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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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spout off. the word of the day, do not be a misanthrope when writing to the factor. good night. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here. this is a fox news alert. the a. p. is accusing the obama administration of spying on their employees. executives from the news organization sentler to the attorney general eric holder today protesting this invasion of privacy arguing it could, quote, disclose information about the aps activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know. tonight we have an all-star line-up to discuss these spying allegations, benghazi and, of course, the irss list. you will hear from rand paul and
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the former vice president of th united states, dick cheney. >> tonight fox news can confirm that the additional scrutiny went well beyond simply harassing organizations with the people tea party or patriot in their title. we are also learning the guidelines focused on government spending, debt, taxes, and people interested in making america a better place to live and those critical of how the country is run. for the the first time the president was asked about the down-right taxpayer funded witch hunts and how he declared his innocence. watch this. >> i learn about it from the same reports most people learned about it. i think it was on friday.
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this is pretty straightforward. if, in fact, irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous and there is no place for it. you know, they have to be held fully accountable. >> now while the president claims he only found out about this late last week, members of his own administration were reportedly alerted from conservative groups were being targeted nearly two years ago. according to the wall street journal, an upcoming report from the treasurely department's inspector general will reveal a top irs lawyer was informed about this practice in june of 2011. however, almost a year later after she was briefing her boss, the commissioner of the irs appeared before lawmakers in congress and denied this was
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taking place. watch this. >> kwan give us assurances that the irs is not targeting tick groups baseed on political leanings? >> first, yes, i can give you assurances. we pride ourselves on being a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization. so there's absolutely no targeting that the kind of back and forth that happens when people apply for 501 status. >> joining me, somebody who had been working behind the scenes for years to expose the abuse of power by the irs and the obama administration, mark levine. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you, sean. >> all right. that comment that we just played by the head of the irs denying that this was taking place, even though they knew about it a year prior, that was one day later you, through your organization, a landmark legal foundation,
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filed this report that really got this ball rolling with the inspector general's office. so the timing of this is very key. why don't you walk us through how this all got started. >> first of all, i just heard you play the clip of the president saying if this is true. did he not hear his own irs official on friday confess and apologize to the facts, the limited amount of facts that are on the table? of course, it's true. the irs just said it's true, that they have been targeting the tea party and other conservative groups. that's number one. number two, i was not familiar with that testimony when we filed our complaint with the inspector general of the treasurer department. we were approached on march 5th of last year. the person didn't want their name to come out. so that made it a little difficult. we had the information at the time, including this horrific letter with threats and all the
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outrageous questions on it from the irs to one of the tax ganizations. so it took us about two weeks to be able to persuade the individual to allow us to go forward. i spoke to a number of my former colleagues from the tax division of the justice department. as you know i worked at the justice department to figure out the best way to approach this. so we decided at landmark legal foundation, it wasn't so much representing individual groups as putting an end to this and investigating the internal revenue service. that's why we went went to the treasury department inspector general and jay and his group have done a good job representing the individual tax groups. but what troubles me the most about it, sean -- well, not the most but one of the issues that troubles any is the passivity of congress. the fact is a year ago congress should have been calling witnesses before their committees, should have placed them under oath, should have been pursuing possible perjury
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claims and should have gotten to the bottom of this before the election cycle ran out. why, for the life of me, these committee chairman now are beating their chests and talking about the hearings they will conduct, why for the life of me they didn't do it a year ago is very troubling. i'm going to tell you why in my humble opinion. because it involved the tea party. and the republican party is no great cheerleader for the tea party and other conservative groups. so they were relatively dismiss i have. they fired off a few letters and asked a few questions but they didn't really conduct an aggressive focused investigation to get to the bottom of this. >> shouldn't they have been, mark, we have constitutionally protected rights, the freedom of speech, freedom of association. your letter went into great detail the questions they were asking these groups, which now we have now discovered were based on political motivation. this sounds to me like an
