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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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interview with new congressman mark sanford after his political come back this week. have a great weekend and we will see you on sunday. >> harris: fox urgent. there were reported lay dozen different versions of the obama administration's talking points about the attack on you are u.s. outpost in benghazi. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. government emails now reveal the state department made major changes to those talking points. this is according to abc news. changes were made before ambassador susan rice, who you see here, use them in her interviews on five different sunday talk shows less than a week after the terror attacks here. is one example of how the memo changed in a matter of hours. remember, this would be telling the public about what happened that night. these are the before and after versions according to abc news. emails reportedly show the state department objected to naming a specific al qaeda affiliate.
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and mentioning previous cia warnings about extremists in benghazi. in the end, officials dropped both references from the final version. the state department spokeswoman also added, quote, these don't resolve all of my issues or those of my building's leadership. it's unclear if that leadership included then secretary of state hillary clinton. the attack on september 11th of last year killed our u.s. ambassador to libya christopher stephens. state department official sean smith and two former navy seals tyrone woods and glen doherty. our james rosen live in our d.c. newsroom with more on this. james? >> pretty rough day for jay carney at the white house. >> that's right, harris. his was to be sure uninvisible duty today. the white house press secretary struggling to explain why interagency team labor day through 12 versions of the now infamous talking points that u.n. ambassador susan rice delivered on the sunday shows
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september 16th, five days after the attacks. spontaneous protest gone awry and later shown to be false never more so than now when the drafts of the talking points and emails regarding them are appearing in the "weekly standard" and on abc news and show how multiple early references to involvement by terrorist groups were were deleted. >> we knew that -- we believed, based on the intelligence assessment that extremists were involved and there were suspicions about what affiliations those extreme i.ists might have. there was not hard, concrete evidence. >> september 14, however, the first cia draft of the talking points as published in the "weekly standard" stated outright, quote: we do know that islamic extremists with ties to al qaeda participated in the attack, unquote. that was why jay carney spent so much time on 00 defensive this afternoon, harris. >> harris: you know, james, there is a new name in all of this that may be fairly fresh to people who are watching. we want to talk about this. much the benghazi evidence we are getting this week
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focuses on the role of victoria nuland, why? >> the email traffic published recently by "the weekly standard" and abc news shows that victoria nuland objected early on to a cia draft that noted how many warnings the issued about benghazi. the early cia draft could be abuse by members of congress she wrote in one email to beat up the state department for not paying attention to warnings. why would we not want to feed that either, concerned. when revised talking points still included al sharia nuland warned we don't want to prejudice the investigation. national security official pushed back telling nuland the fbi did not have major concerns with the points and offered only a minor couple suggestions that's when ben rhodes weighed in suggesting that the talking points should, quote, reflect all agency equities. >> i can't speak in this specific case to the exact contest of who is being referred to, but, in
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general terms, when we as public affair officers or spokes people inside of an organization are negotiating, sometimes we make additional reference to other individuals or other policy makers. >> that was the response we got when we asked who nuland had in mind when in one of those emails as you noted, harris, nuland said the changes hadn't gone far enough for my quote building's leadership. >> harris: pushing alone for more information on this and now house speaker john boehner is calling on the white house to release unclassified emails giving us more information today. what's the obama administration saying about that? >> well, the white house depicted boehner's request as the height of hypocrisy. >> we have provided this information to the committee. this is -- the fact that the very people who have reviewed this and probably leaked it, you know, generally speaking, not specifically, are asking for something they have already had access to, i think demonstrates this is what it was from the beginning in terms of republican hand handling of
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it a highly political matter. >> that looked and sounded a lot like a. no. >> harris: thank you for decoding that for us, james. have you broken some bits and pieces along the way in terms of this story and some other elements this week that you have broken wide open too. where do you see all of this heading from a reporter's standpoint? >> i think we will soon see some new whistle blowers "the weekly standard" reported today for example on a september 15 email that then cia director general david petraeus sent to cia legislative affairs chief chip walter the krier expressed frustration at the scrubbing of the cia talking points. fox news has now learned that g.o.p. lawmakers and lawyers are now working with several more benghazi whistle blowers, including survivors of the attack who worked for the central intelligence agency. >> there are people coming, reaching out from the cia. i have asked the state department yet again for the names of the survivors
