. we decided to put together a special gift for her, a package. let's roll it, shall we? >> have i a dog named jasper. that's the most tweeted picture of jasper. people recognize jasper more than me. we love jasper. people love jasper. jasper. jasper. jasper. i made jasper's america's dog. >> look at him. >> even when he is a monster you don't care. oh please. their wines come with whines. a couple of kids who call
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themselves earth guardians, love that name, performed an anti-frabbing rap in front of students at a colorado middle school. like most tweens they are passionate about fracking, extracting gas and oil. behold, beholders. >> want some,. >> frack. >> putting the people ♪ ♪ do you think that is better ♪ ♪ fracking destruction ♪ and the animals in it >> we are in safe hands, america. complete, my favorite colorado website, reports that some parents complained about the one-sided presentation prompting the principal to respond in writing saying, quote, thank you for quickly bringing your valid concerns to my attention. i will continue to presume
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positive intentions as i meet with our teachers to discuss what trans you are poohed and ensure that the opposite sides of the issue is being clearly and fairly represented. no wonder kids can't read. look who is coming out in support of fracking. >> i have no idea what they were saying, but it was adorable. jesse, are you currently living in a high school parking lot, so you have something in common with this. should kids get involved with adult causes, or should they just be kids? >> wouldn't that be nice, the day you are allowed within 500 feet of one? it is so exciting. they say they have been investigating this since tuesday. you may want to look into the claims an outrageous third grader made that his dad can beat up your dad. you may want to check into
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that. >> so you don't think it is a big deal with what they are saying? >> what does it matter? >> they are being brainwashed and if i say it louder you will believe me. >> it is too late to change now. >> i came into this one late. i was at the dentist when i got this package. really, you are leading off with that? >> i don't know. >> he is one of the greatest comedians on the planet and he canceled so it is you. miles, good to have you here. how is your brother doing? >> who cares? >> shouldn't there be another tween raping about the economic benefits of fracking so there is a balance? >> i don't think there is a balance for the fracking. i think it is pretty clear that injecting the chemicals into mother earth is going to be problematic especially when we inject so many chemicals that the tap water bursts into
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flames. yes, maybe kids should be made aware of this or turning water into fire. it is like jesus in reverse. >> where do you get these facts ? >> look it up up. they can light their tap water on fire with fracking. >> who? >> people in the northeast. >> darrell hannah. >> where do you get this idea that they are setting fire to their tap whatter? >> have you never seen anybody set fire to their tap water? >> no. >> well now i am embarrassed for you. maybe should you google. >> is that where you get your information, googling? >> it is called the world. people light their tap water on fire and it is from fracking. look at burning springs, new york. >> what about burning springs? >> they can light their tap water on fire. >> is their tap water okay? >> that's not relevant. how can something be okay if they are lighting it on fire. >> maybe their tap water is fine. >> let's drink a big glass of gasoline. this is fine. >> it is called burning springs? >> yes. >> is that because they can do
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that and yet it is healthy? >> even this is polluted. [coughing] >> dana, you have aged just in the last segment. you are a hip hop owe fish gnaw dough. have these young rappers changed your mind about fracking? >> don't look at me. >> don't look at him. >> the rap was so bad it had to have sub titles. first of all, rap should not have sub titles or it is called crap. also the problem is fracking is a word that doesn't lend itself well to rhymes. if they are going to have a counter rap at the school, then all of the dads who work in the energy industry could come in and say. ♪ where do you think you get your tax money ♪ ♪ it probably isn't very
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funny ♪ or something like that. >> bold move. >> it was. >> see, you can rhyme money, but fracking you can't rhyme. don't look at me. >> we are experiencing a birthday break down. >> this is the best show ever. >> it is when you take account of your life and how things change. >> the rappers are stwel and 9 and they achieved more in their life than you have in yours or will ever have achieved in your life which will surely end in probably three years. i forgot a question. >> no inflection at the end. nothing to really ask. it wasn't a good rap. that's not my concern here. my concern is the kid with the pho dora. i don't want to say i speak with experience, but when you wear a fedora things don't go well for you.