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enemy's list. so why didn't they do their job? because like benghazi we should have gotten to the bottom of before the election. i think that's a good point. >> it was an enemy but only had one enemy, conservatives and specifically tea party. chairman camp, i believe his name is, of the house, ways and means committee put out a statement about the hearing they will have on friday. it's very genetic, very bureaucratic. they will look into politically partisan activities of the irs. this isn't about politically partisan activities by the irs. this is about an attack on the tea party and the conservative movement. wasn't on there, the words progressive or liberal. it was tea party, patriot, constitution, we, the people, any word or collection of words that would trigger attacks on conservatives and conservative groups. what they need to be investigating is exactly what
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the irs just confessed to, which is targeting conservatives and tea party groups, not the generic watered-down, see if the irs was partisan. i can answer that under oath, yes, they were partisan. now find out exactly what they did. >> i think all good points you are making here. now the question is they tried to dismiss this. let me backtrack. if you look at benghazi, mark, and jay carney, who is now basically a paid liar for the white house, they were only stylist stick differences in the talking points. it was a dramatic shift to the lie this they built. in this particular case, you know, now we have the irs out there, they are targeting conservative groups and they are trying to say these are low-level underlings. is that going to fly? and jay carney saying this is an independent organization. do you buy that? >> well, i think we should not pay attention to what carney and
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obama said because they are utterly -- well, i won't say it on your show, but they lie all the time. when it comes to the irs information, i don't know how on the one hand they say we don't know what took place and on the other hand they say we don't have nothing to do with it. it doesn't matter what they say what the committees in c to do,n article i responsibility, bring in the revenue agents from cincinnati and other agents, as well as the most senior officials at the irs, work it top down, bottom up, get the information under oath in public hearings, and the focus needs to be on what the irs has already confessed to and see if it broadens out from there. i don't think the democrats are going to be that helpful. we will see. i tend to doubt it. >> when we come back i wanted to ask you about the ap and the press and the phone records they have been looking into for months w he will have march with mark levin after the break.
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gave you new things to explore. and now, we're happy to say, you've come back to us. ♪ we're speechless. except for two little words. ♪ >> welcome back to "hannity." still ahead my exclusive interview with form vice president dick cheney. first we continue with the great one, mark levin. let's go with the new story, and that is the government tapping the a. p., their phone records, and they have been doing it for months. we have benghazi and the irs scandal and now this invasion into people's privacy, what do you make of it? >> apparently they tapped 20 lines for the associated press, affecting about 100 reporters. i was the chief of staff to an attorney general in the reagan
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administration. i can tell you if we did that, that wouldth end of anything. there's one thing to do leak investigation bus that is such a broad attack on such -- on a news agency. i never heard of such a thing. when some of us are trying to defend the second amendment or nine amendment and fourth amendment, the constitution generally, the first amendment, free speech, the first amendment religious liberty and the media thrown in with this administration and basically or the pretorean guard for this administration, the day would come and the day has now come where freedom of the press is under attack. and this is the extent to what we know. there may be more. but to tap reportedly 100 lines regarding 100 reporters and god knows what else they were doing to the a. p., it's a disgrace and eric holder had to have
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known about it and had to have approved it. >> n have not only freedom of press but freedom of speech, government waste, fraud and abuse, now you become a target of the irs and same with association when you look at the questions on the irs case. question, the political question, i personally don't even think this is political. i think this is a matter of fundamental fairness for the american people and whether or not they are going to care. when benghazi comes up, they drag their feet, they delay, they miss inform. then when finally information comes out then they say it's a long time ago. i would expect all of these scandals probably the same strategy would be used, no? >> this is a matter of big government tyranny, is what it is. and the left embrace it is and they have this mentality. it's perfectly fine when somebodywelse's ox is being gored, but when it's yours then wait a minute, you are not allowed to do this.