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of benghazi. i'm going to go to the cia and ask them to make available the agents that were involved, the intelligence community protecting their identity so we can get the full flavor of what happened. >> in short, many shoes still to drop in this still unfolding story. harris? >> harris: glad you are on it. james rosen thank you very much. u.s. troops are on alert ready to respond to new violence in libya. sources telling fox news the security situation in tripoli there is very similar to what was happening on the ground in benghazi right before the september 11th terror attack. now, the u.s. and the u.k. report they are pulling some staffers out of the country and the state department here is warning americans not to travel to libya. adam housley live with this report now. adam, what are officials saying about this latest round of violence? >> yeah, harris, there is two causes of the violence you go to the east and benghazi issue that issue was really caused by terrorist groups more towards the west and capital of tripoli. all about malicious, fox
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news has learned that the pentagon has put two military units on stand by in europe as the security situation deteriorates in the libyan capital amidst rising concerns about the safety in that area in tripoli eight months after the attack on the embassy at benghazi. >> so, at this time we can can confirm that a handful of our staff members have, indeed, departed libya. our embassy in tripoli is still open and still functioning. okay? >> i want to clarify that, too. that was a facility in benghazi that was attacked. originally told, of course, that there was a different type of facility. this all comes, of course, april 23rd a car bomb exploded at the french embassy. two weeks ago armed libyan militia took over part of the government. protest in tripoli broke out as well. near the capital there was some problems as well as two car explosions in benghazi. all in the last couple of weeks, harris. >> harris: so you have to hope that they are changing
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or at least preparing in some way to respond to these security threats that are new in south africa. what changes are v. we witnessed? >> well, yeah. first of all, we don't know exactly what the response was when benghazi happened. we still haven't got any information out. that's part of the investigation we have all been doing over the course of the last seven months. we can show you map and tell what you we are doing. specializerred marine a task force based in moron in spain libya if needed. in addition the response force has been put on heightened alert. this week the no, ma'am he knee to replace ambassador chris stevens in libya faced questions at confirmation hearing about the whole deteriorating situation in the libyan capital for that matter across the countryside. take a listen. >> the goal is to address these securityback vacuum. to address the capacity vacuum of the president in terms of its security. >> now, no forces in europe have specifically at this
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hour been moved in response to this situation. but you have got it believe because of what happened in benghazi and we have been told by our sources that a number have been told to stay ready in fact, we were told a 50 person force on 00 ground in libya of locals trained by our forces have been told to prepare over the next 36 hours. harris? >> harris: adam housley, thank you very much. our other big story tonight. the fertilizer plant explosion in a texas town that killed more than a dozen people now back in the headlines. learning today officials have opened a criminal investigation. remember all along they said this was an accident. also, an announcement they have arrested a paramedic among the first responders the day of that disaster. and, in ohio, new gruesome details about the cleveland kidnapping case. >> this child kidnapper operateed a torture chamber and private prison in the heart of our city.
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>> harris: d.n.a. evidence comes back to find out whether aerial castro really did father a child with with one of his victims. also, what he reportedly told investigators when they busted him and word the only thing he was sorry for was getting caught. cyber crime. on a worldwide scale. a band of criminals accused of coordinating a massive attack on atm's. >> instead of guns and masks, this cyber crime organization used laptops and mall ware. >> tens of millions of dollars gone in a matter of hours. >> this was indeed the largest theft of this type that we have yet seen. >> >> harris: tonight, how they pulled it off and how investigators tracked them down. she spent 17 days trapped in the ruins of a building where more than 1,000 people died. now she is safe. tonight, how one woman lived for weeks under all of that shattered concrete.
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[explosion] >> harris: investigators have said one of the chemicals housed there exploded but they have not yet confirmed how that happened: they also just announce they had have arrested a paramedic among one. first people on the scene after the explosion. they say they found bomb-making supplies that belonged to the man you see here. brice reid. so far, they say there is no evidence linking him to the explosion, however. reid has said the blast was devastating to him and that it killed one of his closest friends. rudy from station kttc fox seven in austin live in waco, texas tonight. that paramedic was in court today. >> he was, harris.
