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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 24, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> every reporter that uses it and not allow it on the headlines and not use it over and over again. >> i used. it >> see well come to "red eye." it is like eight is enough if by enough you mean for charges. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. >> i don't get that one. a terror attack in england is created by not all muslims. did i get that media talking point right? and president obama gives a long speech explaining his policy and calling for gitmo to be closed causing everyone to instantly forget about benghazi and the irs and the justice department. and are hipsters driving up the price of cheap beer? it is something bad so probably. >> what did you not get? >> the eight is enough if eight is pressing charges? >> eight is pressing charges. it is okay. i know you are a stickler, but
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you are also a jerk. >> it is a fair point. i can't argue. >> just leave. she is cuter than a bunch of kittens dressed as puppies juggling ducklings in front of a raft of babies. i am here with author and columnist, jedediah plea bee law. uh -- jedediah bila. and it is my only way to travel, a pogo stick. the editor and co-host of "real news." bill schulz is off and most likely eating by badgers. filling in is a new repulsive sidekick, author and commentator imogen lloyd webber. and a sharp insight was cough medicine i would take him before bedtime. what are you doing? >> drinking. >> writer for talking and street, gavin mcguinness. jerk. >> a block. it is -- the lede.
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that's the first story. i forget, are you grumpy or doc? >> it is more of the same in mohamed's name. a british soldier was brutally hacked to death on a london street by two muslim terrorists. one tried to justify their jihad. originally we had the tape there, but [bleep] we don't need to see him. the scum bag terrorists are hospitalized after being shot by police at the scene. police made two further arrests raising the possibility that it was not a lone wolf killing as first thought. here is prime minister david cameron. >> first, this country will be absolutely resolute in its stand against violent extremism and terror. we will never give in to terror or terrorism in any of its forms. second, this view is shared by every community in our country.
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>> cameron also emphasized that, quote, there is nothing in islam that justifies this truly dreadful act. and he noted that more muslim lives have been lost in terrorist acts than any other religion. i wonder why. buck, i go to you first. you worked with the cia and the con tear terrorism unit. county terrorism unit. could this attack have been stopped? didn't they know these guys already? >> probably not. that's never the answer people want to hear. usually the the radicalization process, there are a few steps somebody goes through, and it is up to somebody around them saying wow this guy is crazy and bringing it to the attention of the authorities. this case you have very clearly an instance where you have a guy who is standing up saying, i did this for jihad. i believe the koran justifies why i did it. i am a muslim and i killed that guy and here is the bloody knife i am holding. the media reports were like, man dead in london. meeting called. you are like, they are trying so hard that they don't
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believe the motive of the guy who is saying this is my motive. >> it used to be that if you decided to identify what happened, they would disagree with you. and then when they find out they are wrong they said it doesn't really matter. it doesn't matter. it is just murder. imogen, you are british. >> i am a londoner. >> are you a londoner. >> i lived there for 30 years. >> does it bother you when people sympathize with the terrorists? that happened in boston. in this case he said an eye for an eye and there are people in the guardian that said, yes, okay. >> what struck me most about all of this is londoners and the keep calm, carry on. londoners embody that. those three women before the police arrived who were talking to these guys wielding machetes and talking them down , unbelievable. they are very much londoners. then the brits crashing the website help for heros. the the soldier who died was wearing a help for heros t-shirt , a charity supported by william and harry in the
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military and it has been inundated. everybody is buying the the t-shirts. i know i will go back in two weeks and everybody will be wearing the t-shirts in solidarity. >> this was in "the guardian" gavin and they question whether the attack should be called terrorism because the victim was a soldier of a nation at war. essentially making us all terrorists because civilians get killed with drone attacks so it would make sense -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. no, we are not all terrorist because there is a potential a drone could kill us. but i think that is a valid argument. >> really? >> not what you said, but it was a terrorist a tack. it was clearly a terrorist attack. that's how america won the revolution. we said we will change the rules and hide in trees and shoot them. they said -- and then -- and then we weren't there and pegged them off. muslims are doing this with jihad.
