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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 19, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>>. stylistic change, you take out all references to previous terror threats to benghazi? >> your initial calculation, was a mischaracterization of what the white house was involved. >> this a separate issue. why not just say this instead of
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having the background it's such a issue. >> what did the white house play not just then but in direct changes. >> jon: not a good week to be jay carney but he did tell cnn piers morgan he has enjoyed the intensity of dealing with reporters' questions. back to a guy who has dealt with many reporters' questions in the past. rick, what are the questions that the media should be asking on this? are they doing enough? >> they don't understand the process. you i literally been in united states of email chain conversations about talking points. here is the number one rule. most of the intelligence officers who are chiming in, they usually only talk about facts. they don't talk about spin and rarely comment, but if they don't sign off on the final
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talking points. then you have a disagreement. here you have a disagreement because you would not take this whole issue to a deputy committee meetings at the white house if all the agencies agreed. the agencies didn't agree so they had to take it to the deputies' meeting. i think the reporters need to find out who signed off and when they signed off and what was said on the conference calls which generally happen regularly almost every day. >> jon: then you have the president saying, there is no there there. is that spin working. some in the liberal press are saying it. >> it's not working in part they don't know how to talk about this stuff because of their relative lack of engagement in the press. if a fits water or press leadership that knew how to manage problems like this, i think it would go a way long way of solving the message part of this. >> ellen ratner said it was
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dysfunction al family. four jay carneys, but if there were no there there, i was told by blank, actually blank would be interesting to find out who that was. >> big question is, is jay carney lying? is he manipulating the truth? or is he simply repeating what he has been told by high administration officials? i think that is key. if he is spinning on his own he ought to be out of there. if she repeating the lies, he ought to be out of there anyway. >> i was amazed what he handled what must have been a terrible awful week for anyone. i don't know. i'm not feeling sorry for him. however, he did say he appreciated the question more than a hundred times in one press briefing.
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the question about benghazi remain the same with or without those emails. went to the president know, what did hillary know, who signed off on the standdown order. >> holder don't know anything. president don't know anything. this reminds me of white water. remember when hillary clinton was brought up, i don't know, i can't recall. i don't remember. i wasn't there. she wasn't there for anything. nobody knows anything. >> judy raised most important question what happened in libya. that is much more important than the nuance of redacted emails. >> i made the point that every administration has a disdainful relation with the press but you had thoughts on this? >> this is one the worst on memory. it's harder to cover the washington bureaucracy than any administration in decades. they are press minders follow you around whether the treasury
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department or the epa. they don't give people access to the bureaucracy in any meaningful way. as a reporter i know how important that is and every reporter complains about this. >> jon: let's take a look how one of the best known reporters. here is what dan rather had to say on msnbc. >> the republicans must be slapping high fives behind closed doors. they have three things. number one, their number one agenda item is to stop president obama from accomplishing anything in the second term. this aids that, number two, they have the next congressional election which is 2014 and many republicans in congress, now they have solidarity with the tea party moving toward the election and by the way, with the benghazi thing, they can manage to damage hillary clinton's chances of getting the presidency but also getting the nomination.
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>> jon: it sounds like according to mr. rather it's all political? >> yeah, i'm thinking we should go back 30 years through his career and how he spun so many stories from the past. he views everything through politics. it's no wonder that we have a new system of media. i think that these people that pretend to be up by yased journalists have been defrocked. they are just as biased as everybody else. to put it in a political perspective, dan rather, he is not a journalist, he has been an advocate for 30 years. >> the thing that transcends journalism is four dead americans in libya. second, pat pointed on the it out for breitbart news, the christian egyptian american who went to jail basically for doing that mohammad video and obama
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administration was happy to say this is cause of this six days after the guy testified on capitol hill. president went to the u.n., mohammad video, the guy is still in jail and what is dan rather saying about him. >> and bunch of deputies raided his house in the middle of night. >> say what you want about rather, people reading emails, all the things are out. this stuff can't stay bottled up too long. that is good news where we are as a media society. >> here is the real problem. if you listen to the dan's comments, same old story, who is up or down, not finding solutions to problem problems. not repairing anything. it's about the horse race and this is the primary thing that turns people off, mainly the media and government. >> jon: good point. next, the verdict comes in and so did the media. >> the media finally show up to the gosnell murder trial. did it matter?