4:15 pm
and it was a very quick court hearing that took place. brice reid in the mcclinton county jail. he will be stay in jail because no bond was set today. the hearing was quite unique. a closed door hearing that's because the magistrate's hearing court case was in fort hood nearby fort hood. and it was a teleconference. the media was not allowed in this morning when the hearing took place around 10:20, 10:15 this morning. no bond was set so reid was sent back, given an attorney. his local is -- his attorney is a local attorney in the area. he will remain in jail until next court appearance which is scheduled to make place sometime about the middle of next week. >> harris: rudy, i want to ask you because for so long we have been told this was an accident. now it is a criminal investigation. what more do we know about that? >> well, what we know right now is that we have got too distinct investigations taking place.
4:16 pm
the state state fire state firs association statement late this afternoon no time have they ruled anything out in regards to criminal activity and as a matter of fact, they said they have never said that it was just an industrial accident that they were actually looking into all kinds of possibility including criminal activity. also now we have with the texas rangers getting involved with this investigation and they are trying to connect the dots. but right now the prosecutors have not been able to do that. >> harris: well, for so many of us the word criminal got our attention today. rudy does ski. >> sure did. >> harris: fox 7, austin. thank you very much. a miraculous moment after so much tragedy. you hear people talk about miracles. just pay attention to what's in the middle of your screen. a woman found alive today. 17 days after the clothing factory collapsed in bangladesh. the rescued woman says she never dreamed she would see daylight again. rescuers somehow pulled her out today. a worker says he heard faint voices and a voice
4:17 pm
calling save me. the woman who is a seamstress was reportedly trapped in part of a mosque in the building's basement. she said she had to rummage through bags of food that were on her dead co-workers. she drank bottled water she also managed to find. >> it was very difficult to make myself hurt. i kept banging whatever i could with my legs but nobody could hear me. >> harris: wow. the factory collapsed last month killed more than 1,000 people. making it the worst garment industry disaster in the world. well, there are new developments in cleveland that house of horrors case. and new d.n.a. test results on the 6-year-old daughter of one of the women who had been held captive. boston marathon bombings may not be the only murders the suspects are alleged to have committed. police now reportedly investigating possible links between those two brothers and an unsolved triple homicide. stay close.
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>> harris: ohio's attorney general now confirms d.n.a. tests show the man accused of kidnapping and raping three women fathered a baby with one of them. amanda berry, in the white shirt you see here, escaped from the house in cleveland monday night. she had a 6-year-old little girl with her. and two other women were locked up inside. now we know berry's 6-year-old daughter is also that of aerial castro. he is the man accused of keeping those women locked up for about a decade. a prosecutor has said he may seek the death penalty for castro because of accusations castro repeatedly used force to terminate pregnancies in his victims. rick leventhal is live for us in cleveland now with more on this. rick, what have we learned more about the suspect's alleged confession?
4:22 pm
>> well, harris, according to wkyctv here in cleveland. aerial castro told investigators he was addicted to sex and couldn't control his impulses. called himself cold-blooded and went into great detail how he met each of his three victims and even what they were wearing when he lured them into his car and then abducted thelium them. he is being held on $8 million bond. weighs described as cocky during his interrogation. only remorseful about being caught according to the local tvization. meanwhile the fbi's evidence response team returned to seymour avenue today, once again putting on protective white suits and disappearing inside and outside castro's house and the adjoining properties. work crews have been here as well all day boarding up all the windows and coarse on castro's home. we are told that they're eventually going to build a wooden fence around the castro property to keep people out, harris. >> harris: i know one of the victims, the third michelle knight actually got out of the hospital today, a ray of light. >> yeah, but michelle knight is going to have the
4:23 pm
toughest recovery of those three women. she was abducted first. she was held the longest and apparently beaten the most badly. she was released from hospital this afternoon. the hospital wouldn't say where she was going and even her family doesn't know where she went. her grandmother knows that no family members have spoken to michelle and michelle wouldn't let them visit when she was in the hospital. the grandmother went to gina dejesus' home one ever the other kidnap victims this afternoon in the hopes that michelle would show up there and she didn't. michelle's mother hired a lawyer to try to get access to her daughter. michelle suffered hearing loss. may need reconstructive surgery because of the regular beatings that she received. the fbi says that it is providing special victims assistance to all three of the women and their families. harris. >> harris: wow, what an ordeal. rick leventhal with the latest on this. thank you very much. there is reportedly mounting evidence now that one or both suspects in last month's boston bombing may have also been involved in an unsolved triple murder, that's according to abc news. one of the victims is said
4:24 pm
to have once been a roommate of the now dead boston suspect. tamerlan tsarnaev. in 2011 police found that victim dead along with two other people. somebody had solicit their throats and covered the bodies in marijuana. investigators have forensic evidence that links tsarnaev brothers to the crime scene. cell phone records also reportedly put them near the scene the night of the murders. but authorities say they still need to wait for d.n.a. evidence before they can make a definitive link. we will keep you posted. the benghazi investigation. breaking wide open on this friday. new details about efforts by members of the obama administration to cut references to islamic terrorism while explaining the terror attack on our u.s. diplomatic outpost in libya last september 11th. catherine herridge fact checks team obama. focused on the irs confirmation it targeted conservative political groups in last election cycle.
