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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 14, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> i didn't think it would be this difficult. >> michelle, bill, joel, joe. that does it for me. caution. with bill o'reilly. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you had secretary clinton but you did ask her any questions and why not? >> bill: we'll tell you why not. and it all has to do with honesty in the federal government. a special report on how things in d.c. may be unraveling over benghazi and the irs. >> this has been going on for four years. >> oh, no. it's been going on for 40 years. >> bill: factor continues its investigation into why a major maryland jail facility was taken over by a vicious drug gang. should the governor of maryland be held responsible? >> are you going to come on the factor one of these days, governor. maybe. i don't generally watch fox. >> why do you want to be hating on me dog.
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i am just trying to keep it rizzsy. that means real. i think it means real. >> bill: why is the zany duck dynasty program so successful? we will talk with one of its stars. >> this is my reputation that's on the line. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. there is a verdict in the late breaking abortion case. megyn kelly will report in just a few moments. first, truth, truth and the federal government. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we have another story that indicates the federal government is not telling the truth on important matters. march 22nd, 2012. the head of the irs douglas showman denied his agency was targeting conservatives in an unfair way. >> we pride ourselves on
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being a nonpolitical nonpartisan organization. what's been happening has been the normal back and forth that happens with the irs. there is absolutely no targeting. >> bill: well, now, we know that's not true. mr. shullman was misleading everyone. did he do it on pumps? -- purpose? the fbi should find out because that sill legal. on friday the irs apologized for targeting conservative political groups making it more difficult for them to achieve tax exempt status. shulman left the irs in november. the agency now blames targeting on, quote: low level employees. and then there is the continuing controversy over benghazi. today president obama said. this. >> the whole issue of this -- of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a side show. what we have been very clear about throughout was
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that immediately after this event happened, we were not clear who exactly carried it out, how it had occurred, what the motivations were. >> bill: the president believes that he and his administration did nothing wrong. by telling the world that an anti-islamic video might have caused the terror attack in benghazi. but there was at the time strong evidence the video had nothing to do with the attack. the white house, the state department, both knew that. so, who exactly told ambassador wright to deflect the real evidence by raising the video? who exactly did that? america can differ about the difference of these stories. and the press has been reluctant to cover benghazi. now that seems to be changing. >> you cannot explain away susan rice's performance on those sunday talk shows in
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which she said it was not a terrorist attack. it grew out of a domestic demonstration of some kind. she completely under played it and rewrote the script with the help of someone, think we deserve to know who that is. >> bill: well, thank you tom brokaw, of course we deserve to know who that is if we want an honest federal government. are we all getting this? president obama, hillary clinton, and others defend themselves by pointing to an investigation run by admiral mike mullen and former ambassador thomas pickering which told the world the benghazi chaos was, again, generated by lower level individuals. mullen and pickerring were appointed by secretary of state hillary clinton to do the investigation. but they didn't even ask her relevant questions let me understand what you are saying. >> sure. >> you had secretary clinton but you didn't ask her any questions and why not? >> because, in fact, we
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knew where the responsibility rested. she had already stated on a number of occasions she accepted as a result of her job the full responsibility. >> are you kidding me? the ambassador simply didn't do his job. he knows it. he is now hiding under his desk having received our invitation to explain. mr. pickerring has to know that anyone who really wanted to know the truth about benghazi would have have asked mrs. clinton a series of specific questions about the terror attack. anyone would have done that. but he didn't. so now we have three major incidents that reflect badly on the federal government. the irs deal the assassination of the american ambassador in benghazi and the failure to own up to what happened there. again, honesty in washington mandatory,
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mandatory if we are going to have a truly free country. and that is not a side show, mr. president. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. yuan, it's all about honesty. that's what it is about. i almost said amnesty. but they may need amnesty if they continue along these lines because nobody is buying it anymore other than left wing zealots. everybody knows the irs lied, all right. and now the -- somebody in the state department and/or the white house lied as well, juan. everybody knows that. >> i don't know it so i guess i'm one of those crazy zealots. >> bill: you don't know. let's walk through it very simply so even i can understand it. >> so let me give you a shot. >> i don't want to you launch. >> you could. >> bill: you believe there wasn't any misleading of anything in the benghazi
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thing? >> well, i think that what happened before benghazi, during benghazi, nobody has brought any of those facts into dispute. what we're talking about is this memo afterwards which is essentially a turf war between state and the pentagon as to what's in this document. do we reveal sources? do would tell people? and so that's what you are focused on and you are saying you have got a scandal? i don't see a scandal there i see a turf war. >> bill: tom brokaw is probably left wing of you. he is to the left of you. said hey, you have got to tell me who ordered rice to go out there and mislead the world. are you with tom on that? are you demanding that? >> no. >> bill: you are not? >> i'm telling you jim clapper the director of national intelligence. the director of the counter terrorism people here in washington, you know, general petraeus. you know, leon panetta, i could go on. mike mullen, the head of the joint chiefs of staff, they have all said the same thing. they said this before the election.