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>>. we heard a lot >>. we heard a lot of people say weather they were moving. they were moving. they were not moving they would still get -- >> helping the community but eventually.... >> two of the jurors that found kermit gosnell guilty of three counts of murder. the verdicts coming on monday following a tense trial and gruesome details of how he smipd the spinal cords of babies born alive in his so call abortion house of horror. cal, i know you wrote a column
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about this. >> it is gruesome. one of the enlightening pieces of information that came out. trial was pro choice reporter that went into cover it and after hearing the testimony, and gruesome details, changed his mind and became pro-life. that is one of the major missing elements to this now 30-plus year old debate about abortion and choice. we have seen pictures, holocaust victims, pictures of mass murders and vietnam and all the rest, these have impacted public policy. but we still don't see adequately what is going on behind the closed doors of the abortion clinics. >> jon: is this going to affect the way the abortion debate gets covered. >> probably the main street media will recover. there will be few losses from pro chase to pro-life. look, a lot of mainstream media were referring to the dead
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babies as fetuses. even though they were born democratic look, we'll have to wait and see if it rises to the level of a hate crime. if it becomes a hate crime, plays and tv shows. if it's abortion atrocities, no big news. >> jon: we talked about some journalists said the details of this were too gruesome to discuss and therefore gives them a pass not to report the story? >> one of the most powerful tools that the media has is purposely ignore a story. this is what absolutely has happened in the gosnell case. take abc, ben sherwood has given a black out at abc. it took them 56 days to cover the gosnell trial. this was after there was a verdict. what is going on the abc? this is a huge story with public policy implications -- it's
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unbelievable that abc news can't bring itself to cover this for 56 days. >> i think it's a tragic story but not a huge story. i don't think there is a press story but press taking place in philadelphia, many digs tractions and not enough manpower and it's not a typical national media story. >> everybody was on jodi arias. >> good point. >> everybody knows what happened there. the press was late but not a big media story. >> i compare it to rodney king. he had gruesome wounds and survived and that was solid news for a year. >> this is different. you don't know that gosnell is one off event or is it part of a pattern of abuse? does this go on all the time. i have to agree until i see evidence to the contrary. >> 55 million dead babies and counting. a lot of potential taxpayers. >> the question is anybody knocking on doors on the any of the clinics open around the
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country is this happening in your back room. >> as we all know the media are busy these days. >> 40 years of 60 minutes, the late mike wallace did he knock on the door of abortion clinic? i don't think>> jon: next on nes guy is back in the news, o.j. simpson. your day to unplug. with centurylink as your technology partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure, and dedicated support, free you to focus on what matters. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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into anybody's room. i didn't beat up anybody. i didn't try to muscle the guys. i didn't. the guys acknowledged it was my stuff. even though they claim they didn't steal it. >> great football star insisted on wednesday he did nothing illegal on the night of 2007 casino hotel robbery. he is currently serving time at nevada state penitentiary after his conviction in october 2008 on charges of armed robbery, assault and kidnapping. simpson is looking for a retrial on grounds his lawyer, he claims had botched his defense. we're back to o.j. again. he is media magnet. why? >> he a media magnet he a celebrated person as ever been tried for murder. that is enough right there to keep him on front pages or front pages of the publications of grocery store line. we can't get enough of him at
1:20 pm
some level. some number of us at table see less of him and not more. >> jon: fame is owl it takes. >> he was a famous guy in his day. look, on the tape he said he was innocent. back in 1994 he said he was innocent. >> jon: the media were not so kind to him. "new york post", o.j. does lard time. that was their headline. the daily news in new york also wrote, grow j. -- he put on about 40 pounds in prison. judy a football fan as you are. >> absolutely. i missed him on tv. if he does get a new trial we'll have another round of o.j. many legal experts think he deserves one. get used to it. >> one of interesting lines, o.j. was complaining about the
1:21 pm
way the tabloids had reported on him. he said, they've actually reported that i've been cut up. if i were o.j. i would not be using that as metaphor for what happened to him in prison given what he did to his wife and ron goldman. >> a he was acquitted. >> i'm looking for more dershowitz. [ laughter ] >> and o.j. simpson, i was there when he was acquitted on the first trial. o.j. simpson coming back part two? >> yeah, i think there is no question. he probably deserves a new trial this time. let's face it. we're still trying to prosecute him from the first one when he was acquitted. we felt he shouldn't have been acquitted. all of this mayhem that is going on is makeup trial. >> jon: let's turn to another story, a cleveland kidnapping case, three young girls who were abducted allegedly by ariel castro, also accused of raping
1:22 pm
the girls and killing some of their offspring, his lawyer had this to say. initial portrayal by the media has been one of a monster. that is not the impression i got when i talked to him for three hours. i know that family members that have been interviewed have expressed that, as well. really? is that just a lawyer doing a good job. >> i think its lawyer infected by the p.r.ization of our legal system where they feel obligated to defend the guy in court. i don't think it's terribly per sways identify. i'm glad they didn't have to it for hitler. >> hitler's lawyer would have said some of his best friends were jewish. >> there is no credibility and can't play well in cleveland. >> how does this guy get a fair trial anywhere in america given
1:23 pm
what everybody thinks they know about him? >> lawyer's job makes sure that he gets that fair trial. >> but you say it in court, not on tv channels. >> he is making his argument in the media. >> i don't think it's going to work for him. it certainly going to make lawyer's name to be household name. >> jon: congress up an insider's take on the state of journalism today. [ man ] on december 17, 1903,
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>>. these have been a bad few months for journalism. we're getting the big stories wrong over and over again. in a world where everyone is a publisher no one is an editor. that is the danger that we face today. we have entered a time when a
1:27 pm
writer's first idea is his best idea, first thing a reporter hears is the first thing she reports. we've lived in a time where we have seen major television networks take video off of youtube and broadcast to millions of americans without verifying whether the video had been fabricated or not. twitter, facebook and readit, that is not journalism, that is gossip. journalism was invented as an antidote to gossip. >> jon: that is scott pelley receiving the award and given the state of journalism today. what do you think about that? among them the media is getting the big stories wrong? >> he goes on to really blame technology. let's face it. scott's view of journalism is why the news rooms across
1:28 pm
america are filled with out of touch elite. this is an unbelievable view. twitter has made journalism better. yes, there are mistakes, but because now we all can be journalists and check journalists, we get more and better information. this guy is just complaining because the system he was a part of is collapsing, his house of cards is collapsing. we all know journalism is not what it used to be. >> you teach journalism students what do you say? >> technology is an opportunity, but not the problem. the point is right. twitter and facebook are distribution systems, they are not reporting systems, per se, and the more you ui nuanced coverage get in people's hands the better people off. his obliviousness, we are
1:29 pm
teaching students to be able to communicate and do reporting. >> they are opportunities and there are opportunities in technology that destroy the traditional business of going out and paying people to do hard work that takes time to do. it's everybody's a journalist nobody will be paid a lot of money to do the hard stuff. >> i love twitter and new technology, i will stick up for pelley on being accurate and give him to credit on the newtown shootings but still it is valuable to be accurate whether twitter or tv that is important. >> jon: we go back to what we have said group think, if everybody thinks alike. everybody has the same world view, as rick said not count ago story as an editorial decision, you will have certain outcomes. i asked leslie stahl that
1:30 pm
assured me there were conservatives in the newsroom, she couldn't name one. >> jon: thanks to our panel. i'm john scott. see you next week. that is pretty scary. an extreme weather alert. central plains and midwest keeping an eye on the sky. that big one this afternoon, threatening to pummel the region with more tornadoes like this one spotted in kansas yesterday. i'm gregg jarrett. >> can you imagine that coming straight toward you? i'm heather childers, welcome to a brand-new hour. janice dean joins us from the fox extreme weather center. janice. >> we are in for a very dangerous afternoon into the overnight and into tomorrow.