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the government is getting bigger and bigger and power is nor centralized, and obama, whenever something happens he has excuses, well, it's low level, well, they are playing politics. folks, it's real world. the irs is out of control, the department of hhs with obamacare is out of control. the agriculture department with the scandal with the payoffs to different groups is completely out of control. the interior department and oil drilling. the government is big, bloated and it's getting more and more powerful and if you you believe in liberty, you better start paying attention. >> this is simple. the american people deserve the truth, the families of these four dead americans deserve the truth. not the lies that were spun after the fact to protect themselves politically. i think we deserve the truth about the irs. the press, i would think, would want to know the truth about why they are tapping the phones of
6:18 pm
reporters. it seems to me democrats would want the answers to that, wouldn't they? >> well, look at this benghazi matter. we all know, even people who are paying half attention, that there were twelve iterations of the talking points. why are the talking points important? because that was the sheet of music the administration was going to sing off of, whether it was in front of congress, whether it was to we, the people, whether it was in any other forum, and it was a flat-out lie. they didn't work at this to try to get the facts straight, they worked at this to try to redact the facts and the facts knew they knew it was an al-qaeda related group that attacked our compound that's correct murdered our ambassador and three other men, and they are still lying about it. obama today is still talking about a video that had absolutely nothing to do with it. so the question is are we going to have a select investigative committee where resources are focused and drag these people
6:19 pm
through subpoenas, and prosecute them for perjury if they lie or drag the tails on this? >> what would you recommend a select committee on this, a select committee on what happened in benghazi? >> there needs to be -- congressman frank wolf, who is a man of moderate temperament, and he happens to be my congressman and i don't agree with him on everything but he's a responsible man. he's pushing to have a select committee in the house. 64% of the republicans have sign add petition to get a select committee, and there's only one person that won't do it, and it's boehner boehner. they are told it's a matter of money. do we want to get to the bottom of it or not or keep chasing our tails? seem to me we need to get to the bottom of it. >> the american people have a right to the truth on all of these. very serious allegations. i imagine if it was a republican we would get a different response, especially from the media and elsewhere.
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we will stay on it. why is it so hard to get you out of the bunker and put a little powder on your head? why is that so hard. >> why is it that hard? because about now i should be eating a hamburger with french fries, that's why. >> you are looking good. you look skinny, you are looking good. you got the ball started and landmark legal did and by going forward with the report thanks for doing that and shedding light on an important issue. >> i want to thank our lawyers. god bless. >> coming up, dick cheney will respond live to mark's dismiss i dismiss -- the anointed one dismissive attitude. and senator rand paul will be here. and the irs targeted conservative groups. and you get to select the video of the day.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." still ahead my interview with former vice president dick cheney on benghazi and more. first as the irs scandal targeting conservatives continues to unravel, the pressing question remains what political implications will all this have? earlier fox learned the house, ways and means committee will hold a hearing on friday about this very matter. joining me is kentucky senator rand paul.
6:26 pm
senator, your reaction? >> well, you know, tomorrow morning i'll introduce a resolution that says why don't we fire the irs agents who abused their power to target people for their political activities? the president says he's going to do something if they are guilty. sounds like there is already been an investigation and no one has been fired. i'm afraid he will do about as much as he did after benghazi. the people who made decisions not to provide security were transferred temporarily and they still work for the state department. no one was fired. it's a bit of fall-outrage and i wonder what the president is going to do. we are going to demand tomorrow in a senate resolution that says to the president, mr. president, if someone did this for lit cal reasons, targeted groups, they should be fired. >> they did do it. that's the point. it's pretty obvious. they admitted they did it, and they came clean about it. i guess the scariest part of all of this, senator, and these are words you use all the time, tea party, patriot, you want to make america a better place to live.