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you can't say it's about politics. >> bill: they all haven't said the same thing, juan. >> he they have all said before the election this was a terror attack. >> >> juan: he said it was a taste attack on the record before the election. it's not political, bill. the final point i would make to you when it comes to this whole idea that mostly cloudy is to blame and admiral pickerring. >> bill: pickerring didn't do miss job. >> let me tell you by he didn't do his job. >> bill: do you think pickerring did his job? >> yes. >> bill: that's all we need to know. go ahead, mary katharine. >> couple things first not just the talking point. the fact is about susan rice. the fact that obama and hillary were pushing the video line weeks later to the u.n., at the funerals, i think that's part of the discussion as well. it's not just myself or bill o'reilly who has questions about this as he mentioned tom brokaw and
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the entire white house press core lean very far right as of friday without my knowledge there are legitimate he questions here. >> obama stalk to the line today that's not the ace. down played the terrorism angle on this. the irrelevancy irs issue they have had several years they have known about this and that was covered up. ig report in process. the woman at the irs who admitted to this and apologized for it didn't mean to do that this was not a planned release of this information. she was asked a question about it and that is deeply concerning. they did not figure out they needed to deal with this swiftly and bring people to answer for it. >> bill: the report comes out as mary katharine referenced later on this week. >> why the way, that's the one point that you were right on. >> that we know of. >> liberal, conservatives, no matter what, that is so dangerous to use the irs as a political weapon. everybody should be on board and stop that. >> bill: er with all on the
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same page that's wrong. but the fact remains mary katharine pointed out was going on a long time was covered up. the fact that you think pickerring did his job and he didn't even interview the secretary secretary of state. >> you talk to the person in charge. >> the person in charge hang on the person in charge responsibility. what you needed was the direct line authority. >> bill: you need to know exactly. >> who made that decision and that's what they found. >> bill: you need to know what the secretary of state knew and when she knew it and why did he didn't order them to go. >> in august of them took a shot oat hillary clinton. he they went running afterwards. >> bill: we can solve this by having mrs. clinton come right in here to the factor. that's all. >> we agree on that. >> there you go. >> bill: thomas pickerring? give me break. karl rove being criticized by conservative bill kristol for hammering mostly cloudy over
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benghazi. later, megyn kelly on the late term abortion verdict in philadelphia. gosnell is guil
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>> bill: anded in the impact segment tonight, as you may know republican karl rove runs an organization called american crossroads which helps g.o.p. candidates. here's their latest ad. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is briefed at 2:00 a.m. by the ambassador's deputy that it was, in fact, terrorism. >> i briefed her on the developments. >> yet, two days later secretary clinton and others blamed protesters and -- >> -- an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. what difference, at this point, does it make? >> the difference is a coverup and four american lives that deserve the truth. >> bill: but that
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advertisement isn't sitting well with some conservatives. >> i do not like these conservative republican groups putting ads out about hillary clinton. what is the point of that? that is just fundraising by american fundraising and other groups. that's ridiculous. there is no campaign going on. >> bill: joining us from austin, texas to reply is karl rove. and you say. >> a. agree with bill it is not a campaign. first of all let me say i have great respect for bill kristol and work at the "weekly standard." i have a lot of friends who write for the standard. it does great work. in fact, stephan hayes has done great journalism on this particular issue. this is our sixth video from crossroads which, incidentally, bill, i don't run. i'm a supporter of it. i helped organize it, but i'm not officer of it. this video was the sixth individual joe we have run on the issue of benghazi in an attempt to make it clear what the links are. we had very compelling testimony from greg hicks and this video as you saw you in a very sober low key fashion puts that testimony in context with hillary