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they don't have uniforms and they are popping out of no where , and we are still stuck in this whole -- like fort hood was a terrorist attack. we have to treat these people like the enemies they are and behead them back. >> sawing somebody's head off in public in broad daylight in front of a bunch of innocent bystanders, that's as much terrorism as anything can be. the intent is to terrorize. green -- greenwold and i have had disagreements, but people have to understand that there is a soft peddling about how it is not really terrorism. well at some point you have eliminated any definition of terrorism. and this is scary, bad stuff. this is cutting a guy's head off in broad daylight. >> we are so pc now that we are hurting al-qaeda. they go this was a -- we did hit the world trade center.
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stop saying we are lone wolves. when he was cutting the head off he said film this, we are cutting the head off. >> the media outlets are saying let's not jump to conclusions. >> they are bending over backwards to take credit for a horrible act. >> they want to find a way for america to be responsible. what did we do? who did we anger? who did we upset by battling muslim extremism. what did we do to deserve this in someway? we can modify our behavior in the future, and somehow if we become weaker or less involved they think we will be attacked less. no, we become weaker and less involved and we get attacked more. >> that's ironic because that's what we did wrong. we made prism uncool in this country. it makes a vacuum where kids are sucked into islam. the boston bombers were radicalized in the states and these guys radicalized in britain. it is not cool to like your
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country and so young men are passionate. what should they be passionate about? not the west. >> we have brits at the table, but i can tell from the counter terrorism perspective, the sweeds, just today in the news they are talking about riots and they are saying it is immigrant riots. those are muslims there with asylum. they fled their country. they act like it is a bunch of swedes who have run out of ikea furniture or something. >> i looked on four websites to find information on what was going in sweden, and it was all disillusioned immigrants. they would not say the m-word at all. i want to ask you, imogen because this is something we are seeing a lot of. we used to talk about assimilation as a good thing, but it looks like we are seeing the reverse of assimilation where sit swhoans are here refuse the culture of your country while reaping its benefit. in fact, if you convert to muslim in a way you cannot be a citizen. is that what is happening?
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>> i think i disagree with that in london. 300 languages are spoken in london. we have a huge muslim population in london. >> way too big. >> foreigners are what make london great. 35% of people in london have been born abroad. that's part of what makes london what it is. it is a melting pot. for the most part we do live peacefully together. the keep on carry on thing there is a london spirit. you saw it in the olympics. >> ultimately does the london spirit matter if you lose? >> that woman stood there fighting with a guy with a machete and said you are going -- >> but there was great interview with chowdry who is a well known extremist over there. i forget who the guy was, the interviewer and he says if you don't like being here, go back somewhere else. and he said what makes you think this is your country. that's the mind set you are
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dealing with when you talk about the radicalized and the extreme and the people doing these kinds of things. >> everything you say is logical, but you do not address the fact that if there are sections -- if there are immigrants coming to your country who are leaving a horrible place and come to your place that decide they don't want to assimilate there. they want to adopt the same attitudes that made their place that they left horrible. you can't just say stiff upper lip and let's go. >> so many want to be a part of the community. also in london it is different in a sense that we spent years with the germans and the ira. with terrorism we keep calm and carry on. that's something we do. >> have you been to herrod's recently? there is not a woman in the whole store not wearing a burka. >> foreigners are the reason why london can afford to keep the rest of britain afloat. the money coming in -- into london. >> now they are part of the
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english defense league. they are soccer high school law begans and -- hooligans. british blacks have the uk flags. they don't like lon dison and -- london and they don't like -- london is lost. >> a vast number of the immigrants have keeping london afloat. >> they are throwing acid in the faces of guys who are not the right guy. >> tiny percentage. >> london was flushed down the toilet years ago. >> on that positive note. that was fun though. "red eye" we are not afraid to tackle the sensitive issues while i wear silly glasses. from an attack to a defense. he threw drones a bone. president obama defended drones and said america does not take strikes. we can capture individual terrorists that the preference is always to detain and prosecute them.
