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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 23, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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prison or get the death penalty. >> hope you have a great day now. a lot more coverage on "fox & friends" which begins right now. you take care. >>gretchen: good morning. today is thursday, may 23, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i know you have a busy day so thanks for sharing part of it with us. terror strikes the streets of london. imagine this as extremists try to behead a soldier in broad daylight on crowded streets. prime minister david cameron responds. >> the terrorists will never win because they can never beat the values that we hold dear: the belief in freedom and democracy and free speech. >>gretchen: will president obama speak the same way in his national security address today? >>steve: she pled the fifth. or did she? new details this morning about the woman who apologized for targeting conservative groups at the i.r.s. could she now be forced to come back, sit in that chair and talk again?
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we'll tell you the latest. >>brian: he was friends with the boston bomber. now he is dead too. what caused this man to turn a knife on the f.b.i. as he was about to sign a confession for murder? "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. today is thursday. you might be getting ready for the holiday weekend but there is big news to talk about out of london. it has to do with terrorism live and well on the streets there in broad daylight. imagine this: two guys apparently islamic terrorists decided they were going to attack a british soldier right on the street. so they took him into their arms and then they had a machete with them and they did a horrible, horrible crime. in some cases people are saying they beheaded this guy. >>brian: they beheaded the guy, hacked him to
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death. the reason? no mystery. they made it clear. they found their way to a camera and essentially said america, britain, the west, we have a war against you. we're not stopping. the brutality is self-evident. this guy we know is now a -- we're not sure if he's a british citizen. we have identified one of them. he is of nigerian background. we don't know if he's affiliated with any separatist group. >>steve: according to sky news apparently they are both -- we're talking about the two guys sitting in a car. they apparently were looking for a pwrerbt soldier. they -- a british soldier. they saw a guy in a t-shirt that talked about heroes in a military academy, jumped the curb, ran him down and hacked him to death. one of the guys was a christian but converted to islam ten years ago. david cameron, prime
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minister of britain, made it clear when he met the press. this was terror. >> we have suffered these attacks before. we have always beaten them back. the terrorists will never win because they can never beat the values we hold dear, the belief in freedom, democracy and free speech in our british values, western values. they are never going to defeat those. that is how we will stand up to those people whoever they are, that is why we will always win. >>gretchen: graphic video of the just-after scene that was horrifying to see. there it is here. >> we must fight them as they fight us. >>steve: holding a little cleaver. >>gretchen: he's actually saying we swear by a allah. >>gretchen: he went toefr a camera held by a cub scout leader.
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she said would you like to give me what's in your hand. the courage she showed to go up to this guy. he was covered with blood. i thought i better talk to him before he starts attacking somebody else. >>gretchen: she tried to save the gentleman as well. she got off the bus. she was checking to see if the victim had a pulse. she said that he said that he decided to kill that soldier because he killed muslim in muslim's countries. it's only you versus many people and you are going to lose. that's what he apparently told her. >>steve: so extraordinary was the scene and because she was a cub scout leader, riding on a bus, she thought somebody down, maybe i can use my lifesaving skills in first aid but he had no pulse. it is kind of apparent these guys were terrorists because before they hacked the guy to death they were screaming a law -- allah
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akbar. you heard david cameron talk about the terrorists. >>brian: he's not affiliated with any terrorist is what they say here. how do you even know that within hours? >>steve: they're trying to pin it as a lone wolf. what's disturbing to me about the story, in addition to the fact that it was terrorism, is the fact the guy laid on the street for 20 minutes before the cops came. when the cops tried to take him down, they wouldn't put down their cleavers, so they wound up shooting both of them. they're fine apparently and in hospitals and they have been charged. >>gretchen: the other big story in this country yesterday was on capitol hill with the i.r.s. hearing. it was -- many people are saying it turned into a sideshow. here are the three people, the inspector general and douglas shulman who used to be in charge of the i.r.s. but resigned last year. then you have lois lerner, in charge of that office for exempt tax
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organizations, organizations like patriot and tea party trying to get 501 th-pb -- 501-c status. she was going to take the fifth. but she said she did nothing wrong. did she open herself up to having to come back to testify? listen to this. >> because i'm asserting my right not to testify, i know some people will assume that i've done something wrong. i have not. one of the basic functions of the fifth amendment is to protect innocent individuals, and that is the protection i'm invoking today. >> she just testified. she just waived her fifth amendment right to privilege. you don't get to tell your side of the story and not be s-bted to cross-examination -- not be subjected to cross-examination. that's not the way it works. she waived her right to fifth amendment privilege by issuing an opening statement. she ought to answer our questions. >>steve: he's got a great point. he's a former prosecutor so he understands law.
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congress goes this isn't the same as criminal court. the big question is: did she waive her fifth amendment rights by giving the opening statement? legal experts say it could be interpreted as a subject matter waiver where she made factual statements and tried to clam up. you've got to wonder, lois has been before congress a number of times. why is she afraid of telling the truth? could it possibly be the fact that she said this was all an accident. when you look at the facts that her unit investigated 471 conservative groups and not a single progressive group, it does look like her argument that it was an accident is weak. lois should have just sat there and told the truth, but instead she took the fifth and now she will have to face the music. >>gretchen: since i'm not a lawyer, i consulted judge andrew napolitano this morning. here's what he said about it. it was a serious, profound and almost unheard of legal error. she can now be compelled to answer questions about the
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substance of the denial she uttered before she invoked the fifth amendment privilege. that is what darrell issa believes. he is going to hold her in contempt if she does not come back and answer questions. >>brian: i'm surprised darrell issa didn't go through a few questions. tell me who gave you permission to make your entire enclave of the i.r.s. an attack dog for anything patriot or tea party related. when you called judge andrew napolitano, did he say hello gretchen, elizabeth, may i help you? he always uses your middle name? >>gretchen: that is a back story. >>steve: if i got in trouble in the future with the f.b.i., i would love to have a lois lerner deal where you go before the i.r.s. who said you did something wrong with your taxes and then you go i'm completely innocent. and then you start to ask
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you questions: i'm not going to answer those because of my fifth amendment right. an extraordinary circumstance. she said she's telling the truth, and yet why doesn't she tell the truth? she looked so guilty by not answering the questions. >>gretchen: the other guy didn't look so hot either. douglas shulman. he has been to the white house when he was i.r.s. chief 118 times. 118 times. when he was asked why he would have gone to the white house, he said, unbelievably, because i was going to the easter egg roll. >>brian: everything you thought about i.r.s. people that they are condescending and unwavering, that's exactly what you saw. i never saw so much arrogance between steve miller, shuler, a bush appointee, and this woman lois lerner in the brief time she spoke. the way in which they took to the two, talking to congress, it didn't work.
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>>steve: they didn't help the white house. the last thing they needed was to have somebody promise to tell the truth and then look guilty. >>brian: shulman wasn't paying attention. he asked for five questions to be repeated. >>steve: it looks like let's just run out the clock, we'll find out about it after. >>gretchen: we'll continue to talk about this heated story for the rest of the three hours. >> new headlines. a man shot by the f.b.i. agent has connections to the boston bomber. todashev was about to sign a confession to a trip murder in massachusetts. his number was in tsarnaev's cell phone. authorities say todashev pulled out during questioning and pulled a knife. the story is different this morning. they are calling it a
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violent encounter. one agent was stabbed several times but will be okay. >> an accused shooter firing his attorneys. the judge will reportedly ask nidal hassan's attorney to stay on board in case he has questions. hassan is accused of gunning down 13 people, wounding dozens more. >> a field trip turns tragic for fourth graders in minnesota. the ground drenched by rain gave way killing one child and injuring others. a fourth child is missing at this hour. crews working hraeuts into the night at a regional park washing away soil and using search dogs to look for the missing child. >> water is going into the hole making it extremely dangerous for rescuers. >> i don't know what i would do. i'm just praying for him right now. >>gretchen: they're going to start searching for the
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child again as soon as the sun comes up this morning. a mea culpa from a judge in the justice department's targeting of james rosen. judge lambert apologizing for not making documents available on-line. he blamed a series of confirmingive errors and the government tracked rosen's personal e-mail and cell phone. they tracked other lines at fox news and rosen's parents land line in staten island, new york. even though the justice department put out a statement yesterday denying they did so. >>brian: i'm going to go with the rosen family. >>steve: the embarrassing part about that is the fact that that should have come out before the election as well but it did not. 18 months ago. >>brian: straight ahead, he's not too happy about it but the retired diplomat who helped investigate the state department's response to benghazi's attacks says he'll appear on capitol hill. will we finally get the answers we've been looking
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>>brian: a retired diplomat who helped investigate the state department's reece responsible to benghazi and -- response to benghazi agreed to talk to lawmakers on capitol hill. i'm talking about thomas pickering. gabriel schoenfeld has an e book out called "bad day in the romney campaign." welcome. now everyone is interested. you guys did not push to get the truth out about benghazi in a big way. why? what was the point that made you guys back off? >> on september 11, 2012, the romney campaign jumped the gun, put out a statement attacking the obama administration before they had the facts in. the statement was riddled with errors. after that romney was gun shy about raising this issue and it was a crucial issue in the debate. four americans were dead,
3:18 am
obama was responsible. yet he was reluctant to raise it because his own staff made it into a political issue when it was actually a national security issue ripe for discussion, ripe for holding the president responsible. >>brian: did they release that statement condemning the president's lack of action early on without him knowing it? >> they gave it to him at the end of a long day. he just got off of a flight. it had multiple problems in it. it accused the obama administration of expressing sympathy for the people attacking our embassy. in fact there had been a statement issued by our embassy in cairo that was somewhat i thought murky and not well crafted. that was not the administration. it was a low-level foreign service officer. they tried to pin that on obama. it backfired. >>brian: i believe we carried the press conference the next day where he got questions on the timing of his investigation instead of the president missing in action?