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clinton's comments made a couple of days later that this was all a video at 2:00 a.m. of the morning of september 11th. the morning of september 12th, hicks briefs hillary clinton and tells her it's an act of terrorism and two days later she is saying it's a video that we didn't have anything to do with it. >> bill: she didn't believe him or wanted to do something else. crystal's point is that you are politic siding. your group is politicizing the situation when that doesn't help. what everybody wants is to get the truth of the matter and once all the truth get out, then you can go and develop these kinds of ads. but you are jumping the gun. >> well now, look, this is a part of the process. this is like a visual news release if you will to help people connect the dots. we have been doing this for months. >> bill: why are you doing it? what is being gained. >> our object in putting these out is to help draw attention to it, particularly among the mainstream media to cause people to ask tough
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committees. the president is dismissing this as a side show. the democrats have said any criticism of the president on this is politics. you know, i just don't see how it does any good to fall in line with the democrats and say any criticism of the president is somehow politicizing this. >> bill: giving the president an argument and he has made it on a number of occasions and also secretary clinton has made it this is all politics. all being driven by conservatives and right winger who's want to hurt obama and they want to hurt clinton. >> bill, they have been staying that for months every time they are criticized by subon the right. look what's happened now. a wide variety of people including you quoting tom brokaw saying the white house has no more credibility on the issue. we should not be afraid of the white house simply saying oh stop being political when they criticize they are going to say it each and every time. you saw it today in the president. the president today in this news conference called these complaints about the lack of veracity on the part of the administration a side show. and what we have here is
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the white house and the state department unnamed people in the white house and the state department collaborated to mislead the american people and this went straight into the white house because the decision to excise all of the cia comments about this being an act of terrorism was made on a saturday morning in a white house meeting hosted by the national security council and the american people deserve to know who was responsible for perpetuating this lie. >> bill: okay. i agree. i want to know who is responsible as well. >> exactly. >> bill: isn't it true though? and come on, you have got to be honest here that for your group and the republican party, if you can diminish hillary clinton who is far and away likely to be the democratic nominee for president in '16, it's better for you guys to do it. >> look, i think the focus of this is on barack obama and his administration of which she was a part. the question that is posed by that video that you just showed is who mislead the american people. four people died and we were given the -- we were told a lie about what caused it remember, this is
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not -- this happens at the highest levels of the administration. could you imagine what would happen if it was the bush administration that excised cia talking points about it being an act of terrorism? and sent our u.s. ambassador to the u.n. to appear on five sunday morning talk programs to tell people a flat out lie about how american ambassador had come to be killed? >> bill: i don't think -- >> that's the question. who told susan rice to do it. >> bill: all they have to do is drag rice in say who told you to do this? that's not hard. >> you will notice like victoria nuland state department spokesperson. >> spokesperson for hillary. >> already said i had nothing to do with briefing susan rice as does jake sullivan who is now vice president of joe biden's foreign policy guy and at the state department. everybody is running from the responsibility. >> bill: let rice tell the world who told her to do it period. thanks. directly ahead some believe the new irs scandal is new
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watergate which happened 40 years ago what does brit hume think? he will be here. duck dynasty guy will enter the no spin zone. why is that program so popular? th
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willing bill hume zone segment tonight. we know the irs not telling the truth last year when he said his agency did not target conservatives. some pundits believes this elevates the story to almost watergate status and might involve president obama. 40this the had 00th anniversary. -- income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a
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discriminatory manner section 1, article 2 the impeachment articles of richard nixon. bill will joining us now from washington fox news chief political analyst brit hume. before we get to mr. will and his assertion that there is some linkage between the irs and watergate, my point to karl rove was that by making commercials about hillary clinton's participation, i think that's a fair word, in benghazi, the republicans, rove, his group crossroads, give a shield to the secretary and to the president to say it's all about politics. that's why they are doing. this am i wrong about that? >> well, they say that anyway and obviously the investigation is on capitol hill are being led by republicans. much as democrats led the investigation into watergate and other such cases as that. i'm not likening benghazi to watergate. i'm making the point that there always a partisan element to every one of these cases.