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>> thank you, that is a perfect example. even in canada they know that the kid in the fedora is not to be talked to. the kid in the fedora doesn't eat his tapioca. it is hut -- it is put on his shirt. >> i think that would be equivalent to the late michael jackson. >> you have to happened it to the anti-fracking people though. this is smart. it is not just about fracking. it is being for mother earth your whole life. and the conservatives can get outraged about it. you have to find out how to fight water fire with water fire. either you come up with a rap or you have to figure out -- where do you kids think you get your food you are eating? well it comes from your dad's heart. your mom and dad work hard. that type of education for kids with the rap, they will remember that rap, and they will go home and repeat it. >> my food comes from a dumpster. >> you know what this is?
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i will go to you, miles. this is class warfare. the people who come out against fracking don't have to worry about oil. they don't live in areas where these jobs could help them. >> we are going to start creating environmentally destroying policies. there are tons of jobs. half of the people in the areas are in the marines. they have tons of work. >> the state did a comprehensive study. your argument is about oil. >> no, you need to read one native american book. when you frack you are stabbing your mother in the back and injecting chemicals into her spine. >> and why does a marine need a job? he is in afghanistan. >> neither of these are facts. i don't know why i do this show. >> that i tiff american is not
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a language. >> yes, it is. have you ever heard of when they go like -- what is that? english? i don't think so. >> from a bad rap to a bum rap. he is in jail for obama's fail. he changed his name to bronson pincho. just kidding. he is the guy that made the video the obama administration blamed for benghazi. it left four americans dead, and i say initially because until their story fell apart. he is behind bars for violating probation for using an alias when he made the film, and by all accounts he is not a candidate for citizen of the year. the truth is, quote, he is the first person in this country jailed for violating islamic anti-blasphemy laws. lowry says everybody knowses that nikola would not be in jail if he did not produce a
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video lamb pooning the prophet mohamed. he says the paxi in the cover up who is serving a sentence that, quote, never will come about if he hadn't offended the wrong people. for more let's go to "red eye" national security correspondent. that's an adorable dog, dana. >> jasper can do that. >> i will see it before i believe it. is he a political prisoner? >> it happened on a friday night. so the attacks on september 11th happened on a tuesday, wednesday, thursday and then said oh my gosh, we are in the middle of an election. we have susan rice, the am was deer going on the shows on sunday. and if you look at the time line in the evidence, you can see that the cia sends over what they think happened and that completely changes to
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come up with a video that no one on the ground said was possible. on that saturday morning they sent an e-mail. i was sick, but first of all he is an american citizen. remember in denmark when the cartoonist made the prophet mohamed and there were riots in the street. what they said was knock it off. this is freedom of speech. president obama could have done that and should have done that. if we stand for anything in america this man should be released. there are boston bomber evidence throwers, they are out of jail in three days and this guy it has almost been a year. >> and instead obama told the u.n the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. that means we have lost. jesse frkts obama administration blamed benghazi on a vanilla ice impersonator you would be in jail. that has to make you think.
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>> wow, i never thought of that, but, yeah. >> he is still thinking. >> you didn't prepare for this segment either. >> wait, i thought i was mildly amusing in the last segment. i think i look less, less like vanilla ice as the years go by. look, first of all, the thing is still there and it is still on youtube. nobody took it down. it is free speech. he was put in jail because he violated his parole. he is using false -- he got put in jail for falsifying his identity -- for falsifying checks and then falsified his identity which makes uh flight risk. he has false id's which is exactly why you -- >> read between the lines, man. >> i am just saying this guy is a [bleep] a-hole and that is not illegal, but if you are a [bleep] a-hole and then you break the law you go to jail for that. >> wait a second. you said the whole f-word and
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then sensor yourself with a-hole. our editor hates you anyway. >> i will ask miles. this is a person who is in jail despite what jesse says for slandering mohamed. if he didn't slander mohamed he wouldn't be in jail. you must be outraged since you are for freedom of speech, right? what is that look? >> when are you going to drop it? benghazi is not going toyou wan. you lied when hillary got a tumor and it was bs. i am on the side of jesse, bill schulz and andy levy. this guy violated his parole and went to jail. it is called the law. >> i am surprised. i thought you would be on the side of a political prisoner. >> i would have been if he didn't make fun of a beautiful culture of peace called islam. when he made that video he made guys launch rpg's into the embassy. >> that is disproven.
