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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  May 25, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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the new year of the rule. >> thank you, ladies. that's it for forbes on fox. keep it right here. we'll have eric bolling and cashin' in. >> this is firing up the holiday bar-b-que and pressure rising for more heads to the roll in the irs. are unions standing in the way. first the ap and then fox news. are you on the white house enemy list? >> and a twister that hit the senator said this. >> the damage that your polluters and denoticers doesn't just hit oklahoma, obama and teixeira. >> he is apologizing but why are
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tone- deaf democrats cashing in? i am eric bo ling. welcome to cashin' in. welcome every body. calls growing for the white house to can irs workers and they are unionized and unions protect them. is this a conflict of special in >> it is an inherit conflict of interest and there is pis embedded there. they are protected and difficult to remove them and they have a positive incentive to go along with the administration. irs workers and political donations, 2008 to 2012 to president obama. fate percent of them contributed to president obama and his reelection. they got a good thing going with
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him. versus romney and mccain, only 22 percent. >> the political action committee and far out number the ones to democrats to republicans. johnathon you love them, don't you. >> people have a right to unionized but any employer including the federal government has to be mushroomed to hire them and they destroy every industry they are involved. steel and airline and textile and coal and education. private employers will not work with unions these days. the only influence is in government where they use force against the political opponents and that's why we should cut ties to them altogether. >> why do government employees be able to unionized?
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>> people have a right to unionized. i think any group of workers has a right to unionized. i think unions historically played an important role in our country and that said, it is time to look the issues of not being able to fire people whether it is teachers or government workers. i worked in the clinton administration, and we had somebody who is a civil servant who never came to work. >> what is going on. in front of the congressional panel lois lerner didn't want to incriminate herself. she is paid by the taxpayer and she can plead the fifth? and in the aftermath she's not let go. she was put on administrative leave because she is part of the union. it drives us crazy. >> i think you can support idea
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of unionizing and still have it drive you crazy. the argument of not firing her right away, they want to get all of the information and find out what happened, but it sends a message to the american people to the irs. we can't plead the fifth if we are audited. >> wayne, what about the public sector unions, are you okay with those, too? >> i think you have to ask yourself, eric, what good is a union of federal workers? what are they doing? are they abused by the taxpayers? no. unions were formed for purposes of protecting a worker and johnathon is wrong when he said they are all bad. some have done very good work. but in this case, where the taxpayers are paying the
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salaries of those people, they should not be unionized. they are not doing anything. >> let me get back to kimberly. let's say you agree that a federal employee should be unionized. should they donate so much money to a particular president's reelection campaign? >> no, they are coming with unclean hands. they have that inherent bis built in and rewarding the administration to put them in the job. to be more privatized and so if somebody is targeting american citizens, they should be able to be removed. look at the situation here, we are awarding deceit and tyranee with lois lerner. you can lie to the american people and take the fifth and collect a paycheck. >> how long would that last in the private sector? it would not last an hour or day or quarter, eric, the bigger
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picture is not to cut unions but cut the government influence. the irs is literally 50 people under a flat tax. you give government a power to regulate, you get conyism. and that's the only place they are thrive nothing government. >> it bothers me that taxpayers pay the employees and the union turns around and makes political contribution to keep the bozos in office in the first place. it sounds like a cronnie system. >> is that opposed to the unions to republicans? >> my certain is on the federal level. >> what is the difference? it is the same concept. >> because somebody in kansas is paying. you asked me a question.
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excuse me. >> machine in kansas is paying the taxes and that is begin to the irs employees and their union turns around. i like president obama because he keeps me in office and i can plead the fifth when bad stuff happens. that's the problem. >> and to a local mayor of new york city if you are part of the firefighters. >> there is a difference. the federal government has a right to tax. that's the difference. in the case of a local. >> cities don't tax? nlet me finish. they can tax your income and tax your income tax and hold you accountable for that. yes, there are state income taxes and local taxes, but they are not having the taxing authority that the federal government has. johnathon? >> i think any employer and big
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corporation and large are moving away from the unions. we vee the destruction. why is the irs different than any other branch of government? >> coming up. it is getting worse. government sifting through the roars of journalist and family members it is a not so secret threat to your wallet. >> one law maker using the massive twister to sell the global warming agenda. he said he is sorry, but will taxpayers be more sorry. >> why should a democratic in rhode island care if we republicans run off the climate cliff like lemons and disgrace ourselves? . from your smartphone be photos actually worth sharing? introducing the nokia lumia 928, only on verizon 4g lte. easily capture vibrant photos in near-darkness. even without the flash.
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♪ hello, everybody. i amumma from washingtonment graduation ceremonies held for three high schools in moore,
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oklahoma, the community was ravaged by the deadly tornado. and woman in the center of the irs scandal is on paid leave. lois lerner taking the fifth this week. and the justice department decision it search james rosen's e-mail went all the way to the top with attorney general holder. >> and the role of obama care. and the highest sack foys for our nation. talking to two celebrities that are using star power to observe. nfirst it was the ap and now our own james rosen here in fox and maybe his family members as well. the justice department snoping through private phone records in the so- called hunt for leakers.
