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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 16, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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department removed references to al qaeda and terrorism. federal authorities holding a news conference later today on the deadly west texas plant explosion last month. they're expected to announce there is no evidence that a bomb was used. >> have a great day, folks. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is thursday, may 15, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending your time with us on a very busy morning. fox news alert overnight, a dire warning goes out before a deadly tornado hit. take cover immediately! we're live in texas where at least three tornadoes have killed six people and crews are searching for many more missing. >>steve: eight months later the white house releases nearly 100 pages of e-mail on the benghazi talking points. so what and who removed important references? and who admitted that
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extremists would come back to them at the podium. we'll give you some of that ahead. >>brian: a stroller with a baby strapped inside, falls on to the path of a train. what the mom does next will have you holding your breath. don't exhale yet. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: it's may 16, not the 15. breaking news, they were sleeping peacefully when mother nature rocked them awake. three monster twisters tearing through texas, one of them a mile wide. joining us with details is ainsley earhardt. >> good morning. it all happened in a matter of minutes. >> i mean our neighborhood is gone.
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[inaudible] gone. we made it, but, you know, there's people missing still. there's a lot of hurt people out there. >> i heard this -- it didn't sound like a train to me, but, any way, i told my daughter we were in the bath tub covered up with a few ton mattress -- futon mattress, we were praying and god took good care of us. >> a deadly outbreak of twisters, one about a mile wide, whipping through a grand berry texas subdivision actually built by habitat for humanity. at least six people now killed, hundreds more hurt as that twister leveled dozens of houses in that area. at this hour emergency crews continue to look for as many as 14 people who are still unaccounted for this morning. officials say that area looks like a war zone and this morning as that sun is coming up there in texas we will get a better look at all of the damage.
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>>gretchen: thank you, ainsley. >>steve: where's that storm going? maria molina is in the extreme weather center right now. that's the question. >> good morning. good to see you. right now we still are tracking those thunderstorms that produced severe weather yesterday during about 8:00 p.m. when we had tornadoes in north central texas and it was about 5:00 p.m. in texas. we have storms overnight producing more reports of damage in the form of damaging wind gusts, very large hail and some of the reports of the wind out here were up to 80 miles per hour. aside from the tornado damage, you're still talking about damage as well from some of these very strong winds that brought downpour lines in other counties as well as tree branches. hail a big story as well. we did see some reports of baseball-sized hail, even grapefruit-sized hail. that can cause damage to cars. that was again the story across texas as the storms
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did roll through. the grand berry tornado pounded about 70 miles west southwest to the city of dallas texas. that is the one reported to be about a mile wide. the national whether service will need to head out once the sun comes up and survey the damage when they will confirm what these tornadoes were, possibly their strength in terms of wind speed. there are reports homes were possibly leveled. if that is the case we're looking at a very strong tornado, possibly es-3, es-4, possibly an es-5 tornado. that would mean winds of about 130 miles per hour or greater. if that damage is confirmed that homes are leveled or significantly damaged. here is a look at the radar at 8 p.m. eastern time. this is a radar picture. a line of storms, one of them across places east of wichita falls and another one down to areas west of the city of dallas.
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right now much quieter weather in place in these areas and we are expecting relatively quiet conditions throughout the day today but those storms still on the move. we did have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect across southeastern texas earlier this morning and throughout the overnight hours. that has been lifted thankfully. that severe threat not in place today, but tomorrow we're looking at more severe weather possible in mississippi and tennessee. as we head into saturday, a brand-new storm system will be developing producing possibly more severe weather and we have a larger chance this weekend stretching across minnesota, north dakota down into kansas. >>brian: we're going to be talking about the associated press situation. we're going to be talking about what's happening in benghazi, brand-new developments. and also talking about what's happening with the i.r.s. but first here's what else is breaking overnight. >>gretchen: a possible break in the case of a missing utah mom, susan powell. she disappeared in 2009. investigators with dogs
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searching a farm in oregon after receiving a tip it was once occupied by an aunt and uncle of susan. powell's dad says the search hasn't turned up any sign of her yet. o.j. simpson back in court today taking the stand in his own defense. here's what went down yesterday. simpson bantering with bailiffs during breaks, making them laugh and even laughing at himself during testimony. he's trying to convince the judge his lawyer botched his case in 2008 when he was convicted of robbing and kidnapping. >> do you think you are asking legally what you are doing? >> yes, i do. >> why is that? >> my stuff. i followed what i thought was the law. i had my lawyer tell me you can't break into a guy's room. i didn't break into anybody's room. didn't beat up anybody or try to muscle a guy.
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>>gretchen: o.j. admitted he was hammered, drunk. he had two bloody mary's for breakfast and kept drinking all day long. jodi arias winds up the same day her ex-boyfriend wound up. later today a jury will decide to how she will die, making her eligible for the death penalty. arias recently telling a fox reporter she would rather die than spending the rest of her life behind bars. if you didn't buy a ticket you still have a chance. the jackpot bigger. no one won last night's powerball sending it to 475 million. the next powerball drawing is saturday. you have a couple days to get your tickets. those are your headlines. >>brian: yesterday the president went out and met the press.
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it was early evening right after the nightly news was done but it wouldn't stop us because we're 24 hours. we have three burgeoning situations that are very intriguing to follow. the i.r.s. situation. we have the situation with the associated press and over 100 reporters having their phone records pulled. then we have the benghazi situation. the one thing clear about benghazi, there's a lot of there there. the reason why people are interested because it makes no sense that people had one conclusion and the c.i.a. had another. >>steve: the white house released e-mails concocted and disseminated three days after the attack. >>brian: between the white house and state department. >>gretchen: and the c.i.a. >>steve: the reason that the white house went into damage control -- you can see here on the front page of the "new york times" -- an onset of woes raises questions on obama vision. the president was taking it not only from those on the right but those on the left as well.
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so what does he do? he puts out the e-mail. then with just enough time to wind up his story in the evening news -- he had a press conference that was supposed to start at 6:00. instead it was about 6:20, he went out and announced the acting director, commissioner of the internal revenue service was going to be resigning. that guy right there, steve miller, he would be resigning. what he didn't say was that that guy was going to leave the job any way in june and he's going to keep that job until june as well. crazy. >>gretchen: i think the strategy here was if you were inside the white house yesterday, it's chaos; right. the strategy is we've got to get ahold of some of these situations so let's confuse the american public. let's release these e-mails, which we'll get to in a minute. but let's get that out there and show this story, let's put it to bed. we've released e-mails. at the same time let's confuse the american public by getting ahead of i.r.s. story and taking action.
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then newspapers, tv analysts will have trouble disseminating which one to be the actual headline and there will be confusion and maybe both stories will go away. >>brian: in the case of the i.r.s., steve miller was going to leave in june. we know he knew about all this for sure and he was questioned about were you pressuring tea party groups? why are these groups all complaining there's i.r.s. scrutiny on them and they cannot get okay'd? he wrote letters back i see no problem. we know he was informed of that. how steve miller is going to explain himself, i don't understand. also factor in a jewish group was scrutinized as well as billy graham's religious group. >>steve: here's the problem for anybody in the administration who went before congress and said we don't know about any targeting because eric holder yesterday announced there would be perhaps criminal charges against anybody who broke the law, here's the president last night 6:20.
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he's angry. >> it's inexcusable and americans are rights to be angry about it, and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the i.r.s. >>gretchen: here's the thing. steve miller did not make these decisions. he wasn't even there. it was douglas shulman who was in charge of the i.r.s. he's not in the job anymore. so is this a fall guy. the second most important point i think is these low-level employees at the i.r.s., the underlings, so to speak, are they really not going to say who told them to do that if they're facing criminal charges like civil rights violations and a vital of the hatch act, which bars federal workers from some partisan political activities? you think those people in the cincinnati office are going to take the fall and go to prison potentially without saying who told them to do it? >>steve: some of them are already talking because the fox affiliate in cincinnati, we heard there were two rogue employees who went off the
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reservation. now it's up to four. you know what they're saying? they're saying we are simply following our boss's orders. so those people who, by the way, are still on the job because of civil service protections, will be singing like canaries. >>brian: i love when the president added after, we have to work hand in hand with congress and find out what went wrong. and he also says, he warns people not to use this to slam his presidency, his administration. it would be easier if there was a progressive organization or a liberal group that could say it happened to me too, but they got their okay kays on the average of 90 days. a lot of these tea party groups are still waiting. michele bachmann will introduce more today on the capitol steps. >>steve: yesterday we had one of the people who is going to be with her later today. the question is were the people at the i.r.s. simply following the instruction and guidance of democrats in the u.s. senate? we've got a list of democrats, top guys and
3:13 am
gals who have been calling for the i.r.s. to target essentially conservatives and the tea party groups. maybe those folks in those offices just thought this is what people like al franken pictured right there wanted us to do. let's do it. >>gretchen: or is it deeper than that? coming up next inside those benghazi e-mails, who changed the talking points and why? what we found inside the white house's e-mail and what's really going on behind the scenes like e-mails. >>brian: a baby falling on to the path of an on coming train. you'll see the mom go right in after the child. and then you'll gradually see people take action. thank goodness a train was not coming by. but how she got out is flatout fascinating. back in a moment on "fox & friends." to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain.