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it was a planned a you -- it was a planned attack. >> are you making a mountain out of a mole hill. >> so basically you look at it as a teen thing. >> that's what it comes down to. that's why you are excited because it says a point for you. oh benghazi you fumbled the ball. sorry, it is gone. >> what if it were a republican president? >> republican president wouldn't have done that. >> why do you pick on -- why do you pick on the way i dress all the time? this guy is sitting here looking like the salvation army exploded or a homeless train conductor for the last 20 minutes and nobody said thig. >> from yemen. >> that was excellent. >> that stunning. that stung.
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>> it did, it hurt. but at least i don't look like an accountant's son on april 15th not allowed to come up from the basement. i look like a peace warrior. that is masogonist. i would never say that. >> it is sexist. >> what about jody arias? >> i think she was framed by the society if you can handle it. >> where do you get the facts on that one? >> there is no such thing as facts. you can make statistics do what you want. try new math. two plus two is five now. wake up, america. >> that's a t-shirt. >> do you have any points or would you rather stair with your miserable hatchet face moniker. >> wow, not a question and it
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went on way too long with the insults and commenting on my hatchet face. no disrespect, but every time you hear the word patsy they are usually not. see anyone with three names -- whatever this guy's name s. i will give you that his name was brought out and i saw that in the into us and it was like he violated parole. but he went on the internet and used a fake name. >> i love how everybody says the guy deserved to be arrested even though they knew he was arrested for something else. >> that's unbelievable. >> you get arrested a bunch of times. >> he only served a year in jail. he should have served more time. i liked van gogh's son. he didn't change his name -- well, it didn't work out amazing. >> you have the president of the united states going on letterman and saying the guy in jail which is basically the one he is using to disguise
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their failings and thissen they cover it up even more, he said this is a shadowy character and he is the one who caused people to die because he disrespected islam. this is a guy who say he violated his parole, fine. there are hundreds of thousands of those out there. he has to go into the witness protection program. >> that's over as is this segment. what kind of person comes to work dressed like minnie mouse and asks hr to paint her desk like a slice of swiss cheese? first, are all wines the same? probably. well, now you don't have to watch.
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firearm felonies are low, but does anybody know?
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two new studies reveal that gun crime has dropped steeply in the u.s. since its peek in the 1900's. not many americans are aware of the fact. in less than 20 years the gun rate was reduced by almost half and assault with robberies with guns have also seen major declines. despite those figures according to a poll, only 12% of americans say gun crime had dropped compared to 20 years ago. 56% thought it had increased. one of our producers analyzed the numbers and filed this report. >> that was kind of interesting. you bounced for a club which had older men which were grocery checkers. are people misinformed about crime rates?
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>> they said the whole thing is a lot to do with the decline in crack use and i think that's probably right. people aren't smoking as much crack, so they are paying attention to the news stories where 15 years ago they would have missed the violent news stories because they were giving [bleep] at a truck stop. >> that's an interesting way to look at it. >> were there more stories about the truck stop action though? what is leading the misconception? does it rhyme with media coverage? >> if you ask people do you think there are a lot of kidnappings and -- people who are kidnapped, but live and are held hostage they would say yes that has gone up. it is a response to news coverage. if you watch the evening news, it is so depressing because the first 15 minutes are about the crimes that have
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happened. >> not like "the five". >> happy stories. >> i think it does have to do with people's reaction to media coverage. it is like climate change. that was a farce for 20 years until people caught up with it and the facts caught up with the lie. >> interesting. >> and incidentally, the second half of local news is will orange juice give you aids? >> and weather and sports. >> weather and sports up next. >> usually the weather man and the sportscaster. >> it is never figured out. >> miles, gun crime is going down as gun ownership seems to be expanding. does that have any impact in your life? >> this is classic full news. what is going on here is you are manipulating statistics to make yourselves the heros. all i know is guys with assault weapons are killing people. people are blowing their heads off by accident and people are dying. what is fox's take on that?
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oh things are awesome. and they don't understand that magazine clips and assault rifles are killing babies. it is like piercing. how many people have to die before we wake up? >> curious, are you saying that wearing a rivera hat. >> he killed barely 3,000 and -- >> you know how much the other guy would have killed? >> really? >> yes, everyone all in hawaii. >> bill, thoughts? >> you are weird. the one thing that stuck out with me in the study most of the gun fights -- well a lot of the guns are in the south. i want to know when are they going to put their money where their mouth is when they say the south shall rise again? we yankees are not going to saw seed from ourselves. when you do i will use the pen name manatee gray. >> when you think of gun
12:27 am
violence do you think of jackson, mississippi? do you think of detroit, cleveland? >> people are dying right now and they have assault weapons. if we can save just one life. >> do you feel the same way about abortions? >> if you can save one person's life -- >> it is a woman's right. that is different lives. but with assault weapons you need to save the babies. >> it doesn't work. >> you guys are insane. you con tort -- you con tort the statistics. sometimes baby's lives are valid and other times they are annoying. >> bizarre southern judge character. >> homeless train conductor, come on. this is like a high school drama class. >> that is really awesome. >> swree to take a break.