3:19 am
>> a vulnerability by the president turned into a vulnerability by mitt romney. >>brian: there was a sense within the campaign you should do something because the president dropped the ball here. here's an example of an r.n.c. ad which you guys did not air. let's listen to a few seconds of it. >> something's happening in the world. [phone rings] >>brian: this talks -- it plays on hillary clinton who is going to be by the phone? and you guys didn't air that? >> we should have waited till all the facts were in and gone on the offensive. >>brian: here you are in the third and final debate. foreign policy. the president obviously is vulnerable. there are opponents of contention -- there are points of contention between the two candidates. yet mitt romney, the guy you work for, did what? >> he did not press the president on benghazi. a question was asked to the president: why was there
3:20 am
not adequate security in the embassy? a man in the audience asked it. the president dropped it. mitt romney did not pursue the answer. all explained by the fact it had been politicized by our campaign in a very amateurish manner. >>brian: you have unbelievable respect for mitt romney as a family person, businessman and individual? >> i think he would have been a good president and possibly a great president. he had tremendous qualities but this campaign was not well run. >>brian: now we see the tax issues and everything else and you wonder what was going on behind the scenes during the election that maybe made it even harder for you guys to win. gabriel schoenfeld, the name of the book is "bad day on the romney campaign." next, a new push to close gitmo. what the president is doing today to shut the prison down. president bush is doing
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>>gretchen: a quick check of headlines at 24 minutes past the top of the hour. a sign president obama is renewing his push to close gitmo at guantanamo bay. he's expected to end the ban on detainees sending to yemen. gitmo has 86 prisoners approved for transfers. overnight japan's stock market took a massive dive, the biggest since the fukashima disaster. the nikkei plunged 7%, the stock market soared in recent months in the united states.
3:25 am
experts say they're not reading too much into a one day extreme in the market. stuart varney is here to weigh in on that. is it a big deal, stu? >> yes, it is. 7% is a very big selloff. you don't call it a crash, but that's equivalent to panic selling and it will spill over here. not the panic selling. you will see the dow jones industrial today open maybe 150 points lower, maybe a little bit more. nothing like the selloff in japan, but it does wash over these shores. >>steve: one of the reasons it is down 7% is word from china, the giant economic engine, things are slowing down. >> chinese manufacturing contracting a little bit. that spills over to japan. japanese banks are sitting on trillions of yen worth of losses, down goes their stock market. spills over to here. down goes our stock market. 150 points when we open this morning. >>brian: why are they
3:26 am
going down? china. >> put this in perspective. china is slowing down. it's been slowing down for a couple of years. they used to have a 10% growth rate. now it is more like 6.5%, that slowdown continues. late numbers come in overnight, manufacturing slowing. that spills over to japan because japanese bond yields -- i hate to get technical -- but bond yields have gone straight up which means bond prices straight down. trillions of yen's worth of losses for japanese banks. they can't make loans. therefore their market falls like a stone. >>steve: there is no worry they're going to want that money back they invested in our country? >> no. that's not a problem at this point. they're not going to demand immediate repayment. >>gretchen: the caveat is at this point. let's move on to the other topic which you were going to talk about today before that breaking news which is
3:27 am
an obamacare supporter is shocked now, loopholes they have been able to find within obamacare. it is a fact so many small businesses are trying to figure out how are we going to provide health care for our employees now. what have you uncovered? >> employers see obamacare coming down the pike. they have to react to it. what are they going to do? some employers are beginning to offer what they call bare-bones health insurance plans. bare bones means you're not covered for hospital visits, not covered for surgery, limited number of doctors visits per year and all generic drugs. >>brian: what kind of plan is it? >> a bare-bones plan. if an employer offers that plan, they don't have to pay the fine of $2,000 per employee per year because of obamacare. >>steve: at the end of the day the employer is going to look at what's cheaper? the bare bones or the fines. >> of course. some officials who prepared this obamacare plan, they express surprise. we didn't know this was
3:28 am
going to happen. we didn't know they were going to go for bare-bones coverage. we thought they were going to offer generous coverage. where are these people coming from? if you impose a government plan top-down imposed by bureaucrats, you have no idea what's going to happen. i predict chaos with obamacare. here it comes. >>brian: stuart varney will be at fox business when the stock market opens this morning. will there be a selloff after japan? >> i'll calm down. >>gretchen: i have 40g -- i have 40 gazillion other questions. another time. >>brian: the obama administration is doing something awesome to honor our soldiers. >>gretchen: no way to
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>> white house officials continue to insist that president obama knew nothing about the i.r.s. scandal until we all heard about it in the news last week. they said because there was an investigation underway, it would have been inappropriate to tell him. besides he was too busy not knowing anything about
3:33 am
benghazi to not know anything about -- >>brian: did you hear in los angeles they laughed at the setup to that joke. >>gretchen: maybe it was all tourists. >>brian: from the midwest. >>steve: there is an item in "the washington post" today that talks about when the white house counsel found out about the problem with the i.r.s., she talked to the senior staff and they decided let's not tell the president, because that is the theme at the white house. protect the president. that way when he says i saw it on the news, he's telling the truth, according to "the washington post." >>gretchen: families in moore, oklahoma, beginning the long road ahead returning to their neighborhood, some for the first time since the tornado. anna kooiman live on the ground in moore. good morning, anna. >> good morning to you gretchen. good morning to everybody at home. the oklahoma city mayor saying up to 13,000 homes damaged by this monster tornado putting the damage at $2 billion on track to be the costliest in u.s.
3:34 am
history. you see cars still on top of cars in a mangled mess. the smell of gasoline still potent. we're told this shopping center does have crews scheduled to come today. who knows how this rain is going to be affecting things and how it's going to be affecting those folks trying to put their lives back together and salvage what they can from their homes. we were able to go into a neighborhood previously sealed off around the school plaza towers were seven children were killed, suffocated under debris. we did not get to see the school but the area around it, homes completely obliterated almost beyond recognition. i did speak with a family in the area who says they're very fortunate for their circumstances. both of them at work when the storm rolled in. and their infant son at day care. take a listen. >> when you see this right over his crib, what do you think? >> i'm glad we weren't home. no one was here. >> makes you feel like it
3:35 am
was all for nothing. i mean -- >> yeah. >> you try to make a nice living and something comes through and tears it up. >> it's heartbreaking. fema, who escorted us through that area and also wanted to mention that they have had working dogs on the ground with search and rescue and also recovery. this area, moore has dealt with four tourpbdz -- tornadoes since 1998. these folks are used to dealing with this type of tragedy. >> we hear local responders did an incredible job. it made your job easier. >> absolutely. that is usually the case of what's going on. the people can get the people that are not as hurt quite as bad. the local people pitch in and are able to get people out as well. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano touring the devastation for the first time with her own eyes yesterday and
3:36 am
promising federal assistance. back to you. >>gretchen: anna kooiman, thanks for that live report in oklahoma. >>steve: it sounds like folks in moore are going to have a local ordinance where going forward if you build a new house you're going to have to build one with storm cellars. it has been a week of terrible weather across the central plain states. for a look at what kind of day we've got ahead, maria molina in front of the building where the 36 bus just pulled in. >> people getting off, heading out to work or doing shopping. it is a busy morning in new york city. we have a lot of cloud cover and the storm system actually responsible for all the severe weather we saw over parts of the central plains over the last several days is now impacting parts of the east coast including us in new york city. we have showers and we are expecting thunderstorms especially as we head into this afternoon and into this evening. look at this map.