6:27 pm
you are critical of how the government is being run, the country is being run, you talk about the constitution, the bill of rights. i'm surprised you weren't investigated, for that matter? >> it's a pretty big group of people. those who have been critical of the government. when i think of this thing i think of what lincoln said. he said nearly any man can be tested and maybe meet up to adversity, but if you really want to test a man, give him power. i think in that sense the president is failing that test of power because he has extraordinary power and he's supposed to be able to be wise enough to rt he's using the power of government to investigate his enemies. he's tapping the phones of the press. and it turns out last year he signed legislation that allows him to detain an american without a trial and send them to guantanamo bay. this sounds like a president somewhat drunk on power, not cautious about how he uses the power. >> we have the irs can school, the phone tapping scandal we are getting into tonight and
6:28 pm
benghazi. i noticed you challenged hillary clinton to a debate on that very issue. what's the status of that? have you heard from her? >> i haven't heard back yet. but, you know, ambassador pickerring did an investigation, and he said, well, the decisions happened well below the secretary. that's precisely my point. fact that hillary clinton was not engaged when they called for help, when they asked for more security from libya. it went to her underlings and she's going to let them take the fall? absolutely that should have risen to the secretary, and notice preciseler her mistake and why she should be held accountable because it is her job to determine what information gets to her. and the fact that the plea for help, the plea for more security, the plea from colonel wood, all ever these things came to her underlings, and she said i'm not responsible, absolutely she's responsible for listening and not telling her under secretaries to give her information. >> a lot was made about your comment that obama is working
6:29 pm
with anti-american globalists plotting against our constitution. i'm sure the liberals would love to hear your response. >> one thing they can't get away from there is a u.n. small arms treaty. we aren't making it up. it is moving forward. and we are trying to drum up support and publicity for people to say, look, we do not want to have americans have to obey rules of the united states. it goes against our sovereignty, it goes against our constitution, and, you know, they can -- all they want but i will keep heating it up because they need to know we will obey rules passed by congress but not rules passed by some international body that has no binding on the american people. >> i hear you are going to iowa. should i read into anything of you giving big speeches in iowa and new hampshire? >> i guess it's just a coincident. i keep looking it up and iowa is
6:30 pm
on my schedule, new hampshire, south carolina? >>e three? i only saw two. can i interpret that that you are considering a run for the presidency and that you would be open to it? >> i want the party to be bigger, i want to be part of the national team that grows the g.o.p. and that means going to a lot of these primary states. what happens beyond that, i don't know. but i will tell you until we start reaching out to african americans, to hispanics, to others, we say we are the party of inclusion we will help you work your way up the socioeconomic ladder, when we convince people in a bigger, broader area, i think we will begin to win again. senator, thanks for being with us. and don't touch that dial. when we come back, former vice president dick cheney will join me live and we will get his reaction to all the scandals embringing the obama administration. you don't want to miss that interview. and log on to our special companion site.
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>> the whole issue of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a sideshow. there is no -- there. keep in mind, by the way, the so-called talking points that were prepared for susan rice five, six days after the event occurred, pretty much matched the assessments that i was receiving at that time in my presidential daily briefing. the whole thing defies logic. we is a whole bunch of people in the state department saying i'm
6:36 pm
willing to step up, i'm willing to put myself in harm's way. we dishonor them when, you know, we turn things like this into a political circus. >> that was very dismissive of president obama earlier today during a press conference. and while our commander in chief brushes off the benghazi controversy as, quote, a political circus, it doesn't look like the national security coverup is going to go away anytime soon. joining me now on the phone with exclusive reaction, former vice president of the united states, mr. dick cheney. good evening, sir. >> good evening. good to talk to you. >> it sound to me like a little bit of a challenge. reminded me of when gary heart said just follow me. >> yeah. well, they did. >> and so they did. >> no. i watched the benghazi thing with great interest, sean. i think it's one of the worst incidences, frankly, that i can recall in my career.
6:37 pm
it put the whole capability claiming the terrorist problem was solved once we got bin bin laden, and if they toll the truth about benghazi, that it was a terrorist attack by an al-qaeda-led group, it would destroy the confidence that was the basis of his campaign for re-election. they lied. they claimed it was because of a demonstration video, that they wouldn't have to admit it was really all about their incompetence. they ignored repeated warnings from the cia about the threat. they ignored messages from their own people on the ground that they needed more security. they reduced what was already there. and the administration either had no forces ready to respond to an attack, which should have been anticipated on the anniversary of 9/11, or they refused to deploy them when our people asked for them. >> the president claiming the talking points didn't matter.