1:31 pm
a severe weather outbreak, tornado warnings and watches. let's start with the watches. conditions are favorable for tornadoes across oklahoma, all the way up to minnesota, all of these are tornado watches until 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. and 11:00. tornado storm moving into the wichita area. doppler indicating strong rotation and we have people on the ground that have spotted a funnel cloud. tornado warning north of mason city watching this cell. we are going to see warnings throughout the afternoon and evening. all of the ingredients are coming together for a severe weather, a tornado outbreak. just want to point out, severe threat, across the southeast we have potential for severe weather but this is main event that will continue for the next 12-48 hours across the central u.s. all of these big cities we're watching very carefully not only
1:32 pm
the potential for hail of damaging winds but long lasting and threatening tornadoes. the video you showed out of kansas, that is the type of storm we are going to see throughout the evening and into the overnight, a lot of folks could be caught off guard. it's the overnight people are sleeping and no weather radios on. we'll keep you posted from the extreme weather center. >> heather: we know you are extremely busy. we'll check back with you. >> gregg: turning now to the thickening clouds of controversy surrounding the irs in the wake of the admission of targeting conservative political groups. the question everybody is asking now, how far up did this thing go? this after the treasury department, inspector general revealed in hearings this week that the administration was informed during the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign. the administration insisting, though, that the president himself knew nothing about it. that is doing little to dispel
1:33 pm
the shadow of scandal. peter? >> reporter: gregg, now the white house is saying those irs guidelines that unfairly targeted conservative groups were not put in place for political reasons. sunday advisor said this morning when it comes to the outrageous behavior of the irs, the law is irrelevant. >> whether it's legal or illegal epartment of justicethe fact the said they are looking into the legality of this. president is not going waited for that. we have to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: he took on to his official twitter account, before folks get too far ahead of himself, of course, the law matters, irs misconduct is wrong. president obama in saying that nobody at the white house knew about the prejudiced policies while it was being implemented.
1:34 pm
but republican lawmakers are still promising to aggressively search for the accountable parties that the irs or the administration. >> we're going to continue investigate and get to the bottom of this. who knew, why did they do this, how high up in government did it go -- people have no trust that the government is being impartial. this abuse of power to the nth agree degree. >> and lois lerner is going to face lawmakers on capitol hill during a hearing about the scandal and first time that lawmakers have had a chance to question her since the story broke. >> gregg: maybe she will do better than steve miller but that a pretty low bar. thanks very much peter doocy. >> heather: new reaction to the other scandal, the fallout from the attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya.
1:35 pm
the verbal sparks flying on the political talk shows with both the white house and critics talking past each other. >> there has been an independent review of this. congress has had hearings. we provided 250,000 pages of documents. there has been 11 hearings. every one has found the same thing, it's a tragedy. question is what are we going to do to move forward to ensure it doesn't happen again. >> what we now know from congressional testimony is that the number two man, the deputy chief informed his superiors including the secretary of state that this was a terrorist attack. they know there was no protest involved. to suggest afterwards this was the result of a spontaneous protest, we know is not the case. so, the burden of proof here is on the administration's side. >> heather: deadly assault killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. president obama trying to move
1:36 pm
forward with a speech on thursday laying out his counter-terrorism policies. but is it fetus able with so many questions hovering over benghazi. judy miller joins us straight ahead. >> gregg: well, somebody is a big rich winner. down right filthy rich. one person winning the $590 million powerball lottery. it was sold in the state of florida. arthel nevil joins us live in new york, my condolences. >> arthel: you know i didn't buy a ticket. the odds of winning, gregg, was put at 1 in 175 million. if disney world is most magical place on earth, then zephyr hills florida has most lucky place on earth. >> this is powerball. tonight we have the biggest jackpot in powerball history, an
1:37 pm
estimated $595 million. let's play powerball. 22, after that we got the number 10-we are going to meet mike conrad, matched all five white numbers. next number up lucky 13 then 14 and than had we have the number 52. for tonight's winning number. match this number, tonight it is 11. >> arthel: there you heard all the winning numbers right there. and saturday evening announcement made a trip to the grocery store far more than a mun day crews down the produce aisle. >> wow, i can't believe it. that is shocking. >> believe it the jackpot produced $590.5 million pay day for some lucky person or persons. the chance to win was a long shot but the odds didn't deter people across the country from
1:38 pm
trying their luck. winning ticketed was sold at that publix supermarket. no one has come forward yet but winner will have to present it a lottery headquarters in tallahassee. the takeaway is $282,675,000. after all uncle sam has to get his money. the publix grocery store will get $85,000. florida has had more powerball winners than any other state. six winners after saturday night's drawing. >> gregg: maybe you lost a ticket. >> you didn't buy a ticket. >> my wife did. that was half my money. >> heather: obama administration trying to distance itself from one of the worst weeks in office. new claims today it knew nothing about the irs scandal until the media reported it last week but critics not letting it off the hook.