3:37 am
we could see some severe weather from some of these storms from the mid-atlantic into parts of vermont. damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour and large hail possible. farther west, oklahoma city right now you have some showers and storms rolling through, including the moore area. so you are expecting rain to last throughout the day today and even as we head into tomorrow and into the weekend. still going to remain unsettled out there in moore, oklahoma. very unfortunate. a lot of cleanup efforts that need to be done and the rain not going to help. >>steve: thank you for the fox cast. >>brian: a lot more news. first the fox news alert. terror strikes on the streets in london in broad daylight. two islamic extremists kill a british soldier. then a rant about the attack. >> an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. i apologize that women had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to do the same.
3:38 am
your people will never be safe. your government doesn't care about you. >>brian: the two men ran a soldier over with a car and then attacked him with large knives and machetes. the attackers were gunned down by police but are still alive. they were taken into police custody believed to be of nigerian descent. >>steve: jodi arias says she feels betrayed by jurors for convicting her. she even says she never said sorry for killing her boyfriend because she thought it would be meaningless. jurors are having a tough time deciding if arias deserves the death penalty. the judge told the jurors wednesday to go back and try again. arias was convicted of first-degree murder last week. >> by saying i'm sorry -- quote unquote -- is so inadequate because it doesn't really encompass the scope of the remorse that i feel.
3:39 am
>>steve: if a jury cannot come to a unanimous decision, a new jury will be picked to decide arias's fate. >>gretchen: no way to start your wedding day. watch this. >> don't let tess out! >>gretchen: she was screaming don't let the dog out. why? because watch what happens. the bride-to-be getting chased down by tess, the brown boxer. the playful dog tackled the running bride to the floor, jumps all over her. >>steve: going to be hard to return that to the store now. boom! >>brian: so many wedding dresses are returned. today for the first time in history president george w. bush will open his private ranch to some of our nation's bravest heroes. >>steve: the starting point for his third annual 100-k wounded warrior bike ride.
3:40 am
dr. marc siegel joins us live. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, steve. to care for those who have borne the battle abraham lincoln said famously and president bush is continuing in that tradition, his third annual bike ride. this time it is at his ranch, 1,500 acres outside of crawford, texas, with 43 miles of bike trails. we're starting this morning and everybody is excited with the wounded warriors here with us. i have major jim anderson and his son langston. jim served active duty for over ten years in iraq, afghanistan, the balkans. he wounded his knees. some wounds are not visible. he also suffered from ptsd. jim, tell me what it feels like to ride with president bush and what mountain biking means to you. >> such an honor and privilege. president bush is a man of
3:41 am
such character in the face of adversity that it truly is a pleasure to be able to ride with him this morning. mountain biking has been a great way for me to be able to exercise without being able to run with some of the knee injuries i've suffered, that it's been a way that i've been able to overcome some obstacles in my life and continue to persevere and move on. >> with over 200,000 active vets suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, i think it's one of the untold stories. you told me yesterday you think it's losing its stigma. you've been in treatment for it. tell me what it feels like to try to overcome ptsd and get back to real life. >> i think it shows all wounds from war -- and i've been in combat in afghanistan and iraq -- are not always visible. with over ten years of war, we have had many, many veterans that suffer from ptsz so it shows veterans are able to overcome
3:42 am
psychological difficulties. >> your son langston is traveling to australia now. tell me what he means to you. >> he means so much to me along with his sister kaitlyn back home. he's going to be taking a people to people youth ambassador trip to australia this summer. i'm so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. i think they're going to far outdistance anything that i may do here in the future. >> i think you're going to do great today. steve, as i said last year, if the riders see president bush, they're traveling too fast. if they see me, they're traveling way too slow. >>steve: dr. marc siegel who will be on his bike in no time. obviously it's a great day four as the pride of brooklyn takes to crawford, texas, later today. dr. siegel, thank you very much. >>brian: if anything happens we have dr. samadi
3:43 am
standing by. the president goes extremely fast. he even leaves the secret service in the dust. they have to train before they take the assignment. >>gretchen: coming up, that mystery illness we told you about that claimed two lives. it appears to be spreading. breaking details coming up next. >>brian: the judge in the james rosen case apologized but shouldn't he have known rosen didn't commit any crime? judge napolitano breaks down the law. >>brian: they had to apologize to his parents taofplt -- they had to apologize to his parents too.
3:44 am
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>>brian: quick headlines. new overnight, one-third of vietnam plunged into complete darkness. a train operator accidentally knocked a tree down into a power line. the blackout lasted ten hours and brought traffic to a standstill. new overnight, the illness in alabama claimed more lives, the number rising from seven to ten. doctors are stumped by what it is. i'll work on that. steve, you talk to the judge. >>steve: thank you, brian. new details are coming out about the administration's seizure of personal e-mail and phone records from fox news employees. here's how the white house responded to the controversy. >> you asked again about a
3:48 am
specific matter, and i can't comment on the specifics of any ongoing criminal matter. but if you're asking me whether the president believes that journalists should be prosecuted for doing their jobs, the answer is no. >>steve: okay. but does the obama administration's track record prove otherwise? here from washington to weigh in is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew tphapt -- judge andrew napolitano. jay carney says the president loves the press. >> in an affidavit to a federal judge told the federal judge james rosen committed a conspiracy because he asked a contractor who works for the state department to give infor reporters can ask any question they want and knowing if reporters receive classified information the crime is the person who gave it to them. the crime is not that of the receiver. >>steve: exactly. james rosen was doing his
3:49 am
job. yet an f.b.i. agent and a u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. essentially in this affidavit called james rosen a potential crook and a flight risk and treubd -- tricked a judge into signing it so you could be surveiled. >> there's three parties who dropped the ball. the f.b.i. agent who signed the search warrant. the federal prosecutor, the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia who directly through an assistant approved the affidavit for a severn river -- affidavit for a search warrant. a federal judge who bought this nonsense that when a reporter asks a government official to share something with him, somehow that's a crime. steve, the supreme court ruled clearly, unambiguously and without exception, if a reporter acquires secrets and they are matters that the public wants to know about, it is not a crime to ask for them, possess them, retain them or publish them.
3:50 am
it is inconceivable that james committed a crime, and the f.b.i. ought to have known it and the u.s. attorney ought to have known the law. and the federal judge who signed the search warrant should have rejected the search warrant based upon that rubbish. >>steve: it is not just egg on some faces, it is a whole omelet. judge napolitano joining us from washington, d.c., thank you very much. it's a crazy story and here's another one. he reportedly screamed a law akbar as he murdered soldiers at fort hood but he still collects a hefty paycheck. a victim joins us. e harmony is making job connections? the founder of e harmony next.
3:51 am
3:52 am
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welcome back, everyone. they've helped millions of people find love. can be just as success helping people find jobs? grant says yup, they can do it. good morning. >> good morning, gretchen. >> you've been so successful in matching love interests for people because you have something called compatibility matching system. tell me how that works and how it could be applied to people being happier at jobs. >> basically we get to know people who come to eharmony, we ask them a lot of question about themselves and they talk about
3:55 am
the parts of their lives that matter the most and we know which kinds of people work well together for long-term relationships. so we match them up. when they go and get married, it typically works really well. it seems a little odd to say, but we think that divorce, marital separation and turnover in the workplace is a very similar kind of problem. it's basically borne out of a relationship that's incompatible. you get a job seeker and they don't belong together in the first place so you great lot of turnover. it seems that about 60% or 65% of all people are unhappy with their job. that's a pretty big social problem and we think we can fix it. >> how do you envision this working? would people go online the same
3:56 am
way people do now and the employer would look at them? >> people would come to us, we would know a lot about what the work environment is like, what the culture is like and once we know about the job seeker, we would be able to recommend jobs with companies that are good matches for them. >> you say it may not be 100% but is anybody else doing this in the industry right now? >> no one that i know of is doing this kind of matching. it would be hard to start from zero. we've got 13 years of experience matching people for romance so we have a lot of information about what kinds of people work well together. we're just getting started sort of figuring this out, but to do it without a background would be pretty difficult. >> it's a fascinating idea. folks, get ready to see eharmony helping you with your careers, as well your love life. thanks for getting up in the middle of the night in l.a.