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this one being no exception. you can't take the politics out of politics. >> bill: all right. so you didn't see that crossroads ad as being anything out of the ordinary? >> bill: i think it's a tactical issue. this is at this point now. this is a factual matter. facts are coming to light that we didn't know before. that show that the administration was not telling the truth repeatedly. about this case and how it developed. those untruths were being repeated at the white house as late as friday by jay carney and as recently as i would say as recently as today by the president himself. >> bill: okay. now, talking about mr. obama. he came out and said that this irs thing is terrible and that he is he not going to stand for it. and i don't see any linkage right now. there isn't any. so i can't say i don't see there isn't any linkage right now. if indeed somebody at the white house is telling the irs to go tough on the tea party and other conservatives, that is a crime. and i think the fbi got to take a look at it? >> look.
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the president on this issue it seems to me said the right things today. that this was reprehensible. that he wouldn't tolerate it and that we would get to the bottom of this. and i think that's the appropriate approach. far different, i might note from the approach taken on benghazi. we are certainly as you suggest a long way from any suggestion even that the white house was implicated in this. indeed the irs commissioner at the time was a holdover from the bush years and no he is the one who told. >> shulman. >> brit: turned out to be not true story to the congressional committee there wasn't any targeting thrmplet was targeting. it is a very serious question. >> bill: don't you think the fbi should come in on >> well, maybe. >> bill: you know if you lie to an fbi agent. that's a crime. they are going to throw minor people under the bus. you know what they do bill. >> brit: people should and probably will be put under oath about this in congress. you can't lie to congress either. >> bill: the fbi has investigated they can run around and they can do at
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love things. if president obama is very serious about this, he will order attorney -- his attorney general appoint the fbi to take a look at it, if he is serious in my opinion. brit, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the late term abortion doctor in philadelphia guilty of murder. megyn kelly will have analysis. then we continue our investigation how a drug gang can take over a major maryland jail facility. jesse watters confronted the governor. >> the department of correction chief and the warden still have jobs. are you okay with that? >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. one of worst cases of be infant size the world has ever seen. gosnell found guilty guilty of murdering three babies born alive and also found guilty of manslaughter in the death of woman undergoing an abortion in his clinic. with us now with more details is attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. the jury believes that gosnell did what to the three babies? >> that when attempting to abort them, he failed and they were none the less born alive on the table and that he then murdered them while they were alive struggling for life in his clinic. >> bill: how did he murder them. >> you know on my afternoon program we have been avoiding the details of this middle of the day people watch the program
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with their kids and so on. i just want that warning out there but it's hard to hear and if you google the pictures it's even more disturbing. they were born alive and he took scissors and snipped the back of their spinal cords. some of them described as near decapitation. babies eyewitness testimony were squirming, were breathing, were crying and not only did he snip heir spinal cords and murder them right on the table but he would make jokes about it he joked about one of the babies being so big he could have walk dr. gosnell across to the bus stop. he thought it was a laugh riot. today after the verdict his lawyer came out and said is he like anybody else. is he upset by the verdict. so this made him upset. but snipping the spines of children who were struggling for life on his operating table didn't upset him. >> bill: who was the main eyewitness that said all of this stuff in. >> clinic workers multiple eyewitness testimony those who surrounded him and hemmed him. >> bill: found guilty of
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marijuana slaughter in the death of a woman seeking abortion in his clinic. what did he do to her. >> he overdosed her with such sedatives and related medication that she died. they found that was involuntary manslaughter not an intentional murder. so she was there for an abortion at 24 weeks. now, that's, you know, you are six months pregnant when you are 24 weeks. that, i think, guess to the heart of what this case is about. there was testimony in this case that a woman went in there she wasn't sure how pregnant she was. he said i think you are 21 weeks. i think i'm more than that tried to perform the abortion and failed she went to another clinic 29 weeks. legal limit for abortion in this country is 24 weeks. >> bill: he didn't care about that. >> he didn't care. and he was convicted on most of those counts too of performing multiple abortions past the 24 weeks. that is what this case is about at its heart. women seeking abortions past the legal limit and doctor gosnell only too happy to provide that.