1:39 pm
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>>. >> heather: serious allegations from a powerful republican scenario sflr white house. mitch mcconnell attributes the target of conservative from a pervasive message from the highest levels of government. >> actually there is a culture of intimidation throughout the administration. sirs most recent example. it's no wonder that the a little and irs get the message. the president demonizes his opponents. >> heather: so let's bring in our political panel, mercedes ex spokesperson for george w. bush and david mercer, deputy finance director for the dnc. david, is there a saying, do as i say, not as i do. is this a case of the opposite, do as i do, not as necessarily i say, where administration
1:44 pm
members give them low level or high don't need to be told directly to do these things, but they take do it by actions they see taken, an unspoken directive or culture of intimidation? >> i don't think that many would put stock on what the senate minority leader just mentioned with regard to this culture of intimidation. in fact, there is no proof of it. in fact, he needs to pay attention to the facts that were borne out in the investigation or the hearing on friday which was that one by the i.g. or inspector general, there was found to be no evidence of political motivation in the targeting. secondly, it wasn't the white house that was informed about this, it was made perfectly clear that was case. president obama has stated that, but darrell issa was informed when the audit was taking place last year. so, i think we wanted to stick
1:45 pm
to the facts. i think once we do that, we'll see this issue gets handled, that there are some corrections made to those who behaved inappropriately. we're not to see it rise to the level ma mcconnell wants it to. >> heather: marco rubio cited examples as well including a national labor relations decision about boeing and mentioned irs audits of some of mitt romney's donors and broader problem. he compared the tactics to third world countries. do you believe this process of intimidation and maybe a broader problem here? >> absolutely. when you look at the president, he is setting this tone. it's a negative tone, he how soon s characterizing these party groups as extremists. you have vice president joe biden calling them terrorists. there is a tone being set by this administration, in essence
1:46 pm
you wonder where the irs agents got their scripts. more groups are coming forward. when you started looking at the pro-life conservative groups, people are asking questions. have you criticized president obama? are you going to be picketing in front of planned parenthood? these are questions that really cross the line in terms of what irs should be doing. >> heather: i wanted to go back to you. irs commissioner who wants oversaw the division that processes these tax exempt applications now tapped to oversee obamacare. should she be pulled from that role? >> i do not think so. with regard to obamacare, the purview of the irs is and only with insurance. if you don't have insurance and you pay a fine, if you don't have insurance and don't pay the fine, you should expect to answer to the irs regarding
1:47 pm
that. beyond that, no, you need not have a fear of that. >> heather: should the american people be concerned that this same irs that targeted certain groups will now have power to come after every american to ensure that you are buying health insurance or you are paying them the tax? >> she has been put in a power position here. we will see the largest increase of tax regulations in which irs is going to be basically policing what is going on with our mandate, paying taxes for mandates as well as ensuring they are able to get the businesses pay the penalties. she is going -- talk about having a promotion and having more political clout. there are so many questions that need to be answered by ms. ingraham on these issues. >> heather: we have to wrap both of you up. a lot of questions, three scandals and the answer from the white house, the president didn't know to all three of them. >> gregg: president obama
1:48 pm
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>>gregg: as the obama administration tries to distance itself from three major scandals he will lay out new counterterrorism policy. with the investigation into the benghazi terror attack incomplete, many raise questions of the timing of this address. and judith miller is pulitzer prize winning author and fox news contributor. is this a conspicuous attempt to give the president some tough
1:53 pm
ness credibility with the national security credibility is taking a beating? >> guest: it is shredded. that is why the president has come alive in the way we have not seen present himself and make arguments himself until now. if he wants to get anything accomplished in the second term he has to overcome the three scandals the trifecta of trouble especially in the national security area where he took pride in being strong. >>gregg: and there is a devastating story in cbs news sourced anonously, but several sources from the obama administration officials in key positions during the benghazi attack. they admit they made mistakes but they say these were mistakes of incompetence, not coverup.
1:54 pm
one said "we were not lying, western being idiots." impression yes when your defense is that you are not run a competent administration i rest my case. this is exactly the problem. we have come a long way from no problem here, move right along on benghazi which is what the congressmen and senators were told. yes, they were republicans when they originally raised the questions, to the last note we heard from the white house spokesman which was "benghazi, that was such a long-term ago." we finally have come to grips this is an issue that will not go away. hats off to one of the few reporters for a mainstream network who has followed the benghazi story. >>gregg: we learned this week of another scandal, the justice department snooping on reporters about a terror story. do you think the administration is more concerned with national security leaks than national
1:55 pm
security in this case? >> guest: they are obsessioned. they have a passion about making decisions in private. this administration has six -- six -- espionage investigations going on. there were three that were started since the act was enacted in 1917. you can see the extent to which the administration cares about controlling the message. again, if the press lies down and accepts the lame excuses, i just hope this is a signal to us to wake up and challenge the media, to challenge the president, and to make sure that people know why a free press is so important. >>gregg: judith miller, you have spent time behind bars defending your --. >> guest: my own telephone records were gotten by the
1:56 pm
government and i know what it feels like. it is not pleasant. >>heather: coming up, much of the country starting the week with severe weather with brand new reports of another tornado touching down and janice dean joins us, up next. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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>>gregg: hello, welcome to a brand new hour "inside america's news headquarters." >>heather: topping the news this hour, new details show the administration was aware of i.r.s. targeting of conservative groups during the heat of the 2012 election. a report on the white house and damage control mode. >>gregg: and tools to give the college students the right decision before they enroll so they can be on the road to prosperity before graduation. we explain how it works. >>heather: you are worried
2:01 pm
about this, but all the sad diets may be tempting but watch out for empty promises. great ways to slim down for the summer so you can look great. >>gregg: the weather alert now, a large and extremely dangerous tornado touching down near wichita airport in kansas. the national weather service declaring wichita is a tornado emergency. if you happen to be in the area, seek shelter immediately. this comes as we already saw huge tornadoes rip through the plains yesterday. the storm chasers captured footage of this monster in kansas, the threat of twisters and thunderstorms and other severe weather continuing throughout this evening.