3:57 am
appreciate it. >> thank you. >> it's great idea, isn't it? >> coming up, the worst airlines of the year just revealed. and this 80-year-old man became the oldest person ever to reach the of mount everest. but his record may only last a few days because there's an 81-year-old coming up. all business purchases. so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can.
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it's a whole new species of gator. right now, visit your dealer or to get $800 off the gator rsx850i. good morning, everybody. today is thursday, may 23rd, 2013. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. i'm gretchen carlson. in london, a man viciously attacked and killed, yelling alah achbar. >> today president obama giving a big speech about national security. will he speak out in the same
4:01 am
way about what happened in london? stay tuned. >> you done want -- don't want answer that, do you? >> no. >> he visited the white house 118 times but all he can remember is this. >> what would be some of the reasons you would be at the white house? >> the easter egg roll. >> is that comedy central? >> it will end up there. >> and he reportedly claimed allah achbar as well before his shooting but he is still receiving a paycheck. hour two of "fox & friends"
4:02 am
starts right now. talk about calculating. these two guys are sitting in a car in london yesterday. they're waiting for somebody and it was completely random and there is a fox news alert, waiting for somebody to come out of the royal artillery barracks. they saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said "help our heros." they tried to run him over and then attacked him with an ax and a hatchet. >> a woman got off the bus to try and help the victim to see if he had a pulse standing right next to the guy with a machete in his hand. it's graphic. here it is. >> an eye for an eye, we
4:03 am
apologize that women had to see this today. you people will never be safe. remove your government. they don't care about you. >> they told everybody to roll on their cell phone cameras, he made that statement to itv that essentially you think your politician's going to die? no, it going to be the average guy like you and your children. now, if you notice on another note when you talk to soldiers who go into places like fallujah and hellman province, very talk about the viciousness of the enemy, they see them and try to attack back. do you understand now what they're talking about? that's the mindset they're talking about. these people live to kill us, live to attack us, live to horrify us. when people pull back, that's exactly what they're talking about. david cameron seems to have
4:04 am
known that in his remarks yesterday. >> we have suffered that before. that's why we beat them back. they're never going to defeat our val urs and that is how we will stand up to these people, whoever they are and however many of them they are. >> the fella who came and talk to the camera is a british citizen of nigerian dissent. it looks as if he, that man there, converted from christianity to islam, an extreme form of islam about ten years ago. >> they looked at the koran and said grab a hammer and hack somebody else? >> how can a human being do that if they're actually sane.
4:05 am
what you're describing is this incredible hate that these people have with regard to being an extremist with the roj of islam. >> there's an op-ed talking about this that said to hear his loving proclamations is to stare into the dimension of islam fanaticism. >> with our tone today, as the president of the united states sets that tone as he talks about our way forward in terms of the war on terror and our defense. >> the preview is there won't be as many drone strikes anymore. they'll admit they have kield four americans over yemen -- >> but they're not tourists. >> right. the u.s. has never confirmed they killed these americans. in this speech he is going to also say lethal force drones will be used only against
4:06 am
targets who pose an imminent threat to americans and cannot feesab feesably be captured. one of the things that americans thought president obama had right were this drone strikes, but now it looks like this could end. on top of that, he's going to again say he's going to close gitmo. if we're going to not have drone strikes, where are we going to put them? >> the people are going to say we're going to to chang our policies on letting these gitmo -- we're going to get the worst of the worst and we're going to seasoned them back to that prison where the bars are made of paper mache. do you know anyone who attacked us because we imprisoned the people who are trying to kill >
4:07 am
make a major speech later today so they put it in the "new york times." when the irs tried to get ahead of the story that the inspector general for the irs had done some looking and and discovered they had targeted conservatives and tea party groups, they planted a question -- who dreamed that up? lois lerner is the woman who headed that you unit in cincinnati. yesterday she went ahead and took the stand and made a self-serving statement that she's completely innocent -- there's lois there -- and then she clammed up and said she's going to take the fifth. she said there is some question about whether you can make a statement. mr. schulman, who once upon a time was the irs commissioner, he took the stand and he did a lot of not answering the question. >> 118 visits, it didn't come up
4:08 am
in a casual conversation after 132 members of congress contacted but it? you sure you didn't bring it up with anybody at the white house? >> not to my memory. >> what would be some of the reasons you might be at the white house. >> the easter egg roll with my kids. >> i just want to be clear. you're very aware of the fact you're under oath today? >> very aware of that. >> you went to the white house 118 times. one of the key subjects was the implementation of the enforcement of the affordable care act and you never brought it up in any of those conversations in all those visits to the white house when this was a major topic of conversation in. >> no, i did not. this happened on my watch. i do not accept responsibilities for all the actions taken by all the people in the report. >> i'm deeply disappointed in
4:09 am
your answer. >> no, you can't get back to me. we've heard this from time to time about accountability. we hear the same thing, it wasn't my job, i don't know, it wasn't my office, i was recused, i didn't find out about it until you find out about it. >> you knew this before the election. >> what's in that? >> you knew before the election. >> excuse me? >> did you know there was an election. >> you still don't know this was political? >> excuse me? >> you still don't know this is political? >> i defer. >> his outrage, i assume if you're just as red faced as they were, democrats and republicans -- elijah cummings
4:10 am
was -- i knew by his opening statement that elijah cummings was ready to ask some serious questions because on a benghazi issue -- >> on 118 times, it was not the most important this evening -- thing to go to the easter egg roll. >> brand new details this morning about the man shot dead and an fbi agent and his connection to the boston bombing
4:11 am
suspect. ibragim todashev was apparently connected to tamerlan tsarnaev. >> district judge royce lambert apologizing to the public and the media for not making documents available line. -- online. >> incredible. >> country star toby keefe returning to moore, oklahoma to
4:12 am
meet with survivors and meet with them about the deadly twister. keefe was in moore on monday but flew out of the area just hours before the tornado hit. >> you can tell people already started to pick themselves up. the neighbors are coming around, passing food out, bringing blankets and bringing water. oklahoma made it through the dust bowl, tornado is another bad day at blood rock, we're right in the middle. >> toby keefe said he is organizing a concert to assist the people. >> and coming up, he murdered soldiers at fort hood but is still collecting an army paycheck from behind bars. how do the victims struggling to pay their bills feel about that? then from the longest weights to
4:13 am
the smallest seats. we'll reveal the worst airlines of 2013 and hope they're not watching when we go to fly on them. ♪ [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever.
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4:17 am
the woman at the center of the irs scandal instead of answering takes the fifth. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations and i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. >> she makes the statement, then takes the fifth. but don't we all have a right to know what the irs is doing? aren't we paying them with taxpayer dollars? and aren't we horrified, all of us, that they're targeting any groups, let alone conservative groups? tomorrow might be progressive groups. charles, what does that reveal after watching these hearings? >> that was bizarre. i don't know how you get away with taking the fifth after you start defending yourself. if this was a court of law you'd be held in contempt or something like this. they should bring her back and hold her in some sort of
4:18 am
contempt. >> i what i is really scary about this is it shows you how bad and insane big government is. the guys on the top starting with the president, we don't know what happened down here. if you were out there and you voted for this president and his economic agenda how unaccountable it is because he wants in big government where he doesn't have to account for anything. >> ceos, vice presidents get fired every day if their divisions doesn't perform. >> if i was contrasting with the head of the irs, jamie diamond, he said the buck stops with me. the president should say that, the irs should say that. we're get nothing accountability now. >> the irs reputation is one of unmoving, uncompromising,
4:19 am
arrogant, condescending. that's what i'm getting from schulman, from steven miller and that's what i get from her. >> as wieldy as some big businesses like banks are, they are accountable. when you have government that's this big, they're accountable to no one. bureaucrats run the show. >> can we do some role playing? >> defends who i have to play. >> the irs said i'm sorry. they also said i am not accountable. if charles gasparino said i'm not paying my taxes, if you want to play the irs's role, if you didn't pay your taxes for five years, you could say i forgot, i'm sorry. >> and then they'd say here's your penalty. this shows how insane this is.
4:20 am
>> how early did you have to get up for this? >> i got up right on time. >> then talk about a major buzz kill, restaurants and bars acting look they're giving you top shelf but actually serving you bad booze. it's absolutely not absolute. ♪ new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time.
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4:22 am
welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] when people talk, great things happen.