4:25 pm
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4:29 pm
philippines. a tourist stranded near the peak of the volcano somehow survived after it erupted earlier in the week killing four hikers and a tour guide. air lifted to the hospital. amazing suffered only minor burns and a broken arm. india, a fire engulfed a factory that makes vegetable oil in the northern part of the country. locals first reported smoke coming from the mill. firefighters say they struggled to contain it nobody reported dead. still, no word on how it started. the factory fires are reportedly common in india due to lax safety enforcement. australia, sky watchers gathered in the outback to witness an annular solar
4:30 pm
eclipse. a so-called ring of fire unlike a total ellipse that dims the sunlight and does not turn day into night. >> we saw the moon go right in front of the sun and the clouds thinned out. >> harris: the ellipse lasted 3 to 6 minutes expending where people saw it that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the obama administration under scrutiny over email exchange about its benghazi talking points. abc news reporting it has seen the administration's emails from right after the attack. and those emails suggest the story about what actually happened changed over and over again at the request of the state department spokeswoman and others. the white house and state department have said to have heavily edited those talking points, removing all references to radical islam and terrorism.
4:31 pm
in fact, abc news reports there are 12 versions of talking points. critics are calling this a calculated coverup to make the president look good. even after these emails surfaced today, the white house again denied changing the talking points for political gain. remember, this was all unfolding just weeks before the presidential election last year. catherine herridge has been all over the story since the attack happened. she is live for us in washington. catherine, the white house says it was unclear for weeks what happened. >> well, harris, on september 12th, one kay after the benghazi attack, we reported on this broadcast, based on the interview with the chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers that it was not spontaneous. it was coordinated. premeditated and had nothing to do with the anti-islam video as the obama white house claimed. >> i don't think the movie had anything to do with what happened in libya. and you remember, even when the car tunes about mohammed came out, it was months before -- between the publication and an
4:32 pm
actual act of violence. i have no doubt about it. it was a coordinated military style commando type raid that had both direct fire and indirect fire. >> significantly, congressman rogers was receiving regular briefings on benghazi and getting the same information available to the white house and within the intelligence community. it was clear to the congressman that benghazi was not connected to a video. yet, the white house claims even today it took weeks to figure that out and those positions cannot be reconciled, harris. >> harris: you know, words like radical islam, al qaeda. as a president you don't want that to come up. so how quickly did the intelligence community actually know al qaeda was involved? >> well, after cia director david petraeus resigned over his affair with biographer paula broadwell in november, he went to capitol hill where the general who once basked in the media now shunned attention. this is the only shot of petraeus from november 16th, his car leaving the capital complex he used service entrance to avoid reporters and cameras
4:33 pm
all together. on that day source close to the general told fox he knew within 24 hours of the attack that it was terrorism and al qaeda and al cherie were were most likely behind it he had no idea who was behind changes to the talking points. but this week's edition of the "weekly standard" reports that on september 15th, one day before ambassador rice's controversial sunday show appearances, petraeus knew who was behind the changes to the talking points. emailing the cia point person on capitol hill. expressing frustration obama all references to al qaeda, harris. >> harris: as this whole thing unfolds it makes you wonder how quickly he may be called back to say what he knows. some lawmakers are accusing general petraeus of changing his story. what's up with that? >> in november petraeus said on day one he knew it was a terrorist attack. in mid september he briefed something quite differently according to congressional sources. fox news has learned through those sources that they believe petraeus knew at the time of the benghazi attack that his
4:34 pm