2:02 pm
our meteorologist is in the weather center. >> the national weather service in wichita have taken cover because of this tornado storm in wichita. there is the warning. we have several tornado warnings in and around the wichita area. this one confirmed a lot and dangerous core made on the ground but south of that area we have tornado warning, as well. see the pink? that is an indication we are getting heavy rain. some of the tornado could be rain wrapped. can you not see them coming. we have the potential for large hail. it is a very dangerous situation unfolding. north of oklahoma city, there is another tornado warning, live doppler 7 hd indicated this. this will be the situation as we head through the afternoon and the evening hours, with several tornado storms, oakland oakland, toward kansas and toward iowa, as well. all of the areas are under tornado watches. the severe threat from central
2:03 pm
texas all the way up to the great lakes with a big influence here on parts of the central plains where we could see the potential for large long lasting destructive life threatening tornadoes. oklahoma city, tulsa, toward wichita, kansas city, as well. in and around that area we could see the potential for hail and damaging wind and tornadoes. one of the main ingredient we need is an unstable air mass. the temperatures across the central united states, 93 in san antonio. 86 in dallas. behind it, cooler and dry air mass so the clash of those two air masses -- if you zoom in closer to the central plains it is 64 in wichita and 80 in garza city and 59 in north flat. the clash of the two air masses will give us the potential for long-lasting damaging, perhaps life-threatening tornadoes throughout the afternoon and into the overnight.
2:04 pm
it is just going and this is going to be a 24 or a 48-hour event. >>gregg: thank you, janice. we will want to see your pictures out there if you happen to have photos or video tape of extreme weather in your area you can e-mail them to us at ureport at >>heather: the intensifying questions over the i.r.s. scandal. a top white house advisor going on the record today claiming the presidents with not of involved or informed that the i.r.s. was targeting conservative groups. peter doocy is in washington with details on this. >>peter: republican senator problem portman explained the reason the i.r.s. scandal will not go away is because the power to tax is the most sensitive area of government.
2:05 pm
you had his colleague, the top republican in the senate, mcconnell, saying the i.r.s. unfairly targeting conservative groups represents part of a culture of intimidation throughout the obama administration. >> we talking about an attitude that government knows best. the nanny state is here to tell us what to do. if we criticize, you get target ed. >>peter: white house senior advisor defended his boss this morning repeating a line we have heard that the president did not know the i.r.s. was singling out groups that are critical of his administration for excessive scrutiny the he said that, in fact, politics may not have had anything to do with that i.r.s. policy which politicians on both sides of the aisle have already condemned. >> looking at the independent inspector general and the congress on friday, that, one, there is no outside influence roar than it came directly from
2:06 pm
the i.r.s. two, that this was not based on political motivation. >>peter: we only have to wait until wednesday to see more fireworks because the i.r.s. director in charge of the division of exempt organizations where this unfair targeting of conservatives was going on. appear on capitol hill for the first time since this story broke to answer lawmakers' questions. >>heather: thank you, peter doocy. >>gregg: more fallout from yet another scandal rocking the obama administration. the c.e.o. of the associated press speaking out today about the justice department's secret subpoena of reporter phone records. in an appearance on "face the nation," he said that justice department had no right to do what it did, the way it did it. >> i don't know what their motive is. i can tell you, their actions are unconstitutional. we don't question their right to
2:07 pm
conduct these investigations. we just think they went about it the wrong way. so sweeping, so secretively, so abusively and harassingly, and over broad that it constitutes -- it is an unconstitutional act. >>gregg: he said that whole scandal has hurt journalism. sources now are lessing to talk to reporters. >>heather: new questions raised about the benghazi terror attack controversy dogging the white house. the senior house advisor telling fox chris wallace that it is "largely irrelevant" where the president was on the day of the attacks. we now have that report from washington, dc. >> republican lawmakers will not stop until their questions are answers. the benghazi controversy re-ignited when talking points were released by the administration this week, with a gap between attack on 9/11 and the first e-mails released by the white house stated three days early.
2:08 pm
the white house senior advisor said this is politically motivatedded and the idea the president is not responsive is "offensive." >>chris: why did the president do that? >> he was in constant touch with the national security team and kept up with the situations. >>chris: in the situation room? >> he was there throughout the day. >>chris: do you not know? >> that is irrelevant. >> karl rove saying what is lacking here is credibility. >> his words, through his agents, say this is the responsibility of an antimuslim video which provoked a spontaneous reaction in front of the consulate in beach gaza so credibility matters. that is now starting to be reflected in the polls. >>heather: the chairman of the house of representatives oversight committee seeking more transparency has issued a subpoena to ambassador pickerring the co-chair of the independent review board and he
2:09 pm
wants him to appear on capitol hill this week. >>heather: thank you, elizabeth, from washington, dc. coming up political insiders will discuss these scandals and their political impact so stay tuned for that. >>gregg: we have word that a united states embassy accused of spying has left russia five days after being order to leave. according to a television network, loyal to the kremlin, he flew out of the now accompanied by other united states embassy workers as he wheeled the suitcase into the airport. he was accused of trying to recruit a russian officer to the c.i.a. >>heather: another major development overseas to tell you about as nuclear armed north korea launches a missile for the second straight day. the short range missile reportedly falling into the sea firedpan's west coast. three similar weapons into the
2:10 pm
same area. the latest developments come after near daily threats by the north against south korea and the united states early this year. >>gregg: i will take some eggs, and milks and $590 million. a single winning ticket for the jackpot was sold in florida, a grocery store but the mystery, who is holding the golden ticket we have more from the store in florida. tell us about this. what do you know? >>reporter: we know that the excitement has really been building all day long. a lot people coming up and asking the same question: who has that ticket in this case? one person? a group? we may not know for a while it is not stopping people from getting excited including the mayor who joins me here right now. you woke up this morning and saw
2:11 pm
the news and knew the lottery drawing was happening and you saw the winners here. what goes through your mind? >> first i checked my ticket and then all my family members and friends and i could not be happier, the winning ticket was sold here, it is an amazing city with so much to offer so it an ability to showcase our town. only in america can you go to body and make up as mega millionaire. >>reporter: i am sure you have talked with people throughout town. are they all trying to figure out if it is their mother, their father, their friend? is this what the feeling is? >> guest: in small towns, things travel fast sow hear lots of rumors but this is the best kept secret in town. usually we find out right away. but no one knows. i don't know and a lot of people i know don't know. time will tell. >>reporter: we talked about this and this is what you are
2:12 pm
known for, water. it is sold throughout the southeast, mostly right here in florida but someone earlier today said to me, well, now, we are known for something a lot more than just water, $590 million lottery jackpot. what is that light? >> guest: unbelievable. they know we are the city of pure water and that is how people remember us but we have a lot to offer and will be remembered for more. >>reporter: thank you. to give you an idea of the odds to win the jackpot, 1 in 175.76 million but someone beat those odds. back to you. >>gregg: thank you, from zephyrhills. >>heather: did he buy a ticket it? he didn't say. >> a new effort to help students find the best college for the
2:13 pm
money, some tools may soon be -- schools may be forced to prove their worth. >>gregg: a tornado emergency in wichita, ks and we have updates from the extreme weather center throughout the hour. [ male announcer ] from red lobster's chefs to your table our seafood dinner for two for just 25 dollars! first get salad and cheddar bay biscuits. then choose from a variety of seafood entrées. plus choose either an appezer or a dessert to share. offer ends soon at red lobster! where we sea food differently.