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>> bill: provide it for money. >> no matter if the baby survived the abortion and survived no problem for dr. gosnell. >> bill: decide whether he lives or dies. pennsylvania has the death penalty. >> he is 72 years old even if he is sentenced to death. >> bill: symbolic. i want you to react. here is planned parenthood's statement. planned parenthood's statement from eric pharaoh who is a vice president for communications, quote: this verdict will ensure that no woman is victimized by kermit gosnell ever again. no mention of any baby here. >> he did victimize women as well. those who protect the likes of kermit gosnell. there was testimony that governor tom ridge while he was governor of the state, pennsylvania, he made it so that he said no more inspection of these clinics because he thought it would be putting up a barrier to women seeking abortion. >> bill: ridge was running today when we tried to get him. >> i tried get him twice last week. they completely ignored
1:35 am
him. his people completely ignored me. >> bill: let's make it really clear this guy is hugely available to the. >> when it comes to gosnell. if you have say it's about gosnell. >> planned parenthood make enforce laws safe and legal abortion. >> plan the parenthood clinic 2.3 miles away from dr. gosnell's clinic. this isn't about women who wanted to seek legal abortions and got butchered for the most part. about women who were on the border line and a doctor who couldn't have cared less about what the law said. so you need oversight. you need oversight. >> bill: of course, in health capacity it doesn't matter whether it's abortion. anything you need oversight. i wanted to point out the planned parenthood statement. i want to read it again. this is shocking. the verdict will ensure that no woman is victimized by kermit gosnell ever again. as megyn said women were victimized. no mention of the babies killed. if you think he killed three babies. >> hundreds alleged
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snippings, but only a few where they were born alive and they could prove it. >> bill: corruption in maryland. the factor will continue its investigation as jesse watters confronts the governor of that state. and then duck dynasty wily robinson will be here. can't wait.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up segment tent. a a huge scandal unfolding in maryland. as we reported last week 25 people indicted on federal racketeering charges all of whom associated with the jail called the baltimore detention center. four prison guards. four were impregnated by a gang leader serving time inside the center. that man tavon white also allegedly running a drug ring from the prison. this was going on for four
1:39 am
years. before the arrest came down. this isn't the first time there was a scandal at a maryland prison. in 2009, the feds charged 24 people, including four corrections officers with drugs and weapon charges at the former maryland penitentiary in baltimore. in both situations, the governor martin o'malley and the secretary of public safety and correctional service gary maynard were in charge. yet, o'malley and maynard admit no wrongdoing at all and say they have done a good job the security chief of the baltimore detention center was finally removed after the press began hammering o'malley. but maynard kept his job, which is amazing. so how bad was this prison? jesse watters did a number of interviews to find out. >> the family basically run the jail. they had freedom.
1:40 am
they were never in their cells. basically running around the facility. the correctional officers were bringing them outside food. anything they wanted basically. to be honest in the time i was there i never once saw the warden. you would see an assistant warden maybe walk by maybe once a month or so. but never really saw anybody with any rank there. >> so no authority figure whatsoever at this place? >> no. not on the cellblocks. >> what kind of drugs was he running in and out of this place. >> anything you could think of. anything. prescription pills. mawfn, heroin, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, anything. >> was it being used and sold out in the open? >> yes. >> in front of the corrections officers? >> yes. >> that's asounding. >> it was shocking when i first got there and saw. this everybody has knives there. >> has been has knives, everybody has drugs?