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>>brian: last night's e-mail document by the white house exposing inner tug of war over benghazi talking points, who is trying to shape the narrative in the wake of the attacks? >>steve: dick prour is the head -- dick brower is head of operation speaks, has been fighting for an investigation. good morning to you. with these e-mails we discovered jay carney and hillary rodham clinton not truthful in things they have told the american
3:18 am
public. what's your headline from this? >> our headline is we've been lied to and there's a coverup. as we know with the talking points having gone through them last night, 100 pages' worth, there are some things that stand out immediately as to state department disagreeing with an intelligence assessment by the c.i.a., which is a process that you can see in those hundred e-mails. and every once in a while one will stand out from individuals like victoria newland in particular and some others that are not happy with the main talking points. and the six major bullets that were in the initial draft were crossed out by mike morell, deputy to general petraeus. and victoria newland objected very much to the wording there, and everything to do with jihaddists and islamic extremists and particularly al qaeda was deleted intentionally and watered
3:19 am
down. >>brian: colonel, watered down. the c.i.a. got it. they wanted to list that they warned us ahead of time about the dangers in cairo and the dangers in libya. so this was taken out. the point was david petraeus didn't even want to sign it in the end and the c.i.a., when all questions went to the white house, we're going with what the c.i.a. told us. yet we see that the state department was shaping the c.i.a.'s talking points. >> the state department and the national security council. if you read those e-mails, you'll see references to dennis -- that's probably denness mcdon ough and others on the national security staff that had input into modifying those talking points. >>brian: you want to know who told the help to stand down. once the fight happened you want to know who told us to stand down? >> absolutely. that was a death sentence. that is not what special ops has been trained to do. we are trained to run to the sound of the guns, and we had a few people that could have interfered. we also had conventional
3:20 am
items, fighter aircraft from aviano that could have at least kept their heads down if nothing else. we have one of our 700 that signed our letter, a lieutenant general who said he flew f-16's out of av i ano and could have gotten there prior to the deaths. >>steve: the only way we can get those answers would be a select committee. colonel richard brauer jr., retired from the air force, thank you for showing up early from pensacola. >> thank you so much. pleasure to be here. >>brian: brand-new details about the department of justice spying scandal. it turns out the department of justice was spying on more than the associated press. this story blowing wide open. >>steve: a sea lion and little girl playing a game of tag but what happens next? it's the most adorable
3:21 am
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>>steve: new stories breaking overnight. a convicted cop killer executed in texas last night. he killed an officer 14 years ago. officer troy blando was trying to handcuff williams for stealing a lexus. police arresting a teenager accused of shooting up a mother's day parade in new orleans. he was hiding out in the city when he was busted. 19 people were hurt in the shooting, including two children.
3:25 am
gretch? >>gretchen: tensions running very high on capitol hill yesterday. attorney general eric holder grilled by lawmakers about the secret seizure of a.p. phone records, more than 100 of them. we're live in washington with the details. >> attorney general eric holder getting peppered with questions for a second day yesterday. this time at a house judiciary hearing. not only did he say a serious national security leak required the task, he affirmed his deputy made the phone on the associate press phone tap subpoenas. >> in a decision to issue this subpoena made by the people presently involved in the case, the matter is being supervised by the deputy attorney general. i am not familiar with the reasons why the subpoena was constructed and the way that it was because i'm simply not a part of the case. >> a.p. editors firing back saying only five reporters were working on that report. it was about a thwarted al qaeda bomb plot.
3:26 am
the a.p. lawyernded up affecting 100 journalists. in a statement on its website the news agency claimed to have worked with the white house on the piece even holding the story for approval. in part the statement reads until the government assured us that the national security concerns had passed indeed the white house was preparing to publicly announce that bomb plot had been foiled. all in all, there was no terrorist with a bomb but rather a source who was working with the british and american intelligence. meanwhile, there are new claims there's more to the wiretap story. congressman david nunez went on tv this week telling the host the justice department also tapping what's known as the cloakroom inside the house on capitol hill. >> went after the a.p. reporters, went after all of their phone records. they went after the phone records including right here in the house gallery, from where i'm sitting now. >> the cloakroom is
3:27 am
basically a place where members and certain staffers are allowed tone joy r & r and talk on the phone. >>gretchen: coming up on the show, a fox news alert overnight, a warning going out before a deadly tornado hit. here was the warning: take cover immediately! we're live in texas where at least three tornadoes killed six people, and crews are searching for many more missing this morning. this is terrifying. watch this video. a stroller with a baby inside. yes, going right into the path of an on coming train. and the frantic mom frees it. with free seminars and big savings on great camping, boating and hiking gear, like nylon recreation life vests for under $16. and this aluminum fish fryer for under $30.
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>> this weeks marks the 40th anniversary of the watergate hearings. for those of you too young to remember, back then the administration had an enemy's list. they were spying on reporters. they used the i.r.s. to harass groups they didn't like. thank god those days are gone forever. [applause] >> thank god. can you imagine? >>brian: the only people that are extremely happy today about what's going on has to be the monolog writers. you literally sit there and you have three ongoing investigations to mock. >>steve: and suddenly it's okay to make fun of this white house, which, you know, some shows haven't done much of that.
3:32 am
>>gretchen: although some people are not quite so sure that these stories are all that funny especially if you're one of the people targeted. >>brian: jon stewart put together a montage i think on monday where he talked about every time there was a scandal the president always said i read in the news report. i only know what i read in the news. there's like five or six majors incidents over the past two years. for "the daily show" to point it out i think is significant. >>gretchen: he's been on a roll taking on the president. >>steve: if the president is just finding out about big news like the i.r.s. thing, if that's true that shows either incompetence in the administration or dishonesty. >>brian: i believe justin timberlake. he had the president at his fund-raiser and harvey winestein. could one of them have mentioned what was in the news. >>gretchen: there are so many unanswered questions. the president is going to have a press conference -- kind of -- later on today. will he take more than one or two questions?
3:33 am
and what questions would you ask? >>steve: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. stocks news alert -- fox news alert from texas. twisters leaving six people dead and hundreds more hurt. >> all of a sudden things started swirling. you could see stuff going all through the air. tin roofs, stuff started hitting the house. we were lucky, only one window got broken. three houses on the top of the hill, everything is gone. >>gretchen: joining us with breaking details is heather. >> rescue crews are continuing their search for those who are still missing after those three monster twisters tore through texas. one of those storms one mile wide. >> our neighborhood is gone. it's just gone.
3:34 am
we made it, but, you know, there's people missing still. there's a lot of hurt people out there. >> i heard this -- it didn't sound like a train to me, but any way, i told my daughter we were in the bath tub covered up with a futon mattress, my grandson and granddaughter. i knew it was a torpbd. we were sitting -- i knew it was a tornado. we were sitting there praying. god took good care of us. >>gretchen: pull a mattress over you in the bath tub if you can get to it. that deadly group of twisters ripping through a granbury subdivision built by habitat for humanity. at least six people are dead in texas, hundreds more hurt as the twister leveled dozens if not many more homes in that area. at this hour emergency crews continue to look for as many as 14 people who remain unaccounted for at this hour. officials tell us this, that the area looks like a war zone. take a look at this
3:35 am
picture. you can see that truck that's turned over on top of a car. this morning as the sun comes up, we'll get a better look at all the damage there. we spoke to the mayor of granbury, he said they did get an early warning about the tornadoes on the way but we also heard conflicting reports about that, that a warning may have not gone out. we'll keep you posted on that. >>steve: thank you very much. >>brian: maria molina is in the news room tracking the storm. hey, maria. >> good morning, steve, gretchen and brian. i'm outside our world headquarters in new york city. we had some severe storms rip through parts of texas and also oklahoma yesterday during the evening hours and also into the overnight hours. very strong storms. not just producing tornadoes but also damaging wind gusts up to 80 mile per hour winds reported in parts of texas and very large hail. you're talking baseball-size and grapefruit-sized hail. that can cause damage to cars, damage windshield and those winds bringing
3:36 am
downpour lines and also reports of tree branches also came down. thee reported tornadoes three different areas in texas along the oklahoma-texas border and down in through parts of central texas. granbury, texas, there is a particular tornado that we do have reports that it was about a mile wild and could have leveled some -- about a mile wide and could have leveled some homes. we won't have kweurgs of that until later today when the sun rises and survey crews head out and survey the damage. that's when we'll know approximately what the wind speed was that that tornado did have if it indeed did rip through that area. take a look at the radar picture from yesterday. 7 p.m. local time when those storms rolled through possibly producing tornadoes as well as large hail and damaging winds. today we don't have as much of a severe weather risk but we still have those storms in eastern texas producing heavy rain.
3:37 am
tomorrow, more severe weather in parts of mississippi, southwestern tennessee. by saturday a new storm will develop and this one could potentially be stronger and produce more damaging wind, more large hail and tornadoes anywhere from parts of minnesota, north dooku, all the way -- north dakota, all the way down into kansas. >>steve: meanwhile other stories making headlines. the department of justice under fire for swiping associated press phone records. now we're learning the department wanted to spy on several thousand americans last year. this according to a letter the department of justice recently sent to senate majority leader harry reid. the letter says the f.b.i. made over 15,000 requests in 2012 for electronic surveillance of americans. >>brian: she survived a plane crash in 1987. now she is speaking out in a documentary.
3:38 am
cecilia crocker says this tattoo of a plane on her wrist is a way of reminding herself where she came from. 154 people were killed when the plane went down in michigan including crocker's parents and brother. she was four years old at the time. >>gretchen: a baby stroller rolling on to train tracks with a 14 month old girl inside. the girl's mother jumping down to try and save her. a good samaritan raced to the emergency call box to stop the next train. police say the mom forgot to use the stroller's brakes. the baby coming away with only a strafp on her head. -- with only a scratch on her head. that is lucky. >>steve: an unlikely friendship formed at the national zoo in northwest washington, d.c. take a look as a sea lion races to keep up with a little girl, the one in the blue dress. she was running back and forth playing even though the seal was inside the enclosure. but look at this. at one point she trips and falls and the sea lion stops almost as if it
3:39 am
wanted to see if the girl was okay. when she saw that, the girl got back up and continued to play. adorable. >>gretchen: brian, what's going on in the world of sports? >>brian: a big night tonight and last night. top seeds in the nba playoffs to advance. the heat storming back to beat the bulls 94-91. they win the series in five games. they worked brutally hard and bulls played valiantly. the top seed in the west is going home. the thunder's kevin durant was knotted up, could not make that basket. memphis may be the finest overall team left. memphis wins 88-84 in five games. for the first time in their history to go this deep into the playoffs. they don't call him money for no reason. boxer floyd projected to
3:40 am
make $90 million this year. considering he spent time in prison, that is pretty impressive. prince harry wrapping up with a polo game in greenwich, connecticut. it must disturb neighbors to see the prince. he's my favorite royal guy. it's a benefit and it goes to his foundation he runs in africa. in a speech before the game the prince said he witnessed extraordinary generosity during the trip but did it with an english accent. coming up on radio between 9 and noon, chris wallace will be joining us. senator manchin -- i don't know how to produce his last name. steve doocy joining us live. >>steve: is that what i'm doing today? >>brian: yes. talk to your people. chief of staff. >>gretchen: coming up on the show, in the market for a new car? you'll want to hear this.
3:41 am
every s.u.v. but one just failed a key safety test. >>steve: the acting internal revenue service commissioner stepping down in a couple of weeks after the agency is accused of targeting conservative groups. but he was going to resign any way. so is this all smoke and mirrors? look who's here to talk about that. all right. judge napolitano is in the judge napolitano is in the house. look what mommy is having.