4:23 am
it's time for news by the number. 17, that's how many days in a row gas has gone up. bad timing for the memorial day
4:24 am
weekend right around the corner. the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.65. 50. that's how many schools are being closed in chicago due to budget cuts, the largest number of schools closed at any time by any major city. way to go mayor. and virgin got high marks across the board especially in baggage handling. spirit airlines came in last. that's the spirit. gretchen, over to you. >> we told you about fort hood shooter nadil hasan collecting his paycheck.
4:25 am
how do the victims feel about him collecting his paycheck. you still have a bullet in your back from thisattack, as well as dealing with the post traumatic stress. how do you feel about the fact that hasan is being treated more of a victim than you? >> it's an embarrassment for all of the fallen that have made the supreme sacrifice for this country and for the injured that survived. >> we're finding out he's accrued $268,000 while behind bars and is still receiving his salary. only a guilty verdict can stop
4:26 am
that. >> what they should do with his money is give it to the soldiers homes. he's not going to be automobile to use that money anyway. for him to still receive a paycheck that, is ludicrous. >> or at least pay for his legal defense. yesterday he said he didn't want the money anymore. i want to get to your personal story, though. since this was not classified a terrorist attack, it's affected the way in which you receive payments, not only benefits and purple heart status potentially but also when you were in the hospital after this attack, what happened? >> well, when i was in the hospital after the attack, when i was in the wounded warrior unit, i was supposed to go to a ptsd clinic in d.c. i was accepted to go to that clinic but afterward i was denied because the individual in charge of major hasan in walter reed when he was stationed there were in charge of the ptsd clinic in walter reed.
4:27 am
thus they said we'll see you at fort bliss. fort bliss decide me because they said i was a combat veteran. i ended up having to go to a naval base for a 12-week ptsd program. that's a temporary duty assignment for me and my wife and when i returned, that money was garnished from my pay so basically i had to pay for my own way to go out there. that's not correct. they said you can get all your services down through the v.a. but after we were shot, the v.a. said we're overwhelmed so you need to fix these soldiers before you pawn them off on us. that haven't been done. they tried to rush us out because i was retired. but i was supposed to have another surgery and i was denied because i was on terminal leave.
4:28 am
>> and you were one of the 13 victims in this situation. do you have any hope on tuesday congressman frank wolf introduced an amendment that would give the fort hood victims the combat pay and benefits he believe they deserve? >> a letter came out from one of the lieutenant generals in response to that saying that the army does not see it as workplace violence at this time. they're trying to wait and see what happens after the trial, which there again is just a lot of paragraphs of them trying to prolong the agony of making a mistake. >> it will be interesting to see if they deem it as a terrorist attack instead of workplace violence.
4:29 am
thanks for your thoughts today. >> thank you, ma'am. >> coming up, what do you know about oil and gas? it could be all wrong. john stossel is here with the three biggest myths. and want to make a difference today? can you help nascar's kurt busch raise money for our military. that's next. ♪ and it's the sound of sunshine coming down ♪ erything. everything? [ all ] everything? everything. male announcer ] get free shipping and 5% back on everything your business needs. that was easy.
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4:33 am
terror strikes the streets of london in broad daylight. two islamic extremists with machetes kill a soldier on the street. >> this is graphic. >> we will fight an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. we apologize women had to see this. in our country, women see it every day. >> he attacked the victim with large knives. one suspect is believed to be british born and of nigerian dissent. officials are treating it as a terrorist attack. >> why doesn't he go back to his
4:34 am
country if he's so upset with britain? >> jodi arias said she never said sorry for killing her victim because she thought it would be meaningless. arias was convicted of first degree murder last week. >> it seems like saying i'm sorry, quote unquote, is so inadequate because it doesn't really encompass the scope of the remorse that i feel. >> is she on tv more than the kardashians? >> she's right up there. >> talk about a major buzz kill. 29 bars and restaurants in new jersey busted for allegedly refilling empty bottles of their most expensive liquor with cheaper alcohol. >> oh, goodness! >> it's what they do at the kilmeade house when they have a big party. >> this is not gordon's vodka,
4:35 am
it's suit, i promise. >> the year-long investigation found the establishments fooled customers so they could charge higher prices and make more money. >> that's why brian drinks beer. because you can't probably fool a beer bottle. >> i've been duped into drinking ripple when i thought i was drinking reunite. >> and the oldest man to climb mount everest set out for the so-called death zone, the last and most treacherous leg of his trek around 2:00 a.m. 84-year-old's four heart operations could not slow him down. but he has some competition now. an 81-year-old man with a hearing aid, nepalese man --
4:36 am
>> is that important? >> how could that be compared to a guy who has four heart operations? >> his aorta's fine but he can't hear a thing. miracle ear for this guy. >> the weather extreme there at the top of that mountain. what's it look in your neighborhood? maria joins us now with a look at some big storms that could cause strong winds and big hail. >> we're looking at the possibility of severe storms across sections of the northeast. we actually had someone tweet me from moore, oklahoma, some very heavy rain coming down. we can see that on radar, some storms rolling through, very unfortunate with ongoing clean-up efforts. over the next several days we do have that possibility. but let's look at the northeast. the risk for severe storms includes the mid-atlantic,
4:37 am
including you. showers and storms stretching across upstate new york and vermont, large hail and winds of 60 miles an hour being the threat today. a hot day in texas, 94 for your high in san antonio, 100 in phoenix. i do want to remind everyone today at 1:00 p.m. we do have the outlook coming out from the national hurricane center as far as what they're expecting in terms of the hurricane season coming up for the atlantic on june 1st. right now expected to be above average. we'll see what they think at 1:00. >> very good. thank you, maria. >> his first successful mission was to win a nascar sprint cup championship. >> joining us live from charlotte is kurt busch.
4:38 am
>> tell us how goodyear has replaced the eagle and instead put on "support our troops." >> well, they've got our support our troops tires. these are special commemorative edition tires that we're running at the coca-cola 600 this weekend. it's a great campaign that kicks off military awareness. go to back and eight charity auction. can you grab these tires as well as other items that goodyear has had donated to them. it's a great way that goodyear gives back. >> and this foundation which you've done all this great work for in the past, what is their reaction when you do stuff like this for them? >> well, it's just a great way to put two programs together. the armed forces foundation does a lot with our military behind the scenes, such as the mental wounds. not necessarily the physical wounds that you see when the
4:39 am
military members missing an arm or leg. ptsd is a serious epidemic, as well as tbi, traumatic brain injury. the armed forces foundation brings an awareness of helping our troops, get them back on their feet, bring nem back into the society. once we get them stable, all of the nascar guys will be racing these tires this weekend, memorial day weekend, which is like the unofficial kickoff to summer burr also it's a great red, white and blue weekend. >> no doubt. i was just going to say it seems like nascar has embraced our troops so dramatically and and this is just another example of that. >> well, what's great is that everybody can be involved. that is to go to slrk gives back. up to $50,000 can be raised.
4:40 am
goodyear will match that. all of the drivers are very patriotic and we stand behind of men and women in the armed services. >> and if you have the winning bid, the driver of the car with those tires is going to autograph them as well, along with some other stuff. >> absolutely. i hope that the number 78 has the coca-cola trophy right next to it as well. >> kurt, you're having a great year. 34 years old, you had a big weekend last weekend, you led for 29 lap, two segments. are you predicting victory this year? >> i can't quite predict victory but we're definitely developing more momentum with our team. the way at that our racing team has developed over the season. barney adviser, who a ret ran himself, he hikes the progress. we sat on the pole at darylton, led some lapse there. the all--star race we.
4:41 am
>> kurt, thank you very much. pit crew, you want to strike this? >> thank you. all right, you did it in less than 12. >> put that on mr. kilmeade's car. >> get rid of that donut. >> next, a brand new push to close gitmo. what the president is doing today that will be different from the last few times. >> then the judge in the james rosen fox case now apologizing but shouldn't he have checked the facts in the first place? peter johnson, jr. breaks down the case and has an interesting legal observation next hey kevk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
douglas shulman president obama is renewing his push to close gitmo. gitmo has 86 prisoners approved for transfer. a chain reaction school bus accident leaves four dozen hurt. it happened when the first bus stopped to drop off students in indiana. none of the students were seriously hurt but one of the
4:46 am
drivers has serious injuries. >> a mea culpa from a judge in the department of justice's targeting of our chief washington correspondent james rosen. district judge royce lambert apologizing for not making documents in the investigation earlier online. he blamed a series of administrative errors for the lack of transparency. peter johnson, jr. joins us now. >> that's good that the judge corrected it. it would have been helpful to know that sand see these records -- >> before the election! >> -- prior to the election. i'm sure that's an administrative oversight. >> it always is. >> the issue this morning is the fbi and the department of justice, eric holder's department of justice, accused our reporter james rosen of espionage, accused of being a co-conspirator and aider and abettor of espionage.