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>> this is the only show on television like this. there may be a reason for that. there is nobody at cnn going, what are they doing? we are doing that at 8:00. although our ratings are better. do you have a comment on the show? go to red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something exciting? go to fox eye. we might use it. still to come, half time report with andy levy. she our own animal. don't feed him. >> tonight's half time report is sponsoredded by rubber ducks. thanks, rubber ducks.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. >> before we get started, dana, i wanted to wish uh happy birthday. the associated press put this out. at the end they listed a bunch of people whose birthday it is. they were well-known people. people on the list are albert finney and ghost face killa and rosario dawson and finally i got to the end of the list and we finally find the smart, talented and super sweet "red eye" favorite, andrew wk. >> somebody you didn't mention. >> who is that? >> former attorney general john ashcroft shares my birthday. >> somehow they left him off the list too.
12:33 am
>> see, this is what happens to conservatives. left off the ap list. >> i think the fact that she shares a birthday with ghost face killa would explain her earlier raping. rapping. >> she did pronounce it correctly. >> let's talk more about dead white males like john ashcroft and ghost face. >> one of those is not dead. >> i think two of them are not dead. >> really? ghost face and i haven't talked in awhile. >> students forced to listen to anti-frackig rap. people were said to set their tap water on fire. what happens is there were methane pockets in the ground and if you happened to live near one of those and if your well wasn't dug too well, no pun intended you could in fact light your tap water on fire. >> okay, andy. that makes sense. it is perfectly,
12:34 am
environmentally normal to light your tap water on fire. >> no, but it is not caused by fracking. >> it has to be caused by fracking. in an area where they frack it happens. >> do the math. >> i did do the math. two plus two is 4. every time they show an example it has turned out to be methane pockets. >> oh my god. you are so brainwashed by the gas company that it is embarrassing. >> i accept your uh apology. jesse, you don't seem to care about this too much. i am with you. i don't care too much that it was on fracking, but as a hip hop scholar, i care that these kids have little flow and neither of them are lyrical assassins on the level of a rock him, juke d. >> well said. well said. >> this from the guy who pitched the story, by the way. >> it seems like a strange rap to pull out of your hat. >> i am a huge fan. >> okay.
12:35 am
>> dana, i am not sure you should be criticizing anybody else's raping. >> i am a terrible rapper. that's the point. >> you said the earth is our mother and when you frack you are stabbing your mother. >> grandmother, actually. >> grandmother? >> the native american people described it as grandmother. >> all of them? >> well, yes, how many can there be? >> when you walk, miles, are you stomping all over your grandmother? >> i actually rub in vibra five finger toe shoes. >> it is like a massage. >> it is mother earth or grandmother? >> for me because i am a disgusting white male it is mother. if i was a native american it would be grandmother. maybe learn about multi-culturallism for two seconds. >> here we go. dana, i am with bill, jesse and miles.