3:42 am
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>>brian: if you drive an s.u.v., you'll want to hear this. five of them flunked a crash test. they are getting poor reviews because of that. the only one to get a good rating the subaru forester. a view of the washington monument like you've never seen before. the monument has been closed since getting damage by a 5.8 earthquake that hit in 2011. it is set to reopen next spring. >> mr. holder did you appoint special counsel to investigate benghazi? >> no. >>gretchen: that's attorney general eric
3:46 am
holder flatly rejecting the idea of appointing special counsel to investigate the benghazi situation. so we have to trust the government on that one? the government also says the i.r.s. scandal was handled by firing somebody who already planned on leaving and frankly didn't make any of the decisions about attacking the tea party. when tkpwreurld on capitol hill -- when grilled on capitol hill, holder said he'll handle that as well. but can we trust these officials to handle investigations on their own? here to weigh in is judge andrew napolitano. >> this has not been a good week for the government. the common thread here is that the government can't be trusted but the government thinks we will trust them. the government will break whatever law it wants in order to meet its own political ends. the government doesn't feel confined by the constitution it has sworn to uphold or the laws that the congress has written to protect our liberties. >>gretchen: what did the justice department do wrong with regard to the a.p.
3:47 am
story? >> there's only three ways they can get phone records. one is that old-fashioned traditional search warrant from a judge in which you present evidence of a crime and the judge decides whether or not to issue a search warrant. they didn't do that. the second is a subpoena from a grand jury. we are investigating this crime. the leak of confidential and classified information. the grand jury is interested in seeing your record. when they do that, they have to tell the person whose records they are attempting to subpoena that they are doing so so that the person can challenge the subpoena in court. they didn't do that. the third way is for an f.b.i. agent to authorize another f.b.i. agent to seize records under the patriot act. that can only be done when the pursuit of the records is in order to find a terrorist. so they haven't told us which one they did. i suspect they either used a grand jury subpoena and did not tell the a.p. they were doing it which violates the federal rules of criminal procedure or used a written search
3:48 am
warrant called a national security letter, even though this was about a crime, leaking classified information. it was not about the behavior of a terrorist who was on the loose that they're trying to find. >>gretchen: does this cry out for an independent investigator to look into this? >> it sure does because this is the government breaking its own laws. these are the people we entrust to enforce the law to protect our liberties, to protect our safety and to protect our property. they broke the laws they're supposed to enforce. >>gretchen: how is that different? how is an independent counsel different from an inspector general? >> an independent counsel does not have to answer to the attorney general. an independent counsel has his or her own budget, his or her own f.b.i. agents can summon his or her own grand jury and seek his own indictments. an inspector general only reports. he doesn't prosecute. >>gretchen: let's look at history at other independent counsel. president and hillary clinton illegal solicitation of whitewater
3:49 am
loans, 1994. henry cisneros. president obama and monica lewinsky scandal 1998. lewis scooter libby leaks involving c.i.a. operative i.d., 2003. in those cases it was an independent counsel. what heights did those cases have to come to in order for it to be investigated? >> the independent counsels in those cases came about under a statute that authorized courts to appoint independent counsels. at the present time the only authority that can trigger an independent counsel -- drum roll -- eric holder, the attorney general of the united states. he would basically have to agree to appoint an independent counsel to investigate his deputy, his number-two person. what did we hear him say all day yesterday? congressman, i don't know the answer to that question. i wasn't involved in this case. where is the guy that was involved? he should have been seated
3:50 am
next to you. >>gretchen: yes or no? did eric holder do that on purpose to not be involved in this? >> i don't know what went through his mind but he was the wrong person to be answering questions. tom cole, his deputy who apparently authorized the invasion of the associated press should have been on the hot seat yesterday because he surely knows what he did and why he did it. >>gretchen: great to have you on this topic because ert expert. thanks -- because you are the expert. imagine seeing this in the sky. how do i land? one pilot's s.o.s. for everyone to drugstore. vitamins and supplements promising big things. too good to be true? our medical a team, dr. siegle is here to separate fact from fiction i don't make any decisions about who to hire
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>> gretchen: you've seen them in every medicine aisle when you go to the drugstore. vitamins and supplements promising to make you feel better just by popping that little pill. is it really that simple. >> brian: americans spent $11 billion annually. but what if we told you most of the money was wasted? dr. mark siegle is here to expand on this from the medical a team. wasting our money? >> it's worse than that. there is actually a chance of it causing harm. you have to really watch what you take. it's actually a myth that supplements can actually treat disease. that's our first myth today. it's a myth because people think oh, i'm taking that supplements, now i'll be healthy. but exercise and a well balanced
3:55 am
diet. there can be a nutritional gap, they're not worthless, but not treatments. >> gretchen: so the second question is, supplements can't make up for your diet's flaws. let's say you're not getting enough of a certain vitamin by eating vegetables, so you take supplement. fact or fiction? >> that's a fact. it can't make up for your diet's flaws. the truth is that you can check for some of these things. so i will check vitamin d in my patient. i'll check b 12. i find big deficiencies in those and i can replace those. but you have to be careful and have a physician in the loop because vitamin d, you can end up with too muchment vitamin a can cause osteoporosis if you have too much. vitamin e has been link to do prostate cancer and stroke. >> brian: maybe get a multi vitamin. the best are labeled all natural, true or false? >> nails. that's one of those hype things. oh, all natural? got to be great for you. go to the label. see what the ingredients say.
3:56 am
sometimes they'll say all natural and find it has more than 300% of the daily requirements, which could be toxic. don't fall for that all natural thing. >> gretchen: stock up on nutrients if they have proven benefits. fact or fiction? >> you want nutrients if they have benefits, but the problem is they don't have proven benefits. that's a myth. what are the benefits? you have to look very carefully. more and more studies are showing their myth, like fish oil. you may want to get it in your fish. >> brian: go catch a trout rather than take a pill. multi vitamins are better than multi single supplements, a, b, or c, is that better? >> that seems to be a fact. study last year showed an 8% decrease in cancer rates in people that take a multi vitamin. you're probably getting this in well balanced diet. but taking one multi might minute a day is not bad for you and i recommend it. >> brian: we need a child, what's better, gummy bear vitamins or the flint stone's
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today thursday, may 16, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for spending your time with us today. fox news alert. overnight, residents in texas thrown from their beds with this. three deadly tornadoes killing six people. now the search is on for many more missing. we're live on the scene. >> brian: the white house releases nearly 100 pages of e-mail on the benghazi talking points and what led up to the final points that we saw ambassador rice say. we're talking about terror and al-qaeda being removed. how it happened and why. we'll show you the e-mails and
4:01 am
examine shortly. >> steve: imagine seeing this in the sky. how do i land? one pilot with a sense of humor for everybody to see, or was it? "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. >> gretchen: that fox news alert out of north texas. just about to go to bed for the night when mother nature rocked them wide awake. three monster tornado attention tearing through texas, one a mile wide. >> brian: heather nauert has the details. >> rescue crews are continuing the search for those who are still missing. after those three monster twisters tore through texas, one of those storms, one mile wide.
4:02 am
>> i have a large tornado on the ground. i've got visual of it right now. >> i mean, our neighborhood is gone. it's just gone. we made it, but there is people missing still. there is a lot of hurt people out there. >> i heard this noise. it didn't sound like a train. we were in the bathtub carried up with a futon mattress, my grandson and granddaughter. i knew it was a tornado. we're sitting there praying and god took good care of us. >> all of that happening 60 miles south and to the west of dallas, texas. that deadly gripping of twisters ripping through gran bury, texas, a subdivision that was built by habitat for humanity. at least six people have died and hundreds more have been hurt and many are still missing this morning. the twister leveling dozens of homes in the area and at this
4:03 am
hour, emergency crews are continuing to look for those who are still missing at this hour. officials say that the entire area looks like a war zone and take a look at this picture right here. that is a truck that is turned over on top of the car that wind reportedly going as fast as 160 miles per hour. unbelievable. this morning as the sun comes up, we will get a better look at the damage and new video just coming in moments ago of some of that devastation that was left behind. we'll keep following this one for you. steve, gretchen, and brian. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. let's go to maria molina. we hear the storm may have been a mile wide. the actual funnel itself. and this was very, very powerful, right? >> yes, very powerful. those reports, if they're correct. we have reports several homes were completely leveled. that would mean that is a very powerful tornado, possibly on the stronger scale of 5 of tornadoes, between 136 miles per hour to possibly even 200
4:04 am
mile-per-hour winds if it indeed level some homes. earlier this morning, steve, you mentioned we are looking at basically that time of the year where we do tend to see tornadic activity. this map shows us that may indeed is the month where we tend to see, on average, the most tornadoes throughout the year. so again, looking at a very active time of the year and, unfortunately, we are seeing storms producing tornadoes. again, we did have three reported tornadoes across north central texas, continuing into the overnight hours. one of those tornadoes, the one that was about a mile wide, hit the town of granbury. that town is approximately 70 miles to the west southwest of the city of dallas, texas. we also have reports of very strong winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour. that's different than the tornadic activity. different from tornadoes. actual wind gusts that themselves did bring down some power lines and tree branches. very large hail also being reported, up to baseball, even
4:05 am
grapefruit size. homes being leveled out here, it will be a stronger tornado if it is confirmed later on afternoon once the sunrises. right in and out severe threat has really diminished with those particular storms. but as we head into tomorrow and also into the weekend, we are expecting more severe weather tomorrow, including parts of mississippi, southwestern tennessee, including the city of memphis. by saturday, a stronger storm system will begin to organize in the north center part of the country, damaging winds, large hail, and isolated tornadoes possible yet again. steve, gretchen and brian. >> steve: all right. all that unstable air. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: for the other stories making headlines, new overnight, a possible break in the case of missing utah mom susan powell who disappeared in 2009. investigators with cadaver dogs search ago farm in oregon after receiving a tip it was occupied by an aunt and uncle of susan's husband. josh powell, considered a person of interest in his wife's disappearance. he killed himself and their two
4:06 am
sons in a house fire last year. powell's dad says the search has not turned up any sign of his daughter. o.j. back in court doing something we've never seen before, taking the stand in his own defense. here is what went down yesterday he made them laugh. he's trying to convince a judge his lawyer botched his case back in 2008 when he was convicted of robbing and kidnapping. >> do you think you were acting legally? >> yes, i did. >> why is that? >> well, it's my stuff. i followed what i thought the law -- my lawyer told me, you can't break in a guy's room of the i didn't break into anybody's room. i didn't beat up anybody. i didn't try to muscle the guy. >> gretchen: he also admitting he was drunk, hammered before leaving armed men into a hotel room robbery. he had two bloody maries for breakfast and kept drinking jack daniels.