1:41 am
>> yes. >> doesn't sound like a prison? >> no. >> are you at all concerned about this new scandal as it's come forward and do you feel that o'malley and maynard discussing it. >> i can't believe a blind eye has been turned for as long as it has. it was so out in the open. i'm shocked that nobody has found this out earlier. >> bill: we were shocked as well. watters asked governor o'mallyly to explain, especially in light of a bill he signed two years ago that makes it difficult for the state of maryland to discipline corrupt prison guards. >> governor, quick question for you. are you holding anybody accountable for the baltimore prison scandal. >> absolutely we are. terminated for the corrections service even before this 13. we initiated this investigation and this fight. >> the "the washington
1:42 am
post" and the fbi both said that a bill that you signed in 2010 allowed these unionized correctional officers a very permissive culture and allowed them to run wild. how do you respond to that? >> i disagree he with that assertion and i don't believe that there is any impediment to our ability to root out corruption in our prisons. >> then why, governor, has this been going on for four years? obviously the state of maryland is not controlling the prison system. of course once the factor got involved o'malley went on the defensive. >> it's been intelligence sharing and connecting the dots. also about not being shy regardless of, you know, the cheap shots of bill o'reilly or other people take when you go after corruption. >> yeah, sure, governor. reporting the truth is a cheap shot to you but not to us. watters then turned his attention to gary maynard the guy in charge of prisons who inexplicably is still being paid $165,000 a
1:43 am
year by the maryland taxpayers. >> some people are calling for your resignation. people are saying o'malley should fire you. how do you react to that? do you think you should step down. >> no. i think we ought to fix the problem. we opened up this problem. we knew what we were getting into when we did. we ought to fix it and that's what we are doing. >> you think you are the man to fix the problem? >> i know i'm the manual to fix the problem. >> are you open to coming on the factor and airing it out with mr. bill. >> i'm not familiar with his program. i don't watch his program. >> maybe you should, thank you very much. >> maybe you should. >> i do because i work for him. >> bill: here now is jesse watters. is that guy as dumb as he sounds. >> he would think you would know how are because have you been calling for his resignation. >> bill: he knows who i am. he just sounded like a moron. was he that way throughout the whole interview we only used 45 seconds. >> he is either oblivious to the situation or he lied to me. he said he visited it facility a few times and never saw anything. if you listen to the ex-con
1:44 am
we interviewed there no way not to know what's going on because marijuana smoke clouds the facility. >> bill: it's the second time. not the first time. another prison where this was out of control. >> right. we had a hard time finding out about the warden you said you never saw the warden there. >> right. >> bill: why won't they tell us what's happening to the warden. >> they are turning over a lot of wardens, three or four over the last six years. the last information we got. tried get it all day long. tut hill retired. i don't know what kind of retirement it was. the guy before that merritt resigned but is still on maryland's payroll. >> bill: sure. all right. obviously. and we like to talk to governor who he maly if he wants to talk and got something wrong, maynard, too. all right, watters. thank you. on deck the duck dynasty guy ronaldson why that program is a massive hit. the duck guy moments
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. duck dynasty. and it is just that. the television show is a massive hit. there is a best selling book out about it. and it's a kind mania built around a company called duck commander who makes hunting stuff. only in america could this happen. we talked with the ceo wily robertson. >> bill: so duck dynasty, first year you did all right. got renewed. second year it grew. third year you are beating the factor. >> you are supposed to be working. >> what do you mean? >> bill: how did that happen? what was it that exploded the show? >> people like ducks, i guess. >> bill: it's more than ducks. >> we are taking a break because it's raining. we are inside, you idiot. >> bill, i really think it's the family values.
1:49 am
it's something positive. kids can sit and watch, grabbed parents. there is not a lot of filth on it. it's funny. it's harvard to be funny. >> bill: you guys are characters, that's for sure. >> go, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. >> yeah. >> now we are getting somewhere. i'm about to pull this truck all the way across louisiana. >> bill: there has got to be something more to it. what is that? >> people watching, brothers sisters mom and dad. you see all of us together so all of the bickering and the fighting which is always playful. people can see themselves in that. they can see their brothers. >> bill: because they are identifying with you guys. >> imagine themselves what if we all worked together and had a crazy uncle we have got thrown in there. >> bill: you know wily the whole country is going to look like zz top. >> that would be awesome. ♪ every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man. ♪ >> bill: it would be awesome. >> we're just 100 years off. in 1850, this was in.
