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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  May 18, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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i like, of course, the indexes and spy the dividend in part of the standard & poor's. >> what did you mean by that. that will do it. >> sounding the alarm on bias against conservatives michele bachmann is sounding off on the tea party groups. the agency is about to start enforcing the healthcare law for all of us. they can't be trusted with our dreams and be trusted with our health? plus... shut your computer and turn off your phone. uncle sam is peeping on i, invading phone records and even facebook accounts. the scandal that no one is talking about. and it could cost you dearly at
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the pump. kark in starts right now. >> i'm eric boling. our "cashin' in" crew will be in here a moment. once a tea party just the beginning. an irs official targeting skoust groups, now in charge of the division to set and enforce health care laws. any search bachmann is fighting back. >> eric: the irs admitted to targeting conservative groups in deciding whether they would get nonprofit status. the same group is now charged with implementing and regulating obamacare. do we trust them to do analytical a fair and balanced way? >> already the irs is most feared federal agency there is. now, they made their life worse because they understand that the american people are catching on. they have to enforce obamacare
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for all americans. no one will escape this death like grip of the irs. people should be worried. i'm the author of a bill to repeal obamacare. that is very important bill. it got through the house of representatives and also the chair of the tea party caucus. it wasn't just the tea party that was targeted by the obama administration through the irs. it was also christians. people that support israel. people that are pro-growth and pro jobs, anti-debt. people that are conservatives. people that are tea partiers. this was an instance where we saw political opponents of this administration that are punished for their religious beliefs whereas the allies of the administration were given rewards. they were fast tracked for o their tax status. of course, we should be worried because a new national database is about to be created that will hold sensitive intimate information, our healthcare.
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the irs will be the enforcer of healthcare so it's reasonable to ask. >> eric: and they will be able to decide how much companies are required to carry in terms of healthcare. who gets fined, how much they get fined, they can literally they may do the same thing with the obamacare and literally drive certain ideologies, certain political groups out of business? >> you perfectly stated the concerns of the american people. i used to work as a federal tax litigation attorney at the treasury department. we only had one client the irs. we had to be extremely careful about sensitive tax information. now, the irs has admitted this is the largest expansion of power and authority that they've had in modern times. ith theve proved they are power and authority they have
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today. this is why i believe, eric, we were all in the doldrums after the last election, but not only as the house repealed obamacare, now the american people are going to demand after the 2014 election that the senate repeal obamacare. i think the president will be in a box. he will be forced to repeal his signature legislation because people will demand it once they are thrown off the employer's healthcare insurance and after millions of people lose jobs and people lose healthcare. the decisions of life and death may very well be in the hands of irs. that is chilling thought. >> eric: you make a good point. if they are doing that on 501-c3s will they do it on making health care decisions. any concern with that? >> absolutely. these ipad boards, the death
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panel boards will be the ones how much healthcare we get or how much we don't get. the big reason why this was passed so people with preexisting conditions could get health insurance. the door has been slammed shut with preexisting conditions. we ran out of money with less than 1% of the people serviced. now people with pre-existing tinge conditions, where are they supposed to go? trillions of dollars of wasted money and people could lose their lives over the implementation over obamacare. more fuel for the fire. one day, eric, you and i will have the conversation about the miracle that we did repeal obamacare. >> eric: president obama said he was going to accept the resignation of the acting director of the irs.
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what do more do we need. do we need to see someone behind bars? >> that was president doing damage control. steven miller was planning to leave anyway on june 1st. this is very convenient scapegoat for the president. what the president wants to do is make a bad story go away. it's not going to happen. we're going to hold hearings in congress and in the ways and means committee. we're going to follow the facts. where the facts take us that is where we're going to go. big question, what did the white house know, how is the white house connected, who made this order -- it isn't just the irs, it's all federal agencies freakishly managed to make decisions to help the president's reelection effort. that is what this is about. we need to get some answers but more importantly the american people need to have the confidence restored. we can't have the irs, we can't have them enforce obamacare.