4:07 am
jodi arias wind up the same way her ex-boyfriend did? later today the jury will decide if she'll spend the rest of her life in prison or die by lethal injection. jurors took less than three hours in this phase to determine she murdered ex-boyfriend travis alexander in a cruel manner. that makes her eligible for the death penalty. she recently told a fox reporter she would rather die than spend the rest of her life behind bars. what would you do if you looked up and saw this message in the sky? how do i land? not something a pilot should be asking while already up in the air. it turns out it was all a joke. a comedian pulled off the stunt over downtown los angeles march 23. it was posted on-line this week, getting more than a million view s. he plotted this in january. fans helped pay fort plane and voted on the punch line. those are your headlines. >> steve: surrender, dorothy. >> brian: just a matter of moments, we'll speak with congressman chaffetz who within hours after the attacks on 9-11, he was in tripoli and able to
4:08 am
walk around. we also found out that there was some orders given to people on the ground, basically don't cooperate with him when he's there and don't give him answers. yesterday significant movement on the benghazi situation, at least to the civilians on the outside, americans when 100 documents were leased, e-mails released of interaction between the state, security council and the c.i.a. about talking points that will be prepared for susan rice and others about the administration's positions on the attacks, who did it and why. >> steve: so let's talk to utah congressman jason chaffetz who joins us now from capitol hill. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> steve: what would you think about the release of 94 pages of e-mail regarding benghazi written three days after the attack? >> look, i will always applaud the release of documents. i just need everybody to understand the perspective. while these 100 are good and shed light on what happened, we have nearly 25,000 that they haven't released. so it begs the question, particularly the unclassified documents, if you are okay to
4:09 am
release this short window of documents, which is really between the 14th and 15th of september, what about the ones before and what about all the ones after? let's go ahead and release those as well if you're going to fulfill the president's promise that as he gets new information, he'll release it. >> gretchen: here is an excerpt from the pages, from the talking points discussion in these e-mails. quote, the currently available information suggests that the demonstrations in benghazi were spontaneously inspired by the protests that the u.s. embassy in cairo. that's what ended up in the final version, i believe. the initial press reporting linned to that ansar al-shariah group, which is part of al-qaeda, was taken out. do you think that this release from the white house was a way in which to take the blame away from the white house and focus more on former secretary of state hillary clinton and the statent? >> you're seeing a little bit of a battle i think between the intelligence community and the department of state and you get the white house involved and what we have over the course of time is less clarity.
4:10 am
what i want to do is go back to the document that came on the hearing last week from my colleague released and what the speaker of the house talked about last week, which is this document that came out within hours of the attack, an internal document within the state department saying that we, we, the united states government, told the libyan ambassador that it was ansar al-shariah. there was great clarity in the hours afterward. it's only when you get all these hands and cooks in the kitchen that suddenly it's morphed into something that it really wasn't. what i think history will show over the course of time is when the president and the secretary of state and others continued to go out, jay carney at the white house continued to go out and perpetuate this story about a video, it never happened. also i want to remind you, gregory hicks, who have the chief of mission on the ground, is never asked what happened in libya. he's the chief of missions and they didn't bother to actually ask him what happened in libya. >> brian: what is your answer to what difference does it make and there is no there there? it happened, it's done.
4:11 am
>> we have four dead americans. we have terrorists that are still on the loose. we have hundreds of embassies and consulates, thousands of people serving overseas. can you imagine if this administration used those same words referring to the boston bombing? if we hadn't captured or killed somebody in the boston bombing, can you imagine saying, what difference does it make? that happened a long time ago? come on, you would never take that same attitude. >> steve: jay carney has said some things that are untrue. do you trust what the white house says about benghazi? >> look, i think -- i'm a republican in the house, okay? i know people will do that. but objectively, the only thing that the white house spokesperson has is credibility. there is nobody at this point that believes the white house spokesperson, jay carney, that these were merely stylistic changes. the public was misled for weeks. >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: should he be fired for
4:12 am
lying to the american public? >> look, president obama gets to make the personal choices who his spokesperson is. i think he labs credibility. i think the white house press corp is starting to understand they were misled. people make mistakes -- >> gretchen: congressman, i don't think this is about jay carney. he's just the operative that's going out there to say what the president is telling him to say. real quickly, david petraeus, who is the head of the c.i.a. at this time, there is a quote and an e-mail where he says that maybe we should not go with these changes. do you think he was also thrown under the bus, because it's interesting that he was asked to resign and his whole affair came to light right during this same time. >> it has a lot of suspicion. i'd love to hear from general petraeus himself. ultimately what the oversight with darrell issa is asking for is we just want the truth. where it takes us, it takes us. that's all we're asking for. >> gretchen: it's coming out in drips and drabs. thank you for your time.
4:13 am
>> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, they admitted targeting conservative groups. should we let the irs take charge of obamacare and the taxpayer cash? one law maker had a better idea. >> steve: then did cindy crawford discover the fountain of youth? how she defied the laws of aging and blew away all the other ladies on that red carpet. hello, cindy new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. >> this has become a huge story. you know this whole irs thing targeting conservative groups like the tea party? you know it's bad when president obama says hey, why don't we talk about benghazi? [ laughter ] >> steve: that's right. perhaps that's what the president was trying to do yesterday. he was out for damage control. let's face it, the white house was in big trouble. politico even suggested that dc had turned on the president of the united states. right now politico's web page says obama damage control, how did dee? did two decisive action in one rapid fire news night do the trick? we're talking about how he forced a guy to resign who ran the irs who was going to resign anyway in a temporary position, and they shot out a bunch of e-mail as well that shows the white house lied.
4:18 am
>> brian: he says i got three steps to solve the problems. let's fire miller, who is going to leave after memorial day anyway. number two, work hand in hand with congress to find out what went wrong. considering there is nobody on the left with progressive in the title targeted, so they can't see eye to eye and put in new safeguards. we already have one, it's called the hatch act. it says you should not act in a partisan way. >> gretchen: i think they did this to confuse the american people because they know these scandals were brewing and getting bigger, so they released e-mails. by the way, i don't think that those e-mails show the white house was lying. i think that they on purpose released e-mails that take the white house out of the equation that put the blame on the state department and the c.i.a. and then they're hoping the headline is just that. or would the headline be that the president took action on the irs and fired somebody? i think it's a way of putting both those two stories out there to confuse not only journalists about what we should talk about the next day, because there is so much to talk about, or
4:19 am
newspaper headlines. >> steve: jay carney said things were untrue in the past regarding benghazi. he said, you know, the white house only made one suggestion, change one stylistic thing, froo diplomatic facility, or something like that. and some other things. steven hayes has done a great job. if you go to his column at, you can read about all the untruths that the administration has been pushing. you're right, gretch, absolutely. i mean, hillary clinton, it is very clear from what we see in these e-mails that were released, the state department was doing everything they could to protect her and ultimately now that we see it, looks like they threw her under the bus. >> brian: the c.i.a. had to stand up for itself because every time the white house said i went with what the intelligence community has given me, they said, let's show you. but the c.i.a. doesn't play the role of patsy well. they have a way of getting their story out. >> gretchen: today the president
4:20 am
will have sort of this limited press conference where he's going to be appearing and he'll take maybe one, two, three questions. so our question fourth morning is what should the press ask today? let us know. you can e-mail and tweet me. let us know what you think that the press should ask. >> brian: the irs is about to get a lot more power as obamacare gets implemented, the irs is going to get $440 billion to bulk of their staff and find out whether or not you're complying with obamacare. here is an idea. let's keep that money. they haven't earned it. we don't trust them. is that going to go anywhere? >> steve: it's to prevent obamacare overreaction act that he authored. the house of representatives is going to vote later on today on total repeal of obamacare. it would never pass and the president promise to do veto that. >> gretchen: another record closing on wall street. google up to $115 a share. what's going on?
4:21 am
charlie gas perino will join -- gas gasparino there. >> brian: fresh off a big win before global opportunities were part of their investment sttegy... to the schools that gave them scholarships... before they planned for their parents' future needs and their son's future... they chose a partner to help manage theirealth -- one whose insights, solutions, and approach
4:22 am
have been relied on for over 200 years. th's the value of trusted connections. that's u.s. trust.
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4:24 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. $475 million. that's how high the powerball jackpot has soared now. no winners last night. the big drawing is saturday night. next, five. that's how many suv failed a brand-new crash test, except for this one. the 2014 subaru forester is the ohm one earn ago good rating by the insurance institute for highway safety. finally, 47. that's how many years young cindy crawford is. the super model stunning onlookerst night at the
4:25 am
opening of the cannes film festival. hello, cindy. and hello, gretchen and charlie. >> gretchen: thanks very much. the dow soaring to new heights, hitting its 20th record close so far this year. will the obama administration's current troubles impact the markets putting a stop this to this bull run, or will scandals make it slide? joining us now to weigh in, fox business senior correspondent charles gasparino. do scandals within the white house have any impact on the market? >> if you look at the dow during watergate, it did. but that was watergate. the president was imparalleled. we had stag flation, massive unemployment. there was a loft different problems. we're not great, but coming out of a deep recession. rye now the biggest guy in town it bennett cunningham better than. the fiscal policy has not worked. the markets are key on interest rates and what ben bernanke does in terms of printing money. as long as he keeps printing money, i've said this before, i predicted dow 15,000, i'm
4:26 am
sticking to dow 20,000. >> gretchen: dow 20,000? >> everybody out there, you have to watch what the fed is doing. if the fed changes its actions, looks like it's going to start reversing. not printing money, raising interest rates. that's when this market is going to go down. but if he keeps going on, you got to buy the broad index because people pay to buy stocks. you buy something cheap. >> gretchen: this has everything to do with printing money and the interest rates being lower? >> right. >> gretchen: rumors he may be leaving within the year, but the woman who may take over has the same theory. so you think this president is inconsequence i can't tell when it comes to the markets. could it be because as long as he's dealing with these type of scandal, he's not talk being spending money? >> that's a good point. he's not looking to do something like an obamacare. markets generally don't like that type of spending. massive government intrusion. fiscal policy failed. fiscal policy is what the white house does. spending money, trying to get the economy going. when you only have one thing in town, the fed printing money,
4:27 am
everybody is keyed on the feds. it's like in janet yelling gets in there, she seems like a carbon copy of ben bernanke -- >> gretchen: has it always been the fed dictates the success? >> it plays a major role. the fed is playing even a bigger role now because the other side of the coin, what obama could do, what the white house could do is not working. >> gretchen: very interesting analysis. charles gasparino, you start your day off right here on "fox & friends" and now go to fox business. breaking news, three monster twisters ripping through texas. we're live on the ground as the search for survivors continues. and she was the only person to survive a plane crash years ago. now she's speaking about it for the first time. she was four when it happened ♪
4:28 am
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that's why. so you keep more of your money. e-trade. less for us. more for you. >> gretchen: fox news alert out of granbury, texas, residents rocked from their beds when they were sleeping peacefully when mother nature rocked them wide awake. [sirens] you can hear the sirens going
4:32 am
off before three monster twisters left six people dead, hundreds injured. one of the tornadoes a mile wide. this morning officials fear the death toll could climb as emergency crews search the rubble. you are looking live at some of the damage as the sun comes up over granbury, texas. let's go to maria molina who is -- wow, look at that. you're tracking the storms for us. >> hi, good morning. that is just devastating looking at those live pictures coming out of that granbury, texas area. reports that that tornado was about a mile wide. so we could potentially be looking at a very strong tornado, if it is confirmed of es-3 or greater, and winds of 136 miles per hour or even greater. there were two other tornadoes as well reported farther north of granbury. granbury is 70 miles to the west southwest of the center of dallas, texas. so very close to a very large stay in the state of texas.