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>>gregg: a very large extremely dangerous tornado touching down near wichita, kansas, mid-continental airport west of wichita. the national weather service declaring wichita a tornado emergency. there is the radar system. you can see it is a hot pink area and that is the dangerous rotation areas, potentially with two large air masses colliding hot and cold and that is continues that are ripe for deficiters. if you are in the area near wichita, seek shelter right now. we will continue to follow what is happening. >>heather: we we will check back with janice on that deciding where on go to college is tough especially as parents and young people try to find the best value for their money. a new measure in congress aims to ease the burden by demanding colleges prove their worth. it would require schools
2:18 pm
receiving federal funding give respective students' information such as graduation rates, loan obligations, employment outcomes. brenda is a fox news senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." this is a bipartisan effort. what is the idea behind this bill? >> smart shopping. say you go to buy a car you want to kick the tires, check the data on miles per gallon and resale. say you spend $20,000 on a car you spend more than $100,000 on your child's college education and you do not have the data necessary to make that kind of decision, to know or do a cost-benefit analysis. it is high time we start to consider the value is an important part of a college education. >>heather: this comes after some reports that say college is not worth it, former secretary
2:19 pm
of education well bennett has a book out and suggests only 150 of america's 3,500 college are actually worth the cost to begin with on the heels of two million graduates expected in 9 spring. >> we see a consulting study that says one in three college graduates say they would didn't get the information they needed we from college to get a good job. essentially, if you are going to borrow tens of thousands, it is presumed you would make the money in your job after college to pay that back. this is a really important issue. of the 2011 graduates only half of them are employed or many of them are radically underemployed. >>heather: you spoke with some graduates. >> i was honored yesterday to be
2:20 pm
at the graduation of one of my favorite young people, if we can call up the picture, his is john hayes who graduated yesterday, john hayes, very promising college graduate, and i am sure he will do wonderfulfully. binghampton university is one of the top value colleges in the nation and he and his father considered that as they decided which college to go to. they looked at, for example, starting salaries of graduates. you want to know graduation rates, how were you will be paying in terms of federal student loans. forbes and a number of rateers have looked at binghampton and said you will pay a lot less going to a very good school there. that is what parents of college students students have to consider. >>heather: colleges and universities have the information but they have not been releasing it. >> some say, privacy is an
2:21 pm
issue, you do not want to have this "sensitive" information going out but the truth is you will not show joe smith's g.p.a. you just want to know the starting salaries. some colleges are more expensive but they have lower rates of people borrowing, the student loans. you want to compare apples and apples. >>heather: and expenses do not always mean better. should universities ultimately be held liable or punished in a way when it comes to things they cannot control, the job market or the student themselves? it is up to them to get the job. >> that is a red herring. if you say they cannot be held accountable for the economy, the economy cuts across all colleges. college a and college b both face the same economy. you want to know, what are the
2:22 pm
graduation rates? what are the employment rates in that is a bit of a red herring. i don't think there is any reason not to publish these statistics. congratulations. you can catch "bulls and bears" each saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>gregg: maybe my daughter should skip college, get a job and start paying me rent. brenda charges her daughter taxes. >> they will get that back. don't tell them that. that will help them pay for college... >>gregg: our political insiders are in the house and they are next. >>heather: we are watching a
2:23 pm
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>>heather: extreme weather alert, you are looking at a live funnel cloud in oklahoma city, as it is happening right now. a large and extremely dangerous tornado touching down, as wealth, near the wichita mid-count -- mid-continent airport in kansas. the national weather service declaring wichita a tornado emergency. we will find out what is happening in oklahoma city. seek shelter enjoy. janice dean is in the fox news extreme weather center with the latest. >> when we get that image we will bring it back that is a live image north of oklahoma
2:28 pm
city, where we can see the parent cloud and the funnel coming down. when the funnel touches ground that is considered a tornado. i have not seen thattunnel touch ground yet but you can see it in the distance. a lot of rain involved here so the clouds are dark but you can really see that funnel pushing its way to the ground. this is in edmund, oklahoma city, and we can see it from our affiliate in oklahoma city, a funnel cloud that touches the ground and it is considered a tornado but we getting reports that it did touch ground. we are seeing multiple reports of tornadoes, wichita, kansas, tornado emergency. we have reports of damage on the
2:29 pm
ground and people are trapped, people are hurt and we are trying to confirm all of that damage. the potential for folks that are in peril here but, again, there is the look at a tornado, happening right now, north of oklahoma city. that is edmund, oklahoma, still under tornado warning. take shelter immediately. we cannot urge that enough. it is an ongoing situation that will happen in oklahoma and toward kansas and texas. a very dangerous situation. we have a lot of storm chasers on the ground. this is the time they go out there because this is what they like to do. it is my job to tell folks in the areas you need to be taking shelter immediately. this is a live and dangerous situation. this is north of oklahoma city. you can see the funnel in the distance and again in some cases, rain wrapped tornadoes so people cannot see it coming but,
2:30 pm
clearly, you can see that it hasn't towned the ground yet but we will have to wait until the national weather service gets out there. this is painting a little bit about a particularly dangerous situation, a tornado that will dissipate and it could have a chance to, 15, rotate again. this is something we will watch certainly throughout the day today. the clouds are ominous. we are showing dew points in the upper 60's and 70's so the moisture, the available moisture is there to creditor mades with a very strong jet stream. this is tornado alley. this is typically where we see tornadoes during this time of year in late may but it has been a very quiet season. i believe we have someone on the phone with us. can you tell us where we are in