12:36 am
he is not a political prisoner. >> are you an american. >> thank you for that. >> he violated his probation. >> actually he did not violate his probation. he violated his supervised -- his federal supervised released which is different than probation. and as ken white, the lawyer who was dealing with these cases for 20 years wrote, this guy defrauded banks and pled guilty and was wanted for a huge amount of res tau tiewtion. he provided res tau tiewtion to the people he defrauded and he got himself another name and was doing financial transactions and concealing them from his probation officer. >> i am actually really surprised, andy. >> are you? >> you were surprised to hear all of that because you didn't know? >> no, i did know all of that. i am surprised you fell for it. this guy is obviously only in jail because president obama and hillary clinton needed a bandaid to cover up their boo-boo in benghazi. >> he should have used his real name like the van gogh
12:37 am
guy. >> i completely agree that if the youtube video hadn't popped up, and none of this excuses the obama administration's line. >> but that is exactly what everybody does. he would have been in jail anyway. how many people out there are violating their parole. >> i said he wouldn't have been in jail if he hadn't become famous because of this. >> and here is the other thing , every other criminal out there gets a celebrity lawyer to come in and defendant them. the aclu will pay for all of it. but because this guy was being used to protect obama and clinton, everyone in hollywood was like, ooh. even if it was taking somebody's first amendment right they are not standing up to it. >> let's say it is the same i will legalities in the his past, but it was a radical weather underground guy that had done something horrible and then been arrested by a republican administration this
12:38 am
would be a huge cause. >> he will never get a job at columbia. he will never get on the speech talk circuit and get paid to give speeches for what he did america because he didn't do anything to america. >> i agree, but he still belongs in jail. >> are you a cold -- you know what you are? a patsy. >> is that what i am? >> only because he likes patsy klein. >> i like patsy klein. >> who doesn't? >> and i am wearing pasties. >> i think they are called patty cakes. >> last story and gun crime is down. you blame this on media coverage. i guess, and this is -- i am surprised at both of you, but you must have missed the part in the l.a. times article where it says, quote, it is unclear if media coverage is driving the miss con sption. >> the l.a. times is the same place where you can find the excuse about the boston bombing to be blamed 0*
12:39 am
conservative islam. i think whatever the l.a. times says about this is -- >> way to sensor yourself. that is twice today. >> we should bleep that anyway. >> i think we should. you know what she said on "the five"? she said, you know what. >> no i actually said you know what. >> she said i am so sick of this you know what. >> i said they think their you know what doesn't stink, but it does. >> you are allowed to say doo-doo on air. i know you were spencerring -- you were censoring yourself, but you can say that even on the 5:00 hour. >> wait, wait, wait. jesse has to say something very important. >> i was going to say what is on second and what we are trying to get at is who is on first. >> there was a thing you were doing -- >> would you say that was a hot topic, jesse? >> i didn't say that. he said it. >> you were making a pun
12:40 am
because the assistant man is there. >> fella's i am opening a quiz knows. >> it is known as a preemptive strike. now we have to stop all of our teases. >> when you take off the dry sandwich board do you take it with it? >> i do lose feathers all the time from the chicken suit. i am done. >> all righty. i will see you on the back half whatever you call yourself. coming up, what are some tips to help you fall asleep? dana discusses her new book, i listen to the sound of wails -- wales being harpooned. strange even for you. first, can anyone apply for a one-way trip to the colonized mars? yes even bill schulz. i signed him up.
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should a pencil cause a
12:44 am
fen cry l? two second graders were suspended for pointing pencils at each other and making gun noises. christopher marshall seen here looking adorable said he was just pretending to be a marine like his cool dad and the other kid was a bad guy. but the school said boo to their use of number two. the spokesperson explained that the district has no tolerance policy when it comes to weapons adding it is an effort to try to get kids not to bring any form of violence even if it is violent play into the classroom. that kind of play doesn't have a place in the academic class room. discuss shall we here -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> dana, what happened to common sense? i say that with very stropping outraging emotion. >> what happened to the commonwealth of virginia? what is going on? i thought well maybe this is probably in alexandria. that. sufflok, virginia. i love virginia.