4:33 am
again, two other reported tornadoes, damaging those areas as well, power lines down, trees down, homes also damaged. again, granbury seems to be one of the hardest hit towns in texas from that severe weather outbreak yesterday or during the overnight hours as well. we are looking at also very hot temperatures in the forecast. while we do have good news in terms of no additional severe weather expected in the short-term, as we head into later today, friday and also into saturday, temperatures again will be very hot. there are many people that don't have homes or that do not have power. we're going to be climbing into the upper 90s friday and also into saturday. so keep this in mind. very hot temperatures expected as we do continue the clean-up efforts in the area. right now we are still tracking the storms across eastern texas, but they have significantly weakened, now producing areas of rain. no more severe weather right now from that line of storms. but as we head into tomorrow, parts of mississippi, southwestern tennessee, could be
4:34 am
looking at severe weather, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes possible and then a stronger storm system will begin to organize across parts of the north central sections of our country. so places like north dakota, minnesota, all the way down into kansas could be looking at more severe weather and again, gretchen, we do think this next system will be more powerful. so question would -- we could be looking at more widespread weather. we'll keep an eye on this. >> gretchen: thank you so much for that update. >> steve: our thanks to the fox affiliate in dallas for the helicopter shots as the sun comes up, people see how much devastation there is. we've got other headlines now. five years after an aspiring model was found strangled to death, her accused killer is finally standing trial. authorities believe julianna redding was the victim of a murder to hire scheme carried out by a woman described as the female james bond. this is what a few cases where a woman was hired as a hit man.
4:35 am
prosecutors say that alleged hitman kelly sue park was hired by a doctor to kill redding after her father, a pharmacist, pulled out of a business deal with him five days before. >> gretchen: she was the ohm person survive a plane crash in 1987 and now is speaking about it for the first time in a new documentary. cecilia crocker says this tattoo of a plane on her wrist is her way of reminding herself where she came from. 154 people were killed when the plane went down in michigan, including crocker's parents and brother. she was only four years old at the time. >> steve: meanwhile, riders on a public bus never saw this. a deer crashes right through the windshield and then it tries to escape through the shattered front window. but failed. the deer stumbles into the back of the bus. the driver eventually stops, opens the door, the deer took off. hasn't been seen since. oh, my goodness. has no idea how glass works. the driver says the deer was scared, but not badly hurt.
4:36 am
>> gretchen: wow. so much for frat brothers sticking together. a 19-year-old arizona state university student ended up passed out after downing 50 shots of tequila and turning blue. he apparently -- the frat brothers did nothing except slap a post-it note on him. no charges are expected for the fraternity. >> steve: a real life animal house. brian kilmeade loves soccer. so brian, this is a thrill for you. >> brian: absolutely. he's the best american player we have. he's the all-time american u.s. national team leading scorer and last night he was back in action, landon donovan, welcome back to "fox & friends." this is how it looked like last night in philadelphia. >> two against two. three in the back. wide open is donovan! he'll nail it! >> brian: you figured in all four goals, you scored again knowing you were going to be on
4:37 am
"fox & friends." >> just for you. >> brian: wide open in the back. is it good to be back? 'cause for people who don't know, you're in the prime of your career action but you needed some time off. >> yeah. i've been at this grind for a while. so the end of last year, i took a to you months off. it was nice. not everyone's first choice for me, but it was nice to get away and enjoy it. >> brian: you still love soccer and you feel revitalized. obviously you still play extremely well. joining the national team s going to happen? >> i hope so. i'm trying to do my best. we'll see what happens. >> brian: you won't be in this qualifier? >> i will probably not be in these qualifiers. i'd like to be there, ready to be there. if i get called on, i'll be there. if not, i'll figure it out. >> brian: it's like the national team, the olympic team not calling on lebron james before the olympics. now your dad had skin cancer, you're outdoors for a living every single day. i never wear, when i'm out in the middle of the day, you, before you play, you're always wearing some type of protection
4:38 am
for skin cancer awareness? >> yeah. my dad had skin cancer a few years ago. fortunately he's okay. but for a lot of men, doesn't turn out so well. so i partnered with the skin cancer foundation, banana boat and hawaiian tropic, try to educate people, especially men, when you go outside, protect yourself, be smart about it. try to save yourself. >> brian: doesn't it get in your eye when is you play? >> put it on early, it's fine. >> brian: you're the best forward we have in america, one of the best in the world. hype thetically you have to -- hypothetically, how do you beat a guy like me knowing i present this type of challenge? >> i don't want to fall. >> brian: how come my own fans turned on me? one more time. let's do it in real speed. >> okay. here we go. ♪ did we get that on camera.
4:39 am
>> brian: shear something else, landon is also the best director we have in the country. he can hit a ball from anywhere. after a penalty, but time running out. if you need a goal from 35 yards, he's usually in an eight foot high, from 30 yards without a keeper and a small net score on maria who is out there. go out there. >> no way. >> brian: go out in the goal. >> oh, sure, send maria to goal. sure, brian. >> brian: she's an athlete. she can handle it. all right. so you got it get around maria into the back of the net. landon donovan, an exclusive right here. in warm-ups he curved it into the net. this is big time. there it goes! good job! >> chris chulo, put that camera down and kick that over.
4:40 am
>> trying again? brian now. >> gretchen: you have to try it in the commercial break. >> brian: i'll try from here. >> steve: you just flat out missed. >> brian: i missed. >> steve: you did. all right. i'm sure he'll get it in the commercial. >> gretchen: i think he's going to be gone for the rest of the show, 'cause that's his idol. coming up next, the irs said sorry, for targeting conservatives. can anyone be prosecuted? can we trust the government to prosecute itself? peter johnson, jr. here. >> steve: and regulation nation, thousands of pages of regulation on the books. john stossel said you're likely violating one at your house. he's got advice for the little guys. we roll on life from new york city pooches and puppies... we are tired of being fed on!
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4:44 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. a new government report shows fewer flights arrived on time and more were canceled in march than a year ago. hawaiian airlines and virgin america had the best on time ratings. express jet and jetblue had the worst. could pilots soon be a thing of the past? for the first time in history, a pilotless plane reportedly flew over britain last month. it was controlled by a controller on the ground. the flight lasted 500 miles.
4:45 am
the airline industry says it could be the future of flying. not for me, i don't think. how about you, steve? >> steve: we'll see. meanwhile, the irs said sorry for targeting conservatives. but can anyone be prosecuted? john boehner hopes so. >> the irs has admitted to targeting conservatives. even if the white house continues to be stuck on the word if. now, my question isn't about who is going to resign. my question is who is going to jail over this scandal? >> steve: wow. that's a good question. can somebody go to jail? let's talk to fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> who is zooming who? it looks like we're getting zoomed, the american people right now. unless there is a special prosecutor or special counsel appointed, the likelihood is this thing will be forced under the rug big time. but i took a hard look at the laws last night and there are about three or four different
4:46 am
statutes, a couple of them actually mentioned by eric holder to congress by which these irs agents and anyone involved at the irs or in the white house could, in fact, be charged. first charge, willful oppression under color of law, a whole bods that we have related to how the irs acts. if they act in derogation, they can go to jail for up to five years. >> steve: that's one way. >> conspiracy against rights and deprivation of rights under color of law. that's a civil rights law and actually goes back to the reconstruction post civil war period. go to jail for that. you're depriving someone of a constitutional right. discouraging their participation in the electoral process, making false statements is a third type of charge. if someone in the irs made another statement to someone in the irs and lied about it, they can go to jail. finally, the hatch act, the hatch act prevents federal
4:47 am
government employees from engaging in partisan political activities. so if you're targeting tea party, conservatives, constitutional organizations, bill of rights organizations and trying to suppress their ability to participate in an informational way in the process, you can go to jail for that potentially. >> steve: okay. now there is a story out of cincinnati, the fox affiliate there says that we've heard that there are two rogue employees. fox affiliate identified four and apparently they have told people we were simply following the orders of our superiors. so those people who are actually doing the work of the people who told them to go ahead and do something, who is the most trouble there? >> a lot of people i think are going to be in trouble, or potentially in trouble. there will be a cascading effect up and down in terms of information. this goes further than cincinnati. we know that it goes around the country. so in order to get to the bottom of this, i believe the government cannot investigate
4:48 am
itself. there needs to be a special prosecutor, special counsel appointed by the attorney general. it will help him and the president politically. it will also restore confidence in the process. that's what's lacking now. confidence in the process. >> steve: what about the fact that we've heard over the last three years a number of prominent democratic senators, u.s. senate say the irs has got to crack down on these tea party organizations because they're getting tax free status. >> it comes from the top. it comes from the white house and it comes from the political leadership in the congress. if they are saying these kind of things, it makes it acceptable for people to break the law. do we know whether or not there is an absolute connection between the two? no, but is there a moral connection? is there a connection in terms of making it okay to do? yeah, i do think so. >> steve: exit question, will somebody go to jail? >> eventually. >> steve: all right. peter johnson, jr. >> good to see you. >> steve: thank you. meanwhile, did you know you could make money with a side
4:49 am
job, but government regulations are getting in your way. john stossel has the hair raising details. oh, look at that. a pink mustache. first on this date back in 1964, "my guy" by mary wells, was being sung by everybody on their am radio. ♪ my guy ♪ look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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4:52 am
>> brian: with so many government rules and regulations passed by federal bureaucrats, how is the average american supposed to get ahead, we ask rhetoriccally? >> government at war against the little guy. >> never thought work on his own property would cost him everything. >> please don't take what i've worked so hard for. >> politicians say they want to help the little guy. >> how do we support small
4:53 am
businesses? >> government support comes with strings. >> gretchen: what is the solution? fox business channel's john stossel is here to explain. there is a lot of regulations that people don't even know about. we're probably breaking something right now. >> right. 70,000 pages of federal regulations. they pass more. the solution is smaller government. that would be the solution to the irs problem, too. >> brian: that's what david axelrod said. the government is too big and unwielding. >> i was loving hearing that from him. and it's true. there are all these rules that are well intended at one point. one example we give that i love, there are these new businesses springing up that would let you rent a room here to somebody cheaply. the government wants to stop that. take your car and if you're bored, you can go pick up passengers who want a ride. there is a business called lift that checks the cars out. >> steve: is that the logo right there? >> every car, it's not just to make fun of me, car has one so you can recognize it as a lift car. >> gretchen: why do they use a pink mustache?