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>> eric: president said he found out about the irs issue when he saw it on the news. if you believe it, who the heck is running the place? >> that the question. that is why, the best thing the president could do is say i'm directing everyone in my administration to cooperate with the congressional committee. release all emails and text messages and forthright and truthful when you talk about the conversations you had. again i worked in the irs agency. this didn't just happen. this wasn't a low level rogue employee. impossible, didn't happen. this is a political directive. all roads point to the white house and now we have to establish the facts that that is true. this is an egregious violation of our bill of rights for every single american and literally again, the irs will have life and death decisions in their
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hands. they proved themselves unworthy to have that kind of power. >> eric: it's scary to me. they have so much power especially over something so important. congresswoman, michele bachmann. >> always a pleasure. >> from the irs to the epa, is another potential scandal at the pump. first.... >> there must have been must have been a good reason. >> mr. attorney general. >> knowing the to and from, knowing the to and from.... >> from the government demanding facebook accounts to the justice department seizing phone records, is anyone's privacy safe or is it ail in the name of protection. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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the country and lasting through monday. right in and out nou a tornado warning is in effect for colorado, objections and kansas. from dakotas to north texas, they are on the look out for large hail and thunderstorms. on monday the threat of tornadoes moved east and storms may continue into mid-week. nearly 600 million dollars up for grabs and time is running out. people in 43 states plus washington, d.c. lining up at gas stations and convenience stores for their chance at striking filthy rich. taking a shot at the largest powerball jackpot ever and second biggest prize in u.s. history. the chance of winning is one in 175 million. the drawing will be held tonight. >> eric: taxpayers are wondering if anyone's privacy is safe
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after irs demanded grouse's facebook accounts and they seized phone records of associated press. we should all be concerned about this, right? >> not just because of our privacy but because of our political freedom. facebook protects people's privacy but in this case government is destroying it. whether the irs harassing tea party groups or a.p. surveillance scandal, this is government essentially stamping out people's ability to freely express themselves. you don't have to worry about looking at your facebook account after you express a political perspective that is if you are any. it's happening in our society. terrible for the economy and terrible for the republic. >> eric: not only that they are making light of decisions that affect us financially based on political persuasions, is that fair? >> of course not.
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it's out of control. eric holder, this is guy who where one of our own drug agents was murdered by a gun that he authorized to be sold. this guy is nuts. she should resign. maybe boehner, maybe he should be put in jail. the idea that they are always using inappropriate. this was inappropriate behavior. instead of saying it's illegal behavior, it's against the constitution, the aclu said this is violation laying of the first amendment. all the things you are doing. this guy is pretending he is not there. and president is saying they are not responsible. if they are not responsible, who is? >> eric: thursday past week, he is talking about the irs scandal and talking about the a.p. scandal, let's make sure it doesn't happen again. i didn't hear him talking about
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how it happened in the first place? >> well, eric, what is terrible for the economy would be a terrorist attack. so specifically with the a.p. piece, if the a.p. compromised an active terror operation that helped the terrorists that is something that needs to be investigated. the government's first job is to keep us safe. >> eric: a.p. held off better part of full week, they held back. also, white house didn't seem to have problems when it was about leaking the bin laden kill that ended up on the front page of the "new york times." >> leaks that put us in jeopardy and tip off terrorists are unacceptable. it wasn't acceptable when the bush administration did it with valerie plame. >> why not ask them. tell the people they are doing
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this. look where we going with this. while they are doing this, the irs have big push to have people's electronically filed. they want your medical records electronically submitted as well, too. all this information is out there. while the world is advancing technologically they are taking advantage of us. >> eric: they want more information, then to administer our health care. and then this the way not for profit status in the tax code, they want to do the same for healthcare. >> same people that are going to deny a tea party group not for profit status, the same thugs are going to be denying you an mri, and x-ray, anything else you might need to live your life this is government using force against people's ideas, people's
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thoughts or politically. there can be no exception for that. there can be no excuse for that. >> there was going to be a way to protect the a.p. from this type of situation, the media shield law. darrell issa was one of 21 that voted against this. republicans stopped the media shield law that would have protected the a.p., so this is playing politics but at the end of the day the government spob for keeping us safe. people are afraid of the government. you don't want to be in that situation. the irs basically makes you guilty before you can prove yourself innocent. people get letters and they automatically presume the worst. everyone is scared. >> eric: no doubt. >> i think fundamentally we all realize the government has gotten too big to manage. nobody else knows what the