relationship with boggographer paula broadwell was being investigated by the fbi and they questioned the potential impact on the general. on september 13th, two days after benghazi, the fbi and national counter terrorism center, the group that tracks threats against the u.s., briefed lawmakers that it was terrorism, evidence supported al qaeda and there was no mention in that briefing of an anti-islam video. but a day later on september 14th, congressional sources tell fox cia director petraeus put the emphasis on the anti-islam video. that the attack was ainto a flash mob. petraeus even minimizing the skill needed to fire a mortar. lawmakers at those briefings openly questioned whether general petraeus' story was really that consistent. harris. >> harris: all of this is to get to the truth of what happened that night. then there was even more confusion along the way when ambassador susan rice went to capitol hill. >> well, when ambassador rice went to the hill in late november with the acting cia director to discuss the talking points with three senior
4:35 pm
republicans, the senators were told that the fbi demanded references to al qaeda be scrubbed. but by late that afternoon, on november 27th, the cia issued a statement saying the acting director was wrong. quote: at approximately 4:00 this afternoon, cia officials contacted us and indicated that acting director murel misspoke in earlier meeting. the cia says it dedeleted the al qaeda references not the fbi. they were unable to give a reason as to. why there were at least a dozen version of the talking points and state department and at least one member of the national security council in the white house were involved in this push to make the changes. harris. >> harris: the big question. if you were only going to change a word or two, why would you need 12 versions? we shall see what happens with this. >> we will. >> harris: catherine herridge thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> harris: irs in trouble for targeting conservative groups during last year's election season. workers singled out
4:36 pm
organizations which used tea party or patriot in their filings. flagging them for extra investigation while deciding whether they were entitled to tax exempt status. the irs official blames low level workers in cincinnati and says no top agency executives actually knew about it. both republicans and democrats are calling for an investigation into this. the democrat senator from michigan carl levin is joining his republican colleagues commanding the apparently shady practices that the irs stop right now. our jim angle is looking into this. he is live in our d.c. bureau. jim? >> hello, harris. irs official lois leisurer says in some 75 applications, irs officials stepped over the line by asking for a list of donors to tea party groups or sought more information than the irs needed. listen. >> that was wrong. that was absolutely incorrect. it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. that's not how we go about selecting cases for further
4:37 pm
review. >> certainly does seem to be, beared on what we have seen to be inappropriate action that we would want to see thoroughly investigated. >> now, learner apologized saying the actions were taken by career civil service workers and were not politically motivated, harris. >> harris: if they are picking out words like patriotism and tea party. what are some of the tea party groups saying? >> as can you imagine they are not too happy. one says an apology is simply not enough. listen. >> we have had groups who have been waiting for three years and this is a complete and total abuse of power by brew crass and they are abusing the power that they have in the irs. it's completely unacceptable. a number of tea party groups had complained last year prompting questions to the irs from congress at the time the evidence the irs flatly denied that any such actions had been taken, telling congress, quote: there is absolutely no targeting but now,
4:38 pm
listen to this. >> whether this has been going on for several years and they have flat out denied it up until today. >> and today majority leader eric cantor and many others in congress say they will indeed investigate the irs over its treatment of conservative political groups. harris? >> jim angle, good to see i you, thank you. president obama is calling on americans to sign up for new health insurance exchanges starting in the fall. he says the healthcare overhaul is already helping millions of americans with insurance and he predicts the exchanges will help millions more get insurance. but critics and republican lawmakers in washington say the law is a train wreck. and they are vowing to try again to repeal the entire thing. wendell goler is live at the white house with more on this. wendell, the president focused though on women today. >> well, you are right, harris. not just because mother's day is this weekend. turns out women make most family healthcare decisions and they can also influence their adult children.