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if media companies don't fight the overreach we'll all suffer and how so? >> i think all reporters individually if you go back to the begins of the obama administration. all of us here at fox they decided to launch a war on fox news and claim that we were in the a legitimate news organization and frankly lied and distorted fox news and most of the media stayed silent. there was no push back against this and now everybody is shocked that the obama administration has total contempt for the media. >> john, last week or the week before. you referenced an animal farm noefle. and what about 1984 and this is big brother and the class that kind of mind control? this feels like that, doesn't it in >> it does. freedom of speech which we hopefully cherish is freedom to
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speak without government intimidation or action or interferrence. and this is what it is. it is the beginning of flat out tyranny. a free society is how it is we communicate. it is a communication of ideas. this not only hurts the press but the republic and any infringement with forethat governments are monitoring what you are saying is terrible for the government and beginning of totalitarian rule. >> this is not the beginning of tyranny it is already here. you have a violation of the constitution of the united states. the first amendment is violated and the idea of poking into everybody's private business in the case of the press which is the only way to get our information public between the public and the federal government or anybody else is outrageous.
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the chief and attorney general of the united states should go to jail for this. he shouldn't just get out of office but go to jail. >> they are using the espionage which is a law in america against skwlams rosen. nto spy on american is thes and journalist that are exercising the freedom of the press. never in the history of history journalist have not gone to jail for talking to a source. the fact that they are using it as a shield and word and say we can go after this man to the point where they wiretapped the phone records of james rosen's parents and why does eric holder still have a job? >> christen, talk about how whistle blowers need to be protected. they expose the waste and fraud and abuse and public needs to
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know about, right? >> what is happening in the administration, they have and we heard it over and over. i think more than all past administrations combined have proscued whistle-blowers and that's what they are trying to do the ap and spying on james rosen which was to find out the person leaking the information. they were notes in necessarily whistle-blowers. it is information that is not known to the public. it is embarrassing or they don't want people to know about it. james rosen committing a criminal act? that is a blaitant lie. so could you. they could spy on you christen. >> and tell me why the chief legal office of the united states, eric holder does not uphold the constitution, worry
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that. >> we have to leave it there. we'll answer that next week. one democrat using the oklahoma twister to blast republicans who don't support the global warming agenda and taxpayers can get taught in the political storm. >> the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn't just hit oklahoma alabama and texas. one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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>> apology not accepted. the democrat wasting no time blaming the massive oklahoma
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twister on global warming. when cyclones tear up oklahoma and hurricane and bum scombum wildfires scorch texas, you come to us, the rest of the country for billions of dollars to recover. and the damage your polluter and deniers are doing doesn't just hit oklahoma, obama and texas. >> senator sheldon whitehouse making that statement after the deadly twister hit. he said he's sorry. >> johnathon taxpayers will be sorry? >> it is out of the book of rom. and barbara boxer and a l gore are always quick to blame natural disaster on man- made global warming. look at terrible pictures of devastation. if you care about them you will pass the laws and regulations that are anti- man.
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we thank god for gasoline and oil to clean up. the greens have been wrong on every single prediction they made since it was called the ecology movement in the 1950s. christen? >> global warming people don't believe that tornados are caused by global warming. they will say that drought are taosed by global warming and hurricanes. but tornados that is not something they would say. the timing television was terrible. >> yes, the timing, showing a side by side screen as the twister was hitting oklahoma sheldon was on the senate delivering a global warming speech. >> the guy has no clue, but he is not the only one. we have seen the democrats and liberals using this tragedy that has fallen on families and
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children that are killed and trying to piggyback it for their own political agenda. joe biden used that opportunity with the coast guard said offshore drilling threatens national security and our climate. and they are guarding the waters while we do the drilling. they don't miss an opportunity to advance their goals. >> wayne, what about this? >> i am a little different. we know for example that the temperature has risen 1.4 percent since 1880 and glacier national park has 20 glacier and in 1910 it has over 50. and so we are not arguing about. that the question is this manmade or natural? it doesn't really matter? there is no argument that can say if you can lift out an isolated incident like a tornado
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or a hurricane and say this has to do with global warming. that is nuts. they have to come back and talk about how to correct it. >> and that's fair. it is despicable that many in the left trot out terrible horrific images whether natural destruction or victims of gun and that appeals to emotion to pass the laws. the more carbon we burn the better humans lives are become. longer life pan and greenhouse gas emotion is helping mankind and that's why we need more of them. >> last thought kirsten? >> i don't see how greenhouse gases are helping the world. nour standard of living is risen. >> hold on you asked me to answer this.
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>>. >> not because of greenhouse gases. it is not causation. and i think it is despicable for liberals to look for opportunities to talk about things that are important doesn't make sense to me. timing is important. but look, i support gun control and it is not because i am despicable. >> no, but you know, we have to go and we don't have time for the whole discussion. trotting out families from new town in a gun debate was despicable in my mind. thank you. kirsten powers great piece you wrote last week. >> the government leaking information on the work ethic of a benghazi whistle-blower. but first we pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in that terror attack.
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thank you.
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>> all right this is unbelievable or maybe not if you know the administration. bepg -- benghazi worker they are saying he was lazy. >> that is crazy. wayne, you are up. >> the housing industry is coming back strong and look at wy. >> johnathon what have you got? >> interest rates are up four weeks in a row. they go higher over a capitalist it is a great way to play it and goes up with long- term interest rates. if not now when? i will see you on the eastern. and before we go. folks, the obama administration is scared. they are worried that 300 million americans will head out
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in the backyard bar-b-que and the conversation is the benghazi scandals and irs and doj observing fox. the president is right. and what is so dangerous about the truth? you know who deserves the truth here is a hint? . ♪ >> we have a baby. >> we need help, bad. >> we need help baby. a day care just got cremated. >> they are hard to listen to. despate 911 calls after the massive tornado ripped through. you can hear the scream asks cries and victims bloweding for help as they were trapped in the rubble and other calls describe the images of what they were seeing as they watched their entire neighborhds


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