4:54 am
>> it's a branding gimmick. >> gretchen: okay. >> the customer is free to go with the pink mustache or not. of course, the established taxi business, in inclusion with issue -- in collusion with local business, they're not comfortable with this. >> steve: in new york city, if you want to be a taxi owner, how much is a medallion? >> a million dollars now. >> steve: that's a racket. >> this started because we have to limit the number of taxis so there isn't unfair competition. pretty soon it just becomes a big business government racket. >> steve: with lift, i can understand. if there are safety concerns, is the guy who is driving the car, is he safe and reliable or is he -- >> gretchen: then don't get in. what about putting on make-up? all three of us have to do that. >> brian: especially on weekends. >> gretchen: we don't want to scare people. >> the case we have tonight is this movie make-up artist who is doing famous people all the time, she tries to teach it to
4:55 am
some other make-up artists and they say you have to spend two years getting this license to do that. you could say maybe there should be some license. i would say if you didn't have government doing it, private groups would do it better. government doesn't have to do everything. if we had less government, taxes would be 2% and everybody would be pay -- wouldn't have to have the irs deciding you're eligible and you're not. >> steve: you mentioned that make-up artist. here she is talking about that. >> please don't take what i've worked so hard for. my students don't need a license to work. so why do i need a license to teach? >> steve: whoever licenses make-up people gets a fee. >> cosmotology boards. not only just the fee, but they run the schools where tuition is 12,000 bucks. >> brian: tonight we see more of this on stossel featuring john stossel. >> big government! >> brian: right. >> gretchen: and a pink mustache. >> you can wear this now.
4:56 am
>> brian: the van has prop -- man has props. >> steve: no kidding. is that shag car at thepet. >> brian: in high school i had that on the dashboard of my mustang. >> steve: yosemite sam, folks. >> gretchen: see you tonight's. >> brian: coming up, we have another hour to go, john. >> gretchen: we just learned a car bomb in afghanistan has left several american service members dead. the breaking details top of the hour. >> steve: then he was inside the courtroom when o.j. was cleared of murder. bob massi was back in court yesterday as simpson laughed and joked with the bailiff. what else you didn't see from bob massi coming up live from vegas [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, may 16, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending your time with us on a busy news day. a fox news alert. (sirens) this is a live picture now of what's left after three deadly tornadoes wipe out parts of texas, killing six people. now the search for others getting started this morning. we're live on the scene. >> steve: meanwhile, the white house releases nearly 100 pages of e-mail on the benghazi talking points. terrorists, extremists, al-qaeda removed. who did that and why? we'll show you the e-mail. >> brian: it's the video that has the u.s. holding our collective breath. watch this. you got a stroller with a baby inside. wow. falling right onto the path of an oncoming train. the mom sees this, hops down. we'll tell you how this unfolds in just a second because "fox &
5:01 am
friends" starts now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. now to the fox news alert out of north texas. this is a live picture now of the trail of destruction. three monster twisters leveled granbury, texas. heather nauert has the break details this morning. good morning. >> good morning. as we're watching those pictures come in, we see the sun is up right now and we're getting a much better look at all the damage done just outside of dallas. these violent twisters hitting last night, one of them was, in fact, one mile wide. as you can see right there, destroying houses, tossing trailers onto cars and hurdling people far from their homes. as we understand, at least six people are dead this morning and dozens more have been hurt. take a listen.
5:02 am
>> all of a sudden things just started swirling. you could see stuff going through the air. tin roofs, our stuff started hitting the house. we were lucky. only one window got broken and three houses up, the top of the hill and everything is gone. >> as you can see, it's pretty wide open so that wind really got a chance to gain up speed as it was heading toward the homes. this morning, officials are trying to account for at least 14 people. it's not clear if these folks were away from the area when that storm came in. but we know hundreds of families had been evacuated from that area. some of those family members were separated from one another. we hope that will end in happy reunions later today as officials there start to dig through all the homes and try to find folks there. steve, gretchen, and brian. >> gretchen: all right. thanks very much. >> steve: let's take a look at what we know about the
5:03 am
ferociousness of the storm and where they're heading this morning. maria molina tracking the storms as we look at pictures over that spot in granbury, texas. >> good morning, everybody. very unfortunate situation. what occurred yesterday across parts of texas. the thunderstorms really started firing up during the evening hours across north central texas. here is a look at the radar picture of what it looked like over the past 24 hours and we actually zoned in on yesterday evening. by 8:00 p.m. eastern time, 7:00 p.m. local time, central time out here, you can see the line of storms stretching from parts of oklahoma all the way down into areas to the west of the city of dallas, texas. that town, granbury, located 70 miles to the west southwest of the city of dallas. that's just to give you some perspective out here to where that is located. the storms continued moving eastward, producing more severe weather in the form of large hail, damaging wind gusts, reports of some winds were as strong as 80 miles per hour. not associated with tornadoes. just wind gusts in themselves. and then some of these tornadoes
5:04 am
were going -- we're going to continue to see reports coming out. survey crews will head out shortly there and we'll see how these tornadoes are classified, whether they're an ef-34 or 4, possibly 5 if many homes are leveled and you can see from the images out of granbury, texas, not looking good. absolutely devastating out of the area. three reported tornadoes. one along the oklahoma-texas border. we have another one located around sunset in texa granbury. so multiple tornadoes, reports of large hail, baseball size, even grapefruit-size. the storms now really just producing areas of heavy rain in eastern texas. severe weather threat really not so high today. but tomorrow and also into the weekend, we're tracking a brand-new storm system that will produce more severe weather in the center of the country. steve, gretchen, and brian, many people here in granbury and surrounding areas without power and hot temperatures are in the
5:05 am
forecast. 96 on friday in granbury. 97 on saturday. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. another developing story. this out of afghanistan this morning. american service members killed by a road side bomb not guilty kabul. four civilian contractors and two nato service members and two children. the attacker rammed a car packed with explosives into the convoy belonging to the military alliance in the afghan capitol. a muslim militant group claiming responsibility. the group says it had formed a special, quote, martyrdom unit to attack foreign troops. search for missing utah mom susan powell, she is disappeared in 2009. investigators searching a farm in oregon after getting a tip that an aunt and uncle of susan's husband was there. he was considered a person of interest in the disappearance. but he killed himself and their two sons in a house fire last year. powell's dad says the search has not turned up any sign of her
5:06 am
yet. jodi arias meet the same fate she delivered to her ex-boyfriend? we'll find out later today. the jury deciding if she will spend the rest of her life if prison or die by lethal injection. they took less than three hours in this phase to determine she murdered her boyfriend in a cruel manner, making her eligible for the death penalty. she told a fox reporter she would rather die than spend the rest of her life behind bars. guess what? good news. if you didn't buy a ticket, there is still time to hit it rich. no one won the powerball jackpot last night. so it's ballooned to $475 million. there was some smaller winners. check your numbers. 2, 11, 26, 34, 41, and the powerball was 32. the next drawing is saturday. so you have two days to get out there. it's 475 right now. imagine what it will be saturday (. >> steve: a dollar is a dream. the president of the united states has three different scandals on his hands.
5:07 am
so what's he trying to do? he's trying to stop the bleeding and take control. what did they do late yesterday? they released 94 pages of e-mail on benghazi that show essentially that yea carney -- jay carney has misled us and essentially told some lies and the state department misled us as well, that's hillary clinton. >> brian: let's give him the benefit of the doubt. we could always say jay carney is so out of it, there are some press secretaries who is left out of the decision making. there was tony snow who said, i will not take this job unless you let me in on all these meetings. i like to know where jay carney is. if he's on the outside, then he's useless. if he's on the inside, then he's lying. how does he face the press today because he claims they only made stylistic changes to the talking points and he poopooed anything else. >> gretchen: in the e-mails that they released yesterday, the
5:08 am
white house at least, they covered themselves because within these 100 e-mails, they're really throwing the state department under the bus and hillary clinton, the former secretary of state. i believe from looking at these e-mails that the white house is not taking any of the blame for making any of the changes, at least in these 100 e-mails. >> brian: but they do have tommy vittor and the now chief of staff with mcdonough. secretary treasury now. but he is also figured in this. >> steve: what these 94 pages do, and keep in mind, these came out three days after the attack. what they were trying to do is they were trying to figure out, okay. we need to come up with some talking points. so the c.i.a. came up with these talking points and talked about the real dangers and talked about terrorists and stuff like that. next thing you know, the state department goes in there and they go, this is bad, essentially for hillary clinton. so you got to change all that. that flies in the face of what hillary said. she said the talking points was
5:09 am
an intelligence product, but -- and that the intelligence community was the chief decider about what went into the talking points. and yet, that's not true. the intelligence community prepared stuff and then the state department is going, oh, no, you can't put that out there because that's going to make us look bad. so then they wound up changing everything. >> gretchen: but they did go along, the c.i.a. did go along with the changes. that's a big question for me this morning is two things: why would the c.i.a. go along with these obvious changes, changing the whole line of thinking, number one. number two, who is actually ultimately in charge of making these changes? in the hierarchy, is it the c.i.a., the state department, the white house? >> steve: the white house. >> gretchen: but who is the final person to sign off? does the state department have this kind of power to be able to tell the c.i.a. what to do? it looks like that in these particular e-mail exchanges. or was there somebody actually really signed off on
5:10 am
this at the end? >> steve: you're talking about the president. the buck stops ultimately with him. he's got all these people in the white house, general david petraeus, he looked at the final version and he said, i just as soon we not use those. but keep in mind, if you get the state department, you got the white house saying okay, we don't like this. go come up with something else, you're going to come up with something else. so what they did was they massaged essentially all the facts. that's how they wound up with nothing. >> brian: victoria nuland's e-mail, page 36. but this is significant. they just had up there. it says the line of knowing there were an extremists among the demonstrator also come to -- essentially she's saying they knew, the c.i.a. said ahead of time, before 9-11, that look out in cairo, look out in benghazi because al-qaeda wants to hit. she looked at it and said that's going to make us look bad at the podium, especially with
5:11 am
republicans in congress. >> steve: we had congressman jason chaffetz on this program earlier. he says okay, 94 pages. that's one thing. we need a lot more. here he is. >> i will always applaud the release of documents. i need everybody to understand the perspective. while these 100 are good and shed light on what happened, we have nearly 25,000 that they haven't released. so it begs the question, particularly the unclassified documents, if you're okay to release this short window of documents, which is really between the 14th and 15th of september, what about the ones before and what about all the ones after? let's go ahead and release those as well if you're going to fulfill the president's promise that as he gets new information he'll release it. >> gretchen: that's why some people are thinking that the state department has been thrown under the bus by the administration with the release of these particular e mails, hoping potentially the story might go away. one more point about the former c.i.a. director, david petraeus. why, why would he havering -- you seen in the e-mail he didn't want to go with the talking points. then in this private session
5:12 am
with members of congress, he did blame the videotape. you have to wonder, if you want to connect some dots -- you have to wonder what was really going on with david petraeus? because remember, the affair scandal had not broken yet. that news came out a couple of months later. are there any kind of dots to be connected here as to why david petraeus would go along with the administration's lying, the talking point lying of the videotape when the e-mail that you just saw specifically says that he did not believe those talking points? >> steve: what's interesting about the whole -- and the story that susan rice came out with when she went on the sunday shows was it was all keyed to that video. when you look at the 94 pages, no mention of the youtube video, which is a central part of the administration's claim that that's what stirred things up until a brief mention later in a subject line after i believe the deputy's meeting. suddenly that became the focus.