6:38 pm
the original talking points and the cia's assessment was 100% accurate, that it was terror-related. al-qaeda-linked group, ansar al sharia. it evolved into somethi everything knew didn't have anything to do with the attack, it was somehow spontaneous. and that's what the president was telling the world via the u.n. few weeks later when everybody knew it wasn't true and jay carney are saying these are stylist stick changes, they were substantial substantive changes. what do you think is worse, the before, the during or the after part? seems to me the coverup always makes it worse. >> they tried to cover it up by constructing a false story, claiming there was confusion about what happened in the benghazi compound. there was no confusion. it was obvious as soon as we got
6:39 pm
the ambassadors stevens on the phone that night and he said, quote, we are under attack, the coverup included several officials up to and including president obama and the coverup is still ongoing. >> let's go to the before part. we now know, and we learned this at the hearings last week, the cia knew that this particular consulate was a potential threat. and as you mentioned, especially on the anniversary of 9/11. and we know that the ambassador and others requested additional security, but yet they were denied that. isn't that a hotbed of terrorist training there? >> well, it is. more than that, i think the agents probably had more -- i've seen at least one account today that indicated, i guess this is maybe in the -- that they picked up message traffic that involved an individual who had actually participated in the attack and
6:40 pm
who was a member of the ansar al sharia, the al-qaeda-related or affiliated organization. there was never any doubt about what was happening here. and the whole notion, they have gone through this process trying to get to the truth, they did exactly the opposite. you say this, too, you start out with the truth as reported by the intelligence community, and then you turn it into a a total distortion once the political types in the white house and some senior folks at the state department get their hands on it. >> what do you make of the fact that we learned last week that there were two specific stand-down orders? we know in the case of the cia annex about a mile away that two brave navy seals were ordered not to go help but they did it anyway and both lost their lives. and we have another stand down order but we don't know who gave
6:41 pm
the stand down order. you have been in the white house. all we know the president is informed the attack was ongoing and never inquired afterwards for an update. and then got up the next morning after he went to bed and went campaigning. does that sound like normal operating procedure? >> it doesn't sound like their own procedure. remember when they were doing the bin laden raid, you got pictures all over the place of the president sitting in the situation room and monitoring the take down of osama bin laden. this is the opposite of that. there's a whole lot of questions that need to be asked about the military chain of command. in my past experience when we got into these situations, especially after 9/11, we were always there, locked and loaded, ready to go on 9/11. we have specially-trained units that practice this thing all the time, they are very good at it. and they are chomping at the bit
6:42 pm
to go. there is a contingency team or extremist team, i'll refer to them, assigned to the commander in chief and local areas. where were they that night? why weren't provisions made to have forces within range and just an hour away from benghazi. why weren't they deployed ready to go to take action in any of those areas in the middle east or north africa? it makes no sense. they totally ignored their responsibility, partly because they didn't want to admit they had a problem. they were trying to perpetuate this fiction that there were no terrorists because they got bin laden. that's a lie. >> that would be consistent with the acknowledgment of radical islamic terrorists we've witnessed throughout his presidency. let me ask you one more question, sir, and that is the irs targeting groups that had the name tea party or patriot or
6:43 pm
those that desired to make america a better place to live or those that criticized how the country was being run or those that talk about the constitution and the bill of rights. you have opinion around washington a long time and a number of administrations. the irs being used for a political witch-hunt against those who are differing view points. how dangerous is this for the president himself? >> i think it's very dangerous. i can't believe some guy down in the bowels of the organization in cincinnati set this up. it would require, i would think, because of the sensitivity of it, somebody pretty high up to sign up on it. apparently fairly senior people and it's appearing now they have known for at least two years. it's one of the most egregious abuse of government power i can think of. i can remember back in the watergate days that one of the counts against richard nixon is his abuse of power by calling in
6:44 pm
the irs to investigate certain individuals that were his add vert ears. >> mr. vice president, how are you feeling, by the way? >> i'm feeling great, sean. thanks for asking. >> coming up next, the mainstream media has a lapse in judgment on their part, actually waking up and paying attention to benghazi and these other scandals? we will tell you what unlikely news sources are starting to hold the administration slightly accountable. we will get reaction from when he return. you have time to vote on the video of the day. you get to choose. we will play a few at the end of the show straight ahead. why let constipation weigh you down?