4:47 am
you need to do something in bad faith, to hurt the united states. so here's james rosen still confers the state department, still a chief correspondent but in an affidavit, the government says he's a co-conspirator. it was said keep this confidential because if it gets out, he could destroy it. the government needs to withdraw the information that labeled him a criminal, a felon, someone who engaged in espionage against his own country. that is the outrage of this whole thing. that still stands for all the world to see, that james rosen was somehow a co-conspirator in an espionage charge and there's no evidence to back it up. >> he was simply doing his job. is there any down side for the department of justice to apologize to mr. rosen? >> well, the down side is pride.
4:48 am
and pride is always a problem for some people, especially a government that's out of control. but i think what we need to understand is there's a possibility that based upon the inaccurate statement that was made in the request for a search warrant of james rosen's personal records, his family's personal records, fox news records here in new york and in washington, that the fruits of that search warrant, what they actually got, the evidence that they believe is useful in prosecuting mr. kim, the former state department contractor, that can go out the window. that could be thrown out as inadmissible based on the falsity of the statements that were made to the federal court that caused them to engage in the search warrants. >> let me get this straight, peter. what you're saying is essentially they told quite a whopper to get the judge to tell the story, they could in effect destroy the government case
4:49 am
against the guy who did the leaking. >> sure. at the appropriate time they could say this search warrant was not legal, not based upon acura and truthful information and the fruits of this search warrant, these calls, these e-mails, these movements, that should be thrown out. so there's a notion in the law and in common sense, too cute by half. so rosen defamed and the case they seek to make against mr. kim perhaps in peril. a double whammy for being too cute by half. >> karma. legal karma. peter johnson, jr., interesting. i'm sure mr. kim's attorneys taking notes right now. >> they're pretty smart from what i read. >> straight ahead, you think premium is better? what you think you know regarding oil and gas may not be correct. could be all wrong. up next, john stossel is here with the three biggest gas myths. but first on this date back in
4:50 am
1989, "forever your girl" by paula abdul number one song. remember this? ♪ he could promise the world, got to remember ♪ i'm forever your girl [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way.
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that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors.
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4:53 am
when it comes to big oil and gas, how much do you really know? john stossel went to find out. >> is gasoline too expensive? >> unfortunately, yes. >> where does most of our oil come from? >> canada. >> do the big oil companies gouge us? >> yes. yes. >> they're charging much too much? >> way too much. >> but he says much of what we think we know isn't the case. >> i get to read now. fox's own john stossel, proud to have him. now we need your expertise,
4:54 am
john. what's the deal with the -- >> you guys need therapy is what you need. >> we know that. ablow was sick yesterday so we're in trouble on thursday. the number one myth, all the oil sources are foreign sources. what's the truth? >> people believe most of it does approximately but most comes from the united states and canada. people think it's all from the middle east. assad arabia is down at 9%. i think that would be surprising to most team. and we're finding mo that goes into the base of those who want to get rid of oil, that we can be self-sufficient in about ten years. >> true. or maybe a little longer than that. but they said peak oil, we're going to run out. they've been saying that for years. but technology, the human brain finds now which ways to suck oil out of the ground. >> what about this, factor if
4:55 am
attention. just think about it, what does it take to get us the gas? if it does come to the middle east, they drill holes seven miles into the earth, they suck it out of the earth, put it in, put it in ships that cost mills, put it in three types of gas liens and ship it to gas caskets and still costs less than bottled water they sell. >> and they say the average person you say spends, 2,227 on gas per year. >> not that much sr. >> about ethanol is better for
4:56 am
the environment? >> that's how it's sold. you have to burn greenhouse gasses to maketh not. we'll using cross sources now to burn ethanol. >> you might want to get into how the epa is doing what the irs is doing, targeting those who are using ethanol. >> some people are power mad and they can torture people in any little way and some will. >> check out john stossel tonight. >> "starring john stossel." >> we do need help. >> it lays hundreds of ton at the at the bottom of the sea of
4:57 am
n . ♪ i just want a little bit of everything ♪ est a man can get. [ musick ] i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there. i knew devry university would give me the skills that i needed to make one of those tech jobs mine. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems, networking and communications management -- the things that our students need to know in the world today. our country needs more college grads to help fill all the open technology jobs.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
good morning, everybody. today is thursday, march 23, 2013. islamist extremists tried to behead a soldier on a busy london street if broad daylight. prime minister david cameron speaks moments ago, wasting no time calling this a terror attack. >> first, this country will be absolutely resolute into its stand against violent extremism and terror. we will never give in to terror or terrorism in any of its forms. >> president obama will give a national security speech today. so will lee respond in the same
5:01 am
way? >> then the latest in the department of justice's fox hunt. turns out they were targeting james rosen's parents as well. michelle malkin is fired up about there one. she joins us live in moments. >> then, he visited the white house 118 times but he just can't remember anything. >> what would be some of the reasons you might be at the white house? >> um, the easter egg roll with my kids. >> what a clown. more from this stunning hearing at the irs. "fox & friends" starts now. >> can you imagine showing up at a hearing like that when you're trying to get information about corrupt practice within your organization -- >> it happened on your watch. >> -- and you show up with an attitude and sarcastic chip on your shoulder? >> because they don't think they
5:02 am
did anything wrong. it was clear from the testimony even though lois lerner yesterday took the fifth. good morning, folks. joining us on this thursday, as she always does, is michelle malkin. how you doing in. >> good. >> these two guy, muslim extremists tried to chop off the head of a british guy, they tried to run him down with his, they ran him over, jumped out and had butcher tools with him. you said if muslim men are shouting allah ak march, they're bloody infidels. >> what march do you need? i said do you need it in big neon lights, islamic jihad,
5:03 am
islamic jihad? do these people need to present their official muslim jihad membership card before people can conclude the obvious? and the relief here, of course, is that david cameron, the leader in britain, actually didn't play the kind of games that the obama administration has played and made it very clear that they knew what was going on here after these men butchered this innocent soldier, who was a pedestrian on the street, as people were standing around. and there were some serious involved there but i'm fairly alarmed at the people who just around. we should be thankful one person was able to record this ranting and swearing to allah. >> and a woman, a cub scout leader, got off the bus because she was going to try to help the victim, check to see if he had a
5:04 am
pulse and he did not. and then she had the wherewithal to still tape him saying those crazy comments. let's show prime minister david cameron, though. this is the prime minister talking about how he believes it was terror from the get-go. >> we have suffered these attacks before, we have always beaten them back. the terrorist can never win because they can never beat back the values we hold dear, in democracy, free speech. our british value, webs western values, tharp never going it defeat us. >> these two begin to talk because they're both sill alive. were what were these guys hated in the.
5:05 am
>> the other thing that is important to bring up, you talk to so many people in the military. they say don't debate on whether iraq or afghanistan is the right war, know that the people we are fighting want to kill us. when we stop fighting them there, they come here. and slowly we stop fighting them there and they come here. >> i do talk to a lot of military sources and i have since the war on terror began. and it is extremely frustrating because they're putting their lives on the line on the front line. and ewhether it's a british government or our government or western civilization, what's happening of course is that there has been a retreat. certainly there has been in our country as washington contemplates looser, lackser immigration policies that helped to breed 9/11 in the first place. and in britain, of course, it's been notorious that they've had
5:06 am
not only lax asylum policies but lax deportation policies, too. they have these people who march around in the squares there exercising their free speech rights to tell people who behead all infidels. and here is a jihadist taped yesterday ranting on the streets, quoting from the koran the justification for beheading an innocent soldier there and of course they targeted civilians as well. >> it's great that the prime minister comes out and says it's terrorism. >> let's talk blt department of justice. it's another big huge case. they seized phone records for fox news reporters and for james rosen, our reporter and his parents who live in staten island. now the judge has come forward and apologized for the delay in unsealing the documents in this
5:07 am
so-called leak case. could this have to do with the election that happened last year and now we're just suddenly learning about all this? >> it's certainly reasonable for people in this atmosphere, this culture of intimidation of, of stone walling and obstruction and secrecy to come to that conclusion. but i think you have to know a little bit about the history of the judge in this case, royce lambert. he was a reagan appointee. he had a reputation among the left. they hate him. they consider him a clinton basher because he had ruled several times and fined the clinton administration. hillary clinton, other clinton appointees, bruce babb itd for their sub version of the rule of law. i think in this particular case it was very unfortunate that there were what he called administrative errors that led to the failure to the disclosure of these documents, which he
5:08 am
promised to make public in november of 2011. >> it's interesting. the judge has talked about this and peter johnson has as well, to get the judge to sign off, an fbi agent and the u.s. attorney had to concoct a story that jays rosen was a flight risic, he was a co-spirit apparently the u.s. attorney who was very aggressive in this particular case is a big obama supporter. he's donated over $4,000 to obama's campaigns it and just so happens he was also a volunteer at obama for america. >> yes. coinky dinkies. president obama was a scorning those in the shadow of tyranny
5:09 am
right around the corner. the problem is it turns out to be so true. there's no paranoia involved here. >> there is some there there. do you want to plug twitchy or >> hey, you just did it for me. >> we'd ask you some more questions but we know you'd take the fifth. >> have a good holiday weekend. >> you, too. >> house oversight committee, the woman who did take the fifth, lois lerner, she says she did nothing wrong. well, lawmakers say she can't have it both ways. >> what she did was testimony. so my question to chairman issa is when do we get our chance? you say you didn't lie to congress, you say you didn't break any irs rules.