12:45 am
i look at this and i say some of our greatest americans have come from virginia. in 20 years when these people who are in second grade are graduating from college and then won't be able to find jobs because of the obama economy -- sorry, i had to work that in. it is all out of control. >> it is out of control. jesse, a pencil is the thing you use to write on the gas station wall where you work at night. is this just a war on imagination? >> well, the craziest part about this story that oddly nobody is covering was he was in a fight with a little kid of the like they were playing that he was the kid and the other participant in the said fake combat was actually sean connery. >> [coughing] i'm sorry. i smoked a joint before the show. it is so strong now. >> he is getting back at me. this is a direct result -- >> now i want to say to the
12:46 am
world slow it down. >> high is doing that because of the weird liberal character he does. >> i can't tell the difference. >> can finish your joke? >> it doesn't matter. >> sean connery. >> dressed like a seven-year-old to bring a pencil to a gun fight. it was an untouchables reference. come on. >> don't get mad at me. get mad at my dealer. >> miles, should i skip you for doing that? >> no, i swear to god i could not control that cough. my kids, i didn't get them vaccined because it causes aids, and they all have measles and leprosy now. i have to be frank. i don't have the immune system to deal with it because my parents didn't give me vaccinations either. michael moore made it very clear. we live in a gun culture. the reason we had columbine
12:47 am
and other events is we brain wash our young boys into violent and playing cops and robbers and playing cowboys and indians. the fact that these teachers, mostly female, are sort of declaring boydom over and penalizing them for any rank punk shoes behavior -- rambunctious behavior sounds extreme, but it is like david lynch with the meditating thing. it sends out positive energy. >> what did you play as a child? >> we only had wooden horse cars. they had little wheels that were made by blind people of some tribe we didn't know. my dad said that would be judgmental. i put those words in his mouth. >> you are not talking to your dad. >> it was my sur raw gat -- gat --surrogate dad who was our yoga instructor. >> last word, bill. >> i am confused as to what we
12:48 am
are talking about anymore. are we talking leb pro see vaccine -- leprosy vaccine. >> and all fox goes, that's bad. they want young men to be out there killing for oil. >> this is the most powerful name in rants. >> we have to take a break. i don't know where i am either. >> that's lightningy. >> no, that was not a lightning round. >> it is a good plan. you have to give him that. >> nicely done. >> look at me, everyone. >> that's an amazing impression. >> "joy of hate", we have a couple more segments.
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is a wine connoisseur full of manure? they are making the case and calling the business of wine tasting ratings and reviews utter crap. he says the human pallet is the weakest of the senses and they contridict themselves. at one competition, the blindfolded judges gave different ratings for the same
12:53 am
wine three times in succession. i love blindfolding judges. wine is something rich people drink and it comes in a can. not sure if you are aware of it. >> even you can't afford the box . do you believe the whole idea of wine tasting is crap? >> i totally do. it is for alcoholics with a douchy vocabulary. i am a recovering alcoholic and i used to do the same thing. this is delightful. it opens with the light autumn and ends with em presenting nateing a waffle -- empregnating a waffle waitress. >> if only it did. >> it is whimsical and goes with sam mop and state troopers. >> i can't believe the waffle house has sharas. >> dana you seem like somebody who scoffs at a $10 bottle of
12:54 am
wine. >> why because it is too expensive? >> yes. >> i agree. i like to drink wine, but i can't tell you what is a good wine -- i can tell you what i like, but when it gets to the floury language about the oakiness and the cherry blah, blah, i don't like that stuff. it is pretentious to me. >> miles, you probably hate wine because it is a sign of the biewj hua swree. >> i can't resist a good pinot-gregio. >> it is just too refined. of course it is real. the guy going sideways is illiterate. people who love wine are awesome and not in the least bit annoying. >> this is what you call a call back to a show from three weeks ago.
12:55 am
bill, you make your own wine out of rain and shoelaces. >> are those grapes? >> jesse is right. every wine tasting and no one spits in the bucket. i am very non-plused about the description of wine. it is called pinot-g re gio and i am a fan of merlot. >> it is the only product they can say we will sell it cheaply and sell it more expensively if you want something better. can you imagine doing that with anything else? that $10 loaf of bread sucks. buy the $20 instead. >> i have heard of jewelry. >> except jewelry. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap you. go to fox eye.
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all right, the o'reilly factor, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. there is a new "red eye" 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. that's on saturday. 11 p.m. eastern time. tv's andy levy. >> dana, what do you have? how was your births day? >> it was -- how was your birthday? >> terrific and i am going to charleston. >> that means there is nobody at her apartment. >> there is somebody at my apartment, believe me. >> was it the snicker shock, the snort fort? >> the comedy celler. the greatest institution in comedy. i am performing there this wednesday the 15th. >> not the laugh cage this. >> not that i am uh buffer. i am above. i was con do sending, but i shouldn't be. i am playing banana farts. >> formerly known as the
1:00 am
chortle hut. >> i don't go on fox news so i can get rich and extort people. >> who works in your family? >> wife works on wall street. >> oh, okay. caution. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> bill: the assertion that how four americans died in benghazi doesn't really matter has now become the mantra of the left. we'll take a look at that question with charles krauthammer and the mother of a man who was killed in libya. >> the dramatic story told today by people at the center during that attack in benghazi last year. >> bill: so how much time did the network news give the benghazi story yesterday? we'll tell you and bernie goldberg will analyze. >> i would much rather die sooner than later. >> bill: well, jodi arias may get her wish as a jury in arizona is


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