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>> america does not take strikes when we have the ability to capture individual terrorists. our preference is always to detain, interrogate and prosecute. >> he said conventional air power is precise to drones and more likely to cause casualties and outrage. >> conventional air power or missiles are far less precise than drums. and they are likely to cause more civilian casualties and more outrage. >> of course, left unanswered is whether he believes it will be constitutional to kill any citizen without due process or whether any president should deploy armed droned over u.s. soil. >> for the record i don't believe it would be constitutional to target or kill any u.s. citizen with a drone or with a shotgun without due process. nor should any president deploy armed drones over u.s. soil. >> the president calls on congress to shutdown gitmo.
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but then code pinko got into the room. >> you are commander-in-chief. you can close guantanamo today. >> why don't you sit down and i will tell you. >> that includes 57 yemeni. >> thank you, at thank you indeed. the heckling to me seems like it could have been stopped a longtime ago but he kept it going because implicitly he agrees with her. how do they not know code pink? she is eve where. >> not only there, but she lingers for a longtime. why is this woman still in the room? why hasn't security removed her. she gave a whole speech? a monologue. >> she reminds me of bill schulz on "red eye." we are all saying shut up. >> exactly. but he wanted her point to be heard and he didn't want it to
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be heard from him. he acknowledged them and he kept saying it is great she is making these points. i don't agree with them, but it is good she is making these points. >> that was a big deal for the president of the united states to acknowledge those points. >> they were never planned questions. they would never do that unlike last week when they played the question of the report. they would not in fact engage in those shaw fan gnaw begans. >> who -- shannanigans? >> it was more like the european and the middle eastern communities. was it just a distraction? >> i am calling it wag the drone. it got us to stop looking at the scandals that are plaguing the administration. you start to feel bad for jay carney. it is year five and he has been blowing people up for five years. it has been on the front page of the newspaper. a few things i take away. some guys have to get a missal to the face. i don't think there is a lot
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of disagreement about that. not a better way to deal with him. the other side is tricky. there is little damage from these strikes and few problems that come from it. they named four u.s. citizens and they only meant to get one. that's a hit rate on u.s. citizens. i am just saying. >> imogen, what did you make of the speech? do you think it satisfied the people he wanted to satisfy? >> i am the biggest fan of the president at this table. but i have been going on and on about obama and drones to anyone who will let me. and i maintain that drones are the biggest threat to his legacy. today was all about him trying to get his legacy out there and trying to make his legacy right and putting a stamp on history. 24 speech was four years too late. there were threats about imminent threat. i didn't hear a definition. i know there was heckling going on, but still not quite sure what is going on.
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huge international law. >> i think his legacy is his biggest legacy. it is toast either way. >> here is the weird contridiction, gavin. the preference is to detain and interrogate, but he wants to close gitmo. how do you do that? where do you keep them? do they stay at your place? >> that was some big shoes to fill there, barry. remember a few weeks ago when drones was the most embarrassing thing and ran paul did that huge speech? it is like somebody pee their pants and they are accused of rape and things. and they say remember when i peed my pants? >> that was a strange metaphor. the other thing i want to say about that is you know why he let code pink drone on like that? because he is not our first black president. he is our first female president. his dad was not around.
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he is a woman. so when code pink came out, he was like these are my sisters. >> are you terrible. >> i have to give them a voice. i don't want to shut my sisters down. >> you are terrible. here is my theory and i disagree with you on that. >> you don't think he is his mother? >> i don't know. maybe he is a metro sexual. i like to think of myself as a metro sexual. i had three sisters. >> didn't say growing up with women makes you a woman. i said barack obama is a mirror of his mother's -- >> oh politics. that's different. >> imagine his mom being harassed by code pink. she would say guys this is not really the place, but what are you talking about? >> i want to move on from this extremely strange point you are making. i do think this was a distraction against the scandals. you always have to wonder about timing and why this happened now. that's what it is. he made an intelligent plea for drones too late and it
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made sense because he needs drones to close gitmo. gitmo is third base. i may be old, but the abbott and castello routine, that's always the answer. you put these people in there because they are going to kill you and when they get out where do you put them? i don't know. gitmo. >> wait. why is it a given that you need drones to kill gitmo? >> you have to kill the people because have you no place to put them. >> we are talking about an infinite number of people. they think the suicide bombings are justified and that's 350 million people. the drone will get a hernia. >> i am running out of bullets here, guys. >> i like how he is giving a human element to the drones. is this going to be a pixar. >> i have to take a break. >> we have to take a break. coming up, do good luck charms
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really work? jedediah talks about her book. whatever works jedediah. first, look, it is hot chicks. those must be stockbrokers and a story about stock markets falling after concern the u.s. may scale back monetary efforts.