5:13 am
how could that happen? >> brian: this is just the lead up and the aftermath, what happened with the actual fight itself? why wasn't security there? there are so many different elements. where was the president? was he even curious to see if our ambassador was alive? straight ahead, a stroller with a baby trapped inside bolts into the path of an oncoming train. what happens next as you're about to see, there was no break on the stroller. we'll have you holding your breath. >> gretchen: he was inside the courtroom when o. j. simpson was cleared of murder and he was back in the courtroom yesterday as o. j. simpson laughed and joked. what you didn't see on tv coming up next ♪
5:14 am
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>> gretchen: o. j. simpson due to testify today when he returns to court and attempt to overturn his armed robbery conviction. yesterday he told the judge he was just trying to get his stuff back. >> you have a right to get your stuff. to give you an example that if you were walking down the street and you saw your laptop with your name on it in a car, you can use the force to break the window of the car. >> gretchen: fox news legal analyst bob massi there for the 1995 murder trial and he had a front row seat to the testimony today. always entertaining.
5:18 am
does o.j. have a point? >> oh, man, this guy, what a piece of work. look, he was very articulate, he was decisive. he was extremely charismatic on the witness stand. he's saying that his lawyer from florida that came in here to try the case with co-counsel gabe grassouttold him that it's okay to go take your stuff, even break a window to get in a car. first of all, i really don't believe that part of the testimony. 'cause no matter what anybody may think of the lawyer, he's a mart guy. no way he's going to tell him that. let's assume, gretchen, that some stupid lawyer would say that. how about some common sense? does that mean that if he finds out that his laptop is in the house, he gets to go in the middle of the night, break in, take it and move out? no. that was not believable whatsoever. but that's one of his issues that he was given the wrong advice on the law. >> gretchen: yes. he also said it was never entered into testimony that he was hammered at the time. >> yeah. that's true. that's why they had a
5:19 am
psychiatrist talk about on the first witness was about alcoholism and how it affects your mental stability if you're drunk and things like that. he testified he was hammered. he was at the palms over there having a good time at the wedding. it's about five minutes from the palms, in a car. that's another thing. i tell you the big issue here, the plea bargain. he said that nobody ever brought him anything on the table. but david roger, david roger was the former d.a. that was on the case. he said on cross-examination there was never a deal offered. they were bantering back and forth. o. j. simpson ways nobody brought me any discussions about this. none whatsoever. that's pretty disturbing. >> gretchen: that is disturbing. but here is the thing. these things are really hard to get, right, a reversal? >> yep. judges don't like to touch jurors' decisions. there is a reverence about a
5:20 am
jury's decision. but, but they have to listen to the evidence. there is credibility involved here. here is an interesting thing before we go. let's assume o.j. gets a new trial, hype -- hypothetically. the attorney is steve wolfson. he would have to make the decision to prosecute o. j. simpson. steve wolfson is married to jackie glass, who was the trial lawyer on o. j. simpson's trial. makes for pretty nice dinner discussion, wouldn't it? >> gretchen: wow. just when you think the juice isn't going to give you anything else. >> it never goes away. >> gretchen: bob, i'm sure it brought back so many memories because you were there initially and then you were there yesterday. thanks so much for getting a front row seat for us. we'll talk to you again soon. >> thanks. >> gretchen: all right. susan rice went on five sunday talk shows and lied about what happened in benghazi, or followed talking points she was given. the main stream media mocks fox for covering the story. next, the one reason we stuck by the story when no one else would touch it.
5:21 am
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5:25 am
>> steve: fox news has been doing this story from the get-go. one of the reasons -- and main stream media, daly show, mock us for covering benghazi. now everybody else is catching up. it's been a story, they're realizing. one of the reasons we followed it is roger ayles, our chairman and ceo. you know him better than anybody else. why is this story important to us? >> well, i think roger is a guy who created fox news so there would be a skeptical voice for government stories when they came from a certain direction and this is fox news at its best. he saw that it was a story and
5:26 am
it was clear that the other side didn't want to make it a story. >> steve: why is that until the last couple of weeks, they've been nowhere on this. >> the main stream media bodes for obama and this was not a good story for obama. they don't want what's happening in the middle east to be about geed ha. they want it to be what's happening in california. they don't want it to be about its imcompetence in a situation in which people could have been saved and evidently nobody tried. then the administration made things worse by putting susan rice on five shows at once, which is the equivalent of a presidential address or something. if you do that, at least you go on with right information. she hadn't. roger is unlike some of the other people at some of the other networks, has been around the block a lot of times.
5:27 am
he worked with presidents who were -- and administrations who were expert in foreign policy and military affairs and i think that he recognized before a lot of other people did that this is a real story, that this was a national security story. >> steve: four americans died, including a u.s. ambassador. we hadn't lost an ambassador for over 30 years and there you see sean smith as well and the brave seals who all died that night. john mccain was on with neil cavuto on monday and he -- john mccain has been pushing the story, where is all the attention from the white house from the get-go as well. here is his comment with cavuto on monday. >> why is it eight months later that finally now it seems that the, quote, mainstream media is taking an interest in what many of us have been -- if this thing comes to a full investigation, there will be two people that i think deserve credit. one ofhem is senator lindsey
5:28 am
graham and the other may be roger ayles. >> steve: you know, had roger and fox news not pushed this story, the white house just would have, you know, left it in the dust. it happened in the run up to the election. he gets elected, we probably never would have continued about it except for the tenacity of fox news. >> most of my friends are liberals and said to me and got mad at me in some cases, why did i want to write about roger ayles? why fox news, something that i admire? this is the answer, in a country like this, you need to have people on both sides who are skeptical of whoever is in office. that's the role that fox news fills in the absence really of other aguesssive journalism, which isn't on the side of the administration. >> steve: from the get-go, this has been the place to hear the other side 'cause we present
5:29 am
both of them. check out his book called "roger ayles off camera." thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: it's 29 minutes after the top of the hour. in two minutes, the labor department releasing numbers. we'll bring them to you live. then a stroller with a baby strapped inside falls onto the path of an oncoming train. what happens next, you won't believe ♪
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> a rough week for obama. lot of critics are comparing president obama to president richard nixon. which is unfair. nixon's unemployment rate was only 5%. come on. [ laughter ] >> steve: yeah, we're north of that. >> gretchen: that brings us to a fox business alert. the labor department releasing brand new weekly jobless news. 360,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed, that's more than the week before and 30,000 more than expected. coming up, nicole petallides from the "fox business" network will be live to break down what the numbers mean. it's funny how situations on capitol hill have you stopping talking about the economy, right? we really haven't talked about the economy for the last couple of weeks. lots of other stuff going on. >> brian: right. because the market is going up and the deficit actually went
5:34 am
down. >> steve: that's right until for the first time in a long time (you know who else had a surplus? california. >> steve: they still do. from california to texas, and more on that twister out of granbury, texas. this is some of the damage left behind after three big twisters leveled a community built by habitat for humanity. heather nauert standing by with details. >> good morning to you. as we're taking a live look at the pictures, you can see how some homes have been completely devastated, while others seem to not have been touched at all. we are waiting just about 30 minutes from now, officials planning to hold a press conference to update us on the widespread damage outside of dallas. this as we get a better look at the devastation done near there. the violent twisters, one was a mile wide, it completely destroyed houses, hurdling people far from their homes. at least six people are dead and dozens more have been hurt.