2:31 pm
the ground to talk to us? >>heather: we have someone on the phone from wichita where we have confirmation, but still waiting for confirmation in oklahoma city, as to whether that funnel cloud did, in fact, town ground. as we wait on that and we let janice check it out we will speak with the director of wichita county, emergency management. we have confirmed a large and extremely dangerous tornado touched down near wichita, near the airport there in kansas. randy, can you tell us about damage on the ground? we heard there are initial reports that there has been damage there. have you seen anything? >>reporter: yes, we have had reports of some initial damage. fortunately, given the large nature of the tornado, the initial damage reports seem to be relatively light and even more fortunately, no reports of
2:32 pm
fatalities or injuries. the reports have been rain wrapped this afternoon and that is an unusual feature for tornadoes in the high plain so the visibility has not been as high. we have activated our outdoor wanting devices at least three times in the county and the city of wichita this afternoon. people are paying attention. that is why we are not seeing the injury reports at this time. >>heather: randy, just to reiterate what we are looking at on the screen is from oklahoma city. you, in fact, are reporting for us from wichita, where you are the director of emergency management. repeat for us, we heard there were, in fact, some reports of people trapped or hurt but you say that is not the case at least as far as you know. >>reporter: we have hat no reports of victims trapped or injuries in the wichita area at
2:33 pm
this time. we have had some minor reports of damage to property which as i said earlier is surprising in a very fortunate way given the large size of the tornado that was indicated by our spotters and by radar. >>heather: how large was it indicated by the spotters? >>reporter: because it is rain wrapped it is difficult to give an exact size but the radar indicated that it was a substantial area of circulation, perhaps a quarter of a mile and as i say, we have not had time to determine how long, exactly, it was on the ground but it does appear to have dissipated at this point although we remain under two active tornado warnings at this time, as well as two severe thunderstorm warnings. >>heather: this area is tornado alley and you are used to storms like this. the area specifically where this tornado touched down, could you
2:34 pm
describe it to me? a residential area? a business area? >>reporter: it is a fringe area at the western side of the town and there is residential area surrounding it, however, there is also quite a bit of open area being in the area in the neighborhood, rather, of the airport. so that is another reason why we do not have the large numbers of reports of damage because although this is a fairly high population density area the particular area that it struck is probably one of our lower concentrations. >>heather: why are rain wrapped tornadoes encourage in your area in >>reporter: the types of super cells that produce the tornadoes here are usually the lp or low precipitation-type tornado.
2:35 pm
that type of super cell, so tornadoes are usually easy to see because the rain-free base allows for excellence observation of the tornado. tonight is an exception and we have had rain-wrapped, precipitation-wrapped tornado. >>heather: again, to you at home, this is a live picture from oklahoma city as we continue to monitor the situation there. let's check back with janice dean, as well, we still have randy on the phone. looking at oklahoma city have you confirmed if this funnel actually touched down? it looks like things are picking up. >> absolutely. you can see one on the right-hand side of the screen coming down and the rotation has to be in contact with the ground. that's what we classify a tornado when you see the
2:36 pm
touching down on the ground. we now have confirmation of a tornado touching down in edmund, oak oh, but whether it was that spector made coming from that cloud is yet-to-be-determined. it is a volatile situation. again, excellence questions for the manager out in wichita, where we do have confirmed a very large tornado that went through wichita. of course, we will have to have an assessment by the national weather service and see what kind of tornado they were dealing with and the damage. we are praying that people heed the warnings and one good thing here is that we were warned, we did know this was going to happen in this vulnerable spot for tornadoes. it is called tornado alley for a reason. april and may and june is when
2:37 pm
we usually see the tornadoes. on the maps you can see where we have the tornadoes, not only oklahoma but kansas and toward omaha and minneapolis, even. a volatile situation that will continue throughout the evening. this is a tornado warning storm south of wichita. the pinks on the radar is an indication of heavy rain or hail. this is obviously going to be a situation that will evolve throughout the afternoon. usually we see the warnings from 15 to 20 minutes and oklahoma, edmund, is where we saw the pictures early and this storm now is moving eastward. that will continue we think to produce the potential for tornado activity. there is oklahoma city. all of the areas are very ripe for tornado. looking at yellows, they are severe thunderstorm warnings and it looks like the tornado activity right now is in and around the wichita, kansas,
2:38 pm
area. they are not out of the woods. i am sure the sirens are going off and people need to take shelter they know what to do because they see it every year. just to show you that severe threat, a wide-spread area affecting millions of people, 25 million people, really, in this swath or "watch" area, anywhere from minneapolis through dallas, texas, and a red shaded area where we think all of those ingredients are coming together right now for the potential of long-lasting destructive potentially life-threatening weather. oklahoma city, tulsa, joplin. joplin is coming up on the second anniversary of the deadly tornado and they are under the gun for large destructive damaging tornadoes and kansas city, too. this is not only going to be an event that will last today through the evening but even
2:39 pm
tomorrow. this is monday's let and as you can see it will move slowly eastward and some of the same cities are going to be potentially seeing the hail, the damaging wind, the heavy rainfall and the possibility for more tornadoes. this is also going to move into tuesday across more populated rejoins of the ohio river valley, down toward the mississippi river valley into texas. it does not move very much. again, this area is used to this type of weather. however, when you see warnings and you see funnel clouds that are happening live on the screen, you know it is a very dangerous and imminent situation. these are dew points, the moisture in the atmosphere. the content, the moisture, very, very humid and that is the fuel that feeds the storms.