5:10 am
i promise you if she comes back tomorrow, she will invoke, which will then set up a contempt analysis. >> lerner not the only one with issues. here's former irs commissioner doug shulman who visited the white house 118 times. >> 118 visits, it didn't come up in a casual conversation after 132 members of congress contacted you about it, are you sure you didn't bring it up at the white house? >> not to my memory. >> what are some of the reasons you might be at the white house? >> the easter egg roll with my kids. >> really? democrats also outraged, including congressman james clie bern -- clayburn.
5:11 am
>> the fbi interviewed todashev. authorities say todashev flipped out during questioning and pulled a knife. that's when he was shot. an agent was stabbed several times but he's going to be okay. >> a small miracle out of moore, oklahoma today. they were both at work and their son was at day care. >> when you see this right over his crib, what do you think? >> i'm glad we weren't home. no one was here. >> make you feel like it was all for nothing. i mean, try to make a nice living and something comes through and tears it up. >> new estimates reveal the twister cost more than $2 billion in damage. >> in just a few hours, the bike
5:12 am
ride for wounded warriors kicks off. it will be held on president george w. bush's ranch. one of our nation's bravest heros is thrilled to be taking part. >> jeb bush is a man of such character in the face of adversity, it truly is a pleasure to be able to ride with him this morning. and mountain biking has ban great way for me to be able to exercise without being able to run with some of the knee injuries that i've suffered, it's been a way i've been able to overcome some obstacles in my life. >> he served 18 years with the army. >> good luck keeping up with the president. >> and our mark segal is going to do the race as well. mark, don't beat the president. it's bad form. >> it's thousands of years old,
5:13 am
weighs hundreds of tons laying at the bottom of the sea of galilee. >> and what happens when science experiments go horribly wrong? >> the teacher who flooded the classroom has a lot of explaining to do. get that entire class a thao! ♪ oops, i did it again n®. mom make you eat that? i happen to like raisins. [ male announcer ] invest in your heart health. now that's what i'm talkin' about. [ male announcer ] with kellogg's raisin bran®.
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5:17 am
as folks in oklahoma come to grips with the wreckage of the tornado, how they face another tough realization. many lack insurance coverage that would compensate for their losses. real estate expert bob massey is here. everyone is saying, hey, does my insurance cover this? do standard homeowner policies generally cover tornadoes in an area known for tornados? >> they do, brian. this is different where we talked about flood insurance where most policies exclude
5:18 am
that. yes, most policies cover this damage. >> are you better off with your home totalled or damaged? >> the damage would be better but what you're faced with is this -- if in fact with these people, there's an emotional problem here that everybody is dealing with, what happens is that, for example, the insurance will cover for your furniture, your clothing, your personal belongings and relocation, put you in a hotel, get you meals. now there are caps to that, brian. it has to be reasonable exopinions and things like that. and because of where this happened, where do they relocate these people? where are they going to put them? so the i justers are on the ground already in oak okay trying to figure this out. this is a very complicated process. and it's difficult for the people because of the mo emotional loss. they're dealing with that as opposed to practical living.
5:19 am
>> i talked to the governor yesterday. she said shelters are not full. the question is how much will the insurance cover? >> we're limited by the policy we bought. what's interesting is those who live in the area where these things happen, because many is tough, they get bat basic policy. that is where you get into the renters part of it, brian. those people po have been renting homes, most of the time the biggest omission is renters insurance. those people are really to have a hard time because there's no coverage. but then fema comes in and they
5:20 am
get involved. renters, most of them don't have the insurance. >> if someone rents from me and they're renting if my house, do they come in under my homeowner's policy? >> no. if you have renters, you tell them they have to get insurance because the policy you own is not going to cover it. >> bob massey, thanks so much. >> coming up straight ahead, it not her fault. jodi arias passing the blame to the jury. and chris o'donnell is back here with some great information. i like the way he walks temperature. >> (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
5:21 am
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5:24 am
. 24 minutes after the top of the hour. some quick headlines for you now. and he was shot and killed by police when he broke into a student's home. they say he created a program to curb his aggressive behavior and further his education. dalton smith was released early after serving a sentence for armed robbery. he ended up taking a woman hostage and she died as well. >> the sea of galilee, there is a structure found beneath the
5:25 am
sea. >> check this out. >> i need to you broker a weapons deal for me. >> i said you have nothing to offer me, agent. >> but i do. i'm offering you revenge. >> excellent! >> chris o'donnell is here offering us your presence, which is enough. >> always good to be back. always good to be here. >> so, chris, the enjoyment level on -- >> i forgot to tell my mom that i was going to be on -- >> what's her number? >> she wouldn't be answering. >> where's your cell phone? >> just call her. >> i'm not going to call her. >> we're not going to stop until you call her. call your mother. >> should i call her? >> let's try and get her on the phone now. >> i hope she's in your
5:26 am
contacts. she's. >> no, she's in there. >> don't give the number out. >> you can get it by the last three numbers, you're a pretty good detective here. >> could you put it on speaker? >> oh, my gosh, this would be very embarrassing. >> i'm here. >> are you watching? you're watching the show, i take it? >> yeah, i'm right here. the phone just rang. i'm watching you. i'm watching. hi, everybody. >> is he in trouble for not telling you ahead of time? >> you know, he tries to keep up with it but a lot of times i have to call him and say "when?" >> can i ask you a favor just between us? >> call me julie. >> can steve and gretchen, too? >> yes. >> is chris your favorite? julie? >> is chris your favorite child? >> of course.
5:27 am
>> did we disconnect her? >> mom? >> i think you got your answer. >> he was the baby in the family. >> her favorite just called her. >> that's fantastic. she always is watching. >> your character apparently has the name g, right? >> right. >> people want to know what that name -- >> we still don't know what my name is. >> why? >> but we have episode 100 coming up. i think we're at episode 96 right now. something big will happen in 100. shane brennan said it will be the last thing that happened in the show. >> so he's special agent g. allan. what does the g aing about tv
5:28 am
start and move of them. one in five kid does not know where their next meal is coming from. >> that's part of why i'm here, to raise awareness to the food foundation childhood hunger. one in five kid in the united states don't know if their next nutritious meal is coming that day. there's so many kids in this country that depend on meal programs at school. and during the summer months the numbers are particularly high because they're not in school and they don't know where to get their food. feeding america is a terrific organization and they're doing it hunger free summer program. if you go to if you click on the video or share the link, every time the video is viewed or shared, that i am donate a meat. >> and we saw a picture of your
5:29 am
beautiful family that was up on the screen as well, with three of. >> what's harder, going to the movie set and corralling the cast or corralling your cast at home? >> i can demand that my cast at home do what i say. but sometimes on the set, you got a group full of adults with different minds but the kids are pretty much cooperative. >> julie, he's. >> coming up on the show, it wasn't the only embarrassing home for the irs.
5:30 am
. >> and then a lesson these kids will never forget. >> what happens when the science teacher screws up? >> by the way, it's just water. it's not the hindenburg. just walk out. ♪ science ♪ i can smell the chemicals why are twice as many people choosing verizon
5:31 am
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5:34 am
fox business alert for you right now, the labor department just releasing brand enough weekly jobless numbers, 340,000 first time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's less than the week before and less than expected. coming up, nicole petallides will join us. >> we start this half hour with a fox news alert. new information about the suspect involved in that terror attack involved yesterday in boston on patriots day. two islamic extremists wielding a machete and cleaver ambushed and killed a soldier in broad daylight on a street in great britain. a british government official says both suspects were previously investigated for possible ties to terror.