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others is doing. on whole things has out of control. the idea of defending and interests of defending the people you can invade their privacy is outrageous. constitution was written to protect us from a big central government. >> eric: 100 percent correct. coming up, epa may be taking a swipe at conservative groups and why this could be mean with why we will be paying more at the pump. >> the epa said it was happening. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business
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>> the epa accused of slappin fees on conservative groups which are normally waived, while giving over 90% of green groupsv it's not only unfair, but not good for the you economy. >> everyone is so sick of the favoritism at this point. oarlock, you get conservative groups that can't fight back, they can't challenge this green agenda. it is inevitably going to cost more. who is paying fororit it? certainly not the companies that have to enforce the rules. it's you and i. so you watch these energy prices go up if this >> jonathan, another example, another example of -- i mean, they say no, no, we're notthe targeting groups. another example of a target. >> yeah. this is life on obama's animal farm of the all the animals are equal, but some, like the greena are more equal than all the rest. tracy hit the nail on the head.e this is making it more difficult oppose the epa's agenda and green agenda and making it easy and very cheap for groups that support epa's
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agenda. test basically targeting people specifically for their politicae beliefs. attack on political freedom ofae the it's terribly destructive to the economy and government using force against its own people. >> let's talk to a green person. is there any defense? >> if this happened and i say in because we do have -- >> where have i heard that before? >> organization that's clearly biased against the epa, but if this happened, i think the president is going to have more heads roll in the same way that we've seen him come down hard oo the irs, same thing will happen at the epa. he said it's intolerable, inexcusable. public service iswi a solemn privilege and he will uphold that. >> let me get wayne inly. so benghazi, the irs, ap, now the epa. where does it stop? does it stop? >> jehmu, all due respect, the fact the competitive enterpriseh institute is 93% of the cases was turned down when in fact, 90%, they submitted these, 90% of the time when it was a green
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company, their fees were waived. so this is a fact.v they areed deliberately prejudid against people who are not greee and prejudiced for people who are green. that's not the role of government, my friend. that's the pe role of a totalitarian king or dictator. we've got to stop this.r >> the notion that the president is going to come out and say, this is intolerable, i can't -- i'm not going to allow this is s bunch of bs! don't tell me he didn't know it wasn't going on in the first place or someone in the administration didn't order this kind of action to happen in the first place. i do not believe it for a second and nobody else does. >> you know who we're talk being? when people ask the epa for information. we just want information. so you askpl them, they say sur, here is your information. but it will costinfo you. apparently doesn't cost you if you're a friend of't >> yeah. indeed. regulators, weof talk about our professional destroyers, they'rp destroying people's ability to actually use the earth. that's with a a lot of these -- it was made for expensive for, they weres denied the same rigs that the green groups were
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given. they're trying to use the earth, develop industry, create jobs, y the epa doesn't share the same goals and making it expensive for us to prosper. >> jehmu, last thought? >> these are career employees. if they did this, it's probable lea -- >> if? >> if? >> they're trying to destroy the epa. >> we're going to have to leave it there. thank you to jehmu green for joining us this week coming up, getting a green light to get more of your green. gr the sneaky way governments are tax americans and possibly putting their lives in danger at the same time. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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faster, you run it and they can ticket you quicker. holy crap! just for money. not to mention the safety issue. >> no doubt. wayne, what about you? are you red, yellow or green? >> well, i'm looking at some green. i mentioned this, protective life. raised its dividend this last p quarter. it's an insurance company i. radio i can it very c much. >> jonathan, you've been creating quite a i bitt of green lately. cr >> thanks. greece feels very much to me like latin america did in the early part of the 2000s. unloved, thrown out, successeri with small cap shippers, i own it, i think it goes higher. >> no doubt. doing well with lower fuel price. we have to leave itll there. thank you to lo everyone. before we go, sometimes the most powerful metaphors happen inadvertently, president obama at the press conference thursday, a fine marineth providing cover for the president, wondering just wondering, where the cover was when ambassador, two navy seals
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and an airmen were pinned down in benghazi needing cover. thank you for joining us. i'll see you am on "the five" wk days at 5:00 p.m. eastern. have a great weekend, everybody. >> hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle and the rest. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is "the five". >> one of the most powerful t agencies in our governmentes abused its powers by targetingnn americans for their political beliefs. americans are demanding answers, so today congress tried to get them by holding the firstd to hearing on the irs scandal. outgoing commissioner steven miller was called to testify before the house, ways and means committee and he had a lotto explaining to do.mean >> as acting commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes that we made and the poor service we provided. >> do you


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