4:39 pm
the health exchanges set to offer coverage in october of this year. need to sign up 2.7 million healthy 18 to 35-year-olds by next march in order to have a big enough pool to also be able to cover the elderly and people with preexisting conditions who are expected to join. focused on president obama's benefits to women. >> women have access to prepreventative care like checkups and mammograms and cancer screening catch preventible illness on the front end, that provision has already helped more than 70 million americans with private insurance. that's already happening. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell on the other hand says obama care will lead to higher costs, more red tape and regulations and force some women off the insurance plans they already have, harris bill. >> harris: critics here recently a lot of people talking about how it is phasing in and costing money and being unclear along the way. house republicans say they
4:40 pm
will actually try to repeal the affordable care act again next week. >> well, you are right. one of the authors of the plan senator max baucus says it's going to be a train wreck to implement. next week's attempt to repeal it will be the 40th for house republicans. speaker john kerry to vote on it even though he has called himself law of the land in the past. >> that happens to be the a fact. i want to repeal the law of the land, is that clear? i don't think there is a way to fix this and make it acceptable to the american people. >> jay carney says is the vote is countless. congress passed the affordable care act. the supreme court upheld it and says the administration is determined to implement it, harris? >> harris: thank you. crooks pulled off one of the biggest bank heists ever without approaching a teller, how they robbed thousands of banks around the world comingta up.
4:41 pm
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4:45 pm
in december and one in february. hundreds of those thieves fanned out across the globe and drained thousands of atm's. police here in new york say they have arrested seven suspects so far. whom they allege walked down broadway and hit bank after bank until they could no longer carry any more money. you saw. so surveillance video of off the atm's there. rich edson live with more. any more arrests coming? >> two more in germany reuters report prosecutors have two dutch citizens this morning. authorities say they withdrew more than $220,000 using credit cards in february. german prosecutors say criminals hit seven german cities for two and a half million dollars this as international investigation continue its trying to find out who else is involved, harris. >> harris: could this happen again? >> analysts say it can. they say it would require some coordination and with such a massive interconnected global banking system, there are plenty of targets. >> the financial industry banks like everybody else,
4:46 pm
they rely on multiple outside partners and if you have a sophisticated enemy who wants to do something, they will find that vulnerability. analysts say the one positive out of all of, this banks now know they are vulnerable to this type of attack and can work to prevent it from happening again. back to you. >> harris: rich edson, thank you very much. prince harry is here in the u.s. continuing his week long trip and his second day pretty much a 180 from the first one. plus, a view of the new world trade center like you have never seen it before. as the top of the tower reaches record heights. i love that shot. quick though, look at the mother's day weekend first alert forecast. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. a lot of pressure when you are doing mom's day. you know what i'm saying? >> i do and i say that to you happy mother's day to you this sunday. >> thank you very much. >> not a bad weekend. few troubles to get through tonight. few thunderstorms especially to the southwest of the san antonio area and up across parts of the northeast and showers and thunderstorms.
4:47 pm
none of this is going to cause any huge problems for people. just some annoying showers. take a look what the radar does over the next 48 hours. see this one line of storm by tomorrow move towards the mid-atlantic and parts of the southeast. the next storm is here. tomorrow the worst day of the two. sunday for almost everybody you are looking great except here across parts of the great lakes. much cooler temps move in. tomorrow cool towards the northeast. get ready by mother's day. the northeast, it is looking like a cool one for many of the moms out across the west. you are looking absolutely beautiful. fox report will be right back. r seeing your business in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action.