5:35 am
the officials did not elaborate. one of the suspects was caught on oo cell phone ranting about the attack. >> we must fight them as they fight us, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. we apologize women had to witness this today but in our land women have to see the same. you people will never be safe. remove your government, they don't care about pup. >> the two men ran the man over with a. one suspect is believed to be british born and of nigerian dissent. it has absolutely nothing, we believe, to do with the boston bombing. >> the accused fort hood shooter fired his attorney, he wants to represent himself. the judge will ask nidal hasan's attorney to stay on board in
5:36 am
case he has yes kwes. this request delayed jury selection tore a week. and hasan continues to receive paychecks while victims of his attack struggle. >> it's an embarrassment to all the fallen that have paid the supreme sacrifice for his consider and it's an embarrassment for the injured. >> it not her fault. jodi arias feels betrayed, she says, by jurors who convicted her. she said she never felt sorry for killing her boyfriend because she thought it would be meaningless. jurors are having a tough time decide wlg she deserves the death penalty or life in prison. if the jury can't come to a unanimous decision, a new jury will be picked to decide her
5:37 am
fate. >> here's what happens when a science experiment goes very, very wrong. >> oh! >> yes! >> the teacher tried demonstrating what happens to natural gas when it's lit. the flames set off the classroom sprinkler system. other than the room being flooded, no additional damage was caused. mysteriously they were advertising for a science teacher for next year. >> bill nye the science guy, police report to the science lab. let's check in with maria. sheep has brand new information on weather threatening much of the country today. >> good morning. we just received an update a couple of minutes ago from the storm prediction center basically upgrading the threat for severe storms across parts of texas. that means do you have a greater chance today across that part of
5:38 am
the country, including areas like abilene, texas, looking at some super cells that could develop and tornadic activity. and across oklahoma throughout the morning hours, heavy rain rolling on through. we have viewer pictures we want to show you. the first is from our very own anna out in moore, oklahoma. we've lost her signal because of the weather. this is from a viewer on twitter. take a look at that rainfall. it's terrible to have heavy rain falling on a day when we need to clean up around that region. do you have the threat for tornado, damaging winds and large hail. a smaller risk across the northeast but still very widespread. it's been expanded to include virginia, up into parts of new hampshire and vermont, so a pretty widespread area across
5:39 am
the northeast that could see damaging winds, hail and extravel delays across the northeast. a hot day in arizona and phoenix expected. otherwise another thing we want to mention is that the national hurricane center will actually be updating their outlook for the upcoming hurricane season in the atlantic which starts june 1st, second to be above average so we'll see what they think. that's going to be starting at around 1:00 p.m. eastern time. >> yesterday lois lerner took the headline when is she came out and took the fifth amendment while first declaring her innocence. >> go behind the microphone to explain how he can advice the the white house close to 120 times but yet never bring up the fact they were targeting under his watch patriot organizations. listen to some of his ridiculous
5:40 am
responses. >> 118 visits, it didn't come up in a casual conversation, after 132 members contacted you about it? are you sure you didn't bring it up after the white house? >> the easter egg roll with my kid. >> i want to be clear you're very aware of the fact you're under oath today? >> very aware. >> you went to the white house 118 times, you're aware of targeting groups because they opposed the affordable care act. you never brought it up in all those visits to the white house when this was a major topic of conversation? >> this happened on my watch. i do not accept responsibility taken by people i outlined in my report. >> i am deeply disappointed in your answer.
5:41 am
>> i didn't find out about it until you found out about it. >> where does the accountability begin? >> you knew this before the election. >> what's that? >> you knew this before the election. >> sometimes in spring of 2012. >> you did know there was an election going on that year? >> excuse me? >> did you know there was a presidential election. >> i was aware there was an election. >> you still don't know this was political? >> excuse me? >> you still don't know this was political? >> i defer to the attorney general. >> your predecessor said he wasn't sure if that was partisan and that requires the listener to be as stupid at speaker. >> that was hilarious despite the fact it was so serious. >> easter egg roll, 118 times to the white house. >> coming up next, ben
5:42 am
bernanke's solution to the problem about money? print more money. >> nicole? >> what we're seeing is we're coming off of what we're seeing in asia. do you know that the nikkei was down 7% overnight because of some comments from our fed? and we have the jobless claims, all coming up. ♪ take it easy, take it easy [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
5:43 am
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5:45 am
what's in your wallet?
5:46 am
brand new numbers from the labor department. 340,000 first time unemployment claims were filed last week. that is less than the week before and less than expected. how will this affect the market today? >> nicole petallides knows so i'm going to ask her. >> it would be good to see the numbers come in better than expected but we have so much to juggle on the market. the number for the jobless claims came in better than expected. we saw claims drop 23,000, coming in at 340,000. and that obviously was better than the estimated 345. but what everybody is watching today is what we're seeing over in asia. the nikkei dropped 7.3%.
5:47 am
imagine if the dow jones industrials dropped 3% and there's a big reason why. i don't know which part you want to know first. bernanke? >> steve, which part do you want to know first? >> i want to know why japan dropped off the cliff. >> i grief with that. we want to know why japan dropped so much. >> this is like phone a friend. the reason why is because we got -- a couple of reasons. bernanke and also what we saw in china. in china they got in the purchasing managers index, that number which shows manufacturing came in below 50. when it comes in below 50, it shows contraction. china is so key to these markets, that is terrible news. and coupled with the fact that ben bernanke was saying if they were to pull back stimulus that would be detrimental to our
5:48 am
recovery and later in the day some fed said they may as soon as june. >> and what did ben bernanke say about printing more money or interest rates going up? >> that's the deal. ben bernanke wants to keep things the way it is. when the fed minutes came out at 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday said something a little different. they were a little more tepid and said we could pull back as early as june. that's when the markets got very nervous. the markets hit new highs yesterday and then sold off. we had almost a 300-point swing from top to bottom. of course today we're going to watch tesla, groupon, hewlett packard and jennifer lopez with a new line for verizon. there's a lot of other news as well. >> a big day down on the floor. you're going to be doing a lot of walking. >> nicole, thank you very much. >> he has reached her ped ometer
5:49 am
ceiling for the day. >> when we come back, tribute to our heros with a world renowned pianist. >> she walks around with that thing on her belt, doesn't she down there? >> she does. and, bill, when you go to a mets game, don't cheer for the red. >> just because we swept them once. i big morning, guys. there is tons to cover, too. murder in the streets of england tied to terrorism? oklahoma is still a mess. trade legality. you have karl rove on the major speech on terrorism today. we are packed today when we see you in about 11 short minutes here on america's newsroom. o luh in her new volkswagen...
5:50 am
before her passat had passed 30 different inspection tests, and before several thousand tennesseans discovered new jobs on volkswagen drive, their cfo and our banker met for lunch. together, we worked with a team that helped finance construction of the world's first leed platinum auto manufacturing plant. that's the impact of global connections. that's bank of america. ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it! oh my gosh this is so cool. awesome! perfect! dad to the rescue. the perfect place is on sale now. up to 30% off. only at
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what a beautiful graphic. our next guest is a concert pianist has recorded 16 albums, played for three presidents and played his 11th solo concert at carnegie hall. randy is here to play a tribute to our troops. good morning, randy. >> good morning. >> you always end your converts with this patriotic medley. why? >> it's a tiny way to give back to our country and remind the audience, whom ever i'm playing for, whenever it is, it's to honor our country, to honor our
5:54 am
veterans, to honor our troops that are in service at the present time. and just a reminder. but i love our country so much. it's just a tiny way to give back. >> and also you request an american flag to be on stage with you. i've seen it at carnegie hall. >> i do. and at the end of the concert i parade it across the stage and plant it next to me and play. >> let's listen to the patriotic medley about randy acheson. take it away. >> thank you. ♪ ♪
5:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow. amazing. we'll be right back. great job. >> thank you. and make a meal of. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii!
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tomorrow summer officially starts here on "fox & friends." we'll kick off our concert series with michael bolton who will be in the house! >> have a fantastic weekend. she pled the fifth. but will she be back to answer more questions from congress. there are questions about whether lois lerner will face more questions from congress. martha: she invoked her right not to answer any of their questions yesterday. but then she went on to make an opening statement saying quote i did nothing wrong. committee chairman darrel darrea


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