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6:49 pm
>> you cannot explain away susan rice's performance on the sunday talk shows in which she said it was not a terror attack, it was a broad domestic demonstration of some kind. she completely underplayed it and rewrote the script with the help of someone and i think we deserve to know who that is. >> yes, we did. brocov coming to terms with the facts. mr. president is not only losing credibility with his opponents but friends and others are paying attention to the story. joining me with reaction is jay along with fox news contributor tamara holder. we knew that was lie and coverup from the beginning, but now the -- i really don't want to hear from the johnny-come-latelies, but
6:50 pm
finally it is coming out. >> i think the coverup is absolutely crap. >> the twelve version of talking points, the first version had it right. the last version concocted a story that nobody you can name on the ground said happened. nobody. >> sean, it doesn't matter if it was the first version, second version or fifth version, it's the fact -- >> the first version was right. >> no, no, but that's not the version the american public got. version we got was a bunch of crap. >> that's the point. we got the lies. >> i don't know even know where it came from. it was just so beyond -- >> don't we need to know? >> of course we need to know. >> where are my talking points? i didn't mean to say that. i agree. i think it's terrible and the worst thing is hillary clinton said what difference does it make? >> that's the big difference. >> after 9/11 we lost 3,000 people. what difference does it make? >> i'll tell what you difference it makes. the american people, i don't
6:51 pm
care if it's the irs and that little scandal attacking tea party people works we talked with mark levin and the investigative, the i. g, and you followed up representing some of these groups, or if it's about benghazi and covering up to win an election. both pretty big scandals from my point of view. your reaction. we have a right to the truth. >> they are big scandals. what it is, none of this is fitting within the administration's narrative. when you look at benghazi, they really sold or tried to sell? whole, you know, video that was created that created this unrest, spontaneous unrest. never was that more untrue than it was today. it was a false mood in the beginning, it's in the true now and the white house had the narrative they are painting, as vice president chain just said, as if we thought when we got bin laden that ended the problems
6:52 pm
but that's not the case. and by the way, the irs problem is part of it, too. it's part of the same problem of basically coverup. >> give me the big picture. how does it now go down because even the sentence of the obama press office, even they have to pay a little attention to this. they will never do their job completely, the johnny-come-lately media, but even they recognize what they have done here and the story about the a. p. journalists, it seems like a cancer is growing on the presidency. >> they have had two really horrible weeks and the narrative is not playing out. but, sean, hit it right where it needs to be focused on. that is you have agents for the president. that's how we have to be looking at this, going out and making statements they know are not true. the president of the united states said today if the irs actually did these things, and i said hold it, what do you mean if? the irs admitted they did targeted reviews. they admitted they violated
6:53 pm
their own internal revenue manual. they admitted in essence that they vialed the constitution. the whole idea that there is an "if" is ridiculous. the white house narrative isn't playing out whether it's benghazi or the irs. >> hammer, do you have a problem going after people who are tea party members and patriots and want to balance the budget? >> i like how you right wingers and conservatives like to muddy the water. irs and benghazi, you guys speaking of cancer, do you know why you get cancer? because you are so worked up without the facts and that is what causes the cancer because you are so angry -- >> what are you talking about? >> you fail to take one case at a time. what am i talking about? >> those are words uttered during watergate. >> yeah, watergate 1900. this is a new era, a new issue. a new presidency. >> an enemy's list of targeting people. >> of it was not an enemy's list. >> it wasn't a friends list.
6:54 pm
>> all of a sudden there is a new way for republicans and tea partying to avoid taxes and it sent an alert to the irs. >> you are apologizing and you don't even know. >> i'm not apologizing. >> we have to go. you still have time to vote. "hannity live" at the video of the day is next. o . or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. polaris has what you want. legendary atvs.. led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides... featuring the new ranger 800 midsize. and full-size workhorses including the all-new, class-leading, 60-horsepower, ranger xp 900.
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>> time for the video of the day. the voters chose the hilarious jay leno gas station prank. >> you, sir, yeah, the gentleman singing. really nice singing voice. good morning, sir. pump 16. how are you doing? >> how are you? >> i'll tell you what. go ahead and pay for your gasoline. how about a little karaoke from
6:59 pm
you? >> what do you want? >> okay, here's will. ♪ >> turns out he wasn't the only karaoke star in the family. his wife was also. listen to this. ♪ >> some say they might have been actors. doesn't matter, does it?
7:00 pm
it's funny, it's entertainment and i like jay leno's show. it's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. thanks for being with us. >> tonight two megascandals exploding. news that more benghazi whistle blowers are expected to come forward, as allegations of a coverup heat up. but right now the irs getting it. theythey are alleging the irs is targeting conservative groups. >> the idea that the irs does this does not surprise anyone, does it? >> can you give us assurances they aren't targeting those groups. >> yeah. we pride ourselves on nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization. there is absolutely no targeting. >> if, in fact, irs personnel engaged in the kd


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