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>> police in washington state say a man went on a rampage in a stolen bulldozer. it happened northwest of seattle in the town of port angela's. can you see the damage the attack caused. wow, investigators say they arrested him but not before
4:51 pm
he rammed that heavy machinery into several homes and vehicles. they also say he brought down power lines leaving thousands of people without electricity for a while. police said the guy was angry, you think? but there is no word yet on why. it brings to mind a similar rampage a decade or so ago in a small mountain town in colorado. remember this? that attack disgruntled business owner destroyed town hall and damaged a dozen other buildings before getting stuck and then killing himself inside the cab he was driving. very sad. in crowds of shrieking girls for britain's prince harry today. he spent the second day of week long visit saluting fallen heros at arlington national cemetery. a very different scene from yesterday on capitol hill where the prince got quite a welcome from women who crowded the russell rotunda to catch a glimpse. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is live with more on this. jonathan, we are seeing a very different prince from
4:52 pm
the ones we have seen in some of the vegas headlines over the years. >> this trip is all about rehabilitating the reputation of prince harry. remember, it was less than a year ago when we saw pictures of him cohorting naked in las vegas. very different pictures today as we saw a fully dressed prince harry. let's have a look at those pictures in full combat fatigues as veteran of the war in afghanistan himself talking to other vets who have been wounded both in afghanistan and iraq. and last night, we heard prince harry invoke memories of his mother diana and her work with land mine clearing charities. listen. >> great personal to my mother who believed passionately in this cause would be so proud of my association with halo. and in her special way, she adopted us as her own. she would join me along with y'all, i'm sure, in praising halo for the amazing work it has done over the past quarter
4:53 pm
century. >> tomorrow prince harry will take part in a wounded warriors event in colorado. and then next week he is due to tour parts of new jersey, hard hit by super storm sandy. harris? >> harris: well, he is the single of the two british brothers, will and harry. and he is still a hit with the ladies. >> he certainly is still a hit with the ladies. first lady, in fact, michelle obama seemed pretty taken with him yesterday. when he stopped by the white house for afternoon tea. and as you mentioned, yesterday, on capitol hill, a whole lot of ladies seemed very excited to catch a glimpse of the prince and even one man had something of a twin twinkle in his eye. listen. >> well, frankly i found him to be a very ache attractive young man. >> yes, you heard that right. that is our very own war hero senator john mccain saying that prince harry is a very attractive young man. happy friday, everyone.
4:54 pm
>> that senator mccain is such a sweetheart. that's what did is like on the "the fox report" when you and shep show up. >> it's all me. nothing to do with shep. >> harris: i will keep that secret for you. good to see you. western hemisphere now has a new tallest building. new york's one world trade center now sands at 1776 feet or symbolic 1776. crews today permanently installed that speier atop the roof lifting pieces off temporary work platform with a crane. recent storms delayed the installation. shear view from a camera mounted on the speier which will search as a broadcast antenna and has led light visible for 50 miles on a clear night. in jersey this will light my drive home. the project manager says it was pretty awesome watching it come together. i bet. the jaws of justice clamping down and we do
4:55 pm
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edition bed set. now just $1299-a savings of $600. only at the sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ >> harris: authorities say an alligator helped take a by the out of crime along florida's west coast. if you are going to have it happen that would be the case. the gator helped catch this man after he got out of his car and ran during a traffic stop. you can see bite marks on his face.
4:59 pm
police caught up with the guy at the hospital. >> if the alligator had not bitten him or attacked him he might not have ended up in the hospital and then we might not have found him. we could still be serving for him at this point in time. >> harris: that was the gator's plan. the man was not seriously hurt, we're told. and on this day in 18913, lawmakers got it right. they gave a shout out to mom. that's when congress passed a resolution honoring mothers as, quote: the greatest source of our country's strength and inspiration. the measure called on federal officials to wear white carnations the following day. it was the first federal observance of mother's day. american moms approved and congress later passed a bill formally adding it to the calendar on the second sunday in may. it's become a big day as you know not just for moms but for all those retail stores and restaurants. but america first celebrated mothers 100 years ago today. wow, that is how fox
5:00 pm
reports on this friday, may 10th, 2013. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. we are back the same time tomorrow with fox report weekend. and in about five seconds, 4, 3, the factor. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have obtained 12 different versions of those talking points that shows that they were dramatically edited by the administration. >> abc news now reporting that the white house tried to hide the facts about benghazi. in fact, cia information was altered. we will talk with the abc news reporter who broke the story. >> is the president claims that it was appropriate to keep that information away. >> the language of that email is pretty clear. that is not a stylistic -- that ♪ saying gel adjustment. that is a major, dramatic change. >> information. >> as the benghazi story heats up, the white house is under fire. we'll show you what happened in the press conference today.


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