5:35 am
listen. >> it was loud, very loud, you could just hear things crashing and banging and everything like that. i was terrified. i was because i didn't know what was happening. of course, they were both terrified. being my grandchildren, i was freaking out. >> officials are trying to account for 14 people who had been reported missing so far. there was a massive evacuation last night. some families were separated from one another. we are certainly praying this morning that they will be reunited with their families later today. by the way, no stranger to tornadoes in the texas area. we're told that the early warning tornado system did go into effect last night. that, of course, includes sirens and phone calls and that went out ten minutes, we understand, before the tornadoes touched ground. steve, gretchen and brian, we'll keep following this for you. >> steve: ten minutes is plenty of time to get to the basement. maria molina tracking the storms
5:36 am
and can tell us more about how big they were. >> good morning. that's right. that tornado that ripped through granbury, texas, estimated to be a mile wide. as we head into tomorrow, we could be looking at more severe storms, including parts of mississippi and also southwestern tennessee, including also the city of memphis or relatively large city, large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornado or two can be possible in the area. so please heed the warnings if they are issued for your county as we head into tomorrow. this weekend we have a brand-new storm system that will be developing and all of the ingredients will be coming together for another round of severe storms. by saturday, we could be seeing severe weather across sections of the north central, then eventually it heads east. sunday into monday, parts of texas could be looking at severe storms yet again, including that north central part of texas, oklahoma, and even into missouri. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. live from the weather center. >> gretchen: let's talk a little bit about what happened yesterday. a lot happened yesterday. the president made an announcement that he was going
5:37 am
to be coming out after 6:00 o'clock to talk about the irs scandal and that situation, and then right before then, 50 minutes before that, they released 100 pages of e-mails having to do with the benghazi talking points. but what was in those e mails and was this just a strategy to try and potentially confuse americans out there about these three scandals going on right now to sort of put a whole bunch of information out there and see which one ends up the headline the next day? >> brian: i think one of the big stories to emerge is he told steve miller, the secretary treasury to ask steve miller to resign his post as acting director of the irs. >> steve: he didn't fire him. he asked him to resign. >> brian: right. so he asked him to resign. that's semantics. what i found fascinating is steve miller was leaving anyway. then he said listen -- >> gretchen: he had nothing to do with it. >> brian: right. well, he did know about it. he was never directly asked, but he came forward on it. when he testified he didn't know about it.
5:38 am
but later when he did find out about it, he wrote back almost denying it. that's why he's going to be in trouble on friday when -- tomorrow as he goes to testify. did he implement it? you're right, he didn't implement it. it wasn't his program. >> steve: no, somebody else will have to answer for that and eric holder made it clear that there could be some criminal charges waiting for somebody who does something the matter and, in fact, the speaker of the house yesterday made it clear that this particular scandal has legs. maybe to jail. >> my question isn't about who is going to resign. my question is who is going to jail over this scandal? >> brian: it's a violation of the hatch act to prohibit employees who work for the government from engaging in partisan politics. there was not one liberal group that was targeted. two religious groups and 471 patriot groups. now, you say, what's the big deal? i'm not involved in the tea
5:39 am
party. it does affect the election. these patriot groups were organizing and getting things together in order to get their grassroots organization going. and one question that we heard all the time is, wow, the tea party does not have the momentum it had in the mid terms. i'm wondering -- >> gretchen: that's a great question. >> brian: the 501 c 3's weren't getting passed. >> gretchen: should americans care about this? yeah, i think everyone is afraid of the irs. and with obamacare now moving forward using the irs as the vehicle to come after you if you don't buy into health care, i mean, every american should be thinking about this today because if you see them doing it to one select group of people -- by the way, this is targeting american citizens. this is where i think there has been some analogies to watergate. i think this is different from watergate in the sense that that was political parties against each other. this is the government against american citizens. to me, that is a totally different story. >> brian: who have one line of thinking.
5:40 am
that was fiscal responsibility, or whatever the tea party organization was in support of. >> steve: somebody did checking and there was an outfit called media trackers. what they did was they applied to the irs to get this 501 c 4 status. they waited for the irs to act. they waited eight months, nothing. so they changed the name from media trackers to greenhouse solutions. they got approved in three weeks because it sounded like a progressive outfit. president of the united states is going to take a couple of questions today during the noon hour, what should the press ask him? >> brian: here is one. who gave the stand down order on benghazi, mr. president? number two, why aren't they firing anybody at the irs instead of allowing anybody who had nothing to do with it take the fall? >> gretchen: here is one from john. mr. president, since you seem to hear everything through the grapevine, what magnitude would come to you directly? that's also a very good
5:41 am
question. we had so many people e-mail, hundreds, hundreds, maybe thousands of e-mails that came in and tweets as well. thanks for letting us know what you would ask. the interesting thing is, the only president took one. >> brian: he only had one with david cameron of the i was embarrassed. it's like fighting in front of your kids -- not that i do. because you have the turkish prime minister. >> steve: you'll see it live right here on fox in the noon hour. >> gretchen: 19 minutes now before the top of the hour. >> brian: developing story out of afghanistan. several american service members are killed in a homicide bombing in kabul. also killed, four civilian contractors, two nato service members, two children. the attacker rammed a car packed with explosives into a convoy belonging to the military alliance in the afghan capitol. a muslim militant group claiming responsibility. they say it formed a special,
5:42 am
quote, martyrdom unit to attack foreign troops. this is the spring offensive. >> gretchen: she was four years old when the plane she was on crashed everyone on board were killed, 154 people were killed. including her parents and brother. now 26 years later, cecilia crocker speaking out about the awful day in michigan in 1987 and a brand-new documentary, she reveals this tattoo of a plane she got on her wrist. she says it's a reminder of how far she's come. >> steve: and frightening moments caught on camera. baby stroller rolls right onto the train tracks. watch right there. inside a 14-month-old girl. the girl's mom jumps down, as you can see there, to save her. a good samaritan raced to the emergency call box to stop the oncoming train, which was good. the mom admits she got distracted, didn't have the brake locked on the stroller. the baby, you'll be happy to know, is okay. she has a little scratch on her head. but you got to figure the mom is going to make sure that the
5:43 am
stroller is braked every time she leaves it. >> gretchen: coming up, hunger foods? food network star guy joins us next with a look at some of the best. >> steve: nicole is live in the stock exchange to analyze, aren't you? >> sure am. we just saw where u.s. stocks high. then there is job numbers. not good news. it's all coming up after the break
5:44 am
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>> gretchen: quick headlines. how do you keep unwanted people off your property? create a fake cemetery? it seems to have worked in texas. the land owner built a fence and added three head stones in hopes of scaring people who sleep on the lot. a tow truck driver noticed there were no bodies. >> the head stone fill up. i didn't see them put up a burial. there wasn't no bodies there. >> gretchen: they were rejects from a monument company and unfortunately, the names on them were real. the man says he regrets that part. cindy crawford defying the laws of aging and blowing the other ladies away on the opening
5:48 am
night of the cannes film festival. she turned 47 in february. still looking good. brian? >> brian: 360,000 first time jobless claims. for instant analysis, let's talk to my good friend, nicole petallides down at the stock exchange. how are you? >> my good friend, brian, i can tell you, what's going on here is the fact that we've had record setting days here on wall street. these jobless claims came in and we have been hovering around five-year lows. but this week not good news. we saw claims on the rise 32,000 to 360,000. so that obviously a disappointment to the economists. the futures, u.s. stock index futures went from positive territory into negative territory. it does look like a lower open. as far as the labor department, why these claims jumped this week? they're saying no information from particular states as to why the claims jumped this week. but last week was revised
5:49 am
higher. the economic news we've been getting in is not that great. housing starts fell. yesterday we got manufacturing numbers in the new york area that were weak. wholesale prices showed weaker demand. so the economic news this week has been a little tough. exchange.there is a lot going i'm sure why the market has gone up so high. you realize, of course, while you were walking, kind of showing off with your incredible fitness level, and your appeal, i walked back. you're going to watch this later and i showed you not only is it it -- is walking good for one person, it's good for two. i believe we may have made broadcasting history because the hall of fame is right around the corner because we're the only two people to walk and talk at the same time. >> at the same time. now, that's real talent. i'm impressed. yeah, i like that you walked. all right. what are we going to look for today? >> brian: good luck at the "fox business" network. >> thanks.
5:50 am
>> brian: there he is. i didn't see him. i was walking inside. i didn't see you. i was looking for you. you walked by. >> i was hanging right out here. >> brian: he's the best chef in the world, here to talk about his secrets. have you ever met martha mccallum? >> i have not. martha, this is guy, tossing to you. coming up at the top of the hour >> brian: good. you did it. he's going to cook for us. >> they're going to walk and talk as well. unbelievable what's going on this morning. good morning, everybody. a lot going on. we're going to take you to texas where there are dead and missing after devastating tornadoes. we've got breaking news from granbury this morning of the and the white house goes on offense, but will it work? senators rand paul and marco rubio are here in "america's newsroom" on benghazi and the irs of the what about harry reid's claim that he knew quite a lot about mitt romney's taxes? that's raising questions. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour k9 aantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> brian: this guy loves to eat and spends most of his loaf traveling across the country in search of america's finest comfort foods. >> a lot of flavors and a lot of rich food and all hand made, scratch made in this kitchen. again, thank you. >> gretchen: you have seen diners and dives. now guy is here to tell us all about his brand-new book that shares the same name. i was just telling you that i watch your show while i'm working out on the weekend. >> i think that when you watch that show, you do have to work out. people say, i watch your show and i'm so hungry. i never got it until one day i was stuck in an airport and i just was sitting there watching a rerun and i'm like, oh, that
5:55 am
looks good. i had already been there. i had already done that. it's a great show. this book is the third book that we've done of triple d and we have the best fans in the world and that's what i do. >> steve: one of the things about the show is you celebrate mall businessmen because these are people who would never be featured in a big fancy show. >> that's exactly what it is. these are the mom and pop joints you don't find on the major thorough fairs. that's where you find your chain restaurants that have the advertising and the ability to cover the rent. these are the mom and pop joints off the beaten path. this is really what's keeping food alive in america. >> brian: how do you feel about the "new york times" slamming your restaurant? >> i think you got to take -- you're in the restaurant business. you're going to get criticism. it was a little early for what we wanted. >> brian: 'cause i throw plates. you're out there trying to make a living doing a why job and how cruel are they to judge you? >> what is it, seven months later and things are going great. i'm doing the first book
5:56 am
signing. just keep moving on. >> gretchen: yeah, you got to keep moving on in the face of adversity. in this book is the recipe there for that fried chicken on top of the waffle that i've seen? >> if it's not, i will send you the recipe. >> brian: she wants to you make it. >> that's the thing a good buddy of mine did a campaign for a potato chip company. one of the flavors was fried chicken and waffles. the majority of the united states doesn't understand this obsession with fried chicken and waffles. you go down to the deep south, it's fried chicken and waffles. >> steve: we'll talk more to that guy as "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york. >> brian: what do you think of goo? [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: fried chicken and waffles for everybody !
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> steve: join us tomorrow, trace adkins will be with with us and others. >> gretchen: join us for the after the show show. bye-bye. fox news alert. we get a look at devastation, texas. screen right is the live news conference. screen left is the scene of the damage in the city of grand barry. -- granbury. this is six dead is the latest word. >> press release came out to me is the lake granbury medical center. chief of staff, put out a paragraph and the ceo has put out a paragraph so we'll make sure that everybody needs it gets it. but there, the hospital is running smooth and things are pretty quiet for the most part up there.


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