1:50 am
>> bill: life expectancy was 12. everybody died. >> but the beards were awesome. >> bill: how do you think i would look in this kind of a -- you know, no. >> no -- i can see it. i can see it. >> bill: the factor dynasty? but you do this consciously to look this way. what's that message about? >> well, i think my father had a lot of antiestablishment in him. evidence came through the 60's. >> got all the chicks after him working the take. young youths of america here is a news flash started grinning and staring at the ground and shut up. >> whenever he got out and lived on the river and said i'm going to make duck calls no more cutting my hair. no more shaving my beard. >> bill: you could be a hell's angel. >> i'm trying to change that image. we are trying to make it more positive and friendly. >> bill: your dad is an amazing story by the way. he beat out terry bradshaw as quarterback of the
1:51 am
louisiana tech. started duck dynasty stuff to lure ducks to you so you can kill them. >> duck calls, quack, quack. >> bill: kill the ducks, slaughter. >> they eat them. >> bill: blow them out of the sky. [duck call] >> bill: anyway, he starts this and you will the whole family gets involved and you are all rich but you don't act rich? >> i guess rich people act differently. we can buy better things better we are not all about money. >> bill: you are not. i know you a little bit. we ran into him in d.c. >> we hung out at the baseball game. >> bill: at the gnats game. buff you are rich but you don't act rich. that might be secret to your success. >> we try to stick to our roots. we grew up not rich at all very poor. for us we can remember what it was like. weave try to stay humble and lord willing we are doing it and we have been successful. god has blessed us and. >> bill: and do you incorporate god in the show. >> oh yeah, we have a family prayer right at the end. >> amen. >> amen.
1:52 am
>> bill: the aclu bothered you yet on that. >> nobody has. everybody has been. >> bill: you let me know. you guys are big factor viewers down there, right? >> i watch my factor. that's how i work on my debate skills. >> bill: oh, so somebody -- >> -- my wife doesn't always like it because i just -- you know, i tell her keep it pithy, let's go. >> bill: i met willy's wife. i tell him i'm not debating owe o'reilly here. that's pretty funny. all right wily, continued success thanks for coming. >> in thank you, bill. >> bill: for the record i like the duck guys. they've pit mize the american spirit. factor tip of the day. another example of the american spirit. a report that's stimplely stunning. the tip in just a few moments.
1:53 am
1:54 am
>> tip of the day in a moment. just in time for father's day.
1:55 am
after the terror attack in boston lets send a message to the world. we have usa strong in a variety of colors. they are simply excellent. my three books make great gifts. if you become a premium member, you get kennedy or lincoln free of charge. now the mail. from costa rica. >> he's entitled to his opinion. as far as a comparison, the libya story has to unfold. we don't know yet who dave the stand-down orders to the military or who signed off on the bogus rice testimony. once we do this we can make comparisons to other situations. >> first of all, robert,
1:56 am
congratulations for coming out of a coma. we've been delivering facts on benghazi for months. and jackson, tennessee. >> theresa. >> under 17 discipline them as best as you can. over 17," pray for them. >> he's a pinhead. he has nothing to do with the ability to govern. for the record, i give them murrelet stewed. from virginia."
1:57 am
>> jennifer from australia. >> that's very smart, and never be you parsomonius. i've been telling you about the more than 1700 military people, amputees who are paralyzed, who badly need the new high-tech wheelchairs. called the track chair, they cost about $15,000 each. independence fund is spearheading the movement. the president called us saying that kim and george, who live in san antonio, texas, have donated, ready? $320,000. that will by 21 track chairs. obviously the arabians are super patriots. their donations will
1:58 am
dramatically change the lives of those who receive the chair. fund is run by former military people who take no salaries at all, nothing. all the money goes to help the severely wounded to get the chairs. check out that's the factor tip of the day. please check out the factor website, different than and also we would like you to spout off. the word of the day, do not be a misanthrope when wri
1:59 am
2:00 am
>> good morning. i am heather cheryleds. >> -- heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. yet another scandal rocking the obama administration this morning. shocking news the justice department secretly obtained two months of phone records from reporters and from editors that work for the associated press. >> this comes as the white house is already on the defense about benghazi and the terror attacks and the irs targeting a conservative group. kelly wright with the newest details on


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