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is it grand or a waste land? according to the u.s. census bureau, whatever that is, texas is growing lie leaps and something called bounds. yes, eight of the 15 fastest growing large u.s. cities and towns over the past year were in the lope -- lone star state with people moving there in droves which i believe are large compartments. and the website gawker wonders why, quote, what is it that makes texas so attractive? is it the prisons and the racism and the deadly weather
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and the deadly animals and the deadly crime, the deadly political leadership? gawker hating the south. will their edginess ever cease and will shy puppy ever not be shy? >> you need a little break like that to calm down. why do you think people are moving to texas? is it because it is so close to mexico. >> well i would go for the barbecue, to be honest. it is funny people can't figure out why people want to hold on to more of their money. low taxes, businesses can grow there, why is that incomprehensible to the people and the media? you want to give more money away and work hard and hand it to somebody else? most of america doesn't want to do that. >> she's got a point. gawker would not understand why americans would want to live in a republican state. to them it would be like
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living amongst religious homophobes. >> what the liberals did was put them all in one little area called austin. you can go see a band and then get the hell out of there. >> texas is amazing. you can get -- you can have as much barbecue as you want and you look at the blue states and they are not just running out of other people's money. they are running out of people. they don't want to be there because the regulatory state is so bad. i love texas. it is a great state. >> can you trust somebody named buck? >> no. >> of course he is going -- >> i love texas. texas i love you, you love me. >> it is the surface of the sun six months a year. >> that's the problem, heat. i did my book tour in texas and i had so much fun, and the food is amazing. imogen you were born and
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raised in mid-land, texas. >> absolutely. >> that's where you got that accent from. >> yes, i have an accent. >> ever been to texas? >> i have been to an airport. it seems they are always trying to send me to texas. every time i am going to downtown manhattan they tell me to go to texas. perhaps they need to get their maps to work. rec perry was always going on -- rick perry was always going on about this that the unemployment rate is low, 6.4% compared to 7.5%. that is a sidebar. >> the new yorkers and they kept people from california and go move -- >> they are trying to do to texas what they did in their own state. >> i thought the hispanic community would be -- >> as a new yorker it is off putting when they say how was
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your day? and they actually want to know how your day was. >> that is the thing that when people always mock the south they -- the one thing they leave out is they are the nicest, most well man erred people. little kids say sir even when you try to drive them off in a van. what does that mean? that was a joke, jedediah. i have been watching too much "fern wood in america." do you have a comment on the show? they are on youtube now. e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something tasteful? go to fox eye. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he hates texas. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by earmuffs. worn as protection against cold or noisy.
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thanks, earmuffs.
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we are back. let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. andy, how are we doing? >> how are you dismog. >> good.
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dealing with gavin and his stupidity. you never know what he says during the the break and it is a good thing nobody knows. he is an a-hole. >> it will be part of the dvd extras. >> yes. >> terror attack in britain. buck, you said the media was trying hard not to say it was islamic terrorism even though we had video of the guy saying that. they also kept talking about a knife and not a machete which could have been maybe they had bad information. but it sounded like they wanted to downplay the image of the islamic terrorists with the machete. >> he had a machete and a butcher knife. >> he had a large knife and a meat cleaver. the other had a large knife. i don't think it was actual machete. >> people say machete and that is a specific edged weapon if we will go there. but you couldn't have anything better in terms of the media's unwillingness to say -- the guy is looking into the camera and said i am a jihadist.
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i just killed this guy. and they will say it needs more study. it needs more study. >> they actually had -- i'm sorry to -- on a network i won't mention that rhymes with cnn i was at the gym and 11:15 and the newscaster says, is this terrorism? is this a radical? those are the questions and then you go to "the guardian" and it is is this terror? what do you need? this is the decline and fall of western civilization when it is in front of you and you can't see it. i care about civilization first. journalist, we lost that. >> journalist -- journalism shaped civilization. people follow it and believe it. >> i think modern dance shaped civilization. >> especially yours, gavin. so artsy. >> gavin, i am not sure what you are saying, but i am not being argumentative. are you saying glen greenwold's argument is
12:33 am
valid? >> that is a whole other argument and pat buchanan made that argument and i am willing to go there, but i want to focus now on these guys and the boston bombers and say that is terrorism. fort hood, that is terrorism. i don't like the tendency to say america is just as bad. we had the freedom fighters in nicaragua. we had watergate and blah, blah, blah. we always have to criticize ourselves. >> we can blackmail any country with nuclear weapons if we wanted to. you want to talk about terrorizing people. we are trying precision strikes. we can lay waste to any of these cities that we chose to do so. that would be terrorizing people. we don't do that. >> buck, i want to go back to the original point which is we have this guy saying one thing, what he was doing and the media says we can't say that. to that point you have this soldier who says, quote, it should by now be self-evident that by attacking muslims
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overseas you will occasionally spawn twisted and even murderous hatred at home. this guy, that was the reason he gave for it. >> even if that is true the problem is that then what you do is even worse. you are essentially surrendering the battlefield before you have taken it. you are saying they are going to be mean to us if we are mean to them. it will never stop. whether it is the the ban in france or spain back. you name it and they have a grievance. it will never go away. you have to blowup bad guys. will they be pissed? yes but we have to go with it. >> the consequence after you dealing with evil is something that comes with the territory. if you said you know what, i don't -- this is going to piss him off, then we never would have fought any wars. >> they will never stop being pissed off. >> no one kills more muslims than muslims. that is living proof that they are insatiable. even on their own turf they
12:35 am
are murdering people for screwing up. >> i think you are absolutely right, gavin. but to go back to what buck and greg were saying, their argument would be we started it and not them. >> here is the thing about the muslim extremists, they are attacking us because of our foreign policy and they would be attacking us anyway if we weren't doing that. they are not mutually exclusive. >> it is why they wanted to -- you look at kashmir. they breed nonbelievers. no one is safe from the lunacy. >> jedediah, you said they want to find a way to blame america for this. i think you were speaking of people like glen greenwall. you said if we get weaker and involved less we will get attacked more.
12:36 am
do you think if we get involved less we will get attacked more. >> i think they will attack us. i don't think what we do will dictate it. we are defending ourselves against extreme mitch. extremism. if you are asking if 9/11 wouldn't have happened if we were kind? it is based on their agenda and what they want to do. >> i mostly agree, but when you start using drones and striking inside countries and killing people who happen to be terrorists adjacent maybe there is something to the point that creates more terrorists. >> if they brought down an airliner full of u.s. citizens, guess what, it is with the few drone strikes. that's what you are striking. >> if they did that to us, we would streak back. strike back. >> if we didn't blow these guys up it would never have happened. >> it will never end. >> it is this poe lair tee --
12:37 am
polarity and is it more beneficial than the polarity between two giant countries that could annihilate each other? >> it is definitely better to have one person dead over millions of people. the the fundamental problem is the koran. it says convert to islam or die. the bible says please convert to christianity because i am worried about you and i don't want you to suffer in hell. please come over. >> yes, but the thing -- that is a nice 21st century view because christianity has evolved to that point where islam is more -- if you took a middle ages reading of the bible, they weren't saying, oh please convert to christianity. >> are you saying they are 500 years behind us? are you saying muslims are note h involved? >> i am saying radical islamists are stuck in the middle ages. >> we have to move on.
12:38 am
>> greg, you asked how did they not know code pink? politico says she got in pretending to be a member of the press. how much do you think bill schulz got drunk at a bar and lost his id at a bar? >> remember the nra press conference and there is somebody in the press surprised, that has sympathy and affiliation with far leftists. you would never get somebody from the blaze into a press conference -- you wouldn't do it. i am trying to think of a far right activist. >> how do they get past security ? wait a second are you with code pink? >> i think i like that color. >> and if you did get in you wouldn't get to say all of that stuff. you wouldn't get to have a monologue and have the president acknowledge you. >> it is the president of the
12:39 am
united states. >> let's talk about the fact there is a double standard. if a guy -- if it is gavin shotting about god knows what, i would never shout at the president like that because i am a feminist and i believe women deserve respect. >> if she was yelling about the irs she would have been tossed out. you knew about the irs, it would be get security, get the secret service. >> you said it is an attempt to distract. >> it was clever. >> well it wasn't that clever. a few hours after and she was place owed administrative leave and eric holder signed off on the warrant naming rosen as a co conspirator. >> loy -- lois learner? oh that will put a real dent in the obama progressive machine there, buddy. i hate to say it. if we are talking about scapegoating.
12:40 am
on this texas thing eight of the 15 fastest growing towns were in texas. 14 of the 15 are in the south and the west. the 15th? >> where? >> new york. >> people will always come to new york. >> who knew? >> that's great mexican food. >> great mexican food in new york? >> it is terrible mexican food. it is the worst food on the planet. >> it is not even mexican food. i don't know what it is it is. we should go sometime after the show. >> so many restaurants. >> i am done. >> sometimes i will sit with my guide and mark things up. >> how can you be against diversity? coming up, key anew reeves is -- keanu reeves is dead -- tired of having people complain about his weight gain. >> are hip sisters driving up
12:41 am
the price of beer. we trpt and you write angry notes to gasser vin.
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are the hip raising the cost of a sip? a new study found the price of cheap beers is on the rise. and hipsters like gavin mcguinness may be to blame. the guy behind the research tells the new york daily news which is a paper not owned by us, the greatest people ever, i believe the biggest driver in premium beer prices has become quite fashionable. obviously this has to be discussed in something we like to call. >> lightning roooouuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> we just did this story for you, gavin because you are the inventor of the hipster lifestyle. for anybody that doesn't know he invented trucker hat,
12:45 am
williamsburg, sitting around in tight undies. >> tight undies? i didn't know it was undies. i prefer looser underwear. >> i have seen you in your white tight undes and doing horrible things. didn't you essentially take blue collar and made it hip? >> i ran a youth culture brand and may have influenced youth culture. it is the kids today. of course you hate hipsters. they are 18 to 30-year-olds. they have a passionate interest in the pop culture. i don't know why they have such a bad wrap. i was way more of a consumer. they get their music free and their clothes secondhand and their bikes have no parts. they buy it because it is cheap. why do you hate them so much? you shouldn't even know who they are.
12:46 am
>> what do you think, buck? they take something cheap and drive up the price. that's why they should be imprisoned. >> this is what they did williamsburg. their parents are pulling the freight for them. >> that's a myth. >> i spent some time out there, buddy. >> i invented them, all right. >> that may be true, but i want to ask you this, ironically there are people who say they are wearing their facial hair. ironically? because that is so much of people's lexicon when will they switch to being ernest? >> how he is a christian in a metal band? that is a cool pattern for a shirt. >> there is a general beer crisis going on around the world at the moment. the the germans are worried about, and i will say this right, fracking. apparently fracking is causing
12:47 am
problems for german brewers and they are telling the government that they can't possibly have any fracking going on in germany. there. >> i have no idea how fracking got into this. jedediah, is hipsterism something that should be encouraged? >> i hang out with them at whole foods because they are the the only ones there. i find their skinny jeans offensive. but they are harmless. >> they are called young people and you are not supposed to like them. >> but if they mess with the price of my wine it will be fine. >> it is called the free market. >> you don't look like a hipster though. >> i am 42 years old. i am not invited. >> you vaunt dis-- the you haven't discovered the new club in chelsea? you walk up a ladder and it is a water tower, man.
12:48 am
>> you read the same article i read. >> well, i think we learned nothing in that segment. >> we learned that hip sister bashes -- hipster bashing is for people in the culture. >> expru old. >> is and i have more kids than you have had hot dinners. >> i don't know about that. >> that's the strangest back and forth we have had. time to take a break. don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about and the joy of hate. you know what, if you don't have an autographed copy of this, you are a jerk. a jerk! a huge jerk! >> order an autographed copy or go to am -- un go to something that ends in dot com.
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next topic -- i have the hiccups. you are not as hot as you think you are. that was a perm message to zach -- a personal message to zach who is sleeping on my couch this weekend. several studies found we overestimate our beauty. they used a computer no less to make less and more attractive photos of the study participants who were asked which was unmodified. almost to a t the nare saw cystic guinea pigs chose the enhanced images.
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gavin, as a 3 you probably -- >> it is a 6, greg. >> see what i mean? >> i know i am a 6. >> wait, wait, wait. what is he? >> context keep in mind, i am rich. >> i think gavin is cute. he is like a 7 actually. >> oh, wow. >> i think he is being mean tonight so he is a minus 2. >> buck, i won't ask you. >> i am a catholic boy. i will turn red faced and it will be bad. >> i are more handsome than me. you are more handsome than me. you are a 7.6 and i am a 6.9. you are handsome and famous, but you are also short. you are like a 7? >> i think the height thing has always been an issue. it shades a point off. >> if you were tall you would be a 7.9. >> no an 8.3. >> no. no, no, no. >> true, i know. people at home, tweet my rating.
12:54 am
as if i was 6 feet tall, not 5 foot 5, but 6 feet tall. i don't know where i am going with this anymore. imogen, do you buy this research? >> women are hair ofer on themselves. a harsher on themselves. i think jedediah and i both would be under rating ourselves. it is a male-female divide. >> thank god for that. thank god women don't know how hot they are. am i right? >> i want a shot. >> are you hoping there is a serious amount of insecurity there so you can sneak in the backdoor. >> we can in new york. we are way out of our league. >> jedediah, last word on this. i don't have a question other than that -- >> women sometimes say i am not pretty because they want you to say you are so pretty. we are evil too. it is hard to get into our heads. >> they are a lot pretty yes, sir than -- prettier than they
12:55 am
think they are when i am drunk. >> they probably feel the same way about you, gavin. >> they don't feel about me. >> they don't know why. >> some wild times. now that i look like a turtle with aids, they are no longer concerned with what i am. >> are you invisible on the street? >> and women come plane -- complain. nobody looks at me. they are not drooling at ugly 42-year-olds with no chin either. >> that's real facial hair. >> i grew it to hide my nonexistent chin. >> we have to close things out with a post game wrap up from andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye. nice sweater, greg. thanks.
12:56 am
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all right. a new "red eye" airs on saturday at 11:00 p.m. eastern time. we have greg and remi spencer.
12:59 am
you better tune in saturday at 11:00 p.m. eastern. >> back to tv's andy levy for whatever he does. >> thanks, greg. buck, you have any big memorial day weekend plans? >> yes, i am such a nerd that i am doing my radio show even though it is memorial day weekend. the buck sexton show on the check it out if you want to hear me cook for three hours while cooking sausages and drinking pbr, bam, make it happen. >> listen up, america. go to red cross .org and they will tell you how to donate $10 via text and to help all of those poor people in oklahoma. do it, america. >> excellent. jedediah? >> the new and improved jedediah jedediah -- jedediah has launched. get your booty over there. >> gavin anything you want to say? >> earlier in the show the earmuffs were described as good for sound reduction and
1:00 am
that was a myth. >> back to you greg. >> nicely done. jedediah, imogon, buck, gavin, that's it for me. i'm greg gutfeld and see you next time. w. caution. tonight: >> today, usama bin laden is dead. there have been no large scale attacks on the united states. and our homeland is more secure. >> bill: president obama trying to reassert his authority in the wake of the scandals. with a major foreign policy address. >> the decisions that we are making now will define the type of nation and world that we leave to our children. >> bill: we will analyze the president's dilemma. >> by law we swear -- until you leave us alone. >> islam is not a religion of peace. islam is -- we have had enough. >> bill: there l. there be street battles in london between muslims and those who dessu


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