2:40 pm
we will not stress this enough, noaa, on, batteries in them. the warnings are going to come in and continue overnight. >>heather: thank you for the updates. i thank, also, randy duncan, the emergency manager of wichita. he was on the phone with us letting us know the danger is not done there and 25 million people are affected across the area, the wide-spread area where all of the storms are affecting the area tonight, tomorrow, through the day. damage on the ground is reported in wichita. you heard janice dean say the funnel cloud was confirmed to touch outside of oklahoma city, and people are dealing with hail, wind, rainfall, tornadoes, straight line winds. we will continue to update you on this at fox throughout the evening so stay tuned. we will be back after this quick break.
2:41 pm
we will look at all scandals rocking the white house this past week. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. [ merv ] mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london?
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2:45 pm
>>gregg: a trio of scandals facing the obama administration, including the i.r.s. targeting of conservative groups and the benghazi scandal, and president obama is in the hotseat. look at this, a brand new rasmussen poll is out showing the president's approval rating, well, the same number of people saying he is doing a good job as those who say he does not. what is the impact of the scandals if any at all? we will bring in our political insiders, john leboutillier, pat caddell, fox news contributor former pollster for president jimmy carter and doug schoen, a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton. the president's job numbers seem
2:46 pm
to be static. they did not nose dive. he is weathering the storm. >> so far, he is. but there is a big "but." the but is, his agenda is largely frozen. america to a very large extent is riveted by the scandals. there is nothing at this point, going on, on policy in washington. even though the president himself is holding own. >>gregg: a poll that came out, trying to weigh the import of the i.r.s. scandal and benghazi scandal and in both the numbers, 74 percent and 69 percent agreed that both are serious matters that require investigation. >> i would disagree with you a little bit, doug, this is more serious because this is only the first week. those numbers you put up, the fact that half of the people are following closely, that is important. the president has three scandals going at once, and it is water torture. they have a problem with the president's leadership as an
2:47 pm
issue. there is a problem of the credibility and honesty of the administration. question is, whether republicans will manage their narrative william. this is far, far from over. >> there are two words i have heard from the republicans from republicans. much impeachment and watergate. >>gregg: overplaying it? >> this is not watergate. it is not going to be an impeachment barring some unbelievable series of revelations. in baseball you don't try to hit a home run, you try to hit the ball. republicans need to do their work, do an honest investigation. see where things lead. >>gregg: i get the sense that the white house feels like at least with two of these scandals we put distance from the president, the i.r.s. didn't know anything about it, an independent agency. the justice department, it is their decision to go after the leakers. >> they had good reason. what the white house has done, and pat and john alluded to it,
2:48 pm
they insulated the president so far from the scandal. but there is a huge "but." there is no leadership. the president is basically doing a sergeant shultz "i'm shocked, i know nothing." >>gregg: immigration reform, gun control, debt, budget, all important matters in the second term agenda for both congress and the president yet they are static? >> the problem is, what do you do with the scandals? one comes up this week, another a few days later. by the way, by misleading people which i argue they are doing, and by trying to soften it for the president they make it deeper. it is like the i.r.s., no, this wasn't political. >> on i.r.s., the i.r.s. is a key element of obamacare. they have been completely discredited as a fair and dispassionate agency this week. don't you think the republicans would be smart in offering legislation to remove the i.r.s.
2:49 pm
from obamacare? >> who do you give it to in >>gregg: create a special agency? >> no, you take it out. >> instead of doing the repeal --. >> it would be an agenda the american people would respond to and put marginal democrats in a pickle. >> when you have the head in the i.r.s. and the i.r.s. tough and going on where the databases are building, it terrifies people. republicans should do this rather than repeal. >>gregg: it has been an abbreviated political insiders with lots of breaking news on tornado alley stretching from texas to to oklahoma and iowa ad minnesota, very dangerous tornadoes exist and we will get
2:50 pm
an update on the tornadoes in a moment. you can always catch political needers here every sunday and every monday, too, at 10:30 a.m. and they will be back here next sunday. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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>>gregg: an extreme weather alert. there is a tornado, a large and extremely dangerous tornado. we are not sure if this is the one, this is oklahoma city, in oklahoma, but there was another one that found down near wichita mid-continent airport in kansas north of oklahoma and the national weather service declaring wichita a tornado emergency. you can see the radar system. if you are in the area, you are being told to seek shelter now.
2:55 pm
>>heather: back to the video we were just showing moments ago, the funnel cloud that appeared in oklahoma, outside of oklahoma city, as it unfolded live on the air you can see the funnel cloud reaching to the ground. not called a tornado until it is confirmed it touched ground but janice confirmed it did touch down. no reports of injuries in oklahoma but this is one of many areas dealing with this. we will also deal with it through the morning hours. fox news will be here for you to cover all of it. 25 million people are affected by the watches, the warning, known as tornado alley, really. >>gregg: you have two large air masses. janice will be with us in a few minutes to explain it.
2:56 pm
when they collide, conditions are right for twister and it could be today, tomorrow, all the way into tuesday. we will cough the tornadoes for another hour. stay with us. why are twice as many people choosing verizon
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3:00 pm
>>gregg: extreme weather alert. reports of a possible tornado touching down in oklahoma city, oklahoma. there you can see in the center of the screen, a very narrow funnel cloud. anyone in the area needs to take shelter immediately. hello, everyone. >>heather: thank you for joining us. shaping up to be a very busy weather-related night, and very dangerous, as well. a developing situation for you near wichita, kansas. the national weather service confirming a large and dangerous tornado touching down near the mid-continent airport. they are